**** Furry Investigations, Act II ****

Xander changed in front of his new teachers, then came back up.  "See, all my underwear disappears, but not my collar."  He glared down at his tail.  "And you are being annoying today," he told it.

The older man, the leader of the shape changer's settlement, walked over and looked down at the tail.  "You said they had blessed it to be lively," he noted, looking up.  "I want you to go back and this time when you change back, picture yourself with your last pair of boxers on."

"I have to picture myself?" Xander asked in confusion.  "It's never been that way before."

"That's why you're having the problem.  You're working on the instinctual level but for your clothes to stay with you, you need to work on a higher level of functioning.  Try it, let's see what happens."

Xander changed to his halfway, six-foot form, then concentrated on having his last pair of boxers on when he came back.  He shifted back and looked down, surrounded by thirteen years of disappeared boxers.  He grimaced as he smelled them, stripping them off as quickly as he could and putting them into a garbage bag.  "I'll clean those later," he said with a grin.  "I got them all back," he called.

"I smelled," Oz called back.  He came out.  "What was it?"

"I had to picture myself with my clothes."  He grinned.  "Will this work with a full outfit, Terry?"

The older man nodded.  "Of course, or at least it should.  You are a bit different than any we've ever seen before," he admitted with a smile.  "Oz, how is your control these days?"

"Pretty good, Terry," Oz said with a shrug.  "I'm doing okay, except when I get upset or emotional."

"It is as we were told," he said, bowing to the young werewolf.  "Maybe you and Xander should spend some time alone today?"

"I could," Oz agreed.  "We need to get those underwear cleaned."

Xander blushed.  "If I'd known it was that easy, I'd have done it when I was eight and ...."  He shook the thought off and headed to the locker to grab his clothes.  "Terry, can I ask you something?" he called.

Terry nodded.  "Of course.  That's why we're here for the next few weeks."

Xander turned once he had his pants on.  "Do you guys get funny dreams?"  Oz groaned and left them alone; he didn't want to talk about that.  Xander shrugged when Terry gave him a questioning look and walked over as he put on his shirt.  "See, I've been having some strange dreams recently, about things that I'm not sure about."

"Sit, tell me about them," Terry offered, sitting on the mat.

Xander sat across from him.  "I've always thought I was straight," he said quietly, "but I've been getting a lot of really strange, gay dreams recently.  Some have been about Oz, but most of them haven't had a person in them.  It's like my mind's wandering and my body's reacting without my input."

Terry nodded.  "When most cubs grow up, they get this sort of thing.  It tells them where their life is leading.  Sometimes, we get them when we're older," he said with a grin.  "I had a few of them telling me to come see you, Xander."  He reached over and patted the young changer's knee.  "In this case, it's your cat side telling you what you need in your life."

"But I'm straight," Xander complained.

"Apparently not as much as you thought," Terry countered.  "This is your mind telling you where you need to be.  If you ignore it, then you will end up miserable for the rest of your life.  If you don't ignore it, there's a good chance that you'll find happiness eventually.  It's never an easy path, no matter which side of the fence you walk on, but if you listen it does have a decent ending."   He stood up, giving him a smile.  "Was there anything else?"

Xander shook his head.  "Just wiggin's from the whole 'man' thing."  He stood up and looked at his watch.  "I have to go see my boss to get more time off.  Otherwise no one will see me until after dark."  He waved at Oz, who was standing in the doorway, then left.

Terry walked over to Oz, patting him on the shoulder.  "How is your control?" he asked again.

"Good," Oz told him, looking up from his stare at the door.

"Were's are always put down as possessive," the Shaman said from her position in front of the stove. "Most often, it's a bad choice of words.  It should be loyal."

Oz looked at her.  "Loyal?"

"Yes, or stubborn," she said with a smile.  "Once you have an idea, a love, or a way of life, you tend to stick to it until you're forced to change."  She held up the spoon so he could taste it.  "How's this, young Oz?"

"It's good, Barb," he said, licking his lips.  "Needs some pepper."  He looked into her eyes.  "I'm not like that with him," he said quietly.  "I still have issues with Willow."

"That's what I was talking about," she said with a pat to his shoulder.  "I'm starting to wonder what will make you switch over."

Oz blushed lightly.  "Xander wouldn't go for me like that."

"Really?" she asked, going back to her soup.  "He looks more than capable of finding that path himself, even with the dreams that you've both been having."  She smiled at Terry.  "This isn't just a cub's path being shown to him, it's also the path for both cubs," she told him gently.  "Though they're fighting it hard."

"Too hard," Terry agreed, shifting in his chair.  "What will you do if he goes to someone else, Oz?" he asked gently.

Oz growled.  "He's mine!" he said, then shuddered.  "Where is this coming from?" he asked quietly.

"From your mind, same as the dreams are," Barb told him, patting him on the back.  "He will find someone else if you don't speak up soon."  She smiled at Terry.  "As always, men never listen to the message the first time."

