Notes:  some mild spoilers for books six and seven of HP.  Also mild NC-17/hard R rating on this part.

Xander smiled at Harry when he finally made it over.  "Good news.  They could cast it over it over *all* the remaining slayers in training."  Harry grinned at that.  "Not all the Watchers however."

"Not over the girls who were overage either," Harry told him.  "We had two here and they couldn't."

"That makes sense.  It's easier to ward kids than adults," Sam agreed.  "We're expecting Professor Snape too, Harry."

"That's fine.  We can be polite to each other."  Xander gave him an odd look.  "He hated my father.  My father was a bastard to him in school."

"Better and better."  Xander led him over to where they were looking at plans on the outdoor table.  "How's this look?"

Harry looked.  "What's that?"

"Tonks said that's the house he was using this week.  Draco thinks he's using this configuration for how he's setting up.  Snape can tell us how they're doing wards," Sam said.  Harry nodded slowly.  "If they're not there, the general outline will still work."

Xander grinned.  "We're good at this, Harry."

"I'm hoping so.  Are we sure we can get him?"

"If we can trap him, we can do the spell on him.  That'll cancel the resurrection and leave him back to the state he was in before.  We can capture him at that point and then kill him once we find a definitive way."

Harry nodded.  "Dumbledore said something about Horcruxes but I have no idea what they are."  Sam sat down behind his laptop to look them up on various research sites.  Harry looked then smirked.  "Really?"

"Really," Sam agreed, grinning at him.  "We'll find them and it'll be easier."  Professor Snape appeared.  "Evening, sir.  We've got a preliminary plan done."

"He has some way of watching me," he said, not moving.

Xander looked at him then at Harry.  "Can you blind any watching spells?"  Harry nodded, using the Black staff for that.  It was a bit more...even about working on other people.  They both walked over to the table.  "How's this look?"

Snape frowned.  "He moved from that house last night."

"Bringers?" Sam asked.

He shook his head.  "He felt it had been compromised."  Xander put up another plan.  "That is the house he's in.  How did you know?"

"It's a house Lucius bought," he said dryly, giving him a look.  They adjusted the plans for what Snape knew would be his preferred method of hiding in there. They nodded, had a snack while Harry called Tonks to get them some backup, then the three boys and Dean 'ported via the staffs into position just outside of sensing range.  "He in there?" Xander asked.

Harry shook his head.  "I can't feel him this far away usually.  I don't now."

Tonks appeared behind them.  "How many?"

"Not a clue," Xander admitted.  "We just got here.  We're trying to see if he's here."  She shook her head.  "Then we'll go capture some and maybe someone will know where he is."  They formed into a strike team, the four of them behind the aurors, and went in to clear the house of Death Eaters.  Xander looked at the blinking thing Dean found.  "Wow.  Haven't seen one of those in a while."  He got down to look. "Could use some wire cutters or a knife, guys.  Mine's on the table at home."  Dean handed his over.  "Thanks."  He cut the right wires then handed it over.  "Someone has been looking at muggle weapons or there were Bringers here.  That's the same way their bomb was from what I saw of the debris."

Tonks gaped.  "You know bombs?"

"Horatio knows them better.  I know a few kinds because we were debating how to bomb the school to get the mayor."  She shuddered and walked off to tell her boss that there had been a bomb.  They cleared the house and found the last few house elves, which Xander brought with him.  Xander sat down in front of them.  "I know you guys are very smart.  The same as I know that house elves are very strong and hear nearly everything that goes on in any house."  They both nodded slowly.  "I need to know where Voldemort went."

"Master say no tell anyone," one said.

Xander pulled out his staff, showing it to him.  "I am the head of the Malfoy family.  Lucius is in jail."

Draco stared at them.  "Tell him or tell me.  Do it now or I'm giving you clothes and dropping you in the damn river," he snapped.  "I'm not going to play with you like my father did, but I did learn very well at his feet."

One nodded.  "We is being Malfoy elves.  Bought by Lucius."

"Then tell us what we want to know," Draco ordered.  They nodded and told them everything they had overheard.  Tonks took off for another house to raid it with her boss.  Draco made other notes.  He looked at them.  "For right now, you are to not talk to anyone outside of myself, my head of family, and Potter or Snape," he said, pointing at them.  "You are to go to Professor Snape's choice of residence and work there until I say otherwise."

"I don't need one," Snape said calmly.

"Send them to the school then," he said with a wave of his hand.  "We don't want them to be somewhere they can be called back."

"We don't want them at the school.  There's a good possibility he'll use the school as a standing ground.  It represents too much to the light," Xander said quietly.

"He not attack school until coming back day," the other one told him.

Draco looked at Xander.  "How did you know?"

"If you had the chance and choice to take out something that meant so much to the light, that was a shining light of strength and the other side, wouldn't you?"

"Well, yes."  He looked at them.  "The coming back day?"  They nodded.  "Damn it."

"I'll let someone know," Harry said.  "Anything else you know about that?"

"Planned on sitting in there when students come," the other said grimly, kicking his fellow house elf. "Not tell them that."

"No, you'll be telling us that or I'm pinning your ears to the ceiling," Draco assured him.  They babbled about that at them.  "Any other plans?"  They babbled about the one for Yule.  "Well, damn," he said, walking off shaking his head.  "Professor, send them somewhere?"

"I have no idea where to put them.  He could use them under an Imperious."

"Think Willow would like a house elf?" Harry asked with a grin.

Draco gave him an odd look.  "Don't make me concuss you, Potter."

"They might.  They've got to feed a lot of mini slayers and they all eat like cows," Xander told him.

"They're muggles," Draco reminded him patiently.

"Who use magic," Xander shot back with an evil grin.  "Besides, it's good stress relief for them, Draco.  Mac said petting Floppy gives him good ideas."

"He *pets* his house elf?"

"On the head.  Nothing bad.  Like you would your cat."

Draco shuddered, shaking his head at the end.  "The world as we know it is going to hell," he muttered, walking off.  "I'm off to find a drink," he announced, going to do that.  The Leaky Cauldron should be safe enough at the moment.  He had his cloak and he could hide a table if he had to.  His head of house would be joining him later.

"You'd have to get permission," Snape said plainly.

Xander called the cellphone he had given to Tonks.  "Hey, can we send these two house elves, who gave us very good information about the attack on the school and on the ministry, to Willow and them?  They're feeding an extra large army of slayers in training, who graze all day long.  Please?"  He grinned. "Thanks, Tonks."  He hung up and looked up.  "Hey, Willow?"  She appeared, looking oddly at the creatures, tipping her head to the side.  "They're house elves.  They're the servants over here.  They're bred and born to serve.  They love to serve and cook and clean and mend and all that stuff you won't have time to do.  They've been very good house elves who have given us a lot of information about an attack on the school and the ministry.  We need them somewhere safe so they can't be used but I was thinking you guys could use the help feeding everyone while keeping each other safe.  They're very powerful magical creatures, they just don't want to use it against humans."

"Sure, why not.  Can't be any worse than the six new cats the fussing Watchers turned into when they made Tara cry."  She took them back with her.  Buffy gave them a confused look. "They're house elves.  Xander said they're bred and born as the servants in their world.  These two need to be kept safe but they like to cook and clean and that stuff.  Xander thought it might be best if we watch them so his bad guy doesn't get them and they can help us with the cooking stuff."

"Kneady loves to cook," he assured Buffy.  "Makes very good beds too."

"Can't be any worse than the four new gerbils Dawn turned some of the mini slayers into for going off on her for being here."

"Cool.  Guys, this is the kitchen in here.  You can hang out with us or in there or whatever."

"House elfs do not hang out with human masters.  It's wrong," Kneady told her.

She frowned. "Master?"

"Those who own house elfs.  We serve because we like it," the other one told her.  She smiled.  "Any food for elfs to cook?"

"Sure, find whatever you can.  There's about sixty people in the house right now so we might need groceries."  She turned and found Tara there, shrugging a bit.  "Xander said they're born and bred this way."

She nodded.  "I've seen and asked.  They can get free.  They can be freed, but that makes them suicidal in most cases."  Willow moaned.  "They're very helpful and they don't want to be freed, Willow."

"Fine.  We'll work on that *after* this issue."

"Good."  She smiled.  "I turned them all back."

"Dawn's too?"

She nodded.  "I had to.  They were yelling at each other and I couldn't sleep."

"Do not wake my witch up any more!" Willow shouted.  "Or else I'm turning everyone into something slimy!  Then I'll let Xander turn you back!"  That stopped any and all fighting.  It went back to a polite argument between Giles and the other Watchers.

Buffy grinned.  "Nice work."

