Yes, it's another crossover series. Look, there's a Xander too. Boy, does he get around. All the way to Chicago this time, where he meets some new, furry, friends who like to save the world nearly as much as he does. If they can only stand him. Fair warning, there are spoilers for all seasons of Buffy throughout the series and some from Angel, the Series as well.

Biker Mice from Mars was in 1997/1998 as a cartoon, mostly on the USA network. For information (including piccies) go to these spots:

The Alternative Biker Mice Site
From Mars: Who's Who in the Biker Mice Universe
Unofficial Biker Mice Fanclub Homepage
The BMFM Fan Fiction Archive
The other series this crosses into is another older series, from around the same time called Spy Game. From whence will you find Micah, Max, and Lorne. Some sites for that are:
The IMDB entry
The Episode Guide
Now, onto the good stuff, the Chicago Series! New Updates marked with a *

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Episode 01: Giles sends Xander to Chicago to pick up an artifact and he meets some interesting new friends.

Episode 02: Due to a crash, Xander has to bring someone back to his friends and makes a major life decision to stay.

Episode 03: Xander settles into his new place in the city and in the group. They go to face down Limburger because Xander's already tired of him.

Episode 04: Xander buys a new car, Oz finds his spot, and Xander has a date.

Episode 05: Everyone else gets to meet Meg. Xander has to go into super planning and fuss mode.

Episode 06: A hellmouth problem draws Xander and Willow back to Sunnydale, forcing Xander to move on. Plus, they meet a new ally. NC-17 for violence and angst. Death story, kinda (turning)

Episode 07: Xander's sore, Limburger makes a play, and the last friend of the group shows up.

Episode 08: Dawn's planning for her future and cops a 'tude with a slayer long distance.

Episode 09: Switch has the baby right before an assault has to happen. Violence, R to be safe.

Episode 10: Throttle proves just whose Xander is.

Episode 11: Sex. Lots and lots of sex. NC-17 m/m, m/f

Episode 12: Their first weekend away and an attack happens. Plus, some...changes. NC-17 m/m

Episode 13: Clubbing, teasing, and claiming. NC-17. M/M, M/F.

Episode 14: Thanksgiving with the slayers.

Episode 15: Everyone comes back happy and sated, but Xander has an accident, which allows for some major fussing from Throttle.

Episode 16: Dawn's grounded for playing taunt-the-Ethan games wso the group has to decide on an outfit for a date. NC-17 m/m

Episode 17: Xander gets an owie and he and Vinnie get closer because of it. NC-17 for angst, violence, and sex

Episode 18: Everybody and their brother starts to show up in Chicago while Xander and Throttle are on a road trip. Dawn meets a new...friend. NC-17, m/m, m/f

Episode 19: Everyone returns, Xander and Vinnie go do white mouse stuff, and then a small Cleveland incident happens. Nothing too tragic but mostly a lot funny stuff.

Episode 20: Xander's ethical issues lead him to give a warning he normally wouldn't and to go trolling at an occult booksale. Where he finds some Martian artifacts.

Episode 21: Xander and Vinnie on caffeine, what a rush!

Episode 22: They deal with a few issues. The new mouse, Wolfram and Hart coming for Dawn, those sort of things.

It's Important, I'm Going! Dawn's senior prom and how she deals with it and how she has to keep explaining what it is to all the mice. Outtake story.

Episode 23: Xander has to start making plans against Wolfram and Hart, plus a few other stresses start to sow up, but Throttle helps him handle them. NC-17 m/m, m/f

Episode 24: A night of fun and dancing turns into nightmares and a relationship talk. NC-17 m/m, m/f

Episode 25: First day at the new site. A movie night that turns into a fight, then Vinnie and Xander talk.

Episode 26: The morning after for the over-protective Dawn. A fight. Some teasing.

Episode 27: Dawn make sure Rimfire knows it wasn't his fault and Throttle gets a bit injured. nc-17 m/m

Episode 28: A new type of possession and a new plot twist.

