Bonds of Brotherhood.

Tony looked up as the portkey landed, whistling.  "Now this screams money.  Think I can take a picture to make my director jealous?"

"No," Dawn said patiently.  "She might try to find us."  She took his arm to walk him up to the castle. "I'll be helping you guys study this weekend so I can forget my whole family is in mortal peril."  She pushed open the front door.  "We're here!" she bellowed as she walked Tony in.

"I felt!" Draco complained.  He stepped out of the library.  "The heathen brats are locked in the ballroom with a house elf and a stack of books."  He looked at the newcomers.  "And you are?"

"Ease off, Draco," Stella ordered, kissing him on the cheek.  "That's Tony and Speed; Danny's oldest friends.  They're here to use the library and help us."  Don walked in and shut the door.  "Still no stuff from the Marine?"

"No, I left him handling Abby," Tony joked.

"Ours, not yours," Danny said sarcastically.  "Let me guess, they're having a drink to complain about slutboy there?"

"Damn, I hope not since Horatio was going to pop up for a drink," Speed complained.

"Ah but there's a plan in place for the three bosses to retreat to one city while we get another," Don joked.  "I heard Horatio joking about moving back to New York and giving us Miami so we could become bikini gluttons."

"Gibbs said I can't leave him and join Speed or you guys," Tony complained. "He's suddenly jealous and possessive."

"If you leave, he's stuck with Ziva and McGee," Speed reminded him.  "Plus a new trainee."  Tony shoved him.  "He would.  Then Abby would have to break in a new playmate."

"She's still traumatizing Ziva."  Tony looked at Draco.  "Alex said we could train Stella and Don while researching some stuff.  But you get to do potions."

"Of course I do," he snorted, grinning just a bit.  "Greg's still breaking his hole open over his dead bodies.  Me!"  A house elf appeared.  "Make sure they have rooms."  He looked at them.  "Watch out for Arens.  He's sulking again."  Dawn giggled.  "Your idiot is fine.  They wanted me because I'm blond and pretty. They thought I'd be a good hostage.  They only had me for four hours before Alex destroyed them for taking me.  No one but you wants Weasley.  Library's this way.  Stella, Dawnie, go find the little pest."

Don opened the front door of the castle.  "Keelian, Dawn and Stella are here and want you to pounce!   If you don't come dive past their breasts, I'm not allowed to unlock anything for your nest at the school!"  The dragon ran in, pouncing Stella, making her squeal as he wiggled up her back, under her hair, over her shoulder, then down her shirt.

"Gee, make me feel unloved," Dawn complained.

"As long as it doesn't try it with me," Emilia yelled.

"Do NOT let those beasts pounce me," Draco ordered.  "They knocked me down earlier."

"Apparently they thought you were missing having a sore ass," Speed offered dryly.  Draco gave him a stunned look.  "Alex said his favorite mental image was you begging."

"Shit, you're the ones he told me about."  He headed for the library again. "Booknerds this way."

"Ooh, more books?" Dawn asked, moving Stella's shirt to steal the dragon, who purred and nuzzled.  "I should pout that you chose her first."

Stella pushed down her shirt.

"So, Stell, do you have to wear something that's built like a bridge since you didn't jiggle just now?" Don teased.

"Do you think a set this nice stands up on its own at my age?" she retorted, heading for the library.

"Some of us wouldn't care," Tony teased.

She pinched him on the butt.  "I don't date guys who've slept with enough women to be in the triple digits."

"I'm still in the doubles."  She gave him a look.  "High double digits, but still two."  He followed her.

Speed shook his head as he followed.  "Smack him, he's used to it from his boss."

Danny and Don shared a look, then followed behind the slut parade.  Don looked at the stack of unshelved books, whimpering.  "We need more space.  Please don't make me shelve."

"No, we're having someone come in to put in more room.  I found a whole cavern of other books.  I am *so* pissed at my nerdly mate.  One of these days I'm going to lock him out of here."  He sat down with a sulky pout.  "The builders are coming tomorrow to add on another mini tower."  He looked at the dragon.  "You, behave or I'm going to let the kids have you."  The dragon growled and sniffed Speed and Tony before going down Emilia's shirt, making her shriek and grab his tail.

"Whoa!" Dawn yelled, coming over to get the dragon out.  "Don't hurt him.  Stomachs growl like he does and tails are delicate organs."

"I don't care!"

"Then wear a turtleneck, Emilia.  You knew he was like this before."  She sat down, stroking him to calm him down, then let him down her shirt instead.

"She's right, cousin.  You listened to the other brat in their coven of insanity complain about that same problem," Draco said with a touch of smugness.  "You told her the same thing."

"Fine."  She went to change, calling Greg over their tattoo to complain.  She was tired of being safe anyway.  She heard him shoot a threat at Draco about the beast; that chest was his and only he and their nursing children could touch it.  Draco's anser of 'I didn't know you were trying the treatment that Hufflepuff girl worked out so the twins could have more heirs; tell me how it goes' was enough to get a round of moans from the other Banes.  She introduced the topic of initiating the new ones and their friends.  Tipsy's call for a general meeting at her house in Sweden was well-accepted by most everyone - Greg had to call off thanks to all those bodies.  One of them with contacts in the better spots offered to get a decently comprehensive history on them for their consideration.  That broke up the sudden meeting, allowing her to finish changing.


Tony found Speed and Danny right where he expected them to be - on their brooms talking in the dim moonlight.  He mounted his broom so he could join them.  He saw the unhappy looks and doled out hugs.  "What nightmares got us this time?" he asked.

"Danny had a shooting; mine are the usual," Speed offered quietly, looking around.  "Everyone else asleep?"

"Everyone but Joxer.  She's sitting outside Don's room to make sure the dragon doesn't escape her."  They all grinned.  Emilia and Tipsy's kids were the coolest little brats any of them had ever seen.  Tony looked at Speed.  "Are yours about the shooting or something else?"

