The Start of Something Bad.

Tony looked at the letter in his hand, then sighed and opened the small scroll, finding what he had expected when his father's owl had dropped it off.  He tossed it aside and finished getting ready for work, not that happy to have been found again.  He was generally happier when his family were far, far away from wherever he was.  He found his ID and headed out, having to come back for his wand and keys.  Then he remembered his car was at work, so he had to apparate anyway.  He scried the parking garage, finding it full of people.  So he sighed and headed for the target he had set inside the small park near the office, coming out of the handful of trees that made a nice makeout spot during lunch.  He headed through the front door, signing in with a smile.

"Didn't drive?"

"No, I left the car here last night.  I was in a hurry to get home and then head back out.  Less problems to leave it here and accept a ride."  He headed upstairs, finding his boss in there.  "Sorry, boss, didn't drive home last night," he offered for being about two minutes late.  A letter was tossed to him.  "What's this?"

"I have no idea, DiNozzo, it was delivered to me this morning with my coffee."

He looked at him so Tony opened it, looking inside.  "My father," he muttered.  "Going over my trust."  He went to call him, not that his father would accept it very well.  "Patrick, is Father in?" he asked calmly and quietly.  "Do I care?  I'm at work, Patrick.  Well, gee, he's keeping the funds left directly to me away from me.  What did he want me to do, live on the street?"  He listened.  "Tough.  He drove her off.  I'm not accepting anyone who's not the same as she was to me.  Have him deal with it.  Auntie did agree what he did was wrong."  He hung up and turned on his computer.  "If the overbearing idiot shows up, I'll have to take ten to punt him off the building, boss."

"Fine.  Your father?"  Tony nodded once.  "Is this going to cause a problem?"

"Should it, I'll make sure it's fixed."  He looked at him.  "That won't be an issue."  That got a smirk.  "It won't be."

"So, who was she?" Gibbs asked more quietly.

"Not going there, boss.  Drop it."  He typed in his password and got an error message.  He sighed and tried it again.  Then he called computer services.  "Why am I locked out of the system?"  He listened.  "No, I did not.  That's been over eight months."  He hung up and headed upstairs.  He found the Director waiting on him.  "Locking me out of the computer system only hurts my efficiency on my team," he said blandly.  "Which makes Gibbs look bad.  Not like I can't get someone else's password."

"As far as I know, your whole team is on suspension," she said with a catty, evil smirk.  "I could've sworn I put you all on administrative suspension last week."

"Uh-huh."  He opened the door.  "Hey, Boss?  Did you know you were suspended?" he called.  Gibbs came jogging up the stairs, so he let him inside.  "She said we're on admin suspension, which means unpaid."

"I know what it means," he agreed, glaring at the director.  "No, you never told us we were suspended, Director.  When and why did this happen?"

"There's been a number of irregularities about some cases.  There's also been a notice that Agent DiNozzo is making a lot of trips to somewhere that isn't his home.  That speaks to me of giving information to someone."

"Or it could just mean I'm visiting some friends," Tony said blandly.

"Really?  And that redhead last week you were having drinks with?"

"Bar pickup.  She said she was a secretary at one of the embassies.  We talked about soccer."  She glared at him.  "If you had been watching, you'd know that.  You'd also know that one of her friends from the Polish Embassy was at the next table with an FBI agent."  Her face hardened more.  "Boss?"

"Calm down.  I'm sure there's a *good* explanation for this harassment.  If not, we'll be going over her head."

"Tony, incoming," McGee called.

"Fuck."  He opened the door and stomped off.  "Take care of that, McGee.  We're on Admin Suspension for some reason."

"Why?"  Tony shrugged as he trotted down the stairs.  "Okay."  He walked into the office.  "Boss, I still have computer access."

"So it's not my full team.  Did you miss one on purpose?"

"He's being watched," she assured him.

"Ma'am, I'm a part of this team.  If they're suspended, I should be too," he pointed out.  "Unless you're thinking that it's just those two and their reason is personal."  She went red and opened her mouth.  He stared her down.  "Gibbs, I can get you a new password for today."  That got a nod.  "I'll talk with the people downstairs as well."

"Your whole team is under investigation," she sneered.

"Really?  Is that why Ziva's not in yet?" Gibbs said blandly.

"I don't like that insinuation."

"Yay."  He looked at McGee.  "Don't worry about it, stay and work if you can.  Try to clear some of the cold cases.  I could use the day off and DiNozzo's looking stressed."  He walked off, smirking hard at the FBI agents coming up.  "She get one of you guys for having a drink with a secretary?  Fornell," he said, finding him at the foot of the stairs.  "She called you in?"

"Who was DiNozzo having drinks with?  And where might he be?"

"He had a visitor show up.  I'd expect they're screaming on the roof."

"All right."

They headed for the elevator, taking it to the top floor and heading to the roof access stairs.  They found Tony and an older version of Tony standing there glaring at each other.  "Bad news, it's another power play and she involved Fornell."

"Not now, boss," he said firmly.

"You bow down to...."  He saw the wand appear and sneered.  "In front of normals?"

"Yeah, in front of muggles, father.  They already knew."  He raised his wand.  "This is not the appropriate place or time for this conversation."

"You will...."

"No, I will not.  I don't care if it's her.  You took her away from me and it changed her, hurt her greatly.  So jump off the roof, dad.  You're not going to make me marry and have little baby DiNozzo's for the family name."  He sneered.  "If you should try, I'll make sure I'm infertile forever.  After all, I do know that hex you designed."  His father backed up a step.  "Are we perfectly clear why you're going to leave me the fuck alone and I'm going to go to the Vinese?" he asked quietly, moving closer.  "What's mine is mine.  That's all I want, that's all I care about.  You and your ways are why I've nearly changed my name a number of times."

"You're disgracing it anyway."

"Do I care what you think?  I'm a good man who does a lot of good in this world.  With and without my wand.  If you don't like it, bugger off."

His father snorted. "Those boys of yours...."

"Make me happy and have kept me from attacking so far.  Right now Speed's chanting that patience is a good thing.  Danny's telling me to calm down and think then hex."  His father stepped further back, his eyes wide.  "Yeah, dad, your plot has now failed.  We're back together again.  We all work in the same field too."  His father glared.  "So bugger off. I don't care who she is.  Even if she were the perfect woman, I'd never touch her.  Not even with my wand."

"You will marry."

"No, I had someone I would've married, gladly, I was ready to take her to Vegas that night when you caught us.  Since no one's been that special to me, and I'm doubting anyone would ever be that special to me again, it's a moot point.  I'm not going to tie myself into some loveless marriage of convenience for your reputation.  I could care less about the family's reputation.  Remember, you're old and you'll die some day. I can always have my name changed and withdraw from the family line to get my inheritances back."

"Your aunt's said you must marry by the time you're thirty."

