Tony looked up when Gibbs came down out of MTAC, giving him a look because he looked pissed.  He knew that look.  That was the 'there's an idiot in charge' look.  "New director yet, boss?"

"No, idiots in charge," he admitted.  "They're not listening to their tacticians and one did something wrong.  Somehow we got asked to figure out how he did it."  He looked at Tony.  "Apparently he created a pair of earrings."  Tony burst out giggling.  "It's not funny."

"But it is, boss.  Especially if he's in a culture that represses women.  He's just lost all his power, destabilized his command structure, and that's only if he can prove he's himself.  If not, they're going to think he's a girl he picked up.  He'll know exactly what his rules are doing to others."  Gibbs did crack a smirk at that.  "It's like divine retribution."

"Fine.  He's not one of you that he admitted to.  Somehow they decided we were better suited to this investigation."


"Hopefully.  Get the case files from her.  Go over it, see what he did.  They're demanding it be undone."

"You know, boss, some of the warlords over in Afghanistan...  It's a mean thought but it might help with some of the renewed problems.  Mac knows some guys...."

"I'll talk with him later.  Go get the file from Abby.   Find McGee and David while you're at it."

"Same place, boss."  He got up and went down there, smiling when Abby smiled and waved at him.   "You have our new case."

"I do?"  She turned and got into her system, finding it.  "I do!  Oooooh, he took one of the most militant and anti-women's rights guys and gave him a sex change.  That's mean.  But probably effective."

"In more ways than one.  We're to figure out how he did it, kids."

She looked at the dossier.  "Well, do we recognize their schooling?"

Tony looked then shook his head.  "Nope.  He didn't list it.  We'll see.  Come on, you two, Gibbs said so.  This is our new case."

"I've have had the surgery done then dropped him in a different area," Ziva offered.  "That way he couldn't convince his people of being himself."

McGee looked at her.  "It won't matter, they're culturally programmed not to listen to women in charge."  He took the file from Abby, making her smile.  "Thanks."

"Welcome and that's a really good idea.  We should have a whole unit of guys like Tony and Harry who go do that to human rights violators because they usually start with women."

"Abby, are you feeling all right?" Tony asked, feeling her forehead.  She shooed him off with a frown and he shrugged, walking off with McGee.  "PMS?" he asked once they were safely in the elevator.

"I'm not sure, but I think Harry's somewhere in Bulgaria at the moment for a game."  That just got a nod.  They got off on their floor and gave Gibbs the file.  "Abby said she wants a whole unit of people who can do that to go get all the human rights violators, boss."

Gibbs looked alarmed at that.  "Is she feeling all right?  Abby's not usually that vicious."

"We're not sure," Tony admitted.  "I thought maybe extreme PMS.  McGee thinks her boyfriend's in Bulgaria for some reason."  They shared a look.  Abby was never like that.  "It's not even a high violence area at the moment so I'm not sure why she'd be worried."

"Love makes you do odd things," McGee offered.

"Yeah, like get married," Gibbs said dryly.  "Anything yet?"

"He didn't list a school that I know about," Tony offered.  "Could mean he's like Ryan."  He shrugged.  "Easiest way is talking to him, boss."

"We can do that.  He's on his way back. They consider that a cruel and torturous idea."

"That's because our people don't like women in charge either," Tony noted dryly.  Gibbs looked at him.  "They don't."

"They don't," Gibbs agreed.  "Still not polite to say."

"Yay me."  He shrugged and got to work on the guy's background, finding the unraveling spot.  "He's like Ryan.  What he's carrying as his kit?  He's like Ryan."  He had a sudden idea.  "Which means she might even be fertile, boss."

"That's an even worse idea, DiNozzo."

"Sorry, boss, but it's giving me the warm fuzzies."

"Is whatever's wrong with Abby spreading?" McGee asked the boss.  "If so, and I turn homicidal, please stop me from hurting anyone, boss."

"I will.  I'll stop them too."  He looked at Tony.  "I could always reconsider my answer about that bond thingy," he said quietly.

Tony cackled at that.  "You can, boss, but then you'd have us in your head day and night for the rest of your life.  Including me, Speed, and Danny."

"Okay, that's a good reason to withdraw the threat.  Get back to work."  They got back to finding out what they could about this person and who they had done it to.  He was drawing serious parallels to what he had made DiNozzo do for that rape case.  He looked over when Tony suddenly burst out laughing and ran for the stairs to cackle in private.  He got up to look at his computer.  Nothing new there so he went to check on him, finding him rolling around on a landing with a security guard watching in amusement.  "I've got it."  That got a nod and he headed off.  Gibbs leaned down and smacked Tony on the head "What?"

"Don," he panted, gasping for breath.  "Cult member, slipped in front of them."  He burst out in more giggles.  "He was doing the changing spell today."

Gibbs shook his head then smacked Tony. "Up and back to work, DiNozzo."  He went back to his desk but he was mentally laughing.  If Don had slipped in front of his very rabid all-male cult, they probably weren't happy with him.  He called Mac.  "Is your boy all right?  Cackling madly, yeah."  He hung up and shook his head.  "He's fine," he said when Tony came back.

"I'm sure he is."  He flopped down and got back to work, shaking his head.


Don looked down at himself.  "Okay, how did we do this?"

Danny looked at him, then at Stella.  "Well?  I know it wasn't me."

"I felt a deflection and change."

"Uh-huh," Don said dryly. "I want my damn penis back."  He knew they hadn't stuck the spell so he and Danny got it undone, becoming himself again.  "Ah, better," he said happily, smiling at his guys.  "Sorry.  Let's find out how it got sent back, okay?"  They tested the people who had applied for a sex change, finding one had natural shields.  "Your mommy like us?"

"No," she said quietly.  "Did I do that?" she asked hesitantly.  He nodded.  "I'm sorry, Father," she sobbed, hugging his legs.  "I didn't know.  It keeps happening."

