CODA: Broken Law

Xander looked up from his drawing.  "Hey, Derek.  Hey!" he called toward the bedroom.  "Quit doing laundry.  Derek's here and he's got that bad look on his face."  Tony walked in and slammed the door.  "And so is Tony.  Is it a corporate matter, guys?" he asked.

"No," Tony sighed, sitting down.  "Might as well sit, Morgan."  He sat down, taking a soda when one was handed to him.  "Thanks," Tony said, taking his own.  "Hey, 1?" he called.

He came out folding something.  "Sorry, wanted to finish stealing my t-shirts back from the girls."  He sat on the arm of the couch next to Danny.  "So, it's a bad talk?  What happened in DC?"

"Most of Gretchen's team is gone," Derek said.

"As in dead or as in missing?" 1 asked.

"Missing.  Kidnaped actually.  Zach's fine.  They didn't take him.  They left him unconscious with the note pinned to him that his hands would need too much care."

Danny swallowed his current bite.  "That's bad," he agreed.  "Does it relate back to the twins?"

"Kind of," Tony said, looking at them.  "It more relates back to the conspiracy against Cleveland."

"So they stole CSI?" 2 asked, looking confused.  "Why?"

"To prove that it's evil according to the note."  He handed over a photocopy of it.  They looked and nodded.  "But, we think from the note, that you guys are missing someone."

"We sure as hell are," Tony said dryly.  "Ziva's missing."  They all sighed.

Danny took it and started to call.  "Mac, me.  Listen up.  There's been someone stealing CSI's off Gretchen's team, might be coming to us.  Warn Horatio, do a personnel check.  Please.  I've got a profiler and DiNozzo here."  He hung up.

1 called Calleigh.  "Someone against our old life is stealing CSI.  Started with Gretchen's team," he said quietly, walking off.  "We know that they stole everyone but our buddy on that team.  We also know that the note stated they'd be stealing people we had worked with.  So far they've gotten Ziva David from Tony's team."  He listened then nodded.  "Yeah, that's why.  Do a personnel check tonight, boss lady.  Thanks."  He hung up.  "Eric's on call tonight but she'll call all the major players in the labs."  He looked at Derek.  "Why get CSI we worked with?"

"You guys are good CSI, you work with some of the best teams.  They also probably figure that you enlightened them," Derek said, staring at him.


"Basically."  He smirked.  "Could be worse."

"Not really."  He called Stella to warn her.  She was on a date.  Mac hadn't checked her yet.  Don called his people.  Danny started to call others.

"They tried to get Adam and Doc but missed," Don announced.  "The snatch and grab didn't go off well in a cop bar."

"Thank God for Sullivan's," Danny muttered.  He tried one last number.  No answer.  Phone was out of service.  He called Mac.  "Monroe's phone is out of order?"  He listened.  "Don called.  Adam and Doc nearly got taken but they were at Sullivans.  Yeah, pissed off all the drunk cops.  So?"  He listened to the orders.  "With the twins.  Sure, we'll order more pizza, Mac.  Stella's on a date.  I got her."  He hung up.  "He'll be here soon, Morgan."

"That's fine."  He called down there.  "Garcia, it's me.  We know they have tried two CSI up here, Hawkes?"  Danny and Don both nodded.  "And one of their lab techs Adam."

"I have no idea what Adam's last name is," 1 realized.

"Took me nearly a year too," Danny admitted.  "Monroe's probably gone and she is pregnant."  Don gave him a shoulder nudge.

Derek repeated that.  "Yeah, update that.  They called Miami too.  Please."  He hung up.  "She'll update the search teams, guys."  They all stared.  "What do we have on this conspiracy?"  2 got up to get that file.  It was still pretty thin.  It did have evidence against the Finns and others.  "Okay," he said.  "Fax machine?"

"Office," 2 said with a point.  He looked at his twin.  "Well?"

"Gonna beat someone to death," he admitted.  He called Ryan's number.  "That kidnaping attempt has happened up here and they will probably be going after one of you.  They tried new CSI up here, Ryan.  They stole Ziva, who was the newest on the team."  He listened.  "Exactly.  Please.  Calleigh's supposed to be calling around."  He hung up.  "Ryan's in a club."

"That's odd for Ryan."  They sighed and texted Frank's phone too.  If there was a threat against the lab, you told Horatio and Frank Tripp.  That was the way the Miami lab handled things.

Derek came out with a smile.  "Hotch is all but screaming."

"Not our fault and we've been protecting these two," 1 said with a nod at Faith and Wendy.

"That's fine.  You guys are more protected than the bigger group.  We know you guys can kick butt when necessary."  They smirked and all four nodded.  "So we won't worry about you guys so much."  Someone knocked and he checked then let in Stella and Mac.  The other two were behind them.  "Anyone missing besides Monroe?"

"Not that I can tell.  Through all the shifts," Mac admitted.

"Did we call the other techs like Jane?" 2 asked.  "I've been spending some time with her because she's been feeling homesick."

"She started a vacation home today," Mac admitted.  "She was shaky and said her family needed her."  He sat down, looking at them.  "I've seen their folder of information.  How bad is it?"

"Ryan's still in Miami," 2 offered.

"We checked on Calleigh and she'll check the others," 1 agreed.  "We texted Tripp too.  That's how you do that with a threat to the lab.  You tell Horatio, you tell Tripp."  Mac nodded at that.  "They seem to be going after the newbie members though.  Ziva is."

"By about a year," Tony agreed.

"Monroe's the same way," Mac said.  "So new but not terminally new."

"Which is why we warned Ryan," 2 agreed.

"Has anyone warned Graham?"

"On the way from the airport," Tony promised.  They both relaxed at that.  "Honestly, do we have any clue on this stuff, guys?"

"It's some demented bitch who thinks that all the slayers being called gives too much power to the light," 1 said.  "They want to make sure no hellmouth ever opens again, which all the slayers are doing, and to weed them down the hard way.   So far they're using commando tactics."

Mac nodded.  "So not like the earlier threat that still gives you guys nightmares?"  They both shook their heads.  "Faith, Wendy, have you two had any hint of threats from them?"

"We're very hard targets to take out unless you're going to snipe us," 2 pointed out quietly.  "We're full on going to fight them back."  Mac and Tony both nodded at that.  "We've been in battles, more than Buffy has really, and we've handled things on our own a few times.  The demon community knows that even if the girls don't."

"Plus, New York's a bigger city than Cleveland," 1 added.  "It's also more protected.  We get a sniper or someone up here, we've got Feds down their throats within hours.  In Cleveland, not so much."

"The girls have scattered to safe spots," Faith offered.  "That way they're not all grouped."

"That was our plan," 1 agreed.  "Including naming some of the safe spots.  Sometimes they may not be the slayer ideal but it's safe there.  The locals would know."  They both smirked at that.  "The one in Scotland is in the middle of nowhere and it's a fall back command spot.  You can't really get there without being noticed by the locals.  They'll question anyone new who doesn't have the sticker and if there's a helicopter, they'll call the military."  They all nodded at that.  "The one in Russia has a former KGB watcher.  We picked him specifically for his survival skills," he added, looking at his twin.

"I arranged the head guy in Egypt and briefed him on the plan in case the slayers get attacked and have to scatter for safety.  He's old line watcher and he knows the code.  A watchers' life is forfeit if his slayer is going to die."

"The watcher's whole life and his duty is to his slayer.  They will go down together or he is not a watcher and will be killed by the oldliners," 1 added.  They shared another look then at Mac.  "I've asked locally.  No one knows anything supposedly."

"And the ones who might would've been Wolfram and Hart or their sort.  There's some higher ones in DC."

"Already tried, they have no idea who he is and can only guess ahead at what he's doing," Tony said.

"He took Spenser with him.  Spenser came back wanting to burn his clothes."

"The naked green blob hit on him?" 2 guessed.  Derek nodded with an evil look.  "She's a nice lady.  Just wants to finally mate."  He considered it, going to find his special phone book to call around.  They had contacts all over the world.  Including a few agents that weren't in Homeland.  He came out a half hour later, shaking his head.  "Even Amad hasn't heard anything and he's Interpol.  Something like this should've hit their bad shit radar towers."

"How big of a chance is it that someone like that's been turned?" Tony asked.

"None.  His sister was a slayer."  He sat down.  "Most of them aren't going to turn unless it'll benefit them.  And the only ones it'll benefit are the higher ups or someone delusional, who has a balance kick."

"I doubt the Powers That Be made an avatar though," 1 said.  "They're all about the sacred balance and haven't really said anything lately that we've got wind of."

"Me either," Faith admitted.

"Huh," the twins said, staring at each other.  "No."  They shook their heads and looked at them again.  "Probably not possible but ....  Cordelia!" they bellowed.  Instead a sloppy dressed man in a fedora appeared.  "Doyle," they said, then smiled.

"Boys, she's not allowed to speak to anyone from her last life directly."

2 held up the paper.  "They're taking normals?"

Doyle looked and shuddered.  "They are."

"The Powers helping?  Hurting?  Any kind of clue you can give us?" 1 asked.  "Because we'd like to stop this before they kill them."

"Well...."  He looked up, silently asking.  He got back nothing so he looked at them.  "The idiot's a Sunnydale native.  He's got Warren too.  Saved him at the last moment.  Him, Amy, and the Finns."  He stared at them.  "It's going to be bad.  They're going to lose some."

"We've already lost six," Faith said.

Doyle nodded.  "I know."  She slumped.  "You two are safe."

"We should..."

He held up a hand.  "There has to be an authority figure the girls will respect."  She pointed at the boys.

"They won't listen to us," 1 pointed out.  "We're *normal*."

"Exactly," Doyle agreed, smiling at them.  "Though that's not the world I'd use."  He smirked.  "Tell him I said hi the next time you talk to him?"

"Can do," 2 agreed.  "Anything you can tell us?"

"No.  Wish I could but I'm not even getting any information."

"Are they an avatar?" Tony asked.

Doyle hummed.  "No, just a mouthpiece.  Like ministers are mouthpieces of God?  Same thing only different higher power."  He smirked.  "You'll find 'em.  They'll come for you two someday.  Not real soon but they will.  It's hard waiting.  Protect your own pack.  Let the others protect themselves."

"The slayers are part of the pack," 2 pointed out.  Doyle groaned.  "Are we supposed to only protect the inner pack?"

"Yes.   Watch out for the young one.  She'll have to atone if she loses it like you two can."

"Fuck.  Anywhere safe to stash her at college?"

"No."  He smirked.  "She'll be fine for many more years, boys.  She's got that extra layer of protection.  Though, it's odd.  Spike's back."

"On our side?" 1 asked.

"We think so."  He faded out and left.  Those were some very interesting questions.  He gave Cordelia a look since she had sent him.  She nodded he had done the right thing.  They had expected that call sooner.

2 called Cleveland to warn Buffy about that.  Then they settled in to find the more visible members.  Warren would have to be near whoever had saved him.  He had been skinned alive so it had probably taken magic to save him.  Amy was a witch but not that powerful.  She had a strong black magic addiction.  They listed out each player as they knew them last.  2 even had a yearbook so they could get pictures.

