Xander walked into the Council meeting.  "After we do the usual stuff, we need to brief everyone about a prophecy and it will be a closed meeting," he announced.  "I don't care if you fuss, but it's slayer stuff that's bleeding over and we're all in deep shit if it keeps going, people.  Yes, it is relevant to the Dark Lord stuff as well," he told Horatio.  "That's why Sam's got his brother and father coming in.  I've got Willow coming.  Possibly Giles too."

Horatio nodded.  "We can do that after the meeting, Xander.  How bad?"

"It's an endage prophecy, Horatio.  About the First Evil coming back."  Horatio gave him a horrified look and everyone else shuddered.  "After we brief you guys, hopefully just an FYI but if you run into it we need to know, you can brief the American aurors?"  Horatio nodded.  "Good.  I stopped in on their floor and their boss will come down to be briefed as well.  I don't want to panic but the way he got brought back started it off."

"Shit," Danny muttered.

"Exactly."  He sat down, smiling at Harry.  "You're tanned!"

"I am and I'm happy.  It was a great vacation.  Thank you, Xander."

"You're welcome.  Everyone deserves one."  He patted him on the back.  "Okay, now that my drama queen side is finished, what's on today's menu, chairman Horatio?"

"We have to finalize next time's meeting date.  We need to see if there's been any other exceptions to the laws that need to be looked at, and we need to get an updated intelligence briefing about the Dark Lord.  We can put that with yours."

Xander nodded. "Sounds like an easy day."  He looked at the others.  "Relax.  We've handled things that are just as bad before.  This one may spill over, that's why we're worried."  He looked around.  "Can we start?"

"We can," Horatio said.  "Tony said he's not going to be here today so his proxy goes to Danny Messer by Tony's choice.   Does anyone have any problems with the meeting time for next meeting?"

"Our schedule shifted, we'll have it on," Mac said.

Horatio nodded. "Mine's waiting on me so I can change it however.  When do you three have off?"  Mac pushed over a calendar.  "I see the twenty-first.  Patricia?"

"No problem for me, Horatio."

"Minister Fudge?"

He looked at his calendar.  "We have a society thing later that night.  As long as it's a short meeting it shouldn't matter."

"Boys?" he asked.

"I'm good with whatever," Xander said.  "Ours go off in the spring."

Sam nodded. "That's good with us, Horatio.  Depending on what we've found out we may be heading back to the US for a few weeks."

"That's fine, Sam.  Let us know where you are."  He looked at Harry.  "Nothing for you?"

"I'm free until school starts again as far as I know."

"Good.  Tony said he'll be here no matter what next time.  This time his director has him on a surveillance team and he couldn't get off.  I've already talked to Gibbs, who threw a fit at her, so it'll be fixed for next time."   He looked.  "We'll make the weekend of the twenty-first our next meeting since no one disagrees."  They all wrote it down.  "All right.  Have there been any problems with the laws as they've been rewritten?" he asked.

Minister Fudge cleared his throat.  "The decency statues were looked over and I do have a proposal."  He handed it over.

Horatio read it then passed it on.

Sam frowned.  "That leaves out men being obscene," he said, looking up.  "We don't have streakers?"


"Guys who go pantless or flash women," Xander said.  He read it over Sam's shoulder. "Still a bit too restrictive.  Any cleavage?  Technically you can see it in what Patricia is wearing."  She covered it up then did up the button.  "Not saying it's not good, just pointing it out," he assured her.  "You were very tasteful."

"If we add the word excessive in front of that it might be better," Sam offered.  He took a pencil from Horatio to make that change.  Then he kept reading.  "The last part of it would qualify against pants, Minister Fudge.  Even your women wear them at home."

"But not in public," he said firmly.

"What about the students who're coming in to shop?" Harry asked.  "They often do wear pants.  So do their parents."

He grimaced.  "An exclusion could be made for them."

Patricia looked at him.  "Pants are more comfortable," she told him.  "I know some wizards prefer the old style of robes but they're uncomfortable and you can't do much in them."  She took it to look at.  She tapped her fingers a few times.   "I like Sam's change of putting 'excessive' in that cleavage clause.  I also agree that the last clause is a bit much."  She passed it onto the other officers.  Mac took the pencil to strike out that line.

Stella looked then shook her head. "I'm sorry, the first one is fairly offensive.  Just because I'm not wearing a corset doesn't mean I'm not wearing foundation garments and it's not up to you to decide who wears a bra or not, Minister Fudge.  If some woman wants to go braless that's up to her."  He spluttered.  "It is."  She handed it on.

Horatio took another look at it.  "So we have issues with the first and third clause?" he asked.  Everyone nodded.  "Does anyone not like the addition of excessive in the second one?"  No one said anything.  "Does anyone want to remark on the fourth or fifth one?"

"Unnecessary," Xander said.  "Also sexist.  Unless it applies to both genders, it doesn't apply to one in my book."

Horatio looked at them.  "They are both limiting for women but not men."  He frowned.  "Does anyone like the fourth and fifth clause?"  No one said anything.  Patricia cleared her throat.  "You had an alternative?"

"I do believe it should be considered distasteful to be naked in Diagon or Knocturn, or any other market area no matter what sex you are."

Horatio nodded, writing that down.  "Any public area that may house children?" he suggested.  "That would get them out of the problem for bars if such things existed."

She grimaced.  "Why would one want to be?"

"Drunks and nude people, Patricia," Sam said.  "It's often gone together."

"Like that bar by your house by about ten miles," Mac told her.

"Oh, that place," she said with a grimace.  "I don't like it and I doubt the wizarding world would either."

"Lonely men hang out there."

"Do they raise rates of molestation?  You hear things in the news."

"That and other forms of pornography aren't clearly associated with it.  The same people who do those sort of acts against another being do it for power.  They can imagine themselves doing it even before they get pictures or shown it in a strip club."

"And honestly, how many social parties have ended up having naked people?" Danny asked.

"Well, that's true.  I definitely do not want it around children."

"Then we can put on there around anyone who may be under the age of consent," Horatio assured her.  "Or would you rather it be of legal age?"

"I like age of consent personally."  Horatio nodded, writing that down.  He handed it down to her, letting her see his wording.  She smiled.  "I do like how that is worded."  She passed it to Fudge, who nodded that it was acceptable to him.  The others looked then nodded. "That and the excessive cleavage law?"

"Would that cover the excessive cleavage law?" Danny asked.

"We can put a rider on it to limit the amount of excessive attire in public," Mac offered.

Stella nodded.  "I can see that.  Or we can add onto that one.  In public where anyone under the age of consent may be is fine.  No nudity or partial nudity, Horatio?"

He considered it.  "That would leave it up for the streakers and flashers," he agreed.  "Partial nudity might be subjective.  They could call the top you have on partial nudity, Stella."

She looked down at then at him.  "It can be fought though.  You can't see anything that's covered by appropriate bras with it."

"We can define partial nudity as showing anything that's usually covered by regular undergarments," Sam offered.  Horatio nodded at that, changing the wording around. "Would anyone have a problem with that?"  Patricia shook her head.  Fudge shook his head reluctantly.

"As it reads presently:  Nudity and partial nudity, to be defined as showing flesh that is usually covered by regular undergarments worn by either sex, shall not be allowed in any public place where someone under the age of consent may be present."  He looked up.  "Any dissent on that wording?"  No one said anything.  "Stella?"

"That works for me.  Patricia?"

"That does work for me," she agreed. "Minister Fudge?"

"That's the core of the old ones so I'll let it stand," he agreed.  Even though it had taken out the carefully worded clauses that took him two days to write to limit what that obscene female wore around *his* world.  He knew he couldn't win this battle but at least he was working them to his side slowly.  They'd see things his way eventually.  Then all this silliness would be stopped and that female would be properly attired so he wouldn't have to keep watching her the way he was.

