Marisol was escorted into the station by Tony, nodding at the guard.  "Is Eric Delko in?" he asked the receptionist.  "His sister needs to switch cars with him."

"I'll page him.  You look very nice, Miss Delko."  Marisol blushed and grinned. "Are you two dating?"

"Shopping buddies," Tony told her.  He winked at her when Eric came out, taking a few pictures of his face when he saw her.  The best one he emailed to Ryan with the pictures of the dresses.  "Look what I found her," he said proudly.

Eric finally wiped the drool off and started to shake his head. "No way!  Go change!  Now!  You're much too young and good to wear that one!"

Tony showed him the other picture, earning a whimper.  "The saleswoman said she wasn't lesbian but she'd do her," he shared quietly.  Eric whimpered and glared at his sister.  "Now, hand over your keys since you've got the prettier car and I'll make sure you don't have to remember this look on her," he whispered.  Eric handed over his keys, giving Tony a 'you owe me' look before stomping off.

She giggled.  "That was so fun!" she said happily, bouncing outside to take Eric's car.  She gave Tony her keys and then went back to the car.

Tony handed them to the receptionist.  "Here, for when he calms down."  She giggled and nodded, putting them in an envelope for him.  "Thank you."  He grinned and headed out.

"Tony!" Alexx called, jogging to catch up to him.  "What's wrong?  Another one?"

"No, I was bringing Marisol over so she could switch cars with Eric.  I was her shopping buddy today."  He showed her the pictures of her dresses, making her smile. "I'm a good shopping buddy."  He winked and headed to catch a cab home.  "Tell him the keys are at the desk."

"Of course."  She giggled and went to tease Eric.  It was one of her favorite pasttimes.  The poor boy got so flustered sometimes.


 Ryan looked at his phone as the pictures came across, swallowing.  "Hey, Speed?"  He held out his phone. "Tony's found a shopping buddy."

He looked, then at him.  "Eric's sister?"  Horatio came over to look over his shoulder.  "She looks nice."

"That is definitely Marisol," Horatio said quietly.  "Hopefully he'll send over pictures of Eric's expression when he sees her.  Which is she wearing?"

"The blue one that matches her eyes," Ryan said, showing him the text message.  Another picture came through, one of Eric looking like he was babbling and staring, while drooling.  "I think he's impressed."

Horatio looked, then laughed.  "Tony is very good at making people have that look."  He went back to work.

Speed smirked.  "Save that one, Wolfe. I want a copy for blackmail."  He went back to work as well.


Ryan walked into the apartment last and slammed the door, heading to where Tony was deep throating Eric so he'd forget what his sister looked like.  He silently undid his pants and belt, then nudged him with a foot, getting a slurp of his own, but Eric demanded his attention so he got him back.  Ryan moved closer, straddling Eric's lap so their cocks nearly touched, giving Tony a better chance of getting them both.

Eric moaned.  "Did he send you the pictures?"

"Your sister is very hot but I like you in your wetsuit more," Ryan promised, kissing him while Tony worked on both of them.  "You're hotter in your bathing suit than she is in the prettiest dress and heels."  He smiled and Tony gave him one last good suck, letting him get off.  Eric moaned, watching as Tony's head turned, brushing his wet cock with the soft hair, and Ryan got the same privilege.  Ryan moaned and held onto Eric's shoulders, giving up then and there.  Tony could do whatever he wanted to him tonight.  His pager went off, making him swear.  Eric got it for him and held it up.  "Damn it!"  He pulled off and kissed him.  "Let me call in.  Then you can finish, baby."  He called in.  "What, boss?"  He listened, then nodded slowly. "No, I'm home and nearly undressed by now, boss.  Why do you need me to work a double?  What's he doing this time?"  He groaned and sighed.  "That was unfair, you're right.  Can I have an hour to eat and stuff?"  He nodded.  "Thank you."  He hung up.  "Damn it."  Tony moved over but Ryan pulled him off and up to kiss him. "I've got to pull a double, I don't even have time to eat."  He took another kiss.  "Keep your mouth ready for me later.  When I finally get home, I'll want it again."  He took a third kiss and did up his pants and belt, heading back out.

Tony pouted at Eric.  "I guess I get to wear out my bouncy mood on you."  He pounced, driving Eric back into the couch so he could get what he needed and they both wanted.  Eric in his hole and pounding him into the couch.  Then a good dinner and taking it to the shower or the bed.


Ryan walked into his boss's office.  "I'm here."

"Should I applaud?"

"No, but I never got the memo saying I needed to work a double tonight, boss. Where did you leave it?"

"Your locker."

"Which was open when I got in," he reminded him.  His boss nodded at that.  "Who's jealous?"

"It's more where your dick is planted."

"Firmly inside my boy?  Figures.  Oh, well.  I'm not yielding.   Like the labs, I am a hummer.  They're little cruisers."  That got a smirk.  "I will run over anyone who tries me."

"I know you will.  Tell me first."

"Sure, I can try to do that.  Where do you want me tonight?"

"CSI just got called out.  I'll send you out with them for now. Then we'll talk about routes."  Ryan nodded, taking the assignment location and heading out.  "Be safe," he muttered.  "You may think you're a hummer but there's a few of them."

Ryan walked onto the scene, nodding at one of the other dayshift guys to go.  "I'm on for a double tonight.  Head, man."  That got a smile and they left.  He signed in that he was there, then took the clipboard, and the other guy left too.  "Gee, make me feel loved," he muttered.  Calleigh looked over at him.  "My locker was open and a memo saying I needed to work a double today was gone."

"I'm sorry."

"So am I, especially if I have to run over someone."  She smiled and got back to her body.  "They cleared the scene?"

"Sure did.  Relax, Ryan."  She plucked up something to look at, then bagged it.  "I have no idea what that is.  Speed's going to love me for that."

"Probably not," he noted dryly, watching the crowds walking around them.  He glared at someone who was coming near the scene.  "Excuse you, this isn't a spectator sport.  Back away from the line or be arrested, buddy."  The guy gave him a horrified look and backed off.  "Thank you.  Further."  He nodded and left them alone.  He glared at a few other lookers.  "Remember, if you do that now, someone will do it to your body when you die!" he called.  They shuddered and hurried off.  She laughed again.  "They will."

"People are curious about death, we know this.  That's why we put up the tape."  She found another sample of that stuff and bagged it as well.  Then she moved so Alexx could get in.  "Hi."

"Hi.  You guys always seem to call whenever I want a bubble bath."  Calleigh grinned at that.

"Down!" Ryan shouted, pulling his gun.  "Put it down now!"

"You're a security guard!"

"Idiot, I'm with the PD!  Put it down!  Now!"

Calleigh pulled her gun and stood up, pointing it at him.  "Put it down, now!" she ordered.  He laughed.  "What?  Think I won't since I'm female and blonde?"

"Yes!" he snorted.  He moved closer and Ryan moved to get in his way.  "Back off, guard."  He pulled up his gun and Ryan shot him in the leg, making him scream and fall down.

"Guard am I?" he snorted.  He pulled down his radio. "Dispatch, this is Wolfe.  I have a GSW suspect in custody.  Need ambulance and transport."  He put it back on his shoulder.  "You two okay?"  They nodded.  "Good.  Let me do this.  Go back to work."  A few other officers came running and he pointed.  "He decided I was a security guard."  One of them gaped.  "Yes, me," he said dryly.  "Get him out of here and book his ass for trying to shoot us all.  He told Calleigh she was just a girl and wouldn't shoot him."

"He shot me," he whimpered.  "That's police brutality!"

"He had his gun on us and was raising it to take aim," Calleigh told them.  "He wanted to get shot.  Get the supervisor down here."  One nodded, making that call.  "Make him quit whining like my neighbor's cat while she's in heat."  A few of the guys gaped at her.  "Yes, me, boys.  I did your job once too."  They backed away.

Horatio came jogging over.  "Is everyone all right?"

"Ryan shot him when he raised his gun up further to take aim," she told him.  "He's whining like a bitch in heat.  Told Ryan he was a security guard.  Decided I couldn't be a cop because I'm female, blonde, and cute."

Horatio nodded.  "Some people don't see the real threats."  He glared at the man and he shut up.  "Thank you, that was annoying noise."  The paramedics came jogging over.  "This man tried to shoot two officers and our ME.  I want him locked down and escorted."

"Yes, Lieutenant," one of them agreed.  He looked at him. "Internal Affairs was right behind us, sir."

"Understood.  Thank you for the warning."  He looked at Ryan.  "Why are you here?"

"I got told I'm pulling a double today in the memo that got taken out of my open locker this morning."

"Very interesting.  Any idea why?"


"Bad judgement on their parts."

"Ya think?" he snarked, earning a snort and a mild smirk.  He glared at the IAB officer coming over.  "Detective Stetler.  This is my gun," he said, handing it over.  "He was aiming at us.  Called me a security guard.  Decided Detective Duquesne was harmless because she's female and blonde."

"Don't forget cute," Calleigh offered dryly.  "He did."

"Um, Lieutenant?" one of the paramedics offered, waving a hand.  "You might want to come look at this."  Horatio walked over to look at the ID, then growled.  He handed it over to him.  "Here you go, sir.  Who's escorting us?" he demanded as they loaded the idiot onto a gurney.  One of the officers followed, handcuffing him to the gurney.

Horatio fingered it then tossed it at Stetler.  "There, something for you to do tonight instead of fantasizing about prison."  He looked at Ryan.  "Are you all right?" he asked quietly.

"My first one but I'll be sick somewhere not on the crime scene," he said firmly.

"Good man.  Go now, I've got the scene with these officers."  Ryan nodded, going to get sick in private, Stetler following along, but coming away from him looking grossed out.  "His first one," he offered quietly.

"I puked on the guy doing my review," he said bitterly.  He looked at Calleigh.  "I'll need a statement from both of you, ladies."  They both nodded.  "Whenever you get back I want to be the first to know."

"Once I log in evidence," Calleigh said firmly.  "That is procedure and I'm not giving you an opening."

"Fine.  As soon as you're done."  He looked at Horatio.  "Why did you come?"

"They reported shots fired at my officer's scene.  Where else would I be?"

He walked off, taking Ryan back to the office to take his statement there.  His boss came in to supervise but otherwise it went as normal.  The supervisor noted that something had happened earlier in the day and the grapevine already had it being an officer.  Stetler asked some questions about it, making notes.  Then he left them alone.  Ryan was sent home.

Tony saw Ryan come in and ran over to hug him.  "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," he offered quietly, looking at him.  "Did you hear?"

"No, but I figure there's only one reason you're home early, there was a shooting near you."

"My first one," he admitted.

Tony hugged him.  "I remember my first one," he offered, leading him to the couch to calm him down, telling him what had happened.  Ryan got sick again but that was normal.  He got him some tea and soothed him back into a calm state.  Then he and Eric cuddled him.


Ryan reported to Horatio the next morning, smiling at him.  "Good morning."

"Good morning, Officer Wolfe.  Shut the door."  He did that and stood in front of the desk.  "I just got back from a meeting with my boss."  Ryan moaned.  "He said I could either have another officer or the microscope upgrade we were scheduled for."

"I understand, Lieutenant.  I can wait another six months."

"Why?  We didn't need the new microscopes.  We only needed another one.  We can afford that and your salary."  He tossed over his new ID, giving him a look.  "Go change and report back here, Officer Wolfe."

"Thank you, Lieutenant. You won't be sorry."

"I had better not be, Ryan."  That got a grin.  "Go change.  Report back here so I can put you with Speed for training."

"Yes, sir."  He went to do that, finding three guys in the locker room.  "Well, guys, you get to mostly get rid of me."  He got into his locker and started with his radio, like usual.

"Are they firing you?" one sneered.

"No, they're moving my department."  His locker was closed on him and he looked at the people around him.  "That won't work, you won't like what'll happen.  Really."

"What?  Your boyfriend going to come in and save you?" that one sneered.  "Or are you going to cry now?"

Ryan crossed his arms and leaned against the locker. "Did you guys ever see me cry?  And no, my boyfriend is presently off today.  So he's laying on the couch if he's smart, or getting lunch if he's hungry.  He's like that."  One of them took a swing and he ducked, letting him hit his locker.  "Feel better now?" he asked.  "I know I do."

"What the hell is going on in here!" Speed yelled as he walked in.

Ryan shrugged.  "They're wishing me well when you train me, Detective.  I'm trying to get changed, like Lieutenant Caine ordered."

"Go back to it, Wolfe.  You're already behind today."  That got a nod and Ryan reopened his locker.  Speed looked at the guy holding his hand. "You might wanna ice that.  Hitting lockers is hazardous, especially since that looks like your gun hand, idiot."  He glared at him.  "Try it.  Really."

"It's fine.  They're misled," Ryan said calmly, putting his gun belt inside his locker.  It was slammed on him again and someone took another swing.  He hit him back, driving him to the floor to get him, then tripping the next one that came over.

Speed pulled three of them off and handcuffed two of them to a bench, slapping the other one.  He helped Ryan up, looking at his mouth.  "We'll let Alexx look at that.  Finish changing."  He called Horatio.  "Come to the locker room and bring Alexx so she can look at Ryan's lip.  Now.  Yes, I mean now."  He hung up.  "Change."  Ryan nodded, getting out of his uniform and back into regular clothes. He clipped his gun back on, then his badge.

"You're a disgrace!" one of them yelled.

Horatio slammed the door open.  "I think I've heard enough.  Ryan, you'll want more comfortable shoes as well."  Ryan nodded, sitting down to change into sneakers.  Horatio stuck his head outside, glaring at the supervisor's office.  He looked up at the feel of the glare and came running.  "I believe you need to have a talk with some of these men.  Alexx, inside. Please look at Ryan's lip and make sure he's fit for duty."  He looked at the supervisor. "He's mine now."

"More power to him," the supervisor told him.  He looked at the officers, then at him.  "Do you want to press charges, sir?"


"It'd only cause more problems.  As long as it never happens again.  Next time I will.  I'll cackle pleasingly and eat popcorn while they're led away."  His former boss stared at him. "I only came in to change."

"You know they don't like gay cops."

"That's their problem.  I don't change to suit others.  I'm happy with who I am.  I'm a damn good cop, or else I wouldn't be getting moved."

"You have been.  Good luck in CSI, Wolfe.  You sure about pressing charges?"

"As long as they're stopped, I'm good without it.  They come near my family or Tony and they're going to be in pain.  Tony got trained by a Marine when he was in NCIS and three PDs beyond that."

"Agreed," he said, sighing a bit.  "I guess it's good that gay cops get together.  Someone's got to support you guys.  Can I have them now, Lieutenant?"

"As long as I never see them again," he ordered.  That got a nod.  "And notes are made so that this is quietly known about."

"Agreed."  Speed unlocked the two he had handcuffed, getting out of the way.  "My office, boys.  Now."  Most of them trudged that way.

One of them looked at Wolfe. "You and your kind will leave and quit making us look like the shit you fuck."

Horatio looked at him.  "I do believe that was a threat."  He went pale.  "Believe me, you're in trouble now.  Rick!" he called.  The IAB guy was lurking wherever he was.  It was reasonable that he'd be there.  The guy came into the changing room.  "Officer Wolfe was just assaulted by this officer.  Now, Officer Wolfe was kind and reasonable enough not to press charges for the good of the job.  As long as this one stayed away from everyone in his life.  Then this one decides to make a threat."  He obviously looked at the man's nametag even though he knew who he was.  "Ah, Crims."  He looked at Stetler. "I heard him make a threat that Ryan would be leaving the job one way or another.  I do believe that's in your area."

"Horatio, please, I don't want to make it harder," Ryan said quietly.  "Let him vent.  His mind is sludge already.  It won't get any better. It's like that scene about two, nearly three months ago with the guy who died of the flu in his own pile of refuse."  Speed shuddered at that.  "That's all his mind is."

"It is," he agreed, smirking at him.  "You'll be an asset to us, Ryan.  Go with Speed."  That got a nod.  He looked at Stetler.  "Ryan is still thinking this can be stopped by some overt pressure.  I do hope he's correct."

"I'm already putting a mark into his file for attacking Officer Wolfe," the supervisor offered.

"Why?" Stetler asked.

"He's a fag!" Crims shouted.  "We don't need his sort!"

Stetler looked at him.  "You know the list of the most effective officers?  The ones that CSI top nearly every year?  Out of the top hundred, thirty-five are gay."  He looked horrified.  "A few other CSI are gay. He'll be just fine there.  I'm sure Horatio can make sure he's happy, content, and doing well in the job."

"He wanted him kept away from his family, friends, and boyfriend, Former Special Agent DiNozzo," Horatio said quietly.

"The kidnaping victim?"  Horatio nodded.  "That's why he was working with you."  He smirked at him.

"It kept him calm.  Having him on the streets would've lead to his death, probably from a car accident."

"Point. Was he at least helpful?"

"Very.  He helped Eric quite a lot.  We've been training him on the scenes now for a few months."

"Wonderful.  Have him," the supervisor agreed.  "He's creating division in my ranks."

"That's not a bad thing considering what they were willing to do," Horatio reminded him, getting a furious look.  "Do you think the others were going to *watch* him beat Ryan and not help?"

"Enough," Stetler ordered.  "This one made a second threat.  I know Wolfe doesn't want the trouble. You're going on report.  You're going to be moved.  The others will have reports put into their files about their violent views on the gay officers in the city.  I'll help the supervisor decide how he breaks up that pack so they can't reform here.  Officer Crims will be going to a very unpleasing task I'm sure."  He walked him off, taking him to the office with the supervisor behind him.

Horatio walked off after checking Ryan's locker.  He headed back into the labs, finding the one those two were working in.  "The pack is being broken up."

"Thank you, Lieutenant."

"What he was doing wasn't right, Ryan.  Remember, you have support here."  He walked off, going back to his office to make notes.  Just in case this was continued on.


Tony heard his doorbell ring and sighed, going to answer it. "Director.  Hold on, let me put on a shirt," he offered, going to grab one before letting him in.  "I thought we were going to be meeting at the station."  He waved a hand at the couch after a visual inspection. "Would you like some coffee or water, sir?"

"No, that's all right, Tony."  Tony sat across from him.  "I want to know what happened between you and Jethro."

"It was my life and Gibbs didn't like some of the groups I belonged to.  He fired me. Then he called back a few hours later to talk about it.  I said no.  I said I wasn't coming back.  He got stuck on that thought.  I'm sorry if this has caused the agency to look bad."

"No, it hasn't.  We've kept it out of the view of everyone else.  What group?"  Tony stared at him.  "I do need a full report to decide what to do, Agent DiNozzo."

"I'm a member of a select society of people who have a hormone condition that make us more prone to needing the pleasures in life, or else we lose focus."

"You're a member of GHS?"  Tony nodded.  "I see.  Rating?"

"Seven.  There weren't any other members in the city and I was floundering before I went to the convention.  Gibbs didn't like the thought of the group.  We fought.  I came back to pack and move down here.  He got stuck on the thought that I'm his agent, that he trained me, and didn't want to let me go.  If I had to say anything, I'm not so sure it isn't that problem that makes people take us affecting him.  He's very dom. It's not the first time that sort of obsession has been seen in that group."

"I see."  He considered it.  "So you think your hormones were the thing that was driving him to his obsession?"  Tony nodded.  "Can you prove it?"

"Is he still hooked on it, even after nearly two weeks of not seeing me?"

"Not as much.  He's down to giving your desk sad looks.  That would nearly prove your theory," he admitted thoughtfully.  "So the best thing you see is...."

"For me to regain control.  I'm down here to do my Masters.  During that time I'll have two wonderful keepers to take care of me and help me wear it out and regain my focus.  Gibbs knows all he has to do is call and I'll be back if he needs me.  When I'm done with my masters we'll see if I'm fit to come back at that time.  Right now, I can't.  I'm on a hormone high I think."

"I understand.  I also know you are because you're affecting me now and I've never admired men."  He grimaced.  "Are you willing to help him?"

"Anytime he needs me, sir."

"Thank you, Agent DiNozzo.  I've got you on semi-permanent leave for education reasons.  Even if I'm not there when you're ready to try again, it will be noted that you're to be put back on Gibbs' team."  He stood up.  "Do they treat you well?"  Tony's grin told him all he needed to know.  "In truth, do you think Gibbs could handle the job?"

