Captive Audience

Xander looked at her captor, who was sneering at her.  "What are you doing?  Do you even have a clue what you've done?"

"Yes, I took something that I wanted," he said smugly.

"Uh-huh.  Has the fact that I can kill you escaped your narrow little mind?  Or that I might not want to be here?  I've got a man, thank you."

"Ah, but I've got things they don't."

"Are you demonic?"

He looked confused, then shook his head.  "No, why?"

"Then you're nothing and you have nothing I couldn't get for myself.  Now if you were demonic, I might be scared and fight you, but I think I'll just kill you the easy way."

He shook his head.  "What makes you think that you, a mere woman, could harm me?"

"Do you not have any idea who I am?"

"A very fertile mother."

"And a trained sharpshooter and assassin.  Hello, a thief in my own right," she said at his renewed confused look.  "I'm not just some woman.  For that matter, I'm not exactly a woman all the time."  She shook her head and got her hands free, then sat up and got her ankles free before the guards could move to stop her.  She slid off the exam table, a little dizzy at the moment, but when one of them rushed her, she killed him quickly by ducking his swing and taking his knife, then planting it in the middle of his chest.  She braced a foot on his chest and pulled out the blade with a wet, sucking noise.  "Next?" she asked, smirking at him.

Her captor looked stunned.  Then he started to laugh.  "Good, you will be a good guardian of my harem and my future sons you will bear me."

"I've only had daughters," she said snidely, "and I'm not having some for you.  I've had myself fixed, sorry."  He glared at her so she smirked and shrugged.  "I didn't want any more and we all know men have no self control.  That's why your people can't stand to see an uncovered woman, because you can't control yourself."  The taunt was planned to piss him off and it worked.  More guards rushed in and she took on most of them.  A few of them guarded their boss.  She got most of them down but got a few good hits on the way.  Two more were dead before they captured her. She shrieked and kicked, sending one man crashing to the ground when she sent his balls back up into his stomach.  She spat at the man and his guards.  "You'll have me over my cold, dead, rotting body.  On you and yours a curse.  There will be no more children born live!"

"Then the mothers are of no use to me and they'll be killed," he said with a shrug.  "I'll just keep you."

She snorted. "I doubt it."

"Really?  I can make it so you only touch me.  So that I'm the only one who gives you pleasure," he taunted. "I can have you fixed in my own special way."

"And I can kill whoever comes near me."  She twisted, sending one of the guards holding her to the ground.  One of them grabbed her hair next to her scalp and tried to hold her still but she continued to struggle. "Let me go before all Hell breaks loose in here!"

"You are naught but a woman.  You will soon learn your place.  Take her to the doctor.  Have him do a full exam before he fixes her."  She shrieked but more guards came forward to carry her off.  "Do not worry, you will appreciate me more later."

Xander started to pull power, calling on anything nearby to come help her.  She felt a being answer and groaned.  A mummy.  She had reanimated something.  Well, it'd have to do.  She guided it to intercept them, stunning the guards when it shambled into place.  It gave her enough time to get free and start chanting to call something down on them.  She didn't use it much, but in this situation she wanted them dead.  No one touched her against her will!  No one tried to *fix* her!  The first to arrive was an incubus, one she knew.  "I want them dead," she panted.  "They're yours if you want them."

He looked stunned, then looked at the guards, stunning them easily.  He touched her forehead. "Are you all right, Lady Xander?"

"Hell no!  They kidnaped me! They're going to fix me!  Like you do to your cat and dog!"

"Well," he said, frowning back at the guards.  "We can have them?"

"There are other slaves here," she told him.

"I will free them, Lady Xander.  In your honor.  Do you need me to take you to the kitsune?"

"No, I know Lupin's on his way," she said, leaning against his side.  She looked at the mummy, then back at him.  "I tried to call for other help first," she joked weakly, going limp against his side.

He caught her before she passed out, calling up something to hold her.  Then he looked at the guards and called his boss for instructions.  This was not allowed. A Princess of Hell was not one who was casually molested.  And especially not fixed.  Whatever that meant.  He touched the nearest guard's head to find that one out, then shuddered.  "How utterly horrid," he said in disgust.  "You need to be destroyed just for that alone!  My Lord! They wanted to sexually torture and harm her!  Your orders, Lord?"

A small child appeared, this time a female child.  "Our Lord and Master said to free the slaves, to let Lupin find them somewhere safer than this and people to help them.  He said that the guards and the big boy were yours, though to offer to torture him for Lavelle if she so desired.  Her men are on their way but they got bad directions or they've moved since then.  It will take hours."  She sneered at them. "You're in for it now.  She's one of our Princesses of Hell."  She looked at the mummy.  "Interesting.  How?"

"She said she tried to call for other help first," he said dryly, smirking at her. "Thank you, My Queen.  May their pain bring you pleasure."  She smirked and disappeared with the mummy.  He called out more of his brethren, bringing them running to this walking buffet.  They'd love this.  They'd be stuffed for months.


Lupin stopped the car by the tents, listening to the quiet around them.  He could hear a camel grunting behind the tents, but no human sounds.  He looked at Ishi, who had already slipped out of the car.  "We go in with you as rear guard," he ordered.

"Of course."  He checked his gun to make sure the safety wasn't on then followed the three adults into the first tent.  They found a few sleeping men and Ishi stopped to look at one, then at the other's his eyes going wide.  "They smell of incense, like the Incubus' ambassador did," he said.  Lupin stopped to look at him.  "They do."

Goemon nudged one with the sheathe to his katana, waking it up.  "Are you human?"

"Formerly," he said, belching and closing his eyes.  "The Princess is in the office.  Main tent in the rear of the camp.   They were going to hurt her," he mumbled as he fell back asleep.

Lupin and Jigen both ran for the opening, heading back to the main tent that they had been told to go to.  They ran in and found Xander behind a desk, reading a file.  "Are you all right?" he asked.  Two guards stood up and got in his way.  "Hey!"

Jigen patted him on the back.  "Xan?"

She shook her head and looked up, then smirked.  "Hi.  I got desperate.  Let them in, guys.  They're my men and my trainer and stepson."  The guards moved.  "Okay, we've got a situation, Lupin.  He's got fifty-eight women here he's kept as sex slaves and a harem.  Some need medical intervention, all of them probably need psychological help.  Do you know anyone?  This guy's got enough money to fund them."

"There is a group," Jigen offered, leaning down to kiss her.  "Why do you smell like incense?"

"Because the Incubus' ambassador to the Kitsune caught me when I passed out.  They're his friends and relatives."

"Hey, that's wonderful," Lupin agreed tiredly.  "Are you all right now?"

"They were going to have me fixed," she said bitterly.  "I woke up strapped to a table.  Fortunately I've started to bleed so therefore they're not touching me at the moment," she said sarcastically.   "I panicked when they tried to cart me off to have the doctor examine and fix me."

"Perfectly understandable," he promised, coming around to hug her.  "Oh, Gods, you're all right," he breathed into her neck.

"I'm fine, baby."  She kissed him, then Jigen.  She got up to give the Goemon men a hug each.  "We'll be fine.  Let's get someone called in to help these poor women then we can disappear."

"Good.  The girls need you to take them bra shopping before they start school," Jigen said, not understanding this but he'd deal with it for now.  Xander would expand on this later he was sure.  She smiled at him so he stared at her.  She handed over a folder, keeping it closed. "Bad?"

"Medical records and execution records.  They were having girls."

Someone yelled and ran into the tent so Ishi got him, then looked at his mother.  "Is he native?"

"I'm not sure.  Killing or wounding?"

"You taught me to wound as a first alternative," he reminded her.  He took the medical file to look through, grimacing.  "Eww.  They cut off a few hands?"

"They probably fought back."  She walked over and knelt beside the man, looking down at him.  "Are you an employee or a relative of a woman stranded here?" she asked calmly.  "The former owner of these tents is dead."

He grabbed her hand.  "My sister?"

"I'm not sure.  He's had a few women killed.  If not, then we'll be calling someone in to help them.  They'll need help.  They've been kept this way for a long time."  He groaned.  "If the helpers say she's ready, they'll give her back to you."  He nodded, that seemed fair.  "Do you have a clan or a troupe?"

