Notes: Pre-Glory, Pre-Dawn, Pre-Initiative.  No Initiative, no Spike returning, no Buffy dying.  AU season 4.

Perchance to Dream.

Two men face off across the field.  Their clothes mark them as being from the late seventeenth century.  Both were aristocrats, one of them a knight, the other a Lord's second son.  Both were out of favor with their families over this matter until it was resolved. One, a dark-haired man, sneers at the other, a redhead.  "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"The law is the law and it says one of us must marry her," the other reminded him.  "It is the only fair way."

"Then why marry?" he suggested.

"Because otherwise we'd have to run from all that is our privilege and our right," the second reminded him patiently.  They had been friends for a long time, nearly since they had acquired their manhood status.  And here they were, fighting the stupidest fight of them all, over a woman.  One who was charming to both of them, wanted both of them in fact, but her father made the laws for the local Province and he had said all women must be married by age 23 or join a convent.  Their young woman was nearly that age and it was important that she not have to waste what was left of her life in boring drudgery and soul- sucking teachings.  She deserved better than that, they had agreed on it.  Now, they had to decide how to have only one of them marry her when she wanted them both and they both wanted her.  Her father was too Churchly a man to ever go for both of them and he had said that only one of them would be joining her in the chapel the next day.  Or else someone else would, someone who would become his son and take over control of the Province.  It would bring great honor to both of them.

In the distance, their woman ran toward them, shouting at them to stop.  Her dress flowed behind her, the long skirts heavy from the damp grass as she ran down the hill.  "No!" she shouted.  "This will not happen!"  She managed to make it between them before they were ready to start, panting wildly, her bosom nearly hanging out of her dress.  "I will not allow this!" she shouted, nearly in hysterics.  "If I lose either of you, I will die!"  She looked at them both.  "My father will die within the week, the doctor has said so.  The other he wanted to force me into marriage with won't if he's not around!"  She started to cry.  "If you do this, I can't be with either of you!" she shouted, covering her face.  "I could never forgive you."  She fell to her knees, crying into the soft earth.

They moved closer, picking her up to put her between them.  "We dislike this as much as you do," the dark-haired one soothed.  "It is not right.  We cannot go against his will though."

She looked at him, using a wet hand to trace patterns onto his skin.  "My brother will take over.  As I am not married he will have no choice in the matter.  The local Priest has said so."  They looked stunned.  "He is even now at the house." She looked at the other, slightly younger man, and sighed.  "Do not do this or else I will join you.  You are both too good at this to miss unless you pull your punches, then it will keep going.  I will not allow it. Even if I have to sacrifice myself, I will."

"What are you doing?" a male voice called, sounding unpleasantly smug.  "Well, my sister *is* a harlot," he said as he joined them.  "Two suitors?  Neither forced?"

The woman glared at him, stepping in front of them.  "They are.  None need force themselves to wed me, unlike you.  I am only stopping the folly that Father has caused."  She felt that evil touch her soul again and nearly started to cry.  She would have no choice if she let it out.  She would be damned for eternity, her mother had told her so before she had died.  There was no other option, but she would if she had to.  Her brother was mean and cruel to her and all women, but she would protect them.  "Leave us. This is a private matter."

"Actually, it's not," he said, still giving her that same cold smile.  "It is no longer a private matter because Father charged me before he died to see you wed to the one he has chosen.  Which is neither of these.  Guards?  Remove my sister to her room and keep her there while I deal with these two."

"No!" she shouted, struggling as hands gripped her.  "I will not allow this?"

"You will not allow this?  You're but a *girl*," her brother sneered.  "Leave this to the men."

"Never!"  She picked up a pistol from one lax hand and pointed it at him.  "Begone!"

"No."  He stepped closer, making sure the gun rested against his chest.  "You are much too pure to ever do such a thing."

She sneered at him. "A woman in love is capable of all sorts of things."  She pulled the trigger, stunning even herself.  She then looked at the guards.  "Did he not die by duel accident?" she asked.  They shook their heads.  "Then you can be next.  I will not marry the filth that has been chosen for me.  These two are mine and none may say otherwise!"  She grabbed the other pistol, keeping it away from the hands trying to get it from her.  While they were struggling, the gun went off, injuring her.  She fell holding her stomach, keening in pain.  The power within her rushed up and she could not hold it back any longer.  She looked at her men, touching both of them with a blood-smeared hand.  "We will meet again and this will be done," she told them before dying.

Willow Rosenburg sat up and screamed, holding her eyes closed with her hands.  "Why do I keep seeing that!" she yelled bitterly.

"The duel again?" Tara asked quietly beside her.   She stroked up her girlfriend's back to calm her down.  "It's all right."

"It's not all right," Willow argued.  "It's not all right.  I killed someone and then myself so I didn't have to marry some skanky asshole."  She flopped backwards, landing on top of her girlfriend.  "Why am I seeing this?"

"I don't know," Tara soothed, moving her stroking to Willow's stomach.  "I don't know and I don't care.  At least not right now.  Let me put you to sleep, Willow," she whispered gently in the pale ear.  "I'll help you clear your mind."  She shifted so she could kiss her girlfriend, staying gentle as always.  She knew what Willow needed.  She had known that Willow might still like boys, and it hadn't mattered to her, but this new dream was disturbing.  Willow liking two boys?  Were they fated?  She slowly withdrew her mouth, giving her a smile.  "How's that?"

"Better," Willow agreed, smiling back.  "But I could use more. I need to sleep, I've got a test tomorrow."

"Of course."  Tara moved down, nibbling at the soft throat.  She had always liked Willow's throat, it made her giggle when you hit the right spots with a little bit of pressure from your teeth.  And Tara knew all the spots by heart.  Willow's giggles filled their dorm room, making her happy.  She shifted the rest of her body, straddling her girlfriend's limp form.  "You rest and let me do all the work this time," she soothed into the damp skin, moving lower.  "You need to rest, Willow.  Tests are important."  She moved lower, switching to a pink nipple.  She liked breasts, it was one of the things that had always attracted her to women.  She played and teased to her heart's content, until Willow bucked up underneath her.  Her lover was so sensitive sometimes.  She moved lower, hitting all the ticklish spots on her lover's stomach, something that seemed to drive Willow insane, though she never would admit that she liked it.  One hand came up from bracing her weight and replayed over the damp trail she had left, teasing the flesh that was needing and wanting it.  This was her favorite part of all this sex stuff, the teasing.  In here, with Willow, she didn't have to be shy.  She could be bold.  She could even be sneaky.  She might even bring out the big guns tonight and be both.  Maybe Willow needed more than oral and manual stimulation tonight?

While Willow was busy concentrating on what Tara's hand was doing, her other was reaching under her side of the mattress for a small device she had hidden there.  Then her hand shifted down much lower, teasing the warm, wet, throbbing spot she knew was waiting on her.  She placed the thing beside her and moved to follow her hand, sucking and licking down as she went.  Willow moaned and arched up again, directing her to make it all better.  It had to be all better.  It simply had to get better than this.  Tara's tongue felt the small lump come up and started to suck on it, making Willow grip the sheets hard enough to crease them permanently.  She was nice enough not to rip them, but this time maybe some ripping was needed.  Tara slid two fingers into the wet spot, making Willow scream and thrash on the bed, and only Tara leaning on her legs kept her from being smooshed.  "Calm down," she ordered.  "I'm giving it the best I have."

"Liking, loving, more!" Willow demanded.

Tara bent back down to tease the warm spot with her tongue, driving Willow insane with the little kitten licks.  She liked this.  She heard a rip and grinned, picking up the instrument.  It was a pistol, only it was also a vibrator.  It was a novelty she had picked up during a trip last summer and had thought it was cute and neat.  Now she would see how cute it was.  She slowly licked the penis-like head and stuck it in, surprising her girlfriend.  Willow said that she didn't really like penises and that she wasn't really into toys because they didn't throb within you, but Tara thought she might like this one a lot more than their other ones.  This one had multiple speeds.  She started it slowly.  In and out.  Back and forth, slowly building.  She went back to teasing the little lump of womanhood with her tongue while her hands played, slowly increasing the tempo with each click of the trigger.  Willow was really thrashing and calling now, begging and pleading Tara to make it happen.  She nipped the little bud, making Willow come, and suddenly turned the vibrator up all the way, stunning her girlfriend into a rare second orgasm right after the first.  While Willow panted, Tara cleaned her up the old fashioned way, enjoying every bit of it.  When she looked up, Willow was sleeping peacefully, a smile on her face.  That was what she had wanted to see.  She put the toy into a box and slid it under the bed to clean it tomorrow, then grabbed her Willow comfort snuggle to hold so she could get back to sleep herself.  Willow would cure her ache in the morning, just like usual.


That weekend, Willow was still having the nightmares.  Tara suggested that they go to a seer, a real one, and see if anything was known.  It could be an echo from a past life or it might just be Willow's mind telling her she needed a penis badly, Tara couldn't tell.  Dreams were not something she was used to dealing with.  Fortunately, she had heard about a seer in LA.  There was something odd about him and no one ever said what, but it's said he had a direct link to the Fates.  She looked over as Willow dropped her pencil and slammed her math book shut.  "I want to take a road trip," she announced.

