Title: Bruised But Not Licked Author: Voracity Rating: NC-17 Pairing and Fandom: Giles/Xander, Buffy Email: voracitys@hotmail.com or to list Archive: sure, if you want to. Summary: a bad bruise that makes it hard for someone to sit causes good complications in life, and sometimes bad. Warning: violence Disclaimer: I couldn't afford to keep these two, not on my humble work study paycheck; it wouldn't even pay for their lubes and condoms. Some other people that I don't know who exactly they are own them and horde them shamelessly. Just borrowing for my own personal pleasure and I'll send them back a little more pleased than when they left.

Bruised but not Licked
by Voracity

Xander looked at the tube in his hands in disgust. "You're sure I have to put this on that particular spot?" He looked up to see his doctor giving him an exasperated look while she pushed her dark brown hair behind her ears. "Exactly how am I supposed to do that?"

"Easily, you reach behind yourself and find the sore spot then spread some cream on it." She smiled, waving at the large floor to ceiling mirror. "I'll step out, you try it now." She shut the door behind herself, grinning just a little as it closed.

Xander undid his jeans again, letting them fall to the floor around his ankles and picked up the tube, squeezing some out onto a finger. He reached down under his boxers, running the finger down his tailbone, trying to get the cream on the bruise. He grunted in pain as his now dry finger hit it, so he tried again, this time getting a little on it, making him sigh in relief. He was just pulling back up his pants as the door opened, making him fasten them very quickly. "Okay, anything else?" He caught the little donut thing she tossed at him, looking at the ugly brown ring in disgust. "I don't have hemorrhoids, doc, I have a bruise."

She crossed her arms across her chest, leaning against the doorframe. "Same treatment I'm afraid. You need to cushion the area so it'll heal." She looked at the mashed tube, shaking her head. "You didn't need to put that much on." She looked him over, seeing the embarrassed flush. "Try using a mirror while laying on your back, it might help some." She walked over to a cabinet, getting out another tube. "Use it for...?"

"Um, a week?" She gave him a bright smile and a nod. "Okay, anything else you're gonna torture me with?"

"Yup, use it twice a day, at least. If it starts to hurt more, you can go up to four doses but no more." He nodded. "Good, and no more sitting in those hard seats, Harris." She ruffled his hair as she walked past him, closing the door. "You're free, go run and hide now."

Xander quickly gathered up his things, running out the door, trying hard to hide the little ring under his jacket on the short walk home. He ran up the stairs to his room, slamming the door so he could be alone. He dumped the stuff on the bed, looking over it again. //Why did this have to happen to me? Giles never gets these problems. Willow doesn't and she spends more time in there.// He looked at his medical excuse form, shaking his head. //No dodge ball tomorrow though, a definite good,// he thought. He slid down onto his soft mattress with a sigh, relaxing into the non-wooden surface.


"Hey Harris," one of the kids in gym class yelled across the wide open space. "I heard you had 'roids already. Did you screw too much or was he just too big?" He laughed as he walked into the locker room.

The coach looked at him, then at the thing he was sitting on. "Harris, go get dressed."

"I have an excuse for a week," he said, waving the paper. The coach came over to get it. "Bruised tail bone, I'm out for at least a week." He shrugged, trying hard not to smile. "Sorry, couldn't help it."

The coach frowned at the paper then at him and the ring he was sitting on. "All right, just stay there and watch." He handed back the paper. "Medicine?"

"A cream, I'm due for a dose in a few hours." //Yay, more fun. Still can't get that stuff on the right spot.// He looked at the jocks coming out. "Want to tell them so they leave me alone?" He tried his best to look pathetic, making sure that the grin didn't show.

"Sure," the coach sighed, heading over to his guys. "Guys, leave Harris alone, he fell and hurt his tail." He picked up a ball, tossing it over. "Dodge ball, pick your teams."

Xander silently cheered his good fortune, and the small amount of embarrassment. //Now, everyone will know and I'll not get the sex question again.// He grunted as he was shoved over, the ring being taken out from under him by one of the guys. "Hey," he called, standing in the awkward way he had to move at the moment, trying to get it back. "Give it back, man. I need it." //Stupid creature, I should tell someone where you live and invite them to go in and make you a snack.//

"What'd you fall over? Your feet?" The other teen held it above his head, well out of reach unless Xander jumped. "Come on, baby, get it for me." He waved it a little before tossing it to another guy.

Xander frowned, shoving the kid. "You're such a shit, I hope this happens to you too." He looked at the coach for intervention but the older man was trying hard to cover up his laughter. He gathered up his things, grabbing the ring from the kid's hand on the way past. "I'm going to go sit in the office, it's better for my mental state." He waddled down the hall, tuning out the snickers from the gym. He made a detour, heading into the library, knowing that nobody else should be there then. "Hey," he called. Giles' head appeared around the edge of a bookcase. "I need to use your couch to sit on, it okay?"

The Watcher came down, frowning at him. "Why aren't you in class? You shouldn't have an excuse to be here now."

"Yeah, well, I'm stopping myself from getting into a fight with a stupid human. Can I?"

"Yes, of course." He followed the young man into the office, watching as he sat very gently. "Is something wrong?" he asked, taking his glasses off to look closer at him and his things. He started to blush, looking at the pile of things that had been in the teen's hand. "Is there a problem that you might want help with?"

"Nope, just a small bruise on my tail bone." He sighed. "Just didn't want to fight in my condition over the teasing." He closed his eyes. //Drop it. I'm not telling you why so just drop it. Please just let him drop it.// "Um, Giles, I'm forbidden to sit on those chairs out there again unless it's covered by a pillow."

"Ah, that's how you managed to bruise..." The teen looked up in time to see the flush getting brighter. "Well, I think we can manage without you for a while if you'd care to back away from the group." He cleared his throat. "Or you could bring your little pillow with you and...." He broke off, looking out of the office door. "I'll be back, you sit and rest." He walked out into the main library.

Xander closed his eyes again, too tired to listen to the Principal try to chew the Librarian a new one. //You'd be next on my list to be eaten, Snyder. If anyone would touch you. I bet you'd taste so bad no one would ever eat you.// He smiled a little at that thought. //Yeah, not even the baddest of the bad would eat your skanky butt.// He opened an eye when he felt someone looking at him. //Ass,// he thought as he said, "Principal. I'm resting my bruise from the cheap seats that seemed to have invaded the school." He grimaced at Giles. "Still okay?" The Librarian nodded. "Thanks, Giles."

"I want you in the office now, Harris. Your little stunt in the gym has gotten you detention."