"My aunt's had a later clause saying that she saw what you did and if no one could be found that was that special to me again, that was annulled," he said coldly.  "Next time, read the whole thing, father, not just the parts that get you hard.  Anything else?  Because I know that leaves her daughter's and her sister's to me, not to mention your sister's."  His father's face tightened.  "Go away.  Now.   I'm not marrying upon your whims."

"You will or my aunt will stick up for me."

Tony swished a circle in the air, creating a spot of a mirror, then charmed it.  "Vinese, I bring this problem to you before I hex the hell out of my father for his arrogance since he showed up at my work."  She nodded, putting down her quill.  "My father is keeping things I inherited from me and is using it to try to force me to marry a girl of his choice, who I've probably never met.  Since my desire to not marry comes from the fact he forced the one I actually loved away from me when I was younger, I will not marry until I find someone who is special to me.  I don't care what he pulls out of his ass this time."

"Be more respectful," his father ordered coldly.

"Why?"  He sneered at him. "This is only a formality and we both know it, father."  His father gasped so he looked behind him, finding Mac standing there.  "Hey.  Why are you here?"

"Backing you up.  Danny was gripping the edge of the desk so hard it left finger dents."  He walked closer.  "I didn't think you needed the infamous Messer temper here."

"No, not really."  He glared at his father.  "This is the guy Danny works for.  Former Military, father."

The Vinese cleared her throat.  "Anthony, please calm down."

"No."  He looked at her. "He showed up here to force me to marry someone.  I'll be DAMNED if that's going to happen."

"Fine," she agreed calmly.  "What happened to your original one?"

"He hexed her unable to speak or think of me and sent her away.  Even if it were her, it's not the same as she was."

"I agree.  That was wrong, nephew."  He blanched. "He could have been talked around when he was younger if you had handled that more subtly."

"She was of an inferior bloodline!"

"She was a pureblood!" Tony shot back.  "She was more pure than we are!  So what if they were poor!"  His father glared at him.  "I never planned on not working anyway!  I was never going to follow you into the family business and I was never going to become your clone, father.  Get over it already!  You should've realized this when I was ten.  You said it often enough."  His father gasped so he looked back.  "Tim."

"Tony."  He walked closer. "You good?"

"No.  I'm fairly pissed.  Mac had to come so Danny wouldn't kill him for me."

"Well, you two did make that pact," Speed reminded him dryly.  He waved at the Vinese.  "Do you realize how much this has hurt Tony?  How my parents had to hold him and keep him after she got sent away?  How he only went home to pack and then when forced another time since then?"

"I had heard.  His father said he was being childish."

Tony glared at her.  "I was on my way out the door to marry her that night.  That's not childish."

"Very well.  What is his is his," she said firmly, glaring at his father. "Unless they have clauses he has violated."

"One had one," he sneered back.  "We are family."

"I have no family, I'm the Vinese, nephew.  I must rule the same for every family associated under my authority.  Bring me that one so I may look it over."  He nodded, knowing he couldn't get around her.  She looked at Speed.  "You were said to be deceased?"

"One of my coworkers," he said blandly.  "Not like I asked."

"You were checked?"

"By Danny personally."

"I see."  She raised her wand, then looked him over.  "I see you weren't tainted.  You still have no legal standing in this or any other court."

"The goblins seemed to think I was real enough."

She tapped her fingers.  "That is legal precedent, Timothy."

"I've already started that petition.  After all, not like I asked for it."

"Very well.  How long have you been returned?"

"A few months."

She rubbed her forehead.  "You do not have to make this so difficult. I could help."

"I doubt it.  The goblin council has already agreed to my return."  She nodded, smirking just a bit.  "Even though New York didn't teach us some of what it should have, it did teach us that."

"Very well.  I'll keep on file that the goblins noted your return and accepted you back as an intelligent being capable of interaction and not watching."  She looked at Tony.  "I do wish you would marry."

"Yeah, well, you had your chance, you didn't stop him when he did it."  He cut the connection and glared at his father.  "Tonight, father.  I'm going to be at home apparently.  Anything else?"  He apparated off with a louder than normal crack of displaced air.  He looked at Speed, then hugged him. "Thank you."

"Not an issue."  He patted him on the back.  "I needed to pick Gibbs' brain anyway."  He walked over and pulled out a photo.  "What's wrong with this uniform?  We know he took something but no one down there knows what.  He's a retired Marine, a Sergeant Major if it helps."

Tony looked at Mac, who shrugged. "You okay?"

"Giddy, relieved, and Danny's swearing in joy but I think he's in the basement."  Mac smirked at that.  "I'm fine, Mac.  Thank you."  He shook his hand.  "Next time, I'll let you hex him for me."

"Sure.  Can we work on why my obliviates aren't as strong?"

"Sure, get Fornell and I'll check."

"Okay."  He pointed his wand at Fornell.  Gibbs moved out of the way with Speed.  "Obliviate."

Tony went to check, then nodded.  "Not enough power behind it, Mac.  You're going for light and fluffy."  He walked back and patted him on the arm.  "Remember, you've got to have that 'steel box' mentality about that stuff."

"I thought I had."

"Maybe you're just tired."  He shrugged.  "Here, watch."  He spun and pointed at Fornell.  "Obliviate."  Mac went over to check.  "See the differences in mine and yours?"

"You're younger?" Speed suggested.

"Experience should make it stronger.  He's gotten more light and fluffy since his days in the Corps."

Mac mock-glared at him.  "Take that back."

"I'd consider that an insult too," Gibbs agreed dryly, smirking at him. "Now take it off him.  It never worked the first time.  He came up to me a few weeks back and asked about her wand."

Tony and Mac both removed theirs.  "Thank you," Fornell complained.  "Why did yours work?"

"Because I didn't want you nibbling on my ass, Fornell.  I get enough of that already."  He walked over, looking at the picture.  "Mac, isn't that a ribbon out of place or something?"

He came over to look and nodded, pointing at a section.  "That's out of order.  One's missing.  You wouldn't have that one without one in front of it."

Gibbs looked closer, then nodded.  "Possibly.  I'd need a better picture."  Speed concentrated and his camera appeared, letting him see it.  "Yeah, he's right.  The second bar I'd expect at that rank is gone."  He pointed.  "That's normally the fourth.  That's the third.  So someone switched them.  I don't see the second one."  Mac looked then shook his head.

"So, someone redid his medals and ribbons?  Anything else out of order?"

They kept looking then shook their heads.  "The rest is all right.  That's the old style coat and that's how they did collars back in the day."

"Thanks.  We found him dead, not sure why yet.  I knew something was off but not what."  He took the camera back.  "I'm going to go back to listening to Horatio snarl."  He waved his wand with a grin and disappeared with the camera.

Mac and Gibbs looked at each other.  "We really should get together more often, just to form a support group."

