The GHS Dilemma of a Harem.

Xander looked around the mess in the living room, then shrugged.  He put the new collar on his dog.  "There you go, Bogart.  Pretty."  The dog yipped.  He beamed back.  "Good boy."  He petted him then went to put all the new things up where they belonged.  He had to sneak into a few rooms but that was fine.  Then he and his dog headed out again.  They wanted to go play.  He waved at the cop they drove past.  The cop probably groaned since he and the dog were alone but they were mostly safe around town anymore.

He found the shop he wanted and went in.  He and the dog came out an hour later with bags.  A lot of bags.  They went into the back of the porsche then he and the dog bounced off for a soda before getting back into the car.  Unfortunately he wasn't going to quite be able to make that timetable.  Screaming started up the street.  Xander reached for his knife, looking around before undoing the alarm on the car.  "Car, Bogart."  The dog stayed.  "Okay, we'll get into the car."  He moved that way quickly, using his training.  The dog stayed with him.  He opened the door.  "In."  The dog hopped in.  He slid in, started the car, and got out of the way of who and whatever was coming.

He parked nearby, watching and waiting.  Something was going on.  Something huge was going on.  He frowned at the silence going on.  This was huge.  He restarted the engine, then went to his favorite storage area.  He pulled in, found his passcard for the gate.  It sild in and he was granted entrance.  He drove to his pod and got out, using his passcard for the gate door as well.  It raised and he walked in, finding what he wanted.

Someone behind him whistled.  "Well, boy.  This is impressive."

Xander looked back at the cop.  "I know.  What do you think I did when I was hunting?  Speaking of, is it you or something bigger that's coming down town?  Just so I know what I need to have today."

"You could do some great things, boy."  He moved closer.  "Not with this in here."

Xander shrugged.  "What makes you think the locals don't know I have it?"

The demon frowned.  "We do?"

"Yeah.  Everyone but you apparently.  Then again, trying to take him over, not cool."  He grabbed something and threw it at him, making him shriek and leave the body.  "Captain, are you all right?"

The older man looked at him.  "Harris?"

"Yeah.  I'm still a hunter, Captain."  He helped him sit on something.  "You all right?"

"What happened?"

"You were possessed."

The captain groaned.  "Can't be."

"Bull.  I threw holy water on you."  He held up the vial he had opened to throw.  The guy groaned.  "C'mon, we'll get you somewhere safe."  He finished loading his pockets with what he needed then walked out.  The dog was still in the car.  He used the card to lower the door then got him into the car.  The dog had to sit on the shift well but that was fine.  Xander dropped him off at a church, walking him inside.  "Father?"  The priests looked up.  "Holy water made the dark cloud float out of him."

"We can help him," one agreed.  He came to take the captain.  "What is going on out there?"

"No clue," Xander admitted.  "But I'm here."  He grinned.  "I've probably handled worse."  He walked out, heading back to the car.  He checked around then frowned.  "That so sucks."  He looked back at the church.  "Very sucks."  He let the dog out.  "C'mon."  He turned on the alarm then the special alarm Bobby and Dean had cooked up for his cars.  He waited while it sprayed the holy water around the doors then walked off with the dog.  "Hunting, Bogart.  We're hunting.  Be a good dog.  Stay with the daddy."  He walked, hand on his knife.  A cop pulled up the street and he smiled and waved with his free hand.

"Leash laws, Harris," the cop called.  Then he stopped and backed up his cruiser, pausing beside him.  "You're not bouncing."

"I just unpossessed the Captain out of the precinct by the spa.  He's in the church."

The officer groaned.  "Are we being invaded?  The base brings some strange crap down on us."

"Don't know," Xander admitted with a grin.  "But it set off every single instinct I've ever grown."

"Good to know.  Where's your family?"

"Asleep.  I was going out to do some birthday present shopping for Sam and Faith."  That got a single nod and they walked on.  The officer parked and called something in to go with him.  "You don't have to."

"You're in the center of every problem that shows up, kid.  Someone  should be with you."

"If you want."  He grinned then pointed.  "That looks like a problem."

The officer looked then nodded. "That does, yeah.  What is that?"

"Don't really know."  He took a picture and sent it to Jack's phone since he *knew* it wasn't a demon.  No answer.  "Huh."  He tried Daniel's phone.  No answer.  "Looks like the military guys I know are off doing stuff again."   He stared at the thing.  "What are you?" he asked quietly.  It stared back.  He shifted.  "C'mon, baby.  You know you want me like every other being in this universe," he sneered.

The officer gave him an odd look then backed off.  "You're insane."

"No, it's the truth."  He shrugged.  Then he fired the weapon he had gotten from storage, making the thing scream as the power ran through him.  Xander canceled it and put it back into his back waistband.  "Hmm."  He grinned at the officer.  "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine but I'm the trained one."

"Sure you are."  He grinned sweetly.  The dog growled.  He looked.  "Oh, do try, please," he said sarcastically.  The alien pointed something at him.  Xander moved his hands out from his body.  "I'm a sweet target.  Try it."  It shot at him.  It hurt like a bitch and made him go to one knee, then he forced it back down so he could stand up.  Immortal healing, yay!  He pulled his sword and engaged, attacking back.  The alien wasn't getting free.  It was down and begging for mercy in some language he didn't know.  Not that he cared.  He used his sword to tip his face up.  "In my language or one I know, why are you here and for what reason?"  The alien stared at him.

"Don't even try.  I know at least four languages and multiple demon ones.  In a language I know," he said in another one.  It babbled.  He raised an eyebrow.  "I might read that one but not speak it."  His phone rang.  "Talk to greatness."  He listened.  "I did.  I've got him at sword point.  Sure."  He held up the phone.  "Babble at O'Neill."  It babbled at that name.  It gave him a pathetic look.  He listened to it.  "It said what?  I said in a language I speak.  I speak like four human ones, Jack.  I figured it was something I can read."  He nodded at that.  "Must I?"  He sighed.  "We just had a captain possessed, Jack.  Can't I hand him to the nice cop here?"   He smiled at the cop.  "He's yours until Colonel Jack comes."

"Sure," he said dryly, coming over to arrest the guy.  "How long will he be?"  Xander tossed over his cellphone then walked off with the dog.  "Um, Mr. Harris, please don't do anything we'll have to cover up?" he begged.

"I never do."

"Uh-huh.  Can you maybe go home?" he asked hopefully.

"Um, sorry, can't."  He pointed at the church and the spirits floating around it.  "That looks like something I need to do.  So you hold that bad guy, and I'll handle that."  He grinned and nodded, backing away.

"Freeze," the cop said.

"No, I can't!"  He turned and ran into Bobby and his dog.  The dogs were sniffing tails.  "Hi, Eris.  Hi, Bobby."  He slapped him on the arm.  "Got any idea?"

"Looks like spirits that were contained."

"Something like a well or like from a sucking thing dying?"

"Looks like it could've been from a well.  We'll look.  Where are people?"

Xander shrugged but grinned.  "I was doing birthday shopping."  He skipped off with the dogs.  "C'mon, guys, let's go find the sucking thing and fix it or kill it for good."  He looked at the spirits floating up, frowning.  "Please don't possess me."  He walked through with the dogs on either side of him.  He passed through and none wanted to stick to him so he was happy.  He walked in.  "Um, Fathers, are you seeing this?" he called from the doorway.

"It happens once a decade," one called.  "Just get out of the way.  It's God calling them home."

Xander looked out at the spot where they were disappearing.  "Um, no, it's not.  I know the realm it's going to and they're being harvested for food."  They came to look.  "Last time I knew, no pictures of heaven had demons standing there waiting to gather them."  He looked at the priest.  "Where are they being stored?"

"There's a small well in the basement."

"Let's go check," he said.  The dogs came.  The priest gave him an odd look.  "Mine's protective of me.  The other's in training to hunt demons."  They found the well and Xander looked then kicked the cover back over it, leaning over to tighten the bolts back down.  "That should stop that."  Bobby came running down the stairs.  Eris yapped happily at him.

"You hush."  He looked, then started a blessing over it.  Xander gave him an odd look.  "It works for us."

The priest coughed.  "Perhaps I could?"

"Sure, you can too," he agreed.  "I taught you this one, right, Xander?"

"Maybe."  He shrugged.  "I handle weapons and things, not chants.  Magic and me is a bad thing."  He turned and threw a dagger at the demon in the corner.  "You again?  How fucking tiring, dude."

"You sound too much like Dean, boy," Bobby said dryly.  He and the priest chanted over the well to seal it for good.  The spirits stopped floating off.  They backed away.  "Is that native?"

"Sent to us by Rome to be protected."  He crossed his arms so his hands went up his cassock's sleeves.  "I'll send back that report with it."

"Good," Bobby agreed.  He looked at the demon the boy was staring at.  "Xander, he's pretty powerful."

"Then he either wants to use me as a present or wants to have me for himself.  Like most of them."

"I have women who're prettier."

"That's their job since they're women," Xander said dryly.  He fingered his braid.  "I wear it because I can do some amazing things with my hair.  Not because I'm trannie.  Get a clue."

The demon came out into the dim light, staring at him.  "Yet you take it like a woman."

"And enjoy every single second," he agreed.  "That makes me gay, not femme."  The demon sneered, moving closer.  "Try it, dear."  The demon made a grab and took him but before Bobby could pull his knife or gun Xander was back with a lot of stuff and both dogs wearing fancy jewelry collars.  "Told you so!" he yelled.  "Because you're a fucking idiot!  Next time I'm going to make your whole race beg for mercy!"

"Boy, you all right?" Bobby asked, relaxing his hold on his knife.

Xander snorted, giving him an odd look.  "Why wouldn't I be?"

"He touch you maybe?"

"He got that close and I can get him back."  He smiled.  "Which I did.  Then most of his guards decided I was the bigger queen and more than worthy to lead them in a revolt.  Pity."  He snapped and the dogs followed.  "Fathers, have that stuff."  He came back to get a few things.  "All but these.  The rest sell or whatever to help some poor people."  He and the dogs walked off.

Bobby stared, then shook his head and followed.  A bunch of the aliens had joined their one.  The cop was holding a gun to the first one's head trying to hold them back.  "Um, Xander?"

Xander looked then whistled, letting go of his hormones.  "I AM the queen of the fucking universe.  You will bow to me!" he bellowed.  Most of them went to their knees.  He let the rest of them out, strolling over to the one still standing.  "You've imprisoned one like me.  That makes you unworthy."  The alien pressed a button on his wrist and a female appeared.  "You're on my planet.  Take your toys and go."

"Who are you?" she sneered.

He smiled.  "Xander Harris.  Better than you in most every way."  She screamed and attacked.  He got her down after a minute of batting back at her hits then knelt on her shoulders, leaning down to hold her arms down.  "This is my planet."

"Tauri are worthless."

"Yet look where you are and I'm a Tauri."  She swallowed.  He concentrated, raising his hormones to get her too.  She moaned and whimpered, trying to shift.  "This is my planet.  Do you have a good reason for being here?"

"We need more servants."

"No.  Not my people."  He stared down at her.  "Any other wishes?"

"You will be ours!"

He slugged her across the jaw, making her scream.  "No I'm not."

"Xander!" Jack yelled as he hopped out of the jeep he had ridden down in.

"She's like me."


"Only less willing to save her ass."  Jack came over so he got up.  "All yours."  He pushed his hair back, smiling at her.  "You know, they can help you find someone who'll appreciate you instead of using you.  Like that piece of shit alien did."  He walked off, the dogs following with a bark each for Bobby.  "Eris, stay with Bobby.  He might need you.  I'm going to get you a puppy treat then go home."  His dog yipped happily, bouncing some.  "Sure, we'll go pick you both up a good puppy treat.  Yes we will!" he cooed, scratching his ears.  He scratched Eris's when she came closer too.  "You were so helpful.  Your daddy must be very proud of you."  She ran back to Bobby, who petted her.  "I'll get good doggy treats."  He undid the alarms on the porsche and slid in, heading for the pet store.

The cop looked at Bobby.  "Is he always like that?"

Bobby nodded.  "Yeah, 'fraid so.  We'll be yelling later."

Jack nodded.  "Definitely."  His people moved in to get the rest of them.  He hauled the woman up, putting her in cuffs himself then walking her off.  "You never saw this, Officer."

"Of course not, sir.  Never saw you guys, them, the decadely spirits floating off.  None of it.  As a matter of fact, I have a migraine and I'm going to wake up from my nap at the station as soon as I get back there."  He went to his car to call in then head back to tell his boss that.  "Sir, Colonel O'Neill agreed I have a migraine I'll wake up from soon so I didn't see anything around St. Peter's or anything Mr. Harris did to protect us all.  Can I finish having my headache in the break room?"

"Take a shower first.  You stink like Harris."  He nodded, going to do that then take a nap.  He called the house, getting someone sleepy.  "Why did one of my guys have a migraine from Mr. Harris and how he saved everyone in the city?"  The voice grumbled something about spanking him before hanging up.  "Yes, someone should," he told the phone.


Bobby walked into the house, finding Xander doing sit ups using the couch to hold his feet.  "Boy, you're insane."

"Isn't that a matter of opinion?" Xander panted as he worked.  He finally collapsed to pant, looking at him.  "I was doing some birthday shopping.  Her treat's on the counter away from Bogart."

"Thanks."  He walked her in there to get his dog her own plate of treat.  Bogart was still licking his plate.  "Do we eat off these plates?"

"The dishwasher sterilizes," Xander called.

"Still dog germs."

"Use the blue plates then.  Those are the old ones."  He finished catching his breath then went back to his sit ups.  His abs didn't look good at the moment.

John came out of his room, looking over the back of the couch.  "Why are you up already?"

"I went to pick up Sam and Faith's birthday presents."  He did another one.

"That Jack guy said he'd be over soon," Bobby called from the kitchen.  "He's using the set of four plates for the dog?"

"The dishwasher cleans and sterilizes them," Xander called impatiently.

John walked into the kitchen.  "What did he do?"

"Xander, why did a cop want me to spank you?" Sam called.

"No idea.  I was being good," he panted.

John, Sam, and Bobby all looked at the living room.  Even the dogs snorted at that one.

"He did what?" John asked.

"Oh, saved the spirits going to be eaten.  Got to see that Jack guy again."  Eris barked.  "Got stolen by a higher demon but he left most of the stuff he came back with at the church.  Apparently they had a revolt.  The dogs were helpful."

John went into the living room.  "Xander," he said, sitting next to where his feet were anchored.  "What did you do earlier?  You know you're not allowed out alone."

"I went to a few very monitored places," he defended.  "I was picking up birthday presents.  I can't do that with them in the car."

"No, you can't.  You could have asked me and I'd have went."

"You were asleep and the dog was with me.  I even had my usual knife until my instincts started to scream.  Then I picked something up and got out of the way to see what was going on."  He did another sit up.  "When I figured out it was a Jack sorta problem I tried to call but he never answered.  I tried Daniel's phone too.  Still no answer, so I stopped that one with the cop that decided to follow me when my instincts went off.  Then I went to see why the souls were being leaked around a church.  After Bobby, one of the priests, and I handled it, the higher demon I got out of one of the police Captains earlier tried for me.  Called me a girl too but he was really sorry when I made him into one and then led a revolt.

"We came back and I left all but a few scrolls they thought were important.  Then I found more of the Jack style thing were around and they called one like me but I kicked her butt," he said proudly.  "They wanted slaves."  He did another one sit up.  Fabulous abs did not come from slacking off.  "Jack got them.  The nice officer went to have a migraine.  I came home after getting the good dogs a treat."  The dogs ran out to lick him, making him stop to pet and play with them.  "There's my good puppies!  So good and helpful.  You helped that revolt very well!  They even named you heros of the uprising."

