In October, Don was looking over the bank statements.   There was one with the 'to' stating prepaid rent for a location he knew was in the iffy part of town.  "Why do we have an apartment in town?" he asked Danny.

"I don't know.  New project of Xander's?"

"Maybe."  He frowned.  "It's not in a great neighborhood and wouldn't be somewhere he'd stash us."

"Maybe another next life plan or for a friend who's hiding?" Ray Junior guessed.

They stared at him.  "You haven't been running with him, huh."

"I have some but not as much.  He's been doing a lot of dance practice recently and teaching something to Anya."  He shrugged.  "It's definitely keeping him out of backlog with how much he's been working out.  And that extra five pounds of butt pudge is *gone*."

"Hmm.  I noticed he was getting a bit thin again," Don said.  "I wonder what they're doing."

"No clue," Ray Junior admitted.  He grinned at Dean and Sam.  "Any idea why Xander has a place rented downtown?"

"We know there's some lady living there," Dean offered.

"Xander called her a teacher once," Sam said.

"So he's learning from her, not spoiling her," Don decided, nodding some.  "Okay."  He and Danny shared a look.  "We've got to find out what our goofy bitch is doing this time."  He heard the car.  The soft tinkle of an ankle bell, they had gotten a lot less noticeable in the last four months.  Xander leaned down to give him a kiss.  "An apartment in town?"

"What about it?" he asked, sliding over the back of the couch to hug Ray Junior.  "Hi."

"Hi."  He grinned.  "What're you learning there?"

"Oooh, some very nice things.  Anya and I have been taking lessons."  He cuddled him.  "How long are you in for?"

"A few days."  He smirked at him.  "You should show them."

"It was going to be their holiday present."

Danny looked at Xander.  "I think we should get an earlier one and then you can make us something sinful for the holidays using this and maybe something else."  Xander leaned over to kiss him.  He smirked.  "Is it naughty?"

"Very naughty.  We'd have to go out so I could show you."

Don nodded.  "Go get dressed and we will."  Xander grinned and went to do that.  "Do we need to change?"

"Yes.  You look too much like a detective."

"Okay," Don decided, getting up and hauling Danny up so they could change.  "Casual clothes?"

"Stuff you won't mind if it gets messy."

"Jeans then," Don decided.

Ray looked at the Winchesters with a shiver.  "I'm not sure if I want to know or not.  It might corrupt my good boy moments."

"Hell, I'm thinking it might corrupt *my* good boy moments," Dean quipped.

"Yes it would but I'll let you come with us if you want, Dean," Xander called.  "Not tonight but to class."

"No thanks.  When I finally get a serious girl, I'll let you corrupt her."  He and Sam sat down.  It was apparently going to be a short night of Xander around the house.  It was great he wasn't bored anymore though.


"Why are we at a strip club?" Danny asked.

"Because now and then you need titties and they have other things here that I need."  Xander grinned and parked, getting out with the boys.  "Go find a seat, let me arrange things."  Xander paid their cover and went to the bar.  "I need...." he told the bartender, bringing her over.  It was a female strip club.

Don and Danny found a seat and sat down, watching the not-too-bad girl on the stage.  Don was trying hard not to look around.  Danny was starting to think bad thoughts about Xander renting a woman an apartment.  Xander came back.  "So," Don said.

"Twenty minutes.  It's in use."  He grinned.  He handed them their drinks of choice, getting a grin for his soda.  "I'm driving," he said with a grin.  In more ways than one but they'd be pleased.

Danny looked at him.  "Who is renting that apartment?"

"One of the girls who works here."

"So, we're renting a place for a stripper?" Don asked.  "Why?"

"She's got ten last credit hours this semester.  She's doing really good in her physical rehabilitation classes."  He sipped his drink.  "Plus Anya and I have been taking some lessons off her."

"What sort?" Don asked calmly.

Xander smirked.  "You'll see in about fifteen minutes."

Don sipped his beer, deciding he could wait.  "She's not bad."

Xander looked.   "No, not bad.  Needs the wrinkles in her saline bags flattened out though."  They both nodded at that.  The waitress came over to tell them the room was free, smiling at Xander.  He tipped her and they took their drinks that way.  Xander had gotten change for the jukebox already.  She led them into a private dance room.  It had two sturdy chairs and a pole, plus a small, wall mounted jukebox in the corner.