"More about hearing how I failed, again."  He shrugged a bit.  "I know I disappointed them.  Plus you two."

"We were only disappointed that we didn't hear anything about the first incident," Danny assured him.  "You guys heard it when my life hit the crapper. We expected you to come to us for comfort when yours did."

"I was on my way up when I got called back," Speed admitted.

"That was still months after it happened," Tony complained. "You quit coming to us, Tim.  I know I felt like you didn't want me around."

"You guys quit coming down when your lives sucked," Speed complained.  "Danny didn't come to me after Sonny outed him to Mac.  You I saw when you got caught."  He glared at Tony.  "I never saw you for happy stuff."

"You would've but you kept claiming you were busy.  Even when I called you hardly ever called back."

"Guys, enough," Danny ordered.  "We've all let our jobs get out of hand.  Tony's always on call, even on his days off.  Mine's so fucked I nearly quit because I had ta prove myself over and over again.  Speed was the only one handling magic cases in Miami.  We all need to move to one department."

"I like Horatio," Speed admitted.

"I'd die for Gibbs," Tony agreed.

"I remember feeling that way," Danny said bitterly.  "Maybe a real inter-agency case?"

"Those are pretty rare."  Tony shifted on his broom, leaning forward.  "I'd love to see us all work together," he decided.  "I don't know how though."

"Either of you guys got an open spot?" Danny asked.

"Not in my office," Tony said quietly.

"Are you sure it's that bad?" Speed asked.  Danny nodded.  "Well, you could move to the State Police labs.  I know ours needs techs."

"Our office has Abby and that's it," Tony told them.

"She runs everything?" Speed asked.  Tony nodded.  "How?"

"Lots and lots of caffeine," Tony said with a small grin.  "She drinks caf-pows."  Danny moaned at that.  "Five, six, seven a day.  On a mild day three."  Speed whimpered. He nodded.  "Exactly.  That's how it happens around our office.  Gibbs lets us be ourselves."  He flew a bit closer to Danny. "Are you *sure* he doesn't trust you?"

"I don't work with him, he's got a new tech coming in to mentor."  Tony shrugged, he'd been there before.  "I'm off the promotion grid, Tony.  I have been since Sonny unofficially.  Officially since the shooting."  Tony gave him another hug.  "I don't feel like I'm trusted.  I'd love to work for a boss who appreciates me again.  There for a bit I knew I was at fault for fucking up everything I touched.  Just like how I fell because I wasn't paying attention."

"The bludger came up underneath you, Danny.  There was no way you could've seen it," Speed reminded him.


"Danny, you couldn't do anything to prevent the fall except landed differently and probably died if you had landed on your head.  You were way too high up."

"Yeah, but it's still happening again.  All the shit that drove us apart."

"It's not," Tony said, looking at him.  He ran his wand over him.  "You're not under a curse I can find," he said thoughtfully.  Danny glared at him and he looked into his eyes.  "You really believe that.  Oh, shit."  He pulled him onto his broom to hold him. "It's not like that, Danny.  I swear it's not.  The fall was an *accident*.  The same as the shooting was.  The thing with Sonny was a bad thing but did Mac honestly think you were going to tell him about that hellish time in your life?"  Danny nodded.

"Reality is a good thing," Speed said as he floated closer, making sure Danny's broom stayed in the air for him.  "Horatio asked if there was anything in my past that could impact my job, I said yes and that I refused to talk about it unless it became pertinent."

"I told Mac no."

"Okay, so a lie," Tony admitted patiently.  "A protective one."

"I honestly thought Sonny wouldn't come back," he sighed, rubbing over his face.  "Then he did."

"It happens, Danny.  Want us to talk to Mac?"  Danny shook his head quickly.  "I'll ask Horatio if we've got an opening coming up but I don't think we do."

"I can do Trace stuff.  I'm very good at it.  Plus most of the Chem stuff."

"I'll tell him that."  He leaned over to give them a hug.  "We're so fucked up.  We've found our careers and then it goes to hell on us."

"Yours was a hell of your own making but you're right," Tony admitted.  Speed glared at him.  "I sat you down and taught you how to clean your gun, Speed.  Twice.  You didn't.  Mental blocks or whatever.  You didn't."

"Stop it!" Danny snapped.  "Neither of us like ours," he said, looking back at Tony.  "I've conveniently forgotten mine on occasion.  We both hate the damn things, Tony.  We're not comfortable with them."

"I know that," he said more gently.  "I realize both of you hate your guns.  We've got to work on that.  It's to save your lives, or Don's life, or Stella's life, or even Horatio's.  Though I don't see him as having a problem with it," he admitted.  Speed shook his head.  "We'll work on it with you two."  He looked at Speed.  "I'm sorry, I was channeling Kate for a few minutes."

"S'okay.  Don't do it again."

"Thank you."  Danny relaxed again, slowly but he did relax.  "We need to spend some time together, just us three, before we bring Don in. We need to be that tight again before we add anything else."

"So we do that one spell," Speed offered quietly.  Tony looked at him, raising an eyebrow.  "It helped the last time we got into a fight, mostly about Sonny."

"Why is it that it keeps leading back to me?"

"No, this time it's my fault," Speed assured him.  "The hell in your life is from Sonny, the hell in the group is my fault."

"Your only fault was not cleaning your gun.  You're not comfortable with them and it doesn't surprise me," Danny assured him.  "Not like I like to look at mine."

Speed nodded at that, floating closer again.  "Maybe the spell will help us that much again."

"Maybe," Tony agreed calmly.  "Even if it did make me schitzo for a few weeks afterward."

"Naw, that was our stunning personalities taking over shoulder angel duties," Danny teased.  Tony poked him.  "Hey!  Let me back on my own broom if you're going to abuse me."

Tony nuzzled his neck.  "You ever get that depressed and come to me to tie you down again and I will abuse you for real," he said in his ear.  Danny nodded.  "Come to me before then, Danny.  Don't wait that long.  No matter the reason."