"Then you'd better be going after the kid that tried to take my *prescribed* instrument from me." He looked at the annoying man. "I'm not the one that started it, just ask the coach." He looked at the ring then back at the principal. "Of course, I could ask to spend my whole day in the nurse's office since I'm not *supposed* to be sitting on any hard surfaces." He grinned, just a little. "Want to see my medical excuse?" He picked up the paper, waving it around. //Stupid human,// he thought.

"No, I want you in in-school suspension, right now."

"Can't sit in those chairs, call my doctor if you don't believe me." He tossed the paper to Giles. "Would you call her and hand the phone to him?" The older man started for the phone.

"Fine!" Snyder spat. "Which jock was it?"

"Steroid boy and his crew. Mostly steroid boy." He settled down a little more into the mostly soft surface. "I'll be here if you still want to suspend me though. I could use the time in bed." He shrugged and the Principal turned, storming out of the library.

"Most injudicious to upset him that way, Xander," Giles said, handing the paper back. "You really bruised your tail bone?" The teen nodded at him. "I see. I know how painful that is so I'll excuse you from your duties here for the next few weeks also." He looked up as the intercom system went off, calling Xander to the nurse's office. "You'd better go." He held out a hand, pulling the teen up. "There you go, just take it slowly." He patted him awkwardly on the back before going back to the stacks.

Xander grabbed his stuff, walking down the empty hallway to the nurse's office, a small closet-sized space off to the side of the office. "Hey," he said, dropping his things on the extra chair and leaning against the cool cement wall. "Wanted to see me?"

"Yes, dear, it's time for your next dose of cream." She held up the tube and a glove. "Want me to spread it on for you?" He blushed. "I see, why don't you take it into the bathroom and do it yourself, you can yell if you have trouble."

He took the tube. "I'm only supposed to use it twice a day and not for another few hours."

"I know but you might want to put it on now so you feel better when you have to go to class in a while." She looked at the ring pillow. "Good, I see you have one of those." She waved a hand toward the bathroom. "Go put it on."

He grimaced as he walked into the bathroom, making sure to lock the door behind himself. He dropped his very loose jeans, squirting a little of the greasy cream out onto his finger and searching for the sore spot again. He gasped as the cold substance hit a little lower than expected, chilling the top of his crack and sliding down some. He rubbed for a second before going for more and going back to finding his sore spot to put it on right. He grinned as he got most of it covered this time, his hand straying down to play with the extra coldness he could feel tickling his hole. //Not a great place to figure this out, but hey, it's private.// He smoothed the cream in, being tender with the area just in case, sighing at the pleasant feelings. //Yeah, what I thought.// He capped the tube, pulling up his pants as he walked over to the sink to wash his hand off.

The nurse was gone when he got out so he picked up his things, looking around for the little pillow. He didn't find it anywhere, not even when he turned around slowly to look everywhere so he was frowning by the time she came back. "Where's the pillow?" She shrugged, getting down to look under the portable bed for him. She handed it back to him as she stood up, smiling slightly. "Thanks." He looked at the paper she handed him. "What's this?"

"An excuse to go home. Take it. Snyder suspended you for three days for fighting." She frowned. "What did those kids do to you?" she asked as she pinched his cheek. "Now go lie down and behave for the next three days. Okay?" He nodded dumbly, walking out. He turned around, heading to the library and his locker to give a head's up and to get his jacket.

"Giles," he called as he walked back through the doors. "I'm suspended so I definitely can't come help you..." He paused at the sight of someone else in the library. "Shelve books, tonight, can't help you organize that new shipment. Sorry."

"That's all right," the Librarian said, nodding. "Have a nice rest and all. Call if you need anything."

Xander nodded, walking out and heading for his locker. He grabbed his jacket, putting his things on the little shelf to put it on. He jumped at the hand on his back. "Hey," he said looking over his shoulder. "What's up, Oz?"

"Wondering about the rumors I heard. You okay?" He picked up the pillow. "Or was it true?" He handed it back, watching the younger man get ready to leave. "You're going where?"

"Suspended for taking that back from a stupid human I hope gets eaten, yes I'm fine, and I bruised my tail bone sitting on too many hard surfaces like all-wood chairs in the library. Anything else?" He grabbed his bag, shoving the little pillow down inside so he couldn't be embarrassed anymore.

Oz leaned against the other lockers, shrugging. "Want a ride? I have a skippable class right now." He patted his pocket, jingling the keys. "Much easier than walking all that way." He winced as the door slammed.

"Yeah, maybe," Xander admitted. "It would be nice to not have to move all that much." He picked up his bag. "Just got to lay at home on the couch for a few days." He grinned. "You guys are totally on your own." He waved a hand down the hall. "After you, I don't know where you're parked."

Oz led the way, silent until they got in the van. He said his first comment as he was starting the van. "You really got bruised from sitting on the chairs in the library?" Xander nodded. "Huh. Strange." He backed out of his space, heading off the campus. "How?"

"Seems I sit funny, a little too forward." //Why do you want to know?// He swallowed. "Why? You been having the same problem?"

"Huh? No," the older teen said, shaking his head. "Nowhere near that. Must be how you slouch in the things. Your hips must be too rolled up." He turned down the younger man's street. "How long you absent for?"

"From school? Three days. From you guys, until I get a padded chair or I start to feel better." He grinned. "Will be nice not doing anything for a while."

"Yeah, mini vacation." Oz pulled up in front of his house. "You sure you want to stay here now? Looks like someone's here." He shut off the engine, turning to look at his friend. "If you want, I can come in and talk."

//What is with him? He's never this nice to me.// Xander grinned. "Sure, if you really want to. Fair warning, she's gonna ask you stuff, it's like that."

"Hey, I don't answer when Willow asks me stuff, I'm sure I can withstand your mother." He hopped out, waiting for the younger teen to join him beside the van.

//Here we go again,// Xander thought as he led the way inside. "Home again," he called. "Got an excuse. Gonna go to my room."

His mother stepped out of the kitchen, drinking something dark in a glass. "Who's your friend and why're you home so early?" She drank the rest, crossing her arms, glass in an armpit.

"Because I protested a jock's treatment of my rear's condition and Oz's helping me get home." He walked up the stairs. //Go get more drunk and forget we exist mom, it's what's needed at the moment.// He led the way into his room. "'Scuse the mess, not my week." He tossed his bag into the corner, lying down with a sigh. "Oz, man, shut the door and sit. Don't just stand there." He grinned at the uneasiness.

The older teen shut and locked the door, coming over to sit on the end of the bed. "What's really going on?" he asked quietly. "I've heard the strangest stuff about you since you got there this morning."

"Yeah, me too, but it's the usual crap. I really did get bruised from the chairs." He shrugged. //Yup, knew it.// "Don't believe the crap you heard, Oz, I've not been sleeping with the football team." He snorted. "As if."