"Thank you."

"Need midol?" Buffy quipped.  "Second cabinet, beside the sink."  Willow got some with a blush, taking it and taking Tara to the yard to snuggle under the stars.  She shook her head, going back to the living room.  She leaned in.  "My town, my rules.  Shut up or go be killed somewhere else.  Any other questions?" she demanded.  They all stared at her.  She smiled.  "Good.  Then find us somewhere we can all live in together."

"The mansion," Giles said.

"That'll work.  Pack!" she yelled. "We're moving the camp!"  The house elves brought out single bags but they looked heavy.  "Is that the food?"

"Food, pots, all kitcheny stuff," Kneady told her.

"Frost gathered all sheets and towels, plus laundry," she said happily.  "Will do there."

"Sure," she agreed.  "Let's go!" she ordered.  Most of them came down the stairs with their bags.  "C'mon, guys, I'll show you where we're heading."  She led the way, doing a small patrol on the way to the mansion.  There were still some vamps in town.  The girls were edgy.  It'd calm them down.  The house elves walked in first, shrieking about needing to clean stuff, heading to the kitchen.  Frost disappeared, making Buffy blink, but reappeared a second later with mops, brooms, and buckets.  "Need help?"

She swatted at her.  "Cleaning is house elf job, not human job!"  She went to work cleaning things.

Willow came in with the next group.  "Wow, they're better than a cleaning spell any day."

Buffy nodded. "Definitely."  She and the other slayers watched them work.  They were very efficient.

John looked then moaned, shaking his head.  "Two were following Dean around to learn how to pick up girls," he muttered as he walked off.  "Do the house elves need more help?" he yelled from the kitchen.

"Could use one more," Frost yelled back.  "Please Mr. John sir."

John came out.  "How did you know me?"

She covered her ears.  "Bad men talks about Mr. John sir.  Saying he is a thorn and a pain in the side of the dark.  Will have to remove thorn to get sons out of way."

John smiled.  "Will you tell me what else they said?"

"After clean.  Not clean, not good for humans," Kneady said firmly, swatting at him.  "Go sit!"

"Sure.  Let me call my sons to see if they can spare theirs for a few hours."  He walked off calling them.  "Boys, the house elves are great.  We moved camp to an old mansion that Buffy and Giles knew about.  They also said that there's a plan by your bad guy to remove me because I'd take you out of the game."  He listened to how the earlier raids had went.  "Good.  Excellent job, boys.  Can we borrow the two there?"  He smiled.  "That'll work.  Thanks."  He hung up.  "They're coming."  He went back to checking all the exits.  Giles gave him an expectant look.  "I asked when Xander sicced two on Dean to protect him from other wizards who might try to hurt him and to learn how to pick up girls from him. They followed him like it was a parade for days.  Even watched him while he slept."

Giles smiled.  "Xander can be odd sometimes," he agreed.  "He's generally a good boy.  As long as he's not dating."

John snickered.  "Fudge tried to get them all to marry."  He walked off smiling, looking in on the house elves that had appeared. "There's three more floors, guys.  Mostly bedrooms.  We'll need them by lights out tonight."  They  nodded. "One of you start on food please?  The slayers in training are always hungry."  One went to do that for him.  "Thank you."  He looked at Willow.  "Don't ask.  They say they like it.  They complain when they're freed.  It's been this way for centuries according to the one I asked.  They like it this way.  I don't know why.  Sam tried to make one of them quit cooking and she burst out crying because he didn't love her enough to make her cook."

"That's still freaky and probably wrong."

He shrugged.  "Their world, their ways, girl."  He walked off.  "Giles, take some of the whiny bastards and go relieve the shop of anything we might need in case of an assault.  Bring books for research and the spell stuff too."  He nodded, going to do that.  "Buffy, I want you to run a training group.  I want to make sure all the girls are up to the same place as you were when you had been called for a year."  She nodded, taking them off to do that in the yard.  "Willow, Tara, relax.  We'll have spell stuff to do later.  Take a nap now so you won't be woken up by the patrol."  They nodded, going to do that.  He looked at the remaining Watchers.  "Set a watch rotation.  At least one slayer and one watcher on at all times.  Two if possible.  Front and back."  They nodded, going to do that. "Damn I'm still good," he said as he walked, proud of himself.  He ran into Dawn in the kitchen, watching the house elf.  "Go take a nap now if you can."

She looked at him.  "I'm a pretty strong witch."

"With no training.  Unless you can power boost, I want you out of the way until you've had some training, Dawn.  Magic can kill you, no matter how easy they make it look.  It's still a tool and a weapon.  Until you know it, you can't use it."  She nodded at that.  "The other option is to call Xander or someone to see if they can shield you."

Tara walked in, patting him on the arm.  "Giles said there's a good coven in Devon," she said quietly.  "They might be able to."

"They might," he agreed.  "I'll let him call when he gets back."  He looked at her.  "I'm not going to let you go into the battle, Dawn.  You're too young.  I wouldn't do it to my sons and I'm not letting you.  I'm not letting any of the girls under the age of sixteen go if I can help it."  She slumped and nodded.  "You've got your whole life ahead of you to get into battles.  This isn't yours."  He tipped her chin back up.  "Some day this'll be your job.  For now, watch, learn, and help where you can.  Help with the research and stuff."  She smiled at that.  "Good girl.  I'll talk to Giles about the coven thing.  Buffy would probably fight better if you were safe."  She nodded, going to talk to her sister.  He looked at Tara.  "Good idea.  Closer to the boys too."

"How's their thing?"

"Going.  They captured another thirty death eaters today."  He smirked.  "Voldemort has some sort of spying magic somewhere on Snape.  He's not sure how.  They've been trying to block it but haven't managed it yet."

She smirked.  "I think we might be able to help them with something."  She went to look up a spell on the site Sam had shown her, emailing it to him.  That could definitely help and it wasn't that hard to do.


Sam looked over at his laptop since it was playing the 'new email' song.  He got up to check.  "Something from Tara."  He smiled at the short note.  "They're at the mansion, Xander?"

"Angel's old crib."  He got up to look, smirking some.  "We might be able to talk the coven into it.  If not, maybe one of the others."  They looked at the spell then Xander summoned Snape so he could do it on himself.  It'd work best that way.  He did it and sighed in relief.  "Okay, now let's get back to work."  Snape settled in to help them make plans over the meal.  They had to trap Voldemort soon.


In London, Minister Fudge was buying a very dark bottle of something.  He had a plan to stabilize his world and they would go along with it once they knew why he had done it.  He was making the world safer for everyone. It'd only take a few hours and they could spare that much for stress relief, couldn't they?

Now, how to get it to them....


Xander moaned as he tasted the butterbeer in his hand.  "Oh, shit," he called.  Dean gave him a horrified look.  "Take the butterbeer from me, from Sam, from everyone.  Call the others?"  He grabbed his head as the potion started to work.

"Poison?" Dean asked.

"Worse.  Lust potion."

Dean moaned but he did as ordered, taking it and recapping it so it could be tested later.  He got Sam and Xander both upstairs because Sam had gulped his butterbeer - he was just back from his run.  Sam moaned before attacking Xander and that's all it took.  They both gave in.  "That's really strong," he decided, going to call the others from their cellphone.  "Mac, Dean Winchester.  Sam and Xander just got given a lust potion in their butterbeers.  I have no clue what I'm supposed to do.  Beyond letting them have the room, that's all I've figured out.  I've got it here to be tested.  Please.  Warn the others?"  He smiled.  "Thanks, man."  He hung up and went up to check on them.  They were making some nice sounds together.  Sam was clearly needy and Xander was a bit dominant but that was fine with Sam at the moment.


Mac hung up and called Horatio.  "It's me.  The boys got hit with a lust potion just now.  Dean called, I haven't felt it yet but be on guard for it.  Ask Ryan, he might know."  He hung up and paged Stella, but didn't get anything.  He paged Danny and Don, making them both come running since it was an emergency code.  "Sam and Xander just got given a lust potion," he announced.  "Stella's not answering a page."

"Whoever gave it to them is screwed under most rape statutes," Don said grimly.  "Where was she, Mac?"

"Down in fingerprints last I knew," Danny said.  Don headed that way.  "You feeling okay?"

"So far.  Then again I haven't eaten anything recently."

"Let's stick with that.  Only stuff you open.  Lust potion tastes like violets if I remember my lessons right.  If you get hit, lock yourself down or find a friend, Mac.  It's all you can do.  Because you doing it for yourself won't work with them.  It'll get exponentially worse."  Mac sighed, nodding.  "Got it?"  He nodded. "You call the others?"

"I called Horatio, I'll let him tell Gibbs."