Episode 29: Is a nightmare reality? Or does it just mimic reality? The group is caught in a living nightmare curse and must come to grips with the messages to get each other out. Some heroic measures are called for to make sure they all come back alive. The whole story is rated NC-17 for angst and sex in two parts. Please remember, these are nightmares!

a: Rimfire    b: Dawn, Micah, and Lorne (nc-17c: Modo
d: Charley  e: Vinnie, Throttle, and Xander (nc-17)

Episode 30: Xander's mission to infiltrate and sabotage is found out and they're captured during a battle. Which makes them fight back and save some new mice.

Episode 31: Dawn and Rimfire go to report to Micah and run into a few little issues. The president being one of them, and he makes someone give them a stern talking to.

Episode 32: Xander spoils two mice to the extreme. Vinnie gets something he's been missing and Throttle gets a long road trip though the Mecca of bikers, Sturgis. nc-17 m/m, m/f

Episode 33: The Martian Council speaks with a big stick. Xander's got a new plan or two too. They will go nicely together. Notes: Starts out during same time as birth.

Episode 34: A first week's birthday herald's a new menace and makes everyone react a bit strongly. NC-17, m/m

Episode 35: The assault on the demon. Stress relieving sex too. A new twist with Faith. NC- 17

Episode 36: Faith adds another new twist to the old formula. Touching on non-con/coercion. NC-17

Episode 37: Their day in court. How do you explain what you have to a relative?

Episode 38: A trip home for the guys. A bored Xander. A dangerous combination. NC-17 m/m, m/f

Episode 39: A wedding! Some sightseeing! An attack! Violence warning! NC-17 for that

Episode 40: The aftermath and cleanup. Language warning due to Enamel.

Episode 41: Xander finds a few new things and is of great help, and of great annoyance. Plus he gets some very odd help finding what he should have as a proper mouse. Much to the amusement, annoyance, and fear of the others at times. Hankie warning!

Episode 42: The homecoming comes with an ethical crisis for Xander to deal with. Crossover with Due South.

Episode 43: Xander runs away from Micah and takes Vinnie to one of his thinking places, where he's introduced to an old horse and a young lady. Which gets them involved in some NID matters.

Episode 44: An unbored white mouse, the three guys go dancing together, and then Boris talks Xander into doing some stuff for him.

Episode 45: First day on the job and things are already starting to happen. Poor Xander, especially the vampire Xander that gets sucked into this world.

Episode 46: The cops come calling about the explosion and Xander proves they're after him, not the other way around. An older friend comes to visit and Boris finds out his perfect Xander is really cool as a vampire.

Episode 47: Xander takes charge, fixing a few last problems with W&H and the construction company.

Episode 48: A trip to the pet store. Spike and Vic bond in their own unique way.

Episode 49: Stoker learns about dogs too. About the same time as he tries to separate Anya from her idol and head home. Poor Switch, having to deal with those kids.

Episode 50: A kidnaped Charley and oh, boy, are Xander and the Seal pissed!

Episode 51: Can we say 'two hyper-protective white mice'? I knew you could.

Episode 52: Charley stresses as the military comes begging for mercy and snaps at Xander, making him pout. Throttle finally gets his boy calmed down and home, so he and Vinnie work on Xander's Martian. NC-17

Episode 53: More on Martian history, the Key, and black mice. Interesting.....

Episode 54: A house meeting. Enamel's got to help with a difficult birth through some new technology. Throttle and the new ambassador have...issues.

Episode 55: Detective Vecchio needs Xander's help with something odd and on the way home he runs into an old group of friends. They're back!!

Episode 56: Chassis comes to Earth to ferry a building mouse back with stuff so the family takes her out for her first night on Earth. Very NC-17, lots and lots of sex. M/F, M/M

Episode 57: Xander has to put down a Braveheart-wanting mouse. He should have known better than to argue with him.

