Micah looked around the office. It was his office, he was in his favorite suit and tie, with comfortable shoes on, and he did have a problem report in front of him.  Now he knew he was in trouble.  He flipped open the report, skimming it.  Someone had captured Lorne and Max.  That same someone had some technology that could change the course of modern warfare.  Not alien, but still advanced.  It was like the old version of ECHO.  He sighed and read over the particulars.  He had sent Max in as a spy, letting her do the 'charm and grab' job.  Lorne had been playing her husband, which was a good role for him.  It had went okay until a leak had sprung and had given out the file information on all his agents.  So he was stranded as the only one not known, except one person. She could do the charming job.  She wasn't in the personnel files, she wasn't officially an agent yet so he didn't have a full one on her. She was a natural tease and could easily fit herself into that role.  The only problem was her boyfriend.  He groaned and shook his head.

So, this was his nightmare.

Having to go on an assignment like this with Dawn Summers.

He was so screwed!

He groaned and reached for the phone.  "Hey, Rimfire, put Dawn on with you.  There's an assignment we've got to discuss.  Yeah, a real one and it's an emergency.  No, you won't like it," he said firmly.  "Please."  He held his head while he waited, then leaned back, putting her on speaker when she came in so he could get comfortable.  "Dawn, we've got an emergency and you're going to hate it."

"Why?  What's wrong?  Was that something to do with Max's assignment?  She said we couldn't go shopping this weekend because of it."

"Yeah, they've been captured and it was a 'charm and grab' issue for technology.  They have everyone's file but yours and mine."

"And mine," Rimfire reminded him.

"Babe, I love you, and you're very charming, but unless you're prepared to flirt with this guy," Dawn said, clearly smirking at him by the tone of her voice.

"You're mine, Dawn."

She kissed him. "Of course I am.  Sometimes the job may call for me to tease and flirt with others though. You knew this."

"I did but it still bites," he complained.

"I don't like it any more than you do," Micah offered, interrupting their tiff.  "I'd be going with her.  She'd be mine for the assignment."

"So she'd have to flirt with you, sleep with you in your room, and flirt with the guy?" Rimfire asked.  "Can't you just shoot my tail now?"

"No, babe, I'd never do that sort of stuff with Micah, unless it was absolutely necessary."  She kissed him again.  "You're mine and only mine.  He's cute but not that cute.  He's not got the cute little tail or the nice furry body you have."

Rimfire groaned.  "Dawn!" he whined.

"Rimfire, if I could think of another day, I would," Micah promised.  "I don't like it any better than you do. I can promise you that anything that happens on the assignment she could tell you about later.  After it's done.  I can guarantee you I don't have plans to sleep with her.  I can also guarantee that you're her only man.  She doesn't react to other guys, not even me, like she does you."

"Fine.  I want in as backup.  Not to watch," he complained, "but in case something happens."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, babe," Dawn promised, kissing him again.  "What do I pack?"

"Something tasteful, Dawn.  You've got to appear to be mine.  So that plaid skirt you wore
the last time I saw you?  Not that," he said with a smirk.  "Think higher class wife."

"Fine.  Be there tonight.  Are you flying me out?"

"Yup, sure am.  Meet you two at the airport.  Rimfire, I'll make sure your bike goes as priority cargo.  That way you can check on her and everything."

"Thanks, Micah.  I guess if this stuff has to happen, it's best it happens with you since you don't want her that way."

"No, kid.  She's cute but she's yours," he promised, hanging up.  He made the arrangements and emailed them to Dawn, then leaned back to plan this out.  This was going to be pretty tricky.  Dawn wasn't green but she wasn't field-trained.  Plus, he'd always thought she was cute.  Especially in some of those outfits she wore.  He sent another email, hoping she'd get it and pack that outfit.  It'd do good for a dinner or something like that.  Then he got up to head home and pack a small bag.  He wasn't going to wear his working clothes out.  Fortunately he had a whole closet full of silk suits in pleasing colors.  He picked out three of them and then a few casual outfits, packing quickly.  Then he called their contact and ordered her to get him in.


Micah picked up Dawn, smiling at her tasteful, yet very tantalizing outfit.  She took his arm, slinging her overnight bag over her shoulder.  He gave a look around.  "No friends?"

She kissed him on the cheek, then winked.  "They're fine.  Hidden back at their place and more than fine."  He raised an eyebrow.  "You'll meet him later."

"Fine," he agreed, realizing she was in persona.  It was a good job so far.  He walked her off.  "Didn't you have another bag?"

"I did, but then I decided it was too much so I shipped it back.  I bought a few things," she said in a light, playful voice.  She gave his arm a squeeze.  "That way we can go right to the celebration you planned for my homecoming."

He nodded, smiling at her.  "Sure, if that's what you want.  Need to freshen up or anything?"

"No, I'm pretty good," she admitted.  "I caught a nap on the plane."  She walked him off toward the exit. "Which car did you bring, sweetie?"

He snorted.  "The usual one.  It's not like I can steal one from work for your homecoming."  She pouted.  "Tough."

"Fine.  I like it well enough."  She got into the jeep once they made it to it, helping him put up the top so her hair wouldn't be messed up.  Then she buckled in and got comfortable, looking at him.  "How was your time away from me?"