"I heard the basketball team, but okay." Oz shrugged and looked around the room. "What you gonna do while we take on that thing tonight?" The younger man frowned at him. "Forgot?"

"Yeah, I did. I guess I should go." He grunted and winced as he sat up, swinging his legs off the side of the bed. "Maybe I can do the rear guard stuff."

"You need someone to guard yours," Oz joked. That got him a smile. "Stay in tonight, we can handle it. What did Giles say? I saw you coming out of the library."

"He said it was cool if I stayed away for a little while. Proves what I knew, I'm not that needed." He shrugged, shifting a little. "I'm gonna lay down and get comfortable, you okay with that?"

"Your room."

//Yeah and you still look like I'm gonna jump you now.// "So, what did you really want to talk about?" Xander asked as he lay on his side, wiggling a little. He noticed the unconscious eye dilation and little dart of a tongue out to lick the tempting lips. //Nice thought, but I'm not going to do that to her.// "Oz, man, you're as safe here as you are with Willow." That got him a small amount of relaxation from his friend's tense body. "Did you really believe that? That I was doing half the school?" A hesitant head shake. "The truth, Oz. It's a good between friends."

"Maybe a little. Not the so many part, but the guy part." He looked down. "I didn't want to but I needed to know."

"Oz, look at me." He waited until the expressive eyes were focused on his. "You're safe with me. I wouldn't, even if I might be so inclined." A slow nod was his answer. "Think of the other redhead that I hang with and what she might say, then think about what she would turn me into." That brought out a rare half-grin. "I see you get my point. And I like older thinking people, ones I can learn from. Not that I can't learn stuff from you but I want to know things that you don't know about, and probably don't want to know about." //Whew! I said it. An easy case of let down.// He looked at his friend. "Got it?"

"Sure, but when you gonna make a move on him? He's pretty lonely."

"Pretty lonely? Who?" Xander shook his head, thinking. "Wesley? Hate to tell you, but I have *way* better taste than that." He grinned again then rubbed his now sore leg. "Hey, I didn't hit you recently."

"True, sorry." Oz got a little more comfortable, pulling a leg up under him. "The other British guy that we're around six hours a day at least."

Xander could feel his face heat up so he ducked it down, playing with the bedspread. "I, um..." //Oh, hell, busted,// he thought. //Got to be a way out of that.// "Not going to happen." He looked up into the suddenly wise looking face. "What do you know," he asked suspiciously, not having seen that look on his friend before.

"Just that he worries about you an awful lot." Oz got up, stretching. "Need anything?"

//Only a brain sucker to pull the thoughts.// "No thanks, got it all set." He watched the older teen walk out the door, seeing the wood closing softly behind him. //Yeah, I need a brain sucker.// He rolled onto his stomach, hissing at where his shirt hit something cold and wet. He looked down to see the ice pack leaking all over his sheets. "Yuck," he muttered, standing up to clean up the new mess.


Giles looked up as the library door opened, smiling as he walked in. "Xander," he said warmly, getting up to pull him to the desk chair he'd pulled out. "Sit, my boy, rest yourself." He looked at the others. "He's got a sort of repetitive sitting injury and we'll need be nice to him."

Xander watched his hair being played with, grinning at the softness the older man touched him with. "Yeah, nice Giles," he muttered, then the alarm went off. He woke up, rubbing his eyes. "Not even five more minutes?" he whined, looking around. He checked himself over, shaking his head. "I'm not going in, they can shit bricks." He lay back down, covering his head with the sheet.

"Get up," his mother yelled from the door. "You better go today or I'm going to kick your lazy ass out." She slammed the door.

Xander pulled the covers down, sighing. "Damn her. I wish she would just leave me alone." He slid out of the bed, picking up the ice pack as he went, tossing it on the towel he'd put down for it last night as he headed for the shower. Of course he had to wait but hey, the longer it took and all that.

He walked into the office, grinning at the nurse. "I'm back. Want me to go to class or not?" He handed over the cream.

"No, I want you to go to my office, I want to check the bruise." He frowned. "Don't even give me that look, young man, I need to look at the injury to make that determination."

He hung his head, trudging next door. He waited until they were alone to walk into the bathroom, dropping his sweats on the way in. He grabbed the side of the sink, hissing as her cold, gloved fingers touched him. He looked over his shoulder. "So?" //Hurry up already, I know I'm cute but I don't like you.// He sighed in appreciation as she stepped back, going back to her desk so he could pull back up his pants. "So?" he asked again, standing in front of her desk.

"That looks bad, Harris, I want you to see your own doctor again."

"I have an appointment in a few days," he cut in.

She nodded. "All right, until then, I'm excusing you from sitting in the classrooms. Those little seats won't help that bruise any." She frowned at him. "Aren't you using the cream? It's actually physically bruised now."

He shrugged. "I have been, as well as I can, but I know it probably looks gross." She nodded, handing him a paper. "Where should I go?"

"I'll send a note to your teachers, go sit in the lounge or the library, or any other place that has couches." She smiled at him. "And have someone else spread the cream on for a while." She handed him the tube.

He shook his head. "Na-uh, that'd be way embarrassing." He picked up his things, sliding the tube into the front pocket of his backpack as he walked out. He looked at the lounge as he passed, waving at his friends but heading for the library. "Giles," he called out. The older man walked out of the cage so he handed him the paper as he passed. "I'll go sit in the lounge later, if that's all right." He looked over his shoulder as he walked into the office, walking into the doorframe. "Ouch," he sighed, walking in, rubbing his now sore shoulder and thigh.

"Are you all right?" the Librarian asked, handing him back the paper. "You can sit in here and do your lessons if you want, for as long as you need." He sat on the edge of the desk, looking at the teen. "What happened now?"

"Nothing," Xander said, mouth very closed. //Not wanting to tell that.// "The bruise is looking worse so the nurse said for me to not go to class." He got a slow nod, an indication for more information, which was recognizable because he'd received so many. "She looked, all right? Happier now?" He crossed his arms, leaning back and hissing at the renewed pain in his rear.

"Not really." Giles sat down beside him, touching his shoulder. "I once had the same injury, for much the same reason, and I remember very well how badly it ached." He patted the shoulder once. "How are you doing at putting that cream on?"

Xander blushed, just a little. "I get more on the rest of that area than on the bruise." He looked toward the door, having heard the outer doors open. "Company," he muttered, grateful for the excuse to switch topics. //More than I wanted to know about that part of his body.// He withheld the grin by true force of will. //Well, okay, maybe not, but I didn't want him to know about that. It was embarrassing.// He looked over at the door to see his friends. "Hey guys, still can't go to class." He shrugged, accepting the soda from Willow. "Thanks, Will." He sipped it slowly.

