Three weeks later Xander pulled into his new driveway.  He had found a good sized house on a pretty good sized lot.  Not an estate but good sized with privacy fences and things.  He parked the porsche, smiling at his garage.  The Impala pulled in and parked.  John parked behind him in the driveway.  The secondary garage got the SUV they had finally decided on.  It was tricked out with weapon cases hidden under the floorboards and things that would be handy if he had to hunt.  It also had enough room for grocery shopping and clothes shopping.  The back was turned into more comfortable seats and had an X-Box and cooler built in.

It was stretched a bit for leg room - Dean and Sam were both big guys - and they came out if you needed them to.  There was enough room to camp in there if he had to.  It was also blessed and had a lot of warding sigils put onto it.  They had argued about the color.  Dean would not let him get baby blue, purple, or dark green.  John had agreed: black, silver, red, dark blue, or white.  So it was a very dark purple color with a very subtle glitter coat to make it shine.  Dean and John got to pretend it was black and it was good for their minds.

Sam got out of the SUV.  Dean got out of the Impala. They headed inside to see if all Xander's things had shown up yet.  It had and they needed furniture.  For some reason the only furniture was an ancient antique bed.  "That's pretty," Sam said.

"My grandmother left that to me.  It's been in storage for years," Xander said, touching the bed's poles.  "It held up through generations of Harris'."  He grinned at John as he came in.  "Family heirloom.  The only one there is."

"It's a beautiful bed," he praised.  Xander beamed and looked at his closet.  Someone had left or given him clothes hangers at least.  He went to check the bathroom.  John did too.  "The cast iron is a nice touch."

"We can trade that for a spa tub," Xander told him.

"Make one bathroom separate of all the rooms for GHS stuff," Sam offered.  He looked.  "That'll be nice and deep."  He walked Xander off, showing him the crappy small bathroom they had found.  It had a closet behind it that wasn't going to be used probably.  "Take out the closet behind here, put in a GHS pampering room."  Xander hugged him with a small squeal.

"Dude, we need furniture," Dean said, leaning into the room.  "This'll make a good spot for one of those mega tubs that have everything known mankind in it."  Xander hugged him too.  "Want help finding furniture?  Before we all have to curl up with you on that huge ass bed?"  Xander blushed but nodded.  "Okay."  He looked at his father.  "Groceries?"

"Is the electric on?"

"Has been for three days," Sam told him.  "I made sure of it."  They looked over the rest of the house.  Xander had a good room for weapons storage and work if and when he wanted it.  They decided to take the Impala to the furniture store while John took the SUV to the grocery store.  It was hard to drive for them.  They'd have to learn, just in case it came in handy.  Though, Dean get to pick on John for getting three speeding tickets the night he had borrowed the porsche.  They took Xander to a nice furniture warehouse place.  "Get the basics and we can shop for the little things later on."

Xander looked at hm.  "Little things?"

"Statues, lamps, those things?"

"Okay.  I guess."  He shrugged.  Looking around he didn't find much he liked.

"They can special order fabric but it'll take longer," Dean offered quietly.

Xander shrugged, looking at a few things.  "None of this is really my style or talks to me."  They took him to another place and he loved it.  It was more wood and metal, some overstuffed things.  Here he went wild.  The salesman was amused listening to them as he followed along to make notes.  He apparently thought they were only making plans.  When Xander pulled out cash he was stunned.  He went back to get the proper cards and turn his notes into a purchase order.  They agreed to deliver everything today.  Then the boys took him to the mega-chain bed store they liked.  It was cheaper and Xander had just blown a wad on the furniture.

They ordered beds for the other four bedrooms.  Sam picked out an older style metal one with matching dresser/armoire/mirror.  Dean got a sturdier, less fussy, non carved sleigh bed with a dresser.  Not an exaggerated one but one that hinted at the style.  They decided the other rooms got simple, plain beds.  Xander got a dresser for his and a wardrobe.  They paid for everything and headed back home to arrange things as they came in.  John was trying to but Xander ended up making them help him shift some things.  Fortunately not the antique bed.  No one could move that.

John looked around after they were done, nodding.  "This is nice," he decided.  The chair he was in was comfortable.  It had sucked him down into it, he swore it did, because he couldn't get up.  Sam and Dean were on the couch.  Xander was flopped down on his lounger.

"Cable?" Dean asked.

"It should be on," Xander admitted.  "The cable internet too."

Sam went to check, finding the box in the 'library/study' area.  It had a lot of empty bookcases and a huge desk.  Sam settled in with his laptop, moaning at the chair.  It was comfortable.  He hooked in and his computer worked with a bit of setting up.  He came out.  "Internet's on."  They all smirked.

Xander looked at his wallet, then tossed it at Dean's head, making him catch it.  "Get me a tv and a dvd player please?"

"Sure, Xander."  He got up.  "Vcr?"


"Dinner?" he teased.

"Pretty please?"  John laughed at that.  "I know I should cook, but I'm tired and comfy."

"Take the truck or the SUV so you have room to haul it," John ordered.  They nodded, taking the SUV's keys and heading out.  When Dean and Sam came back an hour later they had three tv's, two dvd/vcr combo players, a home theater system, a new computer for the office, Sam was set up to put in a wireless system over the whole house so he didn't have to go to the office, and a cop following them.  John watched him watch them.  "Boys, they called the cops why?"

"Probably wondering why we had Xander's wallet."

Xander leaned over and waved.  "I'm not mean unless you attack me."

The officer walked in.  "Sir, these two had your wallet?"

"I'm exhausted and we needed a tv."

"Do you know what they spent?"

"I went out this morning with sixty thousand, Officer.  As long as I can put gas in the car tomorrow, I'm good."  The officer gaped.  "Hi, Xander Harris.  I alerted part of your department I was coming."  He held up a hand with a grin.

"Yeah, we got the warning, sir."  He shook it.  "Are these your protectors?"


"Do you have protectors?"

"Beyond a gun and sword habit?  I'm getting a good security system within a week and they'll be here during that.  Then I'm going to find myself a keeper first."

"That's a good idea."

"Someone has to manage the bank stuff," he said grimly.  Emeralds and sapphires came down from the ceiling.  He looked up.  "Must you when there's normal people around?" he whined.  A cake appeared on the coffee table.  "Thank you.  Still not looking for something supernatural in a lover."

"Fantastic, but not otherworldly?" Dean teased.

"Or other planular," Xander said dryly.  He grinned at the cop.  "See?"

"That's fine, sir.  How much more setting up do you need to do?  We can increase patrols in this area to watch for the delivery guys."

"The little things, books, and probably some sheets, kitchen, and that sort of shopping," Sam said.  "Day after tomorrow, but we can handle it."

"You're sure?"  They all nodded.  John put his gun on the table.  "We have a permit?"

"To carry concealed," John assured him.

"Good."  He smiled at Xander.  "They gave you the contact number if you needed us?"

"They did.  Thank your bosses for all your help, Officer."

"Not a problem, Mr. Harris.  Guys like you boost the local economy and bring a bit of life to a dull beat."  He nodded at the others and left.  His boss would be happy the boy was so nice.  He was young, but polite and decent.  His family looked a bit harder but that was fine.  It was probably necessary and from the stress of rescuing that one.  He walked into the station and up to where his boss was getting coffee.  "I met Mr. Harris."  His boss moaned.  "Not in a bad way.  He had some of his family tv shopping for him."  That got a smirk.  "They had his wallet."

"So someone alerted you?"

"I was on my lunch break picking up a new CD.  They've got a bit of setting up left to do.  Probably within two days.  His family's in.  They're all armed.  He'll be getting a good security company within a week.  Then he'll start looking for a good keeper to handle things.  Three family members, four cars in the garage and driveway.  Spending large today."

"The locals will like that."  He took a sip of his coffee.  "I'll increase the patrols there while he's getting deliveries.  Just in case someone slips in an attempt."

"The father of the group has a concealed carry permit and showed me his gun."

"Even better. We can clean up as long as they're decent the rest of the time."  He smirked on his way back to the office.  He'd send over a recommendation about security companies.  That way he got someone good to do it.


Xander swept all the stones together magically.  "Look, guys, more stuff we'll have to sell."

Dean snickered.  "They're pretty."

"Very.  We can get a huge fish tank and put some in there."

Sam looked at him.  "You need to nap, Xander.  That's a bad idea."  He patted him on the head.  "Dad, come mount this tv?"  He came over to install the mounting kit while he and Dean hung it up and got it set up.  They had to do a bit of color adjusting but that was fine.  Everything else was plug and play so that was good.  They settled in with the pizzas to watch tv.

"I didn't know they sold sets that big to the public.  I thought it was only to sports bars," John said.

Dean smirked.  "They had it on sale too."  He tossed Xander back his wallet, letting him catch it.  "More than enough for gas."  Xander smirked and went back to eating and relaxing.  "How do you get sheets for that bed?"

"It has three.  I'll take one into a sheet shop and see if they have any near that size."

"Now all you need is a dog," Sam teased.  Xander activated the pets, letting them look around before coming back to cuddle up to him.  They all smiled at that.  He loved his creatures.  Another shower happened.  "Enough already!" Sam yelled.  "He's looking for a person, not a demon."  They all heard a groan and half of them disappeared.

Xander looked at Sam.  "Thanks."

"Welcome."  He smirked.  Then he turned it on his brother.  "What did you do with that crown you got sent?"

"It's locked in Dad's truck."

John looked over at him.  "Why do I have it?"

"I don't want it in the Impala.  It might warp it into a girly car or something."

"Gee, thanks, Dean," he said dryly.

Dean just grinned at him.  "Besides, it looked better on you."  John groaned, reaching for Dean but he moved out of the way.

"I'll get you later."

"Herp, Murph, and Purf will save me," he taunted.

"Xander, the little creatures can't save Dean."

"I'm staying out of it.  He'll have to talk them into it anyway."  He petted his babies and they chattered, stealing some of his sausage.  "I didn't know you guys ate."  He frowned at them.  Then looked up.  "Vesvold?  Can I have a few minutes?"  The smiling demon appeared.  "Hi.  Like the new house?  I thought I'd let you see it before it became holy ground."

"I do like the house."  He leaned down to kiss Xander on the head.  "I do understand your reasons."

"I'd hate to lose you as a friend because some bigot hated humans."

"It's a good reason.  We both have time."  He smiled, petting him.  One of the pets tugged on his leg, nibbling on some crust John had given to it.  "Since when do you eat?"

"I don't know," Xander admitted.  "I've had them off a lot recently."

"They're meant to be off most of the time."  He scooped that one up, feeling the taint in it.  "Oh, dear."  He recalled all three of them, giving him a small smile.  "They've been a bit warped by another demon.  I'll try to clean them of the taint before you get hurt."  He winked.  "I do like the bed."  He disappeared.

"Now you need a dog," Sam said, reaching over to pat Xander.  Xander nodded.  "Maybe we can go to the pound tomorrow?"

"I might like that."  He finished his pizza, grimacing at it.  "They put something on it."  The slice disappeared and so did the rest of the pizza.  "Guess we're not hungry," Xander said.  He got up and went to light the candles on the altar he had set up in a back room.  He felt arms go around him and looked back.  "Hi, Bliss."

"Xanner!"  He hugged him better.  "You need more happies."

"My pets got sick thanks to a demon."

"Meanies."  He looked around the house.  "Ooh."  Xander smiled, bringing him out so he could see the others.  "Sammy!"  He flew over to hug him, landing a bit on his head but Bliss was still trying to master landing a few centuries later.  "Hi, Sammy hair!"  He was still convinced it was a pet, he knew it was.  He'd feed it if he could ever find the mouth.

"Dad, this is Bliss, Cupid's son," Dean said.  Bliss beamed and waved.  "Bliss, this is mine and Sammy's dad, John."

"Hi, John."  He flew over to hug him too.  "You need more happies too."  He flew back to cuddle Xander.

Of course, that's when a demon who wanted Xander took them all to stake his claim.

"John, guard the baby," he ordered, handing him back, putting them in the middle of the younger trio.  "Show yourself.  Now."

"All this could be yours," a voice hissed.  The room lit up to show silken pillows and a very large bed with soft, shiny looking sheets.

"The price ain't right," Dean called.  "No way, no how.  And you took someone's kid with us."

"He can be raised up here or sent back."

"No, we're all going to be sent back," Xander ordered.  "Before I have to get mean and evil."  Bliss cooed at that.  He grinned.  "I know.  Me being evil is very bad because it gives Strife a power rush, but he might like that."  He looked around then carefully loosened his bracelet.  Dean stopped him.  "I know what I'm doing."

"I don't care.  It might hit the kid and warp him."

Xander grimaced.  "Fine.  Show yourself.  I'm not playing this game."

"You are not so dangerous."  A green/blue lizard appeared, staring at him.  "You have not been in many years."

Xander pulled a sword out of his hair, letting it expand so he could kill that one.  More came piling in and he let loose with magic, frying them.

"Why in the hell are we endangering my son!" Cupid shouted as he appeared.

"We're trying to protect him from the little lizard demons who decided we were all pets.  They said I could raise him just as well," Xander said with a shrug.  "I'm trying to protect him."

Cupid stared at him.  "This is weird level ten shit."  He looked then cleaned up the mess, sending the rest of the lizards to his father with a message how they wanted Xander and had taken Bliss with them.  "Bliss."

"Daddy!"  He waved from his comfy position.  "Sammy hair!" he said with a point.

"I can see Sam's hair, son.  C'mere, squirt."

"No.  Not happy.  Needs happies."

Xander took the baby, kissing him on the forehead.  "You've made me very happy, Bliss.  You were a good boy to stay with John when we got attacked."

The baby stared at him then giggled.  "You so silly.  Bliss a God."

"I know.  Doesn't matter.  I'm still older so I have to protect you."  He handed him back.  Cupid snuggled his son.  "I tried to keep him safe."

