Girl Toys and Boy Toys

Stella smiled and hugged Catherine.  "Lindsey's hitting that age?"

"Oh, she's so hitting that age.  She's asking about going bra shopping when she gets back," she complained, sitting down.  "I know there's some things that're different about being what you two are, like the power surges Greg mentioned."  Stella looked confused. "Whenever the emotion gets too good and the first time usually.  He said something about Alex's nearly making a new realm."  Stella giggled at that.  "That was a long time ago and many lovers ago.  But she's at that awkward age and I don't know what to tell her.  She said the nurses up there have pamphlets and they keep suggesting certain books.  I'm hoping we can find them for her.  Vegas's mystical bookstore is more New Age than your sort. I asked her for something on pubescent witches and she said to keep her natural to keep her powers strong.  I have no idea what that means.  I find a lot of advise like that though."

Stella nodded.  "Me too.  That one I can almost explain.  I have a friend who's a Druid and now with my own stuff, I was told that birth control and things can mess with our powers.  There's special potions and things to ease the cycle and keep our powers from going odd."

"Oh, good," Catherine said, smiling at that.  "That explains that comment.  Why would I want to buy my daughter a toy?"

"To break the hymen before it happens with a boy.  Probably thinking it'll be easier."  She called Danny over their bond, getting a spluttering from Mac and a calmer explanation from Tony.  She blushed and looked at Catherine.  Then a book landed in front of them.  "That may be one you need.  Tony sent it."  She coughed and cleared her blush.  "Apparently purebloods who aren't broken before they're broken in run a slight risk of fixating their powers on that person, meaning they have to marry them or lose their minds and their powers.  I don't know why."

"Okkayyy," she drawled, picking up the book to look through it.  "Tony DiNozzo had this?"

"He's a pureblood.  Not a clue otherwise."

"Sure," she agreed, putting it into her purse.  "Do you need it?"

"I'm well past most of those issues.  Fortunately."  She shuddered.  "I can't imagine being a virgin again."  Danny sent a whispered word that it was possible.  "No!" she called, looking up.  "Not going to happen, I'll kill whoever does it!"  She looked at the amused mother beside her.  "Danny just told me it's possible to create a new one."

"Uh-huh.  I guess that's for those in arranged marriages?"  Stella shrugged.  "Eww."

"Yeah, that's my feeling too."  She stood up and grabbed her wallet, keys, badge, gun, and everything else she'd need, putting everything but her badge and gun into her purse.  She checked the clock and put the badge in her purse, then clipped on her gun.

"Wear it, just so you don't get in trouble," Catherine told her.  "Nick got into trouble for that recently."

"Most of the cops in the city know me," she admitted, but she put on her badge too. "Come on, just in case I get called in."

"Sure."  She followed her out.  "Is the shopping area here nice?"

"Pretty nice. The broom shop's closed but otherwise it's pretty nice and open kinda late."

Catherine looked at her.  "You play?"

She smirked.  "Chaser.  On the inter-borough PD team."

"Greg would kill for that."

"Greg played?"

"While in school.  He said he wasn't great but it was good stress relief now and then."

"Danny and Don do that now and then with the bludger."  She let her into the cab then climbed in after her.  "Gramercy, Willow Reed Park?"  The cabby gave her an odd look so she pulled up her badge.  "Some reason that's a bad idea?"

"There's a protest there, detective."

"Oh, crap.  What sort?"

"Not sure."  He turned on the radio, letting them hear the news. Stella sent it to Danny, getting a 'they closed it off and shut down, emergency procedures' absently sent back.  They got out.  "Sorry!"

"Not your fault.  Thanks," she called, waving.  She walked Catherine back up to her apartment and set a new portkey.  "We're going to the mother of all shopping areas."  She checked the clock again. "It'll be kinda late but it'll be fine."  Catherine grabbed on and they left, heading to Diagon.


Danny looked up, frowning a bit.  "She went where?"  Mac walked in frowning.  "Did she go to Diagon?"

"With Catherine from Vegas.  Her daughter's running into puberty problems.  They're going looking for books."

"I hope she remembers to go to the bank since nowhere over there will take cash or credit."

"I'm sure she will."  He handed over a report.  "You wanna explain this one?"

Danny looked, then shrugged.  "Was it the one I ended up sneezing on?"

"It was," he admitted.  "It was only found on his face."

"Yeah, he had something on him that made me sneeze."

"It was a particular kind of flower.  It made Hammerback sneeze too.  At least you only did it once and you wrote the report, right?"  Danny nodded quickly.  "Thank you."  He walked off, taking it with him.

"I wanna know what that was!" Danny called after him.  "That way I won't run into it again."  Mac waved a hand.  "Thanks."  He got back to work, keeping an ear out for Stella.


Catherine stared in awe at the shops around here. "They really do live in Victorian times," she said, then stopped at the lingerie shop.  "They don't even use elastic."

"Nope," Stella admitted, pulling her off.  "To the bank, dear.  We've got to get some stuff changed."  Catherine looked at her. "Not like New York, wizarding money only."  She grimaced.  "Exchange rate blows too."

"So Greg said."

"Yeah, Greggy's real up-to-date on that stuff."  They shared a wry look then giggled. Greg and his philosopher's stone!  They headed into the bank and to the desk that Ron had made them go to.  "Hi.  Is this where I change some muggle American money to galleons?"  The goblin pointed to the next window.  She switched them over and the goblin gave her a long look.  "We're used to New York and Vegas, they accept plastic."

The goblin snorted. "It would be much easier if they did it here as well, but the tradition is everything to the locals."  He accepted their checks and ran them, cashing them out.  "You're in luck, gold is down today," he said, giving each a handful of coins.

"Is that enough for minor book shopping?" Catherine asked.  The goblin nodded.  "Thank you."

Stella nudged her.  "If not, I'll floo Alex and beg prettily with Draco."

Catherine snickered. "Does that work on them?"

"Sometimes."  She heard a yell and ducked, pulling her wand and her gun to point it at the person who had yelled.

"Sorry," he called sheepishly. "Just in from the field."

Stella put away her weapons and looked at him. "Bill?"  He looked and frowned. "Stella, Alex is training us."