"Yeah, but I'd rather have someone who dealt with my director."

"She put us on Admin suspension," Tony said dryly.  "Can I go help Danny in the labs?"

Mac looked at him.  "We'd never be able to explain it in court, Tony."


"Ask Horatio or go help Stella with the grant paperwork I assigned her."  He beamed and called Horatio then went to help Stella.  He looked at Gibbs again. "Politics?"

"My ex," he said blandly. "Trying to get me back."

"Ah, the drug test thing?"  That got a nod.  "Danny was ranting about that when he came in.  He had been with Sheldon."  He shrugged.  "I'd better get back there to watch over things.  I'm off this weekend if you wanted to get a beer."

"Aren't you guys supposed to head to Alex's?"

"Well, yeah, but I can still come and get you for a beer," he offered with a small grin.  "Keeps me away from the dragons and Alex's stories about saving Draco from gangs, which pissed Horatio off grandly."

"Sure.  We'll go for beers."  He smirked and Mac smirked back then disappeared.  He looked at Fornell.  "So, why did she order you to come?"

"To investigate DiNozzo for tampering with cases and for passing off information.  She stopped her rant just short of declaring him committing treason."

"He's suing her."

"Ah.  I figured as much.  The SecNav called me this morning before she did and said to tell him if it was anything and to be very careful of what I said around her."  That got a nod.  "So, who was that?"

"Taylor, NYPD."

"Mac?"  That got a nod and they walked inside.  "I've heard of him. He did the same job you used to do.  I heard he runs a good lab."

"He does.  One of his guys, Tony, and Speed are all former school buddies who just got back together.  We three supervisors have started a support group for when things get odd."  Fornell snickered at that.  "Seriously."  They shared a look as they got into the elevator and went back to Gibbs' floor.  "She's trying to get me back," he said quietly.

"I realize that.  I don't know why, Gibbs."  That got an evil smirk.  "Shows her bad taste," he taunted with a smirk of his own as he got off. "Agent McGee, I need you to get me into Agent DiNozzo's computer."

"No, sir."

"Excuse me?"

McGee looked at him. "No.  If you want into his computer, you're supposed to go to computer services.  I'm not helping you ruin Tony's career on the whims of an obsessed woman with power issues."

"McGee, he's not here to ruin him and the SecNav's already cleared him," Gibbs said.

"I can still lose my job, boss."  Gibbs stared him down.  "Yes, boss."  He got up to get him into it, then glared at him.

Fornell looked at Gibbs.  "You've done good turning him into a fierce little lap dog, Gibbs.  Good job."

"Up yours," McGee said quietly, staring him down.

"Down, boy!" Gibbs ordered. "He's *helping*."



"Fine."  He went back to his desk.  "Boss, the Director wanted to speak to you.  Apparently your system is back up and running again."

"Even with me being suspended?"

"Apparently."  They shared a look.

"Last I know, I was suspended too."  He gathered up some stuff. "I'll be working on the boat, Fornell.  Let me know what you find about his dating habits as long as it's not too nasty."

"Sure.  I'll let some of my boys get the perverted things out of the way."  He watched him go, then looked at McGee. "You weren't suspended?"

"I still had access so I'm not sure.  I'm waiting to hear."

"You know it's unpaid, right?"

"Yeah, I'm aware of that.  The same as I'm aware that suspending our *team* means suspending Abby as well since Gibbs brought her in."  Fornell moaned.  "Possibly also Ducky.  We're checking on the definition of teams."

Fornell smirked at him.  "Getting catty in your old age, McGee."

"I don't like power plays.  We're all perfectly happy to work like a real team.  Also, notice Ziva isn't here.  The Director's been keeping very close tabs on her."

"I'll keep that in mind. You guys mind working with her?"

"No.  Not anymore.  Most of the time.   I can't speak for Tony though.  He and Kate were really close."

"Then we'll see."  He sat down behind the computer, getting to work looking through his address book for what date that had been.  "How many women does he know?" he complained finally.  "McGee, does he keep an appointment book?"  The other agent came over to open the top drawer and hand it over.  He looked in there, then at him.  "Why does he have a yo-yo?"

"For those days when he needs to do something while he thinks."

"Oh.  All right."  He shut the drawer and looked at the other one, then shuddered.

"Kate joked a few times that they created viagra off Tony and guys like him," he shared with a grin.

"I can see why."  He flipped through the appointment book, finding the right date.


Gibbs looked up as Tony appeared in his basement, giving him a look.  "Isn't that dangerous?"

"Only if you moved stuff around, boss."  He sat on the bottom of the stairs.  "So, did Fornell have fun being a perv in my dating history?"

"He said it's amazing that you managed to make it to work most days."

"I try really hard," he said with a snarky smirk.  "Are we clear to work tomorrow?"  He shook his head.  "How much longer?"

"Not a clue.  He's presented his findings on that one date.  He couldn't find much of a connection between the women so she can't say whoever's sending different agents out to get information from you."  Tony raised an eyebrow.  "She stopped just short of accusing you of treason."

"I'm so going to keep going with that suit," he complained. He stood up.  "Boss, don't you have a date tonight?"

Gibbs looked at the clock, then nodded, putting down his planer.  "It's still early though."

"Yeah, boss.  Go shower and change.  Be a real man."  He rolled his eyes.  "Before I have to give you dating tips."  He smiled sweetly then left.

"I don't need them," he called.  He called Speed.  "What do you do with DiNozzo when he's bored and in an evil mood?"


Speed looked at his phone, then put it back against his ear.  "Usually, I tie him down and fuck him hard enough to make him beg and get it out.  He babbles great prank ideas when he's in that sort of mood."  Ryan choked and gave him an odd look.  "Old school friend."  He listened to Gibbs complaining he couldn't do that.  "We'll see what we can do to keep him from being bored.  I take it you're both still suspended?"  That got an affirmative complaint.  "I guess it could be worse.  He does take those moods where he's just evil.  Watch out for those, Gibbs."  He hung up shaking his head.  "Tony's bored and edging on an evil mood."  He sent a thought at his buddy that he had scared Gibbs, getting a cackle back.  "Yeah, someone's going to have to help him wear that out."

Ryan gave him an odd look.  "So, you're bi?"  Speed looked at him.  "Just generally asking, Speed.  I was asked by one of the patrol guys I know if you were.  He was thinking about asking you out."

Speed blinked a few more times.  "It's a thing between some very old and dear friends that I went to boarding school with, but I am bi.  I don't date at the office. A bad breakup could lead to a lot of animosity that would mean someone dying, again."

"Sure, I understand that," he agreed quietly.  "Just asking for him."

"Tell him I'm flattered, but I don't want to take the chance to date out of the office pond.  It's not an ocean and I've seen others who've had problems.  I've seen a few that led to lack of being backed up during a problem."