Terry shrugged.  "What can I say, I wasn't sure it was a true path dream."  He looked at Oz, who was looking confused.  "Maybe you should go think about this," he suggested lightly.

Oz nodded and went to meditate.  He needed to do it anyway, he was starting to lose control over himself.


Xander walked into his boss' office, giving him a helpless look.  "I know I don't deserve it because I haven't been here long enough...."

His boss laughed.  "Yeah, I'm looking at your reason for your last absence.  Come in, kid."

Xander came in and shut the door, sitting down across from his boss.  "A few members of my family that I haven't seen before are in town and I'm catching up with them," he explained quietly.  "And I know I haven't been here long enough to rate vacation time, but I'd really like it if I could have another week off.  They're leaving next weekend."  He looked up.  "I'll work overtime and everything after they leave, I'll pay you back for this time off and everything," he said when he saw the appraising look.  "I promise, I will."

His boss leaned back in his chair, looking his youngest worker over.  "You've never seen them?"

Xander shook his head.  "I didn't know they existed until this last summer.  A friend of mine found them for me and hooked us up."  He swallowed hard.  "They're here to help me with something," he said quietly.  "And I really need their help."

"Would this have something to do with the little gray and black tail that keeps coming out?" he asked with a smile.  Xander went pale.  "It came out the other day to steady you on the scaffolding.  The rest of us shrugged it off."

Xander looked up, but he was blushing now.  "It has everything to do with my tail, which has a definite mind of its own."  He grimaced.  "It likes to do that, outing me and all that good stuff."

His boss laughed.  "Yeah, I can see how that would be a problem.  They know about this problem?"  Xander nodded, looking down again.  "Okay, so one more week and then I get a hard worker that's always here?"

"Um, with one stipulation," Xander said, shifting.  "Um, I can do more than manifest a tail, and, um," he looked back up.  "There's people who need my particular talent.  I always know in advance and I try to make sure that they're all on weekends, but it may be that I'll have to take a day off now and again to go do something for them."

His boss snorted.  "Your life isn't easy, is it, kid?"  Xander shook his head. "Okay, I can understand that explanation.  What do you do for him?"

Xander nervously touched his tail.  "I'm a...a spy for people who need me to be," he admitted.  "It's an important thing, never something frivolous, but I have to do it.  No one else around here can."

"Ah, so were you the mouse that was playing on the site a few weeks ago?"  Xander nodded.  "I kinda thought so when I first saw your tail.  You were testing it?"

"Yeah, but I didn't think anyone saw me."
"We have one guy that did.  He's very...observant," he said with a smile.  "You're not the only strange guy around here, kid.  I'll give you the week off but I want you to know that I'm going to be told about you taking time off at least a week beforehand," he said firmly.

"That's fair, considering I usually have a month's warning," Xander said, relaxing again.  "My next one won't be for a month and it'll be on a weekend too."

His boss laughed.  "Good job, kid.  Glad to hear that you're getting your life straightened out."  He looked the young man over again.  "So, what else are they teaching you?"  He started to laugh again at the bright red blush the young man was doing.  "Figured that part out too?" he asked, still laughing.

"Yeah, my dreams have been showing me some stuff that I never thought about."  He shifted uncomfortably.  "Will that cause a problem here?  If I do suddenly start to date a guy?"

His boss waved a hand.  "I doubt my man would continue to sleep with me if it did."  Xander relaxed again and he looked the boy over.  "Yeah, I knew you'd figure it out one day soon.  You've got the makings of a great bottom."  He pointed at the collar.  "Someone already marked you?"

"Huh?"  Xander touched his collar again.  "No, this is about the job.  I like it, it's comfortable to me now."

His boss nodded.  "Don't worry, you'll find a man to put you under him and take control over you soon enough."  He chuckled at the blush that was coming back.  "Kid, trust me, and this isn't harassment, but you'll make an excellent cock slut one of these days."  Xander choked.  "What?  I used to be one, you'll start to crave it once you get some the first time.  I'm a *real* good judge of this stuff, I initiated a bunch of guys in my time.  You won't be a sub, but you'll never be the dominant one of your relationships."

Xander gave him a helpless look.  "Huh?"

His boss smiled.  "I know, you've never heard of this stuff, right?"  Xander shook his head.  "Just trust me, within a year, you'll know *all* about it and it'll be very personal to you."  He shifted, easing his erection slightly to the side.  "One of these days, you'll come see me and tell me I was right."

Xander shifted uncomfortably.  "If you say so.  Right now, I'd just really like to understand the whole dreaming about men thing."  His boss was experienced, and he was unknown enough so Xander could ask him questions.  And he really needed the answers, preferably before he got more confused and did something stupid like jumped Oz.  "Before...before you tried it out, did you have dreams about it?"

"Every day since I was twelve," his boss said, giving him a gentle smile.  "Is that what this is?"  Xander nodded.  "Really intense, up close and personal ones?"

Xander nodded again, blushing so brightly he could feel the heat moving down his neck.  "Yeah, like that, only more...."