"Chill, Xander.  I know it's not your fault."  They reappeared in the house.  "This is a kick ass....  Not in your reality."

Eris appeared, looking smug.  "We didn't think they could be partially mine?" she demanded.

"It called to Strife, not you," he defended.  "We only exposed it.  The two other guys are both partially yours."

"The real anchor isn't.  Why is he Strife's?" she demanded.

"Because I'm a level ten GHS," Xander said, shrugging a bit.  She gaped.  He grinned and waved.  Then he let his hormones out.  "See?"  She moaned.  "I'm sorry, but I didn't choose that.  I wouldn't have left you out.  You know that."

She pouted.  "It's still not right Strife gets all you guys.  You cause chaos."

Xander looked at his marks, then pointed.  "Isn't that one yours?"

She looked then smiled. "Thank you for remembering me."   She sent them back to his house.  Then she went to chew on the lizard demons for endangering Bliss.

Cupid looked at Xander.  Then pointed at the two Winchester boys.  "Sleep with them, Xander.  They'd make good keepers when they have to give up hunting some day soon because other hunters will think they're demon whores and taking deals from them."  He looked at his son.  "Subtle does not work on them.  At all."  Bliss grinned.  "Let's check the house.  Hey, Pops, need help with them?"

Ares appeared.  "Of course not.  They're already long gone."  He put the bracelet back on Xander and they went to bless the grounds.  Strife blessing it might draw more problems there.  Them doing it wouldn't.  "What was Eris on a rip about?" he asked quietly.

"Xander wasn't an anchor for her instead of Strife."

"We agreed all those higher level GHS are his."

"He let his hormones go and made her feel better since some of it was to her.  At least one mark."

"Huh."  He finished up, Cupid tied his blessings into Ares' and it was good.  They checked the house.  It was solid.  Ares put a shield over it so only invited demons could get in.  Then they went to check Bliss over.  "He did good protecting him."

"Bliss said he was silly since he was a god, not Xander."

"I'd hate to see Xander as a god," Ares said, shuddering a bit.  "Did you give him a better clue?"

"I made it blunt.  They apparently don't take the clue bus, Pops."

"Now and then, no, they don't."  They checked, the boys were still staring at each other.  John was howling in laughter in the bathroom but the three boys were staring at each other.  Ares made Sam move first, getting a glared at ceiling for it.  He tried Dean but he wasn't budging.  Xander was looking miserable so he appeared down there, glaring at him.  "What?"

"I don't want to lose my friends."

"We're friends, really, Ares," Dean agreed.

"Do you have any idea how hard it's going to be to find him someone else?  They'd have to be immortal.  Have to know about demons or be able to learn how to hunt demons.  Have to be able to work out with him.  Have to be compatible sexually."  He stared at them.  "Got any other suggestions?"

"Is that why he was put with us?"

"No.  Cupid didn't step in until you guys went on the long road trip.  Then he realized how good of a match it was."  Xander stomped off to his bedroom.  He looked at them.  "Get a clue, guys.  Before I have to see Cupid and Aphrodite with frizzy hair from the stress.  It's never a good thing."  He disappeared.  "We even kept him pure for you guys."

John came out of the bathroom.  "In a way, it would suit you guys."

"What about hunting?" Dean asked.

"How many are going to be here?" John countered.  Sam sighed, walking off to calm Xander down.  "He's right about the other hunters, Dean.  It's gotten around that you two are different for some reason.  They think a demon did it.  I can't bust you two by putting out GHS or immortal stuff."

"Even if you did, they'd think the same thing," Dean said.  "I like Xander, but I like girls more."

"Now and then you three are going to need to hire outside anyway," he said patiently.  "Look, just think about it.  I'm going to talk to Ellen on the way back to Bobby's.  She can straighten out most of the young idiots.  You two are going to stay here with Xander until you're sure nothing's getting into this house without an invite or a tank.  Including the lawn guys because I *know* Xander won't remember to mow that acre he has out back."

"We can do that.  Help him finish up the shopping and that stuff.  Help him set up the weapon caches.  The safe.  Maybe the fish tank for the stones to be shown off in."

"Good.  However he wants. You three can argue about furniture all you want.  I let Mary do everything as long as I had a comfortable recliner and just signed the checks.  It's a wife's job."

Dean gave him an odd look.  "This idea doesn't freak you out?"

"It does, but I talked to Ray before they left about that issue.  As much as I consider you both my boys, and him an extra strange son, you're not really related.  There's no laws against foster kids or adopted kids dating."  Dean nodded once at that.  "There's also no way you three are having babies to make retarded."

"In other words you're cool with it?" Sam asked from the hallway.

"Not fully.  I don't want to watch it, hear details about it, or worry about planning a wedding," he said dryly.  Sam smirked at that.  "But Ray did point out that you three aren't really related so it's not that unnatural."

"We'll think about it," Dean said.  John nodded at that. "Think we can stop them?"

"I hope so.  If not, beat their ass and if the cops are called hand them over."  They shared a look and Dean nodded at those orders.  "Think how many higher demons you'll have problems hunting," he finished dryly.

"Don't remind me."  He looked at Sam.  "He good?"


Dean sighed, heading to talk to Xander.  He leaned in the doorway.  "Just because he suggested it doesn't mean we have to jump, Xander.  We like you for a lot of reasons.  That way may come some day but we'll have to see.  Until then, Dad's going to deal with the hunters who think we're all sucking demon cock while we set up the security and the weapons caches."  Xander looked at him.  "No big deal.  Hell, it may happen some year.  We've got time."

Xander nodded.  "Good point.  How am I wearing this out?"

"Work yourself off," Dean said.  "Or practice.  That used to do it for you."  Xander smiled slightly.  "You need to keep in practice anyway.  You can be jumped by another immie too."  Xander nodded at that.  "Now, you wanna come out?  If not, we'll probably all hit the sack.  Dad'll be gone tomorrow morning."

Xander got up and got something, going to hand the small bag to John.  "For on the road."  He gave him a hug then went to curl back up in his bed.  It was a huge bed and really lonely without his pets.  He would have to get a dog.  Soon.  Tomorrow.  He could put that onto his list of things he had to get.  He flipped onto his back, deciding to take the world's best natural sleep cure.  His arm could be sore tomorrow.  He imagined what it might be like if Cupid was right - which he probably was; he was the God of Lust after all.  Him between Sam and Dean.  Him pleasuring both of them.  One of them taking him that first time.

He shivered and his hand sped up.  That was a good image.  Them sharing him like some bed candy.  Dean being a bit pushy about him doing it himself by climbing on their laps.  He groaned as he got off but he was nowhere near finished.  He groaned, licking his hand clean as the images kept going.  He'd have to make that first night special.  Very special.  Even if Dean would call him girlish again.  Dean opened Xander's bedroom door and came in to apply something he had paused to buy earlier.  The vibrating ring went over his cock head and Xander yelped as it got turned on.  Dean walked out very smug.  Xander came a second time and went limp, taking off the ring to look at.  "I'll have to look at those things.  Maybe they can help."  He put it aside and cleaned himself up with the baby wipes Sam had dropped into his room earlier.  Now he could sleep.

Up the hall John shook his head.  Xander was loud.  Mary had never been that loud.  Then again, Sammy was on the other side of Xander and he could hear him.  Fortunately the neighbors were pretty far away so no one would call the cops.  The one time that happened to him he had been mortally embarrassed.  He covered his head when he heard Dean going at it too.  Sammy was still louder.  He had no idea how they stood to be in the same house with that going on.


"I knew I forgot to mention a topic," Cupid sighed, shaking his head.

"Not like you need sex toys," Strife teased.  "You've got feathers."

Cupid smirked at him.  "Was that a hint that you wanted to play with them?"

"Ready, Daddy!" Bliss yelled.

Cupid sighed, shaking his head.  "After his bath and bedtime?"

"Look me up," Strife said with a small leer.

"Bliss, can't you wash your own hair?" he called, pulling Strife closer to kiss.  He moaned.  "Get grandma or grandpa to do it!"  He kissed him again.  "Hmm.  Hormoned?"

"Rush.  Xander had ta go evil ta save 'em."

Cupid moaned.  Evil and hormones?  That was an exciting combination.  The last time Strife had ended up hanging from the ceiling while he floated and took him.  They shared a smirk.  Then they ran for the bedroom, stripping on the way.

Bliss sighed, shaking his head.  "Silly adults."  He got out naked and went to find his grandfather, finding him with a few generals.  "Grandpa, need baths.  Daddy and Daddy Stwife giggling and naked."

Ares looked at him.  "Why are you naked?"

"Baff time."  He beamed at him.  "Daddy all giggly.  Xanner had to go evil."

Ares groaned.  "No wonder.  Go to my temple.  I'll be there in ten minutes.  Do not get into the water until I get there."  Bliss beamed, heading to play in the bubbles he'd create.  He looked at the generals.  "Cupid got dosed by one of his GHS members.  I have to cut this short."

"What's a GHS?" one of them asked.  Ares stole one of the introductory packets from Adam's house and tossed it down.  They looked it over then stared at him.  "Please tell me there aren't any in the service?"

Ares checked then nodded.  "Sixteen in the US, four in Britain, two in Germany and Russia each, and one in Egypt's.  But that one's AWOL because he was kidnaped the other night."

They groaned.  "What do we do about them?" another asked.

"They're fine as long as they're wearing it out.  If not, they turned into confused, pouty, teenagers who need laid.  The one who got Cupid is a level ten but a good planner if he ever got down out of backlog."  That got a single nod and they decided to make sure those sort were not in their service.  "Usually they handle themselves."

"I'm more worried about some of the other guys thinking they're morale helpers," one said bluntly.  "Or an up and coming officer deciding they're a reward for good work."

"If so, let them shoot the others.  You cannot let them know.  If anyone knows, they're more likely to be taken.  Generally lower are safer than higher.  Higher get snatched all the time."  He checked on the boys and took them back from the demon who had them, putting them back into their beds.  They never even realized.  "If there's any level tens, they probably can't serve."  He stood up.  "I'd better get Bliss ready for bed before my temple floats away on his bubbles.  Call me tomorrow and we'll finish this meeting."  He went to deal with his grandson.  He loved Bliss, but Cupid had bad timing.  He checked on them and sent ice water onto them for doing this without warning.  Strife picked up some ice to tease Cupid with.  He rolled his eyes, walking into the bathroom.  Bliss was dangling his feet and creating little ships to fight a battle for the bubble dragon.  Ares smirked.  Yup, that was his grandson.  Even if he was happier than any hippie ever born.


Dean saw the guy watching the house and nodded at it for Sam's benefit.  "Any idea?"


Dean looked back at Xander.  "There's someone watching the house."

"Want help?"

"No, I want you in here.  It's safer in here, Xander."

"I can fight."

"Yes, but you should save that for backup and waiting for rescues," Dean told him.  "Especially when we're here."  He checked his gun before heading out.  The man in the car sneered so he knew what he was.  He stood in front of the gate.  "What do you want?"

"You.  You turned sides," he said as he got out.  "I know you made some sort of dark deal.  Winchesters don't live like this."

Dean snorted.  "Not our house, sparky.  It's Xander's."

"He's the demon?" he said smugly.

"No, he's a guy we had to protect.  A hunter who ended up with a condition that makes him a worse demon magnet than Sammy ever was.  We spend a lot of time rescuing him from the higher ones who think he's a sex toy."

"John only has two sons."

"We got Xander when he needed protected a few years ago.  Everyone else knew that."

"That was a child."

"He was under a deaging curse," he said impatiently.

"I bet."  He pulled up a gun.  "We'll see, won't we?"

"Shooting at me is fatally stupid, dude," Dean assured him.

"One of us saw you in Las Vegas.  You were healing a knife cut."

Xander walked out of the driveway, coming up on the guy's other side.  "What makes you think they wanted to be given that gift?"  The man stared.  "Really.  They didn't ask for it.  They both hate it most of the time.  One of the ones who wanted me set that up for them.  Unless you think they want to watch everyone they know die some year soon?  Does that sound like fun to you?"

"Who're you?"

"Xander."  He smirked.  "Formerly of Buffy's crew.  I got hit with a deaging curse and got sent to John to protect me since I'm a bad demon magnet."  Two appeared, staring at him.  "Not now.  This is a hunter.  We'll beat your asses later."  The demons stared at him.  He turned the shotgun on one.  The cops showed up within two minutes of the gunshot.  That was a nice response time.  Especially since he tried to shoot Xander next and Xander was kicking his ass when they got there.  Dean was pulling him off the guy.  "No!  He tried to hurt both of us!  It's not your fault you got this fucking curse!"

The hunter groaned.  "Curses have outs."

"Not all of them," Dean said.  "Though yeah, we can still be killed.  Kinda."  He shrugged. "Dad go so hellishly drunk and pissed there was no way he was going to deal with it.  That's why we three protect each other."  He moved the shotgun away and put it on the hood of the car.  "He tried to shoot Xander for being a demon who had turned me and my brother Sammy from the light," he told the cop staring at them.

"And the green and gold things staring at Mr. Harris?"

"Demons," Xander said.  "He hunts them."  He nodded.  "He shot at one first then me.  So I kicked his ass."

"Good!  We like that attitude," he decided.  He even gave the boys a smile.  "Better a proactive response than waiting to be rescued by us."  He hauled the guy up.  "We'll take him to the ER, get him bandaged up, then deal with charges."

Xander stared at him.  "Do you honestly think Dean and Sam wanted this curse that took them out of the game?" he asked the other guy.  "Would you?"

"No," he moaned.

"Then I won't press attempted murder charges.  The gun discharge is all on you guys though."  That got a nod and they dragged him off.  Xander looked at Dean.  "Are you okay?"

Dean smacked him on the side of the head.  "It's not a curse," he said quietly.  "It's not a present but it can be a great gift.  We have a long time to do what we need to so others are safe."