"Not as a keeper if that's what you mean.  Gibbs is a dom, sir.  None of us are into that.  I had one who tried; I had to leave to get away from him before he drove me over the edge.  Letting Gibbs be in that position on the team was driving me even further down.  Between that and not being able to wear it out?  I was nearly taken twice within the sixteen weeks before the convention.  I couldn't tell him why."

"Of course not."  He gave him a gentle smile.  "Finish it as fast as you can and get as stable as you can, Agent DiNozzo.  He needs you back. He's riding McGee too hard."

"You could give him a temporary agent, one who's moving to their own team.  One who's coming back from injury leave?"

"I could.  I'll talk to him about that.  Thank you."  He nodded and left.

Tony slumped down and groaned, letting out a small whimper. Why did everyone want Gibbs to be his keeper?  He called Ryan's cell.  "I thought I was going to get your voicemail.  The director was here.  I'm in educational semi-permanent leave with the group.  He wants me back.  He seems to think Gibbs needs me too and that he'd eventually make a decent keeper.  No, I'm whining," he admitted.  He smiled. "Congrats. Why are you lisping?"  He grimaced.  "I'll have the cold pack in the freezer for you.  Are you two coming here to celebrate or there?"  He smiled.  "Sure, I'll bring the champagne there.  Should I pick up dinner?"  He nodded.  "Good.  Later.  Love you."  He hung up and went to get what he needed to make a good dinner and bring it over to Ryan's apartment.  He gathered up a picnic basket and headed out, smiling as he let himself into Ryan's apartment.  He put the cold pack he was using to keep the champagne cold in the freezer, the wine into the fridge, then got to work setting the table for dinner.  He heard a key in the lock and looked over, smiling until he saw the strange man.  "You would be?" he asked politely.  Ryan said he had an uncle nearby.

"Better question is, who are you?" he demanded.

"I'm Tony, I'm a friend of Ryan's, we're having dinner tonight to celebrate his transfer to CSI.  Again, you would be?"  The man glared.  "Let me amend my introduction.  Federal Agent Tony DiNozzo."  The man blinked, eyes wide.  "Again, last time, your name would be?  Before I have to cuff you and search you?"

"I'm the manager.  Someone reported someone in here when we know Ryan works days."

"He does, he also just got transferred today.  Like I said, we're having dinner.  I have a key.  You can call him if you want."  He pushed the button and tossed over the phone, then went back to setting the table.  "Ask him if I need to set more than three settings."

"Um, Officer Wolfe, this is your apartment manager.  I got a report of someone being in your apartment and found a man named Tony in here setting your table?  He wants to know if he needs to set more than three places?  Should I call someone?"  He nodded.  "That's fine, sir.  Thank you.  Congratulations."  He hung up and handed it back.  "He said no."

"That's fine," he offered with a smile.  "It's okay.  I'm going to finish cooking dinner and all that stuff."

"That's fine.  I'll let the old biddy downstairs know you're one of his friends cooking him dinner.  Thank you, sir."  He walked out, closing the door behind him.

Tony looked over as the door opened again.  "He brought you down with him?" he asked dryly.

"He did.  He also explained it to me."  Gibbs closed the door but stayed there.   "This... hormone thing of yours.  How potent is it?"

"They rescued me from where?" he countered, leaning against the table.

"Point."  The door behind him moved and he got out of the way.  Eric glared at him.  "I'm only here to talk.  I'm not upsetting him."  He looked at Tony.  "This...hormone thing.  How strong is it?  How long will it affect people and why doesn't it affect McGee or Kate?"

"It does affect McGee.  On him, it made him paternal."

"Him disobeying orders to get you out of DC."  Tony nodded.  "When did you realize that?"

"About three days ago.  It's one of those things that happen.  The same as Kate's jealous because I'm in opposition to her natural het woman hormones."  He shrugged.  "Eric, Ryan's ice pack is in the freezer and can you turn the oven to broil so it gets brown and crispy on top?"

"Sure, but he's gonna be a while.  Speed's got him back at the crime scene."

"That's fine.  It's best served cold anyway," he offered with a grin.  Eric nodded, doing that.  The kitchen was still in line of sight.  "I'm sorry, Gibbs.  If I had known I was doing this to you, I would have quit last year."

"No, now that I know we can do something about this."  He moved closer.  "How long will this last on me?"

"I don't know.  I can't tell how long it was working before.  I know that I was on a hormone spike about sixteen weeks before the convention when someone came for me again.  I tried *everything* to wear it out, boss.  I really did."

"I believe you.  You wouldn't do this to me, DiNozzo.  Especially since you said I'd make a horrible keeper."

"Being a keeper means that you've got to spoil and revel in their natures," Eric advised.  He looked at the casserole, then at him. "Broil?"  Tony nodded.  "It's not bubbly."

"It'll do that on broil."  Eric nodded and did that.  "Thanks."  He grinned at him then back at Gibbs.  "I don't know if it was because I couldn't wear it out for so long, if it was something that got tapped into by the meds that I got while I was sick, I don't know why it came back so strong.  I had it under control, barely, until I got sick.  When I got out I didn't realize I was letting it build again. I tried everything I knew, Gibbs, even going to the club in Baltimore."

"Okay.  I get that."  He moved a bit closer.  "It's obviously not as strong now since I don't feel like handcuffing you to me.  Would this normally be something that would happen?"  Tony shook his head.  "So, you having a keeper now means that you'd be able to work?"

"Maybe, in a few months.  Not right now.  Actually, I'm kinda enjoying the college thing.  I'm seen as the older, wiser, hot guy who can teach the young, hot chicks things."  Eric grinned at that.  "You?"

"Party boy jock."  He took a kiss and looked at the casserole.  "Bubbly and nice."  He turned it off and pulled it out.  "Fridge?"

"Freezer.  Ice cold."  Eric looked at him. "Trust me."  Eric nodded, going to do that. He looked at Gibbs again.  "This isn't something I can control, boss."

"I realize that now that I'm not being snowballed by this stuff.  So, it'll go away?" Tony nodded.  "You think I want to train other officers?"

"No, but I think you can be sure that injured ones are ready for duty again."

"Point."  He smirked at him.  "Not a good one though."

"It'll keep your team ready, Gibbs.  I can't be sure if it'll be a year or two or ever. I don't know if it'll ever go down again.  Right now Eric and Ryan are barely holding it down."

"They're probably clearing the backlog."

"Guys just a bit higher than him usually have at least one keeper and a lover on the side," Eric offered.

Ryan walked in.  "Not another one.  Not today," he complained.  "Do you mind?"

"I'm not here for him, just here to talk," Gibbs told him calmly.  "He thinks his hormones were taking over my mind."

"Uh-huh, and what was your reason before he got the plague and you ordered him not to die?" Ryan asked.

"It kept him alive."

Ryan looked at him.  "You actually believe that?"

Tony nodded.  "I didn't want to disappoint him so I didn't."  He shrugged.  "Casserole's in the freezer.  It'll be ready in about twenty more minutes."  He took a gentle kiss, rubbing over the bruise.  "Ice pack is next to it.  You get that, go shower, then come out."  Ryan nodded, going to do that.  He looked at Gibbs again.  "We'll be fine, boss.  I'm working on it and if I do, I'll see if one of them want to come back with me.  If not, maybe I'll move to the office down here."

"Fat chance. You come back on my team or not at all.  Director said so."

"Yeah, he also said I affected him earlier and he's very straight."  He gave him a look and Gibbs groaned.  "You should probably go.  If you need me, I'll be there," he reminded him. "Until then, I'll email and you'll figure out how to use it."  Gibbs snorted at that.  "It can't be good for you, Gibbs.  This is why so many of us end up taken and kept."

"I get that.  We'll work it out so you can come back."

"I'm not going to let you find me a keeper, Gibbs.  It's like dating and you suck at that."

"Point," he admitted. "Kate?"  Tony gave him a look.  "I'll pass on anyone McGee thinks could handle it."  Tony pointed back at Eric, then toward the bedroom.  "Fine, we'll try for someone like them or maybe somehow work it out that they can come with you, something.  We'll figure that out once you're back under control.  Agreed?"  Tony nodded.  "This isn't... love, right?"

"It's been a month, Gibbs!"

"Fine.  Going.  We'll figure it out.  Just don't do it to me on purpose."  Tony gave him a dirty look and he smirked.  "You sure you didn't?"

"Very, boss.  Why would I want you on my six that way?"

"Point."  He shook his head. "I'll go, we'll email."  He nodded at Eric.  "Take good care of my agent.  Or else."

"Yup, I usually do."  He made shooing motions.  Gibbs sighed and left.  He looked at Tony's back.  "You hormoned him?"

"I guess it got too high and it affected him that way.  The same as McGee would never disobey a direct order from Gibbs.  Yet he helped us get out of DC."

"Point."  He took another kiss. "You good?"

"I'm fine," he offered with a grin.  "It's the same hormones that get us kidnaped."

"Have to wear some of those out then," he said, spanking him.  "Go cuddle Ryan."

"Sure."  He beamed and went in there, then came back out.  "Veggie sticks in the fridge."  He went back in, stripping down and getting in behind Ryan, kissing the back of his neck.

"He gone?"

"I hormoned him."

"I heard."  He turned to look at him.  "Is anyone immune?"  Tony nodded.  "How do you know?"

"I'm not presently tied down to the bed all day?"

"Well, the thought had crossed our minds," he noted dryly, pulling him closer to kiss.  "For right now I'm happy to have you as my pet, Tony."  Tony blushed at that.  "Are you?"

"I am," he agreed. "At least for tonight."

"I could like that game.  On your knees."  Tony fell and licked him making him grab the walls of the shower.  "Oh, that's what I needed.  Speed ran me ragged today."  His back arched and he let it go, coming into his mouth.  "Damn."  Tony grinned up at him.  "Want a kiss?"

"If you want."  He stood up and kissed him, making him moan.  "I didn't hormone you.  Gibbs got it over a year's time probably," he offered quietly.

"I realized that when I started to think about it.  Even if we are reacting to that, I'm good with it at the moment.  If and when you go back I might not be but for right now I'm good with it."

"We'll work that out if I decide to go back," he reminded him.  "I might not."

"True, you might not."  He took another kiss.  "I will pout if you do."

"If I do, did you ever think I might have to bring one of you with me?"

"Hmm, interesting."  He took another kiss and turned off the shower.  "We can come back to this later.  What did you make me?"

"A famous frozen casserole.  You'll love it."  He got them out and dried off, then padded out there naked, then scurried back into the bedroom.  "Could've told me we had guests."

"Don't mind me, girlfriend," Calleigh called.  "Or Speed and Horatio. I doubt they care either."  He came out in his pants and nothing else.  "You didn't have to."

"Yes, I did, you'd enjoy it and try to take me too."

"Not hardly.  I couldn't take that much anal sex and I certainly couldn't give it to you."

He kissed her on the cheek.  "Most of us are bi, Calleigh."  He went into the kitchen to get out the casserole and tossed Ryan the ice pack.

"Thank you."

"Welcome.  Eric or someone come get the champagne.  The rest of you grab plates since he thought it was only going to be the three of us."  He pulled out a spoon and a mallet, then positioned it, tapping the mallet onto the end of the spoon.  The crust cracked and he grinned, digging out the rest of it.  "Perfect."  He dished out servings, smiling and winking at Eric. He got a grin back and sat down in his usual seat to dish it up.  "Ah!"  He grabbed the jar of sauce out of the fridge and put it into the microwave for thirty seconds, then came to drizzle it on everyone's plate.

"I was going to say, kinda bland, Tony," Calleigh offered, eating a bit now.  "Oooh," she ran to get some water.

"Use the champagne," Tony said dryly.  Speed went to pour some, giving her the first glass.  Tony grinned and sat down with his own plate to eat and sip.

"Oh, damn that's good," Horatio moaned.  "Speed needs this recipe."

Tony beamed.  "It came from my great-grandmother.  We had it at the special meals, like before a wedding."  He sipped his wine and looked at Calleigh, who was pouting at him.  "What?"

"You never said you could cook like this.  If you had, I might've taken you from those two."

"You'd have to spoil him night and day," Speed reminded her. "There would be no such nights as 'not tonight, I ache too much' or anything remotely like it.  A keeper's job is to ground a GHS and keep them safe, happy, and content, and unstolen but that's a secondary job really."  He ate another bite and then sipped the champagne.  "H is right, Tony, I want the recipe."  Tony smiled and nodded.  "What is the sauce?"

"Warmed duck and chile sauce."

"Hmm, interesting."  He ate another bite, noticing Horatio was blushing.  "You're the one who started that."

"I had fun," he offered quietly.  He grinned and went back to his dinner.  "So, Ryan, how was your first day in the lab once we got you free of your former coworkers?"

"Decent enough but I was drug behind Speed like he was a hurricane."

"Expect worse," Speed offered with a bright grin.  "Especially on Monday mornings."

"Ooh, yay," he said flatly.

"Hmm, check days too," Tony reminded him.

"Yup, and those," Speed agreed.

"First workstudy paycheck we usually get calls at the colleges or because of the colleges," Eric assured him, patting him on the back. Ryan moaned at that.  "You haven't lived until you have to go in and separate the guy who died under the pro from the really high pro and get a statement from her."  He saluted Tony with his glass.

"Don't look at me, dear.  I woke up next to a dead guy once."  Everyone stared at him.  "Apparently, according to the ME, he had a heart attack after sex, while I was asleep."

"It can take an act of God to wake you," Ryan agreed thoughtfully.

"Oh, it was worse.  He was on top of me.  Had me totally pinned.  It took me an hour to reach the phone and then my boss thought I was kidding.  Took them another four hours to get there and by then I was hysterical and nearly sobbing to get free.  I think that's why my supervisor sent someone.  He'd never heard me get that hysterical before and it's really hard to fake a good set of hysterics, especially talking about the dead guy on top of you.  So they finally kicked my door in, came upstairs, got my butt free, and then my partner laughed while I puked.  I managed to puke on him too.  My boss suggested I'd be okay. I glared at him and puked on him.  They told me it was retribution for being gay.  I filed a suit that day with the department for taking so damn long to come save me.  That was the small town I was in before Peoria."

"We love you now and if we die on top of you, Horatio will come save you immediately," Eric assured him, giving him a gentle squeeze to the wrist.  "Okay?"  Tony nodded and went back to eating.

"How long were you with that department?"

"Six months."

"Oooh, and they're still around?"

"They paid me a hefty sum to go away, never talk about me again, and to seal the record of what happened.  The worst thing is, I didn't know he was married until he died.  She showed up at the hospital they were treating me at and had his body at.  Walked into the room I was in and stared at me.  I asked who she was.  She told me. I started to throw up again.  She just nodded and said 'at least you didn't know' and went down to the morgue to stab her husband's body in the crotch then walk out cackling about life insurance."  He shrugged.  "Not a happy marriage by any means."

"We had a case of that," Speed said, looking at Horatio. "Right before we hired Eric if I remember right."

"Yeah, only the victim trapped died too before EMS could get there.  Totally stroked out from the stress," Calleigh agreed.  "So if we ever get that call, we'll come running, Tony."

"Thank you."

Ryan hugged him.  "Your gay bashing story is so much better than mine."

"I had one of those locker room and then later bar room talks as well.  I had mine in Philly, that's why I moved to Baltimore."  Ryan smiled and nodded, understanding that.  "Oooh, guys, you missed it.  Calleigh had to run from her stalker of the moment to Eric's place.  Eric's mom had shown up to check me out, which was kinda nice.  She's a really nice lady who appreciates my cooking too, and I answered the door.  Went total flaming queen, lisp and all, then punched him when he pulled a knife.  He was not a happy idiot."

Horatio shook his head. "Well, it won't be boring for a while again."  Speed shook his head at that. "Calleigh, did you want to make a report?"

"I met him at the bar, Horatio.  You know that 'drink man' comedy routine?  I ran into him."

Speed groaned.  "How ugly was he?"

"Medium on the ogre scale.  Starting to get overweight too.  Beer gut."

"Which was why I took the drink and ran," Calleigh agreed.

Speed shook his head.  "I'm so setting you up with someone to keep your attention."

"Sure.  Are they nice?"

"Very.  They're nineteen but fairly intelligent.  Going to college.  You might have to help him in math class.  He claims he's good in everything but math.  He's a psych major.  He's cute.  He's smart.  He doesn't know if he can cook, never tried it.  Comes from a nice family.  Mom's a GHS we know.  Dad's her keeper.  Son's a slut but never got tested.  If I had to rank him without it, I'd say maybe a five or six.  You'll never be bored," he offered with a smirk.

"I should worry with that smile."

Horatio looked at him.  "You're setting her up with Thomas?"  Speed nodded.  He looked at Calleigh.  "He's a very sweet boy, who could use a touch of reality.  Speed proofed one of his papers that he wanted to submit for analysis for his BS.  It was the personality prototypes from D&D super categories related back to teenage males.  Or something like that."

"Yeah.  That was it.  It was a well written paper too.  It made sense."

She blinked at him, then at Eric.  "Should I be worried?"

"I've met Thomas.  He's a goofy kid but he's nice.  Drives a Lexus instead of the porshe his daddy gave him.  He's a nice kid."

"Okay, I'll go on a date with him.  I won't promise anything but I'll date him once and see.  That's awfully young though."

"Honey, Thomas found his slut side at fifteen," Speed assured her.  "He's probably had more women than you have men.  He is straight.  He doesn't fool around once he's got someone.  You'll be fine, just be your normal, sweet self to him."  She nodded.  "This weekend good for you?"

"Sure.  After work Saturday?"

"He eats with his parents on Saturday," Horatio offered.  "Friday?  It's payday for both of you.  He's working as an intern with our profiler."

"Okay.  Dinner good?"

"Dinner's excellent.  I'll give him your number in the morning," Speed offered.

Tony finished and stretched, then hugged Ryan.  "I'm so proud."

"Thank you.  So, what was Gibbs doing here?"

"He wanted to talk. Ask how long it'd last."  He looked at Horatio and Speed.  "I think I hormoned him.  Dom's get obsessive when we do that to them."

"They do," Speed agreed.  "That might fit with McGee becoming paternal too."  He looked at Horatio.  "Did you like the goth pimp?"

"I thought Abby was very sweet and a good friend to him," Horatio offered.  "Of course, she emailed me today asking if I could ask Tony to make her some more tapes."

"I don't believe in adding cameras to sex," Ryan said firmly.

"Good.  She can buy the real stuff," Tony noted dryly.  Eric nodded at that, his mouth was full.  Someone knocked on the door.  "Hmm."  He got up and looked out the spyhole, then opened it.  "Detective.  Are we being noisy?"

"No, I came to congratulate the newbie."  He walked past him.

"Frank," Horatio said with a smile.

"Horatio.  Guys.  So, do we think the newbie will do?"

"Gee, thanks, Detective Tripp," Ryan said dryly, saluting him with his glass. "Needed that self-esteem boost."  Frank just smirked at him.

"He did fine today, but I'll expect more tomorrow when he's not terribly bruised and sore.  So, Tony, no being that rough tonight."

"I'm not like that," he protested, pouting at him.  "Am I?" he asked Ryan. Who shook his head.

"No, that's me," Eric assured Speed.  "Ryan gets possessive so Tony can't sit."

"I don't want to know!" Frank said, holding up a hand. "Please.  Pretty please don't tell me those things."

"We're setting Calleigh up with a nineteen-year-old," Speed offered, then scraped his plate and grinned.  "He's just like Tony, only into Psychology."

Frank looked at Calleigh, then at Tony, then back at her.  "Take your vitamins starting now.  You'll need 'em."  She blushed at that.  He smiled at Ryan.  "Welcome to the lab and the team.  Pretty soon we'll have you begging for mercy too.  If you need it, let me know if you need help."

"I will.  I promise I'll let people know when I need help.  I did today when the guys tried to jump me."

"Yeah, we all heard about that.  Most of them don't care who you're sleeping with and those who've seen Tony think you've got excellent taste.  Which is why I'm surprised you'd date Delko's ugly mug."  Eric snorted at that.  "You're not pretty like Tony."

"I'm not many things like Tony is," he assured him dryly.

"But that's what makes me so special," Tony teased, grinning at him.

"It certainly does.  Should we do dishes tonight for Ryan?"

"The last time I tried he threatened to spank me."

