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Demon Criminal Investigative Services: Never Wish A Wish of Xanders.

"There's days I wish we could have more Xanders who fight demons so we can lean on him at the same time when we need to.  That way we don't have to deal with his grumpy and snarky days when the girls or visions have kept him up all night," Calleigh said to Mac.  "I mean earlier, I asked if there was a demonic jell-o creature.  He said yes, but it's split itself up so a piece of itself is in each hospital so it can reproduce by tainting more innocent jell-o, which is why he won't eat it unless it's made with holy water."

"Don't wish!" Ryan, Tony, Speed, and Don shouted.

"Never make a wish unless you're sure you're alone.  Didn't you learn about wish demons already?" Tony demanded.

She shrank down some.  "Yeah, we had that class.  It's just us in here."

"Wish demons can change shapes," Speed said, staring her down.  "If you doom us all, I'm spanking and leaving you tied up naked in the snow for Eric to save."

Daniel walked out of his office and into the bullpen area.  "I heard shouting about wishes.  What happened?"

"Calleigh just let loose a loaded wish about multiple Xanders who fight demons, boss," Tony said dryly.  "If they show up, I'm going on a drinking binge and I'm taking my team with me for their own mental protection.  The Winchesters can save everyone else."

Daniel looked at her.  "That's a bad wish, Calleigh.  Please?"

"There's no wish demon here," she defended.  Everyone stared at her.  "Unless someone's hiding something?"  They continued to stare at her.  "What?" she demanded.

"Someone go tell Sam.  Before they start showing up," Tony said, grabbing his gun and wallet from his desk.  "Daniel, I'm going on vacation with Gibbs, Abby, and McGee.  We'll be back if they don't show up or if there's an absolute need.  I may like saving the world but not even Xander himself can save the world if there's more than one of them."  He walked off to gather his team.

"It's like saying 'it can't get worse' during an apocalypse, Calleigh.  It can *always* get worse," Don Flack told her. "It's one of Xander's paranoid rules."

"But some of them don't apply.  I don't look hot with artillery," she defended.

"With more than one Xander on the plane, we may have to find out," Speed said dryly.  He looked at Daniel.  "Can I go get drunk too when they start to show up?  I'll hide with Tony so we're findable."

"No.  He can't hide either.  Someone pass around the warning in case someone heard.  Let's tell the city departments as well, just in case."  He walked off to take some tylenol and antacids.  He really did need them today.

House walked in a few minutes later.  "If I yell your name out, it's not in pleasure of doing your yearly physical.  Should you not show up, I will torture your asses."  He looked at his list.  "Scuito, Harris, Speedle, Flack, Messer, and Bonasera."  He looked up.  "The rest of you be in misery for not being in my glorious presence for at least another week."  He saw the horrified looks.  "I'm not that mean.  Today."

"Calleigh may have made a wish for multiple Xander's," Don said.

House stared.  "And we're just sitting here!  People, you're supposed to be saving the asses of the rest of us before they die in a flaming fart from the higher ups in the universe!  Get moving and stop this wish demon!"  They started to call around.  He went to find the Winchester clan.  They might be the only way to save all of them.  Daniel apparently already knew.  He could smell the Milk of Magnesia from the doorway.  "The proper dose is a teaspoon, Jackson.  Not the bottle!"  He stomped to the library first, then out to the slayer areas.  Fortunately they were drilling the older girls.  "Winchester!"  They all looked over and smirked.  "Don't even.  Calleigh just may have made a wish to create multiple Xander's."

"Shit," Dean said.

Faith looked scared and swallowed.  "And we'd have to deal with it?"

"Depends on what sort of Xander's we get," John said.  "If we get demonic ones, maybe."  She glared at him. "Not you personally.  I'll let one of the ones who doesn't like him do it."  He saw Tony stomping toward his car towing Gibbs by the wrist.  "What was the wish?" he called.  "So we know what sort of ammo to make!"

"Multiple demon fighting Xander's," he called back.  "We're going on vacation!"

"Sure, as long as Jackson agreed," House said.  "Check in regularly!"  He looked at John.  "If so, you may have to save us all this time."

"If we have to, we will," he promised.  The girls nodded too but some looked so clueless.  The ones who had been slayers before D'Hoffryn botched a wish looked uneasy.  "Anyone gets any slayer dreams or visions, we want to know ASAP, people."  They nodded.  "Pass that to the other slayers, Faith, now."  She ran off to do that.  The ones in school would get it as a text message to the principal.  He'd pass it on during a group meeting.  He looked at Dean and Sam.  "You two, make preparations."  They nodded, going to check the ammo and tranquilizer stores.  "House, there shouldn't be too much trauma that's not mental."

House nodded.  "You hope."  They shared a stare then John nodded.

"I hope," he agreed.

"I'll make sure we're stocked."  He went to deal with that.  He walked in and found Chase laughing with a nurse.  "Duquesne just made a wish for multiple demon fighting Xanders."  Chase stopped laughing to stare at him.  "Let's check the bandages, sedatives, and anti- psychotic stash before they start to appear."  He considered it.  "I'm also having a feeling about checking the herb stores.  I've been hanging out way too often with Xander since I'm going to follow it."  Chase nodded, moving to do that with the nurses while House went to make notes.  He had the feeling this was going to be bad.  Worse than bad maybe.  Multiple Xanders?  Oh, god, they might be doomed.  Not even Dean could get through to multiple Xanders being stubborn.


All across the mutliverses, a Xander looked up at the sky and said 'huh, that could be a problem'.  It was probably the worst sign in history of something bad and evil happening.


The Xander local to DCIS looked up and said, "huh, that could be a problem."  The people with him gave him an odd look.  "Sorry, head's up from the boss."  He looked at the prosecutor again.  "What was the question?"

"You're getting telepathic messages?" he sneered.

"No, but I am cursed with visions and this extraordinary 'just in case' feeling that's led to stopping six assaults on the DCIS base, twelve bombs, having artillery in Miami when things went to hell, saving my team when they would have been burned in the motel we were originally staying at in Miami, and a few other incidences, including a few classified ones," he said patiently.  The prosecutor gaped.  "I just got one of those but I have the feeling it's back at the base so can we hurry this up?  I think I need to get back there soon."

"Do we think it's an attack?" the judge asked.

"I'm not really sure.  I think it's a case but I don't know why it hit me that way."  He shrugged.  "I'll find out by the time I'm back there I'm sure."  He grinned at the prosecutor.  "What was the last question?"

"How did you know to bring artillery to the case in Miami?"

"There were noted as being someone ready to finish their ascension rituals about the same time.  We thought we had stopped them but I had the feeling we didn't fully stop it or it might be part of the case.  So I checked out our traveling portal system and brought it with enough artillery in case we had to protect the city from Cuba invading.  I always overplan the weapons.  Just in case.  I'm a bit paranoid about that."

The judge cleared her throat.  "And you're getting another one?"

"I don't think it's going to be artillery this time.  I think it's something like the invasion but not as bad.  Maybe."  He shook himself free of it.  "Can I be excused?"

"Go," the prosecutor said.  "Thank you for your time."

"Let me know when you need me back to cross-examine," he said, heading out at a near run.  The guard saw him and blanched.  "Call the airport for me.  I need the DCIS plane ready when I get there," he said as he jogged.  He opened his shirt, pulling out his keys.  The alarm went off so he winced but there was a cab.  He tossed the guard the keys.  "Have them send my bag back to the base please!"  He slid into the cab.  "Airport.  Federal Agent."  He pulled his ID. "Private terminal."


"We handled the invasion in LA."  The guy went pale and hurried off.  Xander overpaid him but that was fine.  He wanted him back where he needed to go.  Xander jogged up the stairs and shut the door.  "We ready?" he called, sitting down.  "I'm getting a just in case feeling and it's bad."

"I'll relay that back to our home tower so we can have gas waiting, Agent Harris."  He called the tower, getting the go ahead to taxi. On the way Xander called their home base.  He heard him and it didn't sound like he was happy with the way he was pacing and swearing in the back.  He radioed their home tower to have a gas truck waiting on them in case a team was getting ready to take off.  They needed it anyway but he had the feeling he'd be tired and switching off with his copilot soon.


John heard it through the open window.


"That was Jackson," John said.  "Someone call Jack, make sure it's all good on his end," he told one of the agents.  "Someone find out why Jackson just swore in English.  Usually he goes to another language."  They headed up to do that.

Horatio came jogging out.  "Xander had one of his feelings on the stand.  He thinks it's big, it's bad, and he's on his way back as fast as the plane can get him here."

"Not Dawn?"

"He said to tell her no magic, whatsoever.  At least until it's clear.  He said to call Paige and warn her too.  He thinks it might relate for some reason."

"Fuck," Dean said, reaching for the phone to do that.  "Phoebe, Dean Winchester.  Xander had one of his feelings, it's a bad thing.  He thinks it might be magic related.  He got off the stand and hurried back but didn't call Dawn.  Sent word not to have her do any magic.  Thanks, Phoebe."  He hung up and called the school.  "I need to get an urgent message to Dawn Summers.  It's no magic until further notice.  We think something's trying to pull another invasion and we're not sure why.  Thank you."  He hung up and looked at his father.  Then at Horatio.  "He have any idea?"

"Yeah, it's based on the wish," John said dryly.  He hung up.  "He didn't know there was a wish but when I told him it clicked and he said it is, we'll *need* them, and it's in the Southeast he thinks."  Horatio nodded, going to relay that.  "He also said it's big.  Get the special bullets and the colt out, Dean."  He went to get the special gear out.  John went back to making tranq darts.  They might need them if they had more than one Xander around.  At least for the girls.  Why couldn't Calleigh have wished for multiple Deans?  Or even Sammys?  They'd have done good with either of those and they probably wouldn't be the scary sort that would scar them mentally.


In rural Georgia, an older classic rock/country song by the Charlie Daniel's band was starting to be played out.  Little did they know.  A portal opened, looking like a rip in reality.  A handsome man walked through and stretched.  "Ah, it's a fine day to buy some souls."  He looked around and nodded.  "God's country," he said, looking pleased.  "Yes, this will do nicely."


The DCIS Xander shivered and called in the danger code he had to Jack.  "It's DCIS Agent Harris.  Is Jack O'Neill around?  He'll understand.  Just get his ass on the phone."  He waited.  "Jack, we have a bad thing.  I'm not sure it won't impact the stargate.  I don't care, Jack.  We're talking there's a needed wish to have multiple me's on this plane right now.  Beyond the headache, yes, Jack.  Because it has to do with magic.  What is it Sam and Rodney say about magic, Jack?"  He smirked at the 'it's technology we don't understand yet'.

"Exactly.  Monitor it carefully.  I don't know but if you get another me there, let me know.  Please.  Heading back to base.  I'll be there in an hour.  I think the Southeast.  I don't know why.  No, I think it's bad," he said honestly.  "I hope this time I'm wrong.  I didn't get this jumpy before the invasion or any of the base assaults, Jack."  He nodded at the words of wisdom.  "I have no clue.  We'll call in the higher ups when we have a fucking clue.  Just watch the round thing, please?  No magic, nothing like it on base."  He hung up and went back to pacing, calming himself down by force.  This was so not good.  That shiver had meant evil was around somewhere. He looked out the window.  "Where are we flying over?" he called into the cockpit.