"Just fine."  He started the car and backed off, giving her a look.  He tapped something and she smiled.  "Good so far," he said quietly as they pulled out and headed for the exit.  "You're sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine," she assured him, stroking his arm.  "You can put up with me when I'm being playful."  She smiled and nodded at something that wasn't standard in any jeep, a small extra knob on the dashboard.  He looked at it then groaned and pulled it off, tossing it out into a trash can when they stopped to pay their toll.  She smiled at the man taking money, leaning against Micah's arm.  "Must you charge him?" she asked with a small pout.  "He's treating me to a special dinner tonight because I came home."

"Sorry, ma'am, airport policy," he said, staring at her chest.  Micah handed over two bucks and he put it away blindly.  "Thank you, sir, have a nice day."

"You too," he agreed, speeding off.  He glanced down in time to see the cleavage before Dawn sat up again.  "That's a deadly set, Dawn."

"Yeah, well, they like to tease too," she promised, glancing around.  She took off the bug scanner and ran it around the inside of the car, getting two blips.  He sighed and she leaned closer to his ear, one hand on his thigh.  "Whatever you need me to do, Micah, just tell me.  He knows I'm not yours and he'll be bathing me when I get home."  She kissed him on the cheek. "Will we have the chance to go swimming?  I brought a suit."

"I'm not sure," he admitted, reaching over to stroke her arm.  She didn't flinch, which was a good sign, and she actually leaned toward his touch, which was dangerous, but it meant they wouldn't be made as not being attached too quickly.  "The couples' resort has a pool but I'm not sure if it's open this weekend or not."  He put both hands back on the wheel,  before it could wander.  This was more dangerous than he liked his field runs but he would have to control himself.  His cellphone rang and he opened it after glancing at the number.  "Yeah?"  He listened, then smirked.  "Fine.  Thanks.  No, I just picked her up and we were hoping to get in tonight.  Thank you for helping us with that.  Oh, don't you worry, we'll be just fine."  He hung up and pulled into a lane to hit a gas station, using the parking lot to change directions.  "Small change of plans, Dawn.  Dinner is going to be there."

"Dinner's nice," she agreed, smiling at him.  "Everything's okay for this weekend's plans?"

"Just fine.  I left someone competent in charge," he said as he pulled back onto the highway, going in the other direction.  "He knows it had better be a real and desperate emergency to get me this weekend."  He reached over to roll up her window a bit more.  "Your hair's flying all over the place."

"Sorry."  She wound it up, doing a cute bun on the back of her neck.  "Better?"  She rolled it back down with a grin.  "I need fresh air.  The airplane smelled like a hospital for the last twenty minutes.  Way too many perfumes going at once."  He chuckled at that.  "I didn't have to bring anything formal, right?"

"No, not in the least.  As long as you packed something nice for dinner."

"Oh, I did," she said smugly.  "Including that outfit you liked *so* much."  He swallowed and nodded, taking an exit.  "I thought we'd be farther away from the city."

"We will be, but it's still in Virginia."  He stopped at a red light, glancing at her, then at the mirror. He could just barely see a bike behind them.  He looked at her again and she grinned.  "You're sure you want to do this *this* weekend, Dawn?"

"I'm sure."  She smiled at him.  "It'll be a great prezzie for my coming home debut."

"As long as you're sure."  He started them moving again, going through the green light and out toward the country.  About an hour later he stopped and called his contact back.  "Okay, we're at Haliburton Drive.  Now where?" he asked.  The contact gave him the rest of the directions and they were nearly there.  He found the estate about twenty minutes later, looking around the old farm to spot any weaknesses.

"Oooh, look, it's one of those things you've got on the door," she said, squeezing his arm before getting out.  A dog trotted up to her and sniffed so she held down a hand, squatting down to pet its ears.  "Aren't you a good puppy," she cooed, grinning at it.  "Yes, you are.  You're a good puppy.  Who's the good puppy?  Yes!"

Micah grabbed their bags and walked around the front of the jeep, helping her stand.  "Don't get dirty.  That outfit's too nice for mud."  He looked at the dog.  "Micah Simms."  The dog barked and it led them back to the front door, which wasn't the front door of the house, but the front door of the barn.  It trotted inside and he followed it, nodding at their gracious host and lord of this couple's club.  "Thanks for the invitation.  I could use a few days off."

"So I can see. You do look a bit tired, Micah.  Who is this charming young woman?  One of yours?"

"Dawn Summers, this is Reginald Baker, US Marines retired.  He's the one who got me started in the field."

She smiled and kissed the man's cheek.  "Then I'm doubly impressed by you.  Not many people can talk Micah into doing *anything*," she said with a sweet smile.

He laughed and nodded, taking her arm to lead her off.   "That is so true," he agreed.  He smiled back at Micah.  "Is she one of your people?"

"Partially.  More mine than my people," he told him.  "We're here to relax, not talk shop."

"Thankfully.  Where did you end up?"

"In Homeland.  They moved us and Omega into one outfit, so I'm running half of that unit."  It was a cover he had set up long ago if anyone asked.  Mostly out of embarrassment of what he really did, but it would hold for the weekend.

"Good job," he said appreciatively. He smiled at Dawn.  "You're much too pretty to waste in the field, young lady. You should make him keep you as a mistress or something."

"Why?  I'd be bored then."  She smiled up at him.  "You'd be surprised at what I get into now and then."  He looked interested.  "I'm just back from Chicago and watching some of the things going on out there.  There's something really strange about a few of those sort."  She glanced at Micah, who shrugged subtly.  "Do you know anything about that Limburger person?  There were a lot of people who heard the name and shuddered but I couldn't find out  anything about him.  Unfortunately I think he's trying to step on some toes, namely mine."  She grinned at Micah.  "Apparently he thinks my poor boo is cute too."