"We can fix that maybe," Danny promised.  "Just not as part of the mass spell.  No shields."  He withdrew another one that had shields.  "Better.  Move closer together. Let's try this again with you two across the room."  They were walked off.  "They're fine, someone put shields on them."  They cast the gender switch charm and they all changed, moaning.  "Now, are we *sure*?" Danny asked again.  "If I stick this on you, you can't get it changed back, ever.  Maybe not even surgically."  They all nodded and he stuck the charm, then Don finished locking it into them while Stella held their bodies in a semi-static state so it would accept the change and not fight it.  The last one was locked in and she was released.  They all sent up a prayer and Don patted all the new men.

"It's all good now," Don promised.  "Try things out tonight and all that.  Send word to us if it isn't fully stuck."  That got some nods and they filed out with the others.  A few of the others were whispering about punishments.  "I'm not like that," Don called after them.  He looked at the other two.  "Okay.  What sort of shields are on you?"  He looked.  One was a fear reaction shield.  He looked at her.  "Yours was done by you.   It's a reaction to your fear."  She hung her head.  "Hey, that just means you're unsure.  I can still do the spell later," he promised, giving her a hug.  She nodded, relaxing against him.  "I promise, if I have magic and you decide you fully want it, you can come to me."  She looked up and smiled, then walked off, going back to her room to contemplate and pray for clearness of thought.

Danny looked at the other one.  "Your mother guarded you.  It's female energy.  Did you talk to her about this?"

"She protested strongly," she admitted.  "I had no idea she knew how to do this sort of thing, Protector."

"Hey, it's all good.  Wandless witches can hide themselves really well.  We can't do it until you have her take it off."  One of the out-of-town higher ones came back in.  "They're both okay.  One had a doubt, this one's got a mother who wants to keep a daughter instead of a son.  I think she should talk more with her mother."  She nodded.  "Find out her reasons.  Remember, you can always talk to us and the others."  She nodded and hugged them all before going back to her borrowed room.

"When they want it and the doubts are both solved, we can help them then," Don promised.

The higher one nodded.  "That's more than reasonable.  Last minute doubts would skew it."  He knelt in front of Don.  "Father, I had a desire to do the other spell that has come to us."

Don shuddered.  "That spell still creeps me out but that's a personal choice," he offered.  "As long as you know what you're getting into and you're sure you want the child and will take care of the child."  He looked up and nodded.  "Then I have no problem with you doing the spell."

"I am not one with magic, Father."

"Ah."  He looked at Danny.  "You studied it more closely.  Can it be used on another?"

"It can be.  The caster would become the other parent.  It might come with a higher risk of complications though."  The priest nodded at that, staring at him.  "You need ta think about this.  One of the possible complications is death if you miscarry and no one realizes."

"I understand.  Would one of you grant me the honor of casting it?"

Don shook his head.  "No.  I'll only cast that on the person I settle with in as my consort.  I'm not spreading kids around except with the person I love more'n anything."

"That is reasonable and a wise decision, Father.  I know it's not me.  Perhaps the Protectors?"

"I'm still thinking.  There's some complications there," he admitted.  "Some oddness still.  We're not ready for that yet."  That got a nod and he got up, bowing at Don before leaving.  He looked at Danny.  "Unless you wanna have one?"

"Not really."  He shuddered. "I'm not a big fan of kids."  Don nodded at that.  "Kate did threaten one on me though."

"I'll keep that in mind."  Don smiled at Stella, then at Danny.  "Shall we head home?"

"We shall," she agreed, taking his hand.  Danny smiled and they double apparated while he watched, then he followed.  They all landed about the same time in the living room.  "We're back."

"We are," Don agreed, kissing her, then pulling Danny in for one.  "I feel like snuggles and gropes.  Anyone else?" he asked with a boyish grin.

"I could stand some snuggles but maybe not gropes today.  I'm having my quarterly female issue."

Don kissed her.  "I understand fully.  So we'll just cuddle and grope you mildly unless you wanna have boy sex with us?"  She smiled and swatted him but followed them into the bedroom.  "Oh, Danny," he called, getting a smirk back.  "I believe you have something I want."  He pounced him, taking a kiss and playing with what was his.  Stella moaned at that and got out what they'd want later, then stripped down to her panties and got onto the bed, pulling on Don's belt so he'd back them up.  She got them undone and their pants fell from gravity, making Danny trip and knock Don onto the bed.  She got them stripped and played with Danny's back, making him moan.  Don pulled back from his kisses, smiling at him.  "Can we make you the toy, Danny?" he asked.  "Just us?"

Danny's head was being clouded by Stella's fingers and Don's kisses, that's why he could only nod.  Stella licked up his back, making him shiver but it was all good.  They took good care of him.  "Would you share some of those memories with us?" Stella asked in his ear.  "Please, Danny?  Let us see how special you three were?"  He shook his head.  "Please?"

"Can't.  Have to be in on it."

She pouted.  "I understand."

Don moved Danny and pounced her.  "Even I don't know and we've all got stuff we kept from the bond, Stella."  He kissed her gently, stroking through her hair.  "I don't want them until he's comfy enough to give them freely this time."  She nodded and they both smiled at Danny, making him a bit nervous.  "It'll be good," he promised, moving to tease his cock.  Danny was a right to the point guy with him most of the time.  He could do that for him this time.  Stella could make him their toy for a while.  They had Danny writhing between them, with Stella playing and stretching him for their pleasure.  He was dancing on her fingers and she was loving this power.  Don slid home, making Danny moan and arch up.  "Shh, mine," Don soothed, stroking his hair while he moved.  Danny was already at the babbling stage.  He smiled and got harder and faster, feeling her hand come between them to clamp the cock ring on Danny.  He grinned when he protested.  "It'll be good.  She wants some too."

"I can have her ass," he moaned, thrusting up. "Please?"  Don sped up, making him need it more.  The more Don moved the more he needed.  The more he needed the more he begged.  The more he begged, the hotter Stella got and eventually Mac came home for an early lunch.  Danny grunted at him and wrapped Don around him, encouraging him on.  Don finally came and panted, laying on his chest.  "Don," he moaned.  "Take the ring off, please?" he begged.

