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::Quits blowing bubbles of new worlds for a minute, looks around:: Wow, the world is going to end? We must flee! We will go to a whole new dimension where things are more stable and yet still have just as many pretty people doing strange things or having relationships. ::Runs off to find appropriate ship and stock it with the necessities, like finger rubbing body slaves, chocolate, pistachios, and diet pepsi::

(found here: http://tinyurl.com/lovesteampunk)

Okay, and we're off! We'll see you in that new realm with all the new worlds I've blown into being. All the pretty ones, all the cute ones, all the special things were loaded on the ship before we took off. So come join us!

Here is your passport:

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Thank you for coming to visit my page. I've recently decided to move the new stories to an auto archive sort of place instead of doing all the page updates. All old stories will stay here but new ones will be put exclusively on the new site. With this many stories, we'd never get them all moved. Clink on the link above to reach the new site.

If you have any questions, you can reach me here.

First, let me put in the standard disclaimer: I make no claim on any of the characters contained on these pages except those marked original. I make no money from doing this, nor do I expect to make any. To put it shortly and sweetly, they aren't mine and I don't know the actual actors that portrayed these people so wonderfully that they inspired my muses. I make no claim as to the actions or orientation of the actual actors, and none of this is meant to say anything about them.

If the concept of fanfiction bothers you, maybe you should go back to somewhere more you. You don't know what fanfiction is? Well, fanfiction is a writer writing about stories and shows that already exist, adding new episodes, filling in spots that the people in charge of those things forgot to give us, or just taking the characters and putting them into new, more challenging situations that make them grow.

I write in many series, and have quite a few individual stories also. Please heed all warnings that are listed with the stories, I don't want to be complained to if you ignore them and get upset.

Below is a list of everything that's been put up in this latest update. (Final update to this site on 11/15/12. All future updates will be on new site.) Also, there's a list of all the pages I have, sort of a roadmap if you will. Besides this, I do have a mailing list for updates and special fictions that are not up yet. If you'd like to try this out, the name of the group is Imaginings and it's one of the Yahoogroups lists. You can subscribe through the link or by writing to: imaginings-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

Please, enjoy them.


 Nominee: Slashfest 2003, Action/Romance Category -
Greedy Hedonistic Sluts Society

Some of my devoted followers have been slowly translating my stories into epub and kindle formats. As they become available, links will be added to the appropriate page. Icons indicate status:

Closed book complete : all stories/series on page are converted
Open book incomplete : some stories/series on page have been converted
Plus sign updated : changes or additions to page in last 7 days.

Fandoms and Associated Series:
(page static as of 11/15/2012, so all update indicators removed)

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer:
Buffy Related Series:

New Things Series: (Sentinel Crossover) *complete*

Alignment Series: (PtL Crossover) *complete*

Pack: (Followup to Alignment)

Family Series: *complete*

Destiny's Childe Series:*complete*

Assistance Series: (Hercules Crossover)

Dreamverse: (Sen/High/PtL/Herc Crossover)

complete Greedy Hedonistic Sluts Society:*complete*

complete Dark GHS Universe: (an alternate universe off the original GHS)*complete*

The Empire of GHS *any future stories will be on the new page*

complete The Chicago Series: (Biker Mice From Mars) *complete*

complete Thieves' Paradise Series (Lupin the 3rd/Buffy):*complete*


Poltergeist: the Legacy:

The Many Kinds Of Joxer: (Herc)

complete The Many Worlds Of Crossovers: HP and Assorted Xovers:

piccie by Mytryk

complete Curses and Foils Again Universe (Crossover HP/Buffy/etc): *complete*

complete Curses and Foils Anew (The Second Curses Series): *complete*

complete Jewels in the Curses Crowns (The Third Curses Series): *complete*

incomplete The Miscellaneous Worlds Page (misc. fandom pieces page):

incomplete The Marvelous Page of Crossovers: *any future stories will be on the new page*

Some crossovers have been gifted with their own pages:

The Dragon Series: *any future stories will be on the new page*

Desperation, the Series: *complete*

complete The Supernatural Crossovers Page: *any future stories will be on the new page*

complete Ballistics: (all related series) *complete*

complete Pretty Boy *complete*

complete Connections (all related series) *complete*

complete Demon Criminal Investigative Services: *complete*

complete The Writer Series: *any future stories will be on the new page*

complete Cousins of Power: *any future stories will be on the new page*

complete The Next President of the United States. *complete*

complete The Incidences of the Blippy Dohickey *any future stories will be on the new page*

complete Old Ones Series *any future stories will be on the new page*

Themed Series:

Secret Lives: *any future stories will be on the new page*

incomplete Childhood: *any future stories will be on the new page*

The Former Kinks page was removed to save space and so it could be redone. Sorry if you were looking for it. Voracity.

I am open to people wanting to play in my universes. I do ask that you let me know first, that you do follow the simple guidelines of the universes, most of which are now up on the group's files section in the 'play in my worlds' folder, and that you let me proofread it before it goes up on the page. I'm really lenient so all you have to do is ask. Happy reading.

Would you like a nifty page like mine? Just 'e' the Chief Burger Flipper and ask her, she's not only got the space, but the know-how to help even someone as clueless as I can sometimes be. Great spaces, no ads of any sort, and the admin is really nice.