Notes: timeline screwing.  Kate and Speed didn't die.  Period.  As in 'what's an Ari' and 'what jewelry store'.  Ryan's been begging for a spot in the lab so they've helped teach him some things when he works on their cases.  Some angst.

Official Sluts.

Tony looked over at his boss, frowning.  It was just them left in the office after the end of a long day.  This probably wasn't the best time but better to make sure he remembered.  "You remember I'm not going to be here from Friday until Tuesday, right, boss?" he asked quietly.  His boss glared at him.  "You approved it three weeks ago."

"Where are you going this time?" he demanded.

"To a convention."  Gibbs let out a snort.  "Sorry, boss, but it's full of people just like me and I need time to reconnect to who I am.  You already approved it.  We're not on call this weekend.  I'm only reminding you."

"I don't like it when my people take a long vacation."

"Boss, it's three days of actual work time," he complained.  "I promise, I'll be back and happier when I get back on Wednesday morning."  He gathered his things up and headed for home.

Gibbs glared at the empty desk.  He really hated vacation times.  Especially for things like conventions.   He had never understood why people went to conventions in the first place and this particular person leaving him without his senior agent wasn't making him any happier.  Well, if he had approved it, he couldn't take it back now.  He'd have to remember to keep him from the next one.  He stared to go back to work but the way Tony had phrased it was odd, he realized that about five minutes later.  He logged online to check the usual conventions they went to.  Nothing coming up.  So what sort of convention was it?


Tony got out of the cab, smiling at the doorman.  "Has the convention started?"  The doorman grimaced and nodded.  "Thank you."  He walked inside to check in, which was fairly easy since he had made reservations, and then he dropped his bag off in the room he'd be sharing.  No one at work knew anything about this organization.  It wasn't exactly secret but it wasn't well known about in everyday life.  It was whispered about in certain circles.  Some begged, some pleaded, and some just grimaced in distaste like the doorman.  He nodded politely at the people coming up the hall; it was clear one was a member like him and the other was his keeper.  He pulled off his shirt and decided to change first.  He could quit being Special Agent DiNozzo and just be Tony for the entire weekend.   He'd give himself time to rebuild the Special Agent persona when he got back on Monday.  He changed into a pair of fairly loose, soft, linen shorts and a pair of sandals, then headed down to the ballroom.  Down there he found more members and more keepers, and some unattached like he was.  He registered at the desk, his membership card was good for life.

"Welcome, Tony," she said, smiling at him.  "The chocolates are by the fountain.  This is a schedule of the planned activities, but I'm sure you know that the odd things do crop up," she offered with a small grin.  He nodded, beaming back.  "If you want to mingle with the other unattached people, they're mostly by the fountain as well.  They're comparing horror stories of having to pay bills and things."

"Thank you," he said quietly, heading that way.  He looked at the other members in his group of GHS.  Most of them truly did live up to the title of Greedy, Hedonistic Sluts.   Then again, if they had to pass the test he had to join, it had been a pleasure from the point of meeting another member.  He had met a few in college and they had pegged him right away.  His test had been a weekend he barely remembered.  All he remembered was that it was good, it had a lot of sex, and he had been happy.  He smiled and nodded politely at a few of the more old-fashioned members.  Some of the members of GHS were born concubines - meant to be pleasured from the first moment they were owned.  Some of them, like him, worked a normal life and indulged when they could.  Which for him had been far too long.  Which was why he was here.  It was time to recenter and indulge his other side.  He saw someone he vaguely recognized from a case and blushed when they stared at him.  "Hi," he said sheepishly, walking over. "You cover very well."

"Thank you," the redhead said quietly.  "I almost thought your boss was your keeper."

Tony snorted.  "He'd kill me if he knew this group existed. There's no way he'd ever relent, even if I were female."  He glanced around, then over the redhead.  He was clad in thin cream colored chinos and deck shoes, but no shirt.  It showed off the ornate tattoo of a name he couldn't quite make out.  His team at work would never recognize the man in front of them as their boss.  "Do you have one?"

"I do.  One of my team indulges my softer side."  He nodded back at the guy coming over with a plate for him.  "Speed, I think you remember Tony."

"I do."  He kissed him on the cheek.  "No keeper?"

Tony sighed and shook his head.  "No.  I wish, but no.  No one I can even play with it DC.  They all moved recently."   He sat down beside Horatio.  "I never would have guessed you for a keeper."

Speed smirked.  "It keeps us both centered and it's been a long time since he came to me."  He handed Horatio the plate.  "Alexx would kill us both if we don't eat."

"She would," he agreed, nibbling on a small filled pastry cup.  He let Tony have one with a smile.  "You're probably right, I can't see Gibbs as a keeper.  He's too dominant.  Plus I doubt he'd spoil very well."

"Yeah, probably true," he sighed, nibbling on his spoils of spoiling.  He tracked a few people.  "Maybe I should move again."

"I'd offer you a spot in Miami, but I don't have room in the lab," Horatio admitted. Tony grinned at him for that.  "I can't see you going back onto the streets, Tony.  Even with Gibbs, you're right behind him and taking orders."

"Not like I can tell the man 'no'," he noted dryly, making Speed chuckle.  "Anyone new move to DC?"

"I haven't picked up this year's guide," Speed admitted, looking at that table.  Tony went that way.  He looked at his boyfriend.  "You want to take him in this weekend?"

"He seems so lost, Speed.  Like he hasn't gotten to spoil himself in a while."  He looked Tony over as he came back.  "You've lost weight."

"I had the plague three months ago," he admitted, sitting down to look through the guide.  "Nope, closest is Richmond or Baltimore.  Still."  He closed it and looked at them.  "I'm going to see if I can find someone to play with.  I haven't even had the time off to go to the spa recently.  We've had cases out the ass.  This is my first weekend off since I got back and Gibbs didn't want to give me this one."  He got up and headed off, going to see if he could find another slut to play with.  He would not get between a couple.  He wasn't that desperate.  He had been in the past, but he got out to date now and then.  Even if it wasn't as satisfying.  A keeper took care of their GHS.  They were there to make sure the mundane things got done and the pleasures were moderated by the normal things.  Unlike the people he dated, who only wanted him to pleasure them.  Some days, he should charge.  He found the group of unattached GHS complaining about real life things and shrugged as he joined them.  "I'm still a cop," he offered. They all looked stunned.  Tony nodded.  "Yeah, I work as a Fed cop now."  He grinned. "I'm Tony.  I'm in DC."


"No, necessity.  Someone's got to pay the bills and spa fees."  That got some understanding nods.  "What about you guys?"

"I'm a librarian," one offered.

A female one smiled. "I work in a porn store.  It doesn't pay much but it's fun."  Tony hugged her. "Thank you, Tony.  What sort of Fed are you?"


They all gaped.  "Man," one said, shaking his head.  "You guys are the hardcore military cops.  Do they make you do PT as well?  You're well built."

"Jogging is mandatory.  So's some working out.  My boss makes us spar with him now and then.  I work under a dom."  That got some understanding looks. He grinned at one of the guys.  "What do you do?"

"College.  My master's in psych."

"I'm considering going back," Tony admitted. "I had fun in college."  They all nodded and smiled at that.  He caught sight of someone.  "Wow, the national head and his concubine, and his buddy the uber-concubine," he said in awe.  They all stared.  "That's supposed to be one super GHS slut."  They all giggled at that and he smiled.  "They say he's so totally concubine that he can't manage to live on his own anymore.  Plus, others try to take him."

The female member gaped.  "Wow.  I wish I was, but damn...."

Tony nodded.  "It'd be nice to be taken by someone for a good reason.  Preferably one that didn't include a head injury."  They hugged him.  "Sorry, guys.  Been a crappy few months.  Didn't mean to bring the party down."

"You're not, Tony," the librarian assured him, walking him off.  "Come on, have some chocolate and then we'll look at the shopping tables.  Maybe something pretty will take your mind off it."  Tony nodded, letting himself be led off.

Speed and Horatio watched, taking in how miserable he was being alone.  Speed casually stroked his claim, making Horatio shiver as his fingers traced the tattoo.  "He needs a keeper," Speed said quietly.

"He does," Horatio agreed.  "He's probably just as bad as I was when you came to me."  He looked up and Speed grinned, kissing him.  "Thank you."

"Always welcome. Though if Eric catches us again, we might be in trouble."

"Eric is nosy," he agreed. "It makes him a good CSI, but I'm about to give him a gross case in punishment for trying to figure out what's going on between us."

"He's my best friend, Horatio.  He's worried that I'm doing something I shouldn't."

"Alexx didn't."

"Alexx knew that you needed me.  She's the one who pointed it out to me.  I thought you were just depressed."  He took another kiss, watching as Tony was led off for some fun.  "At least he's not alone."

"No, and I heard he was signed up for room 318."  Speed shivered.  That was the room that the ones looking to scratch their needy itches went.  It was the GHS code for 'I need a lot of sex and I need it today'.   Horatio hugged him.  "I've got you for that."

"You do," he agreed, smiling at him.  "I'm half-tempted to call Gibbs."

"Don't, Speed.  Don't get involved.  Gibbs was much too dom to make a good keeper. Tony would end up a sub, not a slut."

"True," he agreed, leaving it there.  His mate saw connections between people much better.  He smiled at someone else he knew as they came in.  "We're just seeing everyone today.  Danny, Don."  They grinned and hugged back.  "How has New York been?"

"Tiring," Don admitted, leaning against Danny's shoulder.  "Too many cases."

Danny nodded, patting him on the back.  "He had another relapse into the need again too.  Drove me nuts for two weeks trying to calm him down again before he outed us at the station."

"I'm sorry," Horatio offered.

Don shrugged.  "It happens.  Cases got too bad and I snapped."

"We saw another cop on his way there earlier," Speed offered.  "Have you worked with NCIS?"  Danny nodded but snorted.  "Their DC people?"

"Oh, I've met Gibbs," he said bitterly.  "Why?"

"Tony DiNozzo is one of us," Horatio said quietly.

"Pretty little boy on his ass?" Danny asked, looking confused.  Horatio nodded and pointed.  He looked, then blinked.  "It is him."

"It is," Don agreed, walking over to hug him.  "Tony."

"Don!"  He squealed and gave him a squeeze.  "I haven't seen you in three conventions.  How are you!"

"Doing okay.  I'm in homicide now."  He grinned and led him back.  "This is my keeper, Danny.  He's a CSI in Mac's lab."

"Danny," Tony said, shaking his hand.  "I was barely on the team when I had to come work a case in your neck of the woods."

"I remember.  I'd never have guessed."

Tony shrugged.  "Not like I don't have to hide it at work.  Can you see Gibbs here?"

Danny snorted and shook his head.  "No.  I could almost see one of the religious freaks here first."  He stared, mouth slightly open.  "That's...."

"Yeah, that's him," Tony agreed, smiling and nodding politely.  "Hi.  I have your last book.  Great job, sir."

"Thank you."  He hugged them all.  "Relax, remember, you're not at work, boys.  Relax, have fun.  Reconnect."  He walked on.

Tony grinned at them.  "Speaking of, I need to connect, period.  'Scuse me while I see if someone else wants to play."  He went back to where he had been, signing up for his time to play in the special rooms.

The two CSI couples shared a look.  They knew that state.  They knew it all too well.  He was desperate and willing to go too far.  Fortunately the special rooms had monitors to make sure even guys like him couldn't let themselves go too far.


Gibbs used his emergency key to get into Tony's apartment, then closed and locked the door behind himself.  His neighbors would assume he was being a good friend and watering his plants or something, but he was there to investigate. Tony hadn't told them what the convention was for and according to McGee, no conventions were planned that dealt with law enforcement issues.  Or even something for lab techs.  He walked over to Tony's computer, flipping it on and sitting down to wait for it to boot.  He didn't know much about them but he did know how to get into the history of a browser.  He had closed a window too many times and had to find out where he had been not to.  He got into the browser's history, finding the sites that booked travel.  He hadn't gone through the agency for that.  That alone told him it wasn't a legitimate convention.  He found one site, finding an online application for the convention, but it didn't give any clues.  He checked the bookmarks, finding one or two porn webcam sites.  Not what he had expected since one was marked 'gay' in the title.  That made him frown.  He had no idea DiNozzo wasn't straight.  He checked the other, it had offerings in both categories.

He checked the other bookmarks under 'porn', finding a few other story sites.  Not picture ones, but story ones.  All those had offerings both ways as well.  He found one site that confused him under 'necessary things', clicking on it.  A pale purple page opened, making him blink at the title.  "GHS?"  He went to the information page, staring harder.  "There's no way," he said quietly.   He clicked on the link for 'conventions and other fun stuff'.  That told him all he needed to know.  He pulled out his cellphone, calling the number for Tony's phone.  It was off.  That got a growl.  He looked up the number to the hotel through the travel site, finding it on the confirmation page.  "Can you please page Tony DiNozzo for me?"  He waited a few minutes, then a breathless, happy sounding Tony came to the phone.  "Get home, now."

//Why?  Did something bad happen to someone?//

"No, but I know you're not at a legitimate convention."

//Really?  How would you know that, boss?  Besides, any convention is legitimate as long as it's not related to a group that's looking to overthrow the government.  That's in the handbook.//

"Not in mine. You'll be home by tonight or you're fired."

//You do that, Gibbs.  See if I give a damn.  By the way, get out of my apartment.  There's no way I left anything about the convention at work.  I know better than that because I work with a group of homophobes.  So get out of my apartment, leave my emergency key, and I'll clean out my desk when I get back Monday.  Anything else?  I'll have a legal address for you to contact then.//

"What?  One of you little boy toys became an attorney?" he snorted.

//Why not, three of us are judges,// Tony said bitterly. //You know what, I don't need this.  Not since this is the first time I've had off since I had the plague.  You'll see me when I get in Monday. You still want me gone then, that's your thing.  I can always move departments or find something better to do.// He hung up.

Gibbs growled for real now, putting his phone away.  He went back to his reading.  This was not the DiNozzo he had hired.  There was no way this was the DiNozzo he had hired.  He'd have realized that about him.  The boy was a dater, not a slut.  He called McGee.  "I need research help.  Meet me at Tony's."  He listened.  "No, he's fine.  He's off at some convention.  GHS?"  He listened to McGee splutter and blush, leaning back in the chair.  "You've heard of them?"  The 'rumors around MIT, some guys joined from their frats' didn't please him.  "What else do you know, McGee?"  He listened to what little he knew, it didn't make him feel any better.  "Get here.  Now."  He hung up and went back to his searching.  He did not like his agent being part of this cult.  He found the membership rolls, but they were locked.  He used every password he knew of Tony's, then checked his top desk drawer.  Usually he hid a copy in case he forgot during early call ins, but not this time.  McGee used his key to come in, bringing Abby.  "Abby, get me in here."

She looked then shook her head.  "No, Gibbs.  I'm not destroying Tony's privacy."  He glared at her and she flinched.  "I'll tell you what I know but I'm not destroying what little life he's got outside the office because you're uptight."  She went into the bedroom, coming out with a wooden box.  "His membership card is in here somewhere.  Along with his other badges."  She handed it over.  "Tony deserves to have some happiness.  If you don't like that, why do I work for you?"  She glared at McGee, who flinched and backed off.  "You knew some?"

"Rumors," he said quickly.  "Some frat boys at college got offered.  Two couldn't pass the endurance test. One asked for a retest and passed from the rumors going around.  He had a keeper though.  He had one already."

"Tony left Peoria to get away from his old keeper.  He went dom and treated him badly."  She opened the box and pulled out the card, showing it to Gibbs.  "He joined back in college.  It's all about the pleasures in life, Gibbs, and you keep him from finding any at all.  We're damn lucky he hasn't broken."  She put the box back and came back, turning off the computer.  He glared at her again.  "So help me God, if you use this against him, I will help him sue you.  Tony doesn't deserve this with all he's been through for this team."  She stomped out, heading home to warn him.

McGee swallowed.  "Boss, Tony's still the same guy.  Only now you know why he enjoys going to the spa. I mean, everyone needs spoiled now and then," he babbled, "but GHS members need it more than others.  It's said that they're the sort who'd have been willing and lifetime concubines in the old days.  I can see Tony like that.  All glowing in silk and on a pillow, posed and smiling for some harem master or something.  It even shows in his wardrobe," he continued at the renewed glare.  "All the soft fabrics and stuff?  That's kinda who they are.  They're all like that from what I understand.  Their motto is 'it's about the pleasures in life', boss.  Tony's always been like that."

"And the fact that most of the membership is bi?" he demanded.

McGee blushed and shrugged.  "He doesn't want me.  I'm fine with it as long as I can turn him down gently if I have to.  Though I doubt I'm keeper material.  I can't spoil and indulge anyone that way.  I know a keeper.  It's a lot of work making sure they can let it go when they need it and then making sure the mundane things are handled."

Gibbs gaped at him.  "Are you saying they're kept like slaves?"

"No, boss, not S&M stuff.  Concubines.  Pleasure.  Other end of the spectrum."  He turned back on the computer and found a site, letting him see it.  "That's them too.  It's all about the pleasures in life.  The small and the larger ones.  Tony hides it really well but he's sublimating through all the dating he does.  He's letting go this weekend so he can focus again.  I caught him shopping at work the other day."

Gibbs read that site over, still growling.  He didn't like this.  "I won't put up with this."  He stood up and pointed.  "How do you know about them?"

"Um, like I said, boss, I know a keeper," he said quietly.  "We were friends in school."  He backed away from the look in his eyes.  "Boss, you can't fault Tony for being the guy he is.  I mean, he's been this way since before you hired him by his membership card.  If what Abby said was true, he'd gladly settle down again as long as he found a good keeper to help him."  He backed up another few steps.  "Seriously, boss.  You knew Tony was a hedonist before now.  You've called him that in the past.  It's the same thing, only taken to the next level.  Even Kate realizes it."  He shrugged and turned, fleeing the apartment since Gibbs was glaring again.  He'd take it at work Monday but by then he might have calmed down.

Gibbs stomped off, heading to a club he had busted in and found a few acquaintances in before.  The bouncer tried to keep him out.  "I'm not here to play, I'm here for information."

"I'll need you to put your handcuffs, gun, and badge in one of the lockboxes, sir.  You're too angry and you might cause more harm than intended."

"I'm not going to play."

"I don't care, sir.  Please.  Or else I can't let you in."  Gibbs growled but slapped his weapon and badge into the box, taking the key and stomping inside.  The bouncer radioed the bartender to warn him, then he went back to his post.

Gibbs sat down across from the owner of the club, glaring at him now.  "Do you have any of those GHS things here?" he demanded.

The owner snickered, shaking his head with a grin.  "Totally other end of the spectrum, Jethro.  If they play with chains, it's one to remind them that they're owned and belong to someone.  They don't get cuffed, they don't get roughed up, and they don't play like we do.  Very, very few of them cross over into sub and that's usually because their keeper plays that way.  It's not a dom/sub relationship.  It's a symbiotic one," he explained at the confused look.  "It's like a normal relationship only one of them ends up doing a bit more of the mundane things, like the bills and stuff, while the other is there to be spoiled.  Think of the fifties' tv shows.  The GHS would be the wife most of the time."  Gibbs slumped at that.  "Who is it around you?"


"You're joking," he said flatly.  Jethro shook his head, glaring at him again.  "No wonder he didn't want to come in during the last case here.  Doms like me tend to make them run for the hills.  How did you find out?"

"He's at a convention."