John mentally sighed.  Some days he wasn't sure Xander wasn't insane or suicidal.  He really wasn't.

Sam walked out talking on the phone.  "He's fine, Daniel.  Doing sit ups and now playing with the dog and Bobby's dog.  Are they all right?"  He smiled.  "That's good to know.  Sure, we're here."  He hung up then pulled Xander up, looking into the brown eyes.  He saw the hesitant look.  "I would've went and ignored what you were getting.  Dad would've went with you."

"You were sleeping.  You needed it.  I took Bogart.  We were only picking up.  It was good until I ran into the possessed captain."

Sam frowned.  "If you had been taken we wouldn't have heard for hours, Xander."

"I got back really quickly.  Just ask Bobby."


"Within a few seconds."

"Good."  He smiled at him.  "We would've went.  I should spank because you should have called for backup when you ran into problems."  Xander went limp against him.  He smirked.  "Nice try."  Xander whimpered pitifully.  "Next time we will call?"  Xander nodded.  "And we will not hormone the whole block to get the bad guys?  We'll call for help?"

"I did try to call Jack and Daniel."

"They were in a briefing.  Their phones were off."

"See, I did.  I even had an officer with me."

"Because he found you out alone and was probably worried."

"Only after my instincts went off.  Then I moved to observe to see what sort of help needed to be called."

Sam sighed, resting his forehead against Xander's.  "Don't do it again."

"How many times have you had this talk?" Bobby asked.

"This is the first one.  Each time he gets into trouble he gets into unique trouble," Sam assured him.  Dean came out of his bedroom giving them an odd look.  "He was picking up mine and Faith's birthday present."

Dean nodded.  "Alone?"

"I had the dog.  I only had to pick up until the possessed captain tried for me."

"I should spank," Dean noted.

"You do and you're going to be regrowing that hand," Xander shot back.

Dean smirked.  "Fine.  Dad?"

"He knew better than to go out alone."

"I can handle ten minutes or so.  I had Bogart.  I was a good boy.  I wasn't even that backed up and now I'm not at all."

"Why?" Dean asked.

"Jack sorta issues happened and I had to hormone them to make them beg since it was me and a cop and Bobby and the dogs."

Dean groaned.  Bobby handed him a plate.  "Is that people food?"

"Dog treat."

Dean nodded.  "The dishwasher sterilizes them.  We make him run them through twice."  He put it down and Eris snuffled it before licking it.  He patted her gently on the head.  "Good girl for protecting my boy.  You too, Bogart."  He petted their dog.  Then he noticed the collar.  "Who put that on you?"

"The demon."

Dean groaned, taking off the diamond and emerald human collar he was wearing.  He got Eris's too, handing them to Bobby.  He looked at Xander, who dug out one of Bogart's fancier collars.  "No.  That's too girly for our dog, Xander."  It still had gemstones on it.  That was clearly a society dog collar.

"It looks good on him."

"It's ...  I don't care.  Leather, nylon, not jewelry."

"Fine," he complained, getting the leather collars out for them.  Dean put it on then Bogart licked him before running outside.  Eris followed so they could lounge in the sun.

"You two're spoiled," Bobby called after them.  Bogart barked, sounding happy.  He shook his head, taking the plates back into the kitchen for them to be soaked.  He came out.  "Now what?"

"We wait for Jack to stomp down and yell," Dean told him.

Sam shook his head.  "He said he'll be yelling later tonight."

"I have to box up and wrap stuff," Xander said.

"You can do that in the study when you put all the jewelry up," Dean said.  Xander grimaced but did that.  Including his new earring.  Dean flopped down on the couch, looking at his father, who shook his head quickly.  Xander bounced out to the car then back in with a handful of bags.  Then back out for another one then back in.

"Is that all presents?" Sam called after him.

"No comment.  It's a lot less than it looks like."

"Okay."  Sam sat down, looking at his brother and father.  "Bobby?"

"Someone had to.  I was heading for the woods to work on her training when I saw the spirit column."  John moaned.  "I found the boy handling things but the cop was staring at him like he was strange.  Also, did he go out with a high powered taser?"

"No," John said slowly.  "I didn't know we had one."  Eris brought one out for him a minute later.  "Thanks, Eris."  He scratched her ears then she ran back outside to play with her buddy.

Bobby shook his head.  "She's a good dog.  Training very well.  Guarded the boy very well.  Took his free side to guard him.  Your dog did the same."  Dean grinned, he had been working on that training.  John patted him on the shoulder.  Sam grinned.  "He did okay."

"Thank you," Xander called.  "The drawer's stuck."

Sam grabbed his lockpicks out of his room then went to help.  "That's because it's full, Xander.  Why?"

"I don't know," he moaned.

Sam kissed him on the head.  "We'll find out."  A guard appeared with a letter.  "What's this?  From Vesvold?"

"He's throwing a fit, sir."

"Why?  Did someone hurt him?" Xander demanded, standing up.  "Because I will go end something's life, no matter what the hell it is."

"No, he's a bit peeved at the higher one who tried for you earlier.  Apparently that revolt complicated something."


"He doesn't blame you.  He knows these things happen to you, sir."  He handed Sam the letter before disappearing.

Sam sat in the desk chair to read it, pulling Xander into his lap.  "Hey, Dean, want to come in here please?"

Dean strolled in, taking the letter Sam held out while cuddling Xander.  "Uh-huh."  He looked in the drawer then sighed, shaking his head.  "I have no idea what to do about this."

"Can we give more of it to that church since they run a homeless shelter?"

"You gave them an ankle high pile of jewelry and clothes," Bobby said as he walked past the doorway.  "Anyone want coffee?"

"Please," Dean said.

"Please," Sam agreed.

John walked in to get the letter.  "This is bad."

"He took me," Xander defended.  "I got him out of the captain.  I didn't want him to take me and he called me a girl!  I had to fight back.  Since he took me I ruined his realm for him and freed the others he had.  They helped me fight to overthrow him.  They're in control now."

"They said they're regents for you," Dean told him, letting him read the letter.

Xander snorted and looked up.  "Let them have it.  They had to live with the thing.  They can rule it together as an effective council."

Vesvold appeared.  "No they can't, Xander.  You can give it to them but they've already said they don't want it.  They've asked me to find them more compassionate keepers up there since they're half demons for the most part and want to stay with a demonic keeper.  They're going to be taking bidders for months."  Xander got up to give him a cuddle.  He sighed.  "It was the right thing to do.  He wasn't particularly nice to them."

"He told me I was female because I take it."

"I know you're not.  You had to beat him for that insult."  He kissed him gently, earning a smile.  "They still do not want it.  There's no heir."

"Let Jack move the new one that tried to get us all as slaves there?"

"I'll talk with Jack in a bit."  He patted him on the butt.  "Behave.  You'll look stunning in some of those pieces."  He smirked then disappeared.

Bobby handed Xander his laced cup of coffee.  "With holy water."

"That was Vesvold."

"You still got taken earlier."

Xander drank it without any more complaint, even if it did burn a bit in his mouth.  Down his throat too so something he had eaten during the revolt was not sitting well with him.  He went to puke it back up and Bobby fed him more until he was clear.  Then Sam got to fuss over Xander in that huge antique bed he had.

Dean looked in the bags, nodding in appreciation.  "He has some good taste."  He let them go and went to make breakfast.  He ended up making more for Daniel when he showed up.  "Problems?"

"Many.  She tried to do the same thing.  We showered her with cold water.  She was not happy and pouted at us.  Teal'c was not impressed.  Told her she was more pouty than Xander was and he would make a perfect concubine since he could protect his owner and she couldn't.  Now she's offended and pouty."  He smiled at Sam when he came out.  "Was Xander hurt?"

"A bit tainted by the demons.  He puked up some holy water.  He's resting.  Was it a huge problem?"

"No, they were going to take us over to make us slaves.  We'll handle it and make them sorry they showed up.  No one downtown created a problem about anything.  Apparently it happens every decade.  The city's used to it.  They clear out for the most part."

"We found out they're being harvested, not let go," Bobby told him.

"As long as it's solved, I don't care," Daniel said honestly.  "That's too strange for the military."

"Good," Xander called from his bedroom.  He padded out, hugging Daniel.  "Was she mean?  You can have some of the anti-backing up herbs."

"There are?"

"Of course there are but if you take too much you can die."

"I can make him a single dose," John promised.  "Xander, more than boxers in the kitchen."  Sam walked him back to bed.  "Sorry."

"Not a problem," Daniel promised with a slight grin.  He was getting used to Xander's ways with exposure.  "He was very helpful until we could get there.  He even sent us pictures of the original one."

"That's good," John agreed.

"What storage area was the captain talking about?"

"Don't ask," John and Dean said together.

"Should I tell Jack?"

"Only if you want him to pout about taking the rest of his pets," Dean said, taking a sip of his coffee.  He looked at it then at Bobby.  "Made it a bit strong."  Bobby snorted, smacking him on the arm.  "Sorry."

"Not a problem.  You boys gotta complain about something."

"Xander!" Sam complained.  "If you're sick you can't do that."

"See?" John said, shaking his head.  Daniel chuckled.  "Anything he has to know?"

"Nope.  Anything we should know?"

"The demon left him his realm," John said.

Dean nodded. "He led a revolt.  They've turned it down already.  The last one to say no gets it anyway."

"Wonderful.  Now what?"

"Now.... well, there's a lot of stuff in the drawer in the office," Dean admitted.  "If he wanted to open a store, he'd have a great inventory."

"That's one way to get rid of the gifts," Daniel said.

Dean nodded.  "Maybe sometime later in life."  John looked at him.  "With some hunters' supplies in the back."

"That might work," Bobby admitted.  "Hunters buy rings for their sweeties too."

Daniel smiled.  "I know why, guys."

"We know," Dean promised.  "Are you training?"


"The game."


Dean groaned, walking him outside to tell him the facts of immortal life.  Daniel groaned in return but he could train on the base with some limited weapons.  He could come down for some time with Dean or Sam later on.  Daniel went back to the base to report in about what had happened.  Jack was groaning but it was Xander so he expected something like that.  They would deal with the other stuff later, when Jack was out of hearing and camera range.  Jack could help him train.

Dean went to help Sam check on Xander since he was clearly in a playful mood.  Sam was back asleep with an arm around Xander's waist.  "Did you wear him out?" he taunted with an evil smirk.

"Well, yeah," he grinned back.  "Sorry."

"No you're not.  For that you should be punished."  Xander pouted.  Dean put his cup down and stripped, then sat on the foot of the bed, teasing himself.  Xander nearly drooled.  "Are you going to be a good boy?"

"Should I bark?"

"Maybe.  Are you?"  He groaned as he added a little twist of his wrist when his hand reached the head.  "Good boys get rewarded.  Bad boys get punished."

Xander swallowed.  "I try to be a good boy."

"Are you going to be good for the rest of the day?"

"Of course."  He tried to move but Sam held him down.  "Dean wants to reward me."

Sam blinked down at Dean then at Xander.  "You knew to call for help."  He held him down and snuggled in.  "Watch him, Xander.  Let him show you what to do next time."

"But...."  Dean let out a deeper moan, letting his thighs part and fall with his knees to the bed.  "I can."  He was staring.  Sam smiled at Dean, letting him do whatever he wanted until Xander was truly drooling.  Then he let him go, watching him pounce Dean onto the bed, licking across the head of his cock while he took over stroking and fondling duties.

"Oh, that's nice, Xander.  Take the hair down?"  Xander reached back to undo his braid.  Sam helped, letting it cascade around them.  Dean let him do whatever he wanted because this blowjob was *nice*.  He leaned back against the bedpost, letting Xander lick wherever he wanted.  Ball sucking?  Yeah, he was up for that.  Xander moved back and pulled Dean's hips further out for him to get easier access.   That tongue was a lethal weapon of distraction.  He didn't even mind when a finger joined it because that spot, that wonderful spot, was hit and he was blissed out on the jolts of pleasure running through him.  When one finger became two he blinked at Xander.  "Not tonight.  My birthday or yours."

Xander grinned.  "I could."

"My birthday or yours, Xander.  Make it special."

"I helped defeat an alien invasion."

"That is special," Sam teased.

"Bitch, come blow me if he is going to go there."

Sam blinked at him.  "Um, no.  Still weirded out by that thought.  Sorry."  He fled.

"Put on some clothes, Samuel.  I taught you better manners than that!" John yelled.

"Sorry!"  Sam fled to his room.

"Does he get that?" Dean asked.

Xander shrugged.  "Once."

Dean winced as the two fingers moved to three.  "Slower."  Xander went back to sucking him and it was nice.  Very nice.  He could get lost in that again.  Xander reached for something then it floated over to him.  "No magic in bed."

"If I did, I could stretch you that way."  He kissed his balls then licked over them and up to the head of the hard cock.  "Dean, can I?"

"Sure."  Xander grinned, going back to teasing him as he lubed him up better.  The slick stuff was warm.  It felt a bit funny but okay.  He tensed up a bit when Xander shifted up to kiss and nibble on his throat and lips.  A hand was teasing him and a hardness was trying to push in.  Xander shifted his hips for him then the pressure grew.  Finally it breached him and slid in.  Dean moaned, panting through it.  Xander made it good.  He took his attention until it felt better.  Then Xander shifted and it was good.  He could get used to this now and then.  Not all the time but for special occasions.

Xander hit that magic spot inside him and he saw stars.  He did it again and Dean's own GHSness came out to beg.  He'd never beg but that little part of him was making him.  He was begging so badly.  He was sure the others could hear but this felt too good to care.  Xander shifted his legs up over his shoulders and slid in harder.  "Yeah, like that!"  Xander kissed him again, riding him as hard as he wanted.  In, out, a slight twist of his hips at the apex of the thrust.  Some shallower ones then a good few slams in.  Dean wiggled off his back, flipping over for him.  Xander growled, teasing his back with his tongue while riding him.  Dean was going to lose his mind.

"Beg me, Dean.  Tell me," Xander whispered into his damp skin.

"Xander, God!"

"That's me," he agreed, nipping him hard before pulling back to ride him as hard as he could.  Dean whined but Xander came back again and again and again until Dean was howling in pleasure.  Then he finally came and Xander went over just after him, panting into his back.  He kissed the bite mark, then flopped down, pulling Dean with him.  Dean whimpered at the new thrust into his sensitized ass.  "Mine?"

"Yours," Dean agreed.  "The same as you're mine."  He could feel the smile.  His boy fell asleep, letting Dean wiggle free.  He flipped onto his other side.  Xander was already moving to trap him so he let him and relaxed.  He needed to nap off that strain.  Xander knew not to pin him in bed but he would cuddle him to death if he let him.  Dean wiggled a bit freer and Xander tried to follow so Dean flipped over Xander and held him instead.  That worked.  Xander sighed in pleasure and snored.


John looked down the hallway.  "I hear snoring, it's safe."

Bobby came out of the armory.  "I don't want to know what they did but my girl never made those sort of noises."

"It's probably a good thing she didn't call Xander's name," Sam teased.  Bobby swatted him but he grinned back.  "Think the toast's done?"  John nodded, nibbling on his.  Sam went back to cooking now that Dean wasn't being loud.  "Am I...."

"Yes," John interrupted.  "Most of the time, son."


"You'll figure out how to muffle the sound in there even if you do have to put up some more insulation," Bobby assured him.  When Dean finally wandered out Bobby smirked at the way he was walking.  "Bit sore?" he teased.

"Not one word.  He decided it was a special occasion after helping this morning."  He sat down.  Sam got him some coffee and he stole his father's plate.  "Xander should be fully down at the moment."

"I'm proud, son."

