In the first few years of teaching him, Xander learned a lot about grace and how his body moved from his teacher and his big brothers training him.  He was getting good attention from those his teacher favored to watch his student.  Dean and Sam had both put their foot down about Xander learning this as a way to capture a good spouse or owner.  He was there to learn how to protect himself, not to get laid as Dean put it.  The local Duke still took a great interest in the boy.  He had him brought to him one day during lessons when his two overprotective helpers were doing something else.  Xander got free of the hands on his arm.  "Let me go, you stupid little excuses for human beings."  They stepped back and he glared at the duke.  "Nice people request a meeting, they don't have me snatched.  I will defend myself."

"I would have but your keepers do guard you very well."

"We're family, they should.  That's why I was given to their family to protect."

"Interesting."  He looked the boy over.  "In a few years you will be stunning."

"In a few years, I'm going to Ares' temple to learn.  As he ordered to help me protect myself."

"You do have a mouth on you," the Duke said dryly.

Xander nodded.  "Which is considered a good trait in my family."  He crossed his arms over his chest, mimicking Dean's 'I'm pissed and you're about to die' stance.  "Why did you have me so rudely captured from my teacher?"

"A boy your age should start thinking about patrons.  With your inferior breeding you won't get much past a Duke unless one of us tithes you to a king."

Xander snorted.  "I'm nowhere near that age yet; I'm only fifteen."

"Around here, boys are often married off at that age, young man."

"I'm not from around here."  He shifted his weight some due to the sore ankle he had turned earlier in the day.  "Nor am I planning on staying here.  I thank you for your interest but I do not need to think about patrons as much as I need to think about protecting myself from those who want to own me."

"One such as you is meant to be owned."

"Yes, but in my home, we have the right to choose and I'll be able to choose someone who wants me for my mind and my body, not just how my hips can move."  He bowed formally.  "If you'll excuse me, Sam must be having kittens.  We don't want to cause an incident by making them storm your home to get me back like they did that dragon last year."  He turned and walked off.  A guard got in his way so he kicked his ass as Dean had shown him.  Then he walked over him, tossing his hair back over his shoulder.  Dean didn't like the longer hair but oh well!  He liked it and it made him stand out more.  Plus gave him a place to hide weapons if he needed them.  Sam and he had picked out some pretty sturdy hair pins and hair daggers for it.  That's the only thing that made Dean relent and not cut it off on him.  And hey, the dragon had started it growing.  He walked outside, finding Dean stomping his way.  "He wanted me to think of patronage."

"No.  You're too young and I'll be damned."  He glared at the mini castle and walked the boy off.  "C'mon.  We're talking about heading to Ares' temple soon."  Xander nodded.  Dean looked at how he was walking.  "Your foot hurt?"

"I turned my ankle earlier."  He grimaced.  "Stupid leaps."

Dean smiled.  "We'll practice at home later."  Xander nodded and they went back home.  It was a good hike from the castle but that was fine.  It let their tempers air out.  They walked in and found Sam sharpening his sword.  "Ares?"

"I said a prayer to Strife and he said it could be opened next month.  We'd have to be out of the city though."  That got a nod.  "So we'll start arranging things.  You okay, Xander?"

"I twisted wrong when I landed from a leap."

"Hmm.  Stretch and try it again."  Xander did that in the open area.  The neighbors downstairs knew he was in training.  Dean and Sam had gotten taught part of the dance that worked well with how they moved.  His teacher was teaching him more advanced techniques.  It did his body good.  He was tall, strong, muscled, but thin.  Apparently that's how they wanted the local dancers.  Later that night someone tried to sneak into the house but Xander stabbed him when he reached for him, making him scream in pain.  Dean opened a window and threw the shrieking man out it.  Then they went back to bed.  They were a lot more tired of people wanting Xander these days.  Sam didn't even wake up this time.  It showed how used to these things they were.


Xander got the message while he was stretching the next day.  "Yes, sir," he whispered.  He finished up and went to practice his current moves.  "We'll be leaving in a few days."

The teacher stared at him.  "Because of the Duke?"

"Because it's time for me to go to the temple to train," he said.  He shifted his stance at the odd look he got.  "This one today?"

"Yes.  Let's start where you hurt yourself yesterday, Xander."  The boy moved into that series, not tripping as he landed this time.  He nodded.  The boy still extended too far now and then.  He handed him a sword and let him feel the balance.  He grimaced.  "It is the traditional weapon."

Xander sighed and pulled one out of his hair, letting it expand.  The teacher gaped in awe.  "It was a gift from a friend."  Vesvold had gotten it for him.  He moved with the katana and it was better.  He didn't extend so much.  He started back at the beginning, moving into those that had sword work built in.  Now his body showed the grace that had been trained into it.  He finished panting and sweaty but that was usual for him.  He looked at the teacher, getting a nod.  "I know it's not traditional."

"The other sword was too heavy for you.  This one suits your build and style."  Xander grinned.  "I have nothing left I can teach you."  Xander bowed and he bowed back.  "Try to be safe, Xander.  There are many who would want one such as you."

"Which is why my next stop is at a temple to a God of War."

"Good choice."  He let the boy run home with his sword.  He'd miss the young boy.  The duke had paid him for the interview but he wouldn't miss the fee for finding him a new concubine.  Much.  He'd take in another long term student.

Xander burst through the door.  "They expect us to be near the capitol and the palace."

Sam nodded.  "Okay.  How long will it take us to get there?"

"Ten days and it'll open in thirteen."

"So we'll leave tomorrow," Dean decided.  They finished packing things and Dean went to look for new horses.  They hadn't used the carriage or horses in the first six months so they had sold it off to save paying rental spaces for them.  He found the livestock section of the market and horse trader easily enough.  "We're looking to take the boy home.  That means a carriage since we have to make it to the palace for our trip home in about two weeks.  Less if possible."

The man looked at him.  "Riding singly would be faster."

"He has things.  Two trunks of things and we have about six bags each."

That got a nod.  "A public carriage?"

"Dangerous.  He's just finished his training in the dance."

"Oh."  He tipped his head.  "The young one with the long hair?"  Dean nodded.  "I saw him last year at the celebration dance.  He stood out."

"He's very good."

"Is he going to preform?"

"He learned it to protect himself, not to find a mate."  That was a question they got a lot.  Xander came over to join him, eating a piece of the fruit he liked.  Dean took it to eat a bite then handed it back.  "Do we have any small carriages?"

"I only have one large one," he admitted. "It takes four to draw it."  Xander gave him an odd look.  "My brother used to run a public coach and he quit due to bad money on his run."

"How much would that cost us?" Xander asked, taking another bite.

"Three thousand gold for that and horses."

Xander moaned, shaking his head.  "That's insane."  He looked and pointed at one.  "We only need something about that size."

The trader looked and moaned.  "That is a very fancy one.  It probably cost about five thousand and was specially made by hand."

"I don't need that particular one, just something that size," Xander told him.  He grinned, leaning closer.  "Just something that'll only take two?  We're taking it with me."

He stared at the boy.  "Let me ask someone.  When are you three leaving?"

"Tomorrow," Dean said.  "We have ten days to get to the area outside the palace."

"Hmm."  He went to talk to someone.  Xander saw someone he knew and went to talk to his fellow student.  He saw him and smirked.  The boy had learned the benefit of connections.

"Duchess?"  She turned to look at him and smirked.  "Do you know anyone who's selling their carriage?  We're leaving and have to get to the palace in about ten days for our trip to the next temple I'm to study at."

"You did insult my father."

"Your father had me snatched from my lessons.  I made myself clear that I'm not looking for someone to treat me as an exotic pet.  Beyond that, I'll be out of his sight tomorrow."

"I may know of one.  How big do you need?"  He pointed at that same one.  "That's not a bad size.  Let me talk to someone later.  When are you leaving?"


"Hmm."  She went to her friend's house and talk to her.  She was having a cash flow problem but she'd be getting a new carriage with her upcoming wedding.  It was part of the bride price.  She agreed to sell them hers but not the horses.  She summoned Dean and Sam to negotiate and pay her.  She loved some of the treasure they had gotten from the dragon they had to kill to rescue the boy.  The boy was out petting a horse's nose.  "Not the horses, Xander."

"It needed love.  It was looking depressed."

"There's a female in heat up the stable," she told him.  Dean went to get horses for the carriage.  They had learned how to hitch them up very well since they had gotten here.  She smiled as they headed home and the place where they had things hidden.  The owner of the inn they were hiding some of the riches at would pout later but that was fine.  They had all heard about the dragon incident.  It was cute he was so pure.  That would change in a few years.


Xander drove the carriage carefully through the portal while Sam and Dean walked them since their eyes were covered.  They came through and he had to go back to get one of the trunks.  It didn't want to come but oh well.  He brought it anyway.  The portal closed behind him and he put it onto the luggage holder on the back of the carriage.  He counted.  "Dean, where's the blue one?"  The portal reopened and it was floated over by him.  Then it closed.  "Thank you!"  He tied them back down and got back in.  Dean was driving this time.  "Which way?"

Ares appeared in a gout of flame beside them.  "Guns?" he asked dryly.

"It killed the dragon that had him," Sam shot back with a smirk.

Ares shook his head quickly.  "Wonderful."  He handed Dean a map.  "Go there. There's a temple to me that has a training area.  A temple to Cupid for you three's needs.  A temple to Strife so Xander can get to know him."  He disappeared.

"Okay," Dean decided.  They headed off, taking the carriage there.  It'd fit in around here too it seemed.  They got a few odd looks for the decorated thing.  "Bought it used," Dean said at one guard's odd look.  That got a nod.  The map had a nice dot that moved with them.  Sam climbed up to take over driving duties so he could get a snack and rest in the back.  Xander was napping.  He smiled.  He was still so young.  Fifteen and still pretty innocent.  It meant they had done a pretty good job.  Thankfully at home it would only be a week or so.


Xander walked into the temple of Ares, walking up to the old priest.  "Ares said to come train here," he said respectfully.

The priest sneered at him.  "One such as you should be in Cupid's waiting to be a concubine."

Xander pulled his sword. "I'm no man's until I choose them," he sneered back.  The priest tried to hit him so he ducked the blow and got him from behind, going after him.

Strife appeared and plucked the sword from Xander's hand.  The boy shrugged and beat him anyway.  He hopped up to sit on the altar, watching them go at it.  The boy was clearly frustrated.  He was backed up too.  He sent a thought to Cupid about that.

Cupid appeared.  "Xander?"  The boy ducked another hit and jogged over to him.  "Try this?"  He let him have a special berry they grew around there, but he could see the surge coming so he removed it from him.  "Oops.  Don't let anyone use anything of the berries at my temple.  You're allergic."

"Yes, Cupid.  Thank you."

"Welcome."  He glared at the heaving priest.  "You done yet?  Pops wants this one trained."

"By tha three of us," Strife agreed.  The priest spotted him and went to his knees.  He smirked.  "Xander's an anchor."  The priest moaned.  "Mine, Cupid's, and Ares'."  Ares appeared.  "He decided ta test the boy."

"I saw and heard."  He looked at Xander.  "Bad hair day?"

"Yes," he said with a small pout.  "I can't get out of backlog."

"We'll work on that soon," Cupid promised, patting him on the back.  Sam and Dean walked in.  "Good, you two can take the training too."

"Sure," Sam agreed with a grin.  "It'll only help us later on."

Ares nodded.  "Yes it will."  He looked at Xander, laying a hand on his head.  "A natural berserker."  Xander grimaced but shrugged a little bit.  "We'll have to be careful of that.  For now, Cupid, take him and wear him out?  Even I'm itching for him now."

"Sure.  Guys, no berries for him.  For you two they can help the surges.  Xander's allergic and he'll surge.  We'll never get him down."  He smiled at Xander.  "Go to my temple."  Xander nodded, heading that way.  "You two come in a while.  There's special areas we have built for GHS."  He winked at them and left.  "Sam, backlogged.  You too, Dean," he called as he faded out.

"I'll pay someone later."  Dean looked at the two gods.  "How's things at home?"

"Good.  It's only been four days, guys."  They smiled.  "This trip will only be a few hours in their time."

"Xan's due to pass over in the next four years, in and out of normal time," Strife warned.  They nodded at that.  "Good.  Now, get that fixed?  Please?  It was bad enough Xan's hormones are on a rip."  They smirked but went to fix that.  He shivered, handing Ares the sword.  "Vessie got it for him."

"It's a good sword."  He put it on the altar.  "Give it back to the boy when he comes back tomorrow."  The priest nodded.  "I want him as fully trained as possible.  He has to be able to protect himself.  He's an anchor, a full anchor."  The priest shuddered but nodded.  "His last training was a dance fighting style.  As you saw when you sparred."  He disappeared.  Strife too.

The priest sent up a prayer for their mercy on him and then went to get a drink.  He had to find someone to train that boy.  They had a good one locally so he'd let him spar with the boy in the morning.  All three of the boys really.


Xander walked into Cupid's temple and looked up at the pretty designs carved in.  "Wow."

A priestess looked at him.  Then she smiled.  "You are one of His Burdens?"

Xander smiled.  "I am.  I'm Xander.  A level ten."  She moaned.  "He said I'm allergic to the berries."

"Then we will work on those things," she said, leading him to the back areas.  "This symbol on the doors mean that it is specifically for his Burdens.  I am not one but I know that inside are great delights to help ease it so you are not taken as a prize and a burden of another sort."  He smirked at that.  "Good boy.  Go in there and look around."

Xander went inside to look at things.  A few rooms to nap in.  A huge pool.  On the other side of the pool were a few other rooms.  They had dicks on the wall.  "That's...."  He shivered.  "Huh."  He went to look at them.

Cupid appeared.  "What do you know about sex, Xander?"

"Sam taught me what it was for and why it helped me.  He said to hold it off as long as I could because otherwise I'd be stuck with that as my main outlet."  Cupid nodded, smiling at him as he leaned against a wall.  "I've tried myself a few times.  Sam said I could," he said quickly.

"It's a natural urge and a good way of doing that," he assured him.  "I'm going to be teaching you techniques to help you with that.  What do you know about fooling around?"

"Not a damn thing.  They said I'm not old enough yet."

"That's fine," Cupid agreed.  The door opened to admit Dean and Sam.  "Boys, we're going over advanced sex ed and techniques."

"Xander's not sixteen for another six days," Dean said as he joined them.  He had to blush at the walls'... artwork.  "No girls?"

"There's some.  If you can talk one of the priestesses into fooling around." Dean smirked at that.  "After you're out of backlog.  See the bowl with the red berries?"  He pointed and it appeared.  "That will leech it out of you.  Take some.  You and Sam both."  He nodded, going to make his brother take some.  He smiled at the boy.  "Did you peek at the other students?"

"I haven't had any with me since my first month, Lord Cupid."

"Hmm.  That kinda sucks for you.  We'll have to teach you the fun stuff too.  As long as they're near your own age.  For now, we'll keep you on top.  That'll help until you're ready to take a keeper.  They'll appreciate it more."

"Do I have a good one?"