Mac finished stripping and laid down beside him, stroking his stomach.  "Danny, can I help?"  Danny gave him a look.  "Please?  I want this part of you so much."  He teased where Don was still laying, making Danny gasp and arch up. "Please?"  Don slid out of the way.  "May I?"  Danny pounced, he was desperate enough for toys.  Mac made him calm down, touching and stroking him first, but he was still frantic when he slid into him.  Danny moaned the whole way and Mac smiled.  "You're still very tight."  He shifted some and started to move, making Danny babble in another language.  Stella kissed him at the first hint of magic coming out, but Mac shooed her off to play with Don this time.  He kept going, slowly increasing until Danny was mindless, unable to babble, unable to do more than make pleading and begging noises.  He leaned down next to his ear.  "You drive me to that point too," he promised. "You're good to me, Danny Messer."  He undid the ring and let him come, making himself hold on until he was done to take advantage of the post tremors to thrust his last few times and come then.  Danny went limp and held on so he even got to cuddle for a bit.  Don made Stella squeak high pitched noises as she came and it was happiness all around.  Even if they did need a nap and Don had to dissipate the pent- up magic floating around their bedroom.

Danny looked up once he heard Stella and Don snoring.  "Well, that makes twice now."

"Some day it'll just be us and I'll be happy with that," he promised, stroking his cheek.  "For now, Don wanted you more today and I got hot thinking about how you did that for him.  That's why I asked."  He took a kiss.  "You make me make the same sounds Stella does, Danny.  I'm not used to that.  Claire never treated me like a toy."

"Everyone should be a toy now and then, Mac.  It's good for them."  He snuggled in again, content to be held for a few more minutes.  "Work?"

"Boss's prerogative.  Long lunch."  He wrapped Danny in his arms and stroked his back.  "I needed this.  We needed to connect again."  Danny yawned and nodded, letting himself drift off too.  Mac smiled and held him until he was fully asleep.  He had to nudge Danny to let him go but when he did Don and Stella pounced with a simple 'I'm cold,' whispered their way.  He smiled and took a mental snapshot to remember this moment on the bad days.  Danny was limp, sated, and smiling because of him.  Stella and Don had each other for the moment.  It was a nice lunch.  He cleaned up and got dressed, heading back to work to do something good and think about their relationship, only getting smacked once by Horatio for being too contemplative.  His point of 'you don't think about it, just do it; it makes it easier and saner' was a good one.   He'd have to consider that next.


Mac came home and found the three of them on a couch with Speed snuggled into Don's side.  He smiled at the pretty picture and got a grin back from Speed.  "Horatio know you're escaping?"

"Yup.  He told me to go away for an hour so he could do something.  So I came up to fondle Don and tease Stella."  He stroked Don's arm, watching the jealousy pop up.  So instead he played with Danny's leg.  That got an even more jealous look.  Speed stared him down, getting an evil look.

"Mac, he got there first," Danny noted.  "Literally if I'm remembering right."  He and Speed shared a look.  "That was you, right?"

"Yeah, it was me.  The person rubbing your back was Tony."  They looked at Mac again, seeing the amused, yet still jealous look.  "Mac, you've got to get used to it.  I'm not taking him from you, only borrowing some attention before he kills you all in bed."

"I haven't been that bad in years.  Stella's worse now."  Stella gave him a look.  "Who was it that went to the toy shop in Diagon and came home to strap us all down?"

"I had fun," she admitted happily.  "Didn't you?"  He smirked at her, then swatted and took her chocolate to nibble.  "Hey!  That's my dinner."

"Fat chance," Mac told her.  "You can eat a real dinner, Stella.  So can the rest of you."  He headed into the bedroom to changing, finding himself out of clothes.  "I'll be right back.  I need to bring more stuff over."  He popped home, finding someone in there.  His gun cleared the holster before the person turned around.  "Who are you?"  He sent a thought at the others.  The man gave him an amused look.  "Now," he ordered coldly.

"I was sent by your former Commander, Taylor."

"I doubt it."

"We have need of you."

"Again, I doubt it."  Danny popped in behind him, wand in hand.  "Danny."

"Flack's coming with backup."  He glared at the guy.  "Huh. You don't look military to me.  You don't stand like Mac or any of the others I know."

"We know about Gibbs, son."

"I'm not your kid.  My father's locked up."  He pointed his wand at him.  "Immoblius."  The man went totally still.  "I hate morons."  Mac put his gun away.  "Don's about a block away.  Check him for ID and a wand before they get here."  Mac did that, using his cuffs to lock him down too.  They heard footsteps on the stairs.  "Incoming."  He unfroze him and hid the wand when he went to answer the door.  "Him, guys."

"He was looking through my mail. I need to check for listening devices."  Mac looked at the ID again, then at the man in front of him.  "That was the wrong move."   He called Gibbs the normal way.  "It's Taylor, who do we call in the local office?"  He jotted down the number.  "Thank you."  He hung up and called.  "This is Detective Taylor, NYPD, I've got one of your boys who just broke into my apartment.  We'll be here and he's under arrest and staying that way," he said firmly.  He hung up and looked at the boys.  "Flack, question him in the kitchen."  Don and the officers walked him that way.  He showed Danny the Pentagon ID.  That got a nod.  "You think?"

"Is what he said true?"

"He's staying mute," Don called.

Danny pointed his wand at him, then muttered something under his breath.  The man started to speak slowly, like it was being forced out of him, in response to the questions.  Mac smirked at Danny when the wand got put away again.  "I'll have to remember that one."

"Yeah, I thought about using it before but I didn't think you'd clear it," he agreed quietly.  He went in there, looking at him.  "Why are you after Mac and are you after Gibbs?"


"No to which?"

"No, I'm not after Gibbs.  He can't help us."

Danny snorted.  "Ya know, if there's any guy who can do things for you, it's Gibbs."  He crossed his arms.  "Why are you after Mac?"

"He has skills we need."  Danny and Don both snickered.  "You think it's funny?"

"I think you need a better explanation," Don assured him, letting Mac check for listening and taping devices while they did the interrogation.  Tony strolled in.  "Hey, DiNozzo."

"Local office got a call, they called Gibbs instead.  He told me to come since I was local.  Local office got told he was untouchable."

"Gee, he doesn't look like that sort of G-Man," one of the officers offered.  Tony grinned at him. "It was a good movie."

"It was.  One of the only things I've liked Costner in."  That got another laugh.  He looked at the person in front of him again.  "Special Agent DiNozzo, NCIS," he introduced.  "Why are you in New York to bother Detective Taylor?"  He knew this spell very well.  The more specific the question the better the answer.

