Memories in the Moonlight.

Danny popped into the area near where they'd need to be.  He had a picnic basket and a blanket.  He knew this wasn't going to be a one-hour thing and fortunately he had an understanding boss who agreed to block everyone else in the bond before they heard what had went on way back when.  He walked over to the spot they had marked, finding the marker gone.  Then again, it had been about fifteen years.  He spread everything out, including opening the bottle of wine.  Speed showed up when he was done for the day, taking the spot across from him, laying on his side to nibble and sip his wine.  Tony showed up and he was in a darker suit, then again his father had just died and he was being plagued by relatives who wanted things from him.  He laid down carefully, putting his coat over some nearby rocks.  He rested so he was curled up with his head on Danny's hip and comfortable, taking a berry to nibble. "Tonight, huh?" Tony asked finally.

"Tonight. I want to know what I did," Danny agreed, stroking through the slightly spiked hair.  "How was it?"

"Messy.  Then again, the family is referring this back to the Canadian Ministry since there's so many of us up there at the moment, and the new Vinese, who hates the family anyway.  Speaking of, did she release yours?"

"Nope.  I made an impassioned plea about what they had done and what they had forced me to do.  She agreed, they broke the covenant all the families signed.  She did move them to one of the cousin's houses and locked them there.  For them, there is no world outside their new gate."  He grinned.  "Want I should ask her for you?"

"No, we've already talked," he noted dryly.  "She asked why they were bringing it before her.  One of the cousins unwisely noted that the last one had been our family. Then she went off and I pointed out I had been part of the inquest to stop it.  Didn't help matters very much but the rest of the family hates me worse now."  He looked at Speed.  "How was your day?"

"Less loud than yours.  We had a guy die in one of those indoor jump training rings, the ones with the big fan?  He managed to commit suicide in one.  We were really impressed with the blood splatter."  They both laughed at that.  "He was also in the Army Reserve so Horatio got to talk to his CO.  He said he was on medical leave to get his meds straightened out."  He ate another cracker with cheese, holding the next bite out for Tony, who nibbled it from his fingers.  "We need to shed the day."

"I'm trying," Tony admitted. "I'm just so tired and worn out."

Danny sat up and shifted Tony so he could work on his shoulders, getting what they needed to do done.  Tony finally relaxed and was able to clear his mind.  Speed cleared his.  Danny cleared his.  They finished the dinner and then pulled their wands, feeling the magic gathering around them.  A car came by and they all waved at the old sheriff.  He had been a deputy the last time they'd been up there.

The older man got out and walked over.  "This is an odd spot for a picnic, boys."

"It's symbolic," Speed said, looking up at him.  "We celebrated the end of our school career here."  The man frowned at him.  "Yeah, I'm the older Speedle son."

"I heard you died."

"And then I got wished back."  He grinned.  "Fed case."

"Heard that happens now and then.  You guys know this land belongs to someone, right?  His family sold it years ago?"

"I've been out here since dusk and no one's come out," Danny offered.  "If they do, we'll gladly talk to them.  Tony's just lost his father and he needed the connections."

"Sure.  You boys don't do anything funny, okay?"

"Not our intention," Speed assured him.  "Thank you, Sheriff Dinwitty."

"You're welcome, Timmy."  He went back to his car and headed off again, going to find the boy's parents.  He wondered if they knew at all.

Speed looked at them.  "My parents are going to try to find us by midnight.  Did it have to be midnight?"  The other two nodded.  "Then they'll have to respect things."  He fed Tony another bite of dinner.  Then one to Danny, getting a grin and one back.  They heard another engine and sipped more of their wine.

"What are you doing?" someone shouted.

"Having dinner," Speed called back.  "Tony needed to have dinner, he just lost his family and this spot has good memories."  The car sped in the other direction.  "Huh, wondering if they were talking to us."

"Maybe, maybe not," Danny offered, grinning. "You didn't write your parents?"

"Nope.  They came down and sold the expensive stuff and left.  Why would I?"

"It's a good thing we raised ourselves," Tony noted impatiently. He got up and unbuttoned his shirt, then took off his shoes.  Back in his school years he hated wearing too many clothes.  A pair of natural or leather pants yes, clothes and shoes, no.  Not when he was off- hours.  Danny got up and pulled off everything but his t-shirt and jeans.  Speed did the same, stretching out on his back.  They all relaxed back into who they really were, calm, confident, collected, happy again.  Someone's watch beeped and Tony cast the blocking so no one else in the bond with them would hear.  A few minutes later, Speed's watch beeped.  He cast the first spell.  One to block others from hearing, seeing, or coming near them.  It'd protect them in case his parents or someone came out.

Danny's alarm went off and he stripped it off.  Everything but his dog tags.  Then he took a deep breath and pointed his wand at Tony.  He knew he had gotten him.  "Infinius," he cast, undoing the charm he had cast so many years ago.

Tony moaned and held his head.  He pulled his wand and cast it at Speed.  "Infinius."

Speed sucked in a breath, letting it all flow. They both got Danny, mentally together in what they had done.  "Infinius."  Danny leaned forward, grabbing his head to stop the pain.

They saw things go past.  Tony's casting an unforgivable at his father for removing the only love of his life for being too poor for him.  He was acting out of the rage he had at that time.  Speed, walking away from his family and showing up there at the wrong time, gathering Tony's shattered mind back together again and taking him off, promising they'd talk to her and if she could, she'd come back to him.  Danny being sent away and meeting them at their special garage, the one that used to hold their cars.  Them getting really drunk and deciding to dull the memories of what they had done.  How they had defended the school that one time.  How they had managed to torment half the student body into hating them.  How they had managed to screw up one incantation and nearly had the school eaten by a higher court demon.  They laughed at that one, it had been stupid and it had also been easily banished.  The headmistress had been so pissed with them!  Back and forth they shared, coming to a larger block.  One that had been imposed on them by that same woman.

Danny looked over and pulled something out of the basket, handing it to them.  They knew what would help them break it since the old biddy had interfered that way.  They took the small pill and relaxed, letting it work.  Then they cast the undoing charms, shattering the wall, letting those memories of studying and other things come out.  Danny nearly cried at the thug he had been.  Tony reached over to take his hand, reminding him they had changed.  Speed shifted and curled up with his head on Tony's lap, letting his own pain out.  The last block was there, then the one over all three of them that made this place the only way they could do this.  They shattered that other wall, getting back some very happy memories.  The first time she had tried it, it had only taken the naughtier and the happier times.  Not what she had planned, hence the second wall.  They laughed through most of it.  The touching, the cuddling, the dirty plans to get into the women's changing rooms.  All of it flashed past and filled their own seats in their minds, the holes gently sculpted and waiting for them.  Then the last veil was left.  They looked at each other, shared a kiss, and uncast it on each other.  Danny to Tony, Tony to Speed, Speed to Danny.  All of them moving it onto the rocks nearby.  It had been earth magic after all, it should go back.  Danny screamed as the last of the memories came back, angry as hell at his family for doing that to him.  Tony's as well.  Speed just sighed, resigned.  He had known what had happened.  Sort of.  He looked at the others, taking their hands to hold.