"Two but yes." Xander nodded at that.  "They're going to want to be together.  You'll be the thing that makes them work."  Xander nodded more quickly, looking happier.  "For now, let's get those two settled down.  Like massages?"

"Yup.  Ray showed me those are nice."

"Good."  He created a massage table by the pool and pointed at Sam to get onto it.  Sam slinked over.  "You have got to wear it out more, Sam."  He used some of the juice from the redberries as the oil and it was good.  Sam was moaning and groaning while he worked on him.  "I clearly haven't lost my touch," he teased when Sam got off.

"Never will," Sam assured him.  "Thank you."

Cupid went back to it.  He could tell how backed up he was.  He was nearly a level eight from the backlog.  He got Sam released again and put him into the pool to rest.  Dean had been watching.  "Your turn."  Dean came over and stripped down.  Xander blushed.  "They have the same things you have, Xander."  He nodded at that, still blushing.  Cupid smiled.  His plan would work very well.  He crushed some of the berries to help Dean let go, making him come too.  Dean went limp and happy.  "Into the pool.  On the toys or not," he said in his ear.  Dean nodded, getting into the pool to stretch out and relax.  He looked at Xander.  "Your turn."

"I have to get naked?"

"Yup."  Xander stripped quickly and nearly dove onto the table.  "We'll teach you to appreciate your body, Xander.  It's a wonderful thing and you'll need to appreciate it."  He got some regular oil once he had cleaned his hands.  Dean and Sam were both lethargic but Sam could use a bit more stimulation.  "Sam, next to you is a toy.  Use it."

Sam blushed.  "I've never...."

Cupid changed it so it was smaller.  "That shouldn't hurt.  You can sit in on Xander's lectures.  You too, Dean.  Almost all male GHS members are bi."  He got to work on the boy's tense shoulders.  He had him at the putty stage within minutes and it was good.  He smiled when the boy got off the first time.  Xander moaned.  Dean looked back so Cupid nodded at him to handle Sam.  Dean took the simple way of doing it.  He picked him up and made him shift over. Sam struggled a bit but Cupid sent some oil to help ease the way.  Sam moaned at that feeling.  "It'll help, Sam.  It's very tiny.  About finger width.  It won't hurt."

Sam sighed but let it slip into him while Dean held his arms.  He settled on it and it did feel good.  Cupid made it vibrate lightly when Sam didn't do more than sit on it.  Sam  yelped but it was good.  Dean snickered quietly.  Cupid got him too.  Dean moaned.  "Thank you.  Before I have to go jump Strife again."  He went back to the boy under his hands.  He took off his bracelet.  "This way we can wear it out the natural way."  Sam got off again.  Dean a minute later.  Then they both blushed.  "I'm sure you two spanked in all those motel rooms you stayed in," he taunted.

"In the bathroom and only when Dad wasn't there," Sam defended.  "That way we didn't get caught."

"Here, you need to revel in it, Sam.  The more you revel in your nature, the easier it is on you.  The only thing I mind is non-consensual sex or with a real kid.  Xander's fine as long as they're near his own age.  You guys can have all the fun you want."  He stared at Sam.  "I'll expect you to join Xander in his lessons, Sam."

"Yes, Cupid."

"Thank you."  He got the boy off again and Xander purred. He smiled, letting the boy turn into the GHS purr kitty he was meant to be.  Xander finally finished his backlog release and was better.  He got him off one last time and it was perfect.  "This is what you should feel like all the time, Xander.  If you feel like this, you're not backlogged, not in danger, and in less danger of being stolen."  Xander looked at him, nodding.  "Good boy.  Now, into the pool to soak.  I don't want you to do more than touch the toys for now."  He helped the boy into it and made the massage table disappear.  He smirked at the two older ones.  "All GHS revel.  Xander's meant to be a favorite, pampered pet some year soon but he needs to be able to protect himself.  He'll move into that in the next few years.  You two need to loosen up."  He disappeared.  He had to find the good picture books to teach Xander with.  Sam would throw a hissy fit worthy of Aphrodite with a pimple if he used people to demonstrate things.

Dean looked at Sam.  "You good?"

"A bit freaked out but really calm."

"I like this calm feeling," Xander said from his end of the pool.   He looked at them.  "Do you guys get to be purr kitties too?"

"I feel like one," Dean admitted.  Xander came over to cuddle him.  "Thanks, Xander."  He pulled Sam over so Xander could cuddle him too.  Their father would *not* believe they had gotten off from massages done by the God of Love and Lust.


Xander showed up for his lesson at Ares' the next morning, bowing at the altar as he saw the others do.  The priest from yesterday stopped him and stared for a minute before handing him his sword. "Thank you."

"You're welcome.  There's a higher teacher here to see how good you are."  Xander nodded, following him to the private practice area.  A young man stood there in leathers.  "This is him."

The warrior looked at him.  "Where did you learn?"

"There's another realm that has a dance and movement style that tells a story.  Half of those have sword work because it tells the tale of a warrior's life.  I spent the last three years learning there."

The warrior nodded slowly.  "So you dance?"

"Some.  There's some katas built in."

"Do them in order so I can judge what you can do."  He looked at the sword, nodding at it.  "For now that is fine.  We'll teach you multiple weapons by the time you're done here."

"It was a present."

"Did you name it?" he sneered.

"It's not a pet."  That got a smirk.  Xander moved into the first sword kata.  The men stared.  He backed off.  "Sorry, a few have leaping moves."  He went back to it.  He knew he looked good.  His hair was braided down his back.  He had decided to wear the thin pants he did for practicing.  He had some leather pants but Dean had given him an odd look when he came down wearing them.  He moved into the second one when the first was done.  This one was a bit more athletic.  It showed the muscles he had developed very well.

"It looks like something one of Cupid's people developed," the older priest said.

"I'm one of his Burdens," Xander said with a grin.  "That's why Lord Strife sent me there to learn."

"That's an understatement," the younger one said.  "The priestesses said they had a new, high level."  Xander waved a hand.  Then he got back to it.  He smirked at the third one's moves.  Not always practical.  The fourth was more practical in a war situation.  Some were more dance oriented, some were more fight oriented.  The two who guarded him came to help.  "Can you do these?"

"We learned parts that spoke to us," Dean admitted.  "Sammy learned a lot more of the celebration and sexual parts while I learned the fighting sequences and the sexual parts."  That got a nod and they joined in with the katas they knew.  The trainers stared at them.  Xander did a flashy looking turn and they stared at him.

"Do that again," the older priest said.

"Which part?"

"From before the turn."  Xander closed his eyes and stepped back into that part of the rhythm.  They hummed in appreciation.  He kept going and it was very good.  They watched both sets.  They all moved very well now.  The older two clearly had more traditional sword work training as well.  Xander could start on that now.  Xander finally stopped, panting and sweating.  "You have good endurance.  There's a well behind the tree.  The three of you drink and then we'll work on sparring."  They did that and Dean reminded Xander to stretch before he cramped up.  The boy did that against the low wall back there.  The teachers shared a look.  Ares had need of having this one trained so he must have a reason.  Apparently the one who would own him would need his help protecting him.  They brought the boys back to work with.  Dean did good sparring with Sam.  Xander learned how to do it from them then faced the teacher.  The teacher nodded at them to practice off to the side.  Xander he took in hand and showed him the more traditional methods.  The boy wove it into what he could already do.  Which was what Ares wanted since he looked pleased when they caught him watching from the wall he was leaning on.  Strife was sitting beside him, staring in awe.

"Xander, do the one with the capturing," Sam called.  Xander shrugged and moved to do that against the teacher.  It showed the best of his moves and skills.  The teacher was hard put to defend against it but he found a few openings.  The boy got a nick once.  He hissed but kept going.  He finally disarmed him and pinned him, grinning.

Ares nodded.  "Good job, Xander."  He looked at the teachers.  "Teach him the traditional methods so he can bring them into that style."  They nodded, getting up to go at it the usual way.  Xander moved well learning with them.

Strife looked up then at Xander.  "Boys, clean up, head to Cupid's."  They bowed to their trainers and did that from the well then hiked over there.  "So?" he asked.

"He has not much I can teach him," the priest said.

"His guard slips and he needs to transform the formal moves that they practiced into practical experience," the warrior noted.  "Any more growth spurts?"

"One," Strife said.  "He's nearly full height but he'll fill out some."

"He looks very ...alluring as thin as he is," the priest said grimly.

"He'll need this to keep him from being stolen by every demon and being who wants him," Ares told them.  "It is his life and health."  They nodded and went to prepare for the next lesson.  The boy had worn them out.  "I wasn't sure you were right about that training style but it seems to suit him," he said quietly.

Strife beamed.  "I knew he'd do good.  Even if the Duke did try ta claim him as a concubine."  He hopped down.  "Do you like Cupe's plan?"

Ares considered it.  "I could like it."  He disappeared, going to watch the other class work.  He started a breeze when he noticed a few of the warriors were hard from the pheromones all three had put off while working out.  He sent a message to Cupid to have Xander wear the bracelet when he was at his temple.  They were coming along.  Not bad for the most part.  A few needed a swift kick from him, and got it, literally, but they'd learn.


Xander and Sam walked into the back section, finding Cupid playing with his son.  "Want us to give you more time?"

"Nah, Bliss is cool."  He kissed him on the head.  "Go herd Dean this way too.  He can go over it with Xander."  He let his son fly off.  "Talk the priestess into making cookies too."  He patted the pillow beside him and Xander sat there.  "Good boy."  Dean got shoved in and the door closed.  "Hit on the pretty ones later, Dean."  He opened the first book in the set in front of him.  "I know Sam went over mechanics and all that.  We're going to go over the specifics and how they help a GHS member."  He opened it and went through each picture with the boy.  At the blow job ones even Dean blushed.  "Believe it or not, but giving one can help the GHS member wear out a bit of it."

"Why not receiving?"

"Receiving's good too, but giving still wears some out," Cupid told him.  "Something in jizz calms down the pheromone production."

"Huh," Dean said.  He looked at the picture.  "That's pretty stiff of the guy giving."

"It is, but they're stylized."  He grinned at Xander, who was still blushing.  "I know, you've never seen it.  I'd teach you by letting you watch but Sam would throw a fit like Mom when she's got a zit."

"If I did that would I end up being theirs?" Xander asked.

"No.  Only you can say who you belong with.   You can have tons of fun.  Now, with your hormones they could decide they own you.  Like if you gave in to some pressure from one of the suitors, they'd probably see that as you being theirs."  Xander nodded at that.  "But it doesn't mean you can't get down in the clubs."  Xander grinned but went back to blushing.  "We'll teach you about that too, Xander.  We have more power here so we can teach you more things."  He turned the page. "Another position it works in."  Xander stared.  This time the guy was on his knees and looked more comfortable.  "Generally any position you can reach it in comfortably for both of you is good."

Xander nodded so he turned the page.  "This is the preparation section.  Girls need some working up to it.  See, girls get slick on their own.  Guys need lube to be applied.  Girls only need lube applied if they're not adding enough of their own or you're going for anal sex with them."  He went back to the girl's picture.  "Lots and lots of areas make girls hot.  You have to try to see what each girl likes.   Some like harder touches, some like lighter ones.  Some like their breasts to be played with.  Some don't.  Some like to be licked, some don't.  Some like to be touched and some refuse to do anything if you might possibly be able to look at them there."

"Those sort are kinda boring," Dean told him.  "It's always better to be with someone who wants to play with you like you wanna play with them.  There's times for hot, heavy, take it now sex, but more often girls and guys like it to last more than five minutes against a wall."

"Dean!" Sam said, looking shocked.

"He'll probably do that at least a few times, Sammy.  We're doing this the realistic way.  Yeah, dating's good but some people do want it on the first date and some want it in the bathroom while clubbing."

Sam shook his head.  "He shouldn't be going for that."

"Sometimes that's good, even when you're with someone," Cupid told him.  "You and Jess didn't?"

"She wouldn't do that with me.  She was kinda shy."

"Huh."  He shook his head.  "Some girls are like that.  Each girl's different."  He grinned at Xander.  "You'll figure out what sort of girl draws you in when you want girls."

"What if I don't want girls?"

"Then you can figure out what sort of boy draws you in and makes you hard," Cupid assured him.  "I know very well you're bi.  I also know that before the curse you were very much a 'let me pleasure you' lover but you were liking being on the bottom for gay sex."  Xander stared at him.  "I went back and checked."

"Can I remember that?  That way you don't have to go into all this?"

"Sorry, kiddo.  Can't."  Xander grimaced.

"Whorehouse?" Dean suggested.

"It's a practical way but we still want to keep that pure as long as possible.  It'll only make him want it more when it happens and he'll need that to be able to wear it out.  Now, I do want him to stay on top until he's ready to be steadier.  The ones he'll end up with may want it that way."

"You know who it'll be?" Dean asked.

"I have a good idea down to a list of possibly ten or so.  With him being an immie too that can cause a lot of problems.  Since it seems like his hormones liked him being on the bottom best, let's keep that until he's ready to settle down unless it's an emergency to save him from something."

"Are they demonic?" Sam asked quietly.

"Do you want to go to one of them?" Dean asked Xander.

Xander shook his head.  "No.  Maybe Vesvold, but not really.  I like Vesvold but I'm not sure I can do that stuff with him.  Plus I learned that his people are pretty rare and it could hurt his standing with them.  They could try to kill him for that and I'd be miserable.  He's my friend."

Cupid nodded.  "That's a very mature choice.  You and he can talk about that when you go back."  Xander nodded at that, snuggling against his side.  He smiled, putting an arm around his shoulders.  How could you not love Xander?  He picked up a different book, letting him flip through that.

Dean looked then at him.  "I brought two Hustlers with me, Cupid."

He beamed.  "That's got to have better pictures than I do in these."  He summoned them, looking at the gun.  Then at Dean.

"It helped us kill the dragon that wanted him."

"Fine."  He let the boy see the first set of pictures, watching him blush.  "That's what a naked woman looks like.  Each one's a bit different.  These got airbrushed so there's no scars or fat."  Xander pointed.  "That's their sex, yeah."  He grinned.  "You'll have a lot of fun trying that out some year soon."  He and Dean pointed out the basic structures, what you did to it and didn't do to it.  There were some shots of guys doing girls so they got that part down too.  Xander was fully blushing but he was also hard by then.  Cupid let him go soak in the pool while the older two got lectures on GHS morality versus regular human morality, including that they were immortals and had a really long life ahead of them.  Being bored with sex would only cause them problems.  He sent Dean to play with the priestesses.  They could use hit on.  Sam went to examine the rooms.  Cupid went to help Xander learn how to touch himself better.  He was trying not to and it was only going to hurt him more.


Six months after Xander turned sixteen the inevitable happened.  He got a date with one of Ares'  younger female students.  She was his age, a few weeks older, and cute.  Dean talked Xander how to do date things.  Sammy went over his idea of a good date.  Then they waited up half the night until Xander came home dazed and wobbling.  Dean looked at him.  "She good?"

"She wanted to get rid of the virgin problem."  He flopped down next to them, cuddling Sam.  "I think she was happy.  I hope she was making those noises because she was happy."