1 closed his eyes as the vision hit.  "He's a rebirth too," he moaned.  He hit the couch and called.  "It's me.  It's  rebirth.  That guy, yes.  No, not someone we personally knew, Buffy.  It's one of the ones the First took."  He hung up and slumped, looking at his twin.  Then he found the information, pointing at the name.  "That's the rebirth.  Andrew is going to start sobbing soon since he was tricked into killing him by the First."  He looked at them.  "He was a wannabe bad guy.  He's very techno smart.  I have no idea who brought him back but I'm about to start finding chaos sources to see if they can tell."  They all nodded.  "We'll figure that part out.  Just be extra careful."  He got up and grabbed his jacket.  "Stay," he told Don.  "They won't like you in the least."  He left, taking a cab to the shop.  He probably wouldn't be in much shape to drive when he got done if they were upset.  He walked into the store and the woman behind he counter gasped.  He stared back.  "Is he here?"

"In the back," she whispered.

"Thank you."  He walked that way.  He walked through the swinging door and found a man packing.  "Chill. I'm here peacefully."  He sat down, looking at the older man.  "I know you trained Ethan and Giles."  The man glared at him.  "We have a rebirth that's trying to take out the slayer line.  The only way it wouldn't have restarted something was by chaos magic."

"Others have, boy."

"The First had him killed."  The man flinched.  "We know who the idiot is.  We need help finding him.  Because his people are taking are taking innocents."

"No one is truly innocent."

"Then we'll call them normals.  One who's pregnant."  He sighed at that and nodded.  "Can you help us local them or him?"

"I may be able to find a rebirth but there are a few of them around."

Xander nodded.  "We got told Spike was back too."

The man gave him an odd look.  "Why would the Powers send him back?"

"I have no clue at the moment.  We're not even sure if he's on our side.  He probably is.  He still probably loves Buffy."  He stared at him.  "If they're going to attack us, they should leave the others out of it.  The know-nots.  Especially the pregnant one who'll freak out on us.  Or the Mossad agent who'll freak out on our XO."

He considered it.  "That would be a costly spell."

"I have some money to burn.  Not a lot."  The man laughed.  "We just moved to protect Faith and Wendy."  The man stared at him in horror.  He stared back.  "We are Knights.  They are pack," he said quietly.  "All I'm asking for is some help.  Or else you'll be losing your student very quickly.  They're targeting the council and Giles is in charge."

"Oh, dear.  That's got to be messed up."

"You have no idea," Xander said dryly.  "Also, there is the added benefit of we were just told that the slayer's sister is going to lose her temper."

"Which one?"


"Oh, shit," he said, staring at him.  Xander nodded.  "You're sure?"

"Came from Angel's dead seer when we yelled for their messenger."

He sat down with a sigh, like he had deflated.  "I can help you find him but it will not be definitive.  It could be within an area."

"Either them or the missing people.  Either one you can."

He nodded.  "That may be an easier search.  Do you have anything on them?"  He pulled out a picture and handed it over.  "Who is this?"

"This is the Mossad agent they have.  She was on Gibbs' team in DC."  He looked at him.  "I can have Tony get you some hair or something."

"No, a picture may be enough.  Do you know how to do this?"

"No.  We were taught how to do it as a shaman for people that needed us, who were in pain and needed our protection."

He nodded.  "Which would make sense with who and what you are, boy."  He stared at him.  "They couldn't undo it?"

"They took out the bad clause."

"That's goo at least.  Rosenburg needs trained."

"Still."  He leaned forward.  "She's in with the Devon Coven."

"Good for her if she can stand the uptight bints."  He did a searching, finding something.  The picture brought him to her location but she was upset.  He couldn't find her on a map.  He slumped, shaking his head as he let it go.  "She's not close."

"In the country?  Out?"

"Canada I think.  Though they're near a private plane."

Xander put a hand on his.  "Take me to her?"  He nodded, leading the exercise to get him closer.  He felt the others and touched Ziva's mind.  She had no mental shields.  "Let us know where you are, Ziva.  And protect Monroe.  She's pregnant.  This is Sunnydale crap."  The link got cut by a loud noise on their end and he rubbed his forehead.  "Thank you."

"I hope you find them alive."

"If not, I get to hunt," he said bluntly, smiling a dangerous smile.  "Thank you."

"You're welcome."  He handed back the picture.  "Good hunts."

"I think it'll at least be a long hunt."  He tucked the picture back into his wallet as he walked out, calling Mac and Gibbs on the same call.  "It's me.  Ziva is somewhere in Canada I think.  She is in a plane hanger.  Not all of them are together that I could sense.  Because I had someone help me, Gibbs.  He did a searching for her.  Oh, she heard me.  They knew it too.  They have some skills.  By the way his name is Jonathan.  We went to high school with him.  Him and Warren were together."  He hung up and got into a cab, heading to a specific place that they weren't supposed to go.  He paid and got out, looking at the guards.  "You can frisk me.  I'm not armed."

"Knights are not welcome," one of the guards said.

"The problem with that is the guy against the slayers is kidnaping normals."  They shuddered.  "Including agents from other countries.  All I want to do is inform him."

"We'll call," the other guard offered, doing that.  He listened.  "He said no admittance."

Xander consider it.  "I could be rude."  They snorted and he knocked them both down and out.  He waited until one woke up to look at him.  "Really, I can be.  So, can I go in now?"  He muttered into his microphone.  The overlord of New York came out pissed off.  "I didn't walk over them to walk in," he offered.  "Nothing was more than a punch either.  They'll be just fine, Overlord."

"Knight," he sneered.  "Why are the slayer's petty problems mine?"

"Because they've been in your city trying to steal normals to involve them."  The demon snorted.  "Including Doctor Hawkes.  Who I know has a favor owed to him from the community."  The overlord stared at him.  "Someone told us when we came in."  He shrugged.  "We like Sheldon usually.  Unless he's picking on us."  He shifted his weight.  "The one who did it was one of the geek trio."

"Warren is with them."

"And Jonathan is behind the mask."  The demon stared.  "Now, we'll be having a war.  Some of it here, some of it overseas, but they're involving normals.  Including normals from other countries' intelligence community.  They stole Ziva David."  The man shuddered.  "They stole Monroe from up here and she's pregnant.  We've already had a vision about the birth."

"That's bad," he decided.  He stared at him.  "You only wanted to inform me?"

"And see if you had a list of members so we can protect the normals.  Before they do more stupid things like try to steal Hawkes and another lab member from a cop bar."

"They are tragically stupid," he agreed.  "That many slayers are not good for us."

"We've trained them all to leave anything peaceful alone.  It's up to the girls to follow the ethics.  We know some haven't.  The ones here in New York have."

"Really?" he snorted.

"Faith and Wendy have."

"The third?"

"There's a third?"  He shook his head.  "Not that we've heard."

"Someone down on the East Side."

"Ah.  That's a female hunter.  She's injured, she's in pain, and one of his kind," he said with a point, "took out her children."  He stared at him.  "I've talked to her.  She told me to butt out and that if she died doing it, so be it.  I offered to help her get the one that got her family.  She said he'd take them and all the rest of to hell.  My boss knows about her so we can keep an eye on her."

The overlord stared.  "You talked to her?"

"Yeah.  Met her when she was having breakfast one morning.  She wasn't happy but we did talk.  Especially after I produced credentials."  He shifted his weight again.  "I just want this stopped.  We realize it's something a lot of the higher ones would like.  But yay.  Willow had to at that moment.  If she could have only activated those there, then she would have.  She couldn't figure out how to do it.  By the time we figured out what had been let loose, it was too late to send Buffy back."

He stared at him.  "You have huge balls, boy."

"Yes, I do.  Still snipped though.  Those pesky dates."

The overlord laughed.  "I can see why."  He stared at him.  "Is that guy Angel?"

"No.  He hasn't been his whole life."

"So maybe in a past life?"

"Even so, he's not him.  He has no memories of it, and Connor's jealously guarding his son."

"I can understand that urge.  His partner's cute."

"She's apparently like Anya only scientific."  They all moaned at that and a few shivered.  "She doesn't understand people too well when they're alive."

The overlord stared at him, not making him flinch or move away.  "You really do have huge balls.  We could kill you."

"That clause was taken out when Willow couldn't fix it.   Then he'll avenge me."  They all shuddered.  "Probably with Graham, yeah."  He grinned at the overlord.  "I'm not trying to step on your toes.  We personally don't care who you are as long as it's peaceful but this is looking like they're going to come after us with weapons.  They're involving outside the community.  They're taking people we don't really *like* but that's still someone we have to protect.  We don't want to see a lab assault or anything either.  That's why I'm asking mostly politely for help."

He looked at his bouncers then at him.  "That's polite?"

"I could've killed them or walked over them and inside.  Instead I waited until one woke up."

"True," he admitted.  "You're a strange little boy, human."

"Yeah, well, mermaid taint, two possessions," he said dryly. "Raised by Willow."

"That would do it to most men."  He stared at him.  "You're not scared of me?"

"No.  If you try to kill me, I can probably beat most of your guys before taking one of their weapons.  Or I can get away and then ruin you like we've been doing Wolfram and Hart."  He grinned.  "They pissed us off royally too."

"We heard," he complained.

"Hey, they took me hostage," he said dryly.  "It was my beloved twin that went to turn the street gang gay."  The overlord shuddered.  "Would you rather have us dating women?"

"No!" he said firmly.  The boy only smirked.  "You are?"

"Clubs mostly.  My last one was a guy."

"Thank you."  He looked back at his people.  "If I hear anything on this topic or that they're coming for Hawkes, I'll inform you."

"Thank you.  That's all I was hoping for.  Have a good night.  Prosperous dealings," he said in the demon's language, earning a horrified look.  "We had dinner with Proveal for a few weeks."

The overlord sighed.  "Why?"

"Because he thought my twin needed babying and he wanted in his jeans while we were in Africa."  The overlord sighed, shaking his head.  Xander grinned.  "We could've done a lot worse than him."

"True."  He stared at him.  "How long are you going to be in my city?"

"We're the prized ballistics tech in the felony lab here in the city."

"Aw, shit," he muttered.

"We had no problems when we were in Miami on an internship or in DC at school."

"I heard."  He walked back inside.  "Get out of my sight, human."

"Fine."  He left with a grin for the guys.  There was a cab and he got in, looking at the driver.  "Oh, hey, IAB.  Let's go home and we can talk?"

"I want to know how you know him."

"We met his cousin on our trip in Africa."

The guy drove off, taking him to talk to him in front of Mac and his twin.   They thought he was regular mafia.   That was okay though, they knew others that were counted that way.  They could explain it easily enough.


"So, Mr. Harris," the defense attorney said.  "I'm told that you participate in perpetuating violence on people?"

"No," he said carefully.  "I don't."

"You haven't been in violent interactions?"

"Only when I was protecting someone."  He stared at her.  He had no idea where she was leading.

"Yet you have stated in the past that you were attacked in Africa last year?"

"No, we were in Africa nearly four years ago now.  We did college after we returned and our internship period."

She stared at him.  "I think your timeline is wrong, Mr. Harris."

"Really?  And I think you're a smug bitch who has not any idea about my life, lady."  The judge cleared his throat.  "I can run home and get pictures for you if you want.  We do have some of them dated so we can remember those days.  Or I could call one of my roommates, who moved in for her own safety, and let her tell you when we were there.  We met her while in Somalia."

She gaped.  "You have things dated?" she asked.

"Yes.  That way we never get mixed up on our personal timeline," he finished blandly.  "I can call if you want.  My twin is outside waiting to testify and I'm sure he can make it home and back before you get done with your little psych out game or whatever you're trying that's frankly really dumb."

"Enough," the judge ordered.

"Sorry, sir.  I have a low tolerance for stupidity."  He stared at her.  "I can easily call him if you want."

"They confiscated our phones.  How would you do that?"

"Perks of the badge," he said bluntly.  "We *are* with the department and our proper title is not Mr.  It's CSI."  He stared at her, watching her think.  "Would you like me to have him produce proof of that when he comes in?"

