Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Interfering.

Daniel looked at his gathered people.  "It's nice to have Xander back from his sick leave to get untainted after the battle in Georgia."  Everyone smiled at him.  "He's now cleared for desk duty."  He looked around at all his people, including their major consultants.  "The situation did bring up a point when we couldn't find him however.  If one of you gets taken, Xander would be a natural choice with Tony to go on the rescue effort.  Perhaps Mac and Horatio as well.  You four are really our best at something that bad happening."

Tony raised his hand.  "You mean I'm DCIS SWAT too?" he teased.

"Basically.  You can handle the situation better than someone like, say, Eric would because of your extra training from Gibbs.  Mac got his in the Marines, Horatio was bomb squad, and Xander's Xander."  That got a few chuckles.  Xander was quickly becoming a separate category of federal agent.  Even to the other agencies.  "So what happens if one of you four is taken and the others are injured or can't get to you?"

Jack raised his hand.  "Is this like Xander's just in case feeling has spread?"  He wouldn't mention he was hurt that Danny hadn't included him.

"I couldn't get hold of anyone when I went to the priest in Boston to get untainted after clearing my last case," Xander told him.  "You were back in Colorado so you didn't get to hear them panic when my team reported I took a sudden leave and a commercial flight after hearing I had about five days to live if I didn't clear the taint out."  Jack shuddered.  "Honestly I'm lucky something didn't shut down with how bad a blast of power the higher nut sucker sent at me, Jack."

Daniel nodded.  "Which is a good point and I had a long talk with that priest.  He used to hunt as well, but he wanted to go back to the church.  If he hears, he'll tell us.  If there's a case in Boston and we need holy water, we can go to him."

"He's number 7 or 8 on hell's hit list," Xander told him.  "He's one of the few that makes real, honest to God holy water instead of blessed water.  The stuff that'll burn normal people who've sinned too."  Dean and John shuddered.  "It hurt like a bitch but it worked," he told them.

"You still had second degree burns," House reminded him.  "Twice."

"Three times," Xander said.  "He had to dunk me one last time before I left.  That's where the ones on my legs came from.  I had lusted."

House shuddered.  "That's strong holy water."

"For the purpose they needed it that strong," Daniel pointed out.  "So what's going to happen if they do get taken, guys?  And ladies of course."

"I've went in on arrests but not full blown assaults," Calleigh said.  The other CSI all nodded.

"I have," Don Flack said.  "You can put me on as a backup, Danny."

"Okay.  Thank you.  Anyone else?"

"Statistically speaking," Charlie Epps said, "Xander's most likely to be taken.  Demons know that he holds the slayers together and has a lot of influence there and helps all of us learn what we're doing too."

Daniel nodded. "Which is why we panicked when we found out he had disappeared."  He looked around.  "Does anyone else feel comfortable being put onto the secondary assault and rescue team if we need to?"

Gibbs raised his hand.  "You can borrow me."

"Thank you."

"You know you only have to ask," Jack reminded him.

Daniel smiled.  "With your knees I wasn't sure you'd be able to, Jack.  That's why you got bumped to a desk job."

"Yay me," he said dryly.  "I can still go if Gibbs can."

"I can probably handle it but I'd need some updating of some very ancient skills," John Winchester admitted.

Don Epps shifted in his seat.  "If you need me and I can get there, I can go.  That'd almost have to be in LA though.  There are some I can recommend from my fugitive hunting contacts."

"We still need someone in the armory. Glen doesn't feel very comfortable.  He loves all the weapons but we do a lot more than he thinks we should with them.  He nearly passed out when we had to pull out the apocalypse vault for Georgia," Xander said.  "He came to talk to me late last night about it.  I gave him the truth, now and then we need it.  Hell, when I was in Boston we had three different cases pop up that I got called in on, one from the hospital while you were standing there," he reminded the boss.  "He didn't like that I had to reload."

Daniel nodded.  "That was strange that they overlooked me to get you to go."

"No, they thought it might kill me so therefore hell would have a new general," he said dryly.  Dean clapped him on the back.  "I'm fine."

"I'm sure you are," Dean agreed.  "We'll be checking those new scars later."

"Most didn't," Xander said.  "Holy water doesn't leave scars most of the time when it burns.  Or so Father Philip said."  He looked at Spenser.  "How many of us have you profiled?"

"Most of you.  I agree with Charlie that you're a pivotal pin in the works around here and you often have cases on your own or cases that leave you on your own as part of the plan or necessity."

"Don't tell me you saw me getting her back too," he moaned.

"Getting who back?" he asked with a confused look.

"Xander went Conan with a weapon to get Calleigh back on his last big case before Georgia," Dean said.  "It led to Jack chasing him halfway across the base so the boss could spank him."

"It's so bad that Abigail sent it to some other friends," Jack told him.

Don Epps looked over at Xander.  "Don't do that in LA."

"We have you for that," he quipped with a grin.  "And that one I found on that one bomb case."

"Good point.  Speaking of, no one's seen him recently."

Xander snickered.  "He's around somewhere I'm sure."  Everyone stared.  "We got a call from Crissy, who was sobbing through a mood swing.  Apparently one of the local coven out there thinks he's a bigger action hero than I am and didn't want him to be handed over to die horribly.  So she fixed it."

"Someone spanked her?" Mac asked a bit too calmly.

"She only stole him.  Healed him.  Got him hidden."  They shared a look.  "It was a crappy situation all around and she went to beg Angel to help hide him.  They're watching over it since he needs a few more weeks to heal."

"Do we need to know as an agency?" Daniel asked.

"Hell no.  That might lead to them knowing where he is since they tapped into Abby's computer the other day according to her.  That's why she borrowed Dawn."

"Oh, good."  He clapped his hands.  "Then I won't worry about it until some other agency or the president comes to scream at me about it."

"Oh, he knows," Xander promised.  "The coven's girls sent him a very nice fax about how mean that was.  He gave them the fax number.  He also talked that very hormonal, thirteen- year-old witch into not cursing him.  Again."  Daniel stiffened.  "She knew someone had.  She said it was minor.  He stopped her in the name of national security and because the agents who'd come spank her were going to be mean and make her go into the military."

Charlie shook his head.  "Was the first one bad?"

"I'm thinking it was something like hemorrhoids," Gibbs admitted.  "I was still in DC then."  They all smiled at that.  The current president was an ass now and then.

"Okay, I don't need to know so I can deny you guys have knowledge if I'm asked."  They nodded at that.  "Xander, have you heard anything about this spring?"

"There's a few that are incredibly scared.  If we have any it'll be Chicago, because the invasion is considered good luck, and LA, with maybe a side of Miami for the remains that we didn't pick up last time that were stripped of their power as a clan."  Horatio let out a soft moan.  "I'd send my team to LA because they'll be the worst.  Send Horatio to Miami because his people will work with him.  They did the last time.  Send someone to Chicago who can handle it.  Mac maybe or Tony's team."

