CODA: Interests

1 walked around the very uptight apartment that was being shown to them.  It was overly expensive, overly decorated, and really not what they needed.  He looked at Graham, who shrugged a bit.  He looked at the realtor.  "We're a set of twins, and we have two to three friends who will be crashing at various intervals.  Plus we'll need a home office.  Kitchen isn't all that spectacular of a need.  We can kinda cook.  We need a place to hang out and get comfy in front of cartoons sometimes."

"Those sort of space requirements do come with a higher price tag, sir.  I wasn't aware you and your twin were wealthy.  I was told you're CSI?"

"Actually, we also co-own an artillery design firm," he said dryly.  She gasped.  He smirked.  "We have the funds, ma'am.  We don't usually flaunt it.  We don't want to be somewhere there's going to be annoying photographers all the time but we need the space.  Soon since our two female friends need to move in for their own safety."

"I see."  She took him to another apartment.  This one was large, had some large windows.  It had an upgraded kitchen but the boy barely looked at that.  It had five bedrooms.  It had an office already made with built-in shelves done in cedar for some reason.  The closets were nicely sized.  The bathrooms were decent but he didn't really care more than it worked.  The living room was cool enough.  He nodded, looking around it.

"This may work," he admitted.

Graham coughed.  "What's the monthly fees usually?  And what do they cover?"

"Oh, HOA stuff," 1 said.  "How much?"

"The Condo Association's fees are $800 a month.  That covers all your utilities but cable.  That does allow you into the gym, which does have a pool."

"Do they have to approve of new residents?" Xander asked.

"No.  No, they figure if you can afford it then you're wealthy enough for their tastes."

"We're still going to hob-nob and stuff," Xander warned.  "We all grew up kinda lower class and one of our friends is one we met in Africa."

"They won't care.  They may gossip if they catch them in the gym."  He nodded at that.  "This one is a fairly steep investment."

"Do we have one that's most of this but isn't quite as upgraded and fancy?" Xander asked.  "We were in construction before we went to Africa and then college."

She considered it, taking them to a lower unit in the same complex.  It was two buildings joined by many fancy bridges.  This one was less open to sunlight.  It had a building fairly close by.  "That's all business offices," she said.  He nodded at that.  "The kitchen really could use upgraded."

"Does it all work?"

"As far as the examination and inspection said, yes," she said, pulling out those forms.  He looked it over, nodding at some things.  He went to check the windows then the other things.  "The same HOA fees," she admitted.  "The same amount of room but not as many upgrades."

"Actually I like these tubs more," Xander told her.  "They're a bit deeper and nicer."  He looked in the rooms, nodding.  It was almost the same layout.  The office on this one was on the other side of the living room instead of on the same room as the bedrooms' hallway.  That let the master bedroom have more room in their closet.  "Graham?"

"I like it," he agreed.  "Its simpler but you'll need some bigger curtains."

"I can get those.  And a bigger tv probably."  Graham smirked at him for it.  He smirked back.  "Okay, where do I sign?"  She looked stunned.  "How much is it?"


"I'll offer them one-nine," he said.  She beamed and filled out the forms.  He took it out of his account from his trip.  She gasped.  He stared.  Then he grinned.  "Like I said, we do design a lot of very wicked, sexy weapons."  She shivered and went to give that to the office.  They hadn't gotten this one sold in nearly six months.  She came back and they looked at the counter offer.  "No, I'm sorry, I'm not hiring their people to upgrade us.  There's not much I want upgraded."  He made notes and handed it back.  "Two."  She nodded, going back there.  He looked at Graham.  "If not?"

"Then we've got a good few others to look at," he admitted.  "Including some nearer to Times Square.  That would be closer to Faith and closer to Wendy's usual hunting grounds."

"That could be nice.  Any from the other community?"

"Well...."  He pulled out his PDA to look, putting out there that the boys were moving to house the girls easier for their own safety.   Someone joked that it was a wise move.  Graham put out that they wanted to hear about this new threat too.  They all groaned and more information fell into his inbox by the pop up message he got.  He got two other condos sent to him.  He nodded.  "Two very fine Masters' condos that wanted to move out of the city and to Europe again."

Xander came over to look.  "I've been there for something."

"Yeah, a few years back you got kidnaped by one of his children."  He gave him a dirty look and Xander just grinned.  "It's the same one as Atlanta.  Same decorating scheme too."

"Huh."  He checked the pictures of the other one out.  "That's pretty nice."

"That's a whole building so you'd have higher taxes."

The realtor came back.  "They would want you to use their renovation people, Mr. Harris."

"That's a problem for me.  So, do you know anything about these two?"

She came over to look at the addresses, then nodded.  "Yes.  They're both listed but they're listed by a more...gothic agent."

Xander shrugged.  "That's fine with us.  We're from near LA.  We've seen plenty of vamps."

She smiled and they walked out.  She handed the keys back to the agent.  "He does want to bend and use anyone he doesn't already approve of for security reasons.  He said the demands were unacceptable and he didn't want to upgrade much anyway, and if he did, he was actually qualified.  Sorry."

"Wait," he said, calling the bosses.  He looked at him.  "Are you an actor or something, sir?"

"CSI with Manhattan Felony and my twin and I own a design company beyond that.  It'll be us and a few female friends who need to move in for their own security."

"Most people want to upgrade things."

"We can barely cook, the bathrooms are more than adequate for right now, and beyond buying a few closet organizers, bookcases, and a bigger tv, why would I need to?"

"It's old.  Nearly a decade out of date."

Xander shrugged.  "Some of the newer trends are crap.  We don't need everything to be shiny and new.  We need them to be adequate and easy to use.  Sorry, but I don't need those demands.  I hear enough of that from generals."  He walked off with Graham.  Those two were nice.  Their realtor got a call about the apartment and the new demands.  He listened then shook his head, handing the phone back.  "Graham?"

"Too small.  Faith will end up pacing."

"True.  Me too probably."  They went to the last one on her list.  It was good.  Still needed some work done.  The kitchen wasn't all shiny stainless steel and marble.  They appreciated that.  The bathrooms needed to be redone in a few cases.  Tiny tubs. Tiny showers.  The closets were good enough for slayers who shopped, plus their needs.  There was an extra one for an office.  Plus a good place to put a drafting table or a work space for Faith if she needed one.  It was on the third floor of a smaller building so it didn't get a lot of light.  The buildings around it were higher.  The only rooms that got a lot of light were the living room and one of the bedrooms.  "What about turning two into one?" he suggested.

The realtor's face lit up and they went to look at a building closer to downtown again.  It had two very nice ones that could be reshaped into one larger apartment.  It was cheaper too.  That one condo called back and wanted to give different counter details.  She listened and sighed, laying out their needs. They decided they wouldn't take it so she hung up after saying they were going to convert two into one.

"If you took out the greeting area by the doorway," Graham started.  "It'd be less secure but bigger and better for the living room."

"We can do a small greeting area and use it to break up the area so we can use part of it for the dining room," Xander said, knowing what he wanted to do.  He sketched it out on some paper she had.  Graham looked over his shoulder and nodded at that.  "That gives us two extra bedrooms and a second office area for Wendy or Faith."

"Or you two."

"We do a lot of ours on the couch."