"I've seen those too," he admitted.  "I never take sides in those unless it's an abuse case and then the abuser has no support from me.  I know it's the job and all, but I can't."

"That means you're human, which counters some rumors going around about you," he offered dryly.  Ryan glared so he smirked.  "It does."  He watched Horatio go strolling past their lab and winced.  "Speaking of evil moods."  He shuddered.  "Either we just got a fed in who's trying to muscle in on Horatio's turf, or someone's in trouble."  He looked at what they were doing, then at Ryan.  "Think we missed something?"

"We need to finish processing this first.  Then we can sneak out."  They got back to work, going a bit faster now.

Eric looked around before slipping into the lab.  "H is in an evil mood," he complained, closing the door.  "Any idea why?"

"Not yet," Speed offered, looking outside.  "You know he heard you, right?"

Eric flinched and opened the door. "Sorry, H."

"It's all right, Eric.  We all have those days.  We also know what causes mine."

"Fed?" he asked hopefully.

Speed looked at him.  "No, that's the 'there's a moron with a badge' look.  I'm hoping it's not a lab person?"  Horatio glared at him.  "Me?"

"No," he growled.

"Does this have anything to do with the guy who didn't stay this morning on our crime scene?" Ryan asked.  Horatio came in. "You didn't hear we got left?"  He shook his head.  "Oops?"

"How long were you two left alone?" he asked calmly.

"Ryan was alone when I got there, but the body was gone," Speed admitted.  "We had one who stopped to ask us what we were doing, then I guess he left because I looked up and he wasn't there anymore either."

"Thank you for telling me about this, boys."  He walked off. Now he had three targets to wear his anger out on. He called Alex's house.  "Can you please connect me with Miss Summers?"  The house elf agreed and connected him through the floo to Dawn.  "Dawn, it's Horatio Caine. I need a slight favor.  No, my nephew is just breaking out in skills and I'm supposed to get him his supplies so I can start to teach him tomorrow, but I'm getting called in on a court case. Please."  He smirked. "That would be fine. I'll send him over.  What's the time difference?"  He checked his watch.  "I'll send him at ten tomorrow?  Thank you, Dawn. Of course."  He hung up and called Ray.  "I've got a solution to not being able to take you.  There's a very nice young woman, who is engaged before you ask, who can escort you.  She's in the school currently so she'll be able to tell you what she's been using. Yes, I can have her escort you around, Ray.  It won't be a problem and she's not that much older than you are."  He smirked.  "Good boy.  I'll do that tonight.  Take a nap now.  She's in England."  He hung up and went to track down the duty log for the patrol shift.  Someone needed to have a talk with him.  The watch commander gave him a horrified look.  Then again the only times he saw him was when there was a problem.  Him showing up in his office was almost unheard of unless he was about to flay someone and cook them over an open pit. "Two of my CSIs were left at a scene, twice?" he asked coolly.

"Oh, shit," he murmured. "Which ones?"

"Wolfe originally and then Wolfe and Speedle."

"Oh, double damn.  I'll find out who, Lieutenant, and have a word with them."

"No, I'll be having a word with them," he assured him. "You can have your own after I'm done."

"Yes, Lieutenant.  I'll find that out for you and send them your way."  That got a nod and Horatio walked off.  The watch commander went to talk to his dispatch people. "Who left two CSIs alone!" he demanded.  "I nearly got chewed a new one by Caine!"

"I'll have them brought in, sir," one of them offered, going to look that up and find them.


Danny walked into Mac's office, finding him reading.  "It's a state of mind.  You used to think it was more important."

"You think so?" he asked, looking at him.  Danny nodded.  "Maybe."  He put down the book.  "What can I do for you, Danny?"

"Well..."  He held up a report. "This has no bearing on my case.  Why did I have to deal with this?"

"It was at the scene."

"Unless we have someone who was leaking sand doing the scene, not a lot I can do with it.  Usual sand."  He handed over the report. "I'm guessing someone's beach toy got broken."  He gave him a look. "It was in the middle of the street, Mac."

"It was still at the scene.  We had to make sure it didn't have any bearing or get tracked in by either the killer or the victim."

"One's allergic to the sun and the other's well enough known that he's in the system."  That got a smirk.  "Already being brought in.  Officer reported him saying something along the lines of 'knew I shouldn't have hit her that hard' when he was handcuffed.  Flack was very amused."

"Good.  I like it when he's amused.  When's your next game?"

"Hopefully this weekend."

"It would be a nice change but I think Horatio has to work."

"He's got Saturday off."

"He called earlier to say he had Grand Jury testimony."

"Well, maybe not this weekend. Our next inter-borough game is in three weeks."

"Good.  Then I want you to open this old case," he ordered, finding the file and handing it over.  "Go over it, find me the suspect if possible. I couldn't five years ago."

"Sure."  He walked off reading it, heading to find a place to sit and read, then pull evidence. It wasn't often someone got away from Mac.


Ray landed and smiled at the pretty trio of girls standing there.  "Hi."

"Ray?" one asked, stepping forward.  He nodded.  "I'm Dawn.  These are Luna and Ginny.  They were waiting with me.  They think I could get into trouble," she shared with a grin.  He grinned back.  "See, ladies, perfectly harmless.  You've met Horatio."

"Yeah, he's a hottie," Luna said dreamily.

"I'm telling Wes you said that," Ginny retorted.

She looked at her.  "Why would you?  Wes said the same thing."  She smiled and waved at Ray.  "We expect you to take good care of Dawnie for us.  Oh, Midnight!"  He came trotting out of the woods.  "Good boy.  Go with your mother there."  He got pets from them then went to his mother's side, letting her pick him up so they could portkey off.  "I wonder if Alex is thinking about opening a teaching academy.  He seems to do a lot of it."

Ginny gave her another odd look. "Do you really want to see Alex Dumass and Draco teaching?"

"Well, no, but they'd be very good wizards."

"Sometimes I worry about you," Ginny said as she walked off.

"We're supposed to go back to class."

"I am, I'm going to get something sweet first.  Apple's cravings are crossing over."  She continued on into town, going to get herself a treat, Luna right behind her so she couldn't get into trouble.


Ray looked around the alley as they walked in.  "The books did good at describing this."

"It did," she agreed, smiling at him.  "Now, Horatio said he was sending you with a key?"  He nodded, handing that and the letter over.  "Okay, let's head to the bank first so we can shop."  He smiled and nodded, letting her lead the way.  "Middy, stay with me," she ordered.  The dog came back from sniffing a man's leg to pee on him, walking beside her to guard the mommy.

"You're Dawn!" someone older and female shouted, rushing over.  "Hello, dear.  Are you off on an errand for the school?"

"No, I'm off an errand for a friend of Alex's.  This is Ray, he got a bit missed so we're going to start his education with the other missed ones we're working with."  She smiled at Ray, then back at the woman.  "Alex knows his Uncle, but his Uncle couldn't come today due to work issues."

