Title: Succubus Dreams Part 2 of the Findinng the Whole Friend Trio Author: Voracity Email: voracitys@hotmail.com Rating: PG-13 Fandom: Buffy Pariing: Oz/Xander implied Please see Notes and Other items attached ot the first story for warnings and such.

Succubus Dreams
by Voracity

Oz looked down from the stage, seeing Willow walking away. When the set was done, he hopped down to go over to where he could see her and Xander sitting. As he got closer he could see his girlfriend holding a small towel to the younger man's face, something that worried him greatly, not to mention pissed him off. "Who was it?" he asked as he sat down.

"Larry's boyfriend. He thought I was poaching." Xander took down the improvised ice pack, showing off his black eye but Willow pushed it back up. "He's the one that started me thinking so I bought him a subtle but nice thank you card." He shrugged. "He gave me a hug but it was caught."

"I ought to go say something to him," Willow said. "That was mean."

Xander gave her his begging face. "It's fine. He apologized when he found out it was innocent and he was wrong." He smiled. "So did Larry."

Willow frowned. "Did he finally apologize for grade school?"

"When we talked a while back. What he said was what got me thinking." He laid the towel down. "It's numb." He looked toward the stage. "And there's a pissed lead singer staring at your back Oz."

The older man stood, kissing his girlfriend on the cheek. "Time for me to go be me." He started back through the crowd.

Willow looked at her oldest friend. "That must have been for you, I didn't understand it."

Xander nodded. "Yeah, it was. When we talked, we had a discussion on personas." He played with the towel. "Not a bad thing that he found out that I have one."

She grinned. "Are you someone else online?" she teased. Xander only nodded. "Should I go find you?"

He looked up, alarm showing momentarily in his eyes. "No, that's okay. Really okay." He stood up. "I'm going home. Tell Oz I said ėnight." He turned, walking back through the crowd.

Willow bit her lip. "What did I say?" She turned back toward the stage, wondering if she'd upset him really or if it was a little overnight thing.


Xander walked down his street, being careful to monitor around him for someone like a vamp sneaking up behind him. He turned, ducking out of the way of the grab, pulling his stake out. "What?" he asked, seeing Cordelia. "Were you trying to get hurt?"

She frowned at him. "As if." She straightened her hair. "I wanted to talk to you about this sudden outbreak of anti-womanitis of yours.." She fluffed herself some more, her agitation showing. "Want to walk me home?"

He put back his stake, nodding. "Sure, but mine's closer."

"So are your parents." She frowned. "I don't remember your father drinking like that."

"He's in shock," Xander rationalized. He let her lead, walking just half a step behind her. "What did you want to know?"

"How about us, if there is such a thing."

He stopped her, pulling her onto the sidewalk once he realized they were in the middle of the street. "There's an us if you want there to be. I'm not any different than I was before. I'm not suddenly going to start doing your hair or break out in show tunes. That's not me." She nodded. "Calm those fears?"

She frowned at him. "I wasn't afraid, just curious." She tugged at her shirt. "So, you do still like me?"

"Yeah, that's the whole point of bi. I like both." He pulled her into a hug. "I don't think I could ever replace the feel of warm snuggliness that only breasts pressing against me can bring." He let her step back, not dodging the swat to his arm. "I'm just more ... let's say open to the possibilities."

"And a lot more open period," Buffy said, walking up to them. "You know this talking in the middle of the open thing is bad and dangerous right?" She looked at Xander. "You're ready to discuss this now? You couldn't even say the words when you tried to tell me."

Cordelia smiled. "I'm special, I'm his girlfriend."

She pulled her boyfriend away, or tried to, but he stopped her, looking at the confused blonde. "Buffy want us to walk you home?"

The blonde nodded, catching up with them. "Or the other way around if you want." She snuck an arm around Xander's waist. "So, any prospects for a new friend?"

Cordelia choked. "No, we're still together." She frowned at the young man. "Or there had better not be."

