All The Necessities Of Life.

Lupin looked around the club they were waiting at in horror. One of the last havens of Disco was apparently in this small German town.  Or at least it was for this night.  He noticed a few women strolling past the table, both of them giving him come-hither smiles and he grinned back and winked.  They giggled and moved on.

"Why are we in this God-forsaken noisy place?" Jigen complained.

"It was here or the morgue, which is under the local police station," Lupin reminded him.

"Oh yeah."  He sipped his whiskey, letting the ice cube clink in the bottom of his glass.  "How much longer?"

"Not much.  He said nine and it's ten 'til."  He glanced at Goemon.  "You gonna live?"

"No."  He sipped his saki.  "What wordly benefit can this formula have?"

"We're keeping it out of the hands of little kids," Jigen reminded him.

"Oh, that reason."  He grunted and sipped some more of his rice wine.  It was not the ideal situation but getting something this harmful off the street would be good and honorable.  Plus, there was a fantastic art collection nearby.  "The art?"

"Is an added bonus," Lupin said smugly.  "We can case it starting tomorrow."  Jigen nodded, finishing his drink.  He waved for another.  "Take it easy, Jigen."

One of the girls from earlier bounced over, nearly coming out of her camisole top.  "Can we buy you nice men a drink?" she asked cutely.  "I know you're famous."

"Sure," Jigen agreed.  "Not that we usually like nice girls, but drinks are always welcome."

Lupin waved a hand at him.  "Ignore Jigen, he's being grumpy."  He patted her hand where it rested on the table.  "I'm Lupin the Third."  She squealed and lunged over, kissing him.  "Expecting someone like me?" he asked smugly.

"Oh, but you break in people and my girlfriend and I both want to have only the best help us with that problem," she said in badly accented English.  "Please, Mr. Lupin?"

"How about tomorrow night?" he asked, tracing her chinline with his thumb.  She panted and nodded, running to the bar to get them drinks.  "A nice local source of information," he said happily.

"And a cheap roll in the hay," Jigen agreed.  "Don't you *ever* think of anything but that?"

"No."  Lupin smirked at him.  "Women are too numerous and soft to ignore, Jigen. You should try it sometime.  It might help your crankiness problem."  He accepted the drinks from her.  "Thank you, dear one.  What's your name?"

"Janice.  My friend is Froo."

"Froo?" Goemon asked.

"Well, it's her nickname but she likes it better," she defended, grinning at him.  "Aren't you the guy with the sword?"  He nodded.  "Wow."  She simpered at him but he continued to sip his drink.  "Is he not quite right?"

Lupin snickered, shaking his head.  "No, he's taken a vow of chastity."

"Oh, okay then.  Where should we meet you tomorrow night?  We're at the local University and we share a room if you want."

"I wouldn't mind at all, Janice, or we could meet somewhere more special.  It's your maidenhead."  She blushed and whispered in his ear, making him nod.  "That's fine, I'll meet you there, beautiful.  Go dance and make me hot."  She ran off, dragging her friend onto the floor to dance for his pleasure.

"You're a piece of work," Jigen said in disgust.  "They're barely old enough to drive."

"They're also beautiful, bouncy, lively, have nice breasts, pretty, and want me," Lupin reminded him.  "Besides, they asked.  They know what they want.  They're modern women."  He nudged him when he saw their contact, waving him over.  "There he is."

Goemon looked him over. "Another child playing at being adult," he said in disgust.  He finished his present drink and drained the second one so it wouldn't go to waste.  "Sit," he said when the boy looked nervous.

"Hey, kid," Lupin said smoothly. "Boris, right?"

"Boris' partner.  He had an unfortunate overdose earlier," he admitted, handing over a folded piece of paper.  "That's our formula.   He was doing a trial test and it scared me, man."

Lupin looked it over, nodding.  "Huh."  He looked up.  "Truth serum?"

"We're calling it ET for Eternal Truth.  I don't know what it did but it made him freak out.  I'm guessing he was hallucinating.  I'm hoping he was hallucinating because he tried to cut off his dick, man."

Jigen winced. "Ow."

Goemon nodded. "Indeed."

"In the age of cocaine, someone comes up with a new LSD," Lupin said, looking appreciative.  "Is there any serum already made?  We can easily have it destroyed if it's that strong."

"Yeah." He pulled a small vial out of his pocket and handed it over.  "That's all I've mixed up so far.  He took one undiluted drop and put it on his tongue.   I don't even want to know what he saw, all I know is that he growled, sounding like a dog in heat, and then he reached for a knife.  He escaped from the University's authorities and ran for a friend's room before disappearing."

"You're never doing this again, right?" Lupin prompted.

The boy shook his head quickly.  "Never again, sir.  This is scary shit, I don't want any part of the drug scene.  He told me we were making a new truth serum, something that was foolproof.  Obviously he was wrong."  He stood up.  "Thank you, sir.  I trust you to get rid of it."  He hurried out, heading into the night.

Lupin looked at the vial of water-looking liquid, then he popped it and sniffed it.  "It smells like water."

"You think the kid dumped it?" Jigen asked.

"Hopefully," Lupin admitted, capping it again and stuffing it inside his interior jacket pocket with the formula.  "Anything that makes a man want to castrate himself is a bad thing in my book.  But more women for me if they do."

Jigen shook his head.  "You're an asshole."

"Thank you, Jigen," he said with a bright grin.  "Let's go back to the hotel.  I don't like Disco."  They trooped out and Lupin stopped long enough to kiss his next conquests, telling them to meet him tomorrow at noon.  Then he followed his guys out and back to the hotel.  Once inside, Goemon went to take a shower, Jigen poured himself another drink with fresh ice from the machine, and Lupin sat down to look out the window toward the art collection he wanted to play with.  Lupin eventually got up to get himself a drink, sitting down to watch his ice clink around in his glass.


Jigen was the first one up for once, and he glared at Lupin's bed, grimacing in distaste when he saw how he was humping his bed and mumbling different names.  "Apparently it's an orgy in there tonight," he said bitterly, sitting up and lighting his first cigarette of the day.  He noticed he was stiff; like his body didn't quite fit him this morning.  His skin felt tight and warm.  A little tingle was running up and down his legs.  "Fucking wonderful. A stroke at my age?" he muttered as he stood up.  He wasn't shaky, the tingles weren't from an asleep limb.  His skin still felt tight and he felt...odd.  He shook it off, heading for the bathroom to relieve the standard morning hard-on.  Once he was done, he glanced down at himself to wipe off some ashes he had dropped on his stomach, and noticed it hadn't been cured by the simple needs of his bladder.  "Huh."  He shook his head, deciding to ignore it.  He wasn't Lupin, he wasn't ruled by that part of his body.  He came out and found Goemon waiting.  He grunted and headed for the coffeepot.  Once near the window, he noticed it was still really dark.  A check of his watch told him it wasn't much after four in the morning.   He looked down at his body, noticing it still hadn't went down.  "Go down already," he said in disgust.

Goemon came out of the bathroom blushing.  "Jigen, do you feel odd?"

"Odd how?" Lupin asked as he padded over to join them, running water for coffee.  "Why are we all up at this early hour?  Usually we're getting to bed about now."

"I don't know," Jigen admitted.  "Odd how, Goemon?"

"I feel...tingly.  Like I've fallen asleep and yet the usual pain isn't coming."

Jigen nodded.  "I feel it too.  Lupin?"

Lupin looked at them, then snorted. "If you'd take care of those once in a while, it might help that problem. I feel fine."  He poured some coffee once it started and headed back to bed.  "I'll see you boys after legitimate dawn.  Have fun curing that itch."

"Itch?" Goemon said thoughtfully, looking down at his body.  "Now that he mentions it."

"Hmm," Jigen agreed, sipping from his own cup.  "Maybe something was slipped in our drinks by that girl."

"Quite possible.  It wouldn't be the first time we'd been attacked by a woman wanting Lupin."  He took his own coffee and went back to his bed.

Jigen took his own coffee back to his bed, giving him enough time to smoke a second cigarette before trying to go back to sleep.   He laid there, staring up at the ceiling, trying to think of nothing but his body's ache was getting worse by the moment.  He shifted onto his side.  Still aching.

Lupin pulled the pillow off his head. "Do you need instructions on how to get rid of that thing?"

"No," Jigen scoffed.  "I remember quite well what that was like, thank you."  He pulled his covers up higher.  "It's nothing."

"Bullshit. You can't sleep.  You got up two hours early for coffee and a smoke?"

"I was woken up by you and your mattress orgy over there," Jigen said bitterly.

"Hey, feel free to join in anytime," Lupin said smugly.

Jigen glared at him.  "Pervert.  You're not my type.  Go hit on Goemon if you're that hard up."

"No, I'm not, simply offering," Lupin said smoothly.  "After all, I have two cheerleaders waiting on me."

"Fucking yay.  Have fun with the virgins, man.  Better you than me."  He winced as his body let out one massive throb.  "We think we were drugged by one last night."

"I heard.  I doubt it, but I heard.  She slopped Goemon's drink on her wrist."

"Whatever."  Jigen closed his eyes, willing himself to fall asleep.  His body let off another throb, making him shudder and flip onto his other side, that way he wasn't staring at Lupin's cheshire grin in the dark.  "Go to sleep."

"I'm trying, but you're tossing and turning so much I can't," Lupin noted.  "Want to talk about it?"


"Fine. Lay there and be miserable."  He dug around in his bag, then tossed over a photo album.  "Here, just don't get it messy."

Jigen looked at it with such a disgusted look.  "Eww."  He tossed it back.  "That's nasty."