Horatio nodded.  "Let's draw this up better."  Xander printed it out, letting him check it.  "Two a's typo, Xander."  He corrected it and let him see it.  He nodded so it was printed and passed around so it could be signed by all of them.  "Thank you.  Any other laws that need to be looked at?"

Patricia coughed.  "I'm told you took out the quarantine laws."

"That should be up to healers to decide.  If they're causing harm by getting out that can be inferred under the assault statutes," Stella told her.  "All three judges agreed that was reasonable.  That's the doctor's job to make sure of it."

She nodded.  "Which is reasonable.  Enforcing it?"

"We put a sign on the door and trust in common sense, feeling sick, and the honor code," Stella told her.

"I've heard there's things spreading rapidly in the muggle world," Fudge said dryly.

"Most of those are STD's, Minister Fudge."  He gave her a confused look.  "Sexually transmitted diseases.  Some of which have been around since the beginning of time.  The newest one is more modern and they're working to find very good treatments for it."  He blushed.  "We have people who only deal in that.  Again, that should be whatever sort of Health Department you have here.  The same as testing is."

"Our personal physicians can," Patricia told her. "You have special facilities to test?"

"Our personal ones can but the Health Department is over all that.  They're over the general health of the city.  If there's an outbreak of something you expect the health department's people to show up.  They're the ones who do the vaccination pushes and make sure everyone's got the ones they need.  They're the ones that poor people go to for pregnancy testing and birth control, they keep track of disease statistics and spread, all that."

"Vaccinations?" Fudge asked.

"Yes, we can hold off or eliminate most of the major diseases that have killed people for the last few centuries.  Like polio is virtually gone now.  It's rare to see a single case a year."  He gaped. "The same with measles, rubella, whooping cough.  We have vaccinations that can ease the flu if you get it.  One that can protect you against chicken pox, or make sure you only get a light case instead of a worse one.  We even have vaccinations against hepatitis.  Which I've heard is a bit rampant around here."

"Can we talk to them?" Patricia asked.

"I know London has a very good health department or you could come back with us," Danny assured her.  "There's a witch in the health department.  She's the one who sends out letters for New York when a witch is found by someone before they're school age.  It's her job to look things over.  I don't know if London has one or not."

"I'll be seeing you in a few days if you could make an appointment for me with her," Patricia said.

Danny made a note.  "I'll call Monday.  She's not in on weekends."  She smiled and nodded.  "Then I'll tell one of the local ones so they can send an owl."

"Thank you.  That is something we should look into.  We lose too many children every year."

Stella nodded. "That's why we do it."  She looked at Horatio.  "Okay, anything else before we get to the closed portion of our meeting?"

Horatio looked.  "Are there any other topics that need to be discussed first?"  No one said anything.  "Then let's close this meeting once we have the others in here."  Sam went to get them, having to argue with the aurors about them all.  He finally drug them and the auror in, plus their boss.  "Problems?"

"They want to memory charm dad."  He sat down.  "Sit behind me, guys."  They sat in the seats behind him.  "Someone block the door?"  They did that.  "All right.  Let's get some back story.  I'm going to put into evidence the information I got from Harry about how Voldemort was raised.  Yes, it is important," he said at Fudge's opening mouth.  He passed it over to Horatio, who passed it on.  "Go ahead, Willow."

"Hi, I'm Willow Rosenburg for those who don't know.  Witch to the slayer in Sunnydale.  I work with Xander."  She looked around.  "There's a fairly bad prophecy that was activated by him being raised."  She handed that over.  "That's a copy of the prophecy.  We didn't realize it was going to be interacting with the war you guys are having until Xander had a prophetic dream and we went looking."

"How is this relevant?" Fudge demanded.

"The prophecy is that the First Evil's coming back," Xander said dryly.  "Due to a botched resurrection, one that came back wrong."  Fudge went pale.  "With how Voldemort was raised he qualifies."

"The problem isn't that it's happening, though it is for us in Sunnydale and probably the west coast.  The problem is that we've had hints that her minions, the Turok-Han or Bringers, are going to go after anyone who could oppose her or stop her coming out.  That means the Watchers Council.  The aurors here.  The school possibly.  Harry probably.  She might even go after Voldemort if she thinks he's in her way."

Horatio stared at her.  "Please tell me you're joking."

"I can't do that.  We've dealt with bad things before but this is worse.  This is way worse.  We're looking at how to stop it now.  We know if her anchor is broken, meaning redead, before the seal is open it could stop her from coming out."

"We have a few ideas on that," Sam admitted.  "We think we can cancel out the resurrection spell and turn him back into what he was before.  Then it's a matter of trapping it and then killing the ghoul."

She nodded. "Once you do that it's possible it'll stop her.  If she's summoned more of her higher minions, we're pretty well screwed.  We'll have to fight and we're not sure how we're doing that yet.  There's hints of a weapon but we can't be sure.  The Council isn't being cooperative."

"We have a library here," the head auror said seriously.  "We can look for you, Miss Rosenburg.  What do these Bringers look like?"  She pulled out a picture she had copied.  "I've seen one."

Xander looked.  "There was one following a Watcher the other day," he announced.  "Shit, they're going after the slayers in training and the council."  He looked at her.

"I'll pop there next," she promised.  She looked around.  "We don't want it to spill back over to your world, but you've got to handle the Voldemort thing faster, guys.  He's gotta go.  She can open the seal by Christmas."  Harry moaned.  "I know it's pushing you."

"I'll do what I have to do," he agreed.  "I need to know what I'm doing though."

"Of course," Sam agreed.  "We've got it laid out for you, Harry.  It's going to have to be a surprise attack.  It's going to have to be done while he's trapped so he can't get away."

"We can set up anti-apparation wards," the lesser auror assured him.

"Problem with that," Xander said.  "I've had Willow looking into the dark mark thingy to see if we can use cutting that tie to entice more of his people to our side so we have more spies."

"That's directly out of some Egyptian magic.  Wandless, ancient magic," she told him.  "Which means he can probably do the same sort of teleporting I can."

He sighed.  "We can't stop you."

"We can talk to the curse breakers, have them look at it.  Did you bring that?"

"I let Professor Snape look at it," she said.  "He was taking it to the Charm's teacher to see if they had something similar."

 "I'm sure he would like to be able to remove it," the head auror sighed.  He looked at Xander.

"No, Lucius is going to be a goldfish before I remove that."

"That's fine.  Thank you."  He looked at her again.  "I need everything you have on this.  We can brief the American aurors as well in case you need help."

"That might be a nice change.  Where were they during the ascension?" she asked.

He shrugged.  "Have to ask them.  We only heard about it after the fact.  Nice job, very well done," he told them.  Xander nodded his thanks.  "Okay, will you need Harris or Winchester?"

"I might need more fighters.  I'm not sure. We're still looking."

"I can go back," John promised.  "I want the boys here, Willow.  There's no way I want them walking into hell to fight."

"Okay.  Going into hell?"

"You'd almost have to," Xander agreed.  "You can call me.  I'll come."  She nodded.  "This is why I asked for the closed meeting."

Horatio nodded. "I can see why.  The officers would be the ones to probably find them if they did attack someone in our cities."

Willow nodded. "They're not subtle either.  We've found evidence that they run through walls.  They're super vamps and seriously hard to kill.  She's got a small army of them at her disposal if she can get the seal open."

They all nodded. "This was that important.  Over here it'll end the war and probably be necessary to watch some people and targets," Horatio decided.  "If you need help, you will tell us?"

"Oh, I'll scream for help," she assured him dryly.  "Xander will hear me screaming for help.  That's not an issue."  He nodded.  "We might be evacuating the town though and that might release more magical items into the world and other magic users who've been hiding."

"It's also a matter of the taint because it will draw demons," Xander told her.

She nodded.  "Exactly."  She looked at them.  "So this is a head's up.  We're doing what we can but we expect it to spill over."