"No, whatever.  The timing doesn't really matter.  You were taking part in violent actions?"

"When we were attacked or when the village we were in was attacked.  Then it's perfectly natural to protect ourselves."

She snorted.  "You protected yourself from *pirates*, Mr. Harris?"

"No, I lost my temper when they took me hostage.  I didn't really want kidnaped and to be threatened with torture because they thought all white males were aid workers or Peace Corps.  They decided we were white Americans so therefore could be ransomed.  Thankfully I managed to get free.  Thanks to some of my past before Africa I knew how to defend myself and most of them were hungry, slightly malnourished really, a lot of them were on drugs, and a few were only needed scared to make them hide somewhere.  Then I got their weapons and I freed the rest of us."

"Normal people can't do that," she said smugly, crossing her arms over her chest.

He stared at her.  "Yes, anyone with any sort of training could have.  That was also in month six of our trip.  The other one was just before we left."  She gave him a horrified look.  "You know, after six months of having to help people protect themselves, since we started in Somalia, and they're still having a civil war there, I think we learned pretty well how to move around a compound and take down a group that wasn't really wanted."  He smiled at her.  "I'm sure even you could do the same thing if you wanted to, Miss."

"Ms," she corrected.

"You don't use my proper title, I'm not using yours."  He stared at her.  "Now, miss.  Do you have any other, relevant, questions?"

"You and your twin, if there is actually a twin brother and this isn't some psychosis, are said to be very violent.  You're also called gun freaks."

"We're also weapons designers.  Yes, I appreciate weapons from the archaic to the modern.  I'm actually a pretty handy swordsman when I want to be."  She gaped in horror.  He stared back.  "As for us being twins, I can have him called in from the hallway so you can see both of us at the same time if you doubt."

"I don't," the judge noted.  "I've seen you both testifying before.  Get on with it."

"How do you afford to drive an expensive car on the NYPD salary?" she demanded.

"I have had about twenty-five designs sold," he said bluntly.  "I haven't opened an NYPD envelope for my paycheck beyond checking to make sure everything on it was correct."  She gasped, glaring at him.  "When you can design artillery, you get paid better than a regular CSI.  Though I do like being a CSI.  It gives me great pleasure to make sure people who have weapons are using them correctly.  By the way, why are you wearing a back harness with that outfit?  It clearly shows and a shoulder one could've been tailored easier."  She glared at him.  He stared back.  This was a clear psych out.  "Are there any other questions, miss?"

"It's said you have a record with the FBI."

"Outside my internship as a profiler?"  She backed up.  "We are known to them thanks to some idiots who wanted our company and a slight conspiracy that went back to a military matter.  The generals got that cleared up for everyone while we were in Miami in our internship.  Or are you talking about the list of those who were sociopathic and psychopathic that have tried to date us?"

"You tend to draw a lot of unemployed crazy people?" she asked with a smug look.

"Your definition of a sociopath needs cleared up, miss.  Most sociopaths can hold down jobs, though they do tend to choose ones that don't challenge them.  It's their off work activities that get them noted int hat bad way.  Though quite a few of them are very sane as well, they're just convinced that they're the only real person in the world who matters.  A lot like some of your brethren are.  They see the rest of humanity like ants to play with.  They flood the ant hill.  They burn them with sunlight.

"All sorts of neat things and then they go have lunch and go back to work like it was nothing, because to their point of view it was nothing.  The same as I do believe two of the people in your office did when they had a drunken hit and run and acted like it was nothing.  Even though in one case they had killed a whole family."  She stepped back again.  He sipped his water.  "Psychopaths, the true psychopaths, don't work as often and again work in less mentally challenging jobs.  Sociopaths are more there's no one real.  Psychopaths are in it to get their point across and it's all fun to them.  However their higher power that gives them orders on how to do their rituals said."

She shuddered.  "You date them?"

"They seem to be unnaturally drawn to us.  They always have been.  Our first date was with a teacher who had killed one teacher, and was going after the virgins in the high school.  As we were only sophomores, we hadn't quite made that base yet."  He took another drink.  "After that was one that killed three people I believe.  I made her try to kill me instead of one of my friends and she couldn't.  She decided it wasn't worth it before you ask."

"Why were you in Africa?"

"We were grieving and handling some heavier thoughts."

"Why there?"

"Some friends wanted us to go meet some people they knew about."

"So you traipsed all over Africa for that?  A friend's recommendation?"

"Technically, those friends were closer than family to me.  Secondly, it was mostly Sub-Saharan Africa.  Ghana, Somalia, a few times into Egypt or Morocco for short trips.  We made it to South Africa once but we were helping some people that wanted their stolen daughter back."  He put down the glass and smiled.  "It was a good bit of helping.  Made us feel good to help stop the person who had stolen their daughter for sexual slavery."

"That's....  you're insane," she said.

"No, I'm not."  He smirked.  "We have to pass psych profiles to get into the program we were in, ma'am.  Especially me since I was on a profiling track."

"Why didn't you just go home?" she demanded.

"Well, because our town had been sank by an earthquake before we left."

"There's no record of your town," she sneered.  "So we know you're not what you say you are."

Xander coughed and pulled out his phone, going to goggle earth.  He showed the judge and then the pictures it pulled up.  "Google earth says it's a real town," he assured her.

She stomped over to see it.  "That crater was an earthquake?"

"We had been having some mini quakes so most of the town left before the sinkhole opened.  That was the sinkhole's contribution to the town's destruction."  He pointed.  "I lived about there, which was in this area before then," he told her.  "So we had to make a new home and needed time outside of our normal lives to grieve and things."  He put his phone back in his pocket.

"Grieve who?" she demanded.


"She was...."

"At one time, she almost married one of us.  She joked that she couldn't really decide.  She was more my twin's girlfriend than anything though.  Then he stood her up at the altar because some of her friends showed us how bad the marriage would be.  We weren't financially secure.  She was a bit money grubbing and only wanted the best, which we couldn't afford as construction workers.  She would've been miserable and we didn't want that for her.  So we talked and he walked away from her."

"You say we.  Were the three of you together?" she sneered.

"No, but you don't really get one twin without the other.  Even if we marry now, there's a good chance we'll end up sharing a house between the families.  It seems more natural to us that way.  Especially after we've seen multi-generational houses that were much more comforting than some of the prozac normal houses you see in the US."

"You have the money to outright buy a new loft," she said bluntly.

"No, we just sold the loft.  We had to move in two female friends to protect them from some threats.  So we moved."

She gaped.  "You'd do that?"

"Yes.  Some of us value our friends.  I even helped them move," he said facetiously, making her face go red and her huff.  "Now, did you have any relevant questions?"

"I still say there's no twin."

"Alex!" he called.  He peeked in and walked in when the judge waved.  Then he waved.  "There, both of us in the same place at the same time."  She glared at him.  "Lady, I don't care about your petty psycho power play," he said bluntly.  "It's taking me from exemplar cleaning time since we left with a clean lab.  You can play all the little mind games you want, and we still wouldn't like you any more than we do now.  Since it seemed like you were interviewing to be one of the sociopaths we had dated."  The judge choked at that.  He stared at her.  "Are you done now, miss?"

"Fine," she sneered.

"Thank you."  He handed his twin the glass.  He glanced at the DA, who looked less than pleased but probably not at him.  "Alex, I'll be outside checking in."

"Go for it.  Am I next?" he asked the DA.  "Or should I go out again?"

"We're taking ten," the judge ordered.  "I would like to see your twin."

"Yes, sir.  Xander, the judge wants to beat you."  He walked out finishing off the water.

Xander tapped and was let into the office, staring at him and the DA.  "It's not my fault.  She started it," he pointed out.

"She did.  You still can't bait the defense attorneys," the DA complained.

Xander pulled up a text message.  "By her background she's been on my potential list of stalkers for years."  He let the judge see it.  He moaned.  "She did start it, sir, and I tried to stay respectful.  I did a good job.  I really did."

"You did better than last time," he admitted.

"Her mental hamster works very well, the wheel's squeaky though."  The judge snorted at it.  "I'll pay a fine if you want me to.  I know it looks bad on me and I'll probably have Mac jumping down my throat later."

"She tried it with him.  He turned back into the uni-syllable Marine."  The DA sighed.  "Sir?"

"There's no fine, this time.  In the future, try not to bait her."

"She started it but I'll try."

"Thank you.  Warn your twin as well."

"Yes, sir, but he's always had more patience."  He left.  "Alex, they said to not deal with her."

"Fine."  He handed the bailiff the glass.  "I can do that."  He leaned against the wall.  The lawyer sneered at him.  "By the way, ma'am, how is your mother and her confinement?"

"How did you know about that," she demanded with a growl.

"We've been able to do background checks since we were sixteen."  He smiled sweetly.  "Now we have better access."  She went pale.  The judge and DA came in and he got called up so he went up to be sworn in.  She didn't try very much discrediting with him.  His twin was out in the hallway updating Mac.  The one time she tried he smirked evilly and answered her with the point of her own hygiene going because she was sweaty.  Then he pointed out he didn't do things like Wolfram and Hart.  He had helped shut them down for the same sins she was accusing him of.  She got shaky at that and the judge called it for the day.  He stopped at the DA's table.  "We tried."

"You did okay.  We'll work on that with Taylor."  He smiled and the boy left, undoing his shirt's top few buttons on the way.  He smirked at the lawyer.  "We can talk deal if you want."

"No!"  She stormed out.

The DA smirked and went to find out what they had on her.  2 had emailed it to his office so that was fine.  He liked the twins.  They were good at playing along with mental games until they got bored.


Mac walked into ballistics.  "You baited her back?" he demanded.

"No, I bit back," 1 sighed, looking at him.  "I tried really hard, Mac, but she was trying to discredit us.  I pointed out how most defense attorneys were at least a bit sociopaths."  Mac laughed, nodding a bit.  "She also tried to change our life's timeline on us.  Tried to say I'm violent too."

"Only when you're protecting people.  There's a few like that in the city.  We'll prep you better next time, boys."  They gave him puppy eyed looks.  "Isn't it time to hit the road?"

"We're doing a tracer search on a few things to see if we can find them," 1 admitted.

"I'm not certain one of the ones they took wasn't involved in it anyway," 2 said.  "They could've been evacuated for having their cover blown."

"Which one do you think?" Mac asked.

"Ziva."  They both looked at him.

"She's been real touchy about us since she met us.  Tony said the same thing to him.  He thought it was lacking people skills."

"She didn't seem too surprised by the first conspiracy," 2 agreed.

"It's possible but I wouldn't say that to Gibbs, boys."  They nodded they knew that.  "Any leads?"

"That depends on if they're going after the command center in Scotland.  If they are, then yes," 2 admitted.  "We've sent that to Tony to look over it.  Though, I think it got intercepted by his director since when we called he hadn't gotten it after an hour."

"Damn it."  He went to call DiNozzo himself.  "Tony, Mac Taylor.  Did the information the twins sent you help any?"  He listened, nodding some.  "That's good to know.  Please do."  He hung up and considered it.  Why was their director interfering?  She had to want her own people back.  Right?


"Does anyone else start wondering who's silently with that group?" 1 asked later that night.  Both girls nodded.  "Me too."  He got comfortable, watching the show the girls had on.  "You two watch decorating shows?"

"Nothing's on for a half-hour," Wendy complained.

"She won't let me turn it to porn," Faith said with a small shrug.  Wendy bopped her on the arm.  "Hey!  I need the inspiration.  I've got to work up a way to make fridges more sexy."

