Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Rites of Passage.

It was prom afternoon.  The girls were fluttering around.  The guys watching were trying to be patient.  It wasn't going to last for much longer.  They hoped.  Dawn was in charge of making sure everyone looked all right.  Then the guys would make sure they didn't look too bad then the rest of the agents were going to see them off.  Dawn came down first in her gown, fussing over a tie.  Xander turned her around to tighten it for her.

"How do you know how to tighten a corset?" Dean asked.

"I could joke about way too many girl movies, but Tara wore corset dresses and now and then had to be adjusted," he said with a grin for her.  "Finish your hair.  It's falling down."  She huffed and went to do that.  "And do your teeth again, they have lipstick.  And your powder's too obvious."

"Yes, big brother," she called.  She went to redo her makeup and her teeth.  She came down looking fabulous and they nodded, even if John was scowling a bit.  "It's fine, John.  Quit being such a dad.  You're not mine and I'm not Brenda."  She patted him on the arm, sitting down to wait on the others.  The slayer who had gotten the showy white dress came down next looking fantastic.  They all stared at her.  "Um, dear, bra?"  She shrugged and adjusted the top.

"Double sided tape," Xander ordered with a point. "You lost weight since you bought it."  She sighed but went to do that.  Faith grabbed her to help her.  Xander looked up there.  "Anyone else ready?"

"Hell no!" Faith called.  "Twenty more."

"That's my cue to go change," Dean said, going over to his apartment with Sam.  Sam already had things laid out, shined up, and ready for him.  "Why are you twittering over my date?" he asked.

"Because I want it to be special for Faith."  He handed him something.  "Changed the overnight plans.  That's about an hour away from town."

"You think I'll have the energy to drive?" he joked.

"Yup.  Because the slayers staying in town are staying at the local motel.  This'll give you and Faith a good weekend off.  I already put a bag with her clothes and yours for tomorrow and the next day in the car.  They have a picture of you so they know who you are and that you're supposed to be there.  I checked you in so that's your key.  None of the younger ones can bother you or pop around for help with practical questions during their night off.  Just you and Faith on a weekend off."  He walked off.  "Get dressed.  She'll be looking spectacular by what Xander said."

"A weekend away from the nosy people, that might be nice," Dean muttered.  He went to take a shower.  By the time he got out, he was clean, smelled good, and he was mentally psyching himself up for this night.  Because he wasn't sure he wanted to chaperone the prom.  Even if he would be seeing Faith in a dress that Xander said made him drool.  Actually that might be the benefit of doing this tonight.  Getting to tease her that she wore clothes like that.  He came out dressed except for his tie.  Sam took it to do for him with a grin.  "I could've.  My mirror's fogged."

"I know."  He brushed some lint off him and buttoned his jacket.  "Got condoms?"

"You're expecting me to forget with as often as I nagged you to remember them?" he joked.

"Yeah.  I added extra to the glove box."  He grinned. "There, not too bad."  He fussed with his hair until Dean ducked away.  "Hold still."  He did it anyway.  "It's me or Dawn, Dean."

Dean groaned but let him do it.  "You're fussing like it was your prom or I'm your son."

"I want it to be special for her.  Every woman deserves one special night to be fabulous and be the center of attention."  He looked at Dean.  "That's why Xander let her do this instead of the others."  He brushed the arms down again.  "It doesn't fit perfectly but they did a pretty good job fitting it to you."

"Thanks.  Anything I've forgotten?"

"Did your teeth?"

"Yes, mom, I did brush my teeth," he said dryly.  "And shaved and put on deodorant."

Sam grinned getting something.  "For her."

"Why am I getting her flowers?"

"Because she's still a girl.  It's a single flower.  She'll appreciate that more than a bouquet or a corsage."  He picked up his camera.  "C'mon.  She's got to be ready."  Dean nodded, walking over to the girls' dorm again.  He walked in and Sam took a picture of their father's face.  "We did good?"

"You did very good.  The girls need a drool check, boys."

Dean stared at a few of them, swallowing hard.  "Nice going, ladies."  They smiled.  "We did all the hygiene stuff?  Teeth, deodorant?  That stuff?"  One went rushing to do her teeth.  "Good."  He looked around.  "Faith making a grand entrance?"

"Yup," Dawn agreed. "Her and Shea."  Xander grinned.  "We haven't seen their dresses yet."  Shea came down in the green gown she had gotten.  "That looks nice, Shea."  She smiled.  "Need help with your hair?"

"Please.  I can't french twist worth a damn.  Neither can Wesley."  She sat so Dawn could fix her hair for her.  Then she stood up. "Do I meet expectations?" she asked lightly.

"You look very nice," John told her.  "Are you sure you can handle being the chaperone tonight?  That means having to break up the cuddling and the ones that want to dose the punch with liquor."

"Of course I can.  I can handle bar bouncing too, John."   Faith cleared her throat.  She gaped.  "Damn."

Dean gaped.  "Damn is right," he said in awe.  He grinned, moving forward to hand her the flower.  She gave him an odd look.  "Sammy thought you needed it.  I think it's only going to make you look less hot."  He helped her down the last few steps.  "You do look nice," he said in her ear.

She smiled.  "All X's doing."

"You're welcome," he said, taking pictures of them.  Sam came over to push in a hairpin then got out of the way.  "Okay, you all look good.  Go make the others drool.  John and I will have our cells on tonight if you guys need saved.  Those who're staying out all night have your plans in place?"  They nodded.  "Good."

"Weapons?" John asked.

"Thigh holster," a few girls, including Brenda, said.

"I am a weapon," Dawn said smugly.

"You cannot hope to kick butt in that dress," one of the other girls teased.  "You and Brenda will have to fight the fabric."

"I can so kick butt in mine.  I practiced in my shoes and everything," Dawn said smugly.  "C'mon, ladies.  Let's go make the agents drool so we can wait on our dates over there."  They followed her out.

Xander handed Dean something.  "I let the girls wash and wax the Impala under John's careful watch so she's beautiful and clean tonight."  Dean grinned at him for that.  "And reloaded the trunk's ammo in case you run into problems because something wants Faith for being that hot."  Faith actually blushed but walked Dean on.  He and Sam shook hands once they were out of sight.  "Good work, Minion Sam."

"Why am I the minion?"

"Because I'm the evil genius?" he suggested with a grin.

"You're both only warped, boys," John said patiently.  "If you were heading toward evil I'd let the girls deal with you."  They both blushed at that before going to meet the girls' dates and make sure they knew to treat them right.  John looked up.  "Why do they want to do these girly things?" he muttered.

"Most women have to have a time to look special," Gibbs said from his seat.  "This and their wedding is usually it.  At least they all looked tasteful."

"Xander's doing.  Even Shea's dress."  That got a smirk back.  "You know Dean's off for the weekend?"

"I heard."

"Good.  We'll have you up to handling our job when we take a few weeks off after school ends.  There's some people who're close to the family that I want to introduce Brenda to."  He stood up.  "Think they're gone?"

"There's still a limo outside and one other car."  They watched the girl in the white dress get into it and they left.  The car left with Dean and Faith. They headed over, finding Dawn nibbling.  "Still here?"

"He had to switch cars because one of the ho patrol gave him a flat tire," Dawn said with a small shrug.  Xander tossed her something.  "You sure?"

"Yup.  Go for it.  Don't dent it.  Or else."

"Yes, Xander."  She gave him a hug then looked at the keys.  "When did you get a sports car?"

"Last month."  He grinned.  "I need a hot car to get me a good, slightly evil woman."  She walked off cackling about that and calling her man.  He looked at the boss.  "Did I do good?"

"You did excellent," Don Flack assured him.  The other agents just nodded.  "They are drool worthy and very cute tonight.  Especially Faith."

"Not like Faith's the sort to have a fairytale night.  This gives it to her since she won't ever go for a big, froofy wedding."  He grinned at John.  "If they want of course."

"Of course."  He sat down to eat.  "We all good?"  They nodded.  "Xander, why did you get a sports car?"

"For my vacation this fall?" he suggested with a grin.

"No going to Vegas and no going with Dean and Sam," Daniel reminded him.

"Yes, Danny."

"Thank you," Messer said.  "We can live vicariously through your vacations but not even we can live through it if you get another plane offered to you."

"Not my fault I won the game.  I didn't know it was a real place."

"Uh-huh," Jack O'Neill said dryly.  "Keep up that innocent act.  Maybe you'll get a girl who's not that evil for a change."

"Why?  They're uptight and less fun."  A few of the girls and John choked.  He grinned.  "They are.  Good girls like the slayers are don't have the same sort of fun that bad girls do."

"Remember, bad girls go to Cleveland," Mary joked.  "The good girls go overseas and to LA."  The others laughed at that.  She handed Xander food.  "You'd better eat.  Otherwise that bad girl you want will break you in half when she's playing bad girl games."  Gibbs looked at her.  "What?" she asked innocently.  "If they're playing I'm sure bad girls have different games than we good girls do."

"Yes they do but you don't need to know about them yet."

"Of course not.  When I'm old enough to appreciate the spoils of panty raiding then we can talk about those sort of things."  John moaned.  "It wasn't us this time."

"The older slayers were the ones pantyraiding?" Don Flack called over.

"They got drunk," Gibbs said.  That got a few snickers.  "They decided it was like being in a sorority and it did prove stealth very well."

"Until House found one and got her with a spare dye pack he had," Chase said with a wicked grin.

"Remind me I need to give extra PT again tomorrow," John told Gibbs.

"I already did.  Told them if they were going to act like spoiled teenagers we'd treat them like it."  That got a nod and a smirk.  He dug in, letting Mary and Annabelle hug him.  "When it's your turn to go to the prom, we'll make sure you look as good as those did."