"I know."  He patted him on the back.  "By the way, the approval team didn't like your twin's last design.  Called it the puny gun of doom.  Especially after he retuned the power output to make it too strong.  Said he shouldn't watch MIB and do cricket guns."  Xander grinned at that.  "Yeah, while he had a headache."  He looked around.  "That could work.  How long?"

"Six days to pull down those three walls, redo the new openings, and change out the four tubs that need it," he said.  "Two weeks at the most."  That got a nod.  "That's with us doing it."

"You'll have to buy a lot more furniture."

"If the girls own their beds, they can bring them."

"True."  He called the other one.  "Did you get it?"  He nodded at the twin he had.  "So?"  He nodded.  "He said buy it."  Xander tore up the original check and wrote a new one for the asking price.  It was lowballed already.  That was nice of them.  She went to talk to the owners.  They signed off then.  They had the forms all filled out and had already moved.  It was theirs.  The boys sent a note to the other residents that they were moving in and doing some light renovations, putting them in the mailboxes.  Then they went home to make formal plans.  The girls would be more than happy to get all their own stuff and their own rooms again.


Stella walked through the new entry area, staring around the large apartment.  "What did you do?  Rob another one?"

"We combined," he admitted with a smile.  "It's an ancient building.  The permits weren't that hard to get.  The inspections showed a small plumbing problem in the kitchen but it still only took an extra day to fix.  We passed them all and the girls have their own rooms, their own bathrooms, and their own closets."  She laughed, patting him on the arm.  "So, what's up?  We're not due in today."

"No, you're not.  Mac wanted me to check to make sure the house wasn't going to kill you two."

"No, rebuilding a school nearly did," 2 admitted from the couch.  He grinned.  "It's a nice space.  Graham likes it for the security.  The girls like it because they're not sharing a room or a bathroom.  You can go look."  She went to snoop.  He smirked at his twin, who went to pour drinks.  Faith came stomping in.  "Bad day at work?" he teased.

"Yes!  Those fucking morons tried to take credit for my work!"  She flung her bag down and sat down.  "I should've staked them."

"Did your boss realize it?" 1 asked, handing her a beer.

"Yes.  I showed him the original sketches plus got proof I was there redoing it because they had screwed up my whole idea.  I had to present it as an alternate because the others presented theirs as the group idea.  He said it wasn't very teamwork of me but said I was right.  I had decent instincts, and next time he'd make sure my team was better suited to working with me."  She sipped her beer.  "Why didn't I go into something less stressful?"

"You'd be bored," 2 reminded her.  "Then quit."

"Good point."  She leaned back, smirking at Stella when she came out.  "Snooping for the lab?"

"Yup."  She took her bottle of water.  "Thanks, boys.  You know you have court tomorrow?"

"Oooh, yay," they said in unison, cracking Faith up.

"Mac said to not bite the stupid lawyers this time," she said, smirking at them.  "And to be pretty.  The DA tomorrow will expect you two to be pretty and nice.  He's not an idiot.   He's ridden the line before to get things done that needed to be done."  They both smirked at that.  "So be nice and presentable."

"We can do that," 2 said.

"Does this mean his mental hamster works?" 1 asked.

"Very well.  He's the sort to find evidence during the case and use it."  They both nodded.  "So let him lead unless his mind totally breaks down at the thought of you two being twins.  Sometimes he leads a different way and then back."  They both nodded.  "Good boys.  I'll tell Mac you're ready and all that."  She left, going back to tell them all about the new apartment.

Xander looked at Faith.  "So?"

"Not bad.  I didn't get fired for speaking up for my idea.  The bigger boss liked it.  He's pitching it to the clients.  He has to pitch the other one but I should be in the clear."  She took a longer drink.  "Wendy still in the land of nap?"

"Yes," 2 sighed.  "She's been in bed all day.  I don't know what she did last night but damn."

She giggled.  "She ran into a stud.  She only got in about five."  They shook their heads.  "So, we're all settled in?"  They nodded.  "Good.  You had a package downstairs."  1 sighed, going to get it.  They hadn't been out today.  They had the day off.  "Anything else need fixed?"

"Not that I'm aware of," 2 said.  "Why?"

"Can I put in a work area?"  He pointed and she smirked.  "Thanks."

"We figured you might need one."  He smirked back.  "There's room for a drafting table or whatever."  She nodded, going to measure out the space.  "That end table is there to put something in the space."

"Cool with me."  She moved it and went to look up how much drafting tables were.  She could use a setup to work.  Since this bastard was still gathering friends and allies, she had to be here for a long time.  Wendy came out yawning and wandering, getting handed a soda.  "Get up, girl.  It's long past daybreak."

"Yay," she said flatly.  She went to shower with her soda.  1 came back with the box.

"What's it from?" 2 asked.

"I don't know.  I think it's from your last shopping trip."  He sat down to check it over.  No wires.  Yes, they were going to be paranoid.  He slit the side of the package and looked, shaking his head.  "No, I'm wrong.  Faith, call Mac, tell him it's a very unpretty package bomb?" he called.  He put it down on the table.  2 put the box on top of it and they moved everything else.  They really didn't like the coffee table.  Buffy had picked it out but it was too fussy and frilly for their tastes.  2 went to let people in.  They headed right for the box.  One came in and stared around.  "Yes, we remodeled," 1 said dryly.

"How do you afford this on NYPD salary?" he demanded.

"We're not using our NYPD salary.  We have a second income," 2 said as he came up with Mac.  "It makes us at least three times the NYPD income every month."  The officer shuddered.  "We're techs because we love the work."

"Not because we needed a job," 1 agreed.  "Though if this keeps going on, I'm going to hunt."

Mac smiled at him.  "Calm down.  Let's see which cause is this one."  The bomb squad tech gave him a dirty look.  "These are the CSI Harris twins."

"Oh, dating again, guys?" he quipped.

"No clue," 2 admitted.  "If there's a note, tell us."

"Sure."  He got it disarmed and relaxed, unwrapping it the rest of the way.  "Note."  He handed it to Mac, who sighed and handed it on.  "So, date?"

"No, case related for a change," 1 said, staring at it.  "Huh."  He went to fax it to Horatio's office with a note saying how it had been delivered.  Mac added to that note.  That would make Horatio go off on someone.  It'd be good for him.


In Miami, the receptionist got the threat and called an emergency code.  The other sheet came out and she relaxed but still!  The head detective came in and she showed him.  "It came out threat first, Detective."

He read it over, nodding.  "Cancel it.  Tell Caine.  They're former interns and this is case related.  Make sure everything's checked since it said it came in a package bomb."  She nodded, calling that modified one.  Horatio came storming off the elevator so he held up both of them.  "From the twins."

He snatched them to look at, moaning.  "That is not good, Frank."

"No, it's not.   You guys are staying on heightened watch for a while."

"And I'll note to the twins to send them in the opposite order next time."  The receptionist smiled at him for that.  "Thank you, good work, Madeline."  He went to call Mac from his office.  When someone higher up stomped in he handed over both sheets.  "They apologized for it coming out in that order."

"It was addressed to them anyway," he pointed out, handing it back.  "We can call it a drill and keep you guys on heightened watch."  He left to talk to his people.  Including the DA.  They were stupid, but this could be used against that officer.


1 walked into the break room the next day, handing Mac and Stella a box.  "There's days I feel like our lives is a spinning prize wheel to see who gets to threaten us that day."  He grabbed a soda and left again.

Mac checked it carefully then opened it, seeing the note in there.  "A new wannabe dater."