They all nodded.  "We can deal with it," the head auror assured her.  She beamed.  "Go tell the gits on the council.  I'm sure they'll be pleased."

"They hate me as much as they do Xander."

"Travers' office is done in pale creams and leather," he told her.  She came over to stare into his eyes, getting the picture from his mind.  "Knew you still knew that one."

"Yup. Thank you."  She kissed him on the forehead.  "Be safe.  You're a target too, Xander."

"I'm safe.  You be careful."  She nodded and disappeared.  He looked at John.  "You're sure you can help them?"  He nodded.  "Then Dean, Sam, and I can watch each other if we have to."

"That's good with me," he assured him, smiling some.  He stood up.  "With that I should get back on the road.  They'll need me soon if it's to be by Christmas."  Sam waved his staff and he disappeared, landing with his truck and bag in front of the Magic Box.  "That was easier than Customs."  He walked inside.  "Willow just briefed us.  Where do you need me?"  Giles pointed at Buffy.  "I can spar with her.  Come on, Buffy."  She nodded, sighing a bit as she followed him.

Xander looked around.  "I'll keep people informed as I get intel.  I don't know how often she'll tell me.  She's back on her 'protecting the normal people' kick and I'm still counted as a normal person in her book."

"If we hear you'll hear," the head auror assured him.

"Good.  Then we need every little bit of intel on Voldemort," Mac said.  "As soon as we can."

He nodded.  "I can do that.  I know some's been passed on."

"A bit," Xander agreed.  "Even the hidden stuff and the stuff from his first go-round.  It could help us predict."

He nodded. "I'll get that to people tonight."  He left, taking down the anti-eavesdropping spells.

Horatio cleared his throat.  "That was a bad thing.  Once you know what you're doing, let me know, Xander."  He nodded.  "I wish you three the best of luck and if you need more...mundane experience let us know.  We're more than willing to help."

"I can do that," Harry agreed.  "Thank you."

"My house, tomorrow," Sam told him.  Harry nodded.  "We'll go over the intel and plan.  Then we'll figure out how to start it off."

"That's fine, I can do that.  Dinner or earlier?" Harry asked.

"Dinner's good, Harry.  The aunts still want to feed you."

He grinned. "Your aunts are nice."  He looked at the others.  "Are we done?  Some of us have things we need to do."  They nodded so Horatio broke up the meeting and they went to their respective residences to calm down and think.  He looked at Ron then nodded everyone into the kitchen except Ginny.  "Order business."

"If there's fighting I can handle it," she reminded him coolly.

"No you will not!  I will not have this family harmed," she said, staring her daughter down.

"Oh, it's so much worse than that," Harry told her.  "I should go into hiding."  They all stared at him.  "Bringing back Voldemort started off the First Evil prophecies in Sunnydale."  Arthur went pale.  "We've got to get him out by Christmas.  Sooner if possible."

Molly swallowed.  "That bad?"

He nodded.  "That bad.  Xander had his people brief us and she'll go after those who can stop her.  I need to hide myself a bit better.  I'm meeting with them tomorrow night to start planning."

"That's fine, dear," she decided, giving him a hug.  "You go to Grimwald place."

"She has minions, super vamps Willow called them.  I'm not sure that they can't find it even with the secret keeper spell.  We'll have to see.  If they show up here, apparate away, people.  Immediately."

"I'll teach Ginny and Ron," Fred told him.

George looked at him.  "You all right, mate?"

Harry shrugged. "I knew it had to happen.  Now we're on a time constraint.  I don't want to get anyone hurt.  Xander and Willow think she might even go after Voldemort herself if she thinks he's a threat."

Molly patted him on the back.  "You go pack and we'll send you there, Harry.  Then we'll see what can be done."  He nodded, heading to do that.  She looked at her family.  "Make them get it right today, boys.  I'll call the others.  I still do not want you fighting."  They nodded, taking Ginny and Ron out back to teach them to apparate.  She looked at her husband.  "Someone has to know by now."

"Oh, we told everyone," Harry told her as he came down with his trunk and bag, plus owl cage.  "We had a closed meeting to brief everyone and the aurors were there too.  Even Fudge listened after Willow let it be known how bad this is."

She swallowed.  "Come on, we'll head there together.  Albus has to know."

"We don't think the school's a target."

"It shouldn't be," she agreed.  She hoped.  They flooed together and Harry looked at Snape.  "They've heard?"

"That there was a bad announcement," Tonks said.  "My boss sent me here.  He figured you'd need the protection this time, Harry."

Harry dropped his things in a corner then faced everyone.  "The Founders Council met today," he announced.  Everyone went quiet. "After the regular meeting we went into a closed session to talk about a problem going off in Sunnydale that's coming over here."  He started to pace to think then stopped.  "Willow said that because Voldemort was raised, the First Evil prophecies are happening.  The aurors and Xander both identified a Bringer, her minion, following some of the Watcher's people."  Snape sat up suddenly staring at him.  "He's the one that got back wrong and is her gatekey."  He looked at him.  "We're on a time constraint.  She can come out around the hols if we can't take him out by then."

"They're sure?" Albus asked calmly.

Harry nodded.  "Willow was sure.  Xander had some sort of vision in a dream that got them to start looking.  Then things started to happen so they're certain now.  There was at least one Bringer in England following a Watcher."  He shuddered.  "He did say that she might go after him herself.  That she might see him as a threat.  We were also told that they'd go after anyone who might stand in her way."

"Going after the Watchers would do that.  They control the slayer line and if I remember right the full prophecy said something about seven slayers stopping it," Dumbledore said.  "I'll look that up and send it to Mr. Harris."

"Some of us are meeting tomorrow night to start planning.  We're waiting on the full information file.  We need what the Order's gathered but not handed over."  Dumbledore nodded at that.  "If she comes after me, they're being called super vampires.  So you may be able to get away from them by apparation.  As far as they knew.  Willow was talking about them knocking in walls.  I don't know if they can sense me here or not if they do come for me since I'm the one who can bring down Voldemort."

"Not the only one.  There's one other child that fits," Dumbledore reminded him.  Harry nodded at that. "I'll have him guarded.  Tonks, if you would please?"  She nodded.  He looked at Harry.  "How was your vacation?"

"It was wonderful," he said with a smile.  "I came back so relaxed.  I saw a lot of nice things.  Took some great pictures.  Stunned Ron stupid by some of the beach pictures."

Molly frowned.  "I can't believe women wear such scanty things."

He looked at her.  "You can't swim in a dress, Mrs. Weasley.  Besides, as we've been shown, the rest of the world wears less clothes than we do."  He looked around.  "Also, Fudge had us take up a decency clause today.  So now it's no nudity or partial nudity in public places where you'd expect to see someone under the age of consent.  They defined partial nudity as anything covered by regular underthings."

"That's remarkably sensible for Cornelius," Albus said dryly.

"He came in with five clauses that took up a foot of parchment.  We argued a bit over some of them and rewrote it on him so it's simpler and covered all the points we wanted to.  He wanted a 'you have to wear a corset' law as well.  Only included women at first.  We worked it out, took about half an hour.  That's after we set the next meeting date."

"How's the new member working out?" Molly asked.

"She has some sense and tact, even if she does like Fudge.  For whatever reason.  She and Stella discuss women's lib and things.  She was the push to keep us going earlier when we about negated the whole thing.  We were down to an excessive cleavage law.  She added children and helped expand it."

"Then she's working out fairly well," Albus agreed.  "It's good to have more women on the panel anyway."

Harry nodded.  "Stella can get scary sometimes about women's rights.  Did you know that women in the rest of the world can vote and drive?"

Dumbledore blinked.  "I dare say they could drive here if we used cars, Harry."

"No, we couldn't.  There's a law against any witch or wizard driving cars," Molly corrected.