"We are a family group," he said, pressing on the shallow wound.  "That one is very good."

She smirked at him. "Ishi's my stepson and student.  He's a Goemon.  That's Lupin the Third."  She pointed at him.  "We will do what we can to help these women heal."

"Thank you."  He squeezed her hand.  "May I get up now?"

"Sure."  She helped him up, letting Ishi help him bandage the wound.  "Good shot, Ishi. I'm damn proud."  She sat behind the desk again.  "If we know someone, we've only got a few hours.  The incubi are leaving at dawn."

Lupin pulled out his phone and dialed a number back in Europe.  "Murami, I know it's early, but Xander was nearly just kept by a white slaver.  She's managed to kill him and his guards with some help, but there's other women here.  No, Egypt.  Do we know anyone who can help them?"  He grimaced.  "I thought there were groups.  Oh, they're in Asia mostly."  He hummed.  "Anyone who can sub in?"  He nodded. "That works.  Thanks."  He hung up.  "She'll find someone and fly them down.  She knows someone who works in their PR department.  That'll at least get someone down here to manage in our absence."  He looked at the worried man.  "Can your family come guard these women until those who can help come?"  He nodded, staggering to his feet and heading outside to whistle a peculiar song.  An older man strode in with the injured man behind him. "Lupin the Third," he said, holding out a hand.  "They tried to take what was mine."

The older man shook his hand and bowed to Xander.  "I thank you.  No matter how you did it, you freed them."

"We're getting a group of people down here to help these women," Xander told him.  "They've been mistreated.  They should be here by tonight or tomorrow.  Can you guard them until they come and help them after that?"

"Is my daughter here?"

"I honestly don't know," she admitted.  "I had someone put them all to sleep so they wouldn't have to hear the carnage."  She stood up, only wobbling a bit.  "Come, I'll lead you to where most of them are.  If she's not there, there's only two alternatives."  Jigen caught her when she wobbled a bit worse.  "Shit!"

"Shh," he soothed, sitting her back down.  "Which tent?"

"The red one.  There's guards," she said calmly, looking at him.  He nodded, taking Ishi and Goemon with him just in case.  Lupin would guard her.  The father and brother walked out after them.  She looked at Lupin.  "I'm really fine.  Just really tired."

"Shh, babe.  Let us pamper you for a bit," he soothed, coming over to hold her.  He had been so worried.  "I'm glad you managed to call some help.  We got the wrong directions."

She patted him on the hand. "I brought back a mummy first by accident."

"I'm sure he'll forgive you," he promised, giving her an extra squeeze.  He looked over as a small female child appeared.  "Hello.  I know you're not normal."

"She's the top female in Hell," Xander said tiredly.  "I hear I'm indebted to you for letting them help me tonight."

"It was just," she noted.  "The mummy has been released and is back in his own realm."  She looked at her, then at Lupin.  "She'll be fine with some rest.  It's mostly a reaction to the drugs they gave her."  He nodded, giving her another squeeze.  "They will be leaving at dawn."

"That's fine.  There's a worried father and brother here," she said tiredly.  "Thank you again."

"It is nothing, Princess.  Your own section continues to be built.  You have much time left and you do give us interesting challenges."  She smirked and looked around, then snapped her fingers, bringing the ambassador. "At first light, your kind shall leave."

"Of course, my queen," he agreed, bowing at her feet.  "I thank you for this opportunity."

"Not many would know how to use an incubus in combat.  Our Princess is most wise," she pointed out, patting him on the head.  "How many casualties?"

"Mostly overeating, my queen.  They shall be up in time."  She nodded and disappeared.  He looked up at Lupin and shrugged.  "She'll flay me if we don't."

"Hey, not an issue. There's a worried father and brother here."

"I saw them.  Their woman is not with those in the main tent.  We led them to the auxiliary tent in hopes that she was in there."

Goemon came back in, nodding at the demon on the floor of the tent.  "She was found.  She is not in good health.  She needs water, food, and medical care."

"Murami's sending someone," she promised.

"Good.  They will stay and guard the remaining women."  He looked down at the demon.  "So your kind can leave if you must."

"We'll snack on the remaining guards then leave," he promised.  "It'll make them docile and easily controlled."  He got up and bowed to Xander. "I hear congratulations are in order.  May you get the rest you need, my Princess."  He backed out, going back to his duties.   They left together, and only one guard was at full strength.  They were all too full to tamper with his energies.

Ishi solved that by grabbing him by the throat and placing his very sharp sword against the man's dick.  "If you touch one of those women, I will be back," he growled.  "I am a fate worse than death and eternity in Hell."  The man sobbed, he had seen those things take down his comrades and his family. "You will help this family guard them and admit what you have done.  You will take your punishment, or I will be back with my mother.  She's the one who called them and trained me to be worse."  He let the man go and stomped off.   The guard fell back to his knees, sobbing in relief that he was alive.  As the sun came up, he sent the first of many prayers to God for the blessings of his life.  No matter what happened next, he was still alive and whole.


The quintet stopped at the hotel and picked up the daughters and luggage, heading to the airport to fly back to Italy.  Murami had chartered them a private plane this time.  They all needed the rest.  By the time they were taxiing out to the runway, Xander was asleep in her seat.  Jigen and Goemon looked at Lupin, who nodded.  As soon as they were in the air, they took Ishi back to the small private meeting room in the plane, closing them inside.  "Ishi," Lupin started.  "I'm impressed," he admitted.

His father nodded.  "You did very well, son.  You were calm under bad conditions.  You handled the lone guard very well."

Jigen nodded.  "You showed a lot of skill with that wounding shot.  Easily your mom's level."

"But you're still a kid," Lupin finished.  "We want you guys to stay kids for a bit longer.  You'll miss it if you don't."

"Oh, I fully agree," Ishi promised, hopping up to sit on the table, looking at the adults.  "I'll only go out if I have to.  I don't want to have to do it full time yet."  His father relaxed at that.  "That was a situation where you needed the extra help.  If mom hadn't called the incubi, she'd be in bad shape by now and there'd be a lot more guards who'd have to be killed."

Lupin nodded.  "Very true.  It showed some desperation on her part, but I get why she did it and agree with.  In the future, however, you will not be demanding to go on jobs."

"Not unless it's another similar situation," Ishi promised.  "I want to be fourteen for a while."

Jigen patted him on the back.  "Good boy, kiddo.  Try to instill that into the girls too, 'kay?"

"I've been trying," he sighed, grinning at him.  "They're figuring out that it's a lot better to be teenagers than adults.  We're cool on that.  Arsene doesn't want to be an adult yet.  That would mean she'd have to get serious."

Lupin nodded, smiling at his stepson.  "Good boy, Ishi.  I'm damn proud of you and how you handled yourself.  Good job."

"It's a testament to your excellent training," Goemon agreed smugly.  "You have absorbed a lot of it and kept it for a long time."

Ishi pulled his father closer, hugging him.  "Thanks, dad.  I love you too."  He grinned at the other adults.  "Can I have a sixteenth birthday party?"

"How about eighteenth?" Lupin asked smugly.  "Complete with dancing girls?"

Ishi blushed.  "But I have a woman," he complained.

"She can come," Jigen promised.  "The girls'll be there for Arsene."

Ishi pinched him, chuckling lightly.  "Sure, Uncle Jigen.  That's cool. I could accept that."  He grinned at his father.  "Does this mean I have to hand back the sword until I'm older?"

"No, son, it is yours.  You are worthy of it.  Keep it with you."

Ishi hugged his dad again, sniffling slightly.  "Thanks, dad."

"You earned it, son.  You deserve it."  He gave him a gentle squeeze.  "Pull yourself together.  Get to know your blade.  I will help you for the next few days to care for it to make sure you know it all."

"Thanks, daddy."  He slid off the table, walking back out with the parents of the group.  "Guys.  My dad presented me with Mom's sword from Ancient Times."  They clapped, smiling at him. "It's mine now."

"It keeps you from stealing his," Jigen said dryly, making Ishi blush, but giggle a bit.  He patted him on the back of the head.  "Okay, where are we headed, Lupin?"