"I was working hellish hours trying to prove myself again."

"You shouldn't have to.  Mac should've known after the Sonny thing that you weren't going to be comfortable with a gun," Speed told him.

"Mac never asked," Don said as he joined them.  "Mac assumed.  Sonny said he used ta run with Danny and that was that."  He looked at Danny.  "You're still thinking about leaving?"  Danny nodded.  "Any idea where?"

"Somewhere Mac isn't?"

"Point.  Miami?"

"If Horatio's got an open spot. You'd be more than welcome to come with me, Don."

"Dad would flip."  He ran a hand through his messy hair and looked at the nose sticking out of his shirt.  "What?"  The dragon huffed.  "No, we're flying on my broom and you can't steer."  He looked at them again.  "You guys okay again?"  They all nodded so he stared at them.  "The truth?"

"There's some distance but we can cover it," Speed assured him.   "All we need is a quiet spot for the next few hours.  Somewhere we won't be interrupted."

"Sounds like the caverns to me," Don offered. "Or the attic."  He pointed at the crenelations on top of the castle.  "There's a small room up there.  Alex said he uses it for spells that require no one and nothing come near him while he's working on it.  Even the ghosts can't get in there."  That got a trio of grins.  "I can play guard or we can go into the caverns so I can work on what Keelian wants to borrow."

"How big is that room?  We'd have to lay down," Tony told him.

"Maybe not that big.  We can check."  They flew that way, Danny's broom following Speed's.  "He comfy, Danny?"

"Shut up, Don."

"Sorry."  He looked at Speed, who shrugged a bit.  "He okay?" he asked quietly.

"Depends on the definition."  They landed and Don opened the lock spell, letting them inside.  "This is perfect.  Just enough room."  They leaned their brooms outside the room and got down onto the floor, each of them casting the spell quietly over themselves once Don had shut the door and was outside. Their minds joined and they settled in for a long chat to fix things.


Don looked up as Draco floated up to where he was waiting the next morning.  "They're doing some spell to work stuff out between them."

"I felt."  He landed beside him, laying a hand on the door.  "The Banes have a similar one."  He handed him a book.  "For them.  Most of the group agreed they needed to settle themselves together again comfortably before you five joined us."  He looked at the dragon.  "Hello, pest."  The dragon steamed at him.  "We do have to find him nesting materials.  He's old enough to want some now."

"You're not allowed in the caverns, Alex said you should be in bed," Don reminded him.  "I'm going to let you wander as long as you sit most of the time, but not out there, Draco.  There's too much stuff out there that could eat you since you're weakened by the attack."  Draco glared at him.  "Alex said to watch out for you.  That's what I'm doing."

"I'd better work, we're having some of the Banes over today to help with the cataloging while you guys do some random studying and working on things."  Don nodded at that.  "Arens just showed up to hit on Harry again."

Don grinned.  "I liked Arens, even if he did say I was too old for him."

"Arens likes pretty young things."  The door cracked open and Don handed the book to Danny, who frowned and went back inside to read it with the others.  "I'll have food and Stella sent up, Don.  Then you and Stella are getting potions this afternoon from David Hodges and Greg.  He's bringing him to help."  He smirked a bit, crossing his arms over his chest.  "How are you doing otherwise?"

"A bit of leaking now and then," he admitted quietly, looking up at him.  "If I had a girlfriend of my own it'd probably help but I don't."

"It happens to the best of us.  Even I had dry spots before Alex."  He shrugged and grabbed his broom, looking at the dragon.  "Want to go inside where it's warmer?"  It moved forward, climbing up his legs and into his shirt with a sigh of pleasure.  "I'll send Stella up.  Work on the caverns later so I can send half that crap off if it's nothing.  We'll need to make room.  Alex has found an ancient hellmouth and he's going to do a rapid cleaning of it."  He took his broom back to the front door, letting Keelian down into Emilia's arms and then inside.  He landed and looked at his cousin.  "They were doing a bonding charm."

"Good!  They could use it.  Someone needs to talk to their bosses."  She walked him inside, taking him to the library.  "The builders are here."  She pointed at the workmen waiting around.  "Tell them what you want."

Draco pointed at a wall that had bookcases and one window.  "Take that one out, add another tower structure like this there.  Just like this one."  That got a nod and they went to expand the space that way, turning that wall into half the hallway leading to the new tower.  They all watched as the tower was put up, then he called the aunts.  "Okay, send them back, dear.  I'll get Don to bring up the stuff from the catacombs."  He signed off the communication floo, sending a quiet message up to Don to do that.  He and Harry both went to do that.  He looked at the book nerds.  "Does that room get its own card catalog?  This one is stretched too far."

"Please," Philip agreed, going to find an old one at the school.  He knew they had a few he could steal and charm.

"Make sure some of the shelves can hold scrolls," Methos ordered the workmen.

"That's an insert, Professor," one of them said respectfully, pointing at the hallway bookshelf.  It had a shelf of scrolls that were being held on a special, notched-out platform.  "He said he's got a few others of those."

"That's fine then."  He winced when he heard the thump of books.  "Fireplace?"

"Already in," the boss assured him.  "We're doing the stretching spells now, if you guys would clear out?"  Everyone ran to let him do that.  By the time he got done crafting the spells, Alex could find another six billion books before this tower would run out of room.  He came back to find boxes everywhere waiting on them.  "It's all set, all but the fireplace wall and furniture, Mr. Dumass."  Draco handed over a draw slip and he smiled.  "Thank you, sir.  We adore your husband when he's in a book-finding mood.  Let us know if the other house needs anything."  He tipped his hat at the ladies and left.

Draco clapped his hands.  "Okay.  Let's do this before Alex sends more crap back from Iraq and the library."  They all hauled boxes in there, finding Don and Harry were already doing that.

"How big is that catacomb?" Tipsy complained.