"Not anymore," Harry told her.  "That went in the first round with the clothing laws."  He pulled out his copy of the law book and handed it to her.  "Minus today's new law.  The other one is in the back, folded up.  They'll appear in the next edition."

She sat down to read it.  "Well, this is much simpler," she said happily.

"The five officers sat on the board with three judges to advise them," Harry told her.  "They wanted it to be simpler and take out the stupid ones, like no one could wear polka dots except on certain hats.  Still don't understand that one."  He looked at Dumbledore.  "Do you want me to stay here?  Knowing that they could be coming for me?"

"We'll try it.  If not, I'm sure there's other Black family properties that would work," Dumbledore agreed.

He nodded.  "Okay then I'm here until I meet with Sam tomorrow night.  His father went back to Sunnydale to help.  Horatio reminded me to ask if I needed more help over here."

Dumbledore nodded at that.  "That's most reasonable.  Thank you for that report, Harry."

"Not a problem as the others say," he offered with a grin.  "Best to hear the bad news now so we can plan."  He walked off to take his stuff upstairs.  That way he could get his mind around having to do this by the holidays.

"His vacation did him good," McGonagall said happily.  "He's much more relaxed."

"He is," Dumbledore agreed.  "I'm very happy with the boy's conduct as well.  Our aurors asked and they said he was a very good boy on vacation.  Horatio looked over his shoulder about every day to make sure he wasn't living on the beach."

Snape shook his head.  "All young men do such things."

"What of your research, Severus?" McGonagall asked.

"It is coming down to something they can do.  We do not have similar charms according to Professor Flitwick.  If so we can remove a mark and break the link back.  It would be a good incentive to bring others to our side.  Those who joined because they're scared and stay because they're more terrified of leaving."  Dumbledore nodded.  "Have we any candidates?"

"Six or seven," he admitted.  "What of Mr. Malfoy?"

"His mother has instructed him to stay in school if he should be called.  Voldemort asked and I've told him the same thing Harris told him.  Mr. Malfoy will not do well in a combat situation.  His strengths lie in his mind.  I've also told him about the edict his head of family passed down saying that Draco may not take the Mark until he is over age or else the Ministry will try to take their funds.  That he has told the boy to think for himself and make his own decisions in regards to taking the Mark.  He thought it interesting and that it could be useful later on.  Then Harris rudely interrupted and made fun of him before calling the aurors."

"Worked for us," Tonks promised with a grin.

"Yes, so I've heard.  He was quite unamused by that act."

"He planned it, just asked for a tracking charm."

Harry came back in.  "He took tape for Sam and Dean to look at too.  That way they could help plan things."  That got a mass nod.  He looked at Snape.  "By the way, Willow does think it's hellmouth energy that blocked that curse from him," he said quietly.  "I don't know how or why."

Snape smirked. "I'll have to remember that."

"He said to tell you."

"He sent an owl?"

"He called."  He sat down at the table.  "Anything else to get on today?  Once we have battle plans, I'll bring them back.  Someone here can work out where we'll be and what spells we'll need so we all have them.  Then we'll go in I guess.  Neither one wants to plan too far ahead of time."

Snape nodded. "That's a wise idea in this case.  He's still moving around often."

"I'll let them know.  Any idea about his schedule?"  Snape shook his head.  "Then we'll take it into account somehow.  Would you like to come to the planning, sir?  That way you can tell them about any defenses he would have up?  Like the non-apparating charms?  Oh, that was the other thing.  His transformation.  Willow identified it was wandless, ancient Egyptian magic.  She thinks he might be able to get around like she does and the aurors cannot stop it yet."

Tonks smirked.  "That's a right handy thing to know, Harry.  Thanks for that."  She got up and left.  She got a full briefing from her boss and went to talk to Neville's Gram.  She smiled when the older lady opened the door.  "Mrs. Longbottom?  Auror Tonks.  I'm here to guard your family.  May I come in?"

"Whyever for?" she asked quietly.

"Let her in, Grams," Neville called.  "Harry trusts her."  She was let in and Neville looked at her.  "An attack?"

"Not by the Dark Lord, but there's another problem that he activated.  We think it's a long shot but there's been hints that the First Evil prophecies have been started thanks to him coming back."  She looked at the elderly lady, who was sitting down and shaking.  "Hey now.  It's pretty much a long shot they'll come for Neville.  I'm here to make sure you two get away if her minions come for him."

"Why would they?" she asked her.

Tonks smiled.  "There's a few kids who might fit the same prophecy that Potter fits, ma'am.  Neville does technically fit even though he's not been trained that way."  She winked at Neville.  "So we'll watch over you until we know it's safer.  We're trying to close it down early but we're not sure yet."

Neville nodded.  "We'll do whatever we can to help you, Auror Tonks."

"Just Tonks, Neville."

"Thanks."  He smiled at his grandmother.  "See, the new Council is smarter than Fudge."

"Very," Tonks agreed, smiling some.  "We've got two demon hunters on it and a bunch of cops.  They're very practical people.  We like that about them.  Offered my boss a few rule changes so we could do our jobs easier too."  Neville smiled at that.  "You're about sixteen?"  Neville nodded.  "Well, I probably shouldn't let you know but I'm going to go over how to apparate with you, Neville.  Just to make sure you can get away if you have to."

"Thank you," his grandmother said.  "When should it come?"

Tonks shrugged.  "If it comes it could be at any time.  It just depends on if she's going to act against the Dark Lord herself or not.  She might if she thinks he can get in her way.  Going after Potter and anyone who could stop him would keep them from taking down her gateway to this plane from what I'm told.   So we're here to guard you two until further notice."  She nodded. "At least until the start of school."

"That'll be fine," Neville agreed.  He followed her outside. "I'm a member of DA, Tonks," he said quietly.

"Knew that, Neville.  Harry told me," she said with a grin.  "Smart of you.  Let's get to work on that and then we'll make sure you're up to snuff if you have to cast then disappear."  He nodded, settling in to learn this new thing.  She had warned the Missue office just in case they got caught.  They agreed it was a good idea.


Willow appeared in Travers' office, freezing everyone.  "Morning," she said, unfreezing Travers.  "We've got issues and Watchers are being hunted.  The First Evil is being let out."

He spluttered.  "That's not possible.  No one's died!"

"Voldemort," she said slowly and clearly.  "He came back wrong.  He's her gateway and we're working on that end but we've seen Bringers going after a Watcher.  Xander saw one, the aurors have seen another."

He sat down hard, staring at her.  "You're sure?"  She nodded, pulling down the book with the prophecy for him.  He read it then sighed, looking at her.  "We're in deep trouble then."

"They're coming after Watchers.  Do you have emergency protocols?"  He nodded, giving her a 'you're stupid' look.  "Good.  Then I'd do it and maybe move the library and things?  Today?"

He nodded.  "We can do that.  You're sure?"

"Xander saw a Bringer tracking a Watcher.  He didn't say what happened.  Or where."

He sighed but nodded.  "He brought it to his new people?"  She nodded.  "Why?"

"The aurors have to know.  Think about how many mystical artifacts get into the open if Sunnydale goes down.  Or even if the Bringers do something like bring down this building, Travers."

"Good point.  Plus they might have targets there?"

She smirked.  "Xander and the Winchester family is working on the Voldemort issue.  We've been having hints but we've fully put it together now.  Giles tried to fax it."

"An underling must've gotten it.  I'll deal with it, Miss Rosenburg.  Can you unfreeze them?"

"And have to kick their hineys like Xander did?"  She snorted. "Yeah, right."  She smirked.  "Do you have anything you want me to tell Giles?  We've gotten the Winchester patriarch out to help us.  We're still down to what we usually have and we can call Xander back if we have to."

"I'll send some Wesley's way.  This could be a very bad thing for us."

"If she gets out, it's not just you who she's getting," she reminded him.  She disappeared and everyone unfroze.