Episode 58: Limburger has a plan that works? Well, at least temporarily. After all, you can't really expect to hold two white mice together, right? Some Enamel angst, but slowly getting better.

Episode 59: The report to Mars about what happened while the guys were captured and helping Enamel deal with his first day for the next six months. Shell is not a happy mouse!

Episode 60: Xander has to go visit his father. Unfortunately. Of course, it's a plot. R to be safe for violence and fighting.

Episode 61: Vinnie and Xander take the downtime to get better acquainted. NC-17 M/M, M/F, mention of drugs during sex.

Episode 62: The morning after and then a refugee situation on Mars. Rated R for possibly disturbing images, but nothing too graphic, just in case. Also some angst.

Episode 63: Micah comes calling to check in and get the reports no one ever seems to send in. Staff asked the twin menaces for some help with her biker stud. Ma starts to get nosy about things she's seen and noticed, especially when she hears about a certain rumpled mouse.

Episode 64: Preparations for the tea and the actual thing, then a ceremony and a rescue mission.

Episode 65: Throttle finds out a lot more about Xander, since he's been hiding stuff.

Episode 66: We find out more about Enamel's past, at least a bit more, and then Xander escapes the dreaded hospital in search of fun and games. Even if it does make his mate chase him.

Episode 67: Staff finally gets to try something new when they get home. A few new problems, but Xander figures it out. NC-17 Modo/Staff.

Episode 68: Dawn has to come to the rescue of the gang this time, in a more official capacity. Go girl anger!

Episode 69: The Halloween ep! With a twist.

Episode 70: Enamel and Shell's first anniversary and wouldn't you know it, they're interrupted, even when Xander helped with the romantic stuff. Oh, and more about Wrench's past comes to light.

Episode 71: Xander puts up a new toy for everyone and Modo finally gets what he deserves.

Episode 72: A series of odd nightmares makes Xander start on some of the plans for their future on Mars.

Episode 73: A...situation arises on Mars that requires some...intervention in finest tail whipping style.

Episode 74: The military come begging for their new project. Someone got sneaky and made their own bike corps.

Episode 75: A cult in Xander's esteemed image? What will happen to Mars? At least he solves some nagging problems for others.

Episode 76: Xander owns Limburger Tower, the current one? At least his men like him enough to help him destress again. NC-17, m/m/m, m/f

Episode 77: Telling some others and some minor details being put into action. Plus, a whining Throttle mouse. Poor Xander. Too much sex is a bad thing. NC-17, m/m, m/f

Episode 78: Exposing the plans to the people outside the family who need to give permission.

Episode 79: Chassis and Stan are cute, especially when he asks one of the big questions. Some minor planning and a few issues, but mostly a happy, fluff piece.

Episode 80: Starting the official countdown to the move. A small time jump here to get to it. Plus a huge surprise coming from Cleveland.

Episode 81: The house is done, the first night in the house is going on and so is the first official party.

Episode 82: the taste testing.

Episode 83: Xander meets some of his fellow priests and Throttle goes to take a good look at their supplies.

Episode 84: Road-tripping on Mars, Xander-style.

Episode 85: One last attempt by some remaining Plutarkians to take back Mars. Then someone does the unthinkable and tries to reward Xander for all his work. Some violence, a lot of humor. NC-17

Episode 86: Rivet and Buffy chatting? And the new club finally opens!

Episode 87: Throttle takes Xander camping and of course they're sent to talk to some refugees who haven't come home yet.

Episode 88: The kids! Ooooh, the kids in trouble! All because the daddies didn't call too. Poor Terror.

Episode 89: The first major shopping trip back on Earth after the move. Poor Xander, no bros, no mate, just Terror and Wrench to make sure he stays sane and happy.

Episode 90: The chaos is building on Mars and the Seal has to fix it or else Mars will be harmed permanently. What's going to be done and will it help or hurt? Why is there _Rocky Horror_ on Mars?

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