"We're missing wizards?" she asked, looking horrified.

"No, the US is missing wizards.  A lot."

She gasped and patted him on the cheek.  "You listen to her, dear.  She's learned quite a lot since she came over to join us a bit late."  She walked off, going to talk to someone.  She knew the true power of gossip and had went to school with someone at Witch World Weekly.

Dawn smirked at him.  "I can almost guarantee it'll stop," she promised, taking his arm and walking him off.  "Middy," she called softly.  He came away from that one man's leg.  "No humping the bad man."  He barked and trotted happily ahead to make sure nothing there could hurt the mommy either. "He's very protective of me.  Alex and them told him to protect me."

Ray grinned.  "Do you get into that much trouble?"

"Well, yes," she admitted with a grin.  "More often than not."  She pointed at a building. "If anyone in there asks you about me, just tell them the truth, I'm nice and doing both our uncles a favor."

"Okay.  I heard you're engaged."

"Yup, and Ron's ahead of us," she admitted, smirking at him.  "Ronald Weasley, what the fucking hell are you doing out of your lessons?"  He jumped and gave her a panicked look, then shook his head and sighed.  "Got you," she said fondly, kissing him on the cheek.  "This is Horatio's nephew Ray.  Ray, this is my boy, Ron."

"Hey, Ray," he said, shaking his hand.  "Draco sent me to watch over her since I've been a bit of a grouch."

"Vacation's this weekend, Ron, you can wait that long for sex."  She kissed him again.  "Be a good boy and come help us."  He nodded, taking her other side.  "Midnight, leave that man alone!" she ordered.

Ron looked at the guy, pulling his wand.  "You are?"  He moved on quickly and the dog came back.  "Midnight, stay with the mommy.  She's getting into trouble."  Midnight heeled very well and kept right with the mommy, no matter how nice some things smelled.  "I thought you had him fixed."

"I did."  She shrugged, smiling at her dog.  "We should make sure no one made your balls grow back."  The dog barked up at his mommy, he liked being smiled at.  Even if she did pick him up to give him belly scratches.  Ron put him back down with a pet.

"Good boy.  Stay right with us.  No nuzzling the goblins for treats this time."  He led her to the desk she'd need.  "My girl there is helping an American shop for school supplies."

"He sent a letter and a key," Dawn said, handing them over.

The goblin looked it over, then looked at Ray, who pulled out his school ID.  "Very well then."  He filled out some forms and stamped them.  "The fastest way is to transfer that amount into your vault tonight, Miss Summers, and take it out of yours."

"Mine's pretty thin. I just did my usual shopping spree," she admitted. "Do I have enough to cover it?"  He looked, then shook his head.

Ron looked at her.  "Alex said to quit wasting your allowance, that he'd buy you clothes, Dawn."  He pulled out his backup key.  "Take it from mine, Hurst."

"Thank you, Cursebreaker Weasley."  He went to do that. He came back and handed over a copy of the forms, then handed Ray a small bag, then Ron a larger one.  "Alex said you had to go book shopping."

"Why?  We've got a library!"  The goblin shrugged.  "Fine.  I'm sure he's put in an order somewhere.  Any other instructions since he's too busy buggering Draco today?"

"Not yet."

"When are they no longer considered apprentices?" Dawn asked.

"When their names appear in the listing," he told her.

Ron blinked.  "That's been about a year now. I thought we were still apprentices."

"You are, but higher level ones. It's like taking specialist lessons."

"Oh, cool.  Harry too?"  That got a nod.  "Really cool.  I'll have to tell him tonight and get onto Alex for not letting us have a party."  He walked off with Dawn, then came back.  "Flack's listed already?"

"Alex has gotten him past the major obstacles.  Since he's not going to be in the field, he's listed as an Apprentice, level two.  You and Mr. Potter are both listed as Specialist Apprentices."  Ron beamed and trotted off with the others.  He shook his head. "We wondered how long it was going to take him to realize that."  He made a note and sent it to Gruinth, who dealt with Alex's tribe of students.


Ray walked back into his uncle's house that night, the portkey having been set to there when he was done.  He dropped his packages on the couch and looked at his uncle.  "She can talk," he said in awe.  "She can also make reporters babble in joy."


"You forgot she was marrying Potter's best friend?"

"I had," he admitted.  He shrugged.  "Did she tell them you were missed?"  He nodded. "Then we may see less students being missed in the future.  What's it made of?"

"Birch and virgin unicorn fur.  Ten inches," he said proudly, letting his uncle have his wand to look it over.

"Interesting.  Did she take you into the herb shop?"

"No, but Ron did.  Dawn said she does horrible in there so she avoided going near it or the cauldron shop."  He smiled at that and handed it back.  "She got me the standard set of books that Alex told her to get me. I picked up my first wizarding comic, and also a book on 'spells, charms, and potions for teenager witches and wizards'."

"Good.  That's probably got the anti-acne potion and things."  He was handed it to flip through.  "We can definitely teach you out of here," he agreed, handing it back.  "Did she teach you anything?"

"How to clean up a mess since her dog went nuts in the clothing shop."

"Yes, Midnight likes to shop nearly as much as his mistress does."  He nodded toward the kitchen.  "Your mother and dinner are in there."

"Am I headed home?"

"Not yet."  Ray nodded, going to get his dinner.

"Remember not to sit on that, Ray."

"Yes, sir."  He took the plate from his mother's hand, kissing her on the cheek.  "Are you calmer now?"

"A bit."

He grinned.  "It'll be easier and faster to clean my room now."

"Good. I would appreciate you cleaning your room now and then, son."  She smoothed down his hair.  "We will talk tonight."  Ray nodded, taking his plate back into the living room.  She followed, handing Horatio a bottle of water.  She also got given an odd look. "I didn't think you needed a beer."

"Not at the moment," he admitted.  He sat down to drink, watching his nephew.  "So, did you not eat lunch?"

"I did, but that was a while ago.  Oh, they said to give you this," he offered, pulling out the paper on the vault transfer.  "Otherwise it could've taken hours."

Horatio nodded, looking it over. "That's more than acceptable.  It went into Ron's?"

"Dawn had just went shopping," he shared with a small smile.  "That's one expensive girl to have dating you."

"She'll be spoiled by Alex."

"Ron was already complaining."

"She's enjoying it before she graduates and has to start working, son," his mother pointed out, sitting across from him. "You will be responsible with this?"

"I know the urge exists to hex bullies and things, but it's not me, Mom.  I'm going to be a good boy and if I have those, I'll talk them over with Uncle Horatio."  He finished his dinner and put the plate aside.  "She also made me get some clothes.  She made sure I don't totally look like a dork in my two student robes.  The potions smock I do, but not the student robes."