"Atlanta about ten minutes ago, Harris."

"Thanks."  He went back to call Daniel.  "It's me.  I have no idea, Danny.  Danny, all I know is I'm feeling very strongly that no one should be doing magic.  That Jack should be guarding the gateway.  I had that during the invasion.  The magic thing I'm not sure about.  I know it's in the Southeast and I just got a shiver of dread right after we passed over Atlanta.  I did call him.  Because I'll be damned if I want them here, Danny.  He can monitor the sucker for strange output.   Because Sam and Rodney are probably right.  At some higher level, magic and technology have to crossover."  He stopped cold and shuddered.  "Oh, shit."

He looked out the window.  Then the other side.  "What's our coordinates?"  The pilot called them and he repeated them. "I have no idea.  Do you want me here or there?"  He nodded.  "Tony's where?" he joked.  "With that wish,  yeah I'd leave too.  I'm not sure all the other Xander's are sane.  Remember, you aren't sure how I'm sane sometimes," he said more gently.  "Sure.  I'm on my way back.  Thanks, Danny.  Pray like hell I'm being a giggling girl who faints."  He hung up and went back to pacing, trying to figure out what the feeling he had was.  He couldn't classify it.  It was almost euphoria.  It was also dread.  And it was evil.  There was evil coming.  Major evil.  Not demonic evil, but Demonic Evil.

This was so going to suck ass.


Dean spotted the flash first.  He walked over carefully.  "Hey," he said.  The guy stared at him, then squealed and pounced to hug.  "Get off, dude," he complained.

Xander pulled back.  "After all the times I've cooked for you and you're that mean to me?" he demanded.

"I'm not your Dean, Xander.  Unless our Xander here at DCIS grew his hair really fast."

That Xander stepped back to look at him.  "Huh, you're not an immie.  Wow."  He stared, head tipped to the side.  "What the hell?"

"No clue yet.  What's with hair?"

"I like it.  My boys like it."  He leered.  "They like it quite a lot."  He saw Horatio and nearly squealed but Dean shook his head.  He looked around.  "Damn it.  Horatio, did the mean demons take you this time too?  I'm going to have to gut them this time," he said as he stomped over.

"Noooo," he said calmly.  "Cute hair."

"Oh, shit, you're not mine either."

"No, I'm probably not," he agreed.  "Do you have any idea what's going on?"

"I just assumed another demon had taken me," he said with a small shrug.  "Not this time?"

"No, apparently not," he said.  "Okay, let's get you inside?"  Xander shrugged.  "Where are you staying?"

"With my Danny and Don, plus you and Tim now and then when you come over to spend the night in our house.  Sometimes the students or Eric and Ryan stay the night."

"Huh," Dean said.  "Dude, explain some of that?" Dean suggested.  "Students?  Multiple lovers?"

"I'm a GHS snuggle bunny."

"GHS?" he asked calmly.

A female appeared in a flash and looked around.  "Well, isn't this fucking great," she said dryly.  She looked at the one with the hair.  "I saw one of you recently.  How's Oz?"

Xander  pouted.  "Oz is still being tortured by being stuck in Sunnyhell.  Have we met?"

The woman walked over.  "I took care of a problem demon/immie problem challenge for a Xander that looks a lot like you but he was living in Sunnydale with Oz, Methos, and Ray."

"They live up the road from us in Miami.  It could've been an alternate universe of my splendid GHS self."

"Could be," she decided.  "Okay, since we've been displaced over the realms and I don't remember stopping at the crossover bar this time, is a god involved?"

"That's a good question but no.  I can't feel anything from my markings."

The female nodded.  "Okay.  Any idea why we got called?"

"Someone unwisely made a wish without realizing earlier," Dean said.  "That there be a few more Xanders who can fight demons around here.  Welcome to the DCIS base, guys."

"DCIS?" GHS Xander asked.

"Demon Criminal Investigative Services," Ryan said as he came out.  He stared at Xander.  "I stay over?"

"You're my backup in case I surge and wear out my keepers."

Ryan just nodded.  "I need a better explanation than that."

"You go explain that," the woman said.  She looked around.  "There's been a higher level of evil that appeared since I got here."  She was staring off to the east.  "Not nearby but somewhere."

"How can you tell and who are you?" Dean asked.

She smirked.  "Don't recognize me?"  She adjusted the choker.  "It's a gift from Janus to make up for where the Powers let Wesley send me to hell for nine months."  Dean gaped.  "I'm stuck in it because I'm pregnant."  She turned back and looked depressed.  "Morning sickness sucks ass but it's easier in this form.  I'm hoping it's not twins like last time."  She looked at Horatio.  "I remember running into you and telling you to not get near my daughter once," she said blandly.

"Why was I?" Horatio asked.

"You were trying to question her about the family."  She smirked, stepping closer. "If my kids should show up this time, do leave them alone."

"I'd never hurt a child."

"Yay you."  She shrugged.  "Do it anyway.  I *am* the overprotective mother bitch of the universes."

Horatio nodded.  "If at all possible but I would not harm a child.  Ever."

"Good to know."  She looked around then at Dean.  "That evil stink is growing."

"Okay, beyond being in hell, how can you tell?" Dean asked.  "Because I'm a hunter and this shit fascinates us and might be useful to the slayers."

She gave him an odd look.  "They're in Cleveland.  Buffy's been hogging them."

"Our Xander is second in command of the new Slayer's Council," Dean shot back.

She gaped.  "Really?"  Dean gave him a smug look and nodded.  "So we have ones in Europe and Africa?"

"We did, we're setting up formal houses in a few good locations for ease of traveling," John said as he came out.  "A female Xander?"

"It's the necklace he's wearing.  A gift from Janus after Wesley sent him to hell.  She's also pregnant so we might want to warn House and Chase."

"We can have you checked over to make sure you're healthy," John agreed.  "Um, do you go by another name?"

"Depends on what I'm doing.  Just plain Xander is fine."

"That's going to get confusing," the other Xander said.  "What's being pregnant like?"

"Three months of the flu, and after that you get cramps, kicked, shoved, have to pee, but it's great otherwise."  That Xander grinned.  "Okay, since it'll get confusing, the last time we did this, because I have *so* many interrealm frequent flyer miles at the moment, we picked a designation based on our lives so you added that to our names.  Or I go by Lavelle on the job.  Sylvia in female form."

"What do you do?" Ryan asked.

She smirked.  "Second gunman and assassin for Lupin the Third, master thief in my own right."  They all gaped.  "Formerly a consort in hell and now a prince in my own right since I've taken out at least six of the higher beings down there.  Holder of The Name."

John shivered.  "Oh, shit."

"And there's evil like you would not believe coming from that way," she said with a point.  "Not close.  Prince or princess level of evil."  She looked at John, then at Dean, then back at John.  "Hunters?  Demon hunters?"  He nodded.  "Slayers?"

"We're the training team.  Us and Xander.  Our Wesley stepped in to do good things.  He's never hurt our Xander."

She gave him an odd look.  "We're sure?"

"We'd have killed him if he had," John said, moving closer.  "Wes?"  He came out of the slayer's building.  "C'mere please?"  He walked over.  "This is Lavelle or Sylvia, depending on the mood I guess."

"You can stick with Sylvia since I'm in girl form."  She looked at him.  "You're not the puss drinking bastard, huh?"

"My father, no."  She stepped closer and laid a hand against the side of his head, chanting a quiet few words.  He stiffened then slowly shook his head.  She nodded.  "I would never," he breathed.  "That is anathema to all of us, Xander."

"Yet I'm proof you can."

He shuddered, breaking the bond.  "I would not.   Nothing is that dire.  I would rather send myself.  Even though our Xander would be the first to jump in and volunteer I could not even then."

She stared at him then nodded slowly.  "Good.  Is Buffy being a bitch and in charge by whining?"

"Lord no, ma... um, woman.  She's the most senior slayer but I'm in charge of patrol spots.  Xander's over all training duties.  Giles is rebuilding the council."  He stared at her.  "Why did you switch sides?"

"Jigen got me straightened out after I got back.  They gave more of a damn than the others did.  Now I'm a black knight."

"That makes sense in many ways."

"Say, how's your son Marcus?"

"I spawned?"

"The Council made you spawn."

"Sounds like them," John agreed.

"I ask because he's able to be possessed easily too.  You sent the spirit of an ancient demon warrior into him.  He's a kick ass samurai once Goemon trained him.  And me."

"Do you have any idea who his mother is?"  Xander nodded, writing it out for him.  "Ah.  Well, I do know she died in a car accident but we do have a barrister over there.  I'll have him look into it.  For now, can you help us?"

"I'd better.  Is the me from here in one of our realms?  Because I'm sure Ishi's pissed if he's in mine."

"He's on a plane heading back," Daniel said as he came outside.  "He said it's in the Southeast."  The female Xander pointed.  "We think it's in Southern Georgia or possibly Northern Florida.  Can you tell the distance?"

"Within the country, nothing else until I'm closer."

"Why summon you?" GHS Xander asked.

"Because I've got special ways of killing demons after being in hell for nine months," that Xander told him.  "Including some that put onto me by my keeper down there before I killed him."

"I'm glad keeper has a whole 'nother meaning for GHS."

She sniffed.  "Backed up, dear?"

"Usually," he sighed.  "They work too many hours and I never get laid."

"Take some of the herbs," Xander said firmly.

"I can if we have any."

"See House," Daniel said.  "Both of you."  They nodded, letting Dean walk them down there.  He looked at John.  "Xander called.  It may be somewhere near Atlanta."

"I know a few older guys down that way.  I'll call."  He went to find his phone book and do that.  Because all these extra Xanders were going to give him a headache.  One Xander could, three definitely would.  Wesley came in and sat on his bed, staring at him.  "What?"

"The me in Lavelle's realm was told that sacrificing Xander would lead to a cessation of a bigger threat.  I cannot believe that even a desperate version of me could do something so... so..."  He slumped.  "I can't find a word that bad."

John nodded.  "No one said that our selves over there are all good guys."

Wesley looked at him, looking devastated.  "I kept part of the portal open so we could watch," he said quietly.  "Every horrible, despicable thing that was done to him.  All the marks burned and carved onto his body.  All the radiation he took.  How the demon tortured him by whispering their lord's true name into his ear.  How he died twice."

John squeezed his shoulder.  "It wasn't you, Wesley.  It was not you.  You, the you here that you're concerned about, would *never* do that."

He nodded, swallowing the bile again.  "I don't know how to ask him, her, but I would like an account of the situation that led up to that.  It might become pertinent.  I'm not sure."

"I'll talk with her later.  See if she'll tell me what happened."  He stopped.  "Marks?"

"Some to kill.  Some to maim.  Some to call to a hellmouth."

"I'll talk to her later."  Wesley nodded.  "Remember, it wasn't you.   You're not a bastard here.  Your Xander isn't like that."