"Not all my doing.  Daniel said he let loose on them."  He dug in, humming as he ate.  Xander came wobbling in.  "Xander, clothes."  Xander turned around and wandered back to the bedroom.  Dean shook his head but went back to eating.  He'd probably need his energy later.  The phone rang so he snatched it.  "What?"  He listened.  "Hey, Xander, Steve's on the phone!"  He listened to him complain.  "Why is that a problem, Steve?  Didn't he make more than that recently?"  He nodded at the information he got.  "Which end is it on?"  He smiled.  "Leave that end alone for now.  Concentrate on the ones closer?"  He grinned.  "That'll work.  Thanks, Steve.  Yeah, we're good.  Kinda.  What was on the news?  Oh, the spirits.  Yeah, that was Xander's hair and butt.  They solved it.  It's fine.  At least you didn't get to see him in hero mode after that."  He ate a bite of breakfast but let Xander sit on his leg.  "Steve was complaining that three of the houses in the neighborhood on the other end of the street are up for sale."

"Don't worry about those.  Worry about closer."  He took the phone.  "Hi, Steve.  Had to put on clothes.  Napping off my celebration."  He kissed Dean on the forehead.  "Actually, I might be able to solve that.  I did get some more presents."  Steve let out a deep, guttural moan.  "Not my fault the demon wanted me and I led a revolt.  His concubines said no faster than I did.  I know, I should tattoo it somewhere on me so they only have to look.  Maybe on a buttcheek so I can point to it and the lipstick kiss I'd put underneath it."  Steve, John, and Bobby all laughed.

"No tattoos," Dean said.  "I'm not sure if they'd work or not."

"Nope.  I asked Adam."  Xander went back to listening. "I'm told there is one but they have to embed it magically."  Steve went over what he had in the bank and in what areas.  "Steve, you know very well I have no idea what you're talking about beyond savings, checkings, and Steve deals with it categories, right?"  Steve said something smart.  "I know but still.  Even with me not being backed up it doesn't mean a whole lot to me.  Sure, come on down.  Bring a friend for when we close on that other house.  There's some good spas in town and some nice shopping."  Daniel walked in with the dogs.  "And an anthropologist who was helping earlier that probably wants to ask more questions about how I sent a whole bunch of bad guys to their knees earlier with my hormones.  Why would your brother's partner care?  Oh, he is?  Sure, bring him down if I haven't met him at the conventions.  Thanks, Steve."  He hung up.  "Steve'll be down the weekend that we get back from Boston."

"That's fine," John agreed.  "Which house was up for sale?  I haven't seen a sign."

"The blue house.  The drug dealer's house will be going up soon at auction.  The neighbor between us and the blue house is being moved to DC soon so hers is going up.  That'll give us a bit more protection in case something happens again.  Plus so we can take a challenge off holy ground."  He looked at Dean.

"He wouldn't leave."

"Ares said he blocked any harmful side effects since you were near the border of it."

"Thank you.  What's up, Daniel?"

"I came to ask Xander some more nosy questions."

"Let him eat first," Sam ordered.  Daniel nodded.  "Want some?"

"No thank you.  I'm good.  Jack and Sam are figuring out how they got down here."  He pulled a spare chair over to sit in it.  "Do you all know about this game?"  Bobby nodded.  "How?"

"Sam nearly died in front of us," John said.  "Xander died during a snatching.  Dean died during their learning road trip.  Sam found out first and told us not to worry because otherwise we'd think what those other hunters thought.  That they had taken a demonic deal."

"There's another immie hunting," Xander told him.  They all looked at him.  "He showed up, got out of the car, saw me and groaned.  Asked me if that's how the rumors got started.  I nodded.  He asked how the others knew and I pointed out that we got snatched and stuff so they assumed when Dean got stabbed and it healed one day where he couldn't hide it very well.  He said he'd talk to them for us about not having taken a deal.  That it was forced on them thanks to the demons who want me.  Oh, Daniel, that one this morning gave me a realm.  Want a realm?"

"No, not really."

"Me either."  A messenger demon appeared, handed over a sealed note, then left.  Xander read it.  "Shoot.  Vessie said I can't give it away, sell it, or auction it off this time."

"Maybe we can store some of the presents over there," Sam suggested.  Dean nodded, liking that idea.

"Would others be able to steal it?" John asked.

Xander shrugged.  "I'm going to let them take back their ill-timed presents if they want, John.  That way it doesn't look like I'm encouraging them."

"That's a good idea," he agreed.  One appeared next to Sam.  He held out the box with a worshipful look.  "You do realize Sammy's a demon hunter?" he asked dryly.

"He can hunt me down any day," the demon moaned.  "Please, Master Sam?"

"Xander's my only pet," he said, giving it a look.  "I'm not taking acolytes either."

The demon pouted.  "Not even when you go evil?"

"I'm not going to go evil.  If I do, Dean and Xander will have to hunt me down and beat me until I give it up.  The same as I would if they went bad."

"He's a pet, he can't do much," he laughed.

Xander pulled the demon over, looking into his eye stalks.  "Do you know who I am without the hormones?" he asked patiently.  The demon slowly shook his head.  "Xander Harris.  Buffy's Xander."  The demon swallowed.  "That one, yes.  The one the Powers hate beyond everything because I created the two slayer problem.  If anyone's going to go dark, it's me because I'm also a berserker."  He smiled sweetly, then patted it on the head.  "Sam is not accepting presents except from his family and friends on his birthday.  Only I get to spoil Sam.  Anyone else tries and they'll get to paddle me when I ruin *that* realm too."  The demon moaned.  "Am I clear?"

"Yes, Lord Xander.  Very clear."  He bowed.  "Thank you for correcting me."

"You're welcome.  Remember, I never intend to ruin realms that way unless you piss me off."  The demon nodded faster and left with his present.

"You go evil and I'm going to spank," Dean assured him.  "Then Sammy will.  Then Dad will, Xander."

"I know.  That's why I'm not going to go evil this year."  He grinned.  "Why would I want to rule the world?  It's a lot of headaches and paperwork.  I'd have to hormone them all and then take over while letting them work things out in the bedroom.  It'd be nice but bad of me.  Even Adam would spank for that."  He slid out of Dean's lap.  "I'm going to go back to my sit ups.  My abs are flabby again and I can't have that."

"They're rock hard," Sam corrected, pulling him into his lap.  "We'll keep each other from going evil," he said with a grin.  Xander grinned back, kissing him.  Sam pulled back.  "Brush your teeth?"

"I did!"

"Thank you."  He dove in again, making his boy happy.  "I only need one present."

"You're only getting two."

"Then I can accept that."  Faith walked in.  "Have a good run in the park?"

"Pretty decent.  The military's all over town today.  Must be a free roaming day."  She got herself some coffee and put on another pot before coming over to wiggle into the free spot between Dean and John.  "What's the DT?  Hi, Daniel."

"Hi, Faith.  I came to find out more about how Xander stopped a problem this morning.  Which is why we're all over town."  She reached over to smack Xander, getting a hurt look.  "It was good he was there.  No one else would've seen and it would've been harder to stop them."

"That's why I sent the pictures," Xander told him.

"That was a good idea.  That way we knew what and who we were dealing with."  He smiled.  "How did you do that?"

"Um, huh."  He frowned then walked him into the study to go over the book Adam had handed him about how to put blocks on the hormones so you don't leak them all over.  The book would probably have all the answers he wanted.  Not like Xander had a science background.  He bounced back into the kitchen, getting his breakfast from Sam.  Faith too.  Dean went to get a shower and then get dressed for the day, again, but Sam was content to sit around in his sweats with him.

Dean came back, looking at Xander and how he was sitting on his hair.  "Xander, I think it's time to cut some of the hair off."

"I like my hair."

"Not all of it, just a trim," Sam told him.  "Is it longer than your wires?"  Xander nodded at that.  "Then it should be trimmed to fit inside that.  Otherwise it's a liability in a fight."

"Good point I guess," he sulked.

"How about a good foot?" Dean suggested.  "That's this much," he measured with his hands.  "So it'd be here again," he said with a finger to the right area of Xander's back.  "It'd get rid of the split ends and where you've got a few shorter pieces that bother you when you braid it."

"That might still be longer than his wires," Sam said.

"Wires?" Bobby asked.

"He has this leather and wire set that he can braid into his hair for battles.  The wires are thin, sharp, and will cut through leather and softer metals," Dean told him.  Bobby shuddered.  "It means no one can grab his hair in the middle of a fight and use it against him."

"It also makes it harder to cut it off," Xander agreed.

"We can get one of them out and braid it to see where we need it trimmed to."  Sam went to get one and came out to do that for him.  Just a sloppy braid but that was fine.

"Ah!  Not that sort!" John said, taking the small band he was going to use to mark the spot.  "That means he's your mate or ownership."

"Oops."  He marked it by hand.  Dean got a few pieces with a kitchen knife.  "Now we need to cut to that area."  He kissed Xander once his hair was undone.  "That's to here," he said, running a finger along that line on Xander's back.  "Still more than long enough to do everything with."

"I don't know how he stands having that sort of hair," Faith said.  "I know I couldn't."

"You get used to it," Xander said with a grin.  "Even if Dean does complain when I wear hair sticks or pins to bed."

"Poking hurts," he complained.  "When are we going to the hairdresser for a new conditioning treatment?"  Xander went to call her.  He smiled at Sam.  "Thank you," he said quietly.  "He was sitting on it."

"I don't mind it if he doesn't but I don't want it to be a liability.  The hair blanket I get some nights is very comfortable."

"I always end up tangled up in it."  He sat down.  Xander came back.  "When can she work you in?"

"Later tonight.  She'll leave later."  He sat in Dean's lap this time, earning a smile from everyone.  "I'm meant to be lap bait."

"You are," Dean agreed, shifting him.  "But that kinda hurt, Xander."  He got a kiss of apology.  "Thanks.  Get me more coffee?"  Xander did that and got himself a soda too.  They waited on Daniel to come out of the study.  Or squeak at the present drawer Dean couldn't shut earlier.  Daniel finally came out reading so they got him some coffee and made him read in the sun.  He never seemed to get out of the mountain these days.  He'd come find them later when he wanted to ask questions.  Dean and Xander went back to wrapping Sam and Faith's presents for their birthdays.  Faith and John went to look around the grounds.  Bobby got to work training Eris to listen to him instead of Xander.  It was good of her but she was his dog, not the boy's.


Daniel walked onto his base later that night, nodding at the guards as he signed in.  "Anything going on?"

"No sir, but the General was looking for you."

"I'm heading there now.  I have a lot of answers for him."  He used his pass on the elevator, getting in to start the long trip into the mountain.  Thirty stories later he came out onto the main SGC floor with the general and Sam Carter waiting on him.  "I have read the book they give the new GHS members about how to put on blocks and broadcast."

"Good," she said.  "Anything useful since the Tok'ra claim they're peaceful people who are good?"

"Yes."  He walked off with them.  "There's a blood test to tell who is and who isn't GHS."

"Interesting," the general agreed.  "We let the ones who aren't dangerous go?"

"The others based on whether or not they're going to be a pain in our asses again, sir," Daniel offered.  That got a smirk.  "The main one, no."  He walked into the lab, getting a piece of chalk from McKay to write it on the board.  "This is the chemical component that reacts with their level.  The darker it is, the higher they are.  Xander's test showed Dean in the orange/reddish range.  Xander's was fully black."

"So the lesser ones we'll be able to tell with a few drops of blood in a litmus paper style test," Sam said.  Daniel pulled out the test kit he had borrowed.  She looked it over.  "Not that hard to do."

McKay leaned over to look.  "What is this for?"

"Testing certain types of hormone levels," Sam Carter said quietly, glancing around.

"They're off in the commissary eating dessert to mope because I made Miss Rosenburg work in Botany today."

"Buffy's training is going well," she offered.  "Can we make our own?"

"I have to give most of that back to Xander," Daniel said.  "Can we make the three bottles since the testing strip is simple gauze?"

McKay read the bottles and got what they needed together.  It wasn't that hard to mix.  "How long have they had this?"

"They formed the group in the sixteen hundreds.  They found out it was hormones almost as soon as they found the existence of hormones.  The testing kit since the late fifties, early sixties."

"Interesting."  McKay tested it on his own blood.  "Of course, nothing.  Which does make me incredibly pleased."

"There are the pleasures of the mind," Daniel said dryly.  "Xander said they're not his but there may be some lower levels that are."  Sam held out a piece of gauze.  "I tested mine earlier to see the effects.  Non registering."  She tested hers then they took the small bit of Xander's blood he had come back with to test.  That showed up in the dark red/black range.  "He's not backed up today."

"After this morning I'd hope not," she complained.  They took their test kit to test the alien's blood in the infirmary.  Janet had pulled more than enough for them.  The six GHS they found were mostly in committed relationships.  The General gathered them to talk to them about how they wanted to turn others into them.  Most got the point and said they'd never be back.  The one who didn't, the one in charge, was the problem.  The rest were let free but she was going to stay in custody.  Maybe they'd get Xander to talk to her.  Or maybe they'd let the Tok'ra take her and talk to her when she did it to them instead.  They'd figure that out tomorrow.  Daniel subtly tested some of Jack's blood when he came in from practice with a cut.  Non registering.  Buffy and Willow's were the same when McKay tested them.  Thankfully.

There was one airman who did register but he gave them an alarmed look when called in and he saw what was on the table.  He knew but he was hiding it and dealing with it.  The general got to ask all the questions he wanted about strategic use in the field.  Daniel gave him the book he had borrowed and told him how Xander could think his higher if needed to escape.  The guy nodded he could try that.  As long as he didn't turn into a lab rat.  They agreed it wasn't going to come to that.  But if it helped on a field team he'd be put on one.  They all agreed that was reasonable.  It's be a great help to a rescue team.


Dean looked up as Xander slid down next to him on the couch, frowning at the key ring he was holding out.  "What's that for?"  It was a few days before Sam's birthday but he wasn't expecting presents too.  He wasn't sure how Xander had gotten them either since he had been locked in the house after the alien thing a week back.

"The rings around the top are the color of which car they go to.  That way there's an extra set if something happens."

Dean took them to look at.  "Thanks, Xander."  He got a kiss.  "You didn't have to."

"Did so.  I've already lost the keys to the porsche once.  Faith found them thankfully.  You need them for safety reasons beyond the usual reasons.  This way you have a set.  Bobby's got a set too."

"Not Dad?"

"I figured he'd get Bobby's set if he needs them."

Dean grinned.  "He probably could."  He took a kiss.  "One laying around the house too?"


"Good."  He gave him the cuddle he wanted.  The keys went into his pocket.  That meant he could drive the porsche again sometime soon.  The dog started to bark before whoever knocked on the door.  "Sammy!"

"I can get it."  He bounced over to answer it.  "Steve!"  He gave him a hug.  "Hi, you're early."

"I'm going to Boston with you.  I need to see what we're liquidating again."  He pulled someone in.  "This is Blair Sandburg."

Xander stared at him.  He knew the look on his face.  "Your partner didn't like it?"


"Meany."  He gave him a hug too.  "It'll be okay, Blair.  We're used to us around here."  He walked them into the study.  "See, even a messy desk, Steve.  I was working on the budget again."

Steve looked.  "Not bad.  I don't know why you planned six hundred for movies."

"They're expensive to buy.  I'm branching into anime since it was an earlier love."

Blair smiled.  "It's good you've set yourself up this way, Xander."  He looked around.  "This is nice."

"Very but I'm hardly ever in here these days.  Go ahead and sit.  The present drawer is still stuck slightly open, Steve.  The other box is in the closet."  He pulled it out and over for him.  "There."  He walked Blair off.  "I have an anthropologist who wanted to ask more nosy questions because he caught me using mine offensively.  Can you speak his language for me?"

"I can.  That's my field too, Xander."

