Oh, Mac

Danny looked up as Mac walked into his lab.  "Hey, how was your first day back?"

"Better than yours I heard.  How old was she?"

"Hammerback estimates fifteen."  He sighed.  He hated dead kids and dead kid prostitutes sucked even worse.  "We've got some good evidence but nothing's firm yet.  Too soon."

"That's fine, Danny.  Remember, you can come to me if you need to talk."  He patted him on the back.  "What about that rogue situation?"

"We're heading out tonight," he admitted quietly.  "Don's going in disguise.  I'm not sure what I'm dressing him as."

"Let me help with that.  I'm pretty good at them."  He grinned at him.  "It'd be good to get my hand in again."  Danny nodded. "Where is he?"

"Probably chasing someone down a flight of stairs.  He was just complaining about there being stairs to run down."  He looked around then at him.  "Are your shields still dropping?" he asked quietly.

"No.  Thankfully they've stopped that."

"Good.  Thank you.  Kinda weird to suddenly have you in my head while I'm sliding home, ya know?"

"Yeah, I feel the same way," he promised. Not like he didn't enjoy it, but...  Danny was giving him an odd look. "What?"

Danny walked over and shut the doors, then looked at him.  "Having fun?"

"Not really."  He backed away from the smirking man.  "Danny...."

"Uh-huh.  See, Stella pegged it. She also said that you feed out better than you get feed in."   He moved closer. "So you do enjoy it, huh?"

"It's at a very primal level, Danny, I don't know anyone who wouldn't, but I do try to keep them up."

"Uh-huh.  Maybe you and Stella should have a talk."


"They think you wanna join in."

Mac blushed.  "Um, no, not really.  This isn't the place to have this discussion."

"Sure.  Bar tonight while we're following Flack."  He opened a door and smiled.  "Thanks for helping me with that, Mac."

"Not a problem," he muttered, walking out.  He ran into Stella, giving her a hurt look.  "What did you tell him?"

"The truth, Mac.  My shields drop less than yours."  She pinched him and grinned. "Dinner tonight before the bar or not?  Danny and Don are still arguing that point."

"I shouldn't...."

She hit him on the arm, making him wince and rub the sore spot.  "Shut up, Mac.  Be there or else we're summoning you out of the shower when they drop again."  She walked off happier now.  She was in the mood to torture someone.

He went to hide in his office.  There was no way he was getting out of the office until well after those three had gone out, gotten drunk, and had sex at home so they were deeply asleep.  His plans went awry when he found himself getting up at the end of the work day and heading for the locker room.  He wasn't sure why. He definitely wasn't in control of his body.  At his locker he put everything away, pulling out his bag to go home with.  All but his keys.  He made a grab for them. "I need those," he complained quietly.  He couldn't get his wand either. "Guys!"

Danny came over, looking then taking his keys and wand with a bright smirk.  "Don won the dinner argument.  You got anything against Cajun?"  Mac slowly whimpered. "Good."  He closed his locker and pointed.  "That way."


"Stella's incredibly good with puppet spells, ain't she?" he asked fondly.

Mac moaned and followed, he had to.  "Danny," he complained.

"Shut it, Mac," Don said as he joined them.  They ran into their cult member, Don smiling at him. "Hey.  Long time no see."  The man gave him a beautiful smile then hugged him.  "I missed you guys too.  Sorry, but it was necessary to protect ourselves and others."

"We understood.  We have another who had heard of the people who came for you."  He pulled back and wiped his cheeks off.  "Thank you for returning safely and to your protector for taking such good care of you."

"Not a problem. I like spoilin' him," Danny assured him happily.  "He never expects it."  The cultmember smiled at that.  "We're heading out to dinner then to get drinks.  You tell them we're back, it's all good, and cases are still hell."

"I will, Protector.  Thank you. Would you wear that seafoam shirt tomorrow?" he asked hopefully.  "That would help your cause greatly."

"I was gonna wear it tonight."  The man beamed and nodded, heading to report that.  He looked at Don, who just smirked.  "Hey, I like that shirt too."

"It does good things for your eyes," Don agreed, taking Mac's arm as Stella walked over.  "We ready?"

"Almost."  She attached something to Mac's collar, then looked around before disappearing since they were in a back hallway.

"Ah, they are all sharing his power now.  It is a blessing he has given to them," the cultmember said happily, reporting that as well.  That would not be put out openly on the boards, they did know discretion and knew that there were those who looked at their Father oddly for them being at his command.  Maybe it was time for those who needed it to ask the Father for help in their transformations.


Don looked around the bar, finding the guy watching him.  He raised an eyebrow and took another drink, glancing around again.  His backup was all in a booth, Stella quizzing Mac about what he wanted.  Not that he wasn't lying and avoiding the subject but she was good at breaking people.  The person who had been watching him plopped down next to him.


"Any type?" the bartender asked, sounding just a bit too calm.

"Whatever."  He got poured a glass and put three silver sickles on the bar. "You new in town?"

"Nope," he said, not bothering to hide his accent.  "Pretty new to the field."  He looked him over.  Dirty jeans, t-shirt, overshirt.  Standard curse breaker gear.  "How long you been doing the job?"

"Sixteen years."

Don nodded.  "Long time.  I'm still training."  He took a sip of his drink.  "What's your area?"

"Obscure artifacts, mostly religious."  Don hissed at that.  "Yeah, it's got a bad rep among most of the other breakers.  I like it though, I learn a lot."

"I'm training through the London branch of the bank.  They want me to do more jewelry and stuff, some library stuff.  Not a clue why."  He looked at him.  "Man, I saw Weasley the other day doing some chest of something. Then he gave this smug little grin to the goblins and strolled out like he was all that."  He snorted.  "Training and balls.  I'll get there.  Alex is thinking about taking an older apprentice on I heard."

"I hadn't heard that.  I know he's got one.  Someone they missed and ended up being a natural."

"I've seen him coming in to get some reference materials for language stuff."  Don smiled at him.  "Which branch did you train with?"

"Local."  He finished his beer, pulling his wand out. "You seem like a good kid, boy.  You sure you wanna stay in this field?  You'll lose everything."

"Like you did?" Don asked, turning to look at him.  "It shows, man.  I've seen that pain."

"Have you?" he sneered.  "What do you do before you changed career?"

"A cop," he said quietly.   The man flinched.  "Then I transferred over."

"I understand why.  You ever lose someone?"  Don nodded.  "Someone important?"

"Two partners, one who went bad and I had to arrest.  The other just Lost."

The guy nodded.  "Then you understand."

"Yeah, I do, but I don't understand why I've heard someone saying that one of us has went rogue."  The man gave him a horrified look.  "Not you?"  He shook his head, swallowing.  "You know who?"

"I do," he agreed quietly. He pointed at one guy in the corner. "Redeo."  He got up.  "Thanks, man."

"Not an issue.  Lost is lost, no matter if they were lovers or partners. All you can do is remember and move on."

"I know.  Thank you."  He walked off.

Don walked back there, nodding at the guy.  "Can I join you?"

"You looking for a bad night, kiddo?"

"No, I'm not."  He sat down, looking at him.  "I heard we've got a problem with one of the other curse breakers in town.  I wanted to talk to one who was more knowledgeable since I'm still a newbie to the field."


Don smirked.  "Yours?"


"Flack."  He sat up.  Don gave him a slightly smug look.  "Training out of London."

"All right.  So you heard I was here, wanted to come talk about my little hobby of cleaning out some of the idiots in the field...."

"And don't like your little hobby.  This is my city."  He leaned closer. "Therefore, you go after them by going through me.  But if you wanna make a statement about why, do it now."

"They're idiots."

"So?  They'll get killed in the field.  It's the great equalizer.  We all have a moment of stupidity.  It's what makes us human instead of Alex."  That got a small smirk.  "Now, you wanna go?  Or not?"

"We can go.  Here?  Or wherever your backup wants?"

"Turks, you took down the shields where we fly and practice, man.  You took away my stress relief."

Turks smirked at him.  "It's a weak shield."

"It was but it's not like someone around here can build better."  He shrugged.  "We're low on that talent in this city."

"Point, still doesn't mean I should put up with shoddy work."

"Hey, they do the best they can.  You want better, work on putting up new ones.  Shall we?  You're bothering my city."

"Fine.  Alley or not?"

"Up to you, I called you out."

"Alley's good.  Your boys can guard."  Don nodded and sent that over their bond, then followed him out.  Mac got one end of the alley, Danny got the other, then Stella took his jacket.  Turks smirked at him.  "You got some pretty helpers."