"No, he's not.  Nor does he have a cursed choker around his throat."  John shook his head.  "The Demere choker.  Janus gave it to him."  He shook himself.  "Are you sure you don't mind?"

"Not in the least.  I'm not the touchy-feely sort but I doubt either one of them want to be bothered by things that remind them of home.  The other one snarled at Giles' name."

"Oh, dear."

"Yeah, I'm thinking that's mild."  He finally found his phone book and settled in at his desk to call.  "Bobby, John Winchester.  Listen, we just had a head's up that something's going down in Georgia, possibly northern Florida.  Like major evil and someone granted a wish to have more powerful Xanders called here.  We have one that knows THE Name."  He smirked.  "Exactly.  Our Xander was freaking out and called it in.  He was in Miami at a coroner's hearing."  He nodded, making notes.  "Please, and pass it along.  We need to know the reason and any sightings immediately.  I'm here and I've got my cell.  You have the main number?"  He smirked.  "Thanks, man."  He hung up and looked at Wesley.  "Prep the girls.  Dean said Xander didn't get this wound up about the invasion."  He nodded going to get the girls to handle things.  "Remember, he said no magic."

"Blast!" Wesley called back.  "I'll conference."  He went to his office and called the major phone numbers.  "Giles, Connor, Angel and whoever, I need to speak to you all about something.  We think there's a major source of evil on the east coast, lower southern side.  Georgia or upper Florida.  Xander called it in.  We have multiple Xanders here after a wish earlier.  One of them was able to identify that there's a major evil, prince or higher of hell, on this realm.  No magic, our Xander said it could set it off."

Daniel leaned in.  "He called Jack to tell him to watch the project there too.  Just in case it backlashed.  Jack just called, another Xander appeared there.  Walked out of the gate."


"No idea.  It was closed."  He grimaced.  "We're pretty sure it's either around Atlanta or moving into more rural Georgia.  We're not sure yet.  Atlanta doesn't have their own office set up yet.  They're planning on it for next year.  John's calling around.  If we need slayer support and can't use magic, how long will it take?"

Wesley listened to Giles.  "He said as soon as they can get on a plane and flight time."

Their Xander stomped in.  He hoped it was their Xander.  "They can portal down but I can't promise it won't bring more of the armies."  He looked at Daniel.  "We have a high mover or shaker.  Pure evil.  Of the soul sort.  I know it deals with souls by playing yes/no with my odd feeling.  I don't know why."

"We've got three new Xanders.  Two here, one with Jack.  Walked out of the shielded, not spinning gate."

Xander grimaced.  "Why?"

"I don't know," he admitted.  "Jack's sending him and any others that appear."

"Calleigh's wish may have been prompted then."  He walked off, going to find the hims.  He found them in the infirmary.  "Guys?"  They stared at him.  "Souls, higher level, prince or higher.  Got any ideas?"

"It has to be a prince, a section head, or one of the bosses," Sylvia said.  "By the way, call me Sylvia in this form.  It'll be easier."

That Xander shook her hand.  Then he winced.  "Pregnant?"  She gave him a horrified look.  "We have a pregnant slayer in LA.  Now and then I get to baby her."

"I am.  I'm also an assassin and gunman."

"Good, work in the armory unless we need you."  She nodded at that.  "I'm not risking the child.  You can be an info source."

"Agreeable."  She straightened up.  "Who's going to ask about my marks?"

"I'd like to know," House said.

She looked at him.  "Nine months in hell."  She looked at him.  "Consort level."

"Fuckers," Xander muttered.  "If you feel comfy, tell John.  John's a good guy.  His family's hunted for a long time.  They just got rid of the one that killed his wife twenty-five years ago."

"Which one?"  Sam walked in and looked at her, leaning down to whisper in her ear and how they had done it.  "That'll work.  I might have to try that."  She smirked, patting him on the cheek.  "You're adorable."

"I'm Sam, John's younger son.  I teach the demonology lectures to the slayers if you'd like to help."

"I can do that."  She looked at the docs.  "Am I good?"

"No," House said.  "Clearly not."  She sniffled and hugged him for that.  "You also have a bullet still inside your leg and one in your lower back."

"I know."

"Your heartbeat's a bit off."

"Happens each time you travel this way.  Back in time or across realms.  Visiting the ancestors often gives me chest pains and headaches."

"Ancestors?" Sam asked.

"Goemon's ancestors.  We've ended up back in time with them a few times."

"Would you let me do a history?" Sam asked.  "It sounds like you've had a lot of experience and I'd like to know."

She stared at him.  "Some things you have to live through, Sam."

"The demon tainted me, killed my mother, and then my girlfriend to get me to be his chosen warrior."

She stared then nodded.  "That happens now and then.  I know that class of idiot."

"It left me with powers I have no idea how to control."

"Oh...oooh.  Okay.  That I can definitely help with.  We'll talk."  He grinned.  She smirked back.  "Aren't you so tempting to get little ol' me back to the light?" she teased.  "The kids would adore you.  They'd kidnap you for weeks."

"Dean would get mad and spank when he rescued me."

"Our kids seem to be able to get out of that."

"Not yours, me."  She cackled.  "He's a bit overprotective."

"Yes, I am," Dean  yelled from up the hall.  "Got another one, Doc."  He walked that Xander in.  He was younger, still around twenty or so.

"Hey," Sylvia said.

He stopped to stare at him.  "Curse of Willow?"

"Shape changing necklace from Janus.  It helps with the morning sickness."

"Wow."  He came over to look at her stomach then grinned.  "Can I?"  She shrugged and rolled her eyes.  "I won't if you don't want me to.  I understand about personal limits."

"Go ahead."

He stroked her stomach, smiling at her.  "I hope it's a healthy little mini Chaos god."

She cackled. "They all are."  She patted him on the cheek. "You're so young."

"We all are," Xander said.  She shook her head.  "Okay, we are."  She smirked.  "Can I get a sit rep please?" he asked calmly.

"Someone made a wish to have multiple demon fighting Xanders on hand since a huge ass evil just appeared somewhere in the southeast."

"Miami?" he asked, looking pained.

"No," Daniel said as he walked in.  "We're pretty sure it's in Georgia but moving."  The new Xander nodded at that, stiffening up.  At least until he saw Speed.

"Daddy!"  He ran and pounced, cuddling him.  "Did you get taken too?"

"Um, that one I want explained since I don't think I'm the Xander here's father."  He was going to try to stay calm.  He really was.  Because that was a thought that only someone evil could come up with.

That Xander looked up at him.  "Sorry."  He backed off.

Speed stopped him.  "Not a problem, kid.  I spent a year possessing Xander's mind.  I'm his dad?"

"That would explain a lot," Chase said.  A few of them glared at him so he smirked back.  "It would."

"It might," House said.  "Unless there's one where we're related," he shot back.  "The snark had to come from somewhere."

That Xander gave him a look then smirked.  "I get it naturally.  It's just that my Speed and Aiden saved my ass from my parents and adopted me."  He looked at Speed again.  "I'm sorry."

"Don't be.  It's natural to want to cling to one of your own when you're in a strange situation."  Xander grinned.  "So, what am I doing?  Did I die there?"

"Yup, but Aiden got sent to Sunnydale and found out what was going on so she prayed for help.  You're the help the Powers sent back."  They all groaned at that.  "Once we got you calmed down from the ranting fit, she told you what was going on in my life and you two adopted me.  The guys in New York and Miami didn't know until you had to send me away after graduation for my own safety - because the Powers said so - and I busted you with them.  That got you free of Sunnydale when Grandma Alexx stormed out there."

"Not even the Powers can stand up to Alexx," he agreed.  The boy grinned.  "And?  That the end?"

"No.  I ended up training as a dom, doing therapy with those who need it."  He saw the doc stiffen.  "You?"

"A few times, not for that need," he said quietly.  That got a nod.  "Are you seeing anyone wherever you are?"

"I'm in Miami.  Grandsire Raphael and Grandfather Patrick set me up in a house after mine got assaulted and burned with me in it.  I just talked my Horatio and Greg into moving in full time.  Well, full time when Greg's down from Vegas because Horatio can't give him a spot in the lab yet."

"Huh."  Speed nodded.  "Here I ended up being brought back after I possessed Xander for a bit.  A witch we have on base sneezed me up a new body."

"That's powerful."

"You'll meet Dawn later."

"Was it an accident, like a Willow accident?  Because gotta say she's had a few with Ryan and the babies."

"Babies?" Ryan squeaked from up the hall.

The younger Xander looked at him.  "In my world you married Willow."

"Huh.  Here she just got put into a big crystal to be a piece of artwork since she was playing what if with the universes," Speed said.  "Calm down, Wolfe."

"I'm trying!"  He took a calming breath.  Then a second.  "Okay, I'm calmer.  Am I good dad?  I always thought the OCD would make me a bad one."

"You're not bad.  We had to stop you compulsively cleaning the baby.  She's worn it down a bit over the last year and a bit.  You started really regimented and then got calmed down.  Ian's safe and happy, and my daughter and son love him like a strange cousin who comes over now and then."

Ryan grinned. "That's good to know.  Thank you."

"Welcome.  You and Willow are happy.  She even gave up magic for you.  Kinda."

Ryan nodded, becoming happier.  "That's cool."  He looked at the guy coming off the elevator, frowning.  "Hey, it's not just multiple Xanders.  Hi, me."

The other Ryan Wolfe stopped to stare at him.  "Explanation?"

"Huge level of evil creature and Calleigh made a wish for multiple demon fighting Xanders."

"Ah.  No wonder you pulled my version."  He looked at the Xander in the hall.  "Clearly not mine."

"If he's the one with the hair, he's in there," he said, pointing at the infirmary.

"Thanks."  He walked in and his Xander squealed, hugging him.  "Yes, Ares said I'm to come watch your back," he said, looking him over.  "You okay?"

"The me here is single and that's a me who's a bad guy but she's presently pregnant," he babbled happily.  "The other one does Dom stuff and thinks of Speed like a daddy."

Ryan nodded at them. Then he looked his Xander over.  He sighed.  Then he looked at the doctor.  "Is there a decent herb shop around here?"

"We have some on site because the witch on base sometimes does healing spells," Chase offered, pointing at the cabinet.  Ryan walked over to it, looking it over.  "She can help you find anything else."

"You have everything but one herb I need."  He pulled it down and wrote down the name and how much he'd need.   "It'll bring Xander out of backlog."

"Huh?" House asked.

"Oh, damn, there's no GHS here?" he asked.  They shook their heads.  "People with hyperactive hormones so bad it draws everyone around them to kidnap them?"

"No," House said.  "Sounds like something that could be cured."

Ryan shook his head.  "No, not really.  There's things that can lower it for a day or so but it's dangerous to use too often.  It can lead to death."  He looked at his Xander.  "We're fixing you for now."  He pouted but nodded.  "Is there a gym he can work out in?"  They pointed up the hall.  Ryan tossed over Xander's sword, letting him catch it.  "Go workout.  Come back when we're ready to hear a sit rep."  He went to do that.  The other Xander's gave him an odd look.

