The Thieves' Paradise.

The pleasure of the lifestyle, the careful selection of those who work with you, the art of seducing the riches out of the unwary and those who don't deserve them.  The paradise of thieves is the haven where most people can only dream to tread.  For some, a fortunate opening is offered.  The training is hard and the masters are stiff in their requirements.  To meet up to them, you will be forced to be quite special.  Or a Xander.

Through it all, life must go on and the future must be planned for, including the next generation of thieves and thier special training in the rituals and ways of the true thief.  This series crosses many years.  Eventually even Lupin has to make plans for the generation after his, and even Jigen has to find someone to teach.  Needless to say, this is an AU series!  Also, this is a crossover series as well, Lupin the Third and Buffy mostly, with warnings for any other accidental crossings.

See how a Xander can change the meaning of everything and add excitment that the group had been missing for a while.  It's bad when you get bored.  You have to do odd things and then sometimes things must move forward.  No matter how strange they seem.

Please read the series in order, the precursors have a bit of information you'll need.  Generally rated R for some swearing.  Any NC-17 parts are marked.

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Thieves Paradise Series:

Whoa!  Not What I Expected!  Prequel #1.  How Goemon and Fujiko got together.  Alternately titled: She's Not Mine Anymore.

He's Back!  Prequel #2.  How Xander and Jigen met.  R, for some graphic images.

The Job.  Two people are locked in a cell waiting on rescue, a teacher and the apprentice.  Who they are might surprise you.  New crossover pairing.

Cleveland  The job after the training.  Cleveland.  Oh, yay.  The luck runs about as usual for some of them.  More things are found out about the apprentices' past.

The Mask.  More on the job training, this time in Istanbul.  A mask that makes one able to see into the spirit realm.  More of Xander's horrendous time comes out and Lupin helps him heal.  NC-17, Xander/Lupin.

Choking on the New Toys.  A new artifact falls into the group's hands after a small problem with Xander's whereabouts.  Transgender from here on out now and again.  NC- 17, Xander/Jigen.

Bad Planning Makes For Imperfect Solutions.  Xander has to help Goemon while everyone else does a job.  Needless to say, the luck is not with them.  Or then again, maybe it's an old friend....  graphic images warning to be safe.  NC-17, Xander/Jigen, Xander/Jigen/Lupin

Not Yet! The birth of the baby in the middle of a job! NC-17, Xander/Jigen/Lupin.  Small crossover at one part with CSI: Miami.

Nightmares!  An all encompassing nightmare that makes many people sick.  Especially Xander.  Xander pulls a small solo job and finds out the source of some rumors.  NC- 17.  Xander/Mark, Xander/Jigen.

Games People Play.  The group is asked to take on a very special, very dangerous assignment to get back a special ring to keep the peace in the underworld, leaving Fujiko being the bait and Xander watching and waiting for his turn to play.

Presents.  Xander at a con.  Some new players in the old game of crooks vs. cops.   Notes: Spike, as in off Cowboy Bebop, not the vampire one you saw last time.  R to be safe.

You Called?  Xander has a very important meeting, then the most important assignment.

The Crossover Saloon.  Somewhere there is a place where all AU and reality realms mix.  Most likely, it's a bar or a club of some sort so you can escape. As with all the other Xander worlds I've created, these too shall cross over. Thieves Paradise/Gryphon's Troubles/Curses and Foils Again Universes. Happens anytime after part 4 and before part 11.

The Long Way Home.  The second birth and the trip back.  NC-17.  Xander/Lupin/Jigen

Oh, Sh*t!  The not often seen mpreg.  NC-17. Xander/Lupin.  This one is perfectly fine to skip if you want to.

Bored Now.  Xander is tired of Lupin's mood swings so he goes to find some new friends.  Crossover with Police Academy, the movies.

Chicago.  Zenigata chases Lupin to Chicago, or does he?  Stanley gets to work with his old coworkers while Lupin chases Xander around the country.  Note: happens before the end of part 12, when they're chasing Xander.