"She's a tough girl," he promised with a smirk.  "Stella's one of us at the PD."

"Ooooh."  He looked her over.  He saw another person come up and his eyes widened.  "I know you."  He rubbed the scar on his arm.

"Yeah, and she's mine," Danny growled.  "Eyes off what's mine unless you wanna go with me instead?"

"No.  That's okay."

"Good."  He went back to guarding his area, taking Stella with him.  They turned to watch, Danny looking at her.  "Put up a shield, you need the practice," he said quietly.  She nodded and put one up to bubble them and he put one to conceal the alley. He nodded, sending an 'all clear' to Don.  Mac did the same.

"Formal or standing?"

"Formal.  Let's see how good your boy taught you."

Don nodded and they moved into position, giving him time to calm himself.  He did just what Alex taught him, including taking the second shot to gauge the seriousness of his action.  The guy sent something that would probably hurt a lot.  Don ducked before he sent a very old hex, something like a stunner, that would incapacitate.  The guy put up a quick shield and shot back.  Don glared and shot back something odder, making him howl as his hair turned into tiny little piranha.  Hungry little fishies.  Don smirked at him and cast another one, easing their agony and making the guy pass out.  "Pity.  Remember, I am learning from Alex 'I turn your hand to gold' Dumass."  He walked over, taking the other guy's wand then searching for more.  Ron always had at least three.  He found a small case in his inner pocket, pulling it out and opening it.  "Man!  How did you get nine!"  He looked down at him, unfreezing him.  "Do not even think about it.  What do you do that you need nine wands?  I mean, Weasley only needs three!  Bill only need five and he's doing tombs."

"I use them for various things.  Most of us don't need that many, I just need them for certain charms."

"Man!"  He walked off shaking his head.  "Alex said I'm only good enough for my second!" he complained.  He cast a small fire charm on a bunch of cardboard.  "Gruinth."  His head appeared so he pointed.  "Your rogue?"

"I'll send someone.  Hold the area.  You have his wands?"

"I've got all nine."

"Nine?  That's overcompensating."  His head disappeared.

A local goblin appeared a few minutes later, sighing.  "Turks," he said sadly.  "What have you been doing?"

"He said he was weeding out the stupidity and weakness in the city.  I agree, we could use some stronger shields."  The goblin looked at him, glaring.  Don glared back.  "It took him all of ten minutes to bring down the shields on the flying area in the park.  It took five to take down the ceremonial spot.  We need stronger shields.  It's not serving the community to keep them that weak."

"Not like we have control over that."

"Then put the overlord onto it," he ordered.  "You're making our lives miserable.  Why would we stay?"  The goblin shuddered.  "Remember, the goblins in the bank and the businesses in the city are all about helping us and making money.  You can't make money if we're not here and making us miserable and vulnerable, especially during a purge, sucks ass to our quality of lives.  Alex has me doing shields, why can't you make the trainees put them up?  Or the injured ones," he said at Danny's mental suggestion.

"It is an idea I'll put forward."  He looked at Danny and Stella.  "There is no danger."

"She's stuck," Danny called.  Finally the inner shield came down and he walked her back.  "Speaking as someone who went here, you could probably get some of the senior class involved.  Make it a yearly thing to strengthen it.  It could help and it's something we do on our own houses for silence and privacy."

"True," he agreed.  "That would keep us from shouldering the whole cost."

"Plus let you find guys who have the skills before they get dropped by the usual issues."

"True.  Thank you, Wizard Messer. Are you going for overlord?"

"Hell no," he snorted. "I don't want it.  I just want someone competent in it.  Any word on the purge?  Move, watch me send your balls through your ears," he ordered. The curse breaker quit shifting.  "Thank you."  He looked at the goblin again.  "Were gonna be talkin' ta Alex again tonight.  Need us to pass on a message?"

"No, but can you perhaps let Breaker Flack's cult die down?"

"They won't.  I'm happy as long as they're not hurting others," Don assured him.  He put an arm around Stella's shoulders, smiling at her.  "We good?"

"We're good.  I could use a backrub.  I didn't get to torture anyone today."

"Eh, there's still Mac," Danny reminded her.  She smiled and nodded, going to find him and bring him back since he had taken the opportunity to sneak off.  He suddenly appeared on his butt on the ground in front of them.  "See?" he said happily.  "You can straighten him out one way or another."  He kissed her and then pulled Don closer.  "That was cute."  Don beamed.  "You're still on the bottom."

"Sure," Don agreed, smirking at him, then down at Mac.  "Come on, let's drag our boss home to talk about his shield issues."  The goblin gave him an odd look.  "It's a binding, man.  It's making us happy."

"If you say so."

"Alex said so," Don said smugly.  "Dumass is my trainer."

"No wonder."  He took the other curse breaker off with him.

Don handed Danny the wands, earning as mile.  "Think we can get me a third one?  I'm doing good with my two."

"You are," Danny agreed.  "Grab Mac and let's go."

Stella activated the node she had put on Mac's jacket, sending him to Danny's sealed back room.  She cuddled up to Danny, touching his belt.  Don did the portkey spell on it since he was better.  Don cuddled up and they were off.  They landed in the back of the living room, and Stella beamed at him.  "Nice shot," she praised.

"You're doing them all weekend," Danny assured her sweetly.  "That and target work.  Because I'll be damned if you're gonna end up dying because you get trapped."  She sighed and nodded.  He stopped her from moving.  "We need to talk, guys.  Mac?"

Don considered it.  "He's hot when he's not in evil or sulking mode."

"He is and he's sweet underneath," Stella agreed.

"Not the point," Danny reminded them.  "We agreed while we were at Alex's that we were gonna get serious, not just falling-into-bed-drunk sex."

She considered it, imagining him over her, under Don and Danny, and shivered, her lower half clenched.  "That was a hot image," Don moaned, clearing his throat.  "Especially the part where you had him tied down."

Stella grinned.  Danny cleared his throat.  "That's the way it'd be too.  I'm filled up on trust at the moment."

She nodded.  "I can understand that," she agreed, kissing him.  He moaned.  "Up to you, Danny.  We can see the benefits.  He might be a casual thing."

"We'll have to wait and see about that," Don agreed, kissing her.  He grinned.  "Danny?"

Danny considered it, then sighed and nodded. "If it makes you two happy.  It'll definitely make him a happier guy."  They smiled at him. "If you two want it, I'll let it ride for now.  We'll see."

Stella smiled.  "So, we can go tie him down?"

"We can go tie him down," Danny sighed, grinning at her. "I spoil you horribly."

"You do," she agreed.  "That's why you're gonna let me go through your closet tonight."  He moaned.  "Tony told me he took you shopping again."  She walked him that way, opening the closet and finding the new trunks of stuff.  She pulled one out and he groaned, sitting down.  "Danny!"

Don looked then at him.  "Oh, really?"

"Tony and Speed took me.  That was their idea.  I did not buy the leather pants for myself."

"Pity," Don said, swishing his wand and putting them on Danny, his pants now in the basket.

Stella looked. "They're not fitted very well."

"They're magical," he sighed, tapping his wand to the mark on the waist.  They shrunk in and she came over to run a hand over it.  He tensed and hissed.  "Sensitive there, Stella."

Don giggled.  He dug into the trunk, finding more stuff.  "Damn," he said, pulling out a blood red shirt.  "I can't see you in that."  He swished and flicked and Danny was in that now.  It complimented the pants very well.  It did make him look a bit darker and a bit more serious.   Mac moaned from where he was stuck on the bed.

Stella beamed at him, then pulled something out that Tony had promised he had found for them, letting Don see it, then he moaned and put the silver, thin silk slip dress on her.  She squeaked as her underwear disappeared. "Don!"

Don smirked.  "Welcome.  Makes sense for later. Less to take off you."  He took the bag she handed over, looking inside.  "Oh, no."

Danny pulled his wand and Don found himself redressed, then the t-shirt tightened on him. "Turnabout and all that," he said smugly.

"Meany. You can't get me out of this."

"A good finite against that dot and it'll unshrink," Stella reminded him.  She moved over, kissing him. "You look hot."

"I always look hot," Don reminded her.

"I dare you to wear that tomorrow," she taunted.

"Some of us can't run like this and I've got to look better.  My lieutenant would throw a fit."

"Claim laundry," Danny ordered, smirking at him.  "Wear those pants and a good t-shirt. It'll be good enough."  He strolled closer, kissing him.  "Do it and be rewarded tomorrow night," he whispered. "Anything you want."