"The always the right temperature, the finish doesn't hold fingerprints so it doesn't mind your touch, look at the phallic popsicles?" 1 guessed.  "Then mom's fantasy life is busted by the kids?"

"That's not bad," she said, writing it down.  "Thanks."

"Welcome."  He shifted, leaning his head on Wendy's shoulder.  She patted him and let him do it.  His twin came in from a jog for milk.  He had lost the coin toss.  "Anything good?"

"That defense attorney followed me.  I had dispatch send someone to scare the crap out of her."  He put the milk up and came out, snuggling in on Wendy's other side.

Faith looked.  "Why don't I get any of that?"

"You'd beat us with the arm you ripped of?" 1 said dryly.  "Like you said you would."

"Oh, yeah.  I could use a cuddle."  They shifted to cuddle her instead.  Wendy huffed but snuggled against 2's side anyway.  1 flipped it to the anime station and the girls had to watch it with them.

"I'm building battle robots," 2 muttered.

1 looked at him.  "Can't sell them.  Make them combat robots for surveillance and stuff."  His twin gave him an evil smirk and went to do that.  "I love him in evil mode."

"He is pretty cute and fluffy in it," Faith agreed.  "Now, in protection mode?  That's hot.  Both of you."  He kissed her on the cheek and she smiled.  "Thanks."

"No, thank you."  He got comfy and they went back to the anime now that the commercial break was over with.


"Damn it, I thought Montana was cold," Lindsay complained.

"That's what happens when you're in Scotland," Spenser said.

She looked at him.  "We're in Scotland?"

"Yeah, those are the Highlands."  He pointed.  "And that's a fairly famous castle I've seen pictures of."  He smiled at her.  "Are you doing okay?"

"I'm fine.  Thank you, Spenser."  She looked around.  "Do you think we can trust everyone?"

"I don't know.  I know Ziva from work but I don't know," he admitted quietly.  "I haven't been able to talk to her."  He let her back inside and went to talk to their other member.  "Ziva."  She looked up from her meditating.  He squatted down in front of her.  "How are you handling this?"

She stared at him.  "I'm fine, Spenser."

"You know you can talk to me, right?"  She smiled and nodded.  "Good."  He patted her on the cheek.  "Lindsay wasn't aware we're in Scotland."

"The baby must be putting strain on her," she said quietly.

"Probably.  Any idea how to get free of this hillside prison?"

"Not without a bit of assistance."  He nodded, standing up.  They had MRE's until their captors got back.  They were in good shape.  He went to look at their last member.  He was a bit upset.  Ryan was not a happy camper.  "Hey."  Ryan looked up from kicking the wall.  "We're in Scotland."

"Clearly."  He shrugged.  "I have no idea how to help us out here, Spenser."  He went to look outside.  They had a four foot ledge around the doorway they could stand on for fresh air.  The other areas of the warehouse or whatever it was, or had been, were without any ledges.  The ledge was crumbly so they couldn't climb down.  And if one left, they might kill the others.  Ziva might make it with them but Lindsay wasn't that sort of tough.  Not with the baby.  They went back inside and used the insta-heat pack to warm up their MRE.  They could hope for rescue soon.  Really they could.


Xander took a deep breath and ran through the kata the shaman had made him do for him repeatedly.  Maybe if he could do it now he could reach someone.  Wherever the hell they were.  Graham was ignoring him in his office.  He had growled earlier.  It had been six months.  Lindsay was ready to pop and he doubted any of them had any medical training.  Or Jonathan.  Or Riley or Sam since they had gotten them out on bail and helped them skip town.  He concentrated on the animal guide plane.  He had to reach someone.

He had glimpsed Spenser's animal guide once.  It didn't shock him but might the others.  He was a pretty fierce lynx.  Pretty protective of his pack and just a bit on the thin side because he was.  The boy could use a few good meals sometimes.  He worked too hard.  He let that thought flow and went on, breathing deeply.  He saw the hyena so his twin was nearby again.  "See if you can find Spenser's lynx?" he asked her.  She rubbed her nose with a paw.

He groaned and went back to the basics again.  He sent her images of him.  She perked up at that.  He sent what he knew about where they could be.  She took off and he followed, going onto the dream plane.  He found them and yeah they were in trouble.  Those fucking idiots!  He caught the attention of the witch nearest them and let the hyena lead her there virtually.   She joined him there and he pointed them out and the bomb.  Huge bomb.  She nodded and disappeared.  He petted the hyena.

He smiled at the lynx looking around, petting him too.  "Hi, Spenser.  There's a huge ass bomb underneath you guys that's going to go off in three days.  With the mystical symbols on the floors and walls, you're a sacrifice.  You might wanna get out of there."  The lynx growled.  He soothed it again and the lynx went leaping off.  He relaxed.  "This is so going to suck."  Someone else came close and he disappeared.  He knew that Sunnydale aura.  He brought himself out.  "They're in Scotland.  I need pictures of castles!"  Graham had them pulled up for him.  He pointed at one.  "They're above and it looks like north of that one.  There's a bomb underneath them and there's symbols between the layers of the building.  Lindsay's about in labor too."

Graham nodded.  "Let me call someone, Xander."

He stared at him.  "Thank you."  He nodded.  He left him alone to plot.  "Two days, Graham.  And I think it's got a remote trigger."

"Gotcha.  We have a jammer."  He finished the call and grabbed his jacket.  "Don't wait up."

"Sure, we'll feed your fish."  Graham smirked at him, grabbing a few things to take with him.  "Not field tested."

"I know.  I've tested them myself."  He grabbed extra ammo and left.  His contacts knew what Riley and Sam had done and were going to help him.  He knew they hadn't changed.  They flew over and it was a long night.  He shot the jammer down with an arrow then they hovered.  He hopped off and knocked.  Spenser opened it.  "C'mon.  Let's go."

"Thank you, God.  Guys, it's help for us."  They gathered things and came.  Lindsay got helped across first and then the others.  Spenser got on last, having to smoosh in against Ryan so the door could close.  They left and went to the castle the slayers were using.  They landed and Buffy came out to meet them with a crossbow.  "Hey," he said, getting off again.

Graham stepped off.  "Monroe's about in labor, Buffy."

"These are the ones they took?"


"Where were they?"

"Overlooking the castle."  He pointed.  "There's a bomb underneath it."

"We'll get hit with an avalanche," she sighed.

"Or attacked during the chaos."  She smirked at that, pinching him on the arm.  "C'mon, guys, infirmary's inside."  He led them inside and let them be treated.  Spenser and Ryan were both watching Ziva.  Which was a good idea in his book.  He called Gibbs.  "I have them.  All four and the baby's coming.  Tell Taylor?"  He smiled.  "Scotland.  Tonight, Gibbs."  He hung up.  "Doc Fischer?"

"Hello, Graham."  She kissed him on the cheek.  "I got told that we had some normals missing and one was pregnant."  She checked Lindsay over first.  Then the others.  They were a bit thin and dirty but could heal easily enough.  The girls would see to the thinness by fussing she was sure.  They did everyone else.


Gibbs looked up as the door opened, standing up.  "Ziva."

"Gibbs."  She gave him a short hug.  "Thank you for sending our rescuers."

"They're Xander's people but not a problem."  He looked her over.  "Spenser, your boss is in here pacing."  He pointed.  Hotch stopped pacing to look at them.  "Monroe?"

"Bit of a problem there," Graham sighed, coming in and sitting down, the baby on his lap.  "She had the trigger implanted, Gibbs.  We think knowingly.  She was questioned under magic and admitted it.  We've turned her over to the investigative team."  Gibbs groaned.

"Some of us weren't sure if Ziva was or not," Spenser admitted, looking at her.  "Because you never talked to anyone."

"I'm not good in those situations."

"I realize that."  He smiled.  "We can help."

"You're not getting out of our sight ever again," Hotch assured him.  Spenser smiled.  "Wolfe?"

"In the hallway calling home," Graham told him.  "We'll be going back to New York tonight since we have the baby issue.  Then you guys can head from there."

"That's fine," Hotch promised, looking Spenser over.  "You're not too thin."

"Bet me.  The girls nearly kept me to feed me."  He sat down.  "Ziva, sit."  She sat down.  "Baby?"  Graham held her up.  "Okay, just checking.  I spent a lot of time rubbing out cramps for her.  I'm a godfather."

"I'm sure Danny wouldn't mind," Graham said with a smile.  Ryan walked in and shut the door.  "You good?"

"Horatio's relieved and nearly had a heart attack when he saw it was your number."  He looked down.  "Hey, baby."  She made sucking faces.  "I can't feed you that way."

"We have a bottle," Graham assured him.  Someone opened the door and he nodded.  "Here."  The guys fought over who got to hold her while he went to talk to the local commander.  They hadn't liked that bomb and the investigative team wasn't real pleased either.   They could be unhappy together and find the little brats.  He saw a moving shadow and no person, glaring at it.  He threw a knife and she screamed, turning visible since it had hit her on the stomach.  "Still have it," he quipped.  "There you go, guys.  Amy Madison."

"That's crap like the Watchers do," the local guy said quietly.

"That's who they want to finish killing," Graham told him.  "Including all the girls."

He nodded.  "Can't kill young ladies.  Guys would be upset."  He hauled her up and took her to be arrested and then treated.  Graham could get his knife back in a few minutes.

"ICW?" the investigative member asked quietly.


"Damn it."

"Cleveland and that castle.  That's their fallback," he said quietly.

"We'll handle it, Miller.  You keep those violent, overprotective, weapon nut twins out of it."

"I can do that maybe."  He smiled as he went back inside.  "Madison was just caught, Gibbs."  He went to talk to her.  He looked at the baby napping on Ryan's shoulder.  "You guys can argue with Danny about visitation and all that."  They both smiled.  He patted Ziva on the back.  "Want to call anyone?"

"My father would not be pleased I got taken."

He leaned down.  "I've heard of your dad.  He's an ass."  She cracked a smile and nodded.  "You can call your director."

"That's all right.  I'll see her soon enough."  He nodded.  "The twins are handling themselves?"

"And my new fish tank."  He called.  "We're out and they're fine.  Mostly.  Big shock for Danny though."  He listened.  "Why is my shark dead?"  He sighed at the note that it was dead when they got there.   "Any idea why?  Yeah, but I put in the drops to kill the chlorine."  He grimaced.  "I can do that from now on or just use purified water.  Warm too, yeah.  Thanks, guys."  He hung up.  "My new shark died.  I didn't let the water sit long enough."  They all patted him for that.  Even Ziva.   Gibbs came back.  "Can we get them home?"

"Yes.  We have a flight going in an hour."  They nodded and gathered together to go to the airport.  Gibbs gave Graham his knife back, getting a nod of thanks.  The boys would not leave the baby with anyone else so Gibbs got to teach them how to change a diaper when it was necessary and how to soothe her when she didn't like flying.


2 walked into the lab, pulling Danny to Mac's office by his arm.  Don followed.  Stella too.  2 waved Stella off so she shrugged it off and went another direction.  He closed the door, looking at Danny.  "Your girl's healthy."  Danny slumped into a chair.  "Her momma...  Had the trigger to the bomb.  She's in custody.  Graham's text said that Ryan and Spenser think she's a princess and they're cooing the whole way back here.  They will come here and talk to you.  That way they can beg for godparents and things."  He gave Danny a short hug.  "If you need to talk, you let us know."

Danny nodded.  "Thanks, Alex."

"Not a problem.  It's possible she was tricked or mentally tampered with, Danny.  They'll know by the time they land."  He looked at Mac, who waved him off.  He was never sure when to let emotional things go.