"Oh, yeah."  He grinned and came over to shake their hands.  "Forgive the pong but yeah, it happens in the field. Over on assignment?"

"Her daughter's at *that* age."

"Glad I missed Ginny's," he said happily, beaming at her.  "Hi.  Bill Weasley, big brother to Ron."

"I've met most of the others," she admitted. "Catherine Willows."

"I've heard about you from the everloving idiot twins."  She snickered at that.  "Well, have fun ladies.  I know the bookstore closes in about an hour."  He winked and headed to a goblin. "You cheat me this time and I'm spreading the bank's secrets in the Prophet."

"No one would listen to that source anyway," he noted, pulling out a form.  "What did you find this time?"

"Ruby."  He pulled it out, holding it up. "Pretty little dragon thingy."

Stella looked. "It's a changed thing."  Bill looked at her. "I've been helping Don Flack study.  It's changed, right?"  He nodded, letting her hold it.  She looked and petted it.  "It can feel that. I can feel a purr."

"Thought I was hallucinating," he said, grinning at her.  "Thanks, love."  He kissed her on the cheek.  "Go have fun.  I'll make sure Ron won't pounce you if they call him to help."

"I don't mind him pouncing us, it's when he pounces Dawn in front of us."  Bill broke out in very girlish giggles, leaning on the counter.

"Indeed," the goblins around them agreed.  "Thank you, Witch Bonasera."  She grinned and walked off.  "She is learning very well."

"She should be," Bill wheezed.  "With Alex on her rump, she'll learn everything and then some."  He calmed himself down, petting the dragon.  "It's a good thing you like the pretty woman, little bit.  We'll get you changed back, maybe."

Stella led Catherine back to the bookstore.  "Sorry, the others are just such trips."

"Oh, I know.  Tipsy, Emilia, and I are friends.  The quad terrors are over all the time at Greg's."  She giggled at that, nodding.  "You should babysit, it'll give you a whole new appreciation for birth control."

Stella nodded. "I've already got that.  Learning with Dawn, Ron, Harry, Don Flack, and me there, it's just a bit too many kids at one time.  Especially now that Don's mastered his animagus form."

"What is he?"

"A weimeraner."

"So he's a hunting dog with a bit too much energy?"

"Who's a puppy right now," she agreed dryly.  Catherine shuddered. "At least we don't have to house train him.  Danny likes to play fetch with him to get him used to his body.  I've got to find something for my arms.  I'm an eagle."

"That's good though.  Most people won't shoot you.  They will shoot Don."

"Maybe," she agreed.  She held the door to the bookstore.  "There ya go."  Catherine smiled and walked in with her.  She tapped a salesman on the shoulder.  "She's got a teenage witch.  We need books for her."

"Left rear wall, pink bookshelf," he said happily.  "Ranked by order of preference according to the nurse."

Catherine pulled out her list.  "She's in Canada."

"Ah."  He looked at the list and shuddered. "They're a bit...liberal, ma'am."

"I know.  My daughter will be mixing her own birth control and she will be learning everything."  He nodded, leading them there.  He found one thin book and handed it over.  "This is a good one?"

"The best we've got on the liberal side.  It's got all the pertinent potions and things. Is her father a muggle?"

"Her mother's a wiccan," Stella told him. "Have been for years."

"Ah.  They switched the side of power.  Understood."  He pulled out a thick, heavy one.  "If you wanted something more theory and earth magicky, this is good but really dry."

Stella looked at it and shuddered.  "I'm hoping she gets basic biology there."  She put that one back and looked at the list, pulling out those books to flip through so they could compare them.  He left them alone.

Catherine looked.  "It's got all the right spells, including the birth control ones."  Stella found a small book with all the variations on the birth control potion, handing her a copy and keeping one for herself. They browsed the other books, finding the ones they wanted and needed for Stella and Lindsey's own libraries, then they left.  Stella got a copy of a map too, looking it over.  She nudged Catherine and grinned, pointing at one shop.  "I need to hit there.  I broke one."

"How do you break one?" she asked, following her out.  "I didn't think it was possible."

"Oh, no, Don found some charmed ones and Draco made Alex send them off.  Don gave me a whole box of them and one of them had the charms wear out."  Catherine just gaped.  Stella nodded.  "Really.  They're really nice though, no sore wrists!"

"What is it about curse breakers that makes them the horniest people on the face of the earth?" she complained, following behind her.  She wanted to see what wizards considered sex toys.  They walked into the small, discreet shop and she looked around, spotting the whip behind the counter.  "I know a domme who would kill for that," she admitted.

The owner looked at it, then at her.  "Sorry, luv, but I'm more Alex's type.  He claims I'm an Indiana Jones wannabe."  Stella giggled at that.  "Thought you were his student."

"Oh, yeah.  I'm Stella, this is Catherine.  Alex gifted me with some of the assorted toys he had collected over the years that were in storage.  I broke one."

He snorted.  "Uh-huh.  Sounds like his little boy there got jealous and made him send them off."

"Basically," she agreed, still grinning.  "Where are they?"  He pointed, she walked that way with Catherine behind her.  She stared at them.  "This is so much cheaper."

"With the exchange rate, it probably comes out about the same," he offered, looking over Catherine's body.  He got up and found something, nudging her and handing it over. "Just got it in, luv."

She looked, then blinked and blushed.  "My daughter's not quite ready for that yet."

"She will be soon.  Safer than her dating, right?" he asked with a smirk.

"It is," she agreed, still almost scared that someone made a breaking in kit for witches.  She looked at the assorted things, finding Stella frowning at the selection.  "Nothing exact?"

"No, nothing the same size.  Don had good taste in what he picked out.  I have a full gradual set up to humongous."  She looked at her.  "Plus he included one toy that will bugger anyone who's not sitting down.  I have to keep it strapped down, I can't get it to turn off."

"I remember selling that to Alex," the shopkeeper admitted. "The off key is on the tail end, the pink dot."  He looked her over.  "What size?"

"Comfortable to grip around and about six inches."  He nodded, going right to the one she meant and pulling out the two colors he had in it.  She smiled and chose the light blue one.  "Thank you."