"I'm sure she was, Xander," Sam said, stroking over his back.  "Feel any different?"

Xander shrugged.  "Not really.  Kinda tired."  He looked at them.  "Kinda wired too."

"That's the hormones kicking into overdrive," Dean told him.  Xander held up his bracelet.  "Good idea."  He gave him a kiss on the head.  "Go sleep.  You still have training tomorrow."  He went to do that.  Dean grinned.  "That's my boy," he said proudly.  "Got some on his first date."  Sam gave him a dirty look.  "You did."

"I know I did.  She jumped me and had her way with me until I caught my breath and flipped her over."  He shifted.  "Think she's okay?"

"I think we'd have heard about it if she wasn't," Dean told him.  That got a nod.  "Let's hit the sack.  We've all got training tomorrow."  Sam nodded, fleeing to his room.  Dean gave his back an odd look.  "I didn't know he had a thing for virgins," he muttered.  "Have to poke that now and then so he quits blushing."  He went up to his room, imagining his favorite liaisons in the past so he could drift off and sleep too.  He heard Sam, who was on his other side, doing the same.  One name hit him and he stared at the wall.  "Really?" he asked himself.  "That's very interesting."  He considered it.  None of the three of them were really related.  They were 'brothers', not brothers.  Sammy would be able to protect Xander pretty well.  Hell, Xander could protect Sammy just as well.  He considered it, picturing them in his head.  Yeah, he could see that.  It was getting him harder than thinking about one of his many girls did.  He clearly needed to pin Sammy to  a wall tomorrow to talk to him.  If that's what he wanted, they weren't related and that was fine with him.  Not like they didn't know all of Xander's faults and Xander knew all of theirs too.  Plus it'd let Sam have his 'normal life' again.


Xander bounced up to the high priestess who was helping Cupid teach him the next afternoon, babbling about it with her in Greek.  None of the others around there knew ancient Greek so he was okay on the secrecy part.  She squealed and hugged him, taking him aside to talk to him about what had happened.  He wanted to make sure those were happy noises since he was pouting that the girl wouldn't talk to him today.

Dean nudged Sammy into one of the quiet rooms.  He shut the door and looked at him.  "Heard you last night."

"Oh, God.  It just slipped out, Dean.  I swear."

Dean shrugged.  "We're not related, Sammy."  Sam gaped at him.  "If he's the one you crank for, then you've got my blessing and I'll keep Dad from saying shit."

Sam sat down, thinking about that.  Dean had clearly only heard part of the depraved, kinky thing his mind had come up with last night.  It must have come from where the demon tainted him.  It had to.  He wasn't like that.  He looked at Dean. "That's not my usual thing."

Dean shrugged. "I'm not gonna say a thing, Sammy.  You might wanna go slowly."

"I know how old he is."

"Good!"  He grinned. "Then I'll help cover for it.  Just ...don't share details."

"I won't."  He ducked his head, blushing a lot now.  "This is so wrong."

"No more wrong than foster kids getting it on," Dean said quietly.  He left him to think, going to the back room.  Cupid was looking very amused.  "So, them in the possible list?"

"He's one of a pair that I could see."  He smirked.  Dean went pale.  "The same rules apply to you two as well."


"Yeah, heard you all last night.  Xander was thinking about what might happen if he was in her place."  He shrugged.  "It's usual."  Xander squeaked.  "Hey.  Not a problem.  Plenty of boys do when they're bi."

"You had to tell him?" he sulked.

"Yeah.  Just that part. The rest is confidential."  Dean nodded at that, giving him a look. Cupid smirked.  "C'mon, Xander.  How did it go?"

"She was making squeaky noises."

"Those are good noises.  Unless she said 'no, stop, get off me', it's all good."

"She did so I stopped and she gave me a hurt look but caught her breath and made me do something other than touching and exploring."  He pouted.  "Was I mean?"

"No, she was feeling overloaded.  Some women do, especially their first few times until they learn what orgasms feel like."  He gave the boy the hug he needed.  "Were you respectful?"  Xander nodded.  "You were polite?"


"Good boy."

"Then why won't she talk to me today?"

"She only wanted that one thing from you, not to *date* you," Dean told him.  "Some girls like only doing that.  Some girls wanna date, like Sammy's Jess did.  Remember, we talked about girls who only wanted a quick thing in the bathroom in the club?"  Xander nodded.  "She felt that's all she wanted."

Cupid looked over the boy's head.  "Pops said to break herself in," he mouthed.  Dean rolled his eyes. "He's right though, Xander.  She only wanted that from you.  If you still act like you're okay with her she'll relax once she figures out you don't want her again."

"Okay.  I guess.  I feel kinda cheap."

"They can do that to you," Sam agreed as he walked in.  He gave the boy a hug.  "It's all good, Xander.  I promise.  Next time it'll be better and not a fast thing so you get played with too."

Xander beamed.  "You think so?"

"I know so."  He ruffled his hair and stood up, looking at Cupid.  "How's his backlog today?"

"It's pretty far down.  He had a slight surge last night but nothing too bad."  He gave the boy a squeeze.  "C'mon, we'll talk about what you did and could've done."  Xander nodded, letting himself be walked off so he could ask questions about that and if it was different with boys when you did that.  "Guys, get cozy in the pool before I insert them myself."  They stripped down and went to work on their own backlogs.  Cupid had made sure they weren't shy around each other anymore and any needs they had were clearly fixed.  The best way for Sam to stay out of backlog was for Dean to nag him it seemed and Dean liked to hide his own skills from everyone.  Xander blushed but looked back there.  Cupid smiled, leading him into a room they could talk in but he could see out if he wanted.  He checked, Sam had the same tiny, finger width one in him.  Dean had a good, human sized one.

"Does doing that hurt?"

"For the first few seconds, yeah. Then you get used to the stretching."  Xander nodded, pointing at one enormous dildo attached to the wall.  "That you'd have to work up to."

"Some demons are bigger than that."


"Why do I wonder about that stuff?"

"Your last life.  At the brothel you tried it a few times."  He pointed at one.  "One about that size only shorter."  Xander shivered.  "You're not ready for that yet."

"No I'm not."  He glanced out there and blushed.  "Is it wrong to want to watch?"

"No.  It's a human thing."  He smiled at the boy.  "Give it some time, Xander.  You never know who might feel the same way about you."

"Do guys taste like girls?"

"No.  Guys taste kinda salty and they leak into your mouth.  Guys are less slick and more solid liquid too."


He smiled.  He had an idea but Xander had to be a bit older.  He looked up to talk to his father and Strife, both of whom agreed.  The boy knew all the proper prayers.  "Xander, we've talked to you about being an anchor before, right?"

"Yeah.  That anchors hold you guys steady so you don't fade away."

"They do.  And you are in a unique spot to take over an anchor's position.  You serve me and Strife with the GHS stuff, and Ares with the protection stuff.  Plus a few others in more minor ways.  Hecate with the small magics you can do, all that stuff."  Xander nodded slowly.  "We're going to talk about you taking over an anchor's spot for us."

"Did one die?"

"We can have as many as we want.  One doesn't have to die for one to take over.  But it would help us find you easier when you've been taken.  It'd let us help you when you lose control during a fight.  Because we know you will some day.  It'll help me when you surge to help you bring it back down."

"Do I have to do a ritual?"

"Around here it has to be a more tangible thing.  We'd put our marks on you."  Xander nodded at that, looking confused.  "Like tattoos."

"Oh."  He frowned.  "Do I have to do anything?"

"Pray daily.  Let us meddle now and then?  Nothing you're not already doing."  Xander considered it.  "You can talk to the guys about it tonight.  Sammy's part mine and Athena's.  Dean's a Chosen Warrior in all but marking to Pops.  Slightly toward Artemis too.  For an anchor you have to hold at least three areas of three different gods."

"Oh."  He frowned. "Are there ones at home?"

"There's an Immie named Jace.  She runs a sanctuary resort on holy ground in Las Vegas.  You'll meet her during the next convention.  We'll make sure of it."  He grinned.  "It would let us help you more when you needed us to but you'd have to keep a small shrine or something to us."

"We're on the road."

"By the time you get back, you're going to be eighteen."  Xander gaped.  "You're aging at the local rate, kiddo."  He smirked.  "Also, that means you can settle down and mange your own money, well, have someone manage it for you really.  That's like making a household budget, doing the checkbooks, all that stuff.  We're going to talk about that before you go too.  That way you can find a good spot and shelter those two."  He looked out there.  "Sammy, shift forward."  Dean moved over to help him by whispering in his ear.  Sam got off but he looked miserable.  "Let me talk to Sam.  You talk to Dean about the anchor stuff."  He flashed him and Sam off to go over what he was feeling guilty about before he had another surge.

Xander walked out, stripping down and sliding into the pool.  "Cupid said we need to talk about me being an anchor."

Dean looked at him.  "Ares mentioned that the other day."  He sat him beside him so he didn't have to stare at his body.  "What does it mean?"

"It means that I'd be holding part of their power steady anywhere I was.  They could help me if I needed them to.  Like if I finally step over into berserker mode Ares could help draw me back."  Dean nodded. "Cupid could help with the bad surges."

"And in return you'd have to...."

"Keep a shrine to them."  He looked at Dean.  "He said I'll be eighteen when I go back."

"Hell, I had no idea it'd be that long," Dean admitted.  Xander nodded.  "So you'd be able to settle down somewhere?"

"Which he said could shelter you two too."

"It can," he agreed with a smile.  "It'd give us a place to rest besides Bobby's."  He gave the boy a hug around the shoulders.  "We'd still be roving hunters."

Xander looked at him.  "What if they find out you're immortal?"

Dean hissed.  "That could get us killed."

"Ares said something about another hunter calling Pastor Jim, who called John, about you two taking dark deals because of all the demons who've kidnaped us."

"Fat chance," he said dryly.  "We'll straighten that out.  If we have to, we'll hide in a slightly new life.  Still doing something to help hunters but not traveling.  Though I'll miss traveling."

"What if you handled anything within a state?" Cupid asked as he reappeared with Sam. "He's better now," he said at Dean's look.

"We can do that.  Bobby basically does that.  A lot of hunters who get to middle age take that route and then take in students.  Xander's going to draw a lot of demons to him anyway."

"Even after he's mated."  He smirked.  Dean arched up an eyebrow.  He winked.  Dean scowled.  Cupid nodded.  "It's better."


"Is there a way we can call John?  That way he's not worried?"

"Nope, sorry," Cupid said.  "You'll be home soon their time."

"Ares told him something about a hunter trying to go after us because of all the demons?"

"Yup.  Word's gotten around that he's the same sort of demon magnet Sam is and it's drawn a lot of them to you guys.  He's jealous and that's why he's said you two are demon whores."

"Fat fucking chance I'll go that way," Dean said warmly.

Xander patted him on the chest, snuggling into his side.  "We know you have better taste than that."  Dean smirked at him.  "You do.  You only like pretty girls with big breasts."  Sam laughed.  "He does!"

"He does.  As many of them as will give him play," Sam agreed dryly.  He looked at Dean.  "What's the DT?"

"Him being an anchor."

"It's a good deal for him," Sam said, sitting on Xander's other side.  Xander pulled him over to cuddle.

"Hey!  I didn't need you both hugging," Dean complained.

"Shut up," Xander teased with an evil grin.  "Before I have to get others to cuddle and coo over you too.  Ares wants me to learn how to use my hormones offensively."  He hugged Sam, making him stiffen for a minute then go limp.  "Are you okay?  Did I hurt you in practice?"

"No, you didn't hurt me.  I had some strange thoughts last night."  He gave him a squeeze. Xander beamed and went to look at the toys in the pool again.  He looked at Cupid.  "Is there anywhere you'd like him to set up?"

"Somewhere safe.  I don't care otherwise.  Pick a location based on the weather and find a house.  Have it blessed."  He shrugged.  "We can bless it for him and it'll still be holy ground."  They gaped.  He smirked.  "Anchors are like higher priests, dudes."  He gave them the classic thumb's up gesture then disappeared.

"Cupid, when do I find out how you wanted me to learn that stuff we were talking about?"

"I'll call them later, Xander.  It'll be a few more months."

"Okay."  He went back to looking.  "Did you know there's people with *huge* cocks?  Cupid has a few in the room over there."

Dean blushed at that.  "I prefer normal size ones.  I know some size queens want it big all the time but not my thing."

Xander shrugged. "I'm trying to figure out what my thing is."

"You'll figure it out. You're still young, Xander," Sam offered.  That got a nod and they got out, dried off, and went to the market to find something for dinner.  Two warriors who weren't with the temple tried to jump them for Xander, but Xander managed to get one and Dean got the other one.  The local guards came to take them away.  They checked Xander over.  They'd heal but he was still mortal.

Strife appeared, tipping Xander's face up.  "Good job."

He grinned weakly.  "Guys like that suck.  One tried to pull my hair."

"I know.  They do suck."  He patted him on the head.  "Think about being an anchor tanight.  We'll do it tamorrah."  He disappeared.

"We need to talk about that," Dean agreed.  He found dinner and guarded them on the way back to their rented place.  Xander went to take a real bath before dinner so the water had time to warm for their baths later.  He looked at Sammy.  "He straighten you out?"

Sam nodded.  "He did."  He grinned.  "Thanks, Dean."

"Eh, I'm not good with the girly stuff.  Never will be no matter how long I live."  He smirked.  "Where do we want him to settle down so we can pop in?"

"Kansas?  Florida?  Pick an area.  How does he feel about snow and tornados?"

"Don't know," Dean admitted.  Xander came down in some thin pants and no shirt.  "Comfy?"

"Very.  The others are too tight again."

"We'll donate them to the temple and get you more clothes," Sam promised with a sigh at the end.  Xander gave him a sheepish look.  "Growing happens to all of us, Xander."

"I know.  Kinda sucks since I'm growing more than I need to."

"You'll grow however much your body wants," Dean corrected.  "Or else Sammy would be a normal size instead of as big as the Statue of Liberty."

Xander laughed.  "If you say so."  He settled in to eat dinner with them.  Sam drew up water for the later baths, putting it on the hearth to warm while they ate.  When they were done, Xander went up to his room to read the dirty scroll the priestess had given him.  It was smutty and good for him she said.  He could put the knowledge of what women tasted like into that and make it better.

Downstairs both Winchesters looked up and smirked at the noises Xander made.  "Damn, he's noisier than you are, Sammy.  I didn't think there was a worse shrieker at that age."

"Dean!" he complained.  Dean just gave him a smug look and went to take the first bath.  Sam thumped his head on the table.  Xander's noises were going to drive him insane soon!  If Dean didn't.


Xander knew he was in trouble the next morning.  He was late for practice.  He was backlogged even with the bracelet.  He was slinking like a sex kitten.  He gave the priest over his training a pitiful look.  "I had to stop to get something to eat.  I overslept and they didn't get me up."

He stared at him.  "Go to Cupid's, Xander.  Now.  Before we have an orgy over here."  Xander ran off to do that.  He went to tell the two adults.  "You two didn't wake him?"

