How I Became a Groupie (Drunk and Disorderly Behavior)
by Voracity

I woke up, rubbing my eyes and looked around the motel room in confusion. //Gee, doesn't look like the same room, but I was pretty pissed last night before I went out clubbing so maybe it's just sleepiness.// I winced as I got out of the bed. //Alcohol bad, got to remember that, boy, or else you'll end up a drunk. Being off my butt felt *way* too good last night.// I walked into the bathroom, flipping on the light, and picked up my toothbrush to put toothpaste on it. I raised the brush to my mouth and looked in the mirror. "OH HEWW! WHAD DID I *DO* TWO MYSELF!" I screamed, dropping the small pink toothbrush into the sink. I heard some quiet snickering through the thin wall and pounded on it. "Hey, not fwunny." I looked back at the face in the mirror, touching my own to make sure it was really me. When I ran into the small silver bar in my brow and both the guy in the mirror and I flinched I knew it had to be real.

I, Xander Harris, had gotten multiple piercings while drunk.

There was the little bar in my right brow and a big ring in my lip and the one through the bridge of my nose. "Cwap," I said then opened my mouth slowly to see my tongue pierced too. //Damn, I'm in *such* deep crap for this. Will is going to *kill* me, right after she and Buffy make fun of my stupid ass.// I sat down on the toilet lid, looking down. The sight of my navel, both beringed and written around made me go out to the full-length mirror on the wall. I saw the small writing around my navel, squinting to read it, then I realized it was in some other language so gave it up. I felt sore in some other places so turned around to look at my back, wincing at the large picture there and the one just peeking over the edge of my boxers. I shifted uncomfortably and did the bravest thing in my life.

I pulled the elastic waistband of my boxers out to look.

Then I passed out.

When I woke up again, I whimpered at the pain on my rear and stood carefully, remembering clearly why I was in such pain. I dropped my boxers, turning to look at the little creature now gracing my left cheek, the scabs just starting to clear up. //Why don't I remember any of this? And please tell me it was just one night's stupidity!// I picked up my wallet, opening it to check my cash supply and frowned when it was all there. //I got lots of new holes in my body and some tattoos and I didn't spend a dime. Uh-huh. Sure.// I ran a mental inventory over the rest of my body, wincing at the soreness of some of the new art on my body, but otherwise felt pretty normal. I turned to look at my stomach again, not wanting to look at the dragon eating a man...that way on my back or the creature jacking off on my rear again. I saw the smiley face in the mirror and hoped that it was some funny censorship thing in my mind making sure I didn't see my cock right now, after all, I'd had that hallucination before. I looked down then closed my eyes. //Nope, not the vision. Happy face. On my dick. Smiling up at me.//

I sat down on the floor, wincing as the new tattoo on my ass started to ache. //Gotta get some help. And no more liquor! Never again.// I looked down again but the smiley face was still there. //And it's even yellow. I'm impressed.// I touched the little bar running through the width of me, just below the head, and gasped as a whole rush of good feelings started to run through him. //Well, this might not be *that* bad. But I still gotta find out who did this and what to do about it. How long was I out?// I got back up, jogging into the bathroom. //Can't shower,// I told myself. //Remember Oz saying someone screwed theirs up that way. Just get dressed and go talk to that nice lady that runs this place's husband. He has a few, he might help me. I can look that pitiful.//

I dressed quickly and grabbed the wallet and key, pulling my baseball cap down as far as I could as I walked out the door. I walked into the office and the manager smiled at me in her grandmotherly way. She motioned me over, taking off the hat and burst out laughing. "Nwot fwunny," I told her, very quietly.

She just nodded, pushing back some of her perpetually greasy, steel gray hair. "I'm sure it's not to you. Do you know what day it is?" I shook my head timidly. "It's Thursday." I knew my face fell. "Never going to do that again, are you?"

"Do I owe you mowre?"

She shook her head, handing back my hat. "No, young man, your friend checked you out. We just stored your stuff. Go see my Henry, I'm sure he could tell you more." She waved me toward the back room.

I walked back, ignoring the laughter she broke out in as soon as I was out of sight. "Henwy?" I asked the man sitting in the chair.

"Boy, do you know what day it is?"

"Thwursday," I said, sitting down on the couch that was waved to. "What do I do now?"

"I'd suggest you go talk to our resident artist," he said with a small smirk. "Other than that? Just take care of them. They're yours now." He chuckled lightly. "How do you think I got most of mine? At least I spaced mine out some."

Xander nodded slowly. "Whewre can I fwind him?"