She looked over his arm.  "Why are there twin white mice?"

"He made a Cinderella reference."  He put it back together and closed the box.  "We do have to reduce some of these threats."

She nodded.  "How though?  Wolfram and Hart is mostly gone.  Some are going to trial so they're going to try something.  They're evil though so they could be sneaky.  That one last night was due to a trial in Miami of that one officer killing others that 1 figured out.  This one after their friends in Cleveland and Faith and Wendy, it's going to probably get out of hand.  I'm not sure they can't handle that one without a real battle."

"Plus anyone they date," Adam added from his seat.  "And any other cases of theirs up here.  Aren't they supposed to testify today?"

"It got held off because the judge got a threat on another case," Mac told him.  "They tried to car bomb him this morning."

"I'm starting to feel like we're in the Middle East, Mac," Adam said.  "It's not their fault.  Nothing comes for them here but that's the fourth near bombing this year."

"I know.  ATF and FBI are working together."  He looked at him.  "What's in the news?"

"Why they shut down a school because a kid brought in a handgun for show and tell in the second grade.  Apparently his parents were teaching him how to handle one, just in case, and he got too happy.  He had no idea it was against the rules."

"Unloaded?" Stella asked.

"In a safe carry case and unloaded.  It said he had it properly stored and had asked the teacher to hold it for him until show and tell.  She thought it was something big like a painting or stained glass.  The article said he didn't take it out of the case, just opened it up and gave a pretty good gun safety lecture.  The guards got summoned during it and let him so the other kids would know.  Some parents freaked out but the kids' parents are proud that he had been careful with it and had handed it to the teacher."

"I'd be pissed if my kid had brought mine in, but proud if he had done it that way," Mac admitted.  "That proved they did a good job teaching him."

"Yeah, even the teacher agreed it was a good job and she wasn't sure it was real at first."  He shrugged.  "I feel creeped out by the city sometimes."

"I think we all do," Stella admitted.  "I grew up here."

Xander 2 walked in.  "You did?"

"Yeah.  Did you see about the show and tell incident?"

"Yes and I applaud the kid for being so careful and so thoughtful by handing it to the teacher.  I even wrote a nice editorial saying that clearly the parents had done a good job teaching the kid and hopefully those kids had listened since there was a fifty-fifty chance of them having a gun in their hands by their teens, even just for fun.  Maybe that means my fellow coworkers wouldn't have to answer any extra body calls from them having accidents.  I signed it NYPD staff member, not the lab, Mac."

"Thank you, Xander."

"Not a problem."  He got his own soda.  "My twin's selfish."

"Did you pay him back for the apartment?" she teased.

"Oops.  Later on."  He walked out smiling, sipping his soda on the way.  "Did I forget to pay my half of the new apartment?" he asked as he walked into ballistics.

"Yup.  Not why I'm in a bad mood."

"I know why you're in a bad mood.  You want to hunt all the threats down and can't."  He smiled.  "We'll be able to do some of them soon."

"Hopefully."  He stretched.  "Why dead mice?"

"I didn't ask.  Maybe it was to whatever was in the note?"

"I hope so and that it doesn't relate back to doing testing."

"No, they're all in jail," 2 reminded him.

"Thank god but what if there's more?"

"Graham is looking for those sort to turn them in.  You know he is."  1 nodded at that.  "Concentrate on seeing if we can stop the threat to the girls."

"I am."  He sighed and shifted on his seat.  "Yes, Lindsay, did you have more work for us to do?" he called, spotting her trying to subtly listen in.  They had glass walls, that didn't really work that well.

"No, I was making sure it wasn't something that was going to get us yelled at or bitten again," she said.

"No, we got a threat from a case and then another threat today," 2 said, finishing his soda and tossing the can out.  "Did you need some help?"

"No, I'm fine."  She walked off.

2 looked at her back then sighed.  1 looked at him and nodded.  They had recognized the behavior.  And the way she was pale yet happy.  1 went to find Mac and Stella.  "Hey, Adam, can I have two with the boss?"

"I'm going back to my office anyway, Xander.  Come talk to me," Mac offered.  He walked him back that way.  "What's wrong?"

Xander closed the office door and looked at him.  "Have you realized why Lindsay's pale and shaky but glowing and happy?"

"She is?" he asked flatly.  1 nodded.  "You're sure?"

"Yeah.  Also nosy.  We were talking about the threats and she was trying to eavesdrop even though we have glass walls."

Mac snorted, shaking his head.  "She's not real subtle."

"No and she's been holding her stomach all day long, Mac."

"I'll talk to her.  Thank you.  Any other insights?"

"Yeah, Peyton?  She's not real...sure she wants to date again."  He stared at him.  "Sorry, Mac, but she's getting shaky feet."

"I'll talk to her later about that."  Xander beamed and left.  He went to find Lindsay.  He could talk to his girlfriend later.  "Lindsay?"  She came out of the lab.  He walked her off.  "I have heard from a few sources that you've been a bit ill recently perhaps?  That you've come in pale and a bit shaky?  Do you need some time off to see someone?"

"Um, I don't think it's that bad."

"Lindsay, I've been a husband before," he said bluntly.  He stopped her and stared at her.  "How far along are you?"

"Barely three months?" she said quietly.  "I'm trying to make sure I can handle things, Mac."

"We'll need to put you on modified duty, Lindsay.   You can't vomit on scenes and you can't waddle on them either.   There's protocols in place for pregnant techs."  She beamed at that.  "We'll go over them after your shift.  Take yourself off field rotation.  Have you talked to the father yet?"

"No.  I'm not sure how I'd do that since in an awkward spot."

"I can talk to them if they're in the lab."  She gave him a horrified look.  "We noticed."

"Can you?"

"Yes."  He smiled and patted her on the arm.  "We'll go over that list later.  Let me know if the chemicals start to smell too much for you.  Some women do get sensitive to their stink."  He walked off.  He had hoped he didn't have to tell anyone that news.  He was still trying to figure out how to do it when he found Danny in the ballistics lab with the twins joking about something.  "Danny, can we talk?"

"Sure, Mac.  'Bout what?" he asked.

"It's personal," he said.

"I don't think he knocked you up," 2 teased with an evil smirk.

"No, I'd know if I was the pregnant one in the lab," Mac assured him sarcastically.

"Whoa, someone is?" Danny demanded.

"Yeah," 1 agreed.  "She's been pale, shaky, pukey, and happy and glowing at the same time."

"Oh, shit," he said.

"Congrats," the twins said in unison, smirking at him.

Danny flinched and shook his head.  "Damn it."

"Yeah," 2 said, handing him a miniature candy bar from his desk.  "Here, you clearly need chocolate therapy."

"Yeah, I could."  He moved away from the work areas to eat it. "We're sure?"

"I just talked to her," Mac said.  "She didn't know how to tell you."

"Beyond blurting probably," 1 agreed.

"Damn it," Danny repeated.  He slumped.  "What do I do now?"

"That's between you and your views of having a baby momma," 2 pointed out.  Danny scowled so he grinned.  "Up to you two.  Us personally?  We'd take custody as soon as it was born."

"That's because anyone you two dated would probably be in jail by then," he said dryly.

"That too," 1 agreed.

"Go talk to Don," Mac ordered calmly.  "Brighten his day."

"He's gonna rag on me for sleeping with her."