"Cool!"  He called Daniel.  "I have an anthropologist down here.  Steve brought him.  He does know.  Thank you.  And bring back my testing kit?  Sam's claiming he's not backed up and won't let me help.  Thanks, Danny."  He hung up and bounced off to get drinks then to babble at Blair.  Blair could babble back so he was great!

Daniel showed up with Jack, who went to talk to Dean about an upcoming problem they wanted Xander out of the city for.  Daniel was pointed out back when he found Steve.  Xander and Blair were learning a lot about each other.  He knew that guy.  "Sandburg, right?"

"Yeah."  He looked.  "Jackson.  Strange pyramid theories?"


"Classified," Blair said.

"Ditto."  Xander slipped away while they sat down to talk to each other.  Somehow they got food and drinks an hour later and didn't realize it either.  They were too busy talking to each other about their fields and what they knew in common.

Jack looked out from the back door.  "Geek lust," he complained.

Xander bopped him on the arm.  "Daniel deserves to be happy."

Jack looked at him.  "I need him in the field now and then."

"Steve said Blair used to follow his brother, Detective Ellison, into the field all the time."

"Really?"  Xander nodded.  "Where is Steve?"

"Office groaning at the presents.  Fondling maybe."

"I'll knock first," he decided, going to talk to him about Blair.  "Hey."  Steve looked up.  "Pulling out your hair?"

"Not as much as I could be."  He smiled.  "What's going on?"

"They're in geek lust."

"That's good.  Blair could use it.  Jim had a GHS case recently where one was overloaded and went off by accident.  Got stolen, that stuff."  Jack groaned.  "He saved him and they knew Blair.  Talked to Blair, Blair got them talked down and into lessening it with some of the herbs.  Jim apparently set up an unholy racket later that night with the argument.  Blair pointed out his was under control at the moment and it wasn't affecting anything.  They've been together for a few years and he knew Jim was going to be uncomfortable so he never told him.  Jim kicked him out and it's bad back at home.  That's why I'm early."

Jack nodded.  "Daniel and he seem to be great friends for just meeting."

"Good.  Blair makes a lot of contacts but not a lot of true friends."  He smiled.  "Yes, if he was offered he might move.  I don't know what Jim would do.  Jim's senses depend on Blair being around."


"How high is your classified materials rating?  They rated Jim about a fourteen."


"Jim's a sentinel.  Enhanced senses.  Blair's his guide.  The one who teaches him how to use them and keeps him out of a coma when they go haywire."

Jack grimaced.  "Would not having Blair send him off the deep end?"

"Probably but Jim's being a jackass.  Blair said he found a few other guide candidates so they may work instead.  You'd have to ask Blair that question."

"I'd need to get him approved first," Jack admitted.  Steve handed over the phone from the desk.  He called.  "General Hammond, Jack O'Neill.  No, we're fine.  No invasions, no kidnapings, nothing like that at the moment."

"They're already back and I was highly insulted," Xander said as he walked past the door.  "Daniel's in the shower and Blair's in mine."

"Thanks, kid."  He listened.  "They're fine.  Blair?  That's Blair Sandburg, sir."  He waited while he looked up his name.  "So he told everyone he lied to cover up the truth, but he didn't lie....  Sounds like Daniel's earlier problems with his ideas.  Well, sir, actually, I think they can get along *very* well."  He smirked because the general had caught the hint.  "I know that, General, but contractors aren't.  Danny's still a civilian."  He nodded.  "You could, yeah.  Can Blair stay here for a few days?"

"We are.  Then we're going to Boston for the convention."

"That's great.  Here for a few days, sir, then the convention in Boston.  Yes, that one.  Sure, I'll ask him.  Thanks, sir."  He hung up and went to find Daniel in the bathroom.  He closed the door, staring at him.  "How good is it?" he asked bluntly.

"Jack, what are you talking about?"

"You and the new geek."  Daniel blushed.  "Talked to Hammond."


"Calm down.  He said he's recruitable."


"Really."  He opened the door.  "Tell us by the end of the convention?"

"I can do that but I'm not going to Boston."

"So go lurk nearby, Danny boy."  He walked off, going to talk to Blair.  "He gets a bit loud when you say things that shock him."

Blair smiled.  "Most people do.  Some people make it an artform."  He pointed where Xander was squealing over something Steve had brought with him.  "From a very nice, special chocolate shop in Las Vegas.  Apparently it's squeal worthy."

Jack smiled.  "Then it's probably good for the kid."  He looked at him.  "Do you have any idea what we do?"

"Some.  I've seen his theories in the past.  Saying it was classified earlier was like confirming it's at least partially true but you can't speak about it."

"We have a whole anthropology and languages department, Sandburg."

"I...  Well I may have a job to go back to.  I'm not real sure," he admitted.

"Tell us by the end of the convention in Boston.  See if you two are more squeal than fire."


"Good.  I'm leaving Danny for dinner," he said more loudly.

Xander looked at him.  "That means I have to cook."  He rushed to find what was in the kitchen.  John shooed him out and ordered.  "Hey!  I can cook!"

"You can cook later.  We've got to use a few of the things before heading to Boston.  Did we make the flight reservation, Steve?"

"Private plane plus your truck and the Impala," he agreed.  Xander beamed at him for it.  He felt his insides warm up and his mind go gooey.  Sam kissed Xander and it ended.  "That's a strong gift."

"Yes it is," Dean agreed.  He pulled Xander into his lap.  "What do we need to bring with us?"

"We'll figure that out tomorrow.  Along with weather concerns for clothes."  They all nodded.  "Now I know why the organization doesn't make plans too far in advance.  You'd forget."

Xander stuck his tongue out at him.  "Do not."

"You would."

"Keep it up and I'll recommend a few others talk to you about their money."

"Are they going to have demon suitors too?"

"Probably not."

"Then that's fine.  I've been living off my commission from you since I turned in the track's owner for a lot of problems."  John smirked at that.  "He pays me well."

"You and the trainer.  Did we tell him, boys?"

"Practice is tomorrow.  We were going to tell him then," Dean told him.  "Give him a long weekend."

"That's reasonable," Steve agreed.  "The later classes are set up to start next month on his recommendation.  You'll be going there but it's a small class situation so you should still be pretty safe."  Xander nodded at that.  "Good."  He looked at John.  "Do I need to write out a check for dinner?"

"I used his card."

Steve smiled.  "It's nice when places take them over the phone."  Daniel and Blair came out talking.  Jack snuck out past Daniel, stranding him there for a bit.  The two scientists were deep in a discussion about an ancient language Xander had probably heard of but no one else had.

"Is that one of the squiggly line languages or one of the picture languages?" Xander asked.

"Squiggly line ones," Blair told him.  "You have two books in it in the library."

"Oh, okay."  He grinned.  "Research.  Kinda sucked but we had research parties with food so it made it better."

"You are *so* backed up, dude," Sam complained.

Xander stuck his tongue out.  "Not my fault."

Dean kissed him.  "We'll fix it later, Xander."  Xander nodded, getting comfortable next to him.  They made a striking picture.  Even Steve was looking appreciative.  John got dinner when it came and it was all good again.   They could relax, watch the geeks get to know each other better, and see if they could arrange for Blair to be married to the military like Daniel was.


Xander walked into the convention hotel, looking around.  "It's awfully quiet for one of our conventions.  Is everyone asleep with jetlag?"

"They're all in the conference rooms, sir."  She took the sheet Steve held out with the reservation, checking him in.  "I see you have a three bedroom suite?"  Xander nodded.  "And another room?"

"For me," Steve said.  "So I don't keep him up working on his bank accounts."

"That's fine, sir."  She handed over key cards.  "There you go.  If you need anything just dial eight on the phone, sir.  Convention registration is back through the double doors and to the right."

"Thank you."  He walked that way, nearly bouncing again.  He saw the desk girl and she squealed, bouncing up to hug him.  "Am I late?  The pilot decided to divert near Illinois for some reason."

"No, not in the least.  We're doing the pre-convention chatting and bragging, Xander."  She signed him in then the rest of them.  She looked at Blair.  "Are you a keeper, sir?"

He pulled out his card.  "It's a bit old but Xander brought me."

"Ah.  Broke up?"


She smiled, making him a convention packet too.  "There you go."  She looked at Steve.

"Just an escort and his financial person," he said quickly, earning a smile.  "I'm here to keep the shopping to a minimum unless he cashes out a present."

"There's someone coming in tomorrow to talk about that.  You might want to talk to him, sir."  She handed over a sheet on that talk.  "There you go.  Adam's somewhere inside, Xander."

"Thank you."  He kissed her then walked inside dragging Blair with him.  "I'm being a good boy and helping Blair with his arranged marriage," he quipped at one odd look.

"Arranged marriage?" Sam asked.

"We arranged for them to meet.  They hit it off.  Daniel's married to his job and Blair can be his second spouse."

Blair laughed.  "That does kind of fit, yeah."  He waved at a few people he knew, getting smiles back.  Adam was talking with a tall brunette man.  "We can wait."

"No we can't.  I get hugging rights even if Ray does growl.  Adam said so."  He gave him a hug, grinning at him.  "Hi."

"You finally made it."

"The pilot wanted to divert over Illinois for some reason."

"Hormoned?" the brunette teased.

"Yup," Sam agreed.  "Hi, Sam Winchester.  This is Xander Harris.  Dean's around here somewhere.  We're Xander's keepers and lower levels ourselves."

"Tony DiNozzo.  NCIS now."  He shook their hands.  "Blair Sandburg?  We thought you had been taken."

"Only by college."  He gave Tony a hug.  "Xander set me up with another anthropologist recently.  We seem to be hitting it off pretty well."

"Congrats.  I'm still looking for a good keeper."  He grinned at Adam.  "Make some move to DC?"

"Then we might get Congress and that would be a bad thing," Xander pointed out.

Tony gave him an odd look.  "Why would we?"

"Last week he was half a block from where the local senator talking and the guy decided to find what was drawing him," Sam told him, getting a groan from Adam.

"Fortunately Jack drove him off," Blair agreed.

"Not my fault," Xander said weakly.  "I wasn't even backed up."

Adam gave him an odd look.  "You're sure?"

"Very.  I just got out of the spa.  I think he wanted to nibble on my hair.  It smelled good."  He let him sniff, getting a moan.

"He hadn't showered off after the sauna," Dean said as he joined them with a plate for Blair.  "Eat.  You missed breakfast."

"Thanks, Dean."

"Welcome."  He looked at the guy he didn't know.  "Hey.  Dean Winchester."  Tony blushed.  "Adopted.  Xander got adopted into the family too."

"That makes more sense."  He shook his hand.  "So what do you guys do?"

"Guard Xander," Sam and Dean said together, cracking Adam and Blair up.

"Our dad too.  Blair's future boss too," Dean added.

Blair nodded.  "I am thinking hard about taking Jack up on his offer.  It sounds like exciting work."  He nibbled on a covered berry.  "Oooh, that's good.  What is that?"

"Some of the cream stuff in the white fountain."  Blair went to get some more of it for dunking.  "We got him here safely and didn't have to do more than warn the pilot when he tried to divert," Dean told Adam.  "We wore Xander out last night and this morning and he still did it.  Could he be backed up in some strange way?"

"Perhaps one of his suitors is doing it?" he suggested.

"If so, I get to destroy somewhere else," Xander said happily.  Suddenly he felt much more clear headed.  "Hey, I think they quit."  He gave Tony a hug.  "How long have you been a member?  I didn't see you at the Las Vegas convention last year."

"About six years."

"That's pretty cool."  He looked at Adam.  "The stuff John and Steve supervised going upstairs has the new tapes.  They came out fantastic and Sam taught me how to teach what I was doing."

"Excellent."  He patted him on the back.  "Xander is one of our rare level tens.  He's not one of the ones who straddle the border like so many do."

"My hormones are in the stratosphere," Xander agreed, cracking Tony up.  "They can be."  He squealed and hugged someone, getting one back.  "I missed you at the spa."

"I can't go for a while.  I'm pregnant."

"Aww!" Xander cooed, patting her tummy.  "That's so special.  Congrats!  What do you want for a baby present?  So I can find something tasteful."

"Just anything like a stuffed animal, Xander.  Don't go for something too big."

"Fine, spoil my fun," he teased.  She smiled back.  "I'm buying a few of the houses in my neighborhood to give us more room and more safety."

"That's wonderful."

"My neighbors are uptight."  She laughed.  "Let me know if you need help or anything.  Not like I get out of the house all that often and we can help you hide if you need us to."

"I will."  She patted his hand.  "I need to get some punch for it."  He let her go and she went back to her trek for punch.

Xander smiled at Sam.

"Some year," Sam offered.  Xander pounced him to kiss.

Tony wiped off the sweat.  "He's very strong."

"Very," Adam agreed, clearing his throat.  "Not in the conference room, boys."  They both smiled at him.  "Steve's here?"  Xander nodded.  "Excellent.  How did the sale in LA go?"

"Very well," Xander said happily.  "Then late last month I got taken by something and I had to lead a revolt but I didn't say no as fast as the other concubines he had gathered.  So I've got a full drawer again."

"It happens, young one."

Xander smirked.  "When I get to be your age are you still going to call me that?"

"Yes."  Xander snorted, punching him on the arm.  "Tony sits on our self-defense panel.  Would you help him with that tomorrow?"

"I can do that."

"That'll help me," Tony agreed.  "A live demonstration model."

Xander grinned.  "I'm a bit better trained than most people think.  I take a lot of martial arts classes."

"Even better," Tony agreed.  "It'll keep you untaken."  Dean and Sam shook their heads.  "No?"

"No," Dean said.  "He's got too many suitors.  The only way to weed them down is to make them sorry."

"Which I do very well if they try anything," Xander pointed out.

"Yes you do," Dean agreed, making Tony smile.  "Today's just the usual speech and then the wander and nibble again?"  Adam nodded. "Xander, let's nap off the flight?"  Xander gave him a leer.  "After the nap."  Xander nodded and shook Tony's hand before they walked off.  Xander could find all his other friends later.

"He's very strong," Tony said quietly.

"Extremely so," Adam agreed, smiling at him.  "We almost made a separate category for him.  He's constantly backed up unless he has to use his hormones offensively."  He snagged Blair.  "Military service?"

"On Jack O'Neill's project.  Working with Daniel.  Who I kind of like."

"What did happen to that officer you were seeing?"

"He threw a fit after we got Terry back from his last kidnaping.  Kicked me out."

"Oh, dear," he sighed.  "He's here this weekend, Blair.  I saw him lurking earlier."

"He can blow me.  Daniel appreciates me when I babble.  Jim never did.  Jim didn't want to talk about anything.  He decided I was abnormal and immoral because of this.  This is why I didn't tell him originally.  I'm going to stick by my instincts.  Can I avoid him?"

"You can try," Adam assured him.  Blair smiled.  "He may hunt you down."

"You have no idea, Adam."

Adam gave him a look.  "You'd be surprised, young one."  Blair blushed at that.  "I have seen others like him."

"Is this going to hurt him?"

"If it was his decision it's more likely to hurt you than him.  He can choose another helper."  He stroked his back.  "We'll work it out."  Blair nodded, sipping his drink.  "How has Xander been?"

"There was a hilarious chase scene yesterday when Xander snuck off to the spa on his own.  Sam realized it and ran out of the house then came back to get Dean and his keys.  John got called on the way out the door.  He got up from his nap and followed at a dead run for the truck.  I almost thought it was an emergency."  He nibbled on another berry.  "Then again, I saw Xander's last two suitors.  Including one that went up in flame because Dean was barbequing."  Adam smirked at that.  "Not all Xander's suitors are normal people," he said at Tony's horrified look.  "Really."

"You mean like those funny looking people?"

Blair nodded.  "Demons, yeah.  Blew my mind but hey... it happens."  He shrugged. "Just hopefully not to me or Danny."