"He's in that small room above the bar you were at. Just walk in there and look pitiful, they'll show you where to go." He tossed over my car's keys. "He gave me these when he dropped you off last night, young man. And no, you weren't drivin' drunk, thank God." He looked up briefly.

"Twanks, I'll check owt lader or tomorrow," I said, walking out. I jumped into my car and pulled out, heading for the bar I remembered heading to that last night I remembered. I walked in, blinking at the sudden lack of light and silently begged the bartender to help me. I got pointed at a staircase so ran up them and pounded on the door. A big, sweaty, hairy man opened the door and looked at me.

"Good, ya didn't die of alcohol poisoning," he said as he let me in, scratching the hair on his chest, making a sandpaper noise. "How's the art?"

"Hwurts!" I gave him a desperate look. "How lowng was I owt?"

"Many days, my friend, many, many days." The artist walked me over to the bed, the only furniture in the room, and sat me down, nodding in sympathy as I winced. "Want me to check it for you? Probably dry by now." I felt myself nod as I stood up, turning around. Each of the marks was touched and my jeans were dropped, the touches kept impersonal, much to my relief. "Looks okay, just need to get some more of that gel I left you on there."

I looked at the man and inwardly cringed. //Now for the sixty-four thousand dollar question. If I can get it out intelligently.// "Whaw else did we do?" I said quietly, trying hard to make the lisp disappear.

The man laughed, shaking his head. "Oh, my, Xander, I know you've been drunk but to not remember what we shared?" He must have seen me blanche whiter than a vampire at the sight of Buffy with PMS and a crossbow full of pencils because his face became gentle and soft again as he looked down at me. "You didn't do nothin'. You said you'd be my canvas, keep the art for a year and at least consider the piercings. You touched me, not the other way around and I used clean needles on you every time. Make you feel better?"

I felt myself nod. "Mwuch." I frowned, covering my mouth. "What else?" I got a dirty look. "My fwirst time dwunk, give." I got another one of those laughs.

"My boy, you've done for me what no one else could. You made me *create* again." He pulled the sheet off his sketchbook, flipping the pages of drawings for me to see. "What you did to me was the best I've ever seen. A real natural when you're under." He patted a shoulder lovingly, or seeming to be lovingly. "Just continue on your trip, you're safe."

I nodded, standing up and awkwardly hugging him. "Twanks. Do you wan' ta know abowt this?" He shook his head. "I'll never fowget this, man, really." I grinned, wincing as I bit down on my tongue piercing.

"Hold on, let me get you a smaller one. It might help that lisp too. It's been long enough, almost." He came back, opening a package as he walked. "Open wide then I'll put some more gel on."

I stuck out my tongue, feeling the pull and the bad taste of the fingers, keeping myself from gagging as the old piercing was taken out and quickly replaced. I turned my mind off while all the tattoos were wiped over with the gentle fingers and the cool gel, then I gave him another awkward hug and jogged out of the room and out of the bar. //Never going to go back in there. Or any other place like that. No more alcohol for me.// I drove back to the motel, gathering my things. //Need an opinion on this. Can't call Willow, she wouldn't know and I refuse to put myself through that yet.// I winced as I sat down, sucking on the silver bar in my mouth. "Oz," I said, mostly very clear now. "Yes, can tawk. Okay, mostly." I pulled out my phonecard and dialed Giles' house, sure he could be trusted. "Gwiles? It's me, Xander." I nodded. //Yes, I am talking funny, don't ask.// "I need to tawk to Oz; really, really badly, need to tawk to him." He chuckled. //You think?// "Gwiles, I can't tell you, I just need to tawk to him. Pwease!" I begged, sitting back down and barking in pain. //Damn, got to remember to put things in the other pocket now.// "Five? Okay. I can do that. Thanks." I hung up and finished gathering my stuff, lying back down on the bed. "Oz'll know what to do," I told myself, sure of it. He knew too many people to not know what to do.


I pulled off at the rest stop, hurrying over to the phone and dialed. //Only three minutes late but he's a patient man, he'll understand.// "Oz?" I said softly, my mouth sore now from all the talking practice I had been doing. "Are you awone?" I winced as some woman pinched my behind. "Not interwested," I told her, turning away from her. "No, Oz, I've had a major prowblem and I need advice. Like badly need it." I shook my head. "Not an option, where are you heading on that tour in the next few? 'Cause I'll mweet you there." //Smart man.// "Yeah but that's not the only one. No, I can't tell you over the phone, there are *people* around. Just tell me where you'll be so I can mweet you?" //Arizona? Again?// "NO! I mean I just came from there. Where else?" //YES!// "St. Louis? I can do that. When? Three days, okay, I'll be in the cheapest motel." Long pause. "Okay, I can do that. Sure, you know the car and I'll park it in front. Thanks man." I hung up, going back to my car. //Thank God for him. He's saving me again.// I got in and pulled away, heading for the city my friend told me to go to.