"We're still together.  We still have each other," he reminded them.  Danny shifted to lean his head on Speed's stomach and Tony petted them both once his hands were free.

"We're together.  We're stronger now," Tony agreed.  "Smarter and better than we were then."

"We were so young and stupid," Danny moaned.

Speed stroked his back. "Of course we were.  That's the reason for aging."  Danny grinned at him.  "We should go empty that last spot."

"We should," Tony agreed quietly.  "I could use the comfort."

Danny nodded. "I want what's left of my life back," he agreed.  He looked at them.  "What about the others?  How do we explain this to them?"

"Don knew it wasn't all pretty," Speed reminded him.  "Mac saw combat.  Stella might balk for a few days, but not that long."

Tony nodded.  "Horatio would understand.  He's got a few spots he didn't want to share when we initiated him," he pointed out with a slight grin at them.  "Is Gibbs in for a shock when I come in tomorrow."

"Funeral tomorrow," Speed reminded him.

"Ooh, yay."  Speed smiled and stroked his cheek.  "Danny, is it the same?" Tony asked a few minutes later.

"Nope."  He looked at him.  "The same as it wasn't with our ladies.  I feel for them what I did for mine."  Speed nodded at that.  "But it's not the same as us three."  Tony relaxed again.

"We still love you and you're ours," Speed agreed gently, holding Tony's hand.  Even though now Danny was the emotionally fragile one, Tony had been back then.  Losing what was his only love had locked that tightly inside him.  Speed let it come out safely, being there for him.  Danny too, over the bond that only the three of them shared.  They had done it back in their second year of school.  It had been a wild hair up Speed's ass due to a problem they were having in a few classes.  Basically they had used it that year for cheating.  Later on it had been soothing to them, holding them together over summer breaks and holidays that none of them wanted to be on.  They had kept Danny sane when his family tried to force him to go their way.  It had held Tony together long enough for Speed to get there when he lost his girlfriend due to his father sending her away and blocking her memories.  They basked in the connection.  It was truly and deeply love on their parts, but not the same way it had been.  Now it was what a marriage was like after twenty years, that same love but with the friendship.  Danny had people in his life to support him, and he did love them, just a slightly lesser love.  Speed loved his life, but again, a slightly lesser one.  Tony, well, he didn't, but he had them.

Tony looked at Speed. "If you asked, he might," he said quietly.

"We'd drive each other nuts."

"He's been there for you for decades now, Tim," Tony said wisely.

"He's straight.  He's proven that pretty well."

"You never know. He might not be as straight as you think.  He does watch out for you."  Speed nodded at that.  "Think about it?  You should be happy like Danny is.  Or maybe ask Ryan out as an intermediate step?"

Danny took Tony's hand.  "You know you're not alone.  You could always get into a semi- meaningful thing with McGee."

"Eww.  No thanks.  Too geekly for me.  I like our geekly natures, but not that much.  It'd be like dating Greg.  Now, I could almost see me dating someone like Alex."  He grinned at that.  "But Draco's in good health and probably going to stay that way."

"Tony, come home with me tonight?" Danny offered.

"I can't..."

Danny kissed him. "You can and you will.  At the very least you need a cuddle.  Speed will be too probably.  Not like he's got someone to go home to."


"No, not maybe, come home with me," Danny ordered, grinning at him.  "Even Stella won't mind that."

"She's one scary woman," Speed agreed, stroking through Danny's hair.  "She definitely suits your ass, Danny."

"Thanks."  They snuggled for a bit more, going back to dinner, letting everything sink in.  A house elf appeared and held out something.  "What's that?" Danny asked.

"Mistress sends this," she said timidly, handing it to Speed.  She disappeared again.

Speed felt it, then checked it magically.  "It's got charms on it."  He put it off to the side and used his wand, staring at the venomous note that said they weren't supposed to have broken free.  He incinerated it before the spell could finish itself.  He did keep the pictures of them that had been inside.  They laughed.  "Look, Stephi in the rack."

"Hmm, and on the flogging stand," Danny agreed, holding that one up.

Tony ran a finger over one.   "Me there too.  Boy did I deserve that one."  He crumpled it up.  "We should destroy those.  It's not like that anymore."

"How do we know?  We're not there," Danny reminded him.  He uncrumpled it and tucked them into the basket, then he fed them lat bites before packing things up again.  They stood up.  Tony felt his jacket, it had been imbued with the magic so he left it there.  They headed back to Danny's place, finding it empty.  "Gee, they must be at Mac's tonight."

"I hope it's not a case," Speed agreed, turning on his phone. He smiled at the message texted to him right after they had cut the bond out.  "Horatio said to call him if I can come in tomorrow."

Tony looked at his.  "Gibbs has left three now saying that I'm in trouble if I'm hurt, injured, or more mentally unstable than I had been."

Danny looked at his.  "Huh.  Nothing yet."  They unblocked the bond and Danny checked.  They were asleep.  He shrugged.  "Bed?"  They nodded and headed that way once Danny had put the basket back into the big empty spot in the fridge.  They stripped down and crawled in, Tony's hands getting swatted for wandering to touch Speed's new hole.

"Not yours to play with."

"Aww, come on," he complained.  "Not like you're a virgin."

"You're the one who thought he might be knocked up," Speed shot back with a nasty grin.

"Yeah but what a night it had been," Danny agreed.  They all laughed and snuggled in, getting comfortable.  Danny let Tony hold him and Speed got his back.  It was comforting.  They even got a few hours of sleep before anything woke him.  He opened his eyes and looked over Tony's shoulder, seeing a dog's face.  "Don," he whispered, reaching a hand up to pet him.  Don sniffed his hand, then tipped his head to the side, nodding at them.  He grinned. "It's all good, Don. I promise.  Cuddle in.  Tony's always needed someone at his back."  Don changed and looked at him.  Danny pulled him down to kiss him.  "It's good."

"It's good," Don agreed, cuddling up against Tony's back, making him moan, shift, and relax back into his dreams again, mumbling about his former girlfriend.  Don took Danny's hand to hold, getting a smile.  "You sure?"

"It's great."  Don nodded and rested his head on Tony's shoulder when he shifted, getting comfortable with them.  Danny wasn't going to drop him for this love.  He knew that now.  The other two loved him just as much. They had proven it a few times to him now that he thought about it.  It was all good.