Clay, who was up by the stage, saw Danny go past and looked, mentally moaning.   Shit, they were both there with some girl.  This might get messy tomorrow unless Xander knew.  He definitely wasn't going to tell him, but he hoped they didn't have to pull Xander off his boys.  He sipped his beer and held up a dollar, bringing the dancer over to jiggle in his face.

Xander slipped two dollars into the jukebox and selected what he wanted.   He sat Don in the chair in front of the pole while Danny turned the other around to sit in backwards.  Xander moved to the pole, dancing for them.  He swayed against it then slowly slid up it, giving Don a steamy look over his shoulder.  Don shifted in his chair.  Xander turned to dance with it at his back, then back around with a spin to dance bent over, butt sticking out toward them.  He shimmied back up the pole, spinning around with his legs wrapped around the pole.

Don swallowed.  "You took pole dancing lessons?"

"That too," Xander purred with a grin.  He kept dancing for them, making them hot.  Then he switched to some belly dancing against the pole.

Don panted, waving him over and patting his lap.  "Lap dance for us, babe.  Please?"  Xander straddled his lap, doing as best he could but just far enough away to not give Don any friction.  "Lower," he moaned.

"Lap dances are teases, Mr. Detective Man," Xander purred.  "Not a contact sport."  Don moaned and arched up.  Xander let him but then went back to a proper lap dance.  He was gyrating, arms above his head, adding in the occasional hip swish or stomach wiggle to draw attention to his abs and hips.  Don was panting and hard.  Xander backed off when the song ended, going back to the pole dancing.  He was pretty good at it.  Don whimpered but Xander winked over his shoulder and went back to being the biggest dick tease on the planet.  It was his right as a GHS.

Danny was panting, staring at their naughty thing.  Xander was going to drive them nuts.  "Do that lap dance thing again," he ordered, getting up to change the song to something better for it.  Xander came over to belly dance in front of Don, whose eyes were blown with lust.  Don couldn't seem to catch his breath.  He sounded like he was running a marathon.  His pants had to be uncomfortable.

Danny reached over to release it for him.  "Let down the hair, Xander."  Xander released the bottom band and they found out he had braided it to the base of his skull and left the rest loose.  It was down to just past the curve of his ass.  Danny sat down and watched.  Their naughty thing was extremely naughty.   Xander was smiling and happy to do this for them.  Don wasn't even touching himself.  He was just staring in awe.

"Lap," Don moaned.  "Please, Xander?"  Xander moved closer to lean down and kiss him.  That's what it took for Don to get off with a sweet sounding moan that made Xander harder too.  Then Xander went back to teasing them.  He started to mix the belly dancing moves with the pole dancing ones.  "Oh, Goddess," Don murmured, crossing himself.  He might die from this.  A lot.  It was worth it.  Someone opened the door and then squeaked and closed it.

"Sir, I don't think we need to bust that room.  It's not illegal for one gay guy to be teasing two more," the officer told the raid leader.

"What?  Gay guys in a titty bar?  Why?"

He led him outside and pointed at the SUV next to the door.  "I saw Detective Flack, sir, and it was obviously that special long hair of his boyfriend, plus Detective Messer was watching the hair belly dance for them.  I don't think that's illegal."

"No, that's not illegal," he agreed.  "We can ignore them."  He walked back inside shaking his head.  The drug raid had went well.  He saw two guys at a table not looking at each other.  "Who're you two?" he demanded.  "This place is shut down for the night."

"Miami's retrieval team."  Clay held up his ID card from the Society.

"Here with ...."  He pointed.

"No, we were having a night out," Roque said.  "We can make sure they get home."

"Please.  We'll be shutting it in about twenty minutes.  Don't steal any drinks."

"Wouldn't anyway.  It's watery beer," Clay said.  That got a nod and the officer walked off.  With the other music off they could faintly hear the music from the room Xander was in.  "I cabbed."

"Me too," Roque admitted.  "The strippers weren't bad."

"No, not bad at all, and I heard a few of them gave great blowjobs."  Roque nodded he had heard the same.

The junior officer got the bad job.  He had to go tell the trio to go home.  He knocked this time before opening the door slightly.  "Sir, Narco raided this club," he said, not looking anywhere but Messer's face.  "We're shutting the club in a few minutes."

"We only need ten more," Don whimpered.

"Yes, sir."  He shut the door and went to report that.  The two retrieval members were finishing their only beers.  He gave them the breathalyzer himself to make sure they were still sober.  He hated drunks.

