Title: Perception Changes
Author/pseudonym: Voracity
Email address: voracitys@hotmail.com
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Willow/Xander, Oz/Willow OR IS IT? (as in, read the warnings)
Fandom: Buffy
Status: new; complete
Archive: Sure, if you really want to.
Archive author: Voracity
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Series: part two of the Destiny's Childe Series.

Disclaimers: Not mine (sigh). I gain nothing but pleasure from writing. No copyright infringement intended. Yes, writing is therapy for me.

Summary: Willow does a spell to change her and Xander around because she wants to know some guy things.

Warnings: M/M (not that this should have to be a warning), sexual identity changes (switching bodies and the sort)

Perception Changes by Voracity

"Oh, no. I know that devilish little twinkle. Don't even ask, Willow." Xander backed up, hitting the bed with the back of his legs and falling onto it. "No way. I'm only here for another two days."

She sat down beside him, smiling her little perfect smile and blinking her big eyes at him. "But all I want is one night." She moved a little closer. "One night...switched."

"No, that's meddling. Not to the good." He patted her hand, moving away. "He'll kill us."

"Na-uh. There's no reason for Oz to know." She moved closer again. "I just want to know what sex feels like from your side. Well that and why guys are so difficult to deal with rationally." She wiggled her eyebrows. "We'll arrange for he and Anya to come over and we can... you know." He was still being difficult so she turned up her charm. "It's supposed to be very instructional for you and the one you're with," she offered.

He shook his head, getting up to move around. "No. It's a bad, bad spell. I won't let us screw up your relationship with Oz again." He stood, looking down at her. "And I say again. No." He put his hands on his hips, wishing his bond with Oz hadn't been slowly weakening. He almost had to be in the same room now to hear his mind, but right about now, he really wanted to hear him. "No, Will, it's wrong."

She shook her head. "It's not meddling. It'll be fun and instructive."

He stared to give her a disbelieving look but he remembered that she didn't know about what he and Oz had done to save them all. He shook his head, sitting down beside her again. "No," he said, taking her hand, "it's not right or fair to anyone."

Oz walked down the stairs and cleared his throat. "Fun?" //You've got some 'splainin' to do Xander,// he sent over their bond.

//She wants us to switch bodies for the night and I'm trying to tell her no.// "Oz, man," he said, getting up and moving away from her. "I was trying to get a crazy notion out of her head. I'm not wanting her. I'm over that."

//Calm down, I know.// "Crazy notion? Would that be the spell you were reading?" He handed over the map to the younger man. "Good spots on the tour are in pink, okay in yellow, crossed out ones sucked." He walked over to sit down next to her. "What notion?"

"Nothing." She shot her oldest friend a dirty look. "I know why it's wrong now."

Oz nodded. "Okay." He pulled her head around to look at him. "Don't meddle."

She grinned at him. "It isn't meddling. The spell has a time limit and it's very safe." She hugged him. "It might actually be a help, well afterwards." She gave him puppy eyes. "Tell him it's okay?"

Xander shook his head. "No, Willow. I'll not bend my will to that act." He turned around, laying out the map to look at it.

She pouted briefly but neither man saw the twinkle come back.


Willow said the last word, lying down. She felt really dizzy, then world started to spin around her. She closed her eyes, wishing the transfer would hurry up.

Xander grabbed his head, sitting down at the Bronze's table. He didn't hear Anya or Buffy ask him what was wrong, all he could see was little silver lines suddenly. He was very thankful, though, when he blacked out and the nauseous/spinning/dizziness stopped.


Xander woke up in Willow's room and raised a hand to his throbbing head. "Tell me you didn't," he said and stopped. "This is Willow's voice. This is Willow's room." He paused to gather his thoughts. "I'll kill Willow for this." He groaned as he sat up, blowing out the candle next to him before he could knock it over. "Oh, hell, gotta tell them." He grabbed the phone, looking at it. "Don't know Oz's number." He hit redial, a logical next move, then groaned again when he heard Buffy's mother's voice. "Sorry, hit the wrong button." He hung up so he could tear the room apart looking for the number. "Damn," he muttered, sitting down on her bed.

He looked up as the door opened, admitting the man he'd wanted to talk to. "Oh, god, Oz, man, thank you." He pulled him inside and locked the door. "Man, she did it."

