The Incidences of The Blippy Dohickey 11: Making The Bad Guys Bend Over And Take It.

Tilla came through the gate the next day, stumbling.  Fischer followed and the gate shut.  He groaned and passed out.

"Medical team to the gateroom," John called, going down to check on them.  "Tilla, report," he said since she was awake.

She blinked at him.  "Genii wanted ATA carriers," she said in a near-hoarse breath.  "They're being taken to the fringe group's world.  Xander is beyond pissed but Jon told him not to do anything."

"Why?" he asked, moving for the doctor.

"That way they'd know where it was."  She swallowed.  "Ow," she said when the doctor touched her shoulder.  "Take Fischer.  They weren't nice.  I can walk, he can't."

"Okay," she agreed, checking on that one.

Tilla looked at John.  "I don't know what they had planned, sir."

He helped her stay sitting.  "We'll find them."  She nodded.  The doctors got to her and took them off.  He called the top teams to meet with him.  Woolsey was looking worried.  "The Genii have Jon Tyler-O'Neill and CS Harris.  They wanted ATA carriers.  They're taking them to the splinter group's present world."

"We can gear up."

"We don't know which one is theirs," another one said.

"Yet," John corrected.  "Rodney, can we go there and get it off the DHD?"

"Yes.  I hope."  John nodded at that.  The others went to gear up.  They were meeting to go to the place they had been taken from when the stargate opened and Jon got shoved through.  He was cut up, bloody, and nearly unconscious.  Medics that were going with him got him out of the way.  "Where is it, Chuck?"

"A world they use for blind trading," he called down.  "Colonel, they're sending an audio feed."

John jogged up there to get it.  "This is Colonel John Sheppard.  You have our linguist.  I want him back, now, alive."  The person laughed and told him it was not going to happen.  "We will not allow you to keep him.  If we have to launch a full assault, so be it."  He heard something in the background and winced at the screaming.  "Go!" he ordered, heading down there to help.  There were about twenty Genii around the gate.  Not for long but they had been there.  They let the guy that got grazed stay there to hold the gate.  They advanced to the main base.  They ran into a few more.  They made it to the base and Ronon winced.  "What?" he asked him quietly.

"Xander's gotten a bladed weapon I believe.  There's a lot of screaming and some of it is his."  They advanced once the guards were down.  They ran in and found the guy who had called.  He was still screaming in fear.  Xander had went through a few guards with the two knives he had.  One was slightly longer than the other but he held them like they were natural to his hands.

"Ronon, get him, evacuate him.  The rest of you, destroy the base."  He grabbed the supposed leader and handcuffed him.  They'd deal with him or hand him to the main Genii.

Ronon walked carefully toward Xander, seeing him in that special, scary mental place.  "Xander?" he asked calmly.  Xander looked at him.  "You're injured.  Come so Armand can fuss."

"He's not right if he has no woman!" one of the barely living complained.  Xander threw one of the knives and killed him.

"Nice shot," Ronon said, moving closer.  Xander snarled but sniffed.  "C'mon.  We'll get you treated."

"They have Jon and the others," he snarled.  "They'll learn not to fuck with my team."

"We have them back.  They sent them through the gate."

"They still probably hurt them."

"We can check," John promised, moving closer.  "C'mon.  Time to evac."  Xander sighed, then he shifted and winced.  "I know.  Ronon, he's your only priority, even if we get wraith suddenly."  He nodded, helping Xander out of the area.   John looked at the medics.  "Any living ones?"

"A few hiding."

"Leave 'em.  Their people can have them."  She nodded, walking out with him.  They retreated back to the city.  He went to the infirmary.  "Keller, did they do something to them?  Xander thought they were hurt beyond being beaten."

"I can scan them."  She did that and grimaced.  "Yes."  She scanned the others, then Xander.  "He's free, just in really poor shape."

"Can you handle it?"

"No," she said.  "Not with what we have here."

"Okay.  Get the main base," he ordered over the comm.  "What?"  She showed him.  "They have implanted explosives.  Any sign of triggers?"

"How would I know?  I know nothing about explosives."

"Good point."  He went back to the main area.  "Are they on?"

"Yes," Rodney said.  "Why?"

"General," he said, looking at the picture.  "Lieutenant Tyler, Major Tilla, and Dr. Fischer were taken by the splinter Genii a few hours ago.  They were beaten fairly badly and implanted with an explosive device.  Doctor Keller said she cannot handle it.  We need a bomb tech and some help if you can."

"CS Harris?" he asked calmly.

"Beaten fairly badly but he also managed to lose his temper with two daggers."

"I'll get them as soon as I can," he agreed.  "Give me an hour.  Send me the information or scans."

"Doctor Keller, we have a connection to the main base."  The computer beeped.  "From her?"

"Yes, sir," Chuck said.

"There, General."

"I have it," he said.  "Give me an hour, Colonel."  He hung up.  Chuck shut down their connection.  "Let's put a shield around the infirmary.  Initiate the things we put in order from when Carson got killed," he said quietly.

"Already done, sir."

"Good."  He left, going to find the others.  Ronon was in there.  "Ronon, all non-essential personnel are to be out of here in case they go off," he said quietly.


"We need everyone safe, Ronon."

He looked at him.  "Xander will not leave either.  That is his team.  I'm making sure he doesn't go off again, at his request."

John sighed, nodding.  "Fine.   Step back and away from the ones with the bombs.  Him too, Doc."

She nodded.  "I have a shield around their beds, Colonel."

"He said an hour."

"Thank you."  He nodded, staying for a minute.  "You're violating your own orders," she pointed out.

He nodded.  "I'm in charge, I can do that."  She grimaced.  "Will he go off again?"


"When he's done, move him at least to safety."

"No," Xander said.  "They're my team.  I'm not leaving them."

"They could explode," John pointed out.

"And?"  He shrugged.  Then he hissed.

"Let me finish your stitching, Xander."  He nodded, staring at them.  "They'll be fine."

"Maybe," he said quietly.  "Thank you, Ronon."

"I can stay.  They deserve it."  He looked at John.  "You are too valuable to risk."

"I'm the military commander.  I need to be here."  He stared at Xander.  "I'll be here, Ronon.  Get them away from the door.  I know too many are too close."  Ronon nodded, staring at Xander.  "I can handle him," he said quietly.

"Xander?"  He nodded.  "All right."  He went to shoo everyone else away.  "They were implanted with something explosive," he noted.  "Sheppard said to clear the hallway.  Now."  They left.  He waited, staring at Xander.  The boy's temper was still high and he wanted to kill someone for doing this to his team.


O'Neill looked around as he appeared in Landry's office.  He put his coffee pot on the heating coil in there after pouring himself some.  He looked at Landry.  "Bad news or worse news?"

"The splinter Genii implanted Jon with an explosive device before tossing him back through the gate to Atlantis.  They tried to keep Harris but Sheppard said he lost his temper."

"Good for him.  Who'm I going with?"

"The doctors and our bomb squad person is going."  He nodded, finishing his coffee on the way to the gateroom.  He saw Cam kicking a wall.  "It'll be fine.  His team is tougher than this."

Cam stared at him.  "What?"

"Why are you kicking the wall, Mitchell?"

"Vala is pushing my buttons today and it's this or I take a swing at her."

"Ah.  That's fine.  I've done the same thing thanks to Danny.  Try a punching bag."

"I would but she just pounced the self-defense coach."

"That happens too."  He walked off, putting his coffee cup on the sill in there.  The doctor came in with two pull carts and a bomb tech getting into his gear.  "We have everything?"

"Yes, General," Doctor Lam said.  "Are you coming?"

"Of course."  He grabbed one of the cases.  "Let's go, Walter."  He dialed them to Midway.  They passed through and then immediately to Atlantis.  They walked out of the gate, seeing the Marines really tense.  "They try again?" he asked.

"The regular Genii are asking for the former leader back, General.  Colonel Sheppard told them they'd talk about it after he was done in the infirmary, by tomorrow."

"That's fine.  I can chew them a new one myself," he promised.  "Lead the way, Soldier."  He took the doctor's case and led the way to the infirmary.  He walked in and the doctor grimaced.  "Technically I am his medical contact," he said dryly.

"That's fine.  Xander, you can go.  We'll take care of them."