Stella snuck into their bedroom the next morning, finding Danny being used as a teddy bear and so fully asleep he wasn't waking up.  Speed did, he glared at her.  "I left my shoes," she said quietly.

"Done that before," he agreed, looking at the tangled mass of Danny, Tony, and Don.  "They're cute."

"He won't...."

Speed shook his head.  "No, he won't."

"Oh."  She sat on the end of the bed.  "Because we're not you?"

"Various strains on that theme," he admitted quietly.  "We had a bond back in our second year, Stella.  We're the only ones Danny lets cuddle."  She pointed at Don and he shrugged.  "We initiated him into the group in a way.  Plus, he loves Danny as much as Danny loves him and us.  There will never be a love as strong as between us for any of us.  But it's close with you three for him."

She nodded at that, watching them.  Don was starting to shift.  "He's going to wake up so I'm going back to Mac's.  We'll talk tonight?"  Speed nodded. "Thank you."

"We'll show you what we can, but a lot of it is intensely personal, Stella."

"We've all got things like that but remember not sharing enough is why marriages dissolve."

"Yeah, but in this case, it won't be dissolved.  He does love you guys.  The same as we all loved our girlfriends when we had them.  It was a great love, especially on Tony's part, but we're bound body, blood, and soul to each other.  Love is love."

"I'm guessing that's what triplets feel like when they don't share someone," Tony said quietly.  Stella blushed at that.  "C'mere."  She walked back over and he pulled her down, putting her against his back.  "There, that's your spot from now on."  She blushed harder, he could feel it against his back.  "We'll work the rest out tonight and Mac can have your back or Speed's back."  He looked down.  "When did Don get here?"

"Probably right after you guys got back," she admitted, stroking Don's hair.

He blinked and looked at her, then at the others.  Danny was still snoring.  He looked down and grinned. "Now he lets me cuddle."  She laughed at that.

"He will as long as at least one of us is in here with you guys," Speed assured him, stroking over his back.  Don shivered. "For now, just relax, Don.  Enjoy it.  Tonight's going to be a fight and I have a feeling Mac's going to pout."  Don and Stella got up and went to change, or put on shoes in her case, and headed off to talk to Mac and make him understand that they weren't breaking up, he was welcome, and if he argued, they were going to spank him in front of the entire lab.

Tony and Speed shared a grin.  Tony poked Danny until he got an unhappy grunt.  "Time to make the donuts, sleepy."

"Don't wanna go ta work," he complained into Tony's chest.  He sniffed.  "Don was here, right?"

"You two look so hot cuddled together," Speed whispered in his ear.  "All legs and arms and Don's like an octopus."  Danny nodded through his yawn.  "Get up.  We've got to head back too."  That got another yawn and they got up, going to clean up and head to their various work environments.


Horatio looked up as Speed walked in, coughing to get Ryan's attention.  Ryan went to pull Speed away from everyone and work to undo what he had done, finding it undone.  "How?"

"Danny," he offered with a slight grin.  "I'm sorry, Ryan."

"We're good," he decided.  "Never do it again and make your peace with Delko."

"I will be."  He kissed him on the forehead.  "Have a better day."  He walked off, finding Eric and Calleigh both in AV.  He looked at Eric and nudged him.  "I won't make you go play in the park with me anymore."

Eric frowned at him.  "What did you take?"

"I had a lot of sleep and woke up cuddled."

"Wow, if that's what getting laid does to you, I'll help you pick out presents so you keep her," Cooper offered.

"Shut up, Cooper," Speed said, glaring at him.   "It doesn't apply to you at this point in time."  He ducked down and nodded.  He looked at Calleigh and kissed her on the cheek.  "Hi. I'm not ignoring you."

"Who was she?"

"No female.  Danny, Don, Tony, and I were together last night and we got back to our roots.  It was calming. I got a full night's sleep and so did they."  He smiled at Horatio when he came in.  "Morning, H."

"Good morning, Speed.  How was whatever you three were doing?"

"Good.  Though I do have to ask some questions of you and a few present students.  Can we?"  Horatio nodded and walked him up to his office.  He put down the pictures and Horatio moaned.  "Was it the same in your time?"

"It was, but only for those who broke the boundaries into the red section of the library," he offered.  "I know you three did."

"We read almost every book in that library," he agreed.  "Including the black section of the restricted section.  Danny did that."

"No wonder he tested you when you came back.  By the way, your mother's pissed."

"Yay.  She came down to sell the expensive stuff, Horatio."

"I'll stand behind you, Speed.  No matter what.  You know that."  Speed nodded.  "Now what are you going to do?"

"I don't know," Speed admitted.  "Danny's got a few of his own.  Plus he's taking the afternoon off due to how his schedule was working today.  He's still tutoring some of the kids.  He's going to talk to them today off campus and we'll see."

"Who would you tell?" Horatio asked.

"The board over the school and then the British Ministry."

Horatio nodded.  "They could put pressure on her to step down."  He moved closer.  "Are you all right?"

"We were such shits," he said with a grin.  "We got into *everything*, Horatio.  If someone had an idea it could happen, we did it.  Gender, form, anything we could do we did.  We were bored, creative, overly brilliant, and we had wands."  Horatio smiled at that.  He put a hand on Horatio's forehead and cast the occulemncary charm, letting him see what he wanted him to.  Horatio pulled back and shook his head.  "Like I said, we were unholy little shits."

"You were," he agreed, grinning at him. "You were adorable though."

"Thank you.  We used it too."  He gathered up the pictures.  "We need to get these to someone."

"We do.  Did you need time off?"

Speed smiled and pulled out a letter and grabbed a manilla envelope from Horatio's drawer, writing a new name on it.  He slipped the letter and the pictures inside, then turned it into a portkey, sending it off with a paperclip as a rider. He dusted off his hands and put his wand away.  "Done."  He grinned at him.  "Now, where am I today?"

"Go work in Trace.  We haven't had a new call yet.  Are you all right?"

"I'm fine.  Danny fixed what Alex left after Tony wouldn't leave it alone."  He blushed and looked around then at him.  "Horatio, what happens if two of us in the lab start to date?"

"It depends on who it is and if they can work together professionally or not.  If I know I'm supposed to separate you two but if it's clear you can handle it I'll only watch for sudden breaks for sex. Who, if I can know?"

"Um, not yet," he admitted, shrugging some.  "Sorry. I've got to figure out how to tell them about the bond we three share that you guys can't hope to break into."  He moved closer.  "I don't know how. I botched it with Stella this morning, H."

"You'll manage it," he assured him, giving him a shoulder squeeze.  "It'll be fine.  Let me know if you need help."

"Yeah, I might. He's kinda, um, straight."

"You might be surprised."  He grinned.  "Eric?"  Speed gave him a look.  "You won't tell me?"

