Title: Being Together Author: voracity email: to list or voracitys@hotmail.com fandom: Buffy/Forever Knight X-over, small x-over into Angel. Pairings: Spike/Lucien LaCroix, Lucien/Xander, Xander/Giles/Oz, Lucien/Xander/Oz, Lucien/Nick Knight. Rating: NC-17, for sex and kink, see notes. Disclaimer: I owneth not these characters, nor do I know who doth. And most days I careth not so it doth not matter to me. I maketh no money, unfortunately, nor will I from this. Summary: Spike finds someone to fix the chip and the consequences of the price have far reaching ramifications. Spoilers:: possibly season four of Buffy/season one of Angel (in minimal quantities). Warnings: GRAPHIC blood play here during feedings and turnings. Death story.

Being Together
by Voracity

Spike looked at the picture the kid on the boardwalk had drawn of him, grimacing. "I look that bad?" he asked the boy, who nodded just before picking up his things and running away. "Good boy," he said happily, folding the sketch up to put in his pocket. He looked around at all the tasty morsels running around him, grabbing his head as the pain started to shoot through him again. "Damn, gotta do something about this," he muttered, walking back into an alleyway. He snarled at the predator coming closer to him. "What?"

"Hey, just wanting to see if you were okay," the grungy old man said, smiling maniacally. "There are bad things out here, you know."

Spike vamped out, growling. "Oh, really?" The man ran away screaming. "I can't go on like this," he told himself, sitting down on a convenient plastic bread tray. "This isn't going to do at all. I'd rather walk out into the sun." He looked at the end of the alley as someone walked toward him. "What?" he said testily. "Can't you see I'm talking to myself?"

The other man nodded. "Yes, brother, I noticed," the man said, moving into the weak light of an unpainted window, flashing his own feeding face. "Are you him?"

"Him who?"

"He who escaped from *those* people."

Spike's attitude brightened up a little. "You've heard?" The other vampire nodded. "Well, yes I am, but ..." He grabbed his head as an uncharitable thought flowed through his mind; maybe he wouldn't follow the guy and feed off him after all. "Damn this hurts," he said, bending down to cradle it better. "Got a cure by any chance?" he moaned.

"No, but an Elder might," the other vampire said, sliding back into the shadows and disappearing.

"An Elder?" Spike said, slumping. "I don't want to mess with those chaps. They're not real nice." He shook his head to clear the residual pain. "But I can't go on like this either, I'm starved." He looked down at himself then shook his head. "Not too bad to go visiting. They might not be offended." He snorted. "An unlikely happening, that." He stood up, walking out to where he had parked his car. He had only heard of one Elder family in existence still and they were far away on the other coast.


"I'm here to see the Elder," Spike told the guard on the private entrance of the club. "It's an emergency."

"I doubt he'll see it that way," the vampire said, giving him a dismissing glance. "Go away and come back when he's being more charitable to cretins."

Spike grunted then picked the vampire up, slamming him into the wall. "I just need to speak to him for a second, I'm sure not even he can get miffed at that." He let the guard go, walking into the dimly lit hall. "Theatrics," he said, disgusted at the fabric draping the walls. "Too much of that in the world."

"Ah," a voice said from behind him, "but theatrics can conceal the most deadly things."

Spike recoiled at the soft words but before he could move, he found himself tossed into a corner, looking up at a blond vampire, an Elder. "Elder, I just need a moment. It's important that I speak to you."

"To me or to you?" the other vampire said tiredly, helping Spike stand. "I doubt anything in your life is that important, Spike." The British vampire looked surprised. "Yes, I know who you are, both by reputation and appearance. Now, what do you need of us?"

"I need this blinking chip outta my head." Spike followed the man to his office, sitting in the offered chair. "I can't feed, I can't hunt. It's abnormal and you're the only one who might know a cure."

The other vampire leaned closer, looking over his guest. "Did the Initiative do this to you?" Spike nodded, swallowing hard. "I see. And all you ask is that I help you have it removed?" The British vampire nodded again. "All right." He leaned back. "Of course there's a price."

"There always is." Spike flinched at the look he got. "Sorry, I'm just distressed at this. It's been months now, six if I remember right, and it's gotten to the point where I'll gladly go walk into the sun." The Elder nodded slowly. "I'll do anything," Spike said, leaning closer. "Just ask and it's done. I'll even take on that brat of a Slayer again if you want."

The Elder smiled, shaking his head. "No, she serves her purpose, as do we. She concerns me not in the least. But, a word of warning, never agree blindly to anything." He stood up, walking over to pat the young man on the shoulder. "Do you know who I am?"

"Besides an Elder?"

"Yes, besides that. Even we have names. I am Lucien LaCroix." That got a gasp. "Yes, I see you've heard about my childe. You, my fine William, will help me replace him." Spike gave him a hopeful look. "You know I cannot change you over to what I am but you will help me select my new son and then guard him. Do you pledge yourself to my family?" Spike nodded hesitantly. "Good," he purred. "Come, let's get you bathed and somewhere pleasant to rest. I'll talk to my friends and we'll try to get the horrid thing removed this week." He gave the shoulder he held one last squeeze then headed out into the dark hall again. "Come, William," he called back.

And Spike ran after him, the first ray of hope to touch his morbid life in six months.

Even if it was from an elitist vampire that was older than the country he was in.


Spike walked into Lucien's office, taking the chair that was pointed to, sitting quietly until he was addressed.

"William, we need to talk about your surgery." Lucien turned the page of his book. "It will be in three days time. You'll go to her." He glanced up briefly. "You will not harm her by word or deed. She is my daughter by strange circumstances and a joy to my life. Do we have an understanding?"

"Yes, Sire," Spike said softly, remembering his own Sire's teachings quite well now. "If I may ask, who is she?" He flinched at the cold look thrown at him. "I'm sorry, but I'd like to not upset her and I'm known for saying the wrong thing."

"She was my son's savior at one time. Until he attacked her and I had to save her." Lucien put down his book, turning to face his new guardian. "She's a pathologist." That got a small nod. "Under no circumstances are you to say what you have agreed to. She's still quite upset with him and I'd like to not have to bring her away from her work to soothe her." That got a small nod. "My Nick, he was a treasure, but I knew I had made a mistake after the thirtieth year when he asked to be allowed to go out on his own." Lucien closed his eyes, sighing deeply. "Promise me to never make a childe unless they come willingly."

"I promise," Spike said immediately. He owed this man his life and he would keep his word, for him.

"No more random children, William, it looks bad. The other Elders used to say that your kind bred like insects." He smiled faintly. "I'm sure that it won't happen from your lineage again." Spike shook his head. "Good. How is your Sire by the way?"

"Fine. The poof's helping people." That got him a small frown. "He and I don't see eye to eye on anything anymore."

"Ah," the Elder said wisely, "I know that feeling. Go feed from the private stock, you'll need your strength to make it through the operation." He picked back up his book.

"Sire, you asked me to help you find a new son. What are you looking for?"

"Someone who wants to be one of us," Lucien said, putting down his book to look at his new guardian. "Why do you ask? Do you have someone in mind?"

"Well, actually yeah. Some of the Slayer's friends..." That got a small snort. "No, listen. They helped me. Under protest at times, but they did try. Her Watcher and the boy especially. Not that I'd ever tell them that you understand, but they'd both make good children."

"What are they like?"

"Well, the Watcher's British. A bit stiff. A sorcerer you understand, and very smart. Tons of books at his place. He's very caring and he's the one that convinced the others to help me. The boy, well let's just say you'd have to talk to him and watch him for a bit to appreciate him." Spike smiled slightly, licking over his bottom lip. "Quite a man he'll be in a few years."

"Hmm, interesting. Did you, by perchance, happen to steal a picture of them?" His guardian shook his head. "I'll consider this offer, William. Go rest and feed." With those quiet words he dismissed the younger vampire, going back to his book, hiding the pleased smile behind it. "Very interesting indeed," he said once he was alone.


Spike blinked as he woke up. "It's..." He grabbed his head, closing his eyes again.

"Shh," Lucien said from beside his ear. "It went well, you're just healing now. It's only been a week and she had to take out a lot of tissue that it was connected to." He handed over the wineglass of blood, helping the younger vampire sit up to drink. "Thanks to you, we now know much more about what they've done to all they've captured. Natalie was most impressed with your strength." He laid the younger man back down, gently rubbing his arm. "Sleep, William, you need the time to heal."

"Thanks," Spike said slowly, closing his eyes again. "Did you look them up?"

"What?" Lucien said, getting back onto the bed. "Your friends?" That got a small nod. "Yes, I had someone take pictures and you were quite correct. We'll talk about this when you're healed," he said with a small pat to the bandaged head. "Sleep now."

Spike nodded, drifting back off on the drugs that were in the blood.


Spike woke up again and looked around the room in confusion. "Where am I?" he asked, sitting up. He felt something on his head so reached up to touch it, grimacing at the feel of the bandage. "Did it again, did I?"

Someone quietly laughed from the corner. "No," the female voice said as she walked out, turning into the woman that had done his surgery, "you didn't do that. I did. I need to check the bandages," her deep, smooth voice said, easing his fear. He nodded so she opened the bag, cutting the bandages away. She hummed as she examined her work, gently touching the stitches. "Well, you look like you'll live. How does your head feel?"