Reginald laughed.  "He is adorable, Miss Summers."

"Dawn, please," she purred, smiling up at him. "I was told this wasn't formal.  Is the pool open for a swim tonight?"

"If you'd like," he said with a sincere smile.  "I'm sure you're a wonderful swimmer."  He led them to a corridor and down to their room.  "Here you are," he said, opening the door.  "Just for you two.  There's a map inside in case you get lost.  Dinner's not for two hours so you can go swimming if you want.  The pool is clothing optional but if I remember right, Micah has a very bad jealous streak."

"Oh, you have no idea," she said wisely, smirking at him.  "I think I'll stick with my cute little bikini.  Just so there's no fights."  She leaned against him, kissing his cheek but giving him a good look down her chest.  "Dinner's in two hours.  Is it formal?  I only brought a suit."

"No, not formal like that.  Wear something cute and comfortable."  He handed her back then handed Micah the key to the door.  "She's a wonderful girl, Simms.  I hope you get to keep this one."  He walked off, whistling happily.

Dawn took the key and walked inside, smiling at the sunny, open room and the large king sized bed.  Then she looked back at him.  "Want to go for a swim?"

"Sure," he agreed, tossing their bags onto the bed.  He found the map on the dresser and looked it over.  "You'll need shoes, we'll have to hike outside."

"That's fine."  She went into the bathroom with her bag and came out in a tiny red bikini and a matching wrap, with matching shoes and her hair pulled back in a pony tail.  He gaped and she grinned.  "You don't like?"  She leaned against the door, holding the scanner from the jeep.  He snatched it and ran it around the room.  "Get changed," she ordered.  "You could use a bit of sun and there's still some tanning time left today."  She sat on the bed, looking at her nails, watching him be paranoid.  She finally got up and got the map, sitting down to memorize it.  She noticed that one of the outbuildings wasn't on it and coughed, pointing at the area.  "Do you think they have horses or anything?  I haven't been riding in years."

He smirked at her.  "Maybe next time, Dawn."  He went into the bathroom, coming out in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.  "I'll watch you swim."

"Sure."  She took the map, tucking it into her smaller purse, showing him what was inside.  Then they left together, going to the pool.  It gave them an excellent view of most of the resort.  "So, Micah, do you think that I could still go shopping on Sunday?"

"If you've got time," he promised.  "What were you looking for?"

"Something to make people drool," she said smugly.  "Just like the brilliant, sexy woman I am."

He chuckled and nodded.  "Sure, I think I know just the spot.  It won't even get you in trouble with your coworkers back there."  He saw a window and paused, letting her adjust her shoe, which she did naturally as soon as he stopped.  "I don't know why you like those things, they don't look comfortable."

"You'd be surprised, heels can be very comfortable and very useful.  Besides, I'm short.  I like being taller."  She smiled at the dog coming up to them, letting it sniff her. "Hello, puppy.  Are you a guard dog or are you another friendly beast like the one who met us?"  The dog barked so they moved on.  "Sure, you're a guard dog.  We're going to the pool."  She let him walk her off, smiling at the pretty buildings.  "It's very nice here, kinda calm and peaceful, but it's got this air of excitement and thrills."  She smiled at him.  "We should come here more often."

"We'll see."  He opened the gate to the pool area, letting her go in first.  There was another couple in the pool and he nodded.  "Bob, Matilda.  This is Dawn."

"Hi," Bob said, smiling and waving.  "How are you?  Do you work with Micah?"

"Kinda."  She smiled. "Do you?"

He laughed.  "Not even close, young lady.  No, I work at a major munitions factory and my wife works at the State Department."

"Oh, that's cool."  She grinned at Micah, letting him decide what she did.

"She's partially mine but we're doing a joint thing with her team," he admitted.  "She's more mine than one of mine."

"That's fine," Matilda offered with a smile.  "Not coming in, Micah?"

"No, I'm not in the mood for water.  Go ahead, Dawn."  She took off her wrap and shoes, laying them and her purse on a chair before diving off the side.  That was also when he realized that she had no body hair and that he was in for a very long weekend.

Bob leaned on the side of the pool.  "She's a beautiful young woman, bit young for you though, eh?" he asked with a friendly smile.

"She makes me feel young and play," he said dryly, smirking back.  "She's better than any sports car ever made."

"Really?" Bob asked.  "How fast does she go from zero to sixty?"

"In about thirty seconds," he said smugly.  "She's also less costly on my insurance."

Bob laughed at that and went to swim next to his wife, watching as the young woman swam for a bit before deciding to float.  "So, Dawn, where are you stationed?"


"Interesting.  I've heard some stuff's been happening out there," Matilda said.  "Do you get much trouble from those biker mice of yours?"

Dawn rolled over to look at her.  "Not really.  They're pretty good guys and they stay out of harm's way for the most part.  Do you know them?  I've only met them a few times."

"No, I saw a report on them from one of our people," she admitted.

"Then do you have information on Limburger?  He's been stepping on my toes and I'd like to beat the shit out of him.  He even said I wasn't cute."

"I'll see what I can dig up on him," she promised, smiling at her.  "Are you two going to play tonight?"

"Only to watch," Micah offered from his seat in the sun.  "As Bob can remind you, I'm possessive of what's mine."

"Pity," Matilda said, looking Dawn over as she swam off.  "That would be one hell of a birthday present."  Her husband gave her a gentle squeeze and a kiss and she knew he'd try to get the girl for her.  It was why she loved him.