"With all respect, doc, fuck yourself.  They're my team and I'm going to be here," he said firmly but quietly.   "General."

"What the hell happened, Harris?"

"The Genii were waiting in an ambush."  He swallowed.  "We got most of them but one of them had some sort of smoke grenade thing.  All I saw was the canister before I was knocked down by the flash and then out.  When I came to, we were still there.  They were bending over Fischer and Tilla.  I kicked up a fit, getting free of the ropes, and going after them to protect my teammates.  At that time, Jon was still unconscious.   They tossed them through the gateway and took me and Jon.  I noticed they had some sort of ball, looked like a light-up ball for exploring."  Jack nodded at that.  "Apparently they were going to use them to attack Atlantis.  We were told that they wanted the city for themselves even though they're not carriers so can't use anything."

"That's what I've heard too," Jack agreed.  "So they took you two to another planet?"

"Yes, sir, and dropped another light thing on Jon's chest.  When it only lit a little bit, they dragged him off.  I was fighting but it took me a while.  By the time I got there I couldn't find Jon and he was talking to the city.  I should have focused on getting Jon first."

"By then he was already sent back here," Sheppard told him.  "It was a good twenty from the time they switched planets.  They sent the audio feed right after sending him over.  We went after I told him I wanted Xander back and I was going to stomp their brains."

Jack nodded.  "So you made your way up to free the both of you," he said, looking at Xander.

"I should have concentrated on getting him instead of getting us out of there and doing carnage," he said quietly.

"No, once you had gotten free, you could have found him," Jack told him.  Xander shook his head.  Jack caught his chin, staring down at him.  "You have to get yourself free to get out of there, kid.  Jon could've protected himself for ten minutes.  Beyond that, you were following the same path.  It takes longer to kill someone in your way than it does to drag someone unconscious.  You did the right thing."  Xander's shoulders slumped.  "Then what happened, Sheppard?"

"I heard him fighting back over the audio feed they were gloating over, General.  We rushed through the gate, took out the ambush at the gate, left a few people with grazes to hold it while we moved on.  When we got there, Harris had two knives and was making them damn sorry.  We mentioned Armand to calm him down and one of them protested that he might be gay."  Xander snorted, shaking his head.  "We cleaned up the living, brought him back, and checked with Doctor Keller since she had all three in the infirmary. When she found the explosives, I called, set up the control features we planned out after Carson, and worried my ass sick for the last ten minutes."

"Good job, both of you," he said.  "Xander, not even you can defeat a gas grenade.  Not even Superman can defeat that."  Xander slumped more.  "I don't care if you could have blipped out of the way or not.  You still couldn't have defeated a sedative gas.  You did what you were supposed to.  You got your ass free, you were ready to get Jon free.  You were getting free.  That's the right way to do that."  Xander stared at him.  "Jon'll tell you the same thing, kid.  Now, does he need medical, Doctor Keller?"

"No.  He refuses to leave because it's his team."

"I agree with the sentiment but tough," Jack said.  "You and I, and Sheppard, are all going to hang in the doorway."  He pulled the kid up, giving him a hug.  Xander choked but kept it in.  "You did good, kid.  You did what you needed to.  You had no idea they had already sent Jon off."   He walked him off, Sheppard coming after them.  "Let us know what you need us to do."

Doctor Keller looked at Doctor Lam.  "Are they that stubborn at the main base?"

"Sometimes.  I hardly ever see Xander for injuries."

"I check him over whether or not he likes it."  She smiled.  "Let's start with the oldest first."  The bomb tech guy quit studying the scans and came over to disarm the thing.   They were nervous with people staring at them but they knew they weren't going to get any privacy until they were all healed.  "I did all the stitching while we waited," she admitted quietly.

"That's always a good move," Doctor Lam agreed.  "I know you're a good surgeon."

"I didn't have all the things I needed, including him.  Cadman's not on base."

"I understand that fully."

"Usually I'd ask Harris and he'd tell me how to disarm it and hold the person's hand.  We had someone who had an explosive ankle cuff put on them."  She put on her sterile gear and moved back to the bed.  "Can I cut?"

"You can," he said, pointing.  "There please."  She did it for him and let him remove the device and take it across the infirmary to disarm.

Keller sighed in relief.  "It looks like they just cut and implanted."

"Good," Doctor Lam agreed.  They got that one closed and then each took one of the others.  Everyone watching took a deep breath when they were done.  Doctor Lam closed up Jon's side.  She looked at the injuries then at the others.  "They wanted him more?" she asked.

"He's an ATA carrier and they desperately want some," Doctor Keller agreed just as quietly.

She nodded.  "That's good to know."  She took off her mask, checking for other injuries.  "Xander."  He came in.  "Jack."  He came in too.  "Why don't the ATA carriers have transmitters like ours do?"

"I didn't even think about it," he admitted.  "I can do that."

"I'm not sure if it won't interfere with my skills," Xander said.

"I get that.  You can wear one," Jack ordered.  "Instead of having it implanted.  A watch, a hair thing, whatever."  Xander nodded at that.  "Vala too."  He looked at his clone then at the doctors.  "Major hurts?"

"Beaten a bit.  They cut, implanted, then sealed it and dropped him after a few more hits or kicks."  Xander growled.  "You, sit," she ordered firmly.

"I'm not a dog, no matter how many other linguists think I'm their sled dog, Doc."  He walked over.  "I don't want to ask," he told Keller quietly, nodding at Tilla.  "I have no idea how long we were out."

"I looked briefly, there's no sign of it, Xander."  He sighed and nodded.  "Should I check you?"

"I was awake and struggling most of it, I think."

"Okay."  She patted him on the arm.  "Sit, behave, don't give me shit."  He pulled a chair over to sit at the foot of one of the beds.  She pulled the curtains around the three, leaving the ones between open.  "There."  She shook the bomb tech's hands.  "Thank you."

"Welcome, Doctor Keller."  He put the final lid on the bomb box.   "Let me get these to a safe place to disarm them."  He walked out with the box.  "McKay, I need a safe disarming spot that won't require beaming or too much bouncing on the way."

He considered this.  "This way."  He led him out through the gym and pointed.  "Take the small one to the right.  The one on the left has the new power supply."

"I can do that.  Thank you."  He walked it that way, as far out of the way as he could.  He could ignore the hum with his earpieces in.  He got done and carried them inside.  "Not real technically proficient, sir.  At the level of a package bomb."  Jack nodded, still staring at the beds.  "Want me to take it back?"

"Do so.  Take pictures for the others so they can be used in any trials."  He nodded, doing that and then going to the gate room.  Jack walked John off talking to him about the Genii.  He called them, going with John's team, the pictures, and the idiot prisoners.  He stared at the leader of the Genii.  "I'm General Jack O'Neill.  I head the project that Atlantis is under."

"It is nice to meet you," the head said carefully.  "You have our prisoners?"

"We're going to talk first," Jack assured him.  He held up the pictures.  "We pulled three bombs out of SG-25's bodies."

The head of the Genii swallowed.  "They had implanted bombs?"  Someone hissed in his ear.  "That is Harris's team?"

"It is.  Xander was getting them free when they stupidly called to brag after sending the last member of the team through the gate."

"No wonder we have so few left," he said quietly, frowning.

"Yes, Xander was a bit pissed," John agreed.  "He had two knives."  The other Genii backing up their leader shuddered.  "Xander lost his temper like he did on the wraith the last time they captured him.  Without having Armand there."

The head of the Genii winced.  "That is bad news.  Are they all right?"

"Now," Jack agreed.  "Our doctors are amazing and so are our bomb techs."  He changed his stance.  "Now, I think you have a problem that keeps trying to bother my people.  I know you're different than this splinter faction.  I know they're more militant and pushy.  I would hate to have to have this talk again with the rest of my soldiers.  All sixty platoons and teams."

"Understood, General," he said quietly.

"As long as it is understood.  We have had plenty of wars already thanks to the Gou'ald.  The Wraith are pissing us off.  If we can maintain a civil relationship, that would benefit most of us."

"It would," he agreed, realizing this general could call and have their whole race wiped out.  "I apologize but I had no control over their actions."

"As long as it cannot and will not happen again, we have no problems with *peaceful* relations," John assured him.  He waved and the prisoners were brought forward.   They were handed over.