He stepped from between them. "I'm not discussing this. No, I'm not ready to take that step yet, I'm still figuring it out." He frowned at the women. "Walk each other home, I'm going." He crossed the street, heading for his house.

Buffy looked at Cordelia. "Real subtle."

"Yeah, you weren't." She frowned. "Are there any out here?"

Buffy chuckled. "In Sunnydale? Of course not." She tugged on the other woman's sleeve. "Come on, I'll walk you home." Under her breath she muttered, "He'd never forgive me if you got eaten."


Xander stood on his doorstep, keys out. He wanted to go in but was listening. Cordy noticing that his father was drunk wasn't a good sign, something he shouldn't ignore. He decided that retreating was the wise option so he headed off for the library. Giles would still be there.

He made it without noticing the walk, thinking heavy thoughts the whole way. "Hey, Giles," he called out as he walked through the door, sitting down in a comfortable seat.

The librarian popped out of the office. "You're here?" He looked at his watch. "Why? I mean, shouldn't you be with Willow at the Bronze tonight?" He came out when he noticed a discoloration on the young man's face. "Would you like to explain that bruise at the same time?"

"Um, minor misunderstanding and we split for the night. She's watching the guitar god in her life." He slouched just a little. "The bruise is nothing, a misunderstanding that was cleared up right after it happened."

"I see." He walked back to his desk, pulling out a bottle of Tylenol. "Take some, it'll start hurting soon enough."

Xander shook a few out. "Oh, it does. Will did the ice pack thing so it went numb but then Cordy and Buffy got into it in front of me so I came here." He swallowed them, chasing them with the glass of water he was handed. "Thanks."

"That's not a problem. None of us want to see you hurt." He sat down so he could look at the young man. "What were they fighting about?"

"Nothing really. Buffy asked me if I had found good boyfriend consideration material. Cordy got upset. They started to snarl, so I left. My dad's drunk so I'm not home. I figured reading more of the night was better than wandering." He grinned. "No offense."

"None taken. I know this isn't your calling." He played with the moisture rings from the glass. "Are you then?" Xander looked confused. "Looking for a man."

Xander wiggled a hand side to side in that universal ėkinda' motion. "Yeah, eventually, but not right now." He looked around. "I've still got way to much to figure out before I take that step."

"A wise idea. Something like that shouldn't be rushed into." He cleared his throat. "I could tell you about my own wonderings if it would help." He looked really embarrassed.

Xander shook his head. "No, I think the Ripper sexcapades files should be left in your head. I really don't want to hear about Ethan Rayne." He grinned at the shock. "It was kinda obvious to those looking."

Giles nodded. "I suppose so. It wasn't meant to be though."

"You're the good guy and he's the evil sucking slime?" Xander suggested.

Giles grinned. "Quite." He looked at the book still on the table. "Did you call me the other night? I forgot to ask but I had the strangest phone call."

"Yeah, my dad started in on the third degree about when it happened. I told him about reading something that set the chain in motion."

"And he jumped to conclusions because you only read here." He shook his head. "You disabused him of the notion?" Xander nodded. "Thank you. I'd hate to fight him over something like that."

Xander slouched just a little more. "You'd win. Ripper'd come out and beat his drinking butt." He grinned. "Not a bad image." He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck standing up. "Um, Giles, are we expecting trouble tonight?"

The older man shook his head. "Not that I know of. Why?"

"You remember telling us to look out for the hair thing?" Giles thought for a second then nodded. "Well, I'm getting it."

Giles looked around in alarm. "Get in my office and shut the door." He waited then started to look around carefully, trying to figure out the cause. When he'd determined that there wasn't one, he walked to his office door, opening it. Unfortunately, there was nobody in there. "Oh, hell," he muttered, picking up the phone.


Xander awoke in a nice room, on a nice bed. Not his own but the fuzzy sheets felt nice. He didn't know how he'd gotten here, didn't have a headache to account for it either. He looked around in the dim light, not seeing much beyond the edge of the bed but enough to know that he was in a large room. Large bedroom. He turned toward the sound of a door opening and a lock being relocked. "Hello?" he called.