Micah watched Dawn frolic in the water for a while longer, then checked his watch.  "If you want a shower before dinner, you might want to come out now," he told her.

"Sure."  She climbed up the ladder, pausing at the top to wring out her hair.  Bob slapped her on the ass and she hit him back, giving him a look.  "Honey, there's a property of sticker on that cheek.  You might want to check with the owner before playing with his toys."  Bob laughed and she strolled over to sit down with her stuff, putting on her shoes then standing up to do her wrap and purse.  "Shall we?"

"We should," he agreed, heaving himself up.

"Oh, kiss her," Bob ordered.

"You two look so cute together," Matilda agreed.

Micah shrugged and pulled her closer, kissing her hard.  She leaned against his body, one hand going into his hair naturally.  He pulled back and she smiled at him.  Then he gave Bob a bland look.  "Mine, people, and I don't share."  He walked Dawn off, taking her back to their room.  This time he could tell where the cells were and he could see eyes peeking out of one of them.  Lorne's he was sure.  Once they were back inside, he let her shower and change, while he just changed, and looked at the map.  Maybe that missing building did lead down to the cells?  Or possibly there was a hidden doorway.  Dawn came out wrapped in a towel and grabbed her bag, pulling out a black silk dress he hadn't seen before.  Not his favorite outfit, but it was pretty on her once she had slipped it on.  He checked his watch. "You've got time to dry your hair."

"I'm going to put it up wet, that way it curls tomorrow."  She sat down at the dressing table and did a quick french twist up the back, pinning it in place with some pins she grabbed from her bag.  Then she turned to look at him, noticing the cameras.  "How long?  I'm starved."  She smiled at him and he grinned back.  "Or should I do more arcane stuff in the bathroom?"

"Go ahead," he promised.  "It's probably time for evening prayers anyway."  She smiled and grabbed a few things from her zippered interior bag, taking them to work in the bathroom.  He settled down to make plans on how they were going to use the locating spell.  It was a good thought and he had forgotten she could do that stuff.


Lorne climbed off the bed and looked at his cellmate, Max, who was still scowling at him.  "Micah and Dawn are here."

"Dawn?"  She frowned up at him.  "Why is she here?"

"I don't know," he admitted, but they both knew that was their rescue party.  He wasn't sure if he was happy about that or if he was ready to shudder and ask her to kill him.  On one hand, Dawn wasn't trained.  At least not enough to be in the field as a participating agent.  Maybe to watch, but not as a rescue mission person.  On the other hand, Micah was there with her, and his experience could override her enthusiasm.  He felt a prickle on his skin and looked at her again, seeing her shivering.  He took off his vest and handed it to her.  "Here, you're cold."

"Thanks."  She snuggled into it, pulling him down beside her.  "Pacing won't help since the lock's not pickable."

"I know.  I'm just stressed."  He let her lean against his side, enjoying it for now.  There was no doubt of any attraction between them, but they were coworkers and it was wrong.  They had agreed it was wrong and they were sticking to the point that it was wrong.  That's what had gotten them into trouble, because he couldn't jump her like the group demanded. But now, when it was nearly the end of the line for them, he found himself able to give her a quick, short, friendly kiss on the lips and then stare out their small window again.

She punched him on the thigh.  "Things aren't that desperate."

"If you say so."  He looked at her and grinned.  "You sure about that?"

"I am and I'm going to make sure of it."  He grinned at that and she went back to planning their escape route.


Dinner had been like a big test on Chicago, with everyone asking her about their favorite spots and she had answered most of them but had waxed more poetic about some of the spots she liked to hide from everyone.  Like Six Flags and the grotto she had found by the lake.  Plus the mall, because she was still a girl after all.  After dinner, everyone had retreated to a drawing room with a lot of couches, snuggling up to Micah's side to listen to the others.  She smiled up at him and he patted her on the back.  "Bedtime stories?" she asked sweetly.

"So, Micah," Matilda said, walking over to them.  "Are you sure you won't play with us tonight?"

"Sorry, I like to watch and I'm still possessive about her."  He stroked down Dawn's back and she arched into his hand.  "No playing for us tonight, Matilda."

"Oh, but Micah, we really must insist," Reginald said from his seat, smirking at him.  "She's a lovely girl."

"Who can kill you," Dawn said in a sing-song voice.  "The only one who touches me is my man."

"We could appreciate that," Reginald said with a grin.  "Come on, Micah, for old time's sake?"

Micah quirked an eyebrow up.  "Old time's sake?  I haven't known you that long, Reggie."  He stared him down, still stroking Dawn's back.

"It's clear that he's a vicarious thrill guy," Dawn said patiently, looking up at him.  "If it'll drop the subject, what the hell."  He stared down at her, and she shrugged.  "What's a bit of foreplay in a room full of crowded people?"

"If you're sure," he said gently.  "I'm not usually like that."

"Me either.  But it'll make them leave my cute butt alone faster," she said with a grin, "plus maybe I'll get someone who'll buy me chocolate for when I bitch out come Monday."  He smirked at that and kissed her, pulling her into his lap.  She was fully pretending to be into it, not holding anything back, and now he remembered that he had needed to start dating again.  She slid into position like it was her favorite spot and her hands went into his hair, messing it up but only scratching his scalp lightly.  He moaned and she moved down to nip at his throat, so he tipped his head back.  "Dawn, no breaking the skin, you're not a vampire," he chided.  She chuckled and bit him harder, but then kissed it better before kissing him again.  She pulled back and let her hair down, shaking it out but handing him the pins to hold.  They were sharp and very pointy, very good weapons and he was still better with weapons.  She moved down to tease his neck some more, then licked up to kiss him again.  "How far should I go?' she asked, smirking at him.