Don sat down next to Danny.  "Well, we can deal with it."  Danny looked at him.  "Not like we'll let you have the baby all to yourself, dimwit."  Danny slugged him on the arm with a frown.  Don grinned.  "You need ta hit the gym, Danny."  He gave him a nudge back.  "We'll help and clap when you do all the nasty diaper stuff."

"Gee thanks."  He made himself relax.  "Mac, I think I need leave."

"I've had forms filled out for you, Danny."  He let him see them and sign them.   "They can't complain that much since you just got the baby."  Danny nodded, swallowing.   "We'll help, you know that.  Stella won't let her go for anything short of a really nasty diaper."  Danny relaxed more naturally and smiled a bit, nodding some too.  "Go pace somewhere you can't injure yourself or others."  Don took him to the gym to box for a bit.  Then maybe some handball.  Mac called Graham's phone, getting the 'turned off' message so he left a voicemail.  They could meet in private, at Xander's apartment.  Everyone knew where that was.  They had food too for those who needed or wanted it.  He left a message for Wendy since she seemed to sleep most of the day.  She grumbled into the last of it so he repeated it.  She grunted and hung up.  Yeah, they could handle this.


Wendy blinked more awake when someone let themselves in.  "Hey, Graham.  Spenser."  He grinned.  "Bottles are on the shelf in the kitchen with formula."  He beamed and went to make one while Ryan got some holding time.  She had run out for some baby things.  She had seen others deal with infants but had never had one herself.  Someone else knocked and Graham opened it, hand on his knife.  "Graham, if you need it, I'm sure you know where the safe is."

"Of course."  He let in the others that had traveled with them.  They had to take a second cab.  Mac, Danny, and Don were coming off the elevator too.  The twins came off after them and headed into the kitchen.  He closed and locked the door, letting them have the baby to look at.

Wendy had to move so Ryan and Spenser could sit around Danny.  "Sorry," Danny said.

"Not a problem.  I know those things make your minds go mushy.  Even to the mightiest of hunters."

"No, we'll coo later," 1 called.  Don snickered.  He handed over food.  "Here, feed people.  They look thin."

"The girls didn't want to let us go," Ziva said.  "They said we needed to be fed."

"The girls learned fussing very well," 2 said with a smile.  "Ziva, are you okay?"

"I can't understand why they would do that.  It made no good statement, as most terrorists seem to want to do.  They kept the one that was turned to their side in with us but no information could've been gathered or sent off."

"She thought they were going to save her before they set off the bomb," 2 said.  "Am I right, Spens?"

"Yup."  He looked back.  "Any idea what they were going for?"

"Yup."  He went to get the copies from Giles off the desk and handed them to him.  "It was mystical in nature, Ziva, not terrorist.  They were hoping to raise energy and power.  They had to wait until the baby was born."  He went back to fussing in the kitchen.  "Thank you, Wendy.  Did you take house petty cash for it?"


"That's fine.  We can renew that fund later."  They came out to look at Ziva, taking her into the office to talk to her about such things.  She'd heard about them but had no idea who would do anything that way.  They had a *tiny* gift when working together and that alone freaked her out.  They smiled and explained the ritual to her.  She slumped and nodded.  Them bonding would have made it stronger.  Lindsay didn't know she was useless as more than a vessel holding energy and an innocent being.

"What about Gretchen's team?" Mac asked.

"I thought we told everyone involved.  We found them last week.  Barely before the pregnant one of that group popped.  I was hoping we could plot the two points to see if there's any others."

1 came out, staring at him.  "Maybe."  He handed over that information.  They spread out a world map and focused.  "Which figure would they be using?"

"Triangle around a circle."

"I'm going to assume the circle is in Cleveland," 1 decided.  He measured it and plotted a new third spot.  It wasn't fully accurate but would narrow down a search area.  He let Gibbs see it, getting a nod.  "That's as accurate I can get without doing it on the computer or having a math person do it."

Mac walked in to redo it on him, coming up just slightly to the south of their point.  "Probably closer to there."

"That'll work," Gibb said.  "Thank you."  He called that in to McGee, who ran the simulation and found any towns or anything in that area.  "What if the circle isn't around Cleveland?"

"Then that's the western arm," 2 said.

"Hmm."  He added that and McGee ran the simulation and nodded, sending that to Garcia for her to look around too.  He sent back something.  "He said there's a supposedly important battle spot if this is the western side."

"And that area is full of natural creatures," 2 said quietly.  "So either's possible.  I doubt both."

"Good to know."  He said that and hung up, going back to watching over Ziva, and Tony since he had appeared.  "You have keys?"

"Of course, boss.  In case something happens and one of us has to remove plans and weapons from their apartment."  He gave him a look.  Then he went back to staring at the baby.  "Those things are scary."

"Yes they are," Wendy agreed happily.  "Which is why I'm over here."

Danny smiled.  "So you can't babysit?"


Faith let herself in and grinned, locking the door behind herself.  "Hey, guys and Baby Messer.  What's her name?"

"Lindsay was talking about Lucy," Ziva said quietly.

"I think that's a fine middle name but it doesn't really go well with my last name," Danny said.

"For the court to award you custody, you'll probably need to do a paternity test," Mac said quietly.

"I know."  He looked at her.  "I won't name you after your mother.  What about... I have no idea."

Don snickered.  "Danielle?"

"No!"  He swatted at him.  "Tell Uncle Don he's strange and wrong."  She made sucky faces.  "See, she told you off," he said with a smirk.  He looked at her.  "Carmella?"

"Pick a name that won't get her picked on," Graham offered.  "I know I got plenty of teasing for my name."

"Hmm.  Something without teasing."  He stared at her.  "I have no idea.  Spenser, Ryan?"

"No clue," Ryan admitted.

"None off the top of my head either."  Spenser smiled at Hotch's snort.  "I can't think of a good one.  Something that means precious gift or something?"

Danny shrugged.  "She's damn near impossible to have come into being."  He stared at her.  "Eve Lucy Messer?  We'll call you Evie?"

"Not bad," Mac decided.  "It doesn't flow well but it's simple, nothing to pick on her about."

"Could work for me," Don agreed.  "Evie, do you like that name?"  She sucked on her finger, looking very confused.  "I think that works for her too."

"Good!  Then we'll make it official."  Graham filled out the birth certificate and handed it to Mac.   "Thanks."

"The doctor at the Council delivered her."  He smiled at the baby's confused look.  "You have no idea why everyone's staring, do you, princess."

"She won't be a princess.  She'll be the sort to go play ball and things," Danny said with a smirk.  "Maybe a sports or a car princess."

Don looked at him.  "Every girls tries to be a princess now and then.  Especially when they turn thirteen or so."  He took the baby to hold.  "Hey, Evie."  She blinked at him, still sucking on her finger.  "Are we hungry?"

"We just ate," Ryan assured him.

"Good.  Yeah, that's a good thing, huh?" he asked with a smile.  The baby shifted some.  "Good girl.  You'll get used to us."  He handed her to Ryan since he was between him and Danny.

"Hey, Evie."  She sucked harder and let herself drift off to sleep.  "You know who'll spoil you, huh?"  He handed her back.  Spenser stole her.  "He did a lot of kicking and cramp rubbing out."

"Thanks, guys," Danny said.

"Not a problem," Spenser assured him with a grin.  "It gave us something new to think about."  He cooed and the baby shifted again, getting comfortable to sleep on him.

Danny smiled.  "Of course you two can be the most spoiling uncles ever.  You two and Don.  We'll do the christening in a while."  They both beamed at him.  "That good with you, Hotchner?"

"I need to get him back to DC in a bit."  He sipped his water.

"We can arrange it tonight, but it won't be the fancy stuff."  He called his favorite priest, getting his agreement quickly.  They went to the church, thoroughly guarded by Don and Hotchner.  The twins followed.  Wendy and Faith fixed dinner and set it out when they got back.  It was a good transition back to normal times and calming down again.


The twins appeared before the DA as ordered.  "Yes?" 1 asked.

"You rang?" 2 quipped with an evil smirk.

"Slightly."  He stared at them.  "The kidnaped tech?  Is that a local case?"

"They stole two federal agents," he pointed out.

"Oh."  He nodded.  "That's good but it's going to be asked about.  The person doing your next deposition will ask."

"No comment work?" 2 asked.


"Huh.  Well, we can tell them what's not classified.  That it's an act against some people.  They were taken to be blown up at an auspicious date right after the baby was born.  Of course, if you give us her name, we can do a background check," 2 offered hopefully.  He handed over the one he had.  They sat down to look her up.

"She's allowed to practice law after being arrested for being part of a human sacrificing law firm?" 1 asked, looking up.

"She's what?"

"Wolfram and Hart.  Arrested during the first bust, where they found the lab and the information on the human sacrificing stuff."

The DA called up her name and hummed, giving the computer monitor a very evil smirk.  "I will look into that, boys.  Thank you."  They handed back the folder.  "Be prepared to handle questions about that stuff."

"The last one kept asking if we liked incest," 2 said dryly.  "She asked so many times I asked her if it was her fantasy to be between twins, like some guys' was.  She stomped out and let her junior partner ask us relevant things."

"I heard," the DA assured him.  "Be nicer to the poor lawyers.  They weren't that good in school.  That's why they're in those sort of firms."  They gave him a salute and left together.  He went to question the judge over that bust.  "Sir," he said when he was let in.  "I have a pertinent question about the Wolfram and Hart case that won't delve into the case itself."

"About what then?" he asked dryly, eating a bite of his sandwich.

"Did you instruct the lawyers who were arrested that they were not to practice law?"

He considered it while he chewed.  "I hadn't formally stated it but I doubted anyone could at that time.  Is one while waiting on the trial?"

"Yes, Your Honor.  Magdaline Marsh."  He handed over a copy of her State Bar file.

He looked it over.  "I believe that she's still supposed to be in jail.  I wasn't advised she was out."  He looked at that file.  "She's still supposed to be in jail."  He looked up.  "She's on an active case?"

"On one that I had to talk to the ballistics techs at the Manhattan lab about."  He shifted some to pull out that file for him.  "That file."

He read it over and looked at him.  "Those twins?  I heard they're smartass, sarcastic, and answer what you want to hear until you piss them off."

"Quite often," he admitted with a small smile.  "We don't mind those traits as long as they're equal opportunity smartasses to the lawyers.  So far they have called one of our ADA's on being stupid and a few defense attorneys."

"Good of them."  He read over the file's relationship.  "I'm going to talk to the judge that was over the bail issues while I was on vacation last week, Jack.  Let me do that then deal with this thought.  I'll hear arguments about it tomorrow?"  He nodded he'd tell the DA handling it.  "You can attend as well."  He smirked.  "I always did like your arguments when you got huffy."  He smirked and Jack smirked back, leaving the courthouse for now.  He called the other judge.  "Did you let out some people on the Wolfram and Hart case?  I wasn't notified and that is my case."  He ate another bite and chewed while he heard the complaints.  "They have proof of a biological weapons lab, human sacrificing, and judge assassinations," he said bluntly.  "Anyone involved in the case was to be told, Peter."  He listened to him complain more.  "I don't care."  He hung up and called the local inquiry board member to look into it.  Plus those lawyers.  He didn't want them in his courtroom beyond as defendants.  Not until they had their fair trials.


Mac Taylor was let into the courthouse, nodding at the guards, flashing his badge.  The twins were behind him.  "CSI.  Where was it?"

"Courtroom six, Detective."  The head of security led them that way, letting them into the courtroom.