"What happened?" his oldest friend asked him, looking over him. "I don't see a cast."

"Bruised tail bone," he muttered, frowning at her when she started to smile. "Don't even or I'll tie you to a chair until you get one." She nodded, backing away from him. "Thanks for the soda though, Will, was a nice gesture."

Oz coughed. "Not any better?"

"According to the nurse, it's worse." He glanced at Buffy. "No witty comment?"

"Nope, just glad it wasn't what I heard." She grinned, coming over to pat the top of his head. "At least it's not hemorrhoids," she told him.

Xander started to cough, handing the soda off while he choked. "Buffy!" he moaned. "Don't even go there. No, I'm not sleeping with the whole school, okay?" She nodded silently, stunned at his anger probably. "Thank you." He took the can back, sipping at it. He looked at Willow. "Or did you think that too?"

"Nope," she said, shaking her head. "I know you're a good boy who doesn't do things like... that." She blushed. "Well, I gotta... go to class, gotta go to class. Come on Buffy, we have class." She pulled the blonde out of the room, making a quick escape.

"It's amazing what people who you think know you think about you," Xander told Oz, looking him in the eyes.

"I know better now." The older teen looked him over. "No pillow today?"

"Nope, didn't even want to go down that road again." He grimaced. "But I'll be out in the lounge later so I'm sure it'll come up."

"I'll start spreading the truth around," the older teen told him. "Telling the right people will fix this easily." He turned, walking out. "Happy hiding," he called as he walked out.

Giles looked at Xander, shaking his head. "How did that rumor get started? I know it can't be right, you're as straight as they come." That got him a little flush. The older man chose to ignore it, smoothing over his vest as he walked out. "If you feel up to it, I need to catalog a box of new books. I could drag them in and let you do part of it."

"Sure," Xander said, recovering. //Hell, that wasn't pleasant at all.// He watched the older man go hide in the cage again. //I scared him, not a good start if Oz was right.// He sipped some more of his soda, pulling his bag over to grab some stuff out of it. //Might as well do something, I'm sure I'm going to be bored soon enough. It's way quiet in here.// He grinned, leaning forward with a small moan to turn on the small radio, grinning more since it was turned to his favorite station. He lowered the volume until he could just barely hear it before sitting back. He looked up to find Giles looking at him. "It's too quiet. People go insane in the quiet, it gives their minds a chance to think up things." He grinned a little, mentally berating himself. //Didn't that come out intelligently. I'm sure he didn't understand that at all. But do I care?// He paused for a second. //Yeah, I do care what he thinks of me, might always. So why do I become babbling idiot around him? Because I finally figured out that Oz *was* right after all. Great, now this sucks.// He looked up into the dilating brown eyes watching him think //Huh?// He swallowed, hard, then picked up the can to drink the rest of it, looking down, not wanting to meet those eyes. When he looked back up, the older man was gone. //See, I am a scary person, Giles went to hide from me.// He shuddered. //I scared the poor guy, he must be feeling horrible.// "Giles, did you want me to help you with those books?" he offered loudly. The older man walked back toward him. "Books? Those things that we read? You wanted some help cataloging them?" He stood up, grinning just a little. "If I could pull out your comfy chair, I could come out and help."

"No, you sit. I'll bring them in so you can be comfortable." He looked at the few pieces of furniture littering his office. "On the other hand, bring my chair out, you'll need a space to write on." He walked back out to their usual meeting table.

//Great, I hurt him somehow. He's being distant and cold. Downright chilly even. What did I do now?// Xander pushed the chair out, leaning on it before sitting so he could look over the pile. "This all of them?"

"No, unfortunately not. There's another box in the office. I'll go down and get them while you do this." He handed over a stack of cards, watching as they were looked at. "Thank you for helping me. I'd hate to have Wesley do this part, he'd bollix the whole system." He walked out briskly, still obviously trying to escape.

Xander pulled the box over, sighing. "I gotta quit scaring people. It's bad to scare Giles like that." He sat down, pulling out the first book to write down the information the card asked for.

Xander looked up as a shadow fell across the book he was working on. "Hey," he told Willow. "Come back to torment me?"

"Nope," she said, handing over a candy bar. "Came with a peace offering because I didn't mean to suggest that this morning." She sat down across from him, looking at the cards. "Oh, new books?" He nodded. "Good, we could use some new sources of information." She grinned. "So, are you?"

He took the first bite, chewing slowly. "Why?" he asked when his mouth was empty. "Is this an important thing?"

"Yeah, kinda. I was gonna ask if you wanted to double date with us but I figure if you're doing...that, then you'd not want to go out with us." He shook his head. "What?" she asked with just a hint of pout.

"Will, *if* I start to date guys, you'll be the third person to know, okay?" She nodded slowly, her face scrunched up in her thinking hard way. "I'd hope that the two of us knew it first," he prompted, making her grin. "Okay?" She nodded, crossing her arms in front of her. "Where's Giles anyway? He's been gone forever."

"He's in the staff meeting. Snyder sucked him into it but he asked the secretary to ask me to come check on you, make sure that it didn't knock you out." She patted his hand. "So I'll go and let you get back to your stuff. See you at lunch?"

"Only if I'm not putting more cream on." They looked at the door as it opened. "Hey," he said warily. "What's up guys?" He pushed back the chair, standing up. "Will, go," he said softly.

"Coach wanted us to find you, pretty boy," the jock that he'd had trouble with a few days ago said. "Seems he got this nice note about you being sick or something." He leered at Willow as she walked quickly past him. "What, don't you want a real man, sweetie?"

She stopped, turning to frown at him. "I have one, thank you," she said coldly. "And unless you have a pass or a free period right now, I think you'd better leave here. We're on assigned projects." She pushed open the door, sneaking a look out it. "Go or I'll call the office," she said, facing down the jock that had walked over to her. She moved away from the hand that came up to brush at her cheek. "Don't even, I'm a good tattler and I'll do it." She scowled at him.

The jock that Xander had had problems with smoothed back his greasy blond hair. "I'm sure you will, let her go. She's obviously a virgin and gonna stay that way since she's frigid."

"Yeah, ice cold," Xander said, moving closer to where they stood. "Get out unless you have a pass. No more warnings."

"Or what?" the jock taunted. "You gonna beat us with your little pillow that you got because you got fucked too hard?" He grinned, not expecting to be grabbed by his hair.