"Good.  He was looking a bit antsy the last time I saw him out and about.   He'll relieve the pressure, let it go, then come back more focused until he's got to let it go again.  Guys like them who actually work have that problem from what I hear."  He shrugged and sipped his coffee.  "Want a drink?"

"No, I want to understand."

"I can't make you understand their ways, Jethro.  Hell, I can't understand how someone thinks that a backrub is better than sex at times."  He gave him another confused look.  "GHS try to enjoy *everything*.   I'm sure you gave your wives backrubs."

"Now and then," he admitted. "When they asked."

"True GHS, the ones at the top of the spectrum, have people they hire to do that daily.  They're the concubines.  The love toys.  They're made to be pleasured and only pleasured.  That's how they're hardwired.  I doubt many go to the Academy to become cops.  I'd guess most of them would go for the more brainy pursuits, that'd give them the pleasure of the hunt and the mind."

Gibbs frowned.  "So, they're the boytoys to the rich older women?"

"Still too far down the spectrum.  That was probably as far up as you went in the past, but these guys are beyond that, Jethro.  Those boytoys are about middle of the spectrum.  They do it because that's the only life they know or they choose to live off their looks."  Gibbs still looked a bit confused.  "Okay, if you draw out a scale," he said, tracing one on a napkin.  "They're here," he offered, pointing at a dot he put near the middle but slightly toward the lower end.  He drew a line.  "From here up is GHS.  The top guys are the concubines.  Kept in pleasure, kept in love, kept in jewels and chocolates as long as they share the pleasure with their keeper.  If you say you want sex, they purr and beg prettily.  Someone like DiNozzo, who's still able to work, he's around here," he offered, halving the GHS portion of the scale.  "He can work and function in a work environment, but he's going to pleasure himself however he can whenever he can.  Who's his keeper?"

Gibbs shrugged. "He's still mass dating."

The guy gave him a harsh look.  "No wonder he had to get away!  Keepers are the guys who watch out for them, make sure they stay in control, Jethro.  That's the only part that's anywhere near the dom lifestyle.  GHS boys and girls are pets.  Keepers make sure they're well taken care of."

"Abby said something about one of them going wrong," he admitted bitterly, leaning down.  "I... how is he doing the job like this?"

"Probably slowly going insane.  They have yearly conventions.  Did he go last year?"

"Last year at this time we were knee-deep in a Pentagon case.  We were confined to the base there until the investigation was done.  He took the next weekend off and came back happy and smiling if I remember right."

The dom slumped, shaking his head.  "The boy needs a keeper, Gibbs. You're too much like me, but the boy's got to have someone to keep and protect him from what his instincts are telling him to do.  The last I knew there's no one here in town.  The last few left when their company moved."

"That probably explains his dating life," he said blandly.

"Which is fairly dangerous, Jethro.  He could pick up anything."

"I pointed that out, he said he wasn't like that or that big of a slut."

His buddy snorted and shook his head.  "I doubt that.  You know anyone who'd make a good pet owner?"


"I love that girl, but no.  They've got to have a bit of structure and Abby's great, but permissive.  Not her. She's probably borderline herself really."  Gibbs' mouth fell open at that.  "Seriously.  Think about her and her reaction to pleasure."

"She's always happy, even for the smallest ones," he agreed quietly.  "Even when it's just a new soda."

The dom nodded at that.  "Yeah, she's borderline.  Well, I hope your boy finds one at his convention.  It'd be nicer. At least they'd have a clue."

Jethro shook his head.  "It'd get in the way of work."

He sighed and looked at his friend.  "Jethro, work is work.  He hardly ever lets it intrude.  He's called off how many relief sessions for you and cases?"  Gibbs growled at that.  "Exactly. If you were less dom and more humane, you might make a good one, but he'll never go sub for you.  It's not how they are.  Consider them like those labrador dogs. They're all fierce and protective, all bark and bite, until they find a master who'll give good ear and belly scratches.  Then they'd do anything for them.  Your Tony is just like that only he's still in the pound.  If he keeps up as he is, his time's going to start running out.  You'd better hope someone down there feeds and waters him for you while he's gone from your sight.  Also, see if you can find him a good one to scratch his belly.  He's gotta have it before he goes insane some day or he leaves."

"I nearly fired him," Gibbs sighed, rubbing over his face.  He looked at his friend. "How many of them are there?"

"Last I heard, they've got about 3000 members worldwide.  The top guys are all concubines.  Quite a few were kidnaped from someone and kept actually."  He shrugged.  "They're good at it.  Tony might do okay in that lifestyle."

"No.  He'd mentally rot."  He stood up.  "Thank you."

"Don't try it, Gibbs.  You're too dom."

"I'm not like that."

His friend stared at him, then snorted. "Good one, Jethro.  Really.  Cute joke."  He smirked.  "Now, shoo.  You might want to apologize.  Before he's gotten too far in his escape plans."

Jethro nodded and went to do that, calling him back.  This time they connected him to his room.  "We need to talk, DiNozzo."

//I'm not taking an apology, even if you were offering one,// he noted calmly. //It's clear you don't respect me or anything about me.  It's also clear that you don't have any sort of trust or respect for me on the job since you broke into my place to find out where I was.  So no, Gibbs, I'll be cleaning out my desk when I get back.  Anything else?//

"I want to talk, Tony.  It was explained better to me.  I can't say as I like it...."

Tony cut him off. //Ask me if I care about you liking it or not, Gibbs.  I could care less whether or not you like my private life.  I don't pry into yours, even if you had one.  I don't pry into McGee's, and barely into Kate's.  I could truly care less which hand you use at night when you scream your ex's names.  Now, anything else?  I'm in the middle of something and I was relaxed before you called.//

"We're talking when you come back."

//I can have Abby pack my desk.//   He hung up.

Jethro called her.  "Don't you dare pack Tony's desk for him.  I will be talking to him."  She said something uncomplimentary and hung up on him too.  He groaned, heading back home to think while he worked on the boat.  He needed to think.  A lot.


Tony trudged into dinner and hugged Horatio.  "I need a new job.  He fired me."  He sat down, looking at him.  "Know anywhere down your way that is hiring?"

"I'll call tonight and ask.  What happened?" he asked quietly, touching his hand. "You're cold."

"I've been chilly for the last hour."  He shrugged and pulled his hand back.  "I don't know.  All I know is that he broke into my apartment, went onto my computer, found the GHS site.  Yelled at me about it, fired me, and then went to talk to someone.  Now he wants to talk and I'm not giving him that chance."

Horatio nodded, patting his arm.   "You need to put on a shirt, Tony.  It'll be okay."

"I'll warm up later."  He shrugged.  "Maybe I'll head out tonight on my own for a few hours."

"No, don't," Speed ordered as he joined them.  "You're not leaving, Tony.  What happened?"

"Gibbs found out and fired me.  Now he suddenly wants to talk."  He looked at him.  "Think Orlando is? I could spend the time at the Disney spas."

"I don't know," Horatio admitted.  "I'll check the journal listings later."  He patted him again.  "Come here.  You could use a hug."  Tony nodded, sinking into his arms.  "It'll be all right, Tony.  I promise it will be."  He stroked over his back.  "Maybe you'll find a good keeper at your next department.  Being a full CSI is easier anyway."  Tony nodded, relaxing against him.  "Did you at least have fun earlier?"  Tony nodded, pulling back to look at him.  "It's all right.  I promise it will be."

"It won't be.  He'll tank my evaluations on me."  He shrugged and grimaced.  "Maybe I'll change fields or go back to school.  I had fun in school.  I'd get the chance to party nearly every night again."

"That's still dangerous," Speed reminded him quietly.  Tony nodded, giving him a look.  Danny walked up behind Tony and gave him a hug.  "Gibbs fired him."


"He claims it's the second 'b' in his last name," Tony quipped dryly.  "I'm fine, guys.  Just sulking."  He looked back at Danny.  "How many cases a month do you get?"

"Forty, something like that.  Horatio?"

"About the same," he admitted.

Tony shuddered.  "I only got twenty or so.  Definitely a smaller department or leaving the field."  He smiled at the waiter.  "Can I have pudding?"  Some was handed over.  "Thank you."  He picked up his spoon and dug in.  "At least I don't have to worry about what Kate'll say."  He dug in, this had to have a happier point.

The others looked at each other, then shrugged.  They had planned to get together and chat later that night about work. Bringing him now would only make it worse.

"Hey, Tony, you put in for any spa time?" Don asked.

Tony shrugged.  "They were full when I booked. I had to get the leave approved and I had only gotten back from sick leave."  He ate another bite of pudding. "Having the plague sucks.  Try to avoid it."

They all stared.  "That was you?" Danny asked.  Tony nodded, grimacing.  "Hey, you lived."

"Yeah, Gibbs threatened to kick my ass if I died."  He ate another bite, looking around the table.  "Guys, go have fun or else I'm going to sulk up there."  They all stared at him.  "Sorry, didn't mean to bring everyone down."  He took his pudding and spoon with him, going back up to the special room to have some more fun.  He looked at the monitor.  "I got fired."

"I heard."  She gave him a hug and pointed at someone.  "He's looking for a long, slow cuddle."

Tony finished his pudding and put the bowl down, going over to talk to him.  The other one was needy for touch and Tony could gladly do that.  After him, he got a short rest break to nap, and then someone else wanted him.  He looked back, finding Speed looking at him.  "Horatio will be upset with you."

"Not really. He ordered me to come spoil you for a few minutes."  He laid down beside him, holding him for now.  "We were going to complain about work stuff tonight but I can easily go out with you so you don't get into trouble."

"No, I'm good."

Speed kissed him.  "More than I'd say," he teased.  "I know a couple who would make a good keeper but only together."

"I can't break up a couple."

"No, I wasn't suggesting that."  He stroked his cheek.  "They'd love you, Tony.  So much."  Tony wiggled a bit but ended up shrugging.  "I can have them go out with you tonight."

"I don't want to be a bother.  They probably had a long day."

"No, I called Eric, he said he's bored."  He pulled him up and looked him over, then pointed at his bag.  "Get dressed.  They'll be here in an hour."  Tony gave him a look. "Now, Tony."  He swatted him and he went to shower and change.  He smiled, taking the bracelet off Tony's wrist and handing it over.  "Hopefully he'll be all right," he muttered, walking down there to meet his friends.  Eric and Ryan showed up together.  "Guys, let's talk."

Eric looked him over, then frowned.  "You're wearing silk lounging pants in the middle of a hotel."

"I am," he agreed, leading them to the bar.  "There's some things you don't know about me."

"You're GHS," Ryan offered dryly.

"No, I'm a keeper.  My lover is GHS."  He smirked.  He knew someone would've gotten onto his computer to figure out where he and Horatio had disappeared to this weekend.  "As is a friend who just got fired.  He's had a bad few months and he's a cop too.  Military.  NCIS."  He looked at Eric.  "Tony DiNozzo."  Eric smirked at that.  "He needs to have some fun and let go.  I'm trusting you two to make sure he's safe while he does that.  Because he's at the stage where he'd do something stupid.  Like allowing himself to be taken by someone and kept for life."

"What's a GHS?" Eric asked.

Ryan looked at him, smirking some.  "You've seen the pleasure boys and girls?"  Eric nodded slowly.  "Beyond them.  Natural concubines, Eric.  Speed's a keeper.  Basically, he's got his own pet."  He looked at him.  "Do we get to meet your pet?"

"No.  He wants to keep it quiet."  They stared, then Eric smirked suddenly.  "One word and he's having you transferred to a garbage truck," he warned.

"Sure, but I take it he knows?"

"He does. The same as I know you two are really together."  He smirked at their horrified looks.  "Right now, at least half this hotel is bi, guys.  I'm not asking you guys to become Tony's keepers, just watch him for the night.  He needs to let it go and be the bottom slut- pleasure boy he is naturally.  Especially since he got fired."

"I can do that," Ryan agreed.  Eric stared at him. "It's not all fun, Eric, people do take GHS members as sex slaves now and then.  A few have been forced to work in brothels."

"So, some dancing?"

"Whatever happens," Speed agreed.  "He's not looking to break up a couple."  They nodded, accepting that.  Tony walked in so he waved him over.  "Tony, you remember Eric and this is Ryan.  He's hot to move into the lab when we've got an opening.  We've been training him on the side when we have him on our cases.  Guys, this is Tony.  Be good to my friend or retribution will be hell."  He stood up, smiling and hugging Tony.  "Have fun and relax, Tony," he said quietly.  "Ryan understands some."  Tony nodded so he left them alone.

Ryan smiled.  "Sit, Tony.  Clubbing good with you?"

"I could use something hard and pounding," he agreed, then blushed and shook his head. "Sorry."

"S'okay," Eric assured him, smiling.  "Any type of music you like?"

"Anything's fine.  I don't care.  I'm all set for a night in the clubs."

Ryan looked him over, then into his eyes.  "You need it that bad, you come to me, Tony.  Don't tempt fate tonight.  Understood?"  He grinned at that.  "Good.  Now, let's go.  Eric drove."  He got him up and walked out beside him.  "How long?"

"Junior year of college.  One of the older members saw me at a lecture he was giving and had that special tingle about me.  He stalked me for a week and then offered me the test.  It was a nice weekend," he sighed.

"What sort of test do you guys have to take to get entrance?" Eric asked, opening the doors for them.

"Endurance," Tony admitted.  He smiled fondly.  "Three days of nothing but pleasure.  Chocolate for lunch.  Sex whenever I wanted and then some.  I couldn't sit for two weeks, but it was so good. I was so happy."  He sighed and Ryan hugged him.  "I'm not that bad."

"You are.  You're bordering on pitiful tonight," Eric offered, giving him a hug of his own.  He felt the guy relax into his arms and it was nice.  Very nice.  He looked at Ryan.  "Come on, let's go to your usual club and then we'll decide from there."

"Sounds good to me."  Eric got in to drive, letting Ryan sit in the back with Tony, who was very cuddlesome tonight. When they finally got there and inside, Eric took Tony out onto the floor to get his own holding in.  He certainly had good rhythm.  He also got to answer all his questions about what the hell Speed and Horatio did in their off hours.  Even though he wasn't sure which one was which.  They both enjoyed their pleasures a lot as far as he knew.


Danny went to get Tony up for brunch, no one had even suggested that the convention put on a breakfast spread.  He found him curled between two very naked young men he hadn't seen at the convention.  He coughed, waking one up suddenly, and he reached for his gun.  "You are?" he asked plainly.

Eric glared at him, then put his head back on Tony's shoulder.  "Speed had us take him out last night. Who're you?"

"Danny.  Friend of Speed's and Horatio's.  You two?"

"I'm Ryan, this is Eric, and I'm pretty sure they introduced you to Tony before," Ryan admitted, sitting up to look at him.  "We in your room?"

"No, I came to get Tony up, make sure he eats.  Speed and I have decided that he needs a keeper this weekend since Gibbs fired him for being himself."  He crossed his arms over his chest.  "You'll do if you're serious enough.  He leaves early Monday morning."

"We have to work Monday," Eric admitted, yawning as he sat up.  "But yeah, we like Tony.  He's a great guy."  He stretched, then spanked Tony, making him yelp.  "No more pretending.  Go shower so we can eat.  I'm starved."

"Yes, Eric."  He went to do that, giving Danny a slight grin.  "Hi," he offered quietly as he walked past him.

Danny stopped him, kissing him gently.  "You want them this weekend?  Or you wanna hang with us?  Either's good as long as you want 'em around."

"They're nice."  He glanced at the couple, then at him.  "They do the same thing we do."

"We work with Speed," Eric offered, grinning. "I kept catching the boss and Speed together, now I know why."

"You can't pick on Speed," Tony begged.  "Please?"

"Nothing more than one best friend teasing another," he promised. "Go shower.  You smell like Ryan drooled on you more than once."

Ryan glared at him.  "Why just me?"

"You have really nasty morning breath after being out in the clubs," he said, then shrugged, pulling him over to kiss him.  "Still like you anyway."

"Gee, thanks."  He got up and went to help Tony in the shower.

Danny smirked.  "If you two take him up permanently, you'll do.  Come down when you're dressed.  You can hang with the four of us and spoil Tony rotten by paying attention to him."  He left, going back downstairs.  "They were cute, all cuddled together."  Speed grinned at that.  "I told 'em to bring him down.  That's okay, right?"

"Not like we can hide it now," Horatio said pragmatically.  He buttered his croissant.  Speed looked at his plate and added something, making him smile.  "I'm being spoiled?"

"You are.  You deserve it.  You didn't shoot the suspect when you could have."  He took a kiss, then went back to his own breakfast.  "How was he?"

"Cute," Danny offered with a grin. "Protective and cute.  Eric said he'd tease you."

"Only if he wants the crap cases for the next year," Horatio noted blandly, then he ate a bite.

Don giggled.  "I'm *so* glad we don't have to deal with Mac about this stuff.  He'd freak but he's taking 'I don't wanna know so I'm ignoring it' to a new level."

Danny nodded.  "He definitely is."  He dished up food for them both, then for Tony when he plopped down.  "They not coming down?"

"Eric pounced Ryan and they're having fun.  They said they'd be right down."  He looked at Speed.  "Thank you."

"Welcome."  He held up a bite of Horatio's croissant, making Tony beam and open his mouth so it could be popped in.  "There.  Better.  Eat."  Danny filled his plate for him, earning a laugh.  "Your momma feed the neighborhood?"

"No, just us. My grandmother, she fed the neighborhood."  Tony chuckled and dug in, making the others smile.  "You good?"

"I'm better.  I have no idea what I'm doing when I leave, but I'm good."  He looked at him.  "Think your boss could come clear Gibbs out of my apartment?  I checked with my security company and they've got someone in there.  They thought I had a housesitter."

"Tell them you don't.  They'll arrest him," Don offered.

"I can't do that to his career."

Danny snorted.  "Obviously needs the wakeup call, Tony.  Maybe a night in lockup would do him good."

Tony shook his head.  "No, they'd let him go.  He's a fed. He'll tell them he was housesitting and it'll just make things harder on me."  He ate another bite.  He heard the soft cooing noise and looked around, frowning some.  He saw the leader of GHS and his favorite concubine, plus his favorite student, the next table over.  "Did you get to bring your pet?" he asked, grinning when the most GHS among them grinned at him and let him see his baby.  "Awww, he's adorable!"  He petted the soft ears.  "What sort is he?"

"Annoying," the president of the group offered dryly, shrugging.  "He was chewing on my shirt this morning."

"He's just a puppy, Adam."

"I know.  Hopefully he'll be trained better?" he asked archly.

"Yes, Adam."  He took a kiss and smiled.  "I'm trying."

"I know you are, pet."  He patted him on the back and looked at Tony.  "I remember your induction.  You were going for law enforcement, correct?"  Tony beamed and nodded, hugging him.  "It's all right.  Where are you now?"

"Just leaving NCIS after being fired.  My boss found out and it's not the Marine way."  He shrugged.  "Horatio's said he's looking in the state for openings for me."

The head concubine looked at him.  "That sucks.  You kick his ass?"

"Nope.  I'm trying to avoid that.  I can't win against him.  I'm realistic.  He partially trained me."  He shrugged.  "It'll be fine.  If I can't find something, I'll go back to school for a few semesters.  Then I'll get to party with all the pretty coeds and make myself one happy little GHS boy."  That got a round of smiles.  "Are there any good schools that're used to us?"

"NYU," Danny noted dryly, rolling his eyes.

"Miami University," Speed agreed.  Tony perked up at that.  "Come down, Tony.  We like you enough to come visit you in the dorms."