"Bit stuffy but good otherwise." He smiled at her. "It's really gone?"

"Yes, and some of the best scientists in our Sire's organization have it so we can destroy it without putting others through the surgery you went through." She sat beside him, taking his hand. "What did you do? You couldn't eat."

"Butchers mainly," Spike told her. "Bit of other vamp now and again since I could fight demons. Mostly bagged cow though. Gross stuff, that." She laughed, the warm, slightly raspy sound sending shivers down his spine. "What now?"

"Now," Natalie said as she stood, "you go back to bed, eat a lot more of the good blood, and rest until you're fully better." She closed her bag, smiling at him. "Then Sire wants to talk to you." He nodded. "Don't worry, he's not a mean guy. A little odd some days, but not mean."

"Unless you cross me," Lucien said as he walked into the room. "How is the guardian?"

"Much better," she pronounced. "He should be up and ready to skip in a few days at the latest."

"I gave my word," Spike said quietly. "I've not had a reason to take it back yet." He looked at the Elder male. "Sire, what may I do to help until then?"

"You will write about those two." He smiled, kissing his daughter on the cheek. "Be good, Natalie, and be safe." She just patted the side of his face before leaving and he sat on the bed. "I've had them both checked out and you were right about them. Either one would make an excellent choice." He thought for a second. "Would they agree?"

Spike snorted. "The Watcher? Not without a good reason. The boy, now he may if he has a plausible enough reason. He's not... oh, how should I put this? He's not in real well with them. He's looking for affection and he's not adverse to us. Used to lust after my own Sire." He smiled. "Boy used to positively pant after his leather-clad bum."

Lucien smiled gently. "I'm sure. That is in line with what I found out. That whole group was an interesting dynamic."

"The redhead's a witch," Spike offered. "The blonde's the brat of a Slayer. Who else was there?"

"Another male. Had the most interesting feeling about him according to my source."

"Hmm, must be the Witches' boyfriend. Redhead, short, doesn't say a lot?" He got a small nod. "Yeah, him. Don't remember his name right off. Something from a horribly smarmy and happy movie that my Sire tortured me with when he came back."

"Oz perhaps?" Lucien suggested.

Spike nodded. "Yeah, that's it. You *are* well connected, aren't ya?"

"Very. Information is power. How else would you know what your enemies are doing?" The Elder stood up, smiling at him. "Sleep again, William," he said, waving a hand across his guardian's face. "We'll discuss them when you're stronger." He walked out, shutting off the lights to his bedroom.


Spike woke up very comfortable for once. He opened his eyes, looking around the darkened room. His internal clock told him it was daytime but for the life of him he couldn't figure out what had woken him up. He rolled onto his side, running into the cool back of his benefactor, the one he would protect for as long as he lived, by his own word. And one never went back on their word to an Elder. He wrapped his arms around the chest of the older man, snuggling into his back, ready to go to sleep now.

"Don't do that unless you're willing to take my childe's place until the next one comes," Lucien said quietly. He rolled over to look at his guardian. "Are you?"

Spike thought quickly about the offer. This wouldn't be the first time he'd paid his way with his body; that's the only reason his Sire had made him in the first place, to have a good bed partner. He shrugged mentally then did it physically, gasping as his chest was chewed on, a ritual sure to arouse any vampire. "Elder," he panted, his own teeth coming out. "Yes, feed from me."


"Yes, Elder."

"Say my name," Lucien said softly, raking his fingernails down the sweaty chest.

"Lucien, father, please," Spike gasped. He arched up into the too-soft touches, needing more, but he couldn't ask. He knew his place and it was definitely not more than begging. "Please, Lucien," he begged again, feeling the cold mouth go around his cock. He felt the small chuckle, shivering from the waves it caused, and it was too much. He flipped them over, doing his duty to his proclaimed Sire, taking him gently into his mouth and sucking softly on him.

"Ah, how I wish I had met you earlier," Lucien sighed, letting himself enjoy this rare treat. "I could never teach my son to do that."

Spike pulled up, looking at him. "What may I do for you, Sire?" That got a small smile. "Would you like me to continue?"

"Please, but not all the way. I plan on testing your mettle tonight." He smiled as the mouth enveloped him again, pushing up into it slightly to hint for more. "Very nice William," he purred. He pulled him off well before he was done, tossing the younger vampire across the bed, into a bedpost actually, and followed him, shoving directly into him. "I'm going to brand you as mine," he whispered, using short, hard strokes. "No other vampire will ever touch you again, no one else will unless I give them permission." He grunted, spraying inside his guardian, then pulled back out to look at the small traces of blood. "Now then, clean me." He laid back on his pillows, watching the re-dyed blonde hair move over his body, waiting until he was done to show the tenderness the younger man deserved. "You did that so well," he whispered, pulling Spike up to lay beside him. He saw the small smile so bit his now permanent guardian again, this time on the ear. "Why are you smiling?"

"No one's ever done that to me before." He got a disbelieving look. "Claimed me like that," he clarified. That got him another one of the secretive smiles. "Lucien, how may I pleasure you more?" he asked quietly, rolling onto the firm body, nuzzling his way down it. "You marked me as yours, so tell me and I shall," Spike spoke the bonding words, bonding him to the Elder's family for his entire life. If he ever tried to leave, only Lucien could save him from his rightful death by the rest of the family. He had just proclaimed the man to be his Sire, a high honor indeed, much more so than the title of step-father among the humans.

"Pleasure me, William," he purred, smiling at his newest acquisition. And a very talented one at that.

Spike sucked down the older vampire's cock, nibbling gently on the thin skin at the tip. "Whatever you wish," he said carefully, nipping a bit at the crown. He looked up, catching the small tube that was tossed to him. He continued to suckle as he readied himself for what he knew would be a powerful coupling. He turned onto his back, looking up at the ceiling as his Sire moved between his legs, spreading him open gently, entering him with the gentlest of touches, showing him how much he could earn. The first penetration had been about power, claiming him, branding him as his private pleasure source; this one was about fantasies, what he could achieve with the proper deference and respect. How high he could go on the scale of Lucien's regard. He winced as the thick cock in him hit the small tear, but didn't say anything to ruin this. He may have been desperate when he offered himself originally but now he was going to be shown exactly what he had gotten himself into. And he couldn't wait.

He pushed back at the first thrust, going with the gentle motion, murmuring his appreciation with the tender saying of the older man's name. He rode the gentle thrusts, not really used to having it this way, but more than happy to keep going. He could feel the pressure building in his Sire's body, noting his eyes start to glow, and bared his neck as he was dutifully taught.

"No, my protector, I am not ready for that yet," Lucien whispered, picking up the pace. "Now you are to be shown exactly what you have gotten yourself into." He slammed in, just once, earning him a small sigh. "Ah, you were trained to enjoy it that way were you?" He did it again, then went back to short gentle strokes that never quite seated him fully inside his sheath. "I'm sure you can easily be retrained." He suddenly slammed in again, then pulled all the way out, flipping the younger vampire over, putting him onto his knees and elbows, sliding back in *so* slowly, earning him a quiet moan, a real one.

"Oh," Spike growled, pushing back. He felt the small bite to his back so settled down again, enjoying this while it lasted. His proclaimed Sire went back to the varied strokes, sensing what would get the most reaction from him. He started to growl softly, trying to make the soft, gentle movements pick up but the hands holding him in place were much stronger than he was. He struggled against them, trying to get what he needed, but his Sire held him in place, taking his time with his pleasure. "Please," he finally begged, not able to take it anymore. The gentleness was torture for him, hitting him in ways he hadn't known he was vulnerable. The hands on his hips eased up, letting him push back now, quickening the pace a bit.

Lucien went with the change with grace, letting the younger vampire build up some steam then pulling out to just the tip, teasing him again. Spike almost sobbed when he did, making him smile even more, and he gave him what he wanted, just once. With a slap that pulled the tense cheeks apart so he could get in farther.

The Elder rode the quakes of the younger vampire's orgasm easily, nowhere near done himself. He knew his plaything would be most sensitive for the next few minutes so started to ride him hard, slamming in on each stroke, withdrawing all the way out. He reentered on each stroke, earning a small hitch in breath as the silent vampire waited for it. On the last one he planned, he pulled out, inserting just a finger into the contracting hole, playing like he hadn't done in centuries. "Do you like that?" Lucien whispered. He got a frantic nod. "Good." He pulled out his finger, sliding back in slowly. "Then it's my turn to play, isn't it?"

He moved back to just fucking him with the head of his cock, enjoying the small whimpers the younger vampire was making. He slowly slid in, coming to rest for almost a full minute, gathering himself for what would come later. When he did move again, it was with a sigh of pleasure as Spike clenched around him. "Ah, good." He went back to the slow, rocking rhythm that he had started out with, using his full length to his advantage, adding a little twist of his hips every few strokes. He heard the gasp and concentrated on the spot he had apparently hit, running over it again and again, the thin body shaking beneath him now. "On your back," he whispered as he pulled out, sitting back on his feet to wait.

Spike's face was flushed with the blood he had drank earlier as he turned, panting hard. "Please?" he asked, trying to stroke himself, needing more of the hard riding than he did anything else in life, including his sanity and dignity.

"Of course," Lucien said, taking the hand away and patting his thighs. The younger vampire positioned himself helpfully, opening himself for inspection. The Elder chose to make this truly torturous for him, pausing as he was about to enter the tight hole. "What did you like best?"