"The hormones are supposed to cloud their minds until they're confused, bouncy, sex kittens," Sylvia said.

Ryan nodded. "I take it you've met one?"

"A different version of yours actually.  He was with Oz, Methos, and Ray in Sunnydale.  Ares and Strife called me to help with a sitch."

"In ours he's with Don and Danny, in Miami, spoiling our lab horribly."

"Same reason for the sword?" she asked.  Ryan nodded.  "Good to know.  Your position in the team is....?"

"Chosen warrior of Ares, his most common rescuer, and buddy."

"That's pretty cool," the native Xander said.  He shook his head.  "Okay, we need to know what's going on.  Is this all of us?"

"No," Daniel said.

"We think there's at least one more," Ryan said.  "Ares thought he felt at least two more coming in."

That got a nod.  "Any idea which ones?" Daniel asked.

"A younger one, barely twenty, but more technical.  He wasn't sure why he thought that.  And a wizard of some sort."  She stiffened.  "There's a few of you?" he guessed.  "Mine has some skill."

The female Xander nodded.  "I met one once that was married to George Weasley.  The kids stole from Gringotts.  I was so proud."

Ryan smirked.  "You're with who?"

"I'm Lavelle.  Second gunman to Lupin the Third."

"Ohhhh," he said, drawing it out.  "I've seen that anime."

"I saved Jigen and he ended up taking me in as a student."

"Interesting.  And the chaos artifact I can feel giving me a tan?"

"Demere choker.  Present from Janus to make up for the Powers fucking their own side up by taking me out of the equation."  She rested her hand on her stomach.  Then she looked at Sam.  "Let's go over that history, Sam."  He nodded.  "I'm not sure if a tainted person will react to the marks or not."

"If so, Dean can help?"

"He was cute."

"He tries really hard," he teased, walking her off.  "We're going to the slayer's building."

"Sure," Daniel agreed.  "The other two should be here when?  Jack caught a flux on his gate."

"Within an hour of me landing or so Ares thought," Ryan said.  He heard a squeal and looked out there.  "Xander, leave the ... is that a unicorn petting you?"


"That one doesn't have a virginity clause," House said.  "She's a malicorn named Binky."

"That's kinda cool."  He went to pet her.  "She is as soft as the one that showed up at the farm."  His Xander beamed.  "Go back to practice.  She can help you."  They bounced off together to play in the gym.  Ryan shook his head, going back to the infirmary.  "So what's the problem?"

"Huge evil," Chase said.

"Somewhere in the Southeast," Daniel added.  "We think Georgia."

John leaned in.  "A Xander just appeared, looking at the thing in his hand and said 'I thought portkey malfunctions only happened in Star Trek'."

"Bring him down so we can make sure he's all right," Chase ordered.  "Any others?"

"Jack called.  He has one there that asked what sort of computers they used."  He smirked.  "Sam?"

"With Lavelle going over what happened to her," Daniel said.  That got a nod and he went to see if he could help with that.

DCIS's Xander walked out there, looking at himself.  He looked so tired.  "Hey."  He looked up at him.  "Welcome to DCIS."

"How did I get here?"

"Someone made a wish for multiple demon fighting Xanders just about the same time a huge ass evil showed up."

"Someone brought back Voldemort again?"

"No.  Higher evil, like prince of hell evil."

"Shit.  And I thought Glory was bad," he muttered.

"It was but the First Evil was worse."

Xander stared at him.  "That's why I retired to raise Dawn."

"Good!"  He grinned. "We're mostly in the infirmary.  There's a few of us.  We're waiting on one more and some reports from the local area."

"What is this place?"

"Demon Criminal Investigative Services."

The new Xander shuddered.  "Wonderful.  I retired from burnout."

That Xander clapped him on the arm.  "We have one of us who's pregnant.  I don't think it matters."  That got a nod and they walked off, heading down there.  They could hear the Xander with the long hair squealing. "One of us has high hormones or something and he's squealing over one of the unicorns."  He walked him in.

"Uncle Greg?" that Xander asked, smiling.  "Good to know it wasn't just me."

Greg stared, choking, nearly falling onto the floor.  He had only been joking!  "No, he's the one from here," Chase said, helping House sit up to stop coughing.  "Sorry."

"No, that's okay.  I think we could use Uncle Greg.  He's great in Defense Against the Dark Arts.  Nearly majored in it instead of medicine."  He saw Speed.  "You're clearly not my big brother."  He shook his head.  "Shit.  My dad's not here either?"

"Just you from your world so far," Xander said.  "Sorry."

"That's okay."  He cast a calming charm on House. "Are you okay?"

He wiped his tearing eyes.  "I'm your uncle?"

"Yeah.  Grandma gave birth to you and Dad both.  As a matter of fact, Dad had two boys, and I adopted Dawn, but we just fixed you up with someone so you've got a baby's mommy too.  She's in DC, a little goth.  Gets you really well."

"I'm dating Abby?" he demanded, standing up.

"Yeah," he said cautiously.  "Is she in this world too?  Maybe you should try.  She makes you cackle in happy evilness."

"She's dating someone else."  He shook his head.  "I'm going to have a headache."

That Xander stopped him.  "Sorry.  Want a pain tonic?"

"No, I have vicodin for that."  That got a nod.  "Thanks, kid.  It's not you.  One Xander is enough to give headaches."

"Well, yeah," he said with an evil smirk.  "I learned it from you."

"I know you did."  He patted him on the shoulder and limped off to take something for his headache and then take a nap.  Maybe if he was lucky he'd miss the apocalypse too.  No, Chase would never let him miss it.

Chase grinned.  "Thank you.  He needed the headache."

"Not a problem, Doctor Wombat.  You did freak out badly at Hogwarts now and then."  He looked around then grinned at him.  "No ministry, right?"

"Here, Harry's a book," he said simply.

"Cool," he said with unholy glee.

One of the two Ryan's coughed.  "Do you have any Presley leaves?"

Xander patted himself down.  "No.  I don't have anything to make a potion.  Huh.  If we need me to, I am a potions master in my own right.  I had to teach myself but I'm not bad.  I'm alchemist quality."  They all stared.  He blushed.  "What?  Uncle Greg was pleased.  It saved my big brother's life when he was shot.  Even if the redheaded, pushy one keeps trying to find out how I did it."

Speed nodded so he could turn his mind away from being Xander's big brother in that world.  "That sounds like H."  He looked around.  "Okay, let's start with the basics.  DCIS Xander, find the problem going on.  Our Ryan, set up rooms."  He nodded, going to do that.  He looked at the other Ryan.  "I want you to protect yourself and your Xander.  If you're right and he's a target, he'll need it anyway."

"I usually do."

"Good.  Find some way for him to come off high squeal mode before all the slayers pounce?"

"All the....  Huh?"

"Here the First Evil happened and we had to activate all the slayers," DCIS Xander told him.


"Teenage girls, and then Willow made a wish to let the ones that had aged out make a choice."


"Yeah, and your squealy one plus our teenage squealy ones...."

"Shopping trip?"

"Only if he pays for it," Xander said dryly.  He looked around.  "My desk is on three, in the bullpen area."  They all nodded. "Let me start calling contacts.  The female me can work in the infirmary or the armory, whichever she feels more comfy with so she's not going to endanger the child she's carrying.  Potions Xander, stay with my Speed for now.  Introduce yourself to Dawnie because she's our onsite witch.  When the others get in, tell them what's going on and find me when we're all here."  He went that way.

"Good," Speed said.  "That works."  He nodded. "This way for housing, guys."  They followed him to do that.  Then the ones that had assigned spots went back to them for now.


Sam looked at the pictures he had taken later on.  "Not the greatest," he told Lavelle.

"You got most of them, Sam."

"What about a wax casting?"

"They're scars.  They're not that big."


Horatio came in.  "Some types of cameras come up with a better resolution," he said.  "We can try one that does subdermal images."  Sam beamed.  "Or even an older style instead of a digital.  Either one might be more effective."  He looked at her.  "I'm used to taking forensic pictures but you can have one of the other CSI or even ME Woods do it for you if you want."

"I don't care."

"There's been an apartment made available," he said gently. "That way you can nap."

"I'm good."

"There's a caf too," Sam said.  "I should've thought, I'm sorry."

"I'll hit them both in a few.  It might be important."  They nodded and Sam let Horatio take the pictures this time.  The subdermal came out very well.  The regular film did too.  They both caught them all.  Plus something over her stomach. "That's a protection one."

"Good," Sam said.  "We don't want it hurt from this."

She smiled. "Thanks, Sam."  She patted him on the head and walked out.  Horatio led her to the caf, then back to her borrowed apartment.  She'd look over the armory after she took a nap.


The Xanders gathered together, except the local one who was trying to find out where they were needed.  "All right," Speed's son Xander said.  Everyone looked at him.  "Let's figure out some duties, guys.  Otherwise we'll all go for the same things."  They all nodded, shifting to look at him.  "What is the last major thing you handled?  Mine was graduation but I am a dom and I've taken the opportunity to up some of my artillery and crossbow skills."

Hacker Xander raised his hand.  "We handled the Initiative mess then I left again.  I'm also a hacker of medium quality."

Sylvia shrugged.  "I haven't handled traditional hunting for years except now and then for stress relief.  I do have some magic and all those handy marks on me however.  Plus I've got a lot of front line experience, no matter what the me here likes."

"He's worried about the baby," Hacker Xander pointed out.  "None of us would want to see anyone miscarry."

Sylvia looked at him.  "That's sweet but it's not practical in this case.  I have the most battle experience of any of you and other skills none of you have."

"Then you can back me up on the magic stuff," Magical Xander said.  "Can you link with me?  I can do some wandless but I got taught wanded magic by Giles."

"I can and I can do chaos magic as well," she told him.

He nodded.  "I think all of us lean toward chaos magic," he said dryly.  "I've got stuff brewing for bruises and minor injuries.  I won't have time to brew stuff like elixir of life.  I'd need to make a whole new stone since mine's locked in my lab at home.  Unless Uncle Greg decided to break in and check it over."

GHS Xander raised a hand slowly.  "I'm not powerful but I do have magic and I do lean towards chaotic and demonic magics.  The strongest I usually do is open a portal that's already been keyed into a place.  Like the one in my backyard."  They gave him an odd look.  "The hormones attract demons as often as people," he said sheepishly.  Ryan nodded at that.  He swatted him. "Quit."  He looked at them.  "I also can do a lot of very good swordwork and so can Ryan.  Beyond that, we're both immies."

Sylvia grinned.  "Yes, like on Highlander, guys."

"Then if we have to, you and Ryan can lead a section of slayers or agents?" New York Xander asked.  Xander nodded and so did Ryan.  "Good.  What was the last thing you handled, Magical Xander?"

"Glory," he said quietly.  "We won and I left with Dawn."

New York Xander nodded, getting that.  "I can feel the burnout we all carry after grad.  Yours just got to the overwhelming point?  Nothing like field flashbacks?"

"No.  I helped Harry with Voldemort recently."

"Glory?" Sylvia asked.

"Glorificus.  The Beauteous One.  Came after Dawn?"

