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Muse Stories:
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What Really Happened

My answer to Kaiya's gaining of muses.
Demands From the Muses

It's all because D'Nalia asked what I was willing to do to keep my muses happy.
On Being Ignored

My muses are not happy with me, or with Kaiya.
Someone Else's Problem

Someone else gets attacked by the muses for once
The Securing of New Muses

Two new muses try out for positions on the squad, but making the cut is harder than it appears. Vo and Oz make up and Oz suggests a new stringer too.
Oh, Gods, I Need DRUGS!

A story I promised to the muses if they'd let me get better. Contains delusions!

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Miscellaneous Fandom Pieces


The Ears Have It.
Danny's an elf? Really? PG and kinda fluffy.


Not Natural! (or I Thought OCD Was Bad)
Due to Federal Lab Experiments coming to Miami Ryan ends up with a sudden, long-term shock. Mostly funny. MPreg [ePub] [Kindle]

Children of Love.
Some Feds are messing where they really shouldn't. But that's all right, because they've pissed Horatio and Speed off, not to mention Eric and his mother. MPreg.
Part 2 [ePub] [Kindle]

A Fresh Start.
Horatio makes a wish that brings a specially deputized wish fairy down to help him. Slight crossover with Buffy for the wish fairy stuff. PG-13.

The Triple Threat.
Some people think triplets are the spawn of Satan. Some people think they're cute. Horatio just calls his other two brothers strange, yet loving. Even if they do vex him now and then.

The Wolfe Clan.
Ryan Wolfe belongs to Miami's resident cult, who really aren't a cult but very tolerant people who have banded together. Some people don't like that but some want to know more. Of course, Ryan's family knows what's good for him so they make sure that the ones they like know all they want to and get them to join their family. R to be safe for a bit of mild swearing and violence. [ePub] [Kindle]


Childish Ambitions.
Pure NCIS. Tony's got a daughter he never knew about and she's just like him, only more mouthy.

Daughter of Frustration.
The sequel to Childish Ambitions. Proving Hannah still has a mouth on her, only now she's got to deal with the puberty crap that does annoy her so.

Childhood Treasures
Hannah's a bit older now, getting ready to start doing the society thing, plus some other issues start to come as well....

A Star Was Born.
What if Tony had been a childhood actor. That would explain his encyclopedic and abnormally high interest in movies. A look at how NCIS doesn't quite seem the same when they find out. PG-13

A Very Tony Hollywood.
The continuing adventures of Tony as a returning child star and how Gibbs deals with Hollywood. PG

Her Meanness
The Director decides to screw over Tony's team. Does she know the outcome or is she still trying to figure it out? MPREG

Dramatic Princesses.
Another look at what it might look like if Tony had a daughter.

*Games People Play.
Tony's father is at it again. Instead of trying to get him back home, he desperately wants an heir. Enough to put out a general reward for one or two. It's up to Tony to defeat the new evil plan and move around the old man. R for a bit of swearing here and there.

Biker Mice From Mars:

Oh, Charley!
Biker Mice from Mars. Het! Modo/Charley. Modo finally makes his move with some help from a much needed shining. Various relatives pop in to make sure they're all right. Notes: first and only one in this fandom, promise, but the muses attacked while I was worrying about something else and it did take my mind off it.

Biker Mice From Mars. Throttle/Charlie, NC-17. Charley tries so hard to go on vacation but Throttle senses an emergency and his bike strands him so he has to suck up to her to get back on her good side. Mix that with some very blunt friends.... Well, you get the picture.

Familiar Faces Haunting You.
A representative from the Empire comes visiting the garage to run away for a bit. And she knows Vinnie? R to be safe since sexual pouncing is mentioned, repeatedly.
The Missing Sex Scene from above:
the removed sex scene from the story. NC-17, M/M/F, M/M. Questionable usage of kevalah as a stimulant and sex aid.

Lupin The Third:

All The Necessities Of Life.
Lupin the Third. A new drug affects the group in unusual and unexpected ways, no matter how much they want to not participate. NC-17. M/M.....

It's In The Water.
The fairly angsty sequel to the All The Necessities Of Life. Someone wants to prove that it is possible to hurt Lupin and manages it, but in the end his friends save him and they get their revenge on those who wanted to help the experiment along. R to be safe, swearing and violence. Jigen/Goemon, Fujiko/Zenigata.