"Not yet.  Not until he's either hit me really hard and filed charges or we're together and he kinda understands the two bonds."

"What about Tony?"

"We're not sure if he'll ever find anyone after he lost his girlfriend.  For now, he's unhappy but going.  We're keeping him sane at the moment."

"If you need the help, let me know.  Even with him."

"He did suggest we change you into a girl and use you to go taunt their former director about being better for Gibbs then she had been."

"I didn't like it when I did it in my next-to-last year, Speed.  I don't want to wear heels again," he said quietly, making Speed looked shocked. "You weren't the only hellion."  He smirked and walked out.  "Come on, it's time to get back to work."

"Sure, H.  Got pictures?" he called as he walked behind him.

"No.  I made sure they weren't taken and the one person who mentioned it suddenly forgot," he said with a smirk.  He headed into his lab.

Speed smirked and went into his own.  He could hear Danny cackling in the back of his mind, giving him a gentle, loving nudge and reminding him to talk to Mac sometime today and Stella after she had some time to think.  Then he got down to work while he made plans.  Though, Tony did add in some support now and then.  Even if Gibbs was chewing him a new one for slacking off.


Danny followed Mac into his office and closed the door behind him.  "Before you say a word, we need to talk."

"We probably should," he agreed.  "I know you found out things that you didn't have access to before."  He sat down.  "I'm still thinking about how this could affect our relationship."

Danny clouded the windows, then smacked him like Gibbs got Tony earlier.  "Dumbass."  Mac opened his mouth.  "Shut up."  He stared into his eyes.  "Yeah, things are gonna change.  You being paranoid, it's not helping you or Stella.  Or even Don.  Try asking."

"She saw you cuddled," he said quietly.  "You're obviously more comfortable with them."

"When we were in our second year, we were having problems.  We were bored, too smart, and the classes were boring crap that we didn't have a clue about.  So we started to hang out in the library and Tony was looking at some books on power flows," he admitted.  "He found a book that had a way to go beyond thoughts, like occulmencary."  He swallowed and started to pace.  "All we were thinking about was that it'd help us in our weak subjects, give us a bit of cheating help on tests and homework."  Mac grimaced. "You can't
tell me you never cheated."

"I did on a choir final," he admitted.   "Seventh grade.  I got caught."

Danny smirked.  "Knew you couldn't be that goody-goody, Mac."  Mac glared again.  "Truth.  You weren't always this uptight."

"No, I wasn't.  The Marines mostly made me this way.  I used to be a punk little brat."  Danny grinned at that. "Not the point.  What did you three wander into?"

"Vechis's Theorems."

Mac stiffened.  "Do you know how dangerous that is?"

"Now," he admitted.  "Back then, we were best friends, strong, powerful, just waiting for our turn on the quidditch team."  He grinned.  "We were young, stupid, foolish, and knew we could do it.  Which is a big thing in magic now and then.  Down on the theoretical level."  He stopped in front of him again.  "It worked."

"Which joined you at the soul level," he said quietly.  Danny nodded.  "What about..."

"That's one form of love, Mac.  There's always been love for others within us.  Yeah, we three are tighter than triplets.  We're so tight that masturbating is like doin' either of them.  That's not what we've got.  Or the other bond.  There's room, it's just slightly less.  Our girls, they were our lives," he assured him, looking strained.  "They came to understand it.  You guys will too.  There's more than room enough, even if I do need a bigger bed now and then."  Mac blushed at that.  "No one said you had to touch 'em.  No one said you had to join in, but you're still wanted there."  He let the bond open fully between them and Mac groaned, nodding at that.  "We understood?"

"Understood."  He smiled.  "Now you have to have this talk with Stella."

Danny snorted and sent thoughts their way, making both of them stiffen on their crime scene and then smile at each other.

"He loves us anyway," Don said quietly.

"He does and it's great.  What about..."

He shrugged.  "I don't know.  I'm letting it lay.  If it happens and Ma becomes right, I'll hide it."  She giggled and swatted him on the arm.  "Now, we've got Monroe around here somewhere," he noted, winking at her.  She nodded.  "I take it as a suicide but I'm not sure and the patrol guys called so we answer."

"We do."  She sent back gentler feelings at Danny, making him smile, then some at Mac, making him relax.  They smiled and knew it'd be okay.  Even if Speed and Tony did take up one corner of the bed having fun with each other and wearing Danny out when they couldn't.


Tony walked into work the first morning after his grief leave, looking at his boss.  "Mind much if I drown the remaining members of my family?"

"No, but if I catch you, you'll join the last director in her cell."

"Don't threaten me with being raped by her," he said, looking disgusted.  He sat down.  "We're still going over the revamped will and everyone wants something.  Most of them don't know the number here or my cell."

"That's fine.  You can have desk duty if you need it."

"Are you trying to drive me further insane?" he complained.  He felt a calming touch and mentally sighed, but calmed himself.  "Do we have a case yet?"

Gibbs looked at him.  "You want to go pound the heavy bag for a few hours first?"

"No," he said simply, walking closer again.  "What are we working on?"

"Your temper."

"Besides that?"  Gibbs stood up, staring him down.  "Case?" he repeated.

"Elevator," Gibbs demanded.  He walked that way.

Tony rolled his eyes, heading that way.  They walked on and shut it down between floors.  "What?"

"Your temper is out of check."

"No, really?"  Danny appeared and gave him a hug, making him relax.  "I'm okay."

"You're not.  Your aunt is a bitch and if she calls back, hit ignore."  He looked at him.  "Got me?"  Tony smiled and nodded.  So Danny looked at Gibbs.  "He's got greedy relatives who were trying to say he killed his father for the will.  He's pointed out all the history and they've got it in court. Yeah, he's pissed.  You're a good target because you can fight back."  He glared at him.  "Leave him alone and give him something ta do!"  He disappeared.

"Sorry, we're a bit tighter now," Tony offered.  He leaned against the side of the elevator.  "I'm so tight with those two that we're like triplets.  We share our souls, Gibbs.  Yes, my relatives are driving me insane.  Yes, me being in drag for that undercover did kill him."  Gibbs grimaced.  "Yes, I can blame you for making me go through this shit because I had no intention of going back into those earrings."

"I didn't realize it'd cause such problems," he admitted.

Tony snorted.  "Gibbs, how would you like to be female suddenly?"

"Don't you dare."

"At least then you'd understand."

"I've been injured and unable to function."

"Not quite the same."  He pulled out something from his pocket, holding them out.  "Tonight, Gibbs.  That way this never happens again.  Hell, I had to look at my mother again thanks to this."  He restarted the elevator.  "Besides, I'm allowed to be angry.  I'm having to associate with the family again and now I've got to hand out shit."  He got off when the doors opened and went back to his desk, seeing someone standing there.  He blinked and glanced at McGee, who looked confused.  He looked at the ghost again, raising a brow. He headed back to the elevator, knowing she was following.  He pushed Gibbs back inside and stranded them again, making her laugh.