"Good.  Let's go find Stella."  They went to help Don look, finding them in a lab with someone watching.  "Someone dosed her," Danny announced.  "Leave her alone.  She can't control it."  He tugged on Don's arm.  "Napping closet," he ordered.  Don nodded, taking her that way.  He glared at the tech.  "Someone slipped it into something, probably a drink since it's usually found in liquid form.  Find it."  They went to look, finding it in her lunch's soup.  Danny tested it himself, nodding. "That's it."  He poured it into a specimen jar and put it in a freezer.  He looked around.  "Mac?" he called, going to check him.

"How did someone break into the lunch room to dose someone?" the tech called after him.

"No idea yet.  Let us handle it and leave her alone about it."

"Yes, Danny."  He shrugged.  "I only wanted to watch.  She's hot like that," he muttered.

Danny found Mac sweating in his office.  "Did you eat some of Stella's soup?"

"I got a bottle of water from the machine," he said, rubbing his forehead.

"Keys," Danny said.  Mac gave him a look.  "Now.  You've been dosed too.  There's only one cot in the napping closet."  Mac tossed them over.  "C'mon, let's head to your place. It'll be easier when we tie you down or you can call someone over in private."  He walked him out, taking him down to his car, ignoring the scent that was pouring off him.  He rolled down the windows to dilute it but that was normal from what he remembered.  Getting him home was a trial and Mac nearly pounced him when his control finally shattered.  "You sure?"

"It won't get weird?"

"I cannot and will not hold this against you, Mac," he promised.  Mac nodded, pulling him closer to wear this out with him.


Horatio hung up and moved away from his desk.  "Lucia, do not touch anything on the desk."  He called Tony's phone, getting his director.  "Director Sheppard, I need to warn Tony about something.  Because someone just drugged two of the people on the board we sit on."  She said something smart and hung up so he called Gibbs' phone, getting her.  He called Abby's phone.  "Tell me they're not in the field, Abby.  It is Horatio.  You have to get word to Gibbs immediately that at least two of the Council have been dosed with a drug that sends the person out of control.  The person who told me called it a lust potion and he watched two very straight young men have to jump each other because of it.  Have Tony call me to make sure he's fine."  He snapped his fingers at Ryan.  "Lust potion?"

"Tie yourself down or find someone, it'll get exponentially worse if you try to handle it on your own.  Lasts about six to seven hours depending on dosage.  Longest recorded is twenty-seven-and-a-third hours from a triple dosage and that person nearly died.  That's what finally wore it off, the medicine to control the heart attack.  It's usually found in liquid form and if they dosed anyone they're in violation of every single country's rape statutes.  Why?"

"Someone dosed Sam and Xander with one."

"They're screwed then.  It's usually in liquid form and if it was one of us it can be in something unopened."

"Heard that, Abby?"  He nodded.  "That stuff.  Please."  He hung up and looked at his desk.  "Can you tell it?"

"She can.  Lucia?"  She blinked up at him.  "Someone's going to be trying to dose Horatio with a lust potion."  She held up his coffee mug. "It's already in there?"  She nodded.  "Let me analyze this and clean it, H.  We'll see what we can do.  Make sure he doesn't get any, all right?"

"Lucia will guard the Horatio."  He nodded and patted her on the head before leaving with the coffee cup.  "Horatio needs new coffee?"

"Maybe in a bit, Lucia.  Can you see if it's in anything else, like my lunch?"

"Lucia will beat someone for that!  Horatio needs his lunch!"  She went to check, bringing Ryan two more things.  "Lucia found it here too."

"Thank you, sweetie.  I put a bag of peppermints in Horatio's desk."  She went to get into them.  He analyzed all three samples, frowning when it came up.  "Aw, crap, they did the extended version.  That's going to cause merry hell."  He printed it out before sealing samples for later proof.  Then he brought it all up to Horatio.  "They used an extended version.  It will not only make you want to jump someone, it will create a situation where you have to once your control snaps.  No matter what their gender or your preference is.  No matter if you're married or not."

He sighed. "Who do you think?"

"It's coming up right so I'm thinking they bought it off the black market.  Pick a bad guy, H."


"No, you can't get it locally.  Every now and then I check but the local potions person loathes this one because it knocked him up."

"Him?" he asked.

"Using a few other potions at the same time.  They did it to him at the potion's college he went to.  A dorm prank turned very wrong."  That got a nod.  "Just don't eat or drink anything that she doesn't clear first.  You have a good case against them."  He handed it over.  "You'll feel light-headed first, things'll start to smell better, then you'll start to feel the normal symptoms of needing someone.  Until you finally snap and grab them, even if they aren't willing."

Horatio nodded. "If I feel that, I'm handing my gun over.  Lock me somewhere and have Speed watch over me."

"He's off today, H."

"You can call and bring me to him?"

"I can fight you off or stun you for long enough," he promised with a grin.  "You feeling all right?"

"I'm fine.  Not lightheaded.  Pissed but not light headed."

"Call as soon as you do.  They're sneaky if they soaked your sandwich."  He left, going down to the lab to brood about this.  This was not a good thing.  Very not a good thing.


Tony grabbed the phone off the desk.  "Hello," he said happily in his fake accent.  He listened to the note then Abby hung up.  He frowned, looking at his supposed bodyguard, Gibbs.  "That was strange."

"What sort of strange?"  He looked up from his reading.

Tony strolled over.  "Someone just called to warn me that at least three people I know have been dosed with a new street drug and they think they'll try me soon."  Gibbs gave him a long look.  "An anonymous source.  Very nice young lady."  He sat down, then looked at the magazine.  "Nothing better to do?"

"No.  Not yet.  When we go out I'll be less tired."  He started to sip his coffee but Tony stopped him.  "Some reason I can't drink it?"

"I'd rather be careful at the moment.  The person who did this got people in a few different cities with something that turned them...rabid."

"Biting?"  Tony gave him a look and he knew that look.  He'd seen him give it to girlfriends over the years.  "You're not joking?"

"No.  They got at least three of them."

Gibbs nodded once.  "How?"

"Liquid from what she said.  She said it makes you do strange things for six to seven hours usually, but has been known to act up to twenty-seven hours in the past.  It's a relatively new street drug.  Not one I want to run into while alone.  They said that could make it worse."

Gibbs nodded. "Then we'll be careful.  Any idea if it's got a taste?"

"She said violets.  She double checked with another source."

Gibbs sniffed his coffee, then let him sniff it.  "Like that."

"Like that," he agreed.  They shared a look and Gibbs went to restart the coffee maker.  When the new cup came out the same way, he gave it up.  Maybe sealed bottles?  Tony gave him a look and shook his head.  "I'm wondering which one it was."

"I don't know.  Think it can be found chemically so we can beat whoever did it, boss?"

Tony smirked.  "What a very wicked idea.  I'll have to look into that."  He went to lie down on the bed.  He wasn't even drinking things from an unopened can until they were sure it was going to quit coming.


Dean checked on them, finding them tangled together and both of them were fighting to get on top.  He walked in and pushed Sam over, letting Xander get on top and make him happier.  Of course, Xander had demonically induced stamina and Sam was a normal guy who had went out with normal girls.  Xander was clearly going to kill him.  Dean took off his shirt and joined in, kissing up the back of Xander's neck.  "Go easy on him, Xander."

Xander grinned at him.  "Of course.  I know he didn't get the lessons I did from Anya."

"Need me to help?"

"If you want."  He winked and went back to it, making Sam howl in pleasure.  "I didn't even get to the good stuff yet," he pouted.

Dean laughed, pushing Xander onto his side.  Sammy went willingly and it was good for now.  Xander was preparing him and Dean grabbed the lube, preparing Xander for himself.  Xander moaned, arching back into his fingers.  "Let me," he soothed.  "It'll help wear it out sooner."  Xander nodded, sliding into Sam's body.  Sam was begging and pleading for more.  Dean slowly slid into Xander, he was still a bit tight.  Finally he was in and Xander was enjoying it by the noises he made.  "Nibble on his throat," he whispered in his ear, shoving in a bit to make Xander thrust into Sam.  Xander did and it was nice.  He slowly ordered him in how to tease his brother and it was good.  Sam got off and napped.  Dean got Xander off a minute later and he fell into a nap.  Dean went limp on the bed.

"It's all you can do when they've been hit," one of the aunts said from the doorway.  "It'll be a few before they're right again.  Put them in the shower after this and let them play."

Dean nodded.  "Xander's last ex was a nympho.  He can go for hours."

"This'll wear some of that out.  You can referee for them, Dean."  He nodded and she went to call someone.  "Tonks, dear.  We have a small issue."