"I'd never live in the dorms again," he snorted, giving him a look.  He grinned at Eric and Ryan as they came in.  "Guys, this is Adam, our president and head.  His boy Ray.  Plus his favorite student Xander."

Eric shook their hands.  "Thank you for letting us spoil Tony this weekend."  Ryan waved and smiled.  "Forgive him, he needs caffeine to be sociable."

"For that, you're going to beg later," Ryan assured him.  He pulled a chair out, looking at their boss.  "Hi, Horatio.  Speed."  He grinned.  "I thought my former roommate in college was bad."

"Who did you room with?" Adam asked.

"Steven Spenoza."

Adam shuddered.  "I hear he's having a lot of fun in Bali with his owner.  No one's seen him since the year he got taken."

"I know.  They took him out of our dormroom and took my computer with him."  That got a smile.  "It got sent back at least.  His second son was very happy to have him there as a pleasure toy."

Adam nodded, sighing a bit.  "Too many of the upper echelon end up stymied that way.  A true keeper would make a happy GHS, not lock him into one role."  Tony nodded at that.  "You had one the last I knew."

"He kinda went super dom on me and started to handcuff me all the time," Tony admitted quietly, not looking at anything but his plate.  "I left him."

Xander hugged him, whispering in his ear, getting a small grin and a nod.  "Good boy.  We'll go shopping later."  He looked at the boy's apparent guardians.  "He was just talking about going back to school."

"Miami's got a few good schools," Eric assured him with a grin.  "That way you're closer and we can make sure you eat."

Ryan looked at him, then at Tony.  "He can fuss horribly.  Watch out for that and his mother.  Always trying to feed him.  That's why he's a bottomless pit."  Speed snickered at that.  "I take it you've met his mother?"

"Once or twice.  The last time I did, I got given a baked chicken stuffed with rice and brownies for some reason."

"I think she meant for you to bring it to me, Speed," he complained. He gave him a dirty look.  "She asked if you had eaten it."

"You were standing right beside me and she handed you two picnic baskets of food," he reminded him impatiently, staring back.  "She told me that was for me and to eat it that night.  That I was much too skinny."

Horatio nodded.  "She's right, you are."  He stuffed his boyfriend's mouth with a bite of his pistachio pudding.  Then he grinned at Adam.  "You should see him at work.  Tony's   amazing on a crime scene.  We've had to work with his team in the past, when he was new to his team."

"For some reason, you wore a suit," Tony reminded him.

"Every day," Ryan agreed.  "I'm guessing it hides the bonding markings Speed drew on him."  He looked at Speed.  "I was wondering why you wanted that book from the library."  He shrugged.  "Looks good.  Think I should mark Eric?"

"No tattoos, Wolfe," Eric said firmly.  Tony giggled at that. "He can't!  A new belly button ring maybe.  Tattoos?  No.  Not even if we were married, which we're not."  Tony gave them a shy grin at that.  "Come to Miami, Tony. You've got a welcoming committee."  He nodded, smiling at them.  "Maybe you can do part-time with the department or something."

"I've got some money saved up.  I should be able to make a year until I can get financial aid," he offered.  They both smiled at that.  "So, Horatio....  Where did you get that shirt?  It's nice."

"Upstairs, the shopping room," he said, nodding at Speed.  "He's in a fussy mood again."

"No comments from the peanut gallery," Speed ordered, glaring at Eric.

"Repainting the bike?" Danny teased.

"Not this year," he snorted, smiling at Adam and the puppy.  "He is adorable but we work some very frustrating hours."  Horatio nodded.  "He'd be alone too often."

"He would," Horatio agreed. "He'd also try to claim the bike by scent marking the tires."

"Nope, not allowed," Speed said firmly.  "I shooed off the neighbor's poodle, my own dog can't do it either."   That got some smiles. "Yes, I know I'm possessive.  It's for a good reason.  People keep trying to take what's mine or kill what's mine."

Horatio hugged him. "I'm still here."

"Yeah, and you'd better stay here," he ordered, taking a kiss. "Eat or no massage later."  Horatio hummed but dug back in.

"And I thought Danny was a fierce bitch," Don teased.  Danny elbowed him, making him laugh.  "You are."

"I am not.  No one tries to steal you anymore.  Mac going off on the last one stopped that for good."

"I know Mac, I'm not surprised the city's scared of him," Horatio said blandly between bites.  "Eat, Tony."  Tony nodded and dug back in.  He looked at Adam.  "Did we make any new members this year?"

"No, not yet."  He shrugged.  "We have years like that.  A few have applied and not made it.  Some have been horrified at themselves afterward but most have sighed and decided that it's too much work to be one of us."  Xander grinned at that.  "I know, you epitomize high maintenance, Xander.  You always have since the first day I met you."  He patted him on the cheek.  "Quit letting the dog eat your brunch and eat it yourself."  Xander nodded, turning around to do that.  "Try to be careful later.  I hear that some of the officers have been here to break up some of the rooms."

"We heard, we drove one off," Horatio assured him.  Adam smiled at that.  "I told them I was here watching the action to make sure it wasn't more than an orgy.  I assured the nice officers that no money changed hands or anything."  Adam smirked at that.  "I didn't see any and we all know most of us don't get paid for it."

"No, most of you don't," he agreed.

"Only in presents from our sugar daddies," Xander teased.

"Thankfully, Horatio settles for my sorry butt since I don't make anywhere near a sugar daddy's salary," Speed teased back.  Xander giggled and hugged him. "Eat.  Now.  Before he spanks you."

"Only if he wants to see me pout."  He did get back to eating, letting his puppy settle in his lap. "Who's coming with me?"

"I will, just to browse," Tony offered.

Xander snorted and looked at him.  "Don't you dare worry about that, Anthony.  I mean it.  You'll be protecting me from the hordes that want to take me and keep me."  He grinned sweetly.  "Even though I can protect myself."

"Sure, we can go watch over you too," Eric agreed dryly.  "How many guards do you usually go with?"

"Himself, usually his keeper or myself as well," Adam moaned.  "Sixteen kidnaping attempts in the last three months," he complained.  "Some people do not take the hint until you slice their heads off."

"I still think that one guy was asking for directions and got stunned by the sight of Ray and I going at it in the backseat, Adam.  It's not like he planned to kidnap us."

Ray looked over at him.  "Shut up. He had pictures of you, naked pictures of you, and handcuffs that had been embroidered with your name.  Of course he was going to kidnap you, Xander."

"Embroidered handcuffs, I never thought of that idea," Danny said, looking at Don.

"Oh, no," he said, scooting away.  "Speed, stick up for me here, please?"

"Handcuffing Don means that he'll whine and his father will come looking for him when he doesn't make it to work for a week in a row," he said patiently.

"Okay, that one I'll give you, but I wouldn't keep him in 'em that long," he defended.

"No.  No handcuffs," Don said firmly.  "Or else I pout and get GHS-PMS."  Danny shuddered at that and nodded.  "Thank you.  Keep it up, you get to tell Stella.  She's being nosy anyway."

Danny shrugged.  "Let her find out and come to us, Don.  The worst she'll do is ask ta watch."  Tony blushed at that.  "You got one'a them?"

"Abby," he moaned.  "Goth voyeur.  Even brought me and a date home a few times to try to get me spoiled."

"I've never seen a goth pimp," Ryan said blandly, looking at Tony, then at Adam.  "Is there a group around here that can sneak his things out of his place and down here without them knowing?"

"I still need to say goodbye to a few of them and she wasn't pimping me out, she only wanted to watch, Ryan," Tony defended.  "Her only payment was a tape."

"We'll be listening for you," Speed assured him.  "If we don't hear from you within a week of getting home, I'm coming up there with a SWAT team to take you back and bring you down here."  Tony opened his mouth.

"Argue and I'm spanking you," Danny assured him.  Tony blushed and nodded, ducking his head.  "Good boy."  He stroked through his hair, getting moaned at for it.  "Very good boy, Tony," he said more quietly.  "Very good boy."  Tony grinned at him.  "Okay, I'll pet Don."  He started to pet Don instead, getting a moan and a willing head hitting a comfortable position for his hand to be.  He grinned at his boy. "I need to spoil you again.  Work's been sucky about keeping us apart again."  Don nodded, his eyes closed, his face radiating bliss.  "Good boy, Don," he whispered, earning a hug.   "You name it and it's yours if I can."

"Chapter three of the book you read to me?" he asked quietly, smirking up at him.

Danny considered it then nodded. "Sure.  We can do that after you finish breakfast."  Don sat up and shoveled food into his mouth, letting Danny do the same.  "See you guys when you get back."  He let Don drag him upstairs to play.   He thought it was kinda cute that Donny wanted to be a naughty wizard in detention with Snape.

Xander grinned. "Meet me in the lobby in an hour, guys."  He got up and took his dog upstairs so he could put on street clothes.  He wasn't going to make it harder on his chaperones by going out in nearly see-through dance pants.

Adam handed over a card.  "Call me immediately if something happens," he ordered firmly.

Speed put his badge on the table.  "Sure."  Adam smirked at that.  "We've got it covered, Great One.  Treat your boy there."  Adam nodded, taking Ray up to make him squeal in delight too.


Tony looked at the bag with the presents, smiling as he carried it off the plane.  He saw Gibbs waiting on him and moaned.  "Not now," he told him, walking past him.  He went to retrieve his other bag, slinging it over his shoulder as he walked off.  He managed to get to the more secluded parking garage before he got slammed into the side of a car.  "Gibbs!"

"We are going to talk."

"No, we're not.  Because you don't respect me."  He got free and headed for his car.  "You'll have my letter and ID tomorrow."  He got in and slammed the door shut, starting it and backing out without looking.  He didn't care if he did run him over.  The offer to move to Miami was looking more and more pleasing as he drove off, heading for home. When he got there, he found Kate watching his tv and Abby on his computer.  "I'm taking a bubble bath, ladies.  Why are you two here?"

"Butt sore?" Kate asked dryly.

"No, not really.  Why, did you want to check it for me?"  He stripped off his shirt as he walked, bringing his bags into the bathroom with him.  He locked the door, then jammed it shut before starting his radio to drown out the noise his supposed friends were making.

"Tony?" Abby called.  "Can I come in?"

"Not tonight, Abs.  I'm tired.  It was a great convention."

"Sure.  I understand.  After work tomorrow?"

"I told him I quit after he fired me, Abs.  Now take Kate and go.  I'll send you a forwarding letter."  She stomped off.  He started his bath and added in some of the bubbles he loved, sliding in with a hiss.  His butt did hurt.  It had been a while since he'd been the creamy filling.  Especially between one fairly dominant lover and one who was very intense.  Then again, it was an excellent weekend.  He was relaxed and happy for the first time in months.  He heard the banging start on the main door and sighed, sinking down further.  The banging started on the bathroom door. "This isn't a communal room.  I'm not sharing my bubbles with you, Gibbs.  Get out of my apartment before I have you all arrested."  He sank down a bit farther and sighed in pleasure.

The water was the perfect temperature.  Not too hot, just warm enough to make his still open hole tingle with pleasure as it flowed in gently.  He turned on one of the spa jets and positioned it better with his fingers, thinking back to what Eric would've been able to do with his tub.  Or even Ryan, who wasn't much for bathing but he was a great cuddler.  Before he knew it he was hard and making begging noises for them to come help him.  It was great.  He found the toy he kept in the bathroom for emergencies and went to it, making himself one happy slut.  The pounding came back, easing some of the happiness away but oh well.  Gibbs would learn what being ignored was like, because he certainly wasn't opening the bathroom door.   He heard another knock and smirked.  He knew that knock. It was his upstairs neighbor, who was a very nice cop.  "Steve, make them go home!" he called.  "I just got back and they're bothering me!

"Tony, are you all right?" his neighbor called.

"Great, man, just got home from a convention."

Steve laughed.  "Fine.  Cop convention?"

"Nope.  Oh, and I'm moving.  Tell someone you like to move in here.  Just make my former coworkers go away.  I'm not dealing with them tonight."

"Sure, man.  You heard him, get out before I arrest you all!" he shouted.  Tony heard a few slams then his neighbor tapped more quietly.  "Tony?"

"It's jammed, hold on."  He got out and undid the door, looking at him.  "Thanks."

"Not a problem.  Can you turn down the radio?"  Tony grinned and nodded, turning it down.  "What's going on?"

"You know how I told you I'm part of a few different fraternal organizations?"

"Yeah, and when you were drunk last time you were complaining about your slut buddies and not being able to go see them anymore," he noted dryly.  Tony went to find him his membership card, showing it to him.  "Wow.  There's actually a group of you?"  Tony beamed and nodded.  "Are you the worst?"

"Nope.  I'm barely middle of the pack, Steve."  He beamed at him.  "I got to see the best of us in action while we escorted him shopping."  He hugged him.  "I'm moving to Miami but you can't tell them."

"Not a problem.  Get off, you're wet."  Tony pulled back with a grin.  "So, did you find someone special?"  Tony beamed and nodded.  "Good.  Now, what happened?  Gibbs has been lurking all weekend."

"He found out and fired me.  It's not the Marine way to enjoy your pleasures that much I guess. So I'm moving."  He heard the quiet knock on his door.  "Not now!"  He looked at him.  "Thank you for throwing them out."

"Not an issue.  Don't get too loud tonight, my mom's up there."  He grinned and patted him on the back.  "We'll miss having you here, Tony.  Good luck down there."  He left him, finding Kate in the hallway.  "He said no, lady."

"I'm his coworker."

"He said he got fired.  So I guess not."

"Gibbs said he wasn't."

"Go away, Kate," Tony called as he locked the door.  "I'm going back to my bath."  He skipped back there to warm back up the water again.  While in there, he planned on how to move without being interrupted. He knew his former coworkers would not give up that easily.  Gibbs had made them all tenacious dogs being teased with a bone.  He sank back down onto his favorite jet and sighed in pleasure.  It was good.


Tony ignored the door, finishing his last box of stuff.  He went to look when the knocking continued, finding Eric on the other side.  He opened it and let him in.  "What are you doing up here? I called Speed."

"You did, and then Gibbs called Horatio.  He tracked your calls.  Nearly done?"

Tony looked around, then nodded. "I'm done. All I need is a truck."  He looked at him.  "Want to go with me?"

"I've got one outside," he admitted with a grin.  "Need a handtruck?"

"It'd be easier," Tony agreed, following him out and down.  He found Abby down there and waved, smiling at her.  "Abby, this is Eric.  Eric, this is Abby.  She stuck up for me."

"Ah, the goth pimp," he said, shaking her hand.  "I'll make sure he eats and all that."  He opened the back of the truck, coming face to face with Gibbs' gun.  "Um, Tony."

"Gibbs!" he snapped.  He got in there, pushing him off Eric.  "Back the hell down!  I'm not yours!"  He gave him another shove.  "I'm leaving.  Get out of this truck, now!"

"No!  You're my agent. I made you, DiNozzo."

"Really?  Well, my father said it was a shame he didn't pull out.  How fast did you have to get in there?"  He turned and grabbed the handtruck, handing it down to Eric.  "Come on, let's go.  Ignore him.  I am."  He walked him back up there and slammed the door shut, locking it again.  He sighed, looking at him.  Then he made a decision, picking up three bags, two of which he handed over, then a suitcase.  "We can sneak out the other way," he offered quietly.  "Steve'll give us a ride and I can get someone to come move me later."  Eric nodded, following him out the emergency exit and upstairs.  Not what they were expecting.  He tapped quietly on the neighbor's door, getting an older woman.  "You must be Steve's mother.  Is he or Jenny here?  I need him to call me a cab and somewhere safe to wait."  She let him inside and he looked at Jenny, who gave him a sad smile and a hug.  "Gibbs is trying to keep me here.  He almost shot Eric.  Can you call us a cab?"

"Sure, Tony.  You two sit down."  Eric nodded, sitting down with him.  She pulled over the phone, calling her spouse.  "Honey, can you come pick us up?  We need a ride.  Yup, like you thought.  Thank you."  She hung up and looked at him.  "You take care of him, Eric.  Or else.  I am a scarier woman than Kate."

"Yes, ma'am."  He grinned at her.  "He'll have fun down there with us."  She smiled at that.  "How long has this been going on?"

"Four days now.  Gibbs has tried to break in and everything.  Steve's about to arrest him.  My poor boy is in Vice."  Someone tapped politely on the door so she looked.  "No, Kate.  Go away.  He's not here.  Only me and my mother."

"I saw him come in."

"Then you probably missed him going off the fire escape."  Kate stomped off.  She shook her head.  "Tony, dear, can you disguise yourself?"

"I can, I'm pretty good at it," he admitted, taking back the suitcase and pulling out a trench coat for Eric and a disguise for himself.   Jenny laughed.  "Please, I know you remember that year," he teased.

"Oh, I do.  You got so drunk and hit on Steve, making him run to hide with me.  That's why we got together, momma."  Someone else tapped and she looked, letting McGee in. "You're the only one that hasn't bothered him."

"That's because I knew a keeper way back when."  He looked at Tony.  "Cute.  Let's go.  Steve and I are both here."  Eric nodded, gathering back together the suitcase and following Tony out.  He got them down the emergency exit stairs and out to the car.  Once inside and on their way, he looked in the mirror.  "You'll be okay with him?" he asked quietly.  Tony nodded.  "You're sure?"

"I'm sure, McGee.  Thank you."

"Not an issue, but if you need me, you call me.  Anything, Tony.  Got it?"  Tony smiled and nodded.  "Good.  Gibbs thinks I'm at the dentist."  He changed lanes and headed for the airport.  "Steve's got some guys who're coming to pack your stuff once Gibbs releases the truck.  You two have tickets to Opa Locka airport waiting on you.  Abby was trying to keep him from pulling this but you know Gibbs."

"Oh, I do," he sighed, shaking his head.

McGee smirked at Eric.  "You'll take good care of Tony or else I'll come down there and show you why you should have done a better job.  Got it?"

"I've got it," he agreed.

"Good."  He smiled.  "Because otherwise I'll bring Abby with me."

"Yeah, the goth pimp."  McGee spluttered.

"She kept wanting to watch, set me up with some guys who wanted to tape things," Tony explained.  "She's got three or four of them if you find them, McGee."

"Sure," he agreed, smirking back at them.  "She's got you wound around her finger."

"Of course.  She's Abby."  He shrugged.  "I'll miss you guys."  McGee smirked as he pulled into the airport, winking at him as he handed over the tickets.  "Thanks."

"Welcome.  Be safe and be careful.  You know the risks if you're not careful."  He gave him a hug and watched them leave.  Then he called his boss.  "Boss, I'm at the train station to get coffee, pick you up anything?"  He heard the growl and the tape.  "Yeah, well, boss.  I respect Tony.  Tony deserves to be happy, and the tickets went elsewhere."  He hung up and went back to the office.  He knew he was in for it and running would only make it worse.  He walked in and looked at his boss, who had just gotten in and was now pacing.  "Tony deserves some happiness and this is making him happy, Gibbs.  Drop it for six months and go back."  Then his bravado left him and he scurried to his desk.  "Sorry, boss, but the truth."

"He could be anywhere by then," he said coldly.  "People take people like him, McGee."

"He's not high enough to do that," McGee assured him.  "After all, he was with the top guy when they stopped him from being taken.  A few times.  They didn't even blink at him."  Gibbs still growled at him.  "You could ask someone who's in the organization, boss.  They'd be able to give you the chances of Tony being taken.  Besides, he was smiling.  How long has hit been since we've seen him really smile?"