"Yeah but that means you'll be without John and Bobby some year soon."

"That's the way things work, Xander.  Parents are supposed to die before their kids do."  He pulled him closer, staring into his eyes.  "You acted like a jealous wife."

Xander blushed.  "Sorry."

"No, it's fine.  It's nice to have someone take my fights for me.  You don't have to.  I can still kick ass better'n you."  He smirked, getting a smile back.  "Got me here, bitch?"

"Yes, Dean."

"Thank you."  Xander nodded, heading inside.  Dean followed then came out to talk to the cops who were cleaning up the area.  "Do you guys have any recommendations for security companies?"

"Three," one said, smiling at him.  "You need one that'll contact us instantly.  You need a good, monitored service, and you need one that won't mind when you load the house with weapons."

Dean nodded.  "We all like weapons.  I've got to head to California in a few days to pick up some of his."

"That's fine.  Hide them from us and the security company.  We'll drop a few names into the mailbox later."  Dean nodded his thanks and left.  He smirked at the one helping him.  "They seem pretty decent for being a bit tougher than the other two."

"Either that one's former military or his daddy was."

"Probably his father at his age."  They finished cleaning up.  "Think this'll happen again?"

"I heard we've got four demon hunters who roam around the state.  I know that one came down from Denver.  We caught him a few years back handling a spirit."

That got a nod.  "So we'll talk to him.  Wonder what that curse is."

"Probably the hormone thing.   You notice the boy had that same slinky undertone?"  They shared a look.  That one was a lower level.  That meant there were at least two in the house, maybe three or four.  They'd have to be careful around there.  They went back to the office.  The next officer past the  house dropped the security company recommendations off for them.  It'd save them some work and worry.  They hoped.


Dean found the weapons warehouse and presented Xander's key for it.  "I'm picking up for Xander Harris to finish his move."  He presented the letter Xander had written.

The guy nodded, looking it over.  "We're not that formal."

"He figured someone might say something."

"Not around here, son.  You gonna take long?  We close at six."

"If so, I'll get a room for the night."

"Thanks."  He pointed.  "Last one on the end.  Watch out because one of his friends has been lurking recently."

"I can do that.  Thanks."  He went to check the contents.  He'd need a trailer.  He went to rent one and came back, finding a redhead in his way.  "Rosenburg."

"Who're you and why are you in Xander's storage area?"

"Because Xander asked me to."  He stared at her.  "He's settled into a house and wanted the rest of his stuff."

"We heard someone broke into his other spot."

"No, he hired a moving company.  His bed is huge and weighs a ton.  Thieves only like portable antiques."

She glared, moving closer.  "Where is he?  He should be here.  He should be helping us."

He snorted.  "After your *friend* accused him of raping her because you told him not to come home?" he said sarcastically.  "Yeah, sure he'll come back.  Especially since he's under a deaging curse."

"Then his parents should..."

He burst out laughing.  "His parents were arrested, Rosenburg.  He made sure of it.  We made sure of it for him after seeing his scars."  She went pale.  "Now, butt out.  Xander wanted these safer than they are here."

"Where is he?"


"That's not possible.  He's safer here."

"Uh-huh.  Not hardly."  He walked around her.  She tried to stop him so he hip tossed her onto the ground.  He stared down at her.  "I was taught not to hurt girls unless they attack.  Are we clear?" he asked patiently.  She got up and ran off, calling someone.  He looked up.  "If I had Xander's magic, I could load it magically."  He got to work hefting and toting.  He had some nice cases.  Though he did have to check to make sure they had things in them.  A blonde stomped in with Willow.  "Butt out, Buffy."

"Do I know you?"

Dean looked at her.  "I hunt demons too.  Xander was given to my family to protect when a deaging curse hit him.  Since then he's decided these aren't safe here.  Never know when one of the other side's going to come and try to use them."  A succubus appeared and he shot it.  He had remembered a silencer at least.  He put his gun back and went back to loading things.  "Xander's safe, usually happy, has a nice house, and gets to hunt all the demons who want him whenever he wants.  Plus he's getting a puppy today.  After you two fucked him over I'm not surprised he didn't want to come back to pack this shit up."  He looked at them and found an officer.  He pulled out the letter, handing it over.

"It's still illegal."  Dean held up a card, getting a hiss. "Going to the society, boy?"  Dean nodded. "You sure?"

"I live with a level ten."

"Damn.  The Harris boy agree?"

"We live with a level ten."

"Even better."  He handed the letter back.  "How old was he when they said that?"


"Poor kid."

"He's safe, content, and happy now.  Our family loves him and my father thinks he's another son."

"Even better."  He looked at the girls.  "I do believe they filed for a restraining order to keep you two out of his things, ladies.  Hoof it home."

"They're not going to keep him," Willow said angrily.

Dean looked at her.  "He could have come today and didn't want to.  You two fucked up one too many times.  Especially that little false rape charge you did."

"He would've stopped it!" Buffy shouted.

"How?  He doesn't like to be around drunks.  He wouldn't have been at the frat house full of drunks.  Beyond that, you never listen to him anyway!  You would've brushed him off so he would've had to knock you out or let you do it anyway, Buffy.  Next time, don't drink. You should've learned that lesson."

"He'd never be able to knock me out."

"Yeah he can.  I can.  The officer can.  Then again, drunks are pretty pathetic."  She shrieked as she attacked.  He knocked her down, then knocked her out with a simple choke hold.  He looked at Willow.  "Float her home, witch.  You both need time out to find the light switch again before you're in the dark permanently."  Willow retreated with Buffy.  He looked at the officer. "You gonna argue?"

"No.  We would like some of it back however."

Dean got him a few of the cases with a smirk.  "How's that?"

"That could work as a bribe."  He carried them off, going to find the local arms dealer.   They'd give top value and if he left anything, it'd be his too.

Dean finished loading the artillery into the trailer then paused to get a burger from the place across the street.  He grimaced but ate it.  He'd had worse on the road than the Double Meat Palace.  He walked back into the storage area, finding an older guy there.  "You're not getting him back.  They fucked up one too many times."

Giles stared at him.  "How did you knock Buffy out, young man?"

Dean smirked.  "My family's been hunting demons since I was four.  My father was a Marine, Mr. Giles.  It was a pretty simple choke hold.  Maybe if she didn't stink like old rum, it might help her self defense skills."  He got back to work with the loose weapons.  Some could fit into the back.  Some would fit into the trunk. Some would have to be covered in the back seat.  He knew the old guy was still watching him so he made a call.
"Caleb, Dean Winchester.  Do not start that shit.  No.  The same thing that happened to Xander only without the deaging curse, Caleb.  Yeah, that stuff.  No, that's part of it.  They blessed us to be with Xander.  They think we're a cute trio of pets," he said dryly.

He smirked.  "Meet me by LA tonight?  Because Xander's former stash is being emptied right now.  No, I'm doing it.  I don't think we need all this.  Xander said to handle it.  Hell, Xander's new patron saint Ares said to handle it.  Yeah, he dedicated himself to him and Strife, with a bit of Cupid thrown in," he said.  He smirked.  "Exactly.  Sunnydale.  Leaving by dark probably.  Thanks, man.  Let me know?  Sure."  He hung up and put the phone back then went back to tossing the weapons into the car.  He finally looked at Giles.  "He's not coming back for quite a while."

"What demon blessed you three?"

Dean shrugged.  "Who knows.  There's a lot of the higher levels who want us three to be their sex toys."  He smirked.  "They think we're sexy together."  Giles took off his glasses to clean.  "We've met ones on the High Demonic Council who are nice and protective of Xander.  Some who wanted to own us.  A few monsoon demons, a few lizard demons, a few other of the higher ones.  Before I met Xander I didn't think there was a worse demon magnet than Sammy.  Proved me wrong."  He went back to loading stuff.

"He has a hidden area underneath the floor," Giles said quietly, unhiding it for him.   He walked out.  He had to take those girls into hand and this was a good way to break their delusions.  Then they could talk the boy home, where he belonged.

Dean nodded after him.  "I'll tell him you want a letter," he called after him.  Then he went to check that area out.  He groaned.  That was not going to fit into the car.  Not even if he emptied the trunk.  He called his contact back.  "Hey, Caleb?  Think you can just come to Sunnydale?  Something's too big and I definitely don't want it here.  Because the slayer smelled like old rum, dude.  I can do that.  You sure?"  He read of the serial and ID number.  Caleb hissed at that.  "Exactly.  What should I do?  No, it's stamped National Guard.  Thanks, man."  He hung up and waited on the guy to call him.

The other stuff, well, it could sit in the back seat for now.  He hoped.  He covered it with a blanket and it was good.  He padded it with a few of his extra shirts so it looked less like boxes being hidden and more like moving things to the new house.  He checked everything, finding a letter on the floor.  He picked up the envelope and nodded, then put it into the trailer.  That got locked with a padlock.  The larger case finally called him back.  "Yeah, this is Dean."  He listened.  "The storage place across from the Double Meat Palace.  There, yup."  He hung up and pulled out of the way, going to hand in Xander's keys.  "He doesn't have another space, right?"

"Two more here unless he's got his bed and old Star Trek stuff."

"Bed yes, I haven't seen Star Trek."  The guy let him into that one.  Dean moaned but it was only a few boxes.  They got onto the boxes in the back seat and into the rest of the front seat.  He saw a military jeep pull in.  "He had an extra space under the floor."

"I'll charge extra next time."

Dean smirked and got in to drive away since they were carrying the case out.  Caleb called in a meeting location for a bit upstate.  That was fine with him.  They stopped at his house, which was well hidden and had no government spies.  Then Dean and he got to unload parts of the trailer and the car.  Hopefully they would not need artillery.  Dean wrote down the address.  "Xander's house."  He looked at him.

"They say he's cursed."

"He's got a hormone condition that draws demons," Dean said quietly.

"Is that what's wrong with Sammy?"

"No comment.  That's a quote from Sammy."  Caleb laughed at that.  "Honestly."  He smirked.  "Xander knows."

"I heard he used to hunt with the blond slayer girl."

"Um, yeah.  Though she's a bitch and she intentionally hurt him.  Then accused him of rape when he wasn't even in the same state as she was."

"Charming," he said dryly.

"Very.  Smelled like old rum earlier."  He leaned against the side of the car.  Everything was now in the trailer.  "We taught Xander our ways when he was deaged."

"Good to know."

"He's on holy ground."

"Even better for the boy."

"Sammy and I are going to be popping in there regularly.   We're helping him set up."

"I'll keep an ear out.  Give him my number if he needs more weapons."

"I can do that but you're more likely to have us, Dad, or Bobby calling for you.  The hormones can make him a bit scatterbrained sometimes."

"You sure you want him to have weapons?"

"He had to defeat four last night who wanted him, Caleb.  With Sammy."

"Shit.  Never mind.  Can I trade some of this off with ammo?"

"Sure."  Caleb smiled and went to get some for what he had left.  Dean packed it in there then padlocked the trailer again.  "Thanks, man."

"This curse you and Sammy got hit with?"

Dean gave him a smug look.  "The demons think we're sexy together.  Together we're worth more than apart.  They play harder than humans so they did it."

"Damn, boy.  You guys never have it easy."

"Dad freaked out."

"I can see why."  He patted him on the shoulder.  "Be safe in Colorado."

"We are."  He walked around to get in and drive off.  Caleb would send them the money once he had sold those things.  He saw a glow hit the trailer and started to pull over but Strife appeared. "Did you hide it?"

"It all looks like boxes," he said smugly.  "That way if you get another ticket they won't look."

Dean grinned.  "Thanks, Strife."

"Not an issue.  Good idea to dump the artillery too.  Boy shouldn't need it.  If he does, call."  He disappeared again.

"Of course we'll call," Dean said quietly.  "We like to yelp your way."  He heard a quiet cackle and grinned.  "Got any ideas to prank Sammy with this time?"  A good one hit him and he moaned in pleasure.  Yeah, he could do that.  Though his father still had the crown...


Sam looked out as Dean pulled into the driveway, heading out to help him unload through the garage.  He pulled the SUV out and Dean backed the trailer in.  Sam unhitched it so he could park the Impala in the other empty spot then the garage door was closed.  "Xander?" Sam called.

"Babies!" he squealed.

"You better not be pregnant," Dean joked.  Xander pounced him.  "I had to stop at a dealer we know, Xander.  The big cases were way too much."

Xander pouted.  "I understand.  Ares said you did.  We put up the shelves."  They hiked the guns, ammo, and other boxes inside.  Xander petted his box of Star Trek stuff.  That's why he was closer when the doorbell rang.  "Visitors," he called.  He bounced to the door and opened it, smiling at the woman.  "Yes?"

"Are you the boy who just moved in here?"

"I am Xander."  He grinned.  "Guys, leave off moving for a minute?"  They came out to join him.  "These are my buddies, Sam and Dean."

"Nice to meet you boys.  We've been wondering with all the trucks and deliveries."  She shook their hands.  "I'm Myrna, I live over there," she said with a point.  She smiled at them.  "You're awfully young.  Are you in computers?"

"Actually, my former lover dumped me for someone younger," Xander said.  "I got vindictive."  That was Sam's cover story they had thought up.  He grinned.  "I'm on palimony."

"At your age?"

He nodded.  "He wanted younger, cuter, and less squealy.  Pity the new one's a brat."

"Hmphm."  She patted him on the cheek.  "We have a good neighborhood here."

"I try very hard to keep to myself, ma'am."

"Good boy.  No wild parties?"

"No, ma'am, we're not like that," Dean said.  "Our father was here when we first came.  He made sure there's not many parties."

"Why move here?"

"A few friends in a mutual organization said it was a nice area.  Small enough to be cozy but big enough to be safe.  The local police are very nice.  We've already talked to them about how part of my palimony was in jewelry."

"No wonder they keep cruising by here.  I'll let the other wives know.  If you need anything, you just pop around to my house," she said firmly.