"I remember we beat her," Sylvia agreed.  "So you left after the funerals?"  He nodded.  "Can you handle it?"

"If I must but I'm getting drunk later with Uncle Greg to make sure I don't get alcohol poisoning."

"Sure," she agreed, patting him on the back.  "We'll watch if you're here."  He grinned.  "What about the one here?"

"The First Evil mess," DCIS Xander said as he walked in.  "I'm also over training with the slayers.  I started out being the trainer until I hired Dean and Sam, then they brought their father."

"I saw one reality where you had done that and lost an eye," she told him.

He shuddered.  "I saw one of those too thanks to Willow."

"Were you furry?"

"No.  She was playing 'I wish' and made a bunch of alternate realms."  They all shuddered at that.  "Needless to say, the Watchers decided to try to weed down the number of slayers in this realm by force.  A few of those realms had that working for them."  They all gaped.  He nodded.  "The last major thing I handled outside of a demon gang war and some arms dealing ones?  The Invasion of LA.  Some of Wolfram and Hart's board opened a portal to a demon realm and kept it open.  Us, the slayers who were combat ready, and some of the National Guard when they got there handled it."

That got another mass shudder.  "How many of the girls are combat ready?" Sylvia asked.

Xander considered it.  "Cleared for patrol and over sixteen?  Twenty-five out of the original sixty some-odd. Ten of the new ones that Willow's last wish caused.  During the Invasion we only had about twenty.  Ones who're close enough if we need to call them?  Most of the rest but I don't want to call anyone under fourteen if we can help it.  If we have to, as a backup unit when others fall, but not the nine-year-old we have in training in LA, not the two youngest here who're eleven, or the ones who just turned twelve and thirteen."

They all nodded.  "That's a good idea," Sylvia said.  "The ones that the last wish activated?"

"Another fifteen out of the seventy.  Most of them are still in the basics lessons with John.  Some do have other training.  One's a cop, she's mostly trained, she's in with Dean.  We have one that's on a classified military project but I'm not sure we can get her since it'll take magic to get her here in time.  That's if we call most of the Cleveland girls and the ones in LA right now."

"Okay," she agreed.  "Can you make some plans?"

"I'm making mental ones.  We're narrowing it down to an exact location.  We have it down to a county and a half."  They all nodded.  "Come see the armory, guys.  You'll need it."  He walked them that way, letting them see the apocalypse locker and the guns they had after everyone had checked theirs out.  "Who has only artillery?"

"Unless we run into a mainframe, use me for that," Hacker Xander said.

"Okay.  This is how you use a portal system while it's in a carryable form."  He showed him how they had rigged it.  That got a nod.  "Think 'next' and it'll come up.  Think specific and if we have it, it'll show up."

"Like my neverending bags," GHS Xander said.

DCIS Xander grinned at him.  "Shopping trips?"

"Plus some realm traveling," he admitted.  "Go, we can handle this and if we can't, Sylvia can I'm sure."  He nodded, going back to his desk.  "I work *way* too hard here.  I clearly need spa time."  Ryan bopped him on the arm.  "I do!"

"I'm sure he'll get some eventually."  He looked at Sylvia, then at Hacker Xander.  "Let's load up so all we have to do is line up."  They nodded, getting what they'd need and want.  They all considered Xander's axe, but they left that for the local one.  It was special to all of them and they wouldn't take that from him.


Xander looked up from his phoning around at the message that got dropped onto his desk.  "Where's this from?"

"One of the hunters John knows," Don Flack said.

"Anyone closer than South Carolina?"

"No.  They think they have one in upper Florida but he can't reach her.  She's a merc so he's not sure why."

"Okay."  Xander looked at the note then called the only contact they had in the Atlanta PD again.  They'd met him on a case.  Well, Danny Messer had met him on a case.  The guy had been out of the office for hours and no one else wanted to talk to them down there.  "This is DCIS Agent Harris.  It looks like we're growing a situation in your neck of the states.  Somewhere.  Yeah, that's why you've had some of the demons fleeing the city.  I need a location and if anyone has any idea?"  He listened.  He frowned.

"Hell.  Any idea where in the state it is?"  He nodded, making notes.  "Okay.  Can you get word to the counties that way that they're having a problem like we'd deal with?  Have them call us directly so we know where we're heading?  We can head tonight.  Thanks."  He hung up and went to get the other Xander's.  "Okay, we know it is in rural Southern Georgia.  We know the demons in Atlanta are feeling it, they're fleeing in terror.  From vamps on up."  The slayers nodded.  "John, there was a call from a Coulter?"  He nodded.  "He's trying to get hold of a merc in upper Florida, no luck yet.  We need to get down there."

"The magic thing?" Dawn asked.

He looked at her.  "Dawn, exposing you is going to mean you're going to end up fighting."

Lavelle coughed.  "No magic.  He can feel it, track it, and come here.  We need you to protect the ones who're too young, Dawn."  She looked at Xander.  "On the other hand, I do know magic.  Potions Xander knows some magic."

Xander considered it.  "Can you do a transport portal?"

"I have used them but never opened them."

Dawn wrote down the spell for him, handing it over. "That's how the witches I know do it.  You can bring a few with you."

"Where do you want the slayers?" Faith asked.

"Here," Xander said, looking at her.  "This is highest level shit, Faith.  This is one who would've called the First Evil a pussy."

"Shit," she muttered.

"I want you guys here, listening for any other areas of activity.  This is a really good time for them to act up."

She nodded.  "Got it.  I'll call B and Connor."  She moved to do that.

Xander looked at the other hims.  Especially at Lavelle.  "Is there any chance this is one of the generals?  A prince?  A consort?"

She considered it.  "There's a chance but they don't usually come unless called.  Very few will come without being summoned up.  I could open a portal and ask but that would endanger the base."

"No, don't," John ordered.  He looked at them, then at Xander.  "What do you want us to do?"

"I want to hide under my bed," Xander said bluntly.  The other Xanders all nodded.  John slumped at that.  "Faith, keep the girls on call for us.  If we have to go into a full scale battle, port them in a bit away and come help."  She nodded.  "Oldest trained first.  Save the new older ones for right before the younger set."

"They'll jump in, X."

He shrugged.  "Those who would've qualified for the invasion, Faith.  I'm not risking someone who has a whole life ahead of her in a battle that she can't handle."

"That cuts us down to maybe thirty."

He nodded.  "If we have to, we can call on them.  I do not want the youngest involved."  They nodded.  "Shit!" he suddenly yelled.  "Daniel, is Sam Carter on planet or off!" he shouted.

"Off!" he called back a minute later.

"Does the portal generator work?" he asked the CSI gathered with them.

"For things, not people," Speed said quietly.  "Sorry, we can't figure that out yet."

Xander nodded.  "That's going to send up a huge ass flare," he said at Dawn's look.  "Not that we can't use the military."

The Xander who hacked held up a hand.  "Are we seriously thinking it'll be a war?  The war?"

"I think it'll be a battle," Lavelle said.  "They might see us and give up.  They might see me and give up.  I don't know."  She looked at Xander.  "Sam has a full copy of the marks."

"If I had the time I'd tattoo a few on," Xander assured her.  She nodded at that.  "We don't."  He looked around.  "Okay, let's make battle ranks.  John, you're taking my usual planning spot and relaying to me as the front lines general in this one."  He nodded.  "Get Tony and Gibbs back here.  Gibbs can help you."  He nodded, moving to call them.  They were only in town.  "Dawn, can you open a portal down in the jails?  Or use the shielding down there to cover you going to another more secure location?"

"I can open it down there.  There's a whole section that's in a subrealm."  She jogged off.  The guards gave her an odd look.  "I need the empty section.  I need to open a secure portal."  They nodded, leading her that way.  "Close me in for a few minutes once I get it started.  Check back every two.  Pray like hell that thing doesn't shut down."  They nodded and she moved to cast it before the generator closed her in.  She looked at the SGA team getting ready to go.  "We need Sam Carter ASAP for a slayer issue."

"Why?" Rodney demanded.

She looked at him.  "Because something higher decided to go play in Georgia.  It's being felt all the way up to Virginia by sensitive ones.  We're using *all* the girls who're battle ready.  She's leading a section."  They nodded, getting her.  Sam came armed.  "Sorry."

"Not a problem."  She stepped through and the portal closed.  The portal generator opened for them and they hurried out.  "How bad?"

"If this was a Fallen One, I'd be amused," Dawn said simply.  They hiked back up there.  "Sam, as ordered."

John and Gibbs looked at her.  "You can lead a section?"

"I can and have led a field team and battles."  She clipped on her battle harness.  "How bad?"  John handed her what they had.  "How do we kill it?"

"If we're lucky, the female Xander's marks may," John said calmly.  "Pick the slayers in the new group.  They're not fully trained.  You have eighteen that are in the final class or nearly there."  She nodded, going to get them.  "Gibbs, you're their Watcher.  Only handle that unit.  Xander's doing the rest of the battle and I'm his oversight."  He nodded, following Sam to get the girls.  They settled in to arm them in the armory then took them off.   John looked at his sons.  "Staying or going?"

"Going," Dean said, slapping a clip into his current gun.  "Of course."


"Going."  He looked at Dawn.  "Be safe and stay out of it?"

"I am if I can."  They nodded.

Xander came jogging out of the armory.  "He's buying souls.  He's got half a town's worth.  We have a location.  With pictures."  He looked at Dawn.  "It's too risky.  We can't let him track here."

"So we open one somewhere else and then there," she said simply.  "I can open one to stage in Cleveland and then down there."  The others nodded and they moved to do that, taking the troop carriers off base to move them from an open field.  The yard in Cleveland opened.  They hiked through.  "Be safe.  I want to have ice cream tonight in celebration, not out of misery!"  They nodded and Xander kissed her on the forehead. "You especially."

"Of course.  A unit of Xanders?  They're toast," he said with a smirk.  He walked through last.  He had on his tactical gear.  He looked at the agents.  He looked at the slayers.  He saw the boss.  "Jack, you and Daniel help and be the removal team.  You're both TVTR."  He looked at them.  "Listen up," he ordered.  They stared.  "We have a confirmed siting of something very high in Hell's hierarchy in a town in Georgia buying souls for shits and giggles.  It is high enough that it is sending psychics in Virginia into fits."  They all nodded.  "It is possible he will laugh and disappear.  We can only hope so.  If not, we're have a battle and there's no telling if we have a *battle* or if we have a regular battle.  It depends on what he calls up.  Slayers, you're under John's command.  Agents, you're under my field command.  Am I clear?  Daniel and Jack are over removing the injured and dead.  Jack or Tony lead if I fall."

They nodded.  "Good.  Sam, Dean, with the slayers.  Sam, I want you with Faith's unit.  Dean, with Buffy's.  She's the better fighter and so are you."  He nodded.  "Faith, if there's even a chance of sneaking in to get him, take it.  That's your call and your job."  She nodded at that.  "Are we ready?"  Everyone shook their heads.  "Me either."  He turned.  Dawn opened the portal and they walked through into... well...  Southern Georgia in the middle of the day.  He took point and they moved.  A few of the residents gave him odd looks.  A police cruiser came screaming up.  Xander pulled his ID.  "Where is it?"