Don got off again, going limp in his chair.  "Baby, you amaze us."  He took a kiss.  "We have to go home.  We can do more there."  He took another kiss.  "Get Danny really fast?"

"Nah, I'm all messy," Danny said.  Xander kissed him too.  "I guess I'm driving."

Xander winked.  "I can drive so Don has time to recover."  He helped Don up.  "C'mon.  We'll put you to bed."

"No, we'll go to the living room, set up the ottoman so you can do it some more, and I get to blow my next one up your ass," Don said in his ear.  "I want to slip into you while you're dancing, Xander.  You're so damn hot."  Xander shivered but nodded.  Don had to lean on them when they walked out.  "Hey, guys," he said dryly when he spotted them.

"Keys," Clay said.  "None of you are in any shape to drive."  Xander handed them over with a grin.  The trio got in the back.  Roque put up the privacy window.  There were still emergency cameras so they could watch.  It was a half-hour drive back to the house.  Clay slid in to drive after checking the car over.

Don relaxed on one of the plush seats.  "Get naked, dance for me that way."

"There's nothing for me to hang onto if we hit the rough road again," Xander said.  He was stripping.

"Use my shoulders, Xander.  Belly dance a lap dance for me."  Xander finished getting naked, looking good slightly sweaty and tanned.  Xander put his clothes across the limo from them and crawled over to lick up one of Don's legs.  Don shivered at that, letting his naughty thing climb into his lap however he wanted.

Xander crawled up him, kissing him when he was finally in his lap.  "Mmm."  Xander started a more traditional lap dance, making Don groan and flush and arch up to get more contact.  Xander was teasing though.  Don gripped his hips, rubbing against him harder.

Xander smirked and took another kiss, pulling back some to belly dance a lap dance as requested.  The swishing, tinkling hips was drinking his brain in long gulps.  They hadn't realized Xander had a waist chain on.  It made pretty music with his ankle bells.  Don was back to whimpering and begging to let himself blast again.  Then Xander stood up and danced a bit more club style, arms back over his head, flexing his ass.

Danny looked, he could see the tip of a plug peeking through the hair.  "I think he's got the two inch one that looks like a tongue on the back," he said.  He pulled Xander closer to check, licking it like he was kissing it.  Xander moaned, shivering and shaking while he did it.  He spanked him lightly.  "That's for making me come so hard earlier without you touching me."

Xander kissed him, then smiled and went back to teasing Don.  "Whatever shall I do for your holiday present instead, guys?"

Don whimpered.  "We'll figure it out or take this."  Xander smirked and turned around to dance for him again.  Don liked that plug.  It meant Xander was loose enough to take but still way too tight not to blow his head off.  Don patted his lap and Xander swayed back, shimmying his way back into Don's lap.  Don was back to panting.  Xander was driving him insane.

Up front, Clay and Roque were watching the show since they were home.  It was very hot.  Hotter than the strip club.  Even if Xander didn't have breasts.  "Damn it, I need a woman," Clay muttered.

"Thought you had one," Roque quipped.

"She's in London."

"Pity."  Roque smirked.  Clay punched him.  "You're gonna pay for that."

Xander rolled his eyes at the playing up front.  "Just screw and get it over with," he called.  "I think we're home."  He winked at Don.  "Coming?"

"Just as soon as I get out of these damn pants and get up you," Don promised in a breathless pant.  "Go set up the ottoman for us."  Xander got out still naked and strolled into the house.  Don looked at Danny.  "If I don't survive, take good care of him?"

"It's the beauty of being immie, Don.  We'll survive it unless he makes us blow our heads off."  He helped Don inside, going back to watching.  He loved to watch Xander tease Don.  The ottoman was pushed back against the couch, had a few of the pillows stacked on an incline so Don could lay back but his feet were on the floor for strength in thrusting.  That was a good position.

Danny helped Don strip off while Xander put on some music, then he came back to do a full belly dance for them naked.  His hair was sticking in some places but followed his moves, swaying and twitching with him.  Outside they could hear Clay and Roque fighting but then it got really quiet so they assumed they were in the back of the car fucking.  Which was fine as long as they cleaned up their mess.

Xander was doing that one-sided hip twitch when Don patted his lap again.  Xander pulled him down a bit then danced for him, straddling his thigh.  They were parted and Don was limp.  Xander moved to his knees over Don's groin, making Don gulp air and run his hands up Xander's sides.  Don lasted as long as he could before he pulled out the plug and slammed his way into the tight, warm, soft spot.  Xander moaned but still wiggled.