"His former commander sent me to bring him back into the fold.  We have need of his skills," he ground out. "What did you do to me!" he demanded, glaring at Danny.  "I can have you taken too."

"Others have tried," he noted dryly.  "Mac's former commander is dead," he said dryly.  "He went to his funeral a few years back."  The man gave him a horrified look.  "So, wanna try again?"

"He sent me."

Mac walked in, handing over the bag of bugs to Don.  "Which commander sent you?"


"He was never mine," Mac told him.  "Sorry. Not my job."  The man gave him a horrified look.  "It wasn't my duty.  Sorry.  Take him, boys, or you, Tony."

"No, we get him," Tony said fondly.  Don handed over the guy's ID.  "Oh, yeah.  We get him.  Boys, can you bring him down to the car for me?"  They nodded and drug him off to help him.  He was a polite Fed, they appreciated that.  He grinned at Danny, then at Mac.  "Jealousy is bad, Mac.  Everything's the same for you.  It's not like I'm going to ask to be there and help."  He shot him a grin and a wink then left.

Danny shrugged at the looks.  "Not me.  Ask Speed.  You gave him the jealous looks."   He looked at the bugs.  "Hey, Tony," he called out loud and mentally.  "Need the bugs?"  He came back and got them, heading off, turning the car into a portkey on the way once he was out of sight.  Danny grinned at Mac, then looked around before kissing him on the cheek.  "It'll be all right.  Now, go pack.  You can have the couch."  He smirked and walked off.

Mac sent a clear shot of Danny on his back at him.  "You'll pay for that quip, Messer," he said quietly.

Don snickered.  "You two are like playful puppies.  Should we bring the dog too?"

"No, the dog's fine where he is."  He swatted him on the arm.  "Move."  Don got out of the way.  "Find me the shopping bags?  They should be under the sink.  I'll bring over food too since it'll only go to waste here."  Don nodded, handing him that then going to help him in the bedroom.  The officers would think it was a security precaution.  Which it was but Don had moved in last month when his lease had run out.  Paying half the rent and the bills was a lot cheaper.  Mac looked at him.  "I own this place, Don."  Don grinned at that and they headed off, taking Danny back home. They found Stella and Speed cooking and laughing in the kitchen.  "Bad news, the military came calling.  The commander he mentioned was over an extermination squad."  Stella hugged him. "It's all right, Stella, I promise."  He kissed her then Don.  "I don't think you bouncing around as a puppy would help that situation any."

"It would've been fun," Danny offered, laying down to lounge again.  It was his turn to lounge since others were cooking.

Mac came out of the kitchen and looked at him.  "I'm not sleeping on the couch," he said in Danny's ear.  "As a matter of fact, the only thing I foresee on the couch is you in my lap later."  Danny gave him a look, shaking his head.  "Oh, yes."  He walked around and put Danny in his lap, making him sit still for a few minutes.  Danny finally tensed up so he let him go.  "See?  I knew my prediction would come true."

"I'm not a lap bunny, Mac.  Try that with Don."

Mac pulled him over to kiss him.  "We're going to have to work this out, Danny.  I'm as territorial as anyone else is.  Especially over you.  I don't care if you, Speed, and Tony play as long as I know before you go play with them.  I'm not going to let myself be kept out of that loop."  Danny nodded and shrugged. "Good.  Then I think it's time we spent some quality time together. We never spend any time together and you're still wary of my touch."  He pulled him back into his lap.  Danny stiffened again.  "I know you're not the weaker one, Danny.   I'd never do that to you.  Now and then I do have this alpha imperative.  The same as you do and we all walk funny the next day."  He stroked his cheek and smiled.  "Now it's time for our two to work things out.  It's got to be more even between us. Some day soon I want to have a day like I had with Don recently, the only one in your body and pleasuring you."  Danny shivered at that. "Can we work in that direction?  Then you'd get equal time?"  Danny nodded.  "Thank you."  He took a kiss.  "Besides, it's easier to tease you when you're in my lap.  My arms aren't long enough when you're lounging against my thigh."  He stroked him, making Danny tense up and then laugh and swat at him.  "Not going to say anything?"

"You've done okay."

"Thank you."  He took another kiss and went back to teasing him. "Can I have you again?"  Danny shook his head.  "That's fine.  You'll have me later.  Stella can ride Don into the mattress with a toy."

"Did that earlier, can again," Stella agreed happily from the kitchen.

Horatio yelled at them all for broadcasting, that he was in the middle of a fire fight and could use that part of his brain back, thank you.  Speed and Don went down to help, stunning some when they appeared out of sight and came running up behind them to help.  It was solved and Horatio's headache was soothed later on by Eric's fingers on the back of his neck.  It was a good thing.  This time.  Though Speed did go over the exercises with Horatio again.  He had to be able to block out Mac.  Danny was going over them with Mac again, making him do them again.  It was needed on his side.


Gibbs walked into the New York CSI station the next morning, coffee in hand.  Stella and Lindsey saw him first, pointing at the office.  "He's in there.  He's not happy," Stella warned.

"I'm not happy, he's not happy.  It's a Marine thing," he said grimly, heading that way.   He came back and looked at her.  "I had one guy who turned a warlord into a woman to give him a taste of his own medicine."

She smirked evilly.  "Did we give him a medal?"

"No, but they're still debating charging him or not.  It's divided."  He walked off, a bit happier now at making her quit growling at whatever.  He liked and respected Stella.  Hell, if he liked brunettes, the quad would have some competition for her.  He walked into the office without a knock, finding Don in there.  "She called?"

Don grinned and nodded.  "Of course.  Warlord into a woman?  Sounds fair ta me.  He one who tortures them?"  He nodded.  "Then pity.  Hope his guys do to him what he did to others."  He handed over the file in his hand.   "The last reports from the three killed at the strip club."