He winked and opened the cabinet above where she was looking.  "We've been expanding the magical ones. Were all yours regular or vibrators?"

"Regular.  I didn't know you could make a magical vibrator."  He nodded, handing her one.  She tapped her wand on the end, feeling the heavy thrum in her hand.  "That's nice."  She looked at the tag, then the size.  "Bigger than I usually use.  Got one about the size of the other one?"  He nodded, handing her another one.  She tapped that one and it was a lighter vibration but faster.  "Is it variable or the same spell?"

"The same spell.  It depends on what it's made of.  The more silica based the better it goes off.  The closer to a plastic or resin model the lighter.  The only exception is the ones that's classic collector's editions from way back when."  They both looked at him and he blushed a bit.  "Way back when it was customary to ...make some the natural way."  They both shuddered.  "Some of the collections have lasted to this day," he admitted.  "They're very well hidden.   I know of three personally."

"That's just sick," Catherine admitted.

"Well, yeah," he admitted, grinning at her. "But they didn't have plastic back then and most of 'em were wives who wanted part of their husbands with them."  She shuddered so he grinned and hugged her around the shoulders. "I like you, you've got sense, luv."  He walked her over to another cabinet.  "This domme, she one'a us?"

"Not that I'm aware of.  Then again, I never asked Lady Heather."

He gaped for a moment, then nodded.  "She definitely is."  He gave her shoulders a squeeze.  "Poor lady, wears out some things horribly at the manor."  He opened something and showed her the outfit.  "That's enchanted to control the body to the dom/domme's wishes.  Cool, hot, vibrating, sightless, anything they want it to be."  He ran a hand over it. "Special order."  He grinned at her.  "You'd look hot in that."

"Not my scene.  I'm more a candles and flowers sort."

He nodded. "Some girls are like that.  We've got some great candles in too."  He walked her over there.  "Ones to encourage lust, ones to help those who have ...problems with their desires, ones to defeat desire. Ones to promote fertility."  He waved a hand.  "All in multiple scents and colors.  The tealight size takes at least four in a small room to have the same effect as the pillars, but it's always good.  We also got veela scented ones so they can be driven wild and insane with lust."  He pointed at the carefully wrapped sets of candles. "I don't recommend those for anyone new to a relationship. Usually I suggest they use them in concert with the ones for problems."  He walked her on.  "Now, this, this is my favorite section of the shop. Bubble baths, luv?"

"I like my baths," she agreed, looking at a bottle, blushing hotly.  "Is that for men?"

He looked and shook his head.  "Not necessarily. You girls have one too, it's just smaller and more delicate."  He gave her shoulders a squeeze.  "Miss Stella, come see."  She came over and he looked her over, then handed her a few bottles. "Try those. I take you as a woman who goes after her pleasure."

"Hmm, definitely."  Catherine gave her an odd look.  "I'm the creamy filling between Don, Danny, and Mac."  He handed her another bottle with a shy grin.  She looked and blushed bright red.  "I don't think they need it yet."

"It's for when they've collapsed and can't give you anymore but you still need some," he promised, patting her on the wrist.  "Do your boys play?"

"Not yet," she assured him, grinning slightly.  He beamed and got her another kit from behind the counter, making her go pale.  He snickered at that.  "It's ...."

"Another breaking in set.  Yeah.  It's still fun to play with when you've been broken in.  Lots and lots of toys in there," he said proudly.  "Or we've got a slut's set," he offered, pulling out that box and letting her see the contents list.  She and Catherine both blushed at that.  "It's a nice thing when you're together.  Can be switched for gender too."

She checked the prices, then considered it.  "I need to head back to the bank."

He winked and tapped his floo with his wand, getting a bored looking Alex.  "Got one of your students in here.  Give her your standard discount, Alex?"

He looked at Stella, then what was on the counter, then at Catherine and waved.  "Hey, babe. Watch out for Aunt Cordy, she's going to come visiting."  He looked at the shopkeeper.  "What's my tab look like?"

"Not much at the moment.  Your little boy needed more lube."

"Draco, why didn't you make lube?" he asked, looking down at his lap.  He got a growled response and grinned.  "Okay."  He looked at him. "Add it on, Stevey.  Make sure Catherine's got what she'll need for her daughter, who's fourteen."  That got a nod and the kit was held up, plus the bag from the bookstore.  "Is that enough for the kit I made the boys, Catherine?"  She nodded quickly. "Good.  Should I give her the talk since you gave Harry, Ron, and Draco theirs?"

"You can if you want, or Emilia could if she's bored," she offered. "I know I can't answer all her questions."

"Sure.  Let me know when she's home."  He winked and the connection was cut.

Steve smiled at them.  "Alex likes to promote good sexual relations.  He's one of my best customers."  He winked at them and bagged everything up, filling out a slip and putting it into his book.  "There ya go, ladies.  Anything else tonight?"

"No, but I'll definitely write Lady Heather and tell her about that outfit," Catherine offered, still blushing.  He hugged her, sniffing her hair.  "Thank you."  She wiggled free and left with Stella behind her.  She looked at her.  "I...."

"He's a cute guy."

"He is, but I still live in Vegas, Stella.  It's a long commute, even for a true witch."

"Point."  She smiled back at Stevey.  "Thanks, dear."  She winked and waved, then they disappeared.

"Hmm, those two would be so hot together," he said, going to find his sketch pad and work on some thoughts of his.  They always sold well.


Catherine landed back in her house with Stella beside her.  She flopped down and looked at her.  "I'm sorry I made you go with me."

"I'm not," she said with a catty grin.  "I needed to go in there anyway."

"You're the one with three lovers.  All I get is Alex's aunts wanting to know if I could bear their heirs for them."

"I got asked too," she admitted, sitting beside her.  "Call Lindsey."  She called her daughter, taking it into the next room.  Stella called Alex.  "Thank you."  She listened to his smug little laugh and the explanation that it would help keep Don's magic from leaking. "I don't think he's got that problem right now, Alex.  There's the four of us together."  She heard his reasons and groaned.  "Sure.  Anything else we should know?"  He made a good point and she nodded.  "We've talked about it before.  Thanks, Alex."  She blushed.  "Yes, I remembered lube, dear.  Thank you."  She hung up, looking over as Catherine came back, still bright red.  "She enthusiastic?"