It's In The Cards.
A Lupin the Third story. The mistress of a very special deck of prophetic cards calls on Lupin to help him, giving him access to their power...for a price. My first attempt at Lupin.

One Strange Week.
Lupin the Third as Robin Hood? Something must be really wrong here. NC-17 to be safe.

Austin Powers:

Series: Mental Torture (Or the I'm Better at Mind Fucks Than You Are) Series

Paybacks are a Bitch
(a very tame G, for now) Scott gets back a little of his own, and proves a point to his father.

Interesting Revelations
(Still PG) Scott shows more of his hand. Warnings: my humor muse? Maybe?

Smiley Faces Are Dangerous
Scott's new family is found out and we find out more about Chastity.

Another Step Toward The End Of The Line
[maybe an R, he kills someone but it's not graphic. Scott and his wives offscreen, Doctor Evil/Mini Me (just starting in this part)] One step closer to the actual plan.

Baby Steps Toward Getting His Way
[PGish there's suggestion of getting some, but no actual sex. Scott and his wives, Doctor Evil/Mini Me] LOL, Scott can be just as evil, he's just doing it in a ... different way.


Healing the Hurting Words (Control):
Richie needs help getting away from Duncan.

Hiding Is Sometimes Preferable and Necessary
Richie leaves town to get away from Duncan and his demands, and an old friend ends of following him for his own reasons. Notes: Shadith asked for a Richie/Methos piece so I wrote this one for her.

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Soldier of Fortune:

Individual Stories:

Finding the Perfect Spot to Put it:
(NC-17, Benny Ray/Matt) Benny Ray needs help finding a spot to put it.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell:
(PG, Deke (who is played by Dennis Rodman for those who don't know)/Matt) Just a silly little thing.

Unnamed Series:
(R unless noted.) Benny Ray/Nick, Margo/Other.
1) Trust:
Nick's dream leads to finding a problem for the whole team.

2) Breaking Away:
Nick's left the group, Margo and Deke go to find him and get him some help.

3) Hiding Again:
Nick's brought back to Hermosa Beach. Benny Ray has to deal with Nick's problem now.

4) Truth:
(set between ending and epilogue of part 3). The Team finds out why they were bugged and has to go rescue someone. Small crossover with SpyGame.
Technically, there is a story that will go here, but it is not written yet. I did just start working on it though (11/10/02)

5) Old Lives:
(set about eight months after epilogue of part 3). Nick has a strong reaction to a case and goes back to his old, undercover lifestyle, much to the pain of Benny Ray.

The Rare Het Smut Section:

(also known as the pressure release valve for those people who think I should have children)


Thank You, Ray.
A very long Mary Sue (kind of)/Due South story. Ray helps the new detective to the precinct calm down and get her life back into the normal world. NC-17. 297 pages. Much swearing.

Yes, Ray.
The sequel. NC-17. Some violence warnings probably needed but not real graphic. 125 pages. Language yet again.

Family, Ray?
The final part of this one, probably. The baby, her family, and their history. Mostly funny. 90 pages. R to be safe, probably PG-13. Yes, I still swear.

Localities, Ray?
The fourth in the Cat and Ray series, where they try to leave the force but it comes calling for them, and we see Rennie finally finding himself a woman. NC-17 to be safe. Cat/Ray, Stan/Benny, Turnbull/OFC

Doing the Dance of Love Slowly Closer.
The mirror piece to the Cat and Ray trio, and the flipside of the Thieves' Paradise series. 615p. NC-17. Het, m/m, threesome sex, swearing, and violence. Set in Chapter sequence - 17 chapters, link at end to the index


How It All Began.
How they got to that point in part one. Prequel to Donny and Kate. Part 2

Donny and Kate.
A Scribe-style mary sue with a realistic woman who can't do everything, and sometimes much of nothing, ends up working with the CSI:NY team and a certain very cute detective.

An End And A Beginning.
Someone begged for a sequel, so that's what this is. The further adventures. Part 2

Family Things.
The final story in this series. The last few cases and the retirement years.

Extended Family.
Retirement hits the trio, which is nice in its own way if everyone would learn to get along and leave the labs alone. R for some violence and non-graphic sex.

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