"Sure," Mary agreed happily.  "That means I have to capture a boy and tie him down, right?"

"Dating doesn't include ropes," Xander told her.

"Handcuffs" Anna asked.  "Faith joked about packing some in her purse for the night."

John blushed, shaking his head.  "That's a bad girl thought.  No good girls, like you two are, need those sort of things."

"Unless your boy loses his soul like Angel did to Buffy, you shouldn't need them," Xander assured her.

"Okay," she sighed.  "I'll quit practicing my knots."

"Someone's doing extra PT tomorrow," John said firmly when Gibbs could only moan.

"I'm already on for PT tomorrow and next weekend."

"Then next time don't go asking the demons how they have carnal relations," Gibbs said firmly.  "You have another weekend added to it for that knots comment."

"Yes, Gibbs," she sighed, getting back to eating.  Not like they had anything better to do anyway.  At their age it wasn't as much fun as the girls who were old enough to date.  Gibbs shook his head, getting back to eating.  "What are the rest of them doing this weekend?"

"Sword practice," Xander said happily.  That got some looks from the agents.  "Yes, all those who need it are to attend too."  They groaned but nodded.  "Wes and I are running a lesson on how to defeat someone using a different style."  That got a nod.  They knew they had to at least show a proficiency in the art, just in case it became necessary like it had in the Chicago riots they had just had for a spring apocalypse.  "Danny, any word on what happened in Egypt?"

"It was small and handled quietly without the press hearing," he said with a small smile.  "Buffy and Rupert went over to handle it.  They'll be back tomorrow.  He did have to nag Buffy into not nagging the women about their rights, but it went fine otherwise from the report he sent."

"Cool."  He grinned at the people who had went with him to Chicago.  "Are we all healed?"  They groaned but everyone nodded.  "The team that went to LA and the one in Miami too?"  They all nodded.  "Good."  He went back to eating.  "We'll probably get another easy week and then things will start building back to normal cases until around Halloween again."  That got a few groans but they knew this cycle very well.  "Oh, Danny, did I say there were some really pissed off detectives in Chicago who wanted to know why they were picking on their city?"

"You did and I got a tape of the report you gave them about why.  They said it's fixed and they're sending people to get a crash course in how to deal with demons.  They'll be here in a few days.  They're going to be setting up their own office and it'll be a cooperative effort since their mayor and the Canadian consulate said that one of their Mounties was going to be liaising with them."

"Did he agree with that?" Messer asked.

"Apparently he's been helping their detectives.  That whole unit is going to be transferred over."  That got a groan.  "They'll cut back if they see it's necessary but it's the hardass station from what we were told."  That got a few looks at him from the former cops. "They said it, not me."

"Screw ups and goofballs unite, go deal with the demons?" Danny Messer joked.

"Basically."  He dug in again.  "Horatio, you can help them with the setup up but they'll want someone tougher to deal with.  They're all the 'kick in the door to break your head open' sort of detectives from what their boss said."

"In other words a few are and the rest are normal?" Xander suggested.  That got a nod.  "That's fine.  I can go over the various weapons and why you use them plus the demonology while Sam goes over them if Horatio can do the setup, go over the cell necessities, those things."

"That's what I was hoping for."  He smiled.  "If they're in soon enough you can even go over sword work with them."  Xander grinned meanly.  "Try to be nice, Xander."

"I always try."  He dug in again when Mary added to his plate.  "Yes, Mary."

"Thank you.  We don't want you getting sick.  John can't torture us the way you do."

"Aww, that's a warm and fuzzy thought."  He gave her a hug.

"Eat, goofball," John said tolerantly.  "You two still need crossbow work."  They sighed but nodded.  "Find me when you get up and have eaten tomorrow."  They nodded again.  "Gibbs could use it too."

"Calleigh and Mac too," Xander told him.  "Whoever has not field tested on the crossbows, John's doing that tomorrow."  That got a few groans of complaint.  "As proven, you do need to be able to use them in the field.   Right, Calleigh?"  She scowled but nodded, ducking her head at the amused look her teammates gave her.  "Like all firing weapons, practice makes better targets that don't run as often when you hit them."  He dug in again when Anna added more to his plate.  "I didn't need that much."

"Yes you do.  Your mouth isn't full."  She smirked.  Gibbs swatted her.  "Ow!"


"Yes, Gibbs."  She dug in, adding more to hers and Mary's plate.  Mary gave her an odd look.  "Not like we need to be little and attract a boy yet."

"Good point."  They dug in and ate all they wanted.  There might even be leftovers tonight since the other girls were gone.

Gibbs and John shared a look then shook their heads and ate.  They'd need the energy to keep up with the girls.


Dean stopped them on the road they had been driving down.  They had a few hours until they had to show up.  It was a pretty late afternoon for a long drive.  This road had no one living up it anymore.  Dean looked at her.  "You look stunning," he said.

She smiled.  "Xander picked it out."

"He has a good eye for what's going to show you off."  He grinned. "Thankfully I know you two aren't going to hit it again.  Or else I might get jealous."

"You, jealous?" she teased with a grin.

"Every Winchester is jealous.  I remember Dad smacking one guy hard for staring at Mom."  She laughed.  "Sammy told me he got into two fights at Stanford trying to save Jess from frat boys who wanted her.  I think I could do that for you."  He brushed some hair off her cheek.  She blushed and shifted.  "Sammy packed dinner or we could hit somewhere classy.  Your choice."

"No reservations?"

"I didn't know which one you'd want.  I figured you didn't want to go to the burger place like two of the girls are."

"So we'll eat in the car?" she asked.

"Nah."  He looked over at the basket behind her seat.  "That's probably got a blanket.  If not, I'm sure I've got one in the trunk."  She gaped.  He shrugged.  "I always have one in the trunk.  We had to spend plenty of nights in the car over the years."  He stroked the steering wheel.  "It's the only home we've had since I was little."  He looked at her.

"How many girls have you brought home?" she asked.

"Four, five.  Nothing serious.  I'm older now and not into a cheap roll in the back seat."  He smiled at her.  "Unless you want me to be that unclassy."

She looked at the fabric on the roof. "I don't see hoof prints."

He laughed.  "Not my style.  Doggy style so they could try to be worthy of drooling on the seat, but not like that."  She gave him an odd look.  "They were quick rolls, Faith."

"Face-to-face is for more special and touching things," she agreed quietly.  He kissed her. She smiled.  "That was easy."

"I'm very easy.  If you want to chase, I'll run, but I figured you'd had enough running recently."

"And if I want chased?"

"Then I'm really fast and I can blindside you and bring you down really quickly," he said, moving to kiss her again.  She moaned this time, making him groan back into her lips.  He pulled back.  "It's your night."  She smirked.  "It is.  You're the one who's wearing the pretty dress."

"So if you were in the dress?" she teased.

He smirked back.  "I'd shoot Sammy for doing it to me."  She cackled, nodding.  "Want to eat?"

"I'm not really hungry yet."  She took another kiss.  "Wanna shift around?"  He moaned, getting out and pulling her around to the front of the car.  He laid her on the hood, appreciating the view.  "Am I your pinup?" she asked.

"Yup.  And more."  He leaned down to kiss her.  "It's only right since this is the only time I've done this."  He undid his tie, then his shirt.  She stroked over his chest with her nails.  He grinned, moving down to tease her throat.  She yelped when he bit because she had pinched his nipple.  "I'm going to mess up the dress."

"You won't."

"I am.  It's going to wrinkle and Xander will kill me."  She laughed.  He looked hurt.  "He will."

"He won't.  He'll make sure you'll be good to me.  Somehow I managed to have him as a big brother too."

He grinned.  "You and all the others.  At least he doesn't nag you like he does Dawn."  He found the zipper and got the dress off her, laying it beside her.  She undid his belt and pants, letting him step out of them.  His clothes went on top of hers and they slowly merged closer on the hood.  She was groaning into his mouth and he was having a lot of fun making her beg.   She finally tried to grip the car but he noticed she didn't try to scratch it.  "Scratch me, Faith.  You can mark me.  I'm not scared of you or your super strength."  She pulled him down, flipping them over.  The hood groaned under them but it didn't dent.  She climbed on top, letting him hold onto her waist.  Finally he pulled her down to kiss her, making her whimper while he did what he did best - make her happy and loud.  She finally went limp on his chest and he panted, stroking down her back.  She twitched her muscles, letting him finally come.  "Damn you're good," he whispered in her ear.  She smirked at him.  "And you look even better messed up."  He took another kiss, pulling her down to hold her.  "You can cuddle.  It's not an offer I make every day but I think it's a good time for it."

She let him hold her for now.  She needed the time to calm down.  "What was that?" she asked finally.

"That was the first time I've ever thought any girl was worth more than being face down on the backseat."

She looked up at him.  "That's kinda romantic."

He grinned.  "I can try to quote some poetry if you want but I might have to call Sammy to have him look some up."

She laughed, swatting him.  "No thanks.  Let's leave Sammy out of whatever this is between us."

"Sure.  Not into sharing that stuff with him anyway.  I tried once and he gave me the most horrified look then got the most bitchy look on his face."  She pulled him up to kiss her.  "Hmm.  Prettiness spread out on my hood."  He grinned.  "I could like that."

"You're on the bottom," she pointed out.

"I'm more than pretty enough for my hood," he teased.

She rolled her eyes but let him tease her some more since it made them both happy.  She finally came again against his fingers, staring down at him.  "You're thinking," she accused lightly.