"Rome.  We'll drive up from there.  Then we'll head home to recuperate."  He flopped down beside Xander, checking her pulse.  She shifted and swatted at him so he turned it into a stroke up her arm. "You rest, Xan. You've got to take the kids bra shopping."

"Does this mean Ishi has to start wearing a loincloth now?" Arsene asked Goemon.

"Only if he desires it," Goemon assured her, holding down his blush.  "There are times when he will have to wear the full outfit and do it traditionally.  For the most part, he can do without a loincloth."

"I'm not sure you can go commando under a kimono," Melissa noted, grinning at Ishi.  "Can you?"

"You can but it feels odd for the first few hours," he admitted.

His father blushed at that.  "Son!"

"Sorry, dad, couldn't resist.  You know how I am."

"Yes, son, I do know how your uncles have warped you terribly," he agreed, giving him a look.  "Try to be my son, not Lupin's."

"I usually wear underwear," Lupin defended.  "It's Jigen that goes commando whenever he forgets to do laundry."

"Or when Mom hands him pants without underwear sometimes," Melissa added for good measure, making her father blush.  "Sorry, dad.  It was kinda noticeable however.  Your fly was down the last time and those pants were a bit tight."

"But you have a nice ass, Uncle Jigen.  That workout routine of yours is really working well," Arsene assured him.

"Son, do not turn into her," Goemon ordered.  "Do not marry her either."

"Eww, dad."

"Thank you, son.  That attitude makes me more proud than even your marksmanship or your sword skills."  His son smirked at him.

"So, dad, are there any restrictions when we go bra shopping?" Arsene asked.

"Get comfortable things that you can workout in," Jigen told her.

"Underwire hurts according to Xan," Lupin offered.  "I agree though, get something you can work out in.  Nothing trashy because you won't be needing it.  Get what you like otherwise."

"Sure, dad."

"It's nice to know that our parents aren't like some who dictate what you can and can't wear as underwear.  Many parents refuse to let their girls have anything other than lacy little creations that make them ache or very prim, Victorian underwear that is nowhere near cute."

"Which means that they then go buy the cute, flimsy stuff that makes you ache," Arsene added with a smirk for her sister.  "Any other rules?"

"Yeah, nothing with diamonds and it has to be machine washable," Ishi told her dryly, smirking at her.  "I don't care that Victoria's Secret did make a diamond studded bra, you don't need one."

"It only fit little, tiny titted women, Ishi," Melissa assured him.  "It was made for like a 36 B or something."

"Of which none of us are," Lotus agreed bitterly.  "Father, may I start looking into reduction operations if I keep growing larger?  I'd rather not look like a stripper," she said when he looked at her.  He blushed bright red so she sighed and shrugged.  "Sorry, dad."

"When you're older," he managed to get out.

Ishi patted him on the back.  "It's a practical matter for her, father.  She can't run if she's built like mother.  She'd hurt herself."

"I'd still rather have a modestly larger size chest," Melissa complained.  "I don't want to be flat chested.  Boys don't look at me as is."

"They do so," Jigen assured her.  "The same as they do your mother."

"Boys look at Mom?" Arsene asked.  "Why?  She's a mother."

"She's also hot, well built, and sexy as hell," Lupin assured his daughter.

"But she's a mom," Arsene repeated.

"Mothers are still women," Jigen assured her.  "Very good and sexual women."

"Eww!"  Arsene shuddered.  "Ick, Uncle Jigen!  I don't need to know about you two and sex.  Dad's one thing, he's a Lupin.   We expect him to be a horny bastard that jumps mom, where she'll sigh and give in.  Not that you're sexual and jumpy that way!  Eww!"

"I'll have you know Jigens are very sexual, Lupin," Melissa complained.  "I may not get all the boys trying to cop a feel like you do, but I'm not a nun.  Far from it.  I had a wet dream long before you did."

"Kids," Jigen said, starting to feel sick.  "That's much more than I wanted to know."

"It's the self control, Arsene," Lupin told her. "Jigen and Goemon have a lot of self control, whereas our family has almost none.  I was hoping your genetic mother would have gifted you with some control over your impulses."

Melissa looked at her father.  "Does that mean that you check out the same people I do?"

Jigen shook his head quickly.  "Sorry, baby girl, I only like girls.  Xander is the lone exception."

"I check out girls too," she admitted.  "Some of them are pretty cute.  Like that waitress last week?"

Jigen groaned and shook his head.  "Daughter, we may be thieves and have low morals, but that doesn't mean I want to know who you fantasize about.  Really.  I'd rather be in the dark about that."

"Let me add a bit of 'me too'," Arsene added for good measure.  "She was a bagger."

"I wasn't looking at her face, Arsene.  I'm a teenager, I'm shallow that way."

Lotus squeezed her father's arm, gaining his attention.  "Don't worry, dad, I'm straight."

He patted her on the back and gave her a short hug.  "Thank you, daughter.  Hopefully you will find a good man someday to make a husband.  At that time, I do not want to hear details either."

She giggled and pinched him on the arm.  "Yes, daddy."

Lupin whistled. "No more of this topic before some of us get ill."

"If you need an airsickness bag, sir, just ring your bell," the stewardess said cheerfully from the galley.  "Does anyone want a soda?"

"Got liquor?" Jigen asked.  "Our kids were giving us bad information and visions."

She cooed and got the tray of small bottles, letting him pick out what he wanted from the single shot bottles.  The other men took what they wanted and downed the first one quickly.  She handed sodas to the children, patting Arsene on the head when she got pinched.  "Don't do that, young one.  You're not near old enough for me."  She smiled at Ishi.  "You're still adorable too."

"And fourteen," he admitted with a blush.  "And having a girlfriend," he finished with a squeak.

She pinched him on the cheek.  "You're adorable."  She took some coffee up to the pilot, letting him in on what she had overheard.  Those poor parents.  She'd have to keep them in liquor for the flight.


Xander walked the girls into the first of many bra shops that day.  "Girls.  There are rules.  You will not get anything trashy.  Anything you will get will be something you can do ten pushups and ten jumping jacks in.  You don't need to stand up at the moment. Got it?"  They nodded, breaking up to look at the racks.  She looked at the saleswoman.  "First ones."

The woman squealed and came over to help them into things that she'd want to see her daughters in.

Arsene stopped at the 'other clothes that can be lingerie' rack, finding a new bodysuit.  "Mom?"  She held it up.  "Is this okay?"

"Under what, Arsene?"

"My usual, a skirt."

"Sure.  Just don't show your father."  She nodded, going to get underthings that would look good under it.

Melissa held up a tanktop with a built-in bra.  "Mom, what do you think of these?"

"They don't support you very well," the saleswoman offered.

"I'm more physically active.  I don't need support, I need to have them smooshed down while I work out.  I'll need very few good bras.  We're all like that."

"We do have a darling line of sports bras and halter bras," she offered, leading her over to them.  She looked at the girl, then pulled down a size.  "I think this one would fit you best.  Let's try it on you then we'll shop for styles."  She nodded, following her into the changing room.

"Mom!" Melissa squeaked.

"It's normal, they do the same thing to me," Xander called back. "She's teaching you how to fluff yourself once you've got it on."  She found a few things for herself, some of hers were worn out.   Arsene and Lotus followed her into the changing room, letting the woman manhandle them into proper bras.  Fortunately the other two had already had this moment a few months back so she was prepared for this stuff.  The fact that Lotus wanted real lingerie stumped her for a moment, but she shrugged and gave her a look.  "Why?"

"For under a kimono.  I need more support than the others," she noted shyly, covering her chest.  "These longer bras give me better control and make me stand up straight."

"I'm having your back checked for spine curvature," Xander said thoughtfully.  "Two.  That's it."  She nodded, grabbing two that weren't all lace, but were still kinda pretty.  "What about under a kimono?"

"I figure I'll get something special for that one," Lotus promised.  Xander nodded, that was reasonable.  She got the girls checked out then their bags, each tied a different way, were put into the trunk.  Then they went to the next shop.  The girls were all growing so they needed all new clothes.  Since they had to be at the school the next day, this was their only chance until the summer.   By the time they were done, each girl had a trunk of their own and had it well-filled.  Arsene was in her chosen outfit of a bodysuit, skirt, and high heeled boots.  Melissa was in pants and a t-shirt style shirt, plus a leather jacket overtop of it.  Lotus was in a silk pantsuit and flats.  The girls got into the back of the car, letting her drive them back to the hotel.  They walked in and found Ishi walking around to break in his shoes.