2 got up to give him a short hug.  "We know you have better taste usually and it was a condom break," he said quietly.  "Because you usually like more gentle girls."  Danny scowled.  He grinned.  "You seem to."

"Yeah, I do."  He sighed and walked out, going to talk to Don.

Mac shrugged.  "It was necessary."  They both smiled and handed over the morning's report stack.

Danny walked up to Don's desk.  "Got time to go get lunch?" he asked quietly.

"Only if the magic report fairy shows up and waves her frilly wand to finish all mine from this morning's arrest," he said, looking at him.  "Why?  You okay?  You look kinda pissed."

"Yeah, I kinda am.  I need ta talk."

"Bad talk?"  He leaned back.  "Because I know you guys do the impossible but I can't imagine it's worse than the 'I got knocked up' talk.  I'd almost expect that one from the twins."

Danny snickered but looked so depressed.  "No, I was on the other end of that one just now when Mac came in to tell me for someone else."

"Thank god it wasn't his," Don joked.  Danny let out a small grin.  "C'mon.  We can get a hotdog from the cart."  He got up and walked out with him.  The other guys glared but oh well.  "You good?" he asked once they had lunch in hand and were only in a crowd of people on the sidewalk.

"She didn't know how ta tell me so she had Mac tell me.  The twins apparently figured it out."  He ate a bite then grimaced and spit it out, handing the rest to Flack. "Here, I'm not hungry."

"That's news that would curdle my stomach too.  So, who's the lucky baby momma?"


"Montana?  You slept with that?" Don demanded.  Danny nodded.  "Okay, now *I'm* sick."  He finished up the hotdogs and walked Danny down the street.  "You have better taste, buddy."

"It was a heat of the moment thing," he admitted.

"Uh-huh.  You were so caught up you got stupid?"

"I honestly don't remember."  He ran both hands through his hair.  "It's been three months, Don."

"I know.  Well, I didn't know but I know it wasn't recently."  He patted him on the back.  "You'll handle it."  Danny stared at him.  "No one would blame you for it, Danny.  Or for not marrying her.  You two are like oil and water."

"Yeah," he snorted.  "But I shouldn't."

"Well, you two can work that out.  So.... are you gonna talk to her about her plans?"

"Maybe.  I don't know.  Right now I wanna scream at her."

"I think that's a pretty normal reaction, yeah."  Danny slumped.  "It'll be okay, Danny.  I promise it will be."  Danny stared at him.  "It will be.  At the very least it'll be a mediocre CSI."

Danny smiled some.  "Yeah, that's true.  With our jobs and skills...."  He stared around then at him.  "I'm so screwed, Don."

"No, if you had been, you'd be in a better mood today."  Danny slugged him on the arm, earning a laugh and a grin.  "You'll handle it."

"I will handle it," he promised.  "Thanks."

"Not a problem.  I'll be a good sounding board.  That way I know how it goes when it's my turn."  He walked him back to the station, letting him head back to the lab while he went inside.  His boss glared.  "Danny had ta talk about something."

"Why?  His family stepping in?" she asked quietly.

"No, he had a sudden thing."

"A sudden thing," she said.  Don nodded.  "You're certain?"

"He got told earlier."

"Yeah, that's a good reason for needing to have lunch."

"He couldn't eat.  So I had lunch."  He smirked and went back to his report writing.  Maybe he'd go to college to become a field CSI.  They had a lot fewer reports.  Just a few forms and machine reports.


1 grabbed his head and leaned down, resting it on the table.  "Shit," his twin muttered, kicking the door shut to help him.  "Vision?"  His twin nodded slightly.  "What is it?"  He rubbed his shoulders until it passed.  "1?"

He blinked up at him.  "Her birth is going to be a problem.  She might die," he said quietly.  Mac let himself in.  "I'm okay."

"I saw the sudden forehead grab and waited to see if it was a headache or complication from the concussion."  He closed the door.  "You have actual visions?"  1 nodded.  "Damn."

"Her birth?  It could be a huge problem, Mac."

"I'll keep that in mind.  Here?"

"Yeah, and I saw her barely surviving it, coming back after a week with the baby in the break room while she worked, and no one saying a thing."

"No, for that I'd call someone," Mac told him.  They both relaxed.  "Are you okay to continue working?"  1 nodded, taking a packet of tylenol from the desk with his current soda.  "Okay.  Write me out what may happen and give it to me later.  I'll make that clear to her."  He left, going to think about that.  He pulled the forms for pregnancy protocol and went over them.  He added that to the bottom of the list.  Babies did not belong in a lab.  Unless they were taking a swab or they were brought in for a lunch with a parent, they weren't to be in the lab.  He caught Stella's eye and waved her in.  "Figure out a good room to use for a lactating mother."

"We have one?"

"We will after the new year."

She stared.  "Lindsay," she said.  He nodded.  "She asked me questions about a friend of hers who was."

"The twins told me."  She smiled at that.  "So she might need one.  Figure out where and how to best accommodate her."

"We have a room downstairs that the other women use.  She can use that one."  He smiled at that.  "Make sure she knows her leave options too, Mac.  And what the health insurance covers.  It doesn't cover everything.  I know a few who had to fight some charges."  She left.

Mac called that office immediately.  They emailed him a copy of that brochure and information packet.  He printed it out for her and it was better.  2 brought in the statement and left again after dropping another of the miniature candy bars with it.  He nibbled.  He needed it.  He read over the vision, grimacing at it.  That wasn't good.  It got shredded and he got ready for Lindsay to come in.  She was all happy and smiles.  "Did you and Danny talk?"

"He's having a damn it day.  He said we'll talk tomorrow.  Thank you for telling him for me, Mac."

"That's not that unusual," he said.  "Sit."  She sat down and he went over the information he had pulled for her.  Including the rules for babies at the station.  She nodded at that.  The information on what the health insurance covered got a grimace but she could argue with them herself.  It did limit her birth options and locations.  It also limited her child's care unless it was an emergency operation.  It did not cover circumcision either.  That shocked him but that was fine he guessed.  She nodded as he went over the protocols.  She knew she'd be out of the field very soon.  Which would mean more time in for Adam and the twins.


Two days later, Don Flack ran into Faith on purpose.  She gave him a long look then nodded him into her office with her.   She was heading back inside.  She signed them both in and went to hide with him.  "What's up?" she asked.

"They may have a new stalker, Faith."

"Most of them wouldn't bother with us.  They'd realize we're not sleeping with them."

He pulled out a picture to show her.  "Someone crashed into Wendy on purpose.  She's fine, just really sore.  I had her escorted home."

"Thank you.  Any idea who?"

"Not really.  A description."  He let her see.  She grimaced.  "Know her?"

"I think I saw her earlier.  Thank you for letting me know.  We'll deal with it."

"You sure?"

"Yeah.  If it's their stalker, they'll want to handle her.  You know how they are."

"True."  He grinned.  "Call me if you need me."  She nodded so he left.

Faith walked down the hall to her boss's secretary.  "She in?"  She nodded.  "Thanks."  She knocked then walked in, closing the door.  "Let me guess, your bad mood earlier was you ran into my roomie?  Who is living with the twins because of *our* safety?"  Her boss stiffened, staring at her.  "Unfortunately someone bigger is coming for girls like Wendy and I.  The twins were part of the group when they were younger.  They took us in to protect us."

"So you're not with them?"