"Out," Giles said, pulling him toward the door and shoving him out, his accent very clear at the moment. "I'll not have such behavior in my library." He watched the other boys pass by him, each one looking at him then at the two teens. "And I'd not try to retaliate," he told the last one. "I'll report this incident as an attempted assault and you won't play the rest of the season." The last jock ran out, letting Willow shut the doors. Giles turned to look at Xander. "I see you made decent progress and didn't fall asleep after all." He glanced at Willow. "Thank you for coming in to check on him, did you want to stay?" She shook her head, walking out into the hall, looking around carefully before heading to where she knew Oz was.

Xander sighed, sitting back down in the comfy chair. "Thanks but I should complain." He grimaced at the hand on his shoulder. "They'll just make it worse now."

"No they won't," Giles said. "They're being expelled for violence." He sat down in one of the normal chairs, pulling his desk chair around to make the younger man look at him. "Are you all right? Except for your pride?" Xander nodded. "I know you wanted to handle it, but they've been putting students in the hospital. Of course nothing would have been done if not for the Police showing up to arrest one of those boys." He got a startled look. "Yes, it seems someone finally pressed charges against them." He rubbed over the tense shoulder. "Are you all right?" he repeated.

"I'm fine," Xander said softly. "Thank you for saving me, again." He looked into the other man's face, grinning just a little. "How did you know?"

"I was getting the box when the officers showed up for that blonde one, then I was pulled into the meeting because Snyder needed another teacher to expel them." He rubbed down the arm. "Aren't you due a dose of medicine?" That got him a blush, a little light one. "Let me guess, having problems?"

"I can't get it on the sore spot. Everywhere else but not there." He grimaced. "And I'm not fond of the nurse making me let her look at it this morning." He shuddered. "Way personal." He reached over, gathering up the cards he'd done. "I tried to do it readably, but you'll have to do a few over maybe." He handed them over, watching as they were looked at.

"Yes, well, these are for my notes, the actual ones will be typed from these so I don't see a problem." Giles laid the cards on the table. "Would you like myself, or Willow," he amended quickly, "to spread the cream on for you? We would be able to see the pained area once you pointed it out."

"From what the nurse said, it's royally bruised for real so you shouldn't have a problem." //Do I or don't I? Might be interesting to have him touch me, just to make sure of course, but it could be fun. Much more funner than those books.// He stifled a yawn. "Sure," he said afterwards. "But you gotta promise not to laugh at my skinny butt." He looked down again, embarrassed. //That's it, I'm buying me a muzzle tonight after school. Maybe I'll even find one to go with my clothes.// His head was tipped back up, making him look at the older man. "Sorry, I know you hate it when I do that."

"Yes, I do. I'm waiting for you to see yourself as others do but it seems it's never going to happen without some help." He stood up, helping the younger man up and walking him to the office. He looked around then looked at him. "Ointment?"

"Backpack, front pocket." Then he remembered what else was in there, snatching it away at the last second and taking the tube out himself, blushing when he found out it was the wrong tube. He set the tube of lubricant he'd picked up yesterday to try things out for himself back into the bag, taking out the one he needed and handing it over. All he got was a raised eyebrow. //Too close. I'd die if he found that or the condoms in there.// Xander looked around the room, then walked over to shut the door and block the window. "You sure?" he asked, wanting to give him one last chance to back out and let him do this himself. He gasped as he turned around, looking at Giles holding up the other tube and the package of condoms, smiling at him. //What? Pod?// He looked around. //Nope, possession?// He looked at the smile again, shivering. //Maybe but it looks good on him. Could diffuse this though.// "Do we really need that to do this?" he choked out.

"Not really," Giles admitted. "I just wanted to see what got you so flustered." He dropped the things back on top of the backpack, sitting down and patting his lap. "Come, Xander, let me soothe that nasty bruise for you." He watched as the teen stripped off his sweat pants and hesitated before dropping his boxers. "I won't hurt you," he said softly, beckoning him some more with his voice.

Xander laid down across the strong legs, trying hard to not let a groan out as the warm hand found its way to his rear. "It's near the bottom," he sighed, liking the feelings the hand was giving him, and the hard thing poking him in the side too really. //Gee, Oz was *really* right about this, need to give him a good present for telling me.// He looked over his shoulder, watching the older man's face as he stroked over his tense flesh. "Do I look yummy?" he whispered, then covered his mouth. //Muzzle, definitely.//

Giles smiled. "Indeed you do, Xander." He opened the tube, sliding some of the ointment out onto a firm but shaking finger. He handed the tube off, with a small smile, before using his free hand to spread the cheeks gently. The only bad thing was when he saw the bruise. "This isn't good," he said, smoothing the cream down it. "I think you need to go back, this isn't working." He rubbed up and down the bruise gently, working it in, his smile coming back at the quiet moan. "Does this please you?" he asked softly, almost whispering. It got a frantic nod. "I see." He picked up the other tube, shaking it lightly. "And if I used this one?" That got him a louder moan. "Ah, but not here and not now," he said, helping the younger man back to his knees on the floor. "We must never do this here." He listened for a second, his head tipping off to the side slightly, then leaned down, taking their first kiss.

Xander pulled him closer, sucking air frantically while he could, wanting so much to make this better. He moaned again as he was released. He licked over his lips, handing off the tube so he could stand up, slowly pulling back up his boxers and sweats. "I, um, don't know what to say." He saw the small smile of satisfaction. "But I can play by that rule." He knelt in front of him again. "Any others? I should hear all the conditions beforehand." He groaned as the outer door opened, grabbing the older man's wrist to look at his watch. "It's lunch, they're looking for me." He stood up, stealing a brief kiss. "Can I, um, come over or what?" he asked, shifting from foot to foot in nervous tension.

"I'll come with you to the doctor's in two days time, so you don't have to drive of course, and we'll take it from there." Giles stood up, pulling the younger man's head closer. "Nothing until you're better, Xander, and I mean it."

"Not even this?" he asked softly, starting to get lost in the depth of his wanna-be lover's eyes. "Not for a while?" They leaned closer to each other, pulling back at the knock. "In a minute, just doing the cream thing," he called. That got a small, Willowish giggle, making him shake his head. "She's always had bad timing." He stole another brief kiss before backing up. "I'll be back after lunch, okay?" He saw the smile coming back out. "And we'll talk?" That got him a silent nod. "Good, then we'll talk and it'll all be good." He waddled over to the door, opening it after looking down at himself. He walked out to see Oz and Willow waiting against the desk for him. "Hey," he said. "Just getting the cream on." He looked down at his hands, looking at the clean surface. "Let me stop by the bathroom and wash it off then we can go eat." The couple nodded so they all walked out together.


"What do you mean it's how I sit?" Xander asked his doctor. "What's wrong with how I sit?" He finished doing up his jeans, turning around to look at her. "I think I sit like everyone else."