Travers looked around.  "We have credible proof that the First Evil prophecy is being enacted, people.  I want emergency protocols followed today!  This minute!"  They ran to do that while he went to a meeting with the high council.  He walked in.  "Rosenburg was just here."  He slammed the door.  "The Voldemort issue is the keystone to the First Evil prophecies."  They all groaned.  "They're working on it.  Harris is working with the Potter boy.  So are some hunters from the US.  We need a strike team or better in LA to handle it if necessary.  They only have Buffy.  See about getting Faith out of prison as well."  They nodded.  "We're doing emergency protocols today.  Harris saw a Bringer following one of us."  That got a groan and they broke up to make sure their areas were covered and being moved.  He looked up.  "Let's hope the slayers are good enough this time," he prayed.  "Hell's a bit warmer than my tastes for a vacation spot."  He left and they finished moving most of the artifacts before it blew up later that night.


Xander woke up with his staff nearly screaming in pain.  He looked at it, taking it to hold.  "What?"  He felt its distress and went to get dressed. "Take me there."  It took him and he looked at the wreckage, gasping.  He knew that building.  "Oh, shit!"  He went to the line, shoving a police officer.  "I know them!"  They let him through to the Inspector in Charge.  "That's the Watchers Council building," he said more calmly.

He looked at him.  "I know.  Any idea why?"

"We have a major issue going on.  Anyone survive?"  He shook his head.  "Anything survive, like the library?"  He shook his head.  "Shit!"  He called a number on his cellphone.  "Wesley, why are you at the Magic Box?"  He shrugged.  "Put it on speaker, get Giles and Buffy.  Now, Wes. It's damn bad news, Wes."  He paused while he did that.  "Guys, me.  I'm here looking at the wreckage of the Council's building.  I'm sorry, guys, it looks like it exploded."  He grabbed the inspector's arm, pointing.  "They're the things that blew it up.  They're the problem, we have no idea how to kill them but they're hunting us.  We need an all-points to anyone who might know one of us."  He nodded, going to pass that on.  "Yeah, I'm positive it's a Bringer, Giles."  It stared at him.  Then it advanced.  "Giles, got any clues?  After me."  He hung up and his staff changed into a sword. "Thanks, babe."  It growled and attacked so he slammed the sword into the usual good spot - the neck.  Didn't do much damage but the thing backed off and ran.  He sighed, calling him back. "Sword to the neck did not work," he reported.  "Yeah, I need to know, Giles.  They... they're saying even the library isn't there.  I don't know if they evacuated anything.  Sure, I'll see what I can do."  He hung up and looked at the Inspector, getting a nod.  "Any clues?"

"No, sir."  He nodded at the sword that turned back.  "That yours?"

Xander grinned. "Family heirloom.  If anything survived, these people are handling the crisis," he said, writing down the number.  "It's in California.  Ask for Rupert Giles or Buffy Summers.  If anyone survived and comes looking, Rupert said to evacuate everyone back to him."  That got a nod.  "Thank you."  He walked off, thinking.  He ran into an auror, who gave him an odd look.  "The Bringer attacked me."

"You take command very well."

"I'm the general planner out there.  He knew what the Council was."  He looked at the building then at him.  "Can you tell if there's anyone alive?"

"One just left by magic with stuff," he offered. "Other than that, no."  He looked at them. "Your friend warned them."

"They have a few million book library, dude."  That got a shudder.  "Exactly."  He stared at the building again.  "If you know any of them, Giles said to fall back to Sunnydale and bring the girls if they had them."  That got a nod.  "Any way to go back and see what they did?"

"Time turner.  I don't have one.  I can't authorize you to have one and neither can the boss."  Harry walked up to him and handed him something.  "How did you get one?"

"Dumbledore's.  Hermione got it from him."  He grinned. "Comes in handy now and then around the school."  They both groaned.  "One twist an hour, Xander."  He nodded.  "I'm coming by the way."

"Sure.  Magic and I go screwy," he agreed.  He put the chain around both of them and twisted it back four hours.  They landed much further back and he sighed, looking around.  "Well, this is charming."

"This is a bit more than screwy," Harry said, giving him a dirty look.

"Not like I planned it," he complained.  He walked inside the building, since it was there, even if everyone looked like a bad Austin Powers movie remake.  Which meant it was the sixties.  "Hello, I need to speak to Quintin Travers or the most senior Watcher available.  I'm from Sunnydale.  We have a prophecy issue."  She gave him an odd look. "Don't even try, woman.  I deal with a slayer in the future.  We're having a First Evil prophecy issue.  You guys just got blown up."  She rang for someone and he looked at the guard.  "Hola."

"Who're you?"

Xander pulled out his ID, handing it over.  The man shuddered.  "Look at the date."

"I saw.  Temporal magic is dangerous."

"The First Evil just blew up the Council in my time.  I was going to go back hours.  Is Quentin Travers one of you yet?"

He nodded. "He's in training."

"Bring us to him please.  He's the head in our time."

"That's gotta suck," he muttered, walking them off.  They walked into the library and he went to find the young man while Xander pulled down the books Willow had brought him.  Harry gave him an odd look.  So did the guard when he came back.  "Sources?"  Xander nodded.  "This way, sir."

Xander followed him back, Harry right behind him.  "Travers."

"How do you know me?"

"You head the council and we've butted heads over the slayer I help in Sunnydale.  You tried to kill her on her eighteenth.  Since she's my age and still going, we think we're right."  Travers gave him a horrified look.  He shrugged.  "Tough shit, Travers.  Move on for the moment.  I'm not creating a paradox."

"Thank you for that.  I'm the head of the Council?"

He nodded.  "You are.  You sent Rupert Giles out to guard the girl in Sunnydale."  He nodded slowly.  "When we're my age, your girl and I, the First Evil prophecy is going to be started due to a bad guy in the magical world.  We won't realize it until the Bringers start showing up.  I got a funky vision during a dream.  Took us a few weeks to put everything together.  Willow, our witch, warned you today.  In the last hour, my time," he said, showing him his watch, "they blew up the council's building.  This one."  Travers went pale and the guard sat down heavily.  "No one survived.  You might have been moving things.  We're not sure."

"We'd move the dangerous artifacts first and then the books," he said quietly.  "It'd take most of a day.  We probably, barely, got done with the artifact vault.  Not the most dangerous stuff but the regular stuff."  He looked at the books and went to get another one, bringing it back.  "This one.  You need this scythe.  It's in the dangerous artifact vault somewhere."

"Send it to Rupert," Xander said firmly.  "Your slayer there is good.  We've got the magical one.  Do whatever you have to, Travers."

He nodded.  "I'll do so but I won't create a paradox if I can help it.  How did you get so far back with a time turner?"

Xander grinned, taking back his ID.  "I'm a born and bred hellmouth baby.  Things like magic go screwy around me.  The only one that doesn't is a family staff.  By the way, don't try to wet works me again, Travers.  Not before this.  I'm one of the ones working to stop the bad guy who's the gatekey.  He'll still be one even without me but they have a lot less chance of wining without some hellmouth strategies."

"Agreed," he said, shaking his hand.  "Thank you, Mr. Harris.  We'll do what we can."

"Can you get us home?" Harry asked.

"Of course."  He smiled at him.  "I've met someone who looks like you."

Xander grinned. "His parents should be teenagers probably."  He winked and walked off, taking Harry outside.  He looked at the three staffs.  "Tired, darlings?"  They hummed.  "Take us home then.  Since I know you warped it."  They were taken back home and landed beside the auror, handing Harry back the time turner.  The auror snatched it and put it into his pocket.  "We got the message through.  Let's hope he remembers."

A voice coughed and they looked back at Travers.  "It's been heading to Giles slowly over the last three days, boys."  Xander grinned.  "I thought about it very hard and then I realized how much damage you could do to us, Harris."