He nodded.  "When?"

"We heard late June.  After proms thankfully.  The girls were incredibly worried.  Oh, small sitch that should be noted.  The school the girls in Cleveland attend announced that the two girls had died in the battle.  No one out there knew that they were slayers.  They've been getting a lot of attention and even some hero worship."

"I went to meet the boy who wanted to date one of them," John assured him.  "While you were gone.  She said it was nice I didn't threaten him as much.  They haven't had many problems."

"Giles said Buffy's intercepted a lot of love notes, mash emails, and a marriage proposal to one girl."  He handed that one down to Charlie.  "For Spenser."

Spenser took it to look at then grimaced.  "Gee, thanks, more work," he joked.

"Yup, all yours, big guy.  Clearly not a demon since he said he didn't have any tentacles."

Danny Messer shuddered.  A few people gave him odd looks.  "Our last team case had people having tentacle sex with demons at a demon brothel where the workers were saying they were exploited, not paid, and being killed off if their tentacles went limp."  Don shuddered at that and so did Ryan.  He gave Ryan and odd look.

"One of my first single cases was a rape complaint by tentacle."

Xander grinned.  "But you did good solving it, Ry."

"Thanks, Xander."


Spenser looked at Daniel.  "To get back on topic, do we want to train the secondary unit to be able to handle a sneak in and grab situation?"

"We should, yes.  We should also make some more concrete plans," Daniel said. "It's great if that happens but if we're all out on cases then what?"  They all stared at him.  "Do I take you off your current case to go?  Do we wait?  Do we wait if there's no evidence of torture?"

"Realistically speaking it'd probably have been at least a few hours before you hear," Mac said.

"Most of the ones who'd want me would either kill me on the spot or take me as a sacrifice," Xander said.  "Not much torture unless they wanted to break me so I'd be their warrior instead."

"Why sacrifice you?" Don Flack asked.

"Hellmouth babies.  I was born and raised there, Don.  They're powerful holes of black magic.  Father Philip said that half the stuff that burned off was hellmouth taint.  Some still exists.  I soaked it up for twenty-three years.  Working overtop of it in high school, patrolling to kill its friends.  We know the one in Cleveland responds when one of us who're natural hellmouth babies get close.  That's why Willow couldn't get near it.  She moved in later on, when she was four, but she's soaked up enough that it responded and reached out for her to pull her in like a teddy bear."

"So, not only the magic that you locked away from yourself," House said.  "But you've basically got magical radiation?"

"We all have some," Xander told him.  "Anyone who's ever been exposed to magic.  Mostly it fades off.  Hellmouth taint comes from where it's connected to many different realms as the thin spot between them.  It radiates worse than Dawn when she's got the flu."

"So, getting a witch is good, but if they wanted major power...."

"I'm a white side fighter, I have my own magic that I locked away, I have hellmouth taint, and the Powers don't like me," Xander agreed.  "Yet hell does."  House nodded once at that.  "Which is about why I'd be taken.  That or to be killed to be gotten out of the way because I'm the protector for the slayers or because it might demoralize around here."

Daniel nodded.  "How many rituals would that sort of sacrifice cover?"

"Eighteen when Willow looked for herself.  Unless there's one that wouldn't be applicable down here but might be where certain other semi-members are residing since it was sent to the temple for me to be warned."

"Good to know," Jack said.  "Did I see that?"

"I sent it Rodney."

"He said something about magic messing up his precise science," Abby said, frowning some.  "So, eighteen or that one possible one?"

"As far as Willow could find," Xander agreed.

"I'll ask Sam and Thomas," John said.  "They're better at research than she was."

That got a few nods.  "Okay, so we've got some high priority targets.  We have two possible teams for getting them back but now we have to set protocol," Tony said.  "Do we have a ransom protocol if they take you, Daniel?  Because you are a federal agency director and that is something that people kidnap for money or information."

"No, we don't."

"We can work on that.  I know NCIS's rules," Gibbs said.  Daniel smiled.

"We had ours at the SGC," Jack said.  "We can work on that together, Gibbs, plus the assault protocol for getting Xander back."

"Hey!" Xander complained.  "It's not like they've stolen me yet.  Not even Anya stole me."

"If she had, we'd have gotten calls about the noise," Dean quipped.

Xander swatted him.  "I'm not that noisy, that was her."

"Still noisy, dude."

"Guys, not an issue," Abby pointed out.  "John made Anya see that Xander wanted a commitment when she wanted easy and cheap sex."  Xander gave her an odd look.  "Or is she coming back?"

"Only once.  She's got a hard job and needed a hug."

"What's she over?" Stella asked.

"Lost Childhoods now."

"Damn," Stella moaned.  "I'd hate that job."

"She doesn't love it but she finds a lot of kids who need her in war zones and other places."  They all nodded at that.  "Now and then she comes for a hug or a cuddle."

Dean looked at him.  "Do not keep me up," he complained.

"I haven't been!  She didn't even steal back her trunk of stuff."

"Which is very scary," House reminded him.

"How scary can it be?" Horatio asked.

House looked at him.  "Ask your boy there.  Dawn brought one in over dinner to figure out what it was used for.  It stumped the whole room."  Chase blushed.  "Including me because no person could use it."

Xander leaned over to look down at him. "Of course she was using demon models, House.  She was demonic for over a millennia."  He leaned back, looking at Jack.  "Do we need my input on those plans?"

"No, not until we train them into you," Jack said.  "Find a replacement for the armory?"

"If we could get him cleared, we could use the one guy," Horatio said.  Mac nodded.

"I'll see if there's any intel floating around about him," Danny said.  "I don't know why we haven't heard about that witch yet.  Usually we'd be complained at long before now."  He made a note.  "Okay.  What about the team issue we have?  Is roving teams working or do we need to set a few teams?  I know it was suggested that Xander's team be his and only his team since what he handles is usually bad."

Calleigh raised her hand.  "I don't mind if our third agent switches off, Danny.  I'm doing okay on Xander's team.  Even if he does freak me out with some of his moves."

Xander shrugged. "It worked."


"You could be getting ready to bear the first demon baby to stop that war."  He grinned.

"No thanks."  She looked at the boss again.  "Xander has a good handle on tactics for hunting and handling delicate situations.  Even if now and then he does break out in badass that'd get us all yelled at."

"Telling him to jump made him figure out that he was being an idiot," Xander said.

Daniel looked at him.  "Did I get that in a report?"

"Nope.  It was incidental."

"And human," Calleigh added.  "The last case in LA."

"You told a jumper to jump?" Spenser demanded.

Xander nodded.  "He wanted someone to talk him down.  He screamed back that he would.  I said fine, it'd create a mess, people would look at his family funny but they'd remember him for a few days for the problems he had caused.  It made him think.  I could've stopped him if he had moved closer to the edge."

"Not exactly a good thing to do, Xander."

