Themed Series: Childhood
A themed series is one that revolves around a central theme, in this case the idea of deaging or giving a character a new set of parents.

I've separated out the two different types of stories into different charts so you don't get confused. All these stories are once-offs unless noted otherwise.

These are multi-fandom. Most are crossovers. Some may not be in the future. As I generally write Xander he's in each of these somewhere - sometimes as a daddy, sometimes as a sibling, sometimes as the baby. It's interesting who could use a bit of Xander in their life.

* updated 11/15/12 (redemption child)

I Can't Wait Until Father Sees You.
Draco is sent on a mission to find his long, lost brother, Xander. Buffy/HP xover. [ePub] [Kindle]
The Brotherhood.
Snape and Xander are brothers. One brother light and odd in the head, one brother darker and long suffering. Post last season of Buffy, after the destruction of Sunnydale. Xander, Dawn, Draco, Snape, and Ron. Two pairings and one upset person. R to be safe. [ePub] [Kindle]
Daddy Snape.
Xander as Snape's son. Most of the ones I've seen are WIPS so I decided I had to write one of my own if I wanted to read a completed one. MPREG. [ePub] [Kindle]
Kith And Kin.
Xander, son of Bacchus, has some odd powers and odder...friends. Notes: NC-17, with some odd twists. Xander/pretty much everyone. (Ares, Strife, Ethan, Giles - kinda) [ePub] [Kindle]
Sibling Rivalry.
Xander's long lost family comes to Sunnydale tohelp with the town. Will he be able to forgive them for sending him away and cursing him to the life he leads? Xander/OMC, Jett/OFC, Willow/Tara, Dawn/Ares. Please read notes inside story. [ePub] [Kindle]
One Big, Happy Family.
An alternate look at Xander as a demigod and his 'ships with everyone. Starting with the obligatory family reunion. Xander/Danny (Stargate), Xander/Danny/Loki (yes, the Norse one, not the alien), Jett/Ares, Auto/ofc, Strife/Cupid. NC-17. [ePub] [Kindle]
Grandson of War.
Someone has taken Ares' grandson away from the family. It is not making for a happy God of War but Strife may be a bit happy with all the chaos his coming out causes. Buffy/Herc crossover. R to be safe for some minor swearing. part 2 [ePub] [Kindle]
Fixing His Heir.
Jett is assigned to teach Ares' son, Xander, the ropes. As long as they can find out what he's over and can deal with his wacky and strange life. PG-13 Buffy/Herc xover. [ePub] [Kindle]
Yes, a buffy/NCIS crossover. I know, I'm odd. Xander's real father shows up and it's not what you would think might happen. R to be safe for non-graphic mentions of child abuse, underage sexual conduct, and violence (as in, discussed over dinner and you see bruises.) Part 2 [ePub] [Kindle]
The Sons of Geeks.
The entire Imaginings list demanded that I do the baby idea in a different manner, that Xander got to be the one gifted with the special second chance child. Tada! Notes: Non-graphic death of cannon characters in first few pages to set up the story. One very brief mention of it. R to be safe for gunplay and mild swearing. part 2 [ePub] [Kindle]
Frozen Pops.
The Initiative decided to mess in some genetic engineering to make the great scientists and soldiers of the future. Some of the combinations they use are a bit...strange. R to be safe for some violence. Multi-fandom crossover, all CSI, NCIS, Stargate/Stargate: Atlantis, Numb3rs, due South. part 2 part 3 [ePub] [Kindle]
A Child to Bring Them Together.
Harry wakes up a father thanks to a vengeance demon. His son is very special and reborn. It brings him to the attention of some people who will protect him and make him their family, no matter what Dumbledore wants. Crossover with CSI:Miami. part 2 [ePub] [Kindle]
Not the Usual Son.
Another childhood challenge I got long ago off the list. Another real father, only this time Xander's his usual age and self. The Epps family is never going to be the same again. [ePub] [Kindle]
A Son of the House.
The mayor's assistant in Sunnydale decides to get back at the Slayer team for daring to stop the mayor's ascension. To do that, he has to break up the team. Fortunately they had been hiding information for years now and this was a good time to use it. That way Xander could go annoy and disturb New Jersey instead. [ePub] [Kindle]

