Destiny's Childe Series:

A Buffy, the Vampire Slayer AU (also known as the XanderMagic series)

Setting (for those that really want to know) The series starts in their Senior year, in an unannounced by canon time. Sometime before the illicit kisses, which didn't happen here.

Summary: Xander has been chosen for a special destiny, and had it forced upon him at times. Watch his gifts mature from unknowing to practical to 'why did she do this to me' (hey, that's what the muse wanted it called, blame her!).

1) Xander's New Gift: (NC-17, X/O) Xander's offered the opportunity to learn things then has to use his new gift to save the gang

2) Perception Changes: (NC-17) Willow does a spell to change her and Xander around to learn some things.

3) New Connections: (NC-17) Oz has to help Xander with a problem while he's roadtripping.

4) A New Start, and Some Fun and Games: (NC-17) They roadtrip together, and drink and talk.

5) Being Chosen: (R) The boys road trip some more and meet with Giles to figure some things out.

6) The Price You Pay Sometimes: (R) Oz gets majorly sick and Xander copes the best he can.

7) Turning Points: (NC-17) Xander reaches a turning point, Giles and Oz have to help him.

8) Destiny Found: (R) Xander finds his destiny, the reason he has his gift, and some other things are worked out.

9) Seeking Comfort From the Changes: (R) Xander has to explore his abilities and some truths start to appear.

10) New Beginnings: (R, starts next morning from Seeking Comfort) Xander wakes up, has to do some thinking, and they play with Willow's memories again after an incident.

11) Starting It Out Right: (NC-17, G/O/X, Finally!) Giles' birthday and Xander gives him some special presents. They talk, Xander is kidnapped, and they finally figure it out.

12) Destiny's Child: (pg-ish) Xander's destiny is fulfilled.

13) Curses: (R) The Initiative takes of Sunnydale and Willow does it again.

14) Foiled Again: (R) Xander does something drastic to fix the Initiative problem, he gets help.

15) Not Himself: (R) The fighters head to fight for Sunnydale, but Xander's not himself.

16) Teachers: (R/NC-17) Xander's teacher isn't who he thinks and Xander has a problem with his control. Who fixes it and where is Giles?

17)  Not What You Appear To Be.  (R) The last part of Destiny's Childe series.  The End, the very end.  Finally, after almost two years Giles is returned to the group, but not as himself.  Xander must deal with his new teachers.