"There's another hundred or so boxes," Don admitted with a small smirk.  "Stuff collected over the years by the other curse breakers in the family according to Alex.  Some's even from Arens."

"Reading doesn't get me laid by pretty little boys," Arens complained.  "Of course I gave all the books to Alex.  He's the only one I know who can use the 'read anything good recently' line and make it work for him."

Philip returned with the card catalog, putting it in an open spot.  He found the stack of cards and muggle pens, handing them out too. "Should we wait?"

"Anything that has a card will shelve itself," Draco offered.  "It takes an hour, so brekkie?"  They all nodded and headed that way, pulling the book nerds with them once they had new books.


Speed finished his research on the bonding and uniting tattoos the Banes did, looking at his cohorts.  "We can do this but we need new tattoos, doesn't have to be the same, just mean something to us."

"A broom and a sword?" Danny offered.  "Crossed?"

"Broom and a gun.  Speed's the only one who can fence," Tony reminded him.

"I don't want a gun," Danny complained, looking at him.

Tony slugged him on the arm.  He pulled out his wand and sketched something in the air, letting them look at it. "That's what I had in mind.  We can make it as small or as large as we want.  Would we have to touch it, Speed?"

"Depends on how the charms were laid."  He shifted the image around, crossing the wand and broom under the gun's barrel.  "There, how's that?  Our past together with our present leaning on it?"  Danny looked unsure.  "It can be a tiny gun in your case, to show how small you are," he teased.  Danny hit him on the arm.  "Sorry," he said, rubbing that spot.  "Where would we get them?"

"Arm?" Danny shrugged.  "About where we hit each other?"  That got a nod.  He looked at it.  It was pretty and artistic.  "Will we have to touch it?" he asked.  Speed gave him a long stare.  "Are we planning on leaving that layer between us?" he refined.

"No," Speed said, shaking his head.  "We're tight enough between us we won't need to.  Now, if we add Don and/or Stella, we might have to leave theirs a bit looser. Up to them really."

"I'd like to stay tighter," Don offered as he came in.  "Where would it go?"

"Anywhere you want.  Ours is going on our arms," Speed offered.  "I was thinking about a band of them personally, it'd look almost tribal."

Tony smirked at him.  "I'd have to get a tiny one due to the undercover stuff."

"You can cover it with makeup," Danny reminded him.  "Mine's going on the opposite side of my last one."  That got a nod.  "I figure Stella'd be one for her back maybe, or a butt cheek's always an option."

"Thigh's a good spot," Speed offered.  "Outer side, inner would hurt."

"He speaks from attempted experience," Tony assured him with a bright grin.  "How's the library going?"

"It's up and they're filling it.  Harry and I finished moving all the boxes a bit ago.  I'm supposed to be pulling you guys down for lessons since you're supposed to help us today."

"Do you want in, Don?" Speed asked.  "We need someone to watch our little angel there."

"Angel?" Don snorted.

"You have no idea," Tony assured him.  "If you agree, we'll show you later."  Don nodded.  "You're sure?  Like tattoos, we're really hard to get rid of once you get us under your skin."

"I'm sure.  You guys need some sanity now and then," he offered with a smirk.  Tony nodded at that and Speed snorted.

"That's my job, Don."

"Then who gives it to you?" he countered.

"Well....  Horatio anymore.  Sometimes Eric, but that's a scary thought."

"Are we admitting Horatio?" Tony asked.

"I don't know," Speed offered.  "I wouldn't mind offering it to Greg but I'm not sure about Horatio."  Someone tapped on the door and it opened.  "Sorry."

Harry walked in.  "I'm getting away from all the book nerds."  He sat down, looking at the book, then at them.  "Hodges is here with Greg so you've got to reappear for potions homework but nothing says you can't sneak out after dinner since everyone's going to be reading."

"Aiden?" Tony asked.  Danny hesitated.  Speed shook his head.  "Not yet or not at all?"

"Not yet," Speed told him. "I'd like to think about that one as well."

"Nothing says you can't layer them so you three, or four, are tighter, and the rest weaker.  The core of the Banes are tighter than anything.  Tipsy, Emilia, Philip, and Methos are so tightly together they hear every message," Harry told them.  "We've still got to get you down there before Greg has a moment of princess problems."  He stood up and the others followed, flying down to the front door so they could walk in.  The book was shrunken and put into Speed's pocket.  "Here we are, Greg."

Greg looked and smirked.  "Good morning, precious students."  Then he cackled.  "Lab, now."  Danny sighed and drug Don that way.  He did suck at potions and hated to learn them.  He looked at Tony and Speed.  "You two as well."

"We let Danny do ours," Speed assured him happily.  "So, if we form our own inner group as well, would that be something you'd think about?"

"Think about," he promised.  "Maybe not too hard except to be a voice of reason."

"We were thinking Horatio for that," Tony admitted.  Speed hit him on the arm, making him wince. "Ow!" he whined.

"Come on," David called.  "If I'm cutting my sleep short tonight to do this one here, then I've got the right to be cranky."

"No tea in the lab," Greg called, walking them to the lab.  "We're doing pain killers and other practical things.  Good stuff to know."  He pushed them in and went to tell the house elves to make them a snack for their break.  Then he came back and locked them in once Stella came back.  That way nothing he taught could get out and no one would realize he was teaching the five from New York a prank potion that would make Horatio a yeti on Monday morning.


Speed opened the castle door, making Draco give him a harsh look.  "We're working on our bonding."

"I figured you were.  You worried the house elf and the dragon," he said, handing it to Don since Keelian liked him so much.  "Try to make him worry less. He'll start shedding again and I hate stepping on dragon scales.  I always get cut."  He headed for the kitchen. "Use the room up there again if you want.  Use the brazier for heat as well.  Stella, you'll be helping me tomorrow while Don goes over the caverns with the little beast for his nest."

"Yes, Draco."  She looked at the guys, smiling at them.  "Now?"