Xander looked at him.  "I have no idea why they called me instead of their usual shrink," he told him.  "We were in on a case for a whole different reason and halfway across town when they called me personally to come talk to the guy.  He didn't know a thing about demons.  When I asked them why they called me they said they figured I had seen more desperate people in the past."  Spenser whimpered.  "What do I do in that situation beyond pounce and nag?"

"There's a few different things.  Mainly get them talking, tell you about their reasons.  That's how you break the desire to end it," Spenser said.  "I'll write it up for you."

"Please.  Because that was the second one.  Miami had me do that too."  He glared at Speed.

"They weren't supposed to know I was back yet," he complained.

"This was after you got your own body?" Horatio asked.

"About five months before you guys heard I was alive," he agreed.  "It was only a two day case and I spent most of it hiding from you guys.  I'm not sure why the cops called either, but SWAT did."

"That one was at least part demon," Xander admitted.  "She was panicking about her infidelity thing going on.  She was right, her death if they tried her for it would've been worse than the fall.  Instead she had to plead that it was her human part that had tainted her and she wasn't worthy so she lost the clan and her kids and her spouse.  But the kids are being watched more closely and she moved."

"I don't know why they'd call you," Mac said.

"Me either," Xander said.

"I'll write it out for everyone," Spenser said.

"Thank you."  He grinned at him. "Want to stay?"


"You sure?"

"Yup."  He smiled.  "Even though we do have politicians who think they're in charge, I can handle it."

"We can make you a pretty office," Xander offered.  "I'll even let the girls paint it good colors for you and decorate so you have a comfy couch."

"If I need to leave, I'll come back here," he promised.  He smiled at the young man.  "Don't you have something you and House need to talk about later?"

"Um....  How did you find out?"

"I saw you."  Xander groaned.  "Talk to House, Xander."

"Yes, Spenser."

"More problems?" House asked.

"A possession while I was being tortured by Willow with the au trips."  House gave him an odd look.  "The same world I got the painkillers in to help my arm."  House glared.  "What?  They were dead!  I didn't even notice with the pain I was in!"

"How many, Xander?"

"Two.  Neither one had a great lot of practical skills I can use presently but hey, if I need to I can remove a bursting appendix."

Charlie gaped.  "You got possessed by two dead doctors?"

"Everyone on that world was dead," Xander told him. "I'm happy I only got hit with two.  One was a surgical student doc and the other was a Podiatrist.  Not exactly handy in the field."

John looked at him.  "I wondered why you restocked all the first aid kits around the base afterward."

"I needed something to do that day," he said dryly.  "Any other topics, Danny?"

"What did Spenser catch you doing?"

"Fixing Calleigh's broken toe."

Calleigh blushed.  "I thought you knew from field injuries."

"I did."  He grinned.  "I also help out in the infirmary during mass problems if I'm not forced onto a gurney."

"We'll remember that," Chase assured him.  "What was the topic?"

"Set teams versus flexible teams," Ryan said.  "Would setting teams hinder it when we had to go out on single cases?"

"So we set Xander's team," Tony told him.  "Any cases Xander goes out on his own are usually bad enough as is."  Calleigh gave him a hurt look.  "Aren't they?"

"Sometimes.  That's why I turned the case he left from into a team case on him."

Xander nodded. "She did."

"And we needed it," she reminded him.

"I wasn't mad."  He smirked at her and crossed his ankles.  "I don't mind if you set me up a solid team, Danny.  Whoever as long as they work with me.  I've already driven two former agents back to their agencies."

"They both said they were too straight for here," Daniel told him.  "I think it was the cases, not you specifically."

"After looking over his last few teammates, if you could find someone who reminded you strongly of Jack then it might help him," Spenser offered.  "A bit uptight when it was needed but used to dealing with strange and desperate circumstances."

"A bit of an uptight cowboy?" Mac said.

"Hey!" Jack complained.

"Don't make me part of this argument," Daniel ordered them.  "But if I could find someone like a younger Jack, it'd help him?"

"He's at the Air Force academy," Xander quipped.  Jack glared at him.  He grinned back.  "Isn't he?"

"He is and he's staying there.  You drive me nuts, Xander.  You'd drive him nuts too.  Get him someone like Sheppard, who can improvise well and knows when to do it and when to play it a bit closer to the book."

"John said I drive him nuts too," Xander said.  "Though someone did send me an email from near them that asked for blood?"

"Hell.  No," Jack said firmly.  "You're not going to join them, Xander."

He nodded.  "No intention of it.  That would drive me nuts.  I'd never fit in with all the uptight military people.  I can barely keep a schedule down here and I do have that geeky and building streak that means I spend days in the lab at a time."

"Rod said to thank you for that grenade," Abby said.  "He said it worked wonderfully and that extra ten seconds after remotely setting it off was very handy."

"Even with a remote you have to be somewhere relatively nearby.  That gives you time to back out of the way."

"Did you do specs?"

"They're in my file on the computer."

"Thanks."  She beamed at him.  "Daniel, I can share with Rod, right?"

"All he needs," he promised.  "They're part of us now too."  She beamed and bounced a bit in her seat.  "No sending those sort of things by email in case they're intercepted.  You can send him a disc or however."

"Okay."  She settled down at Gibbs' look, frowning at him. "You, no threatening him again, Gibbs.  You nearly scared him off me."

"I only pointed out what would happen if he hurt you, Abby.  I told him he didn't have to be afraid of me unless he did."

"You said until."

He looked at her.  "Everyone should have someone to give a shovel talk to their lovers," Xander told her.  She pouted at him.  "I'm sure Tony did too."  Tony nodded. "McGee maybe too."  McGee nodded from his seat in the corner.  "It means they're as close as family."

"Ducky sent him one by email," Tony quipped.

Xander looked at him.  "How did Ducky get to my temple?"

"I have *no* idea," he admitted.  "He is?"

"Yeah, he was.  I found him painting murals on the walls."

"Ducky's a bit like Carmen Santiago, only without the stealing because he's a good guy," Abby said with a happy grin.  "He shows up everywhere at least once.  Was he having fun?"

"Seemed to be.  Greeted me.  Let the priestesses fuss over me, even when I begged for mercy."

"How did an older ME get up there?" Jack demanded.  Everyone shrugged.  "Did you tell him anything about the teams?"

"I sent John an email when I got back," he assured him.  "Just in case something happens.  He didn't mention anything about them so I assumed he didn't know."

"How did he get up there?"

"For all I know he found one of them in Vegas, like I did."

Jack moaned.  "Now I know that Hammond wished teammates just like us on me."

"Hit him for me?" Xander asked Chase since he was closer.  Chase obediently hit him for Xander.  "Thank you, Chase."

"Our doc would've hit me harder," Jack taunted.

"I'm nicer than your last doctor," he shot back with an evil smirk.  "She said so."  Jack moaned.  "I know she got majorly injured but she called up yesterday to warn us that you're a *horrible* patient and she wanted to smack you around many times."