Bampires!  Two years down the road, bad things happen that Xander and Dawn have to deal with.  Some old players.  Some new players.  And little Lotus.

The Long, Strange Trip Home.  Fujiko isn't acting rationally and does something really dumb.  She makes a wish.  Lupin panics heavily. R, for some mushiness and a bit of swearing.

Going Visiting.  The morning after the wedding.  Things are going well until her men go back to their own ways, then Xander gets to go visiting some new friends.  NC-17.

Bloodlines.  Her men have learned their lessons and she solves one with Goemon.  A bit of revenge, some fun, some rescuing.  The average in their lives.  R to be safe since Xander goes and busts someone who is not being nice to children.  Nothing graphic though.

Father Hood.  The new kids are home and then things come to shake them out of their comfy existences.  Nothing too bad, just the odd, the unusual, and the lust for others that wasn't cured with a wedding ring.

I'll Be Good, I Promise.  Lupin screws up so Xander retaliates.

Miami vs. Chicago.  Jigen's recovery and some other doings in Miami.  Crossover with CSI: Miami.

Educating the Masses. Goemon steals Xander for his own good, and along the way a few problems crop up.

Trying Really Hard.  Things start moving toward being fixed. With a little help of course.

Endings and Beginnings.  Things are finally fixed, but an unexpected tragedy prompts a new resolve and a new path for some.  Notes: Death warning off screen of major character.

All Better Now.   Things are finally fully back to normal, and now a new problem is dumped into their laps.  Takes place before the epilogue in part 23, as will part 25.

Tripping.   Another strange trip makes Xander irritated and cranky.  Will he pull some miracles to make the world as he knew it?

Too Late.  A long part.  Things start to go wrong in Europe and Japan, endangering the group's happiness and stability.  Lupin and Jigen have to learn about a whole new side of Xander and her abilities.   NC-17, 129 pages.  Bridges the rest of the epilogue so the next part can move forward.

Return Trip  The world rewinds a bit to allow something that went wrong to be fixed.  M/M.  Strangeness, even for me.  R to be safe.

Yard Sale.  Everyone needs a bit more money for their pet projects.  The strangeness from part 27 is fully fixed here.  R to be safe.  Xander/Lupin.

All Together Now....  Yes, the naming muse wanted me to add some singing.  Even in misery.  Returning to normal after the strange stuff is fixed.  Some hiding, some playing, and a trip to the mall for growing little people.

Motherhood.  Enough is enough, and Fujiko will just have to change diapers.  Or else.  R to be safe, some minor swearing from Lotus.  Xander/Lupin, Goemon/Fujiko.

Familiar Strangeness.  We see more of Xander's life and why his men can't understand him, plus the guys get over the last hurdle to getting used to the kids.  The kids decided to have some fun while two of the fathers are away at a convention.  NC-17 to be safe.  Xander/Lupin.

Oops I Think I Forgot To Calculate For Other Strangeness.  Lotus realizes she created a few paradoxes when they jumped back in time. So she, and the other magic users associated with the family, work on fixing it, with the realms they had visited so they don't have the same problems.

Challenges NC-17, Angst Warning Challenges all over, for Lupin, for Jigen - who gets his turn in the choker, and even for the whole family.

Memories, Nothing More Than Memories. They finally find Xander and rescue him, plus a glimpse at the Zenigata household when they have visitors.

My Life? The group has to deal with Xander's lack of memories and Arsene's mouth gets her a unique spot in the family's nightmares. NC-17, Marcus/Rupert/Ethan/kitsune.

Meet Lupin the... Fifth? Meet Lupin the Fifth, see some convention stuff. Jump right in, the insanity's fine today. NC-17, Zenigata/Dawn

Conventions and Madness Just a normal few weeks in the life of the gang. A kiddie problem with Lotus, a convention, and the cops. NC-17, Lupin/Sylvia/Xander, Jigen/Sylvia

Being the Mommy Shopping, fighting, and loving. NC-17, Lupin/Sylvia/Jigen, Lupin/Jigen.