Willow looked over at her.  "Where?"

"LA.  There's a...a seer there.  We need to see him."  Willow looked confused.  "Your nightmares?" she reminded.

"I'm fine," Willow promised.

Tara stood up and walked over, giving her a deep kiss.  "Pack."

"Yes, Tara."  She would do anything Tara asked because she was so important to her.  So Willow found herself on a bus, heading for LA.  It wasn't a long trip, and for some reason Tara's hand found it's way into her panties as they sat in the back set of seats.  "Tara!" she hissed.

"Sorry, bus rides always do this to me," she whispered back with a giggle.  She draped them with her jacket, then went back to what she had been doing.  This was the one naughty thing she had never been able to control.  Besides, if she was going to lose Willow, she wanted to have a lot of good memories stored up until she could date again.


Wesley Wyndam-Pryce looked up from his lone beer as the Host walked over to stand in front of him.  "It's been one of those weeks," he murmured.

"I hear ya," Lorne, owner of the bar, agreed.  "Trust me, it doesn't get any easier when you're green and have horns."  He looked toward the door, frowning in concentration.  "Two witches," he said, looking a touch surprised.  "Either my reputation is spreading or they're in trouble."

Wesley looked over then quickly looked away.  "I should hide.  If they don't notice me, I'm not here."


Wesley took a drink.  "They were at the scene of my biggest failure to date and I don't want to remember it at the moment."  He started to move but a girlish squeal halted him.  He looked at the redhead member of the duo.  "Good evening, Miss Rosenburg."

Willow punched him on the arm.  "Quit being stuffy, Wesley."  She sat down and looked at the host.  "Can I have a coke?"

"Sure thing.  Did you want lemon?"  Willow shook her head quickly so he turned to the quiet blonde beside her.  "And for you, sweets?"

Tara gave him a shy smile.  "A..a..c..coke too?" she stuttered.

He leaned closer.  "There is an anti-violence charm here, sweetheart, you don't need to worry."

She nodded.  "Thank you.  Are ...are you the seer?"  He nodded.  "I thin...think Willow's having flashbacks," she pronounced.  "Dr...dreams aren't my thing."

The Host looked astonished.  "Well, that's a new one."  He looked at Willow.  "Pick a song."

"I can't sing," she said, blushing brightly.  "I sound like a toad stuck in the desert."

He looked at Wesley, who nodded subtly.  "Hmm.  How about humming?"  Willow tried to hum.  "Ah, tone deaf," he said, grimacing.  "Okay, we'll do this in private since one of you is so shy she's stammering.  Wesley, would you take them to a table in the back and guard them?"  Wesley looked at him but did so.  Lorne rolled his eyes.  "Human men," he muttered, going to get their drinks personally.  This was an interesting case.  He had seen a future he could prevent, namely one in which nearly everyone he knew was hurt, killed, or possibly both.

Wesley sat across from the two young women.  "In town for the weekend?"  Tara nodded, looking at their joined hands.  He smiled.  "You don't have to be afraid of me."

Willow nudged her.  "He's the one who tried to take over for Giles that we were really mean to."

"Oh."  Tara looked at him.  "They're sorry about that."

He took a sip of his beer and relaxed.  This was an astonishing revelation.  "It's probably no better than I deserved.  I was out of line and fairly stuffy."

Willow nodded. "Yeah, but you also had a few points.  Buffy was a bit wild.  Oooh, you missed her first semester at college.  We ran into a warlock who was making dehumanizing beer.  It turned you into a caveman.  Or caveslayer as it happened."  Wesley chuckled and finished his beer.  "I don't remember you drinking."  She blushed again. "Not that I'm one to talk or anything, I was just wandering...wondering and now my mouth is getting in my way again."  Tara kissed her on the cheek.  "Sorry.  Bad week with Angel?"  He raised an eyebrow.  "I figured you and he might have hooked up.  He said something about you the last time we talked about Buffy."

He nodded.  "We have, but it's been a bad week all the way around," he offered.  "This is my first for the night."  He caught Tara's eyes when she looked at him.  "Though not for the day.  I did have a pint at lunch.   It was that or go buy a large box of supplies and Midol and hand them to Cordelia over the meal.  I though the beer would be safer."

Willow nodded.  "You're probably right.  Cordy on a Midol swing is not a fun person to be around.  And I really pity anyone who she sets off because Angel had his own version and it usually started and ended with a Buffyism."  He laughed and nodded.  "Thought so.  Should we buy the next round?"

"No, I'm fine," he assured her.  "I came here to vent at Lorne myself."  He played with his glass.  "Dreams?  If I may ask of course."

Willow leaned her elbows on the table so she could lean closer.  "I don't know what's going on.  I keep having this dream where there's these two guys getting into a duel over me, only I'm a blonde and a French aristocrat from the late seventeenth century by the clothes we all had on.  I looked it up in some costuming books at the campus library.  Anyway, there's something about my father demanding that all women either marry or join a convent at 23 and I'm nearly there.  If I don't marry one of the guys, then he'll marry me of to some skanky power-tripper.  Since we're a trio somehow, they decide to duel, I stop them, my brother shows up and tries to force my hand so I kill him then myself."

Lorne coughed from beside them.  "If that were the whole story you wouldn't be in a snit," he pointed out as he sat beside Wesley.  "What else was there, Miss Rosenburg?"

"You know me?"

"Sure do.  By the way, if you go near that Rack bastard, I will have to come up and personally hurt you to save the rest of the world.  Leave Amy a rat."  Willow looked stunned, slumping against Tara's side.

"How bad was it?" Tara asked.  "It's not really fair to her."

"Then send her to us and we'll send her to someone who can fix her," Wesley promised.  He looked at Lorne.  "Bad?"

"She goes bad.  Hell goddess after her other blonde friend. LA going eternally dark if we don't kill a pregnant Cordy," he listed.

Wesley nodded, looking over at Willow.  "I would appreciate that as well. If you bring her to me, I'll pass her on personally to someone who can help her."

"Thank you," Tara said quietly.  She looked at Lorne.  "What about the dream?"

"You mean the echo?" he asked.  Willow stiffened and sat up, looking at him.  "It is an echo, sweetie.  I can tell.  It's going to replay again because at the end, didn't you to mark them?"

She went pale.  "I did.  I took my blood and told them it wasn't done.  I said 'we will meet again and this will be done'.  Oh, dirt."  She put her head down with a long moan.  "Why me?"

Tara patted her on the back.  "It happens sometimes," she promised.  Willow looked at her.  "I won't stand in your way but I will be here."

Wesley saw himself.  It was like he was watching a movie of himself.  He was leaning over and tipping Willow's face up so he could kiss her.  Something chaste and sweet, but still a kiss.  He shook his head to clear it, noticing Tara had noticed.  "Sorry.  Sometimes I get strange feelings."

Lorne looked at him. "Really?" he asked with a grin, telling Wesley he had heard his thoughts.  "Was that really odd for you?"

Wesley gave him a firm look.  "Yes, it was."

Tara coughed.  "I think I have my answer."  She kissed Willow one last time then handed Willow's hand to Wesley.  "Take care of her, I will become a scary woman if you don't."  Lorne put a hand out and she shook it.  "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Tara.  You come back tomorrow night and we'll see what's going on in your head and future.  I can almost see something but I'm not sure what."  Tara nodded and left.

"Tara," Willow called, breaking the light stunning Tara had done to her when she had picked up her hand.  "Tara!"  Lorne put a hand out to stop her.  "I have to go.  She's not safe to wander around outside alone."

"Angel was lurking outside trying to find Wesley.  He'll take her back to his place because she smells like you and vampires can smell very well."

"Eep!"  Willow put her had back down again.  "Naughty me, I knew I should have been good on the bus but no, Tara wanted to play."

Wesley reached over to touch the back of her neck, feeling the tingle going up his hand.  "She'll be safe.  Angel is still a warrior for the side of good," he promised.  "Her smelling like you will let Angel know she's a good witch so he'll only brood at her."  Willow chuckled at that, but she was still blushing.  He looked over but Lorne was slipping away.  "I'd sit," he warned.  Lorne sat down again, this time next to Willow.  "What is going on?"

"Prophecy.  Gotta love the Powers," he said with a wink before leaving.  "That is one strong witch," he muttered as he walked away.  "Through death and centuries.  Now all we have to do is find the other one.  They'll keep her sane."

Willow looked at Wesley, noticing his thoughtful look.  "You don't look happy."

"I'm stunned but I'm not displeased," he admitted.  "There are worse prophecies to be stuck in than to be stuck with you for a bit."  Willow blushed and sipped her coke, ignoring the cherry floating in it.  "If I may help, I will.  Would you tell me more about this echo?"