"To say the least. Fall break is in two weeks. I'll bring her back for that."  She hugged her.  "Thank you."

"Not a problem."  She patted her on the back and stood up, grabbing her bags.  "I'd better make sure my boys are behaving.  Mac's supposed to be doing dinner tonight for the whole group."  That got a small moan.  "Tony and Speed are great guys."

"I'm sure they are, I liked Speed when I worked with him.  I don't know how you stand three of them when I couldn't stand one."

"It's not a problem usually."  She winked and disappeared.  She landed in Danny's place, looking at the bags.  She sent three of them that were Catherine's back and settled in to look through hers again.

Tony looked over her shoulder, then kissed her on the cheek.  "Tying them down and using that on them or tired of their sweaty bodies?" he asked quietly.

She grinned.  "I haven't decided yet."

"Good.  Because if you hurt Danny, we'll have to deal with you and that would be a shame."  He kissed her on the cheek again. "How was Diagon?"

"Good.  I thought Mac was cooking."

"He is, well, ordering."  He grinned at her.  "It'll be okay.  So, the bookstore and the sex shop?  That's it?  Nothing clothes?"

She looked at him. "I've got plenty of that, Tony."

"Shoot.  I wanted to see you model something," he teased.

"Last time I knew I wasn't sleeping with you."

"Also a pity."  He winked and stood up, heading back into the kitchen.  "I'm making rice to go with dinner.  How was Alex?"

"I only talked with him for a minute. He put this on his tab at the store.  He did suggest we bring Horatio in."

Tony came back to the doorway of the kitchen, looking at her.  "Why?"

"He said we could use someone who was a bit more steady and truly in the bond.  Mac and Horatio both do stupid shit and we could use another base to be wild and crazy from.  He also noted that if there's a problem it'd be him we'd go to instead of McGee."

"Point," he admitted, considering it.  "We'll talk about it over dinner.  Go hide those before Danny sees.  Or else you might be the one they're used on."  She blushed and got up to hide them in her bag in the closet.  He smiled and went back to his rice cooker.  They had talked about it before and gotten a maybe.


Don was the last one in and he trudged in, grabbing a kiss from Stella and a hug. "I hate my boss.  She definitely knows.  She told me I played sucky."

"I think you play great and Bear said you had real potential to play pro," she soothed, stroking over his cheek.  He nodded, smiling slightly.  "Mac ordered."

"I didn't think he'd want to cook tonight."  He gave her a squeeze.  "How was the shopping?"

"Bookstore and I stopped to replace the toy I broke," she admitted, grinning at his shocked look.  "Catherine came home blushing and needing to talk to Lady Heather about something we saw."  He gave her a harder squeeze. "I'll show you later."

"Yes, you will," he assured her, kissing and nuzzling her throat. "Is it later yet?"

"No, not yet," Speed called.  "Change, Don."  He nodded, letting her go to do that. He didn't even peek.  He knew it was worth the wait by the look on her face. He came out in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, flopping down in his chair, Stella on his right, Danny on his left.  "Good.  Now eat."  Don grinned before dishing himself up some food and digging in.

Tony coughed.  "Stella got a suggestion from Alex earlier," he announced.  "He wanted us to consider adding Horatio in as a stable, base member to the group since we'd go to him for problems."

Speed leaned back, licking off his fork.  "I'm not sure he'd accept," he admitted. "I know he's watching Ray really hard and that he asked New York for my file for a background check."  He smirked at Tony, who flinched.  "Yeah, it's in there.  He asked me about it."  He looked at Don, Danny, and Stella.  "It's mostly up to you three.  I can't see a problem with asking him.  We could use the voice of restraint now and then.  Not often and Horatio does cover a weak spot at the moment."

"Mac does voice of reason stuff," Don offered. "But he's not fully linked in.  His is removable."  Everyone looked at Mac and he nodded that was true but didn't ask to have it changed.  "You don't want it?"

"I'm not sure I could handle being that much closer.  I still get shield bleed-through now, Don," he reminded him.  "You three have all told me I have."

"The night those three got together I ended up blowing myself off off-site at a crime scene," Tony told him.  "You hiding in your bed wasn't that bad."

"No, he's right, he does get bleeding," Danny told him.  "He's constantly getting hit with thoughts, the same way we do when he's leaking."

"They don't make depends for this stuff, Danny," Speed noted dryly.  "So do you."

"Yeah, but I'm used ta how you two screwballs think.  Mac's not used ta the hot and cold running smut in some people's minds," he said, staring Speed down, getting a grin back.  "And he got confused between crime scenes the other day," he said, looking at Tony, who nodded.  "You find what he was talking about?"

"Yup, it was a big help, Mac, thanks."  He patted him on the arm.  "I won't be upset if you don't take the full package deal.  It's gotta be hard to change in midlife from a wife to a wife and two boytoys."

"Hey!" Don complained. "I'm not a toy."

"You're not a toy," Mac assured him, earning a grin.  "Neither of you are a toy to me."  He looked at the older trio of friends. "I'll consider it, guys, but right now you guys give me headaches some days.  Maybe I can't develop the shields I need."

"You also haven't been working at it, Mac," Danny said patiently, staring him down.  "You never take the time to do the exercises."

"True, I don't have much time to do the exercises."  He stared back. "What was your issue on the crime scene today?"

"The stench."  He shrugged.  "Even with a mask I still got a noseful."  Mac grimaced.  "What?"

"You yelled a bit loudly," Don offered, patting him on the arm.  "Not that it didn't stink.  Why did you get there before me?"

"I'm the one who called you when Sal passed out from the stench."

"Oh.  Okay.  I thought it was my case originally."

"No," Danny said patiently.  "I told you over the bond that it wasn't.  You were apparently tied up in watching Stella's ass walk."

"And that's the snap," Speed said quietly, looking at Tony.

"I'll call Alex myself to see if he can remove it since it's started again," he promised, getting up to do that.

"No it hasn't!" Danny complained.

"It has, I felt it," Speed assured him.