"Kate?" Gibbs asked, looking around.  She phased in.  "What's going on?"

"I came to help Tony."  She looked at him. "He deserved it and he deserved to die."

"No shit."  He shrugged.  "I'm good with him dying.  I'm not good with him making me his heir again.  Having to deal with my mother puts me in a bad mood."

"I realize that.  The last time you talked to her you nearly slapped Gibbs back."  Gibbs snorted, he remembered that day.  "So this time is more reasonable. He's had to talk to her a few times and will again a few more times.  The anger will know no bounds, Gibbs."  She looked at him.  "Still, Ziva looked scared you were going to hit him this time."

"With my aunt?"

"Well, yeah," she admitted.  Another wizard popped in.  "Huh.  Process server?"

"Canadian Ministry, Law Enforcement office."

"Welcome to NCIS," Tony said dryly.

"There have been numerous complaints from your family about how your father died, Mr. DiNozzo."

"Ask my boss, he's behind you."  He looked at Kate again.  "See?"

"It's reasonable.  By the way, I looked ahead.  There's one and you know them."  She smiled.  Then she smacked him on the head.  "You're sulking."  The agent squeaked and looked at him.

Tony looked at him.  "The last time he popped in unannounced we were teenagers and trying them out.  He had a heart attack then too."  He shrugged.  "Not like I want the stress of dealing with my family.  I'd like to put them in a sinking boat in the ocean without their wands.  I hate dealing with my mother."

"Then appoint someone."

"Everyone I know and trust would put them on the boat in handcuffs, take their wands, and then help me sink the boat."  Kate giggled at that.  "They would."

"They would," she agreed.  "Especially Speed."  She stroked his cheek.  "Just give it a few more years, Tony.  You'll find someone and you'll be a bit shocked.  You'll love them fully."

"Him, her?"

"Her.  Though I didn't see any little DiNozzo's."

"Good, can you see me with kids?"

"They'd be little Danny's and Speed's," she agreed, grinning at him.  "The same as there'll be a little Messer some decade but not a soon one and it'll be from an accident."

"Spell related?" he asked.

She grinned.  "Can't go there yet.  Hey, boss.  Can you get him straightened out?"  Gibbs reached over and smacked Tony on the head.  "Wrong one, boss."  He smacked the other guy, shaking him out of his thoughts.  "Are you done?" she asked patiently.  He nodded and blushed, then left.  "They're usually very polite."  She looked at them again.  "I do agree, appoint someone.  Someone maybe like Horatio?"

"You know, that might be a match for the ages....."  He suddenly smirked. "How about the boss, Kate?"

"That would give him something to do other than the boat and Gringotts knows him."

"They'd be mortally offended because he's a muggle."  Speed appeared and looked at her.  "Then again, it might be enough to drive them off and make them run off a cliff like a bunch of lemmings."  She giggled at that.  He looked at Tony. "I like the sinking boat idea.  Know anyone who'd want the insurance from that?"

"Sadly enough, I do," he admitted tiredly, shaking his head.  The agent came back.  "Again?"

"Um, well, they've decided now that you're unnatural and should have your wand snapped."

"It was our way to sneak into the girl's changing rooms," Speed complained.  "Take us back with you," he said, talking down to him.

"You are?"

"One of his mates.  Now," he snarled.  He waved at Gibbs.  "If H calls, I'll be back after I kick some of his relatives' asses."  They disappeared, going with him.  Up the stairs, into the Law Enforcement office.  Speed looked at the gathered relatives.  "We were thirteen when we made them.  They were used to sneak into the locker rooms," he announced.  "Then Gibbs found out and he needed someone to stop a rapist.  Yes, he used and abused Tony horribly.  That's what he does."  He looked at the other office.  "You needed more than that?"

"No.  We did wonder what had happened?"

"The last time he saw me in it, when we were sneaking out of the girls' locker room, he had one then too.  He knew after that not to pop by unannounced and yet he did it again.  He has bad timing.  By the way, I don't care about any of my relatives.  I hate you all.  You all suck," he said, repeating it in Italian.  "None of you stood up for me when he sent my pureblood girlfriend away for being poorer.  You don't deserve shit."  He repeated that as well, weathering the horrified looks.  "Thanks to him, I've never married, I intend to never marry, there will be no heirs, and the house will be burnt as soon as I get back there.  Are there any other questions about why I could care less about what you wanted from the estate?"  Everyone just stared and one aunt started to sniffle.  "Good.  Glad we're in agreement on something finally.  Because you brought this on yourselves."

"Tony, dear," his mother started.

He pulled his wand and looked at her. "You fucking well clapped, and again when I cursed him."  She gave him a horrified look.  "Yes, mom, I remember now.  Good thing, huh?"  She hiccuped and backed away further. "You know what?  You want the house.  Have the house.  I'm taking the farm and those assets.  I'll take half the money.  You fight with everyone else because I could care less.  Just never come near me again," he said coldly.  She nodded, still looking scared.  "You can deal with all the greed and all that."

"If you wish.  Now, about heirs?"

"Never happen unless I personally get pregnant."  He heard Kate giggle.  "And while there's a spell, it won't be anytime soon.  I really don't like being female for some reason."  He looked at her and said something in Arabic, making her turn white.  "Good.  I'm glad we're in agreement."  He looked at the agents.  "Anything else?  Dealing with this is giving me a migraine and I've had enough."

"No," he said, shrugging.  "Sounds relatively fair to me, Mr. DiNozzo."

"Thank you.  Speed?"

"Coming."  He kissed Tony's hand, making the aunts all wail.  Then he smirked at them.  "Sorry, I'm a bad candidate for the spell, so unless you can convince him, there's no heirs coming."  He looked at Tony's mother.  "Hi.  Again."

"Timothy," she said, swallowing.  "Where's Daniel?"

Speed concentrated then looked at her.  "With one of his three lovers.  He's at work somewhere."  She blushed at that.  "Hey, he needed it and he still wears them out.  Good thing we remember everything, huh?"  She let out a small nervous laugh.  He moved closer.  "There was discussion about a boat, wandless magic, and the middle of the ocean," he shared.  "Especially for you."  She nodded at that.  "Good.  I'm busy.  Unfortunately I'm going to be called out for a case soon."

"What do you do?" one of the agents asked.

"Tony's on an NCIS team.  I'm a CSI in Miami.  Danny's one in New York," he said proudly.  Tony's mother sighed and nodded at that.  "We stop people who hurt others.  I'd be very proud of your son.  For once."  He walked Tony off, taking him back to work.  He presented him to Gibbs.  "He gave her half and made her look nauseous.  It should be done now unless his mother shows up.   You'll know her.  She'll be wearing Dior.  She'll have Tony's hair only shoulder length, she'll have his eyes, and a sneer that would've done Draco's mommy proud."