"I look forward to years of peaceful relations with the Genii," Jack told them, getting a nod back from the leader.  "Then we'll leave you with them."  They left, being beamed onto the ship again.  It was a flashy, intimidating exit.  It made their point very well.  They went back to the city and he found them all awake but groaning.   Xander wasn't there.

Jon looked over, yawning some.  "Go make Xander quit blaming himself.  He's probably in the gym."

"I can do that.  You good?"


"Good.  Tilla, Fischer, you guys okay?"

"Kinda sore," Tilla admitted.  "We'll live.  The Genii?"

"Xander lost his temper," John said quietly.  They all smirked.  "Let me get him, General."  He went to find Xander, finding him on the pier.  He walked up behind him, laying a hand on his shoulder.  "You did the right thing."

"They got hurt because of me."

"Jon's an ATA carrier too, Xander.  They wanted him just as much but yours was stronger."  He patted him on the back, watching him flinch.  "Pain?"

"I don't des....."

"Shut up, Xander."  He moved to stand in front of him.  "You.  Did.  The.  Right.  Thing.  I hate repeating myself so learn it this time."  He stared the boy down but he looked away.  "Can you think of anything you could've done differently?"  He shook his head.  "Do you honestly think that they wouldn't have found out you're an ATA carrier sometime?  You and Jon?  There's plenty of people who would've tried and not been able to get free.  There's ATA people all over the base who have to be just as careful as you and Jon.  Including me.  It could've just as easily been Lorne and his team.  Remember, he doesn't have a superior warrior like my team and your team does."  Xander shrugged, wincing a bit.  "You should let the doc check you over again."

"I hate doctors."

"I know.  Me too.  Still has to be done before you're too injured to go on missions."  He moved closer.  "You did the right thing.  It wasn't your fault.  I don't know how they found out one of you was a carrier."

Xander sighed.  "Maybe that's a good point."

"Of course it is.  If you doubt me, go ask Rodney.  He's a genius and he'll remind you of that fifty times in an hour at the top of his lungs for being so stupid."  He stared him down, getting a small smile back.  "By the way, did you hear that one who complained about Armand and you?  He decided you being bi was wrong."

"I'm not sleeping with my pet."

"He didn't realize it's the dragon."

"Clearly.  Eww."  He shook his head, then held it.

"C'mon.  Let's let them check that over too."  He walked him back to the infirmary.  "He's wincing when he shrugs and his head hurts."  Doctor Lam growled at him.  Xander disappeared.  Literally.  John looked up.  "That won't save you."  He got a call from Rodney.  "He's hiding in Rodney's supply closet."

"I'll let Rodney drag him back," Keller decided, calling him to tell him that.

Radek dragged him in.  "He is keeping Rodney from saving the universe again."  He handed him over to Jack.  "Keep him this time before Rodney has to explain things to him again about human friends instead of dragon friends."  He left.

"I know about human friends," Xander pouted.

"Not enough," Jack told him.  "Doc?"  He handed him over to Lam.  Who sighed and glared, tapping a foot.

"Don't give me that look, I'll go to Bermuda to translate.  Or another brothel."

Jack snorted.  "You can't do either without permission, kid."  Xander snorted.  "Really.  Work ethic and that stuff?"

"I do more work than everyone but Daniel."

"We noticed.  We've been trying to fix that."

"I have whips and other mean things in my office."

"I might borrow some then.  Or let Vala do it since she's pouting that Daniel's always busy."  Doctor Lam walked Xander off by his arm, getting whining noises because of it.  "Suck it up, kid."

"I doubt she'd like that."  He yelped.  "OW!  Mean fucking wench!"  She smirked and nodded.  "I'm not going to let you play the pokey game with me anymore if you're as mean as Buffy is."

"I can be meaner."  She took off his shirt to look over the injuries that had been fixed.  "Why did you break stitches?"

"I don't know.  Maybe they wanted to be something different or they decided they didn't like me."  She pulled out another stitching pack and he disappeared again.

John looked up.  "AI?"  The virtual picture of her appeared in front of him.  "Where is Xander hiding?"

"In the holy room."

"What holy room?" he asked.

"The holy room."  She put up a map.  "I do not know how people got in there."  She faded out.

John looked at Jack.  He ignored the laughing of the people in the beds.  "Want him back?"

"Not yet.  Anya showed up again."  He looked at Jon, who was still snickering.  "I should tell Carter so she can fuss at you."  He walked off shaking his head to call the main base.


Cam hated this assignment.  He really, truly hated this assignment.  With everything in him he hated this assignment.  He hated it so much he wanted to blow these people up.  But he was here to get information and he had to play nicely.  Even if it was going to make him do things he'd rather not think about.  Oh, he hated this man in front of him!

He got summoned to the front door and his salvation walked in behind him, looking around casually.  "I'm very sorry my student left my teaching because I was ill," Xander said quietly.  "He panicked and it was reasonable at the time but we do not want to appear to have put out a half-trained person, my lord."  He bowed.

The gentleman studied him.  "Why did he leave you?"

"I caught a tau'ri fever that had spots.   It was very precarious but he was worried that me being so sick might infect him."

"I see."  He looked over him.  Simple, tight pants like the locals wore.  Soft shoes.  Very soft, plain shirt that was open at the collar.  Dark hair, brown eyes.  "There have been rumors of someone who looked like you reappearing from history itself," he said, sounding amused.

"I have heard those same rumors.  They say he is dark eyed and haired.  I cannot deny that I do share those traits but one could not imagine that someone like Tias Diamalan to be employed as I am.  Nor would anyone expect someone like me to be a great warrior," he said softly, looking at him.

"You are well informed," he said, mildly pleased by his expression.

"People talk around one such as me and share their problems in the times of need because I listen non-judgmentally."

"I have used such as you in the past.  This one who came to me through mutual contacts is not fully trained?"

"Unfortunately I did not get to the point where I could finish his training.  I can do so now if you would prefer.  He has not felt the touch of a man yet outside of my instruction on how to give massages."

"That is an interesting proposition.  Two for the price of him and him being trained to my specific needs."  He considered it.  "You would look very nice together.  Would you need any care for that sickness?"

"No, I am healed fully.  Now and then I still get a little bit tired, but any man can get that tired and need naps, my lord."

"Master," he corrected.

"Yes, master."

"Good.  You will train him to enjoy my touch by what I use you for?"

"Of course.  That would be the best way to ensure that your new boy is pure to your touch."

"That is a thrilling thought," he admitted, adjusting himself in his pants.  "Very well.  You two can share a suite as well."  Xander nodded at that.  "What is your name?"


"After the famous courtesan?" he asked dryly.

"My parents were of the class that knew about this training being good for the family.  When I was born pretty, they decided my future for me."

"Wonderful of them," he agreed dryly.  "Prove your skill so your student may learn."

"Yes, master."  Xander walked over and knelt beside him, staring at his chin.  "What would you have me do to prove that I am skilled and able to teach him?"

"For now, relieve my pressure."

"Yes, master."  He undid his pants and got to work sucking him.  It wasn't a big cock, and personally Xander realized why he needed a live-in prostitute.  No one would want something this small with the bend at the tip.  His 'master' came and he swallowed like the good whore he was pretending to be.  He leaned back after cleaning him up and tucking him back in.  "Did that please you?"

"It did quite a lot."

"Master, if I may, there are massages and oils that can help relax that one overly tight muscle," he said, looking down.  "I have known another who had great pain from his and I would see no man suffer."

"We'll talk about that sometime."

"Yes, sire."  He got hit.  "I'm sorry, master.  My last one believed himself worthy to be a king or a prior himself."

"He was arrogant and I am not."

"No, master, you are not."

"Good.  You'll do.  Take him to your suite," he told Cameron.  "I will see you both at dinner."

Xander stood up and bowed.  "How would you have us dress?"

"I will send pants in to you.  Oil yourselves down so you're nice to look at."  Xander nodded, bowing again and backing away then taking Cameron's hand to walk him out.  He stared at them.  "That is an interesting addition.  He was very good."  He leaned back, relaxing and thinking for now.

Once they got up there, Cameron looked at Xander.  "What are you doing?"