"Someone broke in to try to steal Dean last night.  We were handing them to the guards," Sam admitted.  "Is he late?  We can get him up."

"He's headed to Cupid's.  He's clearly broadcasting."

"Shit," Dean said, heading off to help the boy.  Sam was right behind him.  The priestess who helped them stopped them.  "What happened?"

"One of the merchants in town slipped Xander one of the berries.  He's in a surge.  We need someone to find out who and why."

"I can do that," Strife said as he appeared with a person beside him.  The guy was whimpering.  "He gave it to him."

Dean pulled him up and walked him off.  If he had to beat the information out of him, he would.  He brought him back a few minutes later bloodier and wailing in misery.  "Someone paid him to drug Xander.  That way they could take him in the confusion.  They know he's allergic to the berries."  He handed him back to Strife.  "Lord Coravant?"

"Piss drinker," Ares said from his spot.  "I'll have him dealt with."

"Yes I will be," Strife assured him.  He looked at the boys.  "We've gotta break the surge.  It's been too long so it's in his blood stream."

"The anchor thing, would it help?" Sam asked.

"It would only link to him in extreme circumstances," Ares said.  "Otherwise we'd have already done that."

"Fight," Dean said.  "He drops out of it when he's in danger."

"Not a bad idea."  They pulled the boy out there and tossed Dean a sword, then Xander his.  Dean attacked and Xander dropped back into his mind to fight him off.  Ares groaned, trying his best to bring him out.  Sam ended up having to join in to save Dean from dying.  Xander was coming out of it, but too slowly.

"Xander!" Strife snapped, pulling at the link he already had to Xander.  The boy fell to his knees in front of him.  "That's my boy," he said, petting him like he would one of the dogs of war that was growling.  "Shh, come back, Xan.  You gotta come back."  Xander choked back a sob as he came back to his right mind, trying to move.

"No," Dean ordered.  He stopped him.  "I stepped in to help, Xander.  You didn't hurt me."

"I didn't know it was you!" he said, getting away from them.  "I'm like some rabid dog!"

"Only when you're threatened that much," Sam said, trapping him.  The boy looked at him.  "Really.   You don't do it all the time.  If you did, we'd have fixed it before now."  He pulled the boy closer.  "You got in a few good blows to protect yourself but we're not hurt.  I promise."  Xander gave him a look.  "Honestly, we're not."  Dean stole him, letting the boy check him over. Then he came over to check Sam over.  He nearly got sick at the healing cuts he saw.  "Hey, I had to help.  They drugged you."  Xander was made to look at him.  "They drugged you to get you to surge. That way they could snatch you."  Xander sat down right there.  "Honest, they did."


"If you surged in public it'd be an orgy," Ares said.  "They would've taken you in the distraction.  Dean jumping in got you out of the surge in the most handy way.  We need to find a better way."  He pulled the boy up, staring at him.  "Are you ready to be marked, Xander?"

He swallowed but nodded quickly.  "If it'll stop that."

"It'll help.  You have control over it."  He patted him on the cheek with a smirk.  "Cupid, we need your altar."

"Go for it.  Be there soon."

"Strip and get up there," Strife ordered.  Xander did that.  He was blushing since others could see.  "You don't look bad, Xan.  Be proud you're hot."

"I don't want people to want me."

"They'll drool because you're hot," Ares said patiently.  "Not because of your hormones.  They can see you before they can smell you."  He moved to one side.  Strife moved to the other.  They waited on Cupid to get done with his thing to wear out the extra energy and join them.  Then they pulled up the areas Xander had strengths and gifts in, letting the powers mark the boy.  He winced and hissed but that was fine.  The marks went deep into his skin at his waist.  It created a small girdle line around his hipbones and down into his pubic hair.  Then around to his rear.  Three marks trailed down from it to his butt crack.  The tail of the last one slid into the crevice as it trailed off.  They sealed power into them, making him a powerful anchor.  The boy went limp and panted.  They each kissed him on the head then let him sit up.

"Wow," Dean said.  "Nice light show."  All three gods gave him a dirty look.  He grinned back.  "It was."

"I see ones to Hecate, Artemis, and Athena," Sam said, looking them over.  "A lot to Cupid, Strife, and Ares.  One to Aphrodite.  No, two."  He turned him around to look.  The trailing three that hung like a tail were all Cupid's.  Sam gave him an odd look.

"The boy's ass is meant to inspire lust and sin."  He smirked.  "It fits his nature."  He tested Sam and frowned.  "Huh.  You do meet up to the three areas, barely."  He tested Dean.  "Mirror images of your strong areas.  Athena?"  She appeared, looking at the naked young man.  "This is Xander, our newest anchor."

"He's well marked."  She stared at it then nodded.  "Very well marked."  She looked at the other two and nodded.  "They can be ours.  Dean holds some of Strife's area, Cupid's, and Ares, plus a bit of mine and Artemis.  Ares, Cupid's, and Artemis's lines are strong enough."  She tested Sam while Artemis joined them.  "You were one of mine but also one of Ares' and Cupid's. A bit of Artemis' area due to the demon hunting.  A little bit of Strife's."  He nodded.  "Very well then.  You're both strong enough.  Are they willing to be marked?"

"Guys?" Ares asked.

"It'd help and we'd only have to send up the occasional prayer?"

"At your level, existing and the sudden prayers are good," Ares agreed.  They nodded and started to strip down.

"Not in front of some of us, boys."  Artemis came up to do the marks on their shoulders.  On the back side.  Both boys hissed as the marks were applied, Xander was holding their hands for them.  They sealed the power in and let it fade, looking at the mirror image figures.  Well, and flipped over in Sam's case.  The one to Athena was larger than the one to Artemis.  The one to Artemis was larger and on top in Dean's merged tattoo.  Each of the boys sent up a silent prayer of thanks, and they all smiled at the power that came.  Xander sent up his own and Cupid banished him back to the back areas to handle the remains of the hormone surge from earlier.

Ares looked at Athena. "Someone gave the young one some berries he's allergic to so he'd surge and they could snatch him in the confusion."

"That would've created an orgy in the market.  Hera would not be pleased," Artemis pointed out.

"Only with the increase in the birth rate," Cupid said dryly.  He heard Xander think about something and sent back a 'no, not yet' to him.  He looked at Sam, who blushed.  "He's wondering about some technique issues."

"How would I know?"

"I'll go help him," Dean offered, grabbing his shirt.  "Thanks, guys.  Sorry about practice today, Ares."

"You both looked very good today," he praised.  "The boy too."  They smirked and headed back there.  Ares looked at them.  "Strife, handle him. I want him begging for mercy in front of Hera later on."  Strife cackled as he disappeared. "Let me talk to John."  He disappeared, landing in the farmhouse they were in.  Bobby looked up from his chess game.  "The boys are fine," he promised.  "Marked but fine."

"What could scar them?" John demanded.

"Marked as anchors."

"They cover enough areas?" Bobby asked.

Ares nodded, crossing his arms over his chest.  "They do.  The boy does too.  He covers even more than they do.  We marked them all today in that time."  John slumped.  "It means we can help them better.  All the boys have learned a lot from their time away.  Xander's finished his growing."

"Is he going to continue hunting?" John asked hopefully.

"He'll be hunting plenty since he'll be of age to be taken as a mate," he told him.  "We'll be blessing the ground of his house once he finds one.  They will be coming for him now.  Also, I told Sam and Dean about the hunter saying they were now demon whores."

"I straightened him out," John said firmly.  The other guy was still in the hospital after their discussion.

"Good.  How many did he tell?  How many more GHS are in danger?"

"None.  I didn't mention them, Ares."

Ares smirked.  "Good idea."  He leaned down.  "They're fine and they've learned a lot. Including some things about themselves."  He straightened up then smirked at Bobby.   "Want them to appear here or Las Vegas?"

"Dean's car is here.  He'll want a few days to bond with her."

"That's fine.  We can do that."  He disappeared, going to check on the boys.  Dean was highly embarrassed about Xander asking oral sex questions.  He took all three boys to a whorehouse he favored and had been given as a tithe once.  "These are two of my chosen and one of Cupid's Burdens," he told the madam, who bowed to them.  "The young one needs to learn things.  Cupid has been teaching him personally but he is to remain slightly more pure.  He's had a woman once."  That got a nod.  "He is like most of them and may take up with a male."

"If he's had a woman, having a male isn't much different," she told him.

"As he wishes."

Cupid appeared.  "Pops, I was going to call in one of my favorite pairs.  They wanted to spend the night with him.  They can teach him everything he needs to know."

"They're in town."  Cupid summoned them and they came running.  "This is Xander."

"We've heard of him, Lords Ares and Cupid, plus his guardians," the female said.

Cupid put a hand on Xander's head and fixed his age.  "You're eighteen."  Xander whooped and hugged him.  He looked at the priests of his.  "He is not to be penetrated but can be taught anything he wants to know beyond that.  No more than a finger to teach him."  They nodded and led him to a room with one of the pros to help them.  He handed the madam one of his tokens then a second one.  "Lower level of my Burdens."

"I have many who could please them."  She led them off to let them pick who and what they wanted.  One ended up having to pounce the taller one because he was pouting slightly.  The younger one had two and that was fine with her.  Such blessings on her place kept the bad things away and increased her reputation.


Xander looked at the husband/wife/pro team in the room with him and blushed.  "Hi."

The wife pulled him over.  "Cupid said you're one of his special ones."

He nodded.  "I'm a level ten burden."

"Oh, dear, you are one of the special ones."  She smiled.  "We'll make sure you know what you need to, Xander."  She got him stripped down then the others.  "Now, he said you've had a girlfriend?"

"One of the other warriors in training at Ares' temple decided she needed to break herself in."

"That happens.  No one trusts a twittering virgin, even if she's the best trained there is."  He nodded at that.  "When was that?"

"Few days ago."

"Okay."  She led him over, letting the pro do what she did best while they taught him how to touch a woman's body.  The boy clearly had an appreciation of the female form.  She and her mate shared a look and he smiled.  He'd get his turn. The pro came and went limp but Xander was still licking and suckling on her.  "It's polite to ask them if they're up for more," she instructed.

"Don't you dare stop him," the pro said weakly.  Xander beamed and went back to it.  She could like this one.  If he ever went up at the auction block she'd take out a loan to buy him.  Even she had enough of the oral pleasure after a few minutes and pulled him up.  "Play with other areas too, Xander."  He nodded, teasing her with his fingers while he kissed her.  "Slow down."  She showed him how it should be done now that she had energy again.  She had suffered through a lot of quick lovers and this one would not be one.  She flipped them onto their sides, moving his hand to her breast.  He swallowed but played and worshiped at them.  He slowly moved down to her hole again and she moaned in pleasure.  This time it was good.  "Vary it some.  Don't just lap or suck.  Tease me.  Women adore being teased."  The male priest came down to show him how.  Xander did what he did and they switched back and forth until she was too limp to do more than breathe.  The female priest took him in hand and moved him over to the clear side of the bed.

"Show me what you learned," she ordered.  He started by kissing her, moving down slowly, making her moan at his technique.  Little bites, sucking kisses, small licks over pulse areas.  He paid enough attention to her breasts she was about to tell him to move on when he did.  "Remember to gauge what your partner likes."  He nodded, moving down to her stomach.  She moaned when he found one spot she adored, teasing it for a minute before giving it up.  She groaned a complaint but his fingers teased it while he moved lower, watching her face.  It was still good and his tongue was very skilled already.  He didn't go immediately for her center.  He teased the areas around the edges, slowly moving in.  His fingers were still teasing that spot on her stomach.

He pinched it and she arched up, which gave him the perfect time to latch onto her clit.  She whined and it was good.  He was very good.  She was flying high and he was doing it for her.  He had to pull back to pant but went back to it and she was more than happy to let him take breathing breaks since his fingers came to play with her while he caught his breath and swallowed the excess spit.  "Xander, in me," she ordered.  He looked at her mate, who nodded.  "That's is why we were sent."  He slowly moved up, playing with that spot on the way, suckling on a nipple, then giving her a kiss as he slid in.  She shifted to accommodate him ad it was good.  He started off slowly, gentle thrusts, then he built up.

"Vary your rhythm.  Some teasing is good here too."  He nodded, doing that, teasing her now and then with a finger he let slip down to brush her clit.  He kept up the kissing and it was good.  He clearly had some endurance.  She finally got him to the point where he was pounding into her and he suddenly stopped, just flicking her clit a few times until she screamed and came over. She panted, going limp, watching him.  "You didn't?"

"Sam said it was better if I did it after her."

She smiled.  "It's polite and means she had a lot more fun than if you did it before."  He leaned down to kiss her, being gentle and soft again until he came a few strokes later.  She pulled back to pant, nodding.  "Good job."  He beamed.  "Get me some water or juice?"  She was carefully pulled out of, a kindness most men didn't learn soon enough, and he went to get her something from the madam.  They checked the pro.  She was only asleep.  That was good.  She looked at him.  "If he does this to me and prefers males, you'll need your energy."

He kissed her.  "Seeing you like that inspired me."  Xander brought back two mugs and put one beside the sleeping woman, handing her the cold one.  She smiled as she took it.  He pulled Xander to him.  "What do you know of loving a man?"

"Nothing that I remember, but some of my old memories were taken when I was deaged due to a curse."

"Then you showed you had skills before, we only had to awaken them."  He kissed him slowly.  Testing him.  The boy's tongue had to be numb but he fenced back with his.  It was a good indication.  He felt Cupid bless him to get hard today.  Usually he couldn't - ever since that accident with the sword, that's why he and his wife taught, so she could get pleasure again - but this time he needed it.  He let his wife move to a nearby chair and laid them down there instead.  "Explore me.  Learn how a man is different."

Xander moved down to play with his body.  He tried a nipple.  "Some men do and some men don't have ones that react," he told him.  "Each one of us is different."  Xander nodded, testing the other one, earning a smile.  "Good choice."  The boy found a sensitive spot and made him moan.  That was hard to do.  He moved further down to tease his stomach and navel.  "That's good."  He arched into the sinful mouth.  "Pull back and look at me, Xander.  Look me over, touch me to make sure I'm there, see how I react."  Xander shifted down to look him over.  His cock was nearly full.   It got a touch that was nearly maddening in how gentle it was and then a bit rougher than he liked.  "Gently.  Remember, you can't tell how strong of a grip you're using on someone else."

Xander looked at him.  "Can you teach me how to pleasure one?"

"Of course I am."   Xander grinned. "The sac behind it holds your seed.  It is very delicate.  Some men can't even stand to have them touched."  Xander gave them a careful sniff, then a gentle lick, using the same hand to hold them up so he could play with the lumps inside them.  "Most men have two, I only have one."

"You have a small one on the other side," Xander told him.  "I saw the scar.  I know sometimes people get injured."  That got a nod and the boy moved to look behind his sac. "Is the space between that and your hole special?"

"It's delicate and feels good when it's played with in the later stages of sex."  Xander nodded.  "You can lick, suck on, and tease it with your fingers or tongue.  The same with my hole."

Xander grimaced.  "But...."