"Aww, you say the sweetest things."  He patted him on the cheek.  "We good?"

"We got most everything cleared and nearly everyone.  Now we're hiding.  We might still lose people."

"Yeah, but that happens in any war," Xander reminded him.  "The girls?"

"Falling back to Sunnydale too.  It's a good plan.  I've also sent him reinforcements."

"Tell them to leave John alone?  He's a hunter."

"Of course.  I already heard and told them to leave them all alone."  He gave them a look. "That was totally stupid."

"It helped, it was a very Sunnydale thing to do," Xander said.  He looked at the building then at him.  "Could've been worse since you had all died."

"Good point.  We're going into deeper hiding.  Those who can fight are heading to Giles with their girls.  Those who can't are hiding.  We hope it doesn't kill us all."

"I hope it doesn't happen at all.  I don't want to fight her."

"Him," Travers corrected.  "The First Evil is male, Harris."  He walked off, going to talk to the officer in charge about his poor building.  They could rebuild as long as they didn't all die from this.  He looked back.  "By the way, we're already down ten percent thanks to them, Harris."

"We got it to you as soon as we figured it out and told those involved with the first problem."

"Thank you."   Xander nodded, walking Harry off.  He shook his head.  "Cocky brats."

The officer looked at him.  "He takes charge very well."

"I'm hoping he doesn't have to take charge if all the Watchers die."  That got a shudder. "He helps one of our girls."  He looked back but they were gone.  So was the auror.

Harry took Xander to Grimauld place, letting him inside.  "There's a new wrinkle," he called.

"Is that why you needed my time turner?" Dumbledore asked.  He looked at Xander.  "Mr. Harris."

He grinned.  "We had to go back and warn the Watchers better than Willow did since the Bringers had blown them, their library, their building, and the thing that kills them up."

Dumbledore sat down, pale and shaky, giving them a horrified look.  "Paradox?"

"The staffs took us back to the sixties.  We warned Travers then.  They might still die by a Bringer's hand but the weapon to kill them is a scythe.  It's on its way to Sunnydale."  That got a sigh of relief.  "They also managed to save the library."

"They're down ten percent of their people?" Harry asked. "That's what he said, right?"

"Buffy's been getting slayer dreams about them going after the slayers in training, Harry.  There's a Watcher with them usually.  They've been getting them all.  Everyone is falling back to Sunnydale who can fight this time."  Dumbledore sighed in relief.  "The rest are in hiding.  No paradox, we went back too far."

"That's good to know.  My time turner?"

"The auror there has it.  Smith."  Dumbledore nodded.  "He told me what to get but said he couldn't get it for us.  Harry showed up with one."

"My staff started to scream.  The Potter one, not the Black one."

"Mine too," Xander admitted.  "That's what got me out of bed and to the explosion site."  He looked at him.  "They're still being hunted.  We're going to be down a lot of Watchers soon.  They're only getting stronger."

"But this scythe can kill them?" Dumbledore pressed.  Xander nodded.  "Then we have a chance?"

"We have a chance.  We still need to get Voldemort soon.  Harry, I'll see you tonight."  He disappeared, going to wake up Sam and tell him.  "Hey," he said quietly, nearly getting brained.  "Don't hit me."  Sam turned on a light.  He sighed.  "The Bringers brought down the Council's building."  Sam sat up, staring at him.  "The Potter staff and mine both started to get frantic so we went to see what was going on.  It had all been destroyed but Harry, I, and the staffs did some time turning."

"That's dangerous."

"We went back to the sixties.  No paradox.  They cleared the library and artifacts.  Tell your dad the scythe is traveling that way.  It has been quietly for three days.  It will kill Bringers.  All the fighting capable watchers are falling back to Sunnydale and any of the girls that're left are going too.  Tell him to warn Giles because they hate his ass."  Sam nodded, reaching for his phone.  "The rest are in hiding."  He yawned.  "The bringer did come for me.  I don't know if it was because I was there or not.  That was before we went back in time though.  Sword through the neck did not work."

Sam nodded, finishing dialing.  "Dad, heard from Xander.  Take notes."  He repeated it while Xander fell asleep on the foot of his bed.  Dean came in to give him an odd look.  "Info for Dad and them.  He had done some temporal spell."

"Nifty I guess."  He went to use the floo.  He had magic even if he hated using the wand.  "Draco Malfoy."  His sleepy head appeared a minute later.  "Xander's with us.  The problem he was briefing about earlier came for him.  I don't think it'll come for you but if you have a way to keep out super vampires, I'd pull it up now, kid."

Sam came bouncing down the stairs.  "Draco, do you have a good dark library?"  He nodded, giving them a bored look.  "Look up the First Evil and her minions, Bringers or Turok-Han.  One of them came for him earlier.  They also blew up the Watches' Council.  Fortunately they had some warning."

"Fucking hell," he muttered. "Is this that important?"

"Xander said they've been killing slayers in training and watchers.  He said they can go after anyone in their way.  Xander's in their way, Draco.  They might go after his family."

He nodded.  "Let me look that up and I'll see what we have.  Thank you for the warning.  He's there?"  They nodded.  "I'll see him tomorrow for a full briefing."

"He'll be here," Sam warned.  "He's worn out from doing some temporal magic."

Draco shuddered. "Nasty shite," he muttered.  "Thanks for the warning."  He hung up and went to look them up, still half asleep.  He found them and started to read.  What he saw woke him up and he went to tell his mother.  She wasn't in her bed.  He checked the entire house and she wasn't there.  He looked.  No mother on the wellness charm either.  He swallowed and went to hide in the specially shielded room.  Not even Voldemort could get in here.  He grabbed the books on the way but that was all he was bringing with him. He could read by wand light.  He made it in there and found his mother.  She was dead.  No sign of what had killed her.  He backed out, glancing around.  Then he headed for the floo.  "This is Draco Malfoy.  My mother's been killed and we think it could've been a Bringer," he announced when an auror answered.  She snorted.  "My head of family is Xander Harris and they attacked him earlier."

She stared at him. "Out of the way, boy."  He moved and she came through, letting him lead her to the area.  She looked then nodded.  "That's their thing."  She looked at him.  "What do you have on them?"  She took the books he was holding to read, nodding slowly.  "That's about what we have.  Anything else?"

"Winchester just called.  Xander's with them. One came for him.  They blew up the Watchers Council.  He had to do some temporal magic.  He's exhausted probably."

She nodded.  "Do you have a safer place to be tonight?  He'll help you set up somewhere tomorrow."

"Let me call someone."

"Of course.  I'll wait with you just in case."

"Why go after my mother if they're going after slayers in training, yet not me?" he asked.

"I don't know," she admitted.  "We'll have to figure that out.  Maybe they don't think you're a threat."

Draco gave her an odd look.  "My mother wasn't a threat.  I'm more of a threat than she is."  He went back to the floo.  "Severus Snape," he called as he tossed in floo powder.  His head of house was not happy.  "Bringers killed my mother.  They blew up the Watchers Council earlier."

"I'll be right there.  Xander?"

"With the Winchesters.  He had to do some temporal magic.  Probably related back to the Council stuff.  They're going after slayers in training.  I don't know why they didn't get me."

"We'll figure it out, Draco."  His head disappeared and he showed up ten minutes later, taking him, the bag the auror had him pack, his vault keys, and the books with him.  Draco had wisely packed his broom and other escape measures.  "Good thinking."  He put him into his personal house, letting him go to bed.  Then he went to call the Winchesters.  "Why would they not come after Draco?" he asked.  "They did get his mother."

Sam shrugged.  "Not a clue at the moment.  I'll ask Xander in the morning.  He's exhausted after using a time turner to go back to the sixties to warn the Council.  They got their library and most everything out.  He said the special weapon was on its way."  He sipped from his mug.  "I don't know, Professor.  We'll figure it out in the morning.  We know one went after Xander."