A woman walked over, almost seeming to float in her long dress. "How are we?"

"Confused. I really don't know you." He sat up, pulling himself tightly into as little space as he could possibly inhabit. "What do you want with me?"

"You were given to me. I'm yours now." She floated, yes she was floating, up onto the bed. "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."

"Forgive me for not believing you but I live on the Hellmouth." He backed away from her, running into the headboard, desperately trying to remember anything that might save him at the moment. "And I'm over the age of majority, I can't be given."

"Well, you can but you can't. I was given permission by one that you belong to to try and take you." She smiled, showing just a hint of unusual teeth. "If I can then you're mine." She waved a hand and his clothes disappeared. "If not, then you can go back to them."

"I belong to no one. Not even Cordy. No one could give you that permission." He tried to shrink into a smaller ball, wanting to stay warm in the sudden breeze. "Would you please stop that. The wind is a killer."

She waved a hand and it stopped. "As you wish."

"Then I want to go home."

"In the light you may leave if you have not succumbed." She waved a hand over herself, making her clothes disappear. "Am I not to your liking?"

Xander blinked, pulling his eyes away from the breasts that seemed to be growing in front of him. "No, not really."

"You lie, very good." She moved a little closer.

"No, what I meant to say was, that I may like it but it's not what I want." She moved back. "I may like your kind, but this could put me off women forever." She moved just a little closer. "You're gonna have to take me by force to get what you want." He crossed his ankles, wrapping his arms around his legs. "I'm not for you. Go find another horny teen."

She licked her lips, making them turn a brighter red. "Not what you like?"

He closed his eyes. "Nope, I like the natural look." He didn't pay attention to the movements around him, not wanting to see or hear or even know what she was doing. He resisted the urge to push against her when a tongue was run up one of his calves. He resisted her kisses, thinking about how much better they could be if he wanted her, which he didn't. He started to wonder what time it was, she'd been trying to seduce him for hours and he didn't know how much more he could take. "How much longer till dawn," he asked, breathless. He knew what she was now, a succubus sent to bring him to her side.

"The night is as long as I want it to be."

"Then you lose again," he said. He bit the inside of his lip, waking himself up; he knew that it couldn't have been anything but a dream, clothes didn't disappear like that when you had sex. He opened his eyes, looking around the dark room he was in now. "Another one?" he asked himself. He got off the floor, wandering around to check for a door and maybe his clothes.

His father and a man he didn't recognize walked in. "Son," he said, tossing over his jeans. "You did well."

"Gee, thanks." He pulled on the scratchy material quickly, hiding himself from their view. "Anything else you want to do to me?"

His father grabbed his arm. "Yeah, actually there is." He pulled him into a lit room, blinding him with the hundred's of candles. "You don't know about who I used to be but I can't allow this to happen."

Xander got free, knocking over a candle in the process. He recognized the room now, it was the spare room in their house. Right next to his. "I'm not coming over to that side and you're not going to do this to me."

His father smiled. "I'm just proving to you that you're normal son." He threw something onto a nearby candle, making it flicker and hiss. "You aren't gay, you reacted to her." He threw another bunch of whatever it was.

"No, I'm bi. I like them all." He headed for where the door had been but it was gone now. He turned around but so was his father. "Oh, yeah, this'll work." He tried to wake himself again, but nothing worked so he sat against a wall, trying to figure out a meaning to all this. His father, using magic? A succubus sent to tempt him? His father sending a succubus to tempt him? That was a strange thought. His father had sent something evil to tempt him away from men. How much did this bother him for him to do something like that? "Still not funny," he muttered. He settled in for a long, sleepless night.


Willow cringed the closer to the front door of Xander's house she got. She knew what it was, but who would be working magic in there? She stepped back, feeling an instant of relief before the door was opened. "Hi," she croaked. Xander's father looked at her funny. "Didn't he make it home? Giles said he wanted to talk to me." She tried to look cute and non-threatening.

"No," he lied smoothly, "he didn't. If I see him I'll mention it to him though." He started to close the door.