Oz started as the door opened even before he could knock. "Edgy," he noted. He closed the door and pulled the pillowcase off my head. "Xander," he sighed, touching each of the piercings.

I stood there, letting him look. //He's got to know someone that's a good guy for this. Maybe he knows them personally or just as the friend of a friend, but I've got to get some help. Three weeks!// "Oz," I said softly. "That's not all." //Hey, that work with the diction worked. Got to go back and kiss that librarian.// I got a small nod so stripped off my bathrobe, waiting for the utterly shocked look to go away. //Oh, no, he's making an expression. Not a good. Very not good.// "I got drunk," I said slowly, the real key to not lisping as I had found out. "Three weeks drunk, Oz, and I woke up like this."

"Huh." The older man walked around me and I could almost feel the heat of his blush from the pornographic tattoos on my back and rear. He walked back to the front, looking at the happy face. "Didn't know you could do that." He looked up. "Can I?" and he waved a hand in the general area.

I nodded, grateful. "It itches, and I don't know what to do," I started, running faster and faster with each word. "I just wokeup wike this and thwen..." A hand covered my mouth. "Sworry," I said. //Too much information, really sorry man.//

"How much did it cost you?" Oz asked, removing his hand. "And try slower so you're understandable."

"Nothing. Apparently I was his canvas and I let him create again. I talked to him when I woke up and he said nothing happened." I sat down on the bed, wincing as the still sore spot on my butt hit the mattress. "I even asked about the safe stuff so I'm okay." My friend pulled my head up, shaking his own. "I asked though."

"Xander, you didn't pay for it and you obviously don't remember any of that time period. What makes you think he was telling the truth?"

"I got my first test the other day," I admitted quietly, looking back down. "The nurse laughed." My shoulders slumped with the dejection I felt. "I didn't want to call but I needed advice and I thought you might know or know somebody."

"Both, but I need to check some things and it's going to be personal." I looked up and nodded slowly. "Okay, go into the bathroom and get really clean. I've got to go out to the van for the first aid kit." I nodded and did as I was told, the older man coming back quickly with a little tackle box, which was opened on the bathroom floor.

//He knows so I'll be okay.// I winced at the snap of the rubber glove and grabbed the edge of the sink, closing my eyes.

"I'll be gentle," was whispered behind me as the bathroom door was closed. I felt the finger enter me and automatically tightened on it. "Ease up," he told me, and the finger was removed. I turned to look at my friend. "No, stay that way, I want to look at the art." He dropped that glove in the trash and picked up the other one he'd taken out. He picked up the bottle of gel from the sink's edge and started to shake it as he gently traced around the tattoos. "Looking okay, little dry." The one on my back was covered with cool gel and the warm finger moved down to my rear. "Very dirty minded guy," was noted and that one was covered. "Turn." I did and the one on my stomach was looked at, the older man getting down on his knees to examine it. "I want to eat you whole and swallow?" Oz said, looking up. "In Latin?" He arched an eyebrow up halfway. "Interesting friends." He smoothed the gel over it and the itching immediately stopped. "Want me to do the other?"

"Only if you're comfortable." A tender kiss was placed over the smiling mouth. "Okay then, please." Oz snorted as he looked at it then the piercing. He smoothed some gel over the smiley face then stood up. "Thank you."

"Not even going to get you out of the lecture." He recapped the gel and took off the glove. "I'm calling someone for you to see about those. That bar behind the tat looks too tight and the one in your tongue is still giving you trouble. Open." I did, sticking my tongue out. "Hmm. Yup. Wait here." He glanced down my front. "And put on boxers. Soft ones." The older man walked out, sitting down at the table and picking up the phone book. He flipped pages then traced a finger down the right page then dialed. "Hey, it's Oz. No, fine. Got a small prob with a friend though. Can you do a consult?" He snorted. "No, try drunken binge for many days. Many problems possibly." He nodded and hung up. "Two hours from now." He waved at the other chair. "Sit. Want to talk to you." I did, blushing. "Feel stupid enough yet?" He looked over me. "Why go drinking?"

"The car overheated twice that morning and I was upset and pissed so went to play some pool and maybe have *a* beer."

"And the last one you remember was..."

"Tequila. Straight." That got a small wince. "Yeah, well, I've learned that lesson and I'll never do it again."

"Good, 'cause I won't be pulling your butt out again." I gave him a small nod. "As long as you understand."

"I'm not doing this again, never." I looked into the all-knowing eyes. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to upset you."