To Be Yourself. Lupin proves that Xander is his sort of girl. The start of the new school year as well. Plus a new plot from the Rays.

A Meeting of the Minds. Xander decided she's bored, she's not appreciated, so she goes to do things on her own and build her own reputation, which worries her lovers to no end. After all, Xanders have been known to leave for happier pastures. As an added incentive, the plot from Fujiko gets thicker and nastier.

Merry Hell, To Those Who Deserve It. An Ishi-centric story. Jealousy rears its ugly head and has a go at the poor thing. NC-17.

Impression Management Xander takes Ishi to help him find his own style and to make him feel like the scars don't mean anything. Xander also sets down the rules and takes care of a low opinion of his skills.

Girl Problems Xander takes the girls to the next step in adulthood and find out which girls aren't exactly good. R to be safe.

Captive Audience The hostage situation is solved in a unique way and the kids start school. R, some violence and swearing.

Powerful Ones Lupin and the Cops get into it over Xander being the bait and being taken, again. R, lots of violence and swearing

Xander Comes Clean, Or At Least A Bit More Lupin and the gang goes to save Xander, again, and find out a bit more about what he does in his off-time with the kids.

Lupin Family Plans Lupin and the old gang start working with the younger gang and the new gang takes on a dangerous assignment, as the leaders of course. Notes: Thanks to Loyde for helping me with the beer idea NC-17, violent sex and traces of non-con.

Lupin Family Fun. The assignment goes off, not as planned, but it goes off. Xander has to go do a bit more about the new apocalypse. The end of the school year and a new con. PG-13, mild swearing and violence

All Grown Up and Mischief To Go The ball, all the girls are so grown up, and then Xander goes to what's going to make him happy for once.

Necessary Attachments The wedding. 'Nuff said?

Return Trip The Ancestors decide to return the favor and come forward, with some demonic help.  Of course, Xander has to react, and we find out more about Xander's plans for the future, if he has to retire.

Enough for Now.  As Janus wills, they will get together again or be reaged.  Or something like that.  Very long.  R for lots of swearing.  163 pages

Sacrifices Arsene as a virgin sacrifice to a big snake?  Really?  Huh.  More moves on the Fujiko scene.  R for some swearing.

Hazy Shades.   Xander comes home to help the kids figure out if Fujiko is different.  More revelations of what Xander's been doing in his spare time and Lupin starts to see a crack in the relationship between Xander and Alan.  Some more plans are made for the future by the kids.

The Power of Love.  Lupin's chasing Xander again, but this time for a better reason - Xander needs him.

Together Again.  The meet-and-greet for Xander's empire goes off without much of a hitch, even though some emotions are running high.  NC-17, m/m/m, m/f

Cruisin'.   The more things change, the more things stay the same, even when they're on Xander's pretty and big boat and even when Bix is getting married.

Aftermath of Secrets  Xander has to go save a few of the kids, ends up in Hell with them, though you don't get to see more than the aftermath, and they go back to Mexico so Lupin and Ray can look at his warehouse.

Debut! The official debut job!  And some issues.  NC-17 for violence to be safe.

Sweet Endings. Xander's parents start a cult and Melissa goes to see them.  She might not be able to follow orders, but a few others have wanted to have words with them as well.  End of Series.

Some Crossovers to Finalize this Universe:

Undercover.  Lavelle has to go undercover to help Stan and Ray with something back in Chicago.  But then why is he a Mountie?

A True Thieves' Paradise. Xander decides to go ahead with his plan to build his retirement community. Not even the kids could have anticipated this one. One of the girls takes the chance and goes after the man she wants. NC-17.  Lupin/Jigen/Xander, Melissa/Ray

Uh-Huh. That's Not My Sort of Xander. Xander gets called across the realms to help GHS Xander with a battle.  Whatever will Lupin do with a GHS slut of his own?  R for violence to be safe. Set while the kids are in for thier first summer back from the Assassin's Academy.

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