"As did we all, Ray," Horatio assured him dryly. "Probably even Speed."  He handed over a picture.  "I asked Messer for it."

"Who?"  He looked, then giggled. "Is that Speed?"  He nodded.  "He really was a sulky thug back then, wasn't he?"  He handed it back.  "Who were the two others?"

"Tony DiNozzo and Danny Messer.  Danny works in New York with Mac Taylor and a few others.  Tony works at NCIS.  I'm telling you this so you'll know who to head to if something happens."

"Them or the night shift in Vegas, you told me that."  Horatio nodded.  "Do we have a current picture?"

"That was their senior picture.  They haven't changed that much."

"Speed grew up," Yelina reminded Horatio.  "He does look different."

"I'll try to get a current picture," he agreed, smiling at her. "The reason I'm telling you this, Ray, is because the military is trying to recruit those of us with these skills.  They've taken over some of the schools and things as well."

"Wow."  He frowned, shifting until he was leaning against his things.  "Why?"

"Someone wants them to use their skills for the military," his mother said blandly.  "As Taylor used to."  He nodded at that. "Now they want more of them."

"But not everyone should be in the military," he pointed out.

"Which is why we're warning you.  Alex Dumass and some of his friends had to get one of the academies in the US free," Horatio said calmly.  "Sander's sponsored student ended up in the Canadian school because of that."  Ray nodded, getting that.  "You must be careful who knows, Ray."

"I will be, Uncle Horatio."  He grinned at him.  "As long as I don't have accidental problems."

"That's a matter of self control. Which is why most students start at eleven or twelve."

"Eleven?" his mother demanded.

"Everywhere but here," Horatio assured her. "That way we get them before they hit puberty, it gives them a better framework for later control during the hormone swings.  Here we start at twelve and it's a bit harder but we manage."

"I accept that I'm already behind," Ray assured him.  "I know I've got some catching up to do and I know you're only going to teach me what I absolutely have to know.  That way I don't get into trouble and I can look things up if necessary."  Horatio nodded.  "That makes sense.  I'm guessing the ones Speed's working with are getting the same thing?"  He got another nod and a small smile.  "Good.  Then I'm fine with that.  How many did they miss?"

"Too many to train," Horatio admitted.  "We'll figure it out, Ray.  You're my first student. All I've done is tutor.  Thankfully Alex and Speed have both promised to help me teach you."

"That's cool.  Can you teach me how to fly?"  Horatio smiled and nodded. "Dawn said you were pretty good as a keeper."

"I am," he agreed.  "I'm also very good in Charms."  Ray beamed at that.  "I'm miserable in potions, but I can rely on Greg for advice I'm sure."

"That's fine.  Are we starting tonight?" Horatio nodded.  "Charms?"

"We probably should."  He got up and found his wand, bringing it back to sit next to him. "The first is always wand movements," he said quietly, showing him how to swish and flick.  "Now, that goes with a number of spells."

"Wingardium leviosa, like the books?"

"That as well.  Try it on your plate."  Ray swished and flicked, watching it float.  "Very good, Ray.  Now, gently put it back down."  It landed with a small thump.  "Good.  Now, let's move on."

Yelina sat back and watched her son learn something she considered mildly evil.  Horatio would make sure he stayed a good boy.


Speed looked up, seeing the suit in the hallway of the lab.  He nudged Eric, nodding at him.  They had the windows obscured thanks to Ryan, who was getting paranoid from Horatio watching them.

"Ryan," Eric said quietly.  He nodded outside.

"Super.  Feds."  He stared at him.  "Disappear, Speed.  Now."  He popped off.  Ryan looked at Eric.  "You've never heard of it, get to Alexx and whoever else in the lab.  Call Horatio."  He got a nod and Eric walked out while Ryan went to ask the suit what was going on.  "Excuse me.  Do you have a visitor's pass, sir?"

"I'm Special Agent Donaldson."  He flashed his credentials.  "I'm here to see Timothy Speedle?"

"He's gone for the day."

"The receptionist said he wasn't."

"He left earlier with a headache."  He looked at him. "I'm working with Speedle, can I help?  I'm Wolfe.  We work on the same cases for the most part."

"No, sir."  He checked the list in his hand, then blinked at him. "Well, perhaps.  We're here to talk to him about his choice of laboratory."

"Hmm.  No.  He likes it here.  I can assure you he'd never switch."

"He may not have a choice, sir."

"I doubt that."  Ryan moved closer.  "You shouldn't be here."

"Sir, that sounds like a threat."

"It's not, it's a statement of fact."  He mentally started a summoning of Willow, noticing when she appeared up the hall.  "He'll be back tomorrow, you can talk to him and our boss then."

"I'm afraid that'll be too late," he said blandly, pulling out handcuffs.  "If you'll come with us."

"No."  He noticed Frank Tripp coming up.  "Frank, go away.  Now."  He got an evil look.  "Seriously, Frank.  Go away.  These nice guys want to take Speed."

"Over Horatio and Alexx's dead bodies they're getting the boy," he said sarcastically. "Those two will destroy everything if he's removed from this lab again."  He glared at the Federal Agent.  "I'd leave, whoever you are."

"Special Agent Donaldson. FBI."

"Yay.  Go.  Now."

"I'm ordered to bring Detective Speedle in."

"Yay.  Go.  Now," Ryan mimicked.  Frank smirked at him so he grinned back.  "It's what I do in my spare time, Frank."  He glared at the agent again.  "Go away."

"I can't do that, sir.  You're going to have to come with me."

Willow strolled over, smiling at Ryan. "Hi, I wanted an update on my assistant's case.  Is this a bad time?" she asked cutely, smiling at Ryan.

"No, not in the least.  He was just leaving."

The agent swallowed and looked at her.  "Miss Rosenburg."

She glared at him and he backed up a few steps.  "Really?  Am I?"  He started to say something and she raised a hand.  "I will turn you into something cute, fluffy, and sellable."  He turned and ran.  She looked at him.  "Call Horatio."


"Okay.  Call anyway."

"On it," Frank offered.  "Then I want an explanation."

"Ask Horatio," Ryan ordered.  "That's what he told me to say," he defended at the heated look.  "He told Alexx the same thing."

"Fine."  He finally got Yelina on her phone.  "Why were there feds here looking for Speed?"  The phone was handed over.  "There were feds here looking for Speed, tried to take Ryan, and why is Rosenburg in the lab, Wolfe?"

"I called her."  He shrugged. "She makes really good backup."  He walked her into his lab.  "Let me put everything back up and then I'll drive you home.  Thank you."

"I hate the purge.  It's evil."

Frank walked in and shut the door. "He said for you two to tell me."

Willow snapped her fingers and a small flame appeared on her fingertip, making him stare.  "Some of us are a bit powerful and they want us to work for them."


