Curses and Foils Anew

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Summer Holiday. The attempt at a summer holiday for the curse breakers.

Meetings, Greetings, and A**kickings. Something is making all the women want to have babies. Can the twins stop it before their wife drives them insane? What happens when the group stumbles upon a theft out of a major storehouse and why is Luna playing with hellish puppies?

A True Bane to the World Ron and Harry prove while they are curse breakers while trying to vacation in Rio. Trying really hard actually. Things just never seem to work right for them. R to be safe.

One of Those Days. Ron and Draco go on their first real assignment, but first there's a small problem with a cursed collar and Dawn. Some dragon hijinx - sorry I got stuck on dragons this round - and Greg and Emilia find out some things.

Chaos Indeed (An Outtake of Curses and Foils Anew) Harry's doing Malfoy and Ron? Really? Are you sure? Mpreg, some light mental torture of characters who see things. NC-17 for a very good reason, mostly for the mindfuck when you find the artifact in use. As an added note, if any of the scenes inspire you, tell me and you can write the whole story instead of the snippets.
Dragons and Heirs. Lindsey and Catherine get some good news, and we see a few slices of life for the various Banes. PG-13 at worst, possibly PG

The Next Great Wizard Lindsey starts her first year of magical schooling, plus all the shopping for things that she'll need. PG at worst.

New Banes, New Hells on Earth. Lindsey's second attempt at schooling and how the Banes circle the wagons around her to protect her. Plus some new little Banes to help control the world's population of darkness.

Baby's Big Day Cassandra and the babies decide to raise some Bane-energy of their own. A sweet G, with some mild swearing.

Family Banes Xander messed up his birth control spell for the second time in history, and now he's got an extended family.

An Odd Interlude Dawn and her posse meet the new teacher and find an older connection exists. What can I say? I like Alan Cumming.

Trapped and Not Alone. Ron, Charlie, and Dawn are trapped by a dragon they're trying to help. How are they going to get out of this one when even Alex is knocked out by her?

He Needs It. Ron wants to go visit Charley and the usual cursebreaker thing happens.

Working The new city leads to watching the boys at work instead of play, and leads to a new discovering that's got Alex on his knees begging the goblins to do it for them. The gang find the HP books.

An Unpleasant Surprise Harry finds out about the HP books. Can we say unhappy? And paranoid wizards? Blair's found finally and Nick's got a problem that sends everyone in Vegas into fuss mode.

Hodges. Remember Greg's last vision? Will this one about Hodges turn out any better?

Changing Minds. Greg's got to break bad and go after Hodges. He and Ecklie finally have it out too.

MINE!! Greg's got to prove he IS the badass in Vegas when his pookie is taken. Not even the other Banes are going to stop him fully this time.

An Unholy Trinity. A Dawn-centric story. The Unholy Trio goes to work on Harry's problems but Armwrench stops them, which draws some of his family. Ginny goes missing and Dawn has to step up her training a bit.

Friendly Beasts. Dawn learns about reveling at Moon dark and finds a new friend that way. Mostly happier news comes through the grapevine.

You're a What And You Ride a What? Ginny comes home from her training and surprises everyone with her new horse and manners.

Why Does No One Tell Me These Things? Ginny finds out something new about her beloved mare and what she's going to be doing in her future.

Matters of the Afterlife. Someone makes a move on Greg and David, so we hear about a new plan to get followers in the afterlife.

Special Powers of Observation. Alex once again proves that curse breakers are born to get into trouble by waking up someone on his present dig. Plus a very strange meeting occurs, one that freaks out even Professor Snape.

Nippy and Night. Emilia demands that Greg has got to help her around the house or get a house elf. So David learns a bit more about the magical world so Greg doesn't bring them all home. But what he does bring home....well, it's a bit different than Emilia thought.

Moves. Alex makes a decision to move home, which makes him a happy Alex.

Lessons. Alex starts to teach the boys about earth sensing abilities and Dawn does her first moon revel. Some other lessons start with other Banes, along with a new move at Hogwarts.

Shifting Over. Xander's old partner comes in to help teach the boys and the library is added to, much to the joy of the group.

Amusing Challenges. A challenge. For some reason the muses are stuck on CSI this week so they wanted to see what would happen if a NY detective was a hidden wizard with some very wizardly coworkers.

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