"Oh, I think that's enough," he promised, stroking her back.  "Any more and they'd owe us money for the free show."

She smiled and gave him another kiss, settling in his lap sideways.  "Good enough?"

"Not really," Matilda said, eyes wide, panting a bit.  Bob had one hand up her skirt and she was shifting her hips slightly.  "Keep going.  Please."

Dawn looked at her.  "Honey, like he said, we like to watch, not play."

"Just a bit more?" Reginald asked with a smirk.  "After all, what's there to a group of friends?  It'll draw us closer."

Dawn looked up at him, and sighed.  "I guess you're getting the special treatment tonight, dear."

"Apparently so," he agreed, and she shifted, moving down to unzip his pants.  He grabbed onto the arm of the couch, letting her do whatever she wanted.  And damn was she good at this!  She had no fear of touching or nuzzling him and she was giving him little kitten licks like he was an ice cream cone about to drip.  He gripped the arm tighter, the hand with the pins losing hold of them to wrap on her hair. She took the hand out and put both of them behind his back, sliding the pins back into his palm on the way back to what she had been doing.  "Sorry.  Forgot about you and hair pulling."

"No pulling the hair.  I spend way too much time on my hair to lose it all to a moment's passion."  She looked up and then slid down him, making him shiver.  "Be good," she said after coming back up.  "I might give you better later."  She smirked and went back down, doing her best.

Micah stuck one of the pins in his hand and let out a growl, it wasn't quite enough.  She was good!  Damn he needed a full time girlfriend.  He arched up and then pulled her off to kiss her suddenly, looking into her eyes.  "Not tonight."

"No, not tonight."  She yanked his handkerchief out of his pocket to finish him off by hand, smiling up at him.

"She doesn't swallow?" Bob asked, sounding disappointed.

"Only on special occasions," she quipped, smirking back at him.  "Why would I waste that here?  My sort of night comes with very soft velvet cords and him begging and pleading."  She helped him over the edge then tucked him back into his pants and sat on his lap again.  She smiled at him and dropped the hankie on the floor, blatantly staring at Reggie.  "Get you voyeur fix for the night, darling?  Or did you want to try him yourself?  He's very nummy."  She leaned against Micah's chest, making him shift some so he could breath.  "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, much better now," he admitted, realizing he had a much clearer head suddenly.  He looked at Reggie.  "So, did you want to do it next?"

"No," he said with a smirk.  "Just making sure she was yours."

"Yeah, well, what can I say, she's picky."  He shrugged.  "I'd rather have someone I had to work a bit for than someone easy.  Where's the fun in that?"

Reginald laughed and nodded.  "Too true," he agreed happily. "I'm sure you won't mind if the rest of us have some fun?"

"No, go ahead," he offered, stroking Dawn's back again.

"It's a pity she didn't touch herself," Bob panted, letting his wife work on him.

"Yeah, well, like I said, I like to watch, not do," she said smartly.  "I'm worth *way* more than a cheap roll on the couch in front of others.  I outgrew that in high school."  That got a few more heated chuckles and she sat back to blatantly watch them go at it.  Matilda didn't have near the style she had giving a blow job, but apparently Bob was used to inferior sex because he was ready to blow the top of his head off.  Dawn found her purse and put on more lip gloss, then smiled at Micah.  "Walk tonight?"

"Love to."  He stroked her leg, and she grinned, watching their host as he took his girl right there on the couch.  Or possibly one of his dogs, they kinda looked the same to them.   The other couples got off and Micah stood up, letting Dawn slide down his legs. "Let's go for that walk."

"Oh, do stay," Reginald ordered.  "There's a second act you know."  He got off his partner and stood up, doing up his pants.  "Unfortunately you picked one of the kinkier weekends since tonight's a snuff event, but otherwise it should be fun."

"Um, eww," Dawn said flatly.  "Sorry, not my kink.  Some bondage, some mild voyeurism, but not snuff films.  Sorry."

"Unfortunately the rules of the resort say you must stay through all three acts, or else you must participate in the one you walk out on," Reginald said smugly.

"Honey, if you want to kill me, come right ahead and try," she said smoothly.  He shrugged and clapped his hands and two guards came in.  Neither were bigger than the mice so she was more than able to kick their tails and got one with her hairpin.  Then she looked at Reggie again, smirking.  "How's that for a snuff film, babe?  Good enough for you?"

"Well, we did have other entertainment in mind," he drawled, looking at Bob and Matilda, who shrugged.  "Fine, we can wait their executions until tomorrow."  He looked at the two on the ground.  "I'll have to call someone else to do it for me," he sighed.

Dawn moved closer. "Why don't you let us play with them tonight?" she suggested in her best seductive purr.  "I like humiliation and stuff when I'm doing the humiliating.  Especially if they were jocks."

"Fine," he said happily.  "I could enjoy that."  He clapped his hands and the butler came in.  "Remove them, bring up the prisoners, and give them to Miss Dawn here.  She's apparently been training as a Dom."  The butler nodded and went to do that.

Dawn smiled at Micah.  "Mind much?"

"Not a bit," he said sincerely.  That solved a lot of problems.  Two hooded people were led in and put next to her feet, forced to knee.  "Well," he said, looking them over.  "They seem fit and healthy.  What did they do?"