"I'll watch out for her.  Thank you."

"Welcome."  He looked at Tony.  "You'll be okay?"

"I'll be fine. I heard H call.  Go."  Speed winked and headed off, disappearing from the elevator.

Tony sat behind his des.  "So, cases, boss?" he asked, sounding much more reasonable.

"You still have grief time."

"She'll try to ambush me at home."

"Fine.  Sit there, do paperwork.  Just stay calm."  Tony nodded and got back to work.

McGee looked over.  "Tony, I'm sorry to hear about your father, even if you weren't close.  You could hold an Irish wake for him," he offered.

Tony grinned.  "That's an idea, McGee.  I'll think about it."  He winked at him. "I'm fine.  I got to yell at them and Speed helped me prove why there wouldn't be an heir."  He grinned and got back to work.

Gibbs smirked at him.  "This evil you is a lot more fun than the teenage you," he noted dryly.  He sent him a name.  "Do a background on them."

"Sure.  New agent?"  Gibbs nodded.  "Okay."  He got to work, pulling up everything and collating it prettily.


Danny walked into the house later that night, smiling and taking kisses.  "Evening, family.  We good?"

"We're fine," Stella assured him, pulling him into her lap.  "So, about this other bond?"

He smiled at her.  "Way back when, when we were second years, we were bored and struggling in classes with things that made no difference and had no reason to exist in our lives.  So we found something and we tried it, and it worked."  He smiled as Alex appeared.  "Hi."

"Hi."  He kissed him on the forehead, looking at him.  "Dagger?"  Danny pointed in the bedroom.  "Why?"

"Because it nearly got stolen at work and I forgot it this morning," he admitted.

"As long as you keep remembering it, adopted son of mine."  He gave him a look.  Then he grinned.  "I felt and there's still a small one."

"Yeah, but we wanted that one."

"Works for me."  He patted him on the head.  "You look so cute!  Does she get to use the strap-on I sent her often?"

"Not really."  He looked at her. "He sent you sex toys?"  She nodded. "Why?"

"Draco made him clean out the toy chest again that was down on the catacombs."  She shrugged.  "Apparently he had a few years where he found sex toys everywhere."

"No, only two jobs," he admitted modestly, grinning at her.  "Speaking of.  Donald?"  Don groaned.  "Next weekend off?"

"This one?  Can't I have sex?"

"No.  You can't have sex. You can come pick out pretty presents and help me get stuff ready to auction off."

"Yes, sir."  He pouted. "I wanted sex."

"You can have sex, bring one who's also off."  He shrugged and disappeared.

Don looked at them.  "Pretty things, statues?  Books?"

"Books," Danny said.


"Something pretty?"

"Sure.  Mac?"

"I don't need presents."

Don kissed him and he went limp.  "Give me an idea or I'm bringing home more sex toys to show you what a toy you are," he warned.

"Something, anything, Don.  I don't need presents."

"He's giving them away.  I'll scavenge you something non-cursed."  He went back into the kitchen. "I ordered pizza."

"I love you," Danny offered.   "Now, we've got to talk about the other stuff, huh?"

"I can see them curled up on their corner of the bed, together," Stella offered, licking her lips.

Mac gave her a look.  "You've been in smut heaven all day, Stella.  Why?"

"Oh, Horatio's had a porn case and he's been broadcasting a bit."  She grinned.  "It's been great fun.  Even Ray Jr.'s gotten a peek and been smuty it was so good."

All the men shook their heads.  You just had to humor Stella in these moods.

Tony showed up and looked at her, then kissed her, grinning.  "Now you know how I feel all day every day."  She giggled and swatted him.  "So, Speed's working up his nerve to ask someone out tonight.  We should eavesdrop."

"No we shouldn't.  It's hard to ask someone out, especially if you think they're straight," Don countered.  "Leave the poor guy alone."  He grinned and snuck his own kiss.  "No fair kissing Stella when I don't get any belly scratches."

Tony stood up and looked him over, then carefully took his food away and put it on the table. "Change.  I'm good at belly scratches and ear pets."  Don changed to his dog form and let Tony sit down and pet him for a while.

Danny and Mac shared a grin.  Then they pulled Stella up and went to tease her mercilessly in the bedroom.

Tony smiled at Don.  "You'll get yours later.  Danny is a motor.  Unless he runs out of gas, or in his case his boundless lake of energy, he'll keep going and going and going.  I've had whole weekends with Danny buried in my ass."  The puppy growled. "Jealous?"  The dog shook his head. "Uh-huh," he teased, going back to petting him.  Don groaned and spread our further for his long fingers and short nails to scratch his soft furry bits.  "Good boy, Don.  You're such a good dog."  He leaned down.  "Ever sniff skirts?" he whispered.  Don gave him a doggy grin and a lap up the nose.  "Cool.  I have too as a cat.  Everyone likes a lap cat, especially women."  He went back to petting him.  Speed appeared and he looked over.  "Not go well?" he asked, seeing the black eye coming in.

"Not at the moment.  We'll see how it turns out in a few days.  After all, the first time I kissed Danny I got punched too."  Horatio appeared and looked at him. "What?" he defended.

"What did you do to Ryan?"

"I asked him if he wanted to go out to dinner."

"Hmm.  Home, now, Tim."


"Now, Tim.  Before I spank you.  And I do mean my home."  Speed looked confused.  "Now."  He shivered but did disappear.  Then he rolled his eyes.  "Those two would drive each other nuts.  The same as Eric's too straight for him."  He headed home, going to tell Speed how it was going to be from now on. Especially since he had heard Stella snickering over the porn in his head all day. He found Tim in the kitchen and walked in there, taking the glass from him and hauling him upstairs.  "Mine."

"Um, last I knew you were straight."

"Yeah, right," he said dryly, pushing him onto the bed, smirking at him.  "We'll fix that misconception as well, Tim."

"Um, Horatio, spell?"

"No, Timothy."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Timothy."  He laid down next to him.  "By the way, nice move with Tony's family," he whispered in his ear.  "You had better not get pregnant from him."  Speed gave him a horrified look. "Good. Cuddling and some limited sex I can handle.  *That* would make me prove you both were mine.  Which might be fun depending on how kinky Tony is."  He took a kiss, making Speed go limp underneath him.  "Now, isn't that better?"

Speed nodded.  "Yeah, so far."  Horatio smiled and dove in again.  It was ...pretty damn good for a first time and it having been so long for both of them.

Afterward, Horatio let Speed cuddle. "I told Ryan you were thinking about him that way but he had competition. He ceded the highway already."