"What!" Spike got a look so he whimpered. "All of it," he whispered, closing his eyes. Angelus had taught him too well to actually ask for something.

"If you won't tell me, I'll stop now."

"I..." The young vampire opened his eyes. "I liked that other stuff," he admitted quietly. "That slow stuff."

"Good, then you shall have more of that." Lucien moved into his new plaything, going very slow and tender, showing him all that could be his. It wasn't much after he started again that they came, Spike first then the Elder. "Ah," Lucien sighed, lying on his guardian's chest. "A very nice treat for both of us, I would say." He looked up to see the small smile of satisfaction. "Good, I'm glad." He lay his head back down, closing his eyes. "Good day, William, sleep well."


Spike looked up from his breakfast and paper, smiling as his proclaimed Sire walked in. "Evening," he said quietly, respectful of the older man's need for as little noise as possible when he first woke up; he had learned well over their month together since he was healed. "I have the Virgin, A-positive uncorked if you'd like a bit." He waved the bottle.

"I should teach you how to savor the good ones, they're for special occasions," Lucien said with a small grunt, taking the bottle and pouring a glass for himself. "Virgins should only be consumed for celebrations. He sipped slowly, taking the paper from his Guardian's hand.

"I am celebrating, Elder." That got him a hard stare. "Lucien," he amended. "I'm free of the chip and it's a good evening." He smiled slightly, taking back the comics page. "Skipped the funnies for last," he explained.

"One should always end on a happy note," the older vampire agreed as he sipped his blood. "We're going to go back and look over your friends. Be prepared to go tonight." That got a small nod. "William, one more thing. I know I'm going to take your fantasy from you." He looked into the blue eyes, nodding at the truth there. "It was the way you spoke about them," he said quietly. "You'll have a chance to do for them what you do for me at least."

"Not the same but I can live with it," Spike admitted. "I'll be fine." He stood up. "I'd best do a load of wash then, hadn't I?" He walked into the rest of the apartment, going down the hall from the office to the utility closet that held the washer.

"Yes, my son, you should. You'll want to look your best for them."


Buffy looked around, trying hard to find something, anything, that might cure the man lying on his basement floor writhing in pain. "Giles, do something," she begged. The demon that had hit him with it's poison dart had meant to hit her and she felt guilty.

The former Watcher gave her a dirty look. "I've done all I can. We just have to wait." He looked at the door as it opened, expecting Oz to come in with some herbs from the Magic store. Instead his mouth fell open when he saw Spike and the pale body next to him. "Oh, God, just what we need," he muttered. "Out Spike, we don't have time for you."

Spike leaned closer to Lucien. "Please, just save him," he begged. "I'll do it if you won't but please save him." Even he could see how badly off the young man on the floor was, how his breathing was harsh sounding and irregular, how his body twisted with pain.

"What happened to him," Lucien asked as he walked in. He knelt on the other side of the boy, looking at Buffy. "You have nothing to fear from me," he said in his hypnotic way, using the power on her, "go outside and do not concern yourself with this." She started to nod then frowned at him, shaking it off.

"She's too powerful for that trick I'm afraid," Giles said, "and I believe you're an Elder. What do you want with us? We mean no harm to your kind."

"I want to save him," Lucien said quietly. "But only if that is his wish."

Willow coughed. "He told me that if it came down to his life, to change him." She looked directly at Spike. "What's an Elder?"

"A different sort of vampire," Giles lectured shortly," possessed by a different type of demon. Much more harmless but dangerous in other ways." He looked up at Buffy, nodding her back. "Did he say anything to you about that wish?"

"No and I wouldn't believe it if he had," the Slayer said. She put her hands on her hips. "Was this before or after he learned how bad they were?"

"Last week," Willow told her. "And Giles and I have power of attorney for him. We signed the paperwork before he went on his road trip as an in case." She looked at the older vampire. "Will you have to turn him?"

Lucien shook his head. "There's a small chance that I can cure him by infusing him with my blood but he would turn when he died." He looked down, staring into the pained brown eyes. "Speak, young one. Tell us what you want. Ignore the pain, Xander, all will be well." The hypnosis worked again, the younger man calming down immediately. "You're gravely ill and I can save you but only if you wish it." Xander nodded, catching his breath. "I can try to just heal you with my blood but it doesn't always work."

"Xander," Spike said, falling down behind his head. "Just take the gift. You'll live, either way, and his type's not like mine."

Xander looked at Giles, who smiled gently, nodding. "Okay, but I need to ask a favor." The Elder vampire leaned down and he whispered in his ear. "Deal?"

"If they so wish it. I'll not allow that to happen without consent." His future childe nodded so he looked at the former Watcher. "He asks that you all leave, all but you."

"Go wait outside, girls," Giles said quietly. He and Buffy shared a heated look which made him sigh. "Xander, I'll keep her from you as long as possible," he promised once they were alone.

"William has pledged himself to protect my family," Lucien said. He drew his teeth across his wrist, holding it down so the younger man could drink. Xander gulped the cool fluid as fast as it flowed, taking as much as he could. "Easy, young man, you won't need that much."

Xander let go of the wrist and leaned his head back. "Wow." He looked at Giles then at Lucien, whose name he now knew, some information transferring across the newly created bond. "Can you ask?"

Lucien turned to the former Watcher. "He wanted to ask for one stipulation. He wanted the offer extended to you." Giles hissed, sitting back some. "No pressure, I'll never turn another again that doesn't truly want it." He looked down, frowning. "It's not working. He's going to turn."

"Whoa," Oz said as he walked down the stairs with the bag. "Okay, two dead guys and Xander with a bloody face." He walked over slowly. "Giles? You okay?"

"Yes, this is an Elder, a different race of vampires from Spike," the older man explained patiently. "He's trying to save his life."

"Guess we don't need the herbs then," Oz said, handing over the bag. He knelt next to his friend. "Hey, I'll still be buds with you, Xand, no big," he said quietly. He got a brilliant smile, just before the tremors started to shake the younger man's body again. "Shh, I'm here, you're not alone," he whispered, taking a hand in his to squeeze. "Giles, somewhere else might be good."

"Spike lift him. We'll take him somewhere neutral. You both are allowed to come with us of course." Lucien stood, watching his guardian lift his soon-to-be son and head for the stairs. He stopped Giles before he could follow. "He wished for you both, which I don't mind a bit, but he would be part of the turning also."

Giles nodded slowly. "I'll consider it at least. I don't know much about your type but I'll gladly give it some thought." They walked up the stairs together. "We'll go to my place," he said, getting into the limo. He looked at the little window to the driver, frowning at Spike. "Home, slime."

Lucien's laugh lasted almost all the twelve blocks.


Xander paced around the small living room, not looking at anyone. "Okay, so what do I do now?" He looked down at himself. "I don't feel different." He waved off the book Giles offered, pacing faster. "I'm supposed to feel cold, right? Like room temp?" The former Watcher nodded. "But I *feel* warm."

"It's all the activity," Lucien said dryly as he caught his childe, sitting him on his lap. "You should be resting. Your energy levels will be very low over the next few days and you'll need to rest and conserve what you have." He stroked the dark hair. "As for what you'll do, I can fulfill any wish you may have so all you have to do is decide." He smiled at Giles, who shook his head, going back to his book. "There's a better section in one I have," he said.

"But it's not here," Giles reminded him.

Xander got up, walking over to sit beside his friend, reaching out to touch him but withdrawing his hand. "I'm sorry, I just didn't want to be alone," he said softly. "And you can say no, I'll understand." He looked at his Sire. "I'm hungry." Giles held out his arm in a silent offer. "No, not unless it goes both ways."

Oz ran through the door, leaning against it as the pounding started. "Xander, hide. She's *pissed*." He made a sour face at Giles. "You gotta stop her, both of them. She's convinced Willow that he has to be staked."

Giles sighed and stood up. "Xander, take Lucien up to my room." He stopped him, pulling him close to hug him. "I'm flattered but I never thought you cared that way." The younger man smiled at him, nodding. "Then I may take you up on that when I feel older." He smiled, ruffling some of the dark hair. "Oz, go with them please. Spike and I can hold them off I believe." The two vampires and the teen all hurried up to his room, closing and locking the door behind them, as he walked over to the door. He opened it slowly, glaring at the crossbow aimed at his heart. "Do quit being foolish and get in here," he told his protegee. "Now, both of you." Willow walked in, looking at the room.

"Where is he?" Buffy asked, sweeping the room. "You can't let this go."

"He's not like me," Spike said from behind her. She turned to glare at him. "He's an Elder. They're different."

"They're still possessed and they still eat people," Buffy said, a hint of stubbornness coming out now. "That's all I need to know." She backed away from the hand trying to hit her. "Got to you two already?"

"Damn," Willow said, picking up the book she had been reading. "They keep their souls?" Giles nodded. "So he has a piece of his soul and a small demon-seed-type thing from a major demon, right?" He nodded again. "Buffy, you need to read this. You can't stake him. He won't dust." She handed over the book, taking the crossbow.

"I don't care," Buffy said when she quit reading. "It's still bad and wrong."

"He'd not be any less dead if he hadn't been saved," Spike pointed out. "And I am *sworn* to protect him." She snorted, glancing over him and dismissing him. So he went to full feeding mode and had her by the throat in under a second, happily drinking.