She took a large swallow, ending up with the cherry in her mouth.  She sucked it off the stem, then pulled the stem out, ignoring the blatantly sexual thing she had just done.  "Like I said, it's a duel.  It's the late seventeenth century.  I'm wearing some hideous gown.  I'm a blonde.  I've apparently got two...."  Her voice trailed off.  "Two men?"

Wesley shrugged.  "We do not choose who we love, Willow."  He shifted some, facing her instead of leaving against the wall. "Did you know their names?"

She nodded. "Somehow I do.  One was Earnest.  He was the knight.  And the other was Kotal I think?"  She shrugged.  "He was the second son of a Lord who lived in the next Province.  His mother thought it was a romantic name from the Far East."

"What weapons were they dueling with?"

"Guns.  That's how I killed the dirtbag brother and myself.  Mine was an accident."  He nodded slowly.  "What?"

"Duels with pistols were very rare at that time.  Any guns were mostly used for hunting."

"No, they were dueling pistols, like what you see in the Civil War museums.  The old ones that you had to load the powder into."

He sighed.  "Willow, this may have happened more than once.  If so, we need to know about it."

She looked helpless. "I only see that one.  I looked up the clothes to find the timeline but I couldn't find anything on that law or anything."

"Some of us do have access to some odd records," he suggested lightly.  She nodded, relaxing again.  "All right, do you remember *your* name?"

"I was Eliza.  Named after an Elizabeth queen."

"Of Bohemia or of England?"

Willow grimaced.  "I asked my mother that and she said she wasn't saying."  She shook her head. "Where did that come from?  Am I making this up?"

"There is one way to find out," he offered.  "I can hypnotize you and we'll see where it is coming from. If it is an echo, you'll probably be miserable until you find out."

"But... that never works on me," Willow said, starting to sulk.

"I have a method that will, Willow.  Do you trust me?"

"Have you changed a lot since you left for LA?"

He smiled slightly.  "I'm a bit more tough and less stodgy, otherwise not really."  He slid out of the booth and held out a hand.  "Come along.  We'll take my bike back since I doubt you drove down."  She shook her head.  "Then come on."

"Bike?  Like a ten speed?"

He chuckled as he led her out to the parking lot.  Lorne would put the drinks on his tab.  "No, as in a motorcycle.  I find the wind to be quite freeing when I'm riding about."  He handed her his spare helmet then put on his own before climbing on.  "Come on, it's not that difficult if you're not driving."  She slid onto the seat behind him, wrapping her arms around him. "Find the footrests," he ordered, starting the engine.  She squeezed him painfully but he didn't say anything about it.   She was obviously scared and he would go slower than usual to calm her down again.  Her being hyper or scared would wreck his experiment.  He felt her arms loosen as they turned onto the main street so he went a little faster to catch the green light at the corner, then he felt her wiggling behind him.  "Hold on tighter," he called back.  She squeezed him again, a comforting weight around his middle as they sped through the yellow light and onward.

Once he got her back to his apartment, she was very bouncy. Apparently the ride had energized her.  "Sit," he encouraged, going to make some tea.  He needed a clear head and it might calm her down.  "Do you take milk or sugar?"

"One packet of equal if you have it," she said, sitting at the table to watch him.  She used to like to watch Giles brew his tea, it was a familiar gesture that was making her calm down.  She jumped when the phone rang but he answered it before she could move.

"Hello?  Yes, Angel, she's here.  No, she's been having something like a prophetic dream so I'm helping her.  I don't think that's necessary.  Angel, the young lady is perfectly safe with me," he said angrily.  How dare the *vampire* accuse him of having alternative motives. Angel quickly backtracked while he waited for the water to boil.

Willow walked in and took the phone.  "Angel, I know why I'm here.  Wesley is being very gentlemanly and making me tea.  Calm down or I'm calling Buffy and telling her you're pining away pitifully on your bed in angst over losing her again."  She chuckled.  "Sure I would.  Remember, I'm the mean one of the group.  Unlike Xander, I can do more than call you names."  She grinned.  "Fine.  I'll call or come by tomorrow night so you can make sure Wesley didn't do anything wrong me.  Angel!  I'm a big girl now!  If I want to have the sex with him, I will, thank you very much.  Not that it's any of your business.  Should I find a permanent cockring spell so you can't get happy ever again with that little stake of yours?"  She laughed.  "Sure thing."  She hung up.  "He said I'm being a brat and obviously Cordelia's odd mood has spread," she told him, rolling her eyes.

He chuckled.  "No, I've often thought about doing that to him myself. It would make my worries so much less if I knew he couldn't get happy that way again."  The kettle whistled, making him jump.  "Sorry."  He measured and poured some tea leaves, then put it aside to let it steep.  "Go sit on the couch," he offered.

"It's just that this is such a familiar ritual.  I watch Giles make tea all the time because it calms him down so I've picked up on it myself."  She helped carry things out to the living room area, sitting down on the couch as ordered.  "Thank you for this, Wesley."

"Willow, I enjoyed working with you back in Sunnydale.  Obviously Lorne saw something in you that needs help and I am well-suited to the work." She smiled as she poured their tea for them, even using the little cup strainer he had pulled out.  Rupert had taught her well.   "Let's chat, see what else you might remember," he suggested, picking up his cup to take a sip.  Weak, but fine with him.

She grimaced, shaking her head.  "I should have waited."

"That's all right," he soothed calmly.  She needed to stay calm and he needed to get a grip on himself before the vision he had at the club came true.  She looked at him and he wondered if she could read minds now.  She shifted backwards, getting more comfortable.  "Do you remember what part of France you lived in?"  She shook her head.  "Did you get to travel?"

"I remember seeing the South at one point but I'm not sure why," she admitted.

"Things like this can echo around for years," he told her.  "You could have had a partial reenaction back then.  It's possible that only one of your lovers was available to you."

"It would have sucked if one of them was a slave," she agreed lightly.  "Is that where the dueling pistols came from?"

"Most likely they're entwined in your mind. The human mind can only deal with so much before it goes a little odd."  He sipped his tea, letting her calm down again while he stamped firmly on his libido.  "Do you know anyone who might be the other one, the knight?"

"You're the knight," she blurted out, then she blushed and looked at her hands.  "I don't know where that came from either."

He shrugged.  "It happens to the best of us," he agreed, giving her his most rakish smile.  "Are you ready?"

"Should I be fluttery?"

"No, you should not."  He put down his cup and moved to sit beside her, knowing it was a temptation he didn't need but she needed the contact.  "I'm supposing that you've meditated?"  She nodded quickly.  "Then drop yourself nearly into that state.  When you're close enough to see whatever visual you've given yourself, tell me."

"I usually meditate to candles," she offered, sliding onto the floor by his feet.  She heard the soft moan and looked up. "What?  Something I can't do?  An anti-candle part in your lease?"

"No, sore muscle," he told her gently.  "I went and had a good workout this morning."  She nodded, turning back to the small candle on the table.  She whispered a phrase and it lit itself, startling him.  She could feel him move.  "Sorry.  I do that a lot these days."

"That's all right," he promised. "I trust you to find your limits and not go past them."

"I wish others did," she said dryly.  "Giles is giving me looks and Tara wants me to slow down my learning."

"I think a good middle-ground would be for you to have a focus, someone who worked with you and could tell you when you're getting too deep."  She looked at him.  "You and Tara didn't?"

"We did, and she was always kinda odd about not using it for the little stuff."

"Ah.  Some witches are brought up that way in their families."  He slid to the floor next to her, making her shiver.  "Did you need the heat on?" he asked.  She shook her head and went back to focusing.  The vision started like it had at the club.  He could clearly see himself leaning over and kissing her, her startled look as he moved in for a second.  He thought for a moment he was actually doing it this time but he was still watching himself act so he knew he wasn't.  This time, he didn't stop at the kiss.  He moved in deeper, giving her a more probing kiss while one hand wound its way into her hair and held her against his lips.  She wasn't protesting, she was actually shifting, moving onto his lap.  That's when he realized he was actually doing this and he had no desire to stop.  He moaned into her mouth when her hand came up to play with the back of his neck, a sensitive spot he had known about for years.  She was the first to exploit it to her own desires, but he was enjoying it.  He really should stop, he was there to help her, not to get laid.  "Willow," he groaned.

"I can't," she pleaded.  "I keep seeing this and then you touched my hand and it was like a fire going across my skin," she said, pulling back to look into his eyes.  "I can't.  I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't," he promised, standing up and pulling her against him.  He waited while she blew out the candle, then he led her into the bedroom.  He was not a teenager to grope on the couch.  She deserved better.  That thought made him pause for a moment and consider their age differences but she was unbuttoning his shirt and he wasn't able to think much longer.  He got her stripped as well, leaving her only in her matching green bra and panties.  "They match your eyes."

She nodded, blushing again.  She did that a lot and he could see it went down her chest as well now.   "I don't know why I put this one on.  Tara gave me a funny look too.  It's the set I used to tease her on her birthday."

He smiled down at her.  "I could never compete with Tara, Willow."  She relaxed and lunged in, kissing him again. All thought left his mind as his body reacted.  She got his pants undone finally and let them fall, he toed off his shoes and stepped out of them so he could put her gently onto the bed.  "Do you want this?"  She nodded.  "Out loud, Willow, please," he pleaded.  He had to know.