The older man gave him a funny look as he took off his jacket. "Who did what Willow?" He sat down, pulling her down beside him, kissing her.

"We can't," Xander said, panting as he pulled back. "She switched us. I'm not her."

He shook his head. "Okay, " he said slowly, "then who are you?"

"Xander!" He got up to pace. "She did the spell, I'm trapped in her body. She's in my body. I've got a date with Anya tonight after our farewell time at the Bronze." He threw up his arms, turning to face him. "I don't know how to counter it."

"Huh," he said, grabbing the woman before him, pulling her onto his lap. "So, you're Xander but you're in Willow's body and she's in your body?" He saw the slow nod. "Okay, now what?" He cleared his throat. "Or how about why?"

"She wanted to know...that from the guy side. Well she said something about figuring us out too but mostly she wanted to know sex from the guy side." He shook his head. "I can't undo this." He rested his head on the firm shoulder, which felt really right.

Oz nodded slowly, then moved her to the bed beside him. "I repeat again, now what?"

"Giles?" He looked into her boyfriend's eyes. "Oh, no, I have her memories," he realized, hearing a memory of doing just that every morning. He flopped backwards, covering her face. "Did you tell her?"

"About which?" He laid down beside his girlfriend's body. "That time, no, the bond thing? Not quite." He shrugged at the incredulous look. "She caught me when we were testing distance so I told her I had an awareness of you."

Xander/Willow shook her head. "We are so dead."


Willow almost smiled as she looked up to see a concerned Anya. "I'm okay," she said, sitting up and grabbing her head.

"Maybe you should go home," Buffy said, touching the damp forehead. "No offense, Xan, but I don't want it, whatever you have."

He nodded, standing up. "Yeah, a good idea." She looked at Anya. "Want to walk me?"

"Somebody'd better," the former demon said, helping her boyfriend up. "Come on, I'll put you in bed." She walked them out, stopping in the alley to look around. "All right, Willow, what's going on?" She smirked at the shocked look. "You don't talk like him, trust me I've studied him." She pulled him closer. "Now, what did you do?"

"I just wanted to know," she said, pouting.

She grimaced. "Did he *consent*?" Willow gave her a funny look. "The spell changes without consent. It eliminates the deadline and you start to merge. As in, if we don't get it cured soon, you'll never be alone in your head again." She shook her head. "Damn, I liked him in his body." She stamped her foot then pulled her down the alley. "Come on, we've got to reverse this before you merge."

"Hmm," Willow/Xander muttered, "so that's what that awareness was."

Anya started to walk and pull faster.


Oz looked up as his girlfriend/best guy friend walked in. "You did this why?"

Xander looked up from the spell to see his body and his girlfriend. "Want to fix this now or after I do something horrible to your body?" Oz pinched him. "Owww! I'm tender there." He rubbed over his present rear.

Willow grinned. "You said something about calluses?" She crossed her arms, leaning against the wall.

Anya shook her head, sitting down on the other side of the present Willow. "Did you *consent*?" She frowned at her. "Xander, it's important. Did you give her your *consent* to make the switch?"

"Hell no, I told her no, many times repeatedly."

"Okay, are you merging?"

Xander/Willow looked over his shoulder at his original body. "Did you know you were having PMS?"

Anya covered her face and Oz groaned.

Willow/Xander grinned nastily. "I could have done it during instead." He shifted some. "Oh, and that *awareness* thing, Oz, I think we need to talk."

The older teen male turned to the former demon. "We stop this how?"

"He has to counter it."

"Will, come fix this."

"No her, *him*." She pointed at Xander. "Her body, her magic, her spell." She looked over him. "But it could be too late for a full reversal."

Willow/Xander sighed. "It should be easy enough."

"Not if he doesn't have full control," she pointed out.

"And by then, it'll really be too late?" Xander guessed, making his girlfriend nod. He looked over his shoulder. "I will get you for this. I liked being a guy type person." His body blanched.

"You did *what* with my boyfriend," Willow yelled, going over to beat him. "How could you!?!"

Oz stopped her, pulling her out into the hall. "Look at the whole thing, not the act," he said quietly, trying to calm her down by holding her tightly.

"It doesn't matter! You got *so* upset over illicit smoochies but did a bigger bad." She hit his shoulder. "I don't care if it *did* save us."