"Wait," Willow said, stepping forward, overcoming the creepy feelings. She knew that the thing in front of her wasn't human, was really a demon; who else would be able to put out that much energy and look normal. "What are you doing to him?" She held her ground, not letting him close the door. "You can't hurt him."

"I can do whatever I want. He's mine." He tried to shut the door again but she stopped him, using the pencil pushing spell. "Stop that," he warned. "I'm stronger."

"Yeah, and I'm meaner," Buffy said. She stepped up behind Willow. "We're going to come in and find him, you can go join the whatever it was that gave you your abilities." She pushed the door open further, pulling Willow in with her. "Where to?" She ignored the passing shadow that headed through the kitchen.

Willow closed her eyes. "Upstairs. I can feel him." She walked up, heading for his bedroom, now empty. She found it all piled in the hall a minute later so continued to look. They entered a candle lit room, Willow stopping either of them from going in farther. "Not in here." She walked past his father. "Apparently you failed," she said. She looked at the boxes. "We'll get them in the morning."

"Chem test," Buffy reminded her.

"Not for me and Giles." She took out a little pouch, using the contents to write something on the boxes. "I'll know if you remove them." She left, pulling Buffy with her. "Come on, his power's not natural." They made it out to Giles' car, getting in. "We tagged the stuff, his power's unnatural, and how is he?"

"Oz has him," the Watcher said. "He didn't tell me where."

"Better that way," Buffy said. "I don't want to know." She stared at the house as they drove away, their part done for the night.


Oz watched his friend shift in his sleep. "Xan," he said softly. "Wakey time."

Xander rolled over, hitting the floor after a drop the width of the mattress. "Where?" he mumbled. He looked around in alarm.

"You're not home," Oz assured him. "We got you out. Willow and Buffy took care of that thing pretending to be your father last night." He looked down at his watch. "You've been out for a little over a day now."

"Explains the mossy feeling of my tongue and my bladder." He stood up, walking around the older man. "Bathroom?"

"Off the end of the porch unless you want to take a walk without shoes." He craned his head. "Your stuff's in the other room." He waited, listening for a hint of trouble. Xander walked back in, glass of water in hand. "Better?"

"Much," he said, sitting back down on the mattress. "Where is this?"

"A friends." He looked around. "He's gone for a while."

Xander nodded, finishing the glass. "So, plan?"

"You finish resting until Giles, Willow, and Angel can break through the barrier your father's behind." He handed over the blanket the younger man had kicked off. "I can go watch nature if you want."

"No, I fall asleep with teachers watching me all the time." He snuggled down under the covers. "You all right?"


"So, what really happened? All I know about is the succubus." He yawned. "Why so sleepy?"

"Giles. He thought it'd be best if you were out for a while." He leaned over, brushing a lock of hair around. "Sleep, I'll be here when you wake up." He got up, going out to the hall to wait for him to fall asleep. He picked up the cellphone Buffy had confiscated from her mother's purse, dialing the library. "Hey, he was awake there for a minute. Mentioned a succubus." He got an answer so hung up. "Yeah, this sucks muchly." He went back to his duty, watching the younger man sleep.


Giles looked up and smiled as the two young men walked in. "Have a nice nap?" he joked.

"Lame," Xander said, yawning. "You can take it off anytime now." He yawned again. "Really."

Oz sat down across from Giles. "I thought it was supposed to be self-removing." He looked at the napping young man. "He's been like this for a while."

Giles pushed over the book he'd been reading. "The succubus, he did mention her?" Oz nodded. "It's her I'm afraid." He cleared his throat. "I don't know how to remove it and the sepll won't cancel until she's gone.."

Buffy and Willow walked in. "Easy," the redhead said. "Get her to do it." She kissed her boyfriend's cheek. "Morning. You look all scruffy."

"Forgot my razor." He looked at Buffy. "Any luck on getting him out?"

The Slayer nodded. "Lots. Got him out a little while ago. He's presently really sorry he did that to his own son." She motioned the others to someplace where Xander wouldn't hear them. "He wanted to prove to his son that he wasn't gay."