"Stop it," Xander said as he walked down the stairs. He separated them, frowning at both of them. "Buffy, we're even. I've saved your life as many times as you have mine. Go away." He turned to look at Spike. "What does a guardian do? Besides fight my battles for me?"

"I'm your front line of defense. Your bodyguard," Spike explained, sitting him down, ignoring the two women. "I'm here to make your life profitable, pleasurable, and pain-free.

"So, if like, I'm *really* hungry right now then I can ask you to go get me a bottle?" Spike hurried outside so he looked at the two women. "I mean it, Buffy, we're even. We might be friends if you would see that I'm not different but I don't want to see you again otherwise." She stormed out of the apartment. "Will?" he asked softly. She just looked at him then the book, sitting down. "Thanks, Will. You got it right." He stood up, taking the bottle from Spike's hand as he came back in. "I'm going to go rest. I'll send Oz down in a few." He walked back up the stairs, closing the door without slamming it.

Giles turned to look at Willow. "Do you have any questions?"

"What did he ask?"

"For the offer to be extended to another person also," he said slowly. "Who's not important, though."

Oz walked down the stairs and shared a look with the former Watcher. "He's happily sipping." He walked over to his girlfriend, kissing the top of her head. "You okay here?"

She nodded, leaning into his chest. "Yeah, I helped him choose." She looked at Giles and smiled. "I'd better go find Buffy before she buys gas or something." She got one last kiss and left, going after her other friend before she could do something bad.

Oz sat down next to Giles, rubbing over a tense arm. "So, you takin' him up on it?" He got a small startled look. "Oh, please, it's kinda obvious."

"Not exactly," Xander said as he walked down the stairs. "My Sire's napping so let's talk. Spike, go cuddle him and don't listen." He waited until they were alone before coming to sit between them. "Guys, I've wanted you both before and it never got beyond a crush. And yeah, dying means I can say this now because I probably won't be here anymore." He looked at Oz. "I was thinking of you the whole time we kissed, trying to get your taste from her because I was too scared to kiss you." That got him a small kiss and he turned to Giles. "I've had a crush on your tight butt since Ripper came back, all snarly guy and all." That got him another small kiss. "So, what are we going to do?"

Oz cleared his throat. "While I was gone," he said quietly, "I asked a woman, a Shaman, how to get rid of the wolf. She said three Elders had to choose me. I never understood until tonight." He looked up at Giles. "Would you? If you decide to go over?"

"Oh, Oz," Xander said quietly. "I'll gladly do it and if he won't, I'll find one who will. 'Kay?" The older teen smiled, nodding. "Okay, good." Xander turned back to look at Giles, holding onto Oz's hand. "Up to you now."

"He can be given the gift of eventuality," Lucien said as he walked down the stairs. "He simply has to take in enough blood to last him until he's finished with life." He looked at Oz. "That must have been what my grandson saw that was different about you," he said slowly, looking the young man over. "Only if you truly will it though."

"Hey, I'm not going to last too long without Giles," Oz said, taking the older man's hand in his. "He's my rock." Xander gave him a shocked look. "Yeah, us. For almost a year now." He kissed the younger man's cool cheek. "And we both occasionally call out your name so quit worrying." He looked back at Lucien. "If Giles goes, then I go."

Spike pouted on the stairs. "Everyone's getting some but me." He looked at Xander. "But I'm sure you'll fix that." Giles and Oz both glared at him. "Hey, a chap can dream, right?"

"No," the lovers said together.

"Xander, consider the course of your life. You're much too weak right now to make them on your own." He glanced at Oz. "And you'd have to have help to turn him. Will you really want to be bound to them for the rest of your long life?"

"Dad," Xander sighed. "I'm sure, okay? So sure that if they'd let me, I'd let them take my virginity here and now."

"You are?" Oz asked.

"Not to parts of it, no. To the final act, yeah." He blushed. "I wanted it to be special and meaningful and nice and everything."

"Everything that your first time with Faith wasn't," Giles remarked, hugging him. "I'm...honored, Xander, my boy, but I have to think. Buffy is just one minor problem in all this."

"Oooh," Spike said, holding up a hand. "If you two get him, can I have Red?" Oz glared at him. "You won't be needing her."

Willow coughed from the doorway. "Okay," she said slowly. "Why are we dividing up the group?" She noticed the way the guys were holding each other. "Um, okay, another good question, am I missing a subcontext of the cuddles?"

Giles laughed lightly. "No, Willow, you're not missing anything." He took Oz's hand in his. "He got told that the only way to get rid of the wolf was to be turned by three of the Elders. Xander and..."

"Lucien," the Elder vampire said.

"Lucien have both offered but I would have to be turned too." He nodded at the crestfallen look. "So, that's why your name came up, Spike was just trying to be funny."

"Am not. I've wanted in her pants for a bit now." He smiled at her. "I'm in a stable job, pet. You could share my job as a guardian of those ones. We'd both be with them forever."

Xander glared across the few feet to the stairs. "Spike, stop it. You can't pressure her into accepting you and if you do then you've broken your word to this family." The vampire swallowed hard. "Good, now leave Willow alone." He looked at his Sire. "We need to go somewhere safe. Someplace where Buffy won't get us."

Lucien nodded. "We've been staying in the apartment in Los Angeles. They are all more than welcome to come along." He watched Oz stand up and walk over to him. "Yes?"

"I know," the musician said quietly, "just don't hurt him. I will hunt you down for that." He looked over his shoulder. "Spike, go warm up the car. You're taking them somewhere safe." He nodded at Giles. "Tell me and I'll be there," he said, gathering Willow into his arms and walking out.

Giles watched the young couple leave, to go talk probably, then turned back to his former student. "Why me?"

"Because, G-man, I've wanted you for a while." Xander sat down in his lap, kissing him hard. "I like your big head and everything it holds. You're comforting when I need it and tough when I need that." He wiggled a little. "And I just know that you'd be great with me. All that reserve would fall away and I wouldn't be able to sit for days." Lucien smiled as he walked out, shaking his head. "And I like the thought of you always being around when I need you."

"I'll consider it," the former Watcher said softly, kissing him back. "Not at all like I expected."

"Not too dead guy?"

"No, still fairly warm." Giles got up, letting the new vampire slide down his body. "Come, let's get you somewhere safe." He walked him out to the limo, watching as his favorite student slid into the seat as naturally as he would a regular car. "Call me when you get there," he said, closing the door, backing away as the car started and pulled away. He turned to find Buffy glaring at him, stake in hand. "What?" he asked tiredly.

"You want that?" He just glared at her. "No, truth. Do you really want that for him and for you?"

Giles patted her shoulder as he passed. "I'm not sure what to do about his offer." He walked back inside, closing his door, locking it against her.


Oz looked up as Buffy walked into Giles' apartment, nodding. "Hey." He went back to his research on the subject, the book that had been sent to Giles from Xander containing a lot of information. "Do you know that they don't dust?" The book was taken from his hands and tossed across the room. "Not nice. That's a really old book."

Giles got up to get it, not liking it when he was tripped. "Buffy," he said, getting up from the floor and moving around her. "I'll deal with your anger when you're ready to let it out in a healthy manner."

"You chose a horrible thing for him," she said softly. "He didn't deserve that."

"Actually," Oz said, "it's not that bad. Got a note from him yesterday. All that Dracula stuff? Well it seems he can do that."

"Indeed?" Giles asked, coming back to his seat. "Not too badly injured." He kept Buffy from taking it again. "It's on loan."

She glared at them. "How can you be so cold about what you let that...thing do to him?" They shrugged, in unison. "You weren't considering him at all, were you?"

"Quite the opposite I'm afraid," Giles said, leaning back. "I was thoroughly tempted to let him die instead. I hadn't overheard that conversation with Willow so had no idea of his wishes in that area." He glanced at Oz, who nodded slightly. "And the note I got from Spike thanked me for letting him go. Seems he's bonded himself to Lucien's family as some sort of guardian." The teen male choked, picking up the book to turn to a section, handing it over. Which he read quickly. "My," Giles whispered, swallowing. "I see." He glanced at Oz. "That would explain that last line then, wouldn't it?" He closed the book, looking at Buffy again. "You saw him consent same as I did. We have no right to be more than mildly angry at his choice."

She snorted. "I saw him do something under a mind force that isn't human," she corrected. "How do you know that the demon didn't make him say that?"

"Because," Spike said as he walked in, handing a package directly to Giles. "He said he wanted me to bring this over since I was getting his things. It's your birthday present." He looked at Buffy. "Lucien won't turn someone against their will, he had a son that regretted his life so much that it drove him insane." He sat down at the table. "I was told I had to ask for forgiveness, for all the crap I put you through."

Giles nodded, opening the small package, pulling out the leather jacket he wanted. "When did he get this?" He held it up, looking at the tag then smelled it, smiling. "Good quality."

"Over the summer," Oz said, touching a sleeve. "He worked in a store while tripping and that was his payment." He looked at Spike. "So, he's officially gone?" The vampire nodded. "Where?"

"Can't tell you that with her here." He glared at Buffy. "If she'd leave you to go sulk, I'd gladly tell you. He wants you two and Red to visit." Buffy walked out, slamming the door hard enough to crack the plaster around it. "He's not an hour from here. Lucien rented a small house and they're there for the next few weeks until Xander's stronger."