"I was thinking that Dad wanted to take Brenda to meet some of the hunters that we've worked with.  They're nearly family in a few cases."  He took another kiss.  "I was thinking that I might like to bring you along for a vacation so they don't fuss Brenda to death?"

She considered it.  "That's a scary topic."  That was getting a lot more serious than she wanted to be.

"Yeah, to me too.  That's why I used your taste to get it out of my head."  He grinned.  "Your taste is very good at that."

"I'm good at many things," she joked.  He nodded he agreed.  "We should get dressed and show up to bounce the kids who want to do what we just did."

He checked his watch.  "We have an hour."  He took another kiss.  "Unless you want to eat?"

"I could eat."  He wiggled free and got the basket, laying out their picnic dinner.  They left their clothes on the hood, coming over to eat naked on the blanket.  It was good for them.  He pushed back in her hairpins and she kissed him for it.  And to steal the bite of strawberry he was eating.  He grinned.  She smirked back.  "They're not going to be ready for us."

"Of course they will be.  I'm sure they got told we were chaperones.  Which makes me feel so *old*."

"Yeah," she sighed.  "By slayer standards I'm ancient."

He took another kiss.  "That's because you're good at what you do."  She smiled, looking down a bit.  "I say we hunt together this summer."  She looked at him again.  "I don't have anyone ready for field trials.  You can come hunt.  Do you good to get away from the minis."

"Could," she agreed.  "We'll see."

"Cool.  I'll make sure you're up to snuff with a shotgun too."  She swatted him.  "We do a lot of spirit manifestations."

"We'll see what I can do."  She fed him another strawberry then nibbled one of her own.  He fed her the next one.  They were getting comfortable and shifting the food out of their way when his watch beeped.  "Did you set the alarm?"

"No, I think Sammy did."  He checked.  "We have a half hour to get back there."  She laughed, getting up to help him pack things away again.  "We can have it later.  Sammy arranged for us to not be at the same motel the others were at.  It's a bit farther away but this way we get a weekend being Dean and Faith instead of hunters and slayers."

"I could like that.  Got that magic fingers system?"

"I love that system," he said with a grin.  She was truly a woman after his heart.  He helped her get redressed and let her fix her makeup in the mirror while he got redressed.  She tied his tie for him and they made sure they cleaned up after themselves.  Dean paused, then looked around.  "Faith, I think we forgot something."

"I noticed that.  I'm on the pill, Dean."  He sighed in relief.   "I made *damn* sure I'm not going to end up like Crissy and Little B."  She looked up at him.  "You guys seem kinda bummed by her being on the countdown."

"It's a rebirth.  Someone decided to thank us for the help we're giving by making the child be our mom reborn as a slayer."

"That sucks.  The Powers are bastards."

"Yeah," he sighed, giving her another kiss.  "Lipstick's messy," he teased.  She swatted him and fixed it then blotted it so it wouldn't smear again.  He walked around to drive, letting her pick the music.  Something he never let Sammy do.  He liked her taste anyway so it was cool.  They got to the school and he watched the walkway the kids were going up.  "Should we?"


Dean parked and got out, helping her out like a gentleman.  Then he tucked her arm around his and walked her up it.  "Principal, we're here to chaperone."

"Nice timing, kids.  It's being held in the gym."  He walked them that way.  "You both look nice tonight."

"Xander did it," they said together, making him laugh.

"He's a good big brother to the slayers from what I've seen."  He showed them inside.  "You two can dance all you want.  Break up any fights, stop anyone dumping liquor in the punch bowl.  Break up any couple getting too close on the floor.  Let us know if there's a kid that's high."  That got a nod.  "Good.  Most of the slayers aren't here yet.  I'm assuming they're still eating."

"Sammy set my alarm for me," Dean said with a grin.

"He's a good big brother to them too.  I know he and Xander both made sure the girls wouldn't break any rules and they'd have a good night."  He smiled as he walked off.

Dean listened to the warm up music going on.  "Cheezy pop crap," he muttered.  She laughed but nodded. "Maybe there'll be something later."

"I think it's mandatory they have some slow dances but hopefully."  They took a tour of where everything was.  Dean found them a strategic spot near the food and punch bowls and got them seats.  Once more of the class got there the music was turned on.  The DJ was pretty good.  The music was a lot more hip.  The dress she was wearing meant that any booty shaking she did was appreciated by more than Dean.

"If you're not careful I'll have to whip some little boy's ass so he can't touch you," he said in her ear, making her laugh and turn to dance back-to-front with him.  He put his hands on her waist, letting her tease all she wanted since she liked it.  When that song was done they got some punch and went to beat the little cretin who was trying to talk his girlfriend into the bathroom.  "Making her do it won't make you any more popular, kid.  If she wants to, she'll do it.  If not, move on and find someone who will."  She huffed off.

Faith shrugged.  "Why waste your energy on the frigid."  The boy blushed but walked off to track a different girl.  Dawn gave him the brush off so he had to find someone else.  "D does smoke in that dress," she said.

"Definitely.  Thankfully I'm not her type."  Faith swatted him. "I'm not."  He grinned.  "She likes Xander's type.  I'm dangerous but not that way."  He glared at a boy trying to pour liquor into the punch bowl.  The boy backed up slowly then ran off.  "Good."  He got them some and walked her back to their seat.  There were a few couples having loud arguments.  "I really feel parental tonight.  Dad would be out there lecturing the boys on manners."  He took a drink.

"Not my type either."  One of the slayers got in one of the boys' faces to make them stop.  He ran off and went back to his buddies against the outer wall.  "Pity the geeks aren't getting it.  She's a snobby bitch from what I've heard."

"She just snubbed Amber, so yeah, she is."  He went to break up the other one.  "Kids."  They stared at him.  "Kiss and make up or take it in the hall."

"She's being a bitch and wants to have a threesome."

Dean looked at him then at her.  "I'm not against anything like that but he'd have to agree or you're going to end up without any at all.  Leave it for another night or go to the hall to finish it."  She sighed but nodded, walking off with him.  He got a few chips on the way back to his chair.  She stole one and he grinned.  "Still hungry?"

"Starved," she said, staring at him.  "I never realized why women like men in tuxes."  He smirked, quirking one eyebrow up slightly.  "It does good things for your butt, Dean."

"You can admire it all you want, Faith.  As long as I get to drool over that dress."

"No drooling on it.  Wes would pout."

"Not on, nearby."  He took a kiss.  "Dance?"

"Please.  Before I grow roots."  He laughed, taking her back out there.  They casually stopped the boy dragging his woman off to go outside when she was complaining by breaking his hold on her arm.  She ran off and he sulked.  One of the other chaperones got the boy to talk to him.  Dean and Faith danced a few more songs before the bad thing happened.

"Damn it, I thought it was only my sister that had that happy time curse," Dawn said hotly when the vampires broke in.

"There's no way she spread it to the rest of us, D.  Chill.  We can handle it."  She and the girls found their stakes.  "Ladies, let's try not to get messy."

"Then let me," Dawn said, raising her hands.  Light went off with a crack above the vamps, dusting all but the one cowering under the doorframe.  "Aww.  That one can tell you who sent him."

"Eww," one girl said.  "It's dusty."

"They make brooms," Brenda told her.  She found one and dusted them off, then looked at the last vamp.  "Who sent you?"

"You're...."  He sniffed and frowned.  "How did that happen?"

"Witches.  Who're already punished."  She leaned on the broom.  "Well?"  He tried to back up.  She used the broom's handle to knock him down then hit him with the bristle end. "You're ruining our happy night," she said plainly.  "Who.  Sent.  You?  Before I have to make Faith be mean."

"Which one are you!" he shouted.

She leaned down with a grin.  "Brenda."

"Awh, shit!"

"Basically, but quit swearing at the little one."  She stared at him.  "Who.  Sent.  You?"

"The Master thought it'd be cute if it looked like Buffy's celebration curse had been passed on," he said, trying to crawl backward.

"Which master?" Brenda asked.  She heard a cough.  "Hey, Spike."

"Let Spike question him," Dawn offered.  "Before you get messy, Bren."

"Sure."  She hauled him up and handed him over.  "Someone sent him."  The vampire moaned when Spike sniffed.

"Smells like Aqua Velva.  Has to be the guy the next town over."  He walked him off.  "Have a good dance.  Beats the hellhounds Slutty had."

"Yeah, it does," Dawn agreed.  She dusted Brenda off and checked her hair.  "There you go."  She smiled.

"Didn't your sister have one of those?" Faith asked.

"Yeah, but that was a spring fling dance in ninth grade.  She ended up burning down the gym full of vampires.  Still beats the hellhounds sent to attack anyone wearing formal gear at her prom."

The other girls nodded.  "It does," Brenda agreed.  She got her date some punch.  "Here you go."

"Witches really made you pregnant?" he asked over the restarting music.  She nodded.  "And you're okay with that?"

"No but I'm no longer curled up in a ball on John's bed muttering.  Or eating ice cream."  He smiled and relaxed.  "It's cool.  She'll be named after John's lost wife and John agreed she could be a Winchester from birth."  That got a brighter smile.

He let her take him back onto the floor.  "You looked good with the broom."

"Thank you.  I train very hard most of the time."  She grinned.  "Now and then we all call off for cocoa breaks."

He laughed.  "I can see why.  Where are you going after school?"

"I'm thinking that the vocational school has a business class I'll be taking.  Some day I'm going to be training the other girls and hunters.  That'll help me with that."  He smiled and nodded.  "You?"

"Ohio State," he said with a sheepish grin.  "I'm thinking education but I'm not sure.  I'll take my first semester to dabble in a few departments."