"So he made a deal with a succubus?" Giles was shocked. He didn't know how any parent could do something that evil, especially not to their own children. "Any luck on naming her? We'll need to know to have her remove the spell."

Willow handed over the paper she'd pulled out of her pocket. "And what he said." She paused. "He doesn't have an ability, just a random plea which a random demon overhead who brought the succubus."

Giles read it, frowning. "I'd like...." He remembered where he was and who he was around. "Never mind." He walked into his office, gathering a few more books. When he came back out, he handed them over. "Look for this symbol," he said, pointing at it. "It's her name." He sat down at the table, frowning at the slight snores and the growing puddle of drool. "Maybe he should be moved to a more comfortable bed."

Oz handed over his book to Willow. "I'm on it." He woke Xander, touching him on the shoulder had been making him jump in alarm. "Come on, let's get you to a real, comfortable bed." He helped him up, bringing him out to the van. "Will you be okay at my place?"

"Yeah, I'm sure it'd be fine. What about your parents?" Oz shook his head. "Gone again?"

"Yup, for a few more weeks." He pulled down his street. "See, not another car in sight." He pulled into his driveway, turning off the van. "I'll even let you check your mail if you want. It's been a few days."

"More than. My account's got to be about ready to burst." He yawned as he got out. "How much longer for this?"

"Not much." He unlocked the door, letting the younger man proceed him. "Bathroom's at the top of the stairs on the left. My room's first on the right." He walked into the kitchen, grabbing some microwavable sandwiches to heat. He heard the shower come on as he pulled out his laundry, wondering what he would wear. He thought about going out to grab the bag Willow had packed but didn't want to leave him alone. He popped the food onto a plate, carrying it and the warm laundry up the stairs. He opened his door, seeing the mess.

Xander bumped into him as he stumbled in. "Sorry." He looked around. "Looks like home." He laid down on the bed. "Clothes?" he asked through another yawn.

Oz picked through the basket of clean stuff, throwing an oversized mostly new t-shirt and a pair of kinda big boxers. "I'll go get your stuff later."

Xander slipped into the clothes under cover of towel then tossed it onto the pile growing in the corner. "Dirty right?" The older man nodded. "Do you want me to move? You haven't been getting much sleep."

"Nope, I nap while you do." He unlocked his computer's drawer, pulling it out. "Want to do the mail thing?" Xander shook his head, almost asleep again. "Want me to?"

"Have fun." His eyes fluttered shut again, and soon there were snores.

"Night," he said softly. He logged onto the computer, starting the browser and modem. He logged onto the younger man's email accounts, flipping back and forth between them, saving each message down to a diskette. Of course he read the fic too, but most of it was interesting. Even if he wasn't like that. He glanced over at the bed every few minutes, making sure Xander was all right.

"Hey," came the quiet voice from the bed. "Anything good?"

"A few stories." Oz turned around. "I've saved everything to a disk but didn't delete anything but the fic."

"Thanks," Xander said, stretching. "Hey, I'm not tired."

Oz nodded. "Must be done then." He brought over the rest of the food. "Cold but were warm. Compy's yours." He grabbed some clothes, heading for the shower.

Xander watched older man go, wondering how far they'd strained their friendship. Oz looked so sad, even though he didn't really look that way he just seemed it. He thought he'd gotten to know the older man pretty well over the last few months, but why was he sad that this problem was over? He took a bite of sandwich, trying to figure this out.

If he was honest with himself he was sad that it was over too. This last week or so had been special to him. Oz had made him feel so safe, awake and asleep. He had said soft, comforting words when something brought him out of the nap, never letting him be startled. Why had he been so caring and gentle with him? He pushed the troublesome thoughts away, getting up to read his mail.

That's how Oz found him. "My mom's home." He dropped Xander's bag on the bed.

Xander stretched as he got up. "Thanks Oz." He pulled a pair of jeans out, pulling them on quickly. "She home early?" The older man nodded. "Oh, okay." He didn't think about what he did next, he just pulled the older man into a hug. "Thanks, for all of this," he said quietly. He have one last squeeze then let go, backing up to a ėfriends' distance.