"And if one of those blood tests comes up positive and I didn't know why, how do you think that'll make me feel?" He gave me an appraising look. "I think you know better now so I'll stop the lecture."

"Oh, I know better. No more evil alcohol for me."

"What did he say you did for him?"

"Made him create. He had a bunch of drawings. He said I agreed to become his canvas."

"How long?"

"Was I out? Three weeks." That got a small groan. "Tell me about it. But I also agreed to keep the tattoos for a year at least." That got a small nod. "I apparently also agreed to think about the piercings."

"Yeah, I'd do that. Some are going to be nice but others? And I have no idea how they would laser that one off."

"I do like that one piercing," Xander admitted. //Oh, yeah, like it a lot until it starts to pinch. There must be a way to fix that.// "I might keep that one but not the others." I looked into my friend's eyes. "Please don't tell them. I don't think I can take them knowing."

"Hey, this is secret stuff here. Not a big." Oz put his feet up on the bed, crossing his ankles. "What do you remember?"

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I remember walking into the bar and playing some pool and winning a few dollars. I remember the first few drinks. I remember the first shot of Tequila, how it tasted and burned. Then I remember waking up the next morning and wondering why the motel room looked funny." I shrugged. "That's it. Until I got into the office, I didn't even realize I was missing days."

Oz turned my head around, looking into my big, wet, deep brown eyes. "This indicates a problem. You're going to become your uncle." I nodded. "Good, glad I don't have to explain that to you either." The older man let me go, looking out the window. "Crap, Dev's up." He got up, walking out to the van. He and the lead singer walked back in, talking quietly.

"So," Devon said, patting me on the back and looking at the little pieces of silver. "You screwed the pooch badly, huh?" He took Oz's seat, not even protesting as he was pulled up and pushed onto the bed.

"We already had this talk and he knows he was bad," Oz said quietly as he sat down. "Nice work though. Show him your back?"

I stood up, taking off my shirt and dropping my boxers down some, much to the delight of the other man. Devon touched them then looked at his guitarist. "Give you any ideas?"

"A few. Not from the art." Oz looked at his friend. "Want to show him the other one? I bet he's not seen that either." I blushed but turned around, showing off my happy face.

Devon just stared then looked up at me. "Way braver and tougher than I am." He patted a bare thigh. "You don't remember getting that at all?"

"His last memory is *Tequila*," Oz noted, snorting as the art was recovered. "I know some magazines that could use that guy. That stuff is really raunchy. Sit, Xan, you still have an hour before we leave."

"Then what'll happen?" I asked quietly.

"With luck," Devon asked. I nodded. "You'll get told the tats are all right, the piercings can go - the ones you don't want - and any that you do can hold the right size rod." He looked at his bandmate. "We gonna leave him?"

"Could. Gig's not that long tonight."

"Party afterward."


"Oz, I won't do it unless you're there. You *know* that." That got a small nod.

"I can drive," I offered quietly. "Just follow you there and come back here?"

The two musicians looked at each other and silently communicated. "Okay," they said together.


The man Oz had sent me to pulled the curtains, tightening his salt-and-pepper ponytail before washing his hands. "So, you went on a drunken binge?"

"Not on purpose," I said. //Really am never going to do that again.// "I went in to play pool, have *a* beer. Last thing I remember is tequila." That got me a knowledgeable nod. "And I think I may have a bigger problem."

"Okay, well let me look first and I'll be able to tell you. Strip." I did so, slowly, really uncomfortable. "Oh, hell, no he didn't," was muttered. "I can tell it wasn't someone reputable or licensed. None of us would attempt that happy face." He looked up in sympathy. "Better you don't remember that." He checked me over, wiggling each of the piercings and running a gloved finger over each of the tattoos. "Okay, yes, you have three problems." He pulled a stool out, sitting down. "First, clean equipment?"

"I asked and he said he did. And when he replaced my tongue piercing, he unwrapped it from the packages like you have outside," I said, getting comfortable, then winced as the piercing in my cock pulled some. "Oww."

"Yeah, that was going to be problem number three, it's too small. I can put a larger bar in for you but it's going to hurt." He gave me the sympathy look again. "It's real new and I shouldn't attempt it but that is so small it could cause problems."

"Is it, um, obstructing anything?" He gave a small head shake. "Yeah, I'd like it if you could replace that then."

"Problem number three: your face is going to cause you some big problems. You're lucky it hasn't already." I winced as he touched the tattoo on my cock, looking down. "Still sore?"

"A little. Only when I think about it or how much it must have hurt."