"No, we're not.  The most we get is movie night and couch cuddling rights."  She stared her down.  "And right now, the twins have that problem, threats from a few cases to not testify, and a few other problems from a former law firm that's trying to reform after the boys finally lost their temper and helped get rid of them.  They don't need this on top of it.  Because they will go *off* about our safety.  They trained Wendy when she was at home."

"I see.  I didn't know they were that tough."

"Yeah, CSI, both of them.  Ballistics."  She shivered at that.  "And they design weapons.  It's how we all got moved to the nicer place."  That got another shiver.  "So do you think you can leave me and Wendy alone?  We're just sheltering with friends."

"Who's after you two?"

"Not just us.  The main group in Cleveland is having the same problems."  She shifted.  "We don't know much about the head guy.  All we know is he wants to kill all of us and he's turned some homeland agents.  Ones who used to be part of the group."  That got a grimace.  "As in they attacked the twins at the lab.  Totally tried to screw up case files and things."

"Oh, dear."

"Yeah, so they don't need this on top of the other stuff.  So can you maybe leave us alone now?  We don't care who dates the twins as long as they're good to them.  What near-sisters and nagging friends should care about.  Us and Miller."

"I can see that viewpoint.  Are you safe here?"

"If he comes here, we've got bigger problems anyway.  Ones that I'll have to break into my history to solve."

"I know what you are, Faith."

Faith stared at her.  "Yeah, they're after us because of that ICW stuff," she assured her with an evil smirk.  "We're protecting the twins, because they're normals, and they're protecting us because they go on the pack principle."

"I understand.  Let me know if someone does try you here."  She shifted a folder.  "By the way, nice work with the teammates that tried to screw you up."  Faith grinned at that.  "I like that solution."

"Thanks."  She left, going back to her office.  She'd talk to Wendy and the twins later since she was the local senior slayer.  She did send an email to Miller to warn him that Wendy had been in a hit and run and that it was over the twins.  He sent back a groan.  So he was tired of it too.


Xander walked out of the lab and to Mac's office.  "I'm going to snap and kill people.  That good with you?" he demanded.

"No.  It's not."  He looked up from his paperwork.  "Cases?  Personnel issues?"

"Wolfram and Hart, six threats this week from that officer in Miami's case and another two, one of them up here.  Someone tried to run over Wendy because she thought we were shacking up with her and Faith.  Faith said she laid down the law on that one."  Mac moaned.  "I've had enough and if I have to go commando to deal with all the threats, so be it."

"No, let us handle it.  Let me handle the threats with Horatio, Xander."  Xander tossed over the latest one.  "Bomb?"

"Disarmed."  He went to get the others, bringing them to him.  "Including drugged chocolate," he said, holding it up.  "We had Danny test it.  It has acid sprayed on it."  Mac sighed, shaking his head.  "So yeah, I'm going to go bitch on someone.  Give me a target or I'll do it on them."

"Let the DA go that heavy on them."

"We've turned them all in to Miami's DA.  She doesn't seem to really care."

"Want to take a day and go down to talk to her?"

"No, because I'll walk those into her office."

"Want a field case?"

"Sure.  Give me something messy?"

"Go help Danny and Sheldon."  He wrote down the address.  "Mutilation.  You could probably help them anyway."  Xander nodded, taking the slip and walking off to get his things and call them to see if he needed to bring anything special.  Mac called down to Horatio to warn him this was getting out of hand and they were going to see someone snapping soon.


2 looked up from the file reading when the lawyer he wanted walked in.  "DA West," he said dryly.

"Who are you and why are you in my office!" she demanded.  "Guards!"

"They told me to wait in here."  He stood up and let her have her chair back.  "As for who I am, I'm one of the CSI Harris' that you've let down repeatedly."

"How did I do that?" she sneered, staying beside the doorway.

"Because you haven't stopped his lawyer from sending us threats, including bombs."  He held up a report.  "From the FBI, who now has him."  He handed it over.  "Because you're a fucking idiot, lady."  He stared her down.  "By the way, that's not just my opinion.  That's the opinion of the agents talking to your boss about this problem you've created.  That's two cases now that have sent us threats, and even after telling you of them nothing got done.  Be damned if we're going to let it go," he sneered back, stepping closer.  "We learned a lot over the years about protecting ourselves and others.  Beyond the fact that I could go cry on the shoulder of a few dozen people, all of whom are technically at least sociopaths, I can probably take them down for this easily enough with the forensics from the threats and the bombs.  You don't let your witnesses get threatened.  That gets your case lost."  He walked around her.  "Have a better incarnation and new job, bitch."  He walked into the head office.  "Is she finally fired?" he asked.

"She is, CSI Harris.  I'm sorry this got so out of hand."

"So are we, because if we get another one, I'm going to handle it.  And they won't like it."

"Calm down, Harris," the agent ordered impatiently.  "We know you build artillery."

"Actually, I can build bombs."  He smiled sweetly.  "Very well."  The agent and the DA both shuddered.  He looked at the DA.  "We told Caine and her with the first one and then each one after that.  We're tired of it.  Are there any other cases that will make us doubt your people's skills?"

"No, I see that most of your cases took deals," he said.  Xander smiled at that. "It will be handled.  You're right, this should not have been going on.  She could have stopped it and didn't."  The boy relaxed.  "Let me handle it.  We'll inform you if you have to come to the trial.  You or your brother."

"Thank you."  He shook his hand and the agent's hand.  "Let me get back to my real job since I'm due there in a few hours."  He left, going to the airport to fly back.

"Ms. West, join us," the DA called.  She was just up the hallway throwing a fit.  She stomped in.  "Good, I see he gave you the notice that the FBI has taken over both cases due to witness tampering."  She growled.  "Do not take that tone with me.  I will fire you."  She stomped off again.  She started to throw things in her office.  "I don't know why," he admitted.

"We do.  She hates the lab.  She's tried to discredit them before this."  He went to arrest her for it.  He had an arrest warrant for her for being an accomplice.   Too bad about her career.


1 walked into the demon bar that night, staring around.  "Let it be known that I've had fucking enough of Wolfram and Hart.  If they come back again, I'm *so* going to go Sunnydale on them."  A few shuddered and one shrank back.  "Also, anyone know anything about the fucker going after the slayers?  I wanna know or they do please."

"Who the hell are you?" a drunk demon yelled.

"Harris."  He stared him down.  "Do I need to have an axe to prove my identity now?"  That one gave him a horrified look and backed away.  "Exactly.  So yeah, Wolfram and Hart bad.  Evil shit going after slayers very bad.  I'm in the mood to destroy and maim."  He smirked evilly.  "My twin keeps trying to calm me down.  Pity he's doing overtime to make up for the lateness from getting back from Miami tonight."

"There's six lawyers left," one female demon shouted.  "We have no idea where."

"If they're doing evil things, turn them in.  If they're doing evil things and they're demons, let me know.  I need a decent fight.  Not that I think they will be, but hey, it's a good start and then maybe I'll go get laid."  They all whimpered.  "Got it?"  They all nodded.  "Both of us do not care if you're peaceful.  Wendy and Faith do not care if you're peaceful or want to live peacefully in this city.  Anything else?  And you're prey," he said with a near purr on that last word.  A few whimpered.  "We could use a good hunt.  Been a while."  He looked around.  "Anything else I need to know?"

