From the original:

Throttle heard Vinnie moving and got up.  "I'm going to check on Vinnie.  He's too quiet."  He headed up the stairs, finding him listening at the door.  He raised an eyebrow behind his glasses.  Vinnie nodded him closer.  She'd have to choose between them.  They had agreed on that late last night.  That's why she had gotten some ground kevalah beans in her lunch too.  It hid really well in the ketchup.  They heard the sounds of frustration and walked in, Throttle turning to jam the door.  Then he walked over and stood on the other side of her bed.  Saving the maiden was what they did after all.


Vinnie and Throttle snuck into Charley's bedroom, looking around the darkened room.  She hadn't turned on the lights and the curtains were drawn.  It was a nice feeling room.  Vinnie went to one side of her bed and he went to the other, just watching her.  She was frustrated, you could tell that by the sounds she was making.  The raw kevalah beans had put her into a horny, unsatisfied state that they could cure, but they needed her to offer.  It's the sort of mice they were.

She opened her eyes, blinking at them.  "What are you two doing?" she demanded.

"We're here to help," Vinnie soothed, laying down next to her.  He stroked her stomach and she tensed up but he was doing calming things, things meant to relax and soothe her ache.  Throttle got her other side, stroking over her hair.   He kissed her gently.  "We're here for whatever you need, sweetheart."

"You did this!"

"And now I'm helping fix it," Vinnie said honestly, grinning a bit at her.  "Looking good, sweetheart."  He leaned down to kiss her again, then pulled back, smiling at her.  "Whatever you want, we can help you with that."

Throttle leaned down to kiss her forehead.  "It helps when you're under this sort of influence, Charley girl.  Another person is what you're craving and we can give you that, and we won't be saying anything about it either."  He stroked her cheek and she shivered.  "See?  It's much better this way," he promised, smiling at her.  "Just let us help.  It'll be all right."  He shifted closer, stealing his own long, slow kiss.  Vinnie moved his head down to nibble on her neck, making her moan into his mouth and arch up into his fingers.  He pulled back and he and Vinnie got her shirt and bra off her, then Vinnie got her boots while Throttle got her jeans.  Finally she was stripped and they got up to take off what little clothes they wore, laying down with her again.  She blinked at them.  "Whatever you need," he promised, kissing her again.  She moaned and then went limp.

Vinnie moved to her legs, working on a good leg rub.  It always helped her calm down in the past.  With the kevalah in her system she would be hot for any sort of touch.  He had been last night.  Even the bad ones of being tied down and then pouncing Throttle to pummel him had left him hard and aching.  These were good touches though so she should enjoy them.  She moaned and flexed her toes so he switched sides, letting her other leg have the special treatment.  As soon as his hands started to feel tired he moved up, nudging Throttle out of the way to get his own kiss, one hand stroking her stomach.  He pulled back to smile at her, winking down at her.  "We're here to be ordered around, sweetheart.  Whatever you want is yours today.  No questions asked."

"Why me?" she asked.

"Because we can't imagine not doing this for you," Throttle assured her.  "You know we both love you, Charley girl.  Where else would we be, especially since we caused this?"  He traced a finger down her arm, making her shiver.  "Just let it go," he whispered in her ear, playing with the lobe.  She relaxed and nodded.  He looked at Vinnie, who had a few beans in his pocket.  He nodded him to get them, watching as Vinnie's tail grabbed his jeans and bought it up so he could fish them out.  "Would you like to try something really neat?" he whispered.  "There's some special things about the beans when they're whole."  She shivered and he licked the lobe delicately, then sucked it into his mouth.  "Do you trust us?"  She moaned and nodded, shifting as Vinnie was now teasing her neck again.  "Do you want to try it, Charley?"

"Please," she moaned.  "I'm going to burst."

Vinnie popped one of the whole beans into her mouth, then kissed her. "Swallow it whole, sweetheart."  She did and he beamed.  "Now give it about three minutes."  He kissed her again, one hand drifting up to tease her nearest breast.  He ran into a furry ear so stopped to watch Throttle suck on the one on his side.  He went down to do the same, teasing and taunting it.  He could tell when the new bean kicked it, it made her twitch and then groan.  He stroked her thigh and she parted them, pushing his head lower.  "Anything you want."  He went down there, letting Throttle have both breasts to tease.  He had done some homework about how different humans were and he was liking this with them.  He nibbled on some of the hair, making her thrash and moved lower.  He took a gentle lick and she whimpered.  "Let me play," he soothed, going to it.  He loved this part when he had read about it.  He went to work pleasing her, showing her he was the better mouse. She was bucking under his tongue and he loved it, but she was getting him hot too.  He moved up and started to slide into her but she cried out.