Gibbs stormed off.  McGee sighed in relief and sent Abby an email to warn her and Ducky.


Tony smiled at his new apartment.  "This is nicer than the pictures said."

"It is," Eric agreed, looking around.  "How are you affording this?"

He grinned at him. "I had some things saved back plus my last few paychecks. Plus, Xander bought me something and winked, told me to cash it out if I needed it to escape some day."  He shrugged and headed for his bedroom, which was very nice.  "Oooh, I've got a beautiful view of the sunrise from here," he called.  "Come see."  Eric followed, smiling at the view.  "Wow."

"Very wow."  He hugged him from behind, giving the other man's waist a squeeze. "That's a great view, Tony."  He nuzzled his neck.  "You called them about the other stuff.  When will it be here?"

"A week.  Gibbs had it locked as a crime scene."  He sighed and turned, hugging him.  "I can rent a couch for a week."

"You can," he agreed, smiling at him. "Will you need anything?"

"Groceries," he said dryly, earning a smirk.  "Some new bubble bath.  I ran out."

"I think we can find that and a few new pots, plus a couch rental spot."  Tony grinned.  "Then again, we could drop in on Speed, who is a guy who can cook."

"Yeah, but they've probably had a crappy day."

"We can call."  He pulled out his phone, calling Ryan.  "He and I are back but his stuff won't be here for a week.  Gibbs tried to confiscate it."  He heard the growl.  "Bad day?"   He heard the report.  "You know what, you tell Stetler to go bother Gibbs about that stuff, Ryan.  Let him tell him alllll about the convention and stuff."  He smirked at Tony, who was giggling.  "Hey, it'd get Gibbs off Tony's back and Stetler off Horatio's.  Sure.  Yeah, tonight is good.  We're going to find a rental spot and some groceries.  Thanks, man."  He hung up.  "Internal Affairs.  Gotta love the assholes when they show up with their supposed morals."

Tony looked at him. "Then trap him doing something, Eric," he said quietly.  "It's not blackmail if you don't ask for anything in return and being left alone isn't anything if you're not doing something wrong."

Eric smirked. "I like how you think.  We'll work on that later."  He winked and walked Tony out, taking him to get some temporary furniture, like a bed.  Plus some food.  The poor guy needed to eat.


Speed opened the door, looking Tony over.  "Did you work yourself off so much that you lost weight?"  Tony blushed and nodded.  "Uh-huh.  Get your skinny tail in here, Tony.  You too, Eric.  No Ryan?"

"Coming later.  He had a report to write."  He followed Tony inside.  "His stuff'll be down in a week.  Gibbs tried to confiscate it."  He sat down, looking at Horatio.  "Thanks for letting me go.  Even if Gibbs did try to shoot me."

"He's being possessive for no reason," Tony complained as he sat down.  Horatio looked him over so he sighed and nodded. "Yes, I lived in my tub when I wasn't packing and my toys got one hell of a workout, Horatio.  It was nice."

"I'm sure it was, but there's other pleasures," he chastised gently.  "Ones like eating."  Tony blushed at that.  "I meant food, Tony."  Eric snickered at that.  "You quit too, Eric."  Someone tapped on the door so he went to get it, letting Ryan in.  "No more reports?"

"Suspended actually."  He looked at him.  "Stetler decided I'm a pimp now.  I pointed out I don't have the money to be a pimp.  If I did, I'd live somewhere nicer and drive a better car."  Horatio rolled his eyes.  "I took it to the union rep.  Without mentioning you two's name.  I pointed out it was a group dedicated to pleasure, it was membership only, and no one paid for anything but their rooms.  He gave me this horrified look so I pointed out that people like that existed, they were called concubines and sex toys.  And that I had a friend who was and a former roommate who got stolen because he was one.  He said he'd talk to him but I'm off for tomorrow.  So, are we unpacking?"

"A week," Eric told him.  "Gibbs was in the truck when we came back down.  He's got a very nice gun."  Ryan glared at him.  "Abby and Tony made sure he wouldn't shoot me."

"Good."  He walked in and hugged Tony.  "Someone needs to eat.  That way we can work some of the new calories off him later."  Tony blushed at that.  "Hmm, spent the whole time plugged?" he teased.

"Only while I was packing.  In the bath I had a jet in the perfect spot."

Eric grinned at him. "Naughty."  Tony nodded.  "So, were those the real boxes?"  Tony nodded.  "Why did it take you so long?"

"I was hoping for professionals.  No luck, he called around to make sure they knew I couldn't move yet.  Said I was a federal witness."  He shrugged and grinned back at Ryan.  "He likes my view."

"I like the view I have," he assured him, getting another blush.  "Awww."  He stole a kiss.

"Enough, Wolfe, sit down and eat," Speed ordered as he brought a casserole dish out.  "Feed your boy."  Eric and Ryan both dished out some food for each other, making sure Tony got a full plate, which made Horatio chuckle.  Speed looked at his lover.  "Some days, I feel like we've already got kids.  You?"

"I've felt that way about most of you in the lab, Speed."

Speed poked him on the side, earning a smile.  "I don't need a mother, Horatio.  I've got Alexx for that."  He went to get more food and bring it out, then sat down to make sure his boy ate.  Horatio had this nasty habit of forgetting lunch on the bad days.


Tony let his things into his apartment, smiling at the movers Steve had hired.  "Thank you, guys."

"Not a problem, sir."  Tony gave them the map he had worked on and let them go at it, sitting against the windows to watch them work while he edited some film he had gathered on his laptop.  The mover came back.  "Sir, this was left in your things for you," he said, handing over an envelope.

Tony slit it open with his keys, looking at the letter and check.  "Thanks.  Last paycheck," he offered with a small smile.  "Someone's looking out for me."  That got a smile and they went back to work.  "Did Gibbs try to stop you guys more than once?"

"For about six hours, sir, but your neighbor made him leave us alone.  What was his problem?"

"My last boss.  He didn't appreciate me so I left."  He shrugged.  "College is always better."  He grinned again.  "I'm going for my Masters."

"Congratulations, sir, I hope you get it."  They went back to hefting and toting, letting Tony call the rental place to come pick up their stuff.  He continued to edit the video while they finished up and let the rental place gather their bed and couch, then Tony held up a check to them.  "Thank you, sir.  Pleasure coming to Miami."

Tony beamed.  "Isn't it though?  And no snow."  They laughed and left him alone.  He got up and found a DVD in his stash, making sure it was clear before he burned it down.  Then he made a pretty case and sent it to the station.  He looked around, fussing a few things into the proper place, then decided to head out.  He opened the door and found Gibbs in the hallway, lounging across from his door.  "Did the director make you take time off?"  He locked his door and turned to face him again.  "I'm heading out to the college.  Let me guess, you were going for real Columbian coffee?" he asked at the continued silence.  Gibbs shook his head.  "This scary, stalking thing is probably not the Marine way."

"You'd be surprised.  Who do you think taught me?"  He stood up, looking him over.  "You've lost some weight again."  He looked in his eyes.  "You're not happy either."

"I am happy.  You're assuming."  He walked off, heading down to the garage. He checked the elevator when Gibbs got in, no 'off' switch.  It required a key.  He smirked and hit the button, heading down to his car.  Steve had promised his mustang had been brought with the movers.  He found it in his assigned spot, cooing as he petted it.  "I'm back, baby.  It's all right again. You'll like Miami.  No more snow or road salt."  He slid in and closed the door, groaning when Gibbs got into the other side.  "What?" he demanded, looking at him. "What do you want?"

"I want you to come home."

"This is home."

"No, this isn't home.  This is some weird pleasure hole for you, a way for you to wear it out.  You had other methods."

"No, they moved," Tony said hotly.  "That left me with a job that was slowly driving me insane because I couldn't take care of what I needed.  Since I can do that down here, I'm going to continue to live down here.  And hey, guess what, zero chance of me getting the plague again."  He glared at him and Gibbs flinched that time.  "Get out of my car," he said calmly.  "I'm not talking to you at this moment.  The country needs you and right now, I'm going to take a tour of my new college.  Then I'm going to spoil myself with an excellent dinner and possibly a night out. When you're no longer pouting, maybe we'll go over this point again.  Maybe not.  By then I'm sure you'll have McGee at my desk and a new probie.  Now, get out of my car," he ordered calmly.

"There's not going to be a new agent on my team.  I'm not moving McGee."

"That's really unfair to him."

"He said so."

Tony blinked a few times. "What?" he asked finally.

"He said he's not changing desks and if I put him in your place he'll quit too.  The director decided I'm to come down here to fix this or else I'm going to be fired."

"Tell him I'm happy and calm, for once.  Maybe he'll just yell for a few minutes.  Now, do you mind?"

"I do."  He pushed a button on his phone and a team surrounded the car.  "Get out.  Let's go."

"Um, no.  Shoot me."  He stared him down.  "I'm not leaving."

"Miami-Dade PD," Ryan called.  "You're in deep shit, boys.  Put them down!"

"See?  I'm not leaving."  He looked around, then suddenly lashed out, hitting Gibbs across the throat, then he sighed in pleasure.  "I forgot why hitting something was a pleasure."  He got out and looked around.  "Gibbs is down.  Your choice.  I'm not going back to DC.  I'm happier down here."

"Sir, the Director of NCIS wanted you returned," one of them reported.

"I live down here now.  Bite me."  He walked over to stand behind Ryan.  "Gibbs is in my car.  I've got my keys," he offered quietly, keeping going.  He headed outside and caught a cab, nodding at Horatio as they drove past his hummer.  "I'm going to Miami University."  The cabbie nodded and flipped a few switches, turning off his sign and activating the knock out gas.

Horatio pulled in and parked, getting out. "Mr. Wolfe, would you like to explain this?"
"Attempted kidnaping, again, Lieutenant."

"I see."  He looked at the federal agents.  "Stand down, boys, or else you're going to embarrass your agency when you're shot."

"Stand down," one ordered and they did. "Sir, we have an extraction order for one Special Agent DiNozzo."  He handed it over.  "The director says he's a material witness in an investigation.  We're to bring him back to the office and debrief him there.  We need him there."

"No, you don't.  Who set up the investigation?"

"Agent Gibbs."

"Hmm, which would be the problem of the moment.  If your director wants Mr. DiNozzo, he can come down and talk to him."  He moved closer.  "Mr. DiNozzo is now a normal Miami citizen and a college student.  We've heard quite a lot about the harassment his former employers have given him.  If your director wants him that bad, he can come to me and we'll bring him in to talk to him in the office.  That way he can get his information and quit sending people to endanger his life."

"That seems reasonable," he decided.  "I'll make that call tonight."

"You do that. Until then, leave Mr. DiNozzo alone please."

"We'll still have to keep him under surveillance, Lieutenant."

Horatio snorted.  "Then you know where he is now?"  He looked around and groaned.  "He was trained by Gibbs.  He could be in another state by now."  He looked at Ryan.  "Call him.  Find him," he ordered.  "Tell him what was agreed upon."  Ryan nodded, calling him.

"You know him, sir?"

"I do," Horatio agreed. "I have for a few years now, ever since we worked a case together.  Now, please pull your men back outside."  That got a nod and they left.  He walked over to the car and opened the passenger's door, looking at the senior agent.  "Are you obsessed, depressed, or presently insane?  I ask to see what sort of cell I'm putting you in later, Gibbs."

"He's my agent."  He got out, staring at him. "He's been my agent."

Horatio smirked at that.  "You fired him.  Now he's a college student and relatively happy."  He shrugged.  "You really can't argue with happiness, can you?"

"Yes."  He stared at him.  "You know about this stuff."

"I do," he agreed, smirking more now.  "Quite personally actually.  You'll be lucky if he's not disappeared again.  If so, I'll have a few pouting officers as well and I'm sending them up to hit you."  He walked off.  "If the director wants him, he can come to the station to debrief him."

"He's in danger, Caine."

"Everyone's in danger, Gibbs.  That's part of life."  He put back on his sunglasses, looking at Ryan.  "Any luck?"

"Not yet.  He may have left his phone upstairs."

"Or he may have gotten into an unmarked cab and left," he noted dryly.  "He waved as they drove past me, Mr. Wolfe."  Ryan moaned.  "How high is he on the scale?  Did he ever say?"

"No.  You guys rate yourselves?"

Horatio moaned.  "Find me his membership card, Ryan. I need it now."

"It's in the wooden box on his dresser, where he keeps his old badges," Gibbs offered.  "Why?"

"Because on the back is a coded strip.  I can find out whether or not he's still in Miami."  They went to look at it, Horatio pulling a small card reader and his palm pilot out of his pocket.  He ran the card and shook his head.  "He's rated a seven."

"That's good or bad?" Ryan asked.

Horatio looked at him.  "Adam himself is only rated an eight.  Xander is rated a ten.  I'm rated a five."

Ryan did some mental math.  "So, he's at the airport?"

"Quite possibly.  Call his phone again, see if it's up here."  Ryan did that, not hearing it.  "That's fine.  Let's check everywhere for him, boys.  Otherwise no one gets him back and Speed will pout that his friend is missing."  Ryan gave him a look.  "He will."

"You think he'll pout?  You tell Eric."  He went to make that call through dispatch.

Horatio moaned. "I forgot about Eric."  He sighed and called him, looking at the fantastic view.  "Eric, Horatio.  We may have a slight situation.  Yes, I know they're there.  Tony got into an unmarked cab to get away from Gibbs and his strike team," he said calmly.  "No answer on his phone."

"DiNozzo was taught to never be out of contact," Gibbs said coolly.

"And Gibbs thinks that's a bad sign," he finished.  "Behind me.  He waved as they drove past me, Eric.  No, unmarked as far as I could tell.  One of those, yes.  Then get someone here now.  Ryan's already put out a call for him to be found because he's a federal witness."  He hung up, looking at him.  "If you interfere...."

"He's my guy, Caine.  If he's out of the city, it's out of your hands."  Horatio quirked up an eyebrow, looking fairly amused.  "What? Your little party people have a tracking system?"

"We do."  He input a code and tagged his files through the GHS network.  It came up with something, making him hold it up with a smirk.  "Someone in Peru has been looking for him, Gibbs.  Know anything about him?"

He snatched it to look at the file.  "Not a bit."  He pulled out his phone, calling the hotel room they had rented.  "McGee, run the name Oscar Ortega-Jones.  Lima, Peru.  He's been checking into Tony's file."  He listened, nodding a few times. "Tag him through immigration immediately.  I have the feeling he has him."  He hung up and looked at him.  "Feds get it done so much more quickly."

"Yes, but you lack finesse.  He'll still leave.  You're slowly driving him insane, Gibbs.  For us, this is as necessary as food.  Sometimes we even forget to eat because of it."

"His weight loss?"  Horatio nodded once, just staring at him. "How do you know?"

"He admitted it to me.  To us really.  We understand.  You don't."  He walked off, leaving it there.

Gibbs growled and stomped after him.  "I'm trying!"

"You're too alpha for us, Gibbs.  You'll only hurt him."  He got into the elevator and pushed the button, heading back down to his hummer. "Lock his car for him.  He babies that thing."  He got out and headed back to his car, going to do a search for him their way. "Did we find the cab?"

"Airport," Ryan admitted.  "Private terminal. All flights were stopped since we put out the alert.  He couldn't have gotten away by then.  He's still got to be there."

"Unless they dropped him off, Mr. Wolfe.  The suspect is a native of Lima, Peru."  He got in and Ryan followed him back to the station.  Speed and other officers, including the strike team, were at the airport by what he had been told by dispatch.  He was ordered back to the station.  He found Speed pacing.  "He got away?"

"Yup.  Boat."  He looked at Ryan.  "Eric's already dented his locker.  I called Adam to see if there was something we could do.  There is a rescue service.  They need firm, positive identification of where he is, who has him, and why."

Ryan nodded.  "Horatio said he knows the suspect."

"He forwarded that and I forwarded it on.  Oh, Kate's here."


"I think she wants to help."

"I see."  He headed that way, walking into his area.  Calleigh came jogging up.  "We have something new?"

"Not on this case, but I'm hot on a homicide.  Can I be excused for that?"

"Yes."  She nodded, going to finish her testing and then find her suspect.  She knew who it was, she only had to finish proving it.  He walked back to where the Feds had taken over a lab.  He nodded at Abby, who hugged him.  "Anything on our suspect, ladies?"

"Some," Abby admitted, pulling it up.  "Can I say I want to pack your lab and bring it home?"

"It's too heavy for airline allowances, even military ones," he said patiently.  "What?"

"Okay, this guy, he's heavy into oil.  And some drugs, but mostly oil.  We think he took Tony because Gibbs ended up arresting his cousin three years ago on drug charges.  So, our guy there, Oscar, he wants Gibbs.  He sees Tony going off, takes him."

Horatio shook his head.  "He was in Tony's profile."

"Profile?" Kate asked.

Horatio ignored her and said something quietly in Abby's ear, getting a nod.  "That does make sense.  It's not the first one.  I got an anonymous email saying he had taken one other person from that organization in the past, had treated them relatively well, but had used endorphin-enhancing drugs to hype what comes naturally in you guys' cases.  It doesn't hook them, it's not real drugs, but it's like giving them a constant runner's high, which I'm supposing is pretty hefty in you guys."

"You would be correct in that assumption," he agreed quietly.  "Did they note any other mistreatment?"

"The other one wanted to stay, but they reported his death two years ago."  Horatio nodded at that.  "Suicide."  Horatio tensed then forced himself to relax, nodding again.  She pulled up the email to let him read it.  "I don't know if he's using the same place or not."

Horatio looked at the satellite pictures of the compound.  "It's in disrepair.  Anyone who was serious about us would know better.  If they want to keep us, they wouldn't keep us like that.  Even if it is a cover."  He looked at her. "Anyone above a six is a princess in hiding.  Tony's rated a seven."  She grinned at that.  "Wipe it."  She did, nodding more attentively.  "Find his other holdings, Abby."

"Yes, Lieutenant."  She got to work on that, pulling up satellite images after a few minutes.  "That one's got some heavy traffic but the society pages said his sister was getting married this week from the google search I did.  The only one I can't get pictures of is in a ravine in the mountains."  She pulled up the general mountain range.  "The satellite isn't facing the right way."

He hummed and moved closer.  "Zoom in on what you can."  She did that and he nodded once.  "He's there."

"How do you know?" Kate demanded.

"Easy.  He wouldn't want anyone near his new pet."  He turned to look at her.  "Tony and I share a membership to an organization that has the highest number of kidnaped people in the world or in the history of the world, Special Agent Todd.  He's barely in the ratings to join that top group."  Speed walked in.  "We've got three good choices."  He pulled back up the pictures.

"The mountains.  He wouldn't want to share, not even with his family.  Not until he had him broken and trained his way.  He'll need quiet and isolation for that."  He looked at the email Abby put back up and nodded.  "Okay, so he's got a clue as well.  That'd be like taking X, right, H?"

"Correct, Speed," he offered quietly. "Anything for the pleasure."

Speed nodded. "He's most likely in the mountains.  Good luck getting the team in there unseen."

Gibbs stomped in.  "What are you doing?"

"He's heading there," Horatio told him, pointing at the screen.

"How do you know that?"

Horatio looked at him. "Think, Gibbs. If you had Tony for that reason, where would you take him?  The place where your sister is supposedly getting married, that has a high amount of traffic in and out?  The burnt out wreck of a house, even if it did have an underground housing system built?  Or a mountain paradise with good views that's nearly impossible to get to?"

"The mountains," he admitted quietly, turning to look.  "Are we sure he has him?"

