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Standard Disclaimers:

I own not these people, nor do I want to most days. I know not who doth own them, some say the production company, some say Joss Whedon, but I still knoweth not. I mean no harm to, nor make any claims about, the actors who portray these roles so well that it doth seed my fertile imagination.

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Individual Shorter Stories:

Study Break Xander needs a study break, his lovers help out. Written for the suffering listmommy NC-17, x/o/m, use of toppings.

The Great God Robitussin Xander is sick and Giles and Spike take care of him. NC-17, Buffy, X/G, X/S

Bruised But Not Licked A bad bruise that makes it hard for someone to sit causes good complications in life, and sometimes bad. NC-17 Giles/Xander. (warning: violence)

Detective Work Xander and Ray have to go into my head to find a missing lesson. A preview of what I was working on. (Warning? Attempted humor) NC-17, Sen, Buffy/due South X-over, j/b, x/o/ray k.

Being Together Spike finds someone to fix the chip and the consequences of the price have far reaching ramifications. Buffy/Forever Knight X-over, small x-over into Angel. Spike/Lucien LaCroix, Lucien/Xander, Xander/Giles/Oz, Lucien/Xander/Oz, Lucien/Nick Knight. (warnings: possibly season four of Buffy/season one of Angel (in minimal quantities) and GRAPHIC blood play here during feedings and turnings. Death story) NC-17, for sex and kink, see notes.

How I became a Groupie, POV story about Xander and what I see as his roadtrip (not in line with canon version, written before I knew he got stranded). NC-17, X/O/Devon.

The Foretold One. Xander has to help a prophecy along by being a diversion. (MPREG, barely. No actual looks at pregnant men, but a birth scene.) Set a few years down the road. PG

Saving the Fantasies. Xander is tapped to save the adult side of Fantasia from the violence rips. R, gender switching

Matters of Necessity and Duty.Dark Fic. Xander has to save the day after getting visions of what Angelus is doing to his town. The price, though, is a killer. (serious ANGST and CHARACTER DEATH) NC-17, to be safe, for violence.

Choosing Life. (former Buffy zine story) Xander has to make a hard decision for his friend, whether or not to ask for him to be turned. PG

War. A different take on the 'Xander as Ares' assistant and 'how Strife comes back' story lines. This time, things aren't quite what you expect them to be. NOT A HAPPY STORY! Written long before 9/11, sorry if it offends but I'm still putting it out. Yes, this is a warning, you may not like how I portray certain world leaders. Please consider this before reading it. R, to be safe.

Care and Dancing. Xander finds something that makes him happy. The beginnings of a 'ship. Fomerly found in Xander's Choice, August 2000. G

Crash Test Dummy For Spells.  Willow's misspoken spell has some very...odd consequences. R, to be safe.

Why Xander Should NEVER Drink.  Xander decides to cheer Anya up by going to her favorite shop and getting his nipple pierced.  Big surprise, but it doesn't quite work out that way.  PG. 11 pages.

Knowledge Isn't Always Healthy For You.  Xander's temporary job is a little odd.  Death of an OC character.  PG.  Odd story, definitely.  22 pages

Big Guy.  Xander's getting messages from...the Big Guy in his pants pockets.  4pgs. G. Xander/Spike.  Definite Humor warning

Perchance to Dream.  Willow is suffering from visions of a past life with two men.  She finds them and makes them hers.  Rare het-smut. Definitely NC-17, possibly X.  Read to find out pairings.  Single character crossover.

I Get You.  Xander is infected with a demon's desire to help defeat the newest evil while in LA.  G.  Xander/Wesley.  Note: Post season seven.  I assume that everyone stayed in LA for a while.  I personally refused to watch the end of that season, it made me break out in hives.

The Life. Vignettes of a different Xander, a deadlier and stronger Xander. R for violence.  Based on a challenge BigBucks gave out years ago.  Slight crossover, not like my usual.

Holy Robots, Batman! Xander starts a new career path with a simple 'learn at home' commercial and finds a place for a geek like him. PG, very mild swearing.

Written In The Book.  A wish is somthing your heart makes, and what sixteen-year-old Xander doesn't wish for a harem?   Not this one, but it only causes problems when they finally show up.  PG-13, only innuendo.

Individual Longer Stories:

The Price They Paid: Giles leaves on vacation and things start to go to Hell, literally for one person. (Xander/Oz, Willow/Other, Diana Tregarde/Andre (implied)) X-over: Buffy/Mercedes Lackey Jinx High. Warning: het and slash sex involved/implied. Note: Answer to BigBuck's challenge to merge Buffy and Diana Tregarde from Jinx High. Setting: Somewhere after Oz turns fuzzy, but before the illicit smoochies and Buffy leaves. Angelus is here though, for a while. This is part 1 of a two parter, guys, and I'm working on the second part. NC-17

Heroes Anonymous. X/Hephie/'Dite, Strife/Cupid, Herc/Xena/Buffy. Xander has to fight for what he was given, love. Through it all, his real friends and lovers stand beside him and help him through the traumas that happen. NC-17 maybe, some violence warnings possibly.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs A Normal Life? The fivesome has to go through some more hoops before they're legal. Dawn runs into a few problems of her own as she devotes herself to Cupid. Please read warning at top of the story. NC-17, followup to Heroes Anonymous.