"Oh, you don't know the half of it. The only person I know who had one like your smile done was told that he'd have to be knocked out and a doctor brought in as a precaution; his was tiny and on the side not the head. He agreed and he still fought the ties they hitched him down with, even under anesthesia." I winced again. "Drunk was good for you, huh?" the other man said with a grin.

"I don't like pain. Really hate the subject." I looked at the pictures on the wall. "So, can you remove them?"

"The piercings?" I nodded. "Sure, kid, not a big problem. Your friend could do that and replace the bar but I'd like to do that just in case you're having a problem and it bleeds or something." That got a small nod. "Then I want you to go to the emergency room and get a tetanus shot and your first HIV test."

"Got it done yesterday," Xander told him. "I'm supposed to get the results back in a few days."

"Good. You've done all I would have recommended after doing something this stupid." He stood up, walking out and coming back with a small package. "Lay back and relax. I'm going to change the bar now."

"How much?" I asked quietly.

"Just the equipment kid, don't worry. Just tell me who did it so I can warn others. We hate to see people like him." I pointed at the small signature Oz had discovered when I was getting dressed on my hip. "Ah, him again." He frowned. "Big hairy guy?" I gave a small nod. "Okay, where was he?"

"Small town in Arizona, forty-five miles away from the border and New Mexico both." I winced as the old bar in my dick was unscrewed. "Do you have something I could bite so I don't scream?"

"It'll only hurt for a second," the older man promised, sliding the bar out. He opened the package and slid the new one in, the cool metal soothing the small pain. The cap was screwed on and a hand was held out to help me up. "Done."

I took the hand, letting myself be pulled up. "Thanks. What do you suggest about my face? I don't think I want them even if my friends wouldn't laugh."

"Well, you'll have scars. The tongue one needs to come out, it's in the wrong spot, that's why you can't eat still. The one in your eyebrow is about ready to come out too, it's not deep enough." I touched it briefly then unscrewed it, putting it on the table beside me. "Good job. Now try the one between your eyes. That's got to be driving you nuts, that far down."

"I keep thinking it's a fist or something," Xander confessed, searching for the moveable end and not finding it. "Which side?"

"Both, it's got a middle screw. That one's in an OK place if you want to get it redone. You'll just have to get used to the small shadow." I nodded, working the other one loose then stuck out my tongue, working it out. "Good job." He stood up. "Okay, I want you to gel those tats for at least another week and the one on your ass for two." I gave him a nod. "The one on your stomach and the ring, I'd wait on taking that one out, it looks okay right now, is fully healed. Script seems to do that. So's the signature. And he's still a sick puppy." He flashed his feeding face and I didn't even blink, I had noticed how cold his hands were. "Thought so. I slipped with Oz and he didn't flinch either."

"What does he have?"

"A small Underdog on my right cheek," Oz said from the doorway. "You done?"

"Yup," the tattoo guy said, smiling. "But I'm a good guy."

"Yeah, a really good one," I said, hopping down and pulling on my clothes. "Anything else? Showers or stuff?"

"Not really, they're all beyond that stage, but try not to soak the one on your ass for at least another week. It looks about a week and a half old so that should be long enough. You'll live." He smiled and walked out. "Take care of him, Oz, he needs it."

Oz nodded. "Yup, about right. Any other instructions?"

"Tetanus shot. Tonight." I pulled on my shirt and paid the man. "Thanks, man, I owe you big time." I walked over, hugging him tightly but didn't get one back. "I'm sorry," I said softly, gathering up the hardware I'd taken out of my body. Oz turned me around and looked in my eyes. "I really am."

"No, you're sorry enough." I hugged my friend again, this time it was returned. "Come on, let's get you to the Emergency Room for shots." He held out a hand, taking the old cock piercing. "Want to keep this to nag you with when you do stupid stuff." I handed the rest to him. "Not keeping souvenirs?"

"Nah, I have plenty." I grinned for the first time in days. "Come on, it's going to be a wait this time of night." We walked out together and got in my car since the van was nowhere in sight.


I opened my door, rubbing my eyes. "Hey, Oz." I waved him in, looking outside the door. "Dev got another roommate tonight?" I got a silent nod. "Hey, I don't mind. I won't nibble or anything." I waved a hand at the bed, lying back down.

My friend lay down behind me, hugging me. "You okay now?"

"Yeah, much better." I patted the warm hands on my stomach. "Thanks, again. You saved me from doing something even dumber."

"Good, don't want to lose you."

I lay there and thought about the situation and the marks on my back and front. //Major league stupid. Need to be locked up for my own safety stupid. And then I had to draw him into it. Now he's got an extra burden to watch out for me.// I shuddered, just a hint of movement showing from long practice. //I'll repay him somehow. No matter what it takes.//

"Quit thinking," was whispered into my ear. "It's done and canceled out." Oz rolled me over, laying my head on the comfy offered shoulder. "See? You're fine."