"No, that way I can identify them all," Lupin said smugly.  "They're not all naked but there's something in there for everyone."

"Keep your whoring to yourself, Lupin.  I don't need to know what volume that was."

"Oh, that's only this year's."

"It's April."

"Yeah, and?  I've only got a few dozen pictures in there, Jigen."

"Yeah, I'm sure you slept with all those women, Lupin," he said dryly.  "Go to sleep so I can."

"Fine, don't say I didn't try to help."  He closed his eyes, stroking his photos.  He loved his life.

Jigen closed his eyes and tried to sleep again but his body's ache was starting to pick up and echo through his arms, his hands, his feet, and his cock.  "Why me," he muttered, getting up to do something about it.  He was the one who had to wait this time, Goemon was hogging the bathroom.  "You okay?  You look like shit."

"The ache is worse," he admitted, heading back to his bed.

Jigen grimaced but he couldn't ignore this anymore.  He went into the bathroom to fix it.

Lupin smirked into his pillows.  "It's about time they started to act like horny kids."


Jigen woke up around ten and looked around in confusion.  His mind was cloudy.  His eyes ached, and his lower body was standing stiff and unable to move.  He carefully stood up and headed for the bathroom to try and get rid of it by peeing, but he couldn't get anything past it.  He was stuck.  He grimaced down at himself, noticing how large he seemed to be.  Then he shrugged and took care of it, his bladder was screaming at him now.   He finished up and took his usual shower and got dressed, coming out for breakfast, Lupin style.  As usual, Lupin had made eggs and toast, but there were also shapes cut in the toast and the little reclining pin-up toast women were kind of cute in an odd and bizarre Lupinish way.  He sat down, taking some of the sausages for himself, letting Goemon have the rest when he joined them.  "You okay, Goemon?"

"No."   He looked at Lupin.  "Perhaps you should cancel your date."

"I should, but I called them and they're on their way over," Lupin admitted, sipping his coffee.  He looked at them, seeing the tiredness.  "You two look like shit."

"Thanks, man, great to hear when I feel like this," Jigen said lightly.  "Any other advice?"

"Yeah.  Go back to bed."

"I can't," Goemon admitted.  "I found my dreams invaded by odd things."

"I think mine was a game of breast-touch football," Jigen admitted.  Goemon blushed.  "That good?"

"Much better," he said quietly, looking at his plate.  Then he looked at Lupin.  "Is there a reason why the sausages resemble male organs?"

"Because they're sausages and they all look like that?" Lupin guessed.

"I was wondering about the toast," Jigen admitted, holding up his piece.

"It's square, what's wrong?" Lupin asked. Jigen frowned, looking at it again.  "Did you guys get into that vial?"

"No," Jigen said warmly.  He put down his toast. He could still see the woman, only now he could see that she was growing an extra bit between her spread legs.  "Whoa."

"Exactly," Goemon agreed.

"That's it, you're both going back to bed," Lupin said, pointing at his room.  "In there, that way I can keep an eye on you and I won't catch whatever this is."  They trudged that way, too tired to protest.  "I'm going to get a paper.  You stay in those beds."  He headed out to get some fresh air, looking around, get the paper, call his sweet virgins of the moment.  Small items like that.  Once outside the hotel he found that something very odd was going on.  In front of him, someone had just chased a woman down and was now having sex in the middle of the street.  She wasn't screaming, crying, or protesting.  She was laughing and encouraging so he didn't stop them.  He did however stop to watch for a moment.  That's when he realized no one else was.  How very interesting.  This was not normal for Germany in the least.  He found a newspaper vendor and paid for one, even though the guy was enjoying a mid-morning knob shine, and headed back to the hotel.  Things were definitely very odd.

On the way past, he overheard a few men talking to someone in an office.  He stepped closer to listen, grimacing at the signs they were reporting all over the city.  "The same as Jigen," he muttered.  He nodded, willing them to keep going so they could find a cure.  When the people, who had said they worked for the Health Department, said they wanted to quarantine the town his eyes widened but nothing further came of it.  He headed back to the lobby and a payphone, calling a number nearby.  "Hey, Fujiko, it's Lupin.  Yeah, a small one.  Can you do me a huge favor?"  His mind was spinning with plans, he had to get his friends past this.  He'd never hear the end of it otherwise.  "No, nothing like that, Fuji- cakes.  No, I need you to find a shipping truck with condoms and bring it to the town where I am.   Yes, I said that," he repeated dryly when she protested.  "And wear something that it'll be hard to get you out of, not that I think it'll help, but it might," he ordered, watching the desk clerks go at it.  "What?  No, it's important and I have the feeling they'll be needed but also that we're going to be quarantined here soon.  If you can, sneak me a chemistry set too, 'kay?  Thanks, babe.  Yes, by tonight.  Because something really odd is going on.  People are having sex in the streets in front of others.  Yeah, we're still here. Thanks, babe.  See you tonight."

He hung up and headed back up the stairs, frowning when he walked in.  "It's not just you two," he called.  "C'mere."  They joined him at the windows, watching the town square as others lost their fights and came together.  "They're going to quarantine the town by tonight.  I've got Fujiko coming in with cases of condoms, just in case.  The guys from the Health Department I overheard said they don't know what's causing it so let's narrow it down to what you two have had in common."

"Why are you not affected?" Goemon asked.

"Either I wasn't dosed or I'm immune for whatever reason," Lupin said with a shrug.

"In other words, you're a big enough slut that you can ignore this sort of pain because you live with it all the time," Jigen said bitterly.

"Probably," Lupin agreed with a small grin.  "So let's narrow it down.  What have you both been exposed to?  Food?"

Jigen shook his head.  "I only had a bratwurst yesterday and Goemon had soup."  Lupin nodded.  "We both had liquor from the bar, but I doubt the old folks down there were clubbing last night."  He shuddered and turned away from the window, unable to watch the eighty-year-olds go at it.  "There's no kids."

"So I'm guessing it had to work on the sex hormones then," Lupin agreed.  "Good point and it would make sense."

Goemon looked down at his rebelling body.  "I can ignore this."

"Of course you can," Jigen agreed.  "I can too.  Lupin, how long should this last?"

"That depends on if they find a cause, get it fixed soon enough, and then let us go free.  The artwork may have to wait for a few days."

Jigen nodded.  "That's fine with me, I can deal with that."  He lit another cigarette with a shaky hand.  "Christ, look at me.  I'm like some junkie."

"This drug is turning you into one," Lupin said calmly.  "We'll do whatever we have to so you get through this.  Both of you.  Goemon, did you share the same liquor last night?"

"No.  I drank saki and he drank whiskey."

"And so did I," Lupin admitted.  "So what else do we have in common?"

"It could be air-borne," Jigen offered, inhaling deeply as he went back to watching the town square.  "Man, that's going to be one nasty orgy to get in the middle of," he noted.

Lupin looked, then looked at him.  "You can join if you think it'll help."

"It's not helping them.  Some of them look like they're about ready to cry with need."

"We have more control than that," Goemon noted, walking away to sit on the couch and will his rebelling body back under his self-control.

Lupin looked at Jigen.  "You do whatever you have to do to make it out of this sane."  Jigen nodded, going back to bed. "For now, I do want you two sharing a room.  It can only help you since I clearly can't understand fully."

"Do not mess up my bed with your woman's sweat," Goemon ordered.

"Not a problem, Goemon.  I doubt she'd stay."  He looked in the mini-kitchen their suite had, then went back out.  "I'm heading for groceries."  He checked his watch then ducked back inside.  "And to meet my women.  Be right back."  Goemon gave him a dirty look but he ignored it.  He was in pretty good shape, it wasn't much worse than normal for him.  He skipped down the stairs, finding his women at the front desk. "Hello, girls," he said smoothly, getting them a second room for the afternoon.  Jigen would be mortally embarrassed if he sat around to watch them anyway.  His girls apparently hadn't been corrupted yet, they were still very pure and very willing to do everything he wanted.


Jigen came out of the bedroom, looking disgusted with himself.  "Now I know how Lupin feels and I still don't understand how he goes around like this all day every day."

"He's used to it, we're not," Goemon offered.  He stood up, heading for the bathroom.  "I'm going to shower."

"Have fun," Jigen agreed, walking into the kitchen to look at the food stores.  "No beer even."  He sighed and grabbed some water to drink.  It wouldn't knock him out but it would kill the thirst.  He went to sit on the couch and turn on the tv, hoping for something to take his mind off his dick, but it was time for the afternoon news so he was forced to listen to the guy tell everyone in the city to just stay calm and to stay indoors if possible, that help was on the way.  He laughed when the guy started to sweat while talking about self-control and how this new disease could be fought if they wanted to try that hard.  If not, then to please be safe.  He leaned back when he heard the news of the quarantine, nodding.  He wouldn't let them out into the rest of the world either.  There'd be no telling how many rapes might occur.  Here everyone was willing because they were all needy.  Out there, who knew what'd happen.  He looked over as Goemon came out of the bathroom.  "You okay?"

"No, I feel worse.  Is there any new news?"

"We're quarantined, please stay inside if possible, try to have some self control, the government is coming to help."

"The standard 'don't panic' messages then," Goemon said, coming out to watch it with him.  "I do not know what I will have to do to get rid of this thing."

"We'll tough it out, we're bad guys, we can do that," Jigen offered.

Goemon nodded, straightening up again. "Maybe a restraint device if we can ever get it to go back down."

"Won't that hurt worse?" Jigen asked.  Goemon shrugged.  "Good point." He got comfortable.   "Now I know why his little photo album from last night was so thick.  If he feels like this all the time, then it's a good thing the world isn't populated by many little Lupins."

