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Fixing It.
Xander's sent to a site that needs some help and runs into some special feds. Buffy/NCIS xover, trial fic, new to this fandom.
Doing It.
Xander gets called to help the NCIS team with the vampire problem in DC. NC-17 Part 2
Shopping It.
Tony finally gets some payback for the pants that got him drooled on. Plus some light angst and a trip to the Estate. NC-17, sex and some light violence.
Clothing And Other Issues.
Xander's Trainee Day at both the CIA and NCIS, and look what happens. R for violence to be safe.
Ends and Rewinds.
Something's wrong with Ducky just as the Initiative trial gets underway. Will history repeat itself and why does Dawn blush so when she sees Ducky? PG- 13/R