Title: Study Break Author: Voracity Email: to list or voracitys@hotmail.com Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Xander/Oz/m Archive: if you really want to. Warnings? m/m/m, use of topping.

Summary: Xander needs a study break. His lovers help out.

Notes: To the poor listmommy, hope your semester went better than mine has. From one college student to another, good luck.

Study Break
by Voracity

Xander brushed away the hand trying to tempt him away from his books. "I gotta do this."

"You can work on it later."

"Not if I want to get it done and graduate with you guys next week." He didn't look up as he turned the page. "If I don't pass this with a B' then I can't graduate. Later, I promise." He turned the next page.

Oz shook his head, heading for his little fridge in the corner. He considered the various jars, tempting his taste buds to see which one he wanted to use. He picked up the homemade jar of sauce and walked back to his desk. He almost smiled at the slumped shoulders, the steady rereading of the English text, the body screaming it's need for a break to him. He walked up behind the younger man, opening the jar, then tipped it to watch the green fluid run down a tense shoulder.

"OZ!" Xander jumped at the cold but went boneless at the warm tongue removing the chill. He smiled then sniffed. "Rhubarb sauce?"

"Craving." He stood back up, pulling back the chair. "Break?"

"But I need to study!" He sighed as his lap was filled and the tongue went back to work licking at the green stickiness.

"Just a break. You'll focus better." He took a swipe up the tense neck then stole a tart flavored kiss. "Come on, he's wanting you to break too." When he still saw the indecision in the deep brown eyes he dipped a finger into the jar, running it over the open lips. He wiped it back off with little licks, getting down to the natural taste.

Xander grabbed the mobile tongue with his lips, sucking it in for a deep kiss. "A break might be okay. I could blow the stress off."

The older man stood, holding out a hand. He pulled his lover up, leading him in to where their lover was waiting. "We want me to bottom," he whispered as he bent over the prone body, tugging at the dark tank top. "Take this off," he muttered. He squeaked as he was grabbed from behind, their lover having gotten up to help.

"Calm down," he whispered. "Strip for us, Love, let us see your body."

"We might not want to make this an all nighter. That test is tomorrow."

"We're pulling him away from his studies?" He looked at the man he held. "Isn't that a bit rash of us?"

"Break," Oz explained, watching as his lover pulled off his shirt. "We need more sauce," he said, trying to get free of the stronger arms.

"Heavens, no. We are not putting the rubber sheets on again. I don't need anymore friction burns." He turned Oz around, taking control of his mouth then smacked his lips with a bitter face. "Rhubarb?"

"Craving it," he said with a shrug before taking a long slow kiss.

Xander laid on the bed, watching them, his second favorite pastime. When it was renewed he started to pout; by the time it'd been five minutes he started to get up an go back to his studies.

"Lay down!" his eldest lover commanded. "You'll get your turn." He kissed the top of Oz's head. "Get on the bed, love. I'll watch while you pleasure each other.

"I want to bottom," Oz said, crawling over the almost vibrating body of the younger man. "It's been a week."

"Has not. We did it your way just two days ago." He ran a finger over the distended hole. "You're prepared?"

"Wanted it that bad." He licked over the sticky lips. "Please?"

Xander nipped at the lips. "I thought this was to distract me."

"You not being able to sit during your test would be a distraction."

"Hmm, point." He looked at Oz and smiled. "He has a good one."

"As we've both found out." He stole another kiss then moved down the body.

"Slow down," was commanded from the chair in the corner.

"No," they moaned together as Oz slid himself down.

Xander smiled as he grabbed the twisting hips. "Mean, do it right." He sighed at the move up, moaning on the down stroke. He tried to set a faster pace but he was stopped by the firm pressure on his chest as his lover braced himself on it. He started to pout. "Not more?"

"In a few," Oz sighed as he moved back down harder. "Liking this." He looked into the deep eyes. "You can be done like this when you've passed your test."


"Reward." The older man moved down farther, squeezing on the down stroke. "Now lay there and enjoy it for me. I like for you to moan my name."

"Then speed up, please Oz?" He thrust up, grinning at the lack of restricting. "I can?"

"Sure." He popped off, moving to straddle the body, wiggling his rear to torture their lover in the corner. "How?"

"Oh, um, back." He wiggled down under the non-moving body, licking as he went. He took a longer time at the solid weight hanging down, bathing it then pulled off suddenly to finish slipping out from under him. He stroked over the firm rear, liking the sounds it produced in his lover's throat. "Want it this way after all?"

"No," Oz said, flipping over. "Just was thinking."

"You do too much of that in here," Xander said as he carefully entered. He smiled as the legs went up to his shoulders, the feet wrapping around his neck. "Want more?" He thrust shallowly.


"Like to make you beg," he reminded him as he did it again, getting just a little deeper.