Goemon gave him a long look.  "I believe that is the image I needed to hold this off.  Thank you."  He went to meditate in their bedroom, keeping that thought firmly in mind.

Jigen lit another cigarette and took a deep drag.  "I agree, that is one scary thought."


Lupin was coming back from buying groceries for them when Fujiko pulled up.  "Hey, Fujiko."  He grinned at her as she climbed out.  She hadn't taken his clothing advice.  "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine.  There's a road block but I told them I was carrying necessary supplies.  They said to stay in the truck.  What's going on?"

Lupin led her to a street corner and let her look out at the city park. "The whole town was dosed with some sort of elixir that's making them unable to say no."

"Then why are you sane?"

"Either I didn't get it or it's about the same insanity I feel every time I look at you," he admitted with a grin.  "It's my humanitarian deed of the year.  Humor me."  They went back to the truck, noticing the people gathering around.  "Got a crow bar?"  She nodded, handing one over.  He popped open the back of the truck and pushed out the first crate, opening it for them.  The citizens 'ooh'ed and then rushed to grab some supplies, taking them back home.   "I'm leaving this here," he called.  "The truck's full of them!"  Someone turned and waved, and since he was wearing a hat that said 'mayor' he decided it was probably okay.  He looked at Fujiko, who was stunned.  "Like I said, the whole town."

"Jigen?" she asked hopefully.

"And Goemon, and you can't pick on them.  They're having just as much trouble now as I would if I were a normal man."  He gave her a quick kiss.  "Now, scoot, before someone else tries to take my pretty little flower from me and I have to get mean.  I don't want you infected."  She nodded and hurried off.  "Good girl."  He picked up the bags of groceries, taking them and a few handfuls of condoms with him.  As soon as he walked in he knew it had gotten worse.  Goemon was pacing, yanking on his hair muttering to himself.  "Here," he said, handing over the condoms.  "Just in case."

"Why did you buy these?" he demanded.  "I will ignore it."

"I didn't, I had Fujiko steal a truck of them and bring them in.  It's a reasonable precaution."  He stared at Goemon.  "Ignore it all you want, they're there in case you need them.  That way the city doesn't become populated by little Goemon's."  Goemon shuddered and looked like he was trying to calm himself.  "What made it worse?"

"I don't know.  I had a shower then did a longer meditation.  I came out and I was nearly ready to hurt Jigen."

"Then you'll need lube too," Lupin said, pulling out the jar of vaseline.  "Not my usual choice for lubes but it'll work well enough and stick around."  Goemon gave him a horrified look.  "He's in the same boat, buddy.  Think about it."

"It will not solve it!"

"No, it won't," Lupin agreed.  "But that doesn't mean that it won't help some.  Everyone else seems to look really relieved for at least a half-hour afterwards."

"You were watching?" Jigen asked as he came out of the bathroom.

"Not really.  People were doing necessary things in between bouts.  There were a bunch of them in the grocery store."  He shrugged.  "I'm trying to keep you guys alive.  One guy in the store with me stole the meat cutter's cleaver to cut his off."

"I know why," Jigen said darkly, looking at the condoms and vaseline.  "Thanks, really, Lupin, but no."

"Just in case, Jigen.   I'm open to all things, but I know you're trying to tough it out."  He looked at the cans of food.  "What do we want for food?"

"Something soft," Goemon told him, heading into the bedroom to lie down.  He groaned as he laid down, his dick was standing up again.  "Go away," he growled.

Lupin came in and took his sword before he could reach for it, and Jigen's pocket knife as well.  "No sharp instruments at the moment I think."  He walked out with them, taking them to hide.  Before he had to explain how they had cut their dicks off to some doctor.  He came out and found Jigen collapsed on the couch.  "Jigen?"  He walked closer.  "Jigen?"  No answer.  He moved closer and tested his forehead under the brim of the hat.  "Goemon, he's burning up with a fever."

"I feel as if I am too," Goemon admitted, coming out to help him.  "Perhaps something should be done.  How is he not hard?"

"He just took care of it probably," Lupin pointed out.  He looked at the kitchen, seeing a glass out.  "Goemon, did Jigen drink anything?"

"No.  Not that I'm aware of."  He looked and saw the glass out, going in to sniff at it.  "Water if anything."

"Water?"  He smacked himself on the head.  "The chemistry set."  He turned and found the door open. "Fujiko, thank you."  He took it. "Out, it's not safe here."

"I can't get out of the town."

"Then find a very large hole and hide in it," Goemon ordered.  "No one can control themselves."

"The Health Department guys thinks that only nymphos are acting normally.  Someone figured out who Lupin was and said that he was probably borderline so that's why he had control."  She stepped inside and closed the door.  "You won't hurt me."  Goemon gave her an incredulous look.  "You won't."

"He will," Lupin told her.  "He can't control it any more than those people in the park."  He went to run some water into a test tube, working on a solution to see if it was pure.  "Bingo."

"It's in the water?" Goemon asked.  Lupin nodded.  "Then we have to shut off the water supply."

"Or get them to flush the system," Fujiko said thoughtfully.  "What's wrong with Jigen?"

"I'm assuming he drank a glass of the stuff," Lupin said bitterly.  "He's getting hit much worse.  Goemon, can you watch him?"

"Of course."

"Thanks.  I'm escorting her out."  He grabbed Fujiko by the arm and slung her over his shoulder, carrying her out no matter how much she complained about the blood rushing to her head.  He came up to the barrier. "She's not infected.  Get someone."  One of the soldiers went running, bringing one of the officials.  "She's the one who just delivered all the condoms.  She's not infected."  He handed her across the barrier.  "Keep her safe, okay?"

"Of course.  Did you have something to do with this?"

"No, but I think I know who did.  I was called here."

"Oh."  He considered it.  "Do you know how?"

"We think it's in the water.  Is there any hopes of defeating this?"  He shook his head.  "Just wearing it out?"

"If you don't wear it out, it seems to get exponentially worse with each exposure.  Other than that, we can't tell."

Lupin dug into his jacket pocket, handing over a copy of the formula the kid had given him last night.  He already had another copy.  "I was called here to come confiscate this and take it somewhere safer to destroy.  It was made at the University.  I'm pretty sure it's in the water."

"Interesting.  Thank you, Mr. Lupin.  For the condoms as well.  It was a greater public service."

"They say one out of five people have herpes, I don't want to endanger my friends."  He turned and walked off, heading back to his room.  He walked in and leaned against the door once it was closed.  "I gave them a copy of the formula," he announced.  Jigen looked at him, finally awake.  "There's a bit of new news."  Goemon glanced at him as well from slicing things in the kitchen.  Lupin checked, he still had his dick so it wasn't something personal he was cutting.  "Apparently it grows exponentially if you don't let it out with each exposure.  Jigen, it's in the water."


"Definitely."   He looked at Goemon.  "He knew me but he did take Fujiko."

"Thank you.  I had no desire to spend myself with her."

"You're calm.  Feeling better?" he asked hopefully.  Goemon gave him a hurt look.  "Fine, you took care of it?"

"For both of us," Jigen admitted, sitting up but holding his head.  "I still ache."

"You got it more directly," Lupin pointed out.  "His body may have soaked up as much as our ice last night, but you just drank a really large glass of it."

"Get something else to drink?" Goemon suggested.  "Before dinner."

"Soda, juice, or beer?"

"Yeah, that's good," Jigen agreed.  "We'll need the juice eventually, but the beer would be really nice at the moment."

"Okay, let me do that."  He hurried out, going back to the store before it could close.  He came back with another bag, handing Jigen a cold beer.  "I even got cold ones."

"Thank you," Goemon said, taking a beer for himself.  It would help him right now.   He saluted them.  "How much longer?"

"Who knows.  If they believe me?  Maybe tomorrow before they flush the lines?"

"If they don't, it could take weeks," Jigen said flatly.  Lupin nodded.  "Without a shower, no frozen juices, no pasta, no water of any sort."

"We'll all smell the same by then," Goemon admitted.

"No one's told the rest of the town," Jigen pointed out.  Goemon looked horrified.

"They will once they figure it out," Lupin calmed them.  "We'll just stay up here unless you want to go down and find someone to wear this out with."

"What we're doing now is working," Jigen said firmly.  Goemon nodded.

"Fine, then I'll support you two doing it together if you must," Lupin told them.  "I don't want to bury either of you because of this."

"It'd have to be an open casket if you did," Goemon said bitterly.  Everyone looked at him.  "What?"

"I think he made a joke," Jigen said, sounding awed.

"Good job, Goemon," Lupin agreed happily.  "Welcome to our side of the fence."

"I can kill you without my sword."

"Yeah, but if you do, then you'll have to fight this on your own, cook your own food, and fetch your own things."  They looked horrified, they couldn't do that in this condition!  "So you can kill me afterwards, big guy."  He grinned at them.  "Okay, what am I fixing for dinner?"

"I've started something.  I was capable of opening a can and adding hot peppers," Goemon offered.

"Good. From now on, let me handle that.  You two need to rest so you don't jump me."

"You're too skinny, it wouldn't take that long to kill you with it," Jigen told him.

Lupin smirked.  "Has it occurred to either of you that I've had two showers since we got back and about a quart of water this morning to take the aftertaste of last night out of my mouth?  Plus some more after I played with my cheerleaders?"  They looked horrified.  "Some of us know what this is like."

"Yeah, sure, we'll come to you for advice, Lupin," Goemon snorted.

"The best advice so far seems to be to wear it out.  A few people have died."  They looked stunned.  "Seriously.  The Health guy said so.  I heard him telling that to Fujiko."