Xander smiled.  "Not like you're ready to do this yet, my student."  He quirked an eyebrow up.  "Camelle, we will teach you well."  He moved closer.  "And you can do what you need to do so you learn while I keep him pleased during your lessons."  He stared him down.

"You just..."  He waved a hand.

Xander nodded.  "Life is always paid for one way or another," he said quietly.  "Even when your lover is powerful.  Especially when your lover is powerful."  He stared at him. "Because I know you couldn't," he muttered.  Cam shook his head.  "So....  Is there anything I should know?"

"No bugs," he muttered, using the tiny scanner to look again.  One had appeared but it got tossed outside.  He checked the bathroom.  Xander found a few spots that had spy holes.   He groaned.  Xander smiled while chin-nodding out at the mini-forest outside.  Cam nodded that would work for privacy.  Xander checked out the bathroom, finding another spy hole.  Cam followed, turning around when he found him in the shower.  "Must you?"

"Before dinner, yes.  We want him to be happy with us.  Happy masters let us explore things so we can find new things to please him with.  Like walks among the trees."

"Point."  He got in after Xander was done, watching him oil himself.  "I don't like this plan," he said once he was sure no one was spying on them.  "It makes him use you."

Xander looked at him, smiling sadly.  "He would not be the first, Camelle.  All men are used sometime for something.  Whether it's their brains, their muscles, or their bodies.  Life is not free."

"That's a sucky philosophy," he muttered.  He took the oil and let Xander do his back.  "Is this your special blend?"

"Yes.  It's good for many things, including keeping muscles limber."

Cam turned to look at him.  "How did you know I was here?"

He tweaked him on the cheek.  "Someone told me that you had left your training too soon and they could not talk to you when they needed to."  Cam groaned, nodding that he understood that.  He hadn't been able to check in.  "Now, we will rest.  Dinner should be within hours."

"It should be," he agreed.  They laid down together and Xander shifted closer to talk to him in a language he had been teaching him.  They needed to share intel and why Cam had been put into this very bad spot.  There was no way Landry could've known he sent a straight officer to do this job, right?  Landry had apologized to him about it a few dozen times when he had asked him to help Cam.


Xander looked over at their 'master' then at his dinner.  "I have not had this meat before.  What is it?"

"It's a local delicacy.  Some sort of lizard that lives around here."

"Interesting flavor to it," he said, blocking out that thought.  Armand was safely with Jon, he had not followed him.  "Is it rock living or forest living?  I was going to take my student out to appreciate the beauty of your woods tomorrow."

"It's rock living.  About two feet long.  Red tail and head, blackish body."

Which meant it really wasn't Armand.  He sighed in pleasure in his head.  "Interesting.  I'll have to look for one.  If you'll allow it?"

"Of course.  You need time to teach him all your secrets."

Xander smiled.  "Each of us develops things that only we can do.  It's a marker of who we are.  He may not be able to do those."

"Still, he will need to learn."

Xander nodded.  "I can see that but the teaching can take up to two months, master.  He'll have to learn how to please you orally, with his body, and then be stretched so he doesn't tear the first time."

"I believe that's reasonable.  Two months?"

"It took him nearly two weeks to perfect his method of pleasing a woman.  Since then, they all are *quite* pleased.  Some even make obscene amounts of noise."

"Women are taken by that sort of thing," he agreed.  "It would be easier to teach him how to please them first."

"Many widows and women who were married for something other than joy have hired such as us," Xander added.  He ate another bite delicately.  He had learned table manners a few times.  He looked at Cam.  "I thought he would go to one of those.  They seem to find him charming.  Outside of my little sister, who thought him in the favor of men."  Cam broke and snickered, shaking his head.  Their master smiled as well.  "She's the sort to watch men with other men and enjoy it."

"Many do.  I can think of many who would like such spectacles, even though we could never advertise it.  As a newly converted world, you know it's illegal to put on such spectacles."

"Yes, the Book does forbid it but there are many that will still do so."  He ate another bite, nodding.  "Your cook is excellent."

"I hire only the best."  Xander smiled at that compliment.  "I would need you to serve me tonight before my meeting."

"Of course, master."

"Good."  He finished up and let Xander come with him once he had rinsed his mouth out with a final drink.   "You can come," he offered to Cam since he didn't look too pleased.

"No, I'm hoping he'll be giving me teaching time tonight."

"Of course he can.  Once I'm sated."  He walked Xander off, taking him to the overly opulent bedroom.  "The Book said greed is wrong but I find this is not greed, it is comfort."

Xander touched the folded edge of a silk banner.  "It does make the room warmer and feel more like a happy room."  His master smiled.  "Though that statue is fantastic," he said, stopping in front of a jade statue of the Mother Goddess.  "Is she done by a local craftsman?"

"No, from a world that we converted years ago.  They foolishly believed in a goddess but they were converted and are happier now in the afterlife."

Xander looked at him.  "It's a pity they aren't still around.  Such work is magnificent."

"Yes it is."  He walked Xander to his bed, watching him strip the covers off.  "Very nice of you."   He got a towel so nothing from Xander would drip onto his expensive sheets then sat beside it.  "Are you prepared for me?"

"No, master.  Some men would rather do that themselves.  I decided you would tell me your preference tonight."

"I would prefer you to be prepared."  Xander nodded, finding the oil on the bedside table.  He waved it, getting a nod of consent.  He watched him prepare himself and get onto th bed.  "On your knees.  It is the most fit position for one of you."  Xander did so and he smiled, mounting what was his by their contract.  He moaned.  "Very nice, even after all the times you've done this."

"There are exercises."  His 'master' laughed and rode him.  Xander wasn't really that far into it.  He could barely get hard and his master didn't seem to care.  He could excuse it as not being ordered to.  His 'master' was pleased anyway and left, leaving him to make it back to his room.  Cam was waiting on him.  "Was your night productive?"

"Slightly."   He looked him over.  "There's a tub."

"He wasn't that bad at it," he admitted.  But he did take the offer, smiling at Cam for it.  They walked in there, Cam looking him over.  "Are you all right?" he asked quietly.

"I'm fine."  He gave him a hug.  "It'll be okay.  You'll find it."  Cam nodded.  "Did you find your center again?"  He slid into the warm bath with a hiss.  "Very nice, thank you."

"Welcome.  I added a bit of your oil into it like you did to Daniel when he threw his back out."  He sat beside it, not staring at Xander.  He looked up at the spyhole but Xander shook his head.  He twiddled his fingers.  Xander shook his head again.  "You can't?"

"Still worn out.  It'll be weeks."

That sucked but they could talk outside tomorrow.  Xander had bought them two months.  "Did you bring anything with you?"

"Of course.  My charm bracelet and a few other things.  Including a good supply of caffeine."  Cam smirked.  "Landry had that pinched librarian face when he called me down too," he said quietly.

"He did when he sent me too.  I don't think he realized."

"He did when he sent me.  That's why he sent me."  Cam glared at a wall.  "It's all right."  Cam made himself relax.  "I'd like to find out more about the people who made the jade statue in his bedroom.  They sound like my sort of people.  Beautiful statue of the Mother."

"If you can.  He might let you use the library."

"Maybe."  He settled in deeper.  "Si had better style," he muttered, cracking Cam up.  "All thrust and no pleasure."  He shrugged.  "Find it soon."

"I'm trying."  Xander nodded.  "I'm not liking this."  Xander patted him.  "Do you need anything?  Ice pack, anything like a cream to put on stuff?"

"He's not that bad," he admitted.  "Not too rough."  He shifted.  "It'll be fine, Cam."

"If you're sure."  Xander nodded, staring at him.  "I can't even imagine...."

Xander smiled.  "If we don't start your teaching he'll complain."

"I know.  Which sucks."

"It'll make you better later on."


"No maybe about it.  It'll make you better later on."  He smirked.  Cam gave his head a soft shove.  "Let me nap in here for a bit."

"Fine."  Cam got up and went back to their rooms.  He saw someone watching from that spyhole and stared at them.  "We can tell you're there.  There's light."  It was shut.  This was not the position he wanted to be in.  He hated this assignment and he was going to chew someone a new one for sending them here.  Xander really didn't need this!  He sat down to think.  He had never personally done it but he had known others who paid for their housing on their back.  It wasn't something he was fond of seeing but he knew it happened.  He just had to work harder and faster.  And even if Xander did teach him something it'd be okay.  He could probably use it on his women.