"We're sure by the email I got," Abby said, highlighting it.  "They said he's got him.  If they're on a boat, they can get to Lima in five days?"  Gibbs nodded at that.

"If he can make it to Cuba or anywhere in South America, he can fly in by helicopter," Speed pointed out.  "That's probably about the only way to get up there.  I'd imagine the road stopped a few miles away.  I doubt he'd torment him by making him take a burro or a horse.  Too treacherous and Tony would probably try to get away."

She pouted. "You're used to this stuff, aren't you?"  He nodded. "How long have you been a keeper, Speed?"

"Six years."  He looked at the pictures again.  "Chart the boat's course, Abby.  Let's see if he's taking the long or the short way.  If he's on a pleasure boat going the long way, he could already be trying to break him."

"He won't break," Kate assured them, sounding firm.

Speed snorted and looked at her.  "They don't want information, Kate.  They want him to say yes and please keep me.  That's all they want because no one will go for him if he wants to stay."

"He'd better not want to stay," Ryan said from the doorway.  "Eric will throw a fit if he wants to stay."  He looked at the screen.  "Can you get a strike team there without being seen?"

"From what we can tell with the satellite pointing the wrong direction? It's pretty defensible," Abby offered. "It's partially built into the side of the mountain.  I've got a query about the house in the special ops databases to see if we've got plans or anything, Gibbs, but he's not the one we were taking down three years ago."

"Huh?" Gibbs asked.

She pulled up that file.  "Three years ago you busted his second cousin.  Oscar's not into the same things. He's mostly into oil with a hobby of drugs.  Mostly for self use.  Tony shouldn't be drugged at all by him."

"Drugging us puts us in a bad mood," Horatio noted dryly, hands back on his hips as he watched.  "The easiest way to gain that sort of cooperation is give his body what it craves, which would mean the endorphin-enhancing drugs."

"Because that would put him into a runner's high and solve the craving for chocolate," Ryan agreed thoughtfully.  "But Tony's not just any one of you.  He's already fairly experienced and knows what he needs, Horatio.  Plus, he's had training with three PDs and Gibbs."

"Where he's been kidnaped a few times," Abby admitted. "Usually by someone who wanted to hide what they've done."

"He's gotten himself out of two others like this one," Ryan admitted.  "Eric asked about the rumors of you guys being taken that way."  They all stared at him.  "He said so."  He shrugged.  "I was napping at that point."

"You did what with Tony?" Kate screeched.

He gave her a bland, dry look.  "Whatever Tony asked me to do for him," he assured her.  Then he grinned.  "It's a great thing to make someone lose it that way."  He looked at Speed again.  "If you had to kidnap someone in the group and you had the choice of a boat or the helicopter, which would you do?"

"Boat.  You'll have plenty of time to work on him and when you're in the zone you don't get motion sick if you're prone to it."

"Gibbs?" Ryan asked.  "Same question."

"Same.  You can also cover up accidents," he offered grimly.

Horatio snorted.  "This man isn't going to kill him, Gibbs.  He wants him too much for that."   He looked at Ryan.  "Tell Eric."

"I've got him on live feed," he admitted, holding up the listening device on his belt.  "He's already notified the people at Immigration about that, seeing if they can pass it on."

"That's the State Department's job," Gibbs told him, rolling his eyes.

Ryan looked at him.  "Why?  It's not like they want to set up diplomatic relations or offer him asylum, or even make nice and social protests about his treatment.  Besides, our contact at Immigration knows someone higher up in the CIA.  I'm thinking if anyone has information we can use, they would."  He listened, then smirked and nodded.  "Yes, we do have house plans.  Yes, it has had a minor bit of traffic, and no, they can't stop him. He's still in a boat.  They think they're going to keep him on the boat."  He walked off, going to find Eric.  "Hey," he said quietly.

"Hey."  He looked at him and sighed.  "I don't like this."

"He won't hurt Tony.  You know that."

"I know that.  The same as I know Tony will kick his ass for touching him if he comes down."  He looked over what he had so far.  "We need someone like Danny's boss."

"We can't, Eric.  Besides, Gibbs was a Marine too."

"Yeah, but he's being possessive and dominant.  He's going dom on him.  That's why Tony ran from him. Mac's not like that and he could probably get through to Tony even if he was in a drug haze."  They shared a look and he called Horatio.  "Can we get Taylor into this, H?  He'd be calmer and have the same skills."  He listened, then nodded.  "I understand.  Make him go away.  Please."  He hung up and got back to looking over everything.  "Endorphin-enhancing things.  Steroids?"

"Possibly.  Possibly some sort of natural pain killer?" Ryan offered.  Eric walked over to the computer to run a search on what they could be using on him.  Ryan looked and pointed.  "Easily available in South America.  No doctor needed."

"Cheap, fast.  Works well," he agreed, clicking on that link to read up on it.  He printed it out and got down to the other ones.  "Chart the probable course, Ryan."

"Yes, Eric."  He pulled over a map to do that.  "Do we know what size ship?"

"Yacht.  Pleasure sloop.  Two bedrooms, galley, sitting area.  Satellite tv link probably."

"So probably not the open sea and probably near the coastline," he said, looking at the map.  "Fuel?"

"They'd have to," Gibbs said from the doorway, coming in.  "The usual smuggler spots are here, here, and here," he said, tapping them.

Ryan looked at one then shook his head.  "The dosages are six-to-eight hours."

"Tony's got incredible stamina."

"Oh, we know," Eric assured him absently while he read.  He printed that one off too.  "Is he allergic to anything?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Because some of these come with allergy warnings," he said patiently, pushing the stack over.

Horatio came to the door.  "Mr. Wolfe, I just spoke with your actual supervisor."  Ryan moaned.  He smirked.  "I informed him you were helping find a kidnaped friend.  He's talking to the Chief about getting you transferred sooner, Ryan.  For now, do we have anything?"

"If they're staying on the boat, they'll have to refuel.  Gibbs thinks they'd hit the smuggler's spots."

Horatio hummed while he thought.  "By doing that, someone might find out about Tony.  Is he the sort that wouldn't allow anyone to know?" he asked Gibbs.  Who shrugged.  "All right.  Abby said the DEA had some information since you went after his cousin in a joint operation.  We'll see.  She also found some property in Nicaragua."

Ryan moved to the computer and typed into the program there, shrugging.  "That would be by late tomorrow with the tides when we think he left, Horatio."

"So probably won't need refueling," Eric said, standing up straighter as he thought about it.  "Most pleasure boats can go for a weekend sail."

"Yes, but they don't tend to go for distance," Ryan argued.  "I'd say they'd have to refuel late tonight with the way they're heading."

"Unless they hit Mexico or Cuba and flew, which is an option," Gibbs reminded them.

"It is," Horatio agreed.  "He'll have to fly in to get to that house anyway."

"This may be a dumb question," Ryan offered, "but we did get the coast guard onto this too, right?"

Horatio smirked at him.  "I did, immediately, Ryan."   Gibbs slapped himself on the forehead.  "We've worked with them many times, Gibbs. We told them he was a recently retired federal agent.  They're searching for the boat as well."   His phone rang and he glanced at the number before answering it. "Caine."  He listened, then nodded.  "Thank you."  He hung up.  "Ryan, you're approved to stay here until the end of your shift but your supervisor would like to talk to you when you have a moment."

"I'll go now and come back.  A walk will help me think."  Horatio nodded, letting him out.  "Sorry I got you in trouble."

"It wasn't.  I'm sure he understands."  He smirked at Eric.

"Hey, he was pulling his own weight.  If he was standing there twittering, I'd have made him go write reports or something," he defended.

"True, I know you would have, Eric."  He came in to look at what he was doing.  "That one doesn't work on most of us.  I don't know why but it doesn't."  Eric made note of that on that paper.  He flipped through them, pointing at one.  "That one was actually for sale in various forms at the convention.  Was he there?"

"I'll see," he offered, going to do that.

"Let Abby do that.  She's twittering," Gibbs ordered, going to order her to find his recent financial transactions.

"Now that's something I'd thought I'd never see.  Jethro Gibbs twittering like a Probie," Horatio said quietly.

"He's still feeling possessive."

"He is," Horatio agreed, looking at him.  "Could you put up with that?"

Eric shrugged.  "I don't know.  We like Tony.  It's making him happy and he makes Ryan smile and quit cleaning the kitchen on me."  Horatio smirked a bit at that.  "I leave that up to Tony, H.  It's his life."

"True, it is."  He patted him on the arm and walked off, going back to check on Calleigh's case.  Crime didn't stop just because they had a friend missing.

Eric sat down with the various drugs, sorting them out by preference.  Some of them would be too strong and would knock Tony out.  He doubted this guy just wanted to sleep next to him. Guys like him didn't usually cuddle, even if Tony did give excellent cuddles.


Horatio looked up as someone tapped on his office door.  "Danny," he said, standing up, looking concerned.  "What happened?"

"We're on loan so you get stuff done."

"Said who?"

"Said Mac.  Tony's a buddy, he agreed we could either come help or help your shift cope since a few of yours were personally involved."  He grinned.  "So Mac and I are here.  Stella's watchin' Don for me just in case he pouts himself to sleep tonight."

"Thank you.  I thought we were handling it okay."

Danny snorted. "Your boss called our boss to see if he could borrow him since he knew you and Mac worked so well together. Besides, it'd give us a chance to come serve warrants and hype your prison systems some more.  So, where you need us?"

"Let's go see."  He walked him downstairs.  "Where did you stuff Mac?"

"He's talking to Gibbs."  Horatio moaned.  Danny stopped him.  "I had to come clean about that stuff earlier.  He wasn't amused, ta say the least, but he wasn't very understanding either.  He doesn't have a clue *why* but he shrugged it off as 'some people are like that' and we left it as Tony's a buddy."

"Thank you."  He gave him a small smile. "I'll warn Speed and Eric."

"Thanks."  They continued on.  "Found 'im, Speed."

"Doing the necessary paperwork," Horatio admitted, shaking Mac's hand.  "How was your flight?"

"Interesting. I had a lot to think about."  He looked at him.  "We have multi-billion warrants to find down here anyway.  Where do you need us, Horatio?  This case or otherwise?"

"Let Danny take over for Eric. You take Speed's spot."  They both nodded, going to find their people and get their cases.  "Thank you."

"Friends are special and you should hunt the bastard down and kill him a lot," Danny called back.  "I know if someone touched Don or Stella they'd be in deep shit with us."  He found Eric and hugged him.  "Hey.  Tell me what you're doing other than this.  Let me do it."

Eric looked at him.  "They borrowed you from New York?"

"No, they borrowed me and Mac from New York so we could serve some warrants."  He grinned.  "I'm your pseudo-you.  Where you need me?"

"Let's go," he said, walking him away to show him his present case. "Thank you."

"Not an issue, even though Mac is giving me really funny looks since I had to clue him in slightly."

"Did he stare in open-mouthed shock?"

"Kinda, yeah.  Walked into his office, closed the door, and just up and told him a friend had been kidnaped.  He asked why, I told 'im why, explained a bit about the group itself without going into membership details.  He blinked a few times and came up with 'I guess some people are like that, it's good they've got support, who is this guy to you'.  So I told him he's a buddy and the chiefs agreed when they called."

"Our chief called?"

"Something about having to poach officers....."

Eric moaned.  "I'm telling Horatio that."

"Mac probably has already."  He grinned at him.  "So, who did you poach?"

"Ryan.  He's been here all day.  His supervisor called H to see where he was this time."  Danny laughed.  "Yeah, he knew we were training him on the side too."  He shrugged and opened the evidence locker, letting him have his case.  "Here you go.  Pretty standard robbery gone bad it looks like.  Someone wanted her car and jewels.  She probably said no.  Still working on the 'who' part.  DNA should've had a result sometime today."

"I'll check," he promised, going over the log and the file.  "She was a pretty girl."

"Yeah, we get a lot of pretty corpses around here," Eric noted dryly.  "It's the city."  He shrugged and headed off, going back to work.

Danny grinned at his back.  "He makes a good keeper."  He got down to work, looking over everything and sorting out the photos he needed the most.  Then he went to find the test results.  Everyone gave him a funny look but he grinned and showed his badge and pointed out Eric had been moved due to a kidnaping of a buddy of theirs. A few called Horatio, which was proper, but by the time he made it to DNA, everyone in the lab knew and it was all set up for him and the paper was simply handed over with a smile.


Ryan sat up in bed suddenly, rubbing his eyes.  "Why can't they stop them," he complained.

"Because they can't be sure where he'll stop," Eric complained, patting him on the back.  "Lay down."

"I can't sleep."  He started to move but Eric pulled him back down. "Eric."

"If you keep me up with the smell of pine cleaner or bleach, I'm going to have to punish you."  He laid his head on his chest, keeping him there. Ryan slowly relaxed.  "See.  I'm much better than cleaning any day of the week."

"You are," he agreed, shifting to hold him. "I'm sorry."

"Why?  Not like I was sleeping."  He snuggled in.  "We're going to handcuff him to our sides, right?"

"Yup, whenever we're off duty."

Eric smiled.  "Xander said he had a pretty platinum chain for his needing to belong days."

"Yeah but didn't he say it was really thin and only connected him to the bed?"

"Yup, but it's an idea."

"I'd want something stronger than platinum," Ryan admitted after considering it.  "Softer than our handcuffs, but stronger than platinum."

Eric smiled.  "We'll look at restraints tomorrow before we go in."

Ryan stole a kiss.  "We do that, you'll be late."  Eric chuckled and gave him a squeeze. "We need to sleep."

"I know.  I'm worried about him though."

"Eric, Tony's not in any pain.  The guy doesn't want to hurt him and he's more than GHS enough to crave the pleasure.  Even if he doesn't want it, his body is singing.  Whatever traumas he'll have when he gets back, we'll help him through."  He yawned.  "Who knows, he might put it down to the level of nasty one night stand in his mind or something."  He stroked the soft skin on his lover's back.  "Has Horatio ever been stolen?"

"I don't know.  You'd have to ask Speed that."  He gave him a squeeze.

"Horatio said they rate their levels.  Said Xander was a ten.  Adam was an eight.  Tony was a seven and he was a five."

"So he might've gotten ....  A few years back someone came to the station and wanted him as a hostage.   I remember he wanted him specifically as a hostage.  I was barely on then."

Ryan snorted. "From the way you complain, he does that a lot, Eric."

"Well, yeah, but it's not mostly people that want him, it's mostly people who want to kill him these days."

"So maybe being with a keeper is wearing it out?"

"Maybe," he agreed.  "We can ask tomorrow."  Ryan nodded, closing his eyes.  Eric smiled at the first huff of a snore, settling in to try to sleep.


Mac walked into Horatio's office the next morning.  "Okay, you out of everyone here seems to know what this GHS thing is really about.  I don't want to know why, I might look at you funny if I did.  All I want is the basic information.  Like how Danny got involved."

Horatio leaned back in his chair.  "Close the door."  Mac did that.  "GHS was started a few centuries back by a group of people who were basically concubines.  It was a support network for them.  They realized what made them special, set up testing for admission, and came up with ways of dealing with the standard issues they all had." Mac sat down, nodding slightly for him to go on.  "Since then, the membership has expanded world-wide.  There's more of us than you think, Mac."

"So you're a member?"

"In GHS there's two types of people.  There's the GHS themselves and then there's the ones we call keepers.  They're the ones who ground the GHS and make sure they do the mundane things, like eat.  They're also the ones who go on rescues and the like.  Some of the GHS members tend to get very lost in their own pleasures.  They lose track of time, they forget to eat, they forget to pay the bills, things like that."

"So, they're like really pampered pets?"

"Basically," Horatio agreed with a small grin.  "They're coddled and protected, sometimes nagged, but generally given what they need.  For a true member of GHS, pleasure is as necessary to them as food and air are, Mac.  Even the little things are enjoyed if possible.   The more GHS you are, the closer to the true state of GHS you become and the more likely you are to be kidnaped.  There's about eighteen people presently rated as level tens by the group.  Six of them are in protective custody of someone who kidnaped them but treat them well.  Four have disappeared after being kidnaped.  The rest have very strong keepers and tend to stay out of public view."

"Okay, so we're basically talking these are the guys who're like harem slaves?"

"Concubines, but yes."

"No whips, chains, masks?"

"No.  We do not go that way as a general rule.  Doms and we do not get along very well.  We're very much not interested in pain."

"Okay," he agreed, understanding that.  He considered it for a moment.  "So this Tony guy, he's one of you?"  Horatio nodded. "Where is he in the ratings?"


"And you're where?"  Horatio quirked up an eyebrow.  "It was kind of obvious it was personal to someone in the office, Horatio.  Eric and Ryan are acting like his lovers.  Gibbs is acting like he's his."

"That's been an ongoing problem.  Gibbs found out while Tony was away at the last convention and fired him.  Speed introduced him to Eric and Ryan and he moved down here."

"Interesting.  To do what?"

"Go for his masters."

"Even better.  College is much more pleasurable than working I bet."  He shifted.  "Can these guys normally work?  Have we worked with Tony?  I've worked with Gibbs' team in the past."

"DiNozzo?  Danny has."   Mac blinked.  "You didn't recognize him?"

"No.  They haven't had any pictures up whenever I've walked past there.  He is?"  Horatio nodded.  "Man.  I pegged that one wrong.  It took me four hours last night to decide it was you and not Speed that was involved."

Horatio smirked slightly.  "We're both in there somewhere, Mac."

"Really?"  He looked at him.  "Danny?"

"Is a keeper," he admitted quietly.

"To Stella?"

"No," he said, smirking.  He paged Danny, letting him walk in.  "He thinks you're keeping Stella."

"Stella?" he asked, then burst out laughing.  "Yeah, Mac.  Stella's pleasures are expensive toys and stuff, but not like these guys."  He closed the door.  "If you must know, I'm a keeper."

"To who?"


Mac blinked, then gaped.  "Don Flack?" he asked, gaping again.  Danny nodded, smiling at him.  "I'd never picture him....."

"He wears it out at home so he can work.  Same as Tony does.  Same as the guys here do.  I could never put up with a concubine kitten like some guys have.  Don's only a five."

"Concubine kitten?" Horatio asked, smirking at him.

"Well, he does purr and nuzzle."  He shrugged.  "He'd deny it if you told him he does."   He smirked.  "How's Speed doin' with all this?"


"How did you two get together?" Mac asked quietly.

Horatio swallowed.  "Another one had come for me and Speed came over later that night to scream at me for nearly going with him to save someone else."  He leaned back a bit.  "He had been watching that last one as he stalked me.  He claimed I was trying to die.  I told him I wasn't.  He demanded to know why I let them anywhere near me.  Continued to rant about how my dying wouldn't make anyone any happier, and on and on and on, until I shut him up for a minute.  Only a hand over his mouth," he said at Danny's grin.  "I told him the last few hadn't wanted to kill me, they wanted to keep me.  He stared, he stomped off.  He came back about thirty minutes later with beer and whiskey and poured us each a drink, then ordered me to tell him why, that way he could watch my back better since obviously I wasn't against that idea.  So I told him a little about GHS.  He stared.  Then that little switch that gets turned on at crime scenes got flipped and I found myself answering questions I'd never thought about before.  By two that morning I was exhausted mentally but he had me in his lap for some reason. I blanked out during the questioning.  I was in his lap being petted; he told me the next morning that they'd better back off.  Because if he had to become my keeper to keep them from taking me and destroying everyone around here, he would.  And he did," he finished quietly. "He moved in about six months later."