1 looked up and around.  "That's a hell of a spray with the height of the ceilings."

2 looked around.  "We have too much blood for just one victim.  Was there another one found?" he asked the guard.

"No, sir.  Not that we've found.  We've done a search."

"Including closets and bathrooms?  Judge's chambers?"

"Those we haven't checked."  He called that in.

"Stella Bonaserra is coming, have her help with that," Mac ordered.  He nodded, ordering that as well.  They went over to the body, starting with 1 doing the desks and bench.  2 got the body while Mac got the rest of the room, the sketch, and the pictures.

2 was squatted down when the ME got there.  "There's no way all this blood came from them."  The ME gave him a dirty look.  "Mac, we have two congealed spots within the pool."  He pointed.

Mac looked, nodding.  "That does indicate older blood."  He looked around.  "Something still isn't right."

"Beyond the fact no arterial spray or spatter would come off any weapon and hit an eight foot high ceiling?" 1 asked.  He pointed.  "Or go that far?"  Mac stared then looked at the body and groaned. "Light the body, 2."

He nodded, pulling out his glasses and special light set and filters.  He found it on the third filter of the last pen.  "That is so sick."  He let Mac have the glasses.  It was written on the body where they were.  Mac took that down and had the guard search there with Stella.  For some reason the guards weren't seeing them when Stella did.  1 went to deal with that spell.  2 smirked at the ME.  "Bored?"

"Not hardly," he admitted.  "Any idea who this one is?"

"ID on the jacket pocket said he was an ADA.  First year probably by his age."  He handed over that bag.  "I also removed his wallet, his watch, his ring, and his medic alert pendant for you, Sid.  They were in my way."

"That's fine."  He tucked the bag inside the bodybag with him.  "Let me know how many more I have."

"Six by the writing on the body," Mac said.

"Wonderful."  He got that body moved out and they went to look for more.  He liked the twins but they always did such picky jobs for him.  The others were in worse shape, hadn't bled out where they were placed, and were going to drive Mac and him nuts for a few days since most of them didn't have ID's.  Stella found another one and handed him over.  He was a fairly clear suicide.  The gun was still in his hand.  There was gunpowder all up his arm.  The shot was in the right area.  The judge was not in good shape.  They got him loaded as well and went back to the morgue.  Stella finished up and came in to help in the courtroom.  Mac got her and 1 up on the ladder to take swabs of the blood spray and spots.

The head judge of the courthouse walked in.  "Detective Taylor, how long are you going to keep this closed?"  He looked around.  "And can we have a clean up team here?"

"Give us a few more days, sir.  Then we'll send a crime scene clean up team."  He nodded at that, smiling some.  "We had seven victims total."

"I heard six."

"Judge Parkins shot himself," 2 said quietly, looking at him.  "The gun was still in his hand, Your Honor."

"Oh, dear.  So not related?"  Mac shook his head.  "Hopefully he didn't do all this?"

"I doubt he did," 1 said from his spot up the ladder.  "I still don't know who used the squirt gun to get the ceiling.  This isn't normal spatter."  He handed down another swab and took a clean one to take another swipe from another spot.

Mac looked from the seat.  "It does look like he was in the chair and did spray it," he admitted.  He fingerprinted the bench and judge's seat.  "Which one usually uses this one?"

"Parkins and night court uses it so Metmeyer?  That new girl."

"I know of her," Mac assured him.  "Thank you, sir."

"Not a problem.  Keep me informed please, and tell me when we can have it back."

"Of course.  Probably in about a week at the latest, Your Honor."

"That's fine."  He left again, going to shudder and take something to settle his stomach again.  Then he called the other judges together.  They'd have to shift Parkin's cases around.

Mac looked up.  "That's still a long distance for a squirt bottle."

"Super soaker," 1 said in a sing-song manner.

"How would they get it in here?" Mac asked.

"However they made the guards not see the bodies they had deposited like a perverted hide and seek," Stella said.

"Hmmm.  Magic very much a bad thing when used for that," 2 agreed.  "Thankfully there's protections on the building we can reactivate.  We noticed someone chipped a line sometime in the past."  He went to fill that in with stuff for the crack in the figure.  He made sure it was perfect and sighed in pleasure.  "There."  The senior guard came storming his way.  "This keeps that stuff from happening to your people," he said quietly.

"A few years back a local priest broke that, said it was profane."

"No, it's white magic.  Meant to protect.  That being broken is what let them carry the weapons in, charm your guys, all that."  He nodded.  "We can redraw it if you want, but do a mural and include that within it.  That way it's covered."  The guard smirked at that.  "Just make sure that stays whole."

"Agreed.  Thanks, Harris."

"Not a problem.  I know someone who does that stuff."  He shrugged.  Then he went to help carry evidence to the CSI SUV's.  They had a lot to process back at the labs.  The head guard, he called one of the residents who could paint and made that suggestion.  That hallway was always dim and the head judge could approve it.  He told him about what that figure meant and he nodded they'd make sure it wasn't touched at all.  If they had to they could carve it above the doorways.  They might have to check on that.


2 walked into the office that weekend, looking at Graham.  "Have I mentioned I hate Wolfram and Hart recently?"

"No.  Why?"

"Two of their former lawyers were behind the scene at the courthouse."

"I saw that news report."

"It was gross.  Super soaker and all that gross."

"Damn.  It solved?"

"Yeah.  Mac's had a good yell at them.  The judge over the case had the bonds revoked and put them all back in jail, in separate wings so they couldn't talk to each other.  Or in solitary if they wanted."  He smirked.  "He's very unhappy with them and we didn't have to testify this week.  Three of our next cases now need new lawyers."

"Good."  He smiled.  "The good guys won again."

"Yes they did.  Did our checks from the CPA arrive?"

"I put them on your desk weeks ago."

"Oh."  He went to look, finding them under a few other things.  "I need to check this place more often instead of just heading to the labs to work."  He finished the other stuff for Graham's pleasure and handed them back then tucked the envelopes into his wallet.  They were only deposit stubs.  He went to build more obscenely sexy weapons.  Plus maybe a few more helper robots.  He missed having Pippen around to fetch him things at the apartment.

Faith strolled in, staring over his shoulder.  "Mac called."


"Your clothing choices.  There's a PD thing in a few weeks and you two need tuxes."

He looked back at her.  "Excuse me?  Why do we have to go?"

"The Chief said so," she said dryly.  "He wanted to make Mac bring you two."

"I'll call Mac later."

"Do it now.  He's expecting it while he makes himself dinner."

He sighed and looked up.  "Call Mac Taylor," he called to the voice activated phone they had in there.

"Dialing," the computer said.  "Connected."

"Mac, what does his highness want?" he asked, getting back to tinkering.

"You two at his grand dinner in a few weeks. You're rising stars in the PD, you're both young, cute, wealthy.  He wants to introduce you to women of good virtue."

"Anyone evil we can date?"

"Probably at least two," he admitted dryly.  "Try not to?"

"Yay," he said dryly.  "What do we need and when?"

"It's at nine in twelve days."

"We can rent a tux," he sighed.  "Though we look dorky in them."

"Buy one, Alex.  He'll want you to look your best."

"Tuxes aren't our thing, Mac.  That sort of life bores us stupid."

"I know.  It does me too.  At least he won't be hitting you up for a donation that I've heard."

"He won't be getting it either.  The only donations I make in the PD are the widows and orphans, the gun fund, and the catastrophic leave fund."

"That's sensible and humane," he agreed.  "Don't forget on purpose, boys.  He threatened to fire me if you two don't show up."

"Fine.  I'll warn my evil half."

"Thank you."  He hung up.

"Hang up," he ordered the phone.

"Disconnected," she said.

Xander sighed, checking the time.  "It's nearly four."

"That dress shop they show on TLC is open until six," she offered.  "They could probably do it."

"Yeah, let's do that."  He called his twin on the way out the door.  "It's me.  Mac got jimmied into bringing us to a thing in twelve days.  Get us tuxes?"  He smirked.  "Please.  Twelve days, nine pm.  He said he'd fire Mac.  Thanks.  I've got Faith."  He hung up and walked out, taking her to the corporate car.  His was in the shop.  The huge pothole hadn't liked his car very much.

She giggled as she got in.  "This is way too fancy for my usual thing.  I almost expect a white guy to be in the back telling us where to drive."

"Maybe," he agreed dryly, glancing back there.  "It looks like Graham or someone used it to get lucky."  He got out and leaned on the hood.  "Len, can you tell Graham to clean up the condom wrapper the next time he uses the car?" he told their security demon.

"I can do that," he said, coming to get it.  "Have a good trip."

"Not hardly.  I hate shopping."  He got back in and drove off with her.  Hopefully they'd either have an open spot or would know where to go.  Halfway there, as they were starting to get into the suburbs of the city, someone swerved into their lane suddenly and headed at them.  He evaded, nearly hitting a parked car.  He grumbled about city idiots driving but the next intersection, the same car came at them again.  "Now I want my sports car back," he said.  "Buckle up."

"Did," she promised, tightening it.  She pulled out her phone.

"What are you doing?"

"Calling Mac!  They're attacking."

"They're fucking idiots."

"So?"  She called him.  "Mac, Faith.  I'm with 2 in the corporate mobile and there's this guy that keeps trying to ram us.  He's not real professional.  He's avoiding him and then he come back around to hit us head on again."  She listened.  "He said head by one of the precincts."

"There's none within about twenty blocks and rush hour has started," he pointed out.  But he did head toward the nearest one.  It took two blocks this time.  He wasn't quite able to move out the way but the other guy's car got shoved by another one and hit the side of the one in front of him.  The driver of that one got out to swear so Faith told Mac that and he called it into Dispatch while he gathered what he'd need in case they became a crime scene.  The next run, he got more lucky and got them on the front driver's side.  Took out the headlight, hit the engine.  This car had a great crumple feature, nice airbags, and they were kinda hard when he hit them with his head.


1 walked into the ER.  "My twin is here and our roommate."

The nurse looked at him.  "You'll have to wait, sir."

He held up his ID.  "Bet me and watch me sue if you make me."  She sneered.  He leaned down.  "I have enough money to personally buy this heap," he offered.  "Now, all I want is my roommate, my twin brother, and then we can all go home so you can abuse others."  She buzzed him back and he went back to find him themselves.  A few nurses gave him dirty looks.  "We're twins," he told one.  She pointed.  "Our female roommate?"

"We thought she might be his girlfriend."

"No, she moved in because she had a stalker."  She pointed at that room.  "Anyone PD wise been in?"

"No.  Should they have been for a car accident?"

"Yes," Stella said from behind him.  "Because they were hit on purpose."  He went to check on Faith while she did 2's check.  "Hey."  He groaned, holding his head.  "You're in the ER."

"I can tell.  It stinks like someone puked and I smell a lot of blood.  Mine?" he mumbled, barely opening his eye.

"No."  She looked him over.  "C'mon.  Sit up?"  He did with a moan.  "Xander?"  He came in with Faith.  "She good?"

"I'm a quick healer.  Came with the other gifts," she said dryly.  "Him?  X, your brain rattled too much to work on stuff?"

"Hell no," he snorted.  "It even gave me more wicked ideas than usual."

"Concussions do that to us," 1 quipped.  He helped his twin stand up.  "C'mon.   The car, Stella?"

"Mac called.  Dispatch had them both moved to the garage.  The driver of the other one fled so we had to swab that to see who it was."