"What sort of issue?  An attack, an imp...."

"Lust potion in the butterbeers Xander and Sam were drinking."

"That's not a small issue," she corrected.  "That's nearly treason with who they are."

"Dean's refereeing.  I heard Dean calling around.  It might be too late for some of the others too."

"I'll get onto the Americans to check the ones over there.  See if we can get samples."

"Xander tasted it and had Dean cap his."

"Even better," she agreed, coming through the floo to get it.  She tested the bottle with her wand, nodding.  "That's the expanded version.  It'll probably be hours, Cordelia."  She smiled at her.  "Good catch."

"Dean's making sure Xander can't hurt Samuel.  Who would do such a thing?  He-Who- We-Don't-Name wouldn't, would he?"

"Nah, beneath him," she agreed.  She sealed the bottle and took it with her.  "Thanks for this.  Keep them indoors.  Have the house elves check everything else."  She nodded, going to do that.  Tonks apparated back, holding up the bottle.  "Expanded lust potion," she called.  Her boss came to the door.  "Got Sam and Xander at Sam's house.  This is Xander's butterbeer.  He tasted it and knew."

"Well, shite," another one said, taking it to check.  "It is."

"Dean was trying to call around.  We should call our American cohorts and have them check on the others."

"I'll call someone to check on Potter," her boss agreed.

"This one has an age clause," Tonks said with a smirk.  "Harry's only sixteen, boss."

"Even better," he said, relaxing some.  "Get over to them."  She nodded, going to call over the floo.  "Mark that into evidence.  I want to know who did that."

"I'm sure they will to," Tonks quipped.


Ryan looked up, jogging out to intercept the person wearing robes.  "I have three samples of the lust potion that tried to get Horatio.  He's got his house elf here and she can tell."  That got a smile and a nod.  "They're up in the office."  He led him that way, looking at Horatio.  "Can you check him for it?"

He did it and nodded.  "Barely dosed, but some."  Horatio gave him an odd look.  "American Aurors, Lieutenant.  Any idea what's going on?"

"Dean Winchester called Mac Taylor to say Sam and Xander had been dosed," he said.  "Mac was worrying about his people.  I called Abby, at the NCIS lab, to warn Tony and Gibbs.  They're undercover and their director has their phones."

"Interesting.  Wrong way to do that but interesting."  He took the samples to test, nodding.  "Chemical analysis too.  Thank you, Wolfe.  Much better than we usually see you for."

"It's not my fault the guy pisses everyone off and he ends up being a little pink toad.  If he left me alone I wouldn't accidentally change him."

"I'll remember that the next time," he said dryly, looking at Horatio.  "You've been dosed, you should head home," he ordered.

"I'm going to be with one of my people so they can watch over me."

"Have them tie you down or have fun."

"I heard."  He looked at his gun.  "Am I fit to drive?"

"Use the staff, Horatio," Ryan said gently.  Horatio glared.  "You can."

"Fine."  He did that.

Ryan grinned at Lucia.  "Lock up and head home.  He'll be fine.  You can bring them dinner later at Speed's."  She nodded, doing that.  Ryan looked at the auror.  "Mac's in the NYPD Manhattan felony lab.  Him, Danny Messer, and Stella Bonasera all sit on the same council as Horatio."

"I'll check.  I'll check on Gibbs too.  Thanks, Wolfe."  They walked out and Lucia locked the office door before she disappeared.  "Gotta love house elves," he said fondly, heading off with the samples.  Someone was getting a few boots up the ass soon.  Since they were American aurors they even wore the heavy combat boots that left a deep imprint.

Ryan went to talk to Eric and Calleigh.  "Horatio was just dosed with something, but he got a very minor dosage," he told them.  "It's basically equivalent to a lust potion.  It breaks control, makes you snap, do things you wouldn't normally do.  He's headed to Speed's house.  Whoever gave it to him got his lunch good and the agent who just took the samples is figuring that out."

"Why go to some agent?" Calleigh demanded.  She saw the look he and Eric shared.  "Oh, no, this isn't some guy thing.  I want a straight answer."

Ryan leaned back.  "Timmons?"  He came back from the elevator.  "She wants to know why I went to you instead of handling it in-house."

"Just don't change her into a toad too," he complained, heading off again.

Ryan pulled them out of the way.  "You know that staff Horatio always has with him?" he asked.  She nodded slowly. "It's a lot like mine," he said, pulling his wand.  "Only his is more powerful and he never went to school for it.  The council he sits on with the others got dosed with a lust potion.  It's already made at least two het people jump each other.  What they did is so much worse than roofies.  It's also across a few continents since the council they sit on is in England."  He looked at the door then changed Stetler into a dog.  A cute dog, a blue dog, but a cute dog.  "Not a toad," he sneered at him.  "Feel lucky."  Timmons appeared and took the dog, giving him a dirty look for disappearing again.  "That's why I usually see him.  Usually because Stetler pisses me off and he turns into a small, pink toad."

Eric snickered.  "Speed would love that."

"He's got Horatio.  H got a very light dose.  Most people would've broken by now and pounced someone, unwilling or not."

She frowned.  "So you're saying this thing is going across state lines?"

"State and country lines," he agreed.  "And I'm sure when Horatio finds them they're going to wish they were dead.  If Xander or Stella doesn't get there first."

"Oooh, that might be painful for her."

"Very."  He looked at Eric again.  "If we have doubts, it starts off with lightheadedness.  It moves to sweating, feeling needy, and then you snap.  You literally have no control.  So if we get it, we'll know.  If you try to handle it yourself it gets worse.  Lock yourself down or find a friend was how my teacher told us when he warned us.  It tastes like violets."

Eric nodded.  "I can watch the others.  Calleigh?"

"I still want to know about the wand."

Ryan tapped her on the forehead, doing her hair up for her.  Then he grinned.  "Magic is nice."  He walked off, leaving Eric calling him a showoff and her complaining because her hair looked like something some ancient woman would wear.


Stella stormed into the auror's office the next morning.  "I want their fucking souls in front of me now," she snarled.

"That might be a problem," the head auror said, leading her into his office. "Are you all right?"  She nodded.  "You put in the right law to charge them but it'll be a problem if you do.  They'll have the right to ask you what you did and he's a slimy sort, he'll enjoy it more."

"Who?" she demanded.


"Dark Lord?"


"Fudge?"  He nodded.  "I'm going to kill him.  He's stepped way over the line this time."

"It'd be easier if you got him for hurting you than if you went through the other trial, Ma'am.  I know you know this but suing him for humiliation, wrecking your work career, and pain and suffering would make him suffer even more greatly."

"Was I the only one?"

"No.  We found out because they dosed Xander and Sam first."

She shuddered.  "I'll never get a piece once they start to rip him apart."

"The only one not affected was Mr. Potter.  It had an age clause."

"That's good at least."  She looked out there then at him.  "Did we include that law?"  He nodded.  "Can I get it done soon?"

"If you file the right papers we can pass them up today.  If you get the others to file with you, he's going to be begging."

"Who goes after him for his job?"

"The Under-Minister.  Not a nice bloke."


"Nah.  In-house."  He shrugged. "Mostly it confirms what you already know."

"Thank you.  Papers?"  He handed both sets over.  "Thank you for your warning."

"Not a problem.  You okay physically?"

"Yeah, even though I'm highly embarrassed.  I was at work."

He patted her on the arm.  "The only thing you can do is make him suffer."

"As much as I can," she agreed. She walked out, heading down to their meeting area.  "Do we want to charge him in front of the courts or would we like to sue him for fucking up our lives?" she asked.

Xander looked at her.  "Both?"

"I've got forms here for both situations.  If we all get together behind one it'll be easier."

"Harry's not coming?" Tony asked as he walked in with Gibbs.

"Age clause."

"Good.  He's a nice kid but he didn't need to go through that," Gibbs said as he sat down behind Tony.  "The others?"

"Horatio's on his way in.  Sam's upstairs ranting at his father on the phone, hopefully somewhere others can't hear.  I still own the paper."  Stella gave him an evil smirk.  "Exactly.  I'm not happy with whoever did this."

"Fudge," she told him.  "I asked if it was the dark lord and the head auror said I was close.  The guy after him is worse."

"Can't be much worse," Xander said dryly.  "Really."  Sam stomped in with Horatio and Mac behind him.  "Danny?"

"He's coming but he had to take some tylenol first," Mac said.

"Oh, Mac," Stella moaned.  He nodded.  "You okay?"

"A bit sore.  So's he.  Don?"

"He's okay.  He came over with me.  He's probably upstairs asking questions."

Xander looked around.  "Twirpy?"  She showed up.  "Can you please get ...."