Draco came over.  "Why Mum and not me?"

"Maybe they think they'll get you later.  Maybe they think you're just a bystander because you haven't chosen a side.  Maybe it's where you're a bit dark, Draco.  I don't know.  When I can get Xander off the foot of my bed I'll ask him."  That got a nod. "For now, protect yourself.  Practice ways of getting away.  The auror I talked to said that the one they caught at the Council's building could not apparate.  He also could not do more than pound and beat, cut, burn, or do explosives.  They're not magic and most magic won't work on them."  Draco shuddered. "So practice ways of getting away from them."

"Gladly.  Tell him?"

"Of course."  That got a nod and they signed off.  Sam looked at Dean.  "That's a very good question.  That and why did Xander's staff and Harry's Potter staff but not the Black one react or the others."


"Talked to the auor, she got it from the one on the scene."

Dean nodded at that.  "Interesting.  Maybe a link?  Xander's I can see but why Harry at all?"

Xander came down the stairs with a yawn.  "Travers had met his father.  He mentioned meeting someone who looked like him."  He looked at them.  "Who?"

"Draco's mother.  He's with Professor Snape."

"Good.  Snape can protect him.  Why not Draco?"

"That's what he wanted to know," Sam admitted.  "Us too."

Xander considered it.  "He's not a threat to them but Narcissa...."  He called someone.  "Auror Smith, was Narcissa Malfoy a potential slayer?"  She shrugged.  "There's a mole that marks them on their shoulder.  Back of the shoulder.  Left if I remember right."  She nodded.  "Then she might have been.  That wouldn't explain them missing Draco."

"He's a little dark shit, maybe she considers him a minion," she said dryly.

"I'm told the First Evil is male.  Travers said so."

"So maybe he considers Draco a minion."

"Maybe."  He hung up and went to where his heir was.  "Draco, I have part of an answer but I'm looking for the rest."  Draco looked up at him.  "Your mother was a potential slayer."

"How would you tell?" Snape asked.

"A huge, hairy mole on their left shoulder, just over the edge of it."  He pointed at the area.  "About here."

Snape grimaced.  "Not that uncommon."

"No but the placement marks it.  It could be that they missed her because of the magic.  I don't know how they missed her.  I can ask Giles."

"No, don't.  Why leave me?" Draco asked.

"No, this we need to know in case there are other girls," Snape corrected.

"I'll call and ask," Xander promised.  "I don't know," he said honestly.  "Maybe a protection on you?  Maybe something else.  I'm looking.  I'm sorry about your mother, Draco."

He nodded.  "We'll figure it out.  I've got to help now."

"No.  I want you safe.  You're not ready for combat.  Even if you are nastier than most kids, you're not ready to kill things and Bringers can only be killed with a certain weapon."

Draco nodded at that.  "Only used by one of the slayers I suppose?"

"As I heard it, yeah."

Draco swallowed.  "You'll find out?"

"I'll have Tara look, see if there's a good reason."

"Can I go see her?"

"Sure.  We can do that.  Can't we, Professor?"

"We can do a portkey," he agreed.  Xander smiled at him.  "It might hide him."

"Everyone's falling back to Sunnydale.  At the very least finding it out might help some of the others."  He stroked over Draco's head.  "For now, do what you can to rest.  We'll make any plans and things tomorrow afternoon."  Draco nodded more quickly, pulling his head away.  "I'm sorry, Draco."

"Not your fault."

"I feel like it is."  He looked at Snape.  "Call me at a slightly more decent hour?"  He nodded. "At least give me until seven.  I need a nap."  He disappeared, heading home to sleep and think.  He did call out there.  "Giles, good.  Two things.  One of my family here had his mother killed.  She was probably a potential that never got called.  For some reason the Bringers ignored him totally.  We're sending him tomorrow, Giles.  I want Tara to look him over, see if she can tell why.  Secondly.  Do you have the scythe?"  He smiled and relaxed.  John was getting it.  "If you need me, call.  My temporal twitch meant the library survived too.  Plus more watchers, all headed your way.  They'll leave John alone."  He smiled.  "Of course.  I'll come with him for a bit."  He hung up and slept for now.  He wondered about Harry's staff too, but if Travers had seen Harry's father or someone....  Well that was an interesting thought.  He'd have to ask.


Xander and Draco appeared in the middle of the Magic Box, letting him cough.  "I know it's early, people, but really.  It's nearly eleven."

Buffy came out of the back.  "Making tea.  Giles has a headache."  She looked at Draco then at him.  "Another Watchery refugee?"

"This is Draco Malfoy.  He's part of my family.  They got his mother for having the huge, hairy mole problem but not him."


"I don't know."

"Tara!" she yelled.  She came out of the back room with Willow.  "They got his mom, who had a slayer mole, but not him."


"Willow, I need you to research something in the Watchery databanks if we can get into it.  Let Tara look?"

"Sure."  She let Tara have Draco and led him over to her laptop.  "What's up?"

"When the building blew, my staff and one of Harry's staffs started to scream."

"Huh."  She got into the banks.  "Which one?"

"The Potter one.  Travers said he had met someone who looked like Harry before."

"So let's see if they have anything on the staffs or Harry's father.  What's his first name?"

"James."  He sat down while she worked, watching her type.  He even smiled at Buffy when she gave him some soda.  "Thanks.  Been a long night."

"Welcome."  John walked in with a box.  "Is that it?"  He nodded, handing it over.  She  looked at the blood.  "They get him?"

"Him, his trainee, the girl," he said bluntly.  Xander groaned.  He looked at him.  "Sam and Dean?"

"Safe.  They came after me."  He called Harry's phone.  "You good?" He listened.  "That's what we're looking up.  Go somewhere extremely shielded and tell Snape plus Sam, Harry. Yeah, like now.  Why?"  He shrugged.  "Why would they come after Ron's sister?"  He slapped himself on the head.  "Mole on her shoulder, Harry?"  He asked and she said something smart.  "She's a potential.  They're going to go after her more than they will you.  This has something to do with why our staffs responded.  Hide.  Now."  He hung up and called Sam.  "Harry has Ginny Weasley and they are hiding.  She's a potential.  They came after both of them."  He hung up and looked at John.  "Sam was out of breath but it was sparring because he almost sounded happy."

"That's fine then."  He came over to look.  "What's that?"

"Last night my staff and one of Harry's reacted but none of the others."

"The Potter family had been Watchers until the magical schism of 1482," Giles said as he came out of the back.  "You do the work, even if you're not one."  Xander stared at him.  He nodded, sipping his tea.  "They were."

"Why aren't Watchers finding potentials that're magical?"

"They can't bend or break them the proper way and they can't give them the training for their magic, which can end up killing them when it comes out accidentally.  It was thought better to mark and then leave alone or watch over them."

"Do we have a list?  They've went after two now at least, and killed one."  Giles went to look it up.

"Got it," Willow said.  "Their servers and information are in Sweden."  She printed it off.  "That's the SIT's they have listed as do not touch, too magical."  Xander grinned.  "As for Potters..."  She printed something else off.  "I looked at the schism and found out why."  She handed it over.  "That's all yours.  We'll watch Draco, see why he's protected.  Then we'll send him to you directly."

"Thanks."  He kissed her on the head.  "You're my favorite research nerd."  He disappeared, heading to the Ministry.  The aurors gave him horrified looks. "I know why Narcissa Malfoy was killed.  I know why they're after the Weasley girl."  They took the information from him, giving him back the Potter information after a glance over it. "Watchers take the girls from their families to turn into perfect little soldiers.  Giles said that they couldn't break them right and accidental magic ended up frying too many people."

"We can find them and protect them," one said, smiling at him.  "Thank you.  The Malfoy boy?"

"With my friends. For some reason they didn't go near him and we need to know why.  It might be something we can duplicate to protect others."

