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This crossover came from the Imaginings list. They wanted another multi-world crossover and this is what came of it.

Enter the world of DCIS, Demon Criminal Investigative Services, a newly formed federal agency to be the wall between the demon communities and the rest of humanity. God and Goddess save their sanity.

Watch normal people find a way to fit demons into their world view. Watch most of them learn how to cope with insane hunters and coworkers, plus a lot of young slayers. Watch their friends try to save them, but probably not succeed. Yes, there is insanity, some apocalypses, and some cuteness. But then again that's all in a day's work for a DCIS agent.

Thanks to the government's interference in demon matters, a demon ends up assassinating the president. The next one looks into those matters. What he sees makes him cringe since it's not a collaborative effort, just normal people who do the job anyway and the slayers. So he decides to fix it. He makes a new federal level agency, Demon Criminal Investigative Services. Now all he has to do is staff it, set them up, and let them handle things. Starting with the First Evil problem in Sunnydale.

The whole series is rated Hard R for violence to be safe.

Buffy/NCIS/CSI:NY-Miami-Vegas/SOF/Numb3rs/Angel/Charmed/slight Criminal Minds crossover. May contain spoilers for any seasons, definite one for the last seasons of Buffy & Angel and one for the 2007/2008 seasons of Criminal Minds in one story.

by Ali. Wasn't she nice to us?

Demon Criminal Investigative Services

[ePub] [Kindle] Parts 01-18
[ePub] [Kindle] Parts 19-39
[ePub] [Kindle] Parts 40-End
[ePub] [Kindle] DCIS-Eureka Crossover
[ePub] [Kindle] Chapter 7: Misadventure (missing from parts 01-18 eBook)

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Starting Up Right.

The situation is Sunnydale is bleak but the military has rescued some of the younger slayers in training. They show up to get the younger ones evacuated to safety, which doesn't always sit well with stressed out, pushy slayers and her team. After all, normal people shouldn't be doing her job. Unfortunately the military is right. He takes the younger ones who can't fight to safety and guards them while the rest fight and the president starts to pick his staff to handle things. (Notes: Small angst warning here and there. Buffy is trying her old stuff about no normals again here and there. The watchers try to take control of everything the wrong way. It does get better and it does have some lighter moments.)

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Membership and Dues.

The teams are fully coming together with some recruiting magic from Tony and Xander both. The new head was picked. Not who Tony expected but he does have a good idea of what to do. Now all they have to do is deal with the slayers and helping them while doing cases. Because some of the girls still need spanked and not in the special way they want either.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: To Slay Or Not To Slay

The demon invasion doth happen. Of course, they're ready for it to happen. They've drilled for this and the girls know their parts to help the agents end this menace. They do good working together, and unfortunately the world hears more about them. Now they're an open secret and things start to get more complicated. Especially when Xander gets possessed on assignment in Miami, plus he recruits to piss Horatio off. They even get to fluster the new guys who have to come to the labs to see what the demon underground has been leaking from their sacred, top secret project.

Chronicles of a Slayer by Stephni Warner.

The thoughts and views of a single slayer on her new duties.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Family

More sensible help for the slayer show up, which is a good thing since the ones in the coma start to wake up. Which adds some stress Xander doesn't really need in his life but Dawn helps them get it straightened out - the hard way. The girls even get to throw a 'whoo-hoo, we survived a year/we appreciate you, Xander' party on base for some stress relief. One girl goes spastic and decides she's too special for everyone else, but they do have some plans in place for the egos that will not die. Fortunately since Xander's in New York on a team case.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Dreaming Big

Sam and Xander are mirroring visions of an apocalypse in the making? That's too odd even for DCIS but they know what'll happen and who it's going to happen to. Even if one team does end up in Miami to battle Horatio's obsession with Tim and Ryan, plus to get the demon eating officers.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: New Roles to Play.

The new doctors are found. The girls are all very pleased with them and their eye candy nature, even if they are a bit...mean about it. Buffy has to deal with Giles' problems because the others have decided he's a library ghost.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Misadventure.