"Yes, ma'am.  Can we steal off her apple tree?"

"She'd fuss greatly, but there's only a few regulations about planting a few of your own."

"Each tree does help the environment," Sam agreed.  "I was thinking in the huge backyard you can land a small plane in."  Xander looked at him.  "It'd be a good use of the space."

"Okay."  He shrugged and grinned at her again. "They're so manly and tough sometimes."  She walked off giggling.  "Nice to meet you, Myrna."  He waved then shut the door, looking at them.  "Where in the backyard?  Dean, I made lemonade from the mix."

"Sure, I could use some."  They went to look.  Sammy was having landscaping fantasies and it was time to stop that.  This was not their house.  No matter what Cupid wanted.  He sipped, watching those two plot.

"It'll mean less ground to mow," Sam said.

"It'll mean having to use a push mower around them instead of a riding one," Dean countered.  Xander pouted.  "Not that I'm against trees. They're nice.  We do have to see if the neighbors won't fuss though."

Xander nodded.  "No one lives behind us."

"You can ask her what restrictions there are on trees this week."  Xander nodded, giving him a hug on the way inside to go back to moving and petting his babies.  Dean stopped Sam from going inside, staring at him.

"I know it's not my house," he said quietly.  "But Xander doesn't mind and it'd be good for him to deal with plants.  He does have that gift."

Dean nodded.  "That's fine then.  Are we thinking about retiring?"

"We'll have to the first time we die on duty," he said quietly.  "Because the demon will brag."

Dean nodded.  "Good point."  He let him go.  "Are you decorating your room too?"

Sam grinned.  "Just a quilt.  We blew a massive wad going curtain, towel, sheet, and throw blanket shopping.  Mine's handmade and it's about forty years old."  He grinned.  Dean smirked back. "I know but it makes it feel more like a home.  Jess would've loved this whole situation."

"Probably."  They walked inside to help Xander with the last few things then helped him arrange the armory.  He hadn't set up enough shelving of the proper sort but Dean knew what they needed so he could finish that in the morning.  Xander was babbling about apple trees versus cherry trees.  "You need to see which ones grow around here and ask about restrictions on how many you can plant," Dean reminded him.  Xander put on a shirt and shoes, bounding over across the street to do that.  They watched in case a demon took him once he was off holy ground.  Myrna's husband or whoever the older guy was gave him a horrified look but she came to tell him and answered all Xander's questions patiently then handed him a pamphlet.  He beamed, said thank you, and bounced back across the street.  They let him in and went to look it over while Xander babbled about the sort of trees that did good around here.

Sam looked at it.  "We can create a mini forest as long as none of them end up on another person's property.  Roots or anything.  It has to be 'not ugly', that's how it's stated, and it has to add to the property value.  Also, no one who looks over should be disgusted by the care of the tree or assaulted by rotten fruit smells.  So if you do get an apple tree you have to pick all the fruit, Xander."

Xander nodded, leaning closer to him to read over his shoulder.  "Do we like pears?"

"We can check the local market and see which ones you like the best, then plant those," Sam said.


"Grow on vines, not on trees.  We might be able to train a grape vine somewhere."  Xander beamed.  "We'll see what types you like then go to the local nursery."  Xander frowned.  "The type where you get plants, not the baby sort."  Xander 's frown cleared up.  "You're so backed up, dude," he said with a grin.

"You said we couldn't go get the puppy."

"Why not?" Dean asked dryly.

"Because we had to defeat the evil mailman who tried to kidnap Xander," he shot back.  "Go work out for an hour.  The pound's still open.  That'll give Dean time to get the stuff for the shelves."  Xander went to get his sword and go to the room they had decided was the practice area in the basement.  It was well vented so that was fine.  He leaned back, looking at Dean.  "How much was there?"

"Smaller u-keep-the-key place's bay."

"So, jail cell sized."

Dean nodded.  "With a place under the floor that held a major weapon.  That one I called Caleb about and he sent someone military."  That got a smirk.  "It was probably theirs anyway.  The bigger things I gave to Caleb to liquidate.  He said hi and thank god it's not him that's cursed."

"I can't see him as a GHS," he said dryly.

Dean choked, shaking his head.  "Bad mental image, Sammy."

"Sam, bitch."  He stood up.  "Make your list?  You're a bit backed up too."

"I know."  He went to deal with himself in the bathroom.  That's usually all it took.  Sam did the same.  Xander came up from practice and went to do the same thing and it was good.  They barely made it to the shelter with the round of showers before piling into the SUV.  Dean dropped them off and headed to Home Depot.  He could decorate his room a bit he guessed.  He could get everything at one place.

Sam walked Xander inside.  "He just bought a new house and wants a dog to play with.  He's a bit hyper and bouncy so the pet has to be a bit hyper and bouncy to play with him."

She smiled.  "We have a few who're hyper and bouncy."  She led them back, stopping to pet one dog.  Xander cooed at it.  "It's going tonight."

"Poor thing."

"Xander, one pet," Sam ordered.  Xander turned the deadly puppy eyes on him.  "Don't do that!" he whined.

"But, Sam!  He's going to die!"

Sam came over to look.  "It won't be able to play with you."

"So?  It can cuddle and keep the other puppy from being bored."

"Does it get along well with other dogs?" Sam asked.

"Unfortunately she needs to go to a single dog household.  She's a bit jealous."

"Think Bobby could use a dog?  He told me about Rumsfeld."

"He's looking for a new puppy to train that way."  He looked at the pitiful little dog and took a picture, sending it to Dean.  Dean texted back 'hell no'.  "Dean said to get something bouncy too."

Xander pouted at the dog.  "Poor baby."

"We do want to save one who's maybe on his or her last day," Sam offered.  Vesvold appeared and walked in, looking at the beast.  "Hey."

"I know a few people who look like you," he said.  The dog sniffed and gave him an odd look.  "Can I adopt this one?"  He smiled at her.  "I'm a friend of Xander's."

"Sure!  Let's make sure you two can get along."  She let him and that dog play while Sam and Dean got to look at the bouncy dogs.  She had two bigger dogs who needed a good home.  Plus one puppy that would end up a big dog.  "This one's...."

"Fang, from the Harry Potter movie," Xander said, smiling at it.  It sniffed him and sneezed but lapped at his fingers.

"The puppy is the sort Bobby could train.  Looks like it's half mastiff."

"Mastiff and something," she agreed.  "We think a lab by the tail.  She's still really little."

Sam nodded.  "We might be able to tell Bobby about her."  Xander squealed and pounced him.  He called while Xander went back to babbling at the puppies.  "We found a half mastiff/half they think it's a lab mix at the local pound.  Xander was thinking you needed a new friend to make sure you're protected and not bored.  Puppy.  How old?"

"Not more than four months."

"Under four months so still at the teething stage, Bobby."  He smiled.  "We can.  You can come see the house.  Sure."  He hung up.  Then he took a picture and sent it to Bobby's email.  He smiled at the response of 'that's an odd looking little sucker' but it was cool with him.  "Can we?"

"We don't mind.  She's going to be a huge dog."

"Our friend has a junkyard.  He's had a dog trained to help him patrol it."

"That's not a bad use.  He won't turn it violent?"

"No!  His last one used to knock me down to lick me."  She smiled at that.  "Heavy ass dog when you're twelve."  She laughed.  He looked at the two Xander were looking at.  Then he sighed.  "What are they?"

"We're not really sure.  I'm not so sure that one's not part wolf.  The other one's a beagle of some sort mixed with a sheppard of some sort."

Sam looked at them.  "One dog, Xander."

Xander frowned. "I know.  I'm trying to decide."

"Get the half wolf."

"Ray has a Mountie he works with a lot who has a half wolf who's deaf and steals donuts."

"That doesn't really surprise me about Ray," Sam said dryly.  Dean walked in.  "Like the bigger mutt or the smaller mutt?"

He stared.  "They're both kinda ugly, Sammy."

"They are not," Xander defended.

Dean gave him an odd look.  "What are they?"

"Are you going to be a purebred snob?" Xander demanded.

"No.  But I have no idea if they're going to be aggressive or protective of you.  We don't want you to get a dog that'll be a lap muffin when you need one to go on runs around the yard with you and protect you if something breaks in."

Xander considered it.  "That one's half wolf."

Dean let it sniff him but it growled and backed off.  "I don't know why you're doing that, dog.  I'm a nice guy."  He got up anyway.  "Okay."

Xander sniffed him.  "New cologne?"  Vesvold snickered and Dean stomped off.  The real Dean showed up and the wolf still growled.  He looked at Vesvold, who nodded it was Dean.  "What's setting her off?"

"Could be anything.  She's got some time left but we're still conditioning her to not react that way."  She led them to an even bigger, bouncier dog while Sam got the puppy to carry with them.  There were a set of puppies in a cage and Xander cooed.  "Puppies always go faster."

"Have to be outdoor trained," Dean warned.  "That's going to take work, Xander."

The kennel keeper gave him a look.  "What do you want him to have?"

"Something he can play with that won't mind if he gets caught up in something for an hour or so but it'll come nudge him to play with him.  Xander needs something that wants a lot of playing."

"Those are going to want it and they're young.  Training is going to be good for them.  Even obedience classes.  We have no idea what they are.  They were dropped off."  The puppy in Sam's arms wiggled to get down and went to pee on a puppy pad then came to sniff the other puppies, barking at them.  One lifted his head and blinked then put it back down to sleep.  "Shoot, those look like they need some attention."  She paged the vet from her cellphone and moved them to a more playful dog.  The boy would take anything that would love and play with him.  The other two were a bit more discriminating.  "Younger or older?"

"Younger," Sam said.  "Out of puppy teething and outdoor trained if possible."

She nodded.  They had two.  She noticed one was on the last day and pointed.  "That one's going today."  Sam whistled and that puppy came back to him, barking happily to show she was a good girl.

"You're a very good girl," Dean praised, reaching down to scratch her ears.  "You're going to be a huge sucker though."

"Bobby's looking to replace Rumsfeld."

"You'll do for that.  I know you will."  The dog barked and let him pet it.  He smirked.  "You're such a puppy."  It howled and pounced Xander's hair because the breeze was blowing it, having to be saved from the hairpins.  Sam took it to cuddle while Xander cooed at it.  Then at the new puppy.  It was so pitiful looking.  "Anything we should know on this one?"

"He's a bit sad sometimes.  He used to have a family but they moved and left him."  They shared a look.  "That one and the gray dog up the row are both on their last days by the tags.  That one's younger, barely six months but outdoor trained."  They went to look.

Xander pulled out that dog to look at it.  "I know, we can't save them all."  Another human looking demon appeared and cooed at the sad one.  Xander beamed and it and kissed it on the cheek, then looked at the younger dog.  It was definitely a bit hyper.

"He was found running around the canyon national park area.   Someone had either lost him or dropped him off."  Someone came to see if they were done.  She let them check Vesvold and the other demon out.  He wasn't sure about a dog but Vesvold said something quietly to it and it nodded, agreeing to take it and give it to him if he didn't want it after all.  It'd make Xander happy so he quit pouting.

Xander looked at the puppy, letting it sniff him.  It barked and wagged its tail.  It liked Dean and Sam.  It got let out and ran around a few times before coming back to love on Xander.  "I love him."

"He's cute," Dean agreed.  Sam nodded.  "So this one and the one for Bobby?"  He smiled.  "If he doesn't want it of course we'll be keeping her."

"That's fine," she agreed.  "We've only had the puppy for a few days."  She took them to check out.  Xander paid cash, got them leashes, and made a good donation.  Once they were gone she counted the donation jar.  "Oh, my god," she called.

"What?" the manager called.

"The guy who was wanting the young, hyper dog?  He just donated seven thousand."

"Wow."  She came over to look.  All in hundreds.  That was cool.  Dean leaned back in.  "Needed some of it back?"

He grinned. "No.  That's the rest of the moving fund.  Food?"

"Puppy food for both of them, large dog formula."

He nodded.  "Thanks."  He went back to the SUV, moving Bobby's dog out of his way.  "Do we have any money on us, guys?"

"I've got the backup wallet," Sam said.  He looked inside it.  "Four grand."

"We'll hit the pet warehouse now so we don't have to go back out."  They found one and pulled in, taking the puppies with them.  The salesclerk cooed over the dogs. "Newly rescued," Dean said.  "They said puppy food, large breed formula?"

"We have a few good brands with that," she said, taking a cart to lead them off.  They got food, food and water dishes that were slightly raised to help them eat better.  Xander insisted after hearing that bigger dogs could get twisted stomachs so it was recommended.  He wasn't sure why but the guys would humor him.  It'd be easier to fill anyway.  They went to the toys section and let them pick their own.   The back of the SUV was filled.  The two fifty pound bags of dog food filled up a lot of space.  They went home and found a message from John on the answering machine.

"Boys, are we still all right? I don't have a contact there who'll tell me what you're doing and you haven't called.  Let me know.  I'm heading back that way in a week or so."  Then he hung up.

Xander called and babbled about the dogs, cuddling and petting them, letting them bark at John now and then.

Dean went to fix the armory, Sam went to put down the food, which drew the dogs.  Once the armory was done Dean went to put the new lamp and fan in his bedroom.  They came back and Xander was still babbling at Dad so Dean took the phone.  "Hey, Dad.  We're fine if Xander forgot to tell you that."  He listened.  Then he smirked.  "That's fine.  Sure.  We can do that.  We did pick up one for Bobby.  Half mastiff, half lab they think according to Sammy.  It's a huge little sucker.  Already a porker too.  Get out of his food, eat your own!" Dean called.  He shook his head.  "Anyway.  Sure, I can do that.  Later, Dad."  He hung up.  "He's almost out of minutes, Xander."

"Oh okay."  He went to check on the dogs.  "Maybe we should feed them separately."