"I find that sand paper helps with the slick bottoms," Xander said as she let the girls carry in their new trunks.  "They're done.  Fully kitted out for the rest of this year and into the summer as long as they don't grow too much."

Lupin looked up and his jaw dropped at the sight of his daughter.  She was...she had tits that stood up, she was in heels... she looked hot.  He let out a whimper as the pen slipped from between his fingers.  "Arsene?"

She skipped over to hug him.  "Hi, Daddy.  What a difference a bra makes, huh?" she teased, kissing him on the cheek.  "Am I cute?"

"You're....very pretty," he admitted, holding in his admission of hotness.  He didn't want to say that about his daughter, or even think it really.  "You look quite grown up.  Is that makeup?"

"Nope.  I put on some lipgloss, but Mom said nothing else.  Not until we've worn a bra for a year."

"Okay," he agreed quickly, that would only make her look more adult.

Jigen looked at his daughter. "You look like you're mine," he noted, smirking at her.  She hugged him.  "My poor baby, all growing up."

"Dad, I'm only thirteen.  Barely thirteen.  It's a long time before I'm all grown up."  He laughed and squeezed her.  "Thanks, dad.  I'm glad you approve of my new look.  Doesn't Lotus look grown up too?"

"Very," he agreed, grinning at her.  "Very suave, Lotus."

"Thanks, Uncle Jigen."  She gave her stunned father a hug.  "Do you approve, Father?"

"I do," he admitted quietly.  "You look very grown up, daughter."  He tipped her chin up.  "Good, you have not fallen prey to those ads that claim you need help to make yourself beautiful."

"Only some light lip gloss and some nailpolish now and then," she promised.  "I know I'm stunning without it."  She smirked at her brother.  "So, how was your shopping?"

"Good.  I managed to avoid the dreaded thong offer a few times when Uncle Jigen and Uncle Lupin suggested it."  He licked his lips, looking at the others.  "I feel awkward.  You three look, hot."

Arsene giggled and punched him on the arm.  "Thanks, Ishi.  You look hot in what Mom got you too."  She flopped down, letting her long skirt cover her legs as she crossed them.  "Okay.  Do we have plans tonight?"

"Club?" Xander suggested.  "There's a teen one around here somewhere."

"We'd have to chaperone," Jigen said firmly.  His daughter looked way too damn hot to be in any club and not get hit on.   That was something he couldn't face yet, his baby being a sexual being.

Lupin shook his head.  "Not a good idea.  I don't think I could stand a club tonight, especially not one full of teenagers."  He looked at his baby girl again and held in a sniffle.  She was nearly grown up.

Xander walked past him, giving him a pat on the back.  "It's inevitable," she promised as she got him some water, kissing him on the cheek.  He gave her a hurt look.  "She's thirteen, Arsene.  She's a young woman. She's not a baby in diapers."

"I know, but she's so adult looking in that."

"No, she's still got a lot of kid in her," she promised.  "She's not near finished growing yet."  She gave him a gentle hug.  "I moderated things.  No leather cat suits.  No thongs.  No trashy lingerie."

He pulled her around to hug her.  "You're amazing, Xan. I love you."  He kissed her gently.  "They're really mostly grown up, aren't they?" he whispered, staring at the kids.

She nodded.  "But Fred's not," she promised.  "Neither is Alex.  She's barely starting to read."

"Good, that makes it less painful."  He kissed her again.  "No trashy stuff?"

"Lotus wanted some longer line bras to help her posture.  I wanted to get her spine checked for a curve."

"Sure."  He kissed her again.  "Thank you, Xander."

"Welcome.  We also checked with the school.  They did need some formal gear so I called the housekeeper and had her send some of my older stuff for them.  The stuff from before the first baby.  They may be able to fit into that.  If not, there's a seamstress there."  She smirked at him.  "Just think, only a few more to go, then they'll all be grown up.  No more diapers.  No more having to monitor sugar intake and caffeine intake."

He snuggled into her neck again, taking deep, calming breaths as that thought percolated through his mind.  No more cuddly little babies.  No more toddlers demanding to be read to.  No more snuggly little things who had nightmares and had to crawl in with you at just the wrong moment while you were trying to have sex.  No more messy faces.  No more hyper kids screaming in the backyard.

Ishi leaned down next to his Uncle's ear, whispering in it.  "There will be grandchildren some day," he promised.  Lupin grinned at him.  He got himself a soda.  "Are we having dinner out or should we roast someone to eat them?"

"Let me change," Xander said, waiting until Lupin let her go to get up and go change.  She came out in a teasing outfit, making Lupin groan and get up to drag her back into the bedroom.  "Hmm, did I forget the jacket over this?" she teased.

"Dick tease," he taunted, kissing her hard.  "Brat."  He pulled her closer, hands on her ass.  He moaned when he didn't feel anything there.  "You're asking to become dinner, lover. You sure you wanna do that to me?"

"You'll want to be worn out emotionally tomorrow before we drop them off."

"Hmm, probably."  He kissed her again.  "Put on real clothes. It's not necessary."

"I don't have any real clothes, Lupin.  Everything needs washed."

He looked at her.  "You shopped for seven hours with three girls and didn't buy yourself anything?"   She nodded.  "Why not?"

"Because I didn't think I needed anything until I came in here to change.  I only got two bras.  Somehow I'm either missing a bag or I've managed to send everything out to be washed."

Lupin reached back and opened the door.  "Does Xan have another bag around here?"

Jigen snorted.  "I was wondering when she was going to notice it was missing."  He carried it in there, smirking at her outfit.  "You look nice in that."

"I'd rather have her look like a woman, not a working girl," Lupin said, digging through the bag, wrinkling his nose.  "All this needs washed too."  He looked at her, then sighed and took off his jacket, handing it over.  "Here, put that on and button it."  She waved it off and got one of the ones in the closet, waving it before putting it back on and smoothing out her skirt.  "Okay, I guess," he sighed.  "Stark black isn't usually your color, Xan."

"Sorry, boss.  It's this or silk jammies."  She bent to check her heels, listening to Jigen hiss.  "What?"

"Tops of your stockings are showing."

"Guys, this is it for clothes," she reminded them.  "I can't fit into the kids' clothes."

"That's fine, we can deal with that," Lupin said, grabbing her by the wrist and dragging her out.  "Kids, car," he ordered.

"We won't all fit in one car," Ishi said as he followed his father out the door, letting the girls get ahead of him.  It ended up being him and the girls, plus his father in the car.  He looked at his father.  "How's your driving?" he asked as the other adults took off.  Goemon groaned, shaking his head.  "Fine.  Everyone in!  Fortunately Uncle Jigen and Mom have taken mine into hand."  His father gave him a long look.  "Seriously.  Even in Roman traffic at rush hour.  Any idea where we're going to eat?  Arsene, did you manage to steal the credit card?"

"I stole one but not the unlimited," she offered, holding up her father's Visa card.  "I don't think he realizes it's gone yet."

Goemon snatched it as he got into the passenger's seat.  "Buckle up, just in case."

"Father, I drive like a Roman driver," he promised as he slid in and started the engine.

"That is what I worry about, son."  He grabbed the bar over the door as his son revved the engine then carefully pulled out of the garage.  His son took a deep breath before pulling into the manic traffic pattern.  "Someone pick somewhere close," he said, closing his eyes tightly shut when someone cut them off.

"Dial the parents, ask them where we're eating," Ishi ordered calmly, flipping the driver off in the finest Italian fashion before pulling around him and cutting off someone else.

"Son, I don't care where we eat, just get us there in one piece," his father ground out.  His teeth were clenched tightly together and his eyes were still squeezed shut.  "Preferably soon, son."

"Sure, dad.  Suggest that nice place we had the last time, 'Lis," he called back.

Melissa listened to her father.  "They said since we're all dressed up that we're going to eat at that neat French place Mom likes."  She hung up, grabbing onto Lotus' arm as Ishi turned the car around and headed back in the other direction, sticking his arm out the window to flip off drivers who honked at him for his outrageous driving.