Giles looked alarmed. "What happened?"

Spike laughed, leaning back. "The git tried to fly too soon and crashed." He shook his head. "Badly injured but he's healing."

Oz rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "Death didn't change him at all."


Xander looked up as his Sire walked into his room. "Hey, dad." Lucien rolled his eyes. "What?" he asked with a small pout, ruining it with a small grin. "You like it, admit it." He took the glass of blood, drinking it quickly.

"So irreverent," Lucien sighed, sinking to the bed beside him. He rolled the unresisting body into his, taking a soft kiss. "How are you feeling, my son?"

"Better. Stronger. Want to try it again." That got a small laugh. "Well, I do."

The older vampire grabbed his cellphone, listening to the quiet voice on the other end. "Oh, dear," he said as he hung up. "We need to get you back to them. Seems the blonde one has decided that they're evil." He stood up, holding out a hand to the naked body on the bed. "You'll get your wish. Dress in something that will be comfortable enough to fly in. It will be faster."


Xander floated down into the park, scaring all the normal vampires away. He landed behind Buffy, picking her up and tossing her away from her task of slowly pushing a stake into Oz's chest. "Hey," he said quietly, looking at the wound. "Want me to pull it out or hospital?"

"Both," Oz moaned, closing his eyes. "Duck."

Xander spun, using his newfound strength on the Slayer, hitting her hard in the middle of the chest as he caught the hand with the spike with his free hand. "Not a chance," he muttered, grappling with her, pushing her fully back. "Leave him alone. He's done nothing bad."

"You tainted him," she snarled.

Lucien walked up behind where Giles was tied to a tree, loosening his bonds and catching him as he fell. "Shh," he said softly. "Let me get you comfortable then I'll go help him." He checked the wounds, wincing. "You'll be fine for a bit." He looked over his shoulder as someone walked up behind him. "Go away," he told the unfamiliar man, looking over his obviously battle-hardened body and dark hair.

"Nope." He pulled up his gun, trying to fire into the quickly moving body. "What *are* you?"

"He's an Elder," Buffy yelled. "Pike! Watch out." She kicked Xander in the stomach, knocking him into an unconscious Oz. "Scum."

"Yeah, but you've always thought that." Xander got up, checking the body he'd fallen on. "What did you do to Willow? Get her too?"

"She wasn't tainted by you. I have someone watching her right now."

"Stop," Giles said weakly, walking over. "Buffy, you're not rational." He fell to the ground as she hit him hard, the vertebrae in his neck popping with the force.

"Damn," Xander said, growling at her. For the first time, he changed into feeding mode, his eyes glowing, his teeth coming down. "Nothing was done to them," he said, advancing slowly on his former friend. "But you've just screwed yourself badly." He grabbed her, throwing her into a tree, then sped after her, arriving just after she hit it. He picked her up, carrying her into the air, making her look down. "How good is your healing, Buffy?" She struggled so he let his fingers slip a little and she stilled. "We need to have a small discussion. You will *never* harm them again. If you do, I will be there. And I will take you out." She snorted so he started to drop her again. "Of course, I could do Spike a favor and drop you from here," he said, looking down at the rooftops. "But I used to care for you so I won't." He floated down, letting her go. "Leave us alone, Buff, or pay the price." He turned his back on her, walking over to where Giles and Oz were laying.

"Xander," Lucien screamed, seeing Buffy pull a stake out of her sleeve to throw at him. He used his incredible speed to get between them, taking the stake himself.

Xander spun, catching his Sire as he slid to the ground. "God, dad! Hell." He glared up at Buffy, using the power he only had little mastery over. "Go somewhere else and forget us. Go hunt." She blinked and shook her head, frowning. "Just go away and I won't kill you."

"Fat chance," the dark-haired man said from behind the younger vampire, crossbow against his back. "Don't move."

Xander took a deep breath, then used his speed to get away from the bolt before it could fire, twisting to knock the weapon away. "Go away," he said in that same calm, hypnotic way. "We aren't your business." Buffy's helper nodded, turning and walking away.

"Pike," she yelled, catching his attention. "Don't let him do that to you!" She tried to kick Xander under the chin but found herself on her back, glaring up at her former friend. "Go ahead, I know you want to kill me."

"Oh, yeah," he admitted. "So many times over, but you're not worth the nightmares I'd get." He reached down, punching her hard, knocking her out. Then he turned to her helper, seeing him caught by Spike. "Take them somewhere else. I'm ..." He looked down at the three injured men and shuddered. "What do I do?"

"You feed your Sire if he's alive and pull out the stake," Spike said quietly, after having choked the other boy into unconsciousness. He walked over to help him. "Feed him as he did you. It'll help him heal."

Xander knelt beside his Sire, tearing open his wrist and holding it to the barely sucking mouth as he pulled out the stake. "Come on, dad, drink," he pleaded. "You can't leave me yet."

"Won't," Lucien whispered. He drank slowly, lapping at the sluggish trails of blood. "Get...us...safe, my...son," he said, closing his eyes.

Spike jingled the keys. "I have the car. Found it in the parking lot after I got free." He looked at Oz and Giles. "They need help." He picked up his proclaimed Sire, carrying him as quickly as he could to the limo.

Xander knelt beside Giles, offering his wrist. "Only if you want it, he made me see that I couldn't force you," he whispered, touching the white forehead. Come on," he said, looking into the dark eyes. "Please? Just as an eventuality? Enough to heal?" Giles' tongue came out, lapping at the blood. He looked up as he felt the body walk up behind him. "Oz?" The werewolf nodded. "Guess you got speed healing too, huh?"

"Yeah," the older teen said, patting his shoulder. "Not fully gone but healed enough for me to move. Come on, let's take him to your home. You get him." He watched the young vampire pick up their mentor and carry him over to where Spike had pulled the car around. They all got inside, laying the two injured people on the long seats while he and Xander sat together, clutching each other in need.


Xander smiled as he spooned some more of the soup into Giles' waiting mouth. "Not too bad, right?" he asked with a small smile.

"No, quite nice actually. Little salty but I'm enjoying it." He smiled at the young vampire. "Thank you for not taking her."

"Hey, the world needs her and those like her. I could just do without Buffy for a while." He looked over his shoulder as the door opened, dribbling the soup onto the older man's chest. "Ooops," he said, bending down to lick it off. "Hmm, little salty. You were right." He turned to grin at Oz again. "Hey, want some soup?"

"Sure," the werewolf said, walking over and climbing into the bed. "Always hungry after I change." He took the offered spoonful of soup, slurping happily. "Ahh, not bad. Campbell's?"

"Yup and some stock from a can to make it thinner." Xander went back to his feeding ritual, happy that all of them had escaped serious injury. Except his father. "I'm sending him home tonight," he said quietly. "He needs to rest somewhere safer." Both men nodded. "I'll stay with you two though. He has Spike to care for him." He looked over his shoulder as the door was closed. "Spike," he called. The blond vampire walked in, looking at him. "You're taking Dad home tonight. He needs my sister." The guardian nodded. "I'm staying until they're better."

"Your job is to be by his side," Spike reminded him. He relented at the angry glare. "We might as well bring them with us. It's not that far away. She's in LA."

Xander nodded, going back to his feeding. "Thanks. Tonight?"

"Yeah, tonight." Spike closed the door, leaving them alone. "Eat something yourself. You lost a lot feeding them."

The young vampire grinned. "Yeah, maybe, but I'm happy if you guys are." Giles nodded. "Okay, just so long as you're happy." He fed him another spoonful of soup, then gave one to Oz, looking into his eyes. "So, you're being quiet guy again. What's up?"

"Talked to Willow. She took all of Giles' stuff and it's locked away from the psycho bitch." Giles pinched him on the bare arm. "Hey, she's gotten worse. Seems your whole place went up not an hour after Willow moved everything."

The older man closed his eyes. "Oh, dear."

Oz leaned closer, whispering in his ear. "She used her magic to find *everything*. Riley helped her pack it and move it. Seems he refused to help Buffy do that to you and he's really mad at her." He kissed him. "Even that little box under the stairs and the special box in the floor." That got a small smile in between bites of soup. We can go back and check the wreckage, if you want."

"As soon as he's better," Xander told him. "He can't even sit up by himself right now so he can't go crawling around what used to be his house." He smiled sadly at the older man. "I'll miss that place." He leaned down, taking a small kiss. "But I'll help you get another, with some better safety features, if you want."

Giles smiled, pulling the young vampire's head down to kiss him properly. "I'd like that very much but I'm willing to leave Sunnydale now." Oz coughed lightly beside them. "And you and Willow shall come with us so I don't have to worry." Oz nodded. "Good, then it's settled."

"Yup, Dad'll be thrilled to have the company. He keeps saying the house is too quiet." He grinned, putting the bowl on the floor and cuddling between them. "Can I have a hug?"

"Yeah," Oz told him, holding him tightly, "then you need to go eat and see him. Warn the guy maybe." Xander simply nodded, snuggling down harder into his arms.


Xander looked around the house in Vancouver, exploring the wide-open spaces with his eyes. "Gee, and I thought Angel's place was big." He turned to watch Spike carry his Sire up to his room. "I'll be up in a minute," he called.

"Fine," Lucien called from his comfortable spot. "No hurry, my son. See to your guests." He looked at Spike. "I'm sure he can make me quite... comfortable."