Xander and Cam walked outside in the woods, followed by a bodyguard.  Xander moved to distract him while Cam called the ship in orbit.  If they didn't need this information they'd be out of there today.  Unfortunately they did need it.  The ship agreed to keep a closer eye on them.  Xander came back so he signed off quickly.  "We good?"

"We're fine.  He wanted to learn how to please his new wife better.  I told him what I would do and he's happier."

"Good.  Well, not great, but...."

"I know.  Been here, done this," he sighed quietly.  "It'll go but you..."

"I know.  If we have to."

"Yeah, you have to.  He's got spies all over the house.  Even though it's not your usual playing field."

"No, not one I really thought about either."

Xander smiled.  "At least I'm fantastic."

"You are.  I'd be a wreck."  Xander patted him on the arm and they kept walking.  Their guard was back.  He subtly checked the feed, turning it off once the guard started to babble about the favored concubine position.  How the last one had left.  They both knew she had been killed.  They weren't sure why though.  Not that it was important at this moment in time but it would help them be more careful.

They finally went back inside and Xander got himself ready while Cam ignored it because it was bothering him.  Cam finally stared at him when he came out of the bathroom.  "I'm fine with it, Cam.  Not the first time," he said quietly.

"I guess but...."

Xander patted him on the cheek.  "Behave."  Cam nodded.  Xander when he was summoned.  Cam brooded and ignored the people watching him from the spy holes.  Xander came back shaky and he got him into the bathroom to bathe.  It had seemed to help.  "He's got an amstrie."

"A what?"  Xander pointed at his hand.  "A gou'ald hand thing?"  Xander nodded.  "For what?"

"Energy."  He let himself be helped into the water.  "I have to soak it in instead of letting it affect me."  He concentrated and the shaking slowly stopped.  He came out of his semi-meditative state, finding Cam staring at him.  "It'll be okay."

"I really don't like the fact he used one on you."

"It's fine.  I'll channel the energy into myself instead of letting it affect me that way."  Cam gave him a shoulder squeeze.  "Dinner is when?"

Cam looked at his watch.  "Maybe four hours."

"Then we should rest."  He got out and grabbed a towel.  Cam touched the bruise on his side.  "I slipped and called him something other than Master."

"That's not fair."

"To them it is."  He put on a robe and walked out with him to find the bed made nicely but turned down for them and a tray with fruits and a carafe of juice.  "Thank you," Xander called.  He slid into the bed, pulling Cam down.  Cam got up to sniff and test the food and drink.  Undrugged so he brought something back for Xander to nibble on.  "That's nice.  Very juicy."  Cam grinned.  "You make a good mom."

"I don't like to see people injured."  Xander pulled him so he laid down with him.  Xander leaned on his shoulder, not cuddling just laying on his shoulder.  Carter had done that a few times too when she was injured.  Xander grinned up at him.  "I know."

"Yup.  Could use the cuddle.  Get under here."  Cam got under the covers with him, letting Xander cuddle.  "You're not Armand but you're not bad."

"He would rip heads off."

"Now and then, yeah."  He sighed, finally warm again, and fell asleep.

Cam looked down at the snoring, smiling some.  "You've only done that since you got sick.  I'm getting you some of those nasal strips.  Jon would like that I'm sure."  He patted him, avoiding the bruised area.  That would be going with them if he had any say.  After he used it on the fucker repeatedly.


A few days later and Xander was slightly an emotional wreck to anyone who knew him.  Cam walked up behind him.  "What?"

"Adria's here, I can feel her," he said quietly.

"Damn it."


"We won't be introduced."

"Probably."  Cam gave him a hug.  It came naturally between them now.  "It'll be okay."

"I hope."  He nuzzled the back of Xander's neck and realized what he was doing.  "Sorry."

"No, it's okay.  It's like Stockholm."  He grinned.  "Perfectly natural."

"If you're sure."  Their suite's door opened and he bowed, Xander turning and doing the same thing.  "Master."

"Boys.  I am being called away on a problematic conversion."

"May we use the library so I can learn more about the people who made that jade statue?" Xander asked.

"Yes you may.  Stay out of my office while I'm gone."  They both nodded.  "I'll be leaving most of the staff here."

"That's fine.  I'm sure no one will dare approach your house," Xander said calmly.

"No, no one should," he agreed, staring at him.  "Come here."  Xander came over.  "You look cute being held by him."

"I was missing someone in my past."

"Hmm."  He looked him over.  "Give me good luck on the trip."  Xander fell to his knees without a question.  Cam watched, he knew his job was to 'learn'.  "I will have someone telling me of your progress.  When I get back, hopefully you will be as skillful."

"I'm still fighting my throat," he admitted quietly.  The man moaned but let Xander finish him off.  "Have a good trip, Master."

"You two will behave."  He patted them both on the head.  "I have noticed you do not have the appropriate clothes for a homecoming celebration.  Someone will fix that."  They nodded.  "Good."  He left.  Then he came back to put something on the bed.  "When he is ready, he can wear this.  It will mark him as a consort for now."  He smirked at Cam then left.

Xander got up after looking up the hall.  He was gone.  He looked at the seal then at Cam.  "Those are hardly given."

"No, they're not."  He came over to look then shut the box.  "Don't those dig into the skin?"

"Yes.  They seal themselves to the skin," Xander said quietly.  "We'll go down for dinner in the kitchen?"  Cam smiled and nodded.  When someone came up with food he smiled.  "We can eat with the rest of the help so we don't create more trouble."

"The master would never agree," the server said quietly.  "We are house staff, not personal staff.  The fitters will be here tomorrow."  He left them, closing the door behind himself.

"Okay," Xander said.  He sat down to nibble on some things.  "The cantaloupe looking thing tastes off."  Cam nodded at that, and they both avoided it.  The juice too.  Once it was night time, they snuck down to kitchen to find the sedatives.   Xander found a few other things and gathered them.  The cook caught them.  "I was ordered to use a mash of these and honey on my skin if I should start to break out in a fever again," he told her.  "After that last sickness."

She nodded, looking at them.  "There's better berries."  She got them for him with a smile.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome.  We want you to be pretty when the master comes back."

"Did he tell you how long it'd be?" Cam asked.  "He didn't tell us."

"He thought four months."  They both nodded.  "Shoo."

"Really, we can come eat with you.  We are not above the other servants," Xander told her.

"It's fine.  Gives us something to do since you two don't make a mess."  They smiled and left her kitchen.  She noticed the missing sedative but she figured they must be having trouble sleeping without him there to help them nightly.

Xander set up in the bathroom to mix a few things.  "Cam, come help me."  He came in.  Xander held out the jar of goop.  "Put that on my back for me?  It'll suck out any puss and zits.  I noticed I was getting a few."

"Sure."  He spread it over his back with his fingers, earning a smile.  Xander did his own face.  "What do we do about...."  He waved his clean hand around.

"We're allowed down to the library and outside.  He only ordered us to not touch the office."  They shared a look.  "I was going to see if we got paid so we could go to the marketplace.  I could use some mind-clearing herbs."  Cam beamed at that.  Xander could do some amazing things with herbs.  "Plus maybe they have a local cheeseburger.  I could use some meat.  All this fruit is making my ass hurt."

"TMI," Cam complained but he was joking.  It was his job to look after Xander.  He even let the guy cuddle.  Of course, the thing they needed probably went with their pain in the ass owner.  He called from inside the closet.  There were no spyholes and Xander had been able to shield it.  They agreed the power signature had left.  Ellis ordered them to stay there for now.  He'd get orders.   He came out with a robe.  Xander came out of the bath with a slightly blue tinge but his skin was very soft.  "That's interesting."

"I learned that from a few people."  He took the robe to put on since he was naked.  "Library?"

"Library," he agreed.  They went down to raid it.  Xander found the _Book of Conversions_ and sat down to look up that planet.  They listed their heresies.  He finally found it and got up to look them up in the other books.  If they had magic, he wanted to go there.  He had more things he could learn.  Xander found a book on local herbs and pulled it down too.  Just in case there was something more potent than he knew.  He had been taken shopping a few days back so he knew the marketplace and the small herb sellers there.  Including spotting the shady one who could probably get him anything he wanted.  He looked at the one.  'Four month death' had a promising sound.  Like they'd have a good, long time to explore and find anything else of value, including that damn gou'ald hand unit before it got used on him again.  Though it was nice he could envelope it and add it to his personal power after it had made him miserable.