"They were using us to get information."

"Ah."  He nodded.  "Decent enough reason I suppose."  He hauled on one's chain, and knew it wasn't Max.  So someone knew they were connected.  He handed the chain to Dawn.  "Here, take 'em.  Make them crawl back to the room so you can have the real fun.  I think I saw straps in there."

"Cool. I didn't even think to bring any," she admitted.  "You heard my boy, turn around one hundred-eighty degrees and crawl.  The door is ten feet in front of you, then turn right?" she asked Micah, who nodded.  "Then turn right."  They didn't move so she undid Reggie's belt and smacked them both across the shoulders with it.  "Now!"  They did as ordered, each getting a mild swat on the ass for going so slowly, so they sped up.  "Micah, can you go ahead and prepare the room?"

"Sure, Dawn."  He walked off, letting them follow him.  He saw the butler coming out of a doorway and nodded politely.  "Just these two?  They don't seem very feisty."  The butler stared at him.  "Fine.  Spoil her fun."  He shrugged and opened the doors for them, finally getting them into their room.  He took off their masks, finding Lorne, and a female he didn't know.  "Hi."

"Hi," Lorne said, looking back at Dawn.  "I'm going to kick your butt."  She smacked him across the shoulders again, making him flinch.  "Fine, I'll cooperate."

"Yes, you will," Dawn agreed smugly. "I don't want to have to get *extra* mean after all," she said with a sweet smile for the woman.  "Do you?"  She shook her head.  "Good girl.  On the bed."  They crawled that way.  She looked at Micah.  "Where are the cameras pointed?  Just so they get the best angles?"

"There's two on the bed, one in the bathroom, and one in the closet," Lorne reported.  "One's over the door and the other on the bed is in the lamp."

"Thank you.  Now, next time, speak when spoken to."  She looked at Micah, then kissed him, smirking at the shocked-looking Lorne.  Then she winked.  "I think we should play first.  Heels on her?  Not really my thing.  Not very practical at all when you want someone to beg."  She walked over and stripped them off, smirking at her.  The woman relaxed and nodded.  "Micah, do we have straps or not?"

"Um," he said, checking the closet.  "Not.  Let me get you some."   He left them there, finding the butler with a tray of assorted straps, picking out some softer ones with some give, it'd look more realistic if they could flinch now and then.  "Thanks."  The man nodded and left again.  Micah carried them back to their room, hanging them from the bed post while he sat down next to Lorne's side.  He still had one of her hair pins in his hand and passed it over.  Lorne could pick locks.  "So, do you think these two will give you any trouble?"

"No, I don't think so," she admitted, getting that female stripped down.  "Get me the blue outfit from my bag, sweetie?"  Micah nodded and went to get it for her.  It was a blue leather vest and blue leather short shorts.  He looked at them, then at her.  "What?' she asked with a grin.  "I'm trying them out.  He doesn't need 'em."  She handed them over, pushing them into the woman's hands.  "Here.  This way I have something I want to see you in as a I crease your back with the belt."  She nodded hesitantly, sliding into them.  "Good girl."  She strapped her down, then moved to work on Lorne.  "Hmm, what to do with you?  First, lose the jacket."  She took the cuffs off him then took the jacket and shirt off, leaving him with his pants and belt, but putting his shoes under the bed where he was sitting.  "You know, I could really use my lab's stuff right about now."  She frowned.  "You'd look so good in those red leather straps I found."  She shrugged and tied him face down, then backed up and started to mutter while looking through her bag.  The lights went out.  The camera's glow could be seen but those went out as well.  She spanked them both and they yelled, then Micah winced when she pinched him.  He nodded, going to get Max and whoever else out while she stayed.  It'd look natural for him to check and see what was going on.  Dawn got both of them shoes and then winked at the woman.  "Window," she whispered, pointing at it.  "Escape."

Lorne smacked her across the face, knocking her into the table.  He didn't like to hit women, but sometimes you had to pay them back for beating you.  He got his cohort out and glanced around before sneaking out.  She was halfway across the grounds when he heard the dogs howl, speeding up to get to the main wall.  He heard a bike and winced.  "Rimfire," he groaned.  She wouldn't have brought anyone else and he didn't want to get into the middle of a domestic thing, not today.  He made it to the edge of the grounds, and that's when the dogs attacked.  He managed to get one off him and then get his belt free, snapping it at the other one.  He jumped and missed the wall, and got bitten in the leg for it.  He got the dog off again and this time made it to the top of the wall but now there was a guard, Matilda.  He struggled but she wasn't injured and she looked like she really wanted him dead.  She managed to get him off balance and shoved him back down to the dogs.

"Sit!" she ordered, and they sat, on him.  She smirked down at him.  "Where's the little angel?" she asked in a supposedly cooing voice.

"I knocked her out," he ground out.  "Served her right."  He tried to move but one of the dogs lunged for his throat so he stopped and laid back down.  "One of us got out, Matilda.  You won't catch her."

"I'm sure that nice biker stud will be bringing her back soon enough.  After all, we still have her partner.  And yours."


Micah found Dawn on the floor and helped her up, checking her over.  "Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah, just a bit sore," she complained, rubbing her cheek.  "The table bit me."  She looked over as Reggie walked in.  "Hey.  System break down?"

"More or less.  It looked like an interrupter beam was shot into the power grid."  He grimaced then noticed her cheek.  "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, they overpowered me and then the guy hit me.  The table did the rest," she admitted, letting Micah help her stand.  "It happens, I had worse in training."