"I know but some do like it.  There is a method of cleaning that area.  It can be better if that's used."

"How do you do that?"

"We'll show you later, when we get to your temple," she ordered.  Xander nodded and went to examine that area.  Her husband yelped.  "No biting, Xander."

"He didn't.  He pinched a bit."  He panted, letting the boy do whatever he wanted.  When Xander came back up to play with his cock he had to tap him on the head a few times.  "No biting."  After the third time he figured it out.  He pulled the boy's head down, showing him how to go all the way down.   The boy did it and went back down on his own.  "Play with it with your tongue and hands if it's not in your mouth."  Xander did that, learning how to best pleasure him.  He flopped backward with a moan.  The boy was driving him insane.

"Before I get off, prepare me."  Xander looked at him.  "Take some of the oil and use it to slick your fingers up, then stretch me with them."  Xander nodded, moving to do that.  It was very good.  "Slowly and play, boy.  This is to prepare them for greater pleasure."  Xander slowed down and teased, playing with it.  He found a lump and the man groaned.  "That is a spot that makes men see God.  Doing that too often will get a partner off.  Many do use it when they orally please others."  Xander nodded, he could feel it.  He switched up to two fingers and it was good.  He was loosening well today and moved up to three.

"Some men want to be gotten off before they're entered, some men entered before getting off," she instructed.  She finished her water and the boy looked at him.  "It's better if you do it now.  His getting hard is a gift from Cupid."  Xander kissed him but found the angle awkward.  She came over to show him how to prop his hips up and brace them on his shoulders.  Xander beamed, kissing her as he entered the tight hole.  "Pause, let him adjust."  Xander did that, leaning down to kiss him and tease his cock.  He started out slowly.  Her husband was looking very pleased.  She held him up and slid herself down him.  She had wanted a child from him and this was a good time to try.  Xander was riding him very well.  Her husband was panting in exertion.  Xander's wicked finger came to tease her clit again.  They kissed and her husband got off, making her a happy wife. Xander got off from that then he teased her harder until she came.  It was a thoughtful gesture.  They all laid together in a tangle to wait until the boy's body had recovered.  He did a fertility charm over her stomach, making her smile.  "Thank you."

"You were stroking it.  I thought it could help."  He kissed them both again.  "Thank you."

"We are going to teach you one last thing.  Nothing more than a finger may go up you," he told him.  He stroked his wife's stomach.  "I can show you what it feels like to receive one."

"Let me," the working girl said with a yawn.

"He left you a drink," the priestess said.  She took it to drink and then moved Xander into her former spot, cleaning him off with a cloth so she could show him how those things felt when done to him.  She was excellent at it and he was clearly happy with it.  When she slid a finger in he nearly levitated for a minute then made pleading noises.  She teased his prostate and he got off.  She licked her lips, smiling at him.  "You clearly need more boys in your life, Xander.  Thank you."

He pulled her down to kiss her.  "Thank you."

"It was my pleasure."  She left with the empty cups.  She needed to finish her nap.  She found her mistress and the two guardians watching from a room over.  "He should have males," she told them.  "He reacts stronger to them."  Dean nodded, still staring.  "He's better than I was at his age. I could barely handle a threesome and he knew how to tease her and him both."

Sam sighed but nodded.  "We need to make sure he has stuff for anal sex."

She walked off smiling.  They may ignore what they were feeling but she had seen it and she was sure the Gods they served felt it.  The priest and priestess were answering questions so she went to her room to rest.  The madam would let her this time.

Dean watched the boy finish up and kiss them both again before getting up to stretch.  He almost glowed.  "Tell me he's out of backlog?" he said quietly.

Sam nodded.  "Gay sex on the bottom seems to suit him more."   They went downstairs to wait on him getting dressed.  Xander came bouncing down a while later.  "Did you get more chocolate?" he teased.

"No.  Can I have some?"

"If there's any left in the packs," Dean said.  He gave Xander a clap on the back. "You feel like you know enough that if I put you with someone it'll be good?"  Xander beamed and nodded.  "Good.  Sammy?"

"I'm good.  I'm very relaxed."  They were flashed back to Strife's temple.  "Thank you."

"Not a problem.  Looked good, all three of you."  He winked at Xander.  "Good job."  The boy blushed but grinned.  "Now, go home and play with yourself after dinner.  Practice tomorrow at the normal time.  Xander, Cupid said nothing more than what you got earlier back there."

"Yes, Strife."  He gave him a hug.  "Thank you."  He bopped out with Sam and Dean in front of him.  One of the other warrior trainees gave him a dirty look but he smirked back.  Eighteen for less than a day, he'd had his second and third woman, his first man, and his first threesome.  He was in a great mood.  Even the kidnaping attempt didn't phase him too much.  He was even happy when he gutted them and then walked over them.  He was even happy enough to make dinner that night after he had cleaned up.  Both older guys gave him amused and fondly tolerant looks.


Xander looked at the greatly diminished stack of trunks and bags.  He had outgrown a bunch of stuff.  He tossed his hair back over his shoulder.  Ares appeared. "Thank you."

"Not a problem, Xander.  I'll let Cupid have the carriage and horses."

"Thank him too since he's not seeing us off?"

"I will.  Him and Strife.  Remember to light candles to them tonight."  Xander nodded before giving him a hug.  Ares opened a portal onto the back porch.  Xander floated everything through.  Then he carried his sword.  The two guys followed, waving at him.  "Behave, boys.  Watch out for his switch."  He checked and tossed one thing through then closed it.

Xander activated his pet and cuddled it.  "Where did you go?  I couldn't find you," he cooed.  Bobby opened the door so he grinned.  "I lost him last night."

"That's fine.  At least you found him.  The other two?"  Sam pointed at a trunk.  "Want to let them free?"

"No, they keep trying to nibble on my pants for some reason," Sam complained.  Xander let them both out and activated them both.  They climbed all over him for lovies then went to find John to bother him.  Xander stood up straight for inspection by Bobby.

"You've grown again."

"I'm eighteen now."

"Congratulations."  He looked him over again.  "Did we drill him in guns too, Dean?"

"The ones I had with us," Dean assured him.  "We can work on shotguns soon."  He grinned.  "Got any food?"

"In the kitchen."  He let them go that way.  Xander floated all the stuff out to the Impala.  Bobby watched, stopping Sam.  "That on his required list?"

"He has the gift and got it trained at Hecate's temple," Sam said quietly.  "He's allowed to float, make things grow, and divert portals if they happen."  That got a nod.  "He's not to kill with it unless it's a last resort."  He smiled at Xander.  "You did good with the floating."

"Thank you.  It's the easiest way of loading the pretty things."  He gave Bobby a hug.  "Don't worry, I'm not any more evil than I was before.  Maybe even a bit less since Sam said all kids have evil moments."

"Good to know."  He let them inside and watched the boy bounce off to find his pets.  They had been tying John up so he left him that way and told Dean.

Dean walked in there, sitting on the foot of the bed.  He stared for a minute then took out his boot knife and slit into his thumb, letting his father watch it heal.  John nearly cried.  "Lucky hospital switch?" he asked quietly.

"No, we found you.  I found you in the back of a car I was working on.  It had been brought to the garage by the cops and left there overnight.  You were in the trunk and Mary fell in love while we tried to decide if anyone should know, son.  I'm sorry."

Dean nodded at that.  "You didn't want us to think less of you?"

"I can't remember those things without feeling a lot of pain, sport.  You know that.  To us it never mattered."

Dean nodded, using the knife to release his father.  "We'll talk sometime."

"Dean, I'm sorry."

"I'm not mad.  I've had five years to figure things out.  Fortunately they did age Xander up to eighteen."  He stood up.  "Xander's probably trying to inhale the whole kitchen.  Let me go save Bobby."  He walked out happier.  They had truly wanted him.  Sam gave him a look and he shrugged slightly on one side.  "It's good.  Xander, save food for the rest of us?"

"I'm making it for everyone," he defended, pouting a bit at him.  "I know you're starved.  What're we doing about he dragon's hoard?"

"Selling it," Sam said.  "The convention should have somewhere we can do that or know someone."

"Dragon?  Like Puff?" Bobby asked, looking confused.

"No, like wanting maidens and took Xander," Dean said dryly.  Xander smacked him on the arm with the warm spatula.  "Hey!"

"Not my fault he decided I'd be tasty.  He didn't even try to eat me when he figured out I wasn't a bulky girl."  He looked at Bobby.  "I was fourteen then."

"It's the hair," Dean teased.

"Leave my hair alone!  I like my hair!" he complained.  "He's the one that started it growing.  You had me in military haircuts before then."

"It does look a bit like girl hair, Xander," John said as he joined them.

Xander scowled at him, one foot tapping.  "It does not!  Besides I can hide weapons in it.  Dean can't in his.  Sam can't in his either."  He went back to his cooking.  "Beyond that, the dragon was lonely and wanted to talk, not eat or mate with me."

"What do dragons sound like?" Bobby asked, looking fairly amused.

"Sounded kinda British to me," Sam admitted, turning the page on the newspaper.  "We couldn't get close enough to stab it so Dean shot it."

"I don't know if it was any bullet or the silver ones I had that worked, but it did."

Xander looked at him.  "Why are you so tired?"

"You kept me up last night," he said dryly.  "Hell, you kept Cupid and Strife up last night, Xander.  They were trying to have sex and you made them both high."

"The guard was cute and he offered."

"Uh-huh.  He couldn't walk this morning," Sam said from behind the paper.  He lowered a side, looking at him.  "What did you do to him?"

"Nothing," he said with a blush.  "Nothing unusual."   He went back to cooking.  "Besides, I'm not the only loud one, Sam.  You woke me up."

Dean snickered.  "You did, Sammy.  Both of us."

"I could've sworn you two had that under control," John complained.

"We need it more now, Dad," Dean said.  Xander poured him some coffee and handed it over.  Sugar got handed over too.  Sam got his too.  Then Xander put food on plates and fed them all.  Bobby smiled.  Xander said his own grace for himself.  They dug in.

"You do this nearly as good as my wife did before Sammy was born," John praised.

Xander blushed.  "Cupid said I might end up being the wife."

"It's possible," John agreed.  "Doesn't mean the husband can't cook now and then.  I did."  That got a smile and a nod.  The boy finished up and Sam moved to do dishes.  Dean kicked back with another cup of coffee.  "Now what?"

"Now, we have to sort through Xander's kidnaping reparations and figure out what he's saving and what he's selling to afford a good place to live," Sam said.  "We have to find out when we need to leave for Las Vegas.  He should check in with Adam."

"I want to surprise him," Xander defended.

"Fine."  Dean looked at him.  "Go get the stuff out of the car so we can sort through all the clothes you can't wear here."  Xander blushed but went to do that with Sam.  "Cupid pretty well let him run around naked when he wanted to."  He finished his coffee and sat up.  "I should get my clothes too."

"Can we see this new fighting style?" John asked.

Dean stared at him.  "It's highly erotic, Dad.  Watching him when he was younger got us both off and you know we don't like kids that way."  He smirked.  "He's going to show Adam and Ray at the convention.  You and Bobby can watch then."

"I don't need to go see a bunch of people doing those sort of things," Bobby said.

"We'll need more protection for Xander," Dean said quietly.  "He's of age for offers and being taken now."  That got a groan.  "We're setting him up a house soon and they'll bless it so it's holy ground.  Xander can hunt all the demons that show up."  He went to sort out his things.  Sam had already piled his clothes on the trunk.  "That's all I had?"

"That wasn't torn, ripped, or that one pair of panties you somehow ended up with," Sam taunted with an evil smirk.

"She gave 'em to me as a memento.  Who am I to refuse a lady?"

"Real men don't need trophies," John said as he came down.  He saw the piles of clothes.  "Why do those look a lot like leather pants?"

"Because they are," Xander quipped.  "I look fantastic in mine.  My butt looks nearly as holy as Ares' does according to one of Cupid's priests."  He grinned at the looks he got.  "Yes, I'm wearing them during the convention."  He went back to sorting, tossing all the money, gems, and that stuff into the trunk in the car.  He finally got down to the backpacks, nibbling on the piece of chocolate he found in the bottom of Dean's.  He tossed the guys their things and finished sorting his.  "Okay, these can go to a shelter or something," he said.  "The rest are mine."  He beamed.  "Think the stuff in my original box will fit now?"

"If so, you've got enough pajamas to last Hugh Heffner for years," Dean said dryly.  He pulled it out and Xander tried on a shirt with a happy squeal.  It fit so he packed the other clothes in there.  That left three empty trunks.  Four were filled with stuff to sell.  John stared in them.  Then at his boys.  "Dragon," he said.  "A few who tried to take him and had to pay him back for it."

"Someone at the convention should know how to get rid of it," Sam said.  He called Adam.  "We're back."  He smiled.  "He's bouncing around in his leather pants.  No, he's good.  Fully trained.  He has something he wants to show you during the convention and he has things he needs to liquidate to find a good house.  Yeah, he's old enough to need his own room."  He nodded.  "That'll work well.  His room.  Dad and Bobby can share one of the doubles or not.  Or me and Dean can.  Thanks, Adam.  When do you want us to meet you and where?"  He made note of the date and time.  "We can be there by then.  South Dakota."  He smiled.  "Thanks, man.  Sure, we'll see you then."

He hung up.  "We are to meet him there in a week, Xander."  Xander beamed at that. "He did say he could help you get rid of those trunks too."  That got a nod and Xander bounced over to hug him.  "Good boy.  Now, let's repack the car?"  They did that and Dean took their laundry into town to do it once they were done.  Plus hit a pawn shop with a few of the gems so they had traveling money.  Sam walked Xander inside, letting him settle in next to him on the couch.  Xander was back in cuddly mode and it was good for them.  They had no idea how to wear Xander out in the next week but they'd figure it out.

John and Bobby shared a look.  The boys were a lot different after their trip.  They'd have to watch them.


Xander found Adam and snuck up on him, pouncing with a squeal.  Adam pulled back to stare at him.  "Did I change that much?"

"You're much older than I expected," he said with a smile, giving him a real hug.  He pushed him back to look him over.  "You're near your proper age?"

"Eighteen.  The nasty curse is nearly gone."

"Wonderful."  He patted his cheek, seeing the braid.  "That hair is quite the statement."  Xander pulled out a thick, sharp hair pin, getting a laugh.  "A good reason then."  He walked him back to the desk.  "Where are the others?"

"They're headed up to their room on fourteen," the check-in girl said.

"I thought I should come see you first then see about conference stuff."

"That is a good point."  He walked him off, gathering the admission and testing board together.  He locked them in a small room.  "We remember that I found a level ten a bit ago, correct?"  They nodded.  "Then he seemed to disappear from New York?"

"Was he finally found?" one asked.

"He was at a brothel discovering himself.  One of the other people got quite jealous so he deaged him with a curse."  They all groaned.  They had all run into magic somehow in the past.  Well, all but the new guy.

"Magic is real?" he asked, starting to giggle.  Adam lit the candle in front of him, making him stop laughing since he was across the room when he did it.