"No tickets, son. You do not have a license," Goemon let pass through his teeth.

"I do so.  It's a wonderful fake," he assured him as he sped up to get in front of another car so he could take a corner like everyone else was doing.  Lotus giggled.  "Am I or am I not just like every other driver out here?"

"Oh, you are.  Insane," Arsene agreed lightly.  She was gripping Melissa's arm since they were in a loop and headed in the other direction in a moment.  "Ooh, slingshot!  That's where the amusement parks got it from," she said once they made it through the backward 's' curve.   "There it is!" she said excitedly.  Ishi actually used his blinker and slowed down to make it into the parking lot, parking very evenly between two high-end sports cars.

Goemon got out of the car, falling to the ground.  "Never again, son.  Someone will be driving us all back to the hotel."

"He did drive just like ever other maniac on the road," Melissa offered as she helped him up.  They gathered around the trunk as Jigen pulled in at top speed and parallel parked with a screech of brakes.  "Or just like him," she offered with a grin for her father as he got out and let their mother out.

"Um, Dad, Uncle G is kinda car sick.  We might want to start with soup," Arsene said as she came up to curl up against his free side.  "He didn't like Roman traffic patterns."

Jigen patted Ishi on the back.  "Did you keep up?"

"I acted just like one of them," he said proudly.  "I even cut off a cop."

Lupin chuckled and patted him on the back of the head.  "Good job, Ishi.  Goemon, we'll let you drive on the way back."

"Going ten miles an hour in Rome's traffic will get one killed," Xander reminded them.  "One of us will drive them back."

"You got lost the last three times we were in the city, Mom," Melissa reminded her, smirking at her father.  She opened the door, letting them inside.

Jigen spoke in rapid Italian to the hostess, getting them a good seat in the little used patio area.

Outside, Ray Vecchio pulled his car up into the parking lot, shaking his head.  "Those people are insane! I thought Chicago after a Bull's game was bad!"

"Welcome to Rome," Zenigata said dryly.  "It's always like this."

"I was impressed that the kid managed to keep up so well," Ray Kowalski noted.  "He drove like a pro."  They got out and took a deep breath of fresh air, then coughed at the exhaust fumes.  "Are we really going to try this tonight, sir?"

"Yes, we are," he growled, sneaking back that way.

Ray caught him and pointed at a marking on the building. "I'm not stepping foot in there, sir.  That's family run and owned.  I'm not getting capped by the mafia."

Zenigata gave the mark, then his cop, a long look.  "How do you know?"

"My father was a bit connected," he admitted.  "So were most of my friends.  It was a choice of being a cop or being a hood in my neighborhood."

"Oh."  He nodded.  "That's fine.  They still can't touch us."

Someone shot over their heads, making them duck.

"Never mind," Zenigata noted, getting back into the car.

"Hey!  You leave them the fuck alone!" Xander yelled from the patio.  "I don't touch your toys!"  The hitter looked at her so she stomped over there, grabbing him by the chin.  "You do not play with my toys.  Do you understand, little boy?  I am worse than your mother ever had nightmares about you dating."

He pulled away.  "Who are you?"


He bowed.  "Then I'll leave them in your hands, ma'am," he said respectfully.  "By the way, the boss said he'd like to see you."

"Fine, I'll moon him later," she said dryly.  "Leave those three alone.  They're ours.  They're our toys.  We respect them, they're at the top of their game and they make us come up with some outrageous shit.  Got it?"  He nodded.  "Good.  Tonight we're having a dinner with the kids, then we're taking them to school tomorrow.  If he wants an interview, he can call my boss.  Have a good evening."  She walked back, waving at the cops.  "He won't hurt you.  Have a nice night, guys.  See you at the next con."   She smoothed her skirt as she sat down.  "A meeting was requested.  I told him to call you, Lupin."

"That's fine, dear."  He kissed her gently.  "You are worse than most mother's nightmares," he agreed with a bright grin.

"True, mine would be rolling in her grave," Jigen agreed.  He looked at his daughter.  Then decided to tell her about the family later that night while Lupin was wearing himself out.  Melissa smiled at him so he winked at her.  "Don't spill anything."

"Yes, dad.  How early are we leaving tomorrow?"

"You've got to be there by three and it's a six hour trip," Lupin told her.  "Without breaks."

"So, three am?" Arsene suggested dryly.

"Probably," Jigen agreed, doing the math in his head.  The kids would whine if they didn't stop about every hour.  Each break got longer and longer.  "We need to decide on drivers too."

"Why don't I just portal us up there?" Lotus asked.

"Because part of the rep making stuff is having us there," Lupin told her.  "Otherwise you're going to have to validate yourself a lot."

"It's not like we can't prove who we are," Arsene pointed out.

"Dear, the way this works is that the kids will score you on your presentation and name," Xander reminded her.  "Since this is a vocational school in your chosen field you can't just live off your dad's name.  You'll have to be Lupin the Fourth and Lupin's little girl both."

"Point, but still," she complained.  "It'd save so much trouble.  Ishi could get us up there."

"I don't know where there is," he pointed out.  "Not that I'd care to do that."

"One of us will drop you off," Jigen promised them.  "At least.  If not all of us."  Lupin's phone rang. "That was quick."

"The hitter was higher class.  He had on a silk tie and a silk shirt," Xander told him.  "This is a family business as well."  She looked at the kids.  "We'll call tonight.  There may be rules we're not knowledgeable about yet."

"Good point," Arsene sighed, slumping some.  "I hate going to school.  It sucks."

"Yeah, but you need the contacts, there's still stuff you can learn, and I want you somewhere safe where you can play," Xander reminded her.  "Period.  End of discussion."

"We want to go, it's just that first week," Melissa offered.

"It's not going to be any easier this time since you're coming in during the break," Lupin told them, listening to the man on the other end of the phone. "No, the kids start the Academy tomorrow.  Yeah, there."  He grinned at his daughter.  "Sure.  We might be a bit busy however."  He looked at Ishi.  "Yeah, that was the Fourteenth.  Why?  He cut you off?"  He chuckled, kicking Ishi under the table and shaking his head.  "He's sorry."

"No I'm not.  Was he the guy that I flipped off for daring to honk at me for doing what everyone else was doing?"  Lupin nodded.  Ishi shrugged. "Oh well."

"Sure.  Yeah, we'll see you at dessert."  He hung up.  "We'll be getting a short visit during dessert.  Try not to spill stuff on yourself, kids and Xander.  I agree, Ishi.  He shouldn't have honked."  He smirked at Jigen.  "He was very complimentary otherwise, said he was just like every other insane maniac on the road."

"I'm slower in other places," Ishi assured him.  "I even used my blinker when I turned in here."

"Good job, kiddo," Jigen agreed.  "Goemon, are you fit to eat yet?"

"Yes," he said, sounding like he had pulled himself back together.  "I believe I'll take a taxi back to the hotel."

"They're worse," the adults said in unison.

Marcus jogged over and pulled a free chair from another table so he could join them.  "I just got a call to join you."  He looked at the children.  "My, we all look very grown up today.  I almost feel underdressed."  He smirked at Xander. "You look quite lovely tonight as well, Sylvia."

"Who called you?" Arsene asked.

"The local Don called the main house, said I should probably join the group.  Oh, Jigen, you missed it.  Sarah bit one of the kitsune today.  He came down to play and nipped her so she pulled his head down to bite him on the ear.  Bix had to remove her from his ear and she did apologize."

"Will that start a war?" Arsene asked.

"No, love.  The little one's nanny was there and they were laughing about it.  Stand up, let me see."  She stood up and he smirked.  "Very adult, Arsene.  Very pretty on you.  You look quite grown up."

"You're laying it on a bit thick, been drinking?" Ishi asked.  His father pinched him.  "Sorry.  Had to be said."

"No," he admitted with a smirk.  "I jut managed to master something incredible.  I managed to make an omelette properly and not burn it."

"Congratulations," Lupin praised.  "They're starting school tomorrow."