"Yeah, I'm fine because you saved my sanity."

"You were doing all right. You asked the right questions and did the right things. You just didn't think of going to see a real professional about it to get answers." I snuggled down into the warm body. "See, not so bad."

"No, you're the original good, Oz," I whispered, closing my eyes.


I woke up and looked around my room. I was alone. //Huh, Oz must have left.// I noticed a piece of paper sitting on the table so got up to look at it. //Tour schedule? Does he want me to show up? Hey, I'm going some of those places anyway, might as well.// I smiled, heading for the bathroom. //Yeah, I'll show up and surprise him. Not tonight's but tomorrow night's. Guess that's why he left some of them blank.// I smiled at the mostly normal looking man in the mirror, happily washing my face, only wincing a little as the soap got into the holes. //Good, now it's not so noticeable. Just have to keep on a shirt and pants. Not a big at home. Nobody wants to look at my body anyway.// I started my shower, climbing in after putting a waterproof bandage over my newest tattoo. //Nice,// I purred to himself. "Very nice," I purred out loud.

"Good," Devon said from the doorway. He grinned at my small hop of fear. "Sorry, Oz told me to come check on you. He's eating, some problem with his blood sugar; he gets it sometimes when we travel too much. How's the art?"

"Itches a little," I confessed. "Um, Devon, why watch me shower?"

"I wanted to see how many of them you got taken out?"

"All but the bellybutton ring and the *other* one."

"Morning," Oz said as he walked in. "Dev, go watch cartoons." He closed the bathroom door once we were alone, getting in with me. "So, you're feeling better?" I gave a little nod. "And you have the dates?" Another small nod given. "You're going to show up sometimes?"

"Yup. Definitely. Tomorrow night first." That brought out a rare half-grin. "Wow, aimed at me?" I found myself plastered against the wall of the shower, a surprisingly gropey body plastered against my naked one, kissing me. I gave into it, going with the flow on this. It's not like I didn't wonder about this very act, even with this very person. I pulled back to breathe, panting. "Thanks," I said softly, kissing him this time. I found myself sitting on the edge of the tub, looking up at my friend.

"What else do you remember?"

"He said he never did anything else to me," I said quietly. "That it all went the other way."

"Probably couldn't get in." He knelt in front of me. "What were you thinking when I did that?"

"I was wondering about it." I grinned, looking down self-consciously. "I've always wondered about that."

"And do you want to learn?" Devon asked from behind us. He grabbed the shower bar and leaned over my head to look at us.

"Didn't I tell you to go watch cartoons?" Oz said, standing up and frowning.

"Hey, much more interesting than Spiderman."

I decided to take action here and figured out quickly what I wanted. "Devon, I, um, don't know you *that* well but I *trust* Oz so..."

"It's not that," they said together. Oz squatted in front of me, making me look at him. "I'd share if you really wanted me to but it's your decision." I nodded. "Was that a yes or an okay?"

"I guess it was an okay."

"Good," Devon said, stroking down the side of my neck. "I'll go with whatever you two decide." He walked out, shutting the door quietly.

"He's a very intense lover," Oz told me.

"And you're not?" He snorted. "Oz, Will told me about you. Some of the highlights she couldn't share with Buffy." That got a small chuckle. "Yeah, so I'm sure you're just as intense in a very quiet way."

"Oh, very." Oz stroked over his own chest, then mine. "But Dev has some special wants." He popped his neck. "Come on, let's get you clean and tidy for us." He helped me up, turning me back so I was under the water and handed me the soap. "We'll be talking." Then he left the room.

I washed as quickly as I could, getting all of me as clean as I could. I stepped out, grabbing the towel, or what I thought was the towel. Turned out to be Devon's shirt and he was standing there. I smiled at him, shyly like the virgin I was, and he moved closer to kiss me.

"Got to have a comparison to make your decision," he said right before he latched on. Man, I had never been kissed that way before. I felt like everything was melting inside me, all the bones in my body were now oatmeal and I was on fire. Every part of me burned with a desire I hadn't ever felt before. When he pulled back, he smiled. "Oz wants you to go lay down. He had to go talk to someone but will be back in five." He led me out to the bed, settling me gently down on it. "So, virginal even after all this?" He ran a finger along the words on my stomach. I nodded, my breath still trying to be caught. "And did you give him the ideas for those two?" I shrugged. "I think you did."