"Now," Tony agreed, smiling at the dragon.  "Want to go up with us?"  It purred.  "Okay."  They all headed up there, going to crowd into the small room and do the spells in private.  Stella moaned as hers was done by rubbing the oil they had made earlier into it.  Wizarding tattoos were healed as soon a they were done, no scabbing, but the oil sank into the ink and set the spell for them.  The book had a few ways of doing the spell and they had chosen this way earlier during their potions lesson.  Don's was done next, his was on his lower back, just under his waistband.  He moaned as the warmth filled him.  Tony did Speed's.  Danny did Tony's, and they both did his.  Danny needed more contact with them, they had decided that last night since he and Tony were in their ideal jobs.  Then the charms that linked them were cast.  Stella shivered and Tony held her until she got control.  Don's made him moan and tense up for a minute before making himself relax.

"Calm down," Speed offered quietly, stroking his back.  Don nodded that he was fine and they cast theirs at the same time, making the three of them, the core group, so tight they could hear thoughts if they didn't block it out somewhat.  Danny grabbed his head for a minute but Speed only closed his eyes, enjoying the link for now.  Tony smiled and leaned over to hug Danny, then let Don have him.  He and Speed shared a look and pounced the two new members to do the bonding spell with them.

Danny woke up last and looked at his friends.  "That was mean."

"It was," Speed agreed happily.  "But you need us more, Danny.  At least until you work shit out with Mac or move departments to join us."  He stroked down his cheek.  "You good?"  That got a nod and Danny sat up.  "Good.  Then I'm hungry and I so want sex.  Tony, don't you think of anything else?"

"That might be me, I'm dateless again," Don said dryly, looking at Tony, then at Speed.  "I take castoffs as long as they're nice."

"Ask Maggie to set you up with her sister," Danny offered.  "She's a nice witch, fairly low powered but she'll drool because you play quidditch and you're cute enough.  It'd be religious for her."

"Sure.  Thanks, Messer."  He gave him a head shove with a grin.  "Stella?"

"Fine.  Getting used to it.  It's like a new shirt I'm breaking in."  She wiggled a bit and slowly got comfortable with it.  Finally she nodded.  "I like this.  Now, what happens if you're in trouble?"

"You'll probably realize something is wrong," Danny told her.

Speed nodded.  "You might even feel a bit paranoid if we do.  You shouldn't feel the standard nightmares or anything but if we're in trouble you should know."

"Let's not try that feature out yet though, okay?" Don requested.  Tony nodded at that.  "Thank you.  So, food?  Finding women?  Or in Stella's case a guy?"

Tony lit his wand to look at his watch.  "It's four in the morning, Don.  Food would be a kitchen raid."

"Fortunately you and I can cook," Stella told him, standing up and heading out into the night.  The dragon grumbled but Don banished him back into the house, making everyone grin.  "Flying?" she suggested.

"I'm up for a good midnight fly," Speed agreed.  "Harder to get caught anyway."

"The ring of rocks marks the boundaries," Don told them all.  Stella smirked at him.  "Hey, I had ta help Alex upload more protections while you guys were gone."  He grabbed his broom and took off.  He looked at his new adoptive family, because that's basically what they were.  "We need a seeker, and another chaser," he taunted.

"Draco can play on ours," Danny promised, smirking at him.

"So we need another chaser?" Stella teased.  Everyone nodded.  "Is Speed still any good?" she asked him.

"Yeah," he assured her, smirking back.  "I've kept in practice, unlike Tony and limp and whining boy there."

"I haven't whined in years!" Danny protested, throwing a mild hex at him. "Nor am I limp, unlike you."

"Hey!" Speed complained. "I work just fine, thank you.  You wanna find out?"

"You offering to turn over for me?" Danny taunted back.  Speed blushed.  "Thought not."  He looked at Stella.  "Horatio used ta play keeper but he might be able to switch, if not Speed can now and then."  She beamed at that.  "Are you proposing a fun match?"

"Maybe," she agreed coyly.  "It'd be pretty neat."  Someone floated up near them.  "Hey, Draco, if we get to play a fun match, will you play our seeker?"

"I will," he said, smiling at her.  She grinned back.  "You're still short a chaser."  Speed gave him a long stare.  "Ron is the ultimate quidditch fanboy.  He went back through the yearly school rankings and statistics in Quidditch Quarterly to find you lot."  He looked at Tony.  "You could've went pro."

"I could've but I wanted to do the college thing.  Where I got hurt."

"Good point."  He shrugged. "I was told I was only reserve seeker good, but then again I have Alex to worry about."  He looked at Don, who shrugged.  "He should've called."

"Time difference, Draco.  He said he'd call at dawn and it's nearly that now."  Draco nodded.  "We should make sure everyone's still got their old skills."  Danny smirked at him.  "Sue me, I like quidditch.  I play in my off hours in case you hadn't realized, Mr. Messer."

"I had actually.  I'm still not supposed hurting my wrists for another two weeks and I didn't bring my gloves."

"Damn it," Don muttered.  "But we can taunt Speed with the quaffle and cheer on Stella and Tony."

"We can," Draco agreed, pulling his wand to summon a quaffle from their set. He had to move a bit to catch it but then sent it at Tony, who looked it over, then sent it casually at Stella. "We're going to be exhausted tomorrow," he noted as he watched those two try to get shots past Speed.  Danny flew over to draw glowing circles in the air for targets.  Then he got out of the way.  He knew how Tony played.  The guy had bodychecked keepers more than once during a game.

Don gaped at them.  "Damn," he said in awe.  "Stella, play more like him," he yelled.  She flipped him off and went to make another attempt.  Speed was better than their PD team's keeper.  She finally got one past him and Tony got his first one right after that, nailing him on the back of the head since he threw from behind the goals. "Foul!" Don shouted.  Tony smirked at him and waved.  Then he crowded Stella to take the quaffle from her.  She kicked at him but he managed to get it from her eventually.