"We'll figure it out," Sam promised.  Xander took Bobby's dog off so he added more to the other bowl as quietly as he could.  The puppy barked and dug in, eating more so he could go play too.  They went outside to play with the dogs.  Well, he and Dean sat down on the porch to watch Xander play with the dogs until they were too tired to chase him.  They came up to cuddle them and it was nice.  Xander came back panting and cuddled in too.  Even nicer.  They smiled when they heard him snore.  The puppy was a very good idea.


John and Bobby pulled into the driveway together.  John's truck had broken down so he was at Bobby's getting it fixed.  They got out and headed for the door, hearing the barking already.  "Someone's up," Bobby decided, knocking on the door.

A very sleepy looking Sam in just boxers opened it.  "Hey, guys.  Only one truck?"

"Broke down," John admitted.  "Someone shot my engine."  A huge, slobbery puppy ran at them.  "Damn, he does kinda look like your dog, Bobby."

"He does."  He scooped the puppy up, letting it lick him.  It was more than happy to be saved from the cuddly daddy this morning.  "Aww, did Sammy's frog boxers scare you?"  They walked inside.  He checked.  "Girl dog."

"You didn't have to knock," Sam complained.

"Security system?" John said.  Dean walked past and gave them both the code to it.  "Thanks, Dean.  Cute jammies."

"Xander got them for me."  He smirked.  "Cute boxers, Sammy."

"Bite me."  He went back to bed.  Xander had kept him up half the night.

Dean smirked.  "Xander and Sammy stayed up talking about geek shows."  He scratched the dog's head and the other one came out to bounce and yap at him.  "What?"  It yapped.  The  other one barked.  "Oh, food time."  He led them back to the kitchen to put down food.  "Bobby, watch her, she'll chow down hers and then his."  He started coffee and sat down at the table.  "So that's what Xander rescued.  Vesvold rescued a footstool with fur.  Another demon got a sad looking puppy that had no time too."

"Why?" John asked.

Dean shrugged.  "Not playful enough for Xander?"

"Oh."  They settled in to watch the puppies.  The silver one came over to snuggle in Dean's lap.  "Looks like he's comfy."

"He usually is.  He's hiding from Xander.  He doesn't like to cuddle in the big bed, keeps getting lost in the blankets."  He petted the small back gently, getting a growl of pleasure.  "You behave.  That's my dad and Bobby."  The dog barked at them then put his head back down.  The other one came over to investigate them, ending up hopping up next to Bobby to stare at him.  "She's good."

"She is."  He petted her and got a very wet puppy kiss for it.  He wiped it off but smiled. "You might do good in the training."

"She's learned not to pounce Xander's hairpins when she chases his hair.  Or to cuddle too tightly to his hair.  She's learned not to chew on Xander's bed too."  Bobby laughed, nodding a bit.  "She's trainable and smart, but likes to ignore us now and then."

"All dogs do it.  Cats are worse at it."  He went back to petting her.  She loved him, cuddling up next to him to get all the ear scratches she wanted.  "How late were they up?"

"Four.  Which was why Sammy was such a grump."  He got up and put the puppy on his fathers' lap so he could make breakfast.  Xander wandered in naked.  "Xander, clothes," he ordered.

"Fuck off," he muttered.  He got into the fridge and walked off again nibbling on a grape.  He went back to bed, flopping down face first.  That was fine, the bed was very comfy.

Dean went in to cover him again then came out to wash his hands and start breakfast.  "He's the better cook but I'm not too horrible at it."

"Is he running around naked a lot?" John asked.

"No.  Just now and then when he's tired he forgets."  He shrugged, making them eggs, toast, and some fried slices of deli ham.  He brought over plates and more coffee.  "There, eat.  We finished his special GHS slave toy bathroom yesterday."  John grimaced at that description.  "You should see it."  They went to look and came back blushing.  Dean grinned.  The marble tub surround did look good.  He had picked it out.  There was a table in there they could strap Xander down onto if he needed it.  The tub had all sorts of nozzles, buttons, and heaters.  The small sauna was nice.  The cabinet of handcuffs, straps, and toys was better.  "It's for when he's too backed up and gets fussy."

"I remember that mood," John admitted.  He shook his head.  "Tub feel nice?"

"Tub's a wonderland of fun," Sam said as he came in dressed.  Both puppies quit begging to bark at him. "Morning, kids."  They went back to begging while Sam got his own coffee and came over to sit down.  "Dean, do we need to round out his armory?"

"We can.  He has almost no shotguns.  Handguns out the butt but no shotguns."  John gave him a look.  Dean pointed.  "Same combo as the system."  John went to look, reading off the security code.  It let him in and he sighed in pleasure.  "They had an artillery thing going out there."

"Boy probably thought he needed it with what happens," Bobby agreed.  He looked down at the begging and gave them the last piece of his eggs and one off John's plate for the other one.  They barked and ran off.  "They're good looking dogs."

"They are," Sam agreed.  "They're pretty good dogs overall.  Now and then they don't quite make it all the way outside if they're too excited."  He opened the back door and the dogs ran out to water the grass then came back in to nap on the couch.  The bigger used the smaller one as a pillow but he was getting used to that.  John shut the door on the way back.  "Dean had to see Caleb about a few things."

"So I heard."  He sat down and looked at his plate, then at Bobby.  "You gave in to begging?"

"Just the one piece."  He smirked.  "Not like you needed that little bite of egg."

"Fine."  He finished up and sipped his coffee.  "How are things otherwise?" he asked.

"Xander's going to the spa today," Sam said.  "He found a gourmet chocolate and candy shop that he nearly bought bare.  Ice cream too.  We had to install a chest freezer for him.   Plus upgrade the stove to something bigger.  He donated to the pound when we went.  The house is fully set up."

"So when are you two hitting the road again?" John asked.

"We had to take out two hunters who think we're evil," Dean said.  John moaned.  "One tried to shoot Xander, Dad."

"I heard."  He leaned on the table.  "Are you two taking a break and then going back to hunting?  I've talked to Ellen.  Xander's point about a curse was heard and passed on."

"Then we had to talk to Xander about how this wasn't as bad as he thought," Sam offered. "We'll head around soon."

John nodded.  "That's fine.  Anything going on around here?"

"We think there's one in the national park with all the canyons.  There's been a few campers who disappear every now and then.  I was looking into that last night.  Oh, Bobby, he ordered from an occult bookstore he found in New York.  You might want to go over the library and make sure he doesn't need anything else."

"I can do that."  He watched as Xander wandered in, still naked and half asleep, settling in Sam's lap.

"Nightmares?" Sam soothed.  Xander nodded, snuggling in.  Dean got up to get him a bathrobe, which Sam talked him into wearing.  "What did you see?"

"Bad demons.  Big, huge, bad demons.  Giles gave me to them," he whispered.

"Over his dead body," John said firmly.  Xander blinked at him.  "The asshole tries it and we get to take him out too, Xander.  He's clearly crossed over if he does that."  Xander nodded, leaning across the table to get a hug.  Then he went back to cuddling Sam.

Bobby grinned.  "You two are cute together."

"I'm calling them the hair twins," Dean said.

Xander blinked at him.  "I like my hair."

"I like your hair too.  Doesn't mean you and Sammy don't have too much for most boys."

Xander stuck his tongue out.  "Boys like my hair to play with."  He put his head back down.  "Thank you, Sam."

"Welcome, Xander."  He stroked his back, looking at the adults.  "So, what else is new?"

"Ellen said hi," John said.

"We've got to stop in and see her."

Dean nodded.  "We can do that.  She's not that far away."  He finished up his coffee.  "Want some?"  Sam nodded.  Dean got him some, letting him talk Xander into drinking it so he'd wake up.  He nodded the other guys to join him in the living room.  He closed the armory on the way through but that was fine.  "Yes, he's backed up," he said quietly.  "Yesterday was rainy and he was feeling pitiful.  Someone human tried to poison him.  We're not sure if it was a hunter or not."

John nodded at that.  "Did we get a good description?"

"No.  Not yet."

"Then we'll have to see.  We can stay for a few days."  Bobby nodded at that.  The dogs woke up to look at them.  "Nap, boys."  They came over to nap on them.  Xander's puppy curled up next to Dean.  The other one looked from John, to Bobby, then hopped up in Bobby's lap.  She turned a few times then cuddled down to nap again.

"Soon you'll be too big for that," Bobby teased, but he did pet the poor girl's back.  He could see training this one  "She fixed?"

Dean shrugged.  "I'm assuming so since she was at the pound."

"Hasn't hurt her growth any," John joked.  "She's not fat either."

"No, Xander ran any puppy fat off her," Dean assured him.  "The neighbors got a bit pissed when they played bark tag the other day.  There's a bunch of older people in the neighborhood.  Sammy told them all about how it was palimony that afforded the house."

John smirked.  "Good to know."

"He and Sammy have been making landscaping plans too."  John gave him an odd look.  "He's helping Xander plan trees and a grape vine."

"It'll take a bit for either one to produce but that'll be pretty," Bobby said.

Dean nodded.  "That's what we told him.  We're considering it.  He went to the store to see all the varieties of apples so he could decide which one he wanted to plant.  Grapes too.   He knows this isn't grape country but he doesn't seem to mind as long as it grows some for him.  He was thinking a cherry tree but we're not sure if it'll do good here or not.  Local rules say he can't let it fall of and rot if he does plant one."

"Is that empty lot behind you giving him fits?" Bobby asked.

"No," Dean said, shaking his head slightly.  "Not yet.  Xander was thinking about buying it so he could expand the back lawn and tree lot."

John smirked.  "That's not a bad plan.  Trees can give good cover and not all of them have to be useful trees.  The other side of that development butts up against county property, right?"

"Unused, but yeah.  There's talk about selling it to a developer for a mall."

"Is he going to buy any other lots?" Bobby asked.

"No clue," Dean admitted.

Sam came out after he put Xander back in bed.  "He joked about buying the whole neighborhood if they moved, that way he could have a huge estate full of trees so he'd be good to the environment and make up for his SUV."  He sat down, letting the puppy crawl over onto his lap.  "Hi, Bogart."

Dean shook his head.  "That's a stupid name."

"It is not."

"It is too."

"Xander liked it."

"Xander wanted to call the other one Muffin."  Bobby laughed, shaking his head.

"I think now he's calling her Eris."

Bobby burst out in louder laughs. "After the Goddess of Discord?"  They smirked and nodded.  "Does she cause problems?"

"No, but she has inconvenient timing when he wants to have fun," Sam said dryly.

"Ah."  He looked at her.  "Is that your name?"  She barked and wagged her stumpy tail. "Fine, I could like that."  He petted her and she adored him.  She got up to lap him until he begged.  "Enough!"  He settled her back into his lap and she gave him a smug look, getting comfortable to finish her nap.  "She'll be good to train."

"We thought you might be ready to train another one," Dean said with a grin.  "It was cute that Vesvold adopted the little walking, furry footstool with the squashed face."

John shuddered.  "Society dogs, eeugh."

"One of the other neighbors wanted Xander to get a more fashionable dog but he pouted her into submission," Sam said with an evil smirk.  They all smirked back.  "We did put up a sound lessening spell to help them deal with us.  They thought we were going to throw wild parties."

"Or get shot by his ex," Dean added.  "Who they think is mobbed up."

"With the way his wealth appears, it's not an unreasonable assumption," Bobby said.  They pointed at the pretty water garden with pretty stones lit so they shined.  "Are they real?"  They both nodded.  "Huh.  It's artistic and pretty."

"Plus, no one would think about stealing those," Sam said.  "Oh, that reminds me.  Dad, I need you to talk to Xander about his gambling."

"He getting hooked?" he asked.

"He hardly ever loses but because he's bored he's went to find the bad guys locally and remove their wallets."  John gaped.  "One of the local games was busted and he said it was so they couldn't use them for bad plans.  He turned over all his winnings to the local cops as a donation."

John groaned but Bobby was laughing.  "That sounds like the boy."

"Yes, it does," Dean said, giving him an odd look.  "When was this?"

"The day you were putting in the new tub."

"Oh."  He shook his head.  "How much?"

"About a quarter of a million."

Dean moaned, slumping some.  "So, his new poker buddies are all thugs?"

"Drug dealers."

"Charming!" Dean agreed  with mock happiness.  "Any other good news you didn't tell me?"

"The cops thought it was cute of him.  A slightly evil plan for the side of good as one put it."

Dean thumped his head on the couch.  "We'll talk to him about that."

"I will," John promised.  He and Bobby shared a look then at them.  "Has the financial guy gotten in touch with him?"

"Oh, don't remind me," Sam moaned.  "Six pages to be signed, which wasn't so bad.  Then he called around to all the banks.  Xander was using a demon bank."  John slumped.  "They were giving him eight percent interest.  The guy decided to move it because of the demons even with the good interest."  They sighed at that, nodding a bit.  He held up a hand.  "There's four security boxes.  Ten hidden accounts that he had to get into specially to have them moved.  The four security boxes have tips Xander didn't want to look at.  One has to stay in New York so he had it given to the local museum with the stipulation it stay in the city permanently.

"He moved all that to a local bank, which sent a big fruit basket.  Huge thing full of tropical fruit.  Moved the security boxes to Denver.  Nowhere closer had the security it needed.  He arranged for a jewelry store to come in and appraise them for him.  He showed up to go over it with Xander and Xander had to make him talk in normal english because he didn't know anything about money.  Still doesn't.  He walks off humming whenever you talk about it.  He did all the stuff for the resort and the plane.  Found someone to buy the race horse.  He set up a good, tax sheltered trust that will pay into an allowance account and set all the bills to be auto-drafted.  Xander still thinks CDs are only for music even after all that."

"That doesn't include the stashes we have here at the house for emergencies or because we haven't gotten to the new box in Denver."

"So he's firmly on good financial footing?" John asked.