"You under me and begging?" he offered.  "Anything I want?"

"Anything you want short of my trust issues."  Don smirked at that.  "No handcuffs."

"Done," he promised, stealing a deep, stabbing kiss.  "These are way too tight to get hard in," he complained.  They uncharmed their pants and Danny got Don's shirt, then Stella giggled and banished the clothes, folding them again.

Danny smirked and pulled her over, dragging her between them.  "You're too far away."  He ran a hand down her stomach, making her flinch and arch back against Don.  He smirked and kissed her, then pushed her toward Mac.  "You wanted to talk to him.  Talk, I've got Don."  He pulled Don against him, taking his mouth and arching against him, rubbing gently for now.  "You, me, the bed," he ordered.  Don nodded, taking a running leap at the bed. Danny smirked and walked over, grabbing the lube.  "Naughty, Don," he said, noticing the position he was in.  "Anxious?"

"Hell yes.  I've wanted this all day.  I haven't been able to fly in days."

"Yeah, the feeling of a broomstick behind your balls is something you end up missing."  He bent down to tease and taunt him before even thinking about the lube's top being opened.

Stella turned Mac's head around, making him watch.  "See the prettiness?" she whispered.  He swallowed and nodded.  "You want that, I know you do.  The same as I know you want me," she pointed out, making him look at her.  "We're more than happy enough to let you come to us.  We just need to know."  He turned away and she made him look at her.  "Listen, you stubborn ass, we know you want, but you're not linked in the same way. I can't read your mind the way I can theirs."  He nodded, looking down.  "No, at me."  He looked at her again.  "Good.  Now, tell me."


"Confused.  I know."  She kissed him gently and he pulled her closer.  "Nothing changes at work.  I said so."  He nodded, taking another one.  "Good boy.  Now, tell me.  What do you want?"

"You," he admitted.  "Them."

"There's some rules with them.  Danny's very possessive," she said quietly, pulling him over to sit on the foot of the bed with her.  She moaned as Danny slid home, looking back at them.  "Danny!"

He smirked.  "I'm having fun.  You're not?"  He pulled out and slammed home again, making Mac groan even though he wasn't watching.

Stella kissed him again.  "Let it go, Mac.  You're here with us."  She stroked his cheek.  "We'll talk tomorrow if you want."  He nodded, pulling her into his lap, his control totally snapped.  He lipped her ear, then moved his way back, taking her mouth hostage for now.  His hands skimmed up her side, shoving the dress up.  "Slow down."  He moved down to her neck, nipping gently.  She shivered and he kept going, doing whatever he had to to make it good for her.  He didn't get to do more than unzip and shove her dress up, but it was hard, fast, and made her squeal.  He soaked up the noises, kissing her to gather them, pushing up into her while he held her still.  He moaned and grunted, coming hard, resting his head against her shoulder.

"Tease her, Mac," Don panted.  "She still needs it.  Please!"  Mac let a finger go down, teasing her gently.  She squealed and shook, getting off around him.  "Thank you!"   He moaned and let go, squeezing around Danny so he had to go too.  "OW!  Biter!"  He rubbed his shoulder.  "I'm going to do that to you one day."  Danny chuckled and slid out, laying down.  Don sighed and flipped over, crawling over to lay on Danny's shoulder.  "There, now I can get my cuddle on.  Stella?"  She climbed off Mac's lap and pulled him up, stripping him gently.  She smiled, kissing him when he blushed.  "I knew you were hot," Don offered.  "Come on, I don't get cuddled.  Danny doesn't.  Ever."  Stella stripped off and pushed Mac onto the bed.  "Mac, please? I'll get cold and feel unloved."  Mac crawled back, laying against his back, one arm around his stomach.  Stella curled up against Mac's back, holding him.

"Guys, I don't sleep that much."

"You will tonight," Stella said in his ear.  "No nightmares are allowed.  I've even helped Danny's go away."  Mac shivered and nodded, relaxing again.  "Good boy."  She stroked his stomach, earning a hiss.  "Awww, are you ticklish?"

"Some of us have to be up at seven," Don complained.  "Danny, alarm?"  He pulled it over, making sure it was set.  "Thank you."  He stole a kiss, earning a smile.  He and Danny shared a look then he flipped over to cuddle Mac, letting Danny curling up in the other direction against his back.  Mac gave good cuddle so he drifted off, feeling Stella's hand stroking him now and then as she soothed Mac.

Stella smiled as Mac fell asleep under her hand.  She sent a thought at Danny, getting a sleepy, content murmur out loud. She pulled the blankets up higher, making sure he could curl up under them.  Danny's head disappeared, making her smile, then Don sighed and kissed Mac's throat before getting comfortable, which forced her back on her back.  It didn't matter, she'd be held later.


Mac woke up, realizing where he was.  He knew he wasn't at home and he'd seen the inside of Danny's bedroom before.  He tested his bonds, finding it fairly lax, just Stella's leg at the moment.  He gently and slowly moved her, shifting until he could get out.

"Freeze," Danny whispered.  Mac froze.  "Get your ass back into this bed."


Danny uncovered himself and glared. "Now!"  Mac slid back into the bed.  "Thank you."  He nudged Don.  "I'm cold," he whispered, making Don sigh in pleasure and flip over to land on top of Mac.  He smirked at him.  "Good."  He rested his head on Mac's shoulder, dodging Don's arm around his neck.  He swatted at it. "Need to breathe."  Don shifted, taking his hand to hold instead.  "Good boy."  He smirked at Mac.  "Tough.  Deal with it."

"Danny," he started again.

Danny muttered and looked back before finding his wand and pulling it over.  "Legimens," he cast quietly, getting into his mind.  Mac tried to fight but oh well.  Being so out of practice around him was a bad thing.  He showed Mac what Don and Stella had thought earlier, then what he had.  Mac relented so he left his head, giving him a look.  "Like I said, tough.  Deal with it.  Be cuddled so I don't have ta."  He closed his eyes, tucking his wand under the pillow.  Just in case.

Mac laid there and thought.  Don shifted a few times but he wasn't being sexual, just trying to get comfortable.  He knew he had hard hipbones.  His wife had complained all the time when he had laid on her.  Don moaned and shifted again, letting go of Danny's hand.  Mac flipped him over and held him, earning a sleep-smile, and it was good.  He was comfortable.  Even though Danny really didn't cuddle.  He was curled up against his side, back to them again.  He wondered about that but he understood; some guys had trust issues.  He had some of those too.

"Before you ask, no, I don't bottom except in very rare circumstances and only when I'm totally comfortable.  That'll be four times in my whole life," he said quietly.  "Don switches, and Stella loves to help me with him."

"Good to know," he agreed quietly.  "I can accept that.  You want to share why?"


"Okay."  He reached over, stroking over his hip.  "I'm wanting but...."

"You're scared she wouldn't approve.  Ya know what?  I doubt she'd want the Mac robot that you became instead."  Mac made an unhappy sound. "Think, Mac.  You were so uptight you couldn't even bring yourself off.  Would she like that?"

"No," he admitted.

"Would she be really upset that someone was making you happy?"

"Probably not.  She would mind the fact there's three of you."

"She'd laugh because it took three of us to make you relax and quit working yourself into joining her," Stella offered, reaching over to smooth his hair off his forehead. "If you do it again, I'll have to spank you."

"Don't let her do that, she's scary when she does," Danny promised, sounding like he was smiling. "She spanked Don the other day for refusing to give her oral sex."

"He was mean."

"He was," Danny agreed.  "I'm still staying out of it."

"Fine.  Be that way."

"You want off in the morning?"

She moaned.  "Yes, please?"

"C'mere," he ordered.  "Mac, shift over.  Mac gently shifted him and his blanket over, making him chuckle. "I can't stand to be held down, but you're good at that."  Stella slid out of the bed and around, coming to rest against Danny's front.  "You just need it quick, hard and good?" he asked, kissing her gently.

"Please," she begged.

He smiled. "You and your PMS horniness."  She nodded, letting him have whatever he wanted.  He started small, a kiss, a light brush against a nipple.  She moaned and arched up as the hand move further down.  "Hard and fast or just good?"

"Fast and good, hard is too much," she panted. His fingers spread out, two entering her and his thumb teasing her clit.  "Oh, there!"  He gently worked her, just teasing for now.  "Danny!"  He added some pressure, making her clench and start to shift her body with his thrusts.  "Please?"