"You'll find a good match," Adam assured him.  "Ah, Ray and Tabitha.  You missed Xander, Dean, and Sam."

"No, we saw the bouncy ball of boy," Ray assured him.  Adam gave him a look.  "He pounced."

"He's like that," Blair agreed.  "Hi, Blair Sandburg."

"Tabitha.  I live in Xander's town too."

"I'm seriously thinking about joining Jack O'Neill's project at the base."

"Interesting.  They do some strange things up there.  Wasn't he retired?  I know he was guarding Xander and said he was retired."

"He got recalled when they figured out they couldn't do without him," Adam told her.  "Xander told me during an email."

Tony shook his head quickly.  "The boy certainly gets around."

"A lot," Ray agreed.  Blair nodded quickly too.  "Like I said, a bouncy ball of boy."  The others laughed.  "Anything good from him?"

"New teaching tapes."

"Could be handy," Ray agreed with a leer at Adam.  "We'll see if anyone else is that coordinated."

"Are you insinuating that I'm not going to be?" Adam asked archly.

"I said we'd see," Ray told him.

"It sounded like you doubted."

Ray kissed him.  "I know you will be able to some day since you're so stubborn."

"Guys, kiss and make up," Speed said as he walked past them.

"I'll let him try before we settle this one, Speed."

"Uh-huh.  If it takes too long others will get involved and it'll start a betting pool."

"Xander made a new set of teaching tapes," Adam said, watching him walk off.

Speed smirked.  That was gossip worthy to be spread around.  He found a few familiar members.  "Xander made teaching tapes of that dance style he found."

"Think he'll let us copy them?" one asked.

"I asked him to," Adam called.

They all smiled.  That was good news.

Someone rushed in.  "Um, sir, there's been a problem in one of the member's rooms."

"Coming," Adam said.  Tony followed.  He gave him an odd look.  "We can handle it."

"Nothing scares stupid people doing stupid things like Federal agents."

"Good point."  They walked up and it wasn't even Xander's room.  One up the floor from him.  He coughed.  "Problems, ladies?" he called over the screaming match going on.

"My beloved sister is a whore," the one shouted.  "You turned her..."  Adam smacked her on the face.  "How dare you!  I'll have you arrested."

Tony pulled his badge.  She quieted.  "It is a hormonal condition.  Would you rather have her kidnaped?  Repeatedly."

"No," she sneered.  "I just got her back from one."

"We just got her back from one," Adam said firmly.  "Our people got her back after her hormones got her stolen because she wasn't handling the dumping of them very well."

She stepped forward.  "You let her be stolen."

"No, I let me be stolen," her sister corrected.  "I wasn't dumping my hormones well enough.  I had broken up with Tad.  Things were going to hell and I was backed up.  That's why I got stolen and I alerted people as soon as I could.  They got me free.  What did you do?  Since you didn't even know I was gone until I got back?"

"We were worried sick while you were in Tunisia!"

"That was two years ago.  I've been back, been taken another time, and then come back again," she shot back.   "I told Mom.  Apparently you didn't care."

"I did so!  I was in the middle of my own problems."

"Then let me have mine," she said.

"Ladies," Adam said.  "Let us digress to gentler conversation somewhere with softer seating where no one else is forced to overhear."

They went inside then they went back to arguing.  Adam sighed, looking at Tony.  "Let them," Tony said.  "As long as it doesn't escalate into violence or more running, shouting, or fleeing they're going to work it out."

Ray knocked then walked inside when the women let him in.  "Let me make this clear.  I am Detective Ray Kowalski as well as being a level seven and the National Head's boyfriend.  If this goes to a domestic or something that gets the cops called, I gotta deal with it.  I love the conventions as much as you do.  Do not make me work this weekend."  The member nodded at that.  "If you need us, have us paged and we'll mediate or give her whatever info she needs ta have."

"We'll figure it out," the member said.  "Thank you, Ray."

"Not a problem.  Xander's at the other end of the hall.  He's got Dean, Sam, and probably John again."  She nodded.  "Good."  He left, going back down there.  The hotel's manager gave him an odd look.  He held up his badge.  That got a relieved look and a nod.  He walked in and smiled.  "Already rested, Xander?"

"They're asleep."  He beamed and bounced over.  "I'm giving lessons," he called.  A few came to follow him to a corner of the room.  Xander got them lined up and showed them how to move into the first form.  They did, some more successfully than others.  He worked them through a full dance then did it with them.  The others clapped.  They bowed and Xander got them all drinks then moved on to teach them the next one.  A few retired for the day but the few diehards stayed to work with him on that one.  A few sore muscles and they were ready to do the next one.  That one got some more clapping but a few moans too.  Xander smiled.  "We'll do another two tomorrow after the lectures."  They bounced off to their partners, who cooed, babied, and got them treats.

"Xander, how many sets did you bring?" Adam called.

"Just one.  I figured we could find somewhere in the city to copy them."

"I can do that," Speed promised from his corner with Horatio.  Xander bounced off then came back ten minutes later with a stack of tapes.  "All of them?"

"All but two.  One's missing in the bag so I think it's still in the recorder and the other's scratched so we need to make a new copy.  They're both near the end of the series."

"I'll call around tonight," he promised.  The boy beamed and kissed him on the cheek before going to get himself some chocolate milk.

"It's a good thing I'm secure," Horatio said dryly.  He took his own kiss.

"You bounce enough for me."  He walked them off to their room to call a local CSI they knew.  He'd know a good place to have things copied.

Xander looked over as someone walked up to him.  "What can I help you with?"

"Sir, can we talk to you for a moment?"

"Depends.  Who are you?  Are you a member?"

"No, sir."

"Xander, no," Tony called.   Only a few places had people who wore suits that ugly.  He walked over.  "Good morning, gentlemen.  What do we want Mr. Harris for?"

"His weapons collection."

Xander snickered.  "What do you guys know about Sunnydale?"  They turned pale.  "Back then my hormones were under control thanks to the danger and Anya.  Now it's not.  Now all my stuff is under very good watch from my keepers, who do the same thing I used to do.  I also have a backup protector when he's off-base who's a colonel in the Air Force.  He recently decided to weed out my collection of anything big."

The FBI agents looked at him.  "You were active in Sunnydale?"

"I was Buffy's right hand before she went spastic and started to drink.  Then they told me not to come home after we brought down the Initiative.  I went on another road trip and my hormones went out of control."

"Your present collection?"

"Is under very close and safe monitoring by Colonel O'Neill.  He will beat my ass, literally, if he finds me buying anything bigger than a shotgun again.  Though quite a few were presents before.  What did you want to know about, gentlemen?"

They stared for a minute.  "You were...."

"The dark haired one.  My hair was shorter then."

"Oh!  That's why.  Baggy, loud clothes?"  Xander nodded.  "What happened?"

"My hormones came out.  Why is this an issue?"

"He turned it in."

"That's his problem.  Not mine.  I volunteered to lend him something to help with a situation he was handling.  He came to weed it out afterward."

"Sir, you do know it's illegal to own any of that?" one asked.

Xander walked them outside pointing at something.  "Do you see what that thing eating the valet is?"  One nodded quickly. The other was frozen.  "Hey!" he shouted.  The demon looked over then smirked and moved closer.  "Tell them who I am?"

"A concubine and a playtoy?"

"By name, baby.  Before I have to kick your ass and make your clan sorry."  The demon tried to make a grab but Xander stood there.  He pulled back and mumbled something then took the agents off to talk to them.  They came back ten minutes later.  "Thank you.  Now, can you disappear?  There's at least three other hunters inside."  The demon fled.  He looked at the agents.  "I still handle things.  Only bigger things instead of daily hunting like I used to."

"Where is Miss Summers?"

"Ask Colonel O'Neill about her or Miss Rosenburg."

"Fine, sir."  He straightened himself out.  "Are you a present danger to the US?"

"Only if you guys try to hurt us.  I'm more than happy to live my life and leave everything not harmful alone.  As the local cops would tell you.  They're very nice and they watch over me very well.  Also, Faith has no access to the anything like that since she's on probation.  Are we still in trouble?"

"Sir, there's a problem brewing out there."

"Angel is handling it and he'll call if he needs me.  Or Faith.  Or he can call Jack to get Buffy.  Really.  We worked this out among ourselves."

The agents nodded.  "That's good to know, sir.  Are you dangerous to us?"

"Only if I think you're being mean.  Then I'll make you beg."  He grinned sweetly.  "Anything else?  I'm missing Adam's speech."

"Go," the formerly frozen one said.  "You're good with us.  We'll take this up later if we need to."  Xander nodded, heading back inside.  He looked at his partner.  "We think there's a reason why Sunnydale was abandoned.  We'll check with that Colonel O'Neill.  See what he still has.  Just in case we need it.  Then we'll take care of whatever has to come up."

"Yes, sir.  Was he a bit creepy to you?"

"Very.  But we'll handle it."  They walked off to look up this Colonel.  That way they could talk to the others and find out what they needed to know.  Harris being the go-to guy out there was very odd to them.  Then again, he said his behavior had changed.  Maybe it had changed a lot.

Xander smiled at Adam.  "They're going to talk to Jack.  It's fine.  They wanted to know Sunnydale stuff."  Dean looked over at him.  "Jack turned in the weeding out he had done."

"Good soldiers do that," he agreed.  He came over.  "Are we going to get Feds on the doorstep?"

"No.  I told them Faith can't access anything."

"Good."  He called home anyway to warn her.  She said she'd handle it and warn Jack.  They followed everyone else in to listen to Adam's speech this year.  Then they went back to meeting, greeting, bragging, eating, and nagging a few members who needed it.


Blair looked over as Jack walked over to where he was sitting.  "Problems?"

"I'd like to spank Xander for sending them my way."

"You're the one who turned it in," Blair said dryly.  "That's a quote."

"Goodie."  He handed over a folder.  "Yours."  Blair hesitated then opened it to look over.  "You've still got a few days."

"It seems less insane when Daniel's around."

"Fortunately he's napping in the car under the dose of antihistamines I dropped into his coffee on the plane."  He sat down, looking at him.  "It's insane.  I'll agree it's insane.  It warps your mind every single trip and every single call."

Blair nodded.  "But it could be worse?"

"We do important work.  There's been a lot of missteps and enemies.  Some that we only had to show up being our charming selves to create.  We need people who understand people and where they came from to help us quit making mistakes like that and to help us when we do it anyway."

"You have others."

"Who understand some European and Asian cultures.  No one understands native cultures the way you do.  We run into a lot of them that've retreated back to clans and that type of group."  Blair nodded.  "Plus I can guarantee the guy who gave you the black eye won't get near you again without a lot of help."

"He's across the street."

"We have presidential oversight, Blair.  He can be in deep for that."  Blair shook his head. "You're not the strangest we've taken in.  We've recently gotten Xander's friend Buffy."  Blair shuddered.  "She's dried out.  It's better.  She's focused.  She did pretty good on her trial field case."

"That's good," he agreed quietly.  "How bad will it be?"

"Depends on if you're safely back on base, where you'll only get a few invasion problems, or if you're in the field.  Being on base means you won't have competing schedules with Danny."

Daniel walked over with a yawn.  "Are we aware there's a pissed off detective across the street and Xander's staring at him?"

Blair looked over.  "Jim, do not pounce Xander.  Xander?" he called.  He waved him over.

Xander stared at him.  "No."  He looked at the guy again.  "I'm hyper-protective, dear.  Blair's my posse now."  The detective snorted evilly.  Xander started to move but Sam walked him off.  "Hey!"

"Not now, Xander."  Sam sat him down and got them coffee, then made sure Xander stayed there.

Daniel smiled.  "Thank you, Xander.  It's wonderful to be protected by you."

Xander beamed.  "You're welcome.  I can be overprotective anytime you need me to."

"That's my job," Jack said.  He shook his head, looking at Blair again.  "So?"

Daniel smiled.  "On base or off?"

"I could like not having much excitement for a while," he admitted.  "A lot less kidnapings.  I hate being kidnaped."  He clicked his pen.

"Don't you dare, Blair," Jim said, stomping over.

Blair looked up at him.  "They appreciate me, hormones and all."  He looked at the papers then back at Jim.  "I'd be safe?"

"As safe as we can make you," Jack agreed.

"You're mine, Sandburg."

"You tossed me away," Blair told him.  "How am I yours?"

"This isn't you."

"This has been me since I was in my undergrad, Jim."  He pulled out his membership card and held it up.  "See the date?"  Jim went pale, shaking his head.  "I was handling it just fine before and after you accused me of being some sort of high class rent boy.  They actually need me to do what I'm trained to do.  You decided you didn't.  I left you a list of possible guides.  Have a good working relationship."  He signed the paper and handed it to Jack.  "I'm yours."

"Thanks, Blair."  He looked at Daniel.  "We can go over the rest of this where there's no people staring since we're classified."

"He's coming back to Cascade."

"To do what?" he asked.  "To be killed on a case?"

"What're you going to be doing for them?"

"Anthropological research.  The same stuff I've been doing now for over ten years.  I nearly ruined my career for you, Jim.  To protect you."  He stared at him.  "Even before my mother tried her crap I was missing a lot of stuff that was important to my career for yours.  I'm not your wife and you didn't want it when we were together.  Now I'm with Danny.  He's a good guy who likes my mind.  He likes me for my mind."

"He's going to use you."

"He won't.  We're in different areas of study.  I'm going to be looking at the people I've already been working at and their offshoots to keep problems from happening."

"To who?"

"There's nothing that would make me work for a strike force agency, Jim.  I'm still the man I was before."

"Are you?"

"My mother isn't going to complain about this.  I'm protecting lives."  He stood up.  "Get out of my face.  You sent me off because you decided you couldn't trust me.  They can."  He walked around him and off.

Daniel shook his head.  "You're one of the first ones he's trusted fully, Ellison.  Way to go."  He hurried after Blair.  "Hey."  He stopped him.  "Want to hit the big used bookstore on the corner for tea?"

Blair relaxed and nodded.  "Please."

"Even if we don't work out, I'm not like that. We'll be buddies."  He grinned.  Blair grinned back.  They went to have tea while looking at the old books.  Jack could find them in a few minutes.

Xander got up and got into Jim's face.  "With all that you've seen and you couldn't accept a man for who he is?  Pity.  I hope your next guide fits you better."  He walked off, going off with Sam.  "Hey, Jack?"  Jack looked over.  "I'm sorry if the Feds you turned my former pets in to bothered you because you told them you confiscated my pets."  Jack groaned.  "Don't worry, we'll hide the next stuff better unless you call."

"Please do.  You know I can't see things like that, Xander."  He watched him and Sam walk off, shaking his head.  He went to find the two nerds.  Before Daniel got an idea about an expense account or something strange like that.  Or before Xander could spoil them since he had headed in the same direction with Sam.  The boys were having a great time looking over dusty, old books that looked like they were ready to fall apart.  "No expense account, guys."

"Xander slipped me three hundred before we left," Danny said.

"That's fine.  Better than the General having to sign forms for ancient books."

Blair smiled.  "I have an apartment full."

"I'm sure you do.  Danny does too, Blair.  His office is stacked and so is his home."  That got a smile.  "We'll respect you for the book nerd you are.  Do you have a coffee habit like that one next to you?"

"Tea.  I'm moderately a health food person."

"Janet will love you because she hates our junk food binges," Jack told him.  That got a brighter smirk.  He looked outside at the complaining noises.  "Aw, man!  Xander's dragging someone shopping."

Blair looked.  "He's a federal agent.  NCIS."

"Wonderful."  They all smiled and waved when Xander did.  "Better him than me ever again," Jack said with a smirk for Danny.

"It wasn't that bad, Jack.  Even if he did nearly get taken three times from your custody."

"Once because they wanted to brush his hair," Jack said.