"I felt something suddenly loosen," Stella offered.  Danny glared at her. "It did."  She kissed him and he calmed down.  "We're all gonna help this time, Danny."  Alex appeared with Draco and Horatio.  "Hey, we were just talking about you," she offered, smiling at him.

"Of course, who wouldn't?  I'm magnificent," Draco agreed, kissing her on the cheek.  "Did you have fun with Stevey?"

"Stevey?" Danny asked, staring her down.

"Guy at the sex shop, Danny.  Old friend of Alex's who led me to what I wanted to buy while he flirted heavily with Catherine."

"She is the sort of woman Stevey would like," Alex admitted.  He pulled Danny up and back to his bedroom.  "You never told me anything about a curse."  Danny sighed and got his father's journal, handing it over.  "Thank you.  Sit.  Before it makes you ruin the best thing in your life."

"Did you apparate back in time?" he asked.

"We were at the school," he admitted, looking for it.  He finally found it and sat down to read it.  "Can I kick his ass?"

"Nope.  He claims he doesn't know how ta remove it."

Alex looked up at him.  "That could complicate matters.  Where is he?"

"Family house, outside Milan."

"Wonderful."  He went back to his reading, then started to take readings of Danny's magic.  "What's with your wrist?"

"It was a curse and Pomfrey undid it."  He shrugged.  "You only groped it."

"Usually I'd have felt it even without checking.  I didn't feel either of them."  He checked him over again.  "Not my area," he said finally, frowning a bit.  "I'll need to check with the source anyway and I think Ryan and/or Willow could unravel and expose it so I could finish it off."

"Small problem, they're working," Danny noted.

"So am I."  He winked at him.  "Get comfy, Danny.  I want you to rest."

"I can't.  I've got second call tonight."

Alex gave him a look and walked out to stare at Mac.  "Danny's not to go out until someone can break that.  It'll get him killed.  He passed the expiration date on it."

"He nearly died last time," Tony admitted.  Speed sat upright.  "The banshee is getting a lot stronger.  It nearly got me and him last time, Speed."

"What do we need to break it?" Stella asked.

"His father to recant his wish and Willow and/or Ryan to finish breaking it.  Whoever helped his father had skills on their side too."

"Peachy," Don agreed.  He wiped his mouth.  "Can I help?"

"Help me beat the shit outta his father?  Sure," Alex agreed happily.  Draco and Mac both glared at him.  "What?  He's got to recant and it's got to be an honest recant, guys.  Otherwise it won't work."  He looked back as Danny came out.  "You have any scenes today?"


"It nearly get you dead?"

"Only the stench when I opened the carrier."

"Why were you opening it instead of a Custom's guy?" Stella asked.

"Custom's guy reported it stank ta high hell but he wasn't authorized.  FBI said it was outside the port so not their issue.  Patrol guys got there after me.  Dispatch got a bit slow again today."  He got glared at by Mac.  "They said they were at an accident."

"I'll make sure they were.  You know better."

"I was hoping for survivors, Mac."

"Which is noble, but you know better."  He leaned back, looking at Horatio.  "You'd be throwing a fit if it was your guys."

"I would," he agreed.  "That's why we get to abuse the patrol guys, Danny."  That got a frown.  Horatio smirked.  "You have a cousin still in town.  She's attending the school.  Wanted to know if I'd pass on a request for you to come see her soon."

"Yeah, if we can remove this, or right after if I don't die," he agreed, sitting down again and digging back in.  "Alex, no beating my father or mother."

"Shoot, take all my fun," Don complained.

"You either.  Especially you.  He can get your badge."  They shared a look.  "I mean it, Don."

"Tough."  He gave him a kiss on the cheek.  "Remember, this is what friends are for so let us handle it."  Then he casually knocked him out.  He looked at Alex.  "Whenever's good for you," he offered politely, then smiled.

"I'm in too," Tony noted.

"Oooh, I'm so looking forward to my next talk with Mr. Messer," Speed agreed.

"Speed," Horatio warned.

"He did it to a kid, Horatio.  He deserves my foot up his ass.  It's not like anyone would've stopped him."  He looked at Alex.  "Tonight?"

"Tomorrow."  He looked at Mac.  "Unfortunately we'll basically have to take the whole group with us."

"Slight issue, we're all grounded to the home office," Tony told him.  "Until the investigation on Madam Director is finished."

Alex beamed.  "Just leave that to me.  Trust me."

"I'm almost scared," Horatio offered, looking at him.  "We can't leave either, Alex.  Crime does not stop in Miami or in New York."

"Ah, but I've got something better.  I've got curse breakers dying and vaults being robbed."  All the cops stared at him.  "Yeah.  That's my current assignment.  Finding who did it."  He looked at Don.  "I was going to yank you anyway, Don."

"I wouldn't care," he promised.  "Can we get a real vacation out of it?  I could use one."

"I probably can," he agreed happily.  He beamed at them all.  "Anyone mind working for a secret hallway in Interpol?"  They all just stared.  "Didn't think so!"  He disappeared, taking Draco with him.

Speed blinked.  "I'm still almost scared."

Horatio nodded. "I'm worried what'll happen to our city while we're gone."

"Eric, Calleigh, and Alexx?" Mac suggested.

"They'd get overloaded," Horatio complained.  "We handle too many cases every week for them alone to handle it."

"He said the whole teams," Stella noted quietly, eating a bite of dinner.  She shrugged at Horatio's dirty look.  "He did."

"He did," he admitted bitterly.  "I don't like this."

"Well, on a lighter note," Tony offered with a smirk for him.  "He suggested earlier that we offer you admittance to the bonded group, Horatio.  We had pretty much decided in the affirmative when this started."  He looked at Danny.  "He's starting to come around."

Stella pulled her wand and bound him, then grinned. "I have plans for him later."

"Good plans hopefully?" Speed asked.

"Nope, not in the least," she promised with a wicked smirk, then turned it on Don, who shivered and hugged her. "I thought you might like that."  She smiled at Horatio.  "So, how about it?  Be our semi-voice of reason?"

Horatio looked at the group, then at Mac.  "Is it really needed?"