"Shit," Jigen said, looking down at his returning demon.  Then he looked at Goemon.   "You want to control this?"

"Yes.  I will stay in control."

Lupin looked at his watch.  "It's been sixteen hour since we met Boris."  He looked at them.   "That means it's probably been about as long since it hit the water supply.  With any luck, it won't have more doses."

"With any luck, we can destroy the water facility," Goemon told him.  "That way more people aren't plagued with growing needs."

"That's a thought but that'll leave the whole town without water for a long time," Lupin reminded him.  "That means no showers."

"We won't be here then," Jigen reminded him.

"I'll scout it out later," Lupin agreed.  "Maybe it's easily fixed by removing whatever is releasing the solution."  Someone pounded on the door so he got up to answer it, letting in the young woman.  "What's wrong?"

"The crates won't open," she pleaded.

"Okay, let me put on some shoes."  He did so and followed after her. He had expected someone knew how to open a crate but in their present states fulcrums and levers were apparently above them.  He pulled a few more out and opened them, letting them dig in.  "Bring some home, just in case," he called.  They nodded, stuffing shirts and pockets to have enough.  They ran off, letting the others know that more were available.   A few people ran to get some of the crates, taking them to the parks.  "Good idea," he encouraged.   He went back to make one last trip to the store.  He had bought pasta and it was not what they'd need if Jigen and Goemon got into curing it.  He walked back with the fresher food, weathering the hurt looks Jigen gave him.  "I got you some meat so you don't get anemic."

"Thanks."  He laid down again, his head was swimming and his body was setting up a steady throb.  "I don't think I was this bad as a teenager."

"I know I wasn't," Goemon said from the windowsill he was sitting on.  He looked at Lupin.  "Meat?"

"Some meat, some fresh veggies.  That way we won't have to worry about pasta."  He put things away then moved to work on dinner.  "Should I make it stuff you can use a spoon on?"

"We're not that bad, yet," Jigen said dryly.  Lupin gave him a look.  "I'm back to an even spot."

"Sure, you say that now, but what about later, when the need starts growing?" Lupin asked gently.  Jigen glared at him and Goemon huffed in irritation.  "Fine.  I'll stay in here and be a good nursemaid Lupin.  I'm sure my mother did it on occasion for my father."  He went back to dinner, hoping to get them to sleep soon.   They might not ache so bad if they were sleeping.


Goemon woke up and found himself on Jigen's bed, and quickly moved back to his own bed.  He noticed Jigen was limp and sated.  His own body was so badly off it was making his teeth ache with the need.  He shook his head, going out to the living room.  After a quick stop to brush his teeth.  He had no idea what he had done but apparently it had helped.  He found Lupin in the living room and gave him a long look.  "How do you live like this?"

"I wear it out now and then," Lupin pointed out.  "You and Jigen let it build for years at a time.  Of course it's hitting you worse."  He handed over the can of soda.  "Here.  Tab, just like you used to like."  He went back to his reading. "Jigen okay?"  Goemon nodded, sitting across from him.  "What can we do to make this easier on you, Goemon?"

"I don't know," he admitted.  He took a short sip and put the can down, wincing at the clash between his toothpaste and the soda.  "I am still ignoring it."

Lupin put his book down, giving him a long look.  "Goemon, you just gave a blow in your sleep.  You're not ignoring it, it's running you without your permission."  Goemon looked hurt so he softened his tone.  "Hey, I want to help.  How can I help?"

"I'll be fine.  I'll sleep on the couch."

"Goemon, I don't care if you fuck Jigen into next week, as long as you both come out of this sickness alive!" he said hotly.  Goemon gave him a long look, then nodded.  "Listen, if I have to I have stuff in the trunk of the car."


"Stuff. For those times when we don't see a woman for months and even Jigen's bony ass is starting to look good to me."  Goemon looked horrified.  "Really.  It's okay."

"If you say so.  I do not care to know about such things."

"That's fine, just remember I'll loan it to you and only expect them to be cleaned when I get them back."  Jigen wandered out, taking the soda off the table to gulp.  "You okay?"

"Hell no."  He looked at Goemon.  Then he looked at Lupin, who pointed at Goemon.  "Wonderful," he said bitterly.

Lupin stood up, getting in his face.  "Did you want it to be me, Jigen?"  Jigen's eyes widened.  "Then let's settle this here and now.  Whatever happens in this town while you're under this stays in this town.  No matter with who, with what, or how you do things.  Boys, girls, sheep, it's all the same to me as long as you two don't die from it."

"You keep saying that.  How many have?" Goemon asked.

"Three women have died of a heart attack, all older.  I overheard him saying six men as well, mostly younger men.  The news on the radio just updated to ten."

"Then it's a possibility," Jigen said quietly.

"Two of them weren't participating.  They warned everyone to wear it out and to try and rest between bouts and get plenty of fluids."

"I'll do that," Jigen agreed, nodding.  "No picking later?"

"If I even try, you can tie me up and tickle me," Lupin agreed with a grin.  "Or you could get Fujiko to strip for me while I'm tied down, an even worse fate."  He smirked at him.  "Consider it team bonding, Jigen."

"I don't need to bond any closer," Goemon told him.

Lupin gave him a look.  "Then I respect your decision but the first time you start to feel ill, I'm forcing you to take care of it.  Got it?"  Goemon nodded, taking the soda back to finish it off.  "Good. Now let's go to bed, guys.  It's really late, even for us."  They padded back to their beds, Jigen following Lupin.  "Already?"

"I needed ta ask somethin'," Jigen admitted quietly, closing the door.  "You know about this stuff how?"

"Private all-boy's school, Jigen.  It's a lot like prison or reform school, only with nicer uniforms and no bars on the doors or windows."  Jigen's mouth fell open.  "Exactly.  All incoming First Years were treated as toys.  Until one of us became top dog.  I came in during our second year and I came in with an attitude, the ability to make myself top dog, and the belief that helping my yearmates out that way would only win me friends.  I had a lot of special friends while in school."

"So you did it all?" he asked dryly.

"And then some.  One teacher made the mistake of thinking that no one would find her porn collection.  She lost that bet.  It was quite instructional about some of the harsher things in life.  Not that I practice them," he admitted with a grin.  "But yeah, I've tried everything at least once."

"Fine," Jigen agreed.  "Then I'm putting my sanity into your hands."

Lupin stepped closer, smirking smugly at him.  "How sane should I make you, Jigen?"

"Totally if possible."

"You're that willing?"

"Lupin, it's like a burning need to have something more extensive happen," he said quietly.

"Then I'll watch out for you, buddy.  We'll work through this together and help Goemon."  He got Jigen onto the bed and stretched out next to him.  "Tell me when you're that needy."

"I could use some now, just to see if it makes it worse or not," Jigen admitted.  Lupin stroked over his chest and stomach, making Jigen moan and arch up into him.  "I'm not this sensitive."

"I have no doubt it's the drug."  Lupin's hand moved lower, teasing the waistband of Jigen's boxers.  "I will if you want."

"No, I don't want, I need."

"Fine, then whenever you need, I'm here."

Jigen nodded.  "Please."  Lupin let his hand slide under the boxers and the warm hand encircled Jigen's cock, making him whimper and sigh.  "More?"

"Sure, Jigen, anything for you."  He moved his hand slowly, watching the other man's face for clues.  Jigen came and relaxed next to him.  "Let's see if the interval becomes shorter or longer," Lupin said quietly, licking off his hand.

"You like that?"

Lupin let him taste some of himself.  "It's not so bad.  You get used to it."

"So I guess you're all set for prison?" Jigen asked bitterly.

"No, I'm all set to run my block if we ever get caught for real," Lupin corrected.  "Lupin the Third is no man's bitch.  He never has been."

"Then you've never...."

"I never said that, but that was a conscious decision, not a bitch moment.  I enjoyed the hell out of it too," he admitted with a grin.  Jigen pinched him.  "Sorry.  You rest, Jigen."  Jigen nodded and got comfortable, staying right where he was.  "I'll watch your back."  He laid down, staring at the doorway just in case Goemon needed them.


Goemon came out of his bedroom pulling his hair again.  Lupin looked at him, then at his watch.  "Six hours, I'm impressed.  It looks like it's time for me to break out the special bag."  He got up and headed down to the car, brining back up the carpet bag he always kept in the trunk.  He handed it to Goemon.  "Like I said, clean it first."

Goemon gave him a horrified look.  "I do not need surrogates!"

"Goemon, use them before you rip that thing off!" Lupin shouted.  Goemon flinched and walked away.  Lupin took a deep breath and headed after him, pinning him to the bed by straddling his waist.  Goemon's cock was thinking for him and it froze with proximity to another body.  "Goemon," he said quietly and gently.  "I want you to stay sane and whole.  You can't do that if you can't think.  If you don't do something soon, you'll lose your mind and rip yourself to shreds over something that you can't control.  This isn't a test or a sign that you're unworthy.  It's a sign that someone's made something stronger than the human mind, will, and instincts."  Goemon nodded so Lupin got off him, handing him the bag.  "In there is a suction thing.  It feels really good.  I enjoy the hell out of it," he admitted with a goofy grin.  "There's some pictures and things too.  You'll probably want to ignore the panties but otherwise you should have everything you need."  Goemon gave him another horrified look so Lupin undid the bag and pulled out the small suction device, sliding it onto his friend's body and turning it on.  Goemon's eyes went wide and he batted at it, but then his eyes rolled back into his head.  "See, I told you so."  He got off the bed, heading out to check on Jigen.  "Hey, Jigen, we've got to get that art before the old woman dies.  You up to go taunt her?"