"Wow," Mac said, looking at Danny.  "Are you and Don official, like married, or just dating?"

"We're more official than dating but not quite married.  He said he won't until it's legal.  Living together, yeah.  I make him wear it out at home so it doesn't interfere with work.  They found Don during his rookie year.  Every now and then real GHS get this sudden ache to have it.  If it's not worn out at home, it can get pretty bad.  It starts to affect their performance and things. One of the senior cops saw, realized because he was a keeper, and sent Don out for a massage.  Ordered him to go get one, a real one, and then to get laid.  He came back the next day more focused and it worked.  He got him in touch with some others.  They tested him, he came up at a level five.  I'm not sure how Tony was handling it without a keeper.  Usually guys at Don's level end up having problems working, even with a keeper.  Being a level seven, he must've had at least one helper in there.  A masseuse who knew, someone."

"Jets in his bathtub, a standing spa appointment for massages and skin care, and a lot of dating," Gibbs said from behind them.  "I'm taking it that the days he couldn't focus it needed to be worn out?"  Danny nodded.  "And the days he suddenly regained it he did something to get off?"

"Could be," Danny agreed.  "Or just to let some of the backed up pleasure out.  For us, this is like eating.  I'm close enough to understand the surges but not a true one.  The same as Speed is.  Keepers who're sensualists get it easier."

"Uh-huh.  So he did what?  Went and ate chocolate?"

"Tony was probably having chocolate for one meal every day," Danny said honestly.  "If he was actually losing focus, he had to lose himself in it for a while to regain his senses.  Most guys at his level don't work.  They're on a pretty regimented schedule if their keepers have any sense.  Something like 'I need you to do these three things today.  You do the first, you can play with this toy. You eat, you do the second, you get this toy.  You do the third and I'll be home by the time you're done and we'll play."  Gibbs and Mac both blushed at that."

"If they don't have housekeepers," Horatio noted dryly.  "Most guys at a seven or above treat their keepers like sugar daddies.  They find a hobby they like to do now and then, or they work from home so they don't have to deal with clothing that the rest of the world would find appropriate.  The housekeeper makes sure they eat at times.  They ignore it when they go into their bedrooms to play when it gets too bad.  GHS the next level and up often have to have more than one lover along with their keeper to keep them going.  One of the level tens was at the convention and took us all shopping with him."  Danny grinned at that.  "I saw that he spoiled Don with a nipple ring and an earring for it," he teased.

"He so did.  He spoiled you and Speed too."

"He did.  We had the most fantastic lunch."  He smiled at the two marines.  "This level ten guy has two husbands, one of which was his keeper, and two occasional lovers that live with the family now and then.  One was his trainer and tester.  He and the keeper are old friends.  Xander fends off at least six kidnaping attempts a month.  He doesn't come out of the house that much anymore."  Gibbs gaped at that.  "He's a writer and his husband, the keeper, taught him how to sword fight as a method of exercise and self-defense."

"Most of 'em have really good minds, but they get bored easily," Danny offered.  "Xander's a great writer.  Writes stuff that can even make Don blush."

"The guy who wrote the sex manual," Mac said quietly.  Danny nodded.  "Are they all men?"

"No, we've got some women.  Some female keepers too.  Most of the membership is bi.  They take it as it comes and enjoys it all.  Tony's dating you heard was probably only about half of what really went on, Gibbs."  He slumped and nodded.  "A good keeper would've found ways for him to wear it out at home.  We keepers have a mailing list because sometimes being us is frustrating.  We can get some cranky mates now and then."  Horatio snickered at that.  "Hey, even Don becomes a princess now and then," he assured him dryly.  "I'm expecting Princess Don when I get home too.  I'd better come in preparing to be pounced and bathed for a bit, then make dinner or have it be delivered.  Then I'll make sure he won't be walking right the next few days and it'll be fixed."

"Do you ever have to ...refocus him at work?" Mac asked.

Danny nodded.  "Yup, a few times.  Aiden caught us once too," he said with a grin.  "Pervy little brat wanted to help.  That's why she took that weekend off unexpectedly, Mac.  She couldn't sit."

"She couldn't sit when she got back either," he noted dryly.  "I do not need those sort of details."

"Yeah, well, we try very hard to find a room no one'll need for a bit," he assured him.  "Doesn't happen too often.  On the really bad cases it's happened two, three times in a day because he needed it."

Mac nodded.  "Okay, I can understand that.  The Coast Guard had the boat the last I knew, they were tracking it because it was outside their jurisdiction.  Who goes to get him?"

"Eric and Ryan if at all humanly possible," Horatio said quietly.  "They're doing keeper duty even though it's never been formalized or said."

"If not, I'll go," Danny offered.  "I've had to rescue Don a few times."

"Don got taken?"

"Twice," Danny groaned, rubbing a hand over his face, then he looked at his boss.  "A keeper makes him wear out the pheromone markings that draw others to 'em but not always enough.  I've had to steal him back twice now.  You went off on one of them without realizing why he wanted him."  He looked at Horatio.  "You?"

"I haven't been noticed that way in about a year.  I'm well past my young and pretty days."

Speed coughed from behind Gibbs.  "I warned one off the other day, Horatio.  Young and pretty only goes so far.  Experienced and hot go further in that world.  Danny, Eric had to go to court.  Wolfe had to go back to his real job, but they're not stupid enough to make him go out on calls today, he's sitting on the front desk at the moment.  Gibbs, Kate is being an annoying bitch.  You might wanna stop that before she can totally destroy what little self-esteem Tony might have left."

"I noticed somethin'," Danny offered.  "After Don's last one, he felt like The Man.  Like it validated him or somethin'."

"It can," Horatio agreed quietly.  "It's an incredible ego boost to know that they wanted you enough to steal you like some precious piece of art."

"So, he'll be horrified at what he did and have an ego issue?" Gibbs asked.

"What horrified?" Danny snorted.  "He might be horrified that his body did it for him, but no. For them, the paths to pleasure are like a great meal.  Their body craves it the same way yours does a great steak."  Horatio moaned and nodded at that.  "There's a reason why the group is called Greedy, Hedonistic Sluts, Gibbs."

"So, I take it I'm making steaks tonight?" Speed teased.  Horatio blushed and nodded.  "Grilled or not?"

"Anything's good," he offered quietly.

"Uh-huh.  We'll see what we can whip up when we get home, Horatio.  Gibbs, go leash your bitch before we muzzle her.  I'm going to let Calleigh go off on her soon."  He went to find Kate and get her calmed down.  "Have I mentioned recently that Calleigh's interested in being a keeper?"  He walked off, going back to work.

"She'd spoil herself as much as her slut," Danny noted dryly.  "Not a bad compromise.  Would probably be best if they were in the department."  He looked at Mac.  "Any other questions?"

"I'll see if I have some later."  Danny nodded and they headed to get back to work.

Horatio smiled, getting back to his other job.  It was a nice feeling to still be wanted even at his age.


Danny looked up as the call came in the next morning, looking at Eric, who was growling.  "I said I'd go," he offered quietly.  "Not like I haven't been here before, I've taken Don back a few times."

Eric looked at him.  "Can't we get me out of testifying tomorrow?"

"No.  Not without doing something illegal and that would cost you your job," Horatio reminded him.  He looked at Danny.  "You can't go alone.  He's got people down there."

"I've been there before," Mac offered.  "I'm very protective as well."  Eric gave him a look.  "Not like I want him for myself, Delko, but he'll need protected and Gibbs was told he couldn't go retrieve him."  Not that any of them thought that sending Gibbs' team was a good idea, because they didn't.  "Danny and I work well together, I can go with him."  Danny nodded, accepting that.  "Plus, since I know, I can look the other way if he's got to soothe him or whatever."

"True," he agreed quietly.  "Danny, you sure you can handle him?"

"I'm sure.  I've handled worse in Don when he's had surges."  He patted him on the back.  "I'll treat your boy like gold."  Eric stared at him.  "If necessary."  Eric nodded, accepting that.  "Okay, we'll call when we've seen him.  Mac, get us tickets, I'll go pack."  That got a nod and Danny hurried off.

Gibbs looked at Mac.  "Protect him, Taylor.  I want him back."

"I'm going to protect them both, Gibbs.  Doesn't mean you'll get him back though."  He went to make flight reservations.  Sometimes he wondered if this was another obsession like those who wanted to steal someone like Don and Tony.  It was clear Gibbs didn't want him back for his team.  McGee and Abby were the only ones who talked about him coming back to work with them.  Kate was still horrified and glaring at them whenever they mentioned the group.  He ran into Abby lurking in the halls.  "They found him and rescued him.  Danny and I are heading out since Eric and Ryan both have to testify tomorrow."  She hugged him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.  "He'll be fine, Abby."

"Thank you, Mac."  She wiped off her black lipstick from his cheek and bounced off to tell the others.  "They found him!" she squealed ten feet from the door.

Mac smiled, it was good to celebrate the nice parts.


Danny walked into the hospital room, seeing Tony still in the zone.  "Crap, they gave you more?"

"Dosage right before they rescued me," he moaned.  "Danny?  Please?  They won't even let me touch myself."

"I can fix that," he promised, stroking his forehead.  "Mac, let's get him out of here."  Mac nodded, going to bring his paperwork with the authorization to treat to the nurse.  They threw a fit but he had commanded Marine companies in battle.  He could withstand a screaming woman.  Danny went back to soothing him back from the edge.  "I know it sucks," he offered quietly.  "We'll hit a hotel tonight then get you home, Tony.  Eric and Ryan would be here but the mean DA said they've got to testify in the morning.  We'll get you back to them as soon as we can and they can spoil you rotten.  Horatio's already agreed to give them time off for it."  Tony moaned and nodded, shifting.  "Let's get you undone."

"Sir," an agent said, walking in.  "We need him here."

"Bet me," he snorted, undoing the restraints.  "You're hurting him further.  We're taking him to a hotel for the night and then taking him home in the morning."

"But... they said he needs to detox."

Danny gave him a glare worthy of Mac's, making him back up.  "Doing it this way makes him hurt worse.  I'm not into torture.  Are you?"  He shook his head quickly.  "He'll be fine.  All it's doing is hyping his pleasure centers.  We can wear that out with a few yanks and a bubble bath."  Tony giggled at that.  "I can."  He grinned at him.  "Will you be okay?"

"Yeah, he was still tormenting me," he moaned. "Please?  Can we go now?  They hate me because a man had me."

"Sure.  Get him some clothes, Agent."  He went to do that, coming back with a jumpsuit.  Danny and Tony both grimaced but it'd do until they could make it back to the hotel.  Ryan had packed a bag for Tony for when they found him.  It was inside his own bag back at the hotel.  Mac came back with a wheelchair and a sullen nurse.  "Come on, Tony.  Let's get you into the chair."

"He still needs to have his body detoxed."

"Which he can do easily by wanking off and then soaking," Danny assured her.  "Some of us have seen this before, woman.  Cooperate or get out of the way."  He got Tony into the chair, watching him hiss.  "What's wrong?"

"Ring," he whispered.

"Crap, who put a retention ring in?"  He walked Tony into the bathroom and removed it, making him get off with a muted swear.  "Good boy," he soothed, stroking his back.  "Feel a little bit in control?"  Tony nodded, walking out there once he was zipped up again.  Danny tossed it at the agent.  "He had that in him if you needed it for evidence."  He gave it a horrified look and glared at the nurse.

"No, my captor put it in.  They never checked," Tony told him. "Thank you for rescuing me, Agent Simmons."  That got a nod.  "We're headed to Miami tomorrow."  He took Danny's hand as Mac took him away.  "Thank you.  I was going insane."

"I understand why," Mac offered quietly.

Tony looked at him then at Danny.  "You told him?"

"Had to.  Miami needed to borrow us since Horatio, Speed, and Eric were all focused on you.  By the way, Calleigh wants to meet you since you're clearly good for Eric."  Tony smiled at that.  "He blushed because she added more about him needing to walk funny now and then."

"No, that's Ryan in a possessive mood," he teased back.  They made it out to the cabs and got him settled between them in one. He curled up against Danny's side. "How's Don?"

"Doing okay.  We can call when we get back there, Tony.  Stella's been watching him."  He stroked over his back.  "Want a backrub later?"  Tony nodded quickly.  "I can do that for you."  He kept him calm, even though the seat's vibrations were enough to get him off.  Tony must be ready to pop.  They got Tony upstairs and into their two-bedroom room, settling in on the couch to call Don.  "Hey, Don, s'it's me and Tony.  Yeah, Mac's on the other end of the couch checking his weapons."  He kissed Tony on the forehead.  "He said to give ya that for making it outta there."

Tony took the phone.  "I'm okay, Don.  Are you handling it without him okay?"  He smiled. "No, vibrating cab.  Yeah, one of those."  He snuggled back into Danny's side.  "He's promised me a good backrub.  Don, I can't...."

Danny took the phone back, hearing him.  "You sure?"  He nodded once.  "Of course, I always play safely.  You know that.  Sure.  Whatever he needs.  Thanks, Don."  He smiled and blew a kiss.  "You sound like you need it.  Go make noise in the bathroom and call out Stella's name again so she's teased."  He laughed.  "I'm sure she enjoys it.  It makes her blush and grin like a schoolgirl again."  He handed the phone to Mac.  "Don."

"Hey, Don."  He watched as Danny pulled Tony into his lap and kissed him.  "They do, very nice together."  He went back to his weapons.  "How's the station?"  He listened to the rundown on cases.  "So, no one's been too overloaded?"  He smiled.  "That's fine.  Sure, put her on.  Hey, Stella.  We have him.  We'll be bringing him back to Miami later."  Tony moaned into Danny's mouth, making him swallow.  "No, that's Tony.  They gave him something to make him want to be touched really bad.  Yeah....."  He blinked. "How did you know?  They told you?"  He glared at Danny.  "You told Stella and not me?"

"Someone had to watch out for Don when I couldn't."

"Point," he admitted grimly.

"We thought you'd freak since it's not exactly the Marine way," Danny pointed out patiently.  He got the ugly jumpsuit off Tony and let him curl up in his lap so he could pet him.  "Tony, I'm only good for two a night but whatever I can, I'll do, and I'll do other stuff before then.  Got it?"  Tony nodded, nuzzling him. "Hmm, another concubine kitty."

Mac blushed bright red and looked away, hearing the laughter.  "Yeah, he said the same thing about Don too."

"Get me in trouble with Don, watch me send him to you for the night, Mac."

"I don't keep that much chocolate in the house, Danny."  He listened to Don and Stella both laugh.  "I don't.  I'll let you guys go.  I'm going to hide in my room.  Thanks, guys."  He hung up and called Horatio quickly.  "We've got him, he's out of the hospital.  They had some sort of plastic ring inside him and had him tied down so he couldn't touch himself."  He glanced over, but Danny had two fingers inside Tony's ass and his mouth captured.  "No, he's fine.  Sucking up some attention.  Sure, tell Eric and Ryan he's okay so far.  He said he was fine and all that.  His records said he needed to eat but nothing too tragic.  Thanks."  He hung up and put the phone on the table.  "I'm going to hide in my room."

Tony moved over to hug him.  "Thank you, Mac."

"Not a problem, Tony.  Stealing people is wrong and needs to be stopped."  He patted him on the lower back. "Let Danny take care of you."  He saw the look Tony shot at Danny.  "Guys, I'm not like that.  I've seen it before in bars and stuff, but I'm not like that."

"He's also a widower," Danny offered.  "Been a while for him."  Tony pouted at Mac, kissing him gently.  Mac came out looking stunned and let Tony do whatever he wanted to him.  He did start to come back when his pants were opened but Tony's mouth soon took all reservations out of his head and he lost all cognitive thought for a while.  By the time he came back to his right mind, Danny had turned Tony around so he was kneeling on the couch and clutching the back of it, putting him at a good height to be ridden into screaming in pleasure, which was what had woken him up after the great blowjob.  Danny grinned and waved with a free hand, then finished Tony off, making him moan in pleasure.  Tony went limp, panting against the back of the couch.  "Let's run you a bath," he whispered, getting a sated smile.  "Come on, Tony.  Give me some time to recover and then we'll see about dinner.  Mac said they've got a great mousse here."  Tony nodded, following him.  "Good boy."  He got him settled in then added bubbles, making Tony one happy boy.  "You rest and relax.  Come out when it gets too cold or when you need more cuddles."  Tony nodded, sinking down into the bubbles and letting himself drift off since he was safe.  Danny walked back out there, looking at Mac.  "It takes a special guy to treat one of them well," he offered quietly.

"I can tell."  He looked at Danny.  "Are you okay?"

"I'm good, Mac.  I couldn't figure how to get a toy or two past customs without getting told on, but I did manage lube."  He flopped down with a sigh.  "They're so easy to spoil."  He looked at his boss.  "If you ever hook up with one of us, I'll mentor you until you've found your stride with them."

"I still like girls."

"Uh-huh, and there's some of us within the group.  I probably wouldn't suggest you going to one of the upper level ones, but there's a few very sweet and nice lower level ones in New York.  I'll introduce you to 'em if you want."  He yawned.

"I might like that," he offered quietly. "Go rest.  You'll need a nap to give him that backrub later.  I can watch for intruders."  Danny nodded, going to do that on the bed.  Mac sat and thought while he cleaned his guns one by one.  This was a strange group of people but he could understand what they needed and why someone like Danny would indulge them.  It was fairly easy to spoil someone like Tony or Don Flack.


Speed walked into Horatio's office, closing the door and shutting the blinds.  "They have him?"  Horatio smiled and nodded.  "Good.  Stand up.   I know you're stressed.  You've been staring at that same piece of paperwork for two hours."  Horatio leaned back, letting him see him.  "Hmm.  One of those days."  He made sure the door was locked, then came over to tease his mate with a kiss.  Horatio moaned and reached for him so he pulled back, giving him a look.  "You can ask.  You know that."

"Not with so many feds in the building."

"Forget them.  They're leaving tomorrow night."  He stroked down his cheek.  "What do you need, Horatio?"

"You."  He pulled him closer and dove back in, taking what he needed.  Mostly stress relief but it was good.  They switched places, letting Speed be on the bottom this time.  One hand stroked him gently, the other's fingers stroked over the markings he wore to prove he was Speed's.  It's what he needed, even if it wasn't more than a handjob and rubbing against his ass.  Horatio moaned and let go, leaning against his lover's chest.  "Thank you."

"Welcome.  I know what you need if you'll tell me when you need it, Horatio. You know that."  He stroked over the marks for a few more minutes.  "Listen, if something ever happens to me, Eric and Ryan are going to take care of you for me," he said quietly.  Horatio shook his head.  "Yes, Horatio.  It's either them or Calleigh.  If something happens to me, I want you to be watched over.  They'll take care of you until you're ready to go out looking for someone again.  We sat down last night and talked about it.  The same as we're going to be taking care of Tony if something happens to them."  The hand teasing him was wrapped around his waist.  "That way we don't have to worry about you two following us.
All right?"

"It won't happen."

"Horatio, you were nearly shot last month," he reminded him quietly.  "Hell, I was nearly shot last month.  This way I don't have to do a bad Ghost impersonation and hang around to watch you."  He gave him another squeeze around the waist.  "Just until you're ready to be alone and there as a safety net when you need someone," he whispered.  "I can kinda see you between those two, making you beg for what Tony gets."  Horatio shivered but shook his head.  "I can."

"I can't."

"Well, if it happens, that's what I want, okay?  No moping, no following me, nothing like that.  Understood?"