"Intense?" the older man suggested.  Xander nodded, looking at his hands.  "Hey, they happen.  We all have dreams like that."

Xander looked at him.  "I didn't have wet dreams as a teenager.  At least not while I was sleeping."

"Really?"  The boss looked his worker over.  "There's a way to figure this stuff out without the mental trial and error."  Xander opened and closed his mouth a few times.  "My guy understands about these sort of things, usually likes to watch them in fact, and all I have to do is call him and give him a 'head's up'.  Up to you, kid."

Xander considered it.  His boss was a nice guy, he apparently had experience, and he was willing to teach him.  He could use that last part especially, he didn't want to fumble around when he finally decided.  And hey, his boss wasn't the sort to hold it against him on the job.  From what the other guys said, there had been a number of guys on the crew who had tasted the boss.  He mentally steeled himself then looked at the older man.  "You'll use protection and all that stuff?"

"I *always* use protection.  Not like some guys, I grew up in the seventies and knew about a lot of the shit going around before it became official."  He smiled.  "Should I call my man?"

"Yeah, I think you should," Xander agreed, getting up to close the blinds around the office.  He didn't need anyone to watch him doing this.  That could get back to the wrong people and then he'd be hurt badly.  He turned around and found his boss dialing a number on speaker phone.

"Hey, is the stud in?" the boss asked the woman who answered.

"Just a minute, James, I'll put you through."  There was a click then a new voice came on the line.

"Henry James."

"Hey, love, it's me.  One of the guys on my crew is doubting and thinking," he nearly purred, grinning at Xander.

"You would do this to me an hour before I have to be in court," Henry sighed.  "Will he let you tape it?"  Xander squeaked.  "I'm thinking that's a no," he said with a touch of laughter in his voice.  "Which one is it?"

"That tight dark haired one you were checking out the last time you were here," the boss said, motioning Xander closer.  He pulled the younger man's head down and gave him a kiss, making Xander moan.

"Damn, I really do have to be in court in an hour," Henry sighed.  "Make it fast."

"Oh, no, I want to savor this one."

"Then I'll pop by later and see if you're still busy.  Give him a spank for me and we'll swap stories tonight."  He hung up.

Xander unbuttoned his shirt.  "He's really that okay with it?"

"We both have a taste for the young and gorgeous," the boss said, watching with appreciation.  The boy didn't put on a show but the body was show enough in itself.   He hummed and pulled off his own shirt, then stood up and dropped his pants.   He saw the amazed look and looked down.  "Never seen anyone else's before?"  Xander slowly shook his head, staring at the aroused organ.  "Huh.  Most guys peek at least once."

Xander looked at him.  "I had gym with the jocks."

"Ah, no wonder."  The boss sat down again, pulling the naked boy into his lap.  "We'll start small, don't worry about it."  He kissed him again, making the younger man go limp and willing.  He liked this one, he was responsive to a somewhat controlling hand.  That was a good thing, he liked them a bit submissive, made things easier on him.  He opened his desk drawer and pulled out two condoms, one of them flavored and the other not.  He pulled back from the second kiss and stroked a hand down the taut back.  "Relax, we're going to show you everything you'll need to start off, then your lover can train you to any tricks he likes."  Xander shifted and he could see the hard cock get harder, it was starting to stand up now.  "You like that thought?"

"Oz might have to do a lot of training," Xander said quietly, not looking at him.

That just thrilled the older man more.  Not only was this one going to someone kinky, he was acting *so* submissive.  He pushed the boy off his lap and placed him onto the desk so he could look the boy over.  "Are you ready for lesson number two?"

"Which would be?"

"That's the 'this is a cock' lecture.  That's where you learn to take care of a lover."  He stretched out and grabbed the flavored condom, handing it to the boy.  "Put that on before you suck me."

Xander slid off the desk and got on his knees with a small grunt of pain.  He stared at the hardness facing him, then slowly reached out to touch it, running a finger across it.

"I like that, do more of that," the boss commanded.

Xander got a little braver when it didn't try to bite him, moving to put his whole hand around it and stroke it a few times.  He could get used to this.  It was an odd feeling, but similar to what he felt with himself.  As a matter of fact, his boss was even about his size he decided.  He opened the condom package with his teeth and grimaced at the taste.  "Strawberry?"

"Flavored taste better than the regular latex," his boss said with a shrug.

"Okay then."  Xander rolled the condom down him, then leaned forward, taking a lick.  "Can't taste better by much."  He slowly worked his tongue over it, wanting to know what this was about.  Anya hadn't liked to give oral sex, but Cordy had and he had appreciated it.  He did what he thought he had liked, only earning one swat when he had used his teeth.  Then he decided to try sucking on the head.  He remembered liking that a lot as well.  He could do that easily and he did kind of like the feeling of having a dick in his mouth he discovered.  Hands covered his ears and the cock was slowly slid in further, until he gagged, then pushed past that point.  When it withdrew he automatically took a breath, then it came back.  Back down his throat it went.  He got the point and started to do it for himself.  Okay, he did like this part.  He'd have a sore jaw and throat later, but he did like this. It was a ...neat feeling to him.  The hands were removed and he went to it.  He could feel a subtle swelling and pulled back to suck on the front part again.  His head was grabbed and the cock went back down his throat.  He looked at his boss, who smiled.