Xander answered the pounding of the door a week later, bowing to the official there.  "Sire, what may we do for you?"

"Are you the only one here?" he asked, looking him over.  He was shoeless, shirtless, and a bit dusty.

"No, sire, my student is also here.  The rest, I believe our master put into a deep sleep for a bit."  He let him in since he was clearly an official.  "Camelle?" he called, bringing him out of the library.  They had been ordered to scan in a lot of the books since no one could get to the guy off-world either.

The guards went to look at the others.  Cam showed them where they were sleeping.  One came back.  "Four month death," he murmured.

"This one has herbs," another said, holding up Xander's bag.

"Yes, I find them useful when teaching my student new skills so he can please our master," Xander told him.  "It lets him relax and concentrate on what I'm doing so he can replicate it instead of worrying about how it looks.  None of those are whatever you just mentioned."

The head guard looked it over, shaking his head.  "He's right.  These are food and meditative herbs."  He handed them back to the master.  "What is your position in this household?"

Xander smiled.  "I'm teaching his future pleasure."  The guards all blushed.  "It is a natural urge.  Did he not put them down for a nap?"

"No, he did not, but we will tell him that someone did.  He has many enemies that might have."

Xander nodded.  "As any courtesan can, I can defend myself.  I do have a knife."  They snorted but left them there.  Xander stared at the doorway.  "Can we disable the alarms to rebuild them better?" he asked quietly.

"You're looking at that," Cam reminded him.

"Then I think we can."  He looked at Cam.  "I need to do something outside.  I'm going to soak up energy.  Go back to the book project."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah.  I'm feeling strong enough to do that.  It'll take me a few days, a few hours each day, Cam."  He walked out, pulling it to him.  The planet's energy leapt at his control.  Yes, they used to have magic here.  When he was sucking it up in the forest, by sitting under a tree on the ground, he saw a spirit coming toward him.  He bowed to her.  She bowed back.  Then she smiled and held something out, a small idol.  He took it in the dream and she disappeared.  He woke up and went inside to find that idol.  "Oh, that's so pretty," he moaned.  Cam looked at him.  "There's magic here."


"They used to have it."  He held up the book for him to read, smirking at him.  "It's not that far away."

"Have Ellis beam you?"

"Maybe.  Sometimes you can't get into those sort of areas without playing their rules."

"I saw that with Merlin's things," he admitted quietly.  The guards could have put up new bugs or something.  "Ask."

Xander nodded, calling Ellis.  He got beamed to the spot, bowing to the three women who met him.  "Mothers."

They stared at him.  "You are not one of us."  He lit the torch beside them and they smiled.  "That is a dangerous skill."

"I'm not the nicest of all men when I have to be, but usually I am."

"Come," they said, leading him in to their fire to talk to him.  She smiled when she saw him admiring the carving.  "Yes, I gave that one to you, Tias Diamalan."

Xander smirked at her.  "Thank you for letting me know that you are here, Mothers.  What can I do to help you?"

"What are you doing here?" the others asked.

"The person I'm supposedly working on has something that he should not.  I'm playing Indiana Jones on my back."  They gasped then one pointed at something on the carved walls.  He walked over to it.  "It's in Ancient," he said with a beaming smile.  He read it from the start and they moaned.  He got to the current part and nodded when he finished with the future one.  He looked at them.  "Of course."  They bowed and got him something.  He opened the box, smiling at the wooden sticks in there.  "Thank you."  He bowed back before taking them.

"The one with me is a chosen warrior of them," he said with a point.  "Another heir to a warrior king.  He pulled excalibur."  They moaned and made him tea.  That would work and they would not tell because their own secrets would get them killed.  Seers and witches weren't welcome in the Ori.  He sipped it and it was good.  He hadn't had it in a while.  He stared at them.  "You're from the coven?" he asked.  They nodded.  He took off his shirt and they squealed at his master's mark.  They knew of him and they would definitely keep his secrets.  He got beamed back and handed Cam the sticks.  "My coven."

"They got pulled?" he asked.

"Apparently way back when."  He put back on his shirt.  Cam was testing those.  "We need to free something from the temple," he said quietly.  "They have an orb that's pure power too."

"Okay.  Can we do it subtly?"

"There's a celebration coming up."

"Priors," he pointed out.

Xander nodded.  "I know."  He took the sticks back.  "Find anything?"

"No, not yet.  Maybe on your orb."  He let him see the book he had found.  It was on local history.  Xander read it over, nodding.  They left that night to break into the temple.  They had been in it for celebrations.  It was open, only had one prior guarding it, and he was easily knocked out.  They freed the orb and other things, sending the orb to the witches.  Xander felt it be used wrong and winced.  "Adria," he muttered, summoning it to Armand.

She shrieked, he could feel her frustration through the ground flow.  He knew how to guard himself so she didn't sense him though.  He mourned their loss that night but it would be avenged.  Adria was a bitch and her time was nearly up.  He went back to his healing.  It was necessary.  Especially if she was local.  He heard a doorbell and sighed, going to answer it.  It was one of the guards.  He wanted to make sure they were all right since someone had broken into the temple.

He gasped and acted like it was the biggest sin there was.  The guard agreed and told them to call if they spotted someone since they were vulnerable.  Xander let him keep thinking that they were vulnerable little boys.  Pretty soon, it was going to be a different opinion.  Xander got an idea and snuck out that night under the cover of 'praying before the celebration' to slip some of the herbs he had into the smoke givers for the celebration.  When lit, it'd create a mass hallucination.  For those who were zealots, they would interpret it as a sign from the Ascended.  Yeah, that could help them.


Cam watched as the whole town went nuts.  Then he looked at Xander, who looked a bit funny around the edges to him too.  "Why do you look like you're melting?"

"I don't know," he said.  He said one last prayer to the Goddess, though he left that part off, and walked Cam out.  The guards were there.  "They are having religious visions."

"That has never happened."

"The Prophetess herself is in there having one," Xander told him with a point.  "I'm taking this one to rest because his is disturbing to him."  They nodded, letting them go.  Others were walking off sobbing.

"Why is he not affected!" Adria demanded, stomping their way.  "You are not affected?"

Xander bowed but shrugged.  "Mine was minor and showed others burning.  One such as I am does not show such defeated feelings in public, Prophetess."

She sneered.  "I do not like your occupation."

"Yes, but without ones such as me, men who help you do not have the outlets for their emotions so they're clouded by them.  That leaves them less able to do your will suitably."

"True.  Are you from here?"

"No, Prophetess, we are both from a newly converted world."  He glanced up at her.  She was still too clouded to realize it was him.  "We have had many such as me who have come from there."  Cam snorted and he elbowed him.  "Please excuse my student.  He believes that not many who come from us are worthy."

She sneered.  "Who owns you right now?"  One of the guards told her.  "I know of him.  Why does he need one of you?"

"Because he is widowed and does not wish to shame a female by possibly giving her a child out of wedlock.  The Book says it is foul."

"True."  She walked off.  "Get out of my sight."

"Yes, Prophetess," Cam said quietly, bowing to her again.  They walked off.  Xander paused to buy some fresh food from the market then they went to the house.  Cam waited until they were inside to look at Xander.  "What was that?"

"Normals get an LSD sort of vision from what I saw, but anyone who has something like the Sight got a true one."  Xander stared at him.  "I've seen it in use before."

Cam stared at him.  "You're scary in what you've seen and know."

Xander beamed.  "Thank you.  Go check in?  I'll do lunch then we can deal with the last few things?"  Cam walked off shaking his head.  Xander did their lunch, which wasn't much but it was nice, and then they rewired the office's alarms.  Of course, the town was having a riot.  So they could say that they were just protecting their master's things by moving them somewhere safer.  Cam kept looking at Xander since he was looting as well.  "You pay for your ass one way or another.  Dates, pretty things, sharing a house, paying your courtesan.  I am a very practical one when I turn into one."