"Fine, but if something happens to me...."

"Then I'm going to go to them anyway.  They'll get me drunk and keep my gun away from me after hours."   Horatio nodded, pulling them both up so he could hold him.  "I'm not saying it will, but just in case."

"I understand," he agreed.   Speed smiled and gave him a kiss. "You know, I should change clothes."

"You probably should but that's why you keep a spare suit in here," he pointed out dryly, then he grinned.  "I, however, am going to go embarrass Kate totally by going off in the bathroom and calling her name so the other guys stare at her and wonder, making her blush."

Horatio shook his head, smirking as he went to fix that. "That's a mean thought," he said before swallowing him.  Speed moaned, leaning on the desk, clutching the edge.

Calleigh knocked on the door.  "Horatio, are you all right? You sound like you have a stomachache or something?" she called.

Horatio pulled off, putting a hand over Speed's mouth before he could answer.  "I'm fine, Calleigh.  Slight headache. I'll be out in about ten minutes."

"Sure.  Need some aspirin?"

"No, I'll be fine.  Thank you."


He waited but she didn't move.  "Calleigh!"

"Sorry."  She stomped off, making noise this time.

Horatio shook his head.  "We need to fix her up," he said quietly, going back to what he had been doing.

Speed ran his fingers through the red hair, nodding.  "I'm working on it," he promised.  Horatio nipped him, making him swear and arch into him.  "Damn it!"  Horatio laughed and that's all it took.  He loved it when he laughed while blowing him.  They went to the couch to cuddle for the next ten minutes, then Horatio changed his suit and Speed went back to work.  Calleigh grinned at him. "Keep it up, I'm setting you up with someone."  He went into another lab, shutting the door so he could be alone.

"That's not a punishment where I come from," she called after him.


Tony walked back into the station and Abby squealed, pouncing him.  "You're okay!"

"It's not like he wanted to hurt me," he teased, giving her a hug. "I'm fine.  You know it takes more than that to knock me into not-okay status."  He let her go, nodding at McGee.  "She pounced me."

"I saw.  It was a good pounce too."  He hugged him then smirked. "At least it was a rich bastard that was going to try to keep you."

Tony smirked at him. "Not like I'm that shallow, McGee."  He gave him a head-shove and a grin.  "But thanks."

"Welcome."  He pulled Abby off Tony's arm and away.  "Watch out for Kate.  She doesn't understand."

"I realized she wouldn't."  He shrugged. "I'm happy."

"I can tell," Abby said, smiling at Danny.  "Thank you for getting our Tony back for us."  She hugged him and Mac too.

"I'm still not coming back," Tony said, staring at her.  "I can't, Abby. It was driving me insane."

"So we'll work it out, Tony."  She came back and hugged him again.  "I'll do whatever I have to so you can come back."

He kissed her on the head.  "Abby, I was unsupported there.  I need the support I'm getting from Eric and Ryan.  I can't do that on the team.  We work too many hours."  He kissed her on the forehead.  "I will come back if you absolutely need me for a case.  I'll come back if you guys call and say you want to see me.  But I can't come back just because you want me back.  I can't, Abby.  It'd destroy what's left of my sanity."  She nodded, pouting about that.

"I explained it," McGee offered.  "I'm surprised you lasted that long with how high up you are."  He shrugged.  "If I need to pick your brain, I'll call at some inconvenient hour."

Tony smirked.  "I wouldn't expect anything less, Probie.  Have fun with my desk, I probably left the hershey's kisses in the bottom drawer."

"Your desk is your desk, he's not taking it," Gibbs said, looking at him as he walked into the entry way.  "You're coming home."

"This is home."

"No, this is Miami.  Home is DC."

"No, this is home," Tony repeated. "If you need me for a case, you can call me, Gibbs, but I'm not going to give up what's left of my sanity for you.  My life, yeah.  My sanity I appreciate a bit more now."  He moved closer. "You need me, you call me.  Something happens to the team, you call me.  I'll be there as soon as humanely possible.  Coming back permanently I can't do.  I'll lose what's left of me and it won't do you any good to have a mental robot me there."  Gibbs glared. "I don't care, Gibbs. You need me, you call me.  Something happens to the team, you call me.  I'll be there.  Right now, I've got to focus on my own stability.  Because you were driving me nuts."  He gave him a delicate hug.  "I'm sorry for pissing you off by making you look outside your sheltered little world, boss, but tough," he whispered, backing off.  He nodded at Kate.  "See, it does take more than the average psycho to keep me."

She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him.  "What are you playing at?  Get your gear and let's go!"

"I'm not going back, Kate.  My sanity is worth more to me than a paycheck and staring at Gibbs' ass all day."  Abby squeaked at that and hid her face in McGee's chest.  He looked back at her, smirking.  "Well, I was always on his six.  I saw a lot of it."  Gibbs smacked him on the head.  "Gee, thanks.  Some day I'll miss those."  He stared Kate down again.  "If the team needs me or you need my help, call.  No matter what, Kate.  I'll come back for that.  Until then, I'm going to focus on my own happiness for a bit.  I was starting to lose what little is left of me while I was there. I was unsupported.  I was miserable most of the time.  And you joked about it."

"Don't put this on her," Gibbs ordered.  "You could have come to me, DiNozzo."

"And say what, boss?  That, due to my hormones, I might go work a few nights a month in a brothel to get them cleared out?"  Gibbs glared.  "That's what it was going to come down to.  Now, I don't need that sort of attention.  I'm getting better and more calm.  You should be proud that I stood up to you."

"No, I shouldn't. You're defying a direct order."

"I'm not in the military, boss.  Never have been except for working with you.  I may respect you but you can't give me what I need to stay sane and happy.  Therefore I'm staying in Miami until I need to leave here.  If you or anyone on the team needs me, you call."

"How were you handling your focus issues?" he asked quietly, moving closer.

"Ask Ducky, boss.  He knew. He caught me a few times."  Gibbs stared at him, just blinking.  "He did.  He knew what I was when he first saw me and asked how I was handling things.  He's the one who knew that I wasn't getting the support I needed.  He's how I found the club in Baltimore if you want to be technical about it."  Gibbs blushed at that.  He had found that one searching things about him.  "If you need me, you'll call."  He looked at Kate.  "Even you.  Once you calm down. If you want to rant, do it to my machine the first few times.  Okay?"  He walked off, heading to the inner sanctum.  " Hi."  He hugged Horatio. "Thank you for helping find me."

"It was my pleasure, Tony.  Are you all right?"

"Better," he admitted, giving him a faint smile.  "Can I consult when I get terminally bored?"

"Of course.  Let's go to my office.  Thankfully we cleared the entryway first."

"I noticed Ryan was the only one in there."  He smiled at Ryan as he walked in.  "Oooh, uniform today?"

"Yup, unfortunately I'm supposed to be out on patrol at the moment.  I love long lunches."  He walked him up to the office, sitting him down to work on his report with Eric.   Horatio came in so Ryan got one last squeeze and cuddle in before letting him go so the others wouldn't comment to him.  Eric gave him a knowing smirk.  "We'll get ours later," he reminded him.

"We will."   He looked at their boy.  "Dinner in sound good?"

"Dinner in sounds great," he admitted with a shy grin.  Eric grinned back and Ryan stroked his back for him.  "Thanks, guys."

"Not an issue."  Ryan leaned closer to his ear.  "Was Danny fun?" he whispered, making Tony shiver and give him a hot blush.  "You'll have to tell us later, Tony."  Tony grinned and nodded, ducking his head some.  "So, did he try to the old 'shower you with diamonds' thing?"

"No.  He wanted a sex toy, not a lover or to be a higher end keeper.  He still wasn't great with it from what the other guys on the boat said and he was stingy with his attention."  Eric smiled and wrote that down, letting him see his report.  Tony signed it and slid it back, then looked at the door.  "It's okay, you can quit lurking."  He looked at Ryan again.  "What're you picking for dinner tonight?"

"I was thinking some good Italian, with a salad because someone had stomachaches all day."  He gave Eric a pointed look.  Then he smiled at Speed as he walked in with a candy bar.  "Ooh, someone's spoiling you."

"Thanks, Speed."

Speed petted him for a minute. "It's all good.  You're back now.  Come over for dinner tomorrow, okay?"  Tony nodded, nibbling his treat.  "Good boy."  He leaned down.  "So, were they fun?" he hissed.  Tony blushed brighter this time.  Speed chuckled and walked off, going to find his membership book from the convention.   He tapped Danny on the arm with it as he walked past him to get back to work.  "I gave him a hershey bar."

"Thanks."  He settled in to read through them, noting the ones that were listed as single and in New York.  One though, they were very nice and about a half-state away.  She had said she was thinking about moving....  "Hey, Mac, c'mere."  He came over.  "I'm going to write a few friends tonight.  Including these two," he said, pointing at that one and another one.  "Have a mini-meeting for lunch some day soon.  You in?"

Mac cleared his throat.  "We'll see."

Danny grinned. "Lower level, both of them."

"Thank you, Danny."

"Not an issue.  You're not too dom, so it'll be good, and good for you to smile again, Mac."  He hit him on the arm with the book.  "Now, what do we have to wrap up here?"

"About fifty warrants."

"Hmm.  Better get back to work then, huh?  Otherwise I'll have Really Princess Don and he'll pout no matter what I do for the next week."  They went to find their stack of warrants and a few patrol guys to go with them.

Horatio shook his head at that exchange, snickering quietly.  "Danny was so good."  He smiled at the NCIS team. "We'll take good care of Tony, like he's ours.  Now that we know, we'll make it so he's not taken again."

"He's coming home with us," Gibbs told him.

"No I'm not," Tony called from the office.  He came out.  "Gibbs, what would I do back there?  There's no one like me in the city who'll admit it.  I didn't have anyone there to help me.  Yeah, working with you was great, but can you see dealing with this issue all day every day, Gibbs?"


Tony stared at him, then yanked him into the office.  "You're much too dom for us, Gibbs.  You can't be a keeper if you want to tie us down and spank us.  We don't go for that.  None of us go for that," he said quietly, staring into his eyes.  "None of us like or crave the attention of a belt, none of us crave the attention of a rod or a whip.  The only time we want to be tied down is when we're having a bad day and we need to feel like we're safe and loved.  You like to tie people down and spank them.  That's not the same thing."

"I know it's not.  I can still find someone...."

"Do you know why I left Peoria?"

"Abby said something about your keeper there."

"Yeah, he went dom and it scarred me.  After the second time, I up and left because I was bruised, I was sore, and I was about to slit my wrists because he didn't want to keep and protect me, he wanted to use me.  The same as the guy with the boat wanted to use me."  Gibbs got the point and nodded.  "You're too much a dom for us, Gibbs."

"You could still be tied down," he offered.

"Not unless I'm having a really bad day and then I want to be tied down and teased to death.  Not anything else.  I *need* someone to prove that I belong to them and that they're there to protect me.  I don't need someone to spank me and make me break."

Gibbs sighed and nodded.  "Fine.  Will you come back if you can find a keeper up there?"

"Um, that would be me," Ryan noted patiently.

"What am I, chopped chicken for bait?" Eric complained.

Ryan smiled.  "An accessory toy?"

"You're so getting it when we get home, Wolfe."  Ryan just beamed at him.  "Yeah, wait until Tony and I make you scream and have to do laundry tonight."

"I've got tomorrow off because I have a supervisor with a nice streak now and then."

Eric moaned.  "I do once I get out of court."

Tony walked over and hugged him.  "Court is a necessary evil," he reminded him, getting a smile.  "I'll give you a backrub when you're done.  By then Ryan should be napping and unable to wake up."

"I'd like that."  He took a kiss before standing up.  "We've got to head back to work.  I want you here, Tony.  Not at your place, here."  Tony nodded, smiling at that.  "Good boy.  You can consult or trade dirty jokes with H, whatever he wants you to do."  He stroked his cheek and took another kiss.  "Be safe until we can come get you."  Tony smiled and nodded, letting them go.

Gibbs sighed.  "If I call...."

"I'll come running like Lassie."

Gibbs cracked a smile at that.  "Thank you."

"Not an issue, Gibbs.  Some day I may have a better handle on it and I may come back.  Right now I'm slowly being driven insane by this problem.  Let's face it, I hadn't been wearing it out and I got captured twice in the sixteen weeks before the convention."  He shrugged and curled up the couch in the office.  "Besides, it'll take you that long to get Kate calmed down and off her high horse again."

"Probably true," he admitted, looking him over.  "Eat more, DiNozzo, you're losing weight again."

"I will, boss.  Chill!  And hey, new college courses too."

"Good.  Don't get permanently damaged."  He walked off, heading to gather his team. "Let's go."  Abby pouted at him.  "He'll be back some day."

"Can we put him on indefinite leave?" McGee asked.

"The director already did.  That's why he's coming down himself to debrief him on some of the cases and to note how to get him to court on time."  They nodded and gathered their things, going home only semi-triumphant this time.

Speed looked at Horatio, who shrugged slightly.  "He'll go back some day," Horatio agreed.  "Not until he's got it under control again but some day."

"Then we might lose Eric or Ryan."

"We could but I doubt it."  He smiled at him.  "Eric's family is too massive and Ryan's said repeatedly he's not moving."  Speed snorted at that. "I know.  Come on, I believe I have a moping person in my office."

"You can have him look at that stupid case you're on," he offered as they walked back that way.  "Since you're stuck and I can't figure anything out."

"That is an idea."  He walked into the lab to gather that file, then back to his office, finding Calleigh pestering him. He cleared his throat.  "You don't need to know, Calleigh.  Get back to work."

"But, Horatio!"

"He's not yours to play with," Speed ordered, pointing.  She pouted and walked off.  He spanked her.  "Behave!"

"No!  Make me."

He raised an eyebrow and smirked.  "You think I can't?"  She blushed and hurried off.  "Good idea."  He grinned at Tony.  "I'm so setting her up with a level eight."  Tony giggled and nodding.  "You good?"

"I'm fine.  Thank you for the chocolate."

"Welcome.  Help Horatio."  He walked off, going back to his present case.

Horatio handed over the folder. "Here, I'm stuck and he's clueless about this."

Tony smiled. "Thank you for indulging their paranoia."

"It's not paranoia if it's likely to happen, Tony.  He wasn't the only one the strike team found watching your apartment."  Tony shivered.  "By the way, your former director will be down in a few days.  He emailed me when he heard you had been stolen back.  Expect him Thursday."

"Sure."  He settled in to read, looking at the pictures.  "Was he dragged?"

"I thought so but Alexx said no."  He sat down behind his desk, doing the evil things.  And speaking of evil things, Stetler came to the doorway.  "What?"

"Who is that?"

Tony looked up. "Formerly Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, NCIS.  I retired and came down to go back to school and be among friends.  They just got me back from my kidnapers so I've been ordered to stay here and be safe.  You mind?  I hate Internal Affairs worse than I hate cow shit in my steaks."  The man looked stunned and stomped off.  "Thanks."  He went back to reading, smirking slightly at Horatio's laughter from across the room.  "I do."

"I'm sure you do," he agreed smugly. "I'll have to remember that one."

"Got it off Danny, who got it off Monroe."

"Ah.  No wonder."  He wrote it down even, Speed would like that.


Eric walked into his apartment, finding Ryan watching Tony cook.  "You can cook?"

"I can, but I never find a reason to cook just for myself."  He grinned and stole a kiss.  "Go shower. You're sweaty and you smell like the harbor."

"That's because we had to drag a body out of it, again."

"You mean I missed a chance to see you in a wetsuit again?" Ryan teased.

Eric gave him a look and nodded.  "Yup, and the officers with me said the same thing."  He headed back to take a shower and change into something softer and simpler to get out of.  He came out to find the table set and food being brought out.  "You timed that well."

Tony grinned.  "It might still be a bit crunchy but it should be okay."  He snuck another kiss.  "I noticed someone raided my apartment.  Why did you bring my old rookie uniform?"

Ryan smirked.  "So we can see what you looked like, Tony.  After all, you've seen me in mine.  I've seen Eric in his.  Though not at a happy event but I have seen him in it.  Now we'll see you in yours."

"I've lost some muscle since then," he defended.  "It's not as great as it used to be."

Eric snorted.  "Please.  You'll show it off for us after dinner."  Someone tapped on the door and he moaned.  "Ryan?"

"Not my fanclub.  Who is it?" he yelled.

"Me," a female voice called.

"Mom?" Eric complained, going to let her in.  "What's wrong?"

"Nothing.  I heard your friend was brought home, I came to make sure he's all right and to see if I could cook for you boys."  She pinched him on the cheek and walked in, smiling at the strange boy in there.  "You must be Tony, dear.  I'm Eric's mother."  She kissed him on the cheek and looked at the offerings on the table.  "At least someone will cook for my poor, starving boy."

"Mom!" he complained as he shut the door.

Ryan grinned and waved.  "Hi, Mom.  This is Tony.  We met him at a convention and he's moved down here to go to college.  So we're spoiling him rotten since we just stole him back."

She pinched him on the cheek and smiled at him.  "That's so thoughtful, Ryan.  Such a good boy."  She went into the kitchen.  "Sit, let me get you boys some drinks."

"I was going to use the wine in the fridge," Tony offered, getting up.  Eric pulled him back down and shook his head.  "I can help."

"When she's in the kitchen, none of us are allowed.  Even if we're chefs.  She even kicks Speed out of the kitchen."  Tony pouted but sat back down, earning a smile.  "Momma, I know it's strange but Ryan and I both like Tony.  You should come talk to him a lot."

She looked at her son.  "I knew you were a slut, Eric, but really.  Do you need two of them?"

"No, I kinda do," Tony admitted sheepishly.

She stared at him, then snorted. "You're one of those fluffy little boys like the papers got mad at during that convention?"  He nodded, grinning happily.  "You're happy about that?"

"I am.  I'm like a big labrador puppy most of the time and Eric gives excellent belly scratches.  Ryan gives great pets and he lets me play fetch all the time."  She burst out laughing and came out to hug him.  "We don't mean to upset you."

"I know, Antonio."

"Tony, please," he said, his face tightening up.  "I can't stand that name."

"If you want."  She patted him on the head.  "The white wine?"  He nodded.  "Good choice, Tony.  Not that I'd expect anything different from one of you.  Marisol bragged that she had seen a few of you out shopping."  Eric moaned, looking down and shaking his head.  "She was very amused.  She said some of them shopped better than she did."

"I'm sure they did," Ryan agreed.  "We followed one of them when he went shopping and he spoiled some of them."

"He spoiled me too but I'm not allowed to say how," Tony admitted, giving him a sheepish look.

"I was wondering about that bottom drawer of yours," Eric admitted, giving him a look.

"He hated the person who sent it to him and didn't want to look at it.  Something about winds in India or something."  He shrugged and dished out food, then went to get another place setting and drag her out with the wine and the glasses.  He put her into her chair and kissed her on the cheek, then went back to his, pouring the wine for them all.  He also put more food on Eric and Ryan's plate.  Ryan looked at his and added more to Tony's.  "Yes, dear."

"Good.  Gibbs was right, you have lost weight."

Tony smiled.  "But I've had a good reason.  Ooooh," he said, shifting some and beaming.  "I helped Horatio a lot.  I found the clue he was staring at but couldn't see."  Eric beamed at that.  "He arrested the guy and Speed said he's getting a great dinner tonight for not clubbing him in the head for being a bastard."  Eric's mother laughed at that.  "He hurt his family.  Horatio wanted him crucified."

"So would I," she assured him.  "The same as I will hurt you greatly if you hurt my boys."

