Jewels in the Curses Crowns

Yes, my precious readers, a third series. Based off the last challenge in the second series, Amusing Challenges, we now travel to a third world where the Banes do now teach others who have been missed, plus some who just need to refresh becuase they were hiding.

Dragons, magic, and mischief await our newest members. May they manage to live long enough to prosper.

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Beginnings of a New Group
Taking from the outtake Amusing Challenges in Curses and Foils Anew Series, showing the beginning of the missed wizards' training with Dumass and his rag-tag crew of misfits.

The new group finds out who else has a clue and about the convention and union. Plus a new problem starts to creep into their lives.

Bumpy Roads To Hell.
The convention happens and some strange things are set in motion. ANGST! Revival. R to be safe for the angst level and some swearing. Plus a few really mean jokes.

That's What Friends Are For
The trio get back together again, starting to rebond and drive everyone around them insane as only Danny, Speed, and Tony can. Then a new case comes up that drags NCIS everywhere.

She's Always A Woman To Me
The case keeps going on and someone needs the trio's help because of it.

My Stuff.
Danny and Don go to clean out the old home place and find some memories.

Their first game! Then a case from Greg robs them of some sleep.

Dinner Dates
Tony gives Gibbs a very special gift, making him one happy guy. Unfortunately Danny's not so happy after a run-in in the park and neither is Yelina when she finds out her son can do the floaty thing.

What's Not To Love?
A new curse breaker problem pops up and loves Don, a lot. Why do curse breakers get to have all the fun?

Bonds of Brotherhood
Another training weekend at the castle ends in a quidditch match and some celebrating for the winning team. NC-17.

Training Grounds
Alex finds something on his latest assignment that draws Gibbs and Abby into the group at the castle. But some fun is still had when Draco has to slip off to rescue his beloved boytoy.

Alex has to ask for a research council to be called about some satellite photos of Draco and Harry, merging McGee tighter. Danny talks down to the overlord and some changes start in the city. Plus Don gets a surprise present.

Hide and Seek
Spring cleaning day. The wicked trio and Don go out to clean up a few of their old hiding places around the city. Of course, nothing is ever that unfun with those three around. Plus, we see more of Don's new friend Beaua. NC-17

The Sulky Prince...ess
Tony shows Gibbs why he doesn't want the old Tony back.

The Sulky Boy
Speed's turn to show why Horatio doesn't want what he thinks he does.

The Thug.
Danny's Turn! NC-17, m/m/f

My Cult Is Fun
Don has to deal with his cult because they're getting out of hand. Horatio has a problem that brings him to the Director's office. The others just watch and smirk in amusement at Don's cult.

Vacationing Pets
Ryan meets Willow. Oh, how the chaos purrs while Alex and Draco start their vacation and Ryan starts training his new pet.

Cures for Moodiness
Don's precinct is having paperwork nightmares so Don has to help by stretching time just a bit. It leads to an interesting complication and Mac has to start thinking about the bond. NC-17

The Start of Something Bad.
Tony and his father have a talk. Things start to settle down, then The Purge comes to Miami. R to be safe.

Not Quite What I Was Going For
An Outtake. Ray's accident during his first apparation takes him to an interesting place about fifteen years earlier and outside his native habitat. What can the younger Tony, Speed, and Danny teach him?

Oh, Mac
The trio face down Mac about his feelings. Before he drives them all insane. NC-17

Animal Magnetism
The case that got them Kelly Standa comes closer to a close as a new twist is unraveled. Plus the animagus forms are starting to get revealed.

Picnic With The Family.
A picnic with the Flacks brings some evil plotting about the problems in Greg's life.

Girl Toys and Boy Toys
Catherine and Stella go shopping. A true girls's day out. NC-17

Banks, part 1
The problem with the bank comes to a head and Alex has to call in some CSI support to help figure out what is going on.

Banks, part 2
Continuing with the bank issue and some other minor personal things.

Tha Pound.
Alex has to go to the house elf pound. The levels of pitiful get to even him...and Gibbs.

Hard At Work
Sometimes those you hate fake their deaths and sometimes, goblins can try to double cross you.

Don finally makes it home. Then Ryan has to deal with Willow's issues again.

Someone doesn't like Don being with the others so he tries Danny. Plus, Ryan and Eric finally go to the shelter.

Girlish Figures.
Speed's prank is pulled off and more from Tony's undercover as well. Then some teasing of the new girls.

Memories in the Moonlight.
The trio unblock the rest of their school memories, bringing back their old selves. Which could cause some complications since they're closer than triplets. Mild NC-17, non-descriptive.

The quad gets a bit frisky after Don sticks the spell for his cult members who want to change to be more pure. Then a new problem starts with Ryan. NC-17.

Personnel Issues
Tony gets offered a spot on a reality show thanks to Kate's former meddling. Plus a bit more fun with the Cult of Flack.

A Family Affair
Horatio finds out about his brother and the family steps in to help with the situation going on in Miami.

A Switch
Somehow Don and Dawn end up switching clothes in the middle of the day. Which is not making for happy cursebreaker trainees.

Slightly Evil Minions
We find out more about the trio's time in school, including Danny's cult.

*Outtake - Grandma Des's plans come to fruition and the future Alex and Draco are very adorable.

*Of Bonds and Bondings. We find out more about the unholy trio's bond and how it relates to them and their families, past and present. Plus a bit more about what sort of things they store in their library.

*Familial Duty. Getting the inner bond into the family properly will take a bit of wiggling but Alex is very good at wiggling and getting people to do what he wants them to. Just ask Draco. They even manage to finally find the clue that lets Draco find his mother.

*Alex's Curse. Far, far in the future Alex and the boys run into a problem coming back to hit all the Banes this time. Since the curse was redone, they get to teach some new cursebreaking students. Crossover with Stargate/Stargate: Atlantis

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