Another member took pity on him.  "There's some higher demons who think we're pets as well.  Most of the time it's only those who already deal with it."  He looked at Adam.  "Was he taken by one?"

"No, he almost was.  One of the other workers there smuggled him out to a family of demon hunters.  The Winchesters."

"Who we admitted two of as level fives," one said, smirking at him.  "How old is he?"

"Just now eighteen again.  He's been traveling off realm for a bit to reage.  They've protected him wonderfully.  Now we have the problem of Xander's admission."

"Is he still?"

"Quite.  And backed up."  He opened the door.  "Xander, leave the nice man alone since he's taken."

"He stopped to talk to me."  He waved before walking inside.  "He said he wasn't."

"Some men are like that," one of the guys said dryly.  "He's still a level ten?"

Xander took off his bracelet and they all moaned when the pheromones hit them.  "Sorry, two days in the car."  He looked at Adam and grinned.  "Dean's backlogged too."

"That's fine.  We have ways around that."  He stroked his back, letting the boy lean against him.  "Do we revive his old one or not?"

"We can use his old one but I'd like a new hormone test," one said.  "Or maybe even a testing weekend."

"Cupid said no one can take me until my first real keeper is mine."  He showed off the marks around his waist, making Adam moan in pleasure.  "But I did learn a neat version of sword fighting self defense while I was gone."

They just nodded and did another blood test.  It came up with a level that was nearly redlined.  One coughed.  "Xander, most level tens can't go a full day without wearing those out.  Much less two.  You need to before you're taken."

"I know.  Dean was going to teach me how to club tonight so I can get some."

"We have a way around that," Adam told him.  "That's what Room 318 is for, when you're backed up and not getting it at home."

"We're going to pick a home."

"Good."  He smiled, stroking his back again.  The boy cuddled into his side, making the others smile.  "When it first happened, he was a charming little six-year-old scamp with the same hormones."  They all shuddered.  "Is he reinstated?"  They all nodded.  "Good."  He got him a convention packet and went out to get Sam and Dean's since they hadn't checked in yet.  "They're Xander's current protectors.  We're going up to their suite."  She nodded, handing over the other things he'd need.  He walked the boy up there, smiling when he got off and bounced into the room.  Xander came out with a sword while he was explaining the various events and telling Dean where Room 318 was this year.

"Can I show them now?" Xander asked Sam.

"Sure, Xander."  Everyone settled in and Xander took off his shirt and made sure the door was locked before starting to move.  Adam stared and whimpered, clutching his chair so he wouldn't do something he'd regret later when Ray castrated him.  John's jaw was clenched shut.  Dean and Sam were holding each other back.  Bobby retreated after a few minutes of watching.  Then Xander moved into one of the sword dances and Adam let out a long sigh. "Yes, it's used for defense purposes.  Ares' priests made sure he can use the moves in combat, not just in the dance," Sam said quietly.  Dean got up to spar with him since they looked the best together.  Xander pounced and it was a deadly dance that was still pretty erotic.  Sam smiled.  "I learned some of the less war oriented dances as well.  Xander learned the whole series."

Adam blinked when the boys came to a draw, clapping his hands.  "That is most useful, Xander.  I would like to see them all sometime."  Xander bounced over to get a DVD he and Dean had made.  "Are they all on there?"

"I started the camcorder and let it run," Dean admitted.  "It should be in focus and on wide angle.  It should have caught it all.  We did it in Bobby's garage."  He smirked at his father.  "Dad, you okay?"  John nodded slowly then said a quiet 'excuse me' and went to the bathroom.

"I need to do the same thing."  He gave Xander a hard hug.  "Show me more later with Raymond.  He'll adore those."  He hurried off, finding Ray to pounce him into a wall.

Xander beamed at them.  "We both need that room.  Where is it?"

"On four."  He found Xander's convention ID bracelet and put it on him.  Then his and Sam's on them.  "Sam, there's a cuddle pile room."  Sam smiled at that.  "We're heading down to have fun.  Call when you two want dinner."  He and Xander headed to that room.  Xander got sniffed and put with one guy who needed it.  "He can't be taken.  He's saving it for his keeper."

"He won't be."  She pointed.  "She's interested in some fun.  Her keeper just broke her hip."  Dean went to talk to her.  It wasn't prostitution.  It was all consensual and free.  He could learn to love this group.  Hunters never had these sort of conventions.  Xander was happily suckling on the other guy and the guy was groaning in the right way so it was good.  Xander offered to do him and the guy nodded, letting Xander ride him into unconsciousness and a nap.  Then Xander got handed to one of the females and she was more squealy than Xander was.  By then Xander was back down to normal levels.  Dean was done too, leaving his limp and sated.  He felt pretty good too.  They went down to check out the rest of the stuff.  Xander went into the cuddle room and got sucked in.  Dean smirked, heading off to look at the shopping areas.  They had to have some neat stuff.  He ignored Ray and Adam going at it in a shadowy corner.  Xander made him the same sort of horny.


John found Adam again that night after dinner.  He was mellow and in a good mood.  "When did you want to look at that stuff?"

"I can do that tonight. Let me find someone."  He smiled.  "The boys still having fun?"

"I hope so."

Adam nodded.  "It is often fun for us.  Xander can sit in on the self defense lectures tomorrow if he should want to.  It's run by one of us who is an officer."

"You guys can be cops?"

"There's a few of us.  Mostly below level sixes."  That got a nod.  "Here," he said, handing over a book.  "It's technically for spouses and consorts of our kind when they first find out."  He patted him on the shoulder. "An hour?"

"That's fine.  Thank you."  He took it to the bar and got a beer to go upstairs with, settling into the room to read the book.  Xander came back with Adam.  Dean and Sam weren't far behind.  He pointed at the trunks.  They settled in to go through them with Adam's friend.  Who moaned quite prettily for a woman.  John stomped on his lust before it got out of hand.  He did not need this but he'd be there for his boys.  The booklet was informative.  Gave all sorts of information on what they were not to have because it could cause a reaction that could kill them.  What caused them to spike.  What caused all the problems they'd seen over the last few days.  The boys talked to the source while Xander talked with Adam about the dragon.  At least until Ares came down and scowled at Xander's back.  Then he took him for a few minutes.  He came back looking wrung out and exhausted.  "Problems?" he called.

"The aging we did to get rid of the curse left a little bit of cellular destabilization.  It's fixed now."  He handed him to Sam, who let the boy cuddle him.  He smirked.  Then he left.

John looked over and saw why the smirk had happened.  Xander and Sam did look very comfortable together.  So did Xander and Dean.  That started thoughts he didn't want to have.  He went back to reading.  He'd talk to them later.  He would not approve of that.

"John?" Adam said.

He came over to sit with them.  "What's up?"

"Well, I can take about a third of these today."  That got a nod.  "And give him wholesale prices.  Giving him top price means that I can only take about a sixth."

"I'm sure we understand how that happens," John agreed.  "Will he have problems setting himself up a safe spot?"

"No.  Not in the least," she promised.  Adam handed over the tally sheet she had been using.  They both got to see John turn pale and nearly fall onto the floor.

"You have a heart attack from that and I'm making Xander do CPR," Dean said.

John glared at him.  "Smartass."

"Yes, I am."  He smirked.  "Actually, Sammy and I each get a fifth of it.  Xander said it was ours for saving him and watching over him."  That got a nod.  "How much?"  John showed him the sheet.  "Wow."

"I know some people who can get rid of the rest," she offered. "Wherever you end up setting him up he'll need some contacts in a major city so they can find ways of dumping it."

"Somewhere like St. Louis or somewhere like LA?" Sam asked.

"LA has many ways of doing so.  I think St. Louis has one and an underground."

"But yearly trips or so to handle any presents should be doable?" Dean asked.

Adam nodded.  "It should be good enough but do remember that Xander flying commercial in a tiny, recycled atmosphere could be dangerous.  He has more than enough money to rent a plane for that sort of trip."

John nodded.  "I know you can do that.  Should we settle him somewhere bigger, like Chicago or St. Louis?"

"Wherever he wants to settle but I would make it somewhere he had ways of wearing things out.  A good, discreet brothel for when he's backed up.  A few good spas for him to get some help at.  We do tend to clump in certain areas for support," Adam told him. "There's many too many of us in New York but there's some of us in Miami.  The one who's teaching self defense tomorrow is moving to Washington, DC soon.  There's about twelve of us here.  There's a good many of us in Dallas for the shopping."

"We're mostly in the Midwest these days," Dean said.  "Any of us there beyond the one near Bobby in South Dakota?"  He grinned.  "We found out when Xander donated some of his steaks to the food pantry he works with."

"There's a few but also more conservative areas."

"I want a city or a small town.  Anything in between has more risks.  If everyone in town knows me then it's easier," Xander said.  "Or a city would offer ways of me escaping if I had to."

"Those are good points," the other guy agreed.  "Do you have a state you like?"

Xander shrugged.  "I saw a few with them.  I'd like to not be in tornado alley."

"If we want to put you in Kansas, there's Kansas City.  It crosses two states."

"Was that the place where everything seemed kinda dusty?" Xander asked.

"No, that was in Oklahoma," John said.  "Kansas City is under revival.  Somewhat.  It's got some pretty areas and some slums like any real city, Xander."

That got a nod.  "Did the Travel Channel ever do something about there?"

"We can look," Sam said, grabbing his laptop and coming back to look it up.  "Not on their maps or showcase places."  He looked.  "Even a small city would be okay.  Somewhere in the fifty thousand range?  With a college?" Sam offered.  Dean gave him an odd look.  "That way he can take some cooking classes or other things if he wants to.  He's got a long time of being bored at home."

"I guess that's a good point," Dean said.  He considered it.  "There's a few of the smaller cities scattered around the Midwest.  Or Pennsylvania."

"A bit too uptight in some areas," Sam said.  He leaned closer to Dean.  "Give it time and we can go back there," he said quietly.  Dean stared at him.  "Really.  We can settle down there all we want, every other life if you want."  Dean smiled at that.  "For now, let's look at practical matters."  He looked at Xander, then at Adam.  "Reno?  It'd have legalized prostitution."

"Only females, not males, and that could help."  He considered it.  "Imp, do you like snow?"

"Don't know.  The last time I saw snow it made me invisible."

"Ah."  He stared.  "How did you remember that?"

Xander yawned, blinking at him.  "Ares unlocked some more of them.  That way I'd know not to get near my friends when they come looking for me."  He looked at Dean then dug out the note he was to hand over later.  "You need to get that to someone who can handle it quietly without them knowing."  He looked at the computer.  "Not Hawaii.  It's pretty but muggy."

"Anywhere's going to be muggy in August," Dean said, putting it into his pocket.  Yeah, he could handle Xander's former weapons stash if there was anything in it.  "Unless you want to move to Alaska?"

"Maybe some year.  It's way far out of the way."

"It is," Sam agreed with a small smile.  "We're going to cut down some of the traveling but we like this area of the country," he told him.  "Pick somewhere we can come visit."

Xander shrugged.  "I don't know.  Find something nice and tell me?"

Adam tested his forehead with his lips.  "You're a bit warm.  Go to bed.  We'll make that decision tomorrow, Xander."  He sighed but nodded.  Adam sent up a prayer that he hoped the boy hadn't caught something fatal.  Then he looked at the family.  "There's a few basic necessities.  There has to be ways to wear himself out if he's backlogged."

"Hershey?" Dean teased.

"He'd adore that with the park," Adam agreed, smirking back.  "Plus their spa."  Sam looked that one up.  It went onto the list.  "Pick areas you know about and found nice to live in, then suggest them.  We can find out if there's anything in those areas for him.  I remember last time Chicago made him feel uneasy because there were so many people.  New York did as well.  He compared New York to a nest of rats eating the sardines squished into a can with them was how he put it if I remember right."

"So smaller than Denver, LA, Chicago, Atlanta, New York, and most East Coast cities," Sam said, making note of that.  "Want me to keep Reno on the list, Dean?"

"Sure.  Or Lake Tahoe."

"There's no way he'd be able to live there," John said.  "The mob would bother him."  That got taken off the list.  "Are there any areas that the higher demons can't get to?"

"Not at the moment," Adam assured him.  "We'll work on it through the weekend.  I reserved the room for two days past the convention so he had time to meet with Jace, the other anchor, and to arrange things."  He looked at his friend.  "Can you call the others tonight?"

"Tomorrow morning but yeah."  That got a smile.  "We can do that."  She patted him on the arm.  "By the way, heard from one of the New York guys.  Devi's looking for him?"

"Over his dead body since he let the boy be hurt," Adam snarled.

"Hey, deal with it for him," she said dryly, standing up.  "Let me get with my contacts.  I know there's a jeweler in LA that does both human and demon things that might be able to handle some of it.  They have a local branch and they're generally nice to the society."  She nodded at the others and left.  That was quite a haul.  She could believe the dragon story.  Level tens were strange that way.

"Let me handle Devi," he told them.  "Should one show up, kill them."  He stood up.  "I'll make up a list to compare it to yours for town ideas."  They nodded and let him out then came back to sit with their father.

"So?" Dean asked.

"He's trying really hard to protect the boy."

Sam nodded.  "He is and it's a nice thing to have friends who're that close."  He looked at the map.  "Do we want to remove California from the list because of his past?"  Dean nodded.  "What about Washington and Oregon?"

"He might like it but we never passed through there when we had him."  He looked at the travel channel site.  "Where did you look?"  Sam moved the cursor for him.  "Thanks." He looked at the list of cities they had travel journals about.  "Wasn't there one on the food channel?"

"There was," Sam agreed.  "It didn't give much of the atmosphere."  Dean nodded at that.  They went over the cities and created a shorter list for Xander to look at.  Dean took Topeka off it because he had some bad hunting memories from there.

John added a few cities he had liked to go through back in the old days.  He wanted the boy somewhere he could find a good security company that would monitor the house.  Sam gave him an odd look. "I talked to one of the level tens.  She lives in an armed encampment.  Walls, guards, dogs, all that.  Three lovers, guards that sub in now and then when she needs it, hobbies all day."

"Sounds boring," Dean said.

"Yeah, it does, and it won't work for Xander," Sam pointed out.  "He needs to have a way to get energy out.  Armed guards won't stop demons.  Razor wire either."  He went back to looking at higher end properties up for sale.  He didn't need an estate but he needed something big enough to give him some room to rattle around in.  "Found it.  Flint, Michigan."  Dean typed that into the search bar of the travel channel's site.  "Or the Upper Peninsula.  There's a few smaller cities up there.  Sault Ste. Marie is right on the Canadian border in case he has to escape."

"It's cold a lot of the year," Dean said.  "Flint isn't looking so bad.  A little over a hundred miles to Detroit.  About the same to Port Huron and the Canadian border that way.  We'd have to make sure Xander could handle snow."

"He could snowbird to Texas or Miami if he felt like it," John reminded them.  Sam gave the swords a pointed look.  "Even with that, boys.  What's in the trunks are probably a good few million dollars worth of stones.  Plus his original bank accounts."

They nodded at that.  That made it easier.  They'd show him tomorrow and let him look up the areas.  Maybe he'd like snow but they'd have to get him able to drive again.