"Let's see," she said, pushing a loose strand of hair back into the semi-bun. "Sit on the table and let me see." He sat down delicately as she watched, following her visually as she walked around him. "Ah-ha," she said, pushing on his back. "Sit up straighter, bend forward a little if you have to." He did as she said and started to grin. "Fixed it?" He nodded. "Good, then I want you to start doing that. Wear one of those back braces to help you get used to the new position if you need to. You were just sitting too far back." She patted his knee. "All done. More cream for another few days. An excuse from classes still." She handed him over the papers. "So," she said, bumping his shoulder with hers. "Who's your friend?" That got her a light blush. "Ah, I see, then I won't ask if he's single."

"Yeah, well kinda," Xander muttered. He looked at her. "Is it okay if..." She shook her head. "Didn't think so."

"Not until you're healed, my dear, then you can have all the fun you want." She patted his arm then walked out. "Set up another meeting with me next week sometime."

He walked out, stopping at the desk to talk to the receptionist, then headed out to the car. "Hey," he said, sliding into the seat. "Got told I sit funny."

"You do, as did I once upon a time." Giles smiled at him, patting the side of his lover's face. "We'll get it sorted out. I'll just have to make you want to quit slouching." He started the small car, pulling out into traffic. "What else did she say?"

"Cream for another few days, no school if I don't want to go. No gym period." Xander grinned, leaning his head back, stretching his neck out. "But I get to have you put the cream on for a few more days at least."

"Yes, then I get to put other things there." Giles' smile was wicked as he pulled up in front of the younger man's house. "Now go to bed, and I'll call you later to come over and help." He accepted the small pat to his hand with grace and a smile, watching as the younger man walked inside.

Xander looked at his mother as he passed by her chair. "I have to go back in a few more days but she discovered the problem. I was sitting funny."

She snorted. "Don't you mean what you've been sitting on?" She tossed the small tube of lubricant at him. "Found this in your jacket."

"I thought you gave up snooping and yeah, I have a girlfriend, if you remember, and we use it." He slipped it into his pocket. "Anything else you want to jump to conclusions about?"

"No, but I won't have you living here if what I heard was true."

Xander scowled at her. "Listen, all right? I've been sitting on hard wooden chairs for the longest time over the last few years and all the time spent on it has hurt my tail bone. It's got a very nice purple and green bruise on it right now from that and that *alone*. If you're insinuating that I've been hurt doing something else, then you're wrong and I'd like you to stay out of my things." He stomped, as well as he could, up to his room, slamming the door. //Why do I still live here?// he asked himself. //Stupid cow, needs to get some herself. Then maybe she'd leave me alone.// Xander lay down on his bed, picking up his favorite ball to toss in the air. //Maybe she's using again, who knows.// He tossed it again, catching the soft Nerf ball before it hit his nose. //Why can't she start doing stuff without making me suffer?// He looked at his phone, wanting it to ring.

His door was pounded on so he got up, walking slowly over to answer it. "Yeah," he said tiredly. He frowned at his father. "Don't even, she started it." He leaned against the edge of the door. "And she's using again." That got him hit. "She is. She was going through my jacket for spare change." He rubbed over his cheek. "Feel better?"

"You will *not* disrespect her again!" his father yelled. He walked down the hall, slamming his door.

"And we'll all be one big happy family," Xander muttered, closing and locking his door. He leaned against it, rubbing over his numb cheek some more. //Bastard. Should turn him in. Or maybe her for drugs.// He walked back over to his bed, laying back down on his side. He just looked at the door as it was pounded on again. "I'm not getting up, if you want in that badly, pick the lock."

"Let me in," Willow called. He hurried over, letting her in, glancing behind her just in case. "Thanks," she said, patting the sore side of his face. When she saw the wince, she turned his face toward the window, looking at it. "Again?"

Xander shrugged, heading back for his bed. "Whatever," he muttered as he lay down. "What's up? You don't usually breach the front door when my parents are home." He watched as she sat down on the floor beside him. "I could move," he offered.

"No, this is comfortable. Your mother called me, told me to come fix you." She grimaced. "Is she..." He nodded, cutting her off. "Must be fun for you now."

"Just a while longer and I'm gone for a while." He reached out, patting a flyaway hair of hers back into place. "So, any other reason to show up on my doorstep?"

"Just a small one," she confessed. "Oz and I had a small argument and I need a man's mind to understand it." She pulled a crumpled piece of paper out of her pocket, handing it to him. "Here, you tell me."

He read it and started to smile. "I wouldn't worry, it's just a word thing." He handed it back. "You just misunderstood what he was trying to say."

Willow nodded, getting back up. "Want to come over to my house and lay on my bed?" She blushed, just lightly. "I mean to rest your, um..." Her voice trailed off as she looked toward the door.

Xander looked over to see his parents standing there. "I'll be there later," he promised her. He watched her walk out, pulling himself up to a sitting position to face them. "And you wanted what?" he asked, looking them over.

"You owe your mother an apology, boy," his father said.

"And she owes me one for going through my things." He shrugged. "And I know I'm right, look at her eyes." He waved a hand at his mother. His father frowned at him, taking a step inside. "Yeah, that's it, beat the injured kid." He stood up, waddling over to them. "I get injured from sitting and she decides I'm gay and that I've been doing the town so goes through my things and *I'm* supposed to apologize? Not even close." He stared his father down, not even flinching at the slap. "Feel better yet?"

"Apologize or get out," his father threatened.

"When she does," Xander said. He crossed his arms. "I bought that jacket, not her, so don't even try that you gave it to me so it's your property thing." He glared at them. "Now, out or make her apologize. I'm not putting up with this and you'd better hope no one mentions the mark because I will tell them how it came to be." He looked at his mother. "Well?"

"No," she said, turning around. "Out of my house."

Xander chuckled lightly. "Whose? I believe it was left to me, as in it's in my name and my name alone." He looked at his father. "You want me gone from your lives that much, you leave. I'm eighteen and you can't do anything to me anymore." He raised an eyebrow, reaching deep inside to pull up an Oz impression of calmness. "Anything else we need to discuss?" They walked down the hall. "I'll wait for my apology," he called, slamming the door. He walked back to his bed, sitting up and grabbing the phone, calling Giles. "You needed me to come help tonight, right?" He smiled. "No, just your desk chair would be nice." He hung up, his smile turning grim as he noticed his father in the doorway. "What?"

"You have no right to do this to us."

Xander touched his cheek. "Gee, I feel the same way about you. No further discussion. She gets help, decent help, or I call it in and send you both into the street." He shrugged. "I'm through being nice."