"No, Knight," someone called.  "We'll handle it or tell you.  Have you tried that new club down on Broadway?  It's got a lot of dark places and the chicks going in look semi-decent.  None too scummy."

He grinned.  "Last night actually.  None of them came near us.  Even when we danced with each other."  They all moaned at that.  "Thanks though."  He walked out, going to the company.  He need to fire things off.  A lot.  Graham had an envelope for him.  "What's that?"


"Oh.  Bank account is locked?"

"No," he said patiently.  "It's too full according to the CPA."

"Give it to my calmer half."  He went to grab a few guns and hit the range.

Graham sighed.  "I hate it when he's in that mood.  Things get destroyed and we have to pay to fix it."  He went to put that on the desk again and then watch over his boss.  Xander was too stressed.  Much too stressed.  Maybe a call girl?  Their new engineer came out.  "Hey," he said quietly.

"Is he all right?  Bad day at the lab?"

"Threats from a case or two that don't want him to testify.  Threats from a law firm for hell.  A few other things."

"Poor guy."  She went to talk to him.  She hardly got to talk to him and maybe it would help calm him down.  She was used to people being too combat ready from her last post.  Pippen followed to protect her.  She gushed at him and he relaxed, smiling and chatting with her.  It helped some she was sure.  She left for the night, with Pippen, who refused to get out of her car.  That was her story and she was sticking with it.

Xander went back to his target practice.  Slower but still hitting the center.  Maybe he'd calm down in a bit.


Mac looked up as Horatio and two agents walked into his office.  "Tell me you're not arresting one of the twins for threatening the idiots who sent them the bombs?"

"No, we're not," the lead agent said with a smile.  "I'm here to talk to them about that interesting fluid sample you handed over."

Horatio coughed.  "I am here to make sure they're still all right.  I have the outcomes of both cases."

"They're about ten minutes late unless they've snuck in," Mac admitted.  "I know one went to threaten someone for information on Wolfram and Hart's issues.  The other one did some overtime and hit a club."  He saw someone.  "Sheldon, are the twins in?" he called.

"Just now.  Traffic was bad coming this way.  A few wrecks."  He went to tell them to appear in the office.

1 strolled in, 2 behind him opening his soda.  "What's up, boss?" 2 asked.

"Boys, these three wanted to talk to you."

Horatio smiled at them.  "Both cases took very bad deals."  They beamed and hugged him.  "It was very good forensic leading back through their bomb maker.  It let us bust a few more of them."  He patted them both on the cheeks.  "Now, these agents want to talk about that fluid sample?"

"We gave some to the FBI," 2 pointed out.

"Yes, we heard from the Jeffersonian crew via gossip," the lead one said with a smile.  "Can we get the full formula since they said they weren't allowed to hand it over?"  They looked at Horatio and Mac, both of whom nodded.  "I can promise we do not have a leak in our lab, boys."

"We would like to see you two make a batch as well," the other agent said.

They shrugged and took them to chemistry to mix up a batch.  Danny watched as well to see where he had missed something.  They tested it on a few samples they had brought up then took the whole batch and notes they had made with them.

Danny smirked.  "I know people who'd kill for that recipe."

"Please not this week," 2 sighed.  "We've had enough of those."

"You two good?" he demanded quietly, glancing around.

"Now."  2 walked off.  1 smiled.  "Horatio said that they took very bad deals."

"Good!"  1 smiled and went to talk to Horatio for a few minutes since their lab was clean yet again.  Danny watched them go and went to talk to Adam.  Maybe he could make the two goofballs relax for a bit.  They clearly needed to let others handle things for a little bit.


Don Flack walked into ballistics later with Mac and closed the door.  "This new stalker of yours.  Any idea who she is?" Don asked.

"Yeah, Faith recognized her," 1 said, looking at him.  "Why?  What did she handle for us?"

"Sixteen attorneys that were found dead," Mac told them with a sigh at the end.  "All wearing Wolfram and Hart ID cards, boys."

They sighed and sat down.  "What else has she done?" 2 asked.

"The cases?  She visited both of the idiots in jail and pointed out how they'd better take deals so they'd be safer behind bars," Don said.  "Horatio came up with that information.  She got to West too.  All but killed her before dropping her at the crime lab since she hated them.  Which meant Horatio had to take care of it for her.  She hated it but couldn't say anything against them so they wouldn't find anything."

"He's not like that."

"She knows."  Mac shifted, glancing around.  "No bullets today?"

"It's been a stabbing day.  The only case was a screwdriver from what Mary Poppins down there said," 2 told him.  They looked at each other then at him.  "What else?" he asked.  "That way we know how upset to be."

"The head DA up here that ran from you two quit," Don admitted.  "That may not be her though.  Three psychos that might've liked you too much got taken out with files on what they've done.   Two more have went to turn themselves in."  He stared at them.  "They're not going after Faith and Wendy?"

"No, Faith had a talk about how we didn't need this stress because of all the other problems and how they were only with us for their protection," 1 said quietly.  "Though it was nice her boss listened."

"Aww, that's sweet of her," Don said with a smirk.  "So she didn't tell me why?"

"She knew the hit and run of Wendy wasn't really going to happen again since they weren't poaching more than couch cuddles," 2 admitted.  "She told us that she was stalking.  We were watching and waiting for something to happen."

"Is she on the list the BAU gave us?" Mac asked.

"No," 2 said with a sigh at the end.  He glanced at his brother.  "It's his fault."

"She wants to mother you because of the eye thing," he pointed out.  "She saw us picking up Faith for lunch."

Don moaned.  "Okay.  Can we prove it's her?"

"I don't know, can you?" 2 asked Mac.  Who nodded.  "Then happy day and all that, guys.  We did not encourage her."

"We know," Don promised.  "Let us handle it?  We won't beat them for you or anything but we'll help."

"We didn't ask her to," 1 said.  "We just stressed and kept stressing.  Faith pointed out that there were too many going on and we didn't need this for a bit."

"Yeah, you still walked into one of those bars and basically put in a 'give me them so I can kill them' order," Don said.

"Yup.  Because I wanted those fuckers away from real people.   Before they hurt more of them."

"That's reasonable," Mac promised.  "Let me know so you can have backup."

"Mac, there's still plenty of them that remember us from Sunnydale," 2 said with a small smile.  "There's some who're downright scared to death of us.  He pointed out that there's a problem and we wanted intel on what they were doing, where they were, and how to get to them so we could get messy.  Because half of them weren't human."  Don nodded he had realized that.  "For that we would've taken the girls."

"I understand that.  Still, let us know next time, boys," Mac ordered.

"Yes, sir," they said in unison.

"Thank you."  He left.  Don left with him to arrest her.  Don would get to complain to Faith later on for not turning her in.


Don walked onto Faith's cubicle area, giving her a dirty look.  "If you had told us, we would've handled her," he said bluntly.  "Before she went after some of them for them."

"She did?"

"Yeah," he said dryly.  Mac walked up behind him.  "Like eighteen, threatened another six.  Assaulted another."  She winced.  "Next time, let me know and I'll back you up on that action, Faith."

"Sure, next time I will.  I didn't think she'd go that far."

"Well, she did," Mac said.  "Next time, let us know."

"I did email it to Danny," she offered.  "The next day."

"Fine.  He's been busy thinking," Don sighed.  He looked at the office.  "She in there?"