"Thanks.  They're going to court marshal this week."  He looked at Mac.  "He know?"  He nodded.  "You're right, they're trying to get you back to go out and exterminate.  I talked with Pierce.  He tried to pull his wand on me and I snapped it on him.  Then I pointed out that's what was making him a weaker Marine if an old warhorse like me can do that.  He's babbling hard about the hit squad they want to go to Iraq."  Mac stiffened.  "And other places."  He took a drink of his coffee.  "I have pointed out you are off the call list.  If only because Danny would bug DiNozzo to the point he'd never get anything done."  They shared a look and Don looked innocently at them, even smiling like a little angel.  "And him."  He looked at Mac again.  "I pointed this out to the higher ups.  They're considering if this is a bad thing or not but I did point out you had been discharged honorably and you were a busy man taking out bad people who shot others.  They decided you're more valuable here.  The same as I am where I am.  Their words, not mine," he finished dryly.

"So for now we're safe?" Don asked.

"For now.  Though they do want to know what Danny did to their guy."  Don shrugged.  "Should I try to ask Tony?"

"Maybe.  They had different emphasis in what they did in their spare time in school from the way they told me.  It only connected for neat things, pranks, and quidditch."

"Sure.  I'll ask DiNozzo.  Any other issues we've got?"

"Horatio yelled at him for broadcasting again," Don teased.  Mac glared at him.  "You did."

"Behave.  Before I paddle you.  We're at work, Don."  He looked at Gibbs again.  "Thank you."

"Welcome.  Did those three work things out together? Last I heard Speed was unsure if it was something Ryan did to him."

"They're fine and together.  Now and then Eric has to pound that point into his head," Don offered.  "Horatio's incredibly tolerant now and then."  He grinned.  "We're playing a pickup game this weekend.  You wanna come?"

"I wouldn't mind.  Can I bring Abby so she quits moping and thinking violent thoughts?"

"You can and probably should.  He's just now back from the game and it got brutal.  Ron emailed us and her, said he got a concussion from the game and he's still babbling.  Otherwise he would've written.  So apparently the other team had someone who plays like Danny does."  That got a small smirk.  "We'll make sure you both get there.  The other guy too."

"How is Ziva doing?" Mac asked.

"She's healed.  She's quiet.  She still snaps at Tony now and then.  I'm starting to think she was an intentional plant and now she's lost without orders."  Mac nodded.  "Think we should question her that same way?"

"Are you sure Tony hasn't?" Don offered.  Gibbs stared at him and he shrugged. "He seems like the sort who could do that."

"He does."  He nodded and smirked. "Thanks, boys.  Let me get home with these forms.  Need anything else, call, Taylor."

"I will, Gibbs.  Good luck with her."

"If not, I was told to try to recruit Wolfe from Miami.  Apparently he's sharp and good.  Figured it all out while they were trying to hide it."  He smirked and walked off, knowing Don was telling Horatio that.  Danny met him outside. "I've got a way back."

"Sure. I was going to give you new coffee."  Gibbs finished his last one and tossed the cup, then Danny handed him the new portkey, waving as he left.  He went back inside, going back to work, cackling when he landed in the garage instead of the office as intended.  Well, he could get up there easily enough and it kept him from running into the back of the questioning people, namely Tony's mother. He heard Tony's ongoing scene of what was going on and looked around, sending a thought at Mac before he went down there.  He pushed the button on the elevator, looking at the guy beside him. "Hi."  He pulled his wand and obliviated him and took out the new spy camera.  The flash of him coming in would've disturbed it for a few seconds.  He walked off and handed it to McGee, then pulled Tony up, looking at him.  "You're fretting, my bitch.  Why?"  Tony smirked and pointed.  He looked at Tony's mother. "Mom."

"Daniel," she said cautiously, one hand drifting up to cover her throat.  "I've seen Timothy, it's nice to see you're still all right as well."

He shrugged.  "I'm good."  He sat down and put Tony in his lap, patting his back.  "What's up with the visit?  He called and said you wanted to see me?"

"I asked him about you," she offered, smiling slightly.  "Should you be doing that at work, Daniel?  It might make him look back to his little friends here."

"You guys mind if I soothe my bitch?  Gibbs?"

"He's my bitch now, Messer, you know that."

"Only if you're on a case, Gibbs," he said dryly, giving him a look.  He looked at Tony's mother again.  "More problems from the will?  I know he was going to appoint a manager to handle it for him but work's been murder, in most cases literally."  She went pale at that.  "If so, I can help him or one of my other bitches can.  Taylor's a good guy.  Well trained in Chicago."  She swallowed and shook her head.  "You sure?  I mean, it'd be good for him to get out of the office for a few days."  Speed walked up and he smirked. "There's my other one."  Speed smirked at him and leaned on the partition wall.  "So, what's up?"

"Just some questions about particular assets."

Danny looked at Tony.  "What, exactly, did you want out of this?"

"The farm and half the cash.  Everything else is hers or whoever's."

"I think that's fair," Danny agreed, looking at him.  "Before I go back to the Ministry up there and start filing accounts of what happened when he was twelve and the one you tried ta force him ta marry, or even the other stuff I know."  She nodded and backed off. "Anything else, Mom?  If not, my bitch here's gotta work and I've got murderers ta catch too."  She shook her head and fled to the elevator, taking it and disappearing from in there.  Danny looked at Speed.  "He's screaming at you."

"He's screaming because you called me your bitch," Speed said dryly.  He pulled Tony up and grinned at him.  "Fixed?"

"I hope so, I hate dealing with her."  He looked at Danny.  "You vowed no narking."

"I did and I won't as long as she plays nicely.  You know damn well she'll try something to get complete control.  The same way you're pretty sure she killed your stepmother."  He shrugged and stood up.  "Gotta protect what's mine."  They shared an evil smirk as information and ideas passed over their private bond. "I'll tell Mac to help you with that.  He could use something to threaten outside the office.  Maybe he and Gibbs can do it with Horatio advising?"  He smirked and winked, heading to the elevator.  He shoved the repair guy out of it and got in, disarming everything and disappearing from in there.

"Gotta love him in protective mode," Speed agreed, dragging over the guy and handing him to McGee.  "Rest easier, Tony.  Gotta go back before he starts to nag and yell."  He disappeared from the bathroom once he made it in there.

Tony sat down again with a sigh of relief.  "Sorry you had to be subjected to my mother, guys.  Now you know why I have a headache.  Who's he, McGee?  Danny shoved him out of the elevator."