"That's cool.  I couldn't stand that much more school but I'm sure you'll do great at it."  He beamed at that.  "Did you have plans for later?  The lock-in or in town?"

"I was kind of hoping you'd not want the lock in."

"I'm cleared to stay out all night as long as I don't drink or try drugs," she said, moving closer.  "Actually, that could be kinda helpful since I wasn't really...involved in her creation."  He gaped.  She shrugged.  "I wasn't.  They got me one day after school."

"Wow."  He nodded.  "I can do that but I'm still leaving in a few months."

"I'm not looking for a long-term boyfriend.  John would pout that I was growing up too fast.  He's enjoying being a dad."

"That's cool then.  Anyone else staying out?"

"Most of us.  Dawn's got her own room set up at the motel.  She's got freakish magic stuff that can happen if she gets too happy."  He gaped.  "That's why she's got it contained."

"Oh.  So not spell?"

"No, only to make sure she doesn't get too happy and, well, as the saying goes sneeze up a new world."

"Ah.  So just to keep it in there?"  She nodded, shifting closer.  "He knows?"

"Yeah, he knows. He also knows it's not him but they're buddies that way."  He smiled and nodded.  "She handles her own thing."


"Yeah.  It's gotta suck majorly to be Buffy.  One year her birthday party had zombies."  He gaped.  She nodded.  "She doesn't go to any celebrations anymore unless they're city-wide in Cleveland."  He laughed.  "Then again, she's the senior slayer so she got to go to Egypt recently.  They said she nagged some of the women and had to be reined in by Giles."

"She sounds pushy."

"Now and then," Shea agreed.  "Hands off the butt, kids."  They sighed but moved their hands.  "Me or Faith," she joked.

"Faith said there's nothing bad with groping as long as the gropee is cool with it," Brenda said with a grin.

Shea gave her an odd look.  "Aren't you the *good* girl?"

"Well, yeah."  She looked at her date.  "Did you mind the minor groping?"

"It was good for me," he assured her.  They went back to it when Shea walked off to complain to Faith.

"It's only groping if he's going to cop a good feel between her thighs or she's got her hands down his pants, Shea.  Calm down," Faith ordered.

"I know he'll respect her because he doesn't want me to show up with Dad and both of us having shotguns," Dean told her.  She walked off shaking he head.

"Is your dad gonna do that to me?" Faith asked.

"Only if you try to run if we have an accident like Crissy," he joked.  "If you run from me for any other reason he'll send Sammy to make sure it's because I was being a bastard while I get the lecture from hell."

"What if I just wanna run because you've got scary thoughts?"

"Then I'd avoid Sammy," he assured her.

"I can ditch him."

"You sure?  Sammy may not be the hunter we are, but he's not bad.  Especially if you piss him off."

"I'll take that warning."

He leaned down next to her ear.  "I'd hunt you myself if it was for any reason other than I scared you," he promised.  She shivered, looking up at him.  He grinned.  "I would.  I have naughty girl sensing radar."  She laughed, swatting him.  "I do.  Look at all the girls who want me."

"You sure it's not bad girl sensing radar?"

"You're not a bad girl anymore, Faith.  If Poof the Magic Vampire in LA and Spike can find the light, so can you."  He kissed her.  "I know you're not as dark as you were.  None of us are the same as we were at that age."  She nodded at that.  He dipped her then pulled her back up with a smug look.  "Besides, I like you being naughty.  You're great the way you are."

She blushed.  "Mushy."

"It's a Sammy based infection," he said dryly.  "He has some online girlfriend he's been chatting with at night.  I think it spread from the couch to me."

She laughed.  "Could be.  The girls will be disappointed."

"She's in Brazil.  They'll see it as a good sign to start hunting him for real."  He turned her around to dance against his stomach again.  "When do we get to vanish?" he whispered.

"I can feel what's on your mind, Dean.  Not for hours yet.  Like one in the morning."

"Pity."  He nibbled on her throat.  "Bathroom?"

"That'd make us the bad influence."  He pointed at Shea, who was dirty dancing with some guy.  "Never mind.  Smack her and then we'll run off."  Dean pulled something out of his jacket pocket and aimed the slingshot, hitting her on the bare shoulder.  He glared and she straightened up.  He put it up with a grin and walked Faith off.  "Getting some air," she quipped.

"Nice slingshot hit," the teacher said.  "Don't be too obvious or use the english classroom.  Someone's already tried that, kids."  They laughed, going to hide in a closet.

Dean pushed her against a wall, getting into it with her, making her moan and wrap her legs around his waist.  Good, fast, and hard.  Just how they liked it.

Dawn shook her head.  "They're cute together."  Her date gave her an odd look.  "Dean and Faith just snuck off."

"Ah.  She did look fantastic.  Nearly as good as you do."

She smiled.  "I know she's hotter.  She dressed up to make him drool."  He laughed.  She led him to get some punch then back onto the floor.  "I miss having a club in easy walking distance.  Sunnydale had one that was all ages."

"That would be pretty cool.  The college you'll hit will have one I'm sure."

"Hopefully.  Though Giles wants me to go to Oxford.  Wes too."  She shrugged, shifting to dance better.  "We'll have to see."

"They'll pay for it?"

"Yup.  All Watchers go through a program there."  She smirked.  "Language heavy of course.  With fencing classes, etiquette, history, and strategy pushed in here and there."

"They want you guys to be really well rounded."

"Yup.  Then again, in the field it's you and your girl."  She shrugged.  "Xander would make a killer watcher but he'd hate to watch her go out every night.  That's why he's in training instead."

"He didn't seem too bad from what I've seen when we've run into him."

"He's the most overprotective big brother.  Even worse than Dean and Sam are.  Especially about me."  She smirked.  "Tonight he's relaxed and having flashbacks to his own.  He dated a seriously bad girl.  She had been a vengeance demon who lost her powers."  He gaped.  She nodded.  "He said she spent most of the night telling him how she did her job."

"That's... bad.  Really, really bad."

"Yeah, but we loved Anya anyway.  He nearly married her."

"Wow.  That's strange for someone in that job."

"She was human.  She liked him.  He dealt with it."  She shrugged.  "My sister dated a vampire for a while.  Most hunters aren't that open but we're special," she said with a happy grin.

"I can tell."  He winked at her.  "The cheerleader hos are watching."

She turned and waved, dancing more provocatively.  They stomped off in a sulk.  She quit and turned back to grin at him.  "I hate sulky bitches."

 He burst out laughing.  It was clearly going to be a good night.  They both winced when Brenda got stuff spilled on her without anyone being nearby.  "I think that's your people."

She looked then walked over to lead her out to the bathroom.  "I'll get them in a minute."  She sent the spell back at them.  She heard a shriek and smiled.  "Looks like they got each other."

"The dress is ruined," she moaned, wiping at the stain.

"It's all right, Brenda.  We have plans for this too."  She pulled out her phone to call Dean, getting a panting, raspy breathed slayer instead.  "Did we bring down an extra dress in case of spills?  One of the witches got Brenda."  She nodded.  "Thanks."  She hung up and summoned it.  "Sammy packed the car."

She hugged her, looking at the dress.  "I can't wear that," she squeaked.

Dawn looked then shook her head.  "No, I don't think you should.  I have no idea who got that one."  She put it on the door and concentrated at the base.  They had two spares because girls hadn't been able to go after all.  One came flying down to them.  She walked outside to get it then brought it back.  And the other one too.  She looked then shrugged, walking it inside.  "Tara magicgrammed one."  She handed them over.  Brenda looked at the dark blue one then at the white one.  "I'd say the white.  The blue looks a bit tight and won't go with your hair."  Faith walked in.  "Tara magicgrammed one."

"That's cool."  She looked.  "Wear the white, Little B."  She went into the stall to change.  "Any other issues?"

"The girls tried to give me the runs," Brenda said.  "I took the medicine but they're still trying."

"That's probably the poison from the last thing," Dawn said, digging into her purse.  She tossed in a vial.  "There, try that."  She tossed in some baby wipes too.  A teacher came in.  "It was mean of them to attack her."

"It was.  Is she all right?"

"She's fine.  Getting cleaned up and redressed," Faith promised with a smile.  The door opened and a bag was handed in.  "What's this?"

"Xander sent it."  Dean left again.

"Huh."  She looked then stared.  "That's going to look hot on her."  She put it over the door.  "Pick one."

She squeaked once she saw it.  "I'll look like one of the ho patrol," she complained.

"Try it on," Dawn said patiently.  "You might not.  Besides, how often do you get to wear slinky stuff?"

Brenda came out with the white dress on.  "The anti-venom worked.  Thank you, Dawn.  What if it happens again?"

"Pad.  That's how I did it until House found the antidote."  She adjusted the halter top.  "I don't like this white one as much out of the bag."

Faith looked then adjusted the girdle around it.  "Looks kinda old fashioned."  She got the other for her.  "Try it on."  She went to try it on but refused to come out.  Faith muscled her way in and looked then gaped.  "Damn, girl.  Where are you hiding a rack like that?"  Dawn laughed.  "If you're comfy in the white, we'll handle it."  She backed out, shaking her head.  "I couldn't pull it off."

Dawn smiled.  "If I get messy, I know what to grab."

"The blue one.  You don't have the titties for that other one."

"Damn."  She came out in the white one but they grimaced.  "There's no way unless we do surgery on that thing."

"It's very flowing.  Very Tara," Faith agreed.  Brenda huffed.  Faith looked the dress over.  "Ah-ha, a pin."  She let down the rest of the skirt. That turned it into a white flowing mass with a small train, a girdle around the middle with blue embroidery, and a halter top.  "I still like the black one better," Faith said.