Willow's oops of the moment brings a few new problems to Xander's life. Including potty training again and new parents this new childhood. Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 [ePub] [Kindle]
A Sunnydale Kid in Miami's Lab.
Because the list asked for me to make him Horatio's son. Vignettes and short stories as Xander regrows up in Miami. Notes: Small death story at the very beginning to make sure Xander gets to the right daddy. Part 2 Part 3 [ePub] [Kindle]
To Be Loved.
A special request from Josette on my Imaginings list. Another form of Miami childhood, where Horatio is raising Xander, except he's a teenager (think just before Graduation) NC-17 [ePub] [Kindle]
Someone To Love Me.
I got begged to do a Miami version of the story _Childhood_. This is a second take on the one I already did. Small death warning, canonically based. part 2 [ePub] [Kindle]
A Son Found.
Yes, another in the Childhood universe. Someone dared me to make Xander Don Flack's son. Well.... he's an adorable little breast snuggler. Even if the Initiative does want him back. [ePub] [Kindle]
Children of Hunters.
Some demons decided that the childhood series should extend into the Supernatural 'verse. So they gave the boys twins. [ePub] [Kindle]
To Be A Daddy.
Why is someone trying very hard to make Mac think he's given birth to the baby he woke up next to? (Expanded from list's version) part 2 [ePub] [Kindle]
A Little Xander Goes A Long Way Sometimes.
Willow goofs but for a different reason this time. Joyce makes the wish to protect Xander. Who else would you stick a demon magnet with partial memories with?
By The Power of the Unholy.
Don Flack gets a surprise visit from a social worker. It seems a donation he gave years ago is now coming back to haunt him, in triplicate. Unfortunately it's not the end of that story because none of the three boys are *normal* or common. Which can be a fun ride for a set of Flack Terrors. [ePub] [Kindle]
A Mini Iron.
Another Childhood fic. This time a trial because someone wanted me to. Tony Stark needs another thing to keep him grounded. How about a tinkering, slightly evil minded little boy? [ePub] [Kindle]
The Cost Of A Nephew On The House.
Due to a problem, House suddenly has to take custody of his three-year-old, adorable, just-a-bit-too-much-like-him nephew Xander. [ePub] [Kindle]
A New Family.
Tony gets the call every promiscuous man dreads. Only not quite for the same reason. [ePub] [Kindle]

by Mytryk, such a great pretty from her.
Redemption From Upon High.
A prophecy states that when one who will make a profound difference in the world loses faith, a child is sent to them. [ePub] [Kindle]
Redemption Children: Redux.
The reborn youth start over with new ones who need their special skills, and a mission they have to accomplish when they're old enough. This time, all humanity hangs in the balance instead of single people who make a difference. [ePub] [Kindle]
A Child Not For The Greater Good.
The redemption children's calling is warped by a certain meddling old man who thinks it's for the greater good if a baby Harry Potter does live, somehow. Especially since he calls one of them to be his Warrior for the Light. part 2 [ePub] [Kindle]
* A Troubled Universe.
A world that has Avengers had lost all hope. Including the heroes. That's a job for a redemption child, or ten. part 2 part 3

Dark GHS/Childhood crossover series.
     [ePub] [Kindle]
A Hunters's GHS Dilemma
The list wanted me to make a childhood AU where a GHS Xander is deaged by some means. Based off the Dark GHS Xander instead of the original one, someone has to find some hunters very quickly to protect him. Because a GHS is a precious thing and Xander is more wanted than most. Part 2 Part 3
A Colonel's GHS Dilemma.
The sequel. Sam, Dean, and John have to leave so they hire a newly retired colonel from a nearby Air Force base to handle things while they're gone. Even with the trouble he used to get into, Jack has *no* idea what to do about Xander's problems. Or Faith.
The GHS Dilemma of a Harem.
Things start to go strange in Colorado Springs but fortunately Xander's there to make them happy while they're confused and/or evil. Part 2
The European GHS Dilemma.
Someone human wants Xander for a change so he takes him for his gun knowledge. Got to have a concubine who can kick butt if you're a bad guy.