"I'd never do it on purpose," he assured her quietly, staring her down.  "Also, I am a former cop.  I did crime scene stuff at my last job."  She looked impressed at that.  "Ryan even moved my uniform here to prove it."

"All young men look good in their uniforms, Tony."  He winked and settled in to eat while her blush calmed down.  "Well, son, I think you may have met your match.  Ryan may have a temper like yours now and then, plus be as stubborn, but Tony seems to be the naughty little boy you keep trying to say you're not."  Eric blushed at that.  "Did he tease you at work?"

"No, but he infuriated Stetler, Ma.  Absolutely drove him off the deep end.  His federal file being locked didn't help any, but he's frothing at the mouth to know who Tony is."

"Sure, and to get that information, he can go through Abby and Gibbs," Tony said smugly.  "I sent Abby an email message to please have my personnel file locked.  She said it already had been and pointed out that anyone wanting to know would have to go through all of them."  He ate a bite and smiled while he chewed.  Someone knocked so he got up, going to let Calleigh in.  "I'll see if we've got more," he offered, checking the hall before closing the door.

"That's okay."  She hugged him. "I needed to break my path."  Eric stared over at her, along with Ryan.  "It's some idiot I met in the club, guys, really.  I'm okay but I caught him driving behind me and it freaked me out."  Someone else tapped on the door.  "Are we having a party?"

"No.  Have you met Eric's mother?"  He looked outside then opened the door, lounging in it.  "You needed something, sweety?" he asked in his most gay lisp.  Calleigh blinked at him.  "Honey, go eat.  My girlfriend always gets to nibble.  Ryan, baby, make sure she at least gets some of the wine. It's fabulous!"  He looked at the man again, seeing him still shocked.  "At the wrong address perhaps?"

He pulled a knife.  "I want the blonde.  She's mine.  Not some little gay fairy's friend."

Tony grabbed the wrist and pulled him closer suddenly, then punched him.  "Yeah," he snorted, back into his former work persona.  "I'm sure she is, moron.  Watch me defend my new girlfriend."  He leaned down, standing on the knife-holding hand.  "Honey, I'm a Fed.  Do you *really* wanna continue this ill-advised action?  Oooh, sorry, do I have to put that into smaller words?  How about this, you touch the blonde, I'm going to make you beg for gay prison sex.  Are we clear?"  He nodded quickly.  Tony got off his hand and he scrambled up, heading out at a dead run.  "Good."  He slammed the door and picked up the knife, looking it over.  "Not a great one, but didn't you need a new pocket knife, Ryan?"  He closed it and handed it over.  "There you go, baby."  He kissed him and moved Calleigh out of his seat before sitting down, letting her perch on his lap.  "Abby does that too.  It's my girlfriend's spot," he teased, grinning at her.

"I thought it was Eric's," Ryan teased.

"No, that's across my lap, like yours is, Ryan," he taunted back, making Ryan blush and Eric's mother giggle.  "It's only fair.  Boyfriends get to hog the lap.  Gay-boy girlfriends only get one side of the lap because we don't need their girl cooties near our boy-loving stuff."

"Shut up," Eric moaned. "Please shut up, Tony.  That's still my mother."  Tony kissed him, making him moan in a different key.

"You two are so adorable!" his mother cooed, smiling at Ryan.  "Your turn, dear."

He shrugged and kissed Tony, making him shift.  Calleigh got off his lap in a hurry and waved, stuttering as she left.  "That's one way to make her go home," Ryan said, making Eric snicker.  "Have to remember that."

"Hmm, I won't mind," Tony promised, his voice sounding dreamy and happy.

"How did you learn the lisp?" his mother asked, nibbling on a bite of vegetables.  "A bit crunchy, dear."

"I pulled it off when Eric got out of the shower."

"Understandable.  He's probably had a hard day at work."  Eric nodded at that.  "Now, how did you learn how to act that way?"

He grinned.  "Many too many undercovers.  I'm the sort of cop they used to send into a bar to flush out the serial killer.  And Gibbs used me about the same," he admitted.  "They all love me greatly."

"Yeah, too much.  How do you feel about one of those Arabic veils?" Eric asked.

"Really funny since I'm not a girl?" he suggested.

"Pity, I can see you in a burka," Ryan admitted.  "That way no one would want to steal you again."

"It's pheromones, not on sight," Tony said patiently.  "The group's chemists said so back in the sixties."

Ryan moaned.  "Then why can't we cure someone like Xander's problems?"

"Too high.  Plus we can't tamper in DNA that way yet."  He snuck another kiss and smiled. "I'll protect myself, Ryan, I promise.  I'll file for my weapons permit tomorrow.  I have to bring in the formal papers to register for my first semester anyway."  Eric grinned at that.  "Yes, you'll get to brag you're dating a grad student."

"He's dated so many no one listens to him brag," his mother assured him gently, patting her son's hand.  "When I heard about that convention I wondered whether or not my poor boy should have been there."

"We were, but Speed called us to meet Tony and make sure he was safe in the clubs that night since his last boss had fired him for being one of them," Ryan offered.  She looked pissed.  "They've worked it out.  He's obsessed now, but reasonable again. Tony can go back when he's finished his degree."

"It's good he's seen sense.  Did you have to hurt him a lot, Eric?"

"No, just a few taunts were enough," he assured her with a smile.  "Tony's the sort of guy most bosses don't want to lose."

"Good.  Is he going to be working and going to school?"  Tony shook his head.  "Why not?"

"Because I was getting overloaded working full time before.  Besides, I need to enjoy myself for a few more months at least.  I can sustain myself for at least this year."  She nodded, accepting that.  His phone beeped so he went to find it, looking at the message.  "Huh.  Excuse me for a few minutes."  He headed back to the bedroom, shutting the door so he could call his family.  "It's Tony, what's wrong?"  He listened, then nodded slowly.  "When should I come up?  She was my grandmother.  I'm coming to her funeral," he hissed.  "Now, when?"  He nodded, making a mental note.  "I'll be there.  Thank you."  He hung up before his cousin could say anything else, then gathered his emotions back together, walking out.  "I've got to visit my family for a few days," he said as he sat back down.  He slapped himself on the head and sent a text message to Abby, who would pass it on.  He got back an 'okay' and turned off his phone, looking at them.  "It's nothing.  It's a formality.  I'll be okay but the director won't be able to come down to badger Horatio and you guys at the time he had planned."

Eric stared at him for a minute. "Who was it?"

"My grandmother.  Well, the call was my cousin, but it was my grandmother."  He nodded, accepting that.  "I'll be fine.  She hated that I'm bi.  She's one of the reasons I was kicked out of the family.  So I'll go haunt the funeral and then come home the next day, after I hear what I already know, there's nothing up there for me."  Ryan took his hand to hold. "I'm fine.  I haven't seen her since I got kicked out at nineteen.  This is just a social formality and obligation."

"Family shouldn't be that way," Eric's mother said firmly.

He stared her down.  "My father kicked me out when I was nineteen.  According to him and the rest, I have no family.  I'll honor the fact that she's in my gene pool and the cousins and my sister will tell their children that I'm evil, that if they're bad they'll turn out like me.  Then they'll watch their kids harder to make sure I'm an aberration, like they said when my mother died."  He shrugged.  "It's not a big deal.  I can be socially polite for two days and then come back and get a great deal of cuddles."

"When do you have to go?" Ryan asked.

"Day after tomorrow.  You two will be back at work anyway."

"Are you sure you want to go alone?  I mean, we did just get you back," Eric offered gently.

Tony smiled. "I love that you worry so much, but I thought it was Ryan's job."  They both laughed at that.  Eric's mother sighed.  "Don't worry, you'll never have to see any of my family," he promised with a gentle smile.  "Not only are they assholes but half of them are bigots too.  They don't really leave their small circle of lands and habitats.  It upsets their delicate natures."  She nodded wisely at that.  "Thankfully, I raised myself well."

"You did," she praised.  "Very well.  Even if you do need two boyfriends."  He smiled at that and she snorted, shaking her head.  "I like you, Tony, but you had better continue to make my son happy, or else."

"Yes, ma'am."

She smiled. "Good boy.   As long as we're understood.  I can beat your former boss easily."

"I'd like to see that match," Ryan mused.  Eric kicked him under the table, earning a hurt look.  "Gibbs against your mother?  It'd be an hour-long special on pay-per-view that might be worth the fifty bucks."  Eric moaned and shook his head.  He grinned at her. "His former boss is a Marine."

"He claims Bastard is part of his name," Tony agreed.

She snorted.  "I'm Cubano, Tony.  Nothing gets past us in the area of stubbornness and nothing hurts out children without a revolution."

Eric snorted.  "You should've heard it when one of Marisol's boyfriends said she was getting fat in front of Momma.  I ducked for cover.  Both of them went after him.  He crawled off crying.  Literally."  They both smiled at that and his mother looked pleased.  "Eat, before it all goes to waste."  They all dug in, changing the topic to happier, work- related things.

At the end of dinner, she pulled Tony aside.  "Some day I will demand grandchildren, Tony.  Whether or not they're yours or Eric's, I won't care."

He pulled out his wallet and showed her a picture of Abby in scary vamp goth.  "She's my best friend and she'd do it in a heartbeat.  All she'd demand is a kiss and backrubs."

She blinked at the picture, then at him.  "Is she sane?"  He beamed and nodded.  "Eric, would Calleigh give me a granddaughter?"

"No, Ma.  You asked her and she told you she'd have to already have one of her own first."  He came to look at the picture.  "I liked Abby when she was in.  I can see why she's one of your best friends.  Even if I did want to beat Kate a few times."  He stole a kiss and went back to dishes with Ryan.

Tony grinned.  "I promise, all I have to do is ask and she'll be there as soon as she can fly down, and jump us all to have the baby."

She patted him on the cheek.  "I can wait for a few more years."  She gathered her purse.  "Eric, you get to tell your sister.  Don't call for a few days so I can remind your father you're with Ryan again, before she squeals."  He nodded, smirking at her.  "She will."

"She will, but she'll make Tony go shopping with her since she said we have bad taste and put her in demure schoolgirl stuff."

Tony held up Abby's other picture.  "I like schoolgirl stuff."

"Not that sort," Ryan said, smirking at him.  "I doubt you could get Marisol to go goth.  But do try.  We want to see the results."  Eric gave him an odd look.  "I can't imagine her in a dog collar and a plaid skirt, like Abby wears.  She's more glamorous than goth."

Eric sighed and shook his head.  "Tony, come kiss him back into sanity?  The fumes from the cleaners are rotting his head."  Tony bounced over to kiss Ryan stupid.  "Ma, can I walk you out?"

"Please, dear."  He smiled and walked her out, then came back to get in some pouncing of his own.


Mac walked back into his office and sat down to look at the paperwork left for him.  Stella walked in and he looked at her.  "How long have you known about this?"

"Five years.  I stopped Don from being kidnaped once and they told me the basics about why the person wanted him and why Don wasn't going to press charges.  I'm usually nagging for more details, like what happens at conventions and private stuff."  She shrugged and smiled.  "Blew your mind?"

"Very," he admitted, leaving off the 'in more ways than one'.  "Their friend Tony is safely back with his boyfriends in Miami. The agents who took him back were left with the decision of what to do with the kidnaper.  Tony's fine though."

"Good!  Tony and guys like him need lots of love."  She smiled at him.  "Are you sure you're okay?"  He nodded.  "Don't wreck on the way home, Mac.  I don't want this office full time."  She smiled and walked off, heading to find Danny and get more details.  She found Flack down his throat and making begging noises.  She kissed him on the cheek.  "You're noisy," she teased, making him yelp.  Danny spanked her but got him off, making Don a happy boy again.  She helped Danny up and grinned at him.  "So, how was Miami?"

"Decent.  They have prettier bodies than we do up here."  He shrugged and tucked Don back in, patting him on the cheek.  "Stella, you traumatized him!"

"Sorry, Don, but you're so cute when you're lost in the zone," she cooed, pinching him on the cheek.

"Eww!  Go away!  Danny, she tried to claim I was a good teddybear."

"You're the one who cuddles," he reminded him dryly.

"Yeah, because you don't cuddle, you lay on top of me and act like really heavy restraints."

Mac walked past where they were hiding.  "Guys, there's still others in the building," he noted gently as he walked.  "Go home!"

"Good idea, Mac!  Knew you were the boss for a reason," Stella called, grinning at them.  "Shoo!  Follow orders this time, boys."  They ran out, heading for Don's car.  She smiled.  They were so cute!  She found Mac in the parking lot.  "Don promised me a tape for making him eat chocolate ice cream for breakfast."

"I don't need those details, Stella," he complained. "All I need are blunt statements of fact in this case, not details.  Definitely not evidence."  He slid into his car and headed for home, going to find something to take the images of Tony sucking him off and him being taken by Danny and Don out of his head.  Because he wasn't gay.  Or even really bi.  It was just a stuck thought.  He was too old to change and too resistant to it.  He was a Marine, they weren't flexible people.


Tony came back from the funeral and found Horatio waiting on him.  "Am I in trouble?"

"No, making sure you came home," he promised, smiling at him.  "We're cooking out tonight if you three wanted to come over," he offered as he walked him off.  He looked at the suit.  "I like that.  Cashmere?"

"Washed lambswool and a silk shirt," he offered with a small smile.  "It's colder in the Northeast."

"I remember."  He patted him on the back.  "Bags?"

"Just the one."  He ducked to get it and then joined him again on the walkway.  "Thank you, Horatio."

"Not a problem, Tony.  How bad was it?"

"They pulled their kids away from me.  One of them suggested I was going to molest their kids.  I pointed out to the cop that I'm gay, I've got a boyfriend who enjoys my ass too much for me to go for anyone, and I don't touch kids, never have and never will.  He reminded me that those with narrow minds don't often get them to open, even with a pry bar.  The funeral is what I expected.  The will was a shock.  She left me my old teddybear."  He shrugged.  "I got it with me.  It's a nice bear."  He looked at him.  "How was Miami?"

"Good.  Same old same old," he offered as they walked outside.  "Are you okay?"

"I expected them to be even ruder.  I don't care.  They haven't been my family in a long time."  Horatio smiled at that.  "Are you dropping me off at home or did you need my help?"

"No, at your apartment.  Eric said to warn you Ryan cleaned it last night."  He got him into the hummer and headed there.   "He also said that he told his sister, who's looking forward to shopping with you."  He smiled at him.  "She thinks those two are the only gay men with bad taste in clothes.  She hates Ryan's sweater vest."

"I like his sweater vest.  It makes him look smart and cute.   It's a look that gets him underestimated by the perps.  That's why I went hot and smart so many times.  Turtlenecks and jackets, things like that.  Abby used to call it my Professor Tony look."  Horatio smirked. "Like your suits are camouflage, so are his vests."

Horatio smirked at him.  "They're not really."

"Horatio, please.  You've got as much thug in you as Don and Danny do.  Mac, Gibbs, and Eric would go coldly clinical in a bar brawl.  You and Danny would kick ass and then spit on them, while Ryan and I kicked ass from the edges of the crowd."  Horatio chuckled at that.  "You would.  I bet you were hell in college."

"You have no idea."  He parked and let Tony out.  "There you go.  Call once you get inside."  Tony nodded, kissing him on the cheek before getting out and heading upstairs.  He called a minute later, hanging up after an 'I'm safe'.  Horatio headed back to the office.  Tony did read people very well.  The more he knew Tony the more he saw why Gibbs was so obsessed about getting him back.


Tony smiled at the young woman who bounced up to him.  "You must be Marisol.  You're pretty like Eric is," he teased.

She swatted him.  "He gets it from the women in the family, not us from him thank you."  Then she smiled.  "I'm thinking you're Tony, the new slut on his arm?"

"Please, sweetie.  I like my spot between them."  She blushed and he smirked. "I'm a happy slut too."  He stood up, taking her arm properly. "You said you wanted to shop.  Where are we headed?"

"I need something for a party tonight."

"Okay.  Rave party, club party, rich poser asshole party, rich poser asshole party with press there so they can do stupid shit party?  What sort of party?"  She gave him an odd look.  "I've worked in Baltimore and Philly, plus DC, Marisol.  I've met a few."  He grinned.  "So tell me what sort of budget and how cute and hot am I making you?"

"I want to be the belle of the party and get all the best numbers, which I'll toss away most of."

"Okay, so you want Eric to squeak and stare, then spank me later?" he offered.

"If you think you can get me that hot, please.  Ryan put me in knit."

He chuckled.  "I'm sure he did."  He led her into a store he had scouted yesterday and right to the rack he had seen things he liked on.  He held up two, looking at them then at her.  He switched to another one, weighing the choices.  "Try those two and this one on," he ordered, handing over a different third one.  "Then we'll see."  She nodded, taking them to try them on.  When she came out in the third one, even the saleswoman gaped in awe.  He smirked.  "Try on the other two just in case."

She looked at herself, then went to do that.  She decided on the pale blue greek-style chiton dress.  It wasn't as hot as the third but it was flowing and she looked ethereal in it.  Since the saleswoman told her she looked like a Goddess, that was good enough for her, especially when the woman admitted she wasn't a lesbian.  She got the third one as well, then went to find shoes.  Some strappy high heel sandals and she was set.  At least until they ran into one of her friends outside.   She smiled and kissed her cheek.  "I'm picking up something new for Michael's party tonight.  You?"

"That shop's so dated," she complained.

Tony looked at her. "True beauty has no expiration date.  Only fake and plastic beauty that needs a trowel, a hose, or chemicals to be applied does."  She stomped off.  He looked at her.  "You have better taste than her."

"I know she's a catty bitch," she promised, leading him back to the car.  "If I'm not the hit of the party tonight I'll go out to the clubs and make Eric roar at me."  She beamed.  "So, tell me about this organization I saw at the convention?"

He swallowed.  "Well, we're not exactly a secret group but we're not greatly open.  Most of us are bi.  The title pretty well says it all, Marisol."

She nodded.  "So why were you kidnaped?"

"Because guys and girls in the group are the natural born concubines."

"Ah, the reason for Eric's bright grin this morning.  Make sure he sees me tonight, Tony."

"Get changed and I'll bring you to the station so you can switch cars out with him," he offered.  She cackled and nodded, taking him back to her family's home to change.

Their mother came out, kissing him and leading him into the kitchen.  "I take it you found her something that will make the boys drool?"

"I did.  I found her two of them.  The salesgirl told her she wasn't a lesbian but she'd go on her knees for her."  Eric's mother blushed and swatted him but got him some water.  "Thank you, Mrs. Delko."

"Momma, please," she ordered.  She stared at her daughter when she came back.  Just stared.  "Which one is that one?" she asked finally.

"It's this or the one I got told I looked like a goddess in."

"Change," she ordered. "Let's see how good his taste is."  Marisol skipped off and came out in that one, making her blink.  "Wear the other one and take pictures of your brother's face, dear."  Tony giggled at that.  "You can do that I'm sure."

"I can."  He grinned at her.  "I have a camera in the car."  He jogged out to get it and came back to take her picture, then she smiled and changed.  He fussed with her hair, winding it up and back off her neck, but leaving the ends trailing down her back.  "There, perfect."  She blushed and nodded. "I know, but it's just the guy I am.  Too many times undercover."  He winked at their mother.  "We're going to let her switch cars with Eric."

Mrs. Delko snickered and waved them off, watching as her daughter was escorted out like a proper lady.  "He'll definitely shake Eric's world up a bit more," she decided, and decided it was a good thing.


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