"Yeah but she's on with the hugely important client that can get us shut down if we don't keep him happy and here.  So can you guys wait until she's off the call?" she asked, sounding hopeful.  "I hate job hunting."

Mac looked at her.  "Maybe."  She gave him the puppy eyed look.  "You learned that off the twins."

"I sure did," she agreed with a smirk.  "Then and D."

Don shook his head.  "They're still not as good as my own version."  She pinched him on the arm.  "Wolfram and Hart won't be a problem."

"Really?  They hired us to do an ad to get them back in public good graces."

"There may not be any left," Don said dryly.

"I'll have the boss check into that."  She gave them another pleading look.  Mac sighed but nodded he'd wait a few minutes.  She beamed and went to her office.  She called.  "Boss, it's Lehane down in new accounts.  You might want to come down here.  Madeline has two NYPD visitors," she said quietly.  "No, one detective, one CSI, and they're here with jewelry, boss.  Thanks."  She hung up and leaned out of her area.  "The higher boss who can consent to searches of her things is on his way down."  Mac smirked at that.  "Hey, a bit of tattling and sucking up sometimes helps," she said quietly.

"It does," Don agreed.  Mac nodded he knew that.  "Go work."  She went back to her current project.  They stared at the secretary.  "How long?"

"Probably another five or ten minutes, Detectives.  She's down to the social part of the call."  The higher boss stormed in and Mac pulled him aside to tell him what they were arresting her for.  The secretary gasped and handed Don some notes about her schedule rearranges.  Don grinned and handed them to Mac.  It proved she was there.  The higher boss walked in with a knock.  She hung up after a quick goodbye that the boss was there.  Mac and Don walked in and arrested her.  Mac searched her office under his watch while Don took her down to the car.

"Lehane, tell them I'll see them later."

"Sure but they're doing a midnight shift tonight," she called back.  "Then they've got two days out at the company."


Don hauled her into the elevator.  "I doubt you'll have bail that fast," he assured her dryly.  "Beyond that, we like the twins and would have to protect them from you.  Us, Miller, and the rest."  He glared at her.  "Though they were appreciative that you had handled a problem for them."  She smirked at that. "We're going to talk and then I'll book you in, lady."

"Can I see them?  They're adorable."

"Not unless Mac wants to go back to the lab.  Still won't get them shirtless and they're wearing baggy jeans today."

"Pity.  Have you seen that ass?  And the one twin clearly needs mothering."  Her mind went happy places while Don got he into the car.  Mac came out with a few new bags of stuff.  "We good?"

"We're fine."  He got in.  "Let's go back to the precinct."

"Can't we go back to where they are?" she begged.  "I'd definitely like to see them again."

Mac looked at her.  "I'm not going to enable your problems."

"But it'd be hot if they could question me."

"They're involved, they can't."  He turned around again.  She kicked the seat.  "I can confine you more," he offered.  She moaned.  He and Don shared a look.  Mac called in to the lab.  "Stella, I have them.  Have Danny check his email for one from Faith?"  She yelled that at his office since he was at his desk.  She said she had it a minute later.  "Thank you.  No, she said she did.  We might need it for evidence.  Thank you.  Why?"  He smirked.  "Even better."  He hung up.  "You won't get to see them anyway.  The head DA called them down for a talk since they had so many problems with the last one."  She pouted.  He was happy to avoid that one anyway.


1 walked into the office, nodding at the lawyers.  "Finally, some of you that have healthy mental hamsters that actually keep themselves in shape," he said dryly, shaking hands.

2 snickered.  "Forgive him, it's been a long day already.  Our stalker decided to help solve some of our current stresses."  They sat down.

The new head DA, who was an older man but was smiling.  "You're right, some of us don't have working minds.  It's all the long hours some of us pull."

The other lawyer coughed.  "No, they're right, their mental hamsters died," he said, smiling at them.  "I'm going to have you two on the stand soon.  I know some of us have given bad impressions.  I'm hoping I won't."  He was about Mac's age, thin, but built solidly.  "I know you two have had problems in the past?"

"Last time he had a concussion and I had a headache from waking him up," 2 said.  He shifted.  "Mostly, be aware we are a bit...bouncy."

"We're fairly controlled ADHD cases," 1 said with a small shrug.  "Full of smartass when you ask us dumb things.  We were warned that sometimes you tend to take things in strange directions to get to a point."

"I can, yes," he agreed.  He smiled.  "So you guys won't verbally bite?"

"Not unless you make us," 2 said.  "The absolutely stupid questions get us still.  We can try better this time."

"Please do.  It probably won't be a problem.  I might change direction a lot."  They shrugged.  "Okay.  Do you guys have problems working with female DA's?"

"No.  We've been surrounded by women for about the last decade," 1 told him.

"Even better."  He grinned at his boss. "I told you the last guy was an idiot."

"Who came to threaten us," 2 said dryly.  "Which is why I heard he ran for New Jersey really fast."

The head DA coughed.  "He made it all the way to Delaware.   He's in practice down there now."  He stared at them.  "So you have no problems working with decent attorneys?"

"No.  Just the stupid ones.  Stupid is too epidemic sometimes," 2 said.

"Yes it is," the head DA agreed.  "Okay, what can we count on you guys for?" he asked.  "Beyond your obvious qualifications?"

"You mean like can we realistically look at a scene's layout and see where the plan was?" 1 asked.  "Or like our former construction experience?"

"Both," the lesser DA said with a smile.  "How long in construction?"

"Almost three years.  We didn't go back to it after our former town had that earthquake."

"Okay," he said, writing that down.  "We know you guys have a severe love of artillery as well."

"Our company designs them," 2 agreed with a smile.

"Wonderful."  He marked that down as well.  "We did get copies of the name change paperwork in case it ever comes up."  He looked at them. "You're easy enough to tell apart so there's not going to be any yelling about you two pulling a Parent Trap maneuver."

"The FBI couldn't tell us apart for nearly three years," 1 told him.

"Where?" the head DA asked.

"DC.  Oh, and I'm a certified profiler," he said.  They both smiled at that.  "Through my masters but I hate lecture classes."

"Excellent," the lesser DA said, writing down that response.  He looked at them.  "Do you two have any sort of problems with the fidgeting on the stand?"  They nodded.  "How do you handle it?"

"Get a glass of water," 2 told him.

"I can accept that."  He made a note of that.  "Can you guys dress appropriately on the stand?  I know it's said you've both worn some nice suits, done your hair, and last time you had on very dark sunglasses thanks to the headache.  Can you guys do the tie and full suit routine?"

"Can't wear ties," they said in unison.  He nodded and made that note.

"But, thanks to some earlier stalkers, we do have some suits."  That got an evil smirk from the head DA.  "Did you hear about that?"

"The last one you had to be saved from," he admitted.  "What was that?"

"There's a conspiracy group against our friends in Cleveland and they had turned some federal agents.  They were striking against them by trying to discredit and ruin us.  They're in custody and no one's happy with it.  Better than the one that came after us directly for the company when we were in school and our internship."  Both DA's stared at them.  "We draw psychos," 2 assured him.  "Dating and otherwise.  We don't know why but we've had some pretty good ones.  That old conspiracy took a few generals to stop because of the way it was formed."  That got a whimper from the lesser DA.  "It's dead now."

"Thank god.  This new one?"

"No clue beyond a name and why they're against our friends.  If they come near us again, we'll react and beat the shit out of them," 1 assured him.

