by Mytryk
Everyone needs to have a hobby. Especialily if they want to retire to happier things than combat some day. Hunting isn't a life-long job unless you die young so Xander picks up a new hobby back in high school that's just coming to light.

Massive changes are coming and the script is still unwritten. How will it go?

The Start of A New Day. When Xander catches Anya cheating on him with Willow, things start to change for him and the group.

Oh, Those Days! Xander goes to someone to get help for the purely human cults doing really bad crap in town. Unfortunately, the Sunnydale PD hates the interference and act like the spoiled bitches they are.

Mid-Morning Happy News. The move to LA has happened and all is going well. No groupies yet but a new agent and a writer's convention to play at.

Changing of the Advisors. A new convention starts off some changes that leads to the original group splitting more apart but not in a bad way.

Great New Days. Great new things are coming the duo's way in New York.

The Greater and The Lesser My 2009 NaNoWriMo fic. The greater and lesser parts of the clashing titles of Author and Scoobie are shown. part 2

An Interesting Twist to Things. Willow's magic addiction is just one interesting twist in the daily lives of Xander and Tara. Especially when he gets to meet new friends because of it.

Traveling Complications. Xander gets to go on a European book tour... but there's a small hitch that his last traveling excursion thanks to Willow left him with some...extras.

Tripping Minds. The trip is here! Of course, so are the Watchers and emergency bodyguards when the first one is taken out of the scene.

Bad Omens. Things start to go oddly in the dynamic duo's lives: ex's, family, kittens... Note: the Council is mean to Miss Kitty. Death off-screen of slightly seen character.

Questionable Friends. Xander has to help Alexis with friend issues. He also manages to prove to Buffy that off-the-rack shopping is okay. Much to her mother's joy.

Will Issues. Those wills come back to bite Xander a bit, plus the minions are cooler than Xander thought. Plus the end of the friend issues comes to be. Thankfully for the friend.

A Small Addition. Someone wants Xander to protect something very important to them.

Summertime Foolishness. Xander's foolishness, Alexis' foolishness.... All around foolishness.

Wrecking the Plans. Someone thinks Xander is sending out too much info on the hunters. So they have a plan. Which Xander's not going to let go on without a fight. Pity about the others who end up getting dragged in. Some Angst In Here!

Damned If You Do. Some time in the warehouse before the invasion in LA happens in this realm. Thank God for some warning. Some old friends even show up to help.

Damned If You Don't. Suddenly, people want to know more about Xander. They like to stalk him around, lurk outside his place, try to kill him.

Convention in Miami. A writer's convention in Miami reveals some things that Xander's been working on to counter his persona non grata issue in the demon world.

The Complications of Women In Your Life. An interview and then a missing date. All because Xander hasn't given up women yet.

It Should Only Happen To Other Authors. Someone has some really funny ideas. Twice.

Alternating Xanders. A different Xander drops in for an unexpected visit and helps this Xander relax and deal with some issues while still maintaining his Xander-ness.

Housing Roulette. A new possible threat from someone without a clue. Plus some more of Xander's dating hyjinx.

Location, Location, Location. Something had to be done about the new house. Fortunately Xander has plans for that and the warehouse.

Parties For The Boy. Someone else wants to play in DCIS's universe. Will Xander let them?

Attention Bad! Xander gets more attention for being Xander and doing Xander things. Plus the trailer for the movie is out and a few other things happen around him.

Dating Disaster Plans. Disaster befalls Xander's dating life when he's grounded. His evil date society decides they can visit him instead and it leads to some interesting issues. Including a bad date orgy of sorts. And then having to fix what happened because of it.

Filling In The Plot Holes. Some rumors are abounding about Xander, and he doesn't like them when he hears them.

Filling In Another Hole. A transition to a new book signing tour, and the madness that corporate strangeness can bring to your life.

Olivia! Something very bad happens in LA.

Visiting Old Friends. Some old friends come to visit and Xander has some scary daddy thoughts.

Watching Her. Some mundane things are interrupted by Beth, and then later on by some watchers.

Many Xander Headaches. Xander gets to have many headaches, from a convention to a protege of Rick's, to being an executor of an estate.

Interesting Meetings. Xander actually finds someone interesting who's not all that bad. Which then upsets every single one of his remaining ex's. Writer series/Spy Games tv show xover

Rock and Roll. Detroit Rocks and then everyone has to roll with what's going on when the drool patrol wants what Peter has.

Snuggly Times. A few challenges for Xander and Peter, including an apocalypse vision and Olivia not understanding some things.

Someone Mistook Xander For A Nice Guy. It happens sometimes but when Wolfram and Hart come near Olivia.....

Not Always In Our Plans. Sometimes people have plans. Sometimes they go with yours, sometimes they frustrate yours. Sometimes the plans are just what you need in life.

Olivia Plans. Her plans.... not always what you'd expect. Though sometimes they're funny.

When Stuck In A Corner. There's a lot of corners in life that you never notice until you're stuck in one. Note: Canon death off-screen of minor character and injury of another. Spoilers for Season 3 finale. Some other minor angst from some returning people.

Battling. Inner and outer battles going on. An unintentional NaNoWriMo story.

Talking About Things. There's some... problems. Issues too. So everyone has to have their say and help.

Holiday Miracles. More insanity comes as the family group gets closer to Christmas. Especially when Santa has to deputize special gifts.

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