"I think you're starting again, Stella," he whispered.  He finished her off, making her moan and go limp.  "Go check and get me one of the baby wipes?"  She reached over, getting one for him. He wiped off his fingers, making her get up with a sigh and head into the bathroom to clean up fully.  "We'll do the potion tonight."

"Thank you."  She closed the bathroom door gently.

Danny finished cleaning his fingers, then flipped over.  "Quickest way to ease the cramps."

"I'll remember that.  That's amazing."

"She's got a body that desires to be stroked.  In the old days, she'd have been a concubine witch.  Her body throbs once you start it.  All you have to do is drop your shields to feel it."  Mac swallowed and nodded.  "Don's the same way.  His body's made to be played with. I can see what his cult thinks."

"What about yours?"

"Mine's easy but it's good.  It's not hard."  Stella came back and curled between them.  "You good?"

"I'm fine."  She kissed him, then Mac.  "We should finish sleeping before we wake Don up."

Danny smiled.  "Good idea.  Knew you were the brightest bulb in the group."  She pinched him, making him chuckle in her ear.  She shivered.  "Go to sleep, Stella.  Curl up on the big, strong chest there."  She nodded, giving Don a gentle shove to get part of the body pillow he was hogging. Don groaned and shifted for the price of a kiss.

Mac stole his own and smiled at them.  "Thank you, guys."

"Welcome," Don moaned.  "Sleep or I'm going to be a cranky cop."  Stella kissed him.  "Nice, thank you, Stella."  She stroked his back, making Mac help her.  He fell back asleep within minutes.

"He's the most cuddlesome thing ever," she said quietly.  "Followed by me."  She closed her eyes, taking the hand petting Don to hold.  "Don't leave without me."

"Of course not," he promised. Danny snorted.  "I won't.  I'll make sure she gets in since it's your day off."

"Good to know.  We get upset by the time off?"

"Some but it was explained and it was good.  We're in the clear.  Horatio had a few more problems but it's cleared up as well.  Tony and Gibbs had more with their director but the law was laid down while they were gone.  She's seething more privately."  He looked over at him.  "You can have my other side."

"I don't cuddle.  Don complained when I popped his cherry and didn't cuddle him."  Mac moaned and tensed at that.  "Sorry."

"No you're not."  He smirked at him.  "That was a hot image.  Thank you."  He shifted under Don, getting the friction he wanted and needed.  Stella moaned and reached over to help.  "No, let me," he ordered.  She looked at him and he smiled. "Please?"

"If he's cranky you deal with him," she ordered.

"Okay.  I'll cheer him up later."  Danny smirked at him. He shrugged and got back to work, rubbing himself against Don's body.  Don moaned as he got harder, shifting back against him.  Mac stole a kiss when the blue eyes opened to look at him, pulling him into better contact.

"Mac, can't I sleep?"

"In a minute.  I'm making sure you're going to sleep."  He pulled his head down to kiss him again, making Don stretch across him.  He grabbed his butt and forced him to straddle him.  "Better," he moaned, arching his hips up.  "Please?"

Don smiled, sitting up some.  "Mac, we adore you, but just take it."  Mac moaned at that.  "I'm still slick. All of that lube and Danny's come."  Mac flipped him over, taking him hard, fast, throbbing into him.  "Thank you!"  Mac moaned, slowing down.  "Mac, need to sleep soon."

"I'm trying to make it good for you too, Don," he promised.  "Let me calm back down."

Don wiggled free then flipped over, pulling him back down.  "Better this way."  Stella guided him back in and Mac shivered, getting back to work.  "See, still rubbing and even better."  Mac nodded so Don pinched him.  "Don't just stare. I already knew I was pretty."  Mac smiled and got back into it, having him all he wanted.  Don's breath hitched and he came.  Mac moaned and let himself go.  Don stroked through his hair.  "Next time, you can have me first," he promised.  Mac smiled at him.  "Okay?"

"Later," he promised.  "If you get cranky."  He took a kiss, then laid back down.  "Can I cuddle?"

"I'm always happy to cuddle.  Danny's not a cuddler and it sucks but he gives the best blows," he shared.  "His mouth is all sin."  Mac shivered.  "Stella's almost as good but she's playful and she *teases*."  Mac's breath hitched. "Ooh, I feel that," he teased.

Stella teased Mac's balls, making him shiver and shake until he finally came again.  "Good boy.  Now sleep.  We all need sleep."

"Well, you guys need sleep.  I might get up ta make breakfast but nothing else," Danny taunted.

"I can make you come in too," Mac complained, closing his eyes.  "Can I do that anytime I can't sleep?"

"If it's a good night."  Don stroked his back, helping him fall back asleep.  "Good boy, Mac. You sleep."  He got pinned down and it was a good thing this time.  Stella kissed him so he grinned. "You mind?"  She teased him, making him tense and come after a few more minutes.  "Ahhhhh."  He drifted off.

Danny kissed the back of her neck.  "You're doing so good on your evil minion training I might have to promote you to evil temptress and consort," he joked quietly.

She flipped over, smirking at him.  "Who said I haven't taken your crown?" she taunted back, snuggling up to him.  "You need one too?"

"Nah, I'm good for now.  Get one in the morning, see how some people have learned that other lesson."  She leered and he beamed, letting her stay against his side until she fell asleep then flipping back over.  He even endured the arm around his waist for now.  Otherwise he'd have to go to work so Mac could do something other than pleasing those two.


"Tell me you cooked or I'm going to eat you," Stella called as she walked in.

"Of course I cooked.  Tony and Speed will be up soon," Danny called.  "Potion book for you in the library."  She headed that way.  "Along with everything you might ever need."

"Thank you!"  She sat down with the book he had pulled out, finding the potion she wanted.  She noticed one marked and headed there instead.  "Okay, I can do that one," she decided after comparing it.  She got down the things he had already prepared for her, getting to work brewing it for herself.  Even if it did make her tired, crankier, and not hungry, she was having this potion.  She didn't care if it made her infertile or magicless, she was having this potion.  Danny came in to check on her, making her smile. "I'm good so far. This is like cooking and chemistry."  He nodded, kissing her on the temple before going back to the kitchen.  "Did Greg approve of this one?"

"No, but Emilia did."

"Good enough for me."  She finished it a half-hour later, pouring out the recommended dosage and taking it, making a grossed out face. "It tastes like the ingredients," she complained.  He gave her a look. "I know."  She sniffed her plate then moaned.  "How long before I can eat?"

"As long as you don't puke it up, a half-hour."  She nodded, sitting down to watch them eat, making note of the time.  Speed and Tony showed up, getting hugs.  "How was your day?"

"Boring," Speed told him.  "By the way, Greg had to explain why he had to keep helping Alex. They've got a new sheriff and Ecklie's pushing to have him removed behind the scenes.  The sheriff wants him back in the lab again, so we'll see what happens. He's vowed so far to take the kids to Scotland Yard so no one and nothing would touch them, plus so they could go to school over there."

"I heard and joked that maybe he should become a PI.  After all, that would give him the perfect cover if he needed to move or if he needed to investigate something.  Greg was not amused," Tony offered dryly.

"Greg's sense of humor has sharply went downhill since he went into the field," Mac reminded them.

Speed looked at him and smirked. "You look well rested."  Mac blushed at that, looking away.  "Statement of fact."

"Behave," Danny ordered quietly.

"I'm trying to.  Think Yelina would bitch me out if I gave Ray Jr. my collage set?"

"Yes," everyone at the table said.

"Oh well.  Pity about that, guess I'm hiding tomorrow, huh?" he said with a bright grin.

"Remember, he can do tracking spells," Mac warned.  "You can't destroy my city to do that."

"Yes, sir."  He saluted him and dug in.  "Nice job, Danny.  Stella?"

"Anti-PMS potion."

"Ah.  I knew girls who took that right after eating, that way they got around it."

"It said an empty stomach."

Danny got up to get the book, bringing it out. "It has been updated to an empty stomach," he admitted, handing it off to Speed. "I made her do the harder one."

"I'm happy, I'll save at least half on tampons."

"Plus, if she's really good, I'll make her the other potion, the one that'll help her if she gets pregnant," Danny teased.

"Can I do that?"

"Not on that potion," Danny said firmly.

"Oh, good.  Then I don't have to worry about buying pills either."  She smiled happily.  "One less exam a year is good for me."  She checked the clock then dug in.  "Thank you for cooking, Danny.  I missed lunch."

"I heard."  He patted her on the arm.  "Now, be a good girl and I'll teach how to make the wizard's viagra potion.  It's meant to drive wizards insane."