Jigen looked up, looking miserable.  "Are you sure that's such a good idea, Lupin?  We can't get it out of the town."

"We can so, there's a whole underground system of tunnels leftover from the Resistance."   Jigen looked startled, giving him a long look so Lupin smirked at him.  "What?" he asked innocently.  "That was how I planned on moving it all along.  Besides, Pops'll be here soon," he said with a wave of his hand.  "I just know he'll blame this one on me too."  Goemon bellowed and he grinned.  "Better now.  I know she's affected too, she was chasing after her chef earlier.  We could easily entice her to give everything to us.  Plus, you two could wear things out a bit easier in your usual manner of choice."

"If you say so," Jigen said dryly.  "I still say I'm not in shape to move artwork."  He looked over as Goemon wandered out of the bedroom clutching the walls.  "You okay?"

"I feel free," he admitted weakly.  "Yet so very tired."

"Nap, Goemon.  We're discussing going after the artwork anyway.  She's got other things and we could probably entice her to give everything to us since she's affected as well."

"That's evil," Goemon told him.

"I know," Lupin said, cackling at his dirty look.  "Oh, come on, it'll be fun.  You like girls.  Girls will love you!"  He patted him on the back.  "I'll start another steak baking for you two."

"Please, I need the protein," Goemon admitted.

"The best protein for you is inside Jigen," Lupin teased.  Goemon gave him a horrified look.  "Didn't it help last time?"  Goemon banged his head on the table, shaking it once his head quit bouncing.  "Next time, learn that I know many things."  He looked out the window, giving the town square a thoughtful look.  "There they are again," he noted, watching them watch the others.  "Someone else who's not affected.  Not in lab coats so they're not the government."  He smirked.  "They'll get theirs."  He pulled out a steak to stick in the pan from earlier, adding some new herbs and wine.  Then he stuck it into the oven.  "Watch that, I'll be right back."  He grabbed something off his dresser then headed downstairs whistling.  He strolled across the park, kissing the woman who tried to waylay him.  "Not now, precious.  Soon though."  She nodded, pouncing the next man.  He let a few drops out onto his hands and casually brushed the other men's necks.  "How's the study looking, boys?"  They turned, looking like they had been caught.  "The creators?"  They swallowed and wobbled.  "Don't even think about it," Lupin said bitterly.  "You infected a lot of people.   You've screwed up the city for years because of this.  You deserve to be punished."

"We never expected this," the one on the left admitted.  "We only wanted to try it on a few people.  We got it horribly out of proportion."

"Uh-huh, and I believe you.  Is this the same as that Eternal Truth stuff?"  They nodded, looking mystified.  "I saw someone earlier, before all this happened.  So, what happens with the pure stuff?"

"It's permanent. This will wear off a week after exposure was last given," the one on the right told him.  "Please, Mr. Lupin, I beg you.  It was a dumb prank."

"Then you can explain this to the governmental types," he said, waving one over who was watching the group.  "I think they want to say something."  Both boys stripped down, making Lupin laugh at their incredibly small pricks.  "Go. I did put the pure serum on you."  They ran off to join in the group around the Founder's statue.  "They made it.  They're studying the residents."  He picked up and handed over the clipboards.  "I thought it fitting to torment them the same way.  So I dosed them the same way Jigen's suffering."  He walked off, going to check on the old woman.  He found her in her entryway trying to cure her own ache again.  He strolled in and looked down at her, letting her crawl up his legs.  "You're not too bad for an old lady."

"I'm not that old, it's the need, young man," she pleaded. "Please, make it better?  I want so much."

"I know you do."  He let her stroke him through his pants.  "I'll trade you favors.  I like your art work.  You want my cock.  Think we can work out an arrangement?"

"For that I'd give you all my art and my jewels," she pleaded.  "Please?"

"Give me an hour to get my friends back here," he soothed, pulling her up to kiss her senseless.  "Head to your bedroom.  Make yourself ready for us.  You can pick which one you want."  She drooled and he wiped it off for her.  "Go.  One hour."  She nodded, hurrying up the stairs, one hand already down her panties.  Lupin went back to the room, turning off the dinner.  "I just saw the woman with the artwork.  She's willing to *give* it to us if we come see her."  Goemon and Jigen both gave him a look so he shrugged.  "It'll help you both and she'll be very thankful.  Her and her jewelry collection as well," he said smugly.  He walked over, kissing Jigen.  "Let me lead you down the path of how I charm people," he said softly, staring into his eyes.  "You can make her do anything you want for you."  Jigen gave in.  He turned to look at Goemon.  "She's an older lady, she won't be too outrageous," he promised.  "Nothing like some of those things spoke of."  Goemon blushed and hung his head.  "Come on, guys, it'll be fine!"  He got them standing and in clothes, dragging them to the car and up there.  "Upstairs," he ordered, pushing them inside.  He led them into the master suite, making the woman drool.  "As I said, you can pick."

"You're pretty skinny, I like a man with some meat on his bones," she admitted, grabbing Goemon and pulling him onto the bed.  She rolled him underneath her and went to work on his clothes and his neck.  "Both combinations are on the table.  Can I have him all night?"

"That's up to him," Lupin admitted.  Jigen moaned so he pushed him down.  "Help him, Jigen."
"She's older than my usual tastes."

Lupin leaned closer.  "She used to be a Madam," he whispered.  "She knows her shit, Jigen."  Jigen nodded, taking off his jacket to help Goemon get some relief, and to get some of his own.  He grabbed the combinations and went to find some helpers, giving the boys he found serious come-hither looks.  "Want a quick blow for some light work?" he suggested slyly.

"Giving or taking?" one of them asked.  His cock was already out and rock hard.

"Whichever you want, but I love it when I get given them by soft little boys."  He ran a finger over the boy's cock, making him shiver. "I can see the other side of the fence though.  Up for it?"  The boys nodded, following slavishly behind him.  To have this thing solved would make them all satisfied.  They hefted things out to the truck Lupin had driven over, the one that had held the condoms.  It was now empty.  As soon as they were done, Lupin found a chair and put one leg up, undoing his pants to the sound of pants.  "Who wants which way?" he asked in his best sexy voice.  They fought over giving him a blow so he had to sort them out and have them all teased by him in turn.  He left them lying in the room and went up to look at Jigen and Goemon.  The woman between them was out of her mind as they drove themselves into her body over and over again.  "Guys.  I'm done.  You almost there?"

"Coming," Jigen panted, working faster in the tight mouth.  He finally came with a shriek and went limp.  Goemon grunted a few more times then came with a muted bellow, collapsing across her chest and onto Jigen's back.  "Ow, Goemon."

"Sorry."  He pulled out, looking down at himself.  "I do feel much calmer."

"So do the five boys downstairs," Lupin admitted.  "Ma'am, there's five young men downstairs who would be more than happy to pleasure you all you wanted as long as they got some of their own."  She nodded weakly so Lupin walked over and got her off with a bit of playing to her clit.  The woman went limp and smiled at him. "Good job, guys.  Think you want more?"  He licked off his fingers, seemingly unconcerned about what else had touched that area.

"No, it's more than payment enough," she ensured him.  "I've never had sex like that before."

"Goemon doesn't often use his skills in the bedroom but when he does it tends to knock people out and make them beg for more."  He helped Goemon up, helping him dress.  He patted them on the ass. "Jigen, the truck's loaded.  The map's on the front seat.  Take Goemon down there."  Jigen nodded and dragged himself off, doing up his pants on the way.  "Hmm, a very nice present," he said, diving into her body to lick it clean and get her dirty again.  He loved dirtying a good woman.


Lupin walked into the apartment later that night, waving a bag of things he had gathered.  "Morning."  Jigen glared at him.  "What?"

"Having fun?"

"Well, yeah," he agreed with a grin.  He leaned down and kissed him, but Jigen pushed him away.  "Having a Fujiko day, Jigen?"  Jigen looked hurt.  "Look at what I got you before you do anything else," he ordered, handing them over.  He sat down next to him, looking in the bedroom.  "Goemon, are you still alive?"  No answer.  "He napping?"

"Mortally embarrassed that his body betrayed him."  Jigen looked in the bag, then at him.  "Local jewelry store?"

"No," he admitted with a grin.  "Someone's heirlooms."  He stood up.  "Let me check on Goemon."  He walked into the bedroom, taking the pillow from overtop of Goemon's head.  "It didn't betray you.  You can't control it right now.  Even if you could, it wouldn't do more than override you.  You can get over this and go on."  Goemon glared at him.  Lupin gave him a smug look.  "Do you feel better?"

"Much," he admitted quietly.

"Then accept it and move on.  Meditate on this after you're better.  Come see the pretties I got us."  He pulled Goemon up, hugging him.  "Come on, Goemon."

"What did you do with those helpers?"

"I let them play with me.  It seems they wanted that instead of the other way around."  He walked him back into the living room.  "Jigen?"  Jigen held up a long necklace, one that had a long, oval stone on the end.  "What is that for?"

"I think it's a sex toy," Jigen admitted.  "I read it in a book," he said when Goemon looked at him.

Lupin took it to look at, sniffing it.  "If it wasn't, it has been used as it."  He tossed it aside.  "Maybe I'll give that to Fujiko."  They snickered.  "What?  Putting it on her and making her live in it for a few days?"  He pinched Goemon, and watched as he moved away.  "You feeling better, Jigen?"

"As much as I hate to admit it, I am."  He looked at Goemon.  "We were drugged, Goemon.  We'll have to move on after this.  Right now, we have to survive."  Lupin looked down at him, hands on his hips.  "There have been another two deaths from over- exertion."   Goemon shuddered.  "I guess we're lucky that we have *some* control."