Dawn looked.  "You look pretty but it looks like a wedding dress."  Brenda moaned, holding her head.  "Try the blue?"

"Nah.  It'll clash with her eyes."  Faith considered it.  "You can if you want, Little B, but I like the black one better."

She looked at herself, then adjusted the halter tighter and found how to take off the girdle.  "That helps some."  She looked at herself.   "How do I handle a train?"  Dawn showed her the wrist loop and she looked at herself.  "I look cute, not hot."

"You look like you just got married," Faith joked.  She sighed.  The door opened and something was thrown in.  Dawn blocked it but had to change to the blue dress.  Brenda checked, there was some stuff on the hem so she changed into the black one.  She and Dawn exchanged shoes with Faith getting Brenda's original pair and it was good.  They walked out with the teacher, letting Dean have the bags.  "Who threw it?"

"She's miserable in the office."  He stared at Brenda, then at Faith.  "You're hotter," he assured her.  Faith pinched him.  "You do look very hot, Brenda.  Thankfully, you're my little sister."  She blushed and hurried back inside with Dawn.  He went to put the extras in the car and came back.  "She okay?"

"Embarrassed.  It shows she's stacked."

"They're both stacked," Dean said.  "You're still prettier."  She swatted him this time, giving him a look.  "You are.  Brenda may be built like a brick brothel in that dress.  Dawn may look like a high class wench ready to eat you after teasing and playing with you, but you're prettier than them both."  She blushed and swatted him again but let him lead her back into the gym.  Dawn's date was gaping in awe at them.  Brenda's date was praying to his God.  They broke up the fight.  "Ladies, be good."

"Of course I am," Dawn said with a sweet grin.  "I haven't kicked her ass yet."  Dean smirked.  "I know.  Let the officials handle it."  She walked off with Brenda on her arm, returning her to her date.  "All yours for tonight."  She found hers and smiled.  "Still look good?"

"Damn, girl," he said in awe.  She laughed, giving him a gentle swat.  "Where did that one come from?"

"We were originally going to have two more of us going tonight but their dates backed out.  Brenda nearly wore a white one but someone threw something into the bathroom.  It splattered her hem.  She looked like a bride in it."  He smiled at that, dancing her off to the latest slow song.

Dean and Faith shook their heads.  The kids were so strange sometimes.  Faith managed to help Dawn catch her dress when someone unzipped it on her, adding a pin to the zipper under the top line of silk ribbon.  "There we go," Faith said, backing off.  "Adjust yourself if you can."  She turned to face Faith and be shielded by her, adjusting her top.  "Good job, D."  She walked off, letting Dean make her dance again.  "Think if we had went to ours, we'd be more relaxed?"

"Nope.  It's the responsibility thing."  She grimaced.  "It's cool.  We're doing good so far.  All the troublemakers but that one group is gone."  He walked after the boy heading to the punch bowl, taking his pint of rum.  "Thanks, could use this later, dude."  He walked off again.  The boy pouted.  "Tough.  Suck it up."

"Or find a nice boyfriend," Dawn quipped.  The boy gave her a horrified look.  "That'd make you both happier."  He fled.  She looked up.  "It would."

"Probably.  Do you have a problem with gay people?"

"Hell no.  I'm hoping Xander decides it's more than stress relief and picks one of the agents to date."

He smiled.  "That's good to know."  They danced off for a nibble then got back onto the floor.  The rest of the troublemakers went to party in the woods.  "Is someone watching them?"

"Mac and Stella pulled that duty.  Mac's a former Marine.  Stella's one tough lady.  If they get into trouble, it'll be fine."  Her phone beeped so she found it and looked.  "Crap.  Bad timing, sister dear."  She concentrated on making one to the base using the picture she had sent with the message they needed to come home now.  Then she went back to dancing once her phone was up.  It was her night and she was going to relax, shine, and get some boyfriendish action in, no matter which boy she brought to the motel.


Danny and Don looked at each other later that night.  "Think we should go help Mac?"

"He called in and said there's only ten kids at that party.  Nothing's attacked so far.  Even though it's the full moon, they're drunk, and being stupid young kids.  They got the vamps that tried the prom.  It's all good.  We get a night off."  He nudged Danny on the shoulder.  "We gotta talk anyway, Messer."

"I've been avoiding that talk."

"I noticed that."  Don grinned.  "So.  Any deeper thoughts?"

"I do like you, Don."

"Ditto.  But what about that publicity problem we have?"

"That I'm not real sure about.  Still.  I'm not sure I can stand Mac up close and that personal, ya know?"

"Yup."  He put an arm around his shoulders.  "Could be worse.  Xander's fun but hell on the nerves."

Danny grinned.  "I've dated girls like Xander, only a bit less violent, before."  Don smirked back.  "It was fun."

"Very but you had to worry about the wildness I'm sure."

"Yup.  It's like gentling someone to your hand pettin' 'em again."  Don nodded at that. "Mac's just too uptight sometimes," Danny complained.

"That's because he doesn't let himself have fun."

"Which is a major problem.  We don't get much downtime."

"We get plenty and Mac only has to be shown."

"You want this?"

"I don't know.  I've been trying to stay neutral but I have the feeling if we don't, Claire's going to come back and beat us soon."  Danny laughed.  "Stella agreed when I asked her."

"I heard she was a stubborn woman."  They shared a look and smiled.  "So, what're we doing about it?"

"We should probably talk to him more."

"We should."

"He's out in the woods tonight.  Lots of drunk kids avoiding the prom."

"Yay him," Danny said dryly.  "That leaves us a whole night off, huh?"

"Yup."  They shared another smile and went back to Don's apartment.  The one next to him was empty at the moment.  They could be as loud as they wanted.


Daniel and Jack looked across the card game at the noise coming from the kitchen.  "Get out of the cookies!" Danny yelled.

"No!  And you can't make me!"

Daniel got up to look in on her.  "What's wrong?"

"I feel like shit," she complained.  "My date dumped me two weeks ago.  I'm going to miss my prom."

"You're not graduating until next year.  You can go then with a better boy."

She shook her head.  "They don't like slayers.  We're too tough."

"Who told you that?"

"My mother."  She pouted.

Daniel shook his head.  "Plenty of boys appreciate strong women."

"Sam doesn't have any problems getting dates," Jack called.

"See?  And she was strong and pretty stubborn before she got chosen."  She nodded at that, still looking down.  "Not every girl can be a tiny, delicate thing.  You're still tiny and delicate, even if you can bench press me or Jack."  That got a small smile.  "He's an idiot."

"He said he dumped me because I was too good of a girl.  I told mom that, she said I was stupid to not put out if I wanted him."

"I think we'd rather have you wait until you're ready and you're sure you want it," Daniel said patiently.

She looked at him.  "My mother apparently thinks we're all sluts."

"Your mother's wrong."  Though he was going to talk to John about talking to her mother for her.  Parent to parent.

"I know."  She nibbled on a cookie.  "Can't I sulk to cookies?"

"A few.  Not the whole package.  Xander will want some later while he worries about Dawn and the others."

"Sure.  Where is Xander?  I haven't seen him since dinner."

"No clue," he admitted.  "I don't think he's at his place.  He and Sam might be hanging out.  Or him and Ryan.  Or possibly Tony."  She nodded, taking her handful of cookies back to the dorm.  He came out.  "Her mother needs to give better advice."

"She probably thinks they were more serious than they were."

"Or she gives bad advice.  She said she was too strong to get a good boy."

Jack snorted.  "Bet me.  None of the girls are that tough except Shea and Faith."

"Faith can be but she's got a squishy core was how Sam put it."  Jack smirked at that.  "Especially for Dean.  I know Sam went behind his back to change his hotel reservation to somewhere the other girls weren't."

"Good for him.  They could use a weekend off."

"They're taking some time later this summer to visit some family friends with Brenda."

"Introduce the might-as-well-be daughter around?"

"Yup, and first grandchild.  John's still pissed at those witches but he's looking forward to having the baby around."

"He'll do fine.  He did with the boys."  He put down his next card.  Daniel picked up his hand to put down his.  Jack took the discard and put down a set.  "When is Xander going on vacation?"

"Probably right before halloween.  He doesn't have too many hours saved up at the moment."  That got a nod.  He heard feet go running past.  "Is it an emergency?" he yelled.

"No!" Xander called back.  "Crissy's in labor!"  Dawn finally answered the text message, sending him out there.  "Aww," he said, helping her sit up.  "Want the base or here?"

"Here?" she begged.  "We're all set up here.  Even shielded."

"Sure.  House was right behind me."  She nodded, clinging to him.  "It'll be okay.  You managed to heal from that demon spike in the gut last year.  You can handle pushing out my newest minion of evil."  She gave him a dirty look.  "I'm told babies never sleep."

"Wonderful!"  She panted, squeezing her eyes shut.  "Where is House?" she demanded.

"Right here.  I was scrubbing," he said as he came in.  He looked at her.  "First, no clothes from the waist down at least.  Are you doing this in here or a water birth?"

"Water birth?" she demanded, panting hard.

"Where you deliver in a darker than average room into water so the baby comes out into an environment he or she is used to?"

"Oh."  She shrugged.  "I have no fucking clue!"

"That's a good labor pain."  He helped Xander get her undressed.  "Are we here alone?"

"Connor had a flashback to the baby demon being born and fled for a beer with Don Epps.  Charlie's supposed to be on his way to fuss with Alan.  The others are out on patrol," she ground out.  He nodded, looking at her.  "Do you have to do that?"

"Not like I can deliver it without looking," he said dryly.  "I'll have to touch to check how far you're dilating too."

"Damn it.  My boyfriend's going to be jealous."