She looked at him.  "Surely you're not suggesting I need it," she said dryly, smirking at him.

"No, but it's fun ta play with now and then."  He smirked at her.  "Plus, no condoms."

"No mood swings," Don agreed.  "Or fighting against the anti-cuddling monster."

"Sue me, I don't like to be tied down!" Danny shot back, glaring at him.  "We've all got things we won't do."

"No more bitching," Speed ordered.

"Man, usually when Danny gets that cranky, Sonny's around."

"He's dead," Danny said firmly.

"No, all we have are reports he committed suicide," Mac noted.  "He never had an autopsy done, Danny."  Danny tensed up.  "Not saying either way but we can't be sure."

"There's a charm to let you know who's in a grave," Tony said quietly.  "I'll do it at his tonight."  He ate another bite, looking at Speed, then at Danny.  "Are you feeling that usual itch that happens bi-yearly?"

"No, not yet.  Why?"

"Because you're cranky and edgy, Danny."

"I keep expectin' it."

"Huh?" Don asked.

"My father put a hex on me when I was littler to test me every once in a while, see if I was worthy of the family.  It usually ends up with a banshee screaming for my blood after some very bad months."  He stuffed his mouth.

"But we can remove a blood curse, right?" Don asked Speed, who shrugged.  "I think you can."

"We researched it, all we got was that it had to be removed by the caster," Speed offered.  "I never got around to asking Alex about it.  I figured we'd go to him if it manifested again.  Last time Tony ended up protecting him at his place and going in the next morning saying he had fallen while jogging."

"Gibbs give you hell?" Danny asked.

"No, I told him I tripped," Tony promised.  "I got a 'quit looking at the bouncing asses in front of you next time, DiNozzo', but nothing else."  He looked at him.  "I warned him this was the year for it.  That way he'd know if I suddenly had to shoot off to help you again."  Someone knocked on the door so Danny got up to get it.  "Trouble?" he called at the quiet words.

"I forgot to write out the rent check," Danny assured him, sitting down with his check book and checking the balance before writing out two month's worth and handing it over.  "Sorry about that.  Next time, yell at me sooner if I forget.  I work some insane hours some weeks."

"I understand.  Thank you, Mr. Messer."

"Just give me a day to make sure I've got the funds transferred, all right?"  That got a nod.  "Thanks."  He smiled and closed the door, then called the bank.  "I need to autopay my rent, can I do that?"  The goblin answering the floo nodded.  "Cool.  Do I have to fill out forms?"

"You would have to, yes."

"I'll be in tomorrow before work, which'll be about opening."

"That's fine, Wizard Messer.  Is Breaker Flack with you?"  Danny nodded, getting out of the way.  "Where are the wands he confiscated last night?"

"My dresser," Danny offered.

"Thank you. Bring them with you please."  He hung up and went back to work.

Danny sat down again. "Sorry about that.  Sometimes I forget the littlest shit."

"You sure you're not feeling the curse?" Speed asked.  "Two other times it started off that way.  One of them by you nearly cheating on your girl."

"Yeah, I remember that now.  I still think it's strange I ended up with Stephi Flack in that other reality."

"You think it's odd?" Don said, giving him an odd look.  "That'd be one loud household."  Danny shrugged, grinning at him.  "At least I got in the normal way.  I got to do the bonding stuff and the quirky teenage stuff, plus the dorm stuff."  He ate a bite of salad.  "What is boarding school like?"

"Somewhere between a really lax prison and a harem where you have people bugging you so you can't do homework," Speed offered.

"The less popular and more isolationist you are, the more prisonlike it becomes," Tony added.

"Think of it like being in the college dorms, only there's people there to beat the snot out of you for breaking the rules," Danny told him.

"I commuted.  My dad was afraid I'd do the wrong things and mess up my chances for the academy."

"Did you go to summer camp?" Tony asked.  Don nodded, smiling at that.  "That's boarding school only it's inside, you have homework, it's too loud to study, and the older kids pick on you because every school has kids like Draco."

"We were the kids like Draco," Speed reminded him.  "We were bastards.  You answered to the name Bastard," he fondly reminded him.  "Danny answered to the name bitch."  Tony and Danny both beamed at him for that.  "We ruled our house with a fairly loose grip.  That's why the mini-Flack hung with us."

"Why did you guys call her the Mini-Flack?" Don asked.

"We got there just as your sister graduated.  She came back to do inductions and the first week's sponsoring," Tony told him.  Don shuddered.  "Exactly."

"She died?" Mac asked quietly.

"Car crash her first week at college," Don admitted.  "She was the holy terror of the family.  Makes Stephi look like a saint."

"Oooh, we remember," Danny agreed.  "A few of the teachers started on the mini-Flack since she had the attitude down pat but not the nastiness.  We spent a lot of time making your sister go away or running from her."

"Unfortunately true.  Your sister's cat had kittens on my bed," Tony complained.  "My girlfriend complained and made me kick Speed out to sleep with Danny until it was cleaned up and the mattress switched.  She complained about the law of contagion but I always thought she was making things up."

"I don't think anyone could've used somewhere a cat gave birth as more than part of an easy birthing spell," Stella offered.  "My friend who does the Druid stuff explained that law to me a few times. It has to relate to the purpose."

"Yeah, but conception isn't that far off birth.  Have to have it first.  It might've stretched," Speed offered.  "Oh, Mac, expect a call from Horatio soon.  He's throwing fits about Ryan and Willow getting together and going out for drinks.  Plus he had to treat whip marks on Ray's back."

"Why?" Danny asked.

Speed smirked. "He ran into Eric at the club Horatio took him too. He ducked into a back room to get away from him.  He figured out it wasn't so bad."  Tony choked at that.  "Plus, Horatio is still making cow eyes at Eric's sister.  It's kinda cute to watch him blush and smile at her.  Ray, however, is a huge pervert.  His mother caught him talking girls with Eric and comparing things like nipple taste. Needless to say, even Horatio hid from that fit."  Everyone chuckled at that.  "Seriously.  Ryan ended up sedating her and then he had the gall to sigh in relief and walk off smiling about it.  Horatio's 'I'm not amused, Mr. Wolfe' followed him back to fingerprints."

"You guys get the fun office days.  Today I got to be watched, very closely, by Fornell all day since the case crossed into his turf.  Oh, the director did accuse me of selling government secrets.  Fornell told her to quit deluding herself and to ask Gibbs.  If I had been doing something like that, Gibbs would've known and stopped me by now.   She pounced the boss instead, making him growl.  She started to accuse him of being in on it too, but by then Fornell had called someone, who told her very plainly that she'd be in trouble if she said another word.  Also, his girlfriend still thinks we should date to fluster her worse."

Danny snorted. "I can't see Gibbs going for that one," he joked. "You're not a girl.  He seems very straight to me."

"He does," Tony agreed happily.  "I told her I'd almost rather date Abby and she squealed at that.  Apparently Abby and Ducky went to her museum and introduced themselves.  She's coming in for our picnic after we all do the defensive driving class at the FBI academy."

"How's Stan?" Mac asked.

"Doing good.  The last few cases are just now hitting the courts so he's had to spend some time back there testifying, but otherwise he's good.  Gibbs loves working with him.  He's got good insights.  Understands higher and lower crimes.  Has good instincts.  Got the boss's rules down really quickly.  He makes McGee blush almost as often as I do.  It's a wonderful thing."

"Good," Mac agreed. "Any idea when he'll be able to go back?"

"Not yet.  That case still hasn't fully wrapped yet," Tony admitted.  He shrugged.  "We're hoping soon.  He's a bit bored.  He said he's never had this little work in his life.  He's used to having a desk full of case files."

"How many open cases do you have?" Don asked him.

"We usually try for one open at a time, maybe the cold ones in the background.  Right now we just closed one so we're on call tonight for a new one that comes up, we've got that case in the background that we're working on, plus about sixteen cold ones since I joined."  Don looked impressed.  "Our cases go pretty quickly since we've got the whole team to focus.   Abby's a forensic Goddess.  Ducky does about six autopsies a week.  I've got about four cases sitting in my desk at this moment plus the open one from that smuggling ring."  He scraped his plate and reached for more, making Stella swat his hand.  "Sorry."

"Mac, who was the Patton wannabe who came up to you today at the office?" she asked.

"Former CO.  He was working on getting the others free.  Why?"

"I was wondering if we'd have to worry about things being bugged."

He shook his head.  "Not unless Tony's director is doing it.  I can find my bug sweeper and use it around the house.  Why are you worried?"