"That was a foul!" Draco called, smiling at the silliness of those two fighting over the odd- shaped ball.  "Pass!"

"I hear that enough from our coach," Stella called back. She threw it at Tony, who caught it and sent it through the middle hoop.  She looped back to catch it on the other side and zipped around in a fast spiral, throwing at when she spun around one last time.  It bounced off Speed's arm but Tony caught it and got it underhand through the opposite one.

"She's good," Danny agreed, smiling as they watched.
"She can be better," Draco admitted, watching her play.  "She's broom mad but she doesn't understand her broom yet.  "She needs more time up on it."  Don nodded that he needed that too.  He looked at Danny, who shrugged.  "You get plenty of time on your game broom?"

"I do but someone wanked the flying spell on it."  Draco moaned. "I meant to bring it to see if QQS can fix it."

"It can be," George said as he joined them, looking at the game.  "No bludgers?"

"No goals," Danny offered, looking at him and grinning.  "Besides, we're short a chaser for a full team."

"We've got six among the Banes."

"Yes, but if we play you, how do we know they won't help you," Danny teased, smirking at him.

"Well, most of us are honest."  He grinned.  "Our wife was one actually.  Greg might tease but we'd hate to lose the trio of Greg, Philip, and Nick.  Those three play together very well."  He watched as Speed threw the ball.  "Why is he a keeper?"

"Because we always had a lot of chaser candidates but never enough keepers, especially not good ones," Danny offered with a small shrug.  He sent that thought at Speed, who chuckled and flipped them off then dove to catch the quaffle and throw it at Stella, who passed it off.  "I forgot he could switch that well," Danny mused.  "What time is it back on the coast?"

"Ten or so," Don admitted, checking his watch.  "No, eight hours.  Noon, almost one."

Danny pulled out his cell, calling Mac's house.  "Is Horatio in?"   He smiled as the phone was handed over.  "We're playing a fun game against the Banes later.  We're short a keeper since Speed can play chaser.  You in?"  He looked at George.  "When, where?"

"School or here.  We've played both spots.  We'd have to see if Dawn knows if there's a game this weekend."  He called Dawn over her new tattoo, getting sleepy complaints.  She smiled and said it was free except for practices.  "We're free unless there's a practice.  Which may be Hufflepuff.  We can see if we can play there."  He smirked as Philip answered they could, he could reschedule the practices since there wasn't a game for another two weeks.  "Philip said it's fine."

Danny put the phone back to his ear.  "Ten, eleven, George?"

"Eleven.  Dawn's tired.  She's about our only keeper since Ron's on the dig."

"Eleven our time and it's nearly five, Horatio.  That good for you?"  He grinned.  "Thanks, man.  Looking forward to it.  Well, unless you want to switch to chaser?"  He grinned again.  "Most keepers don't.  Thanks, man."  He hung up. "We're on."  He looked at Don.  "Go get my wrist guards.  You're faster and you hid 'em on me."  He smirked and took off with his broom.  He came back a few minutes later and tossed them over.  "Thank you."  He slid into them, rubbing his wrists.  "Okay, we should probably get some sleep."

"Maybe," Stella called as she flew closer. "What's up?"

"Speed's your third chaser when we're playing the Banes team later at the school."  She gaped so he smirked.  "Horatio can play keeper."

"Cool."  She smiled at them.  "We should probably try to sleep."  Everyone nodded but she blew it off to fly some more with Tony so they could talk.  Speed cackled in delight at the knowledge he was going to play chaser.

"You know, I forgot Speed got kicked out a game while playing chaser for being too mean to the other team," Danny said once George had left them alone.  Don snickered at that.  "Bed!  Now!" he called.  He looked at Draco.  "You especially.  Harry's got a game so I'm not sure who they're fielding."

"Emilia."  He flew back to the castle, going back to his big, lonely bed.  He found Dawn in there and gave her an odd look.  "What's wrong?"

"Just cuddles, Draco.  I need a hug and a hug cannot break your monogamy curse."  He shrugged and laid down next to her, holding her close.  "Thank you."


Horatio landed where told, looking at the forest.  "Interesting."  He walked up the pathway, following the cheering he could hear.  He put on his sunglasses when he came out of the woods, finding the pitch easily.  He smirked a bit.  "So this is Hogwarts."  He walked up there, broom over his shoulder.  Someone he knew nodded him at a changing room so he went in there, finding everyone getting ready.  "Sorry I'm late.  Had to fix the twigs."

"Not an issue.  We've got a half hour," Stella assured him happily.  "They don't separate out the girls over here.  They only have a sheet hung up."  Horatio smirked at that.  "Need anything special?  I've got liniment, the tape, that stuff."

"No, I've got wrist guards."  He looked at Danny.  "Aren't yours injured?"

"Only one and a bit of pain is good for a guy," he offered with a bright grin.  "I've played with worse.  I played one game with broken ribs."  He stood up to pull on his undershirt, then his uniform shirt.  "We can change the color of anything you wanna wear, Horatio."

"Thank you."  He looked at Speed. "There's how many of us in the city?"

"A few in South Beach, a herbologist.  Nothing really spectacular."  He stood up to pull on his shirt, but Horatio stopped him, touching the scar.  "Reminder."  That got a nod. "You okay?"

"I'm good. I've had all day to rest."  He put down his broom and moved to change, sliding into a pair of comfortable pants and a t-shirt, which Danny changed for him.  He pulled out his old school uniform, making everyone in there smile.  "Yes, I was in the same house."  He slid it on, reaching back to undo the pin holding the back together.  It let loose, letting him stretch and warm up.  "Better."

Danny finished up and hitched his wrist guards.  Horatio put on his gloves.  Don tossed over a bat, making Danny catch it.  "Never said I was a keeper," he said at Stella's chuckle.  "We ready?"