The young vampire smiled, watching them disappear. He went out to the car, carrying Giles in, followed by Oz and the guardian's getting their things. He carried him back to the rooms his father had said were his, letting Oz get the door. They all gasped as they saw the room, and that was just the sitting area. He carried his friend and mentor inside, heading for an open side door, ignoring all the gold-tinted antiques for now. "Bed, comfy bed," he said as he set the older man down, tucking him in with a smile. "Comfy?"

"Very," Giles said, taking the offered hand and squeezing it. "Go see to him, I won't be upset." He got a nod so pulled the young man down, kissing him hard. "Then come back and see us. I wish to ask you some questions."

Xander grinned, backing out of the room, running into Oz's still form. "Sorry," he said, kissing his cheek. "Go cuddle him, I'll be back soon." He patted the tight butt then jogged out and up the stairs. "Hey, Dad," he said as he walked into the older vampire's bedroom. What he saw made him stop and stare.

Spike, sucking his Sire off, and enjoying it by the way he looked.

He walked over, sliding down next to the cool bodies, picking up a hand to play with it. "Am... Is he taking my spot?" he asked, rubbing their joined hands down the shivering chest.

"No," Lucien panted, pulling him down to kiss his son. "Never." He looked into the warm eyes, seeing the fire in them. "But I want to do something to you that you should have them do." He pulled Spike off him with a groan. "Enough, rest for a few minutes while I talk to him." He handed over the tube of lubricant. "Ready me." He turned his attention back to his son. "Xander, yes, a relationship between vampires such as us is usually sexual but I understand how precious your innocence is to you and how you wanted them to take it. I can wait until you're ready to do that."

"Giles is going to accept," Xander said quietly, kissing his Sire's forehead, watching Spike's nimble fingers. "Do you like that?"

"Want to find out?" Spike asked him, smiling up at him. "I've got two hands."

Lucien pulled his son on top of him, kissing him hard. "Would you like that?" He got a small nod as the younger vampire lay on his chest to enjoy it. He looked down the firm back to watch the fingers that he'd trained so well to bring him pleasure start on his son's education. "We have much time to do this," he reminded him. "It's not necessary for it to be today."

"Shh, I'm liking here."

Spike laughed, leaning over to lick down the indent of the younger vampire's spine. "So you are." He slid his thumb into the waiting hole, wiggling it around, watching the body he was attached to wiggle in pleasure. "Lucien, why don't you have him please you? I'm sure he'd be good at it and he'd even be able to go as long as you."

Lucien laughed lightly, kissing his son. "An excellent idea, William." He heard a quiet whimper from his offspring so slid him down his body. "Show me what you know, my son."

Xander looked up at the pale flesh, licking his lips. "All of it?" He got a small nod, so moved back up the body to go back to kissing. "The first thing I know is taking your time," he said against the waiting lips. He kissed him hard, showing all he knew about passion and possession, then tenderly, showing how he felt about him, then pulled back to smile. "And that's just the tip of what I know." His Sire laughed so he dove down for another kiss, rubbing his whole body against the older vampire's, suggesting all sorts of things with his wiggling.

Lucien rolled them over, thrusting down against his son's body. "No, my son, we have time, you must take it *slower*." He moved down the firm young body, nipping it as he went, trailing his tongue to soothe the small bites.

Xander moaned and wiggled under him, trying to get that tongue where he wanted, but it was no use. His Sire had decided to truly teach him all he knew about prolonging things. He looked over to see Oz in the doorway, raising an eyebrow. "Hey," he said with the teen didn't move. "What's up?"

"Just wanting to come check on you." He walked into the room, lifting Xander's head to slide under it. "Liking it?" He got a frantic nod, and they both looked down at the young vampire's sire as he cleared his throat.

"Did you need something?"

"Yeah, want something really bad but Giles said he was too weak to do anything about it." Oz leaned down, kissing his friend's forehead, all he could reach. "Am I interrupting?"

"Nope," Xander sighed happily, climbing up to kiss his friend. "Bonding moments between Sire and childe." He turned to smile at his Sire. "Isn't it?"

"A very close one usually," he said dryly. He had time to gasp before his childe had him on his back, swallowed whole, two fingers in him to make sure he was ready. "Oh. Such life." He looked over to see Oz watching them. "Do you like to watch?"

"Only him." He started to get up but the firm butt landed in his lap. "Um, Xan, this is usually a two person sport."

"Not if I say it's not." Xander turned to grin with him. "See, dad here, he has a terrible itch that no one seems to be able to scratch. And me, well, we all know I have one thing left to learn. So you, my precious little one, will help us take care of it." He shared a look with his Sire, smiling at the surprise in his ice blue eyes. "See, we talked about this earlier, while you napped and we agreed. He's going to fix that last problem of mine and I'm going to ride you so hard you'll need a few extra days to heal." He slid inside the welcoming body, going ever so slowly just to torment him. Spike laughed from his corner. "What?" he asked hurt.

"Your Sire did the same thing to me that first night," he said, getting up. "Lube's on the bed somewhere, I'm going for a bite to eat." He closed the door, leaving them alone.

"Gee," Oz said dryly, "I thought we were talking about separately, but okay." He grabbed the tube he could barely see in the scrunched up comforter, popping it open to slide some onto his fingers. "Hmm, where to start," he said, leaning in to bite the cool flesh as he slid a finger in. The younger vampire groaned, pushing back against him, giving his Sire all he had planned to, setting up a pleasant rhythm for all of them. Oz chuckled but slid in his thumb and then his other hand's little finger to stretch him far enough. "Liking?" he asked softly at the soft moans.

"Much," Xander panted, glancing over his shoulder as he leaned down for a light kiss from his Sire. "How about you? Liking it much?"

"Very much," Lucien said with a small smile. "But be prepared to have a bonding moment later now that you're no longer innocent."

"Hey, sex toy Xander, I like..." his voice went up as Oz entered him. "Like that," he panted, pausing to adjust to the new feeling. "Wow. You're in me?" He felt the small nod from the head leaning on his shoulder. "Really wow." He squeezed around the invading organ, chuckling. "Okay, I like this lots." He slammed into his Sire, setting off his orgasm. "And now I get to enjoy it all by myself," he said with a small grin. He pushed back against his friend, squeezing gently. "Come on, Oz," he whined when there was no movement.

Oz pulled out, pushing his friend to the bed and getting between his thighs. "Shh," he said, leaning down to kiss him as he reentered his body. "Xander sex toys should be quiet."

"Xander's are never quiet," he told him, going with the first push happily. "So, did he say anything?"

"Only this." Oz spanked him hard, smiling slightly. "He said you deserved it for offering to suck him off in the plane." He rode him hard, deep, and slow, giving the young vampire as good as he had given to his father.

Xander sighed, closing his eyes, laying there and enjoying it very much. He participated fully, arching up into the touches and his Sire's mouth, which seemed to suddenly appear on his cock. He pushed back harder to get more but his friend kept him at the one pace, lifting his hips higher onto his thighs to remove the vampire's leverage.

"Enjoy this, Xand, this is the last time this is a group thing between us."

"Not if you don't want it to be," Xander panted, opening his eyes to beg. "Please, Oz, more? Just the tiniest..." His breath caught as the pounding slowed down, got gentle and tender again. "Oh, yeah," he sighed, trying hard to get more of the cock into him. "Oz!" he screamed, coming from the dual stimulation.

"Shh, I'm here," Oz told him, bending down to kiss him again, going over the edge himself. "Always here for you," he promised.

Lucien licked his lips as he lay back on his pillows. "Then I'll be a very happy father, won't I?" Oz just grinned at him. "Ah, young one, you'll be a definite credit to my family." He patted his chest and both boys curled up on him, learning their father's body as they cuddled together.

Xander, finally recovered, blinked at his Sire. "We should go check on Giles."

"He's downstairs taking a bath," Oz told him. "Said he wanted to be perfect for you." The young vampire grinned. "So, you still okay with me?"

"Oz," Xander said seriously, taking his face in his hands to look into his green eyes. "Not only am I okay with you joining us but I want to offer to be the last to suck you down. Anyplace you want to be bitten, I'm *so* there." That got a small smile. "And Giles will probably say the same thing but you can decide." He licked over the tip of his friend's nose. "Now then, dad, let's go make me some mates." He slid off the bed, smiling down at them. "What?"

Lucien shook his head. "I knew you were the right choice as soon as I saw you." He stood up, helping Oz to his feet. "Come, my sons, let us go attend to your other mate."

They headed down the stairs, Xander walking curled into his Sire, Oz behind them. They entered the guest suite, smiling at the older man sleeping naked on top of the covers. The younger vampire slid down next to him, licking up the center of his chest and stomach to his heart, kissing it. "Morning, Giles," he said softly, gently waking him. "Do you want this?"

Giles opened his eyes, looking at one of his favorite students. "Very much, my pet. I want to stay with you and Oz." He held out his arms, letting the older vampire slide into them as the younger pleasured him. "Sire? Are you prepared to take me on as well?"

"My son, I have infinite places for all of you in my heart. The three of you make me very happy." He looked down to see his son nibbling on a nipple. "You need to know three things, my son. First, you have to feed him as he feeds you. Second, where you bite him is important. And third, it will take both of us since you are so new and I'm so weak." He smiled at the small nod. "Where would you like to bite him?"