"Don Flack Junior," Stella said.  "I came in with him."

He nodded. "Twirpy can do.  Emergency session, need Minister Fudge?"

"No, not yet," Xander said.  "We'll need him soon.  Let us get things ready for him first."  The house elf nodded.  "Someone floo Patricia?"

"I did," Horatio agreed.  "She's on her way over.  Tony, Gibbs?"

"We're sane," Tony said dryly.  "Now."

"I was at work," Stella complained.

Tony grinned. "I was undercover."

"Your director had your phone and refused to send on a warning," Horatio told him.  "And Gibbs' phone."

"I left mine at home," Gibbs told him.

"I called it, she answered.  That's why I called Abby."

"Thanks for the warning," Tony said. "Took them four hours but I got hit from a can of soda out of a machine."

"They dosed my lunch."

"They got my soup in the breakroom fridge," Stella said.

"Sam and I were having buttterbeers after our jog," Xander offered. Patricia and Danny came in.  "You okay?"

"My husband was not amused," she admitted, taking her seat.  "Minister Fudge isn't here yet?"  Stella handed over the evidence sheets.  "Oh, no."  She nodded.  "They're sure?"

Horatio tossed over the one he had.  "From the Americans as well.  They can track back the spell that put it there."  She looked then sighed and nodded.  "What are our options?"

"We can get him under the rape law or we can get him for pain, suffering, humiliation, etc. and so forth," Stella offered. "I got the papers for both."

"I want his supplier.  I'm assuming, but this is illegal?"  Everyone nodded.  "Anyone else want to scream and yell at the man?"

"Oh, I do," Danny said, hissing a bit as he sat down.  "A lot."

"I still want his supplier.  Did they say who made it?"

Horatio tossed that over.  "You may know him."

"Ah.  Yeah, I do."  He looked at the center of the table.  "Staff, can I please have Ethan Rayne here?"  It made him appear.  "Ethan," he said dryly, standing up to lean closer.  "What was the deal we made?  Oh, yeah.  You'd step out of this war completely and go somewhere warm and sunny so I wouldn't have to kill you."

"I came back to pack."

"Really?"  Xander smirked.  "Would packing include selling things like lust potions?"  Ethan backed up a step.  "It won't save you, Rayne.  Nothing and no God is going to save you this time."

"The chippy not to your liking?  Need a cure?" he taunted with an evil smirk.

"The last time I looked in a mirror, I wasn't a girl," Sam said with his worst scowl.  "Nor is my brother."  Ethan gave him a horrified look.  "You have a lot to answer for, Rayne.  He gave you a chance, he was nice about, and then you did this.  You done fucked up," he finished blandly.  "And now we're going to talk about it."

"It was for traveling money.  He said they had agreed," he said, backing away from him.  Stella grabbed him and made him hurt.  He screamed in pain.  "I won't do it again!"

"I'm sure you won't," Stella agreed.  "From prison I doubt you can."

"I need to know some things," Xander said, looking at her.  "Ethan, is there a chaos potion in with it?"  He got a sneer.  "If there is, you can be charged with treason.  We do make the laws around here."  Ethan tried to move but Stella was having fun squeezing that same pressure point.  "Was there a chaos inducing potion with it?"

"That's dreadfully hard," he sneered.  "I can't do those."

"Really?  You know, I would've thought after that Halloween that you could."  Ethan swallowed, trying to move again.  Mac joined her in restraining him.  Don walked in.  "Morning.  The seat behind Stella's yours."  He looked at him again.  "Well?" he demanded.  "It's us or I'm bringing Ripper to beat your ass before we send you to prison."

"Yes, all right, there was!"

"How is it canceled?" Mac asked, sounding calm.

"It has to wear off," Xander said.  Ethan nodded frantically.  "How long?"

"Ten weeks," he moaned.

Horatio sighed.  "Are you sure?"

"Yup.  Saw Willow looking at it as a way to disturb an enemy force.  I want the copy of the spells you used, Ethan.  Every damn last one of them."

"You can't take my books!"

"I can so and if I have to ask a second time it's going to be life in prison. You're an accessory to twelve counts of rape and one attempted count of rape of a minor child. That law goes on age, not on the other adult laws."  Ethan whimpered.  Xander stood up again.  "I will personally walk you down to your cell, lock you in, and then tell everyone there how you made a drug that made us commit rape and it was given to a sixteen-year-old virgin."  Ethan fell to his knees.  "Do I have to ask twice?" he sneered.  Ethan brought the books. "Is that all of them?"  He nodded.  "Every damn last one?"  He nodded again.  "Thank you.  Someone put him in custody."  He sat down.  "Horatio, as the chair, we need to talk about which path we're taking."

"We can charge the person who administered the potion under the rape law," Stella said. "But that means he has the right to question us under truth serum.  Or we can go the legal hell route and get him for pain and suffering, plus humiliation and wrecking our careers."

"Surely it won't matter for long," Patricia said.  "After all, you'll be married sometime soon I'd suppose."

Stella gave her an odd look.  "Patricia, in our world women don't quit working just because we get married.  It's mostly expected we will keep working because living in our world is more expensive and it's easier to have a decent home life with two salaries."  Patricia gave her a horrified look.  "Really.  Even when we have kids, most women don't quit working.  This has made it nearly impossible for me to go back to work right now."

Don stroked over her shoulder, moving her hair.  "No one will say a thing, Stella."

"To you!"  She sent a glare his way and got a grin back.  "They'll say plenty to me, Don."

"They won't or I'll kick their asses," Danny promised. "I told them you had been drugged.  That we couldn't stop it.  So all you have to worry about is drug testing by IAB and it probably won't show up."  She shot a glare at him.

"Your women don't stay home with their children?"

"No and plenty of us don't want children.  We put off children until we're financially secure.  Usually in our late twenties or early thirties if we can."

"But that's barbaric! You can't expect women to work after they're married!  It's unseemly!"

"Don't you work?" Mac asked her.

"It's the family's business  I'm allowed to do some work in there since we don't have children yet.  When we do, I'll have to retire and only come in to help when there's issues."

Xander whistled.  "Different time periods, different values," he yelled.  "Stella, remember, they live on Victorian values.  Like the people on _Little House on the Prairie_ you women didn't work after you were married unless you were dirt poor.  Patricia, the rest of the modern world does pretty much expect a woman to keep working.  Just because she gets married doesn't mean her life's over with.  A lot of women even choose to keep their own name instead of taking their husband's for professional reasons.  You wouldn't expect a doctor or someone to go through all that education and then suddenly have to quit just because she got married, right?"  She shook her head.  "Well, Stella's an officer.  From what I understand, her job is a lot like an auror's job.  She had to do a lot of school to get there.  She's not going to retire just because she got a shiny ring and someone to sleep with every night."

"Modern women are supposed to be strong enough to work and then come home to deal with any family issues and modern men are supposed to be good enough to sometimes take over household things and offer to cook because we're too tired," Stella told her. "It's moving so it's more equal but some guys don't do household chores without nagging."  She wrote out something then held up the paper.  "That's my yearly salary," she said.  Patricia gave her a look.  "The second number is Don's.  Mine's higher because of the special education I have.  The third number is how much my one-bedroom apartment costs me a month.  That's not counting food, transportation, any of those costs.  And I live in a less than great part of town."

"Your family has money."

"I'm not going to bankrupt my family so I can live in a huge townhouse, Patricia.  I earn my own money and everything of mine is mine because I earned it."

"Oh," she said weakly.  "Someone could demand that you marry the one that debauched you."

"I've had other lovers, Patricia, she didn't debauch me," Don said, making Danny chuckle.  "Or me her.  I stepped in as a friend."

She slumped.  "But that's not how we do things."

"Patricia, even you've said that values are changing," Mac said calmly.  "If you had the choice, would you keep working?"

"Well, yes," she admitted.  "But I don't have that choice.  And being over here you should be using our values."

"Then I'm out of touch with the majority of my life," Stella told her.  "I'm sorry but just because Don stepped in doesn't mean I'm marrying him.  I value him as a friend and coworker even if I can't look at him anymore."  He swatted her on the shoulder.  "Quit."

"No.  We'll work that out later."

Horatio coughed.  "Beyond that, Patricia, not all of us jumped women," he told her.

"That's acceptable to us.  Now and then we're called to that."

Sam let out a bitter snort.  "When Xander and I both got hit, we ended up pulling my brother in to help me wear out Xander.  How do you feel about two brothers marrying another guy?" he asked.  She went pale and gave him a horrified look.  "Xander has phenomenal skills."

"Thank you," Xander said with a smirk at him.