"He was putting surveillance devices in it earlier."

"Charming.  Pity they won't work, but charming."  He did a small temporal charm to make them not work all day then looked at Gibbs once he was done with his wandless use.  "So, boss."

"DiNozzo.  No wonder you came in with a migraine during the will episode."

"Well, yeah."  He shrugged and got comfortable.  "It happens.  I raised myself better with the staff's help."  Ziva looked at him oddly.  "Yes, my parents have money."  He looked at his boss again.  "Anything yet, boss?"

"Pickup game this weekend."

"I heard.  We'll make sure you and she get there.  McGeek too if he wants."

"What about me?" Ziva asked.  "Going to see an NCIS softball game is supposed to be very relaxing."

"Ziva, I'm going to go play like in that picture," he said, looking at her.  She went pale. "With the two who I'll spank later for calling me their bitch."  She went even paler.  "I'll see if you can go if you want."

"No thank you.  Those are private rituals."  He shrugged and got back to his websurfing.  Since they didn't have a new case and the cold ones had already been went through and nothing new found yet.

Gibbs looked at Tony, then nodded.  "We should talk over lunch, DiNozzo."

"Sure, boss.  Where are we eating?  I might need to hit an ATM."

"The deli's running good specials this week," McGee offered.

"Thanks, Probie."

"Welcome, Tony.  Can you bring me back a sandwich?"

"Of course."  He smirked at him.  "The usual?"  That got a nod.  "I won't even lick it this time."  McGee grimaced at that and Tony grinned.  "Teasing."

"Thank you.  I don't need to know about your mouth germs."

"Enough," Gibbs ordered.  He called security and pointed at the guy. "Apparently he got shocked while putting things that don't belong in the elevator?"

"Probably, sir," they agreed, walking him off.  Downstairs the security supervisor clued them in on why he was protesting the new surveillance devices.  They'd have to do it anyway, it was an order.  If only so they could find out how they kept getting disabled.


Mac took the opportunity to call Horatio the old fashioned way, on his cell.  They were decent enough friends he could go to this with.  "Horatio, Mac.  I need advice.   No, romantic advice.  Because I was never one before."   He smiled at the simple suggestion.   "That would do us all good."   He grinned.  "Having to do that to yours?"   He giggled at 'no, the boys go play and I get to watch them' he got back. "Thanks, that's what I needed.  Yes, Danny did just call me, Speed, and Tony his bitches.  Right now I'm thinking spanking," he admitted dryly.  "Sure, I'll tell you how it goes if I do.  Thanks."  He hung up and got back to work finishing the paperwork on his last case.  It was a good idea.  Danny reappeared and strolled past his office.  He sent an evil thought at him and got a smirk back.  "Yes it looks like some corporal punishment is in order," he muttered.  He felt Don's giggle and checked on him.  His cult member was gushing over a dragon who was on his desk being petted.  He groaned.  How did Beaua get over here this time?"


Don walked in shaking his head at Danny's banter.  He'd get him later for the 'bitches' comment.  He paused, looking at his desk and the thing on it.  "Beaua," he said dryly, walking over to sit down and pet her.  The other wizard in the squad gave him an odd look.  "She lives with Dawn at school."

He just nodded at that.  He knew who Dawn was from many entertaining weekend stories.  He shook his head when the dragon bleated at him.  "Don't look at me, I have to buy lunch too."

She looked at Don, making him smile and hand over half his sandwich.  Stella had made it specially for him so she wasn't going to get all of it.  She was still appreciative and settled in to be petted and adored.  Even after another human squealed and came over to look at her.  She sniffed this one then graciously allowed him to pet her shedding scales.

"Someone needs brushed and sanded again," Don teased.  He grinned at his cult member.  "This is Beaua, she lives with a friend's little sister at school."

"She's beautiful, Detective.  Very nicely conformed."  He smiled at him.  "There are many raving your name in joy and the two you had think more are doing so," he said quietly.  Don grinned at that and they both went back to petting the dragon.  "She is quite special."

"Yeah, but she's not the shirt diver her buddy at home is."   His cult member giggled and nodded at that.  He called Tony over the bond, getting a smile for that and him calling Alex to see why the dragon was over.  "I'm wondering why she's here."

"She appeared," the other wizard said quietly.  "Outside, waddled past the desk and hopped into your chair then onto your desk."

"Hey, you can hunt," Flack said happily, making her purr louder when he scratched an eye ridge.   His boss came out of her office.  "I don't know how she got here, boss.  I know she lives at a school a friend of mine goes to."


"Not really.  Long commute if it was."  He looked up as Danny strolled in.  Yeah, he was too smug.  They'd be getting him later for the 'bitches' comment.  "Look who tracked us down."

"Alex said that she ran away from a kid who had an accident."  He scratched her scales, making her hum and arch up into his hand.  "Good girl, Beaua."  She looked at him.  "We should send you back."

"She can stay for a while, until someone comes to get her," Don said, looking a bit petulant.  "I'll watch her."

"She still needs scrubbed and oiled."

"I can do that too.  If no one comes in by tonight, I'll send her back."

"Fine, as long as you watch her and keep her out of the labs."  They shared a look.  "Anyway, wanna a suspect?  'Cause I figured out who it was, we've only got to finish proving it."  Don beamed at him.  "Good.  Let's go.  We can bring her with us."

"I can watch her," the officer offered.

"Won't you get in trouble?" Don asked.

"Technically I'm on desk duty today."  Don looked at the dragon, who snuffled him and leapt up onto his shoulders.  "Thank you, Beaua.  It's a great honor."  He walked off, going to let her help him.  She did keep people off his desk and in line, and got a few more pets from some of the other officers.  "She came to visit Detective Flack," he told his boss when he came to see what the other guys were babbling about.  "She goes to school with a friend's sister."

"Uh-huh.  The station is not the place for pets."  Stella walked out and petted her.  "Of course, if the detectives like her," he said dryly, giving her a dirty look.

"Beaua's fully housetrained.  Someone's on their way to pick her up.  She ran away when one of the kids scared her."

"I see.  So....  She's what sort of lizard?"