"His chest," Xander whispered into the flesh. "I read that book too, saw what it means, and that's what I want."

"It will take him longer to awaken."

"Please," Giles said, pushing his chest up into his friend's mouth. "Now? I understand and accept."

"Whoa," Oz said, watching as Xander's feeding face came out, watching the fangs slowly puncture the older man's chest, watching the bright red fluid flow up into his mouth. He lay down beside Giles, stroking through his hair. "Heart's blood?"

The older man whimpered, nodding, clutching at them. He accepted the older vampire's mouth on his, sucking at the bleeding tongue offered, drinking greedily as his life ebbed. He felt his waist be straddled by his other sire, his brother soon, and pulled him off his chest, biting him hard on a small swell of muscle to suckle that spot also. He felt Oz's mouth cover his chest, enjoying the blood, letting the wolf side of himself feast on what it wanted, and he felt complete. He pulled back from Xander's chest, smiling at him. "Thank you," he whispered, wiping the blood off all their mouths. He looked down at his chest, watching Oz suck at him. "I think he's a natural."

"Sorry," Oz said, sitting back up and sharing a kiss with all of them. "Wolf couldn't resist." He looked down at the rapidly bleeding wound. "Xan, you want to finish this for him?"

The younger vampire slid himself around until the older man could reach his previous bite, using a nail to open it further, letting him have access to the tender muscle underneath the bones that were pulled apart with a wet snap and a moan of pain. He shivered as the small hole was opened in his own heart, sending his own teeth down into the heart of his mate, sucking greedily. He looked up as his Sire opened his own arm and Giles', merging them to get more blood flowing into him. He felt the shudder of the last breath and the orgasm that ripped through Giles as he sucked at the last spurt, enjoying his own at the same time.

When he was done, Xander flipped over, curling up next to Giles' lifeless body, nuzzling his neck and licking his own blood off his son's face. "How long?" he asked his Sire.

"Soon, with that much blood, it should be fairly quick. By the morning for sure." Lucien got off the bed, holding a hand out to Oz. "Come, my future son, let us go discuss things while he waits. We'll plan your own coming across." He led him from the room, strengthened by the blood and what he had witnessed.

It was a few hours later that Giles woke up, blinking in surprise because he didn't feel any different. He turned his head to see his Sire/brother reading next to him, rolling to curl around him. "Good morning," he whispered, taking the book and kissing him hard. "Thank you. It was all I could have wanted."

Xander grinned, taking control of the kiss. "So, my son," he said in emulation of his own Sire, "what should I do with you now?"

"You're basically married," Oz said from the doorway, holding the bottle of blood and two glasses. "Sire said for you both to eat." He walked over, running a hand down the now cool flesh. "Giles, how you feel?"

"Not much different. Maybe a bit more aroused, more light possibly." He smiled, taking the bottle and popping it so he could drink heartily. "It is all that I expected after reading that book." He poured glasses of the blood, handing one off, feeding his Sire/brother from his own. "That was truly amazing, the sharing that went on."

"Was pretty," Oz noted, leaning down between them to share a small kiss. "Lucien said I could decide for myself. He thinks he knows someone who can fix the wolf without my having to turn." He shuddered. "I don't want to be alone though."

"Hey, always welcome here," Xander said, putting down the glasses and bottle, pulling him into his arms. "You're always welcome to come join us. No matter when. Even if you're ninety." He kissed the side of the older teen's head. "I'll let you sip some of my blood and you can be ready for whenever."

Oz nodded, relaxing into them. "Eat, both of you. I don't want to make him mad."

"He's a big fuzzy one," Xander whispered, licking over Oz's neck. "But I could go for a bite." He nipped at the red earlobe then let him pull back.

"I'll offer if you want," Oz told them. "I saw the look on both of your faces and it looked incredible." He looked at Giles, watching him drink the blood. "So, what else is different, besides the body temperature?"

"Well, I have no desire to go kill or even to maim. I feel very alive actually." He chuckled lightly. "Not something that has been happening to me of late." He rubbed over his sire's arm. "You made me miss my life when you left. I realized how much I depended on you to be there. Anything else was unthinkable." He leaned in for a small kiss when someone cleared their throat from the door. "Do go away, Spike. I'll talk with you later."

"I would if I were him," Lucien said, walking in to sit on the bed with them. "Eat, my sons, you both need it." He smiled at Oz. "You never have to make a decision quickly with us. Your life isn't in danger."

Oz made his decision, changing the whole path of his life, from watching his two lovers kiss tenderly. "I just have to clear a few things up at home," he said, getting up. "I'll be back in a few days, when you're both stronger. I expect a wonderful homecoming before I come across." He smiled at Xander licking his lips. "Thank you for letting me share him."

"Hey, you were his first, I'm not going to take your place." Xander picked up the empty glass then looked at his wrist. "Come on, let us feed you first, in case Buffy or someone gets you." The teen nodded, climbing back down to straddle his lap.

"That must be deep arterial blood, my son, and you're nowhere near ready to give that up yet." His sons frowned at him, looking at their still open chests, watching them slowly heal. "I'll give of my own if that's what you desire though." He grew a fingernail, scratching himself deep enough to nick his aorta. He moaned as Oz leaned over to drink some of the spilling liquid, holding his head in place. "Yes, my son, drink of me. Take all that I am." He groaned as the redhead backed away from his chest, going to Giles, watching him break the healing flesh with his teeth, watching him lap at the spilling fluid. He took his place, feeding off his son as he healed, massaging the torn muscles in his chest with his tongue.

Oz looked at Xander, who pulled him closer for a small kiss before holding his head down on his chest. The teen nipped lightly at the torn flesh then licked into the hole, mouthing the pulsating muscles in delight, letting his own dark side out to play with his new lover. When he finally did break the thin tissues Xander arched up into him, holding his head down firmly, making him drink as much of the spilling liquid as he could. He pulled back, licking off his face. "Love you," he said simply, standing up to look at the three vampires. "Few days. Gotta pack and tell Dev and stuff." He smiled at his Sires, blowing a kiss, then left them alone.

Lucien leaned over to clean up his son but Giles was already there, slurping happily. "Don't take too much," he told them. "Xander can still be killed that way and you shouldn't gorge." He straddled the youngest vampire's waist, leaning down to lap at his lips. "You do taste good though, my son." He took the darker head's place at the firm chest, lapping up the rest of the spilling blood, willing the hole to close even as he tasted this most private part of his son. "Rest now, both of you. Xander, I expect you to feed heavily for the next day or so to repair yourself. I won't have you that injured in this house." He stood up, smiling down at them. "I bless the day I met Spike and he suggested I make you my son. The both of you." He walked out, closing their bedroom door gently.

"Gee, Spike suggested us?" Xander said, scrunching his brow up as he watched his chest heal. He took the bottle of blood Giles offered him, drinking deeply. "Have to talk to him later."

"We will," Giles said, curling up next to his lover. "Sleep now. We could both use the rest." He closed his eyes, resting his head on the firm shoulder. "Sleep, my Sire and brother. I'll wear your ass out later."

Xander laughed, hugging him tightly. "Yeah, you will."


Oz walked back into the mansion, smiling at the people waiting on him. "Devon's one too," he said in explanation. "Used to wonder why he only went out at night." He stepped into the welcoming arms, clutching him tightly. "Xander, Willow went to Angel for protection. She's safe." He looked up into the warm eyes, smiling. "She and Cordy came to an agreement."

Giles laughed lightly, hugging both his lovers from behind. "I'm glad then. How is Buffy?"

"She's clinging to her job and her sanity. I snuck around town so she wouldn't find me." Oz looked at his former lover's fit body, licking his lips. "First night's tomorrow," he said. "It has to be done during the change."

"I am so down with that," Xander whispered, kissing him hard. "Missed you." He nibbled on the lips, tasting him. "How do you want to do it?"

"One of us will just have to capture him and hold him," Lucien said as he walked down the stairs to hug him also. "Welcome home, my son. Did you get everything fixed?"

"Yeah. Everything's going to be okay." Oz looked at Giles again. "You okay with that? I know you had a thing against my animal form."

"Only when he tried to crawl into bed with me."

"Hey, fuzzies are good," Xander told him. He got two disbelieving looks. "They are, otherwise no one would ever have a teddy bear." Oz snorted, nipping his neck. "Gee, hungry already?"

"Only if you want me to be."

Xander got a slow smile across his face. "We should go do that then. I want a chance to experience the living Oz before he disappears." He ran one of his hands down the firm back he was holding onto, rubbing across the tight flesh.

"Hey, none'o that in the foyer," Spike said, walking down the hall. "Go to your own room." Lucien glared at him. "Well, I've not gotten any and seeing those three go at it wears me out." He smiled at his proclaimed Sire. "Doesn't it you?"

Lucien shook his head, pulling Spike into his arms. "I can fix both problems for you if you'd like," he said quietly, biting his guardian hard on the neck, sucking some of the blood he had drank earlier. The blond vampire went absolutely limp in his arms, whimpering in pleasure. "Excuse us, I need to teach him how to ask for attention properly." He walked them upstairs, pulling Spike along by his belt.

"Wondered why he was so nice," Oz said, leaning in to lick Xander's shoulder through his t-shirt. "Must be really good at training."

Giles chuckled. "Among other things." He led them back to their room, laying down on the bed and patting the sheets beside him. "Come, Oz, Xander's not the only one that wants to feel your body clench around him."