"Your skin is like the balm to the fire that's going all tingly around me," she told him, pulling him down on top of her.  "It's putting it out but making others start.  Like you're the wilderness firefighter making a fireline."

He chuckled.  "I understand," he offered, moving lower to play with her neck.  He heard a giggle and pulled back.  "Something funny?"

"Ticklish," she said, staring at him.

He smiled.  "That's fine, simply wondering."  He moved back to what he had been doing.  He could feel the flush on her skin popping into existence the more he teased the slim column.  He knew what she meant about the fire, it was spreading into him now.  He was aflame and he knew he couldn't put it out.  He moved lower, teasing her collarbone.  She didn't seem to have any good spots there so he moved down to her chest.  He undid her bra, making her moan.  "I've always thought underwire must be uncomfortable," he said as he licked the marks the bra had left on her delicate skin.  She wiggled and he shifted so she could move but she didn't shift away from him.  She must be an active person in bed then; he liked is women to participate and demand the right to reciprocate.  He licked over one tiny budded peak and she howled, arching up under him.  "A hellcat," he murmured, doing it again.  She grabbed his shoulders to pull him off, kissing him hotly.  "Did you want more?"

"Yes," she said, forcing him onto his back so she could climb on top of him.  "I'm not totally new to this."

"I didn't think you were.  I knew you and Oz had something together before the battle."  She blushed and ducked her head, moving to play with his throat like he had hers.  "Not there," he instructed, moving her down a bit.  "I got bitten there and I'll have nightmares."

She pulled off and hugged him, holding him tightly.  "I'm sorry LA has sucked so bad for you, Wesley."

"It's not your fault," he reminded her.

"No, it's the big, nasty, vampire's fault and I should stake him some day to put everyone out of their misery," she said firmly before kissing him again.  She grinned when she saw the vacant look in his eyes.  "Did all your thoughts go bye-bye?"  He nodded, flipping her back under him so he could get back to her breasts. "Wesley!" she said, scratching at his back to make him quit teasing.  "Wesley, I'm going to magically bind you so I can torture you that way if you don't quit," she warned.  His laugh set off a slight wobbling in her. "More of that!" she ordered.  He did it again, sending her crashing into an orgasm.  "Oh, Goddess!" she called.  "More!"

"Yes, my hellcat," he agreed, moving to the other side to tempt her into another one.  He wasn't sure if she could have multiple ones or not but he was going to try.  She did moan so he moved lower to get more reaction.  He snapped the side elastic of her panties and slid them down the still-trapped leg, giving himself free reign over that part of her too.  He moaned as he smelled her scent.  That fire was going hotly now, he had to taste.  He couldn't hold himself back any longer so he didn't.  He took a long lick, sucking the juice off her hair when his tongue was well-coated with her taste.  Then he moved inward, holding her open with his fingers as he played.  He probably couldn't match a lesbian's skill but he knew she was liking it because she was still dripping.  His face must be quite messy but he didn't care.  He had to have more of this.  He dove in, using his tongue to stroke her internal walls.  It made her quake above him and he continued, using his tongue like he would later use himself, teasing and taunting her about what was to come.  She was chanting and calling his name, a heady experience for him.  Then she had another one and he greedily lapped at it.

"Nip me," she pleaded, nearly sobbing as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

He had to obey that, it would get him what he needed faster.  He found the bud of her clitoris and gently sucked on it, ignoring the legs wrapping around his shoulders.  She writhed underneath his touch and tongue, making him harder and wanting to push up into her now instead of later, but he wanted her to be ready and begging him for it.  She arched up into his mouth, pleading again for him to nip her so he did, and she wailed, coming and going limp.  He looked up, licking his lips as he moved.  She had passed out.  "Oh, dear," he said, very proud of himself.  He laid down beside her, stroking her stomach until she came back around.  "Were you overcome?"

She growled and pounced him, kissing him deeply to get her taste out of his mouth. This was what she enjoyed most about women, their taste, and hers was good enough for right now.  When he went limp and pliant beneath her, she moved down, nipping and sucking as she went.  She tortured his nipples with her teeth, making his breath catch each time she tugged on them.  Then she moved lower.  She hadn't touched a man in years, she wondered if she was still any good at it, but she wanted it too much this time.  Her mouth found his cock and she went to town on it.  Licking, sucking, nibbling, all of it was done until he was some mindless mass of manhood, begging to be released from his earthly prison.  She took one final taste, humming at the flavor of his precum when she found a bead of it on his head.  Then she moved back up and kissed him while she positioned herself.  "Look at me," she ordered.  He looked into her eyes and she impaled herself, moaning the whole way down.

He flipped them over, staying inside of her.  "I want to see you under me, next time you can be on top or on your knees," he assured her, moving out a bit so he could start a good, long rhythm.  She was groaning and shifting under him, her legs wrapped around his waist.  Her nails digging into his back and sides.  It was the best torture he had ever had and he knew he would have it again or go insane.  Now he knew why some people liked to be whipped, it freed them.  Like she was freeing him.  He started to move faster and harder, making her shiver and try to climb onto his body to hold on, but he wouldn't let her.  He pinned her to the bed and kissed her again, absorbing all those noises she was making.

She pulled her head back to catch her breath and let out an awesome sounding scream as she came for the final time, her pelvic bone slamming into his so hard he knew he'd ache later.  Her muscles contracted and flexed, sending him shooting into her as well.  Then he collapsed, panting heavily.

"Wes, breathing, good," she moaned, trying to move him.  He sighed as he rolled onto his side, puling her into his arms.  She hid her face against his chest, shy with him now for some reason.  "We ...."

"Yes, we did," he agreed.  "It was like nothing I've ever had before."  She raised her head.  "I've never had anyone who made me want to be bitten and scratched," he said, touching her swollen lips.  "I've never been that desperate before."

"Does that mean next time's gonna go on more?" she asked, then she blushed a bright red and hid her face again.

"Let me recover and we'll see," he promised, pulling her closer again.  "Perhaps in the morning?"

She chuckled into his skin.  "One of my favorite things," she assured him.  "If I wake up first, can I be on top?"

"I said you could be in whatever position you wanted next time," he reminded her, finally calming down.  It was time for a nap.  He felt her yawn.  "Sleep, Willow, we'll discuss this tomorrow."

"I don't want to discuss," she said, sounding like she was pouting.  "I liked it.  Not even Oz felt that way."  He smoothed her hair down and she smiled.  "Besides, you feel nice to cuddle with."

"Good.  Shall we sleep?"

"We should," she agreed, closing her eyes.  "I'd like nothing better than to sleep."  She heard his snore and smiled.  She had worn him out. She bet he'd never have fallen asleep before his lady friends before but she had knocked him out and it felt really good to her.  She let herself drift off, hoping she had another dream like that again.  That way he could hear it first thing.


Wesley woke up the next morning wondering what had happened last night.  He was obviously with someone because their tongue was feasting on his nipple.  He remembered heading over to see Lorne.  "Willow," he said suddenly.

"Yup, sure is," she said happily, crawling over him to reach the other side.  "I didn't have another of those dreams," she noted before latching on again.

He pulled her head up and gave her a light kiss.  "You didn't?"  She shook her head, staring down into his eyes.  "Not at all."

"No, this time I had a different one.  Something about Ancient Greece and swords."  She shrugged.  "I think I've been watching too much tv."  He chuckled and gave her another kiss.  "Wow.  I like that form of positive reinforcement.  Can I go back to what I was doing?"

"Wouldn't you rather eat first?" he offered.  "I can cook."

She gave him the most wicked grin he had ever seen on a woman's face.  "I've got all the meal I need right here," she said, patting his semi-hard cock.

He squeaked, making her giggle, so she went down on him again.  He could only lay there and take it, his eyes rolling back into his head.  He would die if this kept up, he was sure of it.  She was very talented for having only been with one man in her life.  Maybe she and Tara had played with strap ons or some such because someone only got this good from practice.  He moaned and arched up into her mouth when she gently scraped him with her teeth, grabbing the headboard so he wouldn't grab her hair and force his way deeper into her throat.  She seemed to know what he was thinking and did it for him anyway, swallowing him whole.  He came with a strangled shout, his vision going blurry.  "Dear Lord," he moaned.  "Willow, how?"

She climbed back up him, resting on his chest. "I have no idea, but I kinda like it.  I really want a fireplace so I can sit in front of it and do that to you again."

He blinked his vision clear and looked up at her.  "In a blue velvet dress?  After a holiday celebration?"  She looked startled but nodded.  "Oh, dear, I am it, aren't I?" he said quietly, hugging her to him.  They were sharing memories of a past life.  He searched these new memories, finding the other.  Yes, he knew who he was now.  He smiled and relaxed under her careful touches, he could call Chicago later.  He gently stroked her back, making her purr.  "You are a hellcat," he told her.