"No comment," she said, staring him down.  He backed off at that.  "Thank you.  Beaua, need outside?"  She gave the human a dirty look. "Just asking, I'd carry you so you didn't have to bite anyone for stepping on your tail."  Said tail flicked and she went back to resting.  "Fine.  Let me know if there's any problems," she told the cult member.  "I'll handle it.  Mac's out on a scene."

"Yes, Detective."  She smiled and walked off.  He patted the dragon's tail and moved it off his paperwork.  "Next."  The next one was drug over and he got to work booking them.  His boss stomped off, giving the dragon grim looks.  He looked down.  "Maybe you should suck up to him. I know he's got jerky in his desk."

She wiggled down and followed him, going to be a lap dragon and get a treat.  The man gave her a horrified look when she leapt in his lap but she stared at him imperiously and laid down, sniffing at his drawers.  "What are you?  A cat/lizard hybrid?"  She puffed some air at him and he groaned.   "Please tell me you're not a dragon?"  She smirked and sniffed the drawer again.  "Fine."  He got out a piece of jerky, letting her have it.  She nibbled contentedly and he got to pet her.  She was adorable.  He called Flack.  "Is this a real dragon or some exotic I've never heard of?" he demanded.  "Yes, this is, and she's in my lap sucking on my jerky treats."  He listened to the stunned silence.  "Flack."  He heard the quiet response.  "Fine.  Come get your dragon out of my precinct.  This hour, Flack."  He heard him report where he was.  "I don't care how you do it.  Get your girlfriend or other boyfriend to do it.  Yes, some of us are aware of that.  He was an idiot.  Some of us are not."  He smirked.  "Sure.  Do the popping around thing even.  Thank you.  Pets do not come to the station for a reason, Detective."  He hung up and a few minutes later Don walked in and took his dragon, heading off again.  He shook his head.  Did he really think he was hiding it all that well?


"Guys?"  Mac said over dinner, putting down his fork.  "I have an idea and I think it'll help us.  We're all stressed and there's not much alone time with all of us together so I thought we might want to have special 'couple' days.  Two of us will spend the day alone and do whatever we want while the others are at work or whatever."  They all shrugged at that.  "The only thing I'm not sure about is how to pick who goes.  Do we draw couples from a hat or just pick who we'd like to spend time with?"

"I say pick them out of a hat and arrange the schedules that week," Stella offered.  "That way there's equal opportunity to be with one of the other three.  I know if we were choosing it'd end up being you and me and Don and Danny first, then one side would switch probably."

"I'd rather draw from a hat, but the schedule arranging thing doesn't always work too well with my boss," Don offered, then he took a drink of his water.  "Danny?"

"I'm good with it.  I don't spend that much time with Stella and Mac usually.  You and I go out and do stuff all the time."  Danny smiled at them.  "We'll make out slips tonight after dinner."  They nodded and dug in to eat.  He knew this was Mac's way of getting closer to him and making things more equal but they had two alpha dogs in this relationship, there was going to be some work making him roll over for belly scratches on Mac's part.  Especially if he wanted to be the only one who had him that day.  He felt Tony's sigh and connected with him, easing his anger some.  He soothed him and told him he could come up for a while.  Tony said it was painful so he couldn't.  Danny snorted and mentally swatted him. "Guys, Tony needs someone to watch him tonight. Anyone mind?"  They shook their heads.  None of them could be jealous of the bond between Speed, Tony, and Danny.  They could only feel the edges of it through their own bond and it was a powerful, sucking bond that drew one in and made you feel warm.  Danny finished up and washed his dishes, leaving the soapy water there for the others, then he disappeared, landing on Tony's couch.  He snuggled into his side. Tony reached down to stroke his arm, staring at the tv.


Speed looked up from his dinner, then sighed and looked at Horatio and Eric.  "Tony's having a bad night."

"Why?  Did he see what's-her-name again?" Eric asked, eating another bite.

Speed nodded.  "Yeah, she was in town and he saw her.  It's rough.  His father drove her off.  She was the *only* one that got near to his affection for us.  Kate gave him some hope of a new one but it'll be in a few years."  He shrugged and finished up then put his plate in the dishwasher.  "I'm going to go hang with him and Danny, see if we can get him up again."  Horatio nodded.  "Don't wait up.  I may end up crashing on his couch."

"If I taste him on you, I'd better hear it before hand," Eric warned.  Strangely enough, the playboy was the jealous one of the three of them.  Horatio was possessive but Eric was *jealous* and guarded what was his.  Speed nodded and disappeared, heading to DC to sit on Tony's other side and cuddle him.  Eric looked at Horatio.  "What's the bond like?"

"Loud," he said with a small, fond looking smile.  "Mac still thinks too loudly."  He shifted in his seat and put down his fork.  "It's comforting, knowing and feeling that there's always someone there on the other end."

Eric finished his water and looked at him. "I know we figured out that my wandless stuff could make lower level wanded spells work too, but do you think...."

"You'd have to be willing to share everything with them, Eric," he said gently.  "Every memory, every part of yourself.  That's part of the bonding process."  Stella appeared and handed him two pieces of pie.  "Thank you, Stella."

"Welcome," she said with a smile.  "Did you two have a good day off?"

"We did," Eric agreed happily, smiling back.  "What's the bond like for you?"

"Loud."  He smiled at that and shook his head.  "Seriously.  Mac tends to broadcast.  Horatio got to yell at him yesterday while you guys were in that firefight for thinking too loud."

"More than once yesterday, you two were asleep during the other one," Horatio offered, patting her wrist.  "Speaking of broadcasting."

"I've asked one of the Banes about shields to put between us.  She suggested blanket walls instead of full walls.  That way we could hear and feel if someone patted on them while we were busy or having sex, but it wouldn't let random noises get through.  She said Greg and Philip could work on us this weekend."

"That would be nice.  We're still on for the game?"  She nodded.  "Eric, did you want to watch us play?"

"Please.  Can I bring Mari?"

"I'll have to check," Stella offered.  "We play at Alex's house."  Eric nodded at that.  "I'll ask him then."  She kissed him on the cheek.  "Just because someone took him from you once doesn't mean they'll do it again, Eric.  Remember there's always a risk on the job, for both of you."  She gave him a look then disappeared.