"Too much!"

Vinnie pulled out.  "Sorry, sweetheart, we'll start slower," he soothed, stroking her stomach.  "She's really sensitive."

"I noticed.  Help me get her onto her stomach.  A good massage can help that."  Vinnie nodded and got her flipped over, going to play with her legs and butt the same way Throttle was getting her back.  She moaned, the kevalah making her much more sensitive.  He smiled as he kneaded the loose muscles, making her groan and shift under his hands.  "There are other ways to play with those whole beans," he whispered in her ear.  She shivered and arched up into his fingers.  "You can do all sorts of stuff.  They dissolve in any liquid or moist environment.  It's not uncommon to use them sexually," he whispered.  She shivered.  "Everyone should let go once in their life, Charley girl. We leave that up to you."

"You know, there's two ways to do that," Vinnie agreed, leaning up to nip her on the buttcheek.  "Either way would work, you've just got to dig out the other one because it'll last as long as the bean's in there."  Charley moaned at that.  "I hear it's incredible."

"I've seen someone who did kevalah that way," Throttle admitted.  "Cooled off and all."

"Waste of a good drink," Vinnie snorted.

"She got so whipped up that she about tore her mate apart with need," he told him.  Vinnie shivered at that.  Vinnie's hands moved up to her thighs, making them part.  She moaned and shifted again so Throttle went back to work on her lower back.  She looked up at him.  "We're doing what we can, Charley girl."

"You're trying to tempt me."

"Yeah, well, everyone should get to lose control once in their lives," he offered with a shy grin.  "That way you've tried everything you wanted and can't regret anything."

"What about later, Throttle?"

He kissed her.  "I'm not going to regret a thing," he swore, making her shiver.  "Everything is up to you, Charley."  She nodded.  "It's only a suggestion."   He went back to working on her back, making her moan and flex her butt.  "All up to you."  He moved down to work on that part of her, watching as both holes twitched, which was what Vinnie was staring at.  "So pretty."

"How..." she moaned, arching back into his hands.  "How would you do that?"

Vinnie reached a finger up, tracing the holes gently.  "Either of these.  We'd just have to make sure to remove it later so you could calm down before tonight."  He leaned up to lick each one, making her shiver.  "Hmm. All up to you, sweetheart."

"Won't it get in the way?"

"Not really.  They're not that big and you could soak them out," Throttle promised.  "You'll want one anyway."  Her breath hitched and he moved a finger down to trace her tighter hole, making her shiver.  "All up to you."

"Do it," she decided, then hid her face in her pillow.

"Which spot, Charley girl?" Throttle asked, moving up to kiss her ear.  "Where would you like it?"  She moaned.  "We'll have to go in to get it if it's back there."  She shrugged.  "That's fine.  This is your thing," he assured her, nodding at Vinnie.  He licked the bean and slowly pushed it in, making her flinch but it popped in and she shivered a few minutes later.  Throttle was kissing her neck when she pounced him, making him grin.  "I knew you'd like it, Charley girl."   He went back to kissing her and playing with her breasts, and she was working his chest over with her hands.  Vinnie was doing her back now and he looked ready to explode.  He nodded at him and Vinnie surged forward, entering her.  She squealed and clutched Throttle's shoulder, shaking as he slowly worked himself in her. "How's that?" he whispered in her ear.  "Good?  Should he go faster? I can swat him for you to make him go faster."

"No swatting needed, bro, she's tight and I want this," Vinnie moaned, working his hips.  He was careful not to be too hard on her.  He didn't think she could take everything he could give her, not with the kevalah making her so sensitive, but she was up on her knees so he sped up some.  She shivered and shook in their arms and he took the time to lick up her back.  He finally got sore thighs and pulled her back into his lap, sitting on his heels.  "Work it, girl.  You can do it," he promised her, nuzzling the back of her neck and giving her little bites in the sensitive spots he found.  She moaned and started to work herself on him, making him one happy mouse.  Throttle was still paying attention to her front and fingering her.  She was shaking and shivering in his arms so he pulled her off and let Throttle have her.

Throttle looked up as he entered her, making her howl in pleasure.  He stroked up her side,  teasing the rest of her while he worked himself slowly and gently in and out of her body.  She was humping him back so he gently progressed.  He knew very well how sensitive she was.  She moaned and clutched at his arms, her short nails doing some damage to his skin, and he sped up more.  He dared to go a bit harder, knowing he was larger and she was stretched tightly around him.  She let out a keening wail and came, and he sped up.  The first one was always the best but the second one could be nearly as good.  She looked surprised and he kissed her, grinning back.  "What can I say, we're a good team, Charley girl."  He kissed her, flipping her under him.  He felt Vinnie hit him with his tail and wiggled it for him.  Vinnie snickered and came down to tease him from behind, making him pump harder and faster into her body.