"Because I heard him say I'd be an asset to the uniform."

He smiled.  "He was talking about morale boosting, Stella.  He was always for the idea of a pretty girl making the guys fight harder."  She relaxed at that.  "I can still do a general sweep for bugs.  It's probably not a bad idea since Tony's got the delusional director and Horatio's got Stetler on his case, plus we've got Hillborne on Danny's.  I'll pop home to get it tonight and bring it back."  They all nodded at that.  "Game?"

Don groaned.  "I have no idea what we're going to do.  I'm on that shift.  Danny's on that shift.  Neither of us have the vacation time.   We've only got the one backup."

"What's your sister do?" Danny asked suddenly.

"She's a Civilian Aid.  Why?"

"That means she's PD, dufus.  She can play."  Don's face lit up.  "Call and ask her, then remind the coach."  He got up to do that.  "Can you see Don being the one to turn his sister, who was our next generation of evil," he told Mac, "around and making her more human if he had attended?"

Tony snickered, shaking his head. "No, I think Flack would've been us the next generation and Stephi would've been shocked and appalled when he came out with his own harem in ninth grade."

"Maybe," Speed agreed.  "He could've out-eviled her."  Tony nodded at that.  "We might've had the seriously evil Flack and the minor evil Flack."

"Both playing beater," Tony agreed happily.  "The other house would've sworn at us big time for it."

Don came back.  "She said she hasn't flown since college."

"Bullshit.  When you love the broom you hang on the broom," Danny told him.  "Even when I was forbidden to fly by the docs I still flew."

"Many times we pulled Mr. Head Injury there off his broom," Tony agreed dryly.

"I thought that was you," Mac taunted, smirking at him.  "Gibbs said you get hit in the head and knocked out more than anyone but Alex."

"Man, Alex must've been hit in the head a few too many times and have some serious trauma with the way he loves it when Draco goes evil and picks on Harry about how he can't get past kissing Abby without having a panic attack."

"She's got that one figured out," Tony assured him happily, smirking even.  "I sent her over there since she's got tomorrow off."  He reached for more food since Stella was now done with her first helping and had gotten more.  She smiled at him.  "I'll have more manners if you quit being so cranky.  Or else you're going to make Danny wear out his wrists."  Danny shook his head but Stella blushed.  "Bad day at work?"

"Very.  Sheldon picked on me all day about having had enough sleep last night and being too mellow.  Lindsey joined in a few times, asking if I had a new guy.  I told her it was an ongoing thing and the same guys as before in my life.  She asked if the vibrator was good enough and I said usually but they're at home.  I wasn't last night. Hammerback just smiled at me and said I looked radiant and happy.  Then the Patton wannabe showed up.  Then Hillborne showed up."  Mac and Don both groaned at that.  "He wanted to know who I was dating, that there were rumors I was dating Tony, who was some sort of spy."  Tony spluttered at that.

Danny got up to find his phone since it was screaming for him.  "Yeah, wha'sup?" he answered.  He listened.  Then he put it on speaker and set it in the middle of the table.  "Hold it closer, Sheldon."

"Oooh, you're such a pretty unicorn," Lindsey cooed.  "I wish I could pet you."

"Tell her she can as long as she didn't ever have penetrative sex with a man vaginally," Speed offered dryly, finishing his dinner.

Sheldon spluttered but repeated that.  "Lindsey, go ahead and try as long as you've got an intact hymen."

"Oooh!"  She moved further away from the phone.  "She's soft!"

"Guys, I could use some help," Sheldon pleaded. "Please?"

"On the way," Mac promised.

"Thank you!  Oh, Mac, your phone's in your office."   He hung up.

Mac got up and wiped his mouth.  "Be right back."

"I'm coming too," Tony promised, apparating with him.  He sat down on the stairs, looking at the officers looking at her and the unicorn.  "Apparently she's still got some virginity left," he told one quietly when he got looked at.  She shot a glare at him so he waved and smiled.  "Yes, we were having dinner with Danny."  He looked at Mac.

"Inside, guys.  We don't want to spook the poor thing."  They grumbled but went back inside.  "Lindsey, keep him calm and there, okay?"

"Him?"  She looked.  Then at the deep blue eyes. "You are a him, aren't you?"  She went back to petting him.  "Not like I care, you're still sweet and cute," she cooed.  "I've never seen one of you before."

"They're very rare," Tony assured her.  He pulled his wand.  The unicorn glared.  "Just making sure you're not a changeling."  The unicorn stood his ground so he swished and flicked, nodding.  "Thank you. You know, I know a herd keeper."  The unicorn snorted and went back to nuzzling her chest.  He looked at Mac.  "Call the local school?"

"No, I called Aiden.  She said they were looking for one for their school when I last talked to her.  She said they've found a female but she's lonely."  Aiden popped in and smiled.

"Hi, baby," she called.  "I've got a female at my school just for you."  She walked closer slowly, letting him sniff the scented towel she carried.  "There, she's in heat since last week."  The unicorn huffed then looked at her.  "I can send you to her, but it'll mean a portkey and silver rope for a few minutes.  Okay?"  The unicorn sniffled Lindsey's chest, then the towel.  He nudged Lindsey closer to the towel and sniffed her again.  "We can take her for a few minutes too," she promised.  "The female won't let you pet her.  Only the pure can touch her," she warned the human.  She came over, handing over the silver rope.  "Around his neck, please."  Lindsey nodded and did that.  "Okay, tighten it just a bit more.  We want good contact without choking."  She did that.  "Good, now hold onto it."  She picked up the towel and handed it to her, then cast the charm to make the portkey out of the rope.  The three of them disappeared and she led Lindsey and the unicorn outside to where the other one was waiting in the courtyard.  Lindsey let him go and watched as he went out to sniff tails with her.  Then he looked at Lindsey, making her follow.  Aiden sighed and left, heading back to New York.  "He's got her in thrall, Mac.  Anything in her background?"

"Not that I've ever found," he admitted. "She's pretty resistant to the oblivious."

"Cool.  Just what I need.  I'd better go back to make sure she doesn't bend over and take it."  She waved at them and grinned.  "Smack Danny on the ass for not calling me."

"It'll be his pleasure," Tony assured her with a wink and a smile.

Aiden looked at Mac.  "Really?" she asked, moving closer.  "Can I have ...details?"

"No!" he said, shaking his head.  "I don't share private details."

"Pity.  That'd be hot."  She shrugged and headed back to the school, heading outside with the other students.  "Guys, let the unicorns screw!" she demanded. The students backed off and Lindsey was drug inside too.  "You, upstairs so we can wean him away from you."  She gave her a nudge.  She looked at the crowd.  "Anyone I catch watching flunks my class!" she bellowed.  They all scattered.  She was already a tough teacher to pass.  She got Lindsey to the infirmary.  "The male unicorn mating with ours outside likes her.  She was all cooing and cuddling with him."

"Interesting.  I'll see what I can do to break it," the nurse promised, going to do that.

Aiden went back to make sure the students were showing proper respect.  "People, I meant it. You probably don't want to be watched either. So unless you want Professor Lupin and his cohorts to start taking a front row seat when you're going after your boy or girlfriend I'd hustle back to your rooms."  The remaining students, minus three, ran off.  She looked at them.  "You want to be voyeurs?  Go watch the others.  Now, or fail my class."

"We don't have you," one of them noted, grinning at her.

"Besides, we gotta learn it somehow," another noted.

"Trust me, kids, that isn't how people do it.  Sirius!  Spike!"  They came jogging up the hall.  "These kids think that they're going to do it just like the unicorns.  I think they need that talk."

"Right," Spike agreed, dragging the three of them off to have a beer and a talk with them.

Sirius kissed her on the cheek.  "Love you, Aiden. How did you know I was bored?"  He turned into a dog and trotted after them.

"You're always bored.  Teach 'em how to lick their balls too, Sirius."

"Don't encourage him," Remus complained as he joined her.  He looked at the unicorns.  "He's young."

"He was hanging on one of Danny's coworkers," she said dryly.  "The one who replaced me."  He chuckled a bit at that.  "So, she's being cleaned of the thrall, he's no longer walking around lower Manhattan, and we're probably going to have to ask someone to find us a herd land."

"Alex Dumass has a herd at his manor," he said quietly.  "He must've been really desperate, they're still going and she's sighing like it's been more than enough time."

She did a checking spell and growled, removing the cock ring. "Someone was keeping him."