She chuckled into his chest. "Only sometimes.  Sometimes I'm a lap kitty."  She kissed him and looked down at where their bodies were touching.  "How long do you think it'll be before I can prove it?"

"Probably not long," he admitted.  "You seem to inspire me to new heights of pleasure."

"Just as long as you don't die under me, we'll be fine," she assured him.

"I'll make a deal with you," he said, rolling her under him so he could look down at her.  "I won't mention any chest pains and you can continue to pass out like you did last night," he offered, kissing her before moving down to give her a wakeup call all his own.  Someone pounded on the door before he could reach his intended target.  "Bugger!"  He slid out of the bed, leaving her the covers while he grabbed his robe.  "I'm supposing that's Cordelia. Did you want to be here?"

"She might as well get used to me," Willow offered, sitting up and taking the sheet to cover herself.  "I guess I'm transferring at the end of the semester."  He grimaced and she shrugged.  "I am still in college."

"That's fine, we'll figure that out later," he promised as the pounding started again.  "I'm coming, hold on," he shouted.

"Not yet, but you will be," Willow called after him, making him blush.

That's why Cordelia was stunned stupid when he opened the door.  "What?" he asked.  "I'm rather busy at the moment."

"So I heard."  She pushed her way inside, looking into the bedroom. "Hi, Willow."

"Hi, Cordy."  She came out and blatantly sat in Wesley's lap, stroking the skin showing through the gap in his robe.  "Did you need something *really* important?"

"Well, yeah, kinda.  Angel said he picked up a witch last night that smelled like you?"

"That would be Tara, her new ex," Wesley told her.  "It's frightfully complicated, Cordelia.  Willow's been having flashbacks to a prior life."

"And you were there?" she asked archly, looking at the cuddling going on.  "Why?"

"Um, let's just say this isn't the end of the strangeness and we'll tell you when it's finally fully together," Willow offered.   "Okay?  Bye-bye, I was about to be licked within an inch of my life."  Cordelia gasped and Willow shrugged.  "What?  He's very good."

Cordelia stood up and nodded like she was humoring Willow.  "Come over to the office tonight, preferably clothed, so we can catch up," she all-but ordered.  "Angel said he wanted to see you too, Wes.  Something about research?"  He pointed at the book on the coffeetable so she picked it up and held it against her chest like a shield.  "I take it you're not a woman-lover any more?"

"Well, I kinda am but Wesley is just ...different.  I can't explain it but if it wasn't him or the other one we're still figuring out, I'd doubt I'd touch another man again."

Cordelia let out a nervous chuckle.  "Things are really strange in Sunnydale these days, aren't they?  Glad I left and all.  I might have to find a harem of my own.  See you tonight, call and we'll order out before you come over."  She hurried from the apartment, going to tell Angel on them.  This was just too weird.  That was Rosenburg?  She who blushed at Xander?

"Finally," Willow sighed, wiggling until the sheet was raised then plopping herself down onto Wesley's hardening cock.  "I thought she'd never leave."  She kissed him, her hands on his shoulders to brace herself as she moved up and down on him.  "Took less time than I expected," she quipped.

He groaned and pulled her back for a kiss.  "Hush," he ordered.  She beamed and sucked on the non-bitten part of his neck while she played.  Once again, every thought flew out his head or he would have locked the door.  He was at the stage where he was gripping her hard enough to leave a bruise when Lorne waltzed in.  "Out," he ordered.  Willow lifted her head and waved.

"Okay.  I think I'll go bug Angel for a bit.  See you tonight?" Lorne asked.

Wesley pointed behind him.  "Take my rolodex, call Ray.  Tell him to come visit very quickly.  It's not an emergency but if he's been having strange dreams I know why."  Lorne did as he said, taking it with him.  "Lock the door?" he called.

Willow looked at it and even the chain rattled to life to lock itself.  "There, and now for a shield spell," she announced as she put one up.

Wesley stood up, letting her wrap herself around her.  He was going to break a rule and have her on the couch.  He laid her down and she wiggled away.  "No?"

"I want on top, you promised me I could," she reminded him, pushing him down and climbing back on top again.  He groaned, his breath hitching as she slid down his length.  "Oh, yeah, I missed this," she said, her voice breathless and low.  "Toys are not a substitute.  The real thing *throbs* within you, it makes you want more."  She leaned down and kissed him before starting off again.  "Promise me no toys, Wes?"

"I'll never have need of them," he assured her.  "You're better for my libido than Viagra ever could be."  She chuckled and he felt it in his cock, making him arch up into her.

"Naughty, Wesley, let me drive this time," she purred, bending down to kiss him again before sitting up and proving that she had taken riding lessons in her youth.  She posted beautifully on him, making him wiggle and grab onto her hips again as he settled into the couch a little deeper.  The phone rang and she knew it needed to be answered so she called it over to her.  "House'o Wesley Lovin', may I take your order?" she quipped.  "And you are Ray, right?"  She giggled and handed the phone to him, going back to what she had been doing.

"Ray," Wesley panted.  "No, good.  Oh, Gods, Willow," he moaned, his head smacking onto the arm of the couch.  "Please, do that again."  He listened to the voice on the other end.  "You're the one who called.  Yes, we would appreciate a visit," he noted, then he had to drop the phone.  Willow had pulled off and was now sucking him.  "Dear Goddess, Willow, more," he pleaded.  "I will move you here myself if I have to.  Please, don't stop."

"I'm not," she said after pulling back to lick him a few times.  "Hang up the phone, Wesley."

He hit the button and then let it drop onto the floor again.   "I should be doing this to you."

"Don't worry, you'll get me later," she assured him.  "I'm not leaving the house until tomorrow, when I have to go back on the bus."

"I'll give you a lift back," he vowed, grabbing her hair to play with.  "Willow, please, I don't want to be brutish about it, please quit teasing," he begged.  She swallowed him and his world went to black.  He didn't even realize he came that time.

She crawled up him to kiss him and found him unconscious so she laid on top of his chest to make sure he'd wake up again.  She wasn't losing him.  If she thought he was going to die, she'd have to do some serious magic to bring him back.


Cordelia's head snapped up when she heard footsteps outside the door, putting one hand down into the drawer since it was a single shadow.  They had gotten a death threat earlier and she wasn't going to be paranoid, but she was going to be careful.  "Come in," she called at the quick tap on the window.  A skinny blond guy in glasses walked in, slouching slightly.  "Hi.  Welcome to Angel Investigations."

"Hey there," he said with a faint frown.  "Wes?  Is he here yet?"

"Not yet, we're expecting him any minute now."  She removed her hand from the drawer.  She could see his gun, if he had wanted to shoot her, he would have already.  "Would you like to wait with everyone else?"

He looked her over, then shook his head.  "What do you know about this Willow chick?"

"Willow?  Apparently not as much as I thought.  She was seriously different when I saw them earlier.  Then again, Wesley was a little preoccupied by her sitting in his lap and getting all cuddly."  Ray nodded slowly.  "So, are you the second one she mentioned?"  The poor man looked stunned.  His mouth fell open and then he visibly swallowed.  "It's okay, we're used to the weird here."

"Cordelia, is that Wesley?" Angel called as he came up on the elevator.

"No, it's Wesley's friend Ray," she called back.

"Whoa," Ray said, getting a good look at Lorne.  "What are you?"

Lorne laughed.  "Don't worry, I'm harmless and fun-loving.  I'm Lorne, we spoke earlier."  He shook Ray's hand.  "Hum something," he suggested.  Ray gave him a look like he was insane.  "Trust me.  Hum something."  Ray hummed a few bars of music.  "Ah, you are the one," he said happily, looking at Angel.  "This is the second one in her dreams."

"Dreams?  Like the weird-o things with the duel and all that?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah," Cordelia said.  "Lorne said they're an echo from a past life.  Willow!" she said as they walked in together, kissing.  "Guys, air, necessary for most humans," she reminded them when they didn't break apart right away.

Ray looked at her, frowning.  "You were a blonde," he said.  Then the fire hit him when he saw her eyes, making him walk over and steal her from his old friend to get a kiss for himself.  "What is going on?" he moaned when he got free of the bewitching lips.

Willow looked at him, touching the side of his face.  "I said it'd be done," she reminded him.  He gave her a look, then suddenly smiled. "It's no less strange for us, believe me, and I live with the strange."  She grinned at Wesley, who shook his head.  "No?"

"No.  I like women, dear, as does Ray."

Ray blew a kiss at him.  "What did you do to the poor girl?"

"We rode my motorcycle over," he said cockily.

"The thing kinda shimmies and vibrates," she said with a light blush.  He nodded and laughed so she kissed him again.

"Explanations are of the good," Cordy said, getting between them.  "Downstairs, now.  We shall eat and chat like normal beings."  She shooed them toward the elevator, catching Wesley's arm.  "You hurt her, I will make your life a living hell.  You thought you've seen my Midol moments, but there are times when even a case of the stuff won't do.  You'll be seeing that if I ever see Willow in tears."