Don flipped them over to get on top, riding Xander hard.  Xander was moaning so pretty.  Don bit him because he was possessive of his bitches but Xander was loving it.  He squealed when Don pulled back.  Xander flipped them back over, only letting Don have a little bit inside him.  He was working the muscles he had, making Don whimper.

"Damn, it's like when you suck me, Xander.  Please, babe, please!" he begged.  Xander winked and lowered himself some, leaning down to kiss him while his ass muscles sucked at Don's cock.  Don pushed up harder but Xander stopped him cold and winked, getting off him to tease him some more.  Don went limp, staring, watching Xander move.  "Suck me?" he begged.

"Lube tastes nasty," Xander teased.

Danny got a wet washcloth and handed it over.  Don cleaned himself off and Xander came to suck him but ended up having to clean off his tongue and clean Don off better.  Then he gave him the blow of his life, but stopped before he could get off.  "Dick tease," Danny said, smirking at him.  He stripped too.   He had already come in his clothes.  Twice.  This time he wanted to be outside of his clothes.  Damp denim was not the soft thing he wanted to rub against.

He watched Xander work them into a state where Don was going to snap, pull him down, and made Xander howl when he rode him harder than he expected.  Then maybe he'd get Don's ass.  It was pretty rare and Don did have a sweet ass.  He found the lube and waited.  Don was growling now about being teased but Xander was just smirking at him.  Finally Don snapped and pulled Xander back down, planting him in his lap to ride him hard.  Xander was moaning and clutching at Don's chest.

"Get him on his knees," Danny said in Don's ear.  Don flipped them over, pinning Xander underneath him to ride harder and work them both into a froth.  Danny smirked, moving closer to stretch Don out.  Don whimpered, hanging his head.  That may be because he had finally been allowed to come or it might be because Xander had clamped down again.  Danny worked the lube in, quickly loosening the tight ring.  Don whimpered, pushing back against his fingers.

"All mine too," Danny reminded him as he slipped in.  Don yelped as Danny pulled out and slammed back in.  "Do him harder, Don.  Then you're mine."  He pulled out, letting Don finish with Xander.  Even Xander was begging now.  Don was growling and unable to talk.  Finally Xander came with a shriek and Don groaned, licking up Xander's spine all the way to the spot he kissed on the back of his neck.  He placed a good hickey on it, and slowly calmed himself down.  Danny smiled, moving to have Don again, making him groan.

"I can't get it back up, Danny."

"Don't matter.  I want that sweet, pretty boy ass of yours," he said in his ear.  "Cuddle our naughty thing while I make sure you're well attended to."  Don moaned and nodded, pulling Xander closer to cuddle him.  With Don on top of the cuddle, one leg thrown over Xander's, he was at the perfect position for Danny to finish debauching him.   Danny got off with a groan, going limp across Don's back.  He carefully pulled out and shifted to pull Xander into his arms so they could both cuddle him.  "You are fantastic," he whispered in Xander's ear.  "You're so naughty yet so healthy for us."  Xander moaned and nodded.  "Learn more and you can put up a pole in here if you want."


Dean and Sam came down for breakfast, finding Don and Xander on the ottoman dead.  "I'm having deja vu," Sam murmured.  Then Xander gasped and came back, followed quickly by Don.  "Thank God."  They escaped, heading off to do something somewhere else in Miami.  They didn't know why the SUV had the brake lights on, but Dean stole the keys so the battery didn't finish going dead.  Then they got in the impala and went to find breakfast.


Danny came back with the special pastries Xander adored, the coffee Don would need to stay alive for longer than a few minutes, and two other coffees.  He put those two in the front seat and slammed the SUV's door with a smirk as he walked toward the house.  Xander and Don were alive again on the ottomans.  That was a good sign.

Clay looked out the window then in the front seat.  He stole the coffees, handing Roque his.  They got redressed and snuck out opposite doors, heading back to their places.   They'd ignore last night.  It had been in reaction to Xander.  He was enough to turn straight guys gay.


Jenesen got up and went for a run then came home to check his computer.  He smiled once he got done with his email.  "Time for the daily hacking of Xander to check on him," he decided.  He did it whenever he didn't talk to Xander for a while to make sure he was still all right and in Miami.  He got into the house's security system, looking around.  "Why is there a pole in the living room?  I thought he put it up each day."  He looked around, finding the stored security footage from the cameras he had implanted separately.  That told him all he needed to know.  Jensen moaned.