Oz sighed, stepping back. "I did what I had to."

"You liked it," she accused. "And so did he." She turned, walking out with much slamming of doors.

Xander walked out, patting his shoulder. "Give her a few, she deserves to be pissed and hurt. She's gonna go to Buffy's." He walked back in, gently closing the door behind him.

Oz looked up. "Wasn't I confused enough?" He walked out, heading after his girlfriend.

Xander walked back into his body's room, laying down on the bed. He turned his head to look at his girlfriend. "Do you have a counterspell, know where to find it, or have you called Giles?"

She leaned over, kissing the soft cheek. "I still like you. It wasn't just your body." She handed over the spell. "Not a clue and do you really want to include him?"

Oz walked back in, slamming the door. "She...he...she," he rubbed his forehead. "She wants to be left alone." He slid down beside the body he loved, or used to anyway. "Are you being he or she?"

"Hmm, philosophy," Anya said. "I look at it as Xander/Willow. And that's who he'll become soon."

The true male groaned. "What possessed her to do this? Why did she start to meddle suddenly?"

Xander patted his friend's stomach. "All I can tell is curiosity." He rolled to his side. "Giles?"

"Yeah." He grabbed the phone, using both thumbs to push in the number. "Hey, it's me. We need you at Willow's." He grunted as he hung up. "He's busy."

"Doing what?" Xander/Willow shrieked. "What's more important than getting us into our own bodies?"

"He was having sex with Buffy's mom," he said quietly. He turned his head to look at the former demon. "Will it matter?"

"They're already merged. It's just a matter of contamination now." She rubbed through the short red hair on her boyfriend's head. "How much they'll retain of the other person."

Oz started to get up but Xander grabbed his waist. "Please don't. I don't think I can handle this alone."

"She'll need me."

"She has Buffy," he pointed out. "The body's a lot less complicated. It's a lot easier to be a guy."

Oz nodded, laying back down. "All right, I'll stay." He looked at Anya. "You too?"

"Got to find a spell." She stood up. "Xander, two things. Clean really well front to back and wash your hands." She walked out.

"Ewww," the guys said together, shuddering.

Oz rolled over, facing his friend. "So, how do you like being a girl so far?"

"Sucks rocks," he muttered. He rolled onto his side to face his friend, grimacing at the painful smooshing he'd just done to his new chest. "You want to explain this to me? I don't understand the curiosity or the need to do this?"

"Not a clue. I was never really curious about how women felt about this stuff." He watched his hand rub over the hair he loved. "This has screwed me up majorly. I want to hug you and pat her on the back; I mean, my body and my mind are arguing about you being her."

Xander nodded. "I can see how this would play head games with you." He rested his head on the older man's shoulder. "How do we deal with this?"

Oz almost laughed but he knew it was a serious consideration. "I don't know," he said honestly. He turned his head as someone walked into the house. "Parents." The head on his shoulder groaned.

Willow's mother stuck her head in. "You guys okay?" They nodded so she left. "Don't leave the back door open again," she called as she walked down the hall.

Both men almost smiled when they heard Giles making up an excuse in the hall for him being there. "No, no, we just had some research come up missing and I hoped she still had copies." He knocked and walked in, trying to fend off the hug he was being tortured with. "Willow! Calm yourself." He closed the door, setting her back onto the bed. "Now, what was so important?"

"Xander," Oz said, pointing at him.

"Please tell me you didn't..." He sighed as he saw the head shake. "Then who?"

"Willow," they said together.

Giles rubbed over his whole face. "And where would she be?"

"Buffy's," Oz said. "Anya's looking for the counter."

Xander slumped backwards. "We're stuck until I can counter the spell because I didn't consent." The eldest man blanched. "Please tell me it's possible," he begged.

"Probably but I don't know where to find it." He sat down on the desk chair. "Are you all right in there?"

"For about three days," she said. He blushed at the raised eyebrow.

Giles caught the clue. "Oh. Oh! Well, yes, we should definitely have this...situation fixed by then." He looked around the room. "How do you want to do this?"

"We can't stay here," Oz said. "Too much risk." He looked at the soft face, seeing it almost asleep. "My place?"