"Especially when you got her up at two for something unknown that has no known name or cause."

"That was more Danny's fault," Jack defended.

"Uh-huh.  Since we're not military, we can smack you," House said with an evil smirk.  "The same as I can Xander.  Sit."

"Going to the bathroom, chill."


"I haven't been in hours.  Did I need to raise my hand?" he said dryly, heading for the bathroom.  He came out and found House waiting.  "I'm fine.  It was too much soda."

"I don't care because it wasn't."  He pulled him closer, pushing him against the wall then opened his shirt to look at the bandages.  "Not bleeding."  He sniffed.  "Yet I clearly smell blood."  He looked at him.

"Are we a vamp now?"

"No, but that's a thought to make Chase run.  So where are we bleeding?"

Xander groaned, letting him see his side.  "One of the scabs popped."


"When I stretched.  I still had to go to the bathroom and I was holding pressure on it in there."

"I thought you were rubbing one."  He let him go and pointed.  "Down.  Let me change it."

"It's fine."

"Shut up."  He gave him a shove.  "Now."

"Fine.  Whatever."  He leaned in.  "House thinks one of my scabs just burst open so he's going to grope my chest.  If you need me I'll be back in a bit."

"Walk," House ordered.  "Before I sic the girls on you again."

Xander gave him an odd look.  "They won't do anything and I'm not running."  He hiked that way anyway.  House would knock him out with his cane and beat his ass if he didn't capitulate quickly.  He walked into the infirmary, waving off a nurse coming to see what was wrong.  "Bandage change and House is nagging like a wife behind me."

"That is a totally scary thought.  You and me together," House said as he walked in.  "Get me the stuff I need for a bandage change over his burns."  The nurse went to do that.  "As much as I hate to see it, take them off so I can see them all, Xander."

"You know you like it with as often as you ask," he said dryly.

"Only when you come back from a whoring vacation that sounds like a lot more fun than my last one was."  He sat down once Xander was on the gurney.  "You're too skinny."

"Bite me."

"You'd like that."

"No, I didn't when Anya tried it or any of the vamps."  He gave him an odd look.  "But I never let a guy bite me.  Wanna try?"

House shook his head.  "You're not busty enough for me.  Sorry, kid."

"Ehh, I've got better elsewhere too."

"But not as smart."

Xander smirked at him.  "You don't know that."

"You do?"

Xander just smirked.  "No comment."

"Fine."  He checked each of the bandages, changing the ones that needed it.  He ended with the one that had broken open, probing it gently.  Xander only hissed at a direct poke.  "Looks like you're healing."  He spread on the creme and rebandaged it, looking at him as he took off his gloves.  "What next, Svengali?"

"I'm not the one who makes the other one pretty."

"Not quite how that one went."

"I did the book report on the movie, House."  He slid off the table, putting back on his shirt and sweat pants.  "Thank you."

"Welcome.  Another two weeks and you won't have any.  Then you can go annoy others in the rest of the world."  He gave him a look, catching his wrist.  "I did say desk only duty, Xander."  He stared into the brown eyes.  "I meant desk only duty.  No lifting, no carrying, no working out, no sword class, no irritating those, no bending if you can help it."

"Too late."  He smirked.  "They're not that deep."

"Uh-huh.  Don't make me handcuff you to someone, Xander."

"But House...."  He lost his grin at the serious look he was getting.  "I can demonstrate and not hurt myself.  They need to learn it.  It can save their lives and mine."

"Yay.  Wesley can run it for two weeks until those are fully healed.  How are you not in pain?"

Xander leaned down.  "I'm taking the painkillers the right way."

"Good."  He patted him on the cheek.  "Go brush your teeth."  Xander rolled his eyes as he walked off.  "I meant it."

"I know you did.  You're a great dad, House."  He pushed the button for the elevator, smirking back at the infirmary.  "Just think, if I had a real parent, I might've been you the next generation."

"You'd have horrified more patients than I do," House said in the infirmary but he was smiling.  He looked at the pain killer cabinet.  "Do a count?"  They went to do that for him.  He hadn't given Xander any painkillers.  When the count came up shorter than his own dipping should have he went to talk to the kid.  "How many are you taking?"

"As ordered."  He showed it to him. "Dissolved in tea because it tastes like crap."

House counted.  "There's an extra three missing."

They shared a look.  "You know I know how to dose myself," Xander told him.

House nodded.  "The same as I do.  So who?"

"One of the girls?"

"Let me check."  He went to the security office.  "Who's been in the painkiller cabinet?"

They gave him an odd look.  "Beyond you and Harris?"

"Yes.  We're still short.  It's safe but I still need to know."  They ran it back for him, finding which one of the girls it was.  He went to grab John from the meeting.  "Sorry, need him."  He walked him out by the arm, letting him see the tape.

John growled.  "That's the safe stuff, right?"

"Yeah but the dose is still one vial every six hours."

"Let me talk to her."

"Please do."  He turned to the current one, frowning.  "Why is Anna down there?"

"No idea."  He went to find her.  He stopped her in the elevator, walking her back inside.  "What were you doing in the infirmary?"

"Shea needed it."


"She...  She didn't say.  I know she's been in a lot of pain."  She grimaced.  "She said it was her back and monthly stuff.  I know she's been bleeding."

He took the vials.  "Let me.  From now on, you only get it if you ask first.  One and only one vial."

"She said it doesn't work."

"That's something she has to talk to House about.  One and only one vial every six hours per person.  No exceptions unless House says so."

She nodded.  "I didn't mean to get into trouble."

He leaned down.  "What's wrong?"  She whimpered.  "Anna."

She rolled her eyes, leaning against the wall.  "It's her leg.  I don't know what she did but she said it's been throbbing, cramping, and she's got a cut on the back from something she did recently.  Plus she ripped her back last night when she was out for her ride."

"Did she wreck?"

"No.  Her bike is pristine.  That's why I got her one vial and one of the placebo House made up to stop the fussing girls over PMS."

John looked at her.  "Why are you sneaking it for her?"

"She's pitiful and they thought I wouldn't get caught because everyone likes me."

"They?" he asked.

She blinked.  "What?"

"You said '*they* thought I wouldn't get caught'."

"A few of the girls felt sorry for her.  They sent me."

"Uh-huh.  We're having a meeting tonight.  After I talk to Shea."

"Sure, just keep me out of it."

"How many are using you?"



"One's Brenda's back."

He sighed.  "Why?"

"She shifted her bed and threw it late last night.  Chase caught me.  He came to see her.  Said she could have some until she was better as he helped her into the shower to relax the muscles."

"And?" he asked.

"As far as I know that was it."

He held up the vials.  "Four?"

"So I didn't have to come over later."

He sighed.  "Head back."  She went to do that.  He went down to the infirmary, holding it up.  "Brenda's back?"

"Muscle cramps from moving wrong.  She tightened up and couldn't get it relaxed," Chase said from the table.  House looked at him.  "She was shifting her furniture.  I gave her one for the day and put her in the shower."