"And me," Lupin said smugly.

"And you," Goemon said quietly.  He looked at him.  "Will...."

"Sure, Goemon, I'll help you too.  As long as Jigen doesn't mind."

"Hell no.  I remember what happened first."  He pulled Goemon down beside him, giving him a short pat.  "We'll work on it."

"Thank you."  He looked down at his lap.  "Already?"

Jigen looked at his lap.  "Apparently."

Lupin chuckled and walked around to look down at them.  "Whenever you're ready, boys," he said smugly.  "I'm more than happy to help."

"I bet you are," Fujiko said from the doorway.  "They sent me back," she defended.

Goemon groaned and curled up around himself.  "Get her out of here."

"I'm not going near you, Goemon.  Don't worry about it."  She closed the door.

"Make her leave, Lupin!"

Lupin turned to look at her.  "Fujiko, get another room in the hotel," he said calmly.  "They can't control it and I'll come see you soon."

"They're full."

"Fujiko, they can't control it and unless you want to aid them now in whatever thing they need, I'd run like hell."  She looked stunned.  "Seriously, Fujiko.  Run. Now.  We've all been infected."  Her mouth opened and she backed away from him. "I'm in better control but Jigen and Goemon aren't."  She turned and ran from the room, slamming the door behind her.  "Good."  He looked at Jigen. "Did you put on the lock?"  He nodded.  "Very good," he said smugly.  "Is there space?"  Jigen nodded again.  "Even better."  He kissed him gently.  "Tell me when you're ready.  I'm going to be over here."  He sat down, picking up the book he had borrowed from the bookstore. It took nearly two chapters before Goemon groaned out loud.  He put it aside and took off his tie, standing up.  "Come on, Goemon.  Jigen."  He took them into the bedroom, laying them beside each other.  "Do whatever you want, I'll join in."  He worked on his shirt, watching as Jigen attacked Goemon desperately.  "Okay, that's too long I think.  Next time we'll try for a half-hour before this state."  He got out of his pants and jumped onto the bed, leaving his boxers there.  Jigen arched up into his touches and Goemon whimpered.  "Shh."  He licked across his nipple, making Goemon hiss and hold him down.  His free hands were working on Jigen's clothes.  "You can help."

"I'd hurt him," Goemon pleaded.

"You won't hurt him.  He wants it just as much as you."  Lupin got him out of the clothes and looked down at him.  "Damn, you're built very nicely."  He grinned at Jigen.  "Right?"  Jigen nodded, getting naked.  "Okay, now let's just enjoy this."  He latched onto Goemon and let Jigen do whatever he wanted for a bit.

Jigen looked at Lupin's bent over body and smirked at Goemon.  "We should teach him not to offer blindly."  Goemon nodded, handing over the vaseline.  Jigen snickered as he moved to get behind him.  He was nearly ready when Lupin realized what he was doing.  "Stay," he ordered.  "You said whatever and it was better when I had her."  He slid in, making Lupin hiss and pull back to pant through the pain.

"Next time, give me some warning, Jigen."

"Sure, Lupin."  He moved harder, and Lupin got pushed back down to please Goemon some more.  "Enjoy it, Goemon."  Goemon pushed up and Lupin went back to what he had been doing.  "Good boy."  Jigen spent himself quickly, then found he wasn't done yet.  Lupin pulled off him and pushed him down onto his stomach, doing it to him this time.  Jigen found it much more satisfying this time and the drug wore off for a bit longer.  Then Goemon got his special attention after that, only softer and more gently. It was much more satisfying than being on top.  Jigen panted, looking at him.  "Damn it.  When did you figure that out?"

"Watching the boys earlier."  Lupin collapsed between them, panting hard.  "This sucks, I'm out practice for this type of sex.  My girls are usually much more active."  Goemon gave him a soft squeeze.  "Thanks, Goemon.  Rest, it'll be back in a few hours."

"I should too," Jigen looked at him, then at Goemon.  "You okay?"  Goemon nodded, closing his eyes.  "We'll talk after we get out of here."

"I'm going home after this," Goemon told them.  "I'll need time to be by myself."

"Sure," Lupin agreed, patting him on the hand.  "Like I said, I'm going to develop selective amnesia."

"Thank you."  Goemon moved closer, letting himself fall asleep against Lupin's back.

Jigen blinked hard then slowly drifted off.  "Night."

"Night, Jigen," Lupin said quietly.  The gunman fell asleep against him.  Lupin laid there recovering and thinking.  This had a lot of opportunities.  He could do this and help them.  He could have his run of the whole town.  He was one of six people able to walk around in the town.  The others were women and they were quite happy to be exercising their mental issues with most of the townspeople.  He was also really happy if he could do the same, but let's be realistic, he wanted more than the sex.  Unless it was with Fujiko and then he only wanted the sex.


Jigen wandered out to breakfast the next morning, finding Goemon already up and eating.  He gave him a look.  "You okay, man?"

"Fine now," he admitted quietly.  "Lupin's in the bathroom."

"Uh-huh.  He doesn't need more exposure either," Jigen said bitterly, going to stop him.  Lupin was brushing his teeth.  "Making it worse?"

"No, hairy tongue."  He kissed Jigen, making him moan.  "Need it, Jigen?"

"Get smug; I will put you on your back again, Lupin."

"I know.  I'm not being smug.  That may come later though."  He grinned.  "Sometimes I can't help it."

"Yeah, sure you can't," Jigen said dryly.  He pushed down his boxers.  "It's bruised."

"It's not bruised, the blood never seems to leave it fully," Lupin corrected, going to his knees to fix it for him.  That was a dangerous state.  It wasn't his most inspired blow job but it was more than good enough because Jigen went limp and he had to catch him before he was crushed.  He carried Jigen out to the couch, settling him onto it.  Then he got a soda and put it beside him for when he woke up.  "Goemon?"

"I'm fine," he said.

"Good, let me know.  I don't want you to suffer."

"The death count went up by another three people."

"The researchers?"

"No.  Did you find them?"

"Yeah, they were the guys taking notes.  I dosed them with the full serum.  They were compensating for having almost no dick."  He went into the kitchen, making some eggs.  "We're going to need paper plates soon.  I can't figure out if it leaves a residue or not."

"It would be better to assume it does," Goemon agreed, glancing at Jigen.  "Is he all right?"

"He's fine.  Remember, he got more than you or I did."  Goemon nodded.  "You sure you're okay?"

"I'm thinking."

"That's fine then, we like it when you think."  Lupin finished the first few eggs and brought them over for him, letting him have the pan as well.  "I really need to talk to the government people."

"There was a notice that said anyone not affected should meet at the fence sometime today," Goemon admitted.  "I do not know why."

"It doesn't much matter, Goemon.  Maybe they have some news.  I'll trip up there once Jigen's awake.  I trust you not to hurt each other."  He nodded.  "Good man.  Eat.  Oh, man, I just sounded like someone's mother," he complained, shaking his head.  Jigen let out a quiet laugh.  "I left you a soda, drink it."  Jigen tried to get it open then held it up so Lupin opened it for him, looking down at him.  "Are you really that weak?" he asked quietly.  Jigen nodded.  "Not getting any better?"

"It doesn't hurt as much but I'm tired."

"Then nap, Jigen.  We won't keep you up.  Goemon said that they've called for us sane people to go to the barrier today.  Make sure I don't have to bury you, otherwise I'll have to get mushy and possibly find you a few wine bearers to bury with you."  Jigen snorted, shaking his head.  "No?"

"No, Lupin.  Put a cigarette in my mouth and light us both up."  Lupin nodded.  "No mushiness needed."  He sat up and sipped his soda.  "I do feel better."

"The guys said a week after your last exposure.  It's only been two days," Lupin pointed out.  "You guys have always had more control anyway."  He stood up. "Let me get cleaned up and I'll head up to talk to them.  You guys be safe while I'm gone."  He went into the bedroom to dress himself then left.   He strolled up the street, noticing everyone was still indoors this morning and shrugged it off.  They were probably tired too.  He found a guard at the barrier, nodding at him.  "You guys called for the sane people?"

"How are you staying sane?"

"How to put this delicately?" he mused, smirking up.

"He's a fucking slut," a familiar voice said angrily.

"Hey, Pops.  He's right," he told the guard.  "I am."  The guard shook his head.  "Sorry, I'm a true child of the sixties."  He beamed at his nemesis.  "What's shakin', Pops?  Can we hurry this up? Goemon and Jigen got hit too and I don't like to leave them alone for very long."

"Now I know you didn't do it," he said bitterly.

"Nope, sorry.  Some kid named Boris called us.  His partner showed up at the club to turn over the solution and the formula.  They wanted us to get rid of it.  It's still on my dresser by the way.  The next morning everyone woke up like that."  He waved a hand at the town.  "Why is it so quiet?"

"We're enforcing a quarantine," the guard told him.  "We'll be bringing around supplies."

"We might need some food if this goes on much longer.  You did take the kids out of harm's way, right?"

"Every single one of them," the guard agreed, nodding.  "How bad are your friends?  We're trying to keep a list of the possible deaths."

"Jigen drank a glass of water last and we both drink ice in our whiskey.  Goemon mostly got his through showers."

"We haven't been able to find it in the water."

"Have you checked?"  The guard nodded.  "I got a result out of the tap at the hotel a few hours after the condoms appeared."

"Thank you for that, sir.  The company said they'd forgive you this time since it was a matter of urgency and emergency."  The guard looked at Zenigata.  "We need to pull samples."

"We need to arrest them!"