"Point.  Wolfe, you want us to do the dishes tonight?"

"You touch the cleaning products, I will spank you both."

"Okay, so I'll give Tony a foot rub while you clean."

"That'll work," Ryan agreed.  "If there's any left, someone go eat it."  Speed went to get it and some more champagne.  "We'd offer to feed you but it's kinda spicy, Detective Tripp."

"That's fine.  My wife cooked."  He shrugged. "I get pot roast tonight."

"Tony made this great frozen casserole," Speed offered.  "Tony, does the sauce need to be warm?"


"Ten seconds?"

"More than enough," Tony promised.  He looked back there.  "Taste it.  If it's the least bit warm you won't need it.  It'll be a plain casserole and the magic's gone."  Speed tasted it then shrugged and put on the sauce anyway, then tasted it again and nodded, going back to finish it with Horatio's help.

Frank shook his head.  "You guys are insane.  Well, I'm heading home to pot roast and my wife.  See you guys tomorrow.  Have fun tonight but realize that he's going to drag you all over again tomorrow."

"He's already told me that," Ryan agreed with a grin. "Thank you, Detective."

"Welcome, kid.  Least I could do."  He smiled and left, heading home to his wife and her pot roast, which was his favorite.

"I was almost expecting Alexx to come," Ryan teased.

"One of the kids is sick," Horatio told him. "She ended up leaving early."

"Something serious?" Calleigh asked.

"Flu, ate something bad.  Throwing up basically."  She nodded, getting that.  "We should leave as well," he told his keeper.  "I do believe I was going to be spoiled tonight for not killing the patrol supervisor?"

"I thought I already did," Speed offered, giving him a look as he scraped the plate.  He put it onto the table and Horatio led him off.  "Gotta go spoil my boy.  See you guys tomorrow.  Tony, call me so we can go out soon."

"Sure.  Have a nice night, guys."

Calleigh got up. "I'd stay to watch you three but I might get ideas I don't want."  She winked at Ryan. "If you need it, ask me for help. I'm nice like that."  She waved and left, leaving them alone.

"Whatever shall I do with the cake in the fridge?" Tony asked dryly.

"Mm.  Spread some on your stomach and let us lick it off?" Eric suggested.  Tony's eyes went wide so he looked at Ryan. "Would that be too messy for you?"

"I can always vacuum when we're done."

"Guys," Tony squeaked.

"He hasn't been properly kept in a while," Ryan reminded Eric.

"True."  He got up to look at the cake, bringing his plate into the sink.  "Hey, boston cream pie."  He brought it out and cut off a piece, then hauled Tony up and out to the couch, pushing him down so he could smoosh the cold cake into his chest and stomach, then lick it off.

"I'll have the next piece once I'm done with the dishes," Ryan promised, putting the cake back so it couldn't be contaminated by the cleaning products.  He smiled as Tony squealed, but kept going.  He'd never pay attention to Tony if the dishes needed to be done.  When he was done, he washed his hands, got his own piece of cake, and came out to play too.  Tony was a very good pet for them.  He let them do whatever they wanted.  Eric finished off his cake and took Tony's pants off him, sliding two fingers into him before even touching his cock. It made Ryan's cake eating a bit harder but that was all right with him.  The wiggling stomach was still an excellent plate.  Tony came with a loud squeal of delight and Eric smirked at Ryan, taking some of the cream he hadn't gotten to yet as a bit of lube.  He slid in, earning a groan from Ryan, who finished licking and moved up to kiss Eric, battling him for taste.  "Best dinner in a long time."

"Very," he agreed, pushing in deeper.  Tony arched up.  "Good boy, Tony."  He nudged Ryan.  "Finish cleaning him up and then get on top?"

"I want him too."  He stripped down, letting Tony have his cock as a gag for now.  He finished off the cake, making sure his skin was spotless, then moved to his cock to play and tease him.  Tony made happy boy sounds and let them do whatever they wanted.  Eric came with a groan and Ryan took his place, going to it.

Eric kissed Tony gently, smiling at him.  "You're our favorite toy, Tony."

"Happy to be that way," he panted, tightening up.  "Ryan!"  Ryan smirked and did it again, making Tony arch up to get it deeper.  "Come on!"

"I've got you.  It'll be good.  Eric, make him be a bit more quiet before the neighbors complain?"  Eric nodded, going to kiss him.  Ryan got back to work driving Tony insane.  It was his favorite nighttime ritual anymore.  Tony let go and came again and Ryan went over too, then they all curled up together, Ryan stroking over Tony's hips since they were on his lap.  "That was good," Ryan said finally, smiling at Tony. "A great dinner, some good friends, and then really great sex."  Tony made a humming/pleased noise.  "We should go to bed."

"We should," Eric agreed.  "We should plug Tony tonight so we can have him for breakfast too."  Tony made another humming/pleased noise.  "Do we have any here?"

"Bedroom," Ryan admitted.  "The one I use after I take it from you."  Eric got them up and in there, plugging Tony for their later pleasure.



Tony walked back into the NCIS building after two years and showed his old pass.  It got a nod and he was signed in.  He headed upstairs, going to see the Director.  "You called me?" he asked once he was in his office.

"I did, Tony.  I'm sorry for the injury of your friend."

"Me too.  Fortunately my keepers have Horatio well in hand.  Has something happened to the team?"

"Yes, unfortunately.  Gibbs was seriously injured recently and he's losing his edge quickly."

"And you want me to do what?  Talk to him?"  The director nodded.  "Agreeable.  Where is he?"

"Home.  He's still on injury leave.  He asked for an extended one."

Tony nodded, that wasn't like him. "I'll head right over. How is everyone else?"

"Kate's finally calmed down," he admitted. "It'll be fine."  Tony nodded, heading back out to pick up lunch before going out to Gibbs' house.  He parked and got out with the bags of food, heading up to the door.  He tapped.  Then he walked in when there wasn't an answer.  He went back to the kitchen to start lunch for him, getting a curious man in a sling.  He looked at him.  "The Director said you needed me.  Still don't like vanilla?"  Gibbs nodded once, staying silent.  "Okay.  Sit, let me look at your shoulder once I've got this warming."  He put everything where it should be and set the timer on his watch then washed his hands and came over to look at Gibbs' shoulder.  He knew he had dislocated it and whacked his head pretty good.  Gibbs hissed.  "Relax.  Let me work, I'm good at this," he offered quietly, getting to work once he got his shirt and sling off him.  The tension around the shoulder was pathetic.  It was all stress.  He started with the back of his neck, getting a quiet moan.  "Let me work, Gibbs.  I've taken classes in this recently."  He got to work going up and down his back, then his arms.  Gibbs rested forward, leaning on the table.  "Doesn't that hurt?"

"Everything hurts."

"Onto the couch, boss.  Let me move the stuff out of the oven." He turned it off and opened the door slightly, then took him out there.  "Down to the boxers, boss.  Now."  Gibbs gave him a look. "I'm very good at curing aches and pains."

"I heard your friend got hurt."

"Hit and Run.  He'll be fine but off the job for good we think.  My boys have Horatio well in hand while he's in the hospital.  They know I'm here."  He undid the belt buckle and got swatted. He stared at him. "Strip yourself then."  Gibbs stared at him then let his pants drop.  "Good. On your stomach."  He went out to his car, getting the bottle of oil he had forgotten.  He came back and found him stretched out for him.  He knelt beside the couch, pouring out some of the oil into his hands.  Then he attacked the tension.  "You know, this is all stress, Gibbs."

"I know.  I don't know why."

Tony looked at him. "Boss, you do know why.  You always know your own mind."  He got back to work, moving down to his legs, getting them shifted out.  "I'm not here for that method of stress relief," he quipped.

"I've been worried about you. I heard another one tried."

"Tried for Horatio, Gibbs.  His hormones broke bad that time."  He went up the other one, making him flinch but accept it.  "That still bothering you?"  That got a nod.  "How's the boat?"

"Getting there."  He looked back to watch him work, seeing the tongue poking out slightly.  "You do this for them?"

"Eric's ticklish so I can't and Ryan hates oil on his skin.  He was covered in gas during a case and nearly set on fire.  It sets him off."

"I'm sorry."

"It's a dangerous thing to be a CSI in today's world.  I've subbed in a few times when they needed me to.  Totally failed a final exam due to a case too.  Horatio couldn't get me a makeup."  He got back to work on the back, slowly moving up and then down his arms.  He was gentle with the injured one but he knew it was all in his head.  He ended up with a scalp massage, watching as Gibbs closed his eyes.  "Is that hurting less?" he asked gently.

"Some.  Thank you."

"Flip over, I'll do the front."  Gibbs looked at him.  "I know you're not going to pounce, Gibbs.  It's worn itself out of your system by now."  Gibbs rolled over and he smiled at the obvious sign of pleasure.  "That just means I'm good at this art too."  He got back to work on his arms, focusing on the lower arms.

"Are you going back?"

"We haven't discussed it.  They're going to need to be there for Horatio for a while."  He nodded at that.  "Speed's injured enough that he's going to have physical rehab for months."  He moved to the front shoulders, earning a small wince.  "It's all right, I won't press too hard."  Gibbs nodded and let him release that knot as well.  "How have cases been?"

"Bad.  A few kidnapings, a few theft rings, too many homicides.  One like you.  McGee found his membership card."

"Really?  Most of us don't end up in the service."

"His parents forced him.  He wasn't happy.  His boyfriend killed him."

"His keeper?"

"He wouldn't tell McGee or me if he was or not."

"Which means he probably found out and went off, killing him because of it."

"We think so. He's the guy who wrenched my shoulder.  He got a bit hysterical in interrogation."

"It happens."  He went back to work on it instead of going further down his stomach.  Gibbs put the hands back where they had been, earning a smile.  "I saw you tensing up."

"Not my shoulder, DiNozzo."  Tony shrugged and got the rest of his torso then moved down to get the calves.  "I haven't had anything like this in a while."

"It's one of the many arts that we learn to please ourselves.  Usually I use it to rub out runner's cramps or Calleigh's back.  Speed gave the best massages.  He had really strong hands."  Gibbs made him look at him.  "He'll have them again but it's going to be a long time.  A lot of work getting back there.  He's got his cheerleaders."

"Good.  That's usually necessary with serious injuries."  He pulled him up to look at him, putting one hand back on his stomach.  "I liked that part."

"Um, Gibbs...."

"How long has it been, Tony?"

"Two days."

"And you're already leaking it out.  I can feel it."

"I'm on a negative swing."

"No you're not. I can feel the mind clouding going on."  Tony got up and moved away.  Gibbs followed and put him onto the couch, returning the favor.  Tony wiggled for a few minutes but eventually gave in.  He felt him go limp.  "Is that better?"

"Feels nice."

"Were they taking care of what you needed?"  Tony nodded. "Are you sure?  You seemed more like a fun toy to me, DiNozzo."

"I'm not claiming it was love, Gibbs, just good for me and them."  Gibbs made him moan by working out the airline kink from his lower back. "Ooh, needed that."

"I could tell.  Early flight?"  Tony nodded.  "Did you tell them you'd be coming back?"

"Eric asked me if I was coming back, I told him I probably was but I'd call to let him know one way or another.   Right now he's got to focus on Horatio and Ryan needs him to be there for him too."

"Then stay for a while.  There could've been someone new who moved into town."

"My ex keeper, I saw the bulletin."  He turned his head to look at him. "The director was worried about you, Gibbs."

"He was more worried about you.  He decided you should have to come up here no matter what.  See, my injury is decent enough but the stress and pressure are getting worse.  That and he's moving to Homeland."


"Higher prestige.  He wanted you back officially before he left."  He worked out the knot that was forming. "If you're on a negative swing then a month of trial shouldn't matter."

"It shouldn't," he agreed quietly.  "But it will to Eric and Ryan."

"You said yourself, they've got to focus on Horatio.  You're done with your degree.  You can come back for a month trial, see how it goes.  McGee and I have worked it out so we'll help you with whatever you need to come back.  Even if you had needed more PT to get back in shape."

"I'm in better shape now."

"I noticed.  You've lost weight again too."

"Bounce off my weight, Gibbs."

"I can see your hips."

"I lose it easily."  He shrugged and tuned his head the other way.  "It still leaves me without a keeper, Gibbs.  Since McGee's het and you're a dom....  Not going to happen," he said suddenly, getting away from him. "You're still way too dom."

"I'm not really.  I asked around and I talked to a few keepers in Baltimore.  One of them knew you personally.  Said she used to play with you when she could."  Tony blanched at that.  "She's the one who told me about your first keeper, who I went and talked to without him realizing who I was or that I knew you.  I also drove him out of town.  There's a few newer ones at the college and one's still searching for a good keeper."  He pulled him closer to look at him again.  "Tony, it can work.  Were they meeting every need?"  Tony nodded.  "Even the ones where you spoiled them too much?  She said you needed some boundaries in that area."

"I have in the past but lacking money makes it harder to spoil them."

"Then come back for a month.  You had boundaries on the team.  You had work ones and I'll gladly start to enforce a fence in your personal life.  Personally if I have to."  He shook his head.  He stood up, making Tony look at him again.  "Is that denial?"

"You're still too dom.  You like your cuffs."

"Yes, but I also know, now, how to use it in your areas.  No pain at all, Tony. I promise. No spanking, nothing.  No pain at all.  Let me try?"  Tony shook under his hands.  "Just give us a month.  Then we'll talk again, all right?"


"You said yourself.  You need something to ground you right now.  There's no way your friend Speed will be out of the hospital within a month.  This gives them the time to spoil him all he needs.  He can make them enforce some boundaries, which will help you if you go back down there."  He sat Tony down.  "Besides, I'd make you eat and have pleasure, Tony."  He patted him on the head.  "You said yourself, they were only temporary keepers.  They weren't what Horatio and Speed have, which is a committed relationship.  I've even talked to a few other keepers and the national president.  By the way, Adam scares me."

"He scares a lot of people.  He spent a long time alone," he said quietly.

"So have you and I'm only scared for you, DiNozzo.  Let us try it for a month.  Then we'll see what happens, all right?"  Tony swallowed and bolted.  He let him, for now.  He called his team. "Track DiNozzo.  He bolted."  He hung up and put back on his clothes, going to put the food up.  He had needed to eat.  McGee called a few minutes later.  "He already gone?"  He listened and sighed.  "That's fine.  We can bust him.  Set up surveillance.  I'll be there within the hour.  Let me change."  He went to put on more official work clothes and headed out to save Tony's idiot butt this time.  He walked into the office.  "What the hell happened?"

McGee put the picture up on the screen, it showed very clearly that someone had pulled up next to Tony and had pulled him into their car.  They even caught a shot of a cloth being put over his mouth.  "Sorry, boss, we weren't fast enough.  We know where they are."

"Then we'll go," he agreed.  He saw Kate hesitate.  "What?  You don't want him back?"

"Can he handle working?"

"He was working after he graduated last month," McGee told her, grabbing his backpack and gun.  "He's been temping in the labs down there as well."  He grabbed his cellphone as it started to ring.  "McGee....  Tony."  He listened to him, then smirked.  "Hell no!"  He hung up.  "They were making him say he wanted to stay with the oil baron."

"Fat chance. Let's go.  I'm assuming we know where?"  Kate nodded, handing over an address.  She sniffed him when they got into the car.  "He worked on my injury."

"I noticed the lack of sling."  She buckled up as Gibbs backed out and headed off.


Tony looked up as Gibbs walked in.  "Freeze, Federal Agents!" he shouted.

They gave him amused looks.  "Hey, boss."

"Hey, DiNozzo. You just had to be kidnaped? Already?"

"Apparently.  Can you get the handcuffs off me?"

"Let me," Kate offered, undoing them.  "Why aren't they acting?"

"Because they were paid to snatch me."  He looked at Gibbs.  "The director paid them."

"Interesting.  Pity but interesting."   He walked Tony out, but Tony came back and got his jacket, then left with him.

"Well, that was a fun drill," Kate offered. Someone came up the hall shouting in Arabic and her gun came up. "Tony?"

"Not in on it that I've seen."  Gibbs' gun came up and he was handed back to McGee.  "Got a spare?"

"Nope.  Sorry."  Gibbs shouted back at the guy, making him laugh.

Tony glared and shot back that he was no one's concubine and no one was going to castrate him and make him a girl.  The man glared at him shot back that he owned him. Tony snorted.  "No one owns me.  Not even Gibbs."  He pointed at him.  "And he's my boss."  The man lunged at him and he took him on, taking his knife and getting him back, gutting him in a very nice move.  "I'm tired of this," he sneered, staring down at him. "Who sent you?" he demanded in Arabic.  "Allah would not appreciate seeing you like this."   The man spluttered. "Now!"  He stepped on his stomach, getting a garbled, pain and bloody spit filled answer.  "Thank you.  Kill yourself, give your family some honor back."  He dropped the knife and stomped off.  "Anyone want to see the diplomat?"

"No," Gibbs ordered and Tony stopped. "By the book, DiNozzo."

"He was going to have me taken and castrated!"

"He can't do that now.  We go by the book."  Tony glared at him.  "That is the rule on this team."  Tony turned and stomped off.  "McGee, follow him. Don't lose him this time."  He nodded, hurrying after him.  He looked at Kate.  "Go back, get everything you can on him.  I want to know the color of his underwear and his navel lint."  She nodded, going to do that.  He looked at the man on the floor, staring at him.  "Since you're still alive, I think we'll be taking you in," he said, putting up his gun and reaching for his cuffs.


Tony walked around the gala that night, nodding and smiling at those he knew.  He stopped to talk to the lead senator from Florida, praising Horatio's lab and his good work, and about how one of his guys had just been injured on the job.  He told him how he liked to work with him when he subbed while continuing his education, then smiled at the blush.  His 'not that way' made him laugh.  Then he moved on. His target was across the room.  He could feel someone staring at him and looked behind him, finding Gibbs there.  He raised an eyebrow and sipped his champagne, but continued on.  He made it to the hors d'oeuvres and picked up a small plate of things to nibble on.  He saw one of the other ambassadors moving closer and bowed properly to him and his wife.

"You are one of us?" he asked plainly.

"No, I'm a special guest.  I'm here to talk to someone."  That got a smile and a nod.  "How is your family?"

"It is well, thank you."  He bowed again and led his wife off.

Tony smiled and walked casually toward his target.  His target smirked at him.  He quirked up an eyebrow.  He nodded at the men gathered around him. "May Allah bless you this night for the beauty is great and should be shared by those who believe in his magnificence," he said in greeting.  Fairly formal but he had only taken two Arabic classes.

The men smiled at him. "It is good you come to us."

Tony smiled at him. "I haven't.  I'm actually a bit upset that I had to defend myself today."  He looked at the man who was his target, the head of security.  "What makes you think you're worthy of a man like me?" he asked calmly.  "Men like me have been kept by kings and Queens.  You are a lowly security guard.  You are also diseased, like your mother's camel," he said, then he nodded his head at the boss.  "Or maybe his mother's camel?"  He stared at him when he laughed.  "I'm not up for grabs.  Thank you for your interest but it will not help you any.  Nothing and no one is taking me.  It would be a waste of your time and money."

"I will have you. You will make him a good wife," he sneered.

"I'm still male and I doubt it.  I've killed men in battle and in bed.  What makes you think he'd survive."  The man looked stunned. "I am a former Federal Agent, boys.  As of this afternoon I still had access.  It won't help you any and nothing you do could convince me to go with you."

"We have your father and mother."

"You're welcome to them.  It's not like they like me."  He sipped his champagne casually, staring at him.  "Leave the children alone but otherwise have fun with my parents.  They hate me for what I am.  They would not give me to you to get free.  They'd consider it a bad death."  They stared at him.  "Now, are there any other petty threats you wish to make?  If not, I need to talk to someone more important."  The man in charge sneered.  "Pity but you're not high enough in wealth, prestige, or talent in that area to keep any of us.  Remember, we're not slaves. We're pets."  He walked off, finding his parent's financial manager, as he knew he would.  "Robert."  He flinched and looked at him, then stared in awe.  "I heard you still have access the what was taken from me."

"I do.  I also know that your father tried to have me hide it."

"Good, then you should also know that I'm a former Fed.  I'll get it back by noon tomorrow or else I'm going to the SEC."  He gave him a horrified, pale, shaking look.  "Your choice.  That is against the law and I'm tired of being in the US.  Then again, the ambassador claims he has mother and father hostage."