"I like throats, sue me," he said with a shrug.  "Just a few more and then we'll move onto the next lesson."  Xander nodded and went back to what he had been doing, startled when he felt the condom filling in his throat.  He pulled back and stroked the cock gently as it finished off.  "Ahhh," the older man sighed, smiling at him.  "Good boy.  Ready for more?"

"Are you?"

"Yeah, by the time I've got you ready, I'll be more than ready to go on.  On your belly on the desk.  Move things out of your way if necessary and grab the other edge of the desk."  He smirked as he pulled out the tube of lubricant then took off the old condom, tossing it into his special trashcan under the desk.  Only he emptied that one so no one knew about these sessions.  He flipped open the top and saw the tension in the straining muscles.  "You don't have to hold on that tight, I just thought you'd like something to do with your hands," he said as he slid some of the slimy stuff onto his finger.  He inserted it and the boy jumped.  "See, not so bad."

"You could have warned me."

"I will, before I crawl inside you," the older man said with a small laugh for the look the boy gave him. "You'll see, it'll be fine."  He continued to spread the lube around, making sure it was well coated in there.  He came out and added more, going back in with two fingers.  Xander yelped, but he ignored it.  The boy needed this, it would make him a real man.  He felt the tense body relax and headed for the prostate.  Not too much action there, just enough to relax him for what came next.  The boy went limp under him and his hands itched to find the leather straps in his drawer.  This boy would make someone very happy with his submissive posturing and inclinations.  This time he switched to three fingers and the boy grunted, but he relaxed again after a few moments and the real stretching was on.  He had to make sure he didn't try to slip in an extra finger, that would be up to the boy's lover to break him in that way if he wanted to.  Besides, it'd scare the kid and he liked them tight.  Maybe afterwards he would suggest it if the boy was up for it.  He finally got enough slickness and stretching and pulled out, using his slimy hand to slick himself up.  Then he stood up with a squeak from the chair.  Xander looked at him.  "Almost there," he soothed, standing behind him.  He spread some extra gel over the tight cheeks and between them to reduce friction.  "Here we go," he said as he started to push inside.  The boy tightened up, but he was getting it.  He slid inside with a moan, and Xander groaned back.  "Relax, it'll be fine soon."  He waited until the body went limp and accepting then started to slowly work his way in and out.  "You are so tight."

"Thank you," Xander moaned, lifting his hips up slightly to get a better angle going.  The older man laughed, but put something underneath his cock, giving him friction as well.  He nearly went to his knees on the desk as the cock started to move faster and harder.  He liked this!  How had he missed this urge before?  His pushed backwards and his boss laughed, pulling out of him.  Xander looked back at him.

"If you're that desperate, ride me," he said, sitting down again.

Xander slid off the desk and looked at the chair.  "How?"

"Face away."

Xander sat down, letting the his partner insert himself.  "Hey, you're deeper."

"Yup, the beauty of this position.  Now ride," he ordered with a small spank.  The boy pulled himself up and pushed back down.  He liked this and the boy did too because he kept getting faster and faster.  The boy was a natural, and he still wanted his cuffs.  Maybe to tie the boy's hands behind his back?  Oh, that was a pretty picture.  Submissive, wanting, and unable to touch himself.  He grabbed the hands and held them in place on the arms of the chairs.  "Don't get yourself off yet," he hissed in the boy's ear.  "That'll come later."

"Yes, sir," Xander panted, going faster.  "I think I'm going to cum anyway."

"That's fine, do it without touching yourself."  Xander worked harder and harder, starting to make crying noises when it wasn't enough.  The older man smiled and shifted his hips, hitting the boy's prostate at a different angle this time, making him shoot off.  "Good boy, Xander," he whispered.  "Do you want more?"  Xander nodded, head limp on his neck.  "Relax against me, we'll go again in a few minutes, once you're ready."

"There's more?"

"Much more that I could teach you."  He licked up the sweaty neck.  "How would you like me to give you a crash course in what you'd *really* like?"

Xander turned his head to look at him.  "Huh?"

"I'm going to do something a little kinky, but I think you'll like it.  If you don't, then we'll go back to doing this stuff, okay?"  Xander hesitated, then nodded.  "Good boy.  Open the bottom drawer by your knees."  He released the wrists and let the boy bend down.  Oh, the tension!  He heard the amazed gasp.  "Would you like some of that, Xander?"

"How would you use those?" Xander asked, looking at the three toys, the leather cuffs that were tied together by a long strap, and the long, thin, plastic thing with the knob on the end that he wasn't quite sure what it was for.  He picked that one up.  "What's this?"

"An anal probe."

Xander looked at him again.  "Are you an alien?"