"I know he did," Oz said as he walked in and shut the door. "His mind just works like that, doesn't it, Xander." He pulled off his shirts and sat down beside me, looking up at his oldest friend. "Didn't I tell you to leave him alone?"

"It was just a kiss, Oz, lighten up." Devon gave him a bright, sexy little smile. "He didn't seem to mind."

"Dev, you sucked his brains out. Listen to him pant." Oz leaned down, taking my mouth and giving me a kiss that was even more intense. Not as pushy but if I could have ripped my soul out and handed it to him, I would have. And that was before his hand migrated down to play with the rod in my dick. I moaned and pushed up desperately, wanting it *so* bad. The next thing I knew, there was this rough heat running over my happy face, making it much happier. I pulled away to watch Devon lick me, looking up as I put my hand down to play with his hair.

"Tastes the same," he noted, coming up, licking his lips. "Bar tastes a little weird though. PA's have nothing on that." Oz snorted, pushing his head back down into my lap. "Ah, the Ozman's getting dominant again." Devon looked up at me with the biggest grin on his face I'd ever seen on anyone. "I love it when he's like this." Then he went down on me.

Now, I've had blowjobs before. Cordy was the queen of them, that's all she would do for me. And for everyone else she dated, but hey another story. But not even her practiced ease could match up to the desperate suckling that was going on now. And mixed with Oz kisses? Now I knew why Willow raved about that three-way they got her into. My eyes must have rolled back in my head because the next thing I know, I'm coming hard and there's no stopping that rush. I hadn't even felt the mouth leave or the condom being put on. Oz was looking at him in wonder. "Hi," I said softly, running a hand through his presently grass colored hair. "Was nice," I whispered. "What can I do to help?"

"Just lay there and enjoy it." He nodded at my lower half, letting me watch Devon as he stroked a finger into me. "Like that?"

"Very much. So very much." I looked at my best friend as I pushed back onto the finger, wanting it deeper, letting him see how much I wanted it to go deeper.

"First times are special," Devon said, coming up to kiss me. "I'm just preparing you for him. I'm going to get to test your sucking reflex." He smiled, switching fingers. I felt the bigger thumb enter me and moaned, squeezing around it. "Relax," he said. "You're way tight and not even the sexual god there will be able to get in."

"You are?" I asked Oz, who simply nodded before kissing me again. I know I lost some more time in there because the next thing I knew, Oz was between my thighs and Devon was kissing me. I grabbed the singer's hands as my best friend entered me slowly, gently and tenderly taking my maidenhood. Which I told him and they both smiled and laughed, kissing me in turn, and Devon telling me I was silly. I felt the hairiness of Oz's balls hit my ass and I sighed, "Good. So very nice." I squeezed around him, making his eyes bulge so I released him quickly.

Oz lay down across my chest. "Go gentler," he said softly, kissing the space between my nipples. He pulled out and thrust back in, making me want to cry for the perfection of it. But I couldn't even tell him how much I liked it, my mouth being completely filled with Devon. I did the best I could, drawing on something that must have happened while I was drunk. His eyes closed as he leaned against the headboard for support. "Nice," Oz said, speeding up. "Ready?"

"Yeah, want more," I said around the cock in my mouth, pushing back, begging for it. The first hard thrust took me by surprise, making me swallow Devon in an instant as I tried to draw in needed breath. I didn't choke, just pulled back some to breathe before going back down. He was moaning and apparently liking it from the look on his face. Oz's eyes were locked on mine and I nodded as he sped up, telling him I wanted it all. And boy, did I ever get it. He pounded me into that mattress, hard, fast, slick, deep. I wanted to stay like this forever, never moving from this spot. I whimpered, I remember that much, and Oz pulled out, pushing Devon back from my mouth and flipping me over suddenly. I buried my head into the singer's lap, going back to what I had been doing, bracing myself for the renewed assault on my ass but nothing could have prepared me for this new sensation. Oz's cock *slammed*, absolutely dove into me, making me tense up. He drew back out, doing it again, and again, and again. I could barely breathe as I sucked Devon down as well as I could, listening to the moans above me and behind me. I squeezed as I felt him come home, and Oz's voice came out as a growl. I pushed back on the next one and did it again, but it only got me fucked harder. No, fucking might have been the wrong word. Primal coupling was a better phrase. I was the offering that they had captured between them to bond them together. Oz was giving me what he couldn't give Devon and Devon was using me like he wished he could use Oz. And I enjoyed it all to its fullest extent.

I savored every thrust of both cocks, each lick I gave and each spank I received. Each touch to my hair or my back, every scratch, every lick on my lower back, even the small nips I was getting. I knew they wouldn't hurt me and Oz would never really bite me so I was going to be okay. I felt my orgasm starting to boil just under my skin, wanting it so bad now. I tried to reach down and touch myself but Devon's hand stopped me, holding me in place.