"Shea's leg?"

Both docs stared at him.  "I haven't seen Shea since her intake physical," House said.  "Chase?"

"Once to get her pills when she got off the shot.  She gets a few months in advance."

"She said she was getting four so she wouldn't have to sneak back."

"Sounds like we need to do a full set of physicals again," Chase said.

House gave him an odd look.  "For everyone?"

"They learned bad habits off Xander," Chase explained.  "They hide when they're hurt.  They get someone to get their painkillers for them.  They never come in unless it's life threatening to their limited knowledge or someone drags them in.  We need a full physical of each of them."

"Fine," House said.  "Get the stuff."  He gathered two bags, handing House his.

John smirked.  "Give me ten minutes?  I need to yell at someone."

"Let do that afterward," Chase said.  "That way we know who to yell at."

"I'm going to yell on general principals for stealing drugs."

House nodded.  "That is dangerous.  Someone check *my* stash?"  Chase went to look, holding up the empty bottle.  "That had six emergency pills."

"We can do a drug test if you want," John promised.

"They might not be here," Chase pointed out.

"We can call them back."  John pulled House up.  "Let's go yell."

"Please.  Are we bringing in Xander?"

"Later."  They walked out together, Chase following after adding some more needles to his bag.  John walked in first.  "Get your butts down here!" he bellowed.  No one answered.  "It's not dinner."

"No, it's not," Chase said.  "I looked in.  They weren't in there."

John called Xander.  "Where are they?"  He smirked.  "Thank you."  He hung up. "They're waiting at his place so we have the two private rooms."

"That'll work," House agreed.  They walked over there, House walking in first.  "Ladies."  They all stared at him.  He put the bag down.  "Why are we all here?"

"Because they decided to be me and not admit to having injuries.  Against orders," Xander said from his seat in the office.  "I said even down to papercuts, ladies.  I meant it."  He came out.  "I know Brenda threw her back.  It was clear at breakfast."  He looked around. "It was also clear that some of you have problems that are longer lasting and more serious than you've told anyone.  I'm not particularly thrilled with this attitude, ladies.  As I said before, I do it because I had reason to.  You do not.  You will not.  I do not care if you think yours was bad and your watcher was abusive.  You will not ignore your health.  Your health is much too important."

"We have faster healing," Mary said.

He leaned down to get into her face.  "That's wonderful, dear, but if you're injured and don't get treated, how would we know?  We'd put you into situations where you'd be hurt even worse because we would not know."  She groaned and slumped.  He straightened up.  "Beyond that, if it was healable, it already would have.  Like Brenda's back is mostly healed."  He smiled.  "Since some of you have longer lasting injuries..."  They groaned. "They're going to give you a physical and then I'm going to chew your asses a new one."  He pointed.  "Now."

"Closest first," House said.  "I'll take the office."

"Brenda," Chase said.  "Since we know you're injured."

"Shea," House said.  She groaned but glared at Anna.  "She didn't bust you.  We did a count.  Then watched the tapes."  Shea gave him an odd look.  He stared back.  "Now."  She walked into the office with a huff.  He followed with a smirk, closing the door behind him.

Xander looked at the girls.  "Anyone want to confess?  Before we have to hear that you're off practice?"  Dawn raised her hand slowly.  "What did you do?"

"Um, turned my ankle?  I iced it like I'm supposed to."

"Good.  That shows sense.  Did you need a bandaid or painkillers?"


"Have you been sneaking any for another girl?" John asked.

"No," she repeated, relaxing.  "Oh, no.  Sorry, Anna."

"Not a problem.  John already chewed me a new one."

"Yes, you have to get your own," Xander said cheerfully.  "The same as I do, ladies."

"Are the older ones getting this talk?" Amber asked.

"Yup.  We already know at least one has that issue."  He stared her down.  "Anything you want to admit to?"

"No," she said.  She smiled.  "Why would I?"

He leaned down. "Because you're sitting wrong so either she played too hard or you're hurting yourself somehow."  She blushed, ducking her head.  "Yes?"

"Played too hard," she mumbled.

"Good."  He smiled.  "Do we need to talk?"

"No," she whimpered.

He patted her on the head. "It's all right.  I'm sorry I embarrassed you."

She gave him a dirty look.  "No you're not!  It's a big brother's job."

"I'm letting Dean do that later."  He smirked back.  "Right now I'm more concerned that you somehow hurt yourself.  If you don't tell us, we can't help you with it."

"You don't tell us," Dawn pointed out.

He looked at her. "Did you have my parents and then hunt with your sister without any training?"  Everyone shook their heads.  "Then you don't get the same rights of being stoic I do."

"Stoic?" she teased.  "Another Speed word?"

"No, I knew that one."  He handed her a book.  "It's in there."

She looked at the graphic novel then put it aside.  "No thanks.  Way too many skimpy clad girls for my tastes."

"Only on the cover.  It's got a good story line."  Brenda came out sniffling.  "What?"

"Um, not something everyone needs to know."  She wiped her cheeks.  "John, can we talk?"

"Sure."  He walked in with her.  "What's up?"  He closed the door.

"Her cramps aren't subsiding.  I want to do a blood test."


"I'm a virgin," she said, looking depressed.  "It can't be!  I haven't even touched one!"

Chase nodded at the furious look. "She is.  I did her exam myself last week.  She's taking her pills on time.  I don't know what the hell is going on.  There's a chance it's a tumor."

"Or it's a chance that someone did something," John said with a growl.  His hands were clenching but he couldn't seem to get them to relax.

"No!" she said, shaking her head, sitting down on the bed to stare at him.  "I haven't even been on a date!"

Dawn leaned in.  "Should I ready the spell searching spell?"

"Yes!" Brenda and John said together.

"Let me do the blood test first," Chase said patiently.  "Bring it down to the infirmary and we'll do it together."

"Okay.  Me next since I've got to do that?"

"Sure," John said, looking at her.  "We'll meet you down there."  He looked at her.  "I know you haven't.  It was a momentary snap, Brenda."

She pouted.  "You know I haven't."

"I know."  He gave her a tentative hug and she burst out crying.  "Don't do that."  He hugged her like usual.  "I have no idea how to deal with this.  I had enough problems with Mary."  She stomped off.  He walked out.  "Let me take her down there.  Xander?"

"Got it.  Sam's next door."  That got a nod and he walked that way.  Xander looked over as Dawn came out, stopping her.  "That sealed letter?" he asked quietly.

"May be needed."  She jogged over to her room then down to the infirmary, setting things up for Brenda and John.  She got the answer she expected.  "I have no idea who, Brenda."

"There's only so many witches who'd have access to her DNA or blood," John said.

"Latisha won't do this sort of stupid shit," Dawn pointed out.  "We got through to her after the last time."

"So a new one in the school?" Brenda asked calmly.

"Yeah, there is."  She canceled it, giving her a hug.  "We need to tell the others."