"She's slightly all knowing," Horatio offered with a small grin.  He handed Eric his pie and dug into his with a moan.  She did bake very well.  Eric dug in with a smile.  You had to like anything that made his other lover moan that way.  That's one of the reasons why he loved Speed, he induced those moans daily.  Horatio watched Eric think.  "What?" he asked when he frowned at his thought.

"I just had a thought."  He shook it off.  Horatio gave him that steady, staring, gaze that got people to break under the silence.  "I just realized one of the reasons I liked him was because he made you moan that same way."

"It's one of his many talents," Horatio agreed dryly, smirking at him.  "You do as well, Eric.  Usually when you two do things that keep me up at night."  Eric giggled.  "Not kidding."  He ate another bite.  "Do you like him just because he's him?"  Eric nodded slowly.  "Are you sure?"

"I am, even though he's an annoying prick sometimes."

Horatio smirked.  "You said you didn't mind going to the park with him today and playing catch."

"Yeah, but he made me a purse dog," he said in disgust.

"Speed's playful," he reminded him.  "Though I've heard Danny was the worst prankster of the three."

"How do you feel about that inner bond?"

"It's odd, but it kept them sane, happy, and together for a long time.  Through a lot of tragedies.  That's what held Danny together when his girlfriend died.  When Tony's father ran his off.  When Speed ended up leaving his family.  Even if they had blocked some of it off and drifted apart, they still knew when they needed each other.  Though I never realized Speed used to leave this often in the past."

"He probably didn't, that's why they were drifting."  He ate another bite of his pie and moaned.  "Tell Stella she can bake for me anytime?  I'll beg."  Horatio smiled and sent that though.  Then his smile got brighter.  "Is she offering to do more?"

"No, she's giggling into Mac's shoulder.  They're cuddled together watching Don try to reach the itchy spot on his back in dog form."  Eric smiled at that.  Someone knocked on the door.  "Who is it?" he called.

"Me," Ryan called.

Horatio went to let him in.  "Ryan.  What's wrong?"

"Two major things."  He stepped inside and shut the door behind him.  "One of them is that Marisol came looking for Eric at the office.  I have her at my place, Eric.  I wasn't sure where you were and she said someone was bothering her."  Eric nodded at that, moving to call Ryan's place to talk to his sister.  "The other thing," he said quietly, pulling out a paper and holding it up.  "Was that I got given this earlier," he offered, handing it to him.  "He was looking for you too, boss."

Horatio looked at the summons.  Then at him.  "Why are you being sued?"

"I'm not.  The lab is.  Over intentionally screwing up a case according to her."  He moved a bit closer.  "It was while Speed was gone," he said quietly.  "They're going to ask about him.  I heard him calling her to say he had given me mine and was hunting Calleigh.  That he didn't have one for the other tech on shift, was that wrong.  She said he had died when he mentioned Speed's name."  Horatio moaned at that.  "She was shrieking that he had died, she knew he had died, there was no way he was still living."

"I'll handle this."

Ryan shook his head.  "This is going to take all of us, even the biggest mouths in the department."  Horatio nodded at that.  "What do you want me to do tonight?  Scry her, anything?"

"No, for now, let's see who else is on her list.  Get that case and pull it to see what it was."

"I tried that.  Stetler has it locked.  I can't get into it.  I couldn't find it in any of the notes I keep either."  Horatio sighed and nodded.  "I know Alexx wasn't on his list for some reason.  I don't know why.  I do know the dirtbag IAB guy looked very smug when he saw him handing me the summons.  And get this, that contradicts the other one I've got next week."

Horatio looked again and nodded. "Tell the prosecutor first thing in the morning.  See if we can get the file from them."  Ryan nodded.  "I need to know what this case is."

Eric came over.  "Marisol's freaking out, Horatio."

"Bring her here, Eric."  He nodded, going to pick her up.  Ryan handed him his keys, getting a smile.  "Ryan, for right now, we need to see what the case is and what's going on."

"I'd like to know that.  I don't remember that name.  Like I said, I checked my notes when I dropped her off.  I don't have a mention of it in my journal or in the files I keep at home."

"Then let's see what I can pull up," he offered.  "How would you scry them?"

Ryan held up something in a baggie.  "He's a shedding person, Horatio," he said dryly. "That would let me get a look at his clipboard at the least.  That would get me a name."

"Do what you can."  Ryan nodded and headed out, going to his house.  Eric was still there so he could get in.  Horatio called Speed over the bond, telling him there was a lab-wide problem, but that he might not be involved.  To weather the storm if it came.  He got back an 'okay, we'll talk in a few hours when I get home'.  He relaxed and went to check his personal notes as well.  Plus do a search through the online newspapers.  There was no articles with that name.  He called the courthouse's night Magistrate secretary.  "This is Horatio Caine.  Fine, thank you, and yourself?"  He smiled at her happy talk about her grandchildren.  "That's great, Mildred.  No, not a new case.  Someone served a summons today to Ryan Wolfe for a case he never worked on and we can't find a mention of it coming through our lab.  Yes, that one.  Which judge?"

He frowned, that one he had nearly gotten to take down but he had dodged out on some shaky evidence.  "Can you tell me anything about it?  No, I don't have a thing under that name that I can find.  Even what sort?  That would be perfect.  Thank you.  No, you know what, send it to Frank Tripp's home address please.  I'll get it from him.  He was the only detective I worked with during the week Ryan was told.  Thank you, Mildred, and I do hope that cold of hers clears a bit.  I saw her the other day when she brought Clarice some dinner."  He smiled.  "You as well.  Thank you."  He hung up and called Frank.  "Expect a fax from Mildred in the night magistrate's office.  No, Ryan got served a summons...."  He listened to what Frank said.  "I don't remember that case, Frank.  Neither does he."  He nodded at that piece of information.  "Then why come to us?  That makes no sense.  Thank you.  When you get it, call me.  I'll pop over and get it.  Thank you, Frank."  He hung up and called Ryan.  "It was done by the non-felony lab.  I have no idea, Mr. Wolfe.  Thank you."  He hung up and sat down to contemplate what little Frank knew.

There was something seriously wrong going on with this summons. He called Stella.  She hadn't heard of it either but she was feeling unsettled too.  Yes, there was definitely something up.


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