"My part is implanted," he admitted, picking up his fork. "Have Danny's plate, Horatio."  He ate a bite.  "I'm getting too much leakage already from them and I can't seem to block them out.  They need someone who can do both at times.  Otherwise they go along with Alex's plans."  He ate another bite.  "But you can say no.  They'd probably go to Gibbs after that."

"Non-magical," Speed reminded him.  "Might not work on him."

"Besides, I don't want *Gibbs* in my head every day for the rest of my life," Tony assured them all.  "It'd be nice in the field at times, but he's growly and a bastard the rest.  I don't need that stress.  Nor would he want it probably."

"Call him and see?" Mac taunted.

Tony called Gibbs' home phone, putting the phone on speaker.


"Hey, boss, it's us.  Most of the group. Two small things.  Mac wants you to join us in the bond and Alex is figuring out a way for all of us to help him with a problem at the bank.  They've been having dead coworkers of his and he got assigned to investigate."

"Uh-huh."  Gibbs swallowed something.  "No way in hell and we are grounded to the office, DiNozzo.  Anything else?"

"He said he could arrange the last one," Speed offered.  "For all of us.  It almost sounded like he was plotting, Gibbs."

"That's nearly scary," Gibbs admitted.  "Did he have that manic grin?"

"No, he was more worried about Danny's relatives at the moment.  He wants to beat the shit out of his father for cursing him since it just started," Tony offered.

"Which means we of the group may have to take time off to defend him anyway," Stella noted calmly.  "He said he's past his point of expiration and Tony admitted the last time nearly killed them both."  She ate a bite. "Would you like to come up?"

"No, I've got a date tonight.  Thanks anyway, kids.  Mac?"

"Yeah, Jethro?"

"Smack Tony for me."

"Boss, we had this talk.  Only you get to do that or else I'm leaving you and going with a less abusive boss."

"You leave and I'll have someone drag your ass back here, DiNozzo."  He hung up.

Tony grinned.  "See, he does like working with me," he told Speed.

"I still say it's an abusive relationship," Speed said grimly.  "I don't like how he hits you.  You've never been one to like being spanked."

"Um, ewww," Don offered, raising his fork. "I'm sure Gibbs is a nice guy to his ladies and all that but I *so* did not need the image of Tony taking it from him.  Thank you though, Timmy."

"Bite me, Don," he shot back, smirking at him.  "Or should I say Killer?"

"You can call me whatever you want as long as you howl it in pleasure," he shot back, smirking at him.

Stella looked at him.  Then she knocked him and Mac out.  "Better.  Now I can implement my plans without whiny men.  So, Horatio?"  He chuckled, shaking his head but dishing out some of the food for himself.  "We were serious.  We could use your skills and experience in the bond.  I will tell you it can drive you nuts sometimes when the boys are playing."

"Or when any of the quad is having sex," Tony offered. "Got me on a crime scene twice in one day."

"Greg told Catherine something about power surges," Stella reminded him.

Speed looked at her.  "You weren't a virgin, it wasn't your first time, and you don't feel that much emotional output from them," he said flatly.  "That wasn't a power surge."

"That was you broadcasting how good it was," Tony finished with a grin.  "Not that I minded.  Danny is a great lover from what I remember."  Speed nodded at that.  "Better than me?"

"About the same.  Different styles, same end result of me needing a frantic nap."

"Oh, good."  He grinned at Horatio.  "It's gotten better but you'll get bleed through now and then."

"Fortunately you won't have the problem that Tipsy did when she was pregnant and hearing each and every remark in each and every Bane's mind," Speed offered with a smug look.

"No, if I get pregnant, Miss Rosenburg is going to pay," Horatio said dryly, stuffing his mouth.

"There was a girl from Hufflepuff who figured out how to do that for the twins," Stella assured him happily.  "We've got the spell around here somewhere."

He looked at her, staring her down.  "Not.  Possible.  I'd never do it voluntarily."

"We'll keep that in mind the next time you start acting like Gibbs," Speed promised, getting his own glare.  "So, Horatio, join with us?  Try to calm us down?  Be the voice of reason and sanity for Tony and Danny?"

"I'd end up telling you how to do it all the time," he said dryly, stuffing his mouth again.

Speed shook his head. "Not that I can't ignore it."  He leaned forward, pulling his wand and chanting a quiet spell.  "Here, take."  Horatio reached over to take his hand, feeling the bond.  "Now, think."  Tony and Stella both sent smutty thoughts at him, making him blush.  "Guys, not like that.  Thank you, pervs."

"Not my fault.  I had fun at the sex shop with Catherine earlier," Stella defended.

Horatio swallowed and released Speed's hand.  "No wonder you get distracted now and then."  He finished his dinner while he considered his options, the others giving him the time and room to think.  He stood up.  "I need to talk to two people, then I'll have my answer."

"Go for it," Speed agreed. "Just don't tell them who and how."

"Agreed," he assured him, disappearing.

Stella looked at her men, then at Tony and Speed.  "Anyone wanna help me tie them down?" she asked with a slightly manic grin.

Tony blinked, then looked at Speed.  "She's been channeling you."

Speed just pinched him and disappeared, heading home.

Tony beamed.  "Sure!  I'm always up for a bit of light bondage."  He finished his dinner then got everyone situated to her satisfaction, letting her do the stripping and binding charms herself.  It was good practice for her.  Then he winked and disappeared, heading home to enjoy it.


Stella came out of her shower and dried off, lotioning down before heading out to the bedroom.  Her new toys were brought out, letting her look them over on the foot of the bed.  Danny was starting to wake up, she could feel it.  She turned the smallest one on and licked it before inserting it in him, making him shiver and stretch.  "Shh, just me," she whispered in his ear, leaving him in the body bind.  She found the one she wanted in Don, her favorite one, and lubed it carefully, gently stroking it in and out of his body, waking him up.  She winked when he moaned, arching his hips up into her stroke.  She set the speed control, turning on the vibrating function as well.  He yelped, then just laid there and took it like the man he was.  She moved over, looking at Mac's body. F or this she brought out the 'anal exploration' kit she had bought earlier.  Inside were a few different toys.