"He does.  Over you."

"Yes, he wants in my panties and I'm not playing along.  I doubt they'd like it if I did.  Noon."  He handed over his card.  "That's my cell.  Call me with the details and get onto the others as well.  Understood?"

"Understood, Antonio."  He nodded and walked off, leaving the building.  He was starting to calm down when a firm hand took his arm and walked him off. "Who are you?" he asked fearfully.  "He'll kill me if I don't get to do what he wants."

Gibbs looked at him.  "I'm his boss."  The man flinched. "Gibbs, NCIS."  He flashed his credentials.  "He wanted you to do what?"

"His father locked his money.  He wants it back."

"It's his, that's only right.  Why are you so scared of him?"

"I remember what happened to the woman he tried to make his son marry.  Plus, Antonio is the scary one.  He's mental, that's what all this pleasure and slut business is, a mental deficiency.  His father said so."

"And yet, he's one of the top agents at NCIS and coming back to us tomorrow."  The man swallowed.  "He's also a very good investigator."

"Crazy geniuses are still crazy.  Now if you'll excuse me I need to do what he asked.  Especially since it might help free his parents." He paused.  "He said he's leaving the country."

"Not for at least a month.  He wants it done before then so he can arrange things, like a new residence."  The man nodded and disappeared to do that.  He clicked on his earwhig.  "Kate, track what he's doing.  Tell me where Tony is as well."  He smirked and headed that way.  His talk with his contact in the State Department had been very conductive tonight.  It was a good enough reason to put on a tux and tie.   It took him nearly an hour to walk that way, sure that Tony needed time to calm down before he enacted his plans.  He walked through the lobby of the hotel and acted like he belonged there so no one stopped him.  Not even when he went to get into the room and someone gave him a curious look.  He raised an eyebrow and they left.  He popped the lock and went inside, using the key to shut up any alarm.  Then he relocked it and looked at the man stretched out on the bed.  He was naked and only covered with a sheet.

"Tempting," he muttered, but he pulled out the cuffs he had in his back pocket.  Not his usual ones, these were padded.  He slid one around one wrist carefully, then the other onto the bed.  Then he laid down to wait for him to wake up.  Tony shifted and moaned, but realized he was stuck.  He woke with a jerk, looking around.  "Easy, Tony," Gibbs soothed, stroking his chest and stomach with a gentle hand.  "Relax.  It's just me.  I've got you.  Lay down."  He pushed him back down, looking at him. "You're not leaving the country, DiNozzo.  You belong to me."  He checked his wrist, no chaffing. "Even if I do have to prove to you that you belong to me, I can and will."  Tony opened his mouth and he covered it with his hand.  "I promised you no pain and I meant it.  I will protect you and I will take care of you, but I will not hurt you.  I won't go dom on you."

"You already have."

"No, I'm keeping you in place to prove you belong to me and so you can't run."  He stroked over the tense wrist.  "Relax before you cramp."

"Chaining to feel like we belong is usually after bad things and when we ask, Gibbs.  Not just because you want to."

"I'm not.  I'm doing it because you need me to.  You're lost. You're drifting.  Your keepers are helping another guy who needs them more.  So I'm taking over."  He leaned down to kiss him.  "I've learned in the two years you've been gone."

"Apparently not.  I'm still handcuffed to the bed."

"You'd rather be handcuffed to me?"  He smirked at him. "If we were at home, it would've been an ankle chain. Unfortunately you ran."  He took another kiss and went back to using Tony's body against him, making him want him.  "I want to take care of you.  Give it a month of trial."

"Gibbs...."  He moaned.  "Ooh, there."

"I know."  He moved to tease that spot, making him thump his head against the pillows.  He pulled off, taking his tie off.  That went into his pocket with the earwhig device.  Then his jacket went across the room.  Tony watched him.  "Like it?"

"Not bad."

"Thanks.  I try."  He got down to his boxers and socks, coming back over.  He laid back down beside him.  "Can we try it?"

"Try being the operative word, Gibbs."

"That's fine."  He gave him another gentle kiss, letting Tony show him what he needed.  It wasn't that much different but he knew he'd never get away with even the slightest hint of pain.  Of course, there was a way to get the same result with pleasure.  He had learned that from the domme in Baltimore who had played with Tony on occasion.  Tony's body arched and wiggled, making his hands shift where he wanted them to.  He was tempted to fully give in but Tony needed to know that he was going to get what he needed, even if it took a while.  He went back to teasing him, playfully driving him insane. Tony yelped at one nip he placed and Gibbs eased off.  "Sorry."

"Wasn't bad."

"Good."  He went back to it, placing a harder one.  Tony moaned and he smirked, going to play his body like the fine instrument it was.  Tony came against his thigh without him having touched his cock.  It was a nice thing.  "You good for more?"

"Two or three more usually."

"Good.  Then I've got time to play."  He went back to what he had been doing.  Driving Tony so insane he admitted he wanted to stay.  "One month?" he asked, moving up to whisper it in his ear, letting their cocks rub against each other.  "One tiny month, Tony.  Can we try that?"  Tony moaned and nodded quickly.  "Good boy.  Now, what would you like best?   Me leaving you this way?  A hand job before I plunge into you?  Or more teasing?"


"I'm not great at it. I tend to bite."  He kissed him again, looking at him.  "Some other time, when you're not so desperate."  Tony nodded and arched up against him again.  Gibbs held his hips down and worked himself slowly over the needy, dripping part of his boy's body.   "That what you needed?"

"More, please?"

"I want you to get off once more before I get to work on your hole.  Think you can?"  Tony whimpered and nodded.  "Then come for me."  He gave one last stroke and pulled back. "Let me see it, Tony."  Tony moaned and touched himself.  Gibbs let him this time and it was pretty when it happened. "Good boy."  He found the lube he had brought up, bringing it back to the bed.  Tony obligingly shifted his legs for him, giving him whatever access he wanted.  "How many days has it been since someone was in there? Two?"  Tony nodded quickly.  "Was that a someone or a toy?"

"Toy.  Three for an actual person. Quickie with Eric over lunch that got interrupted."

"That's fine."  He got to work on his body, making it thrum around his fingers.  He knew he could about do anything right now to him and he'd let him so he was very careful he didn't go too far.  He didn't want to scare him off.  He finally got him stretched and slid home, earning a high pitched moan.  "I know you're clean.  I'm clean.  That bother you?"

"I'm good," he panted.  "Please?"

Gibbs smirked and nodded, giving him what he needed.  Tony came again and sent him over the edge as well, giving him one hell of a head rush.  He rested his head on Tony's shoulder, then slowly pulled out.  He stroked his stomach and cuffed him to him instead, then let himself drift off.  "Night."

"Night, Gibbs.  Thank you."

"Welcome.  I can do more later."

"You have work tomorrow."

"The whole team is in downtime until a week from now."  He took another kiss. "Quit worrying, that's my job."  Tony nodded.  Gibbs even let him cuddle and curl up on top of him.  That was true desire in his book.  Cuddling after sex and no complaints about it.


Tony woke up alone but with a note next to him.  He noticed the handcuff was gone, which was nice.  He picked up the note to read, then looked down at his ankle.  There was a slim gold chain down there.  He moaned and shook his head, going back to reading the note.  Gibbs would be back later, he had to make sure things were set at work.  He had plugged Tony's phone in to charge, it was on the dresser.  He could reach it.  He looked at the glass of juice and grabbed it, sipping it slowly.  Gibbs was fussy about some things.   It was a good trait for a decent keeper.  Especially when you were still unpredictable.  He moved and found himself plugged, smiling at the feeling.  He got up to check his phone, bringing it back since it said it was fully charged.  He laid down and stretched out again, getting comfortable.  He wiggled his hips, feeling the plug shift.  Not too bad of a size.  A little wide. Didn't come anywhere near his prostate but that was all right.  He reached down to play with himself.   Going over last night in his head.  It had been good.  Gibbs had learned his lesson.  Tony heard the door open but he assumed it was Gibbs.  He was proven right when the plug was removed and three rough fingers were shoved into him, letting him get off.  "Ahhhhh."  He sighed and smiled at his temporary keeper. "Work okay?"

"Work's fine, Tony."  He kept moving the fingers in and out, making Tony's hips shift with his rhythm.  "Finish your juice.  Then I'll let you get up and go to the bathroom."  Tony did that and got released.  He came back and Gibbs patted his lap.  "Come here."  Tony slid next to him. "Not what I said."  He clipped back on the chain and got back to work on his lower body.  "You can trust me to do what you need and want."  His finger went back to where they had been, making him tense then relax against his chest. "There, like that?"  Tony nodded quickly.  He smirked at him.  "She told me you were a size queen.  That you hadn't learned the other pleasures, other than the stretch and the prostate."  Tony blushed at that.   He pulled the fingers out, letting them brush along the opening itself, not letting them enter.  "How does that feel?"

"Tickly and like I'll have to pee again soon."

Gibbs continued on, making him wiggle and try to get what he wanted again.  "Trust me," he reminded him.

"Quit that."  It stopped.  He looked at him. "You..."

"Followed an order.  I do that now and then."  He stroked over his stomach.  "What do you want?"


"Besides more.  Be specific."  Tony glared at him. "Won't work with me and you know it.  I need specifics, not just anything will do.  Unless you're having a desperate day when anything will truly do."

"You started me off."

"I did," he agreed.  "Did you mind?"

"Well, no," he admitted.  "Can I have some more?"

"Only if you tell me what you want."

"Not like it matters at the moment."  He put the free hand onto his cock and left it there.  "See, halfway there.  That's mean to leave me hanging."

"I can show you mean," he noted dryly.  Tony's phone rang so he let him get it.

"DiNozzo."  He listened.  "Yes, this is Tony.  Was it handled?"  He groaned and rolled his eyes.  "No I'm not.  No part of the medical or psychological code says being a slut is a mental disease."  He groaned.  "I don't need a payee or a trustee."

Gibbs took the phone.  "This is Special Agent Gibbs.  You needed his keeper?  No, I'm the one who keeps him sane at the moment by not letting him live in the pleasure.  That would be more than acceptable.  Where is the judge?  That would be fine.  We can be there."  He hung up.  "Your father really did convince him that you're unstable."

"Of course he did."  He looked at him.  "I don't need that sort of keeper."

"I'll turn it over to you as soon as I can."  Tony nodded, accepting that.  "Did you call your old keepers?"

"Not yet."  He called Horatio.  "Hey, how is he?"  He smiled at the good report.  "No, he wants me to try and work with the team for a month, see how it goes.  He's suggesting himself actually."  He looked at Gibbs.  "He claims he learned off Sarah in Baltimore.  Yeah, her. Well, I figured you would need Eric and Ryan for now to hold you sane.  It's only a month."  The fingers slid back into him and he hissed.  "He's trying at least.  Plus I'm dealing with the issues of my money and inheritance.  Oh, and my parents were snatched by someone who wants me. Yeah, I doubt they'd care or let me do it.  Especially since they tried to have me turned in as a molester because I'm gay, Horatio.  Yeah, well, the locals up there understood what was going on."  He whimpered.  "Yeah, he's trying really hard," he offered, then he cleared his throat at the quiet laugh.  "Woke up to an ankle chain.  Went to bed with a padded handcuff.  Yup, I will.  Every few days.  I don't know.  It's like they don't like me as much as they used to anyway.  This way they can be alone together and help you since you need it ...more," he finished on a squeak.  "Gibbs!"  Gibbs laughed louder this time.  "So, tell them we'll be talking soon.  Don't tell them about this, I'll tell them about this, but Eric suggested it anyway.  Thanks, Horatio.  Be safe and hug him for me.  Love you too, man."  He hung up and flipped on top of his boss.  "Did you have to do that?"

"Yup."  He did it again and Tony's whole body tensed.  "How far up did she go with you?" he asked.  Tony moaned and got free, undoing himself and going into the bathroom.  Gibbs followed, joining him in the shower.  "There are things I want to know," he reminded him, pinning him against the wall so he could stroke him off.  Tony moaned and went limp.  "We're due with the judge in two hours.  He pulled some strings with a golfing buddy."  Tony nodded, resting against the shower wall, his eyes closed.  "If you tell me the things you like more, I'll gladly try to work them in, but there are some things that I like as well," he reminded him.

Tony opened his eyes.  "That's a subject I've never thought about.  It's gotta hurt."

"Not if you're doing it the right way."  He took a kiss.  "We need to shower and get dressed."

"Which means you've got to run home."

"I did that earlier. My bag's by the door.  Need help?"

"You could...scrub my back."

"Sure."  He turned him around and found the bath puff, lathering it up and moving it slowly and carefully across his back, hearing the moans.  They were in the same pitch and neediness levels as he had let out when he had first pushed his fingers into him.  Interesting.  He went slower and added a bit more pressure, listening to the moans go deeper.  "Liking it?"  Tony nodded quickly.  "Like I said, all you have to do is tell me."  He finished his back and moved down to do his legs, then his butt.  "Should you go plugged?"


"Of course.  Where is it?"

"My bag.  Blue zip compartment."  Gibbs nodded, going to get it and slide it in for him, then going back to spoiling Tony by cleaning him. "I'm surprised you didn't say anything, Gibbs."

"I've seen others.  I've used others. They weren't anything compared to the collections I've seen at the clubs."  Tony stiffened at that.  "I'm not even offering to take you, DiNozzo, you wouldn't like it."

"Thank you."

"Welcome.  So, does the size queen thing help or hurt?"

"I've never went much beyond normal man-sized.  It's got to hurt."

"You work up to it slowly and carefully.  Sort of like your first few times."  Tony nodded at that.  "If you want, it's not something I'm unfamiliar with.  She did say you were a size queen."  Tony snorted and shook his head.  Gibbs finished up and handed him the shampoo.  "You've gotta do some of it on your own."

Tony got to work on his hair, then went to work on Gibbs' body.


Tony shook hands with the judge.  "So, are you a friend of my father's as well?"

"No, I hate your father for his supposed morals that he tries to make everyone else adhere to.  What is this about?"  Tony put down his membership card and he blinked, then stared at him. "You're what?"

"He's told everyone that it's a mental illness to enjoy pleasure and be a slut, plus being gay."  He sat down and looked at the other lawyer.  "Which is why they kicked me out, I'm bi."  The judge nodded at that.  "I went for my grandmother's funeral and one of my family tried to turn me into the cops as being a pedophile because I'm gay.  They understood too.  They've dealt with him before."

"I can understand why your family would do that.  Now, his attorney had some concerns about your mental state beyond the living in pleasure and being a slut as you put it."

Tony shrugged.  "Let him rip."

"First, I have done some research into your organization," he sneered. "Quite a few of you have people who *keep* you?"

"We're natural born concubines.  That doesn't mean I can't balance a checkbook.  That means I'm getting hot and cold running sex whenever I need and want it.  That's what a keeper does.  In some of the highest levels it's also the person who keeps us from being kidnaped by others who want to keep us as pets."

The judge looked at him.  "Has that happened to you?"

"One of them has my parents."

"Would you do anything to get him free?"

"He'd hate it.  He'd rather die than me save him that way."

"Probably true," his father's lawyer agreed bitterly.  "Still, the keepers are those who keep you sane?"

"For true GHS, pleasure is like food.  It's a necessity.  We can actually get so lost in it that we forget to eat. Keepers keep us from doing that," Tony told him.  "I'm not quite that bad.  Now and then I get strong surges, but nothing that bad.  The worst of us are kept as literal concubines by their keepers."

"How can you tell who's that bad?"

"They developed a rating system back in the sixteen hundreds.  Those are level tens and some level nines. I'm only a seven.  That means I occasionally get taken and I need a keeper to keep the pleasures balanced so I pay attention at work.  I have worked in the past.  I've recently completed a master's degree.  I've consulted with the lab where I was going to school as well.  NCIS wants me back."

The judge nodded.  "So it's not someone like a person with developmental issues would have.  It's like a spouse who keeps one of you as a pleasure slave," the judge offered.  Tony nodded at that.  "You're fully competent to manage your own funds, pay your housing?"

"I'm doing that right now in Miami."

"Are you moving back to Miami?"

"Gibbs wants me to try to come back to NCIS for a month.  If that doesn't work out, then yes."

"I see."  The judge looked at the forms the lawyer handed him.  "How did he block access to them?"

"The day before I turned eighteen he had everything moved to accounts without my name on them.  I've been told time and again it's illegal but he's threatened my personal safety too often for me to go against him before now."

"He did?" the judge asked.  Tony handed over a diskette, letting him run it.  "Oh, he tried to sell you?"

"Twice.  And once into an arranged marriage.  She died at the altar."  He shrugged. "She was much older and ugly to be truthful. I was handcuffed and sulked."

"She had a heart attack by the medical records," the attorney said grimly.  "I wouldn't consider that endangering your life."

"I would considering she'd killed four others."

"That was never proven."

"And I was still a cop," Tony said firmly, staring him down.  He blushed and looked away.  He modulated it, looking at the judge. "All I want is what's mine.  I could care less about my parents.  If they end up dead, I'll probably piss in his casket.  I know the rest of the family uses me as a threat against bad children," he said dryly.  He shifted, crossing his legs.  "Personally, I could care less.  All I want is what was left to me by the only person in that family that liked me."

"That works for me," the judge admitted.  "The only problem I have is the claim that you're not competent."

Tony pulled out his PDA and opened a file then handed it over.  "That's my current bank account.  My rent payments were done through it.  They're all listed.  So are my utility payments."  The judge looked it over. "If you go to the next screen, it's a copy of my credit report.  Since college I've been excellent. Considering I had to live on my card during my times as a cop while waiting for reimbursement I wouldn't have that good of credit if I wasn't able to handle those things.  I haven't had a keeper since I left Peoria.  I've done it on my own since then."

"He has," Gibbs agreed.  "He was on my team for nearly five years and he was very good at managing his money."

The judge nodded and handed it back.  "Did you use any sort of financial manager?"


"That's reasonable really."  He looked at the lawyer.  "Anything else?"

"He shouldn't be able to handle a fortune like this one.  A paycheck is one thing.  An inheritance of this size is another."

"So I spoil myself a bit more.  I was saving money before, even when I was spoiling myself and my dates.  Even if I should end up with a permanent keeper I'd still have the energy to do that."

"What do you call those two men you're seeing in Miami?"

"Boyfriends.  What do you call them?"  He gaped at him.  "It's not like they make a schedule for me and I'm not quite at the level to be kept as a concubine.  Sorry to burst your happy bubble but they never ask about the monetary stuff. They both have very demanding jobs.  They're boyfriends."  He had realized that earlier, for all that they were good at it, they were boyfriend material not keeper material.  "Question the bank if you don't believe me but they don't even have access."

"Oh."  He looked crestfallen.  "Why two?"

"They're together and they're fantastic."

"Oh."  He looked disgusted at that.  "And now?"

"Now, Gibbs is thinking that I might need a keeper because NCIS is more stressful and he might know someone who could help.  That's why we're giving it a trial month."  Gibbs nodded at that.  "Even then, I manage my own money.  Doing otherwise leads to unhappiness, if only because you don't like how someone else is gambling your money away, like you've been."  He went pale.  "I want an accounting of everything you've done with my money since it was taken away from me.  Down to the last cent."

"As do I," the judge agreed.  "That may take some time, Mr. DiNozzo."

"I'll be in town for a month."

"Good point.  By that time I should be able to have it cleared up.  Until such a time, the funds are to be transferred back to Mr. DiNozzo's care.  Immediately," he ordered, staring him down.  He handed Tony his PDA and the diskette.  "Thank you."

"I was going to do this anyway this trip.  I was thinking about moving out of the country.  I could take a year's salary here and live like a king in Mexico."

"You could," he agreed, smiling at him.  "You could even get sex with pretty young men."

"I don't like them much younger than me on the male side.  On the female side I like them college aged.  They're prettier and willing to do more things."  He smiled at the judge's laugh.  "Are we done?"

"We are.  He'll be bringing me the paperwork to sign.  I'll send them to you where?"

"Send them to NCIS in care of Gibbs.  He'll get them to me.  I haven't decided if I'm staying in a motel or not."

"Acceptable and reasonable.  Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

"Not an issue.  It was either you or the money manager and I were going to have a chat at the SEC today."  He smiled sweetly.  "I'll let you decide on that one."  The judge smirked and nodded.  "Thank you.  Gibbs?"  He nodded and Tony walked out.