"I want to play with his hair.  Teal'c wanted to play with his hair.  Sam still wants to play with his hair.  Xander can smack them around for wanting his hair."  They went back to browsing.  Blair was snickering but he only grinned, making Blair laugh harder.


Xander bounced into the hotel with Dean, Sam, John, and Tony following him.  Tony had some bags of his own.  John had Xander's in the trunk of the Impala.  Dean and Sam's new stuff too.  Tony went to take a nap once he dropped his bags on top of his suitcase.   He flopped face down on the bed, asleep right then.  His last thought was 'thank god I'm not a level ten too; Gibbs would hate that'.

Xander bounced into Ray, handing him a small bag.  "I found you something to tease him with."  He gave him a kiss on the cheek then ran off to go to the next lecture.  It was someone teaching them how to handle employee relation problems.  He'd have to listen in case his housekeeper gave him a problem.  Dean and Sam were off helping with the self defense lectures.  So was John.  Tony had asked them since they were good and Tony was tired.  He hadn't meant to wear him out but it had been good to play with other GHS.  Xander had even gotten them all t-shirts that'll be delivered in the next day.  It was a note in Ray's bag of fun stuff.

Adam strolled in, waving off the question of the speaker before pulling Xander out of the room.  "What was that?"

"I saw it and thought Ray might like it.  I know he had one like that but he said it was broken."

"Not that.  I replaced that years ago but he's happy because we had to look for nearly a  month to find it.  The note?"

"T-shirts?  So we can remember the fun?  Like they do at comic-cons."

Adam sighed.  "Not like we'll forget, Xander."

"We can all use a new t-shirt for someone to rip off us.  It doesn't mention the name of the organization."

Adam nodded.  "Fine.  You don't have to spoil people, Xander."

Xander gave him a hug.  "Yes I do.  Because otherwise I've got to spend it at home."  He bounced off to the shopping area.  Dealing with people was boring.

Adam went to find Dean, Sam, and John.  He walked Dean off and pointed.  Dean groaned, going to pounce Xander to help wear him out again.  He went back to help in Dean's place.  He could brawl a bit better than the average person.


Faith looked up as someone knocked on the door, walking over to look out it.  "Yes?"

"Ma'am, we want to look at something."

"The owner's in Boston.  He'll be back on Monday."  He held up a badge.  "I don't care.  I'm house-sitting.  I can't authorize you.  Call Xander in Boston."

"Ma'am, you have to let us in."

She put on the chain and opened the door.  "No I don't."

"You're on probation."

"And that's wonderful, but nothing I agreed to said I had to let you into a house when I'm house-sitting and I know I can't consent to the search.  So you need one to let you do it with the owner not being present.  Or find one of the local ones to come help you."  She shut the door and went to call someone.  "Jack, good.  There's Feds here?"  She nodded.  "Yeah, they said that.  I don't have to.  It's not part of that and I'm house-sitting.  I told them to get one of the locals.  Yay.  I'm only house-sitting.  I'll call mine to tell him.  I asked, he said I didn't have to and they have to have one that says they can search when the owner isn't here."  He said something.  "Thanks.  Bogart, move," she called.  "They're going to try to break in the door.  No, not FBI.  No agency I've ever heard of."  She hung up and called.  "This is Faith Lehane at the Harris house.  There's some people here with badges from some agency I've never seen before.  They claim they have a warrant and now have something to break in the door.  I told them to get one of the locals but they're not.  Please.  Me and the dog.  Thank you, ma'am."  She hung up and put the chain on so she could open it slightly again.  "You can wait for the local cops.  They'll be here within ten minutes."

"No we won't," the agent said.

"Then you'd better produce a badge to an agency I know."  She shut the door again.  She moved the dog out of the way, locking him in a bathroom with a crawl area to the outside.  She opened it to let him out.  "Go see the nice lady with the poodle," she whispered.  The dog snuck out to the garage then past it to the neighbor's.  She heard the door shatter and came out, shutting the door behind her.  "Again, guys, I'm only a house-sitter and ...."  One stuck a gun in her face.  "Move it."  She pushed it out of her way.  "Guys, I'm from the bad part of Boston.  You're pussies compared to some of the guys I know."  Cops came up.  "Guys?" she yelled.  "In here!"

"We're here on a valid warrant, officer," one said, handing it over.

He looked at it.  "Badge, sir?"  The agent snorted.  "You will or you'll be held until we make sure the warrant is valid."  The officer was shot.

Faith moved, pulling the knife off her belt, stabbing the one in front of her then throwing it at the other one standing nearby.  She dove out of the way of the bullets, making it outside.  One pounced her and held her down.  She fought, she did good.  He was still about Sam's size and weight.  "What do you want?"

"The jewels," he sneered.

"They're in Boston being sold."  He punched her.  She laughed, then something appeared behind him.  It plucked him up then looked, grunted, and threw him into the wall.   His head stuck in it.  "Gee, thanks," she said, getting up carefully.  "Did Vesvold send you?"

"Xander did."  He smirked, a scary sight.  "He is most upset."

"Good!" Faith agreed.  "Just tie them up?  Not the local officers?"  He nodded, stomping inside to do that.  She called the downed officer's radio.  "This is Lehane at Harris's.  One of your officers was shot by the phony Feds.  I can't see your other one."  She let it go and went to check.  "Is the box in Denver still there?"  The demon nodded.  "Good."  More cops screamed up.  "No idea, guys."  They pointed the gun at the demon.  "No, don't.  He helped me.  The fake Feds broke in to get the jewelry Xander gets sent now and then.  The one that pinned me asked me where they were.  He's hanging off the back of the house thanks to this one.  I had him knock out and tie up the rest."

They came rushing in to see what had happened.  She relaxed, looking at her shaking hands.

The demon nudged her.  "Xander reminds you that dying for stupid reasons was a bad thing.  You have every right to protect yourself from such stupidity."  She gave him a weak smile.  "They'll be back in a day."  He patted her on the head then disappeared.  She flopped down onto the sidewalk to calm herself back down.

One came out, squatting in front of her.  "The knife?"  She shakily raised a hand.  "You did good, Faith.  You did it to protect yourself?"  She nodded quickly.  "Before or after he got shot?"

"After.  He shot the guy, I stabbed the one with the gun in my face then threw it at the other one.  Oh, the dog, I sent him to the neighbor."

"That's a good job."  He smiled.  "We'll need a statement."

"We've got video from the security company.  X doesn't know but they tape the door."

"We can get it from them."  He patted her on the head.  "It'll be okay.  We'll make sure you're not in trouble with your parole officer."

"Why not?  I got two of them!" she said with a touch of hysterics.

"Because you were protecting yourself, Faith.  Self defense is never wrong unless you're suicidal."  He stood up and pulled her up.  "C'mon.  Let's get you over to the neighbor's with the dog."  Xander appeared and the demon bringing him disappeared. "There you go.  The dog's with the neighbor."

"Thank god you're all right, Faith," he said, pulling her closer to hug.  "I'm sorry they made you do that."  She looked at him.  "That was their issue and I'll gut the next one who tries.  They're not vampires."

"They wanted the jewelry."

"They're going to be sorry fuckers," Xander assured her.  She smiled weakly at that.  "C'mon.  Let's wait in the garage."  The officer watching nodded.  "Is she in trouble?"

"Nope.  They had a gun in her face."  He nodded, walking her off to help her calm down and possibly puke.  He went to call the security company.  They had more cameras than just on the door.  All the hallways and all entrances to the house.  They sent the digital file over immediately.  By the time they got done cleaning up the bodies, Xander had that bad look on his face and Faith was too involved in her thoughts to see it.  "Mr. Harris?"  Xander looked up, clearing the evil look.  "Let us?"

"They tried in LA when we were in for Faith's hearing."

Faith looked at him.  "The fake Feds at the hotel?"

"And earlier that day someone stole my room key and wallet.  Tried to get me and Cordy into a fake cab."

"How do they know what you're getting?"

"Bragging from where I sold some?" he suggested.  "Maybe someone blabbed about the box in Denver?"

She groaned.  "It could be anywhere.  You've talked about some of it in the open."

"All these guys have foreign passports," the officer said.  "They aren't local boys or we'd be destroying them."

Xander grinned.  "Want some help?"

"We can't allow you to risk yourself."

Xander went inside, coming out with something.  He held it up.  "They want it, let them come get it."

He moaned at the very large necklace.  "We can use it for bait," he agreed, taking it.  "Is it real?"

Xander nodded.  "Yeah.  We can use a few others if you want.  I can be as visible as you need.  These people come back again and I might have to kill one.  She only injured."  Faith's head popped up.  "They're not dead, Faith.  Only injured."  She relaxed.  Xander's phone rang.  "It's me.  I'm pissed.  Faith had to defend herself and the dog from the same sort of jewel thieves we had in LA.  She's fine, Dean.  She only injured.  Two.  There's six here being miserable.  I'm going to let them have something to bait with.  Sure."  He hung up.  "Dean said I'm not to get hurt."

"We don't want you hurt."

Xander gave him a long look.  "I can take care of myself.  Really."

"You can't balance your checkbook."

"Three years ago I led an assault to defend my graduation."

The cop winced.  "That was pre-hormones."

"Yes, but afterward I trained so I have a lot of extra skills.  You can have Officer Doug Tyler with me if you want.  He's seen me in combat before.  Somehow."

"We'll try it your way.  This was pretty bold."

"Pretty bold was calling in the LAPD to help them in LA," Xander said dryly.

"Then they're idiots."

"Very."  He looked back at Faith, then smiled and went inside to get a few other things.  He felt the tingle of another immortal nearby and walked out with a briefcase he only used for these things.  He put it on the hood the car, then slid the other one inside.  He put in the homing chip the new cop had.  Then he let him see it.  That got a moan.  The others were bringing the bad guys out of the house now that they were untied.  "I think we need to hide this somewhere better," he said, glancing at one being walked past him.  Then at the officer. "Where do you think it'd be safer?"  He glared at one that was trying to pay attention.  "Remember, I will get you."  The guy snorted. "Officer Tyler?"

"How about we take it to the store down on eighth, Mr. Harris?  They have pretty decent security and we can get around them to up it."

"Sure."  He 'accidentally' spilled the briefcase then had to gather it back up.  He held up something.  "I don't like this one.  It's cut funny."  He closed the briefcase and handed it over.  "Want me to go with you?"

"Please."  They slid in together.  He drove him off.  "Are you sure?"

"Of course."

"How good are you?"

Xander grinned.  "We all trained at a temple of Ares," he said quietly.  That got a pleased grunt.  "By some of his highest priests."


"Yes I am."  The cop laughed.  "I am."  He smirked.  "Plus I have a few very good tricks up my sleeves."

"I'd love to spar with you some day."

"Sure.  Remember our house is holy ground."

"We can do that too.  I'm not interested in a real fight."

"Me either.  I get possessed way too easily."  The officer laughed.  "I do!  Two in high school!"  The officer gave him a look.  He grinned.  "One was a soldier."

"That's how you learned artillery."



"Some Feebs came up to us in Boston to ask about it too.  I referred them to Jack."

The officer laughed.  "I'm sure he's pleased."

"Nope.  Oh well.  Don't touch my pets next time."

They pulled into the shop the PD had taken over and set up.  "You can play along?"

"I don't act very well but I'm cool."  They got out and Xander smiled at the plainclothes captain.  "Feeling better?"

"Much.  Thank you for asking, Mr. Harris."  He took the briefcase to look inside, gasping in pleasure.  "Oh, my."

"Recent presents.  I don't know how they knew I had some at home.  Most of the information that's able to be found out by dealers and those sort after the sale was the box in Denver."

"They might have been going for it," he offered.  "Let's put this into the safe."  He put it in there then shut it.  "Are you moving this to Denver?"

"No.  I'm going to have it shipped to me in Boston to sell it.  I don't need it."

The officers smirked at that.  "Go back to Boston, however you got here," one ordered quietly.

"They tried to hurt Faith.  I do not allow that.  If they try my family, I will react."

"Yes but they think you'd be a perfect hostage."

Xander grinned.  "I start training with your brother-in-law next month."  The officer gaped.  "I'm more than the hair, guys.  I do have some training in self defense."  That got a few smirks.  "That's why I can go out alone now and then.  Sam gets worried but I'm usually fine."

"Usually," the captain agreed.  "For now, go baby Faith.  She probably needs it."  Xander nodded, letting the officer take him back to do that.  SWAT was listening and watching the store with them.  Two guys came in with FBI badges to talk to them.  "Bad timing, guys."

"Sir, we only need to look at what Mr. Harris moved."

The captain pulled them into the back with the briefcase.  "Someone broke into his house to steal these," he said, opening the briefcase.  They gasped.  "Using fake federal badges."  He slid a bagged one over.  "They nearly killed his house-sitting friend Faith."


The captain nodded.  "Yes, her.  She's on probation."

"That's fine.  We learned some about  Sunnydale stuff recently."

"Ask her later.  She's pretty shaken up.  She had to defend herself earlier."

"Good to know.  We can do that."  The briefcase was closed.  "Let us help?"

"They've got foreign passports.  You'll end up helping eventually."  That got a smirk.  He waved a hand around.  "We consider this safer than his house.  He might blow up the city or something."

"Could be."  They put the jewels back and the agents went to insert themselves while making calls about the information they had already gathered.  Later that night four blackened figures walked into the back of the store.  SWAT was right behind them.  One had escaped from the Harris house earlier.  They were so screwed.  The agents got involved and found out why.


John woke up to knocking early Monday morning, going to answer it.  "What?" he demanded.

"I know why they went after the jewels."  He was let inside, nodding at Faith.  "Are you all right?"

"I'll be fine.  My therapist and I are working over it."

"Good.  You did a good job, Miss Lehane."  He looked at Xander. "They wanted to prove to you that you're not safe.  That you can be stolen just as easily.  That way you'd go to them for protection and bring your boys since they figured out Samuel is one as well."

Dean snorted in displeasure.  "Someone's screwed."

"They're in jail.  Interpol got them for us.  They'll be facing extradition to the US within days.  They are ended, boys.  You're safer now."

"How did they find out about me?" Xander asked.

"They hacked into the local database for the organization."

Xander dialed a number.  "Ray, Feds need you and Adam in my room."  He hung up.  "How many others?"

"They knew the names and identities of six others.  All male.  According to the hotel three were here.  Two were at home.  One's missing.  We're checking on the ones that didn't come to the convention."

"Can we find them?" Sam asked.

"We're working on it."  Someone tapped so he let them in.  "The National Head?" he asked Ray, who pointed behind him.  "Agent Wislin, sir."  He shook his hand.  "Thanks to the jewel thieves going after Mr. Harris' present stash, we found out that they're doing this to make them feel unsafe and to prove that the only safety is with them.  We know they hacked into your database."  Adam moaned, holding his head.  Xander handed over his soda.

"Thank you, sprout."  He sipped it.  "How many?"

"Six with Mr. Harris and Mr. Samuel Winchester."

"I'm in there too," Dean said quietly.

"They wanted him to bring you for playtime but they thought you were their keeper."

Dean nodded.  "They didn't read very well, did they?" he shot back.

"No, but you apparently didn't fit the thin, graceful stereotype they wanted."  He pulled papers out of his inner jacket pocket.  "The ones who did it.  The ones who we know they had thanks to Interpol.  They'll be getting into the rest of the files today."

"I'll be here," Adam said.  "Until tomorrow at checkout then I'm in Chicago."

"We know."  He shook his hand.  "When I know, you'll know.  Warn them?"

He looked at the list.  "One went missing last month."

"We're looking at their information to see if we can find them."

Ray dialed someone.  "Soshar, Xander's room please?  Feds found someone that hacked us."  He hung up.  "We have a commando unit for the missing ones."