The older man laughed.  "Not even close."  He flipped on the switch, making it shimmy in the younger man's hands.  "It does that."

"That's a neat trick, I thought only women's toys did that."

"Those were originally men's toys, they corrupted them," he said with a shrug.  "If you want, I can prove it to you."

"What else did you want to do to me?" Xander asked, lifting himself off the hard cock and sitting across from him again, with a small hiss of pain.  He looked through the rest of the drawer.  "I'm not sure about the cuffs."

"They're actually very flexible," the older man assured him.  "I like using leather for first timers, it gives them some extra room to fight."  He considered his office.  Did he want to sit in a chair that the boy had gone off on all day?  Well....  He considered the hook he usually used and decided the boy wanted to be in a tighter space, it would make him more appreciative of the cuffs.  He pulled them out and put one around the boy's wrist, then stood up and pointed at the chair.  "Kneel there."  Xander carefully moved and did as ordered, unknowingly playing right into his hands.  He twisted the strap joining the cuffs around the pole supporting the back cushion, then clamped it on the boy's other wrist.  Then he quietly opened the blinds a little.  When the boy looked at him, he smiled.  "It was a little more open, I'm closing it."   The boy nodded and leaned on the back of the chair again.  He smiled as he slicked up the probe, turning it off long enough to insert it.  Then the boy jumped. "Let me play, you'll enjoy it."  He moved it around inside the boy, making him shiver and shake, and even cry out a few times.  Then he moved to the next one.  It was a little bit bigger than he was.  The third one was about two inches wider, he would decide on using that later.  Maybe as an encore?  No, he still liked them tight.  Worn out would be for later.  Next time maybe.  He saw the arms testing the bonds and moved the straps a little bit, then went back to thrusting into the willing body.  The boy was still moaning and groaning, loudly, so everything must be good for him.  He mentally crowed when the boy spread his knees, trying his best to get more of everything.  Maybe he would use the bigger one.  He pulled it out and handed it over. "Suck on that while I do this."

Xander looked back as he inserted it, then shifted it around in his mouth, working it like he had the human earlier.  He got a smile and a nod for the good work and went back to enjoying what was happening below.  He liked this a lot!  Both parts.  He bet it'd be different if there was another guy in his mouth instead of a toy, he wasn't too sure about the orgy or threesome thing that kept flashing through his mind earlier, but that was okay for now.  He could figure that out later.  The toy was shifted and the other one added, which was a little painful.  He grunted and squeezed his cheeks.

"Relax, this'll add the vibration.  You'll like this."  He turned on the probe and the boy jumped, so he smirked at him.  "See, told you it felt good."  He moved them together at first, then in separate rhythms.  The boy was shaking and trying to get everything deeper.  He decided that this was enough.  He shortened the strap joining the cuffs and pulled Xander's legs out of the chair, making him stand.  "Stay there," he whispered, looking for a few seconds before pulling out a third condom and replacing the old one.  New lube went on and he reentered, liking this new looseness.  It had been just enough.  No more too-tight moments when the boy squeezed himself but still tight enough to prove this was his first time at this.  He groaned as his groin met the boy's cheeks.  "Oh, yeah."  He pulled back and started a hard and fast rhythm, making the boy shake under him.  When the tail came out, he stroked it a few times as well, like he would the boy's cock.  He could hear more of those sobbing noises that meant the boy was close, but he couldn't reach his cock.  Delicious.  He pulled him back a few more inches, stretching him out further, and then went back to what he had been doing once the tail disappeared again.  Yes, this boy had submissive and cock slut written all over him.  He was still sucking the other toy too.  Oh, yeah, he'd have to see if he and his man could invite this boy up for a night of play soon.  If this one's intended didn't take him in hand immediately of course.  The boy came with a loud cry and it sent him crashing over, making him go limp against the stretched back.  "You okay?"

Xander withdrew the toy.  "Sore," Xander whispered hoarsely.

"You gagged yourself and you were still that loud?" the boss asked in amazement.  He pulled back and took off the condom, tossing it into the special can as well, then he undid the boy, once again sitting him on his lap.  "Do you know what you want now?"

Xander rested his head against the warm shoulder.  "I do," he noted.  "I'm not sure Oz can live up to that though."

The boss laughed.  "I'm sure he will, Xander, all that and more."

"Good."  Xander yawned.  "I wish I had time for a nap, James."

"Me too, kid, I bet you're cute when you nap and then I could have you again afterwards, but you'd better get back to those new family members."  The boy blushed.  "Go home, take a shower or a long bath, and you'll be fine."  He pinched the buttcheek next to the open hole.  "Go on, before I get even more kinky ideas."  The boy nodded and got dressed, giving him a wave before he left the office.