She lubed up the smallest probe and inserted it, making him writhe in his magical bindings.  She sent a soothing thought at him before activating it.  Then she moved back to Danny's, releasing him.  "Shh, I'm right here," she promised, stroking over his forehead.  "Can I go up a size?"  He nodded quickly, chewing on his lip to stay quiet.  "You can moan, I like your moans.  They're sweet."  He snickered and let it go, letting himself like this.  She selected his next one and lubed it in her mouth, then gently worked it inside him, making him tense up but that was all right for now.  She found the small ring in the anal kit and turned it on, then fastened it around his cock, making him writhe and dance and wiggle.  She turned it down.  "Sorry, Danny."  She got back to work on the other toy, making him one happy guy.

When he was going well, she moved back to Mac, moving up a size to a real toy.  He was whimpering and shifting.  "It's just me," she promised, setting it to moving gently and slowly, how he probably liked. She released him partway and laid down behind him, another one in her hand.  "I want to see what you'd look like under both our boys," she whispered, making him moan and tense up.  "Let it go, Mac.  I've got you."   She released the other one, setting it on the same light, slow setting, letting it go a few feet away from his head.  They both watched as it 'walked' itself over, Don helping it when it paused.  She turned up Don's to the next higher setting, making him howl as it started to go faster.  "Good boy, Don.  See, look how pretty he and Danny are, Mac."  He let it invade his mouth and she put one of his hands around it.  "That way it won't go too far," she whispered, getting back to work on his other end.   "Just think, you're gonna be so pretty."  She went up to a size like what Don had, making him groan and shift.   She set it a little harder than it had been, about how Don usually had her.  Then she went to tease Don.  She pulled out some of the oil and checked the bottle, smirking at the 'makes your lover last longer' potion in it.  She spread it over his cock, then gently rubbed it in, making him swear and try to get more.  "Awww, does my boy need more?"  He nodded, panting hard.

"He's sensitive to that potion," Danny ground out. "Stella, please!"  She put one oily hand on him, letting him come.  "Thank you!"  He groaned when it kept going and she changed the style of how he was getting it from the toy.  "More?" he asked, shifting. "Please, not like that?"

She took it out and took the ring, leaving him all alone for a minute.  Then she got back to Don, who was sweating.   "You want to, you can come too," she promised.

"Want inside," he ground out.  Danny came over to help him with that, taking over for the hands that were tormenting him.  Stella helped guide him down onto him, making Danny groan and Don wheeze.  "Danny!"

"You're the only one," he reminded him.  Don flipped them over and started to ride him like the toy was still doing him.  Stella switched toys to the next size up, making Don shiver and shake, especially when she turned on both functions.  The poor boy nearly jumped out of his skin on her.  She went back to Mac, making him try to get free. "Mac, you good?"  He shook his head.  She took the toy out of his mouth.  "What's wrong?"

"Need you."  She released him from the remaining bonds and he pulled her closer, having her like he was desperate, which he was.  "I'm not their sex toy," he said as he pushed into her.  "You're mine, not theirs."

"Don and Danny can both be fantastic lovers," she reminded him, smoothing over his cheek with her hand while he found his rhythm.  She tapped the vibrator into going faster, destroying his control.  "Admit to them that you like it, Mac, see if they'll help you out."

"I ...."

Danny pulled off and pounced Mac back onto the bed, taking over control of his cock while Don took out the toy, proving to Mac he belonged under them.   Mac howled and writhed under them, letting go.  They were good at that.  They had synched up.  He reached up to tease Danny's opening but he swatted his hand away.  "No, Mac.  That's a trust thing."

Don leaned down.  "He barely lets me have it," he soothed.  "He can touch," he told Danny, staring him down.  Stella handed him a toy and he guided Mac's hand back there, letting him use that.  "See, just a toy, Danny."  Danny moaned and tensed up, but let it go this time.  He kissed him over Mac's shoulder. "Trust me and us, Danny.  You both gotta trust us more."  He kissed him again.  "Like I'm having you, Mac."

"Let me go."  Don did so Mac shifted, focusing all his attention on Danny for now.  Teasing him, kissing him, touching him, moving slowly down his body to the place that truly tormented him and that got a lot of attention from him and Stella.  Danny was making pleading noises, unable to talk, by the time Mac got done tasting him.  He moved the toy slowly, his own body clearly not near there, and Don shifted him, getting his ass again.  He moaned at that, and so did Danny.


"He is," Stella agreed, leaning on Danny's shoulder.  "So are you, Danny.  Look at how desperate he is to please you."  Danny shook his head.  "He is."

"No.  Not yet."

"Okay.  Can he use the toy?"  He nodded, letting Mac go back to that.  "Let him taste you too, make him do it, Danny.  I know you're an alpha male.  Make him taste you."  She let Danny go free, letting him pull Mac's head back down to his groin, letting him work for his pleasure.  Mac groaned but went back to it.  It was very hot.   Don came with a grunt of pleasure, then went limp on the bed behind Mac.  Danny got free of Mac and put him where he wanted him, taking him for himself this time, making him howl and clutch at the sheets in desperation.  Danny was a lot more forceful than Don had been, Don had only been giving him a distraction and pleasure, Danny wanted to come *now*.  Mac came and Danny came, both of them collapsing back to the bed.  Stella smiled at her boys, getting a bowl of warm water to wash them off with and then to clean all the toys up.  She changed the sheets under them, climbing in behind Mac's panting body. "Shh, I've got you.  Told you you were toy material, Mac."  He shivered.  "Next time, trust me more."

Danny looked at Don, then at Mac.  "I say we get her when we can breathe."  They nodded at that, pulling Stella over to crowd her and give her what she had dished out.  Don used the oil on her and they each selected the toys they liked most, taking a hole.  Stella squealed and wiggled and danced under their hands and toys but it was even better with them when she passed out with a scream of pleasure.  Danny got them cleaned up and the toys into the water, using his wand to send it back into the bathroom. Then he collapsed on top of Don and fell asleep there.

"As long as you don't put an arm around him, he'll sleep like that," Mac offered.  Don grinned and nodded, wiggling some.  It got him poked but he was fine with that. Mac put Stella between him and Danny's back, holding her.  "I really should get you back for making me into a sex toy," he whispered in her ear.  "But this time I'll let it go."