"Ooooh," he said, getting out of the way.  She was going to explode on someone. Probably one of her potion making brethren.  He called Greg since their overlord was so nice and did things the right way.  Since Chicago didn't have one and St. Louis' was closer, but boring and ineffective.  New York's was out of the question, everyone was shunning him for his support of missing students and supporting the purge.


Danny hung up and looked at the people around him.  "The unicorn was being kept by someone.  It had a ring."  Tony moaned at that.  "Aiden is not a happy camper."  Don and Stella both whimpered.  "They're calling around to beat the shit outta someone.  I'm not even sure who is a potions person in town."

"Why would you put a cock ring on a unicorn?" Stella asked.

"There's a few spells that call for unicorn sperm as an ingredient in the potion."

"Plus two darker spells to take the unicorn's power and channel it into a child you create between you and him," Danny offered. "Mostly the skills go to the kid."

"EWWW!" she yelled, getting up and going to clean her ears out.

"That's why they're *dark* spells," Mac called after her.

Speed looked at him.  "How did you find the book with the nastiest spells in existence?  Because that's almost as sick as the enchanted frog spell you gave the mini-Flack."

Danny lazily swished his wand with the biggest smirk, handing over the book that came out.  "It was my sixteenth birthday present from my uncle."

"Your uncle is a sick, sad bastard," Tony noted, looking at it.  "Power and Blood Rites."  He took it to flip through, finding that one easily enough.  "Did you highlight?"

"Nope.  Keep goin'."

Tony slowly flipped on, then suddenly dropped the book and went to join Stella before he needed a full shower.  Speed looked and then at him.  "Your uncle is very sick and needs to be put down."

"Too late."

"Oh, good."  He kicked the book closed.  "Is there worse in there?"  Danny nodded.  "Than the zombie spell?"  Danny nodded again, smirking.  "Eww."

"Ya think?  He thought I was weaker and if I did one I could impress my pops."

"Did people really do those things?" Don asked weakly.  Speed and Danny both nodded.  "Why?"

"To gain power.  Plenty of people have done a lot of stuff to gain more power.  That's what all those rites are about," Speed offered.

"Over the ages, plenty of people have made new ones and used the old ones.  I'm not so sure that wasn't my uncle's personal copy of that book.  I doubt he had the chutzpah to do it.  He's not that good and my father would've kicked his ass if he had done some of it.  He hated some of the darker magics."

"Your dad and Draco's dad, wherever he's floating around, need to have a long talk with someone good about how to raise kids," Tony said as he came back.  "I *swear* I'm going to burn that book."

"There's worse in there," Danny said with a cocky smirk.  "He gave it to me over breakfast and I sat there and read it, at least until I got to the next-to-last.  Then it carefully put it on the table, open, and walked away.  My mother looked and about ripped his head off."  Tony shuddered at that.  "My father looked then found me later and pointed out I'd still better join the family business and that's all he wanted of me.  If I did those, I'd be locked away somewhere."

"Good!"  Don agreed happily.  "Only good decision your dad ever made!"  His phone rang so he answered it.  "Yeah, dad?"  He grimaced.  "No, I'm at Danny's with a bunch of the guys and Stella.  Why?"  He looked confused.  "Danny, someone told him I was their most special boy and going to be a saint?"

"Your cult?" Speed suggested.

"Dad, was it part of the cult?"  He snorted.  "I don't care as long as they're not harming others," he offered.  "Yeah, I'm sure.  So?  They think I'm hot, they like to see me dressed nice, they don't hit on me, and it's all good to me as long as they're not harming others.  Do I care?  Dad, I'm a curse breaker, this stuff happens to us.  The same as someone sent me a dragon's egg."  He smirked at the choking.  "No, I'm going to go over permanent transformations with the guys soon.  Need me for anything?"  He smirked.  "Dad, do you really want that information?  I didn't think so.  Night, Dad.  Remember don't drive.  You've already had enough to drink."  He hung up.  "Dad's still hearing rumors that I'm gay and apparently my cult sent him a nice birthday card for having me."  He grinned at them.  "One of the cult members wrote me an email today asking me to finish her transformation since the doctors didn't like why she was doing it."

"It takes three pretty strong wizards to make a permanent transformation," Tony noted quietly.

"We're talking gender," Danny offered.  "Female to male."

"Yeah, and to make sure she works right one of the harder things," Speed reminded him.  Tony glared.  "Sorry.  At least we weren't trying to make yours permanent, Tony."  Tony snorted and calmed down.

"Was he a pretty girl?"

"He was a very pretty girl," Danny agreed with a grin.  "We were doing lessons in transfiguration when he got stuck.  Even after we got him back to himself, our girlfriends were all jealous."

"I was actually dating then and mine stomped off because she decided our bonding stuff had gotten out of hand."

"We only did what we do to help Stan," Tony defended at the amused looks.  "Fingers, nothing penetrative.  No one was sure if birth control would work on me so I wasn't even going to suggest it.  The only problem is, if I go back to it I might get stuck unless it's a removable one like we used on him."

Danny shook his head.  "You poor thing, stuck forever as a pretty, leggy brunette with a modest chest."

"Yeah, and think about what my father would've done."

"Sent you to Salem," Speed joked.  Tony gave his head a shove.  "He'd have spoiled you rotten.  Your sister was giving him a second grandbaby.  You would've been the princess if you had pushed even the littlest bit.  Spoiled heiress and all."  He smirked at him. "I should dig out that picture and show it to Horatio in case you suddenly switch back."

"No, thanks anyway. I stay away from those things near me."

"But can you guys teach me what I need ta help them?" Don asked.

The trio looked at each other, then at Don, nodding.  "Sure.  Not an issue," Danny agreed happily.  "I'll even help you cast and Stella can join in if we need her to."  Don beamed at that.  "You really like your cult, don't you?"

"I do. It's really weird thinking that they're worshiping me, but I like 'em.  Most of 'em are nice that I've met.  A few are a bit odd."  He privately sent that he thought a good few were deluded, but only because they were praying to a velvet painting of him.  "I like them overall.  Once we weeded out the bad sort, I'm pretty okay with them and their fascination with my tight ass."

"Broom butt is always great," Speed agreed, standing up with a stretch.  "I should head back.  We'll probably get a call before dawn tomorrow since today was check day."  He waved and disappeared.

"Man, I forgot about that," Tony complained. "Night, guys.  Love you."  He faded out.

Danny smirked at Don.  "Let's go find the book."  Don beamed and nodded, going to learn something new.  "There's two ways to do this.  Anchoring the change inside them, or doing it outside them, like we did with Stan."

"I'd rather anchor the change.  Will it change DNA?"

"It may," Danny agreed. "Which means doing a background check."  Don nodded at that, he wouldn't want to help anyone escape the law.  "To anchor it inside them and do all that?  We'll have to use this one," Danny offered, pulling down a thin book.  "That's theory and the spell."

Don sat down to read it, going slowly since it was theory heavy.  "Were all your classes like this?"

"Only at the upper levels.  First years are taught 'you do this' and limited theory in transfiguration.  Later on and you could need arithmancy as well."


"Magical math."

"Oh.  They never covered that in the books.  Is it like algebra?"

"Algebra, some trig now and then depending on what you're doing, but mostly spell calculations.  See, this one's got arthimancy already built into it so the average person doesn't have to do it and come up wrong.  Things like hair and skin color, dick length, closing the old openings, changing the DNA rely heavily on a special formula but that's all done within the spell itself.  That's why you do the prep steps first."  Don nodded, going back to his reading.  "It's going to be a good few months of working on it before you're ready to try on someone."

"Yeah, I'm not ready to do it yet but I thought I'd ask, see if there was one."  He looked at Danny, grinning.  "You're sure you'll help?"

"Sure, not an issue," he promised happily, stroking over Don's cheek.  "We gonna let Mac hide at his place?"

"Stella's already asleep in bed.  Mac's already asleep too."  He stole a kiss with a smile.  "You wanna have some fun?"  His phone rang and he sighed, looking at it.  "Yeah, Dad?" he asked impatiently.  "No, you caught me going into the bedroom so I could get some.  Well, gee, I don't know.  Why would I want to have my lover stroke and please me, then make my head explode when I come?" He smirked at the choking going on.  "Got me on speaker, dad?  You really should be poured into a cab by now."  He looked at the phone, then snorted.  "Dad, do you really care which lover of mine is giving me some tonight?"  He heard the 'no son of mine...' speech start.  "Dad, stop before you say something that'll make Ma scream at you forever and ever.  Because I will tell her if you finish that.  Now, put your ass into a cab and I'm callin' Ma."  He hung up and called his mother.  "I know it's late.  Dad's called me twice drunker'n shit.  He just stared on the 'no son of mine' speech again, Ma.  Yeah, he's not in a good mood.  I'll keep my phone on and you call immediately if he tries anything, all right?"  He smiled.  "Sure, Ma.  Love you too.  No, he was baiting me about having two lovers.  Yeah, them."  He grinned at Danny.  "Ma said hi."