James groaned, wanting to share this with his mate now.  Stupid court case.  Tonight there would be some major sex with his honey.  They both liked the young newbies and he would be thrilled with this one.   His phone rang and he answered it.  "Yeah?  Henry?" he asked with a smile.  "Really?"  He waved out the blinds he had opened.  "I knew those binoculars would come in handy.  What did you think?"  He laughed and started to stroke himself.  "Yeah, he was tight!  I had to do some toys to loose him, he nearly squeezed me to death a few times during the first one.  No, that was the second bout.  The first he rode me."  He stroked himself harder.  "Did you get to see it all?"  He smiled.  "Good.  Can you see me?"  He laughed and hung up, going back to his fantasies about the boy and a properly equipped room for kinky pleasure.  Like the one they had in their formal dining room at home.  He got off with a sigh of contentment.  Yes, he'd check and see if the boy was available this weekend.  Maybe he'd like to learn some more.


Oz slammed into Xander's apartment and sniffed the air, growling lightly in his chest as he walked to the bathroom and pushed open the door.  He saw Xander jump but he was working on instinct and it was right for his mate to be afraid of him when he had done something so wrong.  He climbed into the shower and shook Xander hard.  "Mine!" he growled, baring his teeth.

"Yours?" Xander asked.  "Since when?"

"Mine!" Oz said again, shaking him.  "Admit it."

"Yours," Xander agreed, trying to get away from his friend before he went furry and bit him.  "OUT!"

"No."  Oz let him go and stepped back to look at his mate.  "My mate."

"Mate?" Xander asked, his confusion growing.  "Oz, this is ridiculous.  We're not that way together."

"MINE!" Oz shouted.

"Yours," Xander said in a quiet voice, sitting down in one corner of the shower.  "Oz, what's going on?" he asked, using the same voice, hoping to bring his friend back from whatever funky part of his mind Oz was floating in.

Oz started to relax, leaning against the side of the shower, watching his mate be submissive and sorry for his earlier transgression.  When reality started to come through again, he walked out, trying to get away before he hurt someone.  But Xander caught him and dragged him back into the apartment, slamming the door behind them.  "I'm sorry," he started.

Xander shook Oz lightly.  "Never do this to me!" he shouted.  "I don't like it."  He stepped back so he could look at his friend and teacher.  "Now then, let's talk."

"I can't," Oz said, looking around.  "I don't know what that was."

"Apparently it was you deciding you had claimed me," Xander said dryly, grinning at him when Oz looked shocked.  "It was the whole 'mine' thing that gave it away."

Oz shook his head.  "I'm sorry, Xander, I didn't ... I don't know what's going on right now."

Xander led them to the couch and sat them both down, hopping up to go stop the shower and grab a towel to put on.  Then he came back out and pushed up Oz's feet to sit under them as his friend had laid down in his absence.  "So, what's with the 'mine' thing, Oz?  I didn't think that we were that way with each other."

"I don't know," he admitted.  "I feel like you're mine."

"Um, so are we dating?" Xander asked.

Oz opened his eyes to look at him.  "Only if you never sleep with your boss again."

Xander blushed.  "It was an 'it happened' moment, Oz, I really wasn't planning on it happening."  He looked out the window.  "He raised a few interesting points and I got caught up in the thing.  It just happened."

Oz sat up, straddling his friend's lap.  "It won't again, right?"  Xander looked at him and nodded.  "Good.  When are you going to go quit?"

"He said it didn't have a thing to do with my job," Xander said quietly.  "I made sure of that much."

"Still, Xander...."

"No," Xander said, tapping him on the chest, "I checked.  He's slept with a few of the other guys on the crew and they've been there much longer."  He swallowed.  "I slept with him, huh," he said, the knowledge sinking in.

"Yup, you slept with him," Oz said, leaning forward until their foreheads were touching.  "Are you okay?"

"I feel really sick," Xander admitted.  He blinked a few times.  "Oz, my eyes are crossing."

"Mine too," Oz told him, not moving his head.  He stole a kiss, just a gentle pressure against his friend's lips.  "Don't do that again, okay?"

Xander nodded, pulling his head back.  "I won't.  I have no intention of doing anything else until I've figured this stuff out."  He pushed lightly at Oz.  "Can I go back to my shower?" he asked when the older man didn't move.

"Not yet.  I wanted to talk to you," Oz said, moving his knees out so he was sitting on Xander's lap instead of just above it.  "Were you careful with him?"  Xander nodded.  "Condoms and all, right?"  Xander nodded again, a little more certain this time.  "Are you sure?"

"I saw it when he put it on and when he took it off, all filled and everything."

"Good," Oz said, nodding once.  "I refuse to lose you to a moment's stupidity."  He tweaked Xander's nose.  "Now then, about this guy thing.  Are you into it or not?"

Xander shrugged.  "Like I know yet."  He blew out a stream of air, making a funny face while he did it.  "Oz, I have no idea what that was, much less how it happened.  And then you barge in here and become all alpha and snarly."  Oz put his hands on his shoulders so Xander put his hands on Oz's hips, starting to stroke him subconsciously.  "I'm so confused right now, it's pathetic."

"No, pathetic was me coming in here and being all alpha," he said lightly.

Xander grinned at him.  "I wasn't going to say that."  He winked.  "At least I know that you like me."