"That's fucked up," Cam pointed out.

Xander looked at him.  "Don't you pay on dates?"  Cam nodded.  "If you were living with a woman, wouldn't you be putting out some expense to keep her happy?"  Cam nodded more slowly.  "Same thing only he thinks he owns us and my asshole isn't really for rent that way.  Therefore, he's got to pay."

"I still say it's a fucked up viewpoint," Cam said quietly.

"Well, look at my past relationships, Cam.  Not like I had a good one that wanted me for more than my dick or hole anyway."

"Did the lunch you made include blunt candy?" he asked.

"No, I'm just tired."  He shrugged.  "It's nothing."

"It is something."

"No, it's not."  Cam moved closer.  He had gotten used to being physically comforting with Xander.  "Fine.  It's that Landry decided I'm the whore of the base."

"I don't think he had any idea, Xander."

"He did when he sent me.  He told me that you had been taken in as a pleasure slave."

"So he was being practical."

"And my name came up first?  Not Carter's?  Not Daniel's?  I know both of them have been taken as one in the past."

"No, you're right, that sucks."  Xander relaxed.  "For that you should loot."  Xander smirked and held up a piece of jewelry.  "That's pretty."  They packed it into the bag that shrank things.  "What about the others?"

"They're in a fireproof, invasion proof vault.  I made sure of it last night.  It can be opened but not if you're in a blind panic.  It opens from the inside with just a lever."

"Good.  They were decent to us."  He finished looting the desk's contents.  He had a lot of stuff to hand over.  A fleet commander would.  He looked around.  "Anything else?"

"Three things.  Get that box.  It may come in handy.  Let me get that jade statue, and then something from his room."  They split up and headed to get those.  Cam got their spare clothes too.   Xander had popped the safe.   They met at the front door.

"We don't have a code bracelet," Cam realized.   "Ellis won't be back for a week."

Xander held up the statue.  "I know, almost, where we're going then."  He nodded and they left, heading to the stargate.  It wasn't in use.  This planet was barely in their galaxy.  Xander input the first six and then the seventh he stared.  "We have eight options."

"We don't have time to try," Cam pointed out, looking around.

"Most of them won't connect."  He tried them, getting two that did but the second one felt like it had magic.  "The mother is crying.  Let's go."  Cam followed him through, coming out into a desert.  Xander shut off the wormhole and then knelt in the ground, putting the statue there.   He said a prayer.  He felt he got an answer.  "We go west.  I have no idea where the survivors are beyond that.  As we get closer, we can narrow in on them."

"We need to be near the gateway since you can't blip us back to earth or Atlantis."

"I can get us to a world where we're friends.  But we need to do this, Cam.  These people were devastated."  Cam sighed.  Xander put up a shield for them in a cave.  Then Xander got to work making spears.  They found the temple the next day.  The jade statue went into it and the temple came alive.  Lights came on.  Dust seemed to fade away.

"This is very Tomb Raider," Cam said dryly.

"Yeah, because one of us wrote that," Xander said with a smug look.  He took off his shirt and cut just under his mark from the coven and his master, letting the blood drip onto the altar.  An older man appeared.  He bowed to him.  "I felt this needed to be given back."

"It did.  Who had it, boys?"  He moved closer, touching it.  "She's still whole."

"A fleet commander of the Ori," Xander told him. "We tau'ri fight against them."

"That is a brave, foolish, and suicidal thing.  We tried."

Xander smiled.  "I'm not the usual warrior and neither is he, Father."

He looked them over.  "No, you're not.  Interesting."  He stared at them.  "You will come with us?  Learn our ways so they're not forgotten?"

"If you wish," Xander agreed.  Cam made a protesting noise.  Xander stared at him.  "It's the least we can do, Cam," he said quietly.  "It won't take that long and we're hiding in case he guesses we came back here.  Not like Ellis will be anywhere near here for days.  I could use the rest of the time to recover too."

"No, he won't be," he agreed.  "Fine."  He bowed as well.  The old man smiled.  "I'm used to fighting, not this stuff."

"Warriors are warriors, but there are many ways of many wars.  We can teach you much."  He took them in the shiny light.  Cam kept his shock inside.  "We are not ancients but we are nearly as ancient."  He led them down from the temple to the main floor where people were.  He put the jade statue on the altar and people cheered.  "The Ori tualas kept it."

"It was in his bedroom," Xander admitted quietly.

The old man looked at him.  "You touched him?"

"We were trying to get something from him before it hurt others."

He smiled.  "Many have tried things like that."

"Mine was working but he took it with him," Xander admitted.  "I was sent to save Cam.  In the past I have been both warrior and whore for necessities."

"Each one is called by the Goddess," the man said.  He smiled at the women.  "Take them.  They are to be trained."  They nodded and walked them down to the village.  He stared at the back of the young one.  He was clearly skilled.  Healing but skilled.  He wondered what had happened.  It would have taken a lot of battle to wear one like him out.  He would find out in the morning.  Those two clearly needed to rest.


Cam hit the ground and got up with a groan.  "You're better than I am," he told the one sparring with him, getting a smirk back.

"Tias Diamalan would need warrior kings around him.  Others who know things would benefit him."

"I have others," Xander told him.  "Ronon's the last of his people.  Teal'c started a Jaffa rebellion that has now brought down the gou'ald.  Cam here is very skilled.  John back on base is learning more every day.  Teyla is very good and teaching him with Ronon."

The teacher nodded.  "That is a good force."

"I fought with a chosen."  He stretched a few times.  "Is it my turn so Cam can rest?"

"He is not done yet."  He attacked Cam and Cam fought back better this time.  It lasted nearly ten minutes.  He knocked him down.  "You'll learn."  He pulled him up.  "Rest, watch the warriors go at it."

"I'm better with a weapon in hand," Xander admitted.  He stepped into the ring.  He closed his eyes and dropped into his mind.  He blocked the first blow.  Then it was on.  He had taken the time to learn many fighting styles.  The warrior looked pleased when he started to get tired.  He did eventually knock Xander down but found himself injured, truly injured, by his dagger.  "Good!" he praised, helping him up.  He pulled out the dagger and handed it back.  "That is what I want to see you do," he told Cam.  He walked off to get that bandaged.

Xander panted, calming himself again.  "Seventy centuries and you lean some things," he said quietly.

Cam gave him a shoulder squeeze.  "Too many things, Xander.  You need to drop some of the stuff that you learned the wrong way.  Like all that hurt from the putz's you slept with."  Xander shrugged.  "Really.  Rebuild that one.  Keep the languages, the skills, and the knowledge, just not them."  He walked him off, going to get a shower.  Xander sat down to meditate.  He was cool with that.  He took the sticks out there.  "Xander were given these and I know John and Teyla use them.  I would like to learn how to use them better," he told their trainer.

He nodded.  "It is a good weapon.  We will start on staffs tomorrow then work you up to that."

"I did take some staff training with the Jaffa."

"Excellent.  Then we'll work on your stamina and your unarmed combat again."  Cam nodded, going back to watch over Xander.  He smiled.  "He is nicely fussy."  The woman helping him smiled.  "It is good to see."

"They may be close but it is comfort."  She tied off the bandage.  "There."  He nodded, walking off.  She got them food and brought it to the young one.  She approved of him meditating so she left it with the other one.  He would learn that soon enough.


Xander came back from a long fight bloody, sire, and sweaty.  He flopped down on his straw mat.  Cam looked at him.  "I ache like fuck."

"I can understand that," he agreed.  "I've had that feeling more than once."  He got the oil from Xander's bag, coming over to work on his stiff muscles before he cramped.

Xander flinched away.  "Cam, I'm tender and got exposed to something that made me horny.  Don't unless you mean it."

Cam sighed.  "If you need me to, Xander, but we're still only friends."  He went back to his massage.  Xander was nearly purring by the time he got done with his shoulders.  By the time he moved down to his legs, he couldn't lay on his stomach.  He had seen enough at that last place to know what it was about.  Xander was making needy noises and it was getting to him.   Fuck the frat regs since Xander wasn't military.  He poured some more oil out, moving to his butt cheeks.  Xander went onto his knees but Cam stopped him, pushing him back down.  "That's for those who use you, Xander," he said quietly.  He dipped a finger down to tease him.  Xander growled.  He smiled at that.  He hadn't heard that growl in a  while.  Xander had seemed so defeated at the manor house.  He dipped it inside to move around a bit.  He got a bit more oil and switched to two fingers.