The doc makes Xander go on vacation. Since it's Xander he can't go alone but Sam and Dean haven't gotten away from the girls in a while so that's all good for his plans. Of course, Xander can't do things the normal guy way in Las Vegas. He has to find some unusual fun. Some very unusual fun.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Red's Menace.

Willow's back! Though it's not her that's making Miami a demon clan war zone. Fortunately, they still have Xander since he's back from his vacation.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Recruitment

Daniel gets to go on vacation since things slow down. More a setup to the big talks at the conference in the next part.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Conventions

A forensics convention leads to Abby getting the admiration she deserves. Some bosses never quit their attempts to get their people back. And Xander has to deal with that peace treaty from his vacation. Because they *really* want to worship the Xander.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Petting the Apocalypse.

The girls get a few new pets on base. Basically a lead up to the next apocalypse, though it isn't one anyone will find in any book. A lot of 'aww'ing going on.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Relocation.

Hmm, an apocalypse. How strange to have happen. Well, the dragons are strange. Xander having to do things while the others above him are gone is strange. I guess that's strange enough for slayers and DCIS.

Demon Criminal Investigative Service: Finding the Person Underneath the Agent.

The finale of the apocalypse. Not all that usual but Daniel's finally back. Mac and Horatio learn a lot about their people. Now everyone has some decisions to make. Because being DCIS isn't easy and neither is being their friend.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Aliens Too Now?

Someone wanted a biker mice in DCIS episode so that's what this one is. We find out how far demons really do get in this universe. Because there's something attacking slayers who aren't normal. R for violence just in case. Slayers being banged around a bit. A stubborn younger one too.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Partners, Teams, and Slayers.

The start of the Interpersonal Arc. More character growth. A mistranslated phrase. Gibbs first case as a watcher going out with Xander's team. Some talks going on. The president even makes a cute joke to make Jack shudder as payback for all the headaches he gives him.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Visitors From Another Strange Place.

House and Chase's friends come to visit, with a small surprise appearance since Wilson couldn't get away from the new ex's lawyers. They're not totally happy with what they see but it's too strange really. They mostly block it out and let House and Chase smirk behind their backs.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Finding a Spot.

Daniel's old job is coming back to haunt DCIS for a bit. DCIS gets kicked out of Homeland Security because no one wants to deal with them. Also, is it a curse that's on Xander this time? What is it with him and bad girls?

Demon Criminal Investigative Service: Damned If You Do.

We find out what draws bad girls to Xander. Plus a bust in LA for a lot of weapons bring in a new temporary crossover. This part only. R for some swearing.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Ghosts of the Past.

The Halloween Ep! All sorts of freaky things going on! R maybe for some light angst from the Initiative stuff.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Old Habits.

A new girl, some complications of the doctor switch. Willow's up to something major and this is the lead up to what happens in part 21.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Demonic Deals Gone Bad.

This part is MAJOR angst. It deals with the spell Willow cast and what happened. THIS PART CAN BE SKIPPED IF YOU DON'T WANT THE ANGST. I've mentioned some major events in part 22 so you can skip this one if you don't want to read the details.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Aftermath.

The aftermath. Getting her fixed. Getting his arm fixed and dealing with the traumas. A mild joke by Connor.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Merging.

The base gets the news that they're not alone in the world anymore. Jack and his people, plus a few other groups are going to be giving Daniel nightmares too.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Watching Over You.

The first of the prom/girl centric stories. Not an arc but a running theme for the next few parts.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Giving of Thanks.

We see goo, we see goo people, we see goo people go very, very bad. Then we see the Thanksgiving celebration. With a bit of Xander hyperness in between.

Demon Criminal Investigative Service: Making New Allies.

Area 51 and NID want a meeting but it does not go how they want. Xander makes them a few new cooperative friends in another agency when a case blows up in LA. Even though Mac has to take it over when he gets some smoke inhalation.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Geeky Things.

The patent trip to DC ends up a bit differently than we expected. Psychotic women who want to see Xander, Dean, and Spenser naked. John and Sam taking the time to talk with Anya. Definitely not the normal DCIS trip anywhere.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Holiday Visitations.