"For the next millennium, Dad.  Even if he does shop every day until then.  Plus interest and dividends from the resort.  Which is doing wonderfully.  The manager likes him and Xander told him he didn't understand anything he did, so just do it so everyone was a good customer who wanted to come back and gamble more."

"He did suggest expanding the shopping area and the convention possibilities," Sam offered.  "They'll gladly host the next convention in Vegas for Adam."

"I'm sure the last one made the resort a lot of money," Bobby said.  "Adam put that around?"

"It was convention gossip by the time everyone left.  They all knew Xander won it during the convention so it wasn't a matter of putting it there because he owned it," Sam told him. "So now the next one is in Boston?" he asked Dean, who nodded.  "In about ten months."

"It's a beautiful city," John said.  He grinned at Bobby.

"Oh no!  I saw plenty I didn't want to see at that one.  Hire him a bodyguard."

"We might have to," Dean said, looking at Sam.  "If we go back on the road?  We need to go but we might not make it for the full thing."

Sam nodded.  "We might."  He looked at John.  "Which means former military probably?"

"Should be," he agreed.  "One you can trust.  I'll casually ask around to see if there's anyone.  Adam might know too.  I asked, the society does have a commando rescue team.  Former Special Forces members.  They're good.  So they might know of one who can do it privately if you two can't go to the convention.  What about the plane?"

"He and Steve decided to sell it and rent whenever he needed one.  Did you know private planes were going for six mil for a small one, even used?" Dean asked.  "Only about twenty grand to rent though."

"Wow," Bobby said.

"Yeah, well, Xander spent that much furnishing the house.   He has good taste," Sam said, stroking the couch.  "But I'm still not liking the library."  Bobby and the dog went to look.  He came out pale. "Possessed?"

"Two are.  One's nearly a forbidden book to look at for the light."  He sat down again.  "It was nice he had a meditation section."

"Adam and Ray suggested it could help him when he's backlogged," Dean said with a smirk.  "He's also got a trainer coming in to work with him on martial arts stuff.  He's shown off what he does know and the guy understands about him needing it for self defense.  He admitted he wanted to steal Xander after watching him move.  We turned the basement into a better practice area and I upped the ventilation fans down there."

"Good idea," John decided.  "Which one?"

"He teaches a few forms at the lower levels.  If Xander wants to go higher than the basics of multiple styles he'll recommend someone," Sam said.  "I take his with him."  Dean nodded he was too.  "It's expensive but safer than sending him to a dojo to train."

"Much," John agreed. "Cooking stuff?"

"He's been living on the food network," Dean admitted.  "We're going DVD and book shopping again tonight if you guys wanted to come.  We'll need the help carrying."  They nodded at that.  That sounded like the boy.  Xander came out more awake and dressed this time.  He smiled at John and hugged him, then Bobby.  He settled between the boys, cuddling Sam's side.  "You two are awfully cuddly," he teased.

"His muscles make a better pillow than yours."

"Mine are harder," Dean agreed smugly.

"Yours are in the wrong spots," Xander countered.  "He's padded in the right spots to cuddle."  He smirked.  "I'll cuddle if you want."

"No, I'm good.  You cuddle Sammy."  Xander nodded, cuddling him.  "Bobby's really liking Eris."

"You sure you won't mind if I take her to train?" Bobby asked.

"I'll miss her but she's a good dog and she'll do good training.  She already barks at any demons who show up."  They smirked at that.  Xander yawned again.  "Can we go out for breakfast?"

"Dean cooked," John told him.

Xander frowned.  "Hmm.  Let me eat then."  He went to make himself something, both dogs racing after him because he gave in to begging.

Bobby shook his head.  "He's going to spoil that dog."

"Ours is going to obedience class," Sam said proudly.

"Is that safe?" John asked.

"It's in the open.  It's a few hours a week.  Gets him out of the house.  It's good for the dog too."

"It's good for most every dog," Bobby agreed.  Xander came out with french toast and he smirked.  "Needed sugar?"

"Syrup right hand to the Goddess Chocolate," Xander mumbled through a bite, sitting down to lean on Dean this time.

"Did I need cuddled?" he teased.

Xander nodded.  "Yup, sure did."  He fed him a bite of his breakfast, making Dean moan.  He smirked.  "I'm getting to be a really good cook."  He finished up and let the dogs see the plate.  They lapped but the syrup was too much for them so they went back to cuddling people.  Eris looked at John, who pointed at Bobby.  She whimpered so he let her between them.  She got to stretch out, letting him scratch her ears.

"I've heard you groan that way," Sam teased.

Xander smirked back. "I'm not the only one."

"Boys," Bobby said with a small grin.  "You wanted to go DVD shopping?"

"For cooking videos and movies," he said, beaming at him.  "Can we all fit into the SUV?"

"Only if you put up that optional third seat," Sam told him.  "We can drive ours, you can drive yours, they can drive something."  Xander pouted but nodded.  Dean and John both looked at him.  "What?"

"I've been noticing that Xander being backed up means he shouldn't drive," Dean said.  Xander looked up at him.  "You tend to swerve with the music, Xander.  Maybe after the spa."

"I thought that was tomorrow."

Dean checked the reminder on his phone.  "Nope, today in an hour and a half.  Go shower."  Xander yipped and ran off to do that.  He looked at Sam.  "We need to get him one of those reminder calendars."

"They have electronic ones," he agreed.

"How bad was he swerving?" John asked.

"The porsche has very good handling and it was an Air Supply tune by the tune he was swerving out."  John moaned.  "Yeah."  He looked at Sam, who shrugged, then at John.  "Do we think cabs could be practical?"

"No," John said.

"Now we know why most guys his level have at least two lovers and a whole bunch of guards," Bobby pointed out.  That got a nod from John.  "I'm betting their lovers don't work either."

Dean shook his head.  "The one I talked to didn't.  She had three.  That's what she did most of the day then she called in her masseuse to deal with her between them.  Plus the guards when she surged.  He's still wearing his bracelet.  Adam wasn't sure that's a good idea.  It can lead to a blast of them when he takes it off."

John nodded.  "The security company is good?"

"The security company is excellent," Sam promised.  "They have it monitored for emergencies.  They call us and they're on the phone to the local cops if no one answers by the third ring.  If we haven't called to say they'll be out of town and there's no movement in a day, they'll call the local cops and then our cellphones if they didn't register us being here.  They do a twice daily body count by sensor.  They have cameras that tape the driveway and the garage.  Plus the gateway and the back lot.  They're part of a larger company that has worked with GHS before."

"Sounds a bit paranoid," Bobby admitted.

"He's been snatched twice by humans since he got here," Dean said quietly.  They both nodded at that.  "Most of the demons aren't coming since he made himself clear.  The locals have been very good about patrolling around here."

"Which leads back to the neighbors thinking Xander's ex is mobbed up," Sam added with a slight grin.  "They do know he has weapons.  The security company knows we have weapons.  They're the ones that put in the code pad for the armory door.  They called the other night when Xander left the door open to clean them."

John nodded.  "Sounds like he's well watched."

"But it doesn't help him when he's bored or when he's outside the house," Dean said.

John considered it.  "Unless you two go with Cupid's plans...."  The phone rang.  "Harris residence," he answered.  He smiled.  "Bobby and I are visiting, sir."  He handed it to Dean since he was closer.  "Security company."

"It's Dean."  He smiled.  "No, that's our father and might-as-well-be uncle.  Yeah, that's their truck too.  Thank you for checking.  No, we're heading out for a while, why?"  He grimaced.  "They didn't tell us they were going to be doing work on the lines.  If it goes off can you guys start the backup generator remotely?"  He nodded, taking the phone to go start it for them.  They flipped it fully on.  "That did it.  Thank you."  He hung up and it went back to idle status.  He went back up to the living room.  "The electric company's going to be working on the lines."

"It took them two hours to notice us?" John asked.

"They only do body counts twice a day," Sam said.  "That way it's not invasive and if he has someone just drop by they're not often caught.  They do it about when he gets up, which is usually about ten or so.  Then around ten at night.  We never notice it but they did call about the dogs trying to break out one morning."

Dean snickered.  "Eris there led an escape attempt through a window.  We had to install a puppy door into the garage, and there's a way out for them out there."

"That's a good security precaution," John decided.  "Not too invasive."

"It's for his own safety," Dean agreed.  "He understands that.  As long as we make it unobtrusive, they're not taping inside the house, and he doesn't have to do more than use a key on the lock he's happy."

"The key sends a signal to the system to go to standby," Sam said at their confused look.  "Small microchip in the lock.  They did it for us since Xander can't always remember the code to the security system."

"It's taped inside the back of the fridge," Dean told them.  They smirked at that.  "It's not the place you'd expect it to be."

"And none of the money's in there with the guns," Sam said.

Dean nodded.  "They've got their own safe.  Speaking of, go raid it, Sammy.  It's your turn to hold the wallet."  Sam went to do that.  Dean looked at them.  "It's a workable system until either we give in or he finds someone he likes."

Xander bounced out.  "You're not dressed!" he complained.

"Let me change.  Sammy, are you dressed?" he called as he walked that way.

Xander beamed at them.  "I know it's a paranoid system but the mailman tried to claim me the other day."

"Was that one of the two?" John asked.

"No.  And they don't know either."  He beamed.  "I'm bringing the porsche."

"No you're not," Sam said.  "You were weaving yesterday before you go poisoned by the neighbor."  He smiled.  "You can ride in the Impala with us or we can take the SUV."

"We can take the Impala," Dean said.  "His gets some dirty looks."  He came out dressed, looking Xander over.  "You're wearing underwear, right?"

"Of course," he sighed, rolling his eyes.

"You weren't the other night," Sam said with a mean grin.

"I was hoping to hit on someone."  He beamed back.  "Not like I can bend you over, Sam."  He bounced off again.  "C'mon, let's go!  Not you two," he told the dogs.  "We're going human places, not doggy and human places.  I'll bring you back a treat.  Yes I will," he cooed, petting them both.

"Go nap," Bobby ordered.  They ran back to claim the couch again.  They waited until they were in the truck and the boys had pulled away to look at each other. "Think they'll be able to make it?"

"I think Dean's already bored and so's Sammy.  I think Xander is too but he'll be finding hobbies and things sometime soon.  I also think we'll be hiring him a part-time guard for whenever he wants to go out but the boys aren't visiting."

"That's not a bad idea.  Off-duty officer?"

"Could.  That way he'd know who to call the next time Xander's taken.  The mailman?"

"He's backed up, John.  Even I wanted to cuddle the boy."  They followed the car out of the gate, watching it close behind them.  "That's a nice feature."

"Very.  Practical too.  Wonder if the security company monitors that too."

"Probably.  A motion detector starts taping most likely."  They drove downtown, finding the discreet looking spa.  It looked like an office building of some sort.  Had a small sign over the door.  They parked and walked in, nearly sneezing from the incense.  Xander was in high babble mode with the manager so they walked over to where the boys were waiting.  "You two need it too?" he asked quietly.

"We're fine," Sam said with a grin.  "Promise."

John watched Xander being led off, Dean following.  "Sammy, what do you think about hiring a part-time guard for when he wants out?  Someone like an off-duty officer?"

"I think it's a good idea.  Dean and I were talking about that the other night. They'd have to be pretty tolerant and have a lot of stamina to follow Xander on a shopping trip but it'd be a good addition to their paychecks and legal."  He shrugged.  "I have no idea how they'd set that up.  Dean was going to talk to the security company to see if they had a recommendation for it."  He heard an alarm and groaned.  "That's the back door I'm guessing."  They headed to check on Xander and Dean.  Both were gone.  Their clothes were there.  They followed, finding the guy trying to stuff an unconscious Dean into the back of the car.  Sam pulled his gun with a cough.  John pulled his.

Bobby looked at them.  "I'm your last hope of not being shot, son.  Give 'em back before they do.  You don't steal a man's sons. They're the deadly sort," he added when the guy didn't give them over.  Two officers drove into the lot with lights and sirens.  Both guns magically disappeared but the guy was going to be a miserable prick in prison.  "Hey.  Nice response time," Bobby praised.  He walked over to wake Xander up.  "Morning, sunshine."

"Again?" he whined.

"Yup.  Go back inside with Sammy, Xander."  He undarted Dean and woke him up.  "Hey.  Go back inside."

"Again?" he demanded.

"Yup.  Go inside.  Xander's in there."  Dean moaned but went inside.  John walked him so he looked at the officer.  "Bobby Singer, friend of the Winchester Clan."

"The boys all right?" one of the officers asked.

"They should be fine.  John had medic training in the Corps.  He'll make sure of it."  That got a smile and a nod.  "We were talkin' earlier.  When the boys have got to get back to work, is there a local bodyguard company or a way to hire off-duties?"

"I'd never go on that assignment," one said honestly.  "This is the third time we've rescued Mr. Harris since he got into town, Mr. Singer.  He's a nice guy.  Sometimes he even tries to let the guys go because he figures they reacted because he's backed up.  But I've seen the boy bounce around shopping before.  I don't have that much energy."

"I can understand that."

"Some of the guys might not mind now and then," the other one said.  "You'd have to ask for one each time.   What about a fancier bodyguard?  Like the stars get?"

"A bit intrusive and we're not sure if the boy would go for it.  They'd have to be prior military to meet John's specs."

"Ask around out there.  They're used to strange stuff and I'm sure there's more members out in LA."

"About twelve."

"LA's bigger'n here," the second officer said.  "Here, we have five with the two Winchester boys, and they drive us nuts."

He grinned.  "Boys did that to me before they broke out." They smirked and took their kidnaper off.  He went inside.  "Xander can ask on the days he wants out to see if there's an off-duty or they suggested he hire a guard like the stars get."

"I'll ask Paul and Soshar if there's a group they like," John decided. "They can put up an apartment above the garage or something for him."  He went to talk to Sam.  If he agreed, he could talk Xander into it.  Bobby stopped him before he got more than a few steps.  "What?"