It was probably wrong to wank off to your friend's sexy dance for his boyfriends but Xander would be happy he had made him that horny.  The guy loved being such a huge ass tease.  Which was why it looked like Don was lying dead on the ottomans.  Though they were facing the pole so maybe he had a heart attack watching Xander practice.  Cougar walked in and he turned it off.  "I think Xander's going to miss practice today.  I should warn Anya."

Cougar stared at him.  "Qué (What)?"

"He's been taking belly dancing and pole dancing lessons with Anya."  Cougar nodded he knew that.  "He finally showed his boys last night.  It looks like Don died of a heart attack."  Cougar came over to look so he showed him the current time, which was Xander working out for his boys' pleasure.  Don was barely awake.

Cougar shuddered and walked off shaking his head.  He did not need to see Xander pole dancing.  The fact Jensen was watching it amused him but he didn't need to see it.

Jensen called Anya.  "Xander's performing for his boys so you're probably on your own today."  He hung up and went back to watching.  He groaned when he finally gave in and stroked himself.  "Use the pole better, Xander," he moaned.


Danny watched Xander practice to drive them more nuts.   "Think of the pole like a giant dick, Xander.  Play with it like you would want to play with ours.  Entice us, show us what you want to do to us."  Xander nodded, changing his style some.  No more chest rubbing up and down the pole.  That worked better when you had breasts.  Now he was rubbing his ass against it and driving them nuts by how he slid up and down it, licking it sometimes, sometimes spinning around it.  He even managed the move where he was upside down, slowly sliding down the pole only holding on with his thighs.

Even Xander was hard at the mental image he was creating.  He was doing it naked for them and it was *so* good.  Don was already making needy noises.  Xander got done with that and came over to work on his belly dancing skills.  Don's eyes bulged.  You couldn't get the full effect of those hips in a dark room.  Now they were seeing the full thing and Xander was going to make Don's head explode, literally, soon.

Xander winked at Don, moving closer.  "I'm going to talk Speed into coming with us," he purred.

"Horatio's back will complain," he murmured.  "Babe, you're driving me nuts."

Xander winked.  "That's why it was your holiday present."  He turned and went back to it, shimmying around them, hips twitching and wiggling.  Danny was more than ready to grab Xander, slam him into his lap, and fuck him into dying again.  Or Don, both his bitches needed it.  Xander was teasing him more today.  Last night he had concentrated on Don's needs.

Today Danny was getting more play.  Danny moaned, shivering when Xander came over to give him one of those special lap dances.   Xander kept him from capturing him but it was too damn good to go on for long without Danny blasting come all over Xander's body.   Xander purred in his ear and moved off to drag his finger through it then lick it off with a wink and a hot look at Danny.  Then at Don.  Don snapped and pulled him over to lick him clean then give him the blow of his life.

"Usually you make me wanna have you suck me," Don panted between licks.  "Today you made me wanna suck you.  That's so hot, Xander."  He buried his face in Xander's pubic mound, doing the best he could with a blow job.  He wasn't very skilled at it but he was going to try really hard today.  Xander screamed as he came, back arching up.  Don shifted up to kiss him while sliding in and pounding Xander's ass for a good, long, hard ride.  "You cock tease so beautifully, Xander," he panted.  "God, the things you do to me."  He finally had to come and went limp, falling across Xander's limp body.

Danny watched.  Yup, they both died a little bit.  He sighed, going to get something to drink.  "Don needs those lessons," he muttered as he trekked for juice.


Back in Jensen's apartment, he came a second time and went limp in his chair.  He turned off the feed after saving it down.  That was one he wanted to save for later needs.  Not that he'd tell Xander....  Or that Xander would probably mind.  He tried three times to get out of his chair before he managed it so he could wobble his way into a shower.  Then he flopped face first on his bed naked.  Damn.  Just...damn.


Pooch let himself into Jensen's apartment.  It was way too quiet and they knew he was here.  He found him half on the bed, naked, and hard.  "I don't wanna know," he decided, sneaking out.  Looks like they'd have to see if Cougar could babysit so he and Jolene could have some fun.  Cougar was on top of the building in the sun, staring across the city.  "Want to babysit?"  Cougar looked at him and shook his head.  "Please?"  Cougar shook his head.  "Why not?"