"Not if he knows what's good for him," Xander said dryly.  She sighed, laying back.  "Is the tub here a good size?"

"No.  I have to have my knees up."  Xander went to look.  "Think it's possible?"

"Probably not."  He shook his head.  "It's only four feet long.  The back's sloped."

"That may do."  He went to look, sitting down in it.  He came back with a nod.  "Go clean it, kid."  Xander went to do that.  "If you want."

"Will it hurt less?"

"The warm water may lessen some of the cramps."

"Shit.  Only may?"  He gave her a vial of the safe painkiller, getting a hug for it.  "I love you, Doctor House."

"Tell me that after the kid's kept you up for seven days straight with colic," he said dryly.  He heard the shower come on.  "Rinsing already?"

"Yeah."  He came out. "It's rinsing itself out so there's no cleaners.  It wasn't that bad."  House gave him an odd look.  "That wasn't mold, it was paint flecks."

"Oh."  He went to check.  It looked clean enough.  "Fine.  Warm, just over body temperature but not too hot."

"Of course."  He finished rinsing things off and got the water started.  "No bubbles, right?"

"No, no bubbles," House said, rolling his eyes.  She laughed.  "Let's walk you around.  They say gravity does some of the work for us."  She nodded, letting him help her up and into a bathrobe so they could walk around.  "How long ago did your water break?"

"It broke at nine."

He looked at the clock.  "Ten minutes before we got here.  Should be by tomorrow afternoon at the latest."  She gave him a horrified look.  "Some women go fast.  Some women can be in labor for thirty-six to forty-eight hours with the first one."

"I'll fucking gut myself," she promised.  "Please cut it out if it goes that long?"

"If you're not making good progress I will."  She nodded, letting him help her walk around.  They had to stop and lean now and then - him on his cane and her on the wall during contractions - but that was normal.  Xander came out and picked her up, carrying her in there.  "Damn you're strong," House joked.

"I used to work construction.  Now they're sword-related muscles."  He put her into the bath once she was down to her bra.  "There you go.  Rest.  Relax.  Let the baby decide it wants to come out."  She nodded, chewing on her lip.  "No cannibalism."  She pulled his hand over to chew on instead.  "No drinking the blood either.  I don't know what the mermaid taint will do to the little swimmer in there."

"Yes, Xander."  She bit him extra hard when the next contraction started.  House moved her onto her side for some ease.  She got comfortable and it was nice, even if Xander would look like a nubby toothed cannibal had tried to eat him by the morning.

Connor stuck his head in.  "Is she done yet?"

"Could take days, Connor," Xander said, looking back at him.  "Where's Alan and Charlie?"

"They have a flat tire.  They're on their way over once Don goes to change it."  He came in.  "I'm sorry they did this to you, Crissy."

"If it lasts much past tomorrow morning, I'm gutting myself to get her out."

Connor nodded.  "Sure, I can see that.  Why are you chewing on Xander?"

"To keep from screaming at the pain, Connor," House said.  "Babies are large.  Like the size of that pillow out there large."  He looked and shuddered.  "They come out of a ten centimeter hole that's presently rearranging the muscles in her lower half."  He squeezed his thighs together, cupping his dick.  "Exactly.  Each contraction pushes the baby down some against those muscles that're pulling back.  Each part of that hurts and she'll be screaming a lot during labor.  I've given her something but too much pain killer is a bad thing for her and the baby."

"Okay.  Why is she in the bathtub?"

"Babies are surrounded by a sac of water inside her; that's why she doesn't get hurt if she stumbles," Xander told him. "This way the baby comes out into a similar environment.  Get new light bulbs to put in here.  Seventy-fives or sixties."  He nodded, going to do that.  "Then chip some ice for her to suck on."

"In the old days they used to make fussy men boil water," House told him.

"Why?  We can clean the baby off in here," he said dryly.  House laughed.  He heard a thump and looked out there to find him breaking up a bag of ice.  "Ice chips like the ones you get from sodas at the movies, Connor."

"Sure, I can do that.  How many?"

"Prepare for the worst and she'll need them until she delivers."

"Can she have a sno cone?"

"I don't know.  House?"

"Shouldn't hurt.  That's just flavored ice.  Sure, Connor, that's fine."

"Crissy?  Grape?"

"Or cherry if we have it.  Either's fine, Con.  Thanks."

"Welcome."  He brought in one a few minutes later then went back to finding the other light bulbs.  He finally called and had Don bring him some.  He went back to stabbing ice to break it apart.  It was helpful, he didn't have to listen to her scream in pain, and it kept him from staring at her mostly naked body.  He was being helpful and good.


Daniel looked around the next morning.   "Xander isn't back  yet?"  Everyone shook their heads.  "Huh.  Girls, Crissy started off in labor last night."  They cheered.  "The ones coming back from their prom?"

"Probably lunch time," John said.  "Except Faith and Dean, who're taking the weekend off."

"That's fine.  Let me know when you guys are going to head on that roadtrip.  That way I can make sure Xander doesn't pull an out-of-town case."  That got a nod.  They settled in to wait, a few calling LA to get an update.  Daniel looked over.  "Anything?"

"Crissy's screaming to give her daughter back."  She hung up.  "Xander and Don Epps just killed the demon that came for her."  They all groaned.  "Slayer blood."

House stomped in twenty minutes later.  "She's a healthy little slimy girl.  Nineteen inches, just over five pounds."  The girls cheered.  "Her brother is a little bastard who tried to eat off Charlie Epps."  They all stared.  "He was hiding, that's why we didn't see him on the ultrasounds.  He's just under five pounds and he's fully healthy.  They're at term.  I called her local doctor to update him.  He said he'd bring them in for a check up this week."  They all cheered.  "Xander and Don Epps killed the demon that came in to eat them.  He's marked runes around their bed to protect them and given the girls permission to slay anything they're worried about."  That got a few laughs.  "It was a good water birth even if I do have to bandage Xander's hand since she bit him a few times."  Daniel nodded.  "I'm going to bed."

"Go," Daniel agreed.  "Let Chase know and make any notes you need."  That got a nod and he left.  He had already done the notes.  "That's good news.  If Dawn's not too tired maybe she can let some of you go take pictures if Xander doesn't bring back any."

"If Connor doesn't knock him out and kick him out of LA," Anna said with a happy grin.  "Last time they had to work together, Connor felt his manhood threatened by Xander and they had some alpha dog fights."  That got a head shake from some of the girls.  "You wait.  They'll knock Xander out for fussing and send him back with pictures."

"Don't want to see the baby?" Kim teased.

"They're small and they scare me," she said honestly.  "I'm not ready to coo over babies yet."  She dug in.

"When you are, I'll threaten your boyfriend for you," Gibbs assured her.  She smiled, shrugging a bit to show it was okay then ate some more.  "Twins are going to drive them nuts."

"They have four slayers in LA right now.  I'm sure they can handle crying.  Connor might even be used to it from them being girls," Anna said.

"Not all girls cry," Kim told her.

"Crissy's been having mood swings that make her cry.  I'm sure he didn't get to escape all of them."

"No, probably not," Gibbs agreed.  "The only way to avoid those is to not be there and then you get yelled at for not being there."

"Pregnant women make no sense," Mary complained.

"It's the hormones.  Just wait until they rule your lives too," Sam said cheerfully as he came in.  "Crissy?"

"Boy and a girl," Gibbs said with a smile.

"Connor's got to be going nuts.  He wasn't sure he could handle one around when it needed diapers."  He sat down.  "Any word from the ones off base?"

"Dawn's boyfriend called to make sure she wasn't casting funny stuff on him," Gibbs said.  "I told him how it was to contain her magic so it didn't go out when she got too happy the first time.   Had to do it twice before he understood it wouldn't eat him too."

"He okay with that?"

"Yeah.  Eventually.  He finally asked her and she told him about the special artifact that had influenced her life and how it could create portals if she got too happy and bled at the same time.  He agreed that was fine and did it for her anyway.  Did something happen?"

"A few girls decided to try Brenda and Dawn.  They had to do a sudden dress change in the center," Sam said. "I'm expecting new pictures from them.  We sent down three good options."

"Is she back yet?"

"No," Sam said with a grin.  "She's a big girl too, Gibbs.  She wanted to fix it so she knew what she missed by the witches doing that to her."

Gibbs nodded.  "She's at the right age to wonder.  How are you guys doing with the uncle thing?"

"We're good.  Dean's stoked.  Dad's almost whistling most of the time.  She's more upset than we are at the moment.  It means she's off training and situations until after she's back in shape."

"She can do some training," Gibbs offered.  "Not the all-out, fight training she does now but there's pregnant women in sports and the military who keep up with their training."  Sam nodded at that.  "O'Neill, when your base's women got pregnant what did they do to keep up with PT?"

"They weren't allowed.  They got transferred out."  He looked over.  "I'll ask some of our docs about it, Sam."  That got a grin and a nod.  "You might want to call to check on Connor and Xander since he's out there."

"Connor will knock him out and send him back if he gets too fussy."

The agents laughed.  The girls knew the truth.  Connor would be mean to their Xander and make the slayers out there swat him for being so mean.

Olivia Benson walked in.  "I've got two of the younger girls in the car, guys," she told Gibbs and Sam.  They stared at her.  "One had a fight with her boyfriend.  He brought another girl to play with them."  Gibbs growled.  "The cops handed her over after breaking it up and telling his mother he was a little shit.  The other one wanted a ride.  She's tired but looks happy."

"I'll come get them," Gibbs said, finishing his coffee.  "Don't touch my plate or coffee, girls."  He walked out with her, smiling at the pouting girl.  "Did you hit him?"