He kissed her on the forehead.  "I have no intention of hurting her.  The only intentions I have for her are peaceful, sexual, and nurturing."  He followed by going down the stairs, beating the creaky old elevator to the bottom so he could steal Willow back from Ray.  Angel pulled him off and steered the group into the living room.  "Sorry, but I get overwhelmed.  It's like she lights a fire in my soul."

"I described it last night as a fireline and a controlled burn," Willow told them all, sitting between the men.  "The desire is like the forest fire and their touches are the back burns."

Ray looked at the couple. "Since I'm comin' in late here and all I got in explanation was I was somehow involved in her sanity being at risk, could someone explain this to me?"

Willow shifted until she was leaning against Wesley and facing him.  "You've had dreams right?  That duel, me in the hideous and confining dress?  My nasty, cranky-ass brother?"  Ray nodded slowly.  "That was a past life.  We were there."  She touched his cheek.  "I marked you here," she said, quieter this time.  "Yours was the gun I shot my big brother with."  He gripped her hands tightly.  "And now the strange really begins.  I'm a witch."

"Like hellfire and all that stuff?"

"No, usually I'm a good witch.  I'm a defending witch on the hellmouth."

"That I've heard of," he said, looking at Wesley.  "You mentioned that."

"I mentioned her as well. This is Willow.  That Willow."

"Oh."  He looked at her again and couldn't help but steal a quick kiss.  "This is really odd."

"Yeah," she agreed with a faint grin.  "But I know you feel it."

"I do, but I've got a career and all that junk back at home.  Kinda.  Sorta.  I guess."  He shrugged.  "It's complicated."

"That's okay, I'm a college student and as long as I can find a decent program I'm gonna have to move anyway," she promised.

"Unfortunately, we need Wesley," Cordelia reminded her.  She looked at Ray.  "There's a really nice police department here.  We know, we've driven one of their detectives insane."

Ray grimaced.  "Why?"  Angel went to game-face, making Ray shriek and pull his gun.  "What the hell is that!"

"Shh," Willow whispered, pushing his arm down.  "Angel won't eat you because he knows he'll be facing me again if he slips his soul."  He looked at her, looking really panicky.  "I know.  It's odd, it's wrong, and all that.  It happens and now we've got to talk and think."

"How can you be so calm with that...that thing standing over there."

"That thing used to date my best friend.  Hence him losing his soul and me sticking it back into him."

"Sure, remind me of the bad parts," Angel said as he returned to human and went into the kitchen.  "We ordered Japanese.  The Chinese place is upset with us again.  Sodas anyone?"

"Yeah, I could use one," Lorne said, joining him in there.

"I'll do the plates," Cordelia said, leaving them alone.

Ray looked at Willow again.  "This isn't me.  I don't do strange crap, I leave that to the Mounties."

She shifted closer, kissing him.  "I'd like to leave it to the Mounties too. Think we can get them to invade Southern California?"

Ray groaned, sealing their lips together again.  He pulled her into his lap to kiss her firmly.  "Damn, you're better than Stella. This was what was missing." Wesley coughed.  "What?  I just got here."

"I'm not adverse to it, Ray, just suggesting you should put away your gun before she gets killed again.  We don't want to have to do this again in another three hundred years, correct?"

"Yeah, not again," he murmured, putting his gun back by feel.   He continued to kiss her, his fingers finding homes in her hair, hers finding a home inside his shirt.  He whimpered when she pulled back. "More, Eliza," he pleaded.

"Shh, I'm coming back," she promised, leaning down to nip him on the chin, then giving him a little smirk.  "My knight and my Lord."  Wesley moved up behind her.  "Now I'm complete."

"That comes later.  I don't have sex on strange people's couches," Ray said with a faint grin.

"She'll knock you out like she did me," Wesley warned.  "The poor little thing had to deal with all manner of things herself when she knocked me unconscious after we talked."  Ray chuckled, burying his head against her neck.  Willow moaned and he reacted.  "Damn it."  He shifted in, taking the other side.

"I don't wanna share right now," Ray reminded him.

"Ray, trust me, it's instinctive. He can no more resist me than you can.  It happened earlier and we burned toast," Willow told him, giving him a little lick to the nose.  "I dreamed about you two for so long before my ex reacted," she admitted.

"What ex?" Ray asked, busy sucking on her throat.


Ray pulled back to look at her. "You like girls?"

Willow shrugged.  "All but you it seems.  You both seem to get past that."  She shrugged then attacked his lips again.

Wesley looked him in the eyes and nodded.  "You'll like Tara.  She's very sweet and understanding."  He went back to playing with her back, making her wiggle and moan.  "Being tickled turns her on," he shared.

"Oh, geez, I so didn't need to see this again," Cordelia complained as she came out of the kitchen.

Lorne looked out.  "I think we may have dished up dinner prematurely."

Angel walked out.  "Guys, that's not stain coated," he warned.  "Wesley, I will make you clean it."  His mouth fell open as Willow opened Ray's pants to take care of that for him.

"Wow, for liking girls, she's got some style with that," Lorne noted, going back to the food.

Cordelia was feeling traumatized so she went back into the kitchen. "Can you just eat me now?" she asked Angel.  "This gets more normal when you're turned, right?  I mean, lesbians double-dutch with two guys and all that?"

"Vampires aren't that picky," Lorne told her.  "Did she have a man before?"

Cordelia nodded, opening a soda and sitting down to relax. It might take a while.  "Oz.  He of the guitar playing and odd hair."  She took a sip, spluttering when Ray's moan reached them.  "I'm hoping this is memories from that time."

"Back in the old days, that was the only acceptable premarital sex," Angel said as he sat down.  "Girls were often checked the night before the wedding to make sure they were pure, unless it was a sudden wedding due to an oncoming child."  He looked toward the living room.  "Doing that brought a lot of chatter about you and what you had done.  Girls like that were used as examples for others, usually their mothers reminded them that those others had horrible lives because they were loose."

"Oh," Cordelia said flatly.  "So it was a well-cultivated thing?"  Angel nodded. "Was this from then or from Oz then?"

"I don't know and they might not either," Angel warned.  "If their past lives are intruding now because of how Willow marked them, I'm not so sure they could tell anymore."

Lorne nodded, nibbling on a piece of sushi.  "You saw how they reacted and she had just met Ray.  Fate is a wonderful thing," he sighed happily.

In the living room, Ray was now floating on a sea of bliss and Wesley was nearly there as well.  "Willow, remind me to tie you down later so I can pleasure you as much as you do me," he ordered.  She hummed and that was all for him.  He limply stared up at the ceiling, smiling when she came up to check on him.  "No, I didn't pass out this time," he said, pursing his lips.  She kissed him, then kissed Ray.

Ray moved a bit, capturing her to put her in his lap.  "You are one dangerous hellcat," he whispered hoarsely.

"Yes, she is," Wesley agreed.  "Willow, pants?" he begged.  "I'm not coordinated enough yet."

She laughed and did up their pants for them, then went to check on dinner.  "Hi," she said happily. "I think they're going to be on the couch for a bit.  Dinner?"

"Here, have a rinse as well," Cordelia said, handing her a can of coke.  Willow blushed bright red.  "Feel better?"

"In control for now," she admitted.  "We'll have to talk later about the life stuff I guess."  She transferred two plates onto one and then went out to feed her men.  They needed their strength to please her later.  "Open," she ordered, holding up a fork.  Ray opened his mouth, sucking the fork clean.  Then she did the same for Wesley.  "Open."  He smiled and ate the morsels she had picked out for them, feeling rather decadent.  "I think we embarrassed Cordy and the vampire," she told them before taking a bite for herself.  Then she went around the circle again.

Ray finally regained enough strength to kiss her gently.  "You are one of a kind," he told her.  She beamed.  "And I still don't understand all this crap."

She laughed.  "Don't worry, I'll explain it later," she promised.  "Did you drive or should we try for three on the bike?"

"I rented a sedan," Ray told her.  He looked at Wesley.  "Motorcycle?"

"I'm having an early mid-life crisis," Wesley admitted with a small grin.  "I'm feeling much better now and should probably buy a minivan so we'd have the room in the trunk."

Willow laughed.  "Tara and I didn't drive down but I guess I can give her the car we bought together."  Wesley pulled her over into his lap, hugging her tightly. "Thanks, Wes."

"You're always welcome in my lap for affection, Willow," he promised, looking at Ray since he was eating.  "Here, switch with me."  They switched delicacies and he got to eat on his own for a bit, then he decided to feed Willow like she had them.  "Open," he said with a teasing little grin.  She opened and sucked the food off, clinking it with her teeth.  "Good girl."

"Please, no more sex in front of me," Cordelia said as she joined them.  "I've seen more than enough already.  Some of us are boyfriend-less at the moment and don't need to watch living porn."  She sat across from them.  "You guys do make a pretty picture together," she admitted.

Willow saw Ray's confused look.  "That's Cordelia.  We've fought together and survived high school together."

"Survived?" he asked.

"Yeah, our high school was nearly taken over and eaten by a big demon," Cordelia told him.  "Willow and I fought.  I got hurt.  Wesley got hurt.  Angel decided to play man of mystery and disappear.  Speaking of hell, how is Buffy?"