"Three," Xander moaned when he pulled out.

"Sure."  He used three fingers to stretch him.  It probably wasn't the best one he'd ever had but it would hopefully do.  He pulled Xander into his lap, letting him sink down on him.  Xander got a good cuddle and he could nibble on him.  That oil made him taste good.  Smelled good too.  He inhaled it as he thrust and Xander rode him.  It was slow, sensual, and for his first having a man, it was very good.  He kissed him, earning a shocked look.  "That's why this is a favored position."

"Because the one on top is doing most of the work?" Xander teased with a true, happy smile.

"That helps too."  He kept them going, making Xander one happy boy for a bit.  He finally came when Xander went over and squeezed him into the little death.  He panted, resting his head against Xander's.   "That..."

"Was good," Xander promised, kissing him again.  Cam took it over and pulled back slowly, staring at him.  "Friends?"

"Yup, friends."  He took another kiss and helped Xander off him.  "You okay?"

"I'm fine, Cam.  You weren't brutal or anything."  He pulled him down to cuddle.  "I need cuddles."

"I know."  He let him.  "I'm worried the asshole will show up."

"He can't show up here.  He believes it's a dead world and everything in the house burnt.  I set it off."  Cam smirked at him.  "I'm mean that way."  Someone came in and he only waved.  "Time for more practice?"

"No, young one.  Time for you to finish building your reserves."

"I'm going to do that tomorrow."

"Good.  We will bring your other warriors then."  Xander nodded and put his head back down.  She smiled at Cam.  "That is important.  He needs that comfort."

"I know.  We're still just friends."

"Sometimes that is best."  She left them alone with the bowl of warm water and washcloth.  They could bathe with that.

Xander looked then at him.  "I think that's our allotment of bath water."

"Possibly."  He pulled it up to clean himself up then to wipe Xander down.  Xander was a happy, purring boy again.  No one ever seemed to take care of him so he would.  Though he wasn't getting a boyfriend.  They were just friends who took care of each other.


Cam looked up as the warriors who had disappeared reappeared.  He waved.  "Hi."

"You needed a rescue that badly?" John asked, glaring at him.

"Well, no IDC.  They've been working on my skills.  I can't beat them."

"Tias Diamalan must have true warriors around him," the old woman with Cam told them.  She looked at Jon.  "You may do."  She walked them off.  "Come.  The young one is off meditating."  They followed, glaring at Cam.  Cam glared back at Jon.

"What?" he hissed.

"Next time, stick up for your teammate, O'Neill.  He's not the courtesan of the SGC."

Jon stopped to turn to look at him.  "Excuse me?"

"When I got stuck, Landry sent Xander."

"Yeah, to get your stuck ass out."

"I got taken as a pleasure slave."

"Fuck," John said, turning to look at him.  "Are you okay?"

"Xander got there before he got pushy.  Told him I was only half trained and he was my teacher who had been ill."  He stared each one of them down.  "We're finding him a real boy or girlfriend."

"I agree," Jon said.  "Hell, I've been looking!"

"So, Landry sent him knowing that he'd have to...." Teyla asked.  Cam nodded.  "That is wrong."

"The general is thinking in terms of expedience, not harm," Teal'c said.  "He was upset when Ellis had to move to help that battle."

"Yeah, leaving us there because he left with the power thing," Cam told him.  "So, no, we're taking some training time because I can't beat these guys and Xander can't really without a weapon."

"Understood," Ronon said.  "We can fight for you both."

"I doubt even you three can beat them," Cam told him.  "But we're going to finish the training time.  They assured us it'll be fine."  They all nodded.  "Good.  Xander's meditating, rebuilding what he lost due to that battle."

"Good.  The last time I saw him he looked like a wraith had gotten him," John admitted.  He followed Cam back to the camp.  Xander was there floating.  "That's something I haven't seen."

"I saw it once but he can't connect to the earth in the base," Jon sighed.  "He was doing it on a pier on Atlantis because he could connect to the water."

"I like water," Xander mumbled.  "And your merpeople are nice."   He came down and stood up, stretching some before opening his eyes.  "Hi, guys.  Welcome to our spot out of time."  They stared.  He grinned.  "I realized that earlier because I'm kinda attuned to time now and then."  He bowed to the elders, who smiled and bowed back.  "I know I need to refill it but I need to brief them more right now."

"No, you need to finish that," Cam ordered.  "I can't have you at half power, Xander.  It's too important."

"You sure?  It's rude to ignore people."

"Do it," he ordered.  Xander nodded, dropping back down and finding his center fairly easily.  Within minutes he was floating again.  He led them into their hut.  Jon looked around then at him.

"I have slept in similar while I was in training," Teal'c admitted.

"Ours was an academy," Ronon admitted.

"I know many cultures who sleep this way," Teyla told them.

"We'll handle it," Jon agreed.  He sat down, looking at Cam.  "Okay, spill.  All I know is that Landry needed Xander for a special assignment."

Cam sighed, sitting down on his bedroll to tell them everything, including that Xander had looted.  John and Ronon though that was practical, vindictive, and useful.  Teyla frowned but decided he deserved it.  Teal'c scowled and Jon just shrugged.

"It is time to spar," the trainer said as he walked in.  "You said the new ones were better than you."

"They are."

"Good."  He nodded at the training area.  He looked them over, picking Teal'c first.  He lasted a good, long time but was defeated.

Jon stared.  "Damn."

"Very," Cam agreed.  "This is why Xander agreed we should stay here for a bit.  To learn."

"Granted," John said.  "Since Landry isn't here and I'm the highest ranking."  Cam punched him on the arm.  "Hey!"  Ronon went out next.  He was very good.  He lasted a good, long time.  He also fell.  Teal'c helped him up and praised what skills he had shown.  Teyla didn't last as long.  He overpowered her most of the time.  John was watching and he used the skills he had grown over the years, and been handed by the bug thing.

He could move faster, he could move in lighter ways than the trainer, who must have been six inches taller and about twice as wide as he was.  He too ended up on his back but it wasn't a bad showing.  He had lasted as long as Ronon did.  Jon stepped in and took a page from John's book.

He managed to get around him but it was at the expense of him eating some dirt a minute later.  He groaned and got up.  Cam walked into the ring and got to show what he had learned.  He used all the dirty tricks he had.  He got tossed into the group for kneeing him in the balls but Ronon and Teal'c made sure his landing was cushioned by catching him.  "Xander?" John called.

Xander hit the ground with a thump.  "Huh?" he asked, looking at them.

"Your turn," Jon ordered.

Xander got up, dusting off and coming over.  "Okay, big guy."  He rushed and Xander defended.  Not very well.  His mind was still cloudy.

"You must be able to use both skills at once, not let one take you over," the trainer chided once Xander was on the ground.  "I do not know how you survived so many wars."

"Weapons," Xander said dryly.  He got up and focused.

"Go like Sunnydale," Cam ordered.

Xander nodded at that, attacking in a chest strike.  The trainer looked pleased and fought back.  The boy was decent.  Almost.  Jon tossed Xander a staff.  The trainer got tossed one. Ah, that's where he excelled.  With weapons.   No wonder he had that reputation.  He did knock the boy down but he got tripped as well and the boy kept getting back up.  When his stick broke, he improvised with two sticks against his staff.  That was dangerous for him.  He would carry many bruises.  When he finally lost one, he almost staked him but Cam stepped in to bring him back from the edge.  He bowed.  "Better," he decided.  "You need to be able to drop into that state without losing yourself though."  He walked off to get those treated.  "Clean up.  The women said we're having a special dinner tonight."

"Sure," Cam agreed, looking at Xander.  "Anything beyond bruises?"

"No," Xander admitted.  "Thank you."  He hugged him.  "That's the first 'good job' I've gotten in a while."  He walked off.

Jon and John shared a look.  John led Cam off to get a full sit rep on how Xander was doing while Jon went to talk to him.  Teal'c, Ronon, and Teyla cleaned up first.  Then they joined them.  Xander was much more willing to talk about some things.  It was good for the boy.

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