"Oh, no," Oz said softly into my spine. "The only way you're doing that is if you do it without your hands." I whimpered, trying to pull back from the hard cock in my mouth but my head was pushed back down. "You're ours now," I was told by my friend. "Enjoy it." He slammed into me a few more times and came. I could feel it, even through the condom I knew he wore. Devon's cock exploded around the same time, filling my mouth with a taste I hadn't known I craved. I swallowed it greedily, sucking hard to get all of it. I licked him clean, trying hard to get him back up so I could get more but Oz pulled my head off him, pulling me onto my side. "Enough," he told me, whispering into my ear again as he held me. "You were so pretty like that."

"More," I begged, arching my hips up into Devon's teasing little touches. "Please?" I felt a hand come around me and a condom slipped down me then I felt a mouth come back and I was overjoyed, spilling over almost immediately. I sighed as I relaxed into the soothing arms, falling back into a peaceful sleep.


I looked from Oz to Devon as they silently wrote music at the small table, not moving, just watching so they wouldn't know I was awake. This was definitely a time to be savored.

"Go take a hot bath," Oz said, not looking up. "We'll come talk to you in a minute."

I got up slowly and my ass felt so *sore*. I had been aching mildly before from the tattoo but now I felt opened and vulnerable and aching in whole new spots on top of the old. I walked into the bathroom, running some very warm water into the tub and climbed in after applying a new water- proof bandage, relaxing as the water soothed my new aches.

Devon came in first, kneeling beside the small tub to kiss me. "We're keeping you," he said softly. "What you did for us was so *right*." He stood back up, looking down me. "But it's my turn next time and you'd better be ready for a rougher and longer ride." He grinned, walking out and letting Oz walk in.

My best friend, the one who had taken the prize of my virginity, shut the door before sitting beside me. "Did you like it?" he asked quietly, stroking through my hair. "I know we both did." I nodded frantically, not able to get all that I had felt across any other way. "Then we're keeping you." He kissed me, tenderly showing me how he felt. "Consider yourself our muse of sex songs." He ran a hand down my stomach and chest, playing with the little rod across the width of my cock. "And yeah, we'll be talking about this later, after our gig tonight." He checked his watch then almost frowned. "In two hours." My mouth fell open. "Yeah, you were good for almost a full two hours then you had a long nap." He kissed me again. "Do you have any questions?"

"What's going to happen tonight?"

"Tonight, Devon's going to christen you as our newest muse while I get to have the mouth he's writing a song about as we speak." He smiled, a little upturn to one corner of his mouth. "This isn't a real relationship but we do like you."

"Hey, this I can handle. More than this might be a stretch for me."

"Good," Devon said from the doorway. "Then you agree?" I nodded, very happy.

"I haven't told him everything," Oz said. He got a serious frown. "Xan, you know about me and Will, I know that, but do you know that she knows about this?" I shook my head. "Not about you but that he and I tag with our muses." I nodded slowly. "I don't keep these things from her and she doesn't keep her fertile little smutty mind from me."

"Hey, as long as she doesn't get details and doesn't mind..." I started but Devon smiled.

"Mind? She auditioned for your job." He walked back out to the table.

"I know," I said quietly. "It was all she could talk about for three days." I smiled, looking down. "I used to wonder if she was making any of it up."

"Nope, not a bit. Well, depending on what she told you." He leaned in for another kiss. "Stay and soak while we go play. We'll be back at ten. Be ready."

"Sure," I agreed, pulling myself up to kiss him like I had wanted to earlier, when he was riding me so hard. "I enjoyed it *so* much," I whispered. "I wanted to shout and call your name and beg but my mouth was too full." That brought out a very rare full smile as he stood up.

"I'm glad. Just wait though." He walked out, leaving me alone.

"And that was how I became a groupie," I finished, looking up at my audience of one. Oz nodded and took the papers from my hand, putting them carefully on the floor before he took control of my mouth with his.

"And so shall you stay, my muse," he whispered before pushing me back onto the bed. "Want to come with me? Dev is." He crawled on top of my waist, looking down at me. "You're more than welcome to come help me think about things."

"Oz, I'd be honored. Let me pack and I can be ready in ten minutes."

"You have just about that. Dev's getting gas. He wanted you to come with us too." He got off, watching as I packed my two bags quickly and tossed in everything I might need. He took the small box from my closet, dropping the story into it, and walked out the side door, taking the keys to put in his pockets. We walked out to the van and got in, going on an extended tour of Oz's mind so he could figure out the wolf.