"Good!  I'm glad the Academy took them, even though they are so much better trained than most of the graduates."  He patted Ishi on the back.  "You should find no problem making friends.  Just be yourself.  Your lady-friend will be within thirty minutes from you and your schools do visit town at the same time.  Oh, I've got the webcams you asked for, Melissa.  They're back on my bed.  I'll bring them up tomorrow."

"Thank you, Uncle Marcus," she said with a smirk.  "That should solve most moping Ishi problems."

"Yes, it should," Goemon agreed.  He hoped his son didn't pick up a spare girlfriend at the school, and said a silent prayer that his son hadn't been taking those sort of lessons from Lupin or Xander.  "Are you packed, children?"

"Mom had us pack as we shopped," Lotus told him.  "How about you, Ishi?"

"I'm good on most things, I only had to do underwear shopping," he admitted.

"Which means you need a lift home to make sure you get everything," Xander said dryly.  He nodded.  "Sure, we'll work on that later."

"I'll take him back with me," Marcus offered.

"You're a bit too happy at the moment," Jigen told him.  "Let's let someone more calm do it."

"I'll do it for him if I need to," Xander offered.  "I know what all his new clothes look like since I bought them."  Ishi gave her a look.  "Plus your workout stuff," she agreed lightly, smiling at him.  "Just think, someone else can run the kata's now."

"That'd be a nice thing," Ishi agreed.  "To be learning instead of the teacher for a bit."

"It would," Lotus agreed.

Her father nodded.  "I feel the same way sometimes.  That's why I let you four do the teaching every now and then."

"Should we make a grand entrance tomorrow, dad?" Arsene asked.

"Well, I don't think we'll want to hold a parade," he said sarcastically, smirking at his daughter.  "But I do think that one of the more known people in the group should be there with you, just to give you a boost in credibility right off the bat."

"I say we open a portal and walk them through," Xander offered.  "That way we appear to be special and all that, and almost no one up there will be able to say how we got up there, and walk the kids through."

"If you do that, can we rent a car up that way for us?" Ishi asked.  "Just so we can escape now and then?"

"No, and there's no rental places up there either," Lupin said smugly.  "Which means you guys won't be able to get out and pull jobs."

"Bet me, there's locals who have cars," Melissa noted dryly.  She smirked at her father.  "Are you doing my driving lessons this summer, dad?"

"If you can get to the point where you're hitting the targets most of the time I can do that," he promised, patting her on the hand.  "Waitress."

One of them rushed over, taking the group's orders.  She smiled at the youngsters with the adults, they were very polite and very knowledgeable about what went into certain dishes.  She headed into the kitchen to hand that order in, finding a police officer in there.  She handed it directly to the chef.  "For the group on the patio."

"They're getting visited later, watch for the boss," he ordered.  "Go back out there."  She glanced at the cop and he shook his head.  "They're here for Paulo."

"Fine.  He's out front smoking," she told the cop.   He nodded and followed her that way.  He started toward the thieves on the patio but the young Asian girl got up like she was going to the bathroom.  Time seemed to stop as the girl said 'excuse me' then she went onto the bathroom.  Suddenly, the officer didn't seem interested in the internationally wanted felons on the patio, he didn't seem to see them, and she really wanted to give them excellent service that night.  She showed him outside then went to nag the chef for their salads.

"Interesting, I've never seen on the fly compulsions before," Xander said, glancing at Marcus with a smirk.

"I have, but I hadn't realized she was that adept yet," Marcus admitted dryly.  "Oh, well.  I'm sure we'll get excellent service tonight."

"Was that a bad thing for her to do?" Goemon asked.

"No.  She told the cop to ignore us and the waitress to give excellent service tonight to get a good tip," Xander said with a small shrug.  "It'd only be wrong if she was making them do things against their will."

"Hmm," he said with a frown at his daughter as she came back.  "Daughter?"

"Father, I didn't make them do anything," she pointed out.  "Just what they'd normally do.  The cop couldn't take us all on by himself anyway."  She smoothed her napkin across her lap again as the waitress came back with their drinks and salads.  She took hers with a smile. "Thank you."

"You're welcome.  You guys are so cute."  She pinched Ishi's cheek then left to make sure the other tables were still fine.

"I'll have to remember how to do that," Xander said as she tucked it.  "It's a handy damn thing."

Lupin snickered, shaking his head.  "It is," he agreed.  "Thanks, Lotus.  We didn't snack with Ishi earlier."

"Eh, not a problem. I was hungry."  She dug in, eating heartily.  She was a growing girl and needed the food just as much as her brother did.

Marcus smirked at Jigen.  "This is what I love about this family.  No matter what, it's mostly okay."

Jigen nodded.  "Usually."  He looked behind them as someone joined them on the patio.  "You're early tonight."

"My son has colic, this is saving my sanity," the local Don said as he pulled a chair over.  "Go ahead and eat.  I've already eaten," he assured them with a smile.  "Young ladies, quite a nice job you've done recently.  My uncle said to tell you he's very sorry he said those things about you."

Arsene snorted.  "No he's not.  If he was he'd be making the apology himself instead of you doing it for him," she pointed out sweetly, smirking at him.  "Parents only make apologies for their kids.  He's an adult, he can offer his own.  Or else I'll remember him fondly."

The local Don chuckled.  "I'm sure you will, young lady.  Let me guess, you're Jigen's?"

"No, I am," Melissa told him.  "That's Lupin the Fourth."

"Ah, I should have realized, she does have her father's mouth."  He looked at Xander.  "And her mother's beauty."

"Thank you.  You're still not getting the egg back."

"Who was the other thief?"

"I don't know," she admitted with a small shrug.  "Not my concern."

"Good point."  He smiled at Lupin.  "Your crew is very good.  Would you take a commission to bring my niece to her chosen convent tomorrow as well?"

"Our kids have to start the Academy tomorrow," Lupin reminded him.   "You don't have guards?"

"She's having doubts and her mother is pushing this choice on her."

"And you want her to what?  Disappear?" Xander asked quietly.

"I'd rather see her be happy.  She won't be happy being a nun, nor a society wife.  She wants to go to college and I agree that it would suit her.  She's not the sort to sit home and be a mother.  Her mother wants to buy her place into heaven however."  He spread his hands.  "It's creating a conflict."

"But if she gets away from us, that'll wreck our rep and you can shimmy away from blame," Arsene noted.  "Not real fair to us."

"Yes, but I wouldn't have to punish you if she got away from you," he noted calmly.

"Good point," Arsene agreed.  "How about a simple 'running away with a boy' scenario?"

"She's under heavy guard.  It would take a very good thief to get her out of there.  Besides, she likes girls."

"What does she want to become?" Melissa asked.

"We're not sure.  Maybe a teacher."  He shrugged.  "She'll figure that part out."

"Does she have a means of surviving in the real world?" Xander asked.

"Yes, she's got a trust.  She'll be old enough to use it in two days.  She's got to go to Switzerland to sign for it actually."

"Which college?" Ishi asked.

"One of the ones in the US."

"Then we've only got to get her to Switzerland and hide her for two days," Xander said thoughtfully.

"It could take two days to get her up there if you take the back way," Melissa offered.  "Take the back roads and things."

"Her mother would claim she was kidnaped.  There are those who want to help her within the family but they won't go against her mother.  I may not like my sister, but she is quite...strong willed at times."

"Easily handled," Lupin noted.  "Next problem?" he asked with a smirk.

"Nothing more than that.  Just a simple request if you can pull it off."

"Oh, we can.  I could do that alone," Ishi told him.  "Getting her out of there will be the harder part than getting her up there."

"She doesn't have a passport or anything."

"We have spares," Melissa told him calmly.

"Thank you, children.  Thank you as well, Lupin."  He shook his hand.  "I've always liked doing business with you.  Sylvia, go ahead and keep the egg.  My uncle is presently fuming over it."  He winked at her.  "You really should wear more showy pieces.  You look adorable like that."

"Mine," Jigen growled.

"Fine. Sorry, Jigen.  Have fun with your children tonight.  I know them starting school can be emotional and trying."

"Hell no, we're throwing a party tomorrow night," Arsene snorted.  "No more people watching what we eat, what we wear, and who we chat with."

"I told you I didn't want you to talk with that guy earlier.  He was creepy," Xander reminded her.  "I was right too.  He's got a warrant out for his arrest for killing his last wife, who was about nineteen.  They suspect she wasn't his first."