I'm Bored! The Massive X-over: The Godly twins from Assistance decide they want to play with other kids and create a massive plane and portals. Everyone gets confused. (Comes with a chart of who went where; many thanks to Sharon for making this pretty). G, pretty muchly.

Having Fun While Dealing With The Practicalities Of Life. Xander finds his niche in life, doing demon porn. NC-17, with possible squick warning for later sex scenes

Bringing The Group Together. An AU version of the first year of adulthood, seen from Xander's apartment and insecurities. Will the rest of the group give him what he needs or will he push them away in some version of protecting them from the consequences of his life. My very first Buffy story, written way back when. Please read notes. S/X, O/W, B/W, O/X, GILES/JOYCE, B/X, W/X and in talking about A/S.: NC-17 In five parts, with link back at the end.

Limited Series:

Three Part, Unnamed, Finished Series:

Finding the Whole Friend Xander has a secret that Oz has to find out and then they figure out where to go from there. PG-13, X/O implied.

Succubus Dreams Xander's father makes a bad deal for him. PG-13, X/O implied

Finding the Right Fit Xander discovers some things about himself and makes an important decision. PG-13, X/O implied

Four Part Limited Series: Atonement (From early reviews, I've been told that this series was *different*, and the person who betas for me said she'd probably not ever be able to say if she liked it or not, but she would remember it. Some very strange stuff happens in here. Basically, someone had to be Dru.) PG, somewhat dark and not suitable for children.

I Was Lucky, It Didn't Eat Me. Xander runs to Wesley for some help after the Scoobies are gone.

Mental Screwings. We find out more about what happened to Xander and the Sunnydale group

Reunions Of The Bad Sort. Xander finally does what the voices want, and changes because of it, setting off a shift in the cosmic order

Cosmic Musical Chairs. Cosmic positions are rearranged and refilled.

Dark And Stormy: Xander's life is changed by a spell. Xander/Oz, Spike. G.

Pain! Prelude to the Series, early in the pregnancy.

Dark and Stormy Night. The night after the birth, the gang meets Tyler and some complications arise from the mother.

The Out Of Towners. Spike telling how Xander and Oz had gotten together.

Furry Investigations Limited Series:  Xander's a cat?

Changes.  Prologue to Furry Investigations series/trio.  How and why is Xander a large kitty cat and why is Willow freaking out each time she hears about it?  PG

Furry Investigations Act I.  Xander's role for the Powers means that he's got to do some things with Angel's group.  NC-17.

Furry Investigations Act II.  Some people come to help Xander and Oz with the shape changing stuff and some stuff is revealed about what Xander's furry side wants.  NC-17 x/omc, x/o

Series Links:

New Things Series: A crossover with the Sentinel Universe. Xander is given a drug by the Initiative, and someone comes to help him deal with his new senses.  Complete

Buffy/P:tL xover, the Alignment Series. The Scooby Gang finds new friends and allies in a house in San Francisco, and the society it contains. Their lives are changed forever by becoming members. It brings some closer, sends some off the edge, and many new things are learned as they grow up. Complete

The Legacy Pack (also known as 'seven years and a score of incidents later').  The followup to the Alignment Series.  Mostly revolving around the kids.

The Destiny's Childe Series: A Buffy AU series, focusing on Xander as he learns how to use the abilities someone unlocks for him.  Complete

The Family Series: A Buffy AU, resting on two AU principles: the first story line relates one and the other is that Faith did more to Xander before Angel stopped her (season 3 spoilers, to a little extent). A X/other, X/G (gen and not), O/W, X/O, W/B, etc. series, starting at PGish and moving upwards.  Complete

The GHSS series. Xander finds himself, and learns exactly what it means to be a member of the Greedy Hedonistic Slut's Society.  Complete.

Dark GHS Universe: An alternate universe off the original GHS that focuses on CSI:NY and CSI:Miami.

The Chicago Series: Biker Mice From Mars Crossover  Xander ends up in Chicago with the Bros and thier bikes.  Helping save the world one stinky alien at a time with one studly mouse at his side.  Plus the future kids, who're just... Xanderish. Complete

Assistance Series: (Hercules Crossover)  Xander goes up to Olympus to become Ares' helper.  Not really by his own will but he does.  Things take some time to work out but in th ened it's not so bad.

Dreamverse: A New series, where everything has changed and nothing is as it ever was before. All because of a sneeze. This is a multi-verse crossover with multiple pairings. Starting out: Strife/Methos, Blair/Rain (OFC), Xander/Philip, but who knows where everyone's going to end up.

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