What Really Happened.

Vo started as she sat down on the toilet, closing her eyes as she caught sight of the little person
standing in front of her. "Oz," she sighed, shaking her head. "Even I need privacy."

"Point." He turned his back and plugged his ears, humming.

"Okay," she said, getting up and washing her hands, leaving him alone in the bathroom. She sat
down in her desk chair, looking at the little people around her. "What?"

"You haven't been using us," Blair pointed out. "We'd like to complain."

"Yeah, I haven't been laid in a week," Xander complained, pouting.

"Guys, I've been working on the webpage for the last few weeks. The computers have been
eating my index files and I can't get it done."

Oz stared at her, then shook his head. "We know, but we're bored."

"I'm sorry," she said, picking him up to pet gently. "I know I've been ignoring you, but I've been
writing in class."

"But your teachers aren't real fond of us coming in to talk to you. Your Abnormal Psych teacher
really gave me a funny look last time," Jim said, looking around. "Hey, congratulations, your
place is cleaner now." He gave her a smile, then winked at Blair. "No furniture to sit under, but
I'm sure we could play in the boxes."

"No," Vo groaned, holding her eyes. "Guys, I just wrote alignment 43 in class a few days ago. If
I promise to finish the first part of Ozguide six and start GHS 15 would you leave me alone for a
day?" They all nodded. "Okay. I'll do that and you guys just give me a night off. You'll get your
turn." She reached down to pat Xander's head. "In the next GHS, you, Oz, and Methos get to
spend some time together. Kaiya gave me a great idea."

He beamed at her then pinched Oz's butt as he walked past. "Okay, you can have *one* night,
that's it."

Vo nodded, going back to struggling with her webpage.


Oz looked around at all the other gathered muses, stroking the cat he was leaning against. "At
least we have the furry ones to play with. Which one's this one again?"

"That one's Seren, or Serendipity. The pretty colorings she has were inspiration for GHS'
kitties." Xander nodded, then hugged his namesake kitten. "You are so like me, Xander, such a
cutie and you like to chase tails."

"So bad," Blair groaned, reaching over to bat at him. "I'm bored. I've read everything we have
here and I need something to do." Jim gave him a nudge. "No, not that. I want to be written
about, and I want to be part of a sexless story."

Xander rolled his eyes. "How can you *say* that? That's half the fun."

Oz stood up, whistling at his namesake kitten. "Come on, trouble, let's go see what you've been
doing." He climbed on KittenOz's back, letting her take him downstairs to Kaiya's apartment.
"Guys," he called up a few minutes later, "you gotta come see this. There are more cats."

Xander whooped and climbed on top of the big grey cat, nudging her with his heels. "Come on,
Arwynn, let's go find Oz." She slinked down to her apartment, snorting as he fell off at the
bottom of the stairs. "Thanks, furry."

"That's Lowell," Oz said softly, pointing at the big white and grey former tom cat. "He's the one
that's been sleeping on the bed that made her sinuses act up that one day."

Jim walked up behind Oz, putting his little arms around the other muse's waist. "That's Lowell?
He's big."

"Very fat," Blair said, trying to be diplomatic. "So, what else is down here?"

"Well, besides one of the other cat's messes? Um, Kaiya should be home soon. We could
introduce ourselves," Xander suggested, starting to bounce lightly. "And see, she has furniture."

Methos ran a finger down the back of Xander's neck. "Just don't take us near the bird, dear one.
She's bigger than we are." He looked down at his eight-inch body. "Very much bigger."

Xander leered at Oz, then grabbed Methos and drug him into the living room, pulling him under
the couch. "Oh, hey, it's a sleeper!"

Oz chuckled and followed them, Blair and Jim heading for the library and the comfy window seats
for the cats.


Kaiya lay down on her bed, exhausted by a night of reading slash, and gently closed her eyes, not
realizing that from the shadows of the kittie condo many little eyes looked out at her.

"She's perfect," Oz whispered. "A newbie. Likes slash. Ready for us."

Xander nodded, running for the bed but Jim jumped him, holding him down to the floor. "No," he
moaned, "I should go play with her. Vo likes me."

"No, let's gentle her into us, pet," Jim told him, kissing the back of his neck. "I promise, we'll be
in there soon enough, just let Oz start it off. You jumping into her head and giving her a PWP
will scare her off of us forever."

"Point," Xander conceded, snuggling into the warm body around his. "Soon?"

"Very soon," Oz said as he walked past. "Just let me smooth the way." He used the standing
RamothKitten to get up onto the bed, giving XanderKitten's sister a short pet. "Thank you, dear."
He walked into the open ear, and a few minutes later stuck his head out. "Come on, she's *real*

All the muses piled up on the bed, heading into the open ear, humming "It's a Small World". And
the unicorn followed.

See, not my fault at all. The muses did it all by themselves, they *like* her.