"On the farms," he said, looking at them.  "Shit, this is worse than LA was on tv," he muttered.

"Yes, it is with less demons," Xander agreed.  "How do we get there?"

"Go a mile into the woods, then across the creek," he said with a point.  They nodded, heading out.  He went to seal up the town.  He found the town's pastor.  "DCIS just showed up for that evil sucker who's buying people."

"Get everyone sheltered in the church, even those who aren't religious," he ordered.  "It's consecrated.  It might help protect them."  That got a nod and they went door to door to get who they could.  The minister was praying loudly for help from God.  He had to help those agents.


Xander found the right spot and waved them to break and watch for a second.

"Are you sure you won't mind?" he asked in a slick, smooth voice.  "After all, it might hurt."

"If you can stop it, I'll gladly take it."

"I have seven doses right here for you," he said, handing them over.  "All I need is a signature."

Faith moved her crew to the edges.  Sylvia was with them, getting an odd look but Sam nodded.  Gibbs moved his and Sam Carter's unit to the other edge.

Xander looked at the agents, then at John, who nodded.  He signaled Dean, who shot the demon before the guy could sign.

The demon screamed and turned to stare at them.  "You cannot defeat me!" he shouted.  "I know who you are! I felt your pitiful magic!"  He opened a portal and demons poured through. The unlucky guy got batted by one and died from it.  "They seek to stop me."

Xander stood up with Sylvia.  "Yeah, and?  It's kinda the calling.  That's what makes us good guys."  The demons all laughed.  "Your choice.  You can hike off.  It'll be a lot prettier in the end."

"Who are you to stop me?" he sneered.

"Xander.  Plain, old, ordinary Xander."  Compared to the others he was.

"Why should I listen to you when the Powers don't?"

"Because I'm the one that guards the slayers and their spirit.  We will take you down and get those people free.  It's what we knights do."

"Fat chance.  They are mine!"

"Yay," Sylvia said, taking off her jacket.  A few of the demons leered until they screamed while their eyes melted.  "By the way, dear, I do know your proper name."  He gaped, moving away.  "Your choice to do this the hard way."

"Take her!" he shouted.

"Pity," Xander said.  "Do it!"  They came out of cover and broke out to take the demons.  They were all gunning for Sylvia but that was fine.  The agents rushed in normal cop formation.  Xander took the lead, using the bullets Ryan had blessed as Ares' high priest.  It was working.  It was helping them die.  A few agents got hurt but the slayers were taking the worst of the injuries.  He saw Buffy go down and had to turn his attention away.  Jack or Daniel would get her up and out of the way.  He shot another shot but it didn't work.  So he pulled out his battle axe and went to it that way.  A battle yell and all that.  More demons fell but more came through the portal.  "Sylvia, close it!" he shouted.  She and Magical Xander worked on closing the portal, cutting off their reinforcements.  They were starting to win until he called those he now held sway over.  Technically living humans.

"Xander, the damned are coming!" John yelled.

"Shit!  Faith!  Humans incoming!"  That got passed around and the girls only wounded them.  The higher demons were having to appear on their own power and it was cutting down the ones coming to help.  Xander ducked as artillery went off over his shoulder.  He looked back at Hacker Xander, who shrugged a bit.  "Whatever works," he agreed.  "Get the bigger ones.  They're doing the most damage."  He nodded and focused on them.  They had given him a portal stuffed full of stuff.  Xander hadn't unloaded one of them after that huge bust.  Daniel knew.  ATF might know.  SWAT had known and they had given him knowing looks but had understood.

He saw a news copter be brought down by a demon and grimaced.   "And reporters, I'm blessed today and not by that other Ryan either," he said, cracking Don Flack up.  "Don't let me make an ass of myself on tv," he said, making another surge forward.  The demons weren't losing much ground for having so many losses.  He saw one get back up and nearly screamed in anger.  He was reanimating them.  "Someone get the bag!" he ordered over the radio.

He saw Faith's group try a feint that way but one of the girls got killed by a claw and they were held back when she was thrown back into them.  Sam's group got closer and they lost a few more girls.  "Regroup!" he said.  The girls fell back a step and then went forward again.  It was what they were called to do - to keep the major evil out of the world.  Faith got some of the artillery from one of the girls playing messenger.  She fired it at the demon, letting Sam Winchester's group get closer.  She was making a big, huge mess, but oh well.

Sam got the bag and ran off with it.  Sam Carter set it on fire with the zat she had.

The humans who had been damned were freed as their contracts were destroyed.  Half of them would still die.  They had been injured too badly or had been in bad shape before, plus the demons ran them over.

Xander made a move to the head guy and got blasted with magic for it.  He went to one knee then gritted his teeth.  "No worse than Willow did," he sneered.  "Can't be much of a Lord of Hell."  He threw a special grenade and it blasted him, a lot of the demons, and one slayer got thrown from the blast.  He caught his breath, leaning on Danny Messer for a second since he was panting hard.  "They're cleaned up or they're killed," he ordered.  "Unless they run like the bitches they are."

Sam carved something on his arm.  The demons screamed and died.  They stayed dead no matter how much their master tried as he was coming around.  Sylvia ended up shirtless but more of them died.  They got nearer to the big guy but he was crawling toward the portal.  Sylvia leaned down to spit something at him, making him scream in pain and start to smoke.  He made it through his portal.

The slayers standing cheered.

The agents cheered and hugged those who were still standing.

Xander, DCIS Xander, passed out.  He had won, that's all that mattered.

GHS Xander looked around then at Sylvia.  "Is that the end of it?"  She nodded.  "Check, Sylvia.  Is that the last of it?"

"Yes.  I think."  She looked at John, then at Daniel.  "Check for any other attempts?"

"Chicago," he said quietly.  They all stared at him.  "One of the demons opened another portal.  I'm sorry, ladies, it's another invasion."

Faith wiped the blood off her mouth.  "We're slayers, Danny.  How many?"

"Overrun.  It started twenty minutes ago.  Local PD is trying.  They managed to get the portal shut with a jet the National Guard had.  Jack got the call two minutes before he fell."

Faith looked at her girls.  Then at the other girls.  "Sam?"

"Exhausted," she admitted.

Faith nodded.  "Volunteer only, ladies.  Get the ones on base to meet those of us heading to Chicago."  They cheered and someone called while Dawn opened the portal and then the one to Chicago.  The army guys nearly fired but Faith held up a hand.  "You need slayers?"  They gaped.  "Ladies, let's get a sit rep.  Those who were just in Georgia, rest what you can, get a drink."  She looked at the guy with the most decorations.  "Senior Slayer Faith.  Where are they?"  He pulled a map over to show her.  She nodded, assigning girls with a squad of soldiers or cops.  Gibbs went with her.  She looked at him.  "I don't need a watcher."

"Bullshit.  You're injured and you're going to take on the worst ones.  You're like that.  That's why you assigned Brenda to your team.  None of my girls are here so I'm with you."

"Good point," she admitted.  "C'mon then."  They jogged off, going to find the major demon to deal with.


Back in Georgia, the military was helping them clean up the mess.  They had a better set of medics.  Daniel looked at Buffy as she was carried past.  "Is she okay?"

"Head injury, sir."

"Good.  The girls do have an accelerated healing but they're all exhausted.  Get in touch with our unit to get their records?"  The head doc nodded at him.  He winced when he saw Xander and Sylvia being carried.  Sam was arguing.  "John?"  John looked at Sam, who shrugged and walked off anyway.  Dean had went with the girls.  John and Sam went in the next wave once they were finished seeing who was still standing.  Daniel looked at them.  "Good luck."

"We'll need it," John agreed.  He and Sam headed through, Sam's arm bandaged now.  The new girls got assigned to the various sections.  "I'm going with Faith," John ordered.  "Sam?"

"Brenda's where?"

"With Faith."

"Where's Dean?"

"The last group of younger girls went together with him as backup," the Captain said.

"Where?"  He pointed at a section.  "I'm heading to them."  He went to get a ride from a cop.  John got one to where the girls and Gibbs were.  Sam found Dean in battle and fired on it with the special gun.  Dean gave him an odd look.  "They're cleaning up."  That got a nod.  "We lost ten slayers."  Dean slumped.  "Six of them the newly called ones."  He stepped in to help the injured one on their team.  "Go back."  She made whining noises but he stared her down.  She went back to be treated.  They moved forward.  This whole block had a lot of empty buildings.  A lot of homeless and drug addicts were staying here.


John caught up with the girls and looked at the one they had.  "I need the gun," he muttered.

"It's not the weapon, it's the intelligence behind it," Brenda reminded him.

"True, but sometimes you need something special," he pointed out.

She smirked.  "Special?"  She opened her pocket.  "I got the portal and crystal from the hacking Xander."  She opened it and walked in then came out to find them fighting with the demon.  "God, and they say demons are cute to try to tempt us.  You clearly missed out, dude!"  She fired off the RPG.  It exploded against the demon, making it laugh until it screamed from the holy water that had been loaded into it.  "Piss drinking bitch, let Faith go!"  Gibbs took the artillery over for her and she dove in to save her sister slayer.  She had John with her and she would win.  She would win with a broken collar bone, four broken ribs on one side, six on the other, a skull fracture, and a broken foot, but she won.  Gibbs helped by shooting another modified holy water missile at the demon while John got Faith out of the way.

"Do not pick up Dean's bad habits about picking on the demons," John complained as he worked on bandaging her.  "Unless he's dead, you cannot channel Dean.  It's not allowed, Brenda."  Gibbs got them ambulances for the girls and they went to hunt down the lesser things.


Daniel collapsed back in his borrowed seat when the president waved him down.  "We gave them a chance to run."

"I know you did.   Who did the field battle commands?"


"Jack was....?"

"Getting everyone out of the way when they were injured.  The townspeople who came to try to help got handled by him too.  The injured took more skill, sir.  He's handling the clean up and coverup as well."

"Good.  He's good at it."  He looked at him.  "The girls?"

"We lost some," he said seriously.  "Then they went to handle Chicago.  Please tell me there's not a third?"

"Not that I've heard."  Daniel nearly passed out in relief.  "You need a medic?"

"I'm only bruised and banged, sir.  Not seriously injured."  He yawned.  "Though I do agree with Jack.  I'm too old for this shit."

That got a small smile.  "I can understand that feeling."  He looked around.  "How many casualties?"

"He called the townspeople he had bought, sir.  They paid heavier than anyone but the slayers.  I lost three agents, twelve slayers here, and who knows how many there.  I'm waiting on a sit rep."

Jack leaned in.  "Gibbs and John called.  "They got the main sucker.  Only one more died and that was getting a child out of a building a demon set on fire.  Brenda and Faith are both seriously injured.  Sam too."

Daniel nodded.  "They'll heal?"

"We hope so.  John was in full daddy mode.  They're clear in Chicago.  The PD worked well to contain the suckers."

"Good job," he said quietly.  He stood up and swayed.  "We need to retreat to check on the injured."