"At least you're fine now," he offered, laying her on the bed.  "Unfortunately, this will cut her night's work short," he said, glaring at Reggie.  Who shrugged.  "When's breakfast?"

"Eightish. Then we'll have the other event.  I'll expect you both there."  He walked out, leaving them alone.  On the way he stopped to get a special CD from a well-hidden camera.  He turned it on and found it blank too and grimaced. "How did that go off too?  It's not electronic, it's different."  He considered it. Nothing should have been able to shut that off, except someone hitting the wrong switch.  "The butler must have done it," he decided.  "I'll have to punish him tomorrow.  After we deal with the remaining three prisoners."   He sat back to consider that, letting Matilda in to pleasure him.  She was one twisted woman and he enjoyed that about her.


Micah curled up beside Dawn, holding the ice pack for her.  "What do you know about these nightmares?" he whispered.

"It's like a daisy-chain effect.  You're doing a walk-through and you can't tell if it's yours or not, but there's always an exit key.  That key can get whoever it is's out, and then one of them will be the next one's exit key.  The problem is, the last one is stuck, and someone has to do something very good or very wrong to fix it."  She hissed as he moved the ice pack, then flipped over to look at him, tossing the pack toward the bathroom.  "So, if we're in the line, then someone outside of the main players is the key, and they can throw us clear, and if this is ours, then we're free, except for the next key.  Then again, if I remember right, the next key doesn't have to be a main player."

"So, it could be one of us going to fix the next one?" he summarized.  She nodded. "Then who's the end?"

"It depends on who started it off.  They had to throw the first key out, and either they or that key are the last one usually."

"Who do you think it is," he said, knowing she had a clue.

"Personally?  With everything that's been going on, like the possessed car?  I'm thinking they're after one of the group and you guys got stuck.  So I'm guessing here, but it's related to the custody case and all that."  He winced.  "Which means that it's either Xander, Throttle, or me."

He shook his head.  "We can't be the first ones."

"No, we're probably not.  The first ones are always more vivid.  If you look around the edges of things, it's kinda fuzzy.  That doesn't mean it's not me.  If we're next to last in line, then sticking me is going to be easy."

He stroked her cheek.  "Who do you think it is?" he repeated gently.

"Xander," she admitted quietly, shifting closer.  "It's got to be.  They sent a possessed car to Charley's garage.  I went to talk to the guy and he knew who the guy who recommended her worked for, which was W&H.  That's two, both against Xander.  They don't know I can do things that massively and they should know he's a negative person."

He sighed and nodded.  "That's fine then.  When you get free, if you're not home, I want you to head there."  She nodded, giving him a hug.  He kissed her on the temple, a fatherly sort of kiss.  "You've done good, kid."

"Thanks.  I tried, ya know?" she whispered back.  She snuggled into him.  "Sorry, but I'm cuddly."

"It's all right.  I set the alarm for six."  She nodded, resting against his chest, eyes closed.  "So, whose is this one?"

She snorted.  "Given the content?  I'd say, Rimmy's, possibly my trainer's, either one of them, or yours.  Mine's going to be a lot more gruesome."

"Fine."  He gave her the cuddle she wanted, letting her fall asleep.  He gently disengaged and got up to get that ice pack.  Parts of him really needed it.  She wasn't someone he'd normally turn away.  Even if she was only nearly legal in the state they were in.  He laid back down and she curled back around him again and he realized she was wearing a tiny set of pajamas and all he had to do was nudge himself and he could be in there.  He put the ice pack where it would do the most good.  He couldn't break her in for humans.  She wasn't his and he had to remind himself of that.


Dawn walked out to the outside tables, following the dog to breakfast.  "Morning," she said, smiling at them.  "How did we sleep?"

"No Micah?" Bob asked.

"He'll be out in a minute.  He needed to finish getting dressed.  He's shy because he's got a few scars he doesn't like me to see."  She sat down, crossing her legs demurely.  She was wearing the outfit that Micah had ordered her to bring.  It was fairly showy and showed her assets to the best advantage.  It was also easy enough to kick butt in if she needed to.  She saw the poles up across the patio and looked at Reggie.  "A witch burning?" she joked lamely.  "You know, some of us *are* pagans."

"No, dear, just the problems from last night being eliminated."

"Hopefully *after* breakfast?" she asked dryly.  "Some of us can't eat to that and I am rather hungry."

"If the lady wants," he agreed, smiling at her.  He grinned at Micah as he joined them.  "Good morning, Micah."

"Morning, Reggie.  How did everyone sleep?"

"Probably not as good as you did with her in your arms," Matilda teased.

Micah smirked at her.  "A true gentleman never tells."  He sat down and smiled at her, giving her a gentle kiss.  "So, what's on for this morning?"

"They're going to do the snuffing thing from last night," Dawn told him, nodding at the poles.  "After breakfast."

"Thank you for that.  Gunfire really doesn't do anything for my digestion these days," he said dryly.  Bob snickered at that.  "Speaking of weapons, Bob, did you get to see one of her coworkers recently?  I know your company was at the gunshow in Chicago."

"I saw Lorne Cash there," he admitted, "plus some strange things.  Who was it?"

"Um, big pale guy," Dawn told him.  "Xander?"  He swallowed and nodded.  "He's a coworker."

"So you do the strange and unusual things," Matilda said.  Dawn nodded. "Why?"