"No.  I wanted to.  I wanted to turn him into a greasy spot."

"That's reasonable.  We're eating."  She went to put up her stuff then find food.  He and Olivia got Dawn out of the car, carrying her up to her room.  "Why is she so exhausted?"

"Her room looked like a tornado hit it.  Is that common for virgin witches?"

"Strong ones I think.  Not real sure.  You'd have to ask her teachers.  Her date?"

"Safe.  He called over there when she wouldn't wake up.  He said it was strange but if it had gotten free it probably would've destroyed the building."  He nodded.  "If the others need a ride, they know they can come to us."

"Thanks.  We had two who got dumped and didn't go."

"I understand that.  I didn't see Dean's car."

"Sam arranged for them to be farther away for the weekend."

"They probably need it," she agreed with a small smile.  "Any other good news I can pass back?"

"Crissy had one of each.  A bit small but healthy according to House."  A portal opened and Xander got dumped through it.  "How's the kids?"

"Fine.  Sleeping thankfully," Connor said.  "He wanted to take our fussing spot.  Let him fuss over Brenda."

"The Winchesters are doing that," Olivia said.

"So let him knock up one of the others!  We get to fuss over Crissy!"  He looked at Dawn.  "What happened to her?"

"Prom aftermath," Olivia said.  "Ask Don," she ordered at the confused look.  Connor nodded and the portal closed.  She hauled Xander up, smacking him on the cheek until he woke up.  "Hi.  They said you were too fussy."

"They're the first babies I've been around."  He got free.  "Thanks, guys."  He looked at Dawn.  "Backlash?"

"Looked like a tornado but whatever she did held.  The building's standing."

"Good!  No portals?"

"Not that the guy said," she told him. "Brigit's boyfriend tried to share her with another girl.  The cops broke it up before she gave in to her instincts and beat him to death."  She walked off smiling.

"It's natural to want to fuss, Xander.  We'll get to fuss once little Mary's born."  He pouted, shaking his head.  "We will.  Even Dean and Sam have to sleep sometime."  Xander laughed at that, heading off with him. "It's breakfast.  Did you bring pictures?"

"If they sent the camera."  He patted himself down, finding it under his shirt.  "Here we are."  He looked at them.  "I think that's a problem."  He called Connor.  "I looked at the pictures.  The one of the little boy looks like a death head mask.  I don't know, Connor.  See if one of the witches Dawn studies with can come down.  Oh, in hiding.  Okay.  Um... ask Lorne?" he suggested, walking again.  "Yeah, totally looked like a death mask.  Please."  He nodded.  "I don't want to worry about him going or her being hurt, Connor, the same as you don't.  Please.  Let me know.  I'll hold off showing them off."  He hung up.  "He'll have someone check."

"You think it's an omen?"

"No, I think everything we did to test it and all the ultrasounds only picked out one baby that we thought was a girl," he told him.  "I have no idea why though."  They shared a look and went to breakfast.  He sat down beside Sam.  "They're having Lorne or someone in to check over the babies to make sure they're going to be okay.  Then Connor will send over pictures."  The girls all smiled at that.  "She will need more clothes and stuff."

"Can we have the shopping card?" Kim asked hopefully.

"Sure.  It's in the office in Wes's desk."  They cheered and went to get Wesley up so he could hand over his key.

"That poor mall," Sam said quietly, cracking Gibbs up.   He checked, even the youngest had went to get in on the shopping.  "Pictures?"  Xander let him see.  "Huh.  That's strange."

"That's why I called and had him check," Xander said quietly.  Sam nodded, handing the camera back.  "Anything else good happen?  I heard about Dawn's mini tornado and Brigit's boy ho."

"Just that so far," Sam said.  "I expect the rest will be in for lunch."  That got a nod and he dug in too.  Since the girls had nicely left them some food today.

"Is there something we might help Crissy and them with?" Stella asked.

"Nope.  Strangeness on the picture."  He shrugged.  "We'll see."  She nodded.  "How was the drunken party in the woods?"

"Good up until they decided to enact a pagan dancing around the fire naked thing and a spirit got called up," Mac said grimly.   "They scared the crap out of themselves."

"Literally in a few cases," Stella said with a mean grin.

"But it got banished?" Sam asked.

"We did," Mac promised.  "It had a Native American headdress of some sort.  The digital camera did pick it up.  We have it noted and got the cops to cart all the kids home once we got it banished.  No sign of the local werewolf."

"Good," Xander agreed.  "I know they said they'd call if kids didn't show up by a reasonable hour today."  That got a mass nod.  "I always thought the prom was like a rich guy's version of an unpagan beltane."  Sam gave him the oddest look.  "Beltane is a planting and renewal ceremony, yes?"  Sam nodded slowly.  So did a few of the agents.  "Prom is to celebrate the starting of a new life.  In the old days, lots of girls got pregnant, just like on Beltane, usually virgins having their first time.   They danced, had picnics, then romped in the woods.  We have good dinners, dance, then go romp in motels.  I'm sure they celebrated people going to the celebration for the first time.  So do we.  They probably dressed up.  We dress up in fussy clothes that cost a whole lot more.  We flash breast and ass to entice mates.  They probably did the same."

"You really thought that out," Sam said in awe.

"I had to do something while Crissy was in labor with the second baby.  Besides, I've been thinking about this since my prom.  Anya kept complaining it wasn't like the spring celebrations or adulthood celebrations she'd been to in the past."

"When Speed said you had odd thoughts, I didn't think he meant that strange, kid," Gibbs complained.

"No, he has a point," Daniel said.  "There are some similarities."

"See," Xander said with a point.  "And he's an anthropologist.  They study that stuff."

"You could go to school to study that," Gibbs offered.

"Ewww.  I hate school!"

"So next time he gets possessed he'll have to suck in an anthropologist."  Xander glared at him.  "Joking, Xander.  Just joking," he said with a grin.  "I didn't mean it like that."


"With the way Danny boy here dies and comes back, make sure it's not him, kid," Jack called over.

"Not funny, Jack.  Though, I did hear you could be open to that too."

"No thanks.  I think I'd rather stab myself in the head repeatedly."  He shook his head quickly.

"Possessed people do that too," Ryan joked.  "You're not hearing odd voices, right?"

"I've been taken over before and, no, I'm not.  Thank you anyway, Wolfe."

Ryan just smirked.  "Always happy to help."  Jack walked off shaking his head.  "Xander," he added once the older man was out of hearing.   Xander snickered.  So did Daniel and Stella.  "You guys got to be possessed before?  What's it like?"

"Classified," Daniel said firmly.

"Pity."  He looked over.  "Xander, what's being possessed like since we're on the topic."

"It's like suddenly having a very nosy best friend who thinks they know what's best for you only no one else can see them but you."

The others nodded, understanding how that could seem that way.  It was strange but that was Xander.  He was just that way naturally.


Crissy showed up on base the next afternoon to swat Dawn.  "Whatever you did made me more pregnant than I was," she hissed.  Dawn gave her a helpless look.  "Don't do it again."

"It was my first time.  I had containment stuff up.  I thought I kept it all there."

"Well, don't have sex again!" she said hotly.

"It hasn't been that way since then."

"Good!"  She handed over her daughter.  "Here.  Yours."

"Oops.  How did I do that?"

"It opened a minute portal and let one cross over."  She glared at her, getting a sheepish witch.  "That means you're a godmother."

"Of course.  I'd be honored.  If I had known, Crissy."

"I know.  Now you do."

"Thankfully I can't be a virgin ever again."

"You hope."

"Well, yeah.  I heard there's potions for that."  Crissy swatted her again.  "Sorry, joke."

"Bad one."  She took her daughter back.   "Anyway, it's fixed.  She's fully here now from wherever she came from.  We have no idea.  If you do, I don't want to know."

"Of course not."  She stroked down the little hats.  "Did you get the presents?"

"Charlie was flashing back to a Christmas movie he saw that had an elf that looked like him when they all fell from the ceiling."  She walked off.  "We're going to see House and Chase."

"Okay."  She went to make her own notes and send her teachers a note.  That way they'd warn the next witch they came across who needed to be broken in.

Crissy got as far as the cafeteria before she got pounced and the babies taken from her.  Literally.  Anna pounced while Kim and Amber stole the kids.  She groaned, sliding down the wall to sit.  "You could've asked.  I'll gladly spare my arms, ladies."

"We're getting practice in," Kim said with a grin.

"How did you get pregnant?"

"Brenda is."

"How did she get pregnant?  John had fierce papa syndrome over her the last I knew."

"Some witches at the high school got jealous and knocked her up magically," Amber said with a grin.  "Sam and Dawn hunted them down so the judge could make them bind their magic for good.  Aren't you so precious?" she cooed.

"Ladies, that rots our minds and theirs," Sam said as he joined them from the caf.  "Nice teamwork though.  Dean'll be proud."

"You're supposed to go all gooey over babies," Kim defended.

"They'll learn to talk like that if that's all they ever hear," he told her.  "Speaking is the important thing; not doing the gooey voices."  Amber let him hold the little boy.  "Hey, sport.  You were a surprise."

"No, him being a he was a surprise but she came over thanks to Dawn's blip."  Sam looked at her.  "She got broken in."

Sam smirked.  "The containment field failed?"


"Shit," he said, looking awed.

"Don't teach him those words.  Bad enough Connor's trying to piss Angel off by doing it."  She held up her arms.  They all smiled and Anna helped her up.  "Fine.  We've got an appointment with House and Chase."  They smiled and the girls walked her down there with the babies once Amber had taken him back.  "We're awake and have been stolen by the aunts."