She was one big nerve, just living in the moment.  She had never felt like this before.  It was like every touch, anywhere against her skin, was driving straight into the sex.  All his fur brushing against her was doing unspeakable things to her mind and she was ready to come again, something she didn't realize she could do, when he flipped her over to lick her again.  She let out a long moan, it was so soothing and good.  Then she felt him move up and had to grab onto the sheets.  "I've never....."

"Shh, it's all right.  I'm just checking on the bean," he promised, wetting a finger to explore that hole.  It was very tight.  He looked at Vinnie, who found some vaseline.  Well, it was slick and it wasn't coming out anytime in the near future.  He scooped some out to tease her there, letting Vinnie have her to play with again.  He went back to teasing it, pressing and rubbing the bean against the soft walls in there.  She let out a swear, making Vinnie chuckle as he reentered her.  Throttle nipped him on the sheathe and Vinnie arched up into her, going harder and faster than he had been.  "Keep going, bro, she needs this.  She's so tense some days."  He judged her body and looked at Vinnie.  "I'm removing it."

"No, leave it," he panted, going as hard and as fast as he wanted.  She was more used to it now, she was taking it and loving it, even if his shoulders and arms would have scratches for weeks.   "Let it dissolve."

"We'll need her down sometime tonight," he pointed out.  He got two fingers up there and squeezed it.  It had softened and squished a bit of juice out into her.  He pulled the bean out and tossed it, then went back to spreading the juice around.

"If you're going to do that, then do it!" she shouted.

He smiled. "If you want," he promised.  He got to work stretching her, slowly working his way up.  Then he pulled out his fingers and slid inside slowly, making her hiss and claw at both their arms while she held on.  "Like it, Charley?" he whispered, moving gently.  He could feel Vinnie moving and he adored this.  She only moaned and held on for dear life while they worked her between them.  Vinnie got her breasts this time and he got her clit and she came again, but they weren't done yet.  Nearly there, but not quite.  Throttle was nibbling on her ear, which was apparently a weakness of hers.  "All yours.  Anytime you want," he panted.  "Just say the word, Charley.  Either of us.  Both of us.  Whatever you want, whenever you want."  He shifted position and sank in deeper, making her moan.  He sped up a bit and felt Vinnie come.  The wall between the two holes was very thin.  He went back to work, making her have one last one.  That was his goal.  She stiffened when he went back to work on her clit, and she obliged him, then fell asleep in his arms before he could finish himself off.  He came and gently eased out, smiling since there wasn't any blood.  "She'll need a bath."

"She will, so do we," Vinnie agreed, taking her to lay between them.  He stroked her side, cuddling her closely.  "You're serious?"  He nodded.  "You're sure?"  He nodded.  They shared a kiss. "If you're certain."

"You're as much mine as she is," he pointed out.  "You have been for a while now, Vinnie."  He relaxed, holding both of them as well as he could.  "We really should get her cleaned out.  She's got to be sore."

"Sure."  Vinnie moaned as he moved.  "Damn I'm sore.  It's been too long since I had it that good."  Throttle smirked at him.  "It has."

"It has, bro.  It really has," he agreed, holding her tightly against his chest.  "You go run the bath, I'll cuddle her."  He nodded, padding over to the bathroom to start a hot bath for her.  He nuzzled her neck, making her sigh in pleasure and flip over to hold him.  Vinnie came back once it was run, smiling at how they were curled up.  He felt himself get hard and moaned, trying to shake it off.

"Gently, bro," Throttle warned.

"Later," he decided.  "After she's come down."  He helped Throttle up, carrying her into the bathroom.  She was set into the bath and they got down to bath her a bit.  "The bean's washing out," he noted.

"I removed it before I went into her," Throttle offered.  "That's just juice."

"Huh?" she asked sleepily, looking up at them.  "Bath?"  They grinned and nodded.  She looked down at the water and grimaced. "Eww."

"It's the juice from the bean," Vinnie soothed, picking her up and putting her on the toilet, then reran the water for her.

Throttle kissed her.  "It happens to the best of us, babe."  He got to work cleaning himself, then moved to clean Vinnie up, making him moan and arch into his hand.  He nuzzled his  ear, whispering dirty things in Martian into it until Vinnie finally came in his hand and relaxed.  "There, that's better.  You needed one last one, bro."  He checked the water and added some bubbles, then helped her clean up and get back into the bath.  She hissed a bit as the hot water hit her lower half but he only grinned.  "We tried to stay gentle.  Sorry."