Xander handed something to Adam.  "Sell it to make them more money to work with," he ordered.  Adam smiled, petting him gently.  "Some day I might need them.  Or Dean might need them."

Sam looked at him.  "I might."

"Well, yeah, but we love you more than enough to beat anyone who might try," Xander offered with a sheepish grin.  "Dean won't let us save him."

Sam kissed him.  "Shut up, goofball," he said with a grin.  "I'm just as much a target as Dean and you are if they find out."

"You are," Adam agreed.  He looked at the list again.  Soshar picked the lock so he and his boss could walk in.  He handed it over.

"He's in Burma somewhere.  We're not really sure where after the overthrow.  We've been working on it, Adam."

"We'll be helping," the agent told him.  "The people behind that are being talked to by Interpol."

"Wonderful.  We can help," Soshar said with an evil grin.  "Um, boss, briefcase more info?"

"Xander added to the rescue fund," Ray told him.

"Cool."  Soshar handed it to the boss.  "Come see us later.  We're on 8."  They took the information with them.  They'd have more for the agents later.

Xander looked at Adam.  "If they can come back, can I kill them?"

"Of course.  Whatever you need to ensure your health, Xander."  Xander gave him the most evil smirk ever.  He stared at the boy.  "You will let us help?"

"If you're there in time."

"Good."  The others stared at him.  "What?"

"Play nicely enough that we get to beat 'em too," Dean ordered.

"Yes, Dean."

"Thank you, son."  John looked at the agent.  "Any more coming?"

"No. This is their fourth failed attempt.  Others watching got disgusted with them.  Interpol asked a few contacts who said it's not fair to take a concubine's presents.  How else were they supposed to live and be wooed to belong to someone else."  Xander gave him another evil smirk.  "Plus we told them you were moving to Poland."  John laughed. "They decided to leave you guys alone unless something was too tempting and what you already had set up protects it very well."  He looked at Adam.  "Will you call me if you get another breach?"

"I have no idea when this one happened.  I cut and paste to make the pages.  Our last webmaster quit after selling some of the information."

"I would've beaten his ass," Ray said.

"That was two years before we met, Ray."  He stroked the back of his neck.  "I've been looking into hiring a new one but ones with the sort of hush attitude we need are hard to find."

"Give me a week to get some recommendations from our computer corps.  They probably know of a few."  That got a nod.  "Let me get back to the local office.  I'll see you in a week.  It really wasn't anything you did, Mr. Harris.  You've taken every precaution normal people do."  He left, going to start his reports and ask around for computer people.  There had to be someone who'd love the very strange people for their problems but was safe enough to trust.

Adam looked at Xander.  "You have taken every precaution.  The only ones who know you have anything are in the house, the bank in Denver, a few of the local authorities, and the merchant you sold through last time."

"Unless they heard someone making plans to woo or steal one of us," Sam said.  "We'll do what we can, Adam.  You know that."

"I know."  He smiled at Faith.  "If you wish, we could talk, young one.  I have been there in the past."

"Being a slayer?"

Adam sighed, looking around before looking at her.  "You know why the three boys are unique?"

"The immie stuff?  Yeah."

"I'm one as well," he said quietly.  "I have seen and done many things that would now be considered horrible acts."  She stared into his eyes.  "Even back when I was known as Death."

She whimpered.  "You're in the Books."

"I am."  He pulled her up.  "Come, you can talk to me.  I know how the urge comes and how your mind reacts without you now and then due to training."  She looked at Xander.

"He can understand, Faith.  He can understand me too."

She nodded, letting them walk her off to talk.  Ray went to get food while they talked but he told her enough that she knew he'd understand.  She spilled the whole story, back from when she first ran away from her mother.  He even gave her some decent advice about how to hold firmly to a moral line in combat.  He was like a Yoda of what she could become.  If she wanted it bad enough.


Xander made it home in time to find another of his neighbors about to complain.  "They wanted the jewelry I had stored," he said as he got out of the car.  "They tried to rob us while we were in LA too."

"They were agents."

"No, they were phony agents," Dean said as he got out.  He looked at the older lady.  "They weren't real ones."  She pointed at the door.  He sighed, looking at it.  "Tell me they're not trying something?"

Xander went to look.  "No.  From the agent who arrested them.  They said the storage area was very secure and safe.  The vault we have here as well.  They didn't like the lower storage area but they now know why and they're not upset.  Though they may come back at a later date to get something when an emergency happens in Sunnydale."  He took the note off the door.  "Underneath is from the local officers who said they had to let them look but they were impressed too.  Next time don't try to hide it in a way that required them to get Willow down from the base."  He handed that to Dean and smiled at the neighbor.  "The guys who broke in two days ago were fake agents and Interpol had to arrest most of a smuggling ring because of them."

"Oh, my.  Are you one of those undercover agents?"

"No.  But I cooperate when they need stuff like jewelry for a sting."  He grinned.  "It's all right.  They won't be back."  She smiled and left.  He opened the door and went inside.  "What stinks?"

"Smells like the electric went off and the fridge went bad," Dean said as he walked in.  He tried the lights.  "Xander, did we forget to pay the electric bill?"

"Steve pays that."

"I did pay it," Steve said.  He called the company.  "Is there a power outage in Colorado Springs?"  He smiled.  "Thank you."  He hung up.  "The construction project on the county's land hit an underground line.  It'll be two hours."

Dean went to turn on the generator.  Sam and Xander dumped the fridge.  John went to unpack.  Steve checked to make sure no new presents were in the study.

Xander looked up.  "Vesvold, why was that stone cut so funny?"

Vesvold appeared, leaning against a counter, arms crossed over his chest.  "I have no idea.  It was like that when it was given to me for you."

"I knew you didn't give it to me.  It was too big and too noticeable.  You like more subtle things."  He gave him a hug.  "Did you have fun while we were in Boston?"

"Watching you dance was a lot of fun."  Xander blushed at that, ducking his head some.  He winked at Sam then kissed Xander on the forehead.  "Be a good boy.  See if the resort in Las Vegas can help you dump some of that."  He disappeared again.  It was energizing to be near Xander.  He could go back to pounding his idea into the other stubborn skulls on the council.  Literally if one didn't quit bothering him.  He settled back into his seat.  Xander showed up a minute later with a messenger demon.  "Another one?" he asked, spotting the gift.

"It's the anniversary of when I met you."  He smiled, handing it over, then he glared at one demon.  "I'm not happy with you.  Your son tried to attack Jack to get to Buffy.  Leave Jack, Danny, Blair, and Jack's team alone.  They are part of my harem and I will protect them."

"Or you'll do what?" he sneered.

Xander threw a blessed dagger,  hitting him in the heart.  It died with a scream of pain at the burning.  "That."  He looked at the others.  "You're stressing Vessie out.  That makes me cranky."  They all nodded quickly.  He smiled.  "Thank you for your cooperation."  He kissed Vesvold on the cheek.  "And thank you for watching out for me for so long."  He disappeared with the messenger demon.

Vesvold smiled, putting the package into his pocket.  "He's very protective of what he considers his pack.  Comes from the hyena possession."

"Is that where the femme mannerisms he sometimes uses come from?"

"I think that's a persona he puts on to amuse others so they can't get that close.  Dean does not like it and John loathes it."  He looked at the dead councilor.  "We should get on with this discussion now that the loud, obstinate one has been removed.  I'm sure we can be civil once again."  They all nodded.  They didn't want to mess with that family at all!  Ever!  Vesvold must be a very strong demon to have conquered Xander's harem.


Xander snuggled into Sam's side later that night, looking up at him.  "I think he liked the present.  He sent giggling."

"I'm sure he did."  Sam smiled at him.  "You give very good gifts."

"You aren't wearing what I got you."

"It's not cold enough yet.  I will when it gets colder."

Faith leaned in.  "I'm off for beddy-bye, guys.  Night."

"Night," Xander said with a grin and a wave.  "I'll try not to keep you up."

"That'd be nice, X."  She went up to her room to turn on the radio.  John had done the same.

"We're keeping her up?" Sam teased.

"Now and then.  Slayer hearing and all that."  He teased Sam's buttons.  "Think you want to play tonight?"

"I think we can do that."  He took a quick kiss.  "Bedroom?"

"I've got Dean tied down in there for picking on me earlier."

Sam gave him an odd look.  "You tied up Dean and we haven't heard complaints?"

"He's still napping off the orgasm."

"That's good to know."  He let Xander slide into his lap to tease him.  "What were you thinking for the tied up Dean?"

"I was thinking maybe .... being a Winchester sandwich filling?  That way you don't have to get weirded out and neither does Dean."

"I could like that idea I think.  A bit more kinky than I'm used to.  Especially with a tied up Dean."

"We can untie him if he's good."

"Let's go see if he's up to it.  He might be too tired after earlier."  He stood up and made Xander slide down to stand on his own.  "You're not that sort of boy.  I only carry you if you're injured."

"I know."  He turned and strolled off, his hair twitching behind him to follow the moves of his ass.   Sam stared, head slightly tipped.  He could follow that hair.  He did follow that hair.  Xander was stripping off to entice Dean to let him play again.  Sam settled in beside Dean to watch the show.  Xander was teasing them by playing with his hair to get himself aroused.  They watched as the hair teased nipples and skin, making Xander groan at the pleasure he was creating.  Dean moaned right back because it was a good show.  Sam shifted to stand up.  Xander moved closer to dance with him, making Sam smirk at him.  "What do you need, Sammy?"

"Undressed before it becomes uncomfortable."  Xander grinned, stripping him slowly, moving around him to tease him. Using his hair to stroke him.  He even nipped him on the shoulder once.  Sam shivered, letting him do whatever he wanted.  He finally stepped out of his jeans and pulled Xander closer to dance with him for real.  The bedroom's music got turned on.  Dean was still tied to the bed so all he could do was watch them tease each other.  Slowly, rocking, a brief brush of fingers here and there.  Until Xander was more than ready to beg.  "Tell him.  Get him ready for you."  Xander blinked his big brown eyes up at him.  "If we're both there with you, someone has to have you."

Xander leaned in to kiss him.  "I want to ride you until you scream loud enough to wake the people up the street."  Sam shivered at that honest request.  The need in the voice.  "Please, Sam?"

"He's the one who's tied up."

"I can get free," Dean complained.  "Quit torturing me please?"  They both smirked at him in a way that made him swallow.  Hard.  Xander strolled over then crawled onto the bed, coming over to kiss him then nibble his way down Dean's throat.  "Xander," he moaned, tipping his head back.  "What did you want with me all tied up?"

"To be in the middle," Sam said, climbing in behind Xander.  "Since you're all tied up...."

"No way," Dean moaned into the mouth of doom that was teasing him.  "I'm on top once you unhitch me."

"If you can get out of them before I pounce," Xander teased.  He moved to tease Sam's body.  Sam was going to be begging soon.  He moved to lick over a nipple, a Sam weakness.  Sam nearly yelped when he bit him but a swat made him stop and play instead.  Even Dean moaned at the nice image playing out before him while he was working on the handcuffs.  Sam was going to be on the bottom even if he had to cheat.  He finally got one free, which let him hit the switch on the other side.  He got free of the other set too and shifted behind Xander, nibbling on his neck.  Xander liked it when he did that and today he went stiff then nearly slid over Sam's body.  Dean reached up to hitch Sam to the bed before he could realize what was going on.  Xander was already slick from his earlier ride.  He was tight, he always was.  "Get him ready for you," he said in Xander's ear.  "Slowly.  Make him want it, Xander."  Xander found the lube and did as Dean ordered.  Slowly, carefully getting Sam's body ready.  One finger going so slowly.

"No fair using the cuffs," Sam said, straining to get more than he was getting.  "C'mon, Xander!"

Xander kissed him, switching to two.  "Mine?"

"Of course."  Xander gave up there.  It'd be tight but he was careful.  Very careful as he slid in ever so slowly.  Dean paused and pushed with him.  Finally they were in and Sam was begging without words.  A moan, a groan, an arch up into the talented mouth pleasing him.  "Xander," he begged.

Xander smiled.  "All yours."  He moved back slowly, but had to moan himself when Dean's hips stopped him from going any further.  "Dean!"

"All me," he agreed.  He pushed him forward to go back into Sam, making Sam moan.  Then back and forth between them like a game of tethered ping pong.  Sam was getting loud.  He was panting and begging, thrashing, moaning and pleading.  Xander wasn't much better.  Dean was trying to be more quiet but he could muffle his in Xander's hair, shoulder, or the back of his neck.  Finally he got close and pulled Xander back onto him.  Sam struggled to get his toy back but it wasn't going to happen until Dean was done with him.  Xander went limp in his arms.  "Now, finish him off," he said in his ear.  "Make him sound like you do after two days off."  Xander nodded, going to orally please Sam for a few more minutes.  Sam stiffened, his whole body tensed, at the first kitten lick.

"Torture is wrong," Sam ground out.  Xander laughed into the wet, warm cock and it was too much.  Sam's gifts got him free.  It was one of the moments he really loved being slightly telekinetic during desperate situations.  He flipped Xander over, having him until his boy begged for mercy.  Dean was trapped under Xander.  "Next time, you're in the cuffs," he told Dean.

"We'll see."

"No, you're there next time."  He got back to work teasing his boy, making him beg more than Sam had.  He finally got the needy, whined pitch he wanted and let himself go.  Three, four, five strokes and it was all over with.  Sam came.  Xander made whimpering noises so Sam teased him with his fingers.  "Want to come, Xander?"  Xander nodded, pulling him down to kiss him.  "Get Dean hard again.  Make him take you."

Xander moved to clean Dean off.  "You're miraculous but I'm not that recovered yet," Dean complained.  His head thumped on a pillow.  "Bitch!  C'mon!"  Sam tied him back down while Xander let loose on his body.  Every naughty bit of it until Dean was begging for mercy and more at the same time.  Xander slid in to ride him.  Dean could enjoy that.  It was good, fast, hard, thumping him into the mattress until Xander finally had to come.  Dean moaned because he wasn't quite there yet.  "Xander!"

"Suck him, Xander.  He's begging," Sam said into Xander's ear.  "I want to see him come."  Xander moved down slowly, licking his way down this time.  Taking some of the sweat off the skin to be replaced with new sweat once he got to the hard cock.  He swallowed very well.  Dean's head thumped against the head board.  Sam worked on himself until he was hard again and then Xander got pounced.  "More, Xander.  He needs more and I need you."  Xander shifted to give him better access and a better angle to his prostate.  "Greedy," he teased, slamming back into him.

Xander yelped around Dean, scraping him gently by accident.  Dean hissed but it was still good.  Sam was riding Xander like he needed to.  Hard, hitting his prostate at least every other thrust.  Xander was sucking and slurping on Dean until Dean finally wailed as he came.  Then he went limp, panting as he watched Sam pull Xander up onto his lap.  "Ride me."  Xander got to work, pleasing himself and Sam.  Making it so good that they were both being noisier than usual for it.  Xander came on Dean's stomach.  "Lick it, baby."  Xander moved to lick up his come for him.  Didn't want to leave Dean sticky after all.  Sam gave three brutal thrusts and came into Xander's ass.  Again.  Xander moaned, wiggling some.  Sam nearly collapsed on top of them both but he knew he was heavy so he flopped down beside him.

Xander finished cleaning Dean's stomach up, then kissed them both.  "Thank you."

"Welcome," Dean said, smiling slightly.  Xander yawned.  He snuggled in.  Dean tried to hold him then realized he was still tied down.  "Sammy?"  His answer was a snore.  Dean huffed but got to work getting himself free.

"Go to sleep, please?" John begged.

"Can't, tied to the bed."

John stomped in and undid his poor son, confiscating the handcuffs on the way out.  "I didn't want to know about that."