"I'm waiting on Jensen to finish up."

"I saw how he was on the bed.  Did he finally find a girl?"

"Watched Xander teasing."

"That's enough to do it to anyone," Pooch decided.  He walked off to tell Jolene the bad news.  He heard Clay stumble in and looked.  "Are you sober?"

"Yes, but fuck off."

"What happened last night?"

"Titty bar," Clay told him.

"Want to babysit?  I'd like some of that with my wife."

"Hell no.  Call Xander.  He might be awake."

He considered it and called him.  He got the answering machine.  Then Ray Junior called him back from the house.  "What is going on today?"  He listened to the fact that Xander was being a huge dick tease and having his boys in the living room so Ray was hiding.  "Want to babysit?  Thanks, Ray."  He hung up and got his baby prepared for being sat in the gym.  They didn't let the baby out of the building and he doubted Ray would bring the baby back to Xander's since they were having sex in the living room.

Jolene had something new to show him that Xander had helped her buy.  He wanted to see what it was.  His baby wasn't wild like Xander but she knew what tripped his trigger every time.  Ray Junior showed up and cooed at the baby, taking him down to the gym and 'hospitality area' in the building.  Jolene came out of their bedroom in a lacy, dark blood red silk camisole and a silk g-string.  Pooch tipped his head to the side.  "It's a shame to rip that off you, baby."

She smirked.  "Silk's pretty tough.  It might not rip all that easy."  She strolled over.  That's when he realized she was wearing heels too.  He also noticed she had just had a wax.  Her legs were enormous and he shivered when she teased his chest with a hand.  Her nails matched the outfit.  He moaned, grabbing her to kiss.  She smirked back.  "You might need to cut it off me, Pooch.  I'm thinking I'm going to like this one."  She strolled off.  He stripped as he followed her.  Babysitters were the best invention ever!  Right up there with Trashy Lingerie.

Clay looked at the door when he heard the loud, female moan.  "I wonder if she caught Xander teasing too."  He took another aspirin and slugged it back with some coffee.  He went to bed.  He was exhausted.  He didn't have a hangover but he hadn't gotten any sleep last night.  He thought about checking on Jensen but he was sure he had checked the security feed from Xander's.  So he probably was in geek glee over stripper things.


Horatio looked around the semi-empty lab.  "Did Danny call in?"  He was late today due to court.

Speed held up two notes.  "From Danny.   One for you and one for Frank."  He smirked.  "Apparently whatever lessons Xander's sneaking and taking with Anya paid off in heart attacks."

Horatio looked at the one for him, smirking at the simple message of //Don's dead and I can't get him to stay alive thanks to Xander's hips of doom.  Sorry.//  "Interesting.  What do we think he was doing?"

"I think there's a reason he's been wearing ankle bells beyond making his walk smoother," Stella said as she joined them.  "Because I know Anya was gushing over the skills she was learning from belly dancing and pole dancing lessons."

Horatio shivered.  "That ...that is a very dirty thought, Stella."  Speed showed her the notes.  She cackled and nodded.  "We should check on them later."

"Xander suggested I should learn what he's learning.  It's great cardio," Speed said with a smirk.

Horatio looked at him.  "Unlike them, if my heart blows up, I won't be coming back, Speed."  Speed walked off grinning.  "Dick tease," he muttered in Spanish.

Stella nodded.  "Yeah, he is.  Maybe you should learn instead, Horatio."

"Speed has much better rhythm than I do, Stella.  It's unfortunate but I am one white man who does not dance all that well."  He took the other note to Frank's desk, finding him scowling at Don and Ray's empty ones.  "I have an explanation for one."

"Good!"  He took the note. //We made Xander show us what he was going to do for our Christmas Eve present.  Sorry.// "Messer didn't get descriptive."

"Stella said she's heard they were taking belly dancing and pole dancing lessons."

"That goes with the report from Narco that they found the trio at a strip club they were busting but didn't arrest them since three gay guys in a private dance wasn't breaking the law," Ray said as he walked around them.  "I was making sure the tape was confiscated."  He looked at them.  "I wonder if he's giving lessons this time."

"Who saw it?" Frank asked.

"The commander of Narco and one of the DA's.  He wanted to know why the officers found there weren't arrested.  The raid leader used it to prove they weren't doing anything illegal.  Nothing wrong with hiring a room at a strip club to use the pole."