"We are," Speed agreed, sliding into his own sunglasses.  He looked at Horatio, who smirked.  "Sue me, we'll be facing into the sun.  It's still weaker here than it is in Miami.  You realize how much color the sun bleaches in daily life when you get to a weaker sun area like here."   He slid into his old robe, then had Danny fit it better.  Tony's too.  He looked at Stella.  "You done yet?"  She nodded, sliding into her robe over her sleeveless t- shirt.  "Bold statement."

"Yay.  I figure they'll be watching my tits."  She shrugged and tied the robe closed just below her breasts.  "Draco?"  Draco looked over at her, looking very calm.  "Ready?"  He nodded, getting up to put on his shoes and over-robe, then grabbed his broom.  "Wow, Nimbus 2001."

"My father bought the whole team one," Draco offered smugly.

"My old broom is still being ridden now and then," Danny shrugged.  Horatio looked at him.  "After I fell I sold my former game broom to an up and coming player.  It's been kept in the house since then and passed down.  The little punk bastards said it's still symbolically ridden at least once a year and kept locked up safely other than that."

"I heard about Blackie."  He walked out, taking his spot next to Draco, in proper formation.  He looked at him.  "Will you be okay?"

"I'm fine.  I've already told Alex we're playing and that I was blocking him out."  He smirked a bit. "My cousin thinks she's got an advantage because she's been a veela longer."  Horatio smirked back.  He watched the other team mount up.  "Hmm.  Both Weasleys.  Dawn. Philip, Nick, and Greg.  Standard team.  They lean to the right for throwing.  Philip's their third when they play because he's less aggressive."  Horatio nodded at that information.  "Greg's got a severe distance issue.  He'll throw and Nick'll catch it then throw for him."

"Thank you."  He smirked as they flew out, taking his position for the tossup.  The ref surprised him.  He'd never met anyone like Madam Hooch before.  The quaffle was tossed up after the warning that she wanted a fair game, though he doubted she got many of them, and he sped off to his spot since the other team had possession.  He took up his normal position, watching the interaction. Danny and Don were brutal but the Weasleys were still fresh and doing all right.  He blocked a shot and threw it at Speed, who took off with it and headed back to their keeper.  Dawn was all right, she managed to smack the ball off course but Stella got it and got the first one past her.  Philip caught it on the other side and spun it at Greg, who flew off with it tucked under his arm.

Horatio watched him, his whole focus on the little ball he had to keep away from his area.  They passed and Nick tried to throw but Tony fouled him and got it back.  Madam Hooch blew her whistle and they gathered for a penalty throw.  Which he blocked.  Barely.  Greg did have an arm on him close-up.  They went back to it and he realized why Speed played keeper most of the time.  This is where his evil streak and playful nature met.  "Shit," he said in awe when they double-teamed on Dawn.  He and Stella made a formidable team.  Dawn blocked the next few shots.  Her team finally got the ball back when Stella couldn't intercept one shot.  They came back at him and he smirked at Nick.  They switched tactics but he was still focused on the ball.  Greg threw it at him and he managed to block that one.  He threw it at Tony but Nick caught it and tried again.  He did fake him out and Horatio growled at that one let through.  It would be nearly the last.

Draco spotted the snitch a few hours later.  He zipped off, spiraling through the bludgers and chasers to get it, Emilia right behind him.  He caught it and held it up, getting a blown whistle as Horatio blocked another shot.  He smirked at Potter when he saw him in the stands, waving it a bit.  Then he tossed it at the ref, smirking at her.  He nodded politely at the other seeker.  "Nice try, cousin."

"You as well."  She smirked back.  "I see you can still fly.  Too bad you don't do it more often."

"You have Potter."

"He's playing pro.  We can use you more often."  Draco pointed at his team.  "Damn it."  He smirked at that.  "Brat."  He nodded, going over to congratulate his team.  She flew back to her team.  "He won't change to play with us."

"If we need to play as a whole group, we're taking their team," Fred Weasley complained, working his sore shoulder.  "They're better than Bear is when he teases us."  His twin nodded, his jaw was locked after a hit to his neck.  "Hospital wing?"

Danny landed, taking off his wrist guard to work on his sore wrists.  "Gotta get these back into shape," he said when Speed landed beside him to look them over.  Madam Pomfrey came over to look at him.  "Old injury and a new bruise," he offered, letting her see them.  He had a bruise on his back but it'd be fine later with a warm soak.  She healed them and he moaned in relief.  "Oh, that's good."  He worked them and she smiled.  "Hold on, you fixed the old injury!"  He threw his arms around her.  "You're a fucking saint!  I love you!"  He pulled back and kissed her hard and deep.  "I'm promoting you for sainthood."  He walked off, going to pounce Tony.  "She fixed them both!"  Tony whooped and jumped over to spin him around.

Madam Pomfrey put her hat back in place and went to check the others. It had been a very long time since she had been kissed like that.  Not since Alex Dumass had kissed her last year really.  It must be an American thing.

"If I kiss you that way would you make my twin's jaw unclench?" Fred asked.

"If you try to kiss me that way, I shall paddle you," she informed him stiffly.

"Guys, she fixed my wrist.  I protect her with my last breath!" Danny called.

She looked at him, smiling a bit.  "It was a curse."  Everyone stopped.  "Really."

Danny paused.  Alex had only groped his wrist, not checked for magic.

"That's it!  Someone's decursing the school!" Tony yelled. "Don!"  He looked over and nodded.  "Please, man!"

"I'll bring Arens home with me if I can."  Arens smirked at him.  "You and Harry then?"

"That would be fine," he agreed. "Maybe I could...recruit."  Everyone who knew him just smiled at his allusion to getting laid by someone barely legal and pretty of the male persuasion.

Horatio landed beside Stella.  "That was fun."

"It was."  She hugged him.  "Nice job, Horatio.  Very nicely done."  He gave her a squeeze.  "We need more games together.  It's stress relieving of a good variety."