"More than," Oz agreed, touching the tail that came out to wrap around his waist.  "And he likes me too."

"He always has," Xander pointed out.  He took his tail back, frowning at it.  "You couldn't have more convenient timing?" he asked it before tucking it behind him.  "The guys on the site have seen me," he told his teacher.  "My boss mentioned it today."  He shrugged at the hard look he was getting.  "He said it didn't matter.  The only thing I have to do is to warn him further in advance when I need time off."

"Sure," Oz agreed.  "Saw you how?"

"Saw me when I was hiding on the site.  Saw my tail, which came out when I almost lost my balance."  He petted his annoyance as it wrapped itself around his thigh.  "Yes, you were seen," he told it, stroking it gently.  "Both then and today."

"Oh," Oz sighed, reaching over to stop the petting.  "It came out then?"  Xander nodded.  "Did you...use it?"

"Kinda, but that was all me," Xander said quickly.  "It's not going to happen again, Oz, I promise.  I swear, it won't."

"Good," Oz agreed.  He stood up, after getting another kiss.  "Go finish your shower.  We'll come over here tonight for a little while."

Xander watched him go, his mind spinning with the most recent revelations.  He was *so* confused and he wasn't sure which way was up.  He jumped as the door opened, getting up as Oz walked back in.  He sank into the arms that went around him, letting himself be held for a few minutes.  "Thanks."

"I figured you'd need one after I spooked you," Oz said quietly, giving him a few seconds of harder squeezing.  "Enough?"

Xander nodded and watched his friend leave again, smiling now.  His Oz was good to him.  "My Oz?" he asked himself.  "Where did that come from?"  He shook himself and went back to his shower.  He was *sore*!


Xander woke up to someone knocking on his door.  He got up to answer it, making sure he at least had boxers on and his tail was hiding, frowning at the form on the other side.  "Spike?" he asked, checking for darkness.  "Shoot, I overslept," he said, letting the vampire into his apartment.  "What's up?" he asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"They bloody well won't take it out for me," Spike growled.  "Where's furboy?"

"At his house."  Xander blinked a few times.  "Did you try over there?"

Spike shook his head.  "Nah, not yet."  He flopped down onto the couch and glared at Xander.  "Did you get what you needed?"

"Mostly."  Xander sat down on the other end of the couch, looking at his other partner.  "So, what's up besides the disappointment?"

"The Watcher told me to come see you and give you this," he said, tossing over a letter.

Xander opened it, smiling at the note inside.  "That's cool.  I'll go pick it up tomorrow during my break."  He put it aside as the door opened to admit Oz and his two teachers.  "Good timing," he said, waving a hand at Spike.  "He just got back."

"Huh.  Go okay?" Oz asked the vampire, forcing Xander to sit up so he could sit next to the arm of the couch.

"No," Spike growled.  He looked at the two humans, studying them.  "So you two are his teachers?" he asked flippantly.

"Yes," Terry said, pulling himself back together.  "Were you called to aide them?"  Spike nodded.  "Isn't that a bit unusual?"

"Not really," Xander said with a shrug.  "This is the Hellmouth.  Vampires outnumber humans some weeks."

"Ah," Barbara said as she sat down.  "We've met a few in the community before.  They weren't...pleasant."

"Neither am I," Spike said with a smile.  "I'm just handicapped right now."

"He was chipped by the same people who tried to torture me," Oz said quietly.  "He can't bite people."

"He can't hurt *people*," Spike growled.   He glared at Oz.  "Why'd you have to tell them that part?"

"So they didn't stake you," Xander reminded him.  "People like you don't give them warm fuzzies."

Spike smiled.  "Thanks, whelp, that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in a few months."

Xander rolled his eyes as he stood up.  "Let me get dressed."  He walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

Oz looked at Terry, who was standing very stiffly.  "He's established a cover for us," he explained.  "He's now known to have a pet mouse, which is very small."

Terry relaxed.  "I see.  That must be handy."

"Especially when we need something heavy lifted," Oz said dryly.

Terry smiled and sat down in the semi-broken chair.  Then he grimaced.  "Cub, you really do need some better furniture."

"I'm slowly replacing it with better used stuff," Xander admitted as he came out.  "Sorry about that, I should have warned you about the sucking black hole under the seat."

Barbara smiled at her mate.  "At least it's mostly comfortable."  She patted Xander's arm as he walked past her.  "Sit, young one.  Let's discuss your future plans and which form you should assume next."

"The book hasn't given any clues about what'll be needed," Oz pointed out, shifting in his seat.  He took the soda Xander handed him with a nod.  "We're trying to get a horse form, but his shoulders are wrong.  Lizards aren't working at all."

"Reptiles aren't often seen among us," Terry admitted.  "Mammals are usually better.  Variations are also usually the norm if you have more than one available form."

"I could become a tiger and a normal house cat?" Xander suggested.

"Possibly, though your colors may be off.  With your stripes you could probably pull one off if you wanted to try it.  Or you could try for a bigger mouse-type creature."