"Good enough.  She's kinda lonely.  She's even been checking out Xander recently she's been so lonely.  Maybe Tara will become hers now.  I know she has a small crush on Buffy."

"Buffy is much too brash for a nice girl like Tara," Lorne said as he joined them, handing over another soda and some more food.   He sat beside Cordelia.  "Trust me, Tara needs a nice little witchy-poo of her own." Willow nodded, she could agree with that.  "So, are you guys feeling more sane again?"

"It's still there, but it has calmed down a bit," Wesley admitted.  "I no longer want to take her for a ride on my bike up by UCLA's campus to that nice overlook."  Willow blushed and swatted at him.  "It's a lovely sight," he said with a small shrug and a grin at her.

"Yeah, I'm feelin' more normal too," Ray agreed.  "Ever since the call this morning, I've been jacked up on testosterone and energy."  He stole the soda from Willow to take a sip.  "Thanks.  I needed that."  Then he gave her another kiss, making her moan.  "You're really responsive, huh?" he asked with a grin.  She nodded, still blushing.  "I guess we'll figure all that out later too."

"Yes, we'll have to," Wesley agreed.  He looked at Lorne.  "Any ideas?"

"We'll need Willow's heft someday soon," Lorne told him.  "Ray, did you want a big department or a little one?  Beverly Hills is a nice place to work, and it's not that dangerous either."  Ray looked a little uncomfortable.  "I know, you're a city boy, but they need some reality over there most of the time and it would keep you out of harm's way for the most part.  Wesley, I'm afraid you'll be needed here as well."  Wesley nodded.  "Let's face it, big guy, no one else here knows what's in the books like you do."

Ray groaned.  "I guess that's it then?"

Willow shrugged.  "Not necessarily.  We can still discuss it.  We could move a bit further out and let you move to a smaller department.  Or Angel could find another book nerd, like Giles.  There's probably a few free Watchers in the world."

"Ethan," Wesley agreed.

Willow gave him a look.  "I meant good ones, not ones who make candy that made Giles and Buffy's mom have sex on the hood of a police car."

"Allergic reaction?" Ray asked hopefully.

"No, chaos magic."  She gave him a kiss on the cheek, then changed one of their plates to a different pattern.  "See?"

His eyes went wide.  "How did you do that?"

"Fundamental screwing with the energies of life," she said honestly.  "That's another thing we'll be discussing later."  She gave him a kiss, stunning him again.  "Calm down, it's okay.  I'm a good witch.  I won't hurt you or Wes."

Ray nodded slowly, then stood up.  "I think I need ta think."

Wesley tossed him his apartment keys.  "Go back to my place."  Ray gave him a look.  "We'll be here for a few hours yet.  You can think in peace."

Willow looked at him.  "Or I could go with you," she offered.

"Nah, that's okay.  I think I need ta be alone for a few," he admitted, running his hands through his sweaty hair. "Not to eat and run, but I think I need to run," he said, heading up the elevator.

"I think we moved a bit too fast," Willow noted, curling up against Wesley's side again.

"He'll be fine.  Ray is very adaptable," he promised, stroking down her arm.  "Was there anything new going on?" he asked.

"Not yet.  Angel, you could join the rest of us," she called.

He came out, wiping his mouth.  "Sorry, I was eating."  He sat down next to Cordelia, looking at the empty spot on the couch.  "Did you run him off?" he asked her.

"No, Willow freaked him by using magic.  Plate," she reminded the witch.

Willow waved her fingers and muttered something, turning it back.  "I didn't mean to."

"I know you didn't.  Ray's never had to deal with the paranormal outside of a Mountie who might as well be immortal and an android," he reassured.  "He'll be fine by the time we see him tonight.  Or else he's made his choice and we'll see him next life," he noted.  Willow sighed, smooshing herself into his side.  "It will be fine, Willow.  I promise.  Ray always comes back if he runs away to think.  Otherwise I never would have seen him this time."  She nodded, still looking miserable.  "Would you like to go for a ride?"  She looked up at him.  "On the bike, out to the beach perhaps?"  She smiled at that and pulled him up.  "We'll see you tomorrow night. Hopefully this will be worked out by then."  Willow stole her can of soda and joined him in the elevator.

"Okay, now I'm feeling odd, like I'm about to become Queen C and go bitch the guy out," Cordelia announced.  Angel shuddered and Lorne looked at her.  "He tossed away Rosenburg.  I mean, Buffy I can understand, or even me, we're not always the nicest of women.  Willow is a nice person, she always will be a nice person.  Even if she goes evil, she won't be all 'kill the kittens' sort."  The elevator came to life and she looked up, seeing Ray.  "You missed them by about five minutes," she announced when he came out.

"They're heading to the beach," Angel told him.

"I need ta know some things," Ray said as he sat opposite them.  "I saw them leave.  She was pouting."  He looked at the three people, not daring to call them humans in his mind.  "What is going on?  I need small words and answers."

Lorne got comfortable. "Okay, let's start back at the beginning.  This isn't the first time you three have been together.  Willow also had dreams about Ancient Greece from what Wesley let on earlier."  Ray nodded slowly for him to go on. "Something has interrupted you three numerous times in the past, and may well again if you're not careful. Each time that happens, you three make another go of it a few centuries later."

"Okay.  So this is really a past life thingy?" Ray asked.  Cordelia nodded.  "I don't believe in that stuff."

"Believe it or not, you called her Eliza," Angel said quietly.

Ray slumped against the back of the couch.  "I did, didn't I?"

"It's not easy to adjust when you're hit in the face with all this at once," Cordelia told him.   "I had a bad time relating to reality for a while as well.  I got hit during high school. Willow got hit first and then she grew magic.  Really strong magic."

Ray suddenly sat up straight.  "Somethin's going on," he announced.  He looked around but Angel had his keys.  "We gotta find them, something's wrong with Wesley."  Angel nodded, taking him out to his car and driving them away.  He knew where Wesley liked to sit and watch the ocean, he always went to the same spot.  He found the bike first and Ray hopped out of the car, running down the sand.  He almost tripped over them coming off a small rise, instead falling to his knees beside them.  "I swear, if you make us do this again, I will beat your ass," he warned, checking the wound.  A gunshot to the stomach.  "What happened?" he asked Willow.  She was staring at another body but Angel was checking it.  "Shot too?"

"No, shooter."  He looked at Willow.  "He's only unconscious."

"That's because I couldn't kill him."  Ray turned her, making her face him, and her mind went into overdrive.  "Ray, can I suck some of the power out of you?" she asked.  "I can help heal him but it'll take some of our personal energy."

"Willow, no," Wesley groaned, reaching for her.

"You, hush," she ordered firmly.  "I don't care if I die tonight because of it, Mister, you're not dying because some punk couldn't figure out not to take drugs!"  She grabbed Ray's hand. "It'll give you a headache.  Angel, guard us," she ordered.

"Willow, no.  Be happy," Wesley told her.

She slapped him on the cheek.  "Shut up!" she yelled. "I won't have it!"  She started the spell anyway, working against his objections.  He wasn't totally healed but the bullet was out, the bleeding had stopped, and the hole was a few inches smaller by the time she was done.

"Wow," Ray said, grabbing his head.  "And the promised headache."  He looked at Wesley, taking off his shirt to cover him.  "You're damn lucky, Wes."

"I know," Wesley admitted.  He made Willow face him.  "That was dangerous," he scolded.  "Not that I'm not thankful, but I don't want you hurt."  She started to cry, clinging to him.  "I'm fine, Willow.  I've had worse from a stake."

Angel cleared his throat. "Doing some checking, we've found you guys have gone through this a few times.  Each time, one of you has died and the other two get together.  Sometimes it's her and one of you, sometimes it's the both of you," he told Wesley.  "You've been happy enough but apparently never really happy.  This time, try to live, okay?"  He went to wait by the car, nodding the cops down there.  "He's injured but the bullet fell out and they got the bleeding stopped.  It hit in just the right spot," he told them.  They nodded and the paramedics came soon afterward.


Wesley was laid carefully on the couch and Willow hovered, making sure he was comfortable and not in any pain.  "Come here," he quietly ordered.  She carefully laid down on him.  The healing she had done meant he only had some stitches this time. She leaned on his side, curling up on top of him.  "Thank you, Willow.  I didn't want you to strain yourself however."

"Wesley, I'm about an inch from slapping you myself," Ray said as he came back from the kitchen with a few glasses of water, it was all he could find that didn't need fussy preparations.

"He's always been like this," Willow assured him dryly.  "It happens, we'll move on and have sex while making him watch until he begs."  Ray spluttered a bit, staring at her in shock. "What?"

"I was trying to ignore that so we could talk," Ray told her.

"We can talk tomorrow.  I only have an afternoon class on Mondays."  Wesley gave her back a little pat.  "Please?"