"But he's also had to grow it due to his bad taste in women.  I have no doubt the fact you nearly killed both of us yesterday comes from Anya, Xander."

"It does.  She was a go all night bunny most of the time."  Mac and Horatio gave him looks.  "She was."

"We had to get a healer in," Sam told them.  They groaned.  "Dean nearly stroked out from his blood pressure being too high.  He's very good but a bit hyper and she made him have stamina like a long distance race horse."

"I'll remember that if I set him up with someone," Danny quipped.  He looked at Patricia.  "Even if we wanted it, it was still wrong of him to dose us.  Now, are we going to go criminal or civil to get the bastard?"

"Start civil and take that to go criminal?" Stella suggested. "It'll keep some of the embarrassment down."

Xander coughed. "I still own the paper.  I will fire every sleazy ass person there if they run any details about this."  She smiled at that.  "I don't care if they do have freedom of the press.  That's a bit too graphic and no one needs to know about that stuff."

"So, civil?" Horatio asked.  Everyone nodded.  "Anyone disagree?"  No one said anything. "Tony?"

"No, I want the puss sucker to pay," he promised.  "So does our director when we got dosed.  It jeopardized a long-term undercover operation.  Fortunately I told him in the open when I got the warning from Abby."

Xander looked at him.  "Your director and Fudge are a lot alike.  Can we set them up so they share a prison cell for their married lives?"

Tony snickered. "Don't tempt us, Xander."

"I'd have to take over," Gibbs told him.  "I'd kill everyone."

Xander grinned.  "You guys do know that Willow hacks and every time I get frustrated I go rant at her?  She told me that she's more than happy to do that for you, Tony."

"No, if we need it we have our own," Tony promised with a grin.  "Thank her for me."

"Sure."  He looked around.  "Can we do this now?  I was going to have a more pleasurable morning planning the next raid."

"We've gone on raids?" Mac asked, sitting up with a small wince of pain.

"We've gone on three raids," Sam said.  "He had some sort of spying spell on Snape so we haven't gotten the big guy himself yet but we've gotten a lot of the littler guys.  Including his main battle planner.  He's down to under thirty minions."

"Good work, boys," Horatio praised.  "How soon before we can get the real problem?"

"We've got to step it up," Xander admitted.  "He's planning on attacking the school and being there when the kids come back to greet them.  The Ministry's attack was planned for around Yule.  We found a few house elves and they hear everything that goes on."

"They can make up stories," Patricia warned.

"They had details about how he planned to attack and how he planned to set up his new throne in the Great Hall," Xander told her.  She slumped.  "They didn't make up stories. The Yule one wasn't that planned out yet, just that they should.  They could use the school as a platform."

"So we need to stop that one definitely.  Have we told anyone else?" Tony asked.

"Yeah and once we had the spying spell canceled we let Snape know.  Draco heard too so he's passed it onto other kids or other teachers."

Horatio nodded.  "We'd like a copy and progress reports."

"Tonks has all those today," Sam said.

"I'll get them from her then.  Should we appear in the auror's office together or go find a judge?" Horatio asked.

"I have the forms from the aurors," Stella said, handing them down.  He looked then filled them out, passing them around so they could each add their own part to it.

"I've noticed something," Xander said. "Are there a lot of people in the Ministry that's related or is it just me?"

"It's not just you, I've been noticing that too," Mac admitted.  "Nepotism you think?"

"Big word?" he mouthed.

"Families helping families," Danny defined.

"Could be," Mac agreed.

Patricia cleared her throat.  "It's almost assumed that any pureblood can come work for the Ministry.  They're usually more competent."

"How are they more competent if they all get the same education?" Stella asked.

"It's assumed that their parents help them at home."

She shrugged.  "So?  That gives you people like Xander's cousin Draco.  What he learned at home is probably not good for the Ministry."

"He did vow that he was going to kill my family and Dark Mark them because not even Voldemort's house elves could find a use for them," Xander said happily.  "Even if he didn't join."

Stella looked at him, then shook her head.  "Probably not a good idea."

"Willow introduced him."

"Oooh," she said with a wince.  "They alive?"

"I don't care."  Patricia gasped.  "Speaking of, since we're getting into this topic.  Is there no Wizarding CPS?"

"No," Stella said.  "And I think we need to look at that."  She looked at Patricia.  "I've seen some great people who weren't pure bloods and they had just as much skills.   They're still wizards and witches.  Why can't they work here?"

"They can if they show great skills," she said firmly.  "It's still not done.  They're not pure."

"So?" Sam said.  "Pure means inbred and lessening levels of magic by generation.  I'm pretty sure if you looked you'd find that magic was weakening the more inbreeding is allowed to go on."

"That's why I gave Narcissa permission to look for a wife outside the country for Draco."

"You support marriage contracts?" Stella demanded.

"I have a few reasons and a few situations, yes.  I think at the higher levels it's a way to control the inbreeding so you don't get anyone too close.  I had to give her that permission because the best Draco could hope for in-country was a fifth cousin."  She shuddered.  "Who had some serious problems since she looked like the door had hit her face ten too many times and she was built like an obelisk."

"I remember her," Stella said.

"Draco's related to nearly every single pureblood in the country and half the halfbloods.  Including Harry.  At his level of going on, it's got to happen to make sure you don't marry anyone too close.  Yeah, it's not a love match and not what we'd want but he said it was a good match because she wouldn't kill him in his sleep once there was an heir.  I can also see lesser families using it to step their own situations up.  I'm sure it's been done before."  She nodded.  "Since, as Patricia just said, the right connections and blood are everything or you can't get a decent job, it's got to happen for some people if they don't want to open their own shops."

"I still think it's wrong and nearly slavery."

"The first question I asked Draco was if he wanted it.  It was set when he was two.  You see it in other parts of the world and most of the people say that it works for them.  I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for those who want it to happen.  I'm not going to force everyone into one.  The same as I know you don't like the 'witches of certain power levels shall be married into proper families' standard that we had to take out of the law, but it has a point.  It's to keep the inbreeding down.  Giving them someone suitable to go to instead that won't weaken a family or the bloodline."

"I'm glad we took that out," Stella said.

"Me too," Xander agreed.  "It should be by choice.  But now and then you have to map it out.  Narcissa had a copy of the family chart she had to mark people out on to find one for Draco I'm sure.  He's worried that he can't marry now.  I'm looking in the same places Draco's mom was before she was killed."

"She was killed?" Tony asked.

"Bringer got her.  She had been a potential slayer and they got her for it."  He looked at the others.  "By the way, thanks to the shield she put on Draco, we found a way to protect the young ones better.  It might not help the Watchers or anyone with them but it will help the slayers in training and anyone underage with them.  We hope on the last part and Willow's pretty sure she added that protection on.  They're all in hiding."

"Then that's good news.  It'll keep the killings down," Horatio said.

"They bombed the Watchers Council the other day."

Horatio sighed, nodding.  "Then it's necessary."

"Yes and if you find one in the open tell them to get to Giles in Sunnydale.  They're falling back to there."  That got a mass nod.  "I'm not sure how long they're going to keep trying to kill people but they did try me when I showed up at the Council's wreckage."

"We'll watch out for you, Xander," Sam reminded him.  Xander grinned at him.  "Let's get an auror down here so we can file this?  Or should we go directly to a judge?"

"I'll go ask," Danny said, getting up and walking out.

"What do you think about civil service exams?" Mac asked Tony and Gibbs.

"Keeps the idiots out of most jobs, but not all of them require it," Gibbs said.  "Some you can move higher from too."

"But it's a good start," Stella agreed.

"Civil service exams?" Patricia asked.

"To make sure the idiots don't hog all the good jobs and people who're qualified get jobs that serve the people," Stella told her.  She whimpered.  "That way you don't need to beg a family member for a job.  You take an exam and whoever passes highest and has the best interview gets the job."

"That would destroy the system here at the Ministry!" she complained.

"Not really.  Civil service exams have been around since the ancient Chinese put them into use to stop corruption and officials that had no idea what they were doing," Mac told her.  "They had another system of nepotism and it wasn't working well.  It made petty tyrants in the outlying provinces and people who made rules for no reason."

"Like no striped underwear," Tony agreed.  Gibbs smacked him on the head.  "Even you remarked on that one, boss."

"I did."

Stella grinned at him.  "Same problem," she said quietly.

"Figures," he agreed.  "He'll probably defend it as trying to make you all mate and marry."

"I'm still grieving and I'm not ready to move on and date," Mac said.  Patricia nearly cried.  "The civil service exam idea isn't a bad one but I think we should talk to most of the Ministers and Under Ministers about it, guys."  That got a nod.  "So we'll schedule that for a later meeting, Horatio?"