"If you do, then Jigen could die, Pops.  Get over it!" Lupin snapped.  Zenigata looked hurt.  "They're more important and we can't really leave anyway."  He looked at the guard.  "Nothing new?"

"Well, the boys who made the formula were quite instructive once we pulled them off someone.  The Minister of Justice thought it was a fitting punishment as well."  Lupin grinned.  "Other than that, we're pretty sure it's nothing.  Have you narrowed down any other similarities?"

"Not really.  They ate different food, drank different liquor, but it definitely got Jigen worse after he drank a glass of water and Goemon started to act odder after his last shower."

"That's fine, we'll check.  They could have mined one of the pipes instead of the water treatment plant."

"They're university students.  Anything that way?" Lupin asked.  The guard nodded, making a note of that.  "If you need us, yelp our way, man."  He turned and went back to Jigen's side, only stopping for a candy bar from a girl.  "Thanks.  Needed this," he said with a small smile.  He walked inside, nibbling as he went.  More guards came jogging his way so he held the door for them, nodding at them as they headed for the nearest bathroom.  He took his candy bar upstairs, shaking a piece with the other two.  "Have I mentioned that it irks me to be the good guy?"  Jigen snorted.  "Pops is here.  He knew I didn't do it because I said you were both affected."  Someone pounded on the door so he opened it, nodding the guard inside.  "They're safe enough for now."

"We want to test your water."

"Sure, go for it," he said, waving at the kitchen area.  "We also need to know if there's going to be a residue if we do dishes or wash clothes."

The guard looked startled.  "We hadn't even thought of that," he admitted.  "Shit."  He ran a sample into a vial and shook it, watching as it turned purple.  He looked at Lupin.  "You're really not affected?"

"It's no worse than my usual horny days."  Lupin went into his things, coming out with his book of pictures.  "These are all the people I've done since New Year's Day."  The guard looked stunned.  "As you can see, it's not really an issue in my life."

"Because you exercise that body part so much, it will probably fail you some day," Goemon said from behind his book.

"Don't worry, Goemon, if it does then I'll let you stand in for me," he quipped back.  Goemon glared at him so he smirked at him.  "No?"

"No."  Jigen snickered.  "You shut up as well.  Otherwise he may make you the same offer."

"I'd never keep up with his sex life," Jigen told him.  "Even if this doesn't kill me, that would."

Lupin beamed.  "Didn't know you cared that much, Jigen.  Thanks."  He smirked at the guard.  "As you can see, it's mostly normal around here."

"I envy you, sir."  He left with the vial, taking it back to his boss, who threw a fit.  "He suggested that someone may have mined a pipe instead of the plant itself, sir."

"Would students have access to those?" Zenigata asked.

"There's a major branch in the pipes near the university and they keep breaking into it to make out in there," a local woman noted.  "We also have some kids playing in the branch this way each year and at least one drowns because of stupid stunts."  She looked at the guard.  "Was it there?"  He nodded.  "Shit."

"Plus, he brought up an interesting point, sir," he told his boss.  "They wanted to know if it would leave a residue on washed clothes or dishes."

"I hadn't thought of that but we'll know by tonight."  The senior guard called his headquarters and told them what they had found out and the new questions.  He hung up with a growl.  "That was not helpful.  They said the dishes may or may not, but the clothes are more likely since some cloths soak up water and detergent better."

"We should probably add cooking vessels and paper plates to the list of supplies," Zenigata offered.  He suddenly smirked.  "I want to see Jigen and Goemon like this," he said meanly.  "They're normally so asexual it's annoying.  I've seen Jigen walk through the Playboy mansion and not react to anyone."  The guards around him gaped.  "Goemon refused to go look at the naked women.  Said it was disrespectful to them."

"There is proof that those who hold off tend to get hit worse as they hold off," the senior guard told him.

"I doubt they're holding off with them in that state and Lupin anywhere near them," Zenigata said dryly, looking quite smug.  "He may normally be a lady's man but any hole in a storm has been his motto in the past."

"The one with the hat did look weak," the guard who had intruded told him.  "The other was vibrating and forcing himself to stay calm."

"He hasn't touched them yet!  Hell!"  He jumped up and down a few times.  "That's not right.  It can't be right.  Lupin would never endanger their lives over something like this."

"Which means that they were hit very hard and Lupin's barely keeping the lid on it, even being dosed himself," the senior guard pointed out.

"The one with the sword made a crack about him going impotent."

"Ha!  He'd kill himself if that ever happened.  The great Lupin unable to get it up?  Never happen," he said snidely.  "That crook has loved his way around the world a few times."

"He showed me his book for this year," the guard agreed, holding his fingers three inches apart.

His boss looked stunned.  "It's only April," he said in awe.

"He's behind if it's only that thick," Zenigata agreed bitterly.  "I saw him close down a whorehouse in Berlin a few years ago.  They paid him, called it training."  He looked across the town.  "Fine, it wasn't him this time.  He was still here for more reasons than that formula."

"The old woman with the art collection died last night," the senior guard noted.  "She and her five little boy toys.  It's a tragedy for the university, she chaired the art department."

"She had five boys?" Zenigata asked.  They both nodded.  "Why?"

"Because apparently one wasn't doing it for her," the younger guard pointed out.  His boss growled and he snapped a salute.  "I'm going back to the barricade now.  That woman keeps trying to sneak through and it's nearly time for another attempt."

"Woman?" Zenigata asked, ears perking up.  "Fujiko perhaps?"

The senior guard nodded.  "She brought in the condom truck."  Zenigata prowled after the younger guard, going to capture her this time.  He found her and grabbed her, ripping off her wig.  "Ha!  Got you this time, Fujiko!" he said happily. "Lupin can't come for you either, he'll have to leave the other two!  I'll have you in prison long before then."  He dragged her off, handcuffing her multiple times and then to his wrist.  She would be his bait.  Lupin couldn't resist coming to save her.


"In other news," the anchorman on the local news show announced, "Fujiko Mine was captured today trying to break into the town under quarantine.  Inspector Zenigata, seen here," he said, and a picture flashed of him dragging her off, "was quite happy about this development and said it was only the first of his many arrests."

"Lupin, man, don't," Jigen begged.

Lupin considered it.  If he got her, Goemon and Jigen would suffer.  They'd never unbend enough to help each other without him.  If he didn't, his princess would be in jail for a few days.  He looked at Goemon, who glared at him, then at Jigen, who was holding his head and moaning.  "Already?" he asked.  Jigen nodded.  "Shit, Jigen."  He moved over to hold him for a few minutes.  "Even if I wanted to, which I do, I can't.  I promised you guys I'd be here.  I don't want another split, especially not right now."

"Having all the free ass you want is too heady to give up?" Goemon asked bitterly.

"Goemon, that's an uncharitable thought.  We all know I could be out solving a lot of other people's problems."  Goemon looked embarrassed. "Instead I've stayed to help your bony ass."  He looked at Jigen.  "She can get out or we'll rescue her on the way out of town.  How about that?"

"That's good enough I guess," Jigen agreed.  "I still wish you'd dump the bitch."

"I know, we've had this talk before," Lupin agreed.  "For right now, let's focus on the immediate needs and then move on to other matters.  Okay?"  They nodded, accepting that.  They wouldn't be left to die a horrible death and they couldn't get rid of the bitch.

Jigen looked at Goemon, his eyes lighting up.  "Hey, maybe she's infected too, that's why she was coming back?"

Goemon smirked. "It would serve her right for all the times she tried to screw us over."

"That's the second sex joke today, Goemon.  I'm starting to get worried about you," Lupin told him.  His free hand shifted to undo Jigen's pants for him, stroking him gently.  Jigen moaned and arched up into his fingers, letting himself go.  "You ready for more?" he asked when he saw the drool.  Jigen nodded quickly so it made it quicker this time, just enough release to make him tired and need another nap.  Goemon grunted in irritation, shifting awkwardly.  Jigen batted at him when he tried to continue so he left him alone and stood up, pulling Goemon into his bedroom to take care of him.  "You've got to quit fighting it, Goemon.  The people who have died first."  The samurai looked shamed and hung his head.  "So let me help and then we'll all forget about this later," he promised again.  Goemon nodded, letting him do whatever he wanted.  He would be forcing himself to forget later.


Lupin looked at his partners, his best friends, as they feened for another taste of his special method of dealing with this problem.  He checked the calendar on hi watch, then glanced at them again.  This may be the last night.  They were on day five after their last exposure.  Goemon was more in control for longer, but this last surge had caught him off-guard.  Lupin put down his book and stood up, pulling off his shirt as he walked into his bedroom.  At least the pipes had been cleaned out the day before.  They could bathe and all that good stuff without worry.  He looked at the modest bed, then walked into the other room, pushing the beds together.  Jigen came to the door to watch him.  "One last time," he said gently.  "That should get that last surge out."  Jigen shrugged, lounging in the doorway while he watched him, his pants already tented.  "You could help," Lupin pointed out.

"I don't think I could move anything without hurting myself," he admitted, waving a hand at his erection.  The rampant thing hadn't gone down in hours but the neediness was less.  "Should I herd Goemon this way?"

"Sure.  Give me another few minutes."  Lupin grinned as Jigen walked away, setting out things for their last night together this way.  He had no doubt that neither of them would let him touch them ever again.  Therefore he would make this last night special so they wouldn't have to remember all the desperation they had went through for the last few days.  He finally got the beds pushed together and kicked off his shoes before unbuckling his pants.

Goemon walked in.  "What are you doing?"