"Because I was raised that way.  As pointed out earlier, I am a pagan.  I'm a practicing witch actually."  Reggie shifted some and she smirked at him.  "Sorry if that bothers you.  I'm not doing sex magic though, I'm a nature person."  He snorted and shook his head.  So she looked at the other woman again.  "It suits me to be perfectly honest.  Especially since some of that can impact national security issues."

"Interesting.  Have you gotten to torture anyone?"

"Chicago's mostly family oriented," she told her.  "Not too many bad people, unless you count the shudders that Limburger gives out.  It's basically like dealing with the mafia, only the magic and other-strange-things version."

"Interesting," Matilda agreed.  "Does it pay well?  We probably pay better at the State Department.  That way you'd be closer to Micah."

"Absence and all that," Dawn quipped with a hand wave.  "I'll be back in DC very often for the next few years, and then I'm planning on transferring in after I finish my language degrees."

"Really?  Which languages?" Bob asked.

"Mostly Middle Eastern and Russian.  Micah suggested it.  I'm still fairly new, barely cracked the textbook this semester."

"Smart, funny, and beautiful, Micah.  You've gotten the motherlode," Reggie teased.

"I know.  Why do you think I don't share?"  He handed her the muffins, letting her pick out her own, then taking one of his own.  "Pass the butter please?"  He saw the hostages being led out and shrugged, letting her take the butter first, then dishing out some of his own.  He noticed everyone was staring at him.  "What?  Did we need to say grace?"

"No, but I never noticed you ate muffins," Reggie told him.

"Dawn's been spoiling me.  She's a very good cook and lives to spoil when I'm stressed," he said smugly.  "I get plenty of muffins, home cooked meals, and pastries from a local bakery every time I fly in to visit."  They all looked impressed at that.  "Plus she's keeping up a 3.8 GPA."  He smirked at them.  Dawn sneezed.  "Bless you."

"Thanks."  She took an extra napkin to wipe her nose, then balled it up and put it inside a second one so no one had to touch it.  She looked back at the hostages.  "One of them did get away?"

"Yes, unfortunately one of them had a biker waiting on her and he took her off," Matilda sighed.  "Pity, she looked like you'd have fun playing with her.  Where did you find that blue leather outfit?"

"Xander's husband said he couldn't wear it, ever, so I was thinking about buying it off him.  Apparently his mate thought it was a bit too much on him."  She smirked.  "I look adorable in it however."

Micah patted her on the hand.  "I'm sure you do."  He looked at Reggie.  "Why doesn't everyone else eat?" he suggested.  Reggie picked out his own muffin and fixed it, then ate a bite, which prompted Bob and Matilda to as well. Spies were nothing if not paranoid.  Dawn sneezed again.  "Bless you."

"Thanks."  She took out the original napkin and wiped her nose again, then wrapped it back up.  "I must be allergic to one of the flowers around here or something."  She looked at him, then smiled weakly.  "I'm guessing I'm going to have the windows up on the way back."

"If you want," he promised.  She nodded, giving him a hug.  Then she sneezed again and the dishes on the table rattled.  "Ooh, that's sounding bad."  She got up and sneezed again, walking back toward the house.  She disappeared inside, coming back a few minutes later with one of the other dogs following her.  He stood up as she walked closer, helping her into her seat, which earned a smile.  Then he sat down again.  "You all right?"

"Just fine.  Momentary nose bleed, already stopped."  He nodded, patting her on the hand.  She dug back into her breakfast, and realized what was going on, so put the rest down.  "Maybe I shouldn't eat, I'm feeling a bit dizzy again."

"Surely you're not pregnant," Bob said, grimacing a bit.

"No, not possible, just dizzy.  Like I said a momentary nosebleed."  She shrugged and leaned against Micah's arm, tracing patterns in the hair on it.  One summoned her backup, the other broke the ties on the ropes, then all hell broke loose.  Rimfire jumped the wall, coming in with lasers blasting everything in sight.  She and Micah dove down, coming up with weapons, which they used on Bob and Matilda, then Micah got Reggie.  That left the rest of the human servants and their guns, but now the hostages were freed and Dawn tossed Max her gun since she was the better shot.  She got on behind Rimfire, winking at Lorne.  "I'll get you back for that slap later," she called.  He snorted and headed off with the hostages, Micah covering them and running behind. "Rimmy, make sure they get away.  We're rear guard," she called, hanging on as he sped off after them, laying down suppression fire. The jeep was filled and she summoned their bags, tossing Micah his.  Then she had to hold on really tight.  He was driving up a tilted tree to jump the wall again.  She shrieked as he jumped and found herself somewhere else.


Micah woke up, still on his couch, holding his head.  "Oh, shit," he moaned, shaking his head.  "No, bad, very bad.  I don't want to do that to Dawn.  I like Dawn and she's a neat kid, but I don't want to do that to Dawn.  No, no sex with Dawn, no."  He got up to get himself a drink, pouring it straight from the scotch bottle before sitting down.  He called Lorne's phone, getting a groan in answer.  "Are you awake?  Check on Max."  He took a drink.  "No, living nightmares was how it was said by Fred.  Yeah, do it now.  You might have to head over there if she doesn't answer.  If she's under, she'll have to be released.  Watch out for her to die.  Xander said it's possible."  He hung up and finished that one, getting up to get another one so he could forget the feel of Dawn wrapped around him, especially her mouth wrapped around him.  "That's it, I've got to start dating again," he complained, looking up.  "Maybe send me a nice woman?" he suggested.  "I deserve it for putting up with stuff like this."

TBC in the next part.

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