"We can," he agreed.

"The other thing you were talking about, CPS, what is that?" Patricia asked hesitantly.

"It's to make sure parents aren't hurting or killing their children," Stella told her.  "Making sure they're fed, aren't beaten to death, aren't worked to death, aren't molested.  Those things.  They also usually oversee the foster care system for orphans and those who have to be removed for their safety."

"We have orphanages."

"I saw one.  It was dreary and it's pretty rare that the kids go to Hogwarts instead of somewhere lesser," Sam said.  "Is that really fair?"

"And who speaks for the children with parents who aren't right in the head?" Xander asked.  "Because right now there's no way for them to get away before they die.  Since that's a common outcome of inbreeding it's got to be happening more often.  Not to mention those with combat trauma from the first war."

She gave him a look.  "Parents aren't like that."  He stood up and took off his shirt, turning around.  She got sick.

He put back on his shirt and sat down.  "Yeah, they are.  It's not just a problem with us either.  I've seen some parents dragging their kids around by the hair in Diagon.  I've seen one kid who clearly had a broken arm and was sobbing but it was more important that Mommy shop right then.  The auror who's following me around got the kid a healer and ranted at her for it.  Madam Malkin joined in."  She looked pathetic.  "It's so bad parents don't get a chance to turn kids into me, Patricia.  Plus to take care of kids like Stella, who had parents who couldn't for whatever reason."

"They'd interfere in the family's business," she said.

"No, they'd only step in if there's problems," Stella told her.  "Not into every family.  Just into the bad ones that needed them to."

"I still say it's not necessary."

"We'll talk about this at another meeting," Horatio said.  "This meeting is for the emergency session due to the lust potion.  We'll put it on to talk about it next time."  He made that note as well.  "Do we still like the next meeting time?" They all nodded.  "Then we'll keep it.  This way Patricia can go look and talk to whoever she needs to so she can make an informed decision and so can we."  They all nodded.  "This is still off topic, but Xander, have you thought about healing?"

"I have.  Willow's parents are expensive therapists when the worker ordered my parents to send me to them.  Didn't help any.  Still doesn't help any.  I'm down to the level of pissed but I'm not going to do anything about them.  I escaped, I survived, and they can go to hell.  I'll help Willow open the hellmouth to make their trip easier if they want."

Horatio sighed.  "It's not good for you, Xander.  It can color your later relationships."

"Who said I'm going to have one?  I tried that, I was thinking about marrying Anya.  Who says that what my parents did isn't responsible for my horrible taste?"

"True," he agreed.

"Speaking as someone who's seen others, he'll heal, Horatio.  The longer it goes on the more he can heal himself and if he finds someone good they'll help him," Stella said more gently.

"True.  I do hope that you can find someone who does help you finish healing," he said.

Xander grinned.  "I love my cousin for his offer.  I know I need to heal but it's always going to be a sore spot with me.  Otherwise I'd offer to be the first wizarding CPS worker."

"We'll help you," Sam promised, smiling at him.  Xander grinned back.  "Relax.  Your back has to hurt."

Xander shrugged.  "I've had worse than throwing it out pouncing you, Sam.  It's nothing."

"Like the nothing that happened when the Watchers got you?" Tony asked.

"Less nothing than that."

"Tylenol?" Stella offered, holding up her bottle.  He shook his head.  "You sure?"

"I'm good.  I threw my back a bit last night.  That's all."  A judge walked in.  "Morning."

"Good morning, gentlemen and ladies.  I've heard what happened."  Horatio handed over the information sheets.  "That is more than enough to charge him with the pain and suffering, plus the humiliation and the loss of job credibility, or even lost wages if you can't go to work for a while."

"Most of us are working hard to be able to look at our coworkers," Horatio told him.  That got a nod from him.  "We are mostly taking off today to deal with this but with the drugging we took from that potion our bosses have been very understanding and want clearance that we're okay again."

"I can have a healer look at all of you," the judge agreed. "That would be normal for this sort of suit."  He looked at it then at Patricia.  "You aren't joining?"

"I was with my husband, thankfully."

That got a nod.  "Very well then. The man huddled on the floor?"

"The one who made the potion," Xander told him.  "Plus a chaos potion on top of it.  They were mixed so we cannot do our jobs."

"Did he know?" the judge asked him.  Ethan nodded, still cowering away from Xander. He looked at his books but Mac coughed.

"Mr. Rayne, I should point out that I'm a former Marine, Tony's boss is a former Marine, and a lot of us are officers. Even if Xander doesn't get you, we will."  He shifted away from his books.  "We're waiting to see what the aurors want to do with him."

Danny walked in with Tonks.  "That's him," he said, pointing at Ethan.  "And his books."

"Which are going to Giles.  He can probably use them right about now," Xander told her.

She nodded.  "As long as we get a look first, Xander."

"That's fine.  You can even call Giles if you want."

"We can do that."  She hauled him up then used her wand to float the books off.  "I'll want a report for the criminal portion."

"We're taking the civil one and heading over because it'll keep our private lives less exposed," Danny told her.

"That is a reasonable precaution and one that's done quite often," the judge agreed. "I have it, Tonks."  She nodded, leaving them alone.  "We can call him to the courtroom to answer to these charges today.  Is there anything not on here?"

Sam raised his hand.  "Xander and I were together when we were dosed.  To keep Xander from hurting me with his greater stamina he pulled my brother in with us.  Mostly to help him instead of me."

The judge shuddered.  "That is a serious offense and he will answer for that in criminal court," he said, nodding.  "Let's adjourn to the Wizengomet chambers."

"It'll be the full one?" Stella asked.  He nodded.  "Xander, the press?"

"We can close the proceedings," the judge assured her.  "We have in the past."

"Like I said, if I see it in the paper I'm firing," Xander told her.  "That's not news, that's gossip."

That got a nod and they walked up with him.  They sent one of the judges to get Fudge once the other judges had seen the complaint and had heard what they had to say.


Xander walked into the Daily Prophet, handing over a notice.  "This is all I want to see on this matter," he told the editor.  "I am the head of the Malfoy family.  We do own this newspaper and if you *ever* print something to hurt Stella or anyone on the council on purpose and it's not relevant to the job, just their personal lives, I will start firing people.  Am I clear?"

He gave him a haughty look.  "Even with that you don't make that decision."

"I can shut your rag down," Xander promised.

"We make you a good profit."

"By printing trash.  If you printed *news* it might be nice.  That is news.  That is a formal announcement.  Do not dig into the reason behind it.  You will hurt people and I will fire everyone and remake this paper so it's a credible source."  He walked off, meeting with Draco outside the door.  "Hi."

He looked at him.  "Are you all right?"

"Pissed but the situation was solved."  A reporter ran out and he looked at her.  "Yes?"

"You're on the Founders Council, right?"

"This is Xander Harris.  He's the head of my family," Draco said.  "Why?"

"He just handed over an announcement that Minister Fudge was going to prison for lust potion dosing.  We wanted to know who."

"It does not matter who.  That is not news.  That is delving into personal lives and you can ruin a lot of people's lives with that."  She sneered.  "Do be aware that I own this paper as the head of the family.  If I see a single graphic detail in this or any other lust potion or rape case I will shut you down.  Am I clear?" he said calmly.

"They make us a good profit."

"Destroying lives isn't worth it and we can hire reporters who'll do it better and report on real news."  He looked at him. "Instead of it being a gossip rag worse than the Quibbler mated with Witch World Weekly."  Draco snickered at that comparison.  He looked at the reporter.  "Am I clear?"  She nodded, heading back inside.  He looked at him.  "Stella thought it was sweet you wanted to kill my family too."  He walked off with him.

"They need it!  Muggles like that should be eliminated and the kids raised by someone better so no one else turns out violent and strange like you did."

"You know, that might be the reason I dated girls like Anya."

"I should go bloody well kill them today," he muttered.  Xander grinned.  "Are you still looking for marriage partners for me?"

"I am.  Your last one is now void because we arrested her yesterday before the potion hit."

"Who?" he asked.

"Fudge.  He claims he wanted us to be mated and this would ensure it.  The chaos potion he claimed he didn't know anything about but under truth serum it came out."  He smirked.  "We're now looking at civil service exams for Ministry service and a CPS like department."  Draco gave him a confused look.  "They handle parents like mine."

"Oh, brilliant!  Can we start them this week?"

"Next meeting.  That way Patricia can ask around and find facts.  She was horrified and thought it wasn't necessary."

"Bet me," he snorted.  He glanced back at the reporter trying to stealthily trail them.  "Yes?  You needed more?"

"CPS?" she asked.