He wasn't sure where this strength was coming from but he was glad for it at the moment. He could use all the will he had and still need some more before this was done. He only hoped that Giles wouldn't think badly of him for it.


Rupert looked up as he walked into the library, grimacing at him. "What?" Xander asked tiredly. He sat down in the offered chair, looking around. "Everyone else get to run out for munchies this time?"

The Watcher shook his head. "No, Wesley wanted to do a training exercise so they're all in the gym." He leaned closer, touching the dark bruises lightly. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Nope, I'm going to fix it another way." He turned his head as the door opened, admitting Willow. "Hey," he said. "You left just in time. We had more words so they're going to go away for a long time." He caught her hand as she tried to touch him. "I'm fine, don't do it." She nodded, sitting on the table in front of him. "I gave them *the* ultimatum and they're going to go get her real help far away at her family's home." He glanced at Giles. "Can I borrow the couch in your office tonight? I really don't want to listen to them leave again." That got him hugged, by both of them.

Wesley cleared his throat as he walked into the library and Buffy 'awwed'. Oz walked over and hissed, pulling Willow away to look more closely at the injuries. "Bad," he said, touching the black eye. "I have a spare room and no parents," he offered.

Giles shook his head. "He'll come stay in my guest room," he told them. He looked down at the young man he was hoping to have a passionate affair with soon. "Would you like to go now? I'd come help you pack a small bag and everything."

"Nah, it's in my car and I can wait. Tylenol works well in these cases." He glanced at Willow. "What's up? What can I do to help?"

Wesley walked around to look at him, gasping when he caught sight of his face, making Buffy walk over to stand beside him. "I'd say a rest was in order," the new Watcher said, frowning at him. "If not a visit to the emergency room."

"It's not that bad," Buffy said, walking over to look at them closer. "Nothing broken, no extra wiggles?" Xander shook his head. "Ice pack, works for me." She stepped back. "But another night off might be a good idea." She looked at Giles. "We didn't have anything to do besides that exercise, right?" He nodded, startled from his visual examination of the young teen. "Then get him home and let him rest. Will, Oz, and I can go patrol." The other two teens nodded. "See, no big." She looked at Xander. "You need a hidey hole, just yell." He nodded so she left.

Xander looked around at the others. "I'm fine," he said softly. "This isn't all that bad and I've had worse. I'll live and I'll stay at Giles tonight." He looked at Willow. "You okay?"

"He just yelled at me," she said, squeaking as she was grabbed by Oz and turned to look at him. "His mother called me to make him see reason. I just got yelled at by his father and I escaped. Nothing bad," she promised.

"Your parents are leaving when?" Oz asked, looking over his girlfriend's shoulder at him.

"Tomorrow morning, early. Four usually. My father has this intense hatred of traffic." He stood up. "She's safe, I got her out before he could do more than yell a little." He looked at Giles. "Keys? I'll go let myself in and lay down or something while you deal here." He took the keys with just a slight lingering of fingers. "Later," he said, walking out.

Giles looked at Willow, as did Oz after he'd pushed her into the chair the younger teen had left. "How long has this been going on?"

"Ever since his grandma died a few years ago and left the house to him." She frowned, looking at her hands. "She'd had the mortgage on it and held it over them but when she died, it went to him instead of them so they got pissed. Not that they weren't uptight before about him but then they got really nasty to him. Even tried to have him committed once." She shuddered. "I hated that doctor they hired, he asked all sorts of bad things." She looked at Oz, taking his hand. "But it's over now, he's old enough to have control and they're going to leave him alone or else he's going to get them." He nodded, looking into her eyes. "I'm fine," she told him, bringing up his hand to kiss the back of it. "Let's go help Buffy." She stood up, glancing at Giles. "He's fine if he says he is. That's the way it works." She let herself be led out of the library.

Giles sat down at the table, clasping his hands together under his forehead so he wouldn't be able to get up and grab a weapon so easily.


Xander looked around the apartment, grinning. "Warm and inviting as always," he said, heading up the stairs. He tossed his bag on the extra bed, watching it bounce as he stripped quickly, looking at himself in the mirror before heading into the bathroom. It's where his favorite stay-over treat was at: the big cast iron bathtub he'd discovered the first time he'd been over. He started the water, humming an old song to himself as he added bubbles, watching them form and frolic in it.

He sighed and hissed as he sank down, sighed at the nice heat, hissed as it hit his sore spot. He grabbed his cheesy romance off the floor, settling down to read it in comfort.

Giles walked into his apartment, smiling at the untouched simplicity of his front room. He heard the splashing of someone in the tub upstairs so headed up, smiling brighter at the sight of the sleeping man inhabiting the water. He walked over slowly so he wouldn't make any noise, pushing the book farther away as he knelt beside the tub to run a hand over the exposed chest, playing with the few hairs there. His young man just grunted, rolling toward him so he could do more. The fingers strayed to a nipple, grazing over it. "Xander," he whispered, "it's not good to sleep in the tub."

"Knew you'd wake me before I drowned," he said, waking up and grinning, leaning over to kiss him. "Thanks for letting me stay, I promise not to mooch too much." Their lips connected, the heat getting intense. The hand strayed below the water, the body attached to it ignoring the watch strapped to it, to play with the darker hair trail it found around the navel. "Ooh," Xander sighed, scooting down to let the hand have better access. "Nice."

"We still can't, you're in no shape to take more than this."

"Want more," Xander sighed, lifting his hips up to get the hand where he wanted it. "How about this?" He grinned, just a little smirk thrown in at the appreciative moan. "Could we do this?"

"Yes, my pet, we can do this much." He stroked lightly over the warm flesh, leaning in for another kiss as he measured it with his fingers. "We can do this for as long as you can hold on."

"Oh, you'd be surprised how long that might be." He grinned, pulling his lover closer, catching his mouth in a deep, probing kiss. Giles surprised him by sliding his arms around him, lifting him out of the water to carry him into the bedroom. He laid him on the edge, stepping back to look down at his young lover. "Nice?" he asked, blushing.

"Very nice, Xander, as always," the older man whispered, taking off his vest and sliding his shirt over his head then taking off his pants to toss them across the room with his boxers still inside. "So very nice," he said as he lay down beside him. "But we'll have to sleep on the other bed tonight, I'm afraid this one will be a bit messy." He smiled, rubbing down the damp chest. "But it's smaller so I'll be able to hold you all night."

Xander chuckled a little. "I naturally cuddle anyway so you're gonna be in trouble if you try to get away from me." He rolled on top of the older man, taking possession of his mouth again. They rolled over, the older man pulling back to look over him some more. "Am I scaring you?"

"No, not at all." Giles nipped at a bony shoulder. "I'm just appreciating your natural beauty." That got him a light blush. "Ah, but I told you that you were perfect."