"He was being serious.  He told him last night it'd be done today or he was going to the SEC and I'm sure he knows someone there.  Tony's always had good connections."  He shook the judge's hand and handed over a card.  "I'm his boss there.  Send it to me and I'll make sure he gets everything."

"Thank you, Special Agent Gibbs."  Gibbs nodded and left.  He looked at the lawyer.

"I told you he was psychotic and scary."

"Tony seemed quite pleasant, which is normal for them, but he was a federal agent.  Your employer did do wrong.  Fix it so that if he is mentally unhinged he doesn't come after you or me.  If not, then there won't be a problem either."  That got a nod.  "And get me the files so I can forward them to the SEC please."  They got handed over.  "Paperwork?"  It got handed over as well.  "The accounting since I know you're never that unprepared?"  It got handed over as well.  "No wonder.  I'd protest too.  Does he know how much he lost him?"

"Probably not.  Possibly though.  He seems to know strange things now and then."  Everything got signed and handed back.  "I'll have them notarized and the transfer started today."  He got up and left. It wasn't that big of a loss for the family and it would keep the unstable one off his ass.


Tony smiled at the man coming off the elevator, waving at him.  "You came up?"

"I came up for the weekend.  Speed told me I needed the weekend off," Horatio admitted.  "Are you nearly done for the day?"

"Ten more minutes," Gibbs ordered, looking over at him.  "He took too long of a lunch."  He looked him over.  "Are you all right?"

"Tense and uptight, that's why I'm up here this weekend."  He shrugged.  "Miami's a hard city to work in sometimes."  He looked at Tony again.  "Come with me this weekend?"

"Of course."  He smiled.  "We're off anyway."

"He cheated and called Abby."  Tony grinned at that and started to gather things together, then sent one last file and a note to his boss, then packed up and left with him.  Once in the elevator he looked at him.  "How's the problem with your family?"

"Well, we know my father's dead.  He got mailed back.  Mom's still missing.  Not a clue at the moment.  The urge to piss in the casket it still there however."  He led him over to his car, which got a smile.  "I rented it for the month."  Horatio smirked at his choice of a corvette.  "In.  Where am I driving you?"

"To the hotel?"

"That works."  He slid into his seat and Horatio got into his.  "Which hotel?"


"Ah, you came in for the spa time."  Horatio nodded at that.  "Reasonable.  It's a nice spa."  He started the engine and backed out, heading there.  "So how is he really?"

"Complaining.  Eric got him out of his depression by pointing out he was going to steal me from him and then I'd be a sex toy, not loved like I had been.  Not that being their sex toy is bad."

"No, not bad at all.  Ryan's tongue should be licensed."

Horatio smirked.  "Yes, it should."  He shifted to look at him.  "Are you happy up here?"

"Still feeling unsettled.  Gibbs is pushy but he learned from Sarah, in Baltimore, about the other side of the dom spectrum.  It's nice now and then, but still not perfect.  I'm still edgy and tense."

"Could that be because it's him?"

"No, I'm waiting to get shot at again," he admitted bitterly.  He pulled into the hotel's parking garage and parked, looking at him.  "I got more grazes at NCIS than I did anywhere else.  Also more head injuries.  That's the one part I always hated on the job, even if I loved working with Gibbs most of the time, I kept getting taken, I got hurt, hell I got the plague, Horatio."  That got a nod and a stroke down his arm.  "I'm tired of being hurt and I know it's only a matter of time.  While I was gone, Gibbs had to put three agents he had subbing after medical leave back on medical leave.  Usually for being shot."  That got another nod.  "I'd like to do something where I don't get shot up."

"Then join Abby in the lab."

"I can't.  That's her lab.  She's the only tech, and even though I took the classes, I'm still not allowed in the lab."

"Her or the new director?"

Tony snorted.  "No, her I want to kick the ass off of.  Talk about mental pain."  He shook his head and gave him a hug.  "Which one did you bring?"

"Eric.  He needed the break."  He nodded and they got out, heading upstairs.  He saw Tony drifting off in another direction and then suddenly burst into running and pouncing, following to look at the person on the ground.  "You know him?"

"I do."  He called Gibbs.  "I'm at the Intercontinental.  Would you like to come pick up the photographer Madam Director sent after us?"  He smirked.  "Love you too.  He'll be in the trunk. You've got keys, right?"  He nodded and hung up, then hauled him up and over, tossing him into the trunk with his camera, then slamming the lid.  "I hate that woman."  He walked Horatio upstairs and into his room, smiling at Eric.  "Hi."

"He just did a very nice pounce of the photographer following us."

"You said the new director was a bitch," he offered, pulling Tony into his lap to cuddle him.  Horatio smiled.  "We missed you."

"I missed you guys too.  How's Ryan?"

"He's being Miss Thing again this week."  Tony laughed at that.  "How have you been?"

"I'm okay but I'm waiting to get hurt again."  Eric gave him a look.  "You counted how many graze scars?"

"At least ten more than I should have."  He got his shirt off him, finding a new one.  "Already?"

"No, that was a knife."  He shrugged and hugged him harder.  "I missed you guys."

"We missed you too.  Are you coming home?"

"I'm not sure yet. It's only been a week and a half."

"So?"  He pouted.  It was his most effective weapon.  "Momma misses you."

"You don't play fair."

"I know, but she does."  He blew a raspberry against his neck.  "That's for hanging up on Ryan to chase someone down.  He said so."

Tony blushed.  "Not my fault the suspect came out of the bar just then."

"He knows, that's why you're not spanked."  He smiled at Horatio.  "He's planning on spoiling himself stupid this weekend."

"Good, he needs it.  We should go with him."

"No, not me.  I don't do all that spa stuff."  Someone knocked on the door.  "What!"

"It's me," Gibbs called.  Tony sighed and got up to answer it.  "Keys?  Mine won't work on the trunk."  They were handed over.  "Who is it?"

"Her assistant.  Caught him taking photos.  Got any idea why?"

"I think the judge let on about your membership."

"She can't have me either.  I'm not her type."  Tony smiled.  "Bring 'em back or leave them at the desk please."  Gibbs nodded and walked off, so Tony closed the door.  He squealed and pounced, making Horatio laugh.  "Ha, you needed pounced."

"I did need pounced.  Speed even said I needed pounced."

"How's Kate doing?" Eric asked, coming over to get Horatio's other side to tease him.

"Still a bit judgmental.  She doesn't understand and she picks on me about every morning, asking if I had a good night and did I do a new face masque.  One morning I snapped back and told her I hadn't, I had spent all night against a wooden wall while someone worked on my lower back, but still in chains."

"He chains you?" Eric asked.

"He likes handcuffs."  He shrugged.

"Gibbs learned our side from one of the few dommes we have in the group, ones who've turned aside from the pain side and went back to using pleasure in the same manner, Eric."

"Well, Tony said he was a dom."  He shrugged and went back to teasing Tony's side, making him swat him and give him an evil look.  "Oooh, Horatio, he's trying to look scary.  Time to pull out the big guns.  Bubbles."

"We have spa time booked tonight," he offered.

"I have a pass," Tony proclaimed proudly.  Horatio laughed and hugged him.  "What are you doing tonight?"

"A hot mud treatment.  Then a massage."  Tony moaned and shifted closer. "Then a nice dinner out if you'd go with us."  Tony nodded, kissing his throat.  "Eric, can you set the alarm?"

He nodded, doing that for them, letting them have each other for now. It was probably the next best thing to having Speed for Horatio but it was the best they could do until he was better.  Someone tapped on the door and Eric went to get it, taking the keys.  "Thanks, Gibbs."

"Not a problem.  He's to be back at work at 0700 Monday."  Eric nodded at that.  "On time this time."

"Sure.  Want to get a beer Sunday?"

"Okay.  Have him call me."  Eric nodded and Gibbs left, heading home to fix dinner and think.  Being with Tony was like being drugged.  It was a great sensation but eventually you lost perspective.  He sat down to consider if he wanted the rest of his career, and probably his life, to be serving the needs of Tony's pleasure side.  Sure, it was fun after nearly two weeks, but every night?  Plus he still needed spa time and things outside him?


Tony woke up, stretching before cuddling into the body next to him.  It was a nice body, a familiar one.  He sniffed.  Eric.  He sniffed again, then listened to the sounds around them.  Horatio was on another bed?  He lifted his head and looked at him, then at Eric, then down at himself.  Someone had changed their clothes for them.  They had also very thoughtfully taken his cellphone and Eric's cellphone.  He checked Eric's body, finding an ankle cuff on him.  His own ankle had one.  Horatio didn't seem to.  "Hey, um, Horatio?"  He woke up and looked around, then at himself, then over at him.  "Are you cuffed?"

"No.  Let me look outside."  He got up and went to look, coming back shaking his head. "Sand."  He laid down on Eric's free side, getting a soft snore because they had made him move.  "He can sleep through anything."

"Yeah, but I'm not feeling the after effects of the usual drugs."

"Me either."  He looked the room over again.  "Not much in here."

"True.  Wonder which one it is."

"Not a clue.  I suppose we'll be finding out shortly."

"Yeah, I hear people outside too."  He poked Eric, getting an instantly awake guy.  "Good morning. You look very cute in silk."

Eric looked down at himself and grimaced.  "Not my style."  He sat up and looked around the room, then at his ankle.  "Huh.  Did they think Horatio was the keeper and guard?"

"Probably not," Horatio noted.  The door opened and a young woman walked in, putting down a basket of towels, then a tray of food.  She looked at it, then at them.

"Good morning," Tony noted in Arabic.  "Where are we?"

"He will be in soon.  You will like it here," she said, not looking at them before scampering off.  The door was shut and locked again.

Eric got to work on his ankle cuff, picking it since it wasn't that hard of a lock.  He got Tony's as well, so now at least they could fight if they had to.  He watched as Tony sniffed the food.  "It good?"

"Yeah, it's fine."  He handed it back and looked at Horatio.  "Go get cleaned up, I'll search for better clothes."  Horatio nodded and went to do that while Eric ate.  Then Tony ate until Horatio came back.  Horatio sat down to eat while they went to clean up.  By the time they were back on the bed together, they were bored.  Tony looked at Horatio.  "Have you been taunted?"

"Once or twice. You?"

"Yeah, but I shot him down because he wasn't worthy of one of us.  Eric?"

"This is you guys' thing.  I only get psycho exes."

Horatio patted him on the back.  "We shall see soon.  Calm down."

"At least someone will miss us by eight Monday morning," Tony offered.

"We were supposed to call Ryan Friday night," Eric told him.  "Plus he wanted to watch cartoons with you."

"Aww."  Ryan had liked to watch cartoons with him.

"I wondered why Saturday cases made him pout," Horatio teased.

"Tony would pad out to the couch, turn the cartoons and lay on the couch.  Ryan snuck out to lay behind him and watch them with him while getting in good cuddle time, which usually meant I got to sleep in," Eric told him. "I'd get in time to meet Mari for lunch and take her out, and they'd be asleep together, cuddled, still facing the tv.  Momma saw it a few times and blushed because they were both naked, but it was cute so she took pictures of them. Just from the waist up."

Horatio smiled. "That is cute."

Tony yelped and tensed up, clenching his butt together. "I hate those things."

"What?" Eric asked.

"Vibrating cock rings used anally," he ground out.  He got his body back under control, only breathing hard.  "I'd say we were going to get a visit."

Horatio stroked his back.  "Control it.  You own your own body."  Tony nodded.  "Eric, see if you can remove it."  Eric shifted and touched him gently, finding a lump but no ring.  He shook his head.  "Is it stitched in?"

"No ring.  A square lump.  Maybe they took the ring part out."  He shrugged and let Tony hitch his pants back up.  "You okay?"

"Yeah, perfect."  The door opened and he glared at the man coming in.  "I'm not your pleasure slave.  Pity."  He looked at Horatio again, glancing around the room then back at him.  He got a nod and a blink.  "Would you mind terribly removing the device from my ass!" he said hotly when it got turned up.

"I would.  Removing it would cause more problems and could ruin your tightness," he noted blandly.  "Imagine my surprise when I went to get one and got three of you."  He smiled.  "When all I wanted was this one."  He patted Tony on the head and got bitten for it.

"I'm sorry, maybe you misunderstood my no before," he said, getting up to kick his ass for him.  "See, I worked under a Marine.  He taught me not to give up."  He finally got him down and patted him down, tossing the controller onto the bed, along with a dagger and a gun.  Plus a wallet and a set of keys.  "You can leave now," he sneered.  "We will be."

"You have nowhere to go and no one will miss you.  We have made sure of it."

"Really, so my boyfriend in Miami, who's a cop, won't miss me either?" Eric said dryly.  "You obviously don't know Wolfe."

"Or mine," Horatio agreed.  "He will get out of his bed to come for you."

"And hey, I'm being taken care of by my Marine boss.  I'm pretty sure NCIS is going to miss me soon enough."  The man looked stunned.  "What part of Fed didn't you get?" he sneered.  "Are you that stupid!"  The man got up and glared at him. "Your petty little ploys have failed and nothing and no one is going to make me want to stay here.  You have nothing to offer me that I can't get off some ten buck prostitute on a corner.  Now, either send us home or else."

He sneered. "You can try to remove the device but it won't matter and I will have you.  Only one of them bears a claim marking."

"Not all of us wear visual claims," Eric told him.  "Not all of us have to.  That's his version of a wedding ring."

"And not like I was going to let someone add more than scars to me," Tony said dryly.  "Now, you're fouling the air.  Unless you really wish to cause an international incident, I would let us leave."

"They can be your bridesmaids."

"I've killed others who've said that, I can get you too," Tony said coldly, intentionally tapping into his GHS side.  They had all been taught how to manipulate with it and his hormones were good enough to answer when he needed them.  He stared him down, using mental imaging to make himself smell better.  The man moaned and fell to his knees.  Tony kneed him under the chin.  "Pity, but you're the only bitch in this room."  A guard came rushing in and he stood on his boss's neck.  "We are going back to DC.  You can fight us and die or not.  I am still a Federal Agent."

"Your boss said otherwise."

"My boss is going to have her ass in prison then, huh?" he asked dryly.  "Do you really think someone like Gibbs is going to give up or to sell me?"

The guard laughed.  "Not him.  The one above him.  Your direct supervisor will not know."  He pointed at their boss.  "May I have him back?"

"After I gut him."  The man looked horrified.  "Stealing me makes me cranky."  He grabbed the knife off the bed and played with it.  "I'm sure his family will love to have their honor back after a mercy killing like this will be."

"Tony, please, not in front of us," Horatio ordered.  He stood up.  "I can't keep him from killing anyone for long.  You've upset his fragile balance.  I would suggest letting us go."

"I have no authority to do that.  Only he and his son do.  His son would rather see you put to death, he said to say so."

Tony shrugged. "I can kill him too."  The man looked horrified. "I hate being stolen and I'm damn sure not going to let this one go on since you got my friends as well.  Your choice."

"I will talk to his son."  He hurried out, locking the door behind him.

Tony drug the other man into the bathroom and came out to get the ankle chains to cuff him to the toilet.  That's what he deserved.  He came out with the door reopened, staring at the younger man there.  "All we want is to go home. You can cooperate or die as well.  Stealing me makes me cranky."

"I've looked into your service record.  You have served honorably. All three of you have.  You'd throw that away?"

Tony smirked.  "Do you really think Gibbs would be ashamed of me and not back me up if I killed everyone here to get us free?"

"No, his records indicate he would've already gutted my father."

"Horatio is queasy at the sight of blood."  Tony stared him down.  "May we go?  Oh, and would someone please write us out a letter about our boss?"  The man sneered. Tony backhanded him.  "She's done me wrong, I will be taking my honor back."

He wiped off his mouth.  "For a level seven you are very tough."

"Think this is first one?  Besides, running and crying solves nothing."  He stared him down.  "May we go?"

"You may and I will have that letter written.  My father is alive?"

"Chained to the toilet. I thought it fitting since he's a piece of shit."  The son smirked and nodded.  "Like I said, Horatio gets queasy at the sight of fresh blood.  This gives you clear control of the family."

"I will remember that."  He looked at the guard.  "Release them.  Write the letter in my name.  Then take my father into the desert and abandon him."  That got a nod and they were hustled out to a Suburban and then to a private airfield.  The letter was handed over and they were hustled aboard then off.

"Well, at least I managed to grab this," Eric said, waving the controller.  "Horatio, we've both got a setting on here."

"We'll play with it when we get back, Eric."  He looked at Tony.  "Are you all right?"

"Pissed at my director."  He pouted.  "Why me?"

"Because you're prettier.  I'm still wondering why he thought I was one," Eric teased.  Tony snorted and shook his head.  "I know I'm a slut but really."  Horatio hit him on the arm and shook his head.  Tony came over to curl up between them, getting comfortable.  "It'll be fine.  We'll call Gibbs and Ryan as soon as we can."

"Can we just fax the letter to them?" Tony asked.

"Are you coming home?"

"I was safer in Miami."  He looked at them.  "Can you guys take a couple extra days?"  They nodded and Horatio pulled him against his side, letting him relax.  "Thanks, Horatio."

"Not a problem, Tony, but if Eric flips on that switch again I'm going to have to spank him."  Eric just smirked and his thumb hovered over it.

"Eric, it could mess with the plane.  Check first," Tony said patiently.

Eric got up and went to tap on the doorway to the pilot.  "If I use a remote control device, would it mess with anything?"  That got a nod.  "Okay.  Where are you landing us?"


"That's fine.  Thank you."  He went back.  "We're going to Paris."

"Interesting."  Tony looked at the letter, then got up and went to find the working office.  Planes like this often had one.  He found the scanner and the computer on.  So he guessed it was okay.  He opened the browser, then logged into his free email account, writing one to Ryan's PD account.  "I'm telling him we're on our way home but with a layover."  He finished that and ended with a quip about them thinking Eric was a slut too.  He sent it with a copy of the letter.  Then he typed in Abby's email address and sent her the letter alone.  He looked at Horatio.  "I need to quit in person."

They nodded, they agreed with that.

"But first, can we get some pants you can't see through?" Eric asked.  Tony held up the wallet, getting a smirk.  "What about passports?"

"American Embassy, Eric."

"Good point.  I didn't know I had one though."

"He may have snuck us out without one.  I know the Paris embassy is kind of used to us. Adam said he's been there a few times."  That got some laughs from Horatio.


Gibbs looked up as Ryan stormed off the elevator Monday morning.  "Tell me they wrote you too," he demanded.

Gibbs blinked at him.  "It happened again?"  No wonder Tony was a half hour late!

"Yes, and apparently they're free and on their way back; I just got an email when I got off the plane.  Check your mail."

Gibbs got into his email.  "No, and it's pretty full.  McGee, anything from Tony?"

He checked and shook his head.  "No, boss."  He called Abby.  "Did you get an email from Tony?"  He blinked.  "Bring it up here, Abby.  We'll print it out up here.  Send it to me first in case."  He hung up.  "He sent it to Abby and she's grinding her teeth."  His inbox beeped and he looked, opening it.  He gasped and put it up on the main screen, pointing and whimpering.

Gibbs looked, then at him. "Print that for me please."  He nodded so Gibbs looked at Ryan.  "Sit at Tony's desk," he ordered, pointing at it.  He called someone.  "Fornell.  Here.  Now.  ASAP," he ground out.  "Cancel the main screen, McGee."  It got canceled.  The printed copy got handed over and another one from Abby when she joined them.  "Where are they?"

"I sent that to Tony, he said the plane's landing in Paris.  They're heading to the embassy."  She looked at Ryan. "They thought you might be up here."  He nodded.  "He said it's going to be a few days.  It can take up to two weeks to get them cleared to come back through the embassy.  I sent the message to the GHS website's admin person in case they could expedite it."  Fornell stormed off the elevator and she glared, making him pause.  "Get over here," she demanded, stomping a foot.

"One of my boys?"

"Treason and people selling," Gibbs said, handing over a copy of the letter.  "From the people who had DiNozzo, Caine, and Delko."

"How did he get this?"

"I taught Tony to use anything to get free," Gibbs said blandly. "Abby, write back and see if you can get a better account."