"Ooooh, he does that?" Xander stripped quickly and helped Oz out of his clothes before pushing him onto the older vampire's cool body. "Giles, show me?" he asked as he climbed in behind them. He was handed a tube of slippery stuff, smiling as he squeezed some out to probe his lover's body.

Oz moaned, his breath catching, as he felt the fingers enter him. "God, Xander, yeah," he whispered, leaning in to kiss Giles. "I took his virginity," he confessed. "He should take me first."

"When you're turned," Xander told him. He got a small look of surprise. "What? Only Dad's allowed to have kinks?" He slid in another finger, spreading them out. "Giles, how loose do you want him?"

"That should be fine," the older vampire said, batting the hand away as he took what was once only his, sliding Oz quickly onto his exposed manhood. The young man gasped but rode the rough thrusts. "As you can tell, he likes it harder than most," he explained to his sire/brother. He slammed into Oz's body, earning him a small contented noise. "We'll change him the night of the full moon," he decided. "I can't have just one day of this."

"Hmm," Xander said, getting between the two sweaty bodies to suck the young man's dick into his mouth. "Like this part," he said around it, letting Giles movements move his head up and down the firm flesh. "So warm."

"Shut up, Xan," Oz warned, grabbing the young vampire's head and slamming into his mouth. "Better," he said, sighing as he felt the warmth in his ass that said Giles had gotten off. "Too soon." He climbed off, pulling the head off his front and tossing him onto the bed to climb on top of him. "I'm in control here, never doubt that," he said as he slid down the younger teen's cock. "I'm the alpha here."

"You alpha, me sex toy," Xander joked, flipping them over as only one with great speed and flexibility can, pounding his cock into his hole hard. "Liking?" he asked, pulling out to use a trick his Sire had taught him, just fucking him with the tip of himself.

Oz moaned, arching his hips up into the punishing rhythm, smiling at him. "Use that body, baby," he whispered, grabbing hold of his cock to play with it. He found his hands captured, held above his head by abnormally strong arms, forced to just lay there and enjoy it.

He and Xander came quickly, together, and managed to slide under the covers before falling asleep.


Oz ran through the woods, growling at the vampires chasing him. He felt naked with his hair clipped but they had done that to him too. He dodged around a tree, jumping over a stump, and landed on the ground as a body hit his. He struggled but the Master vampire was too strong, holding him still as he bit him. Xander floated down in front of him, biting him on the chest, moving his head out of the way for Giles to get in there and eat him too. He struggled to bite them, quieting down when the youngest vampire stood up, taking off his shirt and offering his cool flesh for his mouth. He bit happily, and the bloodlust came crashing back. He happily bit the next two bodies that came near enough to his mouth, sucking all the blood he could greedily.

Xander pulled away from his mouth, checking with his Sire. "Time? He had enough?"

"Yes, my son, he has had enough. Drain him as he drinks from Giles." Lucien stepped back, watching as Oz shifted forms back to human then started to cry as he looked down at his normal flesh. "We can stop," he offered. Oz looked right at him and shook his head, turning to bite Giles again, choosing a new place to rip into his chest, sucking greedily as Xander did his.

"Xan," Oz whispered, shivering under the onslaught of that talented tongue. "Yes, please." He looked at Giles and smiled. "You take me babe, I'll drink him." The two vampires switched places, the younger one stroking his cock gently as he fed him the all-important gift. Oz came as he shuddered for the last time, falling into the waiting arms of his Sire, Lucien.

"Come, we'll wait this out in my bed," the Master vampire said, carrying him up into the sky, his other sons following.


Oz woke up draped in silk sheets, three bodies sucking on his. "Wow," he whispered, holding two of them down as they played with his neck. He looked at the clock then at the person looking at him. "It worked?"

"Very much, my son. You're perfectly normal now and one of us." Lucien smiled. "I can bond with you later. Enjoy them, they were impatient." He waved a hand at two straining men working on arousing his newest son. "I'll be downstairs if you need me." He climbed off his bed, leaving them alone.

Xander looked up and grinned. "Morning," he said as he slid into the hole he had prepared a few minutes earlier, when they had heard Oz start to waken. He rode him hard. "Told you I would be first when you were turned." He smiled at Giles. "You can have him next."

Oz yelled as the feelings rushed over him, more intense than anything he'd ever felt. "Xander," he sighed, coming hard but not going limp. "Giles, ride me," he commanded, steadying the older vampire as he slid onto his cock. He watched Xander nibble on the older vampire's neck, matching their rhythms. "Why so much?" he panted.

"Nature of the change," Xander told him, coming hard in him. "Oz," he sighed, leaning against Giles' back. "Wore me out."

"Not me," Giles said, sliding off the cock and moving Xander so he could access the willing hole. He smiled as he slammed in, the younger man's eyes going wide. He quickly rode them both to completion, enjoying the noises both lovers were making as they watched him.

Oz snuggled down, nipping Xander's neck. "Hungry," he said softly, feeling his fangs extend. He slid them ever so slowly into the willing flesh, drinking from the full body. "Did I hurt you too bad?"

"Oz, we had a party afterwards and drank our fill to feed you again," Giles told him. He grunted as the new vampire rolled suddenly, piercing his chest. "Yes, love, right there, let us share this ritual with you." He smiled at Xander, watching him play with the loose flesh on his chest. "Xander, let him do this for you?"

"Oz, man, want to nip mine too?"

The new vampire rolled over, sucking greedily at the hole offered to him. When he pulled back, he was sated and both of his men were kissing above his head, stroking each other around him. He went down, swallowing both in turn.


Lucien looked out on his garden, feeling his guardian walking up behind him. "Are they sated again?"

"Five bottles between them," Spike snorted, wrapping his arms around the Elder's waist. "What are you thinking about?"

"How much I want to join my son. His soul has died already, but his body is still going on without it." He turned in the strong arms. "Spike, I cannot go on without my Nicholi. He was my light, as those three are to each other." He laid his head down. "Drink, my precious one, and do for them as you have for me. It is all theirs now." He closed his eyes at the small slick feeling of fangs entering his neck. "Yes, my special one, drink. Take all that I am as an offering."

Lucien LaCroix went limp in the strong arms for the last time, traveling off to where his son's spirit lived.

Spike laid him gently down on the rug, wiping his mouth. "As you wish, my Sire," he said softly. He looked over his shoulders as the three young vampires walked into the office with them. "He wished it," he said.

"I know," Xander said. "He told me about it when we were alone." He walked over, touching the still flesh one last time. "Get him ready and put him outside. It was his favorite place." He stepped back, watching Spike do his duty. "We'll keep him in here, let his ashes look out on the garden as he did when he was troubled." He turned, walking back into his mates' arms, holding them as tightly as they did him.

Epilogue 1:

Angel looked up as his office door opened, his mouth falling open at the man walking through it. "Xander," he said, getting up to shake his hand. He stopped when he felt the cold flesh, looking over this teen that used to torment him. "Then it was true, you're an Elder?" He got a small nod.

Xander waved a hand at the chairs in front of the desk. "Sit, this is business, not pleasure." He waited until the vampire was sitting across from him before tossing an envelope over. "I have a commission for you. I want you to track down Lucien's son for me. And I want to know when Buffy's planning something against us." He got a confused look. "You took Willow in but I know you still have children back there. I don't want her hurt but I do want her watched. I want to know where and when she'd planning on doing something. My Sire was big on investigative networks and I have some siblings in the area but I don't know them so don't trust them. I want to know." He leaned back.

"We all thought Nick was a rumor," Angel said. Xander shook his head. "Okay, do you have any idea where to look?"

"Not a one. He's trying to repent for snapping after years of living with regret and trying to repent for his actions from his early years still." Xander sighed. "I just want him to know what happened, give him the ashes and such." He stood back up. "Take care of Will for me. Tell her Giles and Oz are fine." He pulled out a card, handing it over. "This is my pager, it's always on." He turned, walking out.

Angel leaned back in his seat, looking out at the night. "It was a good decision."

Epilogue 2:

Xander Harris smiled at the man walking into his office. "Nicholas," he said warmly, getting up to hug him, pulling him into a chair. "Dad told me a lot about you." He brushed some of the dark blond hair around. "He missed you terribly."

"What happened?" Nick Knight said in a soft, hoarse voice.

"He asked to be drained by a family guardian, one he trusted. He wanted to be with the man you used to be, his son." He waved at the urn in front of the window. "There he fell and there he's rested waiting for you." He watched the older vampire walk over and touch the urn. "We put him out in the sun after he was gone." He got up, walking over to lay a hand on the older man's shoulder. "He wanted to be with you so I'll leave it up to you," he said softly, leaving them alone.

Nick looked at the light just starting to pinken the horizon, tears streaming down his face. "I love you too, Father." He picked up the urn, walking out to be with the only man he'd ever loved, sitting down on the small iron bench. He stroked the urn as the sun came up, telling him how sorry he was to have failed him, to have denied him, to have left him, and the urn grew warm as he died clutching it.

Xander watched from the doorway, Giles standing firmly behind him, holding him as they watched the end of a tragic love story that couldn't have had a happy ending. "I'll send one of the human guardians out to pick them up, put them together," he whispered. He closed his eyes as he felt the small kiss to his neck and the drapes were closed by his other mate.

The End.