"Well, you do always drive the hummer," he teased.

"Yes, I do."  He stroked his mate's stomach.  "I like this.  We'll have to spend more time cuddling."

"Right after you paint the boring walls, Horatio."

Horatio found his wand and flicked it at them.  "Finite Incantantum."  The white faded and left very pleasing walls.  "Better?"

"Much.  When did you do that?"

"A few years back," he offered modestly.  "Everyone would be shocked if they came in and found the house actually decorated."  He heard the bell.  "Speaking of shocked."  He got up and went down there, finding it being Eric.  "Eric.  Is there a problem?"

"You took what's mine," he said dryly, walking inside and looking around.  "Finally!  We were hoping you'd finally decorate!  Man, white does not suit you."  He walked up the stairs and grabbed Speed.  "Come on, let's go."

"Eric," he protested, pulling back. "What are you doing?  Is this some sort of lust spell?  Revenge for the times I made you a dog?"

"No, but I don't mind being a dog for you.  You played with me all the time. It was nice."  He grinned. "Now, come on.  You can't stay with the boyfriend napper."

"You're straight."

Eric giggled.  "You're so damn clueless.  Come on.  Now, Speed."


"Eric," Horatio warned from the doorway. "It appears he wants to stay."

"Then you're getting both of us."

Horatio considered it.  "Actually, with their bond, you'd be getting the quad in New York and Tony as well."

"Hey, I'd finally get worn out," he said happily, sliding into bed and holding Speed.  He noticed Horatio's look and rubbed a bit against Speed's sheet-covered butt.  "Look how he's staring.  We must be pretty."

"I'm handsome."

"You are," Eric agreed. "So am I.  But together we're pretty enough to make that one beg."  Speed swallowed. "Awww, aren't you the kinky sort?" he teased.

"No, that's Danny and Tony, our love sluts."

Eric giggled.  "Now you've got another of those.  Just think of all we can do," he whispered, still rocking against him.  Horatio was looking very interested.  "Watch him, Speed.  Watch how he looks at us."

"Eric, you still...."  He was cut off by a kiss.

"You have no idea what I do some days, even when you're there, Speed.  So shut up."  He kissed him again and it was even better.  He looked up at Horatio.  "Are we better than the walls?"

"Much prettier than the walls.  Much nicer than the porn case I had today."  Eric beamed at that and Speed blushed. "I had Stella all day looking at it with me and snarking at it."  He moved closer.  "Eric, you know very well I don't share."

"Who said anything about sharing?  He's mine.  If you want him, you're both mine."

"I think you'll find it's the other way around, Eric," he warned, but he was smiling.  Someone knocked.

"If that's someone else coming to take me, I know it's a spell," Speed said dryly, getting up and taking the sheet with him.  Hoping maybe he can escape the lust upstairs.  He found a young woman he didn't know on the doorstep. "Yes?"

"Would you like one of our Watchtower magazines, sir?"

"No, honey, I was about to go down on my boyfriend.  Sorry."  He shut the door in her shocked face and looked around. All his clothes were upstairs.  He listened, then he summoned his wand and headed home, nearly running over their house elf.  "Hey, Taps."  He patted him on the head.  "Dinner?"

"Dinner is not being ready for another hour, Mater Speed sir.  Taps is working very hard on the books.  They is not being in order."  He swatted him.  "You smell like house elf cuddle pile.  Go bathe!"

"I know.  Horatio pounced."  He headed that way.  Then he came back.  "If anyone comes, I'm not home."  He went back to the shower, going to clean up and think. So at the end of his shower, he put in the plug and some bubbles, sitting down as they grew around him. He inhaled, it was a nice scent. A very nice scent.  Taps peeked in and he gave him a happy, content look. "Taps, can I have a drink?"

"There is a muggle here wanting you, sir."

"Do we know them?"

"No Master Speed sir.  He is being very strange."

"Ask him his name."  Taps nodded and went to do that, then came back.  "Who?"

"He is being purple and says he's Master Gibbs?"

"Gibbs, that you?"

"Yes, and for some reason I'm purple."

"How did you get to Miami?"

"McGee."  He walked into the door of the bathroom and sure enough he had purple skin.  "Can we fix this since he can't?"

"Depends on how it was done."  He pulled his wand over and cast a checking charm, then giggled.  "It was done the mundane way but there's a really good cleaner in the cabinet, blue and green swirled bottle I think."  He walked in to get it, holding it up. "Yeah, that.  Works to get dye pack stuff off too."

"Thanks.  Any hope it'll be gone by the morning?"

"Yeah, a few washes should do it.  Use the sink."

"What are you doing home?"

"Well, I asked one guy out because I decided I liked him.  He punched me.  Then I went to pout at Danny and them.  Horatio showed up and kidnaped me. I'm starting to think there's a lust spell on me or something."  He frowned.  "After Horatio and I made love, Eric showed up and tried to take me from him and said if Horatio wouldn't give me up to him, he'd have to take both of us."

Gibbs smiled while he scrubbed.  "Interesting.  You good with that?"

"I don't mind.  I mean, they're both kinda straight."

"Doesn't sound like it to me."

"Yeah but it's just odd.  I mean, Ryan punches me and then.....  Oh, damn.  He's taking revenge."

"Or he might genuinely like you, kid."  He gave him a look.  "You can never tell with guys like Horatio.  They hide their emotions too well. Nice bubble bath."

"It's comforting and my favorite scent."  He slid down further and played with some bubbles.  "Scrub in a circular motion, it's better for the skin."

"Sure."  He did that and more of the dye came off. "Can you ask my chuclehead if it was him?"

"Already did, he said it was Ziva."

"She'll be getting hers tomorrow then."  He rinsed his face off and looked.  "That's wonderful."  He took mental note of the name, then looked at himself.  "Can you scrub off wrinkles?"

"It removed all the gunk making them more distinct and weighing your skin down."

"Even better.  Hard to find?"

"Found it online."

"I'll have to look."  He looked at it again then walked off. "Thanks."

"Welcome.  Taps, can you take him home?"

"Of course, Master Speed sir."  He looked at him. "Home?"

"How about we go visit Horatio's for a second," he said quietly.  The house elf checked dinner then nodded and took him with him.  He landed in Horatio's living room, looking around.  "This is much better than my place."  Horatio and Eric both came down the stairs.  "You two confused him.  He thinks Ryan's getting revenge on him for asking him out."

"He'd better not," Eric complained.

"Well, he does."

"Not him, Wolfe."  He looked at Horatio.  "Can you get us in there?"

"Taps, what were you fixing for dinner tonight?"

"Macaroni and sauce."

"Good.  Excellent. Anything with meat?"  He shook his head, his ears flapping. "Even better.  We'll be right there.  Do not tell your master."

"Him is being saying he's not home."