"I'm going to find out why they want him," Ryan admitted. "This cannot get out, Frank."  He banished the flame, staring at her.  She just smiled.  "Showoff."

"Of course.  I was raised with Xander."  He snickered at that.  He was the only one who had laughed at Alex's theatrics while he had been in town. She looked at Frank.  "They want us in the military, Detective.  They've tried to take a number of us into secret custody for that."  She listened, then looked at Ryan.  "Let's go.  Now.  There's at least five of them."

"Decent."  He took her hand.  "Laters.  Make sure Eric knows that it's not put up fully."  They disappeared.

"Holy mother of god," he hissed, calling Eric.  "Delko, Wolfe just had to go for a run with his buddy Willow.  Some of the stuff's still out in the lab.  She said more are coming."  He hung up and went to get with security.  Maybe it wouldn't end up in a stand-off.


"Mr. Daniel Messer?" a female voice said from the hallway.  Danny looked back at her then went back to his microscope.  "I need you to come with me please."

"I doubt it."

"Sir, that's an order. I have a warrant if I have to use it," she said plainly.

"For?"  He made notes and repackaged the slide, then turned off his microscope before looking at her again, his glasses back in place.  "What did I supposedly do?"

"You were born."

"Not my choice."

"Sir, I don't want to have to make this hard."

"Yay."  He glanced around, then pulled his wand and changed her.  "Pity."  He picked up the turtle and walked it down to Mac's office, putting her blatantly in front of him and the agent in there.  "That slide is murky and it looks like squid ink, I'll do an analysis when I get in tomorrow morning. I repackaged it."  Mac nodded slowly, his eyes wide.  Danny looked at the others, then back at him.  "We all know I'm not the peaceful sort, right?"

"Not in the station, Danny," he ordered quietly.

"Obscurus," he cast, obscuring all the windows.  Then he hexed the two agents in there, giving Mac three turtles.  He put them all on the desk and smiled.  "I've had enough already."  He got a head's up from Speed, and Tony groaned. "Do we think his father is that petty?"

"Yes," Mac offered, looking at the turtles.  "I have nowhere to keep them."

"Give them to Hammerback.  Maybe he'd like some new pets."  He walked out, going to get the stuff out of his locker.  Don was already in there, as was Stella. "Tell Mac we're heading to Alex's now.  Right now.  Speed's already heading.  Tony's at Gibbs' to get him.  He said he's warned McGee."  He slammed his locker shut, looking around.  "Yo, any of the cult members here?"  No answer.  "Anyone else here?"

"Just me and Lindsey," Sheldon offered.  "Go.  Now.  Before they come back."

"Know anyone who likes turtles?  Mac's got three."  He created a portkey and they headed.

"Crap," Sheldon offered, heading to call someone.  "Sal, it's Sheldon Hawkes.  Danny and them just had to leave.  No, Feds," he said quietly.  "Yeah, that sort.  Be very careful.  Oh, Mac's got a few new turtles.  We'll have to find him a tank."  He hung up and looked at her. "Not one word.  They wanted to capture them to get someone they know because they want the CSI out of the lab to cover something up."

"Okay," she said quietly. "Why?"

"Because someone higher up is an idiot," he assured her, taking her to Mac's office. "They went visiting."

"Agreed."  He got up and looked around the office, gathering a few things, then he nodded.  "Tell night shift that I'll be back sometime soon, my country came calling for a few days.  Don't expect the rest of us back until it's fixed. We'll call around."

"Gotcha."  Mac nodded at the turtles and Sheldon smiled. "I'll take care of Danny's new pets too.  Go."  Mac nodded and disappeared since the windows were still obscured.  Sheldon gathered up the small creatures into an evidence box and took them with him.  "Come, Lindsey."

"Yes, Sheldon. Why?"

"Because we just got ambushed by the Feds," he said grimly. He walked her out to his car, getting her in holding the former people and heading around to drive.  On the way, he dialed the number in his cell.  "Toby, it's Sheldon Hawkes.  No, the purge just tried to hit our group. I warned our other detective, the others took off running for Alex's.  Yeah, needs to be known about.  I don't know, man.  I know Mac had to go help Tony earlier because Danny was about to throw a fit about something going on down there. Thanks."  He hung up, then called him back.  "Do we have a general repository for new turtles who used to be Feds?"  He smirked.  "On my way."  He turned and headed the other direction, going to take them to the overlord's house.  Once there he took the box and gave her a look. "Stay."  He got out and walked up to the door, smiling at the guard.  "Danny Meser sent me with these feds who tried to kidnap him."  He handed the box to the guard.  "Our union rep said to hand them to you."

"You're one of us?"

"No, my sister was."  He went back to the car, calling his sister.  "It's Sheldon.  Lay very low.  We were almost purged."  He hung up and took her home.  "Lindsey, we cannot speak about this.  Do you understand?" he asked quietly.  She nodded.  "Good.  Not one word about this, the turtles, where I dropped them off, nothing.  Those people are very bad and they want Mac and them to work for them by force.  It won't happen but they want it a lot."

She nodded.  "Okay.  What about us?"

"They've got special skills we don't.  I may be in trouble but I never showed the skills they want.  My sister does."  She nodded at that.  "So just go home, forget all about the turtles, and try to sleep."  She got out and headed upstairs, he went to his place.  Hopefully his family would be all right.


Tony heard the 'oh shit' from Speed and groaned.  "Boss, purge coming.  I'm going to kill my old man if he had anything to do with this."  He stood up.  "Get to safety, boss.  It's hit New York too."  He disappeared, going to hit the 'pack me now' button for his place.  Then he hit the charms for Danny's and Don's places as well. Stella didn't have one yet, but they could get her clothes.  He summoned the stuff from their places, scrying Stella's before heading over there.  A few swishes and flicks, then her closet and dresser were packed.  He gathered them back with the other stuff, then went to Speed's, but he was doing his.  "Grab on.  Alex taught me the camp moving spell."  That got a nod and the 'pack me' spell was redone for this apartment.  The two boxes joined the others in the circle and Speed stepped in.  They headed for Alex's.

"What about the others?" Speed asked, dialing as soon as they landed.  House elves came out.  "That's our apartments' stuff," he ordered.  He got Ryan.  "Is everyone down there safe?"  He listened, moaning a bit.  "Thank you.  Where is Ray?  Because he's new.  No, he just got his today."  He nodded.  "Okay."  He concentrated but Tony put a hand on his arm, shaking his head.  "No?"

"No.  I felt something.  The kid searched for us and hit a side realm.  An alternate us."  Speed nodded, relaxing.  They could get him back from that and they trusted themselves.  "All Horatio had was an older picture.  He got our senior picture from the beginning of the year, while we were still with the girls.  Danny told me that's the one he gave him, wanted to know if I had anything more recent."

"I trust us," he reminded him.

"Good."  They headed into the house, finding Horatio in there.  "Ray hit a pocket realm?"