"Where is this tape now?" Horatio asked.  Ray held up the bag.  "The only copy?"

"Yup.  I was assured that no one made a copy and the one officer that saw them doing it and later told them they had to go home had a few private moments later on then went back on shift."

"Hmm.  So no hormone backlog," Horatio said.  "Interesting."  He stared at the tape.  "Xander would probably mind."

Ray put the tape on his desk and texted him.  "Danny said it was family only because it was amazingly sexy."  He looked up.  "He also said to check with Jensen to make sure he didn't get into the security system and if he did to make sure no one else saw it."

"I can talk to Jensen in a few minutes."  Horatio and Frank took the tape.  Speed and Stella joined them.  Ray had apparently seen it.

Speed swallowed, keeping himself from grabbing Horatio to fuck him raw.  "I'm so taking lessons," he muttered.

Stella nodded.  "Looks like a good workout."

Frank looked at her.  "Remember, if you kill Mac, he won't come back."

She smirked.  "I always show some restraint.  I don't want him dead most of the time."  Frank snickered, leaving them alone.  She and Speed shared a look.  They were getting Xander to teach them.  He was good about teaching them the dances when they wanted to try.

Horatio went to see Jensen.  He was barely awake when he answered the door.  Horatio ignored the fact he was naked.  "Xander said if you checked the security cameras, you were to make sure no one ever saw it."

"It's so protected even the hackers better than me can't get it," he promised in a hoarse voice.  "Did you need me to delete it?"

"No.  We saw the tape from the club."

"Club?" Jensen squeaked.  "Oh, god, now I know what his present was going to be."

Horatio hummed and nodded, smirking some.  "By the tape, Clay drove them home."

"I wonder if whoever he slept with can walk then."  He shook his head quickly.  "I'd never tell, Horatio."

"Thank you."  He put back on his sunglasses, smiling some.  "Get some more sleep, Jensen. You sound like you're coming down with something."

"It's called I need a girlfriend, Horatio.  Really a whole lot."  Horatio smirked as he walked off.  Jensen closed the door and went to get some juice and go back to bed.  He was feeling dehydrated.  "I might even stoop to a hooker this time," he moaned, getting back into bed.  He heard Jolene squealing in pleasure and no grunting so apparently she had talked him into oral sex.  "I need more insulation," he said, glaring at the floor.  He drifted off again.  Maybe he was catching something, as long as it wasn't a case of stalker.  Him stalking Xander would be bad.  Maybe in a few centuries if he got rid of Danny, Don, and Ryan.


Wade saw Anya pouting and looked at her.  "What's wrong?"

"Xander showed our surprise to his boys early."

"Sorry to hear that.  What surprise?"

She smiled.  "I don't have the right clothes.  Xander was finding them for me.  It's the holiday present we had planned for our significant others."

"Hmm.  Sounds interesting."  He pulled her closer.  "What sort of special outfit do you need?"

"He was looking at something Indian for some reason."  She straddled his lap and kissed him.  "Now he'll have to figure something else to give them."

"You can show me a little bit if you want."

She smirked.  "That would spoil the surprise, Wade."

"Probably."  He spanked her, making her hiss and kiss him, then bite him on the lip.  "Give me ten minutes of it?  That way I'm really anticipating Christmas for the first time in years?"

"You celebrate Christmas?"

"Don't you guys?"

"I think we did solstice because of Willow but I do not celebrate any holiday that centers around a demon that eats children."

"Good to know.  We can do solstice instead if you want."

"We can do Christmas but no Santa?"

"Santa was a demon?  I thought he was some monk."

"Not hardly."  She smiled.  "We can do whatever you want."

"I like it when you say that," he teased.  "Give me a good show and I'll take you shopping."  She squealed and got up to change then came out wearing the nightie she knew he loved.  She belly danced because she was better at it.  Then she kitty-crawled over to climb into his lap and kiss him.  He was growling again, which was a very good sign.  She might even be too sore to shop.  He ripped the flimsy nightie off and took her there, making her squeal and ride him hard.  "I'll buy you a new one," he panted.  She was happy and bouncing and getting off all she wanted and so was he.

She collapsed when he was finally done, panting at him.  "You make a girl sore, Wade.  You'll have to baby it later."

He smirked.  "We'll see."  He tweaked her clit and she moaned again.  "Rest.  We'll clean up soon."  She snuggled into his chest and let herself relax for now.  He was very good to her.  Wade was going to yell at Xander for making Anya learn how to do that.  He really was, and then tell him to teach her more so she could totally blow his head off.  Right after he took her lingerie, shoe, and sex toy shopping.  He had a few fantasies she might like.