"You make a good sex toy, Mac," Don promised, giving him a slight grin.  "Nearly as good as I do."  He got grumbled at and it was all good for him to lay there and be the body pillow of his lover.  This time.  Next time he'd make Danny cuddle him for real.


Speed looked at Horatio ten minutes into the session and shook his head.  "Just disappear now, man.  It's going to get intense. Stella was going to prove to Mac that he was a sex toy for them."

"Now I know why you suddenly disappeared on Ray Jr."  He shifted some and got comfortable.  "Can you block it out?"

"More or less.  We're tied tighter to Danny since he needs us more.  It's easier to block out anyone but Mac, because when his shields go, they go loudly."  Horatio nodded.  "I thought you wanted to talk to someone."

"I did, but I didn't realize how hard it was to quantify it to Yelina."

Speed nodded that he understood.  "The same way I couldn't explain it to you, I had to show you."  They both moaned when Mac's shields fell.  "Like I said, his go hard."  He shifted again.  He felt Tony yelp and sat up, frowning.  He called him, getting an 'I tripped in the dark' back.  "How dark is it at your place?" he complained.  Tony sent back a cocky 'Mac made me fall' and an 'I stubbed my toe on my couch'.  Then he disappeared and a warm, fuzzy mental feeling remained.  "Okay, so that's a happy Tony."  Horatio snickered.  "It's not always like this."

"I realize that. If it were, you'd never get anything done."

"After a few weeks, you start to realize how to block them out.  The exercises do help."  They both swallowed when Mac started to take care of Danny.  "Most of us don't join in on this usually, but...."

"I understand.  I felt the thoughts shooting back and forth between her and Tony earlier.  I thought I was bad as a teenager."

"You probably had nothing on Tony's slutty mind," he agreed.  "When he's in a slutty mood, it's a good thing.  Now, I will say that since Mac doesn't do the exercises regularly, occasionally he will bleed through at a crime scene.  He and Tony got crime scene confusion the other day and ended up helping each other. Gibbs was not amused but McGee was howling in laughter.  I have the feeling Mac's going to be getting the law laid down from Gibbs soon about the exercises being done."  Horatio nodded that it was likely.  "We'll leave it up to you, but you've seen how sometimes we've got to help each other.  We could use a voice of reason and better planning.  Especially with Danny being in trouble this time."  He frowned, Tony's warm fuzzy mental place had been replaced by a not-happy Tony.  He sent a thought at him, not getting an answer.  He sent a stronger one.  Then a phone call.  "DiNozzo, pick up the damn phone," he muttered, listening to it ring.  Tony yelped and went blank.  "That was him being knocked out."  He called Gibbs.  "Someone just knocked Tony out.  He went from warm fuzzy to kinda scared and pissed, then blank.  He had been at home, Gibbs.  No, Stella's treating Mac like a sex toy and he's broadcasting.  No, I'm sure he's gone.  Now, Gibbs."  He hung up and grabbed his wand.  "I'll be back."

"Gun," Horatio said quietly.

Speed nodded, going to get it from the drawer, and he headed to Tony's apartment building.  He saw some guy carrying Tony down the stairs and to a car.  He disabled the car and popped all the tires at once.  "Freeze," he called, coming out of the shadows.  "Put down the federal agent nice and slow."  They dropped him.  "I did say nice and slow, did I not?"  Gibbs drove in and parked, getting out.  "Check on Tony."  Gibbs walked over and checked, then patted him until he woke up.  Tony's mind came back online.  "Hey, Tony, you know this person?"

"No."  He sat up rubbing the back of his head.  "He's mean, boss."

"I know he is."  He grabbed his handcuffs and put it on the suspect, then looked at the car.  He looked at Speed.  "Nice job."

"Thanks.  I thought it'd be handy."  He moaned and clutched the stairs next to him. "Please quit broadcasting?" he begged.

"I'm talking with him tomorrow, kids."  Gibbs led the guy to his car, shoving him in the backseat.  "Be polite to my girlfriend too, dumbass."  He got in and backed out, taking Amanda to drop him off before they went back to their drive and dinner plans.

Speed helped Tony up, looking him over. "Come on."  They headed back upstairs, getting Tony two ice packs, one for his head, the other for his groin to calm him down.  Tony growled and pounced, making Speed a happy boy too.

Down in Miami, Horatio shook his head and relaxed back in the deck chair.  Now he remembered why things were never boring around Speed.  He saw Eric come in and waved him outside. "He's with Tony at the moment."

"We were going to go clubbing tonight.  He coming back?" he asked as he sat down.

"Tony got hit in the head and Mac's broadcasting, badly."  He snorted, the spell was either weakening or they were nearly done.  Nope, they pounced Stella, it was still going strong.  He shook his head to clear it.  "Sorry."

"They offered you inclusion into their mental games?" he asked with a grin.  Horatio nodded.  "It could help.  That way you'd know when Speed was in trouble.  Like he was yesterday at the stickup gone bad when the guy came back."  Horatio stiffened at that. "Ryan got the guy.  Speed covered him. Just another day in Speed's Miami really."

"That stuff happens to him a lot?"

"Now and then.  Ryan was really happy they had uniforms there that time."

Horatio nodded.  "I'll talk with him in the morning.  I hadn't heard about that."

"Oops?" he suggested with a smirk.

Horatio tipped his head, acknowledging that Eric hadn't slipped, but he was going to deal with it.  "What do you think?"

"I think it depends on how much the group in New York leak.  It's gotta be fun having a quad going at it in your head, but distracting now and then."

"You have no idea," Horatio admitted tiredly.  He felt Speed and Tony start and moaned, shaking his head.  "They're helping each other with that issue."

"So, you can come clubbing with me, H.  You obviously have a way about you in the clubs.  I won't even poach this time."  He grinned.  "Come on, you could use the stress relief."

"I could," he agreed, getting up and following Eric out the door.  He locked it, knowing Speed could get in.  "Let me head home."

"Sure.  Meet you there."  Horatio disappeared, Eric went the mundane way.  They'd have fun picking up some easy and quick stress relief and go back to themselves in the morning.

The End.

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