"That might be wisest. Pack...her a bag so you can bring her over tonight." He stood up. "I'll go look for a counter. Call Buffy and tell her to bring...him over also. Doubtless one of them will need help." He took off his glasses to rub his nose. "I need a drink," he muttered.

"Send one to me," Oz said, getting up. He pulled out Willow's backpack, then filled it with his favorite outfits. He remembered underwear at the last minute, stuffing it in so he could rezip the bag. He turned to look at the slumbering person, not wanting to disturb the peaceful look on his/her face. //Xander,// he sent, wanting to know if it worked. He could feel *both* of their minds now, one receptive, one soft and not resisting. //Will?// He turned his mind toward the faint one, the receptive one. He felt the slap like it happened to him. //Will? You just tell Buffy?//

//Hell yeah. I didn't know she was that strong.//

He shook his head and moved his mind to the other contact. //Xander?// He saw the body on the bed move so he broadcast to both of them. //My house. Now. Bring Buffy. Stop to get clothes.// He turned to see the sleepy body sitting up and rubbing her eyes. "Come on, I've got your clothes." He pulled her up, walking all the necessary stuff out to the van.


Oz looked at his bed over his shoulder, sighing at the bodies lying behind him. His former girlfriend was hanging on tightly to his waist and the man inhabiting her body had her back to them, a big wad of blankets in her arms to be cuddled. He removed the manly arms from his waist so he could slip out, heading into the bathroom to get ready for the trying day ahead. He stepped into the steamy shower, getting his hair wet.

He jumped as he felt a pair of arms circle his waist. "Will?" He shivered as a tongue was run across the back of his neck.

"Of course it's me," the deep voice said.

"Will, no offense, but this isn't right." He stepped away from him, turning around to face her. "I can't do this, not while you're in there."

"Did before."

"That was different, this would be fun." He kissed the end of the strong nose. "Out, let me shower." He waited until he was alone to get back into shower mode.

He was almost done when someone walked in again. "Just stay in there," the higher voice said. He heard the toilet lid raise and a muttered, "how do they do this," telling him all he needed to know.

"Sitting," he commented. "Always seemed like it'd work best." He rinsed off his chest, turning his back and humming lightly so he wouldn't have to listen.

"Ah, the toilet seat argument reason," floated through the curtain and water. Xander sighed.

Oz shook his head, plugging his ears. "Didn't need to know that much," he said softly. He heard the toilet paper move, the roll rattled, a few times then a flush. Then he heard the nice noise, the door closing. He shook his head as he soaped the last part of his body, relaxing into the water to enjoy it a little.


Willow's body looked up as Buffy walked in, smiling at her. "Please tell me he found a cure?"

"Nope, sorry, Xan," she told the young woman. "He did say soon though, he's eliminated a number of books."

Oz grunted. "Good. Let's hope this is all over soon." He looked at his girlfriend. "You'll never do this again, right?" He raised an eyebrow just a little.

She smiled. "Of course not, but it is kinda fun."

Oz shook his head. "Willow, you knew better. Who possessed you to do this?"

"Nobody. I just wanted to know."

"You could have asked."

"Your telling me wouldn't have told me anything. I needed to experience for myself." She shook her head. "Like me trying to explain the concept of chilly to you."

"Was still wrong," Xander/Willow said. He picked up his soda, watching as she ran out crying. "I hate it when I cry," he said, walking after her. He tapped on the bathroom door, walking in when she told him to go away. "Will, I know you're upset because we don't understand but we're all upset that you did it at all." He got down beside her. "Think about how harmful this is to us. Or to Oz and you." He rubbed over his shoulders, feeling very weird at the moment. "I know you meant this to be fun and happies but it's a torture for me."

"I'm not having fun either," she said softly. "You're complicated." She looked at him. "What was that thing this morning? I didn't know you guys did that." She wiped her eyes, sniffling a little. "Or how many times a day you think about it."

He nodded. "Yeah, men are like that but so are women. I can't fix that wet problem I get whenever I look at Oz or at Anya." He grinned slightly. "Something you wanted to tell me?"

She shook her head, laughing. "No, not really." She squeezed his hand. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done it without your permission and I should have thought way more about it first."

He nodded. "Okay," he said, tugging on his bra as he got up. "Let's go down and apologize to them too. You owe them one for putting them through hell trying to help us."