Xander slunk into the room Sunday morning.  Very early Sunday morning.  Bobby was up and gave him an odd look.  "Baccarat?" he said weakly.

"How much did we lose on the Frenchie game?" he teased.

"Didn't but I had to tell them I couldn't take their country?"  Bobby stared at him.  He squeaked and slunk down.  "Sorry!"

"Nothin' to be sorry about, Xander.  How did you get in to gamble?"

"Dean made me an ID."

"Dean needs to stop that shit," he said dryly.  "Go sleep.  You can tell us tomorrow."

"The manager stopped the game when I protested the offer of a country and his harem.  He wanted to talk to my protectors tomorrow.  I told him to talk to Adam."

"Good idea.  Go sleep."  Xander ran for his room since he wasn't in trouble.  Bobby left a note for John in the morning then went to his own bed.  The kid did get into some of the strangest trouble.


Adam walked Xander into the manager's office the next day.  "Apologize."

"I'm sorry I used a fake ID to gamble, sir.  I just wanted to try it out."

He looked at him.  "Whoever did yours is fairly good."  He leaned back, looking at the boy.  "Personally, I'm not going to care about that this time.  We need to talk about your little electronics gift."

Xander shrugged.  "What electronics gift?"

"You told a lady to play a certain machine and it hit."

"Um...  Oh, yeah."  He nodded.  "Am I in trouble?"

"How did you know it was going to hit?"

"I don't know.  I know how stop lights are going to turn sometimes.  Maybe it's the same thing?"  Adam gave him an odd look.  "Just now and then."

"Let's try an experiment.  We're going to test you for any EMF output."  Xander nodded.  "Then we're going to go look at the machines."  The guard came in to run a meter over him.  Xander had to remove everything electronic or metal from his body.  Then they went to the floor areas.  Xander stopped to look at one.  "Which one, kid?"

Xander pointed.  "One of those two is going to hit in the next three or so spins I think.  It's awfully loud since one's possessed."  He pointed.  "That one."  The guard went to unplug the machine that had been unplugged earlier but someone had messed with it.  Then he watched as the plug went back in by itself.  Xander walked over to do the exorcism chant Sam had taught him.  The machine died in a flash of noise and light.  "Sorry."

"Not a problem.  It fixed it for us.  Which one?"

Xander stared then pointed at one.  "I think it's that one."  The guard came over to play it.  Three round and it didn't hit.  The next one did.  They stared.  Then at the boy.  He shrugged.  "Sometimes it's like they call out that they're full."

Adam patted him on the back.  "Any others?"

Xander looked then pointed into the high stakes room.  "The blue one in there is waiting but it's impatient.  No one's played it recently and it's ...not bored but it wants to give one out soon.  Kinda."  He shrank at the odd look he was getting.  "I don't play the electronic ones."

"I noticed that last night," the manager said.  "What I'm going to do is this, Xander.  We have to report to the Gaming Commission that you have this funny...power for lack of a better word.  We will say it does not impact card games so you can play when you're older. We'll put what it is so they know you weren't cheating.  I do not want you in the casino again however."

"Yes, sir.  Does that mean you're taking all the money I won last night?"

"No, kid.  I'm not going to do that.  Your protector told me you're setting up and I've learned enough about GHS to know you need it."  Xander nodded quickly.  "Use it to buy a good car, some nice clothes, then a house."

"Did you report him for trying to give his country away on a bluff?"

"I called their embassy.  He's in deep with his people."

"It'd suck to be one of them.  He's probably a crappy ruler."

"I'm sure he is."  He stroked over the boy's head.  The boy disappeared and everyone winced at that.  Xander came back a minute later with a sword, looking fairly scruffy.  The beard was a few inches long.  His hair was knotted and dirty looking.  "What happened?"

"One of the demon bastards who wanted me is gone," Xander said.  He looked at Adam then at the guy.  "It's not a fake ID anymore."  He rubbed the stubble.  "I need a shower."

"Xander, do you also need medical attention?" Adam asked calmly.

Xander stared at him.  "No one touched me like that in the battle ring."  Adam groaned, slumping some.  "I'm good."  He stepped back and Adam stared.  He nodded he had crossed over.  "I'm sorry, Adam.  It was really recent.  I survived over a year that way."

"It's no less than I expected of you.  You did good."  Xander smiled.  "Go shower and come to my room, Xander."  He nodded, heading up to shower and change.  He looked at the manager.  "It's happened before.  They do like him."

"Pity.  He seems like a nice boy."

"He is until you try to bother what's his."

That got a nod.  "I can understand that."  He shook his hand.  "I'll make sure they know he wasn't cheating, but to keep him off the electronic games."  He went to file that report.  They wouldn't mention the possessed one.  No one wanted to hear about that.  Even the owner of the resort.  Who he found out had been at the poker game the night before.....  He found the slip for the hotel in the winning basket when he realized that.  "Stupid sheiks who can't hold their liquor."  This was going to make his job *so* much harder.


Xander walked into the room, both Dean and Sam staring at the doorway.  "And yet again I'm back," he said, slamming the door.  "I need a shower."

"What happened?" Dean asked.  He came over to look at Xander.  He knew that look.  "Who was it?"

"A battle ring," he said grimly.  "But it's not a fake ID anymore."

Dean groaned.  "Go shower.  Need help?  Sammy to talk to?"

"I'm good.  Thanks for drilling the getting back up when I'm injured thing into me."  He gave him a long look.  "I'm fine."  He went to shower and change, then shave.  He was more than scruffy.  He looked like he had been held prisoner in an ancient movie.  John had his electric razor in there so he used it.  John wouldn't mind, much.

John tapped on the door, leaning in.  "You can use that sort wet or dry, Xander."

"I'm using it to trim.  I figured I'd go with stubble today."  He looked at him.  "It wasn't even the GHS thing.  They heard who I used to be."  He let out a snort and went back to trimming it off.  He looked at himself.  "I look dumb."  John nodded so he finished shaving off the stubble and it was better.  Xander put it down and turned to look at him. "I'm fine, John. Really."

"Bull.  We both know you're not."

Xander shrugged a bit.  "Life sucks and then I'm immie."  John groaned.  "I spent just under two years there.  I survived a year before coming over and it was a battle scenario with me on the weaker side against a triple sized invading army of really huge ass demons."

John walked in and gave him a hug.  "You survived.  That's the important thing, Xander."  He nodded.  John made the boy look at him.  "I was drunk and stupid."

"No, I am a princess now and then but if you ever try to give me to someone I'll kick your ass."

"Of course you will."  He pushed him into the main room.  "There.  Adam was calling to see if you were okay.  He had a surprise for you."

Xander looked at him.  "Good surprise like the Gaming Commission won't let me near the electronic games again because I can do to them what I do to stop lights?"

"Whoa, you can?" Dean asked.  Xander nodded.  "We sure?"

"I picked out one for someone when she asked for a suggestion and she hit a jackpot.  We tested it this morning after I did an exorcism on one that was possessed."  They all groaned.  "So I can't play the electronic games but I can play cards."

"As long as they don't think you were cheating," Bobby said.

"No, they don't."  He looked at Dean and Sam.  "Want to help me shop with my baccarat winnings from last night?  The manager said I could keep them.  I was thinking about getting my own car but I have to make sure I still know how to drive and get my license again."

Dean nodded.  "We can do that."  He grabbed his things and headed out with Xander.  Sam was behind him.  "How much did you win?"

"A lot.  I complained when the guy tried to offer his country on a bluff bet."

Sam shuddered.  "That's bad."

"Very," Xander agreed.  He tapped on the manager's door then walked in.  "Sorry."

"No, I fully understand needing to clean up.  The basket of your baccarat winnings is on the table there, Xander."  He sat down to look at them.  "We can cash that for you.  The other stuff, I think you'd be better off sitting down when you look in it."

Xander sat down and let Dean hold the check since he was gaping in horror at it.  He found a set of car keys.  "To?"

"A very pretty porsche.  It's in valet parking; I had it moved."  Xander nodded and looked at the next thing.  "They're real.  We had a local jeweler in to assess it when we saw him at breakfast in the buffet."  Xander put the jewelry aside and looked at the last three things.  "Those are all deeds."

"Tell me I didn't get his country?" he begged.

"No.  You didn't.  You did get other things from him.  If I ever see that sheik again I'm going to cut him off from the bar.  He and vodka are apparently a bad combination since you won the resort, his private plane, and his race horse."

Xander stared at him.  "Excuse me?"  That got a nod.  "Will that hold up in court?"

"I've talked to our attorneys.  They called his people and they said it will.  He had no heirs when he committed suicide by orders of his head of staff and heir to the throne.  He said he doesn't want them back."

Xander slumped, staring at him.  "I can barely balance my checkbook.  What am I going to do with this?"

"Adam left to call someone about that.  There's one who knows those like you who may be able to help."  Xander whimpered.

"Calm down, Xander," Sam soothed, stroking his neck.  "It's all right.  We'll figure it out."  Xander stared at him.  "We will.  Maybe you can give Bobby the race horse?"  Xander let out a nearly hysterical chuckle.  "Calm down."  He looked at the manager.  "Does he need to do paperwork to switch titles and things over?"

"That's all being faxed by the consulate.  They're very happy he complained and didn't win their country as well."  Xander let out a small, tiny, whining noise.  "Calm down, Mr. Harris.  It's all right."

"No it's not."

"Yes it is," Dean assured him.  "When will you have it?"

"By tonight.  How long are your party staying?"

"We're supposed to leave tomorrow," Dean said.  "We can probably stay if you want us to.  At least some of us."

"Please.  That way we can set everything up and he's somewhere stable for the meeting to take place."  Adam walked in.  "Did you find him?"

"I had a contact call him.  He'll call me later.  Xander, I told Jace why you forgot to come see her this morning.  She's not upset when she heard why."

Xander looked at him.  "Can I go see her now?"

"Of course.  Take the boys with you."

"They do have the porsche he won last night at his disposal," the manager said.

"I want to drive one, just once," Dean said.  Sam rolled his eyes. "Sammy?"

"I'll follow in the Impala."

Dean grabbed the keys and a guard took them to cash that check that made him drool.  They even photocopied it for him.  Then they went to find Jace and talk to her.  They knew where her resort was.  Dean revved the engine with a moan of pleasure.  Boys like him didn't get to play with toys like this very often in their lives.  Unless he stole one.  He grinned at Xander and backed out of the parking spot, taking off to drive to the other resort.  He sped up a bit but slowed down when he spotted the cops.  They got him anyway so he groaned as he pulled over.  "I'm sorry, Officer.  He just won it last night and I got a bit engine happy."

The officer looked at him.  "Won it where?"

"Baccarat game with the spoiled sheik who also lost a resort, a race horse, and a plane."

The officer shook his head.  "Do you have papers on it yet, sir?"

"They're being faxed over in a bit to the hotel."  Xander dug out his card key and held it up.  "The manager was going over it to help us."

"Let me call over there."  He took the card key since it had the phone number on it.  They couldn't get him the manger but the assistant manager did know what was going on and he did say the car was now the long haired one's car.  They had faxed over the paperwork.  He assured him it wasn't a wreck, just a speeding ticket.  He hung up and went to hand it back with the speeding ticket.  "They do have the paperwork there.  They'll fax it to where you're going."  He stared at Dean.  "Try to be more careful, sir."

"I am."

"Does he drive?"

"We're making sure of it and getting him his license today," Dean promised.

"Good idea."  He went back to his car to tell the boss.  It happened now and then in Vegas.

Dean gave Xander a sheepish look.  "Don't you do that."

"You can't carry anything in this thing."

"I know.  It sucks.  We'll get you a real car and you can keep this one for bling potential," Dean assured him.  Xander beamed at that.  They found Sam waiting on them at the resort.  "Speeding ticket."

"Figured it was when I saw you were pulled over.  Dumbass."  He walked in with Xander, smiling at the happy receptionist.  "Jace is expecting us.  This is Xander, I'm Sam and that's Dean."

"You were supposed to be here earlier."

"Yeah, but the demons had other ideas," Xander said.  "So did the manager of the hotel I won last night during a poker game."  She gaped.  He nodded.  "Adam said he called her."

"I'll check."  She called the office.  "They're finally here, Jace."  She smiled as she hung up.  "It'll be about an hour."

"We can shop," Dean promised.  "Xander needs hipper clothes anyway."  She pointed at the doors that led to their shopping area and they went to shop.  The boy needed decent clothes.  He turned from one rack to find Ares watching them. "Not his fault they took him."

"No.  That's fine.  Try the blood red one?"  Dean found it in the right size and handed it to Xander.   The boy went to try it on, making Ares shake his head.  "Now I know why he got a mark from Aphrodite."

"Did you see the porsche?  It's hot," Dean said.

"It is.  No more speeding tickets."

"Not like I'm used to racing engines," he defended.

"Uh-huh."  Xander came out and he nodded. "Looks good.  Get that one."

"He'll need stuff for dates," Sam told him.  "Even if his keeper showed up tomorrow they'd still want to date.  Or maybe club."

Ares rolled his eyes.  "Probably."  He had no idea how those two were so damn clueless after Cupid had worked so long on them.  Dean picked out a few pairs of tighter pants then they checked out and went back to see if Jace was ready for them yet. The clerk saw Ares and squeaked, calling back for real this time.  He smirked at her.  "Yes, she knows."

"Sorry, sir."

"Uh-huh."  He walked the boys back there, smirking at Jace.  "Our anchor."

"Ares."  She stood up to give him a kiss.  Then she looked at the three young men.  "I heard, Xander.  Don't worry."  She patted him on the cheek.  "How do you prove you're an anchor?"  Xander moved the waistband of his pants down so she could see the marks.  She moaned, tracing one, feeling the power in it.  "Much more graphic than mine was."  She smiled at the other two and they showed her theirs.  "Beautiful work.  Just like the Gods who put them there."  She sat down again and looked at them.  "There's not much you have to do.  Daily prayers if you can manage it.  Praying now and then during the day when you need it."  A thought hit her.  "Not letting Strife talk you into doing things that will make you end up in jail or on a tree that's about to be set on fire."  Xander snickered.

"That sounds like something he'd do to someone he doesn't like."

"My timing was bad, Dean."  Sam pointed at the other one.  "Sorry."

"Not a problem.  It happens."  He grinned. "Is there something we can help you with?"

"No, I'm pretty good.  Of course, since you're all immortals you're welcome at the resort."  She smiled at Xander.  "I heard you learned a unique style of self defense?"

"It's a story telling dance series that was created by a former warrior.  It's erotic in some spots, flashy in others."

She beamed.  "May I see?"

"I'd have to change."

She nodded.  "Tomorrow?"

"We're due to leave tomorrow but sure," Dean agreed.  "If we have to stay local we'll check out over there and come here."  She smiled and nodded.  "He won the resort last night."

"So Adam told me."  She smirked at the young man.  "No electronic games here either."

"I try very hard to be a good boy."  He gave her a grin that usually got him out of trouble.