"Hi, Ma," he called quietly, kissing Don on the temple.  "I'm going to shower.  Come to bed when you're done."  He walked off, leaving him alone.

"Ma, dad's seriously going off on me having a Danny and a Stella.  Yeah, well, my life, my ass, and if I wanna have someone ride my ass until I go unconscious it's a good thing.  Danny takes good care of me and he's working on my training too.  Yeah, well, he didn't have to.  His buddies and he didn't have to do more than run me through the exercises but we're buds and it's good with us.  No, ma, I'm not sleeping with Speed and Tony too.  Just Danny, Stella, and Mac."  He heard her gasp. "Sorry, but he likes us, he's bound to us, because we did this pretty cool binding thing, and it's good.  He needed us, Ma.  Plus he's great in bed."  He smirked.  "Sorry, didn't mean to share that much, Ma."  He listened to her. "No, Ma, Danny's not like that.   Ma, with the binding I got most of their memories. I can pass the practical tests right now.  Plus I did the same with the guy who's teaching me curse breaking.  He thinks I'm good enough to graduate to second level apprentice and start learning speciality stuff for when I need ta do it at work.  Yeah, well, being able to take down a shield that some drug lord or some gunrunner has would be a good thing.  Yeah, I can totally use it on the job.  Thanks, Ma.  Means a lot."  She asked a question.

"No, he's in the shower. He said to join him in bed when I'm done with you.  That him?"  He smirked.  "Pity about that.  No, he's already come over once to yell at me for hearing gay rumors.  Tell him I'm *happy*.  That should be enough for any parent.  I'm happy, I'm content, Stella's hell in bed herself.  Danny makes me howl and almost throw my back out.  So yeah, I'm happy and even if Danny don't cuddle I'm still happy. Nah, never has.  Occasionally in the middle of the night he'll roll to put his face in your chest, but nothing else.  I'm okay with that though.  Because Stella cuddles very well and so does Mac.  Mac lets me use him as a full body pillow.  Stella lets me snuggle up whenever I want as long as I don't yank her hair again.  The pretty one with the curly hair, that's Stella.  Yeah, her."  He beamed.  "Yup, they missed her too.  She's my fellow student.  Ma, he didn't *have* to take me in.  He could've assigned me a tutor.  He could've just handed me the books and set homework.  We were friends before this and we're still friends. Just extra cuddly ones now and then."  He grinned at her moan and Stella's snort from the doorway.  "We are, Stella."

"We are," she agreed, coming in to hug him.  "I just got called out."

"Poor baby.  Come back when you can."  She nodded, heading out with her case and badge.  "Stella, gun!" he called after her.  She came back for it and waved, then headed off again.  "Sorry, Ma.  She got a call out."  He listened to her wisdom.  "Ma, it's not like that.  Really.  Yeah, but Danny's known Stephi since the day she started school.  She used to torment the three of them.  Ma, please," he said at her suggestion all three of them had him now.  "Not that I'd mind.  Tony's sexy as hell and Speed's got that brooding sexuality thing going on for him.  Very deep that guy."  He grinned at her dissatisfied comments. "Sorry, Ma, but I'm bi and you and dad are going to have to get used ta it.  I like it when Danny flips me over and rides me hard.  The same as I like doing it to Stella.  Occasionally.  I prefer being under Danny.  It's just how it works best for us.  Yeah, I have.  But I'm more comfortable on the bottom unless I'm having a total caveman, needing to prove myself day and he likes it that way too. That's why we work so well, Ma.  We spoil each other horribly.  You mean like Danny cooking dinner?"  He grinned.  "Yeah, my boy's good at that too, sometimes.  Thanks, Ma.  No, you've met them both.  Yes, that Danny. That Stella.  That Mac.  Hell, maybe they'll raise my IQ."

"You say shit like that to put yourself down again and I'm gonna spank you," Danny ordered from the doorway.  "You're not stupid."

"Yes, dear."  He blew a kiss.  "Danny just told me to quit putting myself down, that I wasn't stupid."  He looked his lover over. "Ma, gotta go.  No, blue silk bathrobe."  He hung up and got up, pouncing Danny right there.  "You know what that does to me."

"Hmm, that's probably why I put it on," Danny offered, wiggling free and heading for the bedroom, his ass swishing gracefully as he walked, drawing Don like a tail.  He found himself pounced again but it was okay this time.  It was just them and he could take it with Don.


Gibbs opened up the letter that was on his desk, looking at the picture.  It was a beautiful young woman.  He looked at the obvious relative.  "Is she someone I should be wary of or is this an announcement that she's coming?"

Tony looked up, then walked over.  "No, boss, that's called I fucked up in Transfiguration," he said quietly.  "That's also called why Tony doesn't do disguise spells on himself anymore.  I got stuck in that form for two and a half weeks.  My girlfriend was totally pissed and accused the boys of breaking me in, even though we only used fingers.  They spoiled me horribly," he sighed, taking the picture and going to put it behind one of the quidditch ones on his desk.

"So I take it you can't do drag?"

"I can do drag, I can't do anything that would remotely turn me that way," he said quietly, glancing around.  "Otherwise it'll be permanent, boss."

"Okay, I'll remember that. Anything else you wanna share?"

"Yeah, Abby gave me the scary, happy smile this morning. I think Harry hyped her up last night."

"I'll talk with her later, DiNozzo.  Get back to work."  He shook his head.  "What does Messer become?"

"Ask him, boss."


"Ask him, boss."

"Uh-huh.  You know, we could use this in evidence gathering."

Tony looked at him.  "Only if you can figure out how to explain how you got it."

"Easy, I trained the cat to walk into somewhere wearing a collar with a camera and microphone, then lay down and watch."  He smirked at him.  "Thank you for helping that way, DiNozzo."

"Yes, boss," he sighed, getting back to work.  "If you do, I'll need brushed.  Repeatedly."

"Fine.  Does Horatio know?"


"So what does Danny become?"

"Ask him, boss."  He sent a thought at Danny, getting a moan in return. So he asked if it was good and Danny shot back an acidic remark about Mac hearing that and no, that wasn't a good thing.  He looked at his boss.  "Danny's bitching at you for ratting him out."

"He becomes a what?"


"Sorry."  He smirked at him.  "Think we could borrow him too?"

"No, boss.  Remember, his boss is quite possessive and jealous."

"Yeah, point."  He got back to work, it was a paperwork day so far and he was bored.  "Is there any way to make these things fill themselves out?" he asked finally.

"Secretary," Tony said simply.  McGee walked in smiling and happy.  "Either Abby's mood is contagious or you're having a good day," he noted dryly. "Please, lighten the paperwork burden some."

"Okay," McGee said happily.  "We've figured out how to do it and have successfully tested the new shield. It no longer requires a lighting element and it works very well to block any radio, visual, or auditory waves coming in.  We tested, it does not block cellphone or the wavelength of satellite tv signals.  But that and sunlight are the only spectrum waves that can get in and from the outside it looks like no one's there."

"How hard is it to apply, can you fly through it like Draco has now and then, and how much is it going to frustrate Alex?" he asked quietly, telling Stella, who was calling Alex.

"Easy enough, yes you can, and it shouldn't do more than add onto what he's already got."  Someone squealed and pounced him.  "Hey!"

"I love you!  Come help me, now!" Alex ordered, grinning at Gibbs.  "I'll bring him back when he's fixed my shit.  Please!"

"As long as I get him back. I'll call if there's a case."

McGee nodded, letting Alex take him off and back to the castle to help add to the shields.  Then they went to do the manor's and McGee went to hand Philip the book so he could do the school and town's shields. By the time he finally got to the office, Stan was back and complaining about idiot lawyers who were pressing for where he was hiding and judges who let them, making him answer.

Tony walked her off.  "It'll be fine," he soothed.  "No one can find you here."  He took her into the break room to debrief her, getting all the information he could about the lawyer, judge, and case.  Stan had called his ex to find out more about them and Tony took her number too, calling her to get what she could give him. It could help their case a lot.


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