"Ick," Arsene sighed.  "We were only talking about the murals though."

"Whine," Lupin told her.  "No talking to predators, daughter."

"Yes, daddy."  She smiled sweetly at him.  "Does that mean I've got to be mute at the Academy tomorrow?"  His eyes narrowed and she smirked at him.  "They would fit."

Jigen smacked her on the back of the head. "Behave."

"Fine.  I'll *try* to be good, but I *am* a Lupin."

The local Don snickered at that.  "I can't wait to see your formal debut, young lady.  You'll do your family name a great credit I'm sure.  All of you will."  He nodded politely.  "Have a good night."  He left them there, going out to his car laughing all the way.

"Don't worry, you'll see it," she said once he was gone, picking up her water to sip at.  "Dad, do we get to change some notions about us being monkeys imitating the great masters?"

"Not tonight," he told her firmly.

"Yes, daddy."

"Thank you, daughter.  Xander, eat?"

"I am," she promised, digging in again.  "Interesting.  How were you planning on it, Ishi?"

"Easy.  Melissa, wouldn't she be in the ivory tower we were looking at earlier?"

"Yeah, a real rook place," she agreed.  "Lots of ivy as well."  She thought quickly.  "Easily doable.  We can do it on the way back to the house if you're driving."

"The car may be a rental, but really, guys," Jigen complained.  "You can't have her conveniently 'steal' it, that's a bit overdone."

"Who said anything about stealing it?" Melissa asked him.  She smiled at her uncle, who raised an eyebrow.  "Permission?"

"One hour or we'll do it tomorrow," Lupin told her.

"Yes, dad," they all agreed.


Lupin looked up as the portal opened, getting up to walk his daughter through with her trunk rolling behind her.  "Sorry, we're a bit late today," he said as he shook the Headmistress' hand.  He smirked at the watching families.  "Yes, my daughter is old enough," he said proudly, letting her walk in front of him.  "Lupin, I want you to be a good girl.  Learn all you can to finish prepping your skills and we'll do stuff again this summer.  Maybe even in the US."

"Sure, dad."  She hugged him, subtly pickpocketting him.  He pulled back and took back his wallet. "Hey, I had to try," she reminded him with a smirk.

"Good point," Xander agreed as she walked Lotus and Ishi through.  Goemon had their things.  "Here's both Goemon's.  Lotus and Ishi.  Ishi was just presented with his sword," she said proudly.

"Congratulations," the Headmistress praised.  "I'm happy for you.  Probably one of the youngest in the family."

"The second youngest," Goemon admitted.  "My grandfather had his sword given to him on his fourteenth birthday because he was an orphan."  He dropped their things and hugged his children.  "Behave. Make me proud.  Write often."

"Yes, father," they agreed, grinning at him.

Jigen strolled in with his baby girl, who was snuggled up to his side.  "The last one," he said with a smirk.  "You be good, 'Lis.  Make me proud and work on that one problem."  She nodded, smiling up at him.  "And no boys yet."

"Of course not, dad."  She hugged him.  "Our allowance cards?"

Xander pulled a package out of her inner jacket pocket.  "Yours," she said, handing them to her.  "Watch Arsene's chocolate habit."

One of the other parents coughed.  "Who are you?" she asked them.

"That's my father, Lupin the Third," Arsene said loud enough to be heard.  "I'm Lupin the Fourth.  This is my planner and backup, Melissa Jigen, and my backup gunman and samurai, Goemon Ishikawa the Fourteenth.  That's his sister Lotus.  She's an occasional helper."  The mother's mouth fell open. Arsene smiled at her, a real, genuine smile.  "Don't worry, we won't corrupt your son or daughter, ma'am.  I've got my team.  I'll only help them if they ask me for it."

The Headmistress hid her smile at the audacity of this one.  "Come along, children.  Let's put your things in your rooms."  She noticed the portals closing and looked at Lupin.

"Marcus is back there," he assured her.

"Fine.  Unfortunately we're going to have to put you on different floors.  Ishi will be in the boy's dorms.  You girls are not allowed to visit him."

Arsene snorted.  "Yeah, because that'll be such a challenge?"

"We do have alarms and things, dear," the Headmistress cautioned.

"And?  Worse than the Louvre?  Or worse than the Smithsonian or National History Museum in DC?"

"Well, probably not," she admitted.  "Fine, but if you're caught you will be punished."

"As long as you don't tie us up outside and whip us, it should be fine," Melissa assured her quietly.  "We'd expect it if we got caught."

"No, we prefer chores as punishment, not beatings," the Headmistress assured her. "That changed the last century."  She smiled at her.  "That is very true, we wouldn't expect you not try the limits of the school's alarms."

"Eh, if we get caught, we're doing something wrong," Arsene assured her.  "Anything against visiting the other girls?"

"No, nothing," she promised.  She led them to the boy's doorway, nodding at the woman standing there.  "This is Goemon Ishikawa the Fourteenth."

"Hmm."  She looked at him.  "You may not have weapons in your room."

"My sword is a family heirloom and I have earned it," he said coolly.  "You touch it over your dead body."  His father let out a small grunt of displeasure.  "Making myself known now.  I'm not a newbie to the field," he noted calmly.  "The same as I'm excused from range classes because I'm already excellent in there."

"That is true.  He is permitted to have his sword and his gun in his room.  He has the qualifications to use both," the Headmistress told her.  "I'm sure the other students won't dare to touch them."

"Over their dead bodies," Ishi agreed dryly, bowing to her.  "My room is where?  So the girls know where they have to break into?"

"This way."  She led him and his father and mother down there, opening a door to a small private room.  "There you go.  The closet is at the foot of the bed.  You can move furniture if you want and are able."

He walked in, testing the bed.  "Hmm, we'll need better mattresses, mom."

"Of course, Ishi."  She hugged him. "Be a good boy," she whispered.  "No more threats."

"Just stating my case up front," he promised.  He set his trunk on his bed and took the briefcase she had in her hands.  "Thanks, Mom."  He kissed her on the cheek, then hugged his father.  "Should I follow you?"

"Yes, son, you probably should," Goemon agreed, walking out with him.  "Try not to have to prove your threats, son."

"Of course not, father."  He locked his door and followed them out to meet back up with the girls and walk them to their doors.  On the other side of the school but not that hard to get to.  The girls dropped their stuff off and came back out to walk their parents back to the courtyard.  They made sure a lot of people saw them with their parents and that their parents were giving them final instructions, then sent them off.

Arsene yawned.  "Okay, I'm tired now.  We should nap before dinner."

"My mattress sucks," Ishi told her.

"Ours are okay," Melissa offered.

"He's not allowed in your dorm rooms either, ladies," the Headmistress reminded him.  "Ishi, I'll try to get you a better mattress tonight.  You're in that double room?"  He shook his head.  "Fine.  I'll send a new one up.  Can you make due for tonight?"

"Probably.  Thank you, ma'am.  We're going to rest.  We had to go prove a point last night to someone who thought we were trained monkeys."  He smiled as he led the girls back to their doors, dropping them off before going back to his room.  He didn't have a key, but he could lock and unlock doors with a pick.  Apparently none of the other students dared or could yet.  He pulled out his cloak and laid it over top of his mattress then laid on top of it.  He could nap on this, it was soft fleece the color of midnight sky on moon dark.  Someone knocked on his door.  "Napping."

"Sorry.  Who are you?" the boy who stuck his head in asked.

"Goemon Ishikawa the Fourteenth."

"Oh.  You're THE Goemon's son?"

"Oldest son.  There's a few of us," he said tiredly.  "Why?"  He looked at the boy.  "Problems with my dad?"

"No, just wondering.  Who did you come in with?"

"Lupin the Fourth, Melissa Jigen, and my sister Lotus Goemon."

"Oh, wow," he breathed.  "I'll let you catch a nap.  I'll knock on your door at dinner time.  Have a nice nap, sir."  He closed the door and went to report to the older boys.  "That's Goemon the Fourteenth."

One of the older ones looked impressed.  "Interesting.  So the girls he came in with were Lupin the Fourth, Jigen the Second, and his sister?"  He nodded.  "Very interesting.  They're already trained.  They're here for a year of contact making.  We really should see how good they are."