"Making this last one better," Lupin admitted.  "That way you can use it to hide the other, more desperate times."  He turned and captured Goemon's mouth, kissing him gently.  "That way you don't have to remember begging and keening for it, only this one."  Goemon nodded, that made sense.  So Lupin got him stripped and laying down on the bed.  "Jigen?"  Jigen walked in, already naked but for his hat.  "Leaving it on?"

"Yeah."  He kissed Lupin, a hard, forceful kiss.  "You almost ready?"

"Yup, sure am," Lupin said lightly, slipping out of his pants and boxers.  He waved a hand.  "How would you like it this last time?"

Jigen looked at Goemon, who blinked at him.  "We're not the mushy sort, boss."

"Good point," he agreed happily, pushing Jigen down so he could attack his nipples.  "That's the only bad thing about this, you don't have nice tits."  He moved a hand lower, wincing as Goemon pinched him.  "Hey!" he protested, but Goemon slapped him on the ass and pulled him over to take control.  "Fine, whatever you guys want," he agreed easily.  He was easy that way.  Jigen got on top of him, torturing his nipples for him.  "Mmm!"  He didn't protest, knowing Jigen would stop.  Both men were quite strong and very horny.  He might have written a check his body couldn't cash.  Not that he was worried.  Jigen and Goemon would never *hurt* him, at least not on purpose.   He could feel a callused finger slick with vaseline entering him and forced himself to relax.  He wasn't going to be hurt and they knew he was all right with this.  Even if his mind was feeling a bit ganged-up on.  He wiggled away from Jigen, turning over so he could tease Goemon's nipples for him.

Jigen spanked him hard then took the tub of vaseline from Goemon to do more work himself.  "Behave and let us drive," he growled, slicking himself up.  He knew Lupin's body wasn't fully prepared, but it was going to have to be good enough.  This time his body wasn't begging to be done, it was begging to be doing the doing.  It was like he was finally getting control of himself again.  He slid into the partially prepared hole, having enough control to hold still for a moment until Lupin's yell quit hurting his ears.  "Quit.  It's not that bad."

"Just wait, I'll show you later," Lupin said through grit teeth.

Jigen gave him a gentle pat on the back and started to move, shoving himself quickly. His body definitely wasn't in the mood for gentleness.  "That's fine."  He bent down a bit to get more depth, making Lupin shift away from him.  "Quit."


"Tough."  Jigen sped up, making Lupin groan and stiffen.  "Goemon?"

"Watching," he admitted.  "He doesn't look like he's enjoying you."

"He'll be fine soon."  Jigen sped up more, feeling ready to explode already.  That was the bad thing about this drug, it had taken all of his control and stamina.  It was like he was a teenager again.  He came quickly and flopped off to the side, letting Goemon have him.

Goemon pulled Lupin up, kissing him once before taking his turn.  He too was finding his sense of control stretched, but he did feel like he was taking it back now.  He lasted longer but not much.  His own explosion made his vision blur, but not too much that he didn't see Lupin collapse where he had been heading.  He moved to lie across the end of the bed, panting hard to try and regain his breathing.  "I think it's broken."

"Yeah," Jigen agreed, pulling his cigarettes over from the bedside table and lighting one.  "Hey, Lupin, you okay?"  Lupin didn't say anything.  Jigen lifted his head enough to look at him, noticing he was pale and not breathing very heavily.  "Either he's asleep or unconscious.  I can't tell."

"We should at least put him into a bath," Goemon offered.

"Probably," Jigen agreed.  He tried to sit up but it wasn't happening.  He flopped backwards again.  "Just as soon as we can move."  Goemon tried to move as well but couldn't.  "He'll be fine.  He's probably asleep."  He took another drag on his cigarette, not able to do more than breathe.  He slowly fell asleep that way, and barely felt someone take his butt from his lips and toss it away for him.  He mumbled a 'thanks' and managed to make it onto his side; that was all he knew for the rest of the night.

Goemon managed the miracle of removing the cigarette before it burnt Jigen's lips or was dropped onto the mattress.  Then he too succumbed to the necessity of sleep.  He was tired.

Lupin finally regained consciousness and sat up tenderly, wincing a bit.  He looked at them.  "Gee, guys, feel better now?" he asked bitterly.  He stood up, heading shakily for the bathroom.  He quickly cleaned himself up and got dressed, packing things up again.  He left the vial of drug there, knowing Goemon would deal with it.  Then he slipped off into the night, leaving the truck there for them to deal with.  He had the jewels; they could have the art.  He went to see an old friend, one who wouldn't treat him like their bitch and favorite accessory, letting her soothe the ache he still had and letting her tend him gently until he was ready to rejoin life.  By then, Jigen and Goemon had woken, escaped, and taken the art to sell off.  Fujiko had managed to escape from jail.  Lupin was tending to himself for a bit.  The others would find him when they wanted him around again.


Fujiko opened a small gift box, looking at the vial inside.  "What is this, Lupin?" she hissed, reading the enclosed note.  "Something to make us sweeter and more pleasurable, like in Berlin," she read, then she picked up the small vial.  She looked at the water-colored substance inside, then shrugged and tucked it away.  She'd figure out what it was later.  Something really wasn't right about this note.  It wasn't ...flowery.  Maybe that was it.  Then again, he had spent the last month with Jigen and Goemon, he might not be feeling romantic at the moment.  She sniffed the top of the vial, then put a bit on her tongue.  It tingled, but it made her warmer.  It wasn't making her feel odd, just warm.  She drank the rest, then put the vial back into the box and put it into her purse.  She stood up and the wave of disorientation went across her.  "What the hell did he send me?" she muttered, barely making it up to her room before she got sick.  By the time she was done, she was shaking, yet still very warm.  Then the feelings started.  Her eyes widened as she looked around the sterile hotel room.  There was nothing to help her!  Shit!  She'd have to go out like this!  She tried to take care of a bit of it, but it wasn't helping.  She grabbed her purse and headed out to the nearest store with Lupin's credit card.  He wasn't going to miss it and she *definitely* needed some new supplies.  The card rejected but a quick session with the salesclerk and owner made her feel a bit better and made her much more wealthy in the area of sex toys.

She would get Lupin for this.  She really would.


Jigen knocked on the door of the small home, looking down at the woman.  "He still here?" he asked quietly.  She shook her head.  He sniffed, smelling Lupin's favorite cigarettes, then gave her a look.  She slammed the door in his face.  He pulled out a set of lock picks and opened it again, heading inside, tracking the scent up to a bedroom.  "Yo," he said from the doorway.  "There's precious gems laying in the hands of stupid people who can't appreciate them.  Isn't that your job to fix?" he taunted.

Lupin looked at him.  "Yeah.  So?  I'm enjoying a vacation.  You're not?"

"No, I'm bored.  Goemon's bored."  He walked in and shut the door before the woman could interfere.  "I was even bored enough to send Fujiko a gift for you."

"That's really bored," Lupin agreed dryly.  "Of?"

"The vial."  He held up a keyring.  "This is to the warehouse with the last barrels of the stuff are stored.  Goemon and I decided that we're keeping it out of the public's hands.  Since you weren't there and all."

Lupin nodded. "Makes sense to me."  He went back to his reading.  "I'm tired, Jigen, and I needed a break."

"Are you feeling all right?"

"Yeah.  Just tired."

Jigen glared down at him, then took the book, putting it aside.  "What happened to your claim of selective amnesia?"

"Sixteen stitches."

"Oh."  He blinked a few times.  "Stitches?"  Lupin nodded.  "Are you okay now?"

"Just tired."

"Oh."  He grimaced.  "We're sorry, boss.  We didn't mean to hurt you."

"Yeah, well, you did."  He stood up and looked his friend in the eyes.  "Never again."

"Wasn't an issue," Jigen pointed out.  Lupin frowned at him and he knew he wasn't being smart enough at the moment.  "Fine, you can bitch us out."

The woman opened the door and carried in Lupin's bag.  "Here, dear."  She kissed him gently.  "You go steal me something pretty, like you promised."  She straightened his tie, frowning at Jigen. "You're late.  We figured you'd be around a few days ago."  She kissed Lupin again then swatted him.  "I like sapphires," she reminded him with a grin.

"Sure, babe."  He stole one last kiss, then walked out, Jigen following him.  He stopped at the door.  "The selective amnesia starts here, Jigen.  Even if you have a relapse you're on your own."

"Done," Jigen agreed.  "Next time, drag us to a whore house."  He followed his friend out to the car, letting him drive since it was his car.  Goemon grunted from the backseat.  "He's fine.  Just taking a vacation."

"We did the same," Goemon agreed.  "I canceled the card Fujiko stole," he admitted.

"Fine," Lupin agreed, starting the car and speeding away.  "We need to find her a sapphire.  She's a very good nurse."

"She looked like it," Jigen agreed.  "Did you like your month off?"

"I got some reading done," Lupin admitted.  "I slept a lot."  He pulled onto the main road and sped up, sending up a shower of sand as he pulled out of the driveway.  "Did some things I needed to do."  He took the first corner, then sped up even more.   It was straight from here for another ten miles.  He knew this road very well.  "Who told you about her?"

"Fujiko," Jigen admitted.  "She's a bit desperate," he said smugly.  He tipped his hat down further, getting comfortable in his seat.  "Remember the speed trap."

"I always do," Lupin quipped, pushing the memories aside and planting the more pleasurable moments of his last month in front of them.  "Goemon, you might want to buckle in.  This road has a few good turns up the mountain ahead of us."  Goemon did as ordered, so he maxed his speed as he went past the cop car.  Its lights went on but it quickly went off and the car did not chase them. "Hmm.  Must be a roadblock ahead."  He pulled onto a side road, taking the back road through the village and off the other side of the mountain.