"Why did Potter show up last night?" one asked.

"Harry's family used to be Watchers before a schism in 1482 according to Giles."  That got an understanding look.  "I'm off to Sam's house.  Harry's supposed to meet us there later.  He has the Weasley girl with him."  They nodded, going to find them first.  He smiled.  "Can I get a copy?"  That got a nod and they did that.  "Thanks."  He disappeared, landing in their front room, scaring one of the aunts.  "Sorry."

"That's all right, Xander.  Boys!"  Dean jogged in.  "Did you find anything?"

"I found a lot thanks to Willow.  Harry's family used to be Watchers.  They kicked out wizards over some sort of argument back in 1482."

"That explains his staff's thing.  Draco's mom?"

"They don't train the potentials that have too much magic.  Accidental magic would come out to kill them and they don't break right.  They had them on a list to watch."

"Aw, shit," Dean sighed.

"The aurors know.  I went there first.  Harry's got one with him."  That got a nod and he followed him out, letting Sam read.  He came back to use the floo.  "Severus Snape."  He showed up.  "Need you for ten seconds.  Can you step through?"  He nodded, coming through.  Xander handed him the list and the information sheet.  "Why and why."

Snape looked then gave him a horrified look. "They haven't been coming for them?"

"Accidental magic killed too many and they don't break right.  A direct quote."

He copied the list for himself then glanced at the information sheet.  "That would explain why, yes."  He handed them back.  "Thank you."

"I told the aurors.  I figured yours and Tonks group should know too.  Just in case.  You can probably find the students faster."

He nodded.  "We shall.  Any idea on guarding them?"

"The special weapon is in Sunnydale.  John got it before they could get it back and destroy it.  They're looking at Draco to see why he was protected.  If so, it may be able to be duplicated."   Snape nodded. "I'll know in a few hours.  When I do, you will.  So will Harry since he's got Ginny Weasley."

"That's fine."  He disappeared from right there, heading back to the meeting.  "We have a list," he announced.  "The slayer team found the list of all the potential slayers within the magical communities."  Albus snatched it to look over, sending it off with his phoenix to the other schools he knew of.  They could see if any were on their rolls and find them. "Ginny Weasley is with Mr. Potter.  Mr. Potter's family used to be Watchers before some magical division happened back in the fourteen hundreds."

"I've read about that," Dumbledore admitted.  "He told someone official?"

"He handed it to the aurors first, he told me.  He said we might be able to find them sooner.  They're looking over Mr. Malfoy to see what sort of protection it was so they might be able to duplicate it.  The special weapon is there.  It was saved before they could get to it."  That got a sigh of relief.  "So now we know most things."

"We'll get onto it," Tonks said, taking the list and heading off.  Someone else was watching Neville today for her.  She flooed her boss.  "Who do we have already?  Some aren't ours.  Dumbledore sent letters off with Fawkes to the other schools."

He nodded. "We've sent it Ministry to Ministry.  We have the Weasley girl and Potter here.  We're waiting on word of what they find over Malfoy."

"The girls?"

"We're looking."

"Let us," she ordered.  He nodded. "Where to?"

"Here.  We have special shields on some rooms that may work."  She nodded and hung up, going to help the teachers gather the other girls they knew about.  Dumbledore went to tell Molly first but that was what he should be doing.


Draco reappeared in the Ministry.  "Hello."  They all stared at him.  "My mother had one of them cast a fairly sophisticated charm over me to hide me from the Watchers and anything that may come after her for her well being.  They found the charm."  He held it up.  "It's not our magic.  The Watchers didn't really deal with it."

Harry looked then nodded.  "Can they cast it over the lot of them?"

"For the most part.  Willow's trying with the girls they have there."

"Bill can do some of it," Ginny said quietly from her corner.  "He's a curse breaker and he's been in the tombs so he's been studying what he's recovered."

"If not, Xander once told me there's a coven in Devon.  One that his Watcher trusts to be white lighters," Harry said.

The head auror nodded.  "We'll find 'em."

"He did warn Dumbledore to be polite," Harry warned.  "They can fry us and might not like us."

"Good point.  I can do that anyway.  C'mon."  He took him and Draco, after copying the sheet and leaving a copy with Ginny to call her brother, and took them to the Devon office.  "You louts know anyone in the local coven of the other sort?"  One snorted.  "Shut it.  We've got a prophecy that's killing young women and blew up the Watchers Council last night.  He-Can't-Be-Named being brought back wrong started the First Evil prophecies.  We sent you a briefing sheet."

"Barely got it this morning.  Why do you need them?"

"Their magic has a way to shield people they're after," Harry said.  That got some respect and they were led to one's house.  He smiled at the older woman who answered.  "Ma'am, Harry Potter."

"We can't help you with Voldemort, Harry."

"No but your kind of magic can help us protect the ones the Bringers are coming after thanks to him being brought back.  They blew up the Council last night."

"I saw that on the news. What protection?"  The sheet was handed over.  She looked at it.  "Who cast this?"

"One of the Watchers cast it for my mum," Draco said honestly.  "They ignored me when they came for her."  She gave him a hug.  "Thank you," he said awkwardly.  He pulled away as fast as he could.  "My head of family does that too," he said at her amused look.  "He's strange enough."

"Xander is strange," she agreed.  "Always has been.  Though he's a very good boy.  He keeps Willow from going evil."  She let them into the house.  "How many do we have under protection?  I don't know if we can cast it over a group or have to do it individually."

"We're leaving it to you since you know that sort and we don't," the auror said honestly.

"Are you going to try to arrest us this time?" she asked conversationally.

He smirked.  "Harris is on the Founders Council and they changed the law.  It's a referendum that we don't understand your ways well enough to trust you guys, but for now we'll study you and see if you're good or not."   Harry coughed and unshrunk his book to hand over, turned to the right page.  "You carry that?"

"I was reading it last night when they broke in.  It was instinctive to put it in my pocket," he admitted.  "Any idea why my staff reacted?"

"Your family used to be Watchers way back when," the auror told him.  "They found that when they found the list of girls."  He looked at the witch, who was giggling.  "The best he could do."

"It shows and it's much nicer of him.  Thank you, Harry."

"Not a problem. He explained some things.  Can we cast it over the girls they want to kill?"

"I'd need information I might not have."

"Willow found that after Tara found the spell on me," Draco told her.

"Ginny said her brother Bill's been studying from the tombs he's been raiding for Gringotts," Harry added.  "He might be able to do some of this sort of magic."

She nodded. "Then we might be able to do something.  Let me call the others, see if we can get a full copy of the spell."  She went to do that, starting with Willow.  She sent it to her in her email and it was very nice.  "Three of us will have to cast it.  The idiot who cast it on Draco made him null and unable to hurt the dark."  She gave him a look.  "Don't go to his side, boy."

"I'm still making my decision.  I can't hurt the dark?"  She shook her head.  "So I'm harmless?"

"To the dark," she agreed.

He considered it.  "That's odd."

"They botched it," she said honestly.  He smirked at that, nodding a bit.  "I'm sorry about your mother."

"It happens.  We're working on things.  I'll grieve in private."

She nodded, gathering some things and two other members of her coven.  Then they went off with them, back to the office.  She smiled at Ginny.  "Let's use you as a test case, young lady.  You and Mr. Potter first.  I do like the muting charm someone did on you, Harry."

"Tara.  Xander asked so I could have a real vacation and be a bit safer."

"It's very well done.  We should get Tara over for some training time.  We could use some new blood and she seems quite good.  We were all proud of Xander when he brought her over to help him and it kept her from being killed."  She led them into a room to get to work on them.

The auror looked at Draco.  "Find your head of family."  He nodded, going to floo there.  He slumped, then wrote out a memo to the others who had to know.  He decided to include Dumbledore since he was looking for the girls with them.  Saved time and Tonks' energy blipping back and forth to tell him.


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