"It is," he agreed, pushing some of her hair back behind her ear.  "We should celebrate."  Everyone nodded and they took him back to the castle to pack their things and head home.  Don had an extra day off but that was all right. He had brought Keelian and his chest of semi-cursed jewels up for his new nest.  Hagrid had cried that his baby was growing up so fast.

They found their way to the wizarding bar Danny liked, making the bartender whimper.  "We won our fun game!" Danny called.  "Good beer, not the swill," he called.

"Sure," he called weakly. That many cops together was probably a bad thing.  He sent a waitress over since they were mostly guys.  Don flirted with her but no one else got any play.  That's when he knew it was going to be a long night.  He pulled out the case of the 'good stuff' Danny's father had once given him as a tip.  He sent that over as well.  It got sent back.  None of them were looking for tequila.  Another cop came in and he handed him the bottle of scotch, a tray of glasses and sent beers over with the waitress.  He knew Messer would make it clear with him before he left if they didn't have any more credit.  One little pretty boy came over and he smiled.  "Yes, sir?"

"Wine?  Good wine?"  He put down three galleons and he moaned, taking them and going to open one of the good bottles for him.  Draco sniffed it and looked at him.  "We're not usually that sort of bar, sir.  Best we've got."  He handed over the bottle.

"Thank you."  Draco went back to sit back down and share his wine with whoever wanted some.

Danny grinned at Mac.  "Creamed 'em.  Horatio let nearly *nothing* get past him."

"Congratulations," he said, smiling at Horatio.  "Good to get out and play?"

"Very," he agreed, clinking glasses with him.  "What time is it?"

"About ten locally."

"That's fine.  As long as I get in by nine."  He took his shot and sipped his beer, looking at the label then at Danny.  "How did you find the only place that serves real Irish ale?"

"Oh, long depressing story," he admitted.

"Been his favorite since they kicked his dad our one year," Tony assured him.  He grinned at Mac.  "You should've come over to watch."

"I had to help Sheldon with something," he admitted.

"Pity."  He took his shot and smirked at Speed.  "Good thing I filed for tomorrow off as well."  Speed nodded at that, smirking back.  "Think Gibbs would count a quidditch win as a good reason to come in with a hangover?"  Everyone at the table shook their heads. "Me either.  Thought I'd check though."

Mac watched over the team of misfits, shaking his head at the happy people around them.  It was definitely not the place he would've pictured Danny hanging at.  He kept himself from looking around to see if anyone was wanted, making Horatio smirk when he caught him. "Habit."

"I know."  He poured him another shot.  "Portkeys were made for quidditch wins."  Everyone chuckled at that and nodded.


Don found himself going back with Danny, who was stumbling around drunk, well both of them really were, but that was okay with him.  He had won his second match in quidditch with his second team.  He loved both teams but this team was tighter and he loved this team.  He looked at Danny, grinning at him.  "I love our team."

"Me too."  Danny flopped down on his bed, looking at him.  "You handcuffing yourself ta me again?" he asked, taking off his glasses and putting them aside.  Then he carefully did the stripping charm. He winced when he got the last word wrong and it became a hair stripping charm.  "Ow."  He got it right the second time and did it to Don, who giggled at him.  "It happens.  Get used ta it."  He wiggled under the covers, holding up an edge.  "If you're crashing in here, get in here.  'M cold."  Don climbed in and stole a kiss, still grinning.  "You're gonna hate yourself in the morning."

"No I won't."

"Yeah you will."  Don leaned over more slowly this time and took another one, slower and more heated this time.  Danny moaned and pulled him physically closer. Don whimpered when their bodies touched.  Danny teased and stroked him while they kissed, making Don twitch and moan, shifting to get it where he wanted it.  "Whaddya want, Donny?" he asked quietly.

"You, me.  S'good."

"You sure?"  Don nodded, moving down to taste his throat.  "Be careful what you wish for," he said before flipping them over.  He found his wand again, using a lubricating charm.  Then he found the actual bottle of lube when he realized Don was virgin tight.  He slowly spread him open, making him hiss and moan underneath him.  "You still sure?" he asked when all he got were pleading noises.  Don nodded so he slicked himself up and slid in, making Don howl.  "Relax," he soothed, stroking his back.  "Just relax.  Give it a few."  Don pushed back and Danny smirked.  "Have it your way."  He started slowly but built up into a pounding, hard, ball-snapping rhythm that made Don howl in pleasure and clutch the pillows to have something to hold onto.  Danny reached down to tease him but Don was already doing that.  He leaned down to nip and lick the back of his neck.  Don came a few minutes later with a moan and tightened his whole body.  Danny came not long afterward, laying down so he wouldn't collapse on top of Don's body.

"You know, you could cuddle," Don complained, his voice hoarse.  "You did just pop me."

Danny pulled him closer. "I'm not a cuddler, but I'll use you as a body pillow."  He laid on top of his chest, getting comfortable.

Don looked at him.  "Why do girls like you since you don't cuddle?"

"I give great oral sex."

"Ah.  Understandable then."  He waited until he heard the snore then wiggled around until he was the one being held. That was the right way after your cherry was popped in his mind.  He let himself drift off, slowly tasting the bond among his friends to make sure they had gotten home all right.  Stella's mind was one blaze of pleasure.  Apparently Horatio had gotten her to some home, maybe not hers but it was good enough.  Draco wasn't part of it but he hoped he was cuddling Dawn or someone.  Tony and Speed had fallen in bed together too.  They felt very sated.  So either some woman was very happy or they had made it good between them.  He checked on the 'Danny' feeling part of the bond, feeling him slightly awake.  He snuggled in and got comfortable, letting himself fully drift off now.  It was good to have a second family that loved him.

Danny looked at Don, then shook his head and decided maybe he could cuddle him this one time.  He'd leave him limp and panting before he went to work in the morning.  He drifted back again, letting his mind slow down to a dormant state. Don was worth breaking his 'no sex at work' rules.  He wouldn't go odd if things went bad.

The End.