"Xander," Oz moaned, pulling the head closer with his legs. "Please, now? I can't take the tease tonight."

The younger man grinned, pushing in hard and deep, earning him a contented sound and a push up. "Oh, like that too huh?" He did it again, repeating it exactly, or as much as he could. "More?"


Xander leaned over, taking a kiss. "Can't, you know that." He moved harder and faster, squishing the older man's cock between them. "Liking this too?" he asked when he saw the happy look.

"Very." He looked up into the dark eyes. "Always like this." He grabbed another kiss, pushing back up harder. "More?"

"Very more." Xander moved faster, stroking in and out harder and getting out of synch. He started to slow down to get his rhythm again but he was pinched on the nipple so he sped back up, just about beyond caring. He watched the eyes as he kept moving, needing to see them spark in happies before he could. When he saw the light, the sudden dilation, the small smile and grunt, he relaxed his control, sitting back up to pound him more, doing what he had to now to get off.

"Stop," came the command. Both men moaned. "I wanted some of that too."

"No," Xander said, still moving. He grinned. "He can punish me later." His back arched as he shouted the older man's name, coming hard and falling on top of the sweaty chest.

"Yes, I will," the older man said, coming over to help them clean up. He rolled Xander over, brushing a dry finger across his lips. "Next break you'll be very badly punished." He saw the sleepy, contented look. "But I believe you'd like that." He looked at Oz. "Satisfied?" He saw the head shake. "Want more then?" He slipped into the wet and well opened hole easily, sighing as he sank in. "Hmm, must say he stretches you quite nicely for me." He pulled out, flipping him over to his stomach and pushing back in. "Ah, much better." He slapped the firm cheek once. "You both deserve punished for not being slow and careful."

"Yeah," Oz said, grabbing one of Xander's hands as he was pounded into. "Take lessons, like this too," he said, grinning now.

The younger man watched in fascination at the steady, hard, rhythm their lover was able to achieve. "Must be from practice," he whispered, stealing a kiss to try and break it up for him. He grinned at the groan but laid down to watch. "You like that, huh."

"Very," Oz sighed, moving back toward aroused again. "As much as I do what you do." He nipped at the ear next to his face. "Help me to my knees, want it bad."

Xander steadied the tight waist as it was raised, rubbing over it once it was in the right position and his arms were bracing him now. "Much better view this way," he said, licking over a rigid arm muscle. "Like watching your face as you get off."

"Not this time," their lover said. "Get under him," he said. Both of them moaned, the youngest man gladly doing it, sucking at the damp and sticky weight, holding up the tired hips so they could have more fun. He cleaned it then lapped over the tip a few times before showing how well he remembered and had learned the swallowing lessons.

Oz yelped as he went deep, looking over his shoulder. "Too much," he moaned, "more?"

Their lover worked harder, pounding into him now. "Of course you can have more my boy. Anytime." His fingers started to dig into the hips he grasped, making him go harder, needing the release now himself.

Oz sighed as he came, his body going boneless all at once. Xander held his hips up while he got the last drop then slid out from under him, keeping contact with his cock for as long as he could. He had just enough energy to hum as he felt his lover in him shoot off, squeezing him gently to help him along.

Xander looked at them then at himself and his new hardness. "No fair. I can't study with this." He wiggled his eyebrows at his older lover. "Please?"

"Come here my boy," he whispered, smiling gently as his face was invaded with the musky and sticky organ. "Would you like me to pleasure you orally?"

"Very." He grinned as it was done, trying hard to get deeper at the good feeling stuff. He looked over at Oz, who was sleeping soundly, then down at the mouth and the soft eyes above them. "You're tired," he said, pulling out. "I can do this part, you watch." He moved his hand down, stroking over it, delighting the much older man with his playing. He grunted, working harder and faster, looking over their tired bodies, knowing that he'd had something to do with them being like that. His satisfaction at being loved and liked brought him over, making him yell again, tipping his head back to let it rip as he came all over the tired face and neck.

When he was done, and cleaned up, he leaned down, taking a gentle kiss then got off the bed. "I got to go study. I'll nap later." He walked out, still grinning, naked but knowing the cold chair would keep him awake.

It was three hours later when Oz woke up, almost grinning at the light from the living room. He walked out, rubbing up against the firm back, wanting to know if he was okay.

"Back up?" He wiggled his shoulderblades. "Never mind, have my answer." He closed the book. "I want chocolate this time." He grinned. "And you're not on the bottom." He kissed him as he passed, heading to the fridge. "Come on, Oz, I need another study break."

Oz shook his head. "I'm game. Don't know about the older guy though. He's still out."

"Xander!" was shouted from the bedroom. "That's cold." Oz walked in to see the warm mouth working over the stiff erection on their lover. "Never mind," was moaned as his hands worked through the hair. "Carry on."

The End.