2 gave her a half-closed eye look.  "You know that guard in Don's precinct that looks like he's always pissed, has high blood pressure, and needs to trim his afro shorter?"  She nodded.  "Him only a bit whiter and maybe a bit taller.  And he bit the steering wheel when he came at us the first time."  She called Mac to tell him that and they left together.  She got them to the apartment with the SUV.  Wendy hopped up to help him and Faith.  He swatted at her.  "Quit hovering."  He went to lay down.

"I'll see you in two hours," 1 called.  He looked at Stella.  "Let us know?"

"Gladly."  She smiled and left.  The lab was going to be under her whips for a bit.

1 got Faith into her room and into bed.  He'd wake her up later too.  After he made sure she didn't have a knife under her pillow like she usually did.  He didn't want stabbed today.  It was always the start of a sucky day or a night hunting.


Danny walked into the precinct and over to Don's desk, handing him something.  Don read it and stared at him.  "Really?" he asked dryly.


"Huh."  He looked around, not seeing him.  "Any idea?"

"Not yet.  Stella said to drag him back by the short and curlies."

"Gladly."  He got up.  "Coming?"  Danny hesitated.  "Who has her?"

"Wendy."  He grinned, following him out to the car.  "I begged and Faith's off, plus 2 so she's really safe."

"Good.  Any word on her mother?"

"She's claiming mental programming."

"She probably was," he admitted.  They got into Don's car and took off.  A block later, Danny had that sudden urge to get out and got Don out too with the stuff he usually kept in the under-armrest spot.  The car went up just under a minute later.  "Huh," Don said, looking at him.

"The twins.  I wanted to make sure I'd be there for the brat I spawned.  She's almost babbling, did I tell you?" he asked as he dialed dispatch and Stella on a two-way call.  "Dispatch, this is Detective Messer.  Detective Flack and I are on..."  He looked around.  "2614 10th.  Our car just blew up.  Fire's still going so we need help."  He hung up and waited.  "Stella heard."

"Good!  She'll be happy yelling."  He stared at him.  "Think the hit and run was lab related or that crank patrol related?"

"I think it's a hit on the lab," he admitted quietly.  Fire trucks pulled up and he held up his badge  "We got a bit of warning."  They nodded and piled out to handle the fire.  Stella pulled up with a screech of brakes and got out.  "I got the folder," he offered, holding it up.  "And Don's spare gun."

"Thanks, Danny."  He took his stuff back to put into his pockets.  Right now he was in a bit of shock and he was moving quickly toward pissed off.  "Stella, think it's related?"

"I don't know, Don."

"If so, I wanna question."

"You're involved."

He smirked.  "Yay."

She took a step back.  "Sure, you can yell and threaten them while we question."  She looked at them.  "How did we know?"

"I had the twins send me to someone to put something on me to warn me in case I was mortal peril.  Or if Evie was," Danny said quietly.

"Thank god.  Who has her?"


She smiled.  "That's fine.  I'm sure her tribe had many kids."  She watched as the fire was finally put out.  Then she looked at them.  "Danny, get him into the SUV.  We'll leave that out of the report.  Mac's got the day off but I'm sure he's heard by now and is on his way to kill someone."  They nodded, getting into the SUV.  She filled out the two forms the fire department would need, handing them over.  The crew chief smiled at that.  "They're our people.  Have it dragged to the lab's garage."  He nodded at that and went back to helping while she drove them back.  She went to find a detective they had worked with.  "Vicaro," she said as she walked in.  He beamed at her, leaning back away from his computer.  "I need you to pick up for us.  They tried to blow up Flack and Messer a minute ago."  He sat up, staring at her.  She held up the folder.  "This one ran into one of the ballistics techs the other day."

"The smartass twins?"

"Yup, them.  Ran into Xander."  She held it out.  "Can I trust you?"

He smirked.  "Sure can."  He took it to look over, whistling.  "Gladly."

"Thanks."  She walked off.  "Bring them to the lab.  I want a piece of their ass if they set this bomb."

"Sure, CSI."  He watched her walk off while he shut down his computer, then grabbed his jacket and headed off to find that puss sucker for her.


1 looked up as Danny walked in and hugged him.  "What happened?"

"Someone blew up Don's car.  It worked," he said quietly.

"Thank god."  He hugged him back.  "I'm glad you're okay."  He pulled back to grin.  "Someone's going to think we're dating."

Danny snickered.  "You'd do good with someone of my tastes, kid."  He pulled back.  "Stella's got it with Doc."

"Sheldon's a good, thorough, nearly OCD CSI," he pointed out.

"I know.  Anything from Wendy and them?"

"Diapers are gross, and that's a quote.  She's in the break room for some reason."

"Thanks."  He went to find her.  She smiled at him.  "Brought her in for lunch?"

"That and the maintenance guys came in to spray.  Faith was up and complaining.  I didn't want her near the bug spray."   She handed Evie over.  "There you go, one worried father."

"It's been a hell of a day.  She's good at calming me down," he said with a smile.  "Thanks, Wendy."

"Not an issue.  Let me head out for lunch.  Call and I'll come back for her."  She left.

Danny walked her down to interrogation where Flack was pacing.  He gave her a cuddle then handed her over.

Don stared at her.  "Hey, princess.  In for lunch?" he asked with a grin.  "You're clearly more than a princess.  You're a goddess of easing tempers."  He gave her a cuddle.  She drooled on him bu that was fine.  "You going to introduce her around?"

"Yeah, I think I will."  He took her back.  "We'll get them."

"If this was the same people that got her mom, they're dead," Don assured him.  "The twins will go terror on them."

"Yes they will."  He walked off, smiling at her.  "Hey, Doc.  Have you met Evie yet?"

"I hadn't."  He smiled at her.  "Hi, Evie."  She blinked at him, letting him give her a finger to hold onto.  "Nice grip."

"Yeah, she's already got a thing for my glasses," Danny joked.  "Don's down by interrogation 2 pacing."

"She's a good calming down helper."  He got free with a smile.  "Thanks.  I'll find them, Danny."

"Please do."  He walked off.  "Adam."  He came out to stare at her, beaming at the tired looking thing.  "Don't talk baby talk to her," he warned.  "I hate that."

"It's fine."  He took off his gloves to pet her hair down.  Some was sticking up.  "You're so pretty, Evie."  She drooled at him and blinked a few times.  "She's adorable.  Looks a lot more like you than Lindsay."

"Yeah, I think she'll maybe have blue eyes too," he said with a smile.  "We're calming down for lunch."

"I heard."  He patted him on the shoulder.  "Just remember, we're excellent and we'll find them.  Then I'll point the twins at them."  Danny walked off giggling to introduce her to the others in the lab.

Vicaro came in dragging the idiot in question.  He stared.  "She a suspect?  She's too tiny but has that almost innocent look they all try for," he joked.

"My girl ever becomes one and I'll kick her ass over this city," he assured him dryly.  He glared at the idiot, who flinched away from him.  "Sheldon's down by interrogation 2.  So's Flack and Stella."

"Sure.  She's going to have some fatal level of beauty, man."

"I hope not.  A nice, safe, smart boy maybe but not that bad."  He walked off happier.  "It's too bad your Auntie Aiden isn't here anymore, princess.  She'd have cooed over you, taken you shopping, and all sorts of stuff I'll never understand that girls consider important."

Vicaro shook his head, dragging the guy to present him to Stella.  "Who'd Messer knock up?"

"Monroe.  She was pregnant when she was taken," she admitted.

"That's gotta suck."  He handed him over.  "Him?"

"So him," she agreed, letting Sheldon take him into the room.  "Thank you."

"Anything else I can do for the prettiest of the departments?"

She smirked.  "I'm an expensive date."

"I'm sure you are."  She walked off happier and more evil.  He stayed to watch.  He wanted to know if this was the putz involved with the bombing.  You did *not* bomb a detective's car in *his* city.  Don gave him an odd look so he shrugged.  "I can help."

"Sure.  Help away since I can't with being involved and all."  He watched the interrogation go on and then Danny walked in, handing him the baby before walking in there.  The man backed away from him because after him was Xander.  "Oooh," Don sighed, putting her against his shoulder.  "You rest, princess.  You don't wan to see that bloodbath."

Vicaro watched, amused as hell as the young one circled the guy then said something about his posture, getting a smart remark back.  Then he said something smarter and the guy winced and made a whining noise.  Xander cackled and said something mean.  The guy flinched then he started to babble.  "He's good."

"He's damn scary when he wants to be.  Him and his twin both.  They have bad habits about insulting defense attorneys about their mental hamsters dying as they put it too."   The other detective laughed and nodded.  "They are hell in the lab though.  We haven't had anyone yet that they couldn't break."  He patted the baby, getting a small burp.  "Gee, thanks, Evie."  He wiped off his jacket with his handkerchief.  "Feel better?"  She sucked on his collar so he moved her thumb into her mouth, making her nap for a bit.  Mac stormed in.  "Here, it's doing wonders for our tempers."  He handed him the baby, making him grab her before she shifted too far.  He grinned and walked in there, slamming the door.  "You blew up my car," he said firmly, staring at him.

"No!  It wasn't me!  I've been home with the concussion!" he said, backing away from him.

"Then who in the hell was it?  Because it's very coincidental that it happened right after your supposed accident.  Since we don't believe in coincidences?" Xander said dryly.  "I'm doubting that story."

"I was paid," he said, looking at Don.  "I had nothing to do with you!  I was paid to make sure they wouldn't testify!"

"We testified with a concussion before," Xander said dryly.  "The judge can growl back at us this time."  He stared.  "Especially since you only got one of us."  The man turned pale.  "Oh, tell me that nicely timed bug spraying wasn't you?"  He nodded slowly.  Xander growled.  The man flinched and ran behind Don.  "He won't save you."

Stella glared.  "SIT!" she snapped.  He sat right there.  She stared at him.  "Check on your twin and Faith."  He texted Faith.  She sent back that it was fine, he was hanging out a window and she had them all open for ventilation.  He showed it to Stella, who called Dispatch.  Don sneered at him and so did Danny.

Mac stared at the baby outside.  "Good morning, Evie.  How are you today?" he asked dryly.

"Messer handed her to Flack to calm his temper down," Vicaro said with a grin.  "She's going to break hearts."

"As long as she does it legally, he won't mind."  Vicaro laughed.  "Yours?"

"I fetched for the pretty one in there when they blew up Flack's car."

"Thank God they got out," Mac said quietly, patting her on the back.  So she belched and spit up.  He gave her a dirty look.  "You're very good at distracting me, Evie.  Thank you."  He walked in there and traded her for Stella' s napkin in her pocket.  She smiled at the baby, rubbing noses with her.

1 took her, walking out talking to someone.  They'd need help to get him off the window ledge.  It was only two inches long and they were on the third story.   The balcony wasn't anywhere near that window.  He almost wondered how Faith had hung him but he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

Danny took her back, smiling at her.  "It's a good thing Wendy brought you in, huh?"  He glared at the staring dead man.  "You think you wanna not look at my daughter?"

"She's pretty."

"I'll mash your face in with my foot," he assured him.  He backed down and cowered.

Mac looked at him then at Stella.  "Related?"

"He said no.  We'll figure that in a few minutes.  Danny?"  He left with the baby and Don.  She smirked.  "Now, let's talk," she ordered, hauling him up and throwing him at a chair.  "Before I lose *my* temper.  Because the baby being cute won't save you."  He made another whimpering noise and backed away from her.  "Good idea."  She moved closer to talk to him.

Mac walked out, shaking his head.  "We'll know more about the bomb soon."

"Sure, let me know.  Damn, a man could fall in love with a woman like that."