"Okay," Ray agreed, patting his lap.  She stood up and came over to sit in it, kissing him gently.  He slid her into his lap, taking control of the kiss.  He needed to feel like he was in control of the situation, otherwise his mind would start to spew strange crap and he knew he'd lose them over that.  She was into it as much as he was, kneading his chest with her hands and shifting on his lap so she could rub herself against his cock.  This really was the life he wanted, but he had to do something to prove he was in control of himself, if not her as well.  He slid her onto the floor, nipping her as he moved down her body.  She mewled and arched up against him, clawing at his shirt-covered shoulders.  "Hmm," he said, lifting up her shirt and tossing it onto Wesley's head without realizing it.  "All mine for now," he said with a slightly evil grin.  He went back to his explorations, nipping and caressing as he went.  This was what he had been craving.

"Ray, calm down, you'll hurt her," Wesley ordered from his spot watching them.

Ray looked up at him.  "She hasn't said that."

"Ray, she hasn't been with a man in nearly two years," Wesley told him.  "I've had her six or seven times already.  She's got to be sore."

"Fine," he agreed, easing his biting.  She clawed him good, ripping his shirt and he moaned into her stomach.  That's why her pants got ripped off and tossed aside as well.  It's a good thing they hadn't been jeans, he would have had to work to get them off.  He went down on  her, licking and nibbling to taste her.  He wanted to suck her dry, to make her come in his mouth and scream his name.  That was the validation he needed.  He started to work her harder, making her writhe and howl.  She was still enjoying it, he would have stopped if she had said so or that it hurt.  She did come on his tongue and he got to lap it up; it soothed that savage ache inside him that was calling out that he needed her, that he had to possess her.  He undid his own pants and slid into her, making her scream, mostly in pleasure.  She was so tight.  She was also stolen from him by Wesley, who apparently wanted some of his own.  He followed her up, taking her from behind while she laid across Wesley's chest.  "Mine," he growled, a deep and manly sound that he wasn't aware he was making.  He certainly didn't sound like himself.

"Easy," Wesley cautioned.  "I'm still injured and she's still sore."  Ray and he locked eyes as he sped up.  "Ray, stop," he ordered.

"Shh, I'm fine," Willow soothed.  "I'll need a really hot bath in a while but I'm fine.  I'm enjoying this."  She looked back at Ray but he turned her face around.  "Fine, you're going all 'grr' on me," she agreed, pushing back until she was on her knees.  That got another growl of approval, plus she and Wesley could still share kisses.  She slowly shifted backwards, nearly sitting in Ray's lap so she could get Wesley's pants undone.  This is what she wanted to do.  It was getting to be too much for her, she could feel oblivion coming toward her and she wanted Wesley to share it with her.  She sucked him down, enjoying the sounds her men were making.  Ray suddenly moved, swinging her around on the pivot point of Wesley's cock, keeping her feet off the ground.  She pulled off for a moment and whispered a levitation charm so she couldn't fall, then went back to what she had been doing.

Ray got the most feral grin on his face, moving in to bite the back of her shoulders and neck.  He was going to come soon, he had to come soon.  He worked himself just that little bit harder, making her cry out as he bit into the soft flesh beside her spine and came.  Then he went limp and sat down.  She, amazingly, stayed floating.  "How?" he asked.

"Floating charm," Wesley groaned.  "Willow!"  She curled up on top of his legs again, going back to what she had been doing.

Ray shifted over, moving in to lick her some more.  It was only gentlemanly to clean your lover up after a hard bout.  He figured out Wesley was right, she was a bit swollen and warm, but a good bath would take care of that after he was done.  He could feel himself starting to get hard again.  What was this, magical viagra?  He saw the little flexing hole and started to tease it but Willow swatted at him.  "Let me," he pleaded.  "Please."

"I've never done that before," she said, turning to look back down at him.  "I'm not ready for that yet.  When we're calm," she promised, giving him a slight grin.  He lunged up and kissed her, planting himself in her again.  "Calm down, we've got time," she soothed, turning to stroke down his chest while still guarding her sore hole.  "Please, Ray?  Please?"

He nodded, burying his face in her neck.  "Marry me."

"Us," Wesley corrected.  "Both of us.  We'll do something wiccan."

She smiled at them.  "I thought that was a given."  She gave Wesley a lick up the cock, making him shiver.  Then she heaved Ray until he was sitting so she could clean him like he had her.  "I need this," she said into his damp skin.  He whimpered and clutched her head, restricting her movements so she couldn't go down on him fully.  "Please, Ray?"

Wesley slowly moved until he was sitting up, reaching over to touch Ray's cheek.  "Let her, Ray, it makes her happy."  Ray let her go, linking hands with Wesley.

Willow decided to try something she had always wanted to do, talk dirty.  "I can be the creamy filling between you two tomorrow," she said into his flesh when she pulled back to lick some more.  "All that other stuff can be done then.  I can be pounded and screwed until I beg for a long bath and a nap."  Ray pulled her up to hold her gently.  "Not good?"

"Very good, but you need to learn how to swear, Willow," he offered. "I'll teach you later, after we've woken up for another round."  She nodded so he let her go back down on her.  "Hey, Wes, does this mean we have to work on the gay thing?"

Wesley nodded.  "I suppose we will some day.  Would you like to watch that, Willow?"  She groaned into the throbbing flesh.  Ray shivered and stroked up and down her back.  "Tickle her," Wesley suggested.

Willow nearly pulled away but her body was claiming this right and there was no way she was giving it up. She was careful to make sure her teeth were behind her lips.  She felt the hands grab her and squeaked, driving herself down farther.  Above her, Ray swore and came, pulsing down her throat in great spurts.  She pulled back so she could lick him clean, batting at the tickling hands.  "Stop it," she scolded, frowning at Wesley.  "If you're gonna be that mean, I'll have to go back to classes."

Ray grabbed her and kissed her hard.  "Not on your life," he hissed.  "Not until I'm ready for you to go."  He ran his hands up her sides, making her wiggle in his hands.  Wesley suddenly moved and used his fingers to stimulate her.  "We need to do this for you," he told her.  "You've given a lot more than you've received.  That's not buddies."  She giggled again as he tickled her and Wesley worked on her nether regions.  He bent to play with her neck like he had earlier, making her moan and come quickly.  He helped Wesley lick off his fingers, then cleaned her up.  They laid there together, letting Wesley be on top for now since he had to be so sore.

"I think I need a bath," Willow announced.  "I probably smell like a brothel."

"Sex has a subtle perfume all it's own," Wesley assured her.

"You smell fine to us," Ray agreed.  He tweaked her ear.  "Were you serious?  You'll agree?"

"I agree," she agreed, smiling at him.  "I don't know how, but I guess we can work that out."  She snuggled between them for a few moments.  "This is the first time I haven't felt like another round right away."  The guys laughed and hugged her tightly.  "Okay, I guess we've fulfilled some of it."  She wiggled out from between them.  "Wesley has a big bathtub.  I'm going to be in it soaking my poor pussy.  You can come in and help," she said, walking away.

Wesley restrained Ray, shaking his head.  "Let her soak first," he ordered, gently kissing him.  "There is more than time enough for everything we want to do to her, including make the creamy filling between us."  Ray moaned and Wesley chuckled.  "The lubricant is in the bedside table," he promised.  "Give me two hours and we'll be having fun."

Ray grinned.  "Okay."  He relaxed, letting his cock throb at him for as long as he could stand it.  By the time Willow's sigh echoed out to them, he had all he could stand and he got up to stalk her in there and have her some more. She was his drug of choice.

Wesley smiled at the laughter.  "I suppose it's only fair, he's playing catchup after all."  He stretched out, feeling no need to play with himself.  Willow did an amazing job of shining his knob.  He grabbed the phone off the floor and called the porn shop he knew, getting the salesclerk fairly quickly.  "Good evening."  He heard the man greet him by name.  "Yes, I need some things delivered."  He grinned.  "No, some lubricant.  Some restraints.  Is my usual tape order in?"  His smile got brighter.  "Thank you.  Add a few of the usual kinky ones as well, including one on anal sex.  Yes, my hellcat needs to learn it all," he purred.  "The usual credit card is fine.  Yes, that's my address.  We'll be here."  He hung up and headed into the bathroom.  Ray was hogging his Willow.  "Mine," he announced from the doorway, posing so his hard cock was shown to its best advantage.  "Willow, would you like to learn some new things tonight?"

"You know me, I'm always up for a good education," she said with a small smirk.  She splashed him.  "Join in."  Wesley climbed in and she sat between them, teasing them both with the sponge.  "Here, Wesley and Ray.  Come on, little puppies."  They laughed and grabbed her to hold her still while they tortured her by tickling her.  "No fair!  I only get to suck you!"

"Willow, hush, I do have neighbors," Wesley reminded her.

"I guess we'll have to soundproof then, huh?" she asked cheekily.  "Wanna hear what Ray just taught me?"  Wesley smiled and gave her a gentle kiss.  She cleared her throat.  "Shut up and fuck me now, Wesley."  He groaned and moved closer, following her orders.  Damn the neighbors, they could sleep tomorrow.

The End.