"Got one already, boss.  Horatio sent one to me."  He printed it and handed it over.  "Eric's addendum at the bottom was kinda funny.  I never thought of Tony as the scary bitch sort."

"You never saw him after an all-nighter," Ryan said dryly, staring at him.  "May I?"  It was handed over and he smirked.   "Oh, wonderful.  Including an implanted pleasure device."  He handed it back and glared at the obvious other sort of Federal Agent.  "Horatio Caine and Eric Delko are two of the top CSIs in Miami."   The man whimpered.  "Someone's in deep shit when our boss hears.  Speed will get out of his hospital bed to kill someone."

"I'll lend him a cane," Gibbs assured him.

Ryan stared at him.  "He was safer in Miami."

"He went to hang out with Caine and Delko for the weekend."

"We all hung out together down there and no one got stolen in Miami after we realized how high up Tony was."

Fornell held up a hand.  "Why did they want those three?"

"Ever hear of GHS?" Abby asked.  He moaned and nodded.  "Tony and Caine are.  Delko is Tony's boyfriend."  She looked at Ryan. "One of."  He smirked at that and leaned back some.  "Do you two consider yourself keepers?"

"No.  We don't enforce a schedule at home and we're not spoiling him the way we should.  We're boyfriends."  He looked at Fornell again.  "What are you going to do about this?"

"Start an investigation."

"Need help?" Gibbs asked.  He shook his head and backed off.  "You're getting it."

"It could taint it."

"Not really. He's not personally involved, even if he does give good backrubs."  Gibbs looked at him.  "We talk to Tony all the time, Gibbs.  He was still safer in Miami.  No one shot at him there."  Gibbs moaned.  "Or tried to stab him."  He looked at Fornell again. "Needless to say, you're getting some help from Miami as well.  The only thing stopping me from helping is getting him back here immediately."

"I'll see what I can do to help that."  He headed out, going to the State Department first.  He needed to verify the source.


Tony led the way off the plane, heading to the gate marked 'customs' in a few languages.  "Habla Englais?" he asked.  One of them nodded so he headed that way.

"Do you have anything to declare?" he asked in accented English.

"We're kidnaping victims being returned.  We need the American Embassy."  He handed over the letter.  "They can verify who we are."

The man looked, then said something in French.  Eric nodded. "Yeah, they are."

"Come with me."  He looked at them.  "Do you need medical attention?"

"Sometime soon but we'd rather consult in the office.  He implanted a device in each of us.  Non-explosive."  That got a nod and they were led to a small, secure room.  Tony sat down once he had the letter back.  "It'll be about an hour, guys. Sit."

Eric sat and pulled Horatio down next to him. "Are you all right?"

"Trying to figure out if Speed's going to laugh hard enough to tear stitches or if he's going to end up hurting the nurse when he beats her to get out of the bed."

"He'll end on laughing, once they try to sedate him," Tony said, grinning at him.  Relatively soon a man walked in and he handed over the letter.  "We're Americans.  I'm from DC's NCIS.  These two are two of Miami's CSIs."

"I've been briefed by Washington, Mr. DiNozzo.  What sort of device was implanted?"  Eric flipped the switch and Tony swore, gripping the table.  "Ah, not surprising with that source.  Feel lucky you're still whole."

"That would've been their version of the wedding ceremony," Horatio said, snatching the remote.  "Quit that, Eric.  It's not nice."  He turned off Tony's and turned on Eric's at a lower level, making him tense up and wiggle.  "See, not nice.  Don't torture your boyfriend."  He looked at him.  "Can we clean up and find some clothes?"

"You have your wallets?"

Tony held up the guy's.  "I figure since he stole us, I can have his wallet.  He can buy us clothes to make up for what he took."

 He smirked. "I see no problem with that, Agent DiNozzo.  Would you like to call your supervisor?"

"I'll be talking with him later.  I'd rather have a shower and change into real clothes, then see if our group's doctor can remove the stupid vibrators."

"I'll let you call him from my office.  Come along, gentlemen."  He walked them out to his car, letting them get into the back.  "It shouldn't be too long with Washington already on this.  It was wise for you to send that letter ahead."

"My new director sold my ass.  I want her gone by the time I see my boss face-to-face."

"I understand.  I hope she is."  He drove them back to the embassy.  After a bit of paperwork they were allowed to get a shower in the guest rooms, then they were escorted out to buy clothes.

Tony flirted shamelessly with someone in one of the shops and it got them treated very well. Horatio had his suits again.  Eric got his comfortable pants and shirts, and Tony spoiled himself with stuff that was soft and warm since he was chilled.  The guy he had flirted with paid for it all and then took them off to buy them other things and luggage when he heard they had been stolen.  Tony smiled and the man melted, and that's all that needed to be said.  They got back there and Tony looked at Eric.  "Can I be sick now?" he asked once they were back in the guest quarters.

"Sure, you go ahead.  It was useful but not good for you."  Tony nodded, going to lay down and get comfortable.  Horatio laid down beside him, Eric getting his other side.  "We should call them."

Tony looked at him.  "We should."  He handed over the cellphone he had lifted off the plane.  "Go ahead.  Use the kidnaper's dime."  Eric smirked.  "I take a very practical view of these things. He can pay for it since he took us.  Not like they won't do it without complaint to cover this up."

Eric nodded and called Ryan's phone.  "It's me.  We're safely in Paris.  We're at the embassy right now, Ryan.  We've already done paperwork and someone in DC wrote to them about us.  We'll be home soon."  He smiled and hugged Tony then Horatio.  "From Ryan and Abby."  He went back to listening.  "I can understand that.  No, he'd rather talk to Gibbs face to face."

Tony held out a hand, taking the phone.  "Hey, me.  What's going on?"  He grinned.  "Flick her on the back of the neck and tell her to go play with the farting hippo.  It'll make her feel better.  Then make Gibbs get her a Caf-Pow."  Ryan laughed and handed the phone over.  "Go hug the hippo and make Gibbs get you a Caf-Pow."  He smiled at her squeal.  "I don't know, Abby. I'm safer in Miami.  I had to go totally scary and survivalist brat on him.  Then again, I took his wallet and cellphone too.  He took us out of the country, took our clothes, he can buy us new clothes," he said blandly, making her laugh and agree.  "I got his cell off the plane.  Tell me he got that to Fornell?"  He smirked.  "That's fine.  The guy on this end copied it and sent it.  He thinks within a couple of days.  Sure."  He waited.  "Hi, Gibbs."  He waited while he said something.  "I agree.  I'm safer in Miami."  He swallowed.  "That would be more than acceptable.  Or you guys could all transfer down to the local office and I'll work part-time down there."

"Don't wish Gibbs on Miami," Horatio moaned.

"Be nice or I'm turning it on again," Eric taunted.

"Eric, if you ever touch that remote control again I'm going to paddle you in front of the entire lab.  I'll let Calleigh hold you."

Tony laughed. "No, Gibbs.  He decided to implant this little micro vibrator back there.  We're not sure yet.  We're going to see someone about that. No, Eric was showing off with it and Horatio took the remote from him.  He thought we three were."  He smirked. "Thanks, boss. You're not mad?"  He nodded.  "I understand that.  Whenever you're ready you know.  Thanks.  Yup, on his cell.  We're at the embassy in Paris."  Someone knocked on the door and Eric went to get it.  "We'd better go.  Have a better day and let Ryan into my place.  Well, I don't have my keys, so they might still be there.  Thanks."  He hung up.  "He'll check the hotel for the rest of our stuff."  Eric brought in the tray of food and a brighter smile.  "Something good?"

"The guy's son said to empty the wallet, we have three days to buy whatever we want on his cards and to use the phone."  He put down the tray on the foot of the bed then climbed back in next to Tony.  "We'll be home in four days."

"Oooh, I smell shopping to make him pay," Tony said blandly.  Horatio gave him a look. "It's only fair.  Xander gets reparation."

"Tony," he said mildly.  Tony stared back. "I still feel it's theft."

"He gave us permission.  He took us first."

"Point but it's still not right."   Tony kissed him and he sighed.  "Fine, I'll ask Speed's opinion."  He dialed the hospital from memory.  "Can you please connect me with Detective Speedle's room?  This is he.  He's expecting me to call."  He was connected up there.  "Speed?"  He smiled at the loud yelling. "Calm down before they sedate you or something equally mean."  The nurse took the phone. "Hand it back, woman.  Now.  I'm just now getting back from being kidnaped.  Of course he's concerned."  The phone was handed back.  "I told you to calm down."  He smiled.  "We're fine. We're in Paris."  He nodded.  "I'll do that.  Tony took his wallet and cellphone."  Speed's 'use the hell out of it to teach him a lesson' made him smile.  "That was Tony's idea but I still think it's theft.  Well it is."  He rolled his eyes.  "Reparation is different, Speed."  He sighed and looked at them. "I'm being overruled."  He listened to the laughter.  "They thought Eric was one of us," he offered. "Speed?"  He smiled at them.

"He laughed so hard he dislodged one of the pads for the EKG they have on him, the nurse is swearing at him for the alarm going off."  He listened to Speed come back. "They're saying a few days so I should be back within a week. Ryan's in DC with Gibbs."  He smiled. "If she wants you to calm down that much I can give you a mental image.  You get to tell Stetler that Tony's new director sold us to him."  He smirked.  "I thought that might help.  A week, Speed.  I'm fine.  I've got Eric and Tony with me.  Plus the little implanted vibrator.  No, I'm being serious.  I've taken the remote away from Eric.  Told him that if he ever did it to me again he'd be spanked in front of the whole lab.  I'd let Calleigh hold him and maybe let Gibbs do it since he's such a dom."  He smiled.  "You rest. Can we bring you back anything since you're being so pushy about using it?"  He nodded, making mental notes.  "Fine.  And some good chocolates."  He smiled.  "How are you?"  His 'crankier before you called' made him laugh.  "That's usual.  Any new pains?"  He nodded. "Good.  I'll see you soon.  Love you."  He hung up.  "He'll call the Chief, Stetler, and Marisol, Eric."

"Better him than me that has to listen to that fit," he noted dryly. "Where are we going tomorrow?"

"Jewelry shopping," Tony told him.  "It's the best investment there is.  I'll pick Gibbs up some coffee.  We'll pick Speed up his treats then too. Then maybe a massage."  They nodded, accepting his word was law in this since Horatio had been overruled.  He would try to moderate it but it was as far as they'd let him go.


Tony walked off the plane in DC, looking at the custom's guys.  "Hi."  He handed over the letter from the embassy.  "Horatio is the redhead in sunglasses, Eric is the dark haired guy behind him."  That got a nod.  He opened his bag, letting him check it for contraband.  The guy held up the box of chocolates.  "Sealed and it's a present."  That got a fond smirk and a nod, letting him pass.  "Oh, we've all got small electronic systems implanted into us as tracking systems."  That was the lie they decided on.  "Can you hand wand us?"  That got a nod and he was passed on to do that.  The guy got it whispered into his ear, getting a nod.  That was the only beep so they were fine.  Eric and Horatio joined him a few minutes later, both passing the hand wanding.  They walked out together, grabbing their suitcases on the way out.  They found Gibbs and Ryan waiting on them.  "Hi."  He hugged Ryan, then Gibbs.  He looked at him. "Boss."

"I know, DiNozzo, and you're right.  They don't shoot at you or club you in the head nearly as much in Miami."  He patted him on the back, earning a smile.  "We'll talk about the other stuff the next time I'm down there."

"Yes, boss."  He blushed.  He yelped as the remote was turned on. "Horatio!"

"Ryan," he said, pointing at him.  "Eric's showing it to him."  Ryan turned on Eric's and turned off Tony's, then grinned as he handed it back to Horatio.  "Thank you."  They headed out to the cars.  "Where are we staying tonight?"

"Tony's so we can finish his packing," Ryan told him.  "I called the Chief Monday before I came up, briefed him that we had a strong suspicion of you and Eric being kidnaped from DC based on the guy you were with being taken.  Gibbs briefed him Monday afternoon about that and he agreed we're to come back as soon as we got you back.  Then he said something about GHS and Stetler that was muttered so I didn't catch it."  He hugged them both again. "I'm glad you're back."  He hugged Tony took, making him kiss him.  "Thanks, babe."

"Welcome.  Thank you for coming to get us.  Is she gone?"

"Arrested last night," Gibbs promised.  "She got paid two million for you, DiNozzo."  Tony snorted at that.  "Too low?"

"Probably too high with the way I kicked his ass."  Gibbs smacked him on the head. "Ow, boss."

"Quit putting yourself down, DiNozzo.  Someone paid two million to have you stolen by a government employee.  Usually you'd brag."

"No, I'll brag to Kate," he offered with a grin.  "And to Abby."

"Kate's hiding from you until tomorrow.  Abby's bouncing around your hotel room.  Unless McGee's brought her back to the office, then she's bouncing around there."  He got them into his car and took off in his usual fashion.

"You can't get this sort of handling out of a hummer," Horatio joked.

Tony looked back at him.  "He *always* drives like this."

"Now I know why you sighed fondly that day you ended up in the high-speed pursuit," Ryan teased.  Tony nodded, grinning at him.

"DiNozzo, Fornell and Morrow wanted to talk to you tomorrow morning," Gibbs told him.

"That's fine.  I can understand that.  Did they get the statement from the guy over in Paris?"

"They did and Fornell said he hoped you soaked him for millions."

"Repeat after me, jewelry," Tony said slowly and clearly, making Gibbs laugh.  "It's a universal form of money and a good investment.  I made sure they got as much, even though Horatio didn't like it."

"Even at pawn rates, whatever you got will go for something," Ryan agreed.

"No, you can sell it to most jewelry stores," Tony assured him, smiling at him. "Or go black market.  You took me the day I sold some of the ruby stuff Xander dumped on me."

"I remember going and you going into the back room while I looked at new watches."  He stroked Eric's knee, getting a smile.  "Were you a good boy?"

"He flirted with some very pretty women," Horatio offered.

"Typical," Ryan taunted.  Eric just grinned.  "Do I have to spank you for trying them?"

"No, but one bought me a coffee."

"Coffee I can forgive."  Eric chuckled.  "What about you, Horatio?  Did someone give you some play?"

"Horatio got a lot of play," Tony assured him with a smirk.  "I flirted the first day, shamelessly I might add, to wear out the extra hormones I was putting out.  The next three days Horatio was the daddy every young girl and half the young guys wanted to cuddle and correct them."  Horatio blushed at that, shaking his head.  "We had lunch by the Sorbonne the third day.  Eric was going on and on about the art we'd seen that morning and three Russian students came up to talk to us.  They ignored him except as a translator and flirted horribly with Horatio.  One of them slipped him her number.  One of them was running her pen tip around her cleavage.  The other was giving him big, wet, brown cow eyes.  Eric translated CSI as Inspector and they all cooed and asked if he was like the Interpol ones." Horatio shook his head again.  "They decided that even though he said he was married to a very nice man that he was over there investigating some great criminal and were going to make a stunning arrest."

"Behave," Horatio warned.

Eric giggled.  "And that was just that day.  Tony got play the first day and then Horatio got it the rest.  He got so much play Speed would've growled at some of them."  Ryan grinned at that mental image.  "He called him during one of them and Speed did growl at someone to get her hand off his man's butt and it was enough to make her giggle and get a squeeze, then walk off giggling and bragging to her friends."

"I felt like a stripper coming off the stage," Horatio complained.

"Better you than Tony, Mr.-I-Nearly-Got-Us-Taken-Again, twice."  Gibbs growled at that.  "Both people who wanted us to model and be their love slaves but couldn't have pulled it off."

"During one I was sipping coffee and reading a book," Tony told him.  "The other I was squealing in joy over some new chocolates we had tested."

"They were good," Horatio agreed. "I nearly squealed."  Eric and Ryan both grinned at that.  "I shipped a big box down to Alexx and ordered her to give Speed at least half."  He flicked Tony on the back of the head.  "Did you bring the chocolates on the plane?"

"They're in my carry-on."  He shrugged.  "They're sealed.  I would've shared."  He smiled at him. "We'll put them in the fridge and have them for dinner."

"That works," Horatio agreed.  Gibbs turned into the office's parking lot.  "Have to come in?"

"Getting Abby.  She texted to say to pick her up and bring her back."

"Is she sitting on a lap?" Ryan asked.

"DiNozzo's rental is back here," he admitted, handing over the keys.  Tony beamed and got out to grab his car and follow them.  He called Abby.  "Come on if you're coming.  Tony's about to leave too."  He hung up and looked at them.  "He wasn't taken again, right?"  Eric and Horatio both nodded.  "How many times?"

"Just the once.  We had dinner out the second night and the guy took him onto the floor to dance with him and then outside.  Tony came in from the alley dusting himself off.  He sent him off."

"Good."  Abby climbed in and waved, smiling at them.  "Let's go.  Tony?"

"McGee.  Kate's still hiding and Ducky said he'd see him tomorrow."  She turned to look at them once she had buckled up and they were on their way.  "His little hotel room isn't great but it's nice enough for an efficiency."

"It is.  I stayed there the last few days and gave it a good scrub," Ryan agreed.  She smiled at him.  "I'm the cleaning one of the group."

"Tony told me that.  He bragged that you clean very well, especially cake from your favorite plate."  He blushed at that, but nodded.  "So, give!  What happened?"

"Someone who wanted Tony badly enough to take him," Gibbs said bitterly.

She patted him on the arm.  "You know, Morrow was thinking about transferring the whole team down to the Miami office.  Give us different cases and your boat a place to sail when you finally get it done."  He gave her a look before taking a corner.  "That way we can share Tony."

"We've only worked with the local office a few times," Horatio offered.  "They're fairly uptight."

Abby snorted.  "Please, they're so uptight McGee looks like a fun-loving guy next to them, Horatio.  Understatements do not suit you.  How's Speed?  I heard he got hit by a car trying to get away from another officer at a scene."

"He's fine.  He was complaining the last time I talked to him. It fractured his pelvis and both legs, but he's expected to walk again.  Working we're not sure about but walk at least."  She smiled at that. "I might move him to a straight lab tech if he wanted to come back."  She nodded, understanding that.  Gibbs parked next to the corvette and they got out, heading into the tiny efficiency.  "This is small," he admitted, taking a kiss from Tony.  "Pack.  Ryan, when are we going back?"

"I can make the tickets for whenever you want, Horatio. I wasn't going to make them until we got you back."

Horatio nodded.  "Make it for two days."  Ryan nodded, taking his phone outside to do that.  He looked around.  "It's mostly clothes?"

"It's almost all clothes except for a few things. A box's worth really."  Eric and he got to work and soon it was done.  He looked around then at them. "Let's move this to a bigger hotel room."  They all nodded and packed the corvette with everything, heading to a nicer, secure hotel for the next few days.  Ryan climbed in next to him.  "Hi."

"Hi."  He took a kiss.  "I missed you."

"You did?"

"I did.  Even though Speed yelled at me for not being a good enough keeper for either of you.  He gave me more explicit instructions."  He ran a hand up his thigh.  "Come on."  Tony nodded, starting the car and following Gibbs.  "I should tie you down and use that remote on you," he whispered.

"Not while I'm driving," Tony moaned.  "We'll crash."

"Good point."  He settled for a grin.  "Would you like a backrub tonight?"

"I've spoiled myself horribly the last few days," he admitted with a grin.  "Eric got really forceful as a way to fight off the women who wanted him and Horatio."  Ryan played with his knee, earning a smile.  He pulled into the parking garage of the hotel Gibbs usually used, finding him leaning against his car.  "Sorry."

"Not a problem.  Go up."  Tony nodded and headed that way with his carryon.  He looked at Ryan.  "I'm not giving him up totally."

"Are we going to have a duel? Because I didn't come armed," Ryan quipped.

Gibbs glared at him.  "Even if you had, you'd still only be half-armed, Junior.  I'm being serious."

"We knew that the night you pounced him and handcuffed him.  We knew it was more than his hormones, Gibbs."  He moved closer.  "Sometimes he needs the more forceful approach.  Eric and I tend to see him as a toy now and then.  Can you accept that we're not going to let you have him?"  Gibbs nodded. "That means you'd have to share.  Something he said you're very bad at."

"I'll deal with work related things, you'll deal with his home life.  That's what boyfriends do."

"I took a few lessons from Speed about being a keeper, Gibbs.  We know where we were going wrong now."  That got a shrug.  "Have you?"