"Yes.  You can't practice or do gym."  Brenda pouted.  "Nothing too strenuous.  Like Crissy is."

"I can practice."

"To an extent," John agreed.  "Up to a certain level.  Swimming might be good."  She smiled more at that.  "Good."  He gave her a strong hug.  "Dawn, can you track down the witch?"

"I marked her so I'll know on Monday."  She beamed.  "Unless she's really good, she's marked."  That got a nod and he walked Brenda out.  Sam leaned in.  "Where's that letter Xander wrote after a vision?"

"Sealed in Dean's sock drawer.  Why?"

"One's going to be needed soon and I'm going to need help hunting.  Someone did a spell."  She tossed over an EPT.

"It's not mine."

"No, it's your baby sister's."

"Shit," he said, starting to growl.  "Who?"

"I need help hunting.  She's marked."

"We'll hunt."  He let go of the doorframe.  "Anyone else?"

"House and Chase are doing exams."

"I'll get the older ones up here."  He walked off to call them.  "Ladies, House and Chase are doing exams in Xander's apartment.  Because you guys hide things and don't tell us when you're injured."  He hung up.  "There.  Now for Dean."  He walked off, going to find him.  "Dean!"  He looked up from his katas.  "Gotta talk."


Sam walked into the gym and closed the door.  "You have a sealed vision from Xander?"

"I have five."  He wiped his face off then moved closer.  "Why?  Which one happened?"

"A witch got Brenda."

"The first grandchild?" he asked calmly.

Sam nodded.  "What're the others?"

"I can't tell you, baby brother.  Two are only possibilities.  One's a long shot beyond that.  It's only in case something ends up sending some of us off the deep end to protect everyone."

"Is one me going dark?"

Dean nodded.  "That's part of the long shot one.  If it happens it'd happen because you were doing it to save everyone."

Sam slumped then nodded.  "I can see that."  He looked at him.  "This one?"

"It's short.  It's in a language I don't know.  I know you don't.  It's one of the demonic ones.  It's so Dad has to take time to decode it before he loses his temper.  It's only ten paragraphs long."

"So not too much detail?"

"No, apparently not."  He grabbed his shirt then put it on.  "Where is Dad?"

"With Brenda."

"We can go give a hug."  They walked out together.  They found Brenda huddled in her room.  "Hey."

"There's a *prophecy*!" she shouted.

"That Xander had," Dean agreed.  "But it's not bad."  She sniffled, staring at him.  "I'm sure it's not.  It's in code, but it's not bad."

Xander leaned in.  "It's not bad but it's shocking.  That's why I put it into that language.  So you have time to decode it and calm down."

She sniffled.  "Is it a slayer or like Connor?"


She burst out in a new wail.

He sighed.  "No.  Stop it."  She looked at him.  "It's not that bad.  She'll have a watcher.  One that's just hers."


He smiled.  "Don't worry about it.  She'll have one."  He came in to give her a hug.  "It's a problem that was granted by one of the bigger pains in the slayers' asses who thought they were giving a reward."  He patted her on the back.  "Now, calm down.  Can't be good for you."  He smiled and walked off, going to handle the slayer that wasn't admitting to having a hell of a lot of painkillers in her system.  Now all they needed to know was why.  The other three that had decided to experiment, John could handle.  He'd yell later.  He met Shea outside. "C'mon.  We need to talk."

"No, we don't."

He pulled her closer, staring down at her.  "Yeah, we do.  Either you have it with me or you have it with your parents, Shea."  She went  pale.  "Now, let's go talk."  She nodded, walking that way with him following.  He waved at the older women coming in.  "My place.  Olivia, expect to be nagged for that cut."

"Whatever," she muttered.  They got up there to hear John going off on the girls who had decided to tempt fate by trying drugs.  She walked in first.  "Are we being drug tested?"

"No, only them."  He smirked.  "This is because all slayers seem to want to hide their injuries.  We can't keep you from being hurt worse if you don't tell us."  They all groaned.  "They're getting it because they decided to steal House's vicodin."  They all shuddered.  "Go back to your meeting area.  We'll be talking, ladies."  They slumped and stomped off.  He looked at them.  "Xander won't mind if you guys start a movie or something.  He's off with Shea."

"She's having problems?" one o the older ones asked.

"Quite."  He looked at the girls.  "It won't take long."

"I know."  They settled in to play Xander's game system.  As their turns were taken a new girl took over their character or started a new one.  John waited to cool his temper. Then he went to scream at the girls who decided to experiment with drugs.  If his screaming and yelling could be heard outside...oh well.


Dean tapped on John's door.  He held up the letter when his father opened it.

"What's that?"  He took the letter.

"Xander had one of his visions way back when the dream demon was going on.  He put it into a demonic language to give you time to calm down while you translated it."  He leaned against the doorjamb.  "He told Brenda it's not something horrible.  She'll be like her mother."

"She's a slayer?"

Dean nodded.  "He said she'll have a watcher.  He also said that he thinks it was the Powers thinking they gave someone a reward for good work."

"Charming," John said grimly.  "Do we want to translate it now?"

"Up to you.  I have no idea."

John grimaced. "Any idea what else is in there?"

"Ten paragraphs.  It's in a demonic language.  He said he put it in that to give you time to calm down."

John nodded.  "Okay.  Is Thomas in?"

"No clue."  He smirked.  "How is she?"

He looked back at the girl curled up on the corner of his bed.  "She needed a hug."

"I'd need a hug if I ended up pregnant without a boy being there too."

"If you had, I'd have killed the witch that was torturing you, Dean.  You're not exactly built for that."

"Maybe he has transgender issues," Brenda mumbled into a pillow.

Dean snorted.  "No, I'm firm in my manliness, dear.  Want a hug from me or Sammy?"

"No.  I'm good."

"Good."  He left, going back to find Sam looking at the others.  He took them from his hand.

Sam looked up at him.  "Two are about me going dark."

"One's the long shot to save everyone.  The other one, if I remember what little flashes I got during the building thing, you got vamped."  Sam shuddered. "That's a just in case."

Sam swallowed, standing up. "One's you and Dawn."

"More likely.  Not deadly but something that'll be more likely if certain things happen.  He said all of these may change depending on what happened in a few other areas.  It's not a certainty.  You know how he has feelings that change now and then?"

"I've seen that.  He'll start to get the just in case jitters then suddenly stop before it gets too intense."

"That's what these are."

"Even better."  He stood up.  "Thanks, Dean."

"Welcome.  We've got to give Brenda the good, supportive big brother treatment."

"We do.  Where is she?  Ice cream?"

"Dad's bed.  Huddled in a corner."