"Look.  It.  Up," Xander ordered.  "I know the muggles have one locally."

"Oh."  She went to find what that was.  What she saw stunned her.  Why didn't they have one of these?  She looked.  They had until thirty years ago.  That was interesting.  She brought that fact to her editor, who was old enough to remember why since it wasn't in the back issues of the paper.  She also mentioned they were talking about civil service exams for the Ministry.  He told her what those were too and she went to write her article.  Tony would get her later when she got facts wrong.  Including handing her an American study guide for their tests.


Xander looked up as Harry walked up to him, nodding quietly.  "You ready?"

"Not really.  We sure this time?"

"We're sure."  He grinned.  "Willow's helping this time."

"Oooh, that'll be messy."

"Very."  He led him to Sam and Tonks.  "Dean?"


"It'll be magical, he can't come if he hasn't figured out how to use his wand," Tonks said.

Xander frowned.  "I can barely use mine, woman.  Dean, hurry the hell up!" he shouted.  He came jogging out, checking his gun before putting it up.  He shook his head.  "Willow, pickup!" he called.  She moved them to where they needed to be.  "Remember, Harry, one objective.  To trap him so we can do the spell."  He nodded, getting away from Xander, pulling his wand.  "Remember you have more than that to count on," he warned.  He looked at Sam, then at Dean.  "We good?"

"We're great," Dean agreed.  "Time to kick some ass."

"Then we go," he agreed.  They moved in silently, nodding at Mac and Gibbs on their strike team with Tony leading since he had the better control of his staff.  Horatio was backing up the third team with Willow on it.  She had decided they matched so she was happier with him.  She was being an odd girl.  He pointed at one area, getting Dean heading to do the doorway for him.  Mac's team was taking the back doors and Horatio's was waiting for people to run out.  Mac tossed in a smoke grenade, making most everyone run out and Willow closed down any way of moving out of there with Tonks and the other auror's help.  They rushed in, stunning those who hadn't been fast enough, running into Voldemort heading for a secret exit.

"Fat chance," Sam said dryly.  "Willow, got him!"  She popped in and stunned him, freezing him so he could not move, could not use magic, and could not get away.  Harry did the spell with Sam to undo the resurrection while Dean and Xander guarded his back.  It was finally done and the body slumped but the ghoul remained.

"Trap it," Dean ordered.  Willow trapped it in a pretty silver cube.  She sealed it and handed it to Harry.  "Try it.  We don't know if it works."

Harry drew up every bad thing that had ever happened, all the anger, pain, and resentment Voldemort had caused and cast the killing curse.  He heard a scream but he was still moving from what he heard.   "Still in there."

"Then we'll lock it up for now and figure it out," Xander decided.  He looked around.  "Rats?"

"That's Pettigrew, stop him!" Harry snapped.  Dean shot the rat on the back end and it screamed before turning into a human and writhing on the floor with the gunshot wound to the lower back.  Just off the spine.  "Damn," Harry said, grinning at him. "Can you teach me to do that?"

"Sure.  Not a problem."  He looked at Tonks, who was staring in horror.  "You wanted him?"

"Yeah, we need him.  Boss!"  He came running in so she pointed.  "He might need a mediwitch but isn't he dead?"

He looked then whimpered. "Yeah, he is."  He bound him and floated him off with a few quiet spells.  "Search the house, get the others," he ordered.  The rest of the aurors went in to search the house.

The team walked out together, nodding at the others.  Harry held up the cube.  "He's trapped, but not dead yet."

"Smooth style, boys," Gibbs praised.  "Stupid to bring only mundane weapons."

"We've had ours as long as Tony has," Xander said.  "I'm barely into the first year books and that's with tutoring, Gibbs."

"You'll learn and get better."

"Hopefully I won't have to do this again," he pointed out.  He stiffened, looking around.  "Willow, Bringer!" he shouted.  She came jogging out and looked with him, pointing.  "Disappear," he ordered.  Tony took Gibbs and the rest went off with either their staffs or appration, Tonks holding the cube with Harry just in case he dropped it on the way.  He stared at it.  "Why does it want me?"

"The one who sees," she said.  "You spotted them first, leading us to find out and fight."

"Yay.  So I annoy them.  Why sic a super vamp on me?"  The bringer growled and lunged at them but Xander shot him in the forehead.  Buffy appeared nibbling a burger thanks to Willow.  She had been ready just in case this happened during the assault.  She used the scythe and it dusted.  "Thank you.  Why sic them on me?"

"Giles has *no* clue," she assured him with a grin.  She hugged him. "You smell like a sweaty patrol night."  She looked up at him.  "How's it going?"

"We've got it trapped.  Now we have to kill it."

"Good luck.  Coming home soon?  John's kinda humorless now and then."

"I'll send the boys."  He beamed. "I have to find Draco a wife.  He was going to marry his fifth cousin."

"Eww.  How very...hillbilly of him."  She shook her head, finishing her snack. "Let's go, Willow.  By the way, *love* the house elves.  If you come back to live with us again you're bringing them and more.  They make better watchers than most of the watchers do."  They disappeared.

Xander smirked, looking at Horatio, who had come back.  "They appreciate me now and then."

"You should be appreciated most of the time, not now and then," he said.  He nodded.  "Let's go.  They're arguing."  They used their staffs to get back to the meeting area.

Xander looked around.  "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he shouted.  Everyone stopped and looked at him.  "Thank you.  Headmaster, would you know why the killing curse did not kill him?"

He nodded solemnly.  "He has some anchors, called Horcruxs, that keep him in this plane."

"Can we find them?" Dean asked.  "Easily or not?"

"We can.  Harry has to gather them."

"Harry doesn't go alone," Mac told him.

"We can go," Tony said with a shrug.  "I'm suspended anyway."  He grinned.  "My director hated that I got drugged during an undercover.  How long should it take?"

"A few months at the most," Dumbledore said.  "A few I'm not sure of the location of at this moment.  Once he has them, he can sever the link and then he'll die as any mortal would."

"We can do that," Tony agreed.  "Maybe not in a row but go now and do a massive one then do the rest when we can.  Or can someone else gather them?  Does it have to be Harry?"

Dumbledore gave him a look.  "I don't know.  I'll have to look it up."

"Draco?" Xander asked, looking at him.  "Does Harry have to be the one to gather them?"

"No.  He has to be nearby or they have to seem like Potter.  Some of them will be keyed to the contagion that he left in the curse scar I'd assume.  At least I'd make it so only myself or someone related or who felt like me could remove them."

"Can we make a mimic of that?" Mac asked.

"Yes," Dumbledore said.  He smiled at Draco.  "Expect some points when you get back to school, Mr. Malfoy.  That is very insightful."  He looked at the cube.  "We should lock that away so he cannot get out."

"I'm all for that," Tonks agreed, taking the cube.  They locked it into a coded box that would take a pushed-in code only an auror should know.  "It's safe enough there.  That's stuck to that spot and only one of us should have the code."  That got a mass of nods.

"Thank you all for the help over the last month," the head auror said.  "Mr. Harris, when will your witches know if they've averted or helped that prophecy?"

"Probably within days.  You can call her, she'll come."

"We can do that.  For now, go clean up.  You all did very good work."  He nodded at Malfoy.  "You as well."

"Someone has to.  No one of them researches."  He looked at Xander.  "When are you finding me a suitable wife?"

"I have found three that I think you'll like and two wrote back to your mother so we can meet them too.  See which one you like best."  He put an arm around his shoulder and walked off with him.  "Harry, dinner?"

"Sure, Xander.  Tomorrow night.  Dean already asked me."

"Call first, make sure I'm not napping."  He walked Draco off, taking him back to his place to show him the different witches he had found him.  They all seemed very nice to him.

Harry shook his head.  "Should we trust his taste in finding Draco a wife with what he's dated?" he asked Horatio.

Horatio smirked.  "One never knows.  He's looking at this as a practical matter instead of a love match.  It may make a difference."  He patted him on the shoulder. "I'll see you at our next meeting.   Behave and call if you need more help."

"Yes, Horatio.  Thank you to everyone who helped today."

"Not an issue.  We'll figure out where we're going to look for these things tomorrow," Tony promised with a grin.  "Let me go have dinner with the boss."  Harry nodded, giving him a hug before he left, following Horatio out.  "So, you got him onto a beach?"

"I had to rescue him from one a few times," Horatio said happily.  "The bikinis snared him."

Gibbs snickered.  "They do that to DiNozzo now and then too."  They went to have dinner together.  The rest of them went to look up what they needed to be doing and/or went to dinner with Sam and Dean.  Someone would tell him what he was looking for after they looked them up, probably Tony at the same time.


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