"They know about the boys."


"It's not just Xander.  They said they have five in town with those two of yours."

John let out a quiet groan.  "Good to know.  Yeah, that's sounding like a good idea."  He went to talk to Sam.  Dean was sulking in the main area.   "You good, Dean-o?"

"I'm fine.  My head sucks ass but I'm good."  He looked at him.  "Off-duties?"

"You'd drive them nuts," Bobby said.  "Plus he'd bounce off on 'em."

"So a guard," Sam said.  He looked at Dean.  "We can build them a nice place on the property."

"Shouldn't be too hard," Dean said, thinking about it.  "Military or officer trained."  They all nodded.  "If he buys that back lot it'd be easier.  We could put it out by the trees."

"I think he already did.  He told Steve to look into it since he thinks it's a security risk.  It's an empty lot and that's the weaker fence."  That got a nod from everyone.  "We need to check with Steve."  They looked at the older guys.  "We tried to keep it undercover."

"I know," John said.  "You guys can't control it any more than Xander can sometimes."  They nodded at that.  He stared at his boys.  "Take the rest of this month off.  Then go see Ellen."  They nodded at that wisdom.  "We might have a good hunt then."  He patted them both on the head.  "Dean, you good to drive?"

"I'll be fine in a few minutes," he reminded him.  "Should we get one called in?"

"It does him good to get out of the house," Bobby said.  "The same as the obedience classes do him good."  They nodded.  "We'll figure it out."  They heard Xander yelp but then he went quiet and they smiled.  That hadn't been an unhappy yelp.  That had been a someone poked me yelp.  Xander came wobbling out about an hour later, yawning and content.  "You good?"

"I'm good."  He smiled.  "Books and DVD's?"

"Sure," John agreed.  Dean got in to drive.  Xander got into the back.  Sam got in beside Dean, like usual.  He saw Xander do something and something came floating off the car.  John looked and called it in.  Dean didn't start the car but he did turn on the radio while he got out to check his baby over.  Someone was going to die for putting a bomb on the Impala.  Even if Xander had to do it himself.


A few days of moping later, John decided he'd had enough.  Cupid was right.  They did suit each other.  It bothered him but he'd get over it if only his sons would quit pouting at him.  "Boys, I'm going to be blunt.  Go in there, bend over, and take one for the good of all three of your backed up asses."  His boys stared at him, mouths slightly open.  "I mean it.  Tonight."

"Don't make them," Xander said as he came in.  "If they want to, they're big boys and can come to me."  He swatted John on the arm.  "If you force it, it'll be bad."  He went to get something out of the fridge.  "Am I cooking later on?"

"No, it's already ready," Sam told him.  "Just needs baked, Xander."  Xander beamed.  "You did it earlier."

"I need to quit doing that."  He wandered off again to read in the sun out back.

Dean looked at Sam.  "Go make him get off."


"Because you're the one who shouts his name at night," Dean said bluntly.

Sam nodded.  He went to talk to Xander about that idea.  "Hey."  Xander looked at him.  "I know Dad's pushy now and then when he shouldn't be."  Xander nodded, letting him sit next to him.  "But I think there's a reason for that this time."

"Cupid's idea?"

"I think Cupid saw that you'd fit pretty well with us.  You put up with Dean when he's playing pranks.  You put up with me when I want to study.  You know how to hunt.  We work well together.  You're hotter than hell most of the time."  Xander blushed.  "You are."  The blush got brighter.  "I can see it happening.  I have some nights," he admitted, blushing himself some.

"Would three GHS in a relationship work?"

"Yeah.  We'd get fully worn out by your needs and between us we could wear you down to a good level I think."  He stroked his cheek.  "You missed a spot shaving."  Xander grinned.  "Besides, who else would put up with Dad as a father-in-law?"  Xander laughed.  "So if you want it, I'm here for that."

Xander kissed him and Sam kissed back.  "It's going to be a long life, Sam.  I'm clingy."

"That's what vacations are for, Xander.  Hunting and not."  He kissed him again.  Xander moaned so Sam moved the book out of the way.  They stretched out in the lounger, keeping it at kissing for now.  Slow, unhurried, tasting each other, kissing.  Sam tried to run his hand into Xander's hair but was stopped by the braid.  He growled lightly, pulling back to look at it.  "Leave it loose, Xander."  He undid it all, even taking out the weapons.  Two were put into his pants pockets just in case something happened but they could deal with that.  It meant he could run his fingers through the rough, silky hair and gently tease it with small yanks and massage his scalp.  Xander moaned at the massage so he did more, keeping it there until Xander's body was begging him to move on.  It was subtle but Xander was arching into his body.  He pulled back to stare at him.  "I am not sexing you up out here and your first time will not be with everyone watching," he said quietly, staring into the brown eyes.  Xander smiled and pulled him back down to kiss him.  "Bed," he ordered a minute later.

Xander stood up.  "Tub?"

"Tub's nice and a good start but not going to finish you in there either," he teased.  Xander beamed, dragging him into the GHS bathroom.  Sam took him back to his regular one.  "It's still comfortable.  This way it's me that's special, not the tub."  He set the tub to fill and kissed him, then checked the water.  "Crap.  Hot water?"

"Hmm."  He fiddled then stomped out and down to the basement.

"What's wrong?" Bobby called.

"No hot water."

"That sucks when you're doing the girly bath thing," John said quietly.  He went to find the hot water heater, finding it unlit.  He lit it and sent the boy back upstairs.  "Give it twenty minutes then try again."  Xander hugged him and ran up the stairs.  He came back up.  "It didn't automatically relight when the electric came back on."  Dean snapped his fingers and went to put the generator back on standby.  He came back.  "You okay with this?"

"I'm fine with this.  Why wouldn't I be?"

"We saw how you watched Xander's hair as he jogged off," Bobby said, going back to petting the puppy.

Dean grimaced.  "It's odd to see it down."  He went to listen.  Some giggling but nothing too telling.   He walked back to the kitchen shaking his head.  "Sammy's indulging in girl moments.  They're in the bathroom."

"I remember doing that afterward," John admitted, thinking back.

"It's his first time bottoming," Bobby pointed out.  "That'll ease that ache some if Sammy does it right."

Dean looked at them.  Then he walked off shaking his head again.  His bedroom was against the bathroom wall.  He could hear the giggling going on quite well.  He wasn't sure Sammy knew how to do guy stuff sometimes.  He really wasn't.  He heard the tub be restarted a few minutes later.  Apparently it was good enough for now.  A few splashes and a laugh after one.  Then more kissing sounds. The kissing sounds kept going even when the tub got turned off.  Then splashing and cuddling noises.  A few milder splashes.  Dean could only imagine Sammy was *cuddling* or something equally girly with Xander.  Xander moaned and he smirked.

"Okay, some sex in the tub is nice," he said quietly.  He picked up a book to get back to the story.  He smelled the pheromones going up.  He didn't think it was possible but apparently they were both venting.  He groaned, shaking his head.  He would not do himself while those two were playing.  He heard the groan of disappointment.  "Too early, bitch," he muttered.  Xander was making begging noises and he was sure Sam was making up for being a premature ejaculator or whatever had happened.  The hormones spiked higher and he had to groan.  He heard his father and Bobby take the dogs out back to get away from it but the door didn't shut.  Airing it out could help.  It kept getting worse.

"C'mon, Sammy, before he enslaves the city," he muttered.  It snapped but didn't go down too much.  More mild splashing noises then more kissing and cuddling noises. He looked up, praying for patience from any God that might listen.  Then he got up and went to butt in.  Someone had to.  He leaned into the bathroom.  "Dad and Bobby had to flee the house from the pheromone stink, guys.  Do you need me to raid the toybox for you?  Need the How To book?  Before I get set off and have to go jump Dad or something?"

"Sorry, I ran out of steam and came since his body's so wicked," Sam said.

"Sammy, as much as I like the both of you, the pheromone stink is getting too high."  He left, going outside.  The fresh air helped some.  John looked over at him.  "It came down to cuddling."

"Is it solved?" Bobby asked.  Dean shook his head.  "Crap.  Even the dogs were getting friendly."  He moved toward the house and groaned, backing up.  "It's affecting me out here."

"Adam said he might be able to enslave a block or so," Dean said.  He walked back in there.  "Guys, you're affecting Bobby and the dogs in the back yard.  Please?" he begged.

"I'm working on it," Sammy defended.  "Go away!  You keep breaking the mood, Dean."

"Fine."  He left, going back outside.  "Sammy's trying."  The surge came back and even John groaned that time.  Dean slumped, looking inside.

"Son, go help," John ordered.  "Before I end up doing it."

Dean felt it snap and it was still high.  He got up and slipped back that way, listening at the door.  Xander was begging.  He shook his head, walking in taking off his shirt.  "Xander, do we need help?"

"Please," he said, looking miserable. "I tried."

"I know.  Regular times can take cuddling.  You're fully backed up so you need more than cuddling."  Sam  nodded, still panting.  "C'mon.  Sammy, get that ready for him afterward.  He's going to be limp and tired."  He walked Xander out to his bed, then pushed him onto it, stripping down.  Xander stared.  "You've seen it before."

"Before I was trying hard not to look."  He reached out and Dean moved closer, letting Xander undo his jeans for him.  Xander moved to please him but he pulled his head back, staring down at him.  "Set the limits, Xander."

Xander swallowed.  "I don't know about that part, Dean."

"It'll help."

"I've....  Only a finger or a really tiny toy."

Dean nodded.  "Want it to be Sammy?"

Sam came out of the bathroom, kissing Xander.  "Let him, Xander.  It'll be good and I'm fine with it if you are."  Xander nodded at that, taking another kiss.  "I'm going to make the bathroom look wonderful for you."  He looked at Dean, who nodded.  Sam knew why, neither one could sex up someone with the other in the room.  He got what he needed and retreated to the bathroom to make it look better for their boy.

Dean looked down at Xander, playing with his hair.  "Up to you."

Xander leaned forward to lick the sweat off his stomach.  "If it happens."

"That's my boy."  He pushed him back and finished stripping.  "You're not a concubine there to please me, Xander.  It's supposed to be mutual."  He climbed into the bed and put his experience to work.  Teasing kisses and touches, letting Xander set the pace.  Xander was nearly frantic by then so he slowed him down.  Just a little bit of playing.  It made him surge again but it was going back down slowly.  He shifted closer, letting them rub against each other.  "This as far as you got?" he asked quietly.  Xander nodded, arching up farther.  "Shh, Xander.  Let me handle it."  He got him backed down and played with him for a bit.  A slow stroke of a palm over a cock.  A fleeting touch.  A lick over the pulse point in his neck.  Xander shivered at that so he did it again and moved down to slowly taste him.  Xander whined and arched up.  "Slower, Xander.  Draw it out.  It's better.  If I take you hard and fast, you won't be sitting later."  Xander flipped him over to tease him.  "Sure, you can have a turn."  He let Xander explore, please him, and make him feel wonderful.  When he got to his cock Dean turned them back over so he could get back to work.  Xander was making slight whining noises so he played with his cock for a while.  Then he stopped and stared at him.  "Things?"


"Slick things?" he prompted.  Xander moaned. "Where?"  Xander pointed.  He found the toy drawer and there was indeed a lot of tubes.  He held up one.  "Have we tried these?"  He shook his head.  "Hmm, waiting?"  Xander nodded frantically.  Dean put them back.  The drawer got shut.  Dean moved to play with his cock again and prepare him at the same time.  Xander was straining to get him deeper.  "You need stretched first," he ordered.  Xander went limp, giving him a pitiful look.  "Xander."  Xander pounced and Dean stopped him from trying to climb on top.  "Not yet.  You're not open enough yet. It'll hurt more.  It might even rip you."  He let the boy do it himself this time.  It was a very erotic sight, watching Xander finger himself.  "Switch up to two."  Xander did but he grimaced.  "Awkward angle?"  He did it for him and Xander was more than happy to flex around them.  It was definitely going to be greedy.  "Want on top this time?"  Xander shrugged. "Up to you."

Xander leaned down to kiss him.  "Please?"  Dean held his hips steady and Xander let himself sink down while Dean held his own cock still for him.  Xander moaned all the way down, taking it in one thrust.  "Dean."

"Still me," he agreed.  "Ride me, Xander."  Xander moved slowly but he was liking this.  He got faster, then Dean flipped them over, putting him onto his knees to get more control.  He slid back in but he did it slower this time.  Xander was flexing around him.  Dean smirked and broke his concentration by slamming in.  Xander yelped in pleasure.  He slowed down again, mixing it up so sometimes it was hard and fast and sometimes it was what Sammy would give him some day soon.  Xander was back to making begging noises at him so he slowly built speed, going harder and faster.  Xander was holding onto his headboard with both hands.  Dean took them off and put them on the mattress, holding them with his.  He leaned down to nibble on Xander's neck.  "Ready?"  Xander nodded. "Then go over, Xander.  Whenever you're ready.  Show me," he panted in his ear.

Xander came a few thrusts later and screamed in pleasure.

Dean followed with a quieter grunt.  He kept himself from falling on top of the heaving back, pulling Xander onto his side.  Xander was trying hard to catch his breath.  "What's wrong?"

"Good," he panted.  "So good."

Dean smirked.  "Of course I am."  Xander reached back to pinch him.  He slowly pulled back, wincing at the mess on him.  "We need to get some condoms."

"Non-latex," he mumbled into a pillow.  "'llergic."

"Sure, I can get the non-latex version," he soothed.  "Want the bath Sammy's been working on?"  Xander nodded, letting Dean get him up so he could wobble in there. Dean followed, taking the washcloth to clean himself up with.  Sam helped Xander into the bathtub, watching him hiss as the warm water hit his hole.  "We know he has a latex allergy?" he asked quietly.

Sam nodded.  "I know."   He grinned.  "Thanks, Dean."