Abby goes to see her honey on base while working on the integration of the computer systems. She even brings the Secret Santa things the girls had worked on for their favorite people stuck in another galaxy and special presents for Rodney.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Downtime and Duties.

Xander, Speed, and Calleigh's latest case doesn't exactly go as planned. In fact he becomes a warning symbol to many agents.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Helpful People.

Abby gets a new lab assistant after a long geek talk with Charlie and Larry at CalSci. Some teasing about future Rodney/Abby babies and some requests to pick brains.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Real Families.

Abby's search for real families brings up five new families that aren't all that happy to find their daughters are slayers. Even if they can get along, not all are happy about it.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Never Wish A Wish of Xanders.

The Bigger Evil Cometh. The multi Xander crossover a few of the Imaginings list wanted to see set in the DCIS framework. Not all the usually crossed over ones either. It was a timely wish Calleigh made indeed.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Interfering.

A meeting to make up the emergency protocols for DCIS turns into a pop physical for the slayers. What they find is not what thy expected.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Rites of Passage.

It's prom time! A lot of character development in here, especially with a certain senior slayers' relationship to her hunter. And some Dawn snarking at the bad kids in the school.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Winchester Family Road Trip.

Three hunters, two slayers, and some fun along the way visiting family friends to freak them out. While they're gone, Xander has to do their jobs so the girls aren't always that happy to be on base. Especially Shea with her advanced lessons.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Training You, Training Me.

Part of the Winchester Family Roadtrip and part training the slayers. Both of them are driving people nuts.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: News of the Worlds.

Some of the girls find a better way to get gossip and information along the slayer network. Horatio's team gets a Xander case and has to handle it with the slayers, which does make some people think some odd thoughts.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Membership Drives

DCIS finally gets its first official Deputy Director. Thanks to Josette and the Imaginings list, it's even a good one who'll help wherever he can, like Xander does only without the weapons.

The First and Only DCIS/Eureka crossover.

The lovely Josette Grover has blessed us with the side story about how DCIS takes over Eureka thanks to Fargo joining DCIS. After all, they're used to strange stuff, right? This is the first part. She's said the rest will come during a later update. part 4-6 part 7*

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Family Negotiations.

Some demons want Xander and House to come help them negotiate their clan's daughter's marriage contract. Which is actually kind of fun for them.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: The Consequences of Willow.

Horatio's team has to go to Cleveland to help Giles and the slayers with the problems going on. Some are Willow's, some aren't, but they still have to deal with all of them before more people get hurt.

Demon Criminal Investigative Service: Talking About It.

The base assault leads to the start of a power play. Starting with the president wanting briefed. Oh, and Xander's a bit bored now and then too. So he fixes it in a ...creative way.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Temper, Temper.

The senate hearing doesn't exactly go as either party wants, but the woman is evil enough to be one of Xander's future, girlfriends. Pity about the temper spike she caused in him. And the ones who decided to kidnap Xander instead of Fargo.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Personal Matters.

Everyone needs something sometime. Even Faith and Dean. Sometimes even Xander when he's having one of those days.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: A Play Day on Base.

Some easy days on base. Dawn finally moves to college, and that means Sam and Xander get to reminisce about California memories of stress relief and fun. Which doesn't really settle well into Dean and Faith's minds.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: The King of DCIS Gathers Information.

Plans for Atlantis and the base are happening, including some more personal ones for special members. Buffy finds a new friend out of the Atlantis crew.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Booms and Babes.

More fun with the researcher, the tinkering's outcomes, and the twins come to visit. So do some others.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Big Moves.

With the plans going for Atlantis and the base, some bigger decisions have to come to the front of some of the guys' minds.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Playing Make Up and Wed.

With the plotting going on, Abby, Rodney, and a few friends have to escape the base. Of course, Xander has a case at the same time, him and his very loud girlfriend of the moment.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Captain Improbable.

Just when they need it most, Xander returns back to his former role as the probability destroyer.

Demon Criminal Investigative Services: The End Jury.
The apocalypse battle is fought. Sometimes the real heros aren't the one you expect.

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