"And I still don't believe you." He stretched out some, wiggling to give him a better look. "How's that?"

"Enticing." Giles leaned down, nipping at the small but firm chest muscles. "I'd like it if you might touch me now," he whispered. He moaned as he was pushed onto his back, a hot hand coming over to brush lightly over his chest. His moans got louder as an even warmer mouth followed the hot fingers down his body. "Xander," he sighed, pulling the head up from where it was nibbling on his stomach. "Let me for a while," he said, stroking over a nipple, earning him a hiss and an arched chest. "Do you like that?"

"Very, more," he panted. "Please? I'll beg."

"Yes," Giles said, smiling, "you will." He leaned down slowly, using little licks over a tense nipple. "You'll beg me to finish you off."

"Okay," the younger man said, nodding, pounding his head against the pillow as the tongue was removed. "Please?"

"In a second." The older man sat up, looking down at the hard body. "Wouldn't you like to switch positions? I'm sure your rear must be hurting."

"Yeah, and?" Xander said, sitting up to jump him, rolling him back onto his back and going back to his teasing. "Teach me?" he whispered against the now damp flesh. That one phrase earned him the best moan he'd heard yet. He moved a little lower, licking down the hair trail going the way he wanted.

"Move slower," Giles murmured, "draw it out for me." The dark head came up, looking at him with an arched eyebrow. "I want it to go slower, for you to make me wait." He saw the pleased nod and grin. "Good, just do what you feel like, I'll correct you if you seem to need it." The dark head moved down, swirling its tongue over his hair trail.

Xander took a deep breath, looking sideways at where he wanted to go. He reached out a hesitant hand, running a finger over the head of it. "Okay?"

"Too soft," was the moaned answer, "torture. Pure torture."

He used another finger, and a little more pressure, rubbing over the slick tip. His lover arched up into his touch, making him a little bolder. He wrapped his hand over the tip, rubbing it with the palm of his hand. "Okay?" he asked before going back to his nibbling on the rim of the older man's navel. When all he heard was panting, he looked up, grinning as he let his hand slide down over the shaft, encircling it like he did himself. "Or is that better?" He quickly found himself on his back, body arching up into the hand on him again. "Yeah, nice," he sighed, looking down to watch. Giles was looking up at him, his eyes dilated by the shadows around them. The hand moved down him, stroking lightly, teasing him, making him moan just a little more. "Like that," he murmured, wiggling some to get some more attention. "Could use a little more though," he said. The hand was pulled away, letting him watch as it was slowly licked before being put back over him, the teasing touches coming back.

Giles smiled up at the younger man as he worked him over, leaning over ever so slowly to take his first taste. Xander thrust up into his tongue, making him pull back. "Not yet, pet. Soon though." He sat up, taking his hand away. "I have things I want to do to you first."

"Okay," Xander said, nodding. He got to his knees carefully, moving to sit in his lover's lap. "Want a kiss first though." He latched onto the lips, rubbing against the firm stomach to make himself feel more.

The older man pulled back to catch his breath, panting. "I had no idea you would be like this." The warm body covering his started to pull back. "Oh, no you don't. I like you like this, Xander, and I'm very desirous of going farther but we can't."

"I read about this rubbing thing, how about that?" He grinned his little cheeky grin, using a free hand to move himself down to rub over the other man's cock. They both groaned, Giles pulling Xander in closer to his body so they could do it some more. "Yeah, like that," he whispered, laying his head on the tense shoulder. He thrust down, matching his timing to that of the hips below his, staying cuddled. The firm arms came up to wrap around him, making him feel safe and loved and wanted all at once but the hips kept moving, bringing them both closer to the edge.

Just as he was about to go over, Xander pulled back, grinning. "You sure you want to do this like this?" He was pulled closer again, his hips moved for him. He grinned again, pulling back and laying down in the firm lap, licking over the sweaty cock, tasting him. "Hmm," he hummed, taking another lick.

Giles lay back on the bed, covering his eyes. He went with it, just letting his lover go for it. The tongue kept coming back, almost teasingly lightly, brushing across him. "Could you please do more?" he whispered, grunting as the mouth covered him, slowly going down on him. After the second tooth scrape, he sat up, helping Xander off him. "Love, you need to fix a teeth problem you're having." He saw the little hurt look in the deep brown eyes and sighed. "I didn't mean that, you've done very well for a novice." He smiled, just a little. "Let me show you?"

"You're gonna teach me now?"

The older man shivered. "Yes." He licked his lips. "Come lay beside me for a moment." He lay on his side, watching as the younger man laid his head against his stomach. "Now, think of it as a large popsicle. You need to lick it, not nip it. Your teeth should never come in contact with me." He stroked through the soft hair. "Try it again, pet, and we'll work on it." Xander slid back down again, trying hard to swallow him. "Slow down. Take it slowly, just as much as you can handle and use your tongue." His mouth clicked shut, his eyes rolling back into his head as the younger man proved he had a natural talent for sucking him down. He put a hand down on the head, stroking through the soft hair, moving the head down farther. The only sounds he made were of pleasure as the mouth went down farther. "Xander," he sighed as he came, making him swallow it all.

Xander sat up, licking his lips. "Was it... okay?" He got grabbed, being held tightly against the older man's chest. "Giles, um, can I ..." He whimpered as he was turned onto his side and the older man showed him what he knew, doing it the same way he'd just done it. "Giles," he moaned, trying hard to move the head down more, trying to make him do more, faster. "Yeah," he said, pounding on the bed. "Rupert, Ripper, man, faster, please," he begged. He felt the gentle smile and groaned as the head came away from him. "Please?" he begged. "Just a little more?" He opened his eyes to look at his lover, seeing him smile. "Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"I told you you'd beg," Giles whispered, kissing him briefly before going back down.

Xander's whole body arched off the bed as he was swallowed, coming almost instantly. He panted and shivered as he came down, clutching the older man's hand in his. "God, I didn't know it was supposed to be like that," he whispered, opening his eyes and moving into the hard chest to cuddle. "Am I... do I need to move?" He got pulled closer. "You really like to cuddle?"

"I love to cuddle after sex." He kissed him again. "It'll be making love some other time, when you're healed. Then I'll teach you more." He noticed the big smile and the tired yawn behind it. "Would you like that, pet? Would you like me to teach you?" He saw the frantic nodding. "Then we'll start tomorrow night with your next lesson."

Xander closed his eyes, leaning into the hard chest. "Tomorrow," he said softly. "Can't wait." He started to snore lightly, softly ruffling the chest hair.

Giles smiled in fond amusement, watching his lover sleep.

The End