"Lemming?" Spike suggested dryly.  "The way you run...."  Xander glared at him and he laughed.
Oz poked Spike with a stiff finger in the side.  "Stop it.  Don't pick on the Xander.  Though he might make a cute lemming," he offered.

"Feel better now?" Xander asked snidely.  "Any more bouts of pick on the Xander coming?"

"Not yet," Spike said with a rakish grin.

Xander shook his head.  "If you're going to pick on me, leave, Spike.  I don't need this right now."  He looked at the two elders from what was probably going to end up his 'tribe'.  "What else is in that group?"

"Porcupines, gerbils, hamsters," Terry offered, looking at Barb for more suggestions.

"Squirrels, chipmunks, rats, gophers."

"I'm having a Caddyshack moment," Oz said, shaking his head quickly.

"I'm sure he could be that annoying," Barb agreed with a smile for Xander.  "If you'd like, we could find you some decent pictures.  Or Oz could do an internet search for you."

"I could do that," Oz agreed, looking at Xander.  "We'll have to run one for horse pictures as well."

"Okay," Xander said quietly.  "What are my other options?"

"You could probably assume anything with a little work.  As pointed out, I would stick with the normal creatures.  It would be easier on you in the long run," Terry noted.  "Less danger and the like."  He looked at his Shaman.  "Have you seen anything?"

"I have, but I'm not sure why," she admitted, staring at Xander.  "How long have you been trying for a draconian shape?"

"It was one of my first thoughts," Xander admitted.  "I haven't managed that one either."

She smiled. "Try for one of the more armored mammal types, I think that would work."

"You think he'd make a decent armadillo?" Oz asked dryly.  She laughed, shaking her head.  "Then what?"

"Possibly one with a defense mechanism.  Cats have claws and the desire to use them on everything, but there are better fighters.  Not a porcupine, but possibly a skunk, or something else that can and will defend itself.  Don't turn into a deer, it will turn out bad for you," she advised in her best 'wise woman' voice.  All three warriors nodded.  "Good.  Oh, and stay out of Willow's way when she starts to get deeper into magic.  You won't like what she'll be doing," she warned, standing up.  "I do believe our work here is done.  Terry?"

"Are you sure?" he asked.  She nodded.  "Okay then, I guess we'll be heading back to the ranch.  Oz has the address if you ever want to pop around to the commune.  You know we'd love to have you."  He glanced at Spike. "Don't bring him, he probably won't last.  We get a lot of sun," he said with a smile.  He hugged both boys, leading the way out.

Barb hugged them both.  "Call the ranch later," she told Oz.  "We'll be fine most likely.  You two do have the basics down, all you should need is some fine tuning and a bit of discipline when things start to go odd.  Remember, it isn't always what it seems and never let Spike play poker with Xander in his pocket."  She patted him on the face and left the apartment.

Xander picked up the phone and handed it to Oz.  "Call them now," he suggested.

Oz pulled the number out, going to look out the window as he dialed.  "Hey, it's Oz.  Barb said to call you."  He grimaced.  "She said they would likely be all right.  Yeah, just now.  Thanks."  He hung up.  "She gets visions too."

"I figured that much out last week," Xander noted with a faint smile.  "She told me not to go to work and there was a bad accident on my crew.  I probably would have been in there with them."  He shifted, putting his feet over the arm.  "Now what do we do?"

"Now, we feed the kitten and discuss our next mission," Oz told him.  "Then we can figure the rest out."  Xander grinned.  "Food?"

"I have some," Xander offered.  "Or I have money for pizza."

"Pizza," Spike agreed.  "Less chance of being hurt that way."

"Fine," Oz agreed.  "A supreme?"

"Without the olives," Xander amended.

"Fine," Oz agreed, picking up the phone and dialing the local pizza place's number from memory.  He hung up and tried again when he got a cranky older woman who yelled that she wasn't the pizza place.  He walked into the kitchen to look inside the fridge, listening to the hold music.  "Large supreme, no olives, Harris residence," he ordered once a live person answered.  He hummed.  "Soda, two two-liters of Pepsi."  He grunted at the total and hung up.  "Twenty-one."

"Cool.  Wallet's on the dresser," Xander said, pointing that way with a smile.  Oz looked at him.  "What?  I'm tired."

"You should be after what you did earlier," Spike said smugly.  Both young men glared at him.  "Enhanced sense of smell," he pointed out with a slight sneer.  "Who was he, whelp?"

"None of your business," Oz said firmly.  "It won't be happening again."

"You're not gonna jump on that?" Spike asked.

Oz walked over and tipped Spike's face up.  "You are stakeable," he pointed out quietly.  "Don't make me go there."  He walked into the bedroom, taking the time to calm himself down.  He didn't want to lose his temper and get furry too, he had to control this urge to pound Spike into the pavement for even suggesting it.

Xander walked in and gave him a hug.  "He's being a dick because no one's given him any in years," he said in a normal voice, knowing Spike could hear him.

"Hey!" Spike complained, but he didn't join them.

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