"Apparently.  All I had was the senior picture I got off Danny."  He looked at Tony.  "Can we get him back?"

"Yeah, I've got the books on that," Alex called. "Been in a few of them myself."  He came out.  "Okay, all your stuffs were put into your usual rooms.  Draco's throwing a really loud fit in the study, and Stella, someone packed for you, dear."  He kissed her on the cheek.  "I warned Philip and he warned Greg and them.  All the Banes from the US and their protected people are heading for there."  She nodded.  "Fortunately we've been working covertly on this problem through the bank and the Ministry here.  We're getting it stopped and Dawn gave an interview earlier that I allowed her to do. That should get a louder outcry started.  Hopefully it won't be more than a few weeks."  He looked around.  "Dawn's coming up anyway, but she's leaving Luna and Ginny there.  Gringotts ordered all curse breakers not in the field to come in for emergency meetings tonight, and those who are in the field are being contacted to make sure they're all safe.  Fortunately there's no active digs or projects going on in the US that can't be abandoned.  Mostly things like cleaning up artifacts left in wills."  He grabbed his cloak. "I'll be back, defend the castle and Draco."

"Fat chance.  I am a curse breaker as well," Draco reminded him, stomping out with Ron and Potter. "Arens is picking up Dawn.  Let's go."  He nodded at their students.  "Get comfortable.  We'll hold real lessons starting tomorrow."  They stormed out as a group, heading to the aparation point.

"A pissed veela is a horrible thing on the world," Danny said quietly. "Anyone hungry? It's nearly dinner break for us."

"I could eat," Don agreed.

"I already did," Stella offered, smiling at Horatio. "He'll be fine, Horatio."

"He had better be."  He followed them, going to watch over everyone.  "Tony, call Gibbs, make sure he's fine."

"They were coming up his driveway when I popped out.  Give it another twenty then I'll send him a scale as a portkey."  He readied one and sent it there, sliding it into his back pocket by his orders.  He knew his boss would've felt it.  He looked at the nearest house elf.  "Watch out for Gibbs.  He's on his way, possibly with Abby."  They nodded, sending one out there to watch for them.  He called McGee.  "Are you safe?"  He nodded at that.  "No, I sent the boss something for his own security.  No, send her to the Leaky, I'll pick her up there."  He hung up and looked around.  "Abby nearly got taken from the lab.  McGee got to her in time.  He's sending her to the Leaky.  Let me floo over."  He went jogging for the floo port out by the walls of the valley but one of the house elves went instead to get her.  Tony went back to the house, seeing if they had missed anyone important to the group.

Speed called his friend's father.  "Mr. DiNozzo, I need the truth.  Did you get the purge onto us today?" he asked quietly.  Danny was right behind him.

"What purge?"

"The military is tryin' ta purge all of us, get us ta work for 'em," Danny said quietly.  "They came after my group, Speed's group, and Tony's group."  His father's face went pale, then very rigid.  "That's why we're askin'.  You and he got into a fight and I don't wanna think that bad about you."

"No, it wasn't me," he said firmly.  "I will be finding out about this."

"I gave someone three new turtles," Danny offered dryly.  Speed gave him a funny look.  "Not like I was gonna let myself be captured, Speed.  Sheldon probably took 'em to the overlord if I know how our union rep thinks."

"Very well. I'll be there tonight," he promised.  "Do you have another theory, Daniel?  Since I would never do that to my son?  He's already too close to them for my comfort."

"They were trying to take over New York's academy," Mac said as he came in.  "They already had Chicago's rolls.  They told me they knew I went to Chicago."  That got a nod and the head disappeared. "Who was that?"

"Tony's dad.  He looks a bit different without the illusion charms," Speed said, standing up. "Floos can strip those off."

"Bloody fucking hell!" someone shouted from the hallway.

"Some of us are in here, Methos," Speed called.  The defense teacher stomped in.  "What?"

"We're having a Bane reunion and Nick's got most of the books we need."

"The recall switch," Danny said, going to show it to him.  All the books that were currently out of the library appeared on the table.  Including a few that had been in other libraries. "Got what we need?"

"I do," he agreed, pulling out the books they'd need.  "We'll be adding at least one of you to the Bane network this weekend." He stomped off, heading back to the floo port with the books.

Horatio called Grissom.  "Gil, Horatio Caine.  Tell whoever had books from Alex Dumass that they got recalled.  Some of us almost got taken in the purge and they needed them for research over here.  Thank you.  No, he's heading for the school.  I'm at Alex's.  Thank you, Gil.  You too."  He hung up.  Then he called Alexx. "Are you and the kids safe?  I don't care.  They came to try to purge us, Alexx.  Hide the kids and stay safe.  Apparate in the open if you have to."  He hung up and called Calleigh, who had Eric with her. "It's me. Speed and I are safe.  Watch out for Yelina.  They should let her go tonight.  Watch for Ray to reappear."  He listened to Eric, nodding a few times.  "I didn't expect them to but Willow is very high profile.  It's being worked on, kids. If anyone asks, someone broke into my house to take all of us.  Ray and I escaped.  Yelina's going to be set free or else I'm going to destroy them.  Other CSI were also almost taken.  We're all in hiding.  You two lay very low, only take those you trust to cases if you have to go out.  If you have to run as well, tell me where.  Tell Eric to make sure his sister is safe if they knew Wolfe was."  He hung up and looked at them.  "They knew what Ryan was somehow."

"That could be because of Willow," Mac said gently.  "Should we worry about getting Yelina, Horatio?"

"I was going to try to summon her."

"You'll have to get out of the valley," Danny ordered.  "The shields prohibit it.  Find McGee and make sure he's safe.  He can help, he's still either in DC or he's in Seattle hiding with the Council he's been working with."  That got a nod and he went to do that with Mac's help.

"I sent a portkey to Gibbs," Tony offered as he came back.  "He's not here yet."

"I know, I cleared him to come in on an emergency one," Danny promised.  That got a smile and a nod.  "He should be fine.  If not, I can get Alex."

"Where's Harry?" Abby demanded as she walked in.

"The bank," Tony called, bringing her running to hug him.  "Gibbs is on his way in," he promised.  "I sent him a portkey."

"They were menacing him at his house."  She buried her face in his chest.  "I don't like this."

"Me either," he promised.  He looked at Speed, then at Danny. "The kids?"

"I can't get the school," Danny admitted.  "I did get one of the thug bastards.  He's in our room and he said he's summoning those who needed safety the most.  He said the prefects locked the houses down earlier in the night and some of them managed to get out.  If they have to, they've got the stuff to form a rebellion.  We'd have Ray come back there probably, or out in our old hidey hole."

"Decent," Tony agreed. He went back to cuddling Abby, waiting on the news that Gibbs was there.

TBC.... In both an outtake story from the past and the next part.