"No, it's good."  She looked at them.  "Um...."  She swallowed.  "Do I get body slaves too?"  They nodded, moving to help her wipe herself down with her sponge.  One of them was fingering her and she arched up into it.  "How long before it wears off?" she moaned.

"It already has," Vinnie assured her.  "Or else you'd still be on fire."  He kissed her, soaking up the pretty noises she was making.  Throttle nudged him so he let up, moving to play with her neck and shoulders.  He liked hearing her make them too.  Throttle finished and he got to take over, thumb on her clit, two fingers stroking in and out of her.  She was thrashing in the water and they got a bit damp but that was fine.  She came with a growl and both boys grinned at her, then worked on calming her down by cleaning off her body again.  She finally fell asleep there and they left to get dressed and get her some clean clothes, laying them on the toilet's closed seat.  They went to lurk in plain sight, just in case she wanted to see them when she got out.  It was going to be a long wait, but that was fine.  Vinnie looked at Throttle.  "She doesn't have to choose," he said quietly.

Throttle kissed him.  "Thanks."

"Welcome."  He grinned at him.  "How will you put up being on your back for me?" he teased. "All the time."

"Fat chance.  It goes both ways, Vinnie."  He pulled him into his lap, stealing another kiss. "Now be a good mouse and get her a snack."

"Why am I fetching it?"

"I can't walk," he said with a happy grin.  Vinnie snorted and got up to head down for a snack for the three of them.  He knew he had worked up an appetite.  He was sure Throttle had.  He came back with the hotdogs and rootbeers, handing over the plate.  "Next time, I get her there," he decided.

"Sure, bro.  If she'll agree to it," he promised.  "It was so tight and warm," he moaned, shaking his head.  "She squeezed around you and it was like the best blow at times."  Vinnie moaned.  "Then it got intense because I could feel you too, and it was perfect."

Vinnie kissed him again and Throttle's tail swished.  "Tired?" Vinnie asked.  Throttle nodded.  "Too tired?  We should change the bed."

Throttle smirked.  "Not that tired, bro.  Never too tired for you."  He grabbed him and drug him back into Charley's room for their own special time alone.  He stripped off again.  "Do you want pitching or catching?"

"Oh, I want to be in you.  I want to feel that," Vinnie demanded, taking off his jeans.  He pounced Throttle and got him onto his stomach, finding the vaseline.  "Mind the lack of foreplay this time?"

"We just had the best foreplay, Vin.  I'm good.  Go for it."

Vinnie beamed and scooped out some, doing to Throttle what he had done to Charley.  His bro wiggled and groaned under him, eventually pushing back on his fingers.  "Last chance," he offered before slamming home.

"Get in there, Vincent," Throttle growled.  Vinnie chuckled and slid home, making Throttle moan and go up to his knees.  "Oh, yeah.  Like that!" he ordered.  Vinnie started slower.  "More!"

"Sure, bro, hold on.  I don't want to rip you or anything."  He sped up, feeling the hole loosen around him the more he did.  He slammed in and let out a howl of pleasure, pulling back to do it again.  Throttle was gripping the sheets in his hands and between his teeth.  "Let it out!" he ordered, spanking him.

"You'll pay for that," Throttle promised.  He pushed back.  "More, Vinnie, I know you can do better.  You were doing better earlier."  Vinnie sped up, going all out on him.  Throttle wasn't that gentle and he could take it.  "Damn it, more!" he demanded.

"Gods, you're a pushy bottom," he complained, flipping them over.  "There, do it to yourself, Throttle."  Throttle rode him, bracing on his chest.  Vinnie felt his breathing become heavy and moved the hands to his shoulders, but the speed that Throttle was going told him all he needed to know.  "Her body processes it," he moaned, arching up into a hard push back.  "Go for it, babe.  Use me however you want."

"Oh, don't give me that risk," he moaned, "please.  I might hurt you."  One hand came down to touch him and Vinnie swatted it, taking over for him.  He moaned and threw his head back, coming at that.  "Better," he offered.

"Good, because I'm not done yet," Vinnie said smugly, turning Throttle back over to get back to what he had been doing.  He could take it, he was a big, strong mouse with very good muscles for him to play with.  They were all standing out in perfect detail on his back so he teased them and stroked them, scratching a bit here and there to get a shiver as he worked his lover as hard as he could.  He finally came and flopped down, pulling Throttle up to suck him off that final time.  Throttle moaned and let go, then laid down beside him.

"We've got to change the bed before she's done," Throttle reminded him, yawing a bit.

"Hmm," Vinnie agreed, nearly asleep.  "Soon.  Nap first."  He pulled his buddy against him and cuddled him, wrapping him in his arms and tail.  "Then we'll be responsible mice."  Throttle nodded and snuggled in.  It was good for him too.   It was all good.

The End.