"Dawn got House and Chase down here," Jack told him.  "You sit your ass back down, Danny."  He went to check on the others.

One of the newly called ones looked at Jack from where she was getting stitched.  "I can't believe I asked for this."

Jack nodded.  "Sometimes it's like this but not always.  It used to be one girl doing it all by herself with her watcher."

She shuddered.  "No thanks."  She sighed.  "The others?  I heard Buffy went down."

"She's not dead.  She's injured.  She's in a coma.  Faith's injured from the one in Chicago.  Brenda's injured from the one in Chicago."

"I'm never going to complain about endurance work again," Annabelle said from her bed.

"How in the frilly heck did you get here?" Jack demanded.

She looked at him.  "I'm a slayer too, even if I am young.  There were plenty of slayers called at my age who fought and died.  I decided I'd be one of them if I had to.  Jump off my case.  I'll take it from Xander or John but not from you, Jack."

"Expect them to scream and rant."

She shrugged.  "Oh well.  It's what a slayer does and who a slayer is."  He walked off moaning in misery.  "Speaking of, can I hear when Xander wakes up so I can get a head start?" she called.  A few of the girls laughed.

"Grounded!" Sam Winchester yelled as he walked through the portal.  "I swear to God, Annabelle, I'm going to tan your ass like Dad would if he wasn't hovering over Brenda!"

"Ease off," Dean ordered calmly.  "She made the choice to be here.  She's a slayer.  She's pretty well trained, as trained as the girls in the older group were.  She's still got to justify herself to Xander and Dad, but she's made her choice."  Sam glared at him.  "I was hunting at her age.  You were hunting at her age," he said more quietly.

"Not for something like this."

"No, not for something like this.  Which is why she's got to justify herself to Xander and Wesley after Dad."  That got a moan from the younger slayer.  They both looked at her.  "Tough.  Stick up for your choice, but you're still not going on patrol until you're at least sixteen."

"That's fine.  Unless it's an all out emergency like today, I'm good with that decision and order," she promised quickly.  "Today we needed me."

"We did," Dean said.  "Doesn't mean you're not grounded."  She shrugged then hissed.  "Uh-huh."  He gave her a hug.  "It'll be fine.  We'll all heal as long as we're alive."

"How's Faith and Brenda?" she demanded.

Sam sighed, sitting on the foot of her cot.  The others were staring.  "Faith took on the higher demon that opened the portal in Chicago to give Brenda time to grab some artillery from the portal.  It worked but she's got some serious injuries.  We were halfway across the city but I know she and Brenda both went into surgery.  Brenda got the demon with the artillery then beat the demon to get Faith free.  Dad taught Gibbs some new swears he hadn't heard in the Marines."  They all shuddered.  "They're slayers so they'll heal."  That got a nod.  "How's Xander?"

"They won't tell us," Anna said.

"Bet me," Dean said, heading that way.  An MP tried to get in his way.  "I'd move.  I just got out of a battle.  Xander is like a member of the family."

"I have permission to treat if Dawn's not on site," Sam said, coming over to stare him down.  "Move.  Now."  He didn't.  Dean got him and Sam walked past him while Dean finished putting his unconscious body next to the doorway.  "I have medical authorization for Xander Harris if Dawn Summers isn't here.  How is he?"

"Unconscious.  What happened to the MP?" the nurse demanded.

"Nerve jab," Dean said as he came in.  He looked around the most seriously injured tents.  "Sylvia?"

"I'm good.  They're fussy."

"Good.  Let the girls fuss over you and the baby."  She grimaced but went to do that.  He looked at the other slayers.  He sighed at one.  "She had some promise."

"She'll heal," the nurse told him.  "Who're you two?"

"Dean and Sam Winchester.  We're part of the training team for the slayers and agents."

"She held on for a long time, boys.  She did good and it speaks well of your training."

"Still sucks ass," Dean told her, staring her down.

"Any good commander should feel like that," Jack said from beside Sam's bed.  "Xander's got a lot of internal bleeding.  House took him personally into surgery because of some of his reactions.  He and Chase have him."  They nodded at that, coming over to help him.  "Chicago's clear?"

"As far as we can tell, yeah."

"Good.  Thank you."

"Not an issue.  It's what we do," Dean reminded him.  They looked at the closed off temporary surgical area.  "No hospitals nearby?"

"Not that close," Jack said.  He looked at them.  "Danny's making a report to hysterical people."  They nodded, heading to do that.  "Remember, Xander's tough," he called after them.

"So is marble but statues break," Dean said more quietly.  That got a nod and they left the tent area.  Daniel was dealing with hysterical townspeople.  "Sammy, find a way to not dig up this field?"

"I'm calling," he said, moving to call a contact they knew.  "Ellen, Sam Winchester.  I know, I was at both.  The field in Georgia.  Any way to bless it?  Please."  She conferenced in some of their best researchers.  "It's been asked about the field in Georgia.  Is there a way to consecrate it again?"  He made notes from what they said.  "It's Sam actually," he said.  "Dad's with two of the slayers who got injured taking on the higher demon who opened the portal in Chicago.  Because we were in Georgia handling the top minion in hell buying souls," he said bluntly when they asked why the girls weren't there.  "It kinda turned into an epic battle for the Light versus Dark war."

Dean took the phone.  "Stupid questions later, people.  We freed the ones who made deals by destroying the contracts.  Yeah, before he fully enacted them, Bobby."  He rubbed his head while he listened.  "Half a farm."  He nodded.  "What do we do with it?  It's the bible belt.  I think we can get a lot of ministers."  He listened, making new notes to go along with Sam's.  "We can suggest it then check with holy water and hellhounds.  Thanks."  He hung up and walked out to hand Daniel the notes.  "The best our kind could come up with."

Daniel looked then nodded.  "That's what Wes and Thomas said too."  He handed it to the minister on hand to counsel people.  "The best we can come up with.  Either that or dig it up and send it into the sun."

He nodded.  "We'll see what we can do.  Can we test?"

"We can.  There's lesser demons who are pretty neutral, and those who lean toward good but they look funny so they're classified as demons, who can tell," Dean told him.  The minister looked startled.  "Quite a few species of demons are harmless.  They don't want to do more than live their lives and support their families."

"Less than thirty percent of the demons are classified as evil," Sam said.  "Most of those are like earlier, hell born as opposed to alternate reality or plane born.  The most evil the slayers have always taken care of but a lot of the other sort hide in plain sight, have jobs, families, all that."  The minister nodded.  "Some are bad but not all.  As a matter of fact, every harmless or neutral demon on this coast went for a run when the one here earlier showed up."

"Shit, was it only four hours ago?" the Sheriff muttered.  He checked his watch.  "It was."

"We heard from Xander on the way back from Florida," Daniel told him.  He checked his watch.  "He got the feeling about seven ago."  He looked at him. "It took time to get things, get accounts.  He spent some time picking people to approach. The battle ended two hours ago though."

The sheriff nodded.  "Thank you guys for knowing about the strange crap."

"Not a problem," Daniel said.  "That's what we do."  He stood up.  The military commander for the local unit came forward.  "How many of my people can travel right now?"

"About sixty percent."

"Let me get them moving.  I'm going to assign a team to Chicago to make sure everything's cleaned up and one here to take statements and things."

"Any precautions for the bodies?"

Sam and Dean looked at each other then nodded.  Dean coughed.  "Salting and burning the corpse greatly reduces the risk of them coming back later to haunt anyone," Sam said.  "If they're going to haunt, they'll haunt here instead of their families in the majority of cases.  Some might want to watch over their families."  That got a nod.  "That's how people who hunt demons do our own and how we banish spirits who're being a pain."

The Sheriff nodded.  "I can see that being done here."

"As religious traditions allow," Dean added. "Sometimes it makes them madder than hell if their usual rites aren't followed."

"We're all pretty well Christian so it'll be fine," the minister said.  "What about the land?  How long before we bless it?"

"As soon as the last body's gone, start," Sam said.  "Burning the demons may turn them into ashes.  Some won't burn."

"Those Jack's handling," Daniel told him.  "All the remains."  They nodded.  "He has a contact with NASA who can make sure they're sent into a capsule aimed at the sun."  They nodded at that.  "Let us fade into the night so healing can start?" he asked the Sheriff, who nodded.  "Let me check in with the boss, guys."

"Dawn's fragged," Dean offered.  "The portal back from Chicago was wobbly."

"Looks like we're flying," Daniel said.  "Did GHS Xander and his Ryan really lead the protection in Chicago?"

"With some of the younger girls," Dean agreed.  "Some of the cops too."  He smirked.  "Some tall, buff guy in leather already got them home."  That got a nod.

"He said something about saving us from squealing Xander and slayers on a shopping trip," Sam added.

"That's almost an evil thought," the president said as he came back with Jack.  "We're going home?"  Daniel nodded.  "The injured?"

"Can go to the local hospital as soon as they can get them moved.  The same as the ones in Chicago are."  That got a nod from everyone.  "It'll be easier on the people to heal without the whole group here.  I am assigning a team.  DiNozzo?"  He leaned into the room.  "Since you tried to run from the multiple Xanders, your team stays here.  Set Mac's team on Chicago to handle any further clean up and to close the situation."  He nodded and went to order that to be done.  He looked at them.  "It's time to mourn and heal, sirs.  Permission?"

"Granted," the president agreed.  "I'd like to thank the girls later."

"They're mostly in the next room, sir," Dean said.  "Chicago's clear."  That got a nod and he went to talk to the slayers and thank them for helping with this situation.   He looked at Daniel.  "Get us a plane?"

"Going to," he said, going to make arrangements.

The two trainers waited for the president to get done then herded the girls to the planes with the agents.  A lot of them would be sitting and staring at each other with ice cream later.  They hadn't really lost any slayers since the great calling.  It was a bad wakeup for some of them.


Xander blinked at the blur above him.  "Chase?"  He nodded, letting him have some water. "What happened?"

"You got hit with a high blast of magic," he said quietly.  "Fortunately we had those little surgical robots you and Dean made.  They made a lot of difference helping you and others."  He smoothed over Xander's head.  "Sleep, Xander.  Try to go back to sleep."


"A few.  Not that many and their funerals were last week.  You've been out because of the head injury."  Xander blinked at him.  "We'll talk when you wake up for real.  Go back to sleep."  Xander shook his head but he wasn't able to fight the drugs House had injected in his IV on his other side.  Chase looked at him.  "How much longer?"

"Two days should finish his internal healing."  He looked at him. "Buffy's still in a coma but healing."

"The other Xanders all got home?"  House nodded.  "Good.  It was strange that she wished that."

"Sometimes a higher wish demon will nudge a wish if they know they need it," Speed said as he walked in.  "The girls want to come see him."

"He just woke up but we put him back under.  In small groups of two or less for the next few days."  Speed nodded at that.  "Buffy, Faith, and Brenda too."  That got another nod.  "How is everyone else doing?"

"They're thinking hard.  Some of the girls didn't realize they could die from it; even if they knew, it wasn't personal before now."