Speed walked into the kitchen and paused.  "Guys, are you decent?"

"No," Danny called weakly.  "Can you make some juice?  I can't move."

Speed made them some pre-mixed juice and brought it out for them.  Don and Xander were curled up on the ottoman, Xander was snoring.  Don was barely breathing.  Danny was slouched on the couch, just as naked as the other two, and splashed with come.  "Was it good?" he teased.

"Hell yes," he muttered, taking his glass.  "Guys, Speed's here with juice."

"Let me die," Don moaned.  "Please?  I've been a great boy and Xander drove me to it."  Xander snored in his ear.  "Thank you, Cupid," he muttered.  "We love you for helping him sleep."  He blinked at Speed.  "He teased and said he was going to teach you."

"Stella and I were going to ask him, maybe Ray too."

"Adam will die just as much as we have," Don quipped.  "I need to start jogging again.  I have no stamina."

"It's been almost twenty-four hours of sex," Danny pointed out.  "We're in fantastic shape."  He sipped his juice.  Then he looked at Speed.  "Sorry for calling off that way."

"Not a problem.  Narco confiscated the tape from last night.  It's sealed in Horatio's desk.  We watched enough that we're going to come ask for lessons."  He grinned.  "That is one present H would adore."  He petted Xander's hair, getting a sleepy hum.  "Want some juice?"

"Juice?" he asked, sounding like a little kid.  "Juice nice."  Speed got him some with a straw, making him a happy Xander.  "Thank you."

"I'm asking you for lessons with Stella," he teased.  Xander beamed at him.  "Good boy.  Remember, they have to make it to work tomorrow since they called off today."

Xander nodded, finishing his juice and putting his head back down.  "If we survive, Horatio can have them back."

"Thanks, Xander."  He stepped back.  "Order dinner, guys."  He left, going to tell Horatio how they were still exhausted and Don was begging for a merciful death since he had seen heaven.


Jensen finally woke up and went to make sure that file was untouched.  He found Clay in his apartment.  "Problem, mission?  Did I miss a check-in?" he asked, still fuzzy minded.

"Seeing if you had tape from last night to erase it on you."

"Xander said I could but I had to have it super sealed and not show anyone."

Clay stared at him.   "Is that why you've slept all day?"

Jensen smirked and nodded.  "I saw what happened when they got home."

"Oh."  He blushed.  "I saw enough in the car."  Jensen snickered, heading for his kitchen.  "We're doing the city-wide tomorrow."

"I'll be awake by then.  Make sure Pooch will be.  Jolene's squealing kept me up."

"I will."  He went to check on them.  Cougar had made them dinner; it was clearly his touch since he had added enough hot peppers to make his eyes water as he walked past the pot.  "Guys?" he called.  "Are you alive?"

"No," Jolene called.  "My man is fantastic to me."

"Cougar made you dinner and we have a city-wide tomorrow."

"That's fine," Jolene said.  "Thank Ray Junior for babysitting."

"I think Cougar took the baby an hour ago."  He left to check on Cougar, who did have the baby napping next to him on his couch.  "City-wide tomorrow."

"If everyone wakes up?" he joked.

"Definitely.  Jolene was awake just now."  Cougar smirked, looking at the baby then shrugging.  Clay went back to his place.  He found Aisha in there.  "Back again?" he taunted with a smirk.

"London was full of British people.  I got bored."  He grabbed her and carried her into the bedroom to fix that bored state.  "What got into you?" she teased.

"Xander being the biggest dick tease on the planet."  He cut her clothes off her then stripped off his own, tossing her onto the bed so he could cure his own needs.  She was a lot louder than Jolene but bad girls usually were.

Jensen looked up and shook his head.  "She's back," he said in imitation.  He went to Cougar's to hang out with him and the baby.  "Hi."  Cougar handed over the baby so he went to change him.  "I'm not scared of diapers.  My niece used to have that same problem," he told the baby with a smile.  "Only little girls don't pee on you."

Cougar shook his head, going back to his book.  Jensen was finally awake again.  Must've been a good nap.  He glared toward Clay's apartment when Aisha got too loud.  Then at Pooch's when Jolene started to rival her.  He muttered something and turned on some music.  The baby didn't need to hear any of that.

The end.

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