"I have.  Then again I'm not set up to live with someone like him or a sub full time."

"Good.  Then we'll work it out and it'll be good."  He waved at the elevator.  "Shall we?  Before Tony worries?"

"Sure."  He followed him inside.  They found Horatio waiting on them. "They let you out alone?"

"Eric pounced Tony and I didn't need to watch."  Ryan hugged him. "Thank you, Ryan."

"Speed said to do that."  He grinned at him. "Come on. Let's go up.  I'm sure they can close a bedroom door. I want to taste some of this chocolate."  Horatio smiled and led them back up there, letting them into the room.  Abby was pouting.  "What's wrong?"

"Miami will make my hair frizzy."

"There's stuff for that."  He kissed her on the forehead.  "You'll get to scare a whole new department into going straight."  She smiled at that.  "Maybe even scare some bent."  That got a giggle.  "We'll even help you look for an apartment if you come down."

"Thank you.  Will I like Eric's sister? He mentioned her on the way over."

"I don't think Marisol will have a clue what to do with you," he admitted.  "She's a glamor queen."

"Oh.  Will she hate me?"

"No, she's pretty nice.  She says I have bad taste but she's pretty nice most of the rest of the time.  She and Tony are shopping buddies."  She giggled at that.  "Did he put the chocolates in the fridge?"

"He did but it needs to firm back up.  He said the trunk made them a bit melty."

"That's fine."  He smiled at McGee as he came in with lunch in bags.  "Thanks, man."

"Least I could do."  He blushed at the really loud moan.  "I brought lunch," he called.

"He's giving me a backrub, McGee.  Not sex."

Horatio looked toward the door. "Liar," he called. "Did he take the remote again?"

"Yup. We need to institute a lock on it," he said, his voice going up on the last word.  "Eric!"  Eric's evil laugh floated out to them.

Abby looked at Gibbs.  "I wonder if it hurts to have one of those implanted."  He smacked her on the head.  "Hey!"

"You don't need a vibrator permanently inserted, Abby."

"Meany."  She smiled at Horatio.  "Did it hurt?"

"We were apparently asleep.  It didn't when we woke up.  That would've been the same day we escaped however."

"Hmm.  So some recovery time.  Could you use it right away?"

"Didn't try it out until that night."

"Cool.  I want to look at whoever's gets taken out."  Horatio nodded once and went to get the remote, turning on Eric's to the highest setting, which made Tony gag the high pitched squeaky noises he was making.  He came and it was a happy smile he fell asleep with.  He helped Tony up and out, bringing him out there so Abby could ask him questions for a bit.

"Nice ploy," Gibbs said quietly, handing over his lunch.  "Won't work for long though."  Horatio shrugged and settled in to eat.  Ryan checked on Eric then whispered in his ear, getting a nod.  "He okay?"

"Worn out," Ryan admitted.  "I'm going to become keeper of the remote.  That way Eric quits playing with it."

"Thank you," Horatio said, taking a bite.  Abby smiled at him. "It's a bit intense."

"Then maybe I'll get a removable one."

"Those are the little vibrating eggs, Abby."  She nodded, accepting that and digging in.  He looked at Ryan.  "You won't torment me with that thing, right?"

"Of course not."  He smirked.  "Only when you forget and leave dirty dishes lying around."

"That might condition him to leave more of them," Abby pointed out.

"Not with my touch on the remote."  Gibbs smirked at that.  "Sue me, I have a thing about cleaning.  I'm like that.  Tony knows that."

"Tony does," Tony agreed, digging back into his lunch.  "Eric, should we save you food?" he called.  Eric stumbled out in a bathrobe and grabbed a sandwich and a drink, taking it back in there to go back to bed.  He grinned.  "Awww.  I think you wore him out, Horatio."

"Hopefully just his urge to use the toy."  He finished his lunch and looked at him.  "Are you keeping your apartment?"

"I'm not sure," he admitted. He looked at Ryan, who nodded.  "I am?"

"You are because I'm moving in with you. You have the better place."   He smirked.  "Also, I paid your rent this month when I moved my stuff in."

"That's fine.  I knew I hadn't.  I'll have to renew my lease next month."  Ryan nodded at that.  "I'm almost surprised that the group doesn't have major apartment buildings in each city for us.  With all the necessary services and things."

"We have one of those.  They've got bad views and it's really expensive to live there," Ryan offered.

"No wonder."  He shrugged.  "That building was suggested to me."  He smiled at Eric as he came out and curled up next to him.  "Hi.  Have a good nap?"  Eric nodded, eating a bite of his lunch.  "Greedy."

"Need food to make you happy later," he said simply, looking at him, then at Horatio.  "Much less him."  McGee went bright red at that.  Gibbs smirked.  "Just until Speed gets out of the hospital."

"I fully understand.  Tony was without you two for two whole days before he came up and he was so needy for touch all he got out was 'more'."  He ate a bite, ignoring McGee's look in his direction.

Abby giggled.  "I heard he gave you a massage, including your scalp," she teased.

"He did. I was in pain.  My shoulder was killing me.  He fixed it for me."  He finished his lunch.  "All right, if we do get moved down there, because I've heard that rumor as well, we'll have to find places and arrange to have things moved."

"We'll have to get Kate a new bikini," Tony said wisely.

"Smack him for me, Eric."

Eric kissed him on the cheek.  "She'll never be able to compete with the college girls in the thongs."  He stole another bite and put his head on Tony's shoulder, going back to sleep.

Horatio checked the remote, making sure it was off, then took out the batteries and handed it down to Ryan. "You don't trust me, H?"

"Not with that I don't."

"You know, I could give it to Speed."

"He'll turn it on and leave it on.  I'll have to call to get it off so I can park," he complained.

"You'll be in the hummer, you can park on top of a compact car," Tony offered with a bright grin.  Horatio handed back the batteries and Ryan gave him a thirty second pulse, which made him shriek in pleasure and wiggle.  "Ryan!"

Ryan handed back the batteries.  "Thanks, Horatio."

"Welcome."  He looked at Abby, who was drooling.  "He'll spank you."

She giggled.  At least until Gibbs asked her to find a way to get Tony's frequency for a single remote and build him one on their way out for the night.


A few weeks later, Tony looked up as the doors opened.

"What do you call this crap outside, DiNozzo?"

"Weather, boss.  It's like this ten months out of the year."

"What about the other two?" Kate complained.

"Winter."  She whimpered.  "It's always bright, sunny, and humid unless it's raining.  Get used to it."

"How can you wear a turtleneck, even in here?" Gibbs asked, looking him over.

"Hiding the hickey, boss."  He looked at him.  "The guys up the row pick on me if they see it.  Morrow told me I had to put up with them until our team knocked them down below our genius.  The local supe said until then I can't mention anything more than having friends.  I can have friends who bring me lunch, friends who pick me up, friends who take me out for lunch, but I can't have more than friends."

Gibbs moved the turtleneck with a finger. "That's not a hickey, that's a bite mark."  He looked at him.  "Delko get really hungry?"

"I think he was half-asleep and got the nibbles," he said, shrugging a bit.  "That was four days ago."

"I noticed.  You should have Ducky look at that."  He looked at his desk, it had been arranged so everything was like at home.  "Well, at least they got something right.  Abby?"

"Got here two days ago to make sure her lab was heat-proof. They even transferred all her artwork and stuffed animals."  Gibbs smirked at that.  "Ducky's morgue is the one cool place to go sit in.  The other team brought a sofa in for the bad days.  Like when the air conditioning breaks. You'll get used to it and only miss snow a bit."

"If you say so."  He looked at the guy coming over from the other row.  "Hey."

"Hi."  He smiled and shook his hand.  "I'm Bradley Pierce.  Alpha team down here."

"Jethro Gibbs.  Formerly DC's Alpha team."  He whimpered.  "We're here permanently now."

"Good, then maybe you can make Tony quit screwing around and help us?"


"I'm on for cold cases until you guys get set up, boss.  I've been doing those beautifully.  They don't like it that I don't bow."  He glared at Bradley.  "Kendricks, you need to tighten the collar on your boy again.  He's slipping into bad behavior."


"Meeting the new team, boss," he offered as he trotted back that way.  He came back. "Does he often use S&M references at work?"

Gibbs nodded.  "I taught them to him over the years."  Another agent came over. "I find corporal punishment works best with my team."  He swatted Tony on the head, earning a moan.  "See?"

"Don't you worry with how many head injuries he's had?"

"Yes, but I don't hit him hard when he's got one."  The other guy laughed.  "Of course, only I get to spank my staff."

"We saw it when you spanked Abby boss."  Gibbs glared at him.  "We did.  We watched it on the security camera."

"He made me watch it, boss," McGee defended.  "He said it was a lesson in why not to smart off to you but I already knew that one."

Gibbs glared at him so he stopped then at Tony, who just grinned sweetly and innocently.  "Not even your mother would fall for that look."

"Funny you should mention her.  Watch out if she comes in today.  She showed up at my place last night to harangue me about how it was my fault my father was dead and how worthless I was.  How I was going to go broke because I clearly couldn't handle my own money and it was cursed anyway, plus I was the reason that one of my cousins had turned evil and gay as well.  I pointed out, very graciously I might add, that he would have killed himself instead of letting me buy his way out of captivity that way, that it would have sickened him, that Grandmother was probably like me and it skipped her because she's such a bitch, and gay is hereditary so she should probably look back farther in the family lines.  It was usually found on the mother's line.  She stomped off.  I believe Kate and Abby ran into her at the spa last night complaining about her worthless son."

"How did you know we tried out the spa?" Kate asked.

"You guys were parking as I left and she was still complaining about her worthless son and how he was gay so therefore evil and tainting the rest of them."

"Yeah, we shared a sauna with her.  You obviously take after someone else in your family."

"Grandma.  That's why she loved me," he offered with a grin.  He looked at the other boss.  "Gibbs, this is Kendricks, he heads the other team.  He's got Pierce, who you met, Carolyn Muddrin, who is very nice but in a scary way, and they're all scared to death of Abby."  He smiled sweetly again. "I could pull out my kidnaped persona and kick his ass next time."

"You have one?" he snorted.

"Yeah.  How do you think I keep getting away from them? The last one I was going to gut but Horatio and Eric said it'd be a bad thing."  He stared him down and he blanched.  "This is Kate Todd, former Secret Service, and Tim McGee, formerly of MIT.  He's a computer geek.  Kate's a profiler, and I'm sure you've heard of Gibbs."

"I've heard of all of you," he admitted.  He shuddered lightly.  "DiNozzo, you got any good club recommendations?"

Tony shook his head. "Not really.  If I go out alone I tend to have problems getting free of the handcuffs."  He looked stunned. "People want me that much," he quipped, leaning back.  "Besides, half the places I go are gay."  Kendricks gave him a look and he saw the truth.  He wrote out a name and address. "This is a quiet place.  One of my friends and I meet there for dinner a lot when he's got a long shift.  We go for dinner and he goes back to work while I go home with my other friends."  He handed it over.  Ducky walked in and he smiled. "Hi, Ducky.  Did you like the couch?"

"I did, but I rather wondered why we had it."

"The A/C goes out at least once a month.  We bring out laptops down," Kendricks told him.  "We don't care if you're doing an autopsy or not, we'll be there in the handful.  Was Muddrin down there?"  He nodded.  "Did she get what she needed?"

"Quite.  Anti-nausea medicine was readily had from Abby's stores."  He nodded at that.  He looked at his team.  "Well, it appears we all made it.  Anthony, why are you wearing a turtleneck in this abominable heat?  It rather reminds me of my time in Southeast Asia during the summer and it's nearly October now."

"He's got a hickey," Kendricks told him.

"It's a bite mark, Ducky," Gibbs told him.  Someone came running in and Tony hopped up to disarm them and put them onto their back.  He took their knife and put it aside, then glared at them.  They whimpered.  "DiNozzo, fanclub?"

"Yeah, boss.  Third time today I've seen him too.  He didn't get the hint last time."  He grabbed the knife and tested the edge, then stared down at him.  "Next time I see you, I'm going to sharpen this properly, use it to shave you, and then use it to cut you into bait chunks."  The man whimpered.  "Are we clear?"

"Paid," he whimpered.  "Nothing personal."

"It will be when I cut your balls off first and use them to fuck you," he offered.  "Who paid you to hurt me?"

"Ta...take you," he stuttered.  "Please!"  He looked at Gibbs. "Please!"

"Let him up, DiNozzo, I want to talk to him," Gibbs offered, putting his iced coffee down on the desk and dragging him off. "Interrogation?"

"Left, then right just before you get to Abby's lab.  We're all on this floor, boss."  He looked at Ducky then handed over the knife. "I'm in a cranky mood now.  I hate having to drop into my kidnaping persona."  He went back to work.  "Your desks are set up the way they were the last time I snooped.  Abby's to the right and keep going.  On the other side of her is Ducky's morgue and office."  Ducky patted him on the head and pulled him around to look at his neck. "I'm fine.  Eric was half asleep and had the nibbles," he joked.

"I'm sure you are.  Did he draw blood?"

"Quite," he agreed dryly.  He groaned at the grinding noise.  "Crap."  He called a number.  "This is DiNozzo, it's grinding again.  Man, who do I talk to about putting in a new one?"  He snorted.  Then he called a number in DC.  "Can I please talk to Tom?  That one.  Thank you.  Tell him it's DiNozzo."  He waited, leaning back, swatting at Ducky's hands.  "Did you know how often the A/C goes out down here?" he demanded.  "Yes, it's me.  It gets up over a hundred in here.  Plus, probably not healthy considering the way it grinds, Tom.  Please?" he begged.  He considered it.  "Fine.  Just arrange it today.  Thank you."  He hung up.  "Kendricks, it'll be fixed within the week.  Permanently."  That got a smirk and a nod, with him leaving them alone.  He looked over as Gibbs came back.  "I need to get into my trust."  Gibbs pulled out some papers and handed them over. "They moved them down here?"

"They heard you were coming back down here.  You have full access.  What was that grinding noise?"

"The A/C that I was just sworn to would be fixed within a week. Okay, McGee, forward the phones to extension 619 and gather up a laptop, people.  It'll be over ninety up here within ten minutes."  They grabbed what they needed and headed down to the morgue with the other team. They ran into Abby.  "Yours too?"

"Yup, unless I want to crawl in and live in the specimen freezer," she agreed, hugging everyone.  She smiled at Gibbs.  "That big ball of gas up there is really hot down here.  I almost had to wear my formal cloak in to get away from it.  I need a new sunbrella, Gibbs."

"Hopefully you'll find one tonight, Abby.  Anything new?"

"Kendricks has an open case."  She nodded at that team.  "Guys, have you met Gibbs and everyone?"

The other female looked up and waved. "I hadn't but Ducky told me quite a bit about you and DiNozzo's bragged some too.  Kate, there's a great spa down by the shipping area.  It's for the tourists going on a cruise and it's fabulous.  We'll go soon."  Kate smiled at that.  "Work willing.  Tony, you know someone in the locals right?"  He nodded.  "Who do you go to when Caine is riding your ass and nagging?"

"I like Horatio," he said dryly, starting to pout.  "How did you piss him off and are you why he came home mad two days ago?"  She went pale.  "I had dinner with him.  He hates it when Feds step into his face and try to take cases.  Work *with* the Horatio.  Not against.  Against is a bad idea.  He's more stubborn than Gibbs."

"He's right," Gibbs agreed.  "That man and I don't butt heads often unless Tony's been kidnaped again."  He shrugged.  Then he looked at Tony.  "I need to go down there and introduce myself to the LEO commanders."

"Sure.  Ryan could do that easiest.  He'd know which patrol supervisor will piss you off best."

Gibbs smirked.  "Thanks, DiNozzo, really."  He sighed as the A/C came back on.  "They get it fixed?"

"No, that means we're going to lose power," Abby said, hurrying back to her lab to make sure everything was set for an outage.  "Tony, make them fix it!" she called.

"He said the end of the week, Abby," he called after her.

"At least I don't have a body in here yet," Ducky offered.  The power went out and everyone moaned.  "How long should this one last?"  It flickered a few times.  "Oh, dear, one of those."

"I say we work from the coffeehouse on the corner.  McGee forwarded ours to 619 and that's my cell."  Kendricks patted him down and took it with him, heading out with his team. "Follow the alpha leader, team.  It's nicer and we can drink Cuban coffee for lunch."  They followed along, getting Abby on the way.  They walked outside and everyone squinted.  "Crap!" Tony sighed, shaking his head. "They said rain today."  He pointed. "That way, guys.  Coffeeshop."  They headed down there.  He walked in after the other team, getting a horrified look.  "These are my team down from DC.  Gibbs is a coffeehound.  Feed his habit, please."  He got his own usual and sat down at a table with a magazine.  His cellphone rang.  "Who is it?" he called.

"Ryan."  He tossed it over.

"Hi, Ryan.  Power outage.  We're at the coffeehouse and they're here.  Sure.  Come on by and tell Horatio that she's very sorry. I told her to quit getting in his face and to work with him."  He grinned over at Carolyn.  "He said if he goes home cranky one more time because of NCIS he's letting Horatio's former bomb squad buddies have the building as a testing and training ground."  They all nodded at that.  "Sure, come on down.  Thanks."  He hung up and looked over, tossing the phone back.  "They found a lead for you guys.  Ryan will be right over."

"Thank you.  How do you know them?"

"I consulted now and then and I'm dating someone in the lab," he said simply.  He sipped his coffee and went back to his magazine.  Gibbs stared at him.  "What, boss?  I'm on cold cases and I have about as much luck finding clues in the newspapers and magazines as I do with some of the case files.  Some agents never learned to take notes."  He glared at Pierce, who shifted and looked guilty.  "He needs lessons.  Possibly a real collar and chain too.  Maybe even a paddle."

Kendricks looked at his guy then at Gibbs.  "I heard you were a hardass, Gibbs.  You want him?"

"Could he keep up with my team?  I expect and demand near inhuman perfection."  The others nodded.  "See?"  He smirked. "They're Marines because I am."

Kendricks laughed.  "At least you've got a small sense of humor."  The others all shook their heads.  "Really?"

"Really.  We were on 24/7 call and had to ask for time off even if it wasn't our weekend on call," Tony said dryly, turning the page.  "We were expected in bright and chipper no matter what time, how much sleep we had, and there were plenty of times I slept behind my desk or in my chair."  He looked over at him.  "We're not kidding.  Gibbs drives our asses hard and we learn to appreciate it.  Our stats are that way for a reason."

Kendricks nodded, then looked at his people.  "I could use you to train them for a bit."

"I'm still pregnant," Muddrin reminded him.  "I'm to cut down on my PT and running, boss.  Let DiNozzo run for me."

"He only runs for me, but we'll switch out if you need it," Gibbs offered. "As long as it doesn't interfere in my caseload."  That got a nod.  Gibbs finished his coffee and went to get more.  The manager came out and Gibbs nodded. "Gibbs, NCIS.  We just moved."

"We're used to them during a power outage.  Who is the charming vampire?"

"Abby.  She's our lab tech.  Abby?"  She smiled and came over.  "He wanted to meet you."

"Hi, Abby Scuito."  She shook his hand and beamed.  "Am I scaring people?"

"No.  Not really.  We don't get many goths in this part of town.  That's more closer to the colleges."  Horatio walked in and took off his sunglasses.  "Lieutenant, coffee, juice, milk?" he asked respectfully.

"Juice please."  He put down two dollars and took the bottle over to the table.  "Hi, guys."  He looked at Carolyn.  "You look like crap."

"Gee, thanks, the baby's charmed by your praise," she said bitterly, glaring at him.  "I thought Wolfe was coming."

"He is.  I'm here for Gibbs."  They pointed.  "I know.  Take lessons. He doesn't step on my toes."  He walked over to their table, looking at Tony.  "Being antisocial?"

"Avoiding the questions from Kate about my mother," he admitted, looking over at him.  His phone rang.  "Mine?"

"Eric," he said, and it got pitched back.

"Hi."  He smiled.  "He's here now.  Horatio, Stetler is trying to hunt you down again."  He listened, then nodded.  "Oh, and Calleigh's in a snit over whatever it is."