Mac smiled.  "Many men have but she's picky.  If you're respectful, ask her out."  He left it alone.  Stella could handle her own love life.  He went to check on the twins, who were having lunch with the baby and Danny, plus Don.  "Why is she in?"

"Bug sprayers that turned out to be bad guys," 1 told him.  He looked at his twin.  "Faith sent him in a cab."

"I have to pick out a new corporate mobile," he complained lightly.  He smiled at the baby.  "Hi."  She drooled and patted her bottle.  "That's very advanced, dear.  Good job."  Danny snorted but went back to feeding her.  "So, how soon on the daycare stuff?"

"Next week."

Mac coughed.  "You could take that time off."

"I need the paycheck," he pointed out.  He burped her carefully then fed her the rest of the bottle.  She appreciated it and was a happy kid.  "There.  That good with you?"  She yawned and drifted off again.  "Good job!"  He put the bottle aside and put her back against his shoulder.  She could drool on him.  He was getting used to having damp shoulders.  "At least changing diapers is easier on her.  Boys apparently aim."  Don snickered and nodded.  Sheldon stole her to cuddle.  She got comfy on him so it was fine.  "Sure, Doc, just ask," he said dryly.

"I'm being a vicarious uncle."  He cuddled her.  "Some day I'll have a few of you.  Then you can play with mine as long as you're nice and don't pick on them," he said quietly.

"Soon, Sheldon.  Apparently the world needs more smart, capable, empathetic people in it," 1 told him.  He finished up.  "Mac, our lab was clean when we came in here."

"I glanced it, it's still clear."  He looked around.  "You still can't work your own cases."

"I'm not," 1 said with an evil smirk.  "But I am the best at making people beg for mercy."

"True."  He walked off.  "Danny, take the rest of the day off to settle down with her."

"Sure, Mac, thanks.  You tell his boss yet?"

"Going to now."

"I did," Stella called, walking up the hallway.  "He's on his way to central booking.  We promised him he'd get raped later and he said that was fine, just to make sure the twins didn't get him."  She smirked at him, then punched him on the arm.  "That's for the set-up."

"He seems decent."

"He is.  Still not the time to hit on me.  Though maybe we'll go for drinks next week."  She walked off again.  "C'mon, guys, I'll drive you.  Get the carseat from Wendy."  Danny pointed at it.  "Then let's go."  They bundled up the baby and left with her.


"So, you were threatened?" the head DA said a week later.  He was facing 2.  "Someone threatened you to not testify?"

"He said in his statement that he had been paid five thousand dollars to make sure I could not testify against this defendant," Xander told him.  "Which is fairly odd since he didn't have a ballistics evidence report in his file and I didn't work that case.  Neither did my twin."

"How did he carry this threat out?" he asked.

"One of my roommates and I were headed off to shop for some boring thing the Mayor is hosting tomorrow night.  He tried to run into the front end of the corporate car a few times, managing to hit another one before us.  He sped off from that collision and hit us on the next go-round.  I ended up with a light concussion and so did she."

"Then why be worried about you?"

"I was hoping you knew, that's why I told you of it."

"No, I have no idea either," he admitted, looking at the defendant.   "I'll ask him when he gets on the stand.  Cross-examine?" he asked the defendant's lawyer.

"How do you know it was that person and about this case, CSI Harris?" she asked, not standing up.

"His fingerprints were in the car.  He bit the steering wheel on his first attempt to hit us; I noticed and reported that so they could swab for DNA.  Then he confessed who he was working for.  We dragged the person in question in with extreme prejudice since a detective had nearly gotten blown up a few hours earlier.  I let my twin brother go question him because he's a profiler and can break a lot of people with a growl and a bit of alpha dogging."

She stared at him.  "So you saw the person who did it?"  He nodded.  "And it was not my client?"

"No, he said he was paid by your client."  She slumped a bit.  "Which we thought was odd so we went to the DA when we found out we had nothing to do with his case.  Unless he got us confused with someone?"

"I have no idea," she admitted.  "Thank you.  I'm done, Your Honor."  He nodded the CSI could go and she glared at her client, who shrank away from her.  "Your Honor, I haven't seen that statement and would like a few minutes to go over it if I may," she requested.

"We can break early for lunch.  Be back here at one."  He banged the gavel.  The Head DA was looking very smug.  Like usual when he was winning.


Don and Faith were on twin watch later that night.  Faith had let slip that someone had sent them threats about wanting to date them.  They had both glared at her for that slip to Mac, who had decided they needed watched when they went out.  So Don was getting overtime for surveillance work in the clubs.  He didn't mind.  Much.

The department would even reimburse him for his drinks as long as they weren't alcoholic.  He was sipping his virgin drink, watching for Faith.  The twins would back each other up and cause a disturbance.  Faith was alone on the floor so it was probably more dangerous for her.  Especially if this psycho was going to go after her for being a roommate.

He spotted Faith and she was looking happy with the two boys who were surrounding her.  Not twins, but cute enough he guessed.  One was wearing a gun so that meant he was a bouncer.  This club had a metal detector.   The twins were dancing together.  They had a woman between them but she was looking ready to pop and blow herself off into a happy nap.  She finally gave up and limped off looking exhausted and damp from all the dancing with the twins.  She slugged a drink quickly then let one of the bouncers help her wobble out on shaky legs to the curb.

The twins moved together, drawing attention.  They weren't dancing face to face anymore.  They were back to back with women that were probably not good for them to be with.  That was their type after all.  Don took another drink.  Faith came over with her bouncer guy and the twins included them.  2 got her back and 1 got the bouncer, who was blushing but they looked nice together.

When the bouncer finally couldn't take it without pouncing anymore, he left and they surrounded Faith.  Who was clearly moaning with the way her head was thrown back and shivering.  They kissed her on the cheek, one each, and sent her off after her bouncer friend to the bar.  They went back to dancing with each other.  Face to face, glancing around.  A few girls came over but one pushy one came over and got between them.  She smarted off and 1 smirked and said something back.

"That's probably a bad idea," Don muttered, finishing his drink.  She huffed off and he smirked.  The bouncer told her off too.  "Huh, must hate gay boys."  He watched the boys pull in more women.  No psycho yet that he could tell outside the gay hater.  Don was getting them bottles of water to pull them off the floor when something happened.  The lights went down and there was a new song being played.  Lights on the ceilings.  Low sparklers.  The club kids all squealed.  He found the twins and handed them waters.  They nodded back and strolled off, joining Faith at the bar.

That's why they weren't on the floor when the spray foam came down and started to eat clothes.  2 choked on his sip of water.  "Don, get the hose!" he said in his ear, getting a nod back.   1 slipped off with the bouncer to shut down the spray nozzle.  Faith was helping Don hose down the group.  A few screamed but most thought it was part of the show.  One of the bouncers had called EMS.  They rushed in and Don waved them over to tell them what had happened in their ears.  He got nods from the paramedics, who went looking for people with chemical burns.

The twins came back together and 1 was panting.  2 gave him a look.  1 shrugged back.  "Nothing."

"Bullshit," 2 said.

"I'm good."

2 nodded.  "Okay."  He looked at the bouncer, who was looking confused.  "Who was it?"

"Some girl that kissed him."

Faith snorted.  "Probably the psycho that sent them letters.  Take the shirt off, boytoy."

Xander looked at her.  "Not like I'm your type, Faith."  He walked off to get a drink and then go to the bathroom to make sure it wasn't bleeding.  Don followed.  "Hey," he said quietly.

Don stared at him.  "Stabbed?"

"Shanked."  He let him see the hole.  "It's not that bad."

Don probed it.  "No, not that bad."  He handed him some paper towels.  "Let's get home."

"We're good.  We need the night out."

"You got stabbed," he pointed out.

"Yeah and then I kissed her and she pouted."  He shrugged.  "Apparently I'm tougher than she thought."  He pressed, then tossed out the paper towels.  "I'm good.  Really."  He put back on his shirt and walked out there again.  "They going to stop the floor?" he asked the bouncer.

"Probably.  We should probably get someone to analyze the foam."

Xander called and handed over his foam.  The bouncer talked to the detective while Don came out to glare at them.  "What?" 2 asked.

"He got shanked."

"1!" Faith complained, looking at him.

"Then I kissed her, she pouted, and gave up."  He shrugged.  "You know I'm fine if I'm standing here sipping water, Faith."  He walked off.  "2, let's head.  It's nearly two."

"Sure.  Faith, want a ride home?"

"Nah, I'll go with Don," she said dryly.  She took the phone back when he hung up.  She also kissed the guy, slipping him her number.  "You're damn good and clearly know what you're doing."  She walked out with Don.  The Aston-Martin was gone.

"Home?" Don asked.

"Yeah," she snorted.  "I doubt they headed home."  He groaned but went after them.  They really did need sense sometimes.  They found them at a rave and it was happier, hotter, and no wannabe gay bashers.  Hell, the twins were getting admiring looks for being together.  Plenty of guys and girls wanted to puppy pile them right there on the floor.  She huffed but Don got her a bottle of juice.  He got one too and they watched.  Faith was tired.  Don was exhausted just watching them.  The twins were getting a lot of admirers that they probably didn't need.  His phone vibrated so he pulled it out.  She looked over his arm, smirking at him.  "I didn't know you were a stepmommy," she teased.

"I'm not.  I'm supposed ta be on his couch tonight.  My place got sprayed earlier."  He sent back a text to warn Danny this was going to be an all-nighter probably and to have Sheldon pounce the twins to check them for injuries.  Since 1 was out there with the stabbing hole.  She giggled and went out to save them from the too eager vampire.  She hoped.  Or a really realistic looking goth kid.  She moved up between the twins and smirked at her.  The vamp sneered.  She smirked harder.  "These are my hunters," she said firmly.

The vampire hissed.  "You're a slayer," she sneered.

"Sure am, baby."  The vampire backed off, giving her horrified looks.  "And these are the Harris twins."  That made most of the vampires run from them.  She kissed 1 on the cheek.  "If you need stitches, you should get them done."

"It's fine.  It's not bleeding or anything, Faith," he complained.  "We never get to have fun anymore.  We have all day tomorrow off."

"Fine."  She got down with them and it was better.  The boys were still hot as hell on the floor together.  Plenty of people still wanted them, and her, for being them.

Don looked at the newest text message he got and sighed.  "That's gonna suck," he said dryly.  He texted Faith, who slapped her ass then pulled out her phone.  He smirked at that move.  She brought the twins back.  "Vibrate a bit strong?" he taunted with an evil smirk.

"Yup."  She took his juice to gulp.  "What's up?"  He held up the phone.  "Decent.  Guys?"  They looked and groaned, going out past the vans.  Don pulled up his badge, getting a nod from the Vice guys.  "We're watching these two CSI play so there's no psychos," Faith quipped.

The Vice captain looked at Don.  "That's those ballistics twins, right?  The ones that they warn Dispatch about?"

"Yup.  That's why I'm pulling surveillance tonight."  The captain snorted.  "One's already been shanked tonight."  He followed them to the parking area.  The twins headed off ina  spray of gravel.  Don slid in to follow with Faith.  They found a metal bar and it was definitely their sort of place.  A lot of tattoos, a lot of loud music, a lot of people who drooled at the sight of twins in tight, washed soft, worn out jeans and tight t-shirts.   Faith and Don nearly got stopped at the door but Don had a talk with the bouncer about the psychos that liked them and one having been hurt earlier.  They let them in and let them act like designated drivers.  The twins were back to getting funky on the floor and enjoying the hell out of being the center of attention.  Don took a sip of his water and swallowed.  Faith did too.  It was going to be a long night here.


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