Curses and Foils Again!

This is a very special universe, one where more than two worlds collide and mostly none are hurt from the impact. The worlds from HP and Buffy are not mine, and neither are any of the smaller tie-ins that may happen from time to time. I make no claim on the authors' rights, nor on the proclivity of the actors who portray these characters. I make no money from this, this is simply to pleasure myself with, and of course my willing fans.

Some notes for this universe:

Can we say AU Crossover? I knew you could. <G> I'm doing my usual 'take a favorite character and run' thing with this one, putting a bunch of my personal faves into the HP verse. You'll see, it'll be fun and rewarding. And maybe even funny. This starts during an AU fourth year in the HP verse, about two weeks before the other schools show up. It is mostly normal, though more of an AU. Buffy was normal up until the Glory thing, with one major difference, which is covered in the first few stories. After Glory, everyone left went to LA, which is also covered. Most differences are explained within the stories.

In both series I try to keep to the general timeline. I.E., Glory happens at the same time as it did in the series instead of earlier or later. Most major incidences are covered, with the exception of the Connor storyline in Angel. As far as I'm concerned in this series, Connor who?

Some casting notes: Scribe and D'Nalia have agreed to appear in here.

Scribe is a wonderful woman named Emilia Dorekson.

D'Nalia, in line with her heritage, is a woman named Tipsy Ramvette. You'll appreciate them, both women have so far.

Also, I apologize in advance for the house elf, I do the best I can.

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Reunion. It's reunion time at Hogwarts. Massive Xover. See notes. Probably PG- 13, 63 pages.

Building the House of Cards (R? Maybe NC-17? Pairings: yes, there are some) The former students have banded together and picked a side. Theirs. How they arranged things so that everyone was in the perfect spot. 110 pages

I Am Good. (PG. Twins/OFC, Xander/Daco, Greg Sanders/OFC) Someone tries to prove their worth, with disastrous side effects that can only happen at Hogwarts. 23 pgs.

Offers of Retribution and Penance. R, for some swearing. Xander fixes things in his life and for his boys. Especially his personal boy.

Initiations. R for some swearing. It's time for Draco to go to his mate and time for the Banes to officially pull it all back together.

Yay, Us. Xander's family woes are getting stranger on top of him being exhausted. Philip is attacked while trying to solve a problem for the Banes.

The New Girl. Dawn's first few months at Hogwarts. See her duck trouble and rumors, plus some jealous older girls.

Midnight in the Garden of the Good and Not So Good. The holidays are here and the usual excitement happens when Dawn and Co. go to LA for a visit.

That Digging Sensation. Simultaneous with part 8. Xander's assignment with the unholy relics. R for some swearing.

Ron Has Good Ideas. Harry does his first official interview. We meet a new member of the family. Ron/Dawn become official. PG, some mild swearing.

The Army of Bane. More fallout from the interview. Harry Hunting. An all- Bane dinner. The Headmaster finds out Dawn's secret. R to be safe. Xander/Draco, Ron/Dawn, Twins/Tipsy, Greg/Emilia.

Help! the LA crew come to Xander seeking help. R/NC-17. Luna/Wes/Ethan, Xander/Draco, Twins/Tipsy

Replacement. The aftermath of Luna's traveling. Ginny finds out a deep family secret. Plans are made for the terrible trio's last year. PG.

Redemption. A Greg and Emilia/Philip piece. Philip goes to an old friend to figure out some things. Greg's lab is broken into. PG-13.

Planning The crew gets ready for their seventh year, Xander does some hunting through the family's storage vaults. Greg evacuates Emilia just in case.

Tamed Slytherins. The first few weeks of the new year. Team practice and clothes showing.

Oh, Dirt. Things go from bad to worse in a moment of panic. PG-13 for some swearing.

You're One Of A Kind, Xander Harris A sorta side story. Blair and Jim go to help some friends settle into Las Vegas for a while. Xander and Snape restart the dueling club. PG.

Charming. Xander's new artifact needs some special handling and help. A return of a minor character from before. NC-17, Xander/Draco.

Ambassadorial Privilege. Xander gets a new artifact and has to call on some support to help him translate it. What comes out of it is a few startling revelations and a few new ideas.

The Magic Does Not Lie. Two vignettes of couples caught up in the moment. M/M/F, M/M, NC-17.

Battleground the battle takes place. Warning: death warning, it is a battle after all.

Vacation Holiday. A nice end to the series

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