Arsene strolled in, smirking at them.  "Why?  We're already damn good.  Did you know that you can pick the main door's lock with a piece of foil and a piece of gum?  Which one's Ishi's room?  We found a spare mattress."

"I'll lead you back," the younger boy said, leading her back there.  He tapped.  "Sir, it's your friends with a new mattress."

"Cool."  He opened the door and kicked his trunk out of the way so they could flop it on top of the old one.  Then he spread his cloak on it and climbed back into bed.  "Night, Arsene."

"Night, Ishi.  Have happy dreams.  We've got formal range qualifications tonight according to some of our girls."

"I thought we already did."

"Maybe.  We might need to check."  She smirked at the boy.  "You're cute.  Newbie?"  He nodded quickly.  "Learn what you can from your teachers, but keep in mind that in the field is much different from the classroom."  She left, going back to her room.  The boy's monitor gave her a shocked look as she came out.  "We found a spare mattress for Ishi and delivered it.  Can you tell the Headmistress?"

"Fine," she squeaked.  "You're a Lupin?"  She nodded, smirking. "I attended with your father."

"Cool.  Did he drive you insane?  I'm nearly exactly like him, only female."  She strolled off, going to take a tour on her own.

The monitor went to talk to the Headmistress.  "Are we giving Lupin's daughter free access to her partner?"

"No, she's agreed that if she got caught she'd take her punishment," she said dryly.  "They already got caught?"

"She was delivering a mattress to her partner."

"That's fine. I'll excuse that one this time.  It saves me the problem of finding a spare."  She smiled at the next parent coming in.  "Hello.  Welcome back."


Lupin looked up as someone tapped on his shoulder, smirking at the local Don.  "What did they do last night?"

"They went to visit my uncle.  They signed their names on his new wife's back and wrote a nice note about how the safe was cheap and how cute the nursery was, wishing him much fun with the new baby."  Lupin snickered, shaking his head.  "He's not impressed, Lupin."

"Yay.  The kids do what they want to," Jigen reminded him as he sat down.  "All we knew is that they left for a bit then came back about an hour later."

"They wrote on the old guy's wife's back," Lupin told him.  "Signed their names."  The Don handed over a folded piece of paper.  "Hnm, Lupin the Fourth, Jigen the Second, and Goemon the Fourteenth congratulate you on your taste of wives, she's very pretty.  Unfortunately your safe is not up to decent standards. You might want to get a new one," he read, starting to smirk more now.  That was so like his little girl.  "Fortunately we made sure that nothing valuable was left in such a vulnerable container.  Ooh, and further down according to the note, and in another handwriting, someone said the nursery was very cute.  The pink flowers and bunnies were adorable."  He handed it to the other father.

"Probably Lotus," Jigen snorted, reading it for himself.  He shook his head as he handed it over, smirking at the Don.  "Does he still think that they're imitating little whores and trained monkeys?"

"No," he admitted.  "He's now beefed up his security and made sure his wife hadn't been touched."

"Melissa wouldn't touch her against her will and Lupin the Fourth's presently liking boys," Jigen assured him.  "Ishi's got a girl and Lotus is straight."

"Good to know," the Don said sarcastically.  "It made him paranoid.  He wants to yell at you in person about your children by the way."

Lupin snorted.  "Sure, we'll go visiting," he promised.  "I doubt the kids did more than take the safe."  The Don looked stunned and he laughed.  "What?  Did you expect anything other than that from us?"

"No," he squeaked.  "Leave me out of this.  I don't want to know.  I never heard that," he said as he stood up and walked away.

"No wonder Lotus kept yawning," Jigen said.

"Hmm.  Where is Xander?"

"Not a clue," Jigen admitted.  He checked his watch, then pulled his phone. It'd been two hours since she'd gone off on her own.  If it was a job she'd be done and if not, she was hopefully shopping.  He got her voicemail.  "It's me, babe.  We're having lunch.  Come join us."  He hung up.  "Voicemail."

"Hmm.  Hopefully she'll find something pretty to tithe us with."  He sipped his coffee.  "You didn't tell her where?"

"She knows where we haunt in town," Jigen reminded him.  He looked at the waitress and nodded, she knew them and knew what they'd want.  She brought him his usual coffee and patted him on the shoulder as she walked past him.  "Thanks."  He took a sip.  "Great as usual."

"Definitely."  Lupin sipped his own.  "Where do you think she is?"

"Hopefully on her way here," Jigen noted.  He looked over as the doors opened and Xander strolled in with her bigger purse.  She had been carrying a smaller one earlier.  "Get some shopping done?"

"A bit," she offered. "Should we send the kids a new mattress?"

"No, they've got spares around there," Lupin promised.  He looked at her purse. "That doesn't really go with the outfit."

"No, but it holds all the stuff I went shopping for," she said smugly.  "Feed me?" she pleaded, winking at Lupin.

"We'll do that later, dear.  Eat for now. You'll need it," Lupin promised, starting to get hot.  She had pulled a job.  He couldn't wait to see what she had gotten for him this time.

"We've still got to get the other two their rifles for their squads," she reminded them.

"We'll do that on the way to the hotel," Jigen promised, stroking down her arm.  "Were you a good girl?"

"No, I've been a bit bad, Jigen," she admitted, blinking her big, brown eyes at him.  "I was a very naughty girl.  I should be punished for being so naughty."  Lupin let out a visceral moan and Jigen had to shift in his seat.  "Are you sure you can't feed me now?"

"Hurry up, we're going," Lupin ordered, his voice raspy.  Jigen gulped his coffee and put some money on the table, not caring how much it was as they led their woman out of the restaurant and to the car.

The waitress came back to get the money.  "They paid two hundred bucks for two cups of coffee and a sandwich Lupin didn't eat?" she said, sounding amused.  "Wow, that woman of theirs is something."  She took it back to the register, keeping her tip.  It was very generous of them.  She listened to the radio, smirking when she heard that one of the jewelry houses had been robbed.  "Ah, no wonder," she sighed.  "She's hot for them."  She went to her next table, refilling their coffee cups.


Xander laid out the five pieces of jewelry she had kept, letting them see them.  "You can each pick one."

"That's all you got?" Lupin asked, looking at them.  They were exquisite pieces.  All stunning and full of diamonds.  He picked up one he liked, looking at Jigen, who picked the one he liked, and Goemon picked one for him and Marcus, since he wasn't here he'd have to share.  He was still rated as a student anyway.

"No, the rest went to someone's house.  Call my daughter a talentless whore again," she said sweetly.

Jigen looked stunned.  "You did what?"

She smirked at him, lying back on the bed.  "I made sure that someone would find them in *just* the right spot.  His wife was very nice and sweet too.  Got off from a kiss."

"Lupin, why are you letting her take up your old kissing bandit routine?" Jigen demanded.

"I got there and she was doing it on her own," Xander admitted.  "I only kissed her to calm her down again and she got off from it."  She held up her hands.  "Sniff to check?"  Lupin laid down next to her and licked them, making her moan.  "Hmm, I needed that."

"I'll leave you alone," Goemon said as he left the room, closing and locking the door behind himself.

Xander smirked at Jigen.  "I left them on the bed with her while she slept the sleep of the deeply sated.  But a few pieces may be missing.  She didn't want me to make her a poor widow."

He smirked at her.  "Naughty girl.  Taking a Don's wife and making her want you more then setting him up.  Naughty, Xander."  He leaned down to kiss her, getting grabbed and tossed onto the bed to be ravished by her.

"Ooooh, someone got hot watching the pregnant wife go off," Lupin teased, getting her out of her jacket and undoing her dress.  "We need to go shopping for you later, Xander."

"I sent out the laundry," she admitted between kisses.  She wiggled her butt, letting Lupin know what he could play with.  He was very good behind her.  Besides, it was Jigen's turn to get her front.


In a distant place, a certain God looked at his favorite pawns and smirked.  Yes, it was all good with him.  And perhaps he could make it more interesting.  That one had desired and wished silently for another one.  Perhaps.  Then again, his choker was coming off soon.  He'd have to consider it carefully.


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