"Sorry."  He covered the three of them up, letting Xander and Sam cuddle all they wanted while he got Xander's free side.  That way he wasn't a body pillow and Xander felt surrounded.  No Xander seeking missile tonight.  He had finally cured the cuddling problem!  Even if it did take handcuffs.


The next morning, Faith looked at the guys.  "You know you could actually *sleep* in that huge bed in there."

"We did," Sam said with a grin.  "For six hours."

"Whoo-hoo," she said dryly.  "Six whole hours?"

Dean nodded.  "Xander got his sucking dream and tried to eat Sammy again."

John groaned, putting his head down on the table.  "I still don't need details, boys."

"Sorry," Xander said, giving him a hug.  "I'll find a way to cure that problem so it can't happen again."

"What problem?" Faith asked.

"They fell asleep before they could unhitch me since Sammy got sneaky and tied me down," Dean told her.  She gaped in awe.  He shrugged.  "I tied him down for Xander.  Sammy decided to be mean to me last night.  I'm a fantastic and wonderful big brother and that's how he repays me."

She patted him on the back.  "It's good he loves you enough to let you get it that way, Dean."

He smirked at her.  "No he doesn't."

"If I didn't, you wouldn't have gotten to beg at all," Sam teased from the toaster.

"Enough!" John ordered.  "I don't want to hear about anything that goes on in anyone's bedroom unless it was an attack."

"He did," Dean protested.  "He was even sneaky.  We gave him the wrong lessons, Dad."  His father glared.  He grinned back.  "Sorry we kept you up."

"Uh-huh."  He took his coffee back to his room to go back to sleep.

Xander brought in a plate a few minutes later.  "I'm sorry, John."  He gave him a short hug then disappeared again.

John dug in then went back to his nap.  It was thoughtful of the boy.  More than his sons, who were clearly insane.


John and the boys came home from a Winchester night out at the sports bar to find Xander, who had promised he'd be good, collapsed on the couch under a pile of crap.  "Hell," he muttered.

Vesvold appeared, dropping something off to the side.  "The one who tried to woo him got very disgusted when Xander said no.  Repeatedly.  He eventually told him he would be his or he'd kill him.  Xander told him to, I quote, bring it and the demon tried.  Pity."

"How many higher demons does this make?" Sam asked.

"Seven this year."  Sam groaned.  "Exactly.  These are his by right of winning them.  He'll be fine, I sedated him because he became a bit hysterical.  The things on top of him are rewards from other demons who didn't like that one."

"Xander won't want it," Dean told him.

Vesvold shrugged.  "There's not much we can do about that."

"I'm the head of this family.  He's not accepting presents, rewards, or enticements."

Vesvold nodded.  "I'll put that around.  They might start coming to you to sway you instead."  He disappeared.  John disappeared a few seconds later while the boys got Xander uncovered.  It helped his breathing.  Some of that had been very heavy.  Why Xander needed a full silver body cast they weren't sure.  John reappeared without anything.

"I made my point," he said at the curious looks.  "They are not to bother any of you three."

"How many tried?" Sam asked, looking pained.

"Six, seven.  A few of the more evil ones wanted you both.  They're gone.  One gave me a very nice blessed shotgun for them.  I handed it back when I was done and said we don't accept presents.  That's not the Winchester way."  They smirked at that.  "So hopefully it'll stop."  A messenger demon showed up, handing John something.  It disappeared.  John opened the letter to look at it.  "Wonderful.  An accounting of what's his by demonic law."  He handed it over to Dean.

Sam read over Dean's arm.  "That's bad," Sam said.

Dean nodded.  "Very bad."  He looked up.  "You knew not to leave Xander alone."

They all disappeared in a flash of light.  All of Xander's harem.  No matter what world they were on.

Jack looked around, gun in his hand.  "This is not where we were."

"No, it's not," Daniel agreed.  He tried the radio.  "I can't reach them, Jack."  He heard a groan and turned around, finding some unconscious bodies.  "Hell."

Jack looked then let out his own groan.  "Wonderful."  He got John up.  "What happened?"

"No idea," he admitted, sitting up holding his head.  "Grab Xander's necklace?  The amber one?"  Daniel did that.  A demonic messenger appeared.  "We need stuff to write on."  Daniel got into his pack, handing over a notebook and pen.  John wrote out a message.

"Think you can get to where we were?" Jack asked.  The messenger demon nodded.  He wrote out his own, sealed it and put a name on the front.  "The Jaffa we work with or Sam Carter."  He nodded, disappearing with both notes.  "What is going on?"

"No clue.  We were at home.  Is the dog here?"

"No," Jack said, looking around.  He got Dean and Daniel got Sam up.  Xander was gotten up last.

Xander looked around.  "This is charming," he sneered.  "I'm not pleased!" he shouted.  Nothing happened.  "Fine, make me destroy another one!"  Still nothing.  He sighed, then looked around.  "Fucking hell."

"Using a Spike-ism?" Sam teased to calm Xander down.

"I deserve it."  He touched the marks on his hips.  The power was still there.  He felt one take note and sent a heavy prayer for ideas or orders.  He had no idea what they were doing.  He got back a 'survive' order.  "Ares said to hold on and survive."  They nodded, finding a way to set up a rudimentary camp.  Xander helped where he could.  He wasn't fully woods trained.  Just some survival training memories and the former camping he had done every Christmas.  "Faith's at home with the dog at least."  John smiled.  "It's a consideration.  Otherwise no one would feed him.  He'd starve."  He started the fire by magic when no one found matches.

"We'd use Teal'c's staff weapon," Jack told him.

"Hey, whatever works," Xander agreed.  A huge demon walked out of the woods to stare at them.  "Who're you?" he asked in one of the demon languages.

"Why are you here?"

"We were kidnaped against our will," Xander told him.  "We woke up here."

"You should not be here.  There are many bad things that could hurt you here."  He sniffed.  "Ah, you are one who draws us.  This must be a punishment to make you give up."  He looked at the others.  "Your harem should be gone."

"I didn't summon them.  They got kidnaped with me."

"What's he saying?" Jack asked.

"Many bad things, we shouldn't be here," Xander translated.  "This is a punishment to make us give up."  He looked at the demon again.  "Send us home and we'll leave."

"That is not my decision."

"The US Military will not like this," Daniel said.

The demon stared at him.  "Who says they have a say in what the masters do?"  He disappeared.

Xander grimaced, then walked off to throw a fit in the trees.  He came back calmer.  "I'm sorry my hormones have gotten you all kidnaped.  I can assure you something will be very sorry for his move."

"I told them the family was not accepting anything," John told him.  "At all.  I got a few of the suitors who tried when I said they had to all go through me."

Xander shrugged.  "It's easier to send it back than to argue most of the time.  That's why I don't."  John nodded he understood that.  "All right, let's start with the basics we'll be needing.  Food and that stuff."  They went to scout around the camp.  Xander climbed up a tree to look around.  He found a small village nearby.  He whistled, catching Jack's attention.  "That way about two miles is a village."

"Think we can trust it?"

"Since the demon said this was to make us give up?  Probably not."  He looked around some more before coming down.  "There's a village," he said once they were gathered.  Dean had gotten a demon bunny.

"If something shows up, I've had enough of this," Sam said.  Xander gave him a hurt look.  "Not that they did it, Xander, not because of the hormones.  You weren't backed up.  That they took us all.  Hold on, no Steve?"

"Steve's seen as staff, not part of the harem."

"Harem?" Daniel asked.

"It's how demons consider a non-related family group," Sam told him.  "The one who binds it together and their helpers.  Their lovers, their spouses, their caretakers, their protectors."  That got a nod.  "You two are apparently seen as guards or helpers."

"Now and then," Jack said dryly.  "How long will this one last back in the real world?"

"No clue," Sam admitted.  "Some can be months in that realm and only minutes back at home.  We've had one that seemed like a few weeks and it was nearly a year."

Jack nodded.  "That makes a strange sort of sense."

"It could be in real time, no clue," Xander admitted.  He looked at Daniel.  "Have you been training?"

"Yes, I have been."

"Good.  We'll work on that more."  That got a nod.  He patted his hair down.  "Guys, is mine in there?"  They looked then nodded, handing him his sword.  "All right.  FYI, guys.  If we're attacked, I am a berserker."  Jack groaned.  Daniel whimpered.  "I don't fully lose it most of the time.  When Willow did her thing I did.  I think they had to knock me out."

Dean nodded.  "Definitely."  He handed his father his gun.  Sam did the same.  "Since you've only got yours.  We've got our swords on us."

"Thanks, boys."  He put them into his waistband too.  "Now what?  Are we waiting?  Are we going to check on that village?"

Xander shrugged. "Do we think the village is safe?"

"Is here safer?" Sam countered.  "We're in the open.  They might be peaceful or at least amenable to helping."

"As a last resort we can hormone them," Dean agreed.  He rubbed his face.  "I don't like this."  A howl went up.  "Hellhounds.  Wonderful."

Xander grinned at him.  "Most hellhounds like me."


"I figure it was all the bitchiness I had before," he said dryly.  "What hellhound can compare herself to PMS Buffy and win?"  Jack snickered quietly.  One of the pack came into the open, sniffing them.  "Hey, hunter."  He got up and walked over.  The hellhound snarled.  He snarled back.  It gave him an odd look but Xander knelt and let it sniff him.  It lunged so Xander moved and got it down, snapping it's neck before it got more than his arm.

"Whoa," Jack said.  He pulled it over to look at in the firelight since the natural light was fading.  "Hold on, you're healing.  I thought that was only for small things."

"No, we're alive until you cut off our heads," Dean said quietly, glancing around.  Jack gaped.  "All of us.  Daniel's coming over to our side soon."

"I've been training."

"Good," Sam said.  Xander let the fire warm the area, watching it heal.  "Why didn't it like you?"

"Don't know.  I've never met one that didn't."

"They can be set onto a target," John pointed out.  "That was totally stupid, Xander."

Xander looked at him.  "Now we know and they could've been helpful."  He felt magic and looked around.  "Something bigger just appeared."  They gathered weapons.  Xander pulled something out of his hair, tossing it at John.  "Guard that.  If it rips it's all gone."  John nodded, looking at the expanding bag Xander had pulled off one of his hairpins.  Then inside.  He moaned a soul-deep moan.  Xander grinned. "That's why I wear hairpins everywhere.  They make good weapons no matter how often Dean yelps at being poked all night long."  A higher demon walked into the clearing with the pack around him.  "You would be?"

"You killed my minion."

"It bit me.  I tried to be friendly."

The demon glared.  "Why are you here?"

"If I knew the demon that brought us here, I'd give you his name," Xander told him.  "Unfortunately all I know is that we got kidnaped to here.  We're trying to figure out how to get home."

The demon snorted.  "A likely story.  A quarth...."  Xander shook his head.  "You must be."

"Some humans do have the same hormone problems."

"They don't draw outside their species."

"Unless they're from a hellmouth," Xander said dryly.  The demon's eyes went wide.  He stood up.  "Xander Harris, from the Sunnydale hellmouth."  He held out a hand.  "I'd like to get my family and friends home if you could help."

The demon stared.  "I've heard of you.  One guards you."

"We sent a message," John said.  "They think they're punishing us."  One of the dogs sniffed him.  "Don't even."  It backed off.  "They apparently think my boys aren't going to be able to handle things.  That they'll beg to be saved."

"Instead I'll go so evil that hell itself will beg for mercy," Xander told the demon. "My family is not going to be hurt."

"You're still a toy," he noted calmly.

"Who used to hunt demons."  The demon took a step back.  "Who trained at a temple of Ares when I was younger.  Do you think some camping is going to bother me?"

"No," he said, staring at this one in a new light.  "I can see why the one who claims your attention does."

"Vesvold's nice.  I can't be his because others would kill him for having me.  I won't do that to my friends."  He turned and threw a hairpin at a demon trying to sneak up behind Sam.  Then he looked back at him again.  "How do we get home?"

"You must exit this realm.  Those such as you can rip them apart."

"I know.  I've done it before," Xander said dryly.  "Immies aren't wanted on the realms.  How do I get my family and friends home?"

"The village has a mirror. It would take you to another area then you could get home from there."

"A quantum mirror?" Daniel asked.  The demon nodded.  "That means we'd have to cross a few alternate universes, guys."

"Been there," Dean said.

"Done that," Sam agreed.

"Too many times.  I hate that traveling method."  Xander looked at the demon.  "Any other way?"

"Your very presence here disturbs the fabric of this realm."

"That's not a really good option.  Is there another way?"

The higher demon stared.  "Only the brave may take it."

"We're no slouches in that department."

"There is a gateway that has no power and no known use that we know of.  It may be able to get you home."  He pointed.  "Two day's hike that way."

"I can get us there," Xander agreed. "In those foothills?"  He nodded.  "Then we'll travel that way once we've rested.  I wish you and this realm no harm."

"If I find who sent you here I will make them sorry for nearly destroying my people."  He burned the corpse of the dog.  "You still killed it."

"I tried for friendly, it bit me anyway."

"It knew you should not be here."

"A being has the right of self defense when attacked."

"True."  He bowed.  Xander bowed back.  "May I have your name?"

"Xander Harris.  Recently Winchester since the curse that deaged me got me sent to John and his boys."

"Ah, that one.  I will let the others know if you are not rescued."  He and his hellhounds faded back into the darkness.  "Do fear the dark."

"Not really," Dean said.  "We do hunt demons.  Have for years."  The dark laughed but the demon was gone.  "Can we use that?"

Xander nodded.  "I'll need to conserve magic probably."  That got a nod and he was settled between him and Sam.  "Now we know."

"We can start traveling that way in the morning," Jack said.  "If the demons want us to be careful of the dark I don't want to travel in it."

Xander nodded.  "I can see that.  Can I have my hairpin back, Sam?"  He retrieved it for him, burning it clean in the fire.  "Thank you."  He cooled it off by blowing on it before putting it back into his hair.  They settled in to make plans for the morning's hike.


Jack nudged John and pointed at Xander.  "How long can he stand to be that backed up?" he asked quietly.

"I don't know.  Boys?"  They all looked back at him.  "Backed up.  Go anoint some trees with it?"

"Can't, I might need it to help with the magic stuff if we need it," Xander said with a manic grin.  "Or the doggy tracking us for his master."

"Can you let some of it out?" John asked.  "Please?  Before we start thinking inappropriate thoughts?"

"Danger drives it back down," Dean said.  He looked at his father.  "We'll be fine if something happens.  He's right, if he's backed up his magic is stronger, Dad."

"Fine."  The adults fell back a few more steps so they wouldn't get hit so strongly with all three's pheromones.  Jack shook his head.  John looked at him.  "I only learned about this because of the boys," he said quietly.

"I did some more checking when you had me guarding him.  Danny found historical mentions."  That got a nod.  "Two days?"

"Two day's hike," John agreed.

"We'll live.  We've hiked longer with head injuries making us hallucinate," Daniel reminded him.

"Good point."  Jack nodded.  "I don't remember much of that planet except for the swirling colors I got from the concussion."  Daniel smiled and nodded he agreed.  They rested when they came to a stream, Xander's bag yielding a small filtration bottle.  Plus some ramen noddles, a pan, and some energy bars.  Jack dug into his portion of the bars.  Daniel ate one of his but put the other in his vest.  John ate his.  Dean and Sam both grimaced but ate theirs.  Sam had to sit Xander down since he was trying to handle things and was flitting around.  "Conserve your energy," Jack ordered.  Xander grimaced but sat down to eat his two bars too.  They all drank the filtered water then packed up and moved on again.  The trash was in the bag too.  They'd have to sort it out later Jack was sure but they'd handle it.  It was shrunken and back in John's shirt pocket.  They didn't run into any opposition except the terrain which was a nice change for most of the wooded hikes Daniel and Jack took for their job.


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