"Diapers will cure that," Chase said blandly.  The girls snorted and kept cuddling them.

"Ladies, hand over the reasons for birth control," House ordered when he came in.  "Are you feeling better?" he asked the mom.

"I'm okay.  A bit sore.  I feel like a tunnel.  The sort that you see on roller coasters instead of the sort you drive trucks through so it's a bit better."  House smirked.  "I'm fine and I was promised all the tub time we wanted by Morgan."  She sat down and let Anna fuss over her and the babies.  "Anna, we're fine."

"We're getting practice since you wouldn't let us come out there to fuss.  Otherwise Brenda's daughter will be horribly butch and ungirly."

"She knows she's having a girl?  Already?"

"Xander had a prophecy," Kim said, looking at her.  Crissy moaned and slumped.  "She'll be a kick ass slayer.  She'll be a Winchester from birth and they're going to name her Mary after John's former wife.  She's only three months along."

"So she'll be the female Dean," Anna said smugly.

Crissy gave her a hug.  "If that's what she wants then that's fine.  I'm sure her girl will outlast her and me."  Anna nodded at that.  "Cool."  She let House check her over while they let them fight against Chase about who held the babies while he checked them over.  One of the babies did lay a diaper and the girls grimaced.

"I've seen prettier slime, kiddo," Amber said.  "But I can't hold that against you.  Everyone's butt output is messy and nasty."  She cleaned him up and Chase stole him.  "Hey!"

"I have to start his official record," he said patiently.  "Have you picked a pediatrician yet?"

"Not really.  My OB out there had a few she likes.  Only one's taking new patients."  That got a nod from House.  "So I don't know and I'm not sure if we're going to stay in LA forever or not.  I wasn't on the list for placement."

"Wes is in his office," Chase told her.

She called from the wall phone.  "Wes, it's Crissy.  I wasn't on the placement list.  I'd like to stay in LA."  She smiled.  "That'll work.  Thanks, Wes.  In the infirmary for check ups.  Thanks."  She hung up.  "I'm on maternity leave until I can pass Dean and Faith again." They all nodded at that.  "So about six months but I'm to stay in LA if I want to."  She crossed her feet.  "How have I done so far?  I had to stop Connor from scowling at them when they cried in the middle of the night, which interrupted his nookie with Morgan.  Then again at daybreak when they got up to greet the sun.  Apparently they're pagans because they also greeted moonrise and moonset."  House laughed, shaking his head.  "Or else they're just incredibly fussy."  Chase nodded with a smirk.  "Damn.  I was hoping for natural born pagans."  The Tara robot walked in and gave her a hug.  "Thanks, Tara.  How's the Cleveland house?"

"Full of grumpy girls."  She smirked, looking at the babies.  "Hi, kids," she said softly, moving closer to hum and cuddle them until their mother or someone stole them back.  But she was metal now so she could defeat the baby stealing slayers.  Anna tried her worst pout but Tara sent her off to make a nest for the babies in the slayer dorm so the others could gush over the babies while they were in.  She walked them over carefully, then settled them into the comfy nest the girls had set up.  Thankfully she got out of the way of the scuffle about who would cuddle them.  "Ladies!" Tara complained.  "You can all cuddle the babies."  They looked back and found the white unicorn, Digger, in there with them nuzzling their cheeks.  "Awwww.  Someone take a picture?  They didn't give me that function."   Multiple pictures were taken, one was even sent to Faith's phone.

Wesley and John came out of the office, staring at the gathered slayers, robot, and the nest.  "Digger, move," John ordered impatiently.  "You're too big to cuddle up to the babies."  Tara swatted him.  "Ow."

"Oops, a bit too hard.  Sorry," she said sheepishly, ducking her head a bit.

"He's still too big."

"He's being very careful.  Some day they'll think he's a pony."

"Some day they'll be evil little brats who prank for fun.  Like Dean is," Anna said smugly.  "Then they can play with Binky too."

"It'll be a while before they're that evil," John said patiently.  "Digger's still too big and could hurt them by shifting onto them."

"I can lift Digger," Tara assured him.

"So can I," he told her.  "No pets in the crib."

Anna huffed.  "Digger, please don't get too close to the babies?  John's worried you might hurt them by accident."  Digger glared at John.  "See, you're wrong.  I know Digger won't hurt them."

"Since when was Digger that smart?" Wesley asked.

"Since Abby's smart beam she made with Xander accidentally went off next to him," Mary said with a grin.  She had just come in.  "Ooooh, babies!"  She squealed and came over to hug them.  Digger gave her an odd look.  "Shove it, Digger.  I can cuddle the nieces too.  We're all aunts around here since they're the first slayer babies."  She petted him too, then went back to cuddling the babies.  "Jethro!" she yelled.  He came jogging in.  "Babies!" she said happily.

"Don't get any ideas," he ordered.  But he was smiling.  "They're beautiful, Crissy.  Healthy?"

"Very.  One tried to eat Chase's finger.  They're good babies even if they do wake up at the shift of the sun."  Gibbs gave her a smug look and nodded.  "How long?"

"Three months before they sleep through the night."

"Crap.  Connor's going to kill us for interrupting his nookie time so often."

"They make cars, parks, and closets for that," he said blandly.  The older girls all laughed.  Mary shifted to lean against Digger's side but John hauled her out and handed her off.  "You have to share aunt duties."

"When don't I have to share?" she demanded.  "I share everything else."

"When you have your own since diapers will drive off even the most nosy aunts and uncles."  He put her down.  She pouted but settled in to let the others play with the babies.  "No baby talk," Gibbs ordered at the first outbreak.  John and Wesley both gave him an odd look.  "It'll retard their language skills.  They learn it by us talking to them.  Calling them 'cuwwy wuddy' and things will make them think it's their native language."

"Then they'll have to be one of those rap stars no one understands," Kim quipped.

"Or a grunge rocker," Shea said as she came down the stairs.  "Ooh, evil."  She backed off.  The other slayers all glared, with the watchers.  "Babies are evil!  They create messes!  They have diapers!  They make your mind turn to oatmeal.  They're contagious in their evil."  She walked off shaking her head.

"You're an only child," John called after her.

"That's because I reminded Mom how evil I was whenever she wanted another one."

Wesley shook his head.  "Some days I find her quite amusing."

"Should've seen her Friday night," Kim teased.  "I heard she gave two kids the 'have fun but use a glove' speech for about ten minutes when she caught them sneaking out."

"Hopefully she scared them into safer sex," Gibbs said dryly.  "DiNozzo would've done the same."

Kim nudged him on the arm.  "Can one of you please go repossess my woman's things from her?"

John groaned.  "Yeah, I can do that, Kim.  Or you can ask Xander."

"I might do that since we got most of them off him anyway."  John and Gibbs both blushed.  "It's a natural urge."

"Uh-huh.  Still not one to talk about in public places," Gibbs noted dryly.  "Anything else we need to confiscate?"

Kim shrugged.  "How would I know?  I don't panty raid and things."  Anna giggled at that. "I haven't in years.  I'm trying very hard to be a good girl so Amber rewards my poor, tired butt later on."  Amber looked over at her.  "What?  I am."

"You're getting something later," she promised with an evil smirk.

"Just don't keep us up this time," Mary complained.   "And make whatever's stinky in your room go away.  Please?"

"We'll clean it later," Kim promised, patting her on the head.  "She's not always the neatest of neat freaks," she shared.

Mary shrugged.  "I don't care how messy anyone's room is.  All I know is you two get noisy and then it stinks."  The lesbian couple blushed.  "Nor do I care why."

"Enough," Gibbs ordered.  "Quit embarrassing them."

"Yes, Gibbs.  Can I have some coffee?"

"No," John and Jethro said together.  "It'll stunt your growth."

"Yet we drank coffee every day," Sam said from his seat.

"I need the same stuff that made him sprout so I'm taller than Buffy," Anna agreed.

"House would spank," Gibbs told her.

"Xander said that's fun."  She smirked evilly.  "Apparently they have to do that when he ignores his injuries."  The other girls laughed because Xander was a pain in the ass when they got hurt.

"I did not need to know that," John said impatiently.

"They're not," Sam told him.  "House only likes busty, cheap things.  By the way, Xander needs a new suit."  John looked at him.  "What?  The dry cleaner in town ate it."

"How do *you* know this?"

"He was angsting about being dragged back there again."

"Maybe he'll help the cops up there find more bad girls," Mary quipped, cracking the others up.

"Hopefully without them having bombs this time," John said dryly, giving her a dirty look.  "Keep it up, clean the barn alllll by yourself, young lady."

"Yes, John," she sighed.  "Dean would've appreciated that joke."

"I didn't spank Dean enough.  I can fix that with you."

"No, you're not my watcher."

"I can order Jethro to spank you."  She pouted at that.  Gibbs looked at him. "Before you have to have the talk about panty raiding and Dean's spank magazines."

"Which he so generously spread around," Brenda agreed.  John gave her an evil look.  "I wanted to know what they looked like," she defended.  "Not like I'm in Cleveland."

John sighed, walking off shaking his head.  "Crissy, will you need help making up bottles or letting the ones who're thinking babies are nice changing them?"

"I can do bottles but they'll need to be warmed."

"I can do that," Anna said happily.

"Not in the microwave.  It can lose nutrients."

"Of course not."  She took the canister of formula and the bottles to the kitchen to warm them up.  When she got back, the bottles got snatched and the babies passed around while they ate, puked some back up, and then crapped all over the girls holding them.  It was a very good lesson on why they needed birth control.  And why they'd build the Winchester clan a house on the back end of the base when Brenda gave birth.

The End.

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