"I'll go get her ice cream."  He walked off, going to get some ice cream then went to barge in on his father.  He handed his father a bowl then sat on the foot of the bed, nudging her knee.  "Ice cream?"  She sniffled.  He pulled her up then handed her a bowl, tucking her under his arm.  She dug in, still sniffling. "We'll be great uncles, Brenda."  She looked up at him.  "We will.  Dean's had a lot of practice with me.  It'll help Dad learn how to raise kids instead of soldiers while still training them, because I'll be making sure she has fun and goes to school, and we'll be good."  She nodded, rubbing her cheek against his shoulder.  "It'll be fine."

"If you're sure.  I'm not.  The other kids will laugh."

"No they won't.  Dawn and I are hunting the witch down and making her sorry."  She looked up at him.  He nodded.  "Oh, yeah.  Dean'll kill her.  I'll make her miserable and regret being born.  Dawn'll do some light torture.  Then we hand her to Dean and you."  She laughed, giving him a real hug then digging into her ice cream.  And his.  John sat down on her other side, letting her steal some of his too.  He let her cuddle if she wanted.

"I want some of this witch too," John told him.

Sam licked his spoon.  "If she lives past Dean and Brenda.  Or you jump in before them."

"I can do that."  He rubbed a hand over her hair.  "We'll get through this."

Sam nodded.  "We will.  We'll even make Dean help with the labor.  He can even do the gross stuff and cut the cord."


He grinned.  "That's why we'll let Dean do it."

"As long as I can be knocked out."  She stuffed her mouth with ice cream.


Dawn strolled up to the school extra early on Monday.  "Sir," she said when she ran into the principal.  Sam was walking behind her.  "We are going to have a problem.  I'm going to be kicking someone's ass because they magicked a slayer pregnant."

He blinked.  "You can do that?"

"Yeah, you can," Sam agreed.  "She's marked but she's in deep and Brenda's deciding if she wants to press charges.  I'm here to make sure Dawn doesn't kill her before Brenda gets to."

"Which one?"

"I marked her," Dawn said.  "I'll be able to tell."  He looked at her.  "I'll make it more visible before we drag her off."  She handed over a paper.  "From House about her being excused from PE and her excuse for the next few days.  Plus two other girls who have injuries and are being given a good reason to not hide them the next time."


"Since they didn't admit to them, they're handcuffed in the infirmary being fussed over," Sam said with an evil grin.  "That's how we retrained Xander to admit when he was hurt."

"Well, I guess that works.  Do we have any idea?"

"Latisha isn't that stupid," Dawn said.  "I'm not sure if there's a few other problems we haven't seen before."

"You pull whoever into my office so you can prove it, Miss Summers."

She nodded.  "I can do that."  She walked out and hopped up onto a wall next to the school.  Sam leaned beside her, ignoring all the girls who weren't marked.  At least until one showed up.  "Sister, we gotta talk," Dawn said, snagging her hair to pull her over.  "Latisha."

The girl gave her a dirty look.  "Don't mess up my hair!"

Dawn looked at her then pulled her closer.  "Someone around our age pulled a serious spell."

"Who?" she demanded.

"No idea but I marked her.  She's looking at some serious slayer smackdown."

"After we get her first," Sam said dryly.  "She unkindly decided to knock up a virgin slayer."

Latisha snickered.  "You had me going."  Dawn nodded.  "No way!"

"Way," Dawn said dryly.  "No matter how 80's that is."

"Damn!  Who?"

"Brenda," Sam said dryly.  He pointed.  "That mark, Dawn?"

"That mark was part of it but not all of it."

Latisha looked then frowned.  "She's part of a coven.  I know most of them."

"We'll be bringing the ones who're marked up to the base.  They may be in for charges," Sam said.  "Plus Brenda gets to beat the shit out of them."

"Hey, good with me," Latisha said, backing off.  "Let me gather any who you don't get."  Dawn walked off, stalking that girl until she grabbed her, making her scream all the way to the office.

Sam smirked.  "How many?"

"Sixteen in the coven."

"Gather for us please.  There's another one."  He stood up straighter, standing in front of her.  "Slayers Council.  You're wearing black and blood magic marks, young lady.  To the office please."

"Who're you to say that?"

Dawn strolled out, glaring at her.  "Office, now, heathen bitch."  The girl glared.  Dawn slugged her then walked her into the office.  "Here, another one who tried to backtalk me."  She strolled off, going to find the others.  Latisha gathered for her very well.  She pointed at the other two and Sam gathered. The hard way since they complained.  She smiled and exposed the marks.  "Well, ten of you fifteen are responsible for a black magic spell that knocked up a virgin slayer."  They all glared.  "You're in deep shit, ladies.  Brenda's deciding about charging you or not."

"It was supposed to be you," one sneered.

"She's powerful; the kid would kill us," Latisha snorted.

Dawn smiled.  "Actually, me bleeding anywhere is a very bad idea thanks to some artifacts I've been exposed to.  That's why there was a hell goddess after me once."  Latisha turned very pale.  Sam shuddered.  "Exactly."  She looked at the girls again.  "Now, let's go."  She dialed the principal's desk phone.  "Tell Brenda there's ten here who're marked, sixteen in the coven, fifteen that we have."  She looked at Latisha.  "The other?"

"Home schooling.  She's got bone cancer."

"We can check," Sam promised.  "Or an agent."  Dawn hummed then hung up.  "How long?"

"Five."  She looked at the girls.  "This goes beyond heinous, ladies.  It goes beyond trifling.  It goes beyond taste.  You give us a bad name and I'm sorry we practice the same craft."  The school's guard came in.  "Morning."

"You hit her."

"She magicked one of the slayers pregnant.  All the marked ones.  The others are in the same practicing group."

The guard shuddered.  "A pregnant slayer?  With mood swings and all that?"

"Oh, yeah, and super strength.  Plus right now back cramps from hell.  That's how we found out."  She smirked.  "There's a big shit coming.  Congrats for making yourself the toilet paper."  Guards and Tony walked in.  "Them, gentlemen.  There's one missing, she's home schooled."

"Is her mark visible?" Tony asked.

"Should be."

"Then we'll check to make sure.  That way Sam doesn't break her into tiny, bitty pieces."  He looked at them.  "Arrest the ones with the marks.  We'll be looking at the other ones.  Put them in interrogation rooms on the base, separated, and call their parents."  They nodded, arresting the girls, reading them their rights on the way out to the van.  He looked at the two younger ones.  "Let us.  She did press charges."  He strolled off with the last one, sing-songing the Miranda statement.  He put her into the van and got in.  The guards got into the other one.  He heard one mumbling.  "Ladies, for your information three *very* strong witches and their white lighter put protections on all the vans so that nothing magical can happen during transport of prisoners."  They all groaned.  He started the van with a smirk and drove off.  He'd get the other one later.  Don Flack asked so he went to check on her and talk to her parents.  She wasn't marked but she had other marks that were worrying.  Including marks to three different dark gods and a higher demon.

Needless to say, her parents weren't pleased.

The screaming that brought the cops made them unhappy too.