"Probably."  He listened again. "We're at the coffeeshop.  Sure.  Ryan's on his way down and we're without power at the moment."  He chuckled. "Thanks, man."  He hung up and tossed it back, watching as Carolyn caught it.  "He was getting one last test result than coming over."  He looked at Horatio again.  "She started to pull a gun on him this time.  Eric stopped her and walked her off, giving him bitter and evil looks.  Can I have him again?"

"Go ahead.  We appreciate it when you work on IA for us, Tony."  That got an evil smirk.

"What's he going to do, lick them to death?" Kate asked.

Tony cackled.  "You've never seen me being truly evil, Kate.  Don't worry, I only practice it on those who deserve it."  Horatio smirked at that.  "Boss, gotta go be evil for a bit.  Be back soon. You and Horatio work out how to work together."  He took his coffee up to get a refill, paid for the magazine, and headed out to get what he needed.


Speed looked up as Tony walked into his room.  "Well, you're cheerful.  You in full evil mode or afterglow of evil mode?"

"Afterglow, baby."  He gave him a gentle kiss.  "How are you today?"

"The food still sucks. I itch.  Horatio hasn't come by today."

"I drove him over.  He's getting you a candybar."  Speed smiled at that.  "Gibbs is in."


"He and Horatio worked it out that they would work together or else Horatio would let Eric use him as bait and a diving exercise."  Speed laughed at that.  He leaned closer.  "I think you're in here faking, Speed.  We all know you could be back in the lab in a wheelchair if you wanted to.  The hummer of wheelchairs, but still a wheelchair."  He gave him a look.  "You're feeling the pity party vibe, aren't you?"

"Sucking it badly," he agreed bitterly, looking at his legs.  "Do I want to go back to the lab if I can't go into the field?"

"Yes.  Otherwise you'll be more insane than I was for that month I did nothing at home all day."

"Point," he decided.  "You think he'd let me?"

"I think it's on its way tomorrow and he's also getting your discharge papers.  So get your lazy ass outta that bed and let's go home."  Speed smirked and swung himself around, putting on a shirt.  "Good boy."  He snapped his fingers and two probies came in.  "Pack his shit, carefully.  He's a CSI and got injured on the jobs.  You will ask him what the job entails so he can tell you what you need to know in the field.  Am I understood?" he snapped.

"Yes, sir," they agreed.

Horatio walked in.  "I may not mind having Probies in my lab after all."  He looked at his lover.  "Your motorized one is waiting at home for you.  He had Ducky order it.  When you're ready to move onto a walker or a cane, we'll sell it cheaply to someone who needs one."

"How fast does it go?"

"For a wheelchair, it's NASCAR," Tony admitted.  "Thirty miles an hour."  Speed grimaced.  "You can still ride your bike."

"I have problems with my balance."

"Then teach Horatio to ride and go behind him," Tony said, patting him on the head.  "Be a good boy, Speed, and use that enormous brain of yours.  Or else I'm going to make Abby come cheer you up."  He got up and let Horatio help him into the wheelchair the nurses had.  "Standing around looking stupid is bad," he noted.  They went back to packing.  "Thank you."  He looked at Speed.  "They're in the Academy and needed the help in field education.  They're following you and Ryan around.  Ryan's already got a headset to let you see and follow along with what he's doing.  That's for the harder cases and for training the probies."  Speed smirked at that.  "We got it?"  That got a nod. "Good, because I'm making dinner."  He got out of the way as Speed signed the papers and they left.  Tony handed over the address, getting a nod from them.  "Spotless when you're done.  Do not make more work for the nurses."  They both nodded and he left, following at a merry skip and a hop, with a smile for the nurses.  "They're packing his stuff.  They're not to make more work for you.  You can tell them if they do.  They're Probies."  He headed down to help Horatio get Speed into the hummer, smirking at him. "I can see one of these babies tricked out with a lift and hand signals."

"You're being evil again," Horatio complained.  He looked at Speed.  "He took on Stetler for Calleigh, Speed," he complained.  Speed smirked at that.  "Got him two bondage magazines and a _Gay Sluts Quarterly_ sent to him in his office.  By a very loud, homophobic patrol officer who was taunting Ryan.  So Stetler put him on report for his attitude.  Then he followed it up by multiple calls in different voices asking if he wanted them to come over that night for their usual monthly orgy of fun."  Speed snickered.  "The last one was in front of the Chief because he was complaining about the harassment. He finished it up with pictures he had taken at a club a few weeks ago of Rick taking cash from someone.  Someone very suspicious.  He went to hide in his office when he opened the envelope. I had to get the AV tech to zoom in on the security system to see what they were.  Tony?  Why was he taking it?"

"I don't know.  I put that in the note too.  That I didn't know why he was but I would find out and use it against him if he did not leave the whole lab alone.  Personally I think he was being paid to spread it for someone."  He shrugged as he got into the back.  "Can we run lights and sirens home?  I'm sure it'd get him hot, Horatio."

"That's your thing, not his," he said patiently, smirking at his keeper.  "I couldn't keep Alexx from coming over and she invited the usual suspects."

"That's fine. I could use a party."  Horatio smiled and handed back the wheelchair and walked around to get in so he could drive them to his place.  "How is Calleigh?"

"Sucky.  She's still in pain and drowning it in work.  I made Ryan take her to the gym the other day. It's the Gibbs cure but it works okay."

"At least she's got some support," he offered.  He grabbed onto the bar at the sudden lane change and the lights came on.  "Oh, please tell me we're not in a chase," he begged.

"We're not, someone just tried to ram us," Horatio offered.

Tony looked back then sighed.  "Guys, that's my mom."  Horatio just nodded and radioed that in.  "Hit the causeway traffic, Horatio.  That should stymy her a bit more.  Either that or she'll go off the bridge."

"With the way she's driving, I would say she's going off the bridge," Speed offered, tightening his seatbelt more.  He saw cruisers pull in and an unmarked car, plus another hummer.  "Speaking of Calleigh and Eric."  Horatio groaned.  "What?"

"Eric met my mother last night," Tony offered. "He was not impressed and his mother laid into her outside when they ran into her.  I think his mother said something about better wild dogs than a bitch like her."  Horatio laughed at that.  "That's what she was muttering anyway."  Speed chuckled at that.  "She loves me.  She pouted when she thought I might not come back.  Eric's even convinced her that Abby isn't that bad."

"She's not.  She's not who Eric's mother would want her hotly begged-for grandchildren to come from, but she's nice.  Oh, Abby came to see me when she got in.  Brought me a balloon, then she popped it to give me the helium."

"I wondered why they said I couldn't get you any more balloons," Horatio said as he changed lanes.

"She brought me Fantasia and some popcorn too."  Tony smiled at that.  "She said she did it for you when you had the plague."

"She did. Both of them and the mega cheesy popcorn."  Speed smiled at that.  They both checked, she was still there.  Suddenly the unmarked car powered forward and cut her off, making her swerve.  The cruisers blocked her off and got out.  Horatio pulled over and stopped, going back there.  Gibbs too.  "Knew it was him.  No one drives like the boss."

"The problem is that he drives like that all the time," Speed reminded him.  He looked at Tony.  "How was he really?"

"Kind of aggressive and wanted me to give him a want and need list.  Still liked his cuffs.  I spent most nights cuffed or ankle chained.  He wanted me to think about size play."  He grimaced a bit.  "I still think it'd hurt.  He went right for the heart every time, what I'd expect from him with him being Gibbs. Any fingers in me and it was three.  Any backrubs and it was hard and deep, moan making.  It was kind of nice in a way and we worked it out so I can go to him if I need something like that instead of the sextoy being that I am for my boys."

"I pointed out that keepers had to set some boundaries or rituals that their boys had to follow.  Ryan told me about the cartoon habit.  I gave him some pointers.  How has it been since you came back?"

"Good.  Ryan left me hanging last night when he got too worn out and took a sudden nap.  Eric wasn't home yet so I waited until he did. He gave me a hurt look and I let him ride me into unconsciousness since he couldn't do it to Ryan.  Though we did wake Ryan up and he got him too."  Speed smiled at that.  "I'm going to have to insist on some top time soon.  They're in for an experience on our anniversary."

"Make sure they've both been moved to on-call the next morning, Tony."  Horatio and Gibbs walked their way.  "Doesn't look promising."  Horatio opened his door.  "What's up?  She objecting to me?"

"No, I'm checking on you.  She's threatening to kill herself if her son doesn't come kill her."

"Yay."  Tony got out and walked back there, looking at her.  He saw the knife against her throat.  "First, that would hurt.  You'd die a very horrible death.  Either that or they'd be able to save you and you'd have a gross, Highlander like scar.  Second, what makes you think you're worth the ten cents for the bullet?"  He shrugged. "So, where was it?"

"Your father," she hissed.

"Pity.  You do realize you're inconveniencing people, that you're keeping them from going home to their families and lovers?"  She shrieked and threw the knife at him.  He ducked and the officers grabbed her.  "Happy to help, mom.  Really."  He strolled back, waving at Kate since she was in Gibbs' car.  He slid into the back of the hummer.  "She's very sorry for causing traffic snarls."

"She should be."  Horatio looked at him.  "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine.  It's been a long time since I cared about her, Horatio.  Do we need to do paperwork?"

Horatio looked back.  "We're taking these two to my house," he called.  "Have the other CSI come over if you need a statement."  That got a wave.  He looked at Gibbs.  "Welcome to Miami."

"It's great, I just wish you guys had weather."  He headed back to his car, following them.

"I invited them over for dinner," Speed told Tony.

"That's fine. Do we need to shop?"

"I got some food earlier, Tony."

"Okay."  He buckled back up as they took off.  "I'm almost surprised the boss doesn't have a convertible for chases."

"He wouldn't.  It'd mess up Kate and McGee's hair and they'd whine," Speed told him.  Tony laughed at that, leaning against his seat.  "Remember, no biologicals in the hummer.  Horatio gets mad when he has to clean them before someone finds them."

"I use it as a punishment for Wolfe," Horatio said blandly.

"He said that," Tony agreed, patting him on the shoulder. "Didn't you like the air freshener?"

"It was nice but very strong. It's in the glovebox."  He took a right off the causeway and went back to heading home.


Kate looked around the house.  "It's nice, but I almost expected chains and handcuffs and things."

"No, that's Gibbs' house," Abby told her.

"Abby," Gibbs complained.

"It is!"  She bounced over to sit beside Speed, cuddling up to his side.  "How does it feel to be home?"

"Pretty good.  The food's better, my nurse is prettier, and there's no annoying sharp things poking me at two in the morning."  He'd expect a blunt thing to be poking him but not a sharp thing.  He grinned at her.  "How was your day?"

"Four hour power outage.  Even Gibbs got tired of the coffeeshop."  Kate nodded at that.  She tossed Tony his phone.  "Kendricks said you could have it back and he left a voicemail for you."  She smiled at Horatio as he came out with drinks, taking hers.  "Thank you, sir."

"You're welcome, Abby."  He handed the tray to Eric, who took his and passed the rest out.  "Any fallout from Stetler?"

"Nope, not yet.  Somehow he figured out it was Tony and he's vowed vengeance on him."

"He had a stomping, screaming 'I'm not gay' fit on Frank," Ryan offered with a grin.  "Frank's answer of 'of course you're not, it's okay to be bi you know' and a shoulder pat nearly sent him over the edge."  Calleigh giggled at that.  "She and Yelina had a sudden coughing fit from her desk."  He saluted her with his glass.

"Thank you.  It was so hard not to laugh at the poor guy all day.  Though, most of the officers don't care if he is or not.  The few who do decided he was already evil as IAB so being gay just proved it.  Or being gay made him good enough for IAB.  Something like that."  She smiled at Speed. "I hear you've got rookies," she teased.

"I do, they're packing my room.  They should be here soon."

"They're scrubbing the floors.  I checked," Kate told him.  "Tony told them not to make any work for the nurses."  He laughed at that, leaning on Abby.  "So, we can work together now, right?"  Everyone nodded.  "None of us are going to pull what Muddrin did and get into Horatio's face.  I got told he ate FBI agents."

"I only chew hard.  Their skin's too tough to break," Horatio offered from the kitchen. "Tony, didn't you say you were going to cook?"  He bounced in there to help him, getting a smile. "Calm down.  It's fine."

"I know, but I'm still bouncy.  I had an evil day and people liked it."

"Just don't do it on the rest of us," he warned.  Tony smiled and nodded at that.  They worked together seamlessly, Gibbs watching now and then. "He's a good cook."

"We get together often," Ryan agreed. "It's mutual support.  Speaking of, convention is where this year?"

"Boston," he sighed. Tony gave Gibbs a look, getting a nod.  Horatio looked at his team.  "We can't all go, guys."

"I won't be walking by then," Speed reminded him.  "Take one of these two idiots and go, Horatio.  You and Tony deserve the playtime.  And maybe Xander will come up with a new book."

"Maybe," he agreed.  "Ryan, Eric?  Do either of you have a choice?"

"I need to stay in town, H," Eric reminded him.  "Ryan can go."  Ryan looked at him.  "You can."

"You sure?  I can go with Marisol."

"No, you go.  I'll be fine. It's only a long weekend."  Ryan nodded, smiling at him.  "Take good care of them while you're up there."  He looked at Speed.  "You can go."

"I can't go.  I can't stand that long on a plane and then all the looks."

"You wanna talk about looks.  You should've seen the looks the bite mark I've got on my neck got from Kendricks' team," Tony called out.

"Bite mark?" Speed asked.  Eric blushed.  "Got hungry?"

"I was half asleep and sucking on his neck," he offered sheepishly.  "It was days ago."

"Let me see it, Tony," Speed ordered.  He pulled off his shirt and let him see it, making him hiss.  "Ow.  That had to hurt."

"It did.  He yelled so loud it woke me and two neighbors," Ryan told him.  He ran a finger over it then wiped it on his pants.  "Ducky put cream on it?"  Tony nodded, grinning at him.  "All I knew to do was an ice pack and neosporin."

"Damn, Eric," Speed said, shaking his head to look at it again.  "That's deep.  It's going to scar."

"I don't care.  I've got plenty," Tony reminded him.  He withdrew and smiled.  "See, you'd get looks like I got.  They'd think it was from kinky sex with Horatio."  He went back to the kitchen after washing his hands again.

"At least you're having a good influence on his cleanliness levels and making him quit cracking dirty jokes about bikinis at work," Kate told Ryan.

He smirked.  "I'm a better influence than that. He made it to work today."  She blushed at that.  "Eric was going to hide him from you guys."

"We'd have hunted him down.  We have Tony-sensing radar now," Abby assured him.

"You and me both," Eric agreed dryly, making her giggle.  "Tony, what're we having?"  Tony gave him a look that let him know exactly what he'd be having for dinner very shortly.  "Besides that," he offered with a wicked look grin.

"Food."  He got back to work.

"Are us carnivorous ones who nearly had a case today getting meat or other stuff?" Ryan asked.

"You *almost* had a case today?" Kate asked.

"Yeah, and then we found out she was a narcoleptic taking a nap."  He shrugged.  "I spent most of the day finishing up analysis for Gibbs since you guys' lab was down with the power issue.  Speaking of, is that related to the A/C problem or a separate one?"

"They're both related back to Hurricane Andrew, or so I'm told, and the crappy repair job that got done," Tony admitted.  "The A/C will be fixed by the end of the week.  Hopefully with it fixed it'll quit overloading the circuits when it starts to catch on fire and grind.  No promises though.  The breaker needs to be totally rewired."

"Show it to me tomorrow," Gibbs ordered.  "If it's that unsafe we can make them fix it."

"Sure, boss, but Morrow knows.  It's the end of the budget year and they're claiming it'll be next year."

"Fat chance," he snorted.  "We can't get a lot of things done without power.  Even if Ducky could do autopsies by lamplight."

"Speaking of hurricanes, when do we get briefings on emergency procedure?"

"Head north," Eric said firmly.  "As fast as you can and inland if possible. Go early to avoid the traffic."  She gave him a look.  "Seriously.  We have mandatory evacuation."

"Everyone except for people like my uncle, who like to tie themselves to their roofs and watch," Ryan said dryly. Eric gave him an open-mouthed, shocked look.  "You wondered where the touch of insanity came from.  Now you know.  He hasn't left for the last twenty hurricanes."

"In our building, if we get trapped, we've got the emergency shelter, but it's down with the fuse box," Tony offered.  "I'd almost rather take my chances outside."  Horatio nodded at that.  "Ah, I see you've been down there?"

"We had a criminal who decided to hide in there.  Kendricks hadn't been down there at that point and he said it was dangerous then. That was a few years before Andrew."  Tony moaned.  "You guys need a new building."

"Well, if mom croaks and leaves me money maybe I'll donate one," he quipped.  Horatio looked at him.  "I'm doubting I'm in the wills."

"Tony," he said calmly.  Tony scowled at him.  "Anthony."  He sighed and shook his head, getting back to work.  "Gibbs, I do believe he needs to talk about his parents sometime soon."

"I heard the joke. We never heard much about his childhood."  He came to gather Tony and take him to the back bedroom to talk to him alone.  Possibly to make him break but mostly to talk.  He came out to get food when Horatio said it was ready but he went back to making Tony talk about it.  He was still fairly bitter about his family.


Horatio finished up the last case and handed it to Gibbs, who smirked and handed it to Tony.  "File that."

"Fine, boss."  He winked at his boys and filed it, then he nodded.  Gibbs sighed and nodded, letting them take him home.

Gibbs looked at Horatio.  "How's Speed?"

"Stubborn," he admitted with a smile.  "Good to me.  What I'd expect at this stage."  He stood up.  "You need anything?"

"A sub to go bad on."

Horatio handed over an address.  "Go there."  He smirked and walked out, putting on his sunglasses before walking outside.  He tapped on the window to Tony's car.  "Home, boys.  Not the parking lot."  He continued on to his hummer.  He was content.  He was like the daddy GHS to his city.  They all came to him about problems, or in Tony's case whining about Gibbs making him do nasty things that were evil.  He and Speed were the elder citizens in the group now.  It almost made him want to go and do something wild, something that would make Speed scream and shriek at him.  He smirked and called home.  "Baby, I'm going out tonight," he called.  "Sure, send them to Tony's.  I'll see them in the morning.  No, I'm feeling old."  He hung up on the moan.  He was going to have fun.  Speed would chase him.  He made it to the club district and pulled into his favorite one, weathering the odd looks for being alone. "He's at home," he told one, heading out onto the floor.

Speed stomped in, leaning on his cane.  He hated walking with the thing.  The wheelchair was almost better.  He traced his mate and got him off the floor, having him against the wall in a corner.  If he needed to feel young again, he could do that, but Horatio was going to pay and pay and pay for making him quit sulking.  Horatio smiled at him and he spanked him, pushing into him.  "Bastard."  He rode him hard and left him hard, then put him back onto the floor, sitting down next to where he was dancing.  "For me and only me, Horatio."  Horatio smirked and went to tease him.  It was a good show.  He looked across the club.  Danny and Don were down and Danny was teasing Don to make him jealous.  Tony was teasing his boys across the floor.  Ooh, and there was Xander.  Speed felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up and he got up, pulling Horatio closer, pointing at Xander.  "He's down here?" he asked.

Horatio looked around the club, catching Don's eye and nodded.  He blinked and went to find Eric and Ryan.  They all moved to control Xander.  He was showing off moves he hadn't had and very long hair.  Of course, the usual happened and people came in to try to take them.  Horatio looked at his officers, pulling his badge in the silence.  "Miami-Dade PD.  You're pissing me off.  Do you mind?" he asked dryly.

"Also NYPD."

"Ooooh, and Feds, don't forget NCIS," Tony said from where he was sitting on the table.  They looked at them all and ran.  "Xander, love, come here?"  He grinned and trotted over.  Tony smacked him on the head. "Keeper?"

"I, um, kinda escaped again, Tony.  Oz is tired."

Tony and Horatio looked at each other.  "Somewhere more secure?"

"Works for me.  Into the cars."  He took Speed and Xander with him.  The young man would only cause his city trouble.  "We should tie you down and call Oz," he warned.  "Or Adam."

"They're pouting at each other.  But hey, I'm moving to South Beach," he offered happily.  "I promise to be good."

Speed looked at him.  Then he shook his head.  No, it wasn't going to happen around his Horatio.  In the other car, Eric and Ryan were being filled in on how bad this was and they came to the same conclusion.  Not around their Tony.   It was going to be an interesting time for everyone.

The End.