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Xander Goes Ballistic
a buffy/csi xover that's a lot of humor with light angst. R for violence to be safe. 299 pages. Xander is an intern and comes to Vegas to do his internship. While there he meets the nice graveyard shift and all their weirdos, and does what Xander's do naturally, joke, laugh, and handle problems. Part 2 Part 3
Ballistics in Danger.
Buffy/CSI Auction Snippet. Because someone asked, the auction and how it played out.
Ballistic in Chicago
Xander and David go through the usual strife and strain and move closer to a permanent thing between them. Notes: Discussion of dead people here and extreme violence. R to be safe. Part 2 Part 3
Strange Ballistics.
A serial case and of course they come to one who has experience in the odd and strange. A shorter piece written to tide someone over, basically a long outtake from two.
Ballistics in Trouble.
Xander and David have overcome many obstacles, but what changes will an award certificate bring and why can't they kill Willow this time for what she's done? R for some mild violence and occasional swearing.
Ballistics in Film and Fun.
Xander and David get into it again. Movies in Chicago and an actor following them around. What fun.
Ballistics In The Press.
They just won't leave poor Xander alone. So he takes off for a bit, but unfortunately the problems don't. R for questionable violence.
Sisters in Ballistics.
Mortty's sister comes in for a long-awaited visit and gets sucked into the chaos that is a ballistics tech Xander and his tolerant spouse David.
Challenging Ballistics.
Answering a challenge from a list sib to give Xander real parents, specifically those from Scarecrow and Mrs. King. R for violence and swearing because we all know how a stressed Ballistics Xander can be. Part 2
Naughty Ballistics.
The last of the ballistic series. The lab is attacked and Xander's ballistics lab is seriously hit. He's got to deal with it, even if he is sick.

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Good Boy
Someone asked for an AU of the ballistics series transplanted to NCIS and CSI:Miami instead. Wish granted. part 2 part 3
A Bothered Boy
An undercover assignment with Horatio? Buffy coming down? A return of the Xander-insanity as he keeps working in Miami. Part 2
Sword Boy
Xander's finally starting to settle down but that's not even half the story.
Boys With Guns
An assault on the FBI brings out new cooperation between the Miami lab and NCIS. Even if Xander does have some ouchies and a new dog. R for violence to be safe.

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Odd, Strange, and Frightful Ballistics.
An au of the Ballistic series that got challenged to me. There's a new speciality in town, demon ballistics, and Xander is made to take it. Part 2 Part 3
Only a Threat to Some.
The sequel to the first demon ballistics story. More wackiness in Miami that Xander has to unpossess, send onto the afterlife, and cover for. part 2
* A New Breed of Demon Ballistics Techs is Born
Based off a list challenge. What if... Dean and Sam got hurt in a car accident and couldn't hunt? What if they had to find new careers that would let them still hunt demons, but maybe human demons instead? Demon ballistics anyone? Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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Damn Good.
The last of the Ballistics offshoots. This time it's demons but Cordy managed to pass her visions onto Xander. So our favorite gun nutjob has a slightly newer calling as well. R to be safe for some violence and non-graphic death of a minor character. Xander/Other. part 2

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