"Welcome.  See if he wants more later.  He's sleepy but not fully down."  He went back to his own room to shower and change.  Then he went outside with a beer from the fridge.  "He and Sammy are doing the bath thing."  He opened it before sitting down and taking a drink.

Bobby looked at him.  "You okay?"  Dean nodded.  "Why aren't you with him?"

"Because I'm not the soft and gentle sort, Bobby.  Sammy does that and made it a special bath for them."

"Oh."  He nodded, sipping his own beer.  "He down now?"  Dean nodded, looking smug.  "Good.  Because he's noisy."

"Yeah but it was good."  He took another drink, looking at his blushing father.  "You okay?"

"I'm fine," he said, clearing his throat.  "Xander napping?"

"Sammy's probably playing body slave by washing him and all that stuff.  He had candles and incense, some fruit to nibble on, some juice.  So I'm sure they're having fun or cuddling.  Something like that."

"Lovers like those who cuddle," John warned.

Dean looked at him.  "Xander and Sammy wanted to do the cuddlesome stuff, Dad.  I'm letting them do what they wanted to do."

John rolled his eyes.  "Some day you'll figure out that it's nice to hold someone and not have to get out of bed before they wake up."

"I already know that.  Xander still wanted to do that stuff with Sammy."

"Fine."  He shook his head, taking another drink of his beer.  Dean disappeared.  He listened to the house.  "I think they're gone again," he said.  He and Bobby went to check Xander's bedroom.  They opened a window to air out the pheromones.  John thought about stripping the sheets but he didn't want to touch...that from his sons.  Yup, they were gone but all the stuff Sammy had brought into the bathroom was gone too.  They checked the time.  They'd start calling around if they weren't back within an hour.  They'd give the boys time to rescue themselves first.

Two hours later the three boys reappeared in one chair.  Xander was clinging to them.  "We're home," Sam whispered.  Xander looked around then at John and Bobby.  "How long were we gone?"

John looked at his watch.  "Just over two hours."  He looked at them.  "You guys need medical attention?"

Dean shook his head.  "We're good."  He stroked down Xander's side, making him look at him.  "That means I didn't get around to changing the bed probably."  Xander grimaced but snuggled in again. "Sure, you do that."  He looked at Bobby.  "The demon didn't want to touch us this time."

"His kind have a corrosive touch to humans," Sam reminded him.  "Even us."  He looked at the two older guys.  "We're fine.  They wanted us to get into role so they could watch Dean play harem slave."

"There's a time for it but unless it's because I just knocked one of you two up, I doubt it's happening again anytime soon," Dean shot back.

"Thank God I know that can't happen," John said.

Xander looked at him.  "Eris offered."  All the men shuddered.  "She did."

"She would, it would cause a lot of chaos," Sam told him.

"But it'd be a super hunter," Dean teased.

"Or some free peace hippie who hates chocolate and beef," Sam teased.

"Either way, it had better not happen," John ordered.

"Yes, dad," all three sighed.  Bobby laughed at the look on John's face.

Xander grinned.  "You should've seen how Dean played harem boy.  He did nearly as good as I did."

"That's because the sucker pumped in stuff that sent us all into a surge the last time," Dean said, giving him a look.  Xander just grinned.  "I will spank you again."

"Only if you want to regrow that hand," Xander said.  They stared at each other.

Sam wiggled between them.  "My turn."  They shrugged and hugged him.  "Anyway, it was fun.  Kinda.  In a strange way that lasted for six centuries before we got free and killed all the demons on that plane."

Xander nodded.  "Yes we did.  I had fun doing that.  More fun than bathing someone."

"Hmm," Dean agreed, nodding.  He reached over to steal his father's beer to drink.  "I missed beer.  I hate wine."

"Wine can be nice, depending on the food it's paired with," Sam told him.

Dean looked at him.  "Too froo-froo for me, Sammy."

Sam shrugged.  "For nice nights out, it's good."

"Uh-huh.  Give me beer, wings, and strippers for those nights."

Xander pouted.  "I can strip but I'm not sure how good I'd be at it."

"Fat.  Chance," Bobby ordered.  "You might hormone the whole club and then we'd have to rescue you from the orgy."

"That happens whenever he dances," Dean said dryly.  John moaned and took his beer back to finish.  "Hey!"

"Not a thought I want, boys."

A demon appeared, sighing in displeasure.  "Boys."

Sam frowned at him.  "How did you get past the holy ground rules?"  The demon pulled his badge.  "And?"

"DPP," he said dryly.  "Demonic police."  They all groaned.  "What did you three do?"

"Took out the suckers that kidnaped us and kept our hormones too high to think," Dean told him.  "Not like you guys rescue us."

The officer looked at him then at the two older adults.  "Are they yours?"

"Kinda," John said.  "I adopted two and the third was given to us to protect.  He's like another son."

The officer stared at him then at Bobby.  "His wife?"

Bobby burst out laughing.  "Hell no.  Friend."

"Their keeper?"

"Nope.  They do it for each other."

The officer frowned.  "Then I need someone who can do paperwork to come note what happened, how it happened, why it happened, and then sign paperwork taking control of their realm since they're all dead."

"No," Xander said.  "I'll give a statement but I don't need a realm.  I have one of those; I gave it to Vesvold."

The officer burst out laughing.  "It doesn't matter if you want it or not, boys.  It's yours because you defeated all them.  To the victor goes the spoils."  Bobby and John both whimpered at that.  "So let's go do the paperwork."

"No," Xander said more firmly.  "I'm not taking the fucking realm.  Give it to a clan that needs to move to a bigger place or wants to split off a new group.  Not like I need and want it."

The demon stared.  "It doesn't work that way."

"If he doesn't want it, he shouldn't have to take it," Dean said.

"It still doesn't work that way."

"Then I'll lose it in a poker game to a drug dealer," Xander said dryly.

"You can't do that either, sir."

"Yes I can.  If it's mine I can do that."

"They helped, it's partially theirs."

"We don't care if he loses it in a poker game," Sam assured him with a grin.

"You know what?  You can argue that with the bosses and the High Council."  He took them with him.  He got the statements then took them to the High Council.  The one with the hair squealed and pounced a Councilor.  Who smirked and cuddled him, whispering in his ear.  Xander beamed and kissed him on the cheek.  "Sir, these three took out all the inhabitants on a realm and refuse to do the paperwork."

"You do know about those with the hormone problems?" Vesvold asked.  He nodded. "These three have it."

"I'm aware of that since the one you're holding is making me want to mate and my kind do it asexually."

"This one will probably never have the attention span to deal with a realm."

"I told him to give it to a clan that needed to expand or branch off one of their subgroups," Xander said.  "He didn't listen."

"By demonic law you can put it up for auction but not give it away that way, Xander."

"Oh."  He pouted.  "Do I have to, Vessie?"

Vesvold smiled, nuzzling his throat with his nose.  "You can put it up for auction, Xander."

"Fine I'll do that if Sam and Dean agree.  They can pay Steve, the financial guy who confuses me."

"They can do that," Vesvold agreed.  "Boys?"

"Fine with us," Dean said.  Sam nodded.  "We don't need a realm unless it's going to help us protect the three of us from demons or other immies."

"No, it probably won't," Vesvold admitted.  "We'll list it with the auction coming up, all right?"  They nodded the DPP officer took them after he got another Xander cuddle.  "That was the Xander I'm interested in.  He said he would not take me up on it because he did not want to endanger my life by opening the opportunity to someone who would want to kill me for having him."

The others just nodded at that.  It was a good point in the boy's favor.  It would raise his stakes quite a lot if they could get him to agree to a demonic owner.

They landed in the back yard and John stood up.  "It's going up to auction," the officer told him.  "They're fine.  The one with the hair cuddled one of the councilors."  He disappeared.  People like that annoyed him.

John looked at them.  "How are you splitting that?"  Sam shrugged.  "Where is the money going?"

"Steve," Dean said.  "We'll call him tomorrow, make sure he knows."  He patted Xander's back.  "You're starting to emote," he said quietly.  Xander blinked up at him.  "Go pounce Sammy."  Xander gave him a wicked grin and shifted enough to pounce Sam.  They got up and headed inside.  "He's broadcasting again."

"Six centuries?" Bobby asked.

Dean nodded.  "Time runs differently on each realm."

"Are you sure none of you need a medic, son?" John asked.

Dean grinned.  "We had the time to learn a lot.  He even managed to get all of Xander's memories back from the curse.  Hell, Sammy even managed to talk me into reading some pseudo-philosophical crap disguised as literature."

John shook his head quickly.  "Are you mentally stable?"

"Now that my hormones are back down, yeah, I'm good.  No more chocolate for a while but I'm good."  He walked off shaking his head.  Sammy was making Xander giggle so he leaned into their room.  "Guys, before we stink up the house again?"  Sam bit Xander on the chest, making him yelp but retaliate.  Sammy was flipped onto his back and Xander had him begging to ride him within minutes.  He shook his head.  That's when they all stiffened and stared outside.  Dean groaned, going to grab a sword and see who it was.  "You are?" he demanded.

"Here for your head, boy," he sneered.

"You do realize we have very nosy neighbors and this is holy ground?"

"Whatever.  Holy ground doesn't stop us from taking heads, just makes us not want to."

"Fine."  He waved him in and around the back of the house to where the holy ground barely stopped, just past the fancier bush line Xander and Sam had put down.  "It's a challenge," he said.

"Who're they?  You need spectators?" he sneered.  "Such a pathetic young man."

"First of all, it's my father and an honorary uncle.  They're visiting."

"Ah, a young one," he said smugly.

"Who spent two years at the Temple of Ares."  He waved him on.  "You want it, come take it.  No, Sammy, stay.  Mine this time."

"Fine, make Xander pout," he complained.

"You can cure that while I take his fucking head.  C'mon, bitch, or are you scared of me?"  The immie tried to lunge but Dean got under his guard and got his chest, then backswung before he could recover and got his head.  A second chop and it came off totally.  "I hate this part."  The quickening floated up and shot into him, making him yell in pain.  He landed on his knees, panting, holding onto his sword.  He felt another one coming and glared at the officer coming around the house.  "Why is it we've run into every other officer but you?"

"I felt you three and stayed away," he said with a smirk.  "You good?"

"Fine," he muttered, making himself stand up.  "He decided we were young and stupid.  Even though this is blessed ground."

"Charming."  He came over to look.  "Oh well.  I'll call someone to clean up the mess.  Our ME is my boyfriend."

"Thanks, man."

"Why can't I have him?" Xander called from inside.

"Because this one was my turn," Dean called back.  He looked at the officer, shaking his head.

"There's immortals in GHS?" he demanded.  Dean gave him a smug look and nodded.  "Oh, damn.  Talk about a curse.  Centuries like that."

Dean gave him the most smug look ever. "Exactly.  And Xander's still a level ten plus immortal."  The guy shuddered.  "Who is a berserker.  Who uses a very unique self defense style that's meant for GHS."

"I'm sorry for you guys."  He patted him on the arm.  "Let me call."  He called the ME.  "One of the new GHS boys is an immie.  Just took a head when they broke onto his lot."

"He tried to challenge me in the middle of the street even after I noted we had neighbors," Dean told him.

"Okay, so he's a stupid one and you brought him back here to protect the neighbors.  Still dumb of him."  He smiled.  "Please.  There, yes.  Yes, that came as a shock to me too."  He hung up.  "He's shuddering in horror too."

Dean shrugged.  "We're having a lot of fun.  Need a statement?"

"No.  Go for it.  I know how quickenings make your body react.  Got to be worse for you boys."

Dean smirked, walking inside.  "My turn, bitch.  Get off and give me Xander!"

"You can wait five more minutes, Dean," Sam complained.  Xander was blowing him.  "He any good?"

"Hell no.  Lasted three seconds."  He walked back out there.  "By the way, we were all trained at the Temple of Ares."  He grinned and walked off again, stripping off his shirt.

The officer looked at John.  "Didn't spank him enough?"

"There's days I wonder," he admitted.  "How often do these happen?"

"Some are head hunters.  Some of us could care less if you're around.  Who knows.  The ones that people look to as teachers and good guys take a lot more heads than the guys who try to keep their heads down and hide."

"Charming," Bobby said.  "And that ease?"

"Happens.  It's the game."  He gave him a look.  "In the end, there'll be one."  Both of them shuddered.  "How do you guys stand to hunt demons and things that kill multiple people?"

"Because if we don't, more people die," John told him.

"And some of ours are that way too, Winchester.  They're the ones who go out hunting heads.  Them or us."

John nodded.  "I understand that."  The ME came around the house.  "Um, his head's a few inches away, under the bush."

"That's fine."  He knelt to look it over.  "Good, sharp blade."  In the house someone screamed in pleasure.  "Post quickening need.  Looks standard to me."  He got the body bagged and they carried it off together.  He knew who to call.  He'd tell him later which one had done it.

A neighbor came over when the officer backed out of the driveway.  "Was it his former lover's people?  We all think they're mobbed up or something."

"No, ma'am.  It was an intruder who wanted to hurt the trio of young men.  Fortunately they can protect themselves."  She pouted.  "Not related to their past at all."  She nodded, letting him drive off.  Mobbed up?  He'd have to get that story out of someone.  The boss should know and he knew about immortals running around.  He had caught him taking a challenge years ago.  His boss filled him in on the cover story for the GHS and immortal stuff.  It was a good one and made him giggle when he told him about the neighbor's ideas on the supposed past boyfriend.  That got a moan and a nod.  They'd make note of that.  Maybe they could even get Xander to play some poker with the thugs in town again so they could bust them.

Bobby smirked at John.  "They'll be a strong clan of boys for centuries."

He finished his new beer.  "Long live the Winchester clan since they won't have kids," he said dryly.  "Well, unless Discord helps."  He thought about saying something else but what else could you say about three immortal, GHS sluts who loved weapons and demon hunting?

The End.

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