John found the dictionary Thomas had suggested, sitting down to translate the prophecy.  He frowned at the first line telling him to calm down.  That boded ill.  He worked on the next line.   He stared at it when he was done.  Telling him he doesn't want to know.  It was the codex for her reign.  Definitely not good news.  He did the third, not sure he wanted to know.  He looked at it.  "She's family returning?" he whispered.  He frowned, going on.  He stared at what was coming out.  He finally looked up to find Xander seated across from him, his feet up on the table while he read a Penthouse.  "You read those around the girls?"  He hadn't heard or felt him come in.

Xander looked over the edge.  "Sam's not in here so none of the girls are."  He put it down, sitting up to look at him.  "Do you want to remember it?"

"No."  He looked down then at him.  "Dean'll be destroyed."

"Brenda wants to name her Mary."

John licked his lips, then nodded.  "Will she remember?"

"I don't know.  It depends on what sort of reward the Powers saw this as."

John nodded.  "How long?"

"It won't matter."  John glared.  "You'll be there with her.  She'll have her watcher."


"You," Xander agreed. "Because we all know you'd never let anyone else do it."

"True."  He relaxed.  "What am I going to tell Dean?"

"Up to you.  He may have gotten a few flashes when I had it.  Sam might've."

"Sam did," Sam called from his hidden corner.  "Sam can also read that language."

"Where are you?" John called.

"Hiding from the girls."  He came out of hiding, looking at his father.  "I saw."

"Are you all right with that?"

"Dean's going to be worried and upset.  I haven't told him."

"Told me what?" Dean called from the other side of the library.

"Dad decoded it."

Dean and Brenda walked over.  "We were going over baby gestation online."  He took his father's notes.  "Bad grammar."

"Translated by their rules."  Xander got up and left them alone.

Dean took his seat, looking at it then at his father.  "He's sure?"


Brenda took it to read.  "Oh."  She looked up.  "John."

He stroked her cheek.  "You're still my daughter in all but name."

"I was going to ask if you'd mind if I gave her your last name."

"Not in the least, even if she wasn't her."  He smiled.  She sniffled.  "Hey, none of that."  Dean let her hug him.  John leaned over to hug her himself.

Sam smiled.  "It'll work out, guys.  She's going to live a very long time with all of us helping her."

John nodded.  "She will.  She'll last longer than her mother's reign will."  Brenda smiled a watery smile.  "It'll be okay.  We'll handle it."

"Will you have to have the prom gown refitted?" Sam asked.

She shook her head.  "It's in a month and I won't be showing until around five by what Crissy did."

"Good."  Dean smiled. "All you girls are going to look so hot."  She beamed.  He ripped up the decoded prophecy and the prophecy itself.  "There.  Better.  She's my niece.  No matter who she was in her last life, she's my niece."  John nodded at that.  "Sammy?"

"Good for me.  I love nieces.  I might even babysit."

"You'll spoil the baby with horrible baby learning systems," Dean complained.

"Yeah, but you can give her little scythes."

John smiled.  "I'll get her her first shotgun."  Brenda beamed at that.  "We'll handle it."  She nodded. "We should make you eat, young lady."  She nodded, walking out with Dean and Sam around her.  John followed, making himself forget that prophecy.  It might be a reward to some but to him it was agonizing.  At least he'd have her back but she wouldn't be his.  Brenda pinched him so he looked at her.  "What?"

"Too much thinking.  You're turning into Sam."

"Sorry."  He gave her a hug then they went into the caf to sit down and eat.

Dawn leaned down the table.  "Anything the rest of us need to know?"

"She'll be named after John's wife Mary.  She'll be a Winchester from birth.  She'll be a future slayer."

Anna hugged her before sitting down.  "We'll make sure she's one of the longest lasting ever."

"Thanks, guys."

"Welcome," Dawn said cheerfully.  "They all took deals and we're good now."

"Good.  Are they serving much time?"

"No magic, no contact with the rest of the coven, and probation for ten years," Dawn said.  "The judge wanted to give them jail time but their lawyers begged for the deal and they agreed to willingly bind their magics.  They did the same thing Xander did to his.  If it's an emergency they can break out but they've got to want to get past the really horrible headache they'll have when they try."

"The headache is horrible," Xander said from his seat.  "You can't do jack with it.  As soon as you try it hits and it's bad enough that unless you're under some heavy painkillers, like darvocet or higher, it's not going to happen."  She relaxed at that.  "They won't be doing it again.  The judge called in their cohorts to tell them the same thing and warn them that they're idiots."

"The one who was being home schooled had a lot of marks and her parents were not pleased," Don called.  "She was clearly warned by them and they walked her in to talk to the judge too.  Even he yelled."

"Good."  Brenda dished herself up food, then dug in.  "We have to tell Crissy and Buffy and them."

Faith walked in.  "I heard there were issues?"

"Just a few," Xander said dryly.  "You only got a few problems.  Girls who didn't report they were injured.  A few who took some drugs.  You know, usual teenager shit."

"I vaguely remember that stage, yeah."  She looked at them.  "Any I gotta smack around?"

"Um, two, but we'll discuss that in private," Xander said.  He looked at her.  Then at Brenda.

"Little B, I know you didn't," she said dryly.

"Um, no, but some witches decided they wanted to make John a grandfather."

Faith paused at that.  "Excuse me?"

"Never been near a boy but the bunny died," Xander told her.  "They're in deep and the judge made them bind themselves.  Plus they're on probation because they begged and they're juvies."

Faith licked her lips.  "Okay, so..."

"There's a baby Winchester in there," Dean told her.  "Who'll be a slayer.  Xander saw it."

Faith let out a deep breath then hugged her.  "We'll do what we can to help, Little B.  Told anyone else?"

"Not anyone anywhere else."

"We can handle that," Dawn said cheerfully. "The slayer gossip network is wonderful and travels at the speed of email."

"And text message," Xander agreed.

"We'll call one later," Faith decided.  Wesley walked in smiling.  "Don't."

"We had to pull pop physicals.  Some girls weren't reporting things," Xander told him.

"Oh, dear.  Anyone horribly injured?"

"Some witches made Little B preggers," Faith said.

"Oh my god," he whispered, staring at her.  "Are you all right, Brenda?"  She nodded, giving him a hug. "That's good then.  Are we handling it and did we beat them?"

"The judge did.  They're bound."

"Good!  Excellent in fact."  He sat down, looking at the others.  "Anything else I should hear?"

"In private," Xander said.  "Handled but for the records."  A few girls groaned.  "They're being teenagers in most cases."

"Good.  The ones who were neglecting themselves?  I notice some aren't here."

"They're handcuffed in the infirmary so they learn to confess.  The same way I did," Xander said with an evil smirk.

"We get to fuss later," Mary said with an evil smirk of her own.

"Less evil thought, more eating," Gibbs ordered from his seat.

"Yes, Gibbs."  She dug in, eating all she needed to sustain herself.  She was hungry.

Wesley shook his head, watching the girls be girls.  It was a good sign for their future.


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