"I know he did.  We'll work on that later.  Okay?"  He smiled and the house elf nodded, taking Jethro home and then going back to his cooking.  Horatio looked at Eric, then at the kitchen.  "Let me."

"Can I take lessons?"

"Only if you decide to use it, Eric."

"Is it hard?" he asked as he followed him.  "Can I try your wand?"  Horatio got the steaks defrosting magically and handed it over.  "Okay, what do I do?"

Horatio pulled him closer, adjusting his grip.  "Point it at the candle and say enflame."

"Enflame," he said, lighting it up.  "Whoa."  He walked over, it was real enough to burn his hand.  He found another one and tried it again.  "Enflame."  This one went higher. He blew it out and came back to blow out the other one.  "Wow."

"Very.  Maybe you and your sister should've gotten letters."

"If we did, Poppi would've gotten mad," he pointed out.  He handed back the wand.  "Does this mean you guys can teach me?"

"We can."  He took a kiss and cooked the stakes with his wand, then winked at him and pointed.  "Get a bottle of wine. Speed appreciates good food."  Eric found one he liked and they went together, Horatio finding one of Speed's plates for the steak. "May I?" he asked, taking the wine.  Eric gave him a look.  "Just for a few minutes."  That got a nod and Eric suddenly changed down to Taps, who squeaked.  Horatio smiled at him.  "It's necessary for a moment."  He handed over the plate.  "Go tempt him out of the tub."

Eric walked that way, leaning in.  "Should Taps set steak on table or in here?" he asked.

"I feel magic and your house elf stinks, Ryan."

Eric was changed back but he managed to keep hold of the steak. "If I were it'd be different.  Did you know I can use H's wand?"  Speed gave him a look. "I did. I lit candles."  A few floated in and he took Speed's wand to light them.  "enflame."  Speed blinked at them, leaning over to test one, then having to lick his fingers.  "See," he said proudly. "Now, steak in here?"

"Um, sure.  How did you do that as the house elf?"

"How do you think?" he asked dryly, sitting beside the tub.  He sniffed. "I remember that scent on you a few times."  He cut a piece of steak and fed it to him.  "Sore?"

"Wanted to think."

"That's kind of understandable after the day you've had."  He fed him another bite.  "It's not Ryan's fault.  H made sure of it."  He took a kiss with a smile.  Then he fed him another bite.  "After you eat, we'll talk and then we'll have another round of sex.  Maybe even in your favorite bubbles."  Speed just blinked at that and at Eric's grin.  "It's a fun thing.  Bubbles make you slippery."

Speed let Eric stuff his mouth again before he made another comment.


Speed walked up to Ryan the next day.  "I'm sorry.  I don't want things to be awkward so if you want, just forget I said anything," he offered, but he was still smiling just a bit.  "Actually, with the night I had last night, I wasn't sure if it was a curse or not.  So if it was, thank you.  And if not, forget I said anything, okay?"  He did grin this time.

"What happened?"

"Well, someone heard you and then came to kidnap me.  And then the other one decided he was jealous so he got between us and tried to take me for himself.  Then ended up saying if the first one wanted me, he'd have to have both of us.  So, yeah, if that was a curse, you can be my best man."  He clapped him on the back and walked off.

"You're not going to tell me who?"

Speed turned and looked at him.  "Probably not a good idea.  Thanks, Ryan."

"Um, yeah, welcome," he agreed, nodding at that.  He was confused now.  Eric walked past him, looking like he had gotten laid last night.  "Morning."

"Yes, it is."  He grinned.  "It's a pretty good morning actually."  He kept going.

Ryan sniffed the air, then frowned at him.  Then he shook his head.  Couldn't be.  Eric was totally straight and a player.  He turned and found Horatio standing there.   "Boss, sneaking up on me is bad."

"Sorry, Mr. Wolfe.  Is there something wrong?"

"No, Speed just thanked me for turning him down," he said quietly.  "I'm guessing he's happy.  And Eric looked really happy."  He wasn't going to say it but Horatio looked very smug as well.  Speed had said two....  No, they were both very straight. He knew they were, he had seen them out with women and Eric getting some in the clubs in the past.

Horatio moved closer.  "What you saw and what fully happens can be mistaken," he noted quietly.

Ryan gaped then slapped himself hard.  "Okay then.  Not that I needed to know.  I'm happy if you are and it wasn't a curse."  He walked off, mentally slapping himself and making sure his magic hadn't slipped.  If it had, it was being nice.  Usually he'd have cursed Speed to genital herpes or something.


The quad looked up as Speed and Tony appeared, with Horatio and Eric behind him.  "Hey," Danny said happily.  "It worked out okay?"

"Did you do a lust spell?"  They all shook their heads.   "Are you sure?"

"Was he always this insecure?" Eric demanded.  Tony nodded.  "Oh."  He looked at Speed then kissed him until he moaned. "That's not a spell, Speed.  Get over it before I make you our bed toy again tonight."  Speed just blinked.  He grinned.  "But we're here on business."  He plucked Don's wand out of his back pocket and pointed it at the nearest plate of cookies.  "Wingardium leviosa."  He floated it up and around then back onto the table.  He tossed back the wand.  Then he looked at Danny. "Can we figure this out?"

"Sure, but I'm due to watch the headmistress be arrested."

"Why?"  Speed showed him a picture.  "Is that Tony being flogged?"

"It's her way of correcting the creative and bored students who get into things.  We have pictures of Don's sister too."  Don nodded.  "So we're waiting for her to be arrested.  Being here means they can't try to attack us for it."

"Sure," Eric agreed.  "Can I help?"

"Sure," Danny agreed, standing up and walking him into the bedroom. He got his spare wand and gave it to him.  "Come on, let's practice."  Eric nodded and followed him back out.  "Let's start with the basics."  He paused when he saw the banshee.  "Didn't we break that?"

"Yeah, it's from her," Tony sighed.  "She knew about it.  Remember, we had to make special plans that one year."  Danny nodded at it.  "One, two, three..."  They all cast the banishing charm on it.  It left and Tony put his wand back up.  "Okay, let's get Eric ready.  After all, we've done a good job with the other two, even if one of them is kind of lazy," he said, looking at Don.

"Sorry!  Remember, I work all day too."

"It's all right, we know," Stella assured him, smiling at him. "It's okay.  I have to do the same with the hours we work."  Mac gave her a look. "I have."

"I think it's time we all practice," Mac noted.  They all got down to work with Eric and the other two newbies.  Especially since Don was starting to stick to things again.  Danny finally had enough of him leaking magic and took him into the bathroom to ...cure that for him.  He came out once Don was back in bed and went back to working with Eric. It was going to be a fun day.  After they set ground rules on who got to play with who.  Because they all knew about Eric and his habits.


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