She gave him a look.  "You're one of his other organization, aren't you?"  He beamed and nodded.  "Crap."

"Only when the demons come," he quipped back.

"Never mind."  She stood up.  "Let's clear up one thing.  I'm the main anchor."  Xander and the boys nodded.  "Good.  Want the tour?"

"When we check in?" Dean suggested.  "We just got the hot porsche last night and Xander needs hipper threads."

She stared.  Then she smirked.  "Have fun, boys.  Use the resort for a local address."  They whooped and left, Sam getting the porsche this time no matter how much Dean pouted.  "It's funny, but I didn't see any marks to Eris."

Strife appeared, smirking at her.  "Mine all mine.  Ma can shit."  He cackled as he flashed out again to watch over his boys.  They were shopping.


John met the boys where they wanted him to, looking at the behemoth they were looking at.  "It's a gas guzzling excuse for bad taste," he said blandly.

Dean looked at him.  "Xander needs one that's a rolling protection crib."

John looked at it then looked at his boys.  "No one needs to spend over sixty thousand on a car.  By the sticker it doesn't even come with a standard radio.  No.  Have some sense, boys.  We can trick out anything he likes."

Xander shrugged.  "What's snow like?"

"We can stop on the way up there to make sure you like it," Sam promised.  They walked their father off to show him the choice Xander liked.

John looked at it then at Xander.  "Let me guess, there was a James Bond marathon at the convention?  Every gay boy's fantasy movie marathon?"  He blushed but nodded.  "Wondered how you learned to play baccarat."  He walked Xander out, taking him to a real car lot.  One that didn't sell overpriced pieces of crap.  One that didn't sell anything that wasn't too unpractical.  Xander pointed at one but he shook his head.  "What do you think about vans?  They're good.  You can sleep in them if you have to.  You can outfit the inside with cases to hold weapons.  We can make it look like they're regular storage cabinets."

"I don't know.  I don't think I've driven in a while."

John nodded, pulling into a car lot.  He led Xander over to a van he liked the looks of.

"Dad, no," Dean complained when he got there.  "That's so not him."

"Dean, shut up.  It's practical and safe."

"Dad, Xander's not fully the practical sort."

"We can get him a big enough garage to hold all them," Sam said patiently.  He was rubbing his forehead.  Dean gave him an odd look.  "Headache."

"Let us know if it's something more," John said, shooting him a look.  "What's the trunk space like on the porsche?"

"Pitiful and already full," Dean admitted.  "Six bags of clothes and already full."

"Very pitiful," he decided.  He let Xander look at the van.  "It could be very handy."

Xander shook his head.  "Not unless I turn it into a rolling bedroom."  John blushed. "Sorry."

"Don't be.  You have to think about those things, Xander."  He walked him off to something more him.  A bit more hip.  Something Dean would say could be a classic some day.  The salesman was looking very amused.

Dean stole the porsche's keys and dragged Xander off to take him shopping for a manly car.  He could use a good manly car.  It'd counteract the hair.  They ended up at a high end showroom for SUV's.  John nearly moaned in pain when he saw where they were looking.  "It's practical.  It's safe."

"It's a rolling tank that'll take all his money to fill the tank of," John added.

Sam walked Xander off to show him the different types of SUV's they had.  Xander pointed at one.  "That's a Suburban.  Seats seven."

"Can we change the seats so they're more comfortable?"

"We can," the salesman said, seeming to teleport next to the boy.  He paused then whimpered.  "I saw you win the battle that overthrew the ring."

Xander stared at him.  "Xander Harris, adopted son of John Winchester."  The demon nearly wet himself.  "I need something for hunting duties and to keep me safe.  Dean wants it to be a bit hip.  I want it to be a bit safe.  John wants it to not eat my trust fund with the gas.  Sam wants it to be eco friendly."

"The last two we can minimize but not solve."  He led them to the Suburban.  "We can do a great modification to this one. Put in captain's chairs in the back with a dual DVD/game system setup.  A good, thumping stereo system with satellite of course.  We can even do the modifications to include a few hidden compartments for weapons."

John looked impressed.  Other hunters needed to have someone like their people customize their rides.  "How much will that jack up the price?"

"It depends on which options he chooses.  In this model, it's not going to be inexpensive.  The frame's a bit thinner in spots.  We'd have to reinforce it so we could put on bulletproofing if he wanted.  Now, in the Hummer, the Explorer, or the newest Land Rover, we can do a wonderful job.  Actually, if he wanted a hummer, we have one in the back that the owner said wasn't what he wanted.  He's going to jail for selling drugs though."  He led them back to show them that one.  It had most of the modifications they'd want.  It was a slight stretch job as well.  Gave the back row more leg room.  The trunk too.  He showed them the hidden compartments.  "It was bought off the same line as the police departments who use hummers get.  We can put on gas saving technology and all that good stuff."  He let Dean and John crawl all over the SUV.  It was a good vehicle.  He smiled at Xander.  "I can take thirty percent off since it was a custom that was never picked up and give you another ten for being who you are."

Xander looked at the sticker then at him.  "That's still a whole lot."

"Dude, they have a Wii back here," Dean called.  "And a cooler."

Sam came over to look at the sticker, nearly having a heart attack.  "That's how much I spent for my years at Stanford."  The demon just smirked.  "Can it be blessed?"

"He was Catholic.  There's already been a blessing put on it.  A lot of drug dealers are very religious."

"That's because they know they're going to hell," John said.  He got out of there.  "How's the turning radius?"

"We improved it a bit but you can't really improve it a lot with what this is."

"A former assault vehicle," John agreed.  "I remember driving one of the first ones in the Marines."  The demon only smirked.  He looked at the sticker then moaned.  "You can buy a house for that."

"Forty percent off," Xander said.

"You can still buy a house for that."

"The other option we have that's already modified was meant to go to a tech person."  He walked them over.  This one you pushed a button and the hidden areas came open.  They popped up, arranged themselves prettily.

"Crap stereo," Dean said.

Xander looked back and forth and back and forth and back and forth until Sam made him look at him.  "Neither one's very practical.  One has no trunk space left.  The other is a gas guzzling hog.  No.  They're not right for you."

"He could use something hip," Dean complained.

"He just won a porsche.  You can't get much hipper than that."

"Good point," John agreed.  "Not practical for everyday though."

"Not like he's going to be doing what we do all the time."

"He still needs room for things like groceries."

While John and Sam argued, Dean looked at Xander.  "How do you feel about Michigan?"

Xander shrugged.  "Did we go through there?"

"No idea," he admitted.  He thought back.  "Not for a while.  Anyway, there's two smaller cities that we liked.  One's right on the Canadian border but it'll mean you'll get a good, long winter.  The other's about two hours from Detroit or another part of the border to Canada."

"Will I need to go to Canada?"

"We're thinking escape routes here, Xander."  Xander nodded and Dean stared at him.  "You're starting to build again, huh?"  Xander slumped but nodded. "Get the hummer.  It'll do good in the snow and if you don't like the snow we can get you a warmer place for the winters where it'll be hip.  It'll be safer, about a day and a half of travel outside the old home place.  About the same to Bobby's.  Maybe a day down to Chicago."

"How big of a small city?"

"Flint has about a hundred and fifty thousand by the estimates I found.  Sault Ste. Marie has less than that.  That's the higher up one."


"We'll look online for pictures," he told him.  He walked him back over.  "Guys, Xander's starting to get that feeling again."  They stared then nodded as one.  "Let's hit the resort?  Come back for it later?"

"I can't guarantee either will be here or at that price," the salesman warned.

Dean looked at him.  "If we don't, you'll end up begging to give it to him for free."

"I doubt that."

Xander stared at him.  "Why do you think they want me?"  He looked at Dean.  "What's near your home so you guys can visit more often?"

"Lawrence?  Topeka and both Kansas Cities are pretty close by.  Within a few hours."  Xander grinned.  "The Kansas side is smaller than the Missouri side."

"I hate Topeka," John told him.  "It's the capitol."

Xander nodded.  "Do we think there's others there?"

"We'd have to ask Adam," Sam said, smiling some.  "You know we'll come no matter where you are."

"Yeah but I'm not sure I want to live that far north.  And unless house elves are real having two houses to take care of is going to drive me nuts."

"We know there's some in Colorado, but that's on the other side of the state," Dean admitted.

"Lawrence isn't a bad small city," John offered.  "That's why we settled there."

"No, not in Lawrence," Sam ordered quietly.  He felt Xander start to slip and moved him outside so it was in the open, putting his dampening bracelet back on him.  The boy sighed in relief.  "We'll head home soon.  We'll look at Kansas City on the smaller side.  It has about a hundred-forty-thousand people the last time I looked it up."

"Wow.  Sunnydale has like three.  How did I know that?"

"More of the memories are leaking back through," John said.  "C'mon, before you slip.  We'll talk about that overpriced hummer.  It's at least practical on the snow."

"It's an environment ruining, gas siphoning, phallic symbol that says you can't get it up," Sam complained.

"The military likes it," John shot back.

"Yeah, and they like to buy planes that don't work too," he shot back.

"C'mon.  We'll take the porsche so those two can argue."  He drove Xander back to the resort, letting him head up to the special room again.  He found Ray.  "Anyone near Kansas City?"

He frowned. "One used ta.  He moved last year."

"Xander was thinking about moving there."

Ray grimaced.  "It's sweet of him, but will it suit him?"

"I still say Hershey, Pennsylvania."

Ray grinned.  "He might like that.  Suggest it."  He nodded.  "Where's wonder boy anyway?"

"318.  He started to unconsciously broadcast while we were looking at cars."

"Didn't he just win one?"

"You can't drive a porsche in the snow."

"I guess that's a good point."  He sipped his drink.  "What were we looking at?"

"A custom place for modifying it.  They had a sweet hummer.  Dad and Sammy are still probably arguing over the hummer versus something better on gas mileage."

Ray nodded.  "Xander would probably want something better on mileage too.  Beyond that, how often is he going to need to pop out a weapon from the trunk like you guys do?"

Dean considered it.  "I know that but it's still handy in case he needs it."

"Which is a good reason," Ray promised.  "But still a sucky car."

"I know but it's better than the suburban he wanted."

"Not by much."

"I'm trying."

"I know.  Get things arranged.  Are you guys stayin' here after Tuesday to get the paperwork settled?"

"We told Jace we'd check in with her."

"That's fine."  He smirked at Adam as he walked over.  "They kept Xander from getting a free car when he started to broadcast."

"That's a good thing.  He had on his bracelet while he was gambling, right?"

"He did and they have the good air purifiers on in all the casino rooms," Ray told him.  "I checked; Xander had them turn on an air freshener ring that would mask his pheromones and the guy wasn't in the airflow from him."  Adam relaxed.  "It wasn't his hormones.  It was the sucky guy drinking too much."  He finished his current soda.  "They're thinking about Kansas City."

Adam gave him a look.  "No."

"He doesn't want anywhere as big as Chicago."

"The last one who lived there said it didn't have what she needed."

"Colorado, Michigan?"

"Colorado has become hipper recently in some parts," Ray offered.

"It has but I'm not sure if Xander could handle winter or not."  He considered it.  "Where is he?"

"The special room."

"Ah."  He nodded.  "We'll talk about it after dinner.  I have someone is coming to deal with the rest of the presents as well."

"Thanks, Adam.  He'd be lost without you."  He looked at Ray once Adam had walked off.  "He really likes Xander."

"Xander was his student.  They're like that.  It's about as close to kids as he'll get."

Dean nodded.  "That's fine with us.  Someone should fuss at Xander now and then."  He went to check on them, finding Sam folding the new clothes in with the old.  "Kansas City's out.  The last one who lived there said it didn't have what she needed."

"It'd be nice but we need to be out of our normal haunts for a while."  They shared a look and Sam went to the map program his laptop had, finding a nice small area they could stand to live in.  "If we want to stay in flatland areas, the eastern side of Colorado is still partially flat and foothills.  That's Burlington, Lamar, Fort Morgan.  Those areas."

"Didn't we hit Burlington?"

"Not since I was ten.  I think that's where that ice cream shop you begged to be allowed to shoplift at was."

Dean nodded.  "I remember that.  It didn't look too bad."  Sam opened a search window for pictures in those areas.  They ended up liking Lamar and it was nearly on the Kansas border.  The pictures said it was pretty.  There were a few nice spas there and a good shopping district.  An arty district trying to grow up.  Dean shrugged.  "Colorado Springs?"

"Is higher in the mountains," Sam pointed out.

"Better living, bigger city.  More yuppies but oh well."

Sam found pictures there.  The housing costs were higher but it was nicer looking.  They nodded.  They could stand to be there for a bit if they needed to.  And there were probably a few local GHS as well.  Dean went to ask Ray that.  Ray found him a membership book and handed it over.  He looked up the area and nodded.  "Thanks."  He went back up there.  "There's two who live there.  Both lower level."

"We can talk to them," Sam decided.  They went to get Xander out of the special room.  They had to wait until he was doing blowing one but he was a happier boy.  "Colorado is the next state over from Kansas.  There's a nice medium city that has two lower levels living there."  Xander beamed at that.  "C'mon, we'll find one, see if they know how good the area is."  They walked him off, finding one in the shopping area with a bit of help from the registration clerk.  She knew everyone.  Sam smiled when he approached her.  "Xander's trying to figure out where to put his new house."

"Our new level ten?"

He beamed and nodded.  "We were thinking Colorado Springs.  We're buddies who help him a lot and we're from Kansas.  He wanted to stay close to us."

"Hmm.  It's not a bad area."  She went to talk to them about the area, showing pictures of her home.  Xander squealed at some of it and listened at others but that was normal for level tens.  They were all hyper, squealy, strange folks without any chance of controlling themselves.  She called the other one down from her packing and they talked up the good points and offered the bad ones.  The police force was growing but they were good.  The crime rate was about average for the size of the city.  It was building up a yuppie population but some had moved onto the next yuppieville already.  That left some pretty, bigger homes for sale.  They gave him a few realtor's names before they went to pack so they could head home.

Sam found John, who gave him an amused look.  "Colorado Springs."

"About a full day from Bobby, or from home.  In the mountains but not too high up.  Good sized city that's growing yuppies by the treefull."

"Some have moved on.  Good spas, two locally.  Their PD knows."

"Four hunters in the area, relatively nearby.  One who only works out of Denver and that's probably a good few hours away."  He nodded. "Not a bad place."


"He'll need winter gear and maybe hiking gear.  There's all sort of natural terrain there to learn and cover."

"We can help with that."  He went to tell Xander that John approved, getting another squeal.  Dean and Sam shared a look then took Xander to a discreet brothel nearby that Adam had suggested.  It took four people but Xander was finally worn out enough to need a nap.  They brought him back and let him sleep through dinner, then took him clubbing.  Sammy wasn't really a clubber but Xander could move now and it helped.  Dean showed him how to dance in a club environment.  He was clearly having a flashback at one point but shook it off on his own.  Then it was good.  They got a lot of attention.  A few assholes who thought they were together, but mostly girls who wanted to get between them.  Even Sammy got hit on a few times.  It was a good night.


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