"Good to know."  He made that note as well.  The lesser DA looked at them.  "I have noticed in this short interview that Alex," he said, nodding at him, getting a nod back.  "Talks more?"

"He's more confident and stuff," 1 said with a slight shrug.  "As we put it, I'm the warrior side and he's the lover side."

"Okay."  He made that note as well.  "You two know how to properly answer on the stand?  Only answer the question as given?"

"If necessary.  Sometimes we do add in something extra to clarify because we can see the defense attorney salivating," 2 admitted.

"For me, just answer what I ask.  I have my reasons for that, okay?"  They nodded at that.  "Good."  He smiled.  "We should be able to get along just fine, guys.  I get along very well with other CSI and ME's.  I know most of the technical terms so I won't usually ask you guys to dumb things down for us.  If the defense attorney doesn't understand, he can ask you to dumb something down."  They smiled at him for that.  "For me, just follow the garden path.  I know where I'm going and I'm very good at that.  Also, sometimes I'll get an idea during the case.  If I came to you two to look at things, can you do that?"

"Depending on what it is and how backed up we are," 1 said.  "We're both certified field techs but you'd have to clear that with Mac really."

"Good, I can do that."  He grinned.  They relaxed again.  "I'd never ask you two to twist evidence.  Maybe a conclusion that wasn't the standard interpretation but I have my reasons and sometimes I use that to get the person to confess on the stand.  Got it?"  They nodded.  "So just follow wherever I'm leading."

"We can try," 2 promised.

"Good."  He shook their hands.  "We'll be seeing you guys next week."

"We haven't been told we had a trial next week," 1 said, looking confused.  "We didn't know about any for the next few months."

"I'll make sure Taylor has a list," the head DA said.  "And we'll call you from work.  If you can, be around the courtroom that day.  If you have to be at work, get to the courthouse ASAP, boys."  They nodded at that.  "Good.  Any questions?"

"They don't seem to like us in some colors.  Are you guys going to complain about that?  Miami's head DA complained that we had a light blue suit on," 2 said.

"No," the head DA said.  "Wear the most comfortable you have to avoid unnecessary fidgeting and things."  They both smiled at that.  "That's still a suit."  They nodded.  "Any other questions?  I know you two are barely off your internships."

They looked at each other then shook their heads.  "Then go ahead back to work, boys," the lesser DA said.  They smiled and shook hands then left.  He relaxed, smiling at his boss and old friend.  "They're good."

"They are.  I think you'll do fine with them on the stand.  Bagtra was an idiot whose mental hamster was getting old and slow anyway."  The lesser DA laughed at that.  "Did you get copies of their last few appearances?"

"This will be their fourth I think."  He pulled them out to look at.  "Bit back at the stupidity a lot."  He let him see them.  "That defense attorney in Miami was probably sorry for asking the stupid question."

He read them over, smiling. "I like the subtleness of 'I don't want to earn a contempt of court charge so I'm not going to air what I'm thinking' comment."  He looked at the more recent ones.  "I can see why they bit back when they were having the concussion headaches too."  He handed them back.  "Have fun with them.  They seem like they're very hands on, bright young men.  Probably who had the same sort of upbringing I did.  Not high class by any means."

"Doing a background check on them, both of their parents got a check."

"Hmm.  Drinking?"


"Figures.  They're going to do fine.   I'm sure you'll keep them focused."  The lesser DA smiled and nodded at that.  "Have fun with that too.  Taylor said their minds work in mysterious ways that come out with logic jumps even Bonaserra gapes in horror at but it ends up finding a right lead."

"Good to know."  He wrote that down as well.  "I might be able to use that if I have to lead in an odd direction this time."  He stood up.  "Figure out who forgot to tell Taylor about upcoming trials?"

"Of course.  I'll go fire her too."  He smirked as he walked off.  The head DA called in someone to rant at them for not doing what she should have been doing.  She didn't care what she had against the lab, it was going to stop.


2 was staring in the mirror of the interrogation room.  Don and Mac were trying really hard to make her say more damning things.  He texted Mac, getting permission.  He walked in with his shirt partially open and in tighter pants than he had left in.  He stared at her, arms crossed over his chest.  He had made people beg with the look on his face.  She swallowed.  He moved closer and she got up, backing away from him.  He backed her into a corner, just staring.  "You wanted me?" he asked quietly.  She panted.  "Then I'd bark all your sins.  Because they're my pack."  She whined. "Thank you for the stress relief but I can't let you keep doing that.  If anyone gets to shoot lawyers, it's me."  She moaned and sat down.  He stared down at her.  "Bark and confess," he ordered quietly.  She whined a slight whine.  He pulled her up, staring at her.  "Now."  She went to tell Mac everything.  Xander leaned in the corner, arms crossed again, one ankle over the other, looking casual as he watched her.

"Where's your twin?" Don asked quietly.

"Helping Millsap.  His won't break."  He shrugged a bit.  "You know how bad he is at it sometimes."  He looked at her when she quit talking.  She went back to it.  He smirked at Don.  "Dinner?"

"I can come by for a pack dinner," he said with a smirk.  "Bring Danny?"

"Sure, he could use the thought easing."  He walked out when she gave up talking.  It was the best ass shot she'd seen to date and it was the last one she'd see before the trial.

Mac and Don shared a smirk as she was led away by uniforms.  They went to watch the other twin work on Millsap's murderer.  1 was just staring at him from a corner.  In full view of the confession camera.  Every now and then he'd say something quietly about the case.  Millsap would give him a look then try to hammer on the guy.  Xander finally came over and said a simple sentence.  It broke the guy and he babbled.  Xander patted him on the head like a good dog and let him babble all he wanted.  He stopped Millsap from dragging it into another direction.  The guy was confessing to everything since sixth grade and shoplifting candy.  He finally got to the current one and they found out how he was connected and with who.  It was all Millsap needed.  Xander leaned down to ask him if he didn't feel better.  He nodded, crying now.  Xander gave him a pat over the hair and let him sit there with uniforms until he was done.  Then they took him away.

He came out looking smug.  "Hi, guys."

"Xander," Millsap complained as he came out.  "You took over on me."

"Yeah and he confessed to things that may not be closed."

"I heard that but still!"

Xander looked at him.  "I'm a trained profiler, Millsap."  He sighed and walked off shaking his head.  "Let's hope he looks into those old ones and finds them open."  He patted Don on the shoulder.  "Dinner?"

"I already agreed.  I'll drag Danny too."

"Cool.  He could use some anti-daddy thoughts for a bit."  He walked around them.  "Mac, they said they'd update the trial schedule we weren't given since we're due next week."

"Thank you, Xander."  He smirked at his back.  Don was happy so he went to do the report.   It was a good set of arrests.


Danny looked up from his pizza with the twins, the girls, and Flack when someone knocked on the door.  "Who is it?" he yelled.

"Isn't this Xander's house?" a male voice called.

Faith looked over at the boys then at the door.  "S'open," she called.  He walked in and smirked at them.  "Having dinner after another stalker decided to release some of our stresses.   Want some, hottie?"

"Throwing me over already?" Don teased with an evil smirk.  "I'm almost hurt."

"A girl can take no for an answer," she assured him.  "Xander, you know this hotty?"

Xander looked up from his drawing.  "Hey, Derek.  Hey!" he called toward the bedroom.  "Quit doing laundry.  Derek's here and he's got that bad look on his face."


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