House nodded.  "That seems to be the way it goes," Chase agreed.  "Every teenager believes they're immortal unless they've been faced with their mortality."  He looked Xander over.  "Let me shoo Gibbs and John off."  He went to do that.  "Guys, your mandatory shower and rest time has come again.  Shoo before House admits you for the night."

"Brenda's trying to wake up."

"I'm sure she'll be up soon but if she saw how you look right now, she'd complain that  you're not taking care of yourself."

"I don't give a damn, Chase," he said bluntly.

Gibbs looked over.  "Where is Wesley?"

"Dealing with the last of the burials."  That got a nod.  "He'll be back tonight."

"Then I'll give up my spot when he gets back," Gibbs said.  They heard the sigh and shrugged.  "How's the kid?"

"He's healing.  We'll let him wake up fully in two days."   He checked both girls over.  They were the most serious injuries that had been sustained.  Buffy being in a coma was a bad one but she had only been banged on the head.  The other three looked like they had been in a battle.  He straightened up to make notes.  "Brenda won't wake up for an hour, John.  Go get something to eat and a shower.  Now.  That way you're better when she wakes up."

"When she does," he said stubbornly.  "I didn't abandon my boys when they were in the hospital, I'm not leaving her side either."

House leaned in.  "John, Gibbs, don't make me sedate you and have the girls carry you off again.  They had too much fun last time."

John gave him a look that made most evil men run.  "You ever do that again and I'm going to let the boys deal with you while I cackle pleasingly."

House shrugged.  "What can they do?  Pout?  Prank me?"  He snorted.  "Please!  I've done worse to stupid residents who thought they were better than me because of my thigh."  He looked at the clock.  "Ten minutes or else," he warned.  He went to check on Buffy.  She was still out.  Angel was visiting.  "We have no idea why she's still out."

Angel nodded. "She'll wake up when she's ready.  She's not exactly a morning person."

House nodded.  "Let us know if there's a change."  He walked off, going to make notes in their charts.  He saw Mary lean in.  "Get your Watcher and make him eat and shower."

"Wesley just pulled in so he can do that."  She let Wesley in with a point in the right direction, following to drag her watcher off.

"How is she?"

"Still down but she's back to the REM stage of sleeping so she could wake up anytime," Gibbs said, getting up so he could have the chair.  He looked at his slayer.  "What?"

She walked off, dragging her with him.  "You have to eat.  I don't have a watcher if you die from starvation, Gibbs."  He snorted.  She glared, hands on her hips, one foot tapping.  "I don't.  Therefore you have to eat and shower and do all that human stuff so you don't look like some grungy excuse for a mudman."  She walked off, dragging him by the wrist again.  "We can eat with you so you don't have to eat alone."

"I'm fine, Mary.  I had a snack two hours ago."

"Bullsnot.  You made John eat it."  He laughed at that.  "You did.  I know you did.  He had the cracker's crumbs on his shirt."  She walked him into the caf and put him down in front of the ready plates.  Then she sat beside him to eat with him.  She smiled at him and he smirked back.  "I'm a good girl most of the time but it is a slayer's job to take care of her watcher.  Faith said so."

"I'm sure she's right but I can take care of you and her sometimes."

"So?  Still not right.  The same as Brenda will wake up and fuss over John for being scruffy and dirty, you need it too.  Don't make us tie you down and shave you again."  She ate a bite with a smug look.

"Try it.  Watch me spank like I did Abby."

She shrugged.  "And?"  She smirked more evilly.  "Rodney's coming down."

"Wonderful.  Abby deserves to be happy."

"She does.  He does too even if he is scared of the unicorns."  She ate another bite and waved her fork so he dug in again, shaking his head.  When he was done she escorted him back to his apartment and gave him orders to shower and sleep, then come find her later to check her homework if he got up before seven.  Gibbs shook his head but it was nice to have someone fuss over him.  He went to shower and change into pajamas.  He decided he was tired.  He laid down intending to read and barely made a page before falling asleep. His girl had been right.


John looked down as Brenda moaned, giving her a look.  "Brenda, don't make those sort of noises at me," he complained lightly.  She squeezed his hand.  "C'mon, baby girl.  Wake up and glare at me for waking you up.  Just like I get most mornings."

Brenda's eyes fluttered a few times but she managed to keep them open.  "Go shower, John.  You need a shower."  He smiled.  "Chase must be throwing fits.  He's picking up Ryan's OCD."  She yawned.  "What's wrong?"

"You got your butt kicked, young lady."

"Am I okay?"

"Now.  It was for a good reason.  You saved Faith."  She smiled and drifted off, going back to sleep.  He sighed, leaning on her bed's railing.

Dawn and Sam walked in, hauling him up.  "Go shower, shit, and shave, John.  We can watch over Brenda for you."  She gave him a nudge.  "Go.  Shoo.  Now."  Sam sat down in the chair and she perched herself on the foot of Brenda's bed after a look over at Buffy.  "Now.  Before I call in the other girls.  Anna, John needs food," she yelled when she heard her whistling.  She ran in and walked John off to make sure he ate and got a real shower.  He needed one.  Plus his razor.  He was more than scruffy.  He looked like some wild hermit that lived in the woods.  Dean strolled in.  "Hey."

"Hey."  He moved Sam and sat down.  He sighed and got another chair.  Brenda blinked at them.  "We made Dad go eat and shower.  Sleep, Brenda.  We've got you."  She smiled and shifted, then swore and shifted back.  "Yeah, broken ribs suck for that," he agreed.  She flipped him off.  "Hey, House, she's slightly awake and swearing at her ribs."

House came in to check her over.  "They caught you on camera, young lady."

"So?" she mumbled.

"Two guys have called up to see if you'd go to dinner with them."

She blushed.  "John would mind if I went out with someone who only wanted me because I'm strong."

"True," he agreed.  He gave her a painkiller and she hugged him. "They're down to bruised now but be careful of those ribs."

She nodded.  "Xander?"

"Still out.  We'll let him wake up in a few days."


"Comatose but not in bad shape," Dawn said.

Brenda yawned.  "Faith?"  They pointed.  "She okay?"

"She's fine," House assured her.  "She'll be waking up to swear for painkillers soon."  Wesley laughed at that.

"Too late," Faith moaned.  "Fuck, I ache."  She tried to sit up but Wesley moved to help her.  She blinked at him. "You look like hell, Wes.  Why?"

"I've just come back from the last of the funerals," he said quietly.

"How many?" she demanded, trying to push her hair back.  She frowned, patting it.  "Thanks for the braid, D."

"Welcome.  Anna gave you pigtails."  Faith grinned at that.  "Twelve girls, three agents, some of the ones who made deals in Georgia.  Three cops in Chicago before you guys got there.  One afterward where we lost the girl there."


"Eight of those were the older women," Dawn said quietly.  Faith looked at her.  "They weren't fully trained.  Anna's not either but she was still there."

"I'll take a hairbrush to her ass later," she muttered, looking at Wes.  "X?  I remember he got hit pretty badly by the big baddy."

"He's being forced to stay asleep so he can't worsen his internal bruising.  He'll be allowed to wake up in two days," House told her.  He looked her over.  "You're both extremely lucky.  You can have broth tonight."

"Please?" Brenda asked.  Sam helped her sit up.  She looked at them then at Faith.  "Did we get it?" she asked Wesley, who nodded.  "We got the other one too, right?"

"You destroyed the one in Chicago and the other one was nearly killed before he banished himself as well," Wesley promised.  She sighed in pleasure.  So did Faith.

"House, she's waking up," Angel called.  "Her heart rate just raised."  House went to check on her.

Brenda and Faith shared a look.  "We have got to get the girls to fuss over X this time," Faith told her.

Brenda nodded.  "It'll save us.   He's the last one awake so it's only fair."

Dean laughed.  "Too late."  They groaned but relaxed and let themselves be fussed over.  John came back and fussed over Brenda, making Faith happy because she had a good daddy figure in him.  Wesley fussed more gently over her but she was content with that.   Wes hadn't been at the battle because he needed to handle those that weren't ready or if another group had to go he'd have gone with them, but that was fine with her.

Faith looked around then at Wesley.  "Did all the extra X's go home?  I remember the squealy one with the hair went to Chicago with us."

He nodded.  "They have all managed to make it home somehow.  That one got picked up from Chicago by some overly muscled gentlemen in leather."

"Huh."  She took her cup of soup that Chase brought her.  "Thanks, studly."

"Welcome, Faith," he said.  He handed Brenda's to John since he was fussing.  She stole it and John had to smile at that.  "I thought he might hold it for you.  Brenda, you are not moving from that bed for the next week.  I'm afraid until you're well you have to watch tv down here."

"Tv all to myself?" she asked, blinking her big eyes at him.  "Without the stupid soaps the girls watch."  He smirked, nodding a bit.  "Cool.  How It's Made marathons."

Chase smiled.  "We'll keep ours in the office, dear."  He checked her over.  "You sound all right but let us know if you feel a bit dizzy or anything starts to ache again."  She nodded, finishing her soup and handing back the mug.  "There's more coming.  Annabelle and Mary arranged it for you two."

"Annabelle's still going to be spanked," John growled.

Wesley looked at him.  "Why?"

"For going to Georgia," Faith told him.

"Oh, dear.  I'll talk with her as well."

"She had a good point," Sam said.  "There were slayers called at her present age who did fight in the past.  She doesn't want to go unless it's a clear emergency.  Beyond that, Dean made her feel miserable."

Wesley nodded. "As long as she knows she's not to go on anything until she's older.  We do have other girls who can and will go in her place until she's old enough."

"Of course there are," John agreed.  "Gibbs chewed her a new one too, Wes."

"Good."  He smiled.  "Now, let's let the girls rest."  They snorted.  "So we have time to get them at least a deck of cards."  They obediently laid down until they could get something to do or the girls brought down more food for them.  They were new to spoiling but they were getting a good handle on it.

Xander moaned and flipped onto his side to puke his guts up.  He blinked at it, eyes watering.  "Fucking hate being sick," he muttered, getting off the bed with a rip out of the IV.  He wandered off, heading back to his place. One of the guards tried to stop him so he detoured around him and headed for the garage.

"Freeze!" Jack yelled, jogging after him.  Xander swatted at him.  Girly swats at best.  "Xander!  Stop it!  You need to be in bed."

"Fuck bed," he muttered, glaring at him.  "Meany."

"Yay me.  I've heard that from bigger, badder things who think they're a god."  He walked him to his apartment building, putting him into his apartment.  Xander slammed the door and went to bed.  Jack shook his head, going to lock the auto garage and tell the others to make sure Xander couldn't steal their cars.  He knew why the guy wanted to hide because he was sick, he did it often enough himself, but he wasn't going to be allowed off base.  Not this time.  He ran into Daniel and House.  "He's in his place."

House snickered.  "That won't work."  He went to break in and sedate Xander, then he called the girls.  "Xander tried to escape the infirmary."  Xander slurred a few good swears and a curse at him.  He smirked.  "I told you to behave."  The girls ran in to carry Xander back to the infirmary and fuss over him.  They had gotten to fuss over the other Xanders a little bit but it wasn't the same as fussing over their Xander.  Their Xander was always the best Xander.

The End.

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