Oz's eyes looked like he wanted to say something but what came out was, "No big." He pointed at the computer. "Got most of it?" The younger man nodded. "So, now what?"

Xander shut down the windows, tossing the disk into his bag. "Your house, tell me Great Protective One."

Oz shook his head at the name, walking out and downstairs. "TV. Want to catch up with the world."

Xander followed him down, secure in their friendship again.


Principle Snyder stopped in front of their little pre-school grouping. "Mr. Harris, nice to have you back." Xander grunted, not looking up. "At least you won't be giving me trouble while you're doing all that make-up work." He walked away, a cold but pleased smile on his face.

Willow did something very unher-like, tossing a large spitwad onto his back. Everyone looked at her, shocked. "I'm happy now," she said.

Buffy smiled, trying hard not to laugh. "Good shot."

Xander pulled on a red lock of hair. "Almost makes the thought of make-up tests enjoyable." He looked up as the Watcher walked up to them. "Hey, Giles, thanks for the nap." He grinned.

Giles nodded. "Of course, you're welcome." He looked around. "I think we should meet tonight but they're spraying the school for insects."

Buffy shuddered. "Are they locking football players in then?" She looked at her friends, starting the round robin. "Mom's home tonight."

"Mine came home early," Oz said.

"My mom's hosting a baby shower," Willow said with a shudder. "They'll be happy and giggling most of the night."

Buffy patted the younger girl's arm. "I have a space for you."

She smiled. "Thanks."

Xander frowned. "My parents are in denial but they might be home. Drunk but home." He looked at Giles. "Looks like you're hosting."

The Watcher shook his head. "I've not got the space. I'll see if we can't get your parents to leave." He patted Xander's shoulder. "We need to be there anyway."

Xander nodded. "Have fun." The bell ran. "Oops, gotta go." The whole group followed him inside, splitting to get where they needed to go.


Xander let Giles in. "I hope you don't expect to eat, nobody here cooks." They walked back to the living room and he flopped down on the couch. "What's up, you're early."

"I wanted to talk to you about what happened." He cleared his throat, shifting in his chair. "The... demon gave up rather easily."

"And you're worried that something's up?" Giles nodded. "What do you need to know?"

"Why would be most helpful."

"I didn't lie, for the most part. I ignored her. I woke myself up."

Giles looked shocked. "You woke yourself up from her summoning?"

The younger man nodded. "Is that bad," he asked hesitantly.

"No, no, it's actually quite astounding," he reassured. "There aren't many that can do that. If I may ask, how did you do so?"

"Bit my cheek, pain brought me out. I figured out that it was a dream pretty soon into it." Giles nodded. "G, you're scaring me here. What's wrong?"

"Nothing," he said a little too quickly. The young man have him a disbelieving look. "Oh, hell," he muttered, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "She may not have given up."

"But I didn't react. Well normal reactions but I ignored them and her." He shifted his sprawl. "How do I protect myself?"

"A point in your favor is that you're not an innocent."

"I'm not a virgin not an innocent or know's what she is not an innocent?" Giles flushed a little. "ėCause the first isn't quite true. At least not one way."

"In relation to women?" The younger man shook his head. "Then you're safe, she can't change her gender." Xander sighed. "Now all we have to do is to clean the magic essence away." He watched Xander get up, going to answer the door. Willow followed the younger man back, handing him a box. "Oh, good you brought it."

Willow stole Xander's seat, semi-sprawling as she sat down. "Yup, every herb but one. Nobody had it." She tossed over the folded papers. "Found an alternate spell that doesn't use it." She smiled as her boyfriend and Buffy walked in. "Oh, you came." She held up her arms, prompting him for smoochies.

Oz nodded. "Practice was canceled, Dev lost his voice." He sat on the arm of her seat. "So, we're spell bashing?"

Giles put down the papers. "Yes." He looked at Xander. "We need to start in your room."

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