She grinned. "I think Oz is liking it a little." She pinched the soft chest. "So am I. I never really looked at myself like you and he do." He looked over the outfit. "Although it is clear to me that he dressed you."

Buffy cleared her throat from the door. "Needed downstairs. His mom just showed up." She turned, giving them a little more privacy.

Willow motioned him over, rearranging the bra for him until it was more comfortable. "There," she said, stepping back. "Much better." She took his arm, walking him down.

"Oz, this isn't the best time for visitors and we agreed not to get between other parents and children." She looked up at them. "Hello dear. And who's this?"

"I'm Xander," Willow said after a second and a poke from Buffy. "Oz is just ... being there for me while we work it out." She cleared his throat. "Oz, want to go talk or something?"

The older man looked over his shoulder and shook his head. "Can't, got something to do." He turned to watch his mother leave. "She's only back for two days."

"No," Xander/Willow said. "We can't go somewhere else." He looked into the kitchen. "This was pretty well the only alternative."

Oz nodded. "I know." He patted their hands. "We'll deal. Let me call some people and see if I can't borrow a house." He picked up the phone, dialing someone.

Buffy pulled Willow/Xander aside, wanting to talk to her. "You've got to remember that," she said quietly.

"I do, it was just the first time." She patted her face. "We'll be okay." She stepped back, running into her boyfriend's mother. "Hi."

"What's really going on?"

Xander/Willow stood up, walking over. "My mother threw a fit last night so I came over. They came over to help and his mother threw a fit at him for leaving." He pouted at his body. "His mother's such an ogre some days."

Buffy coughed. "That's not all," she said, looking at Oz. "What?" she said at the funny look.

"Nothing, just wondering how much more liquid you swallowed wrong last night," he covered. He looked at Willow. "We're set, go get the stuff."

"Oz," his mother warned. "We don't get involved."

"We do this time. I'm the cause of Will fighting with her mom." He walked up the stairs to help them. He saw the lithe red head picking up a shirt but ignoring the book. "Take it and the tea with you," he said, closing the door. "We might need it." He grabbed his own bag and stuffed some clothes down in it, not even looking at what he was doing.

Xander/Willow walked over, taking it from him and taking the things out, folding them neatly before putting them back in. "You can get more in there this way," he said, handing it back, not even realizing what he'd just done.

Oz and Buffy shared a look and then started to pack harder. They made it out to the van without anymore interruptions of mismatched behavior. He drove them to a seedy motel on the edge of town. "We're here," he said.

Willow/Xander perked up. "I know this place, used to work here." He bounced out, walking into the office.

Oz grabbed her, pulling her back, waving at his friend. "Will, you gotta stop that. It's making it harder to put you back."

She pouted. "But I like this body."

"Yeah, but there are things that you don't know about this place," Xander/Willow said. "Trust me on this, you don't want to know either." He looked at Oz, then went inside.

He let the younger man's body go, walking in behind it. "Hey, Nick," Oz said, shaking the guy's hand. "Thanks for letting us do this."

The older, balding, sweaty, kinda tubby guy looked over the assembled people. "I could use a break." He smiled at Xander, who was really Willow. "Back again?"

"Yeah, but not like before." He gave him a desperate look. "Okay?"

"Very fine. We have plenty of people for that now." He pushed over the card box. "Have everyone fill one out and I'm assuming you know how to use the card machine?" He patted the credit card machine hooked up to the phone. The four teens nodded so he looked at Buffy. "Pity, could use you for other things."

She resisted the urge to shudder. "No thanks. I'm a good girl." She wrapped her arm around Xander's body's waist. "Really."

He shrugged. "Like I said, pity." He flipped up part of the counter, walking out and handing them a key ring. "You can have twenty. Big bed, clean, not been used recently." He grabbed his bag on the way out, closing the door behind him.

Everyone turned to look at Willow's body. "You did what here," Buffy asked her.

"Nothing," Xander said. She scratched her shoulder idly. "I helped out and stuff. Was an okay job." He walked behind the counter to grab the key. "Let's go get settled and one of us can stay down here." He walked out, brushing past them.

Buffy looked at the younger man's body, raising an eyebrow. "Want to elaborate Willow?"

"Not really," she said, grabbing her backpack and walking out after him. "We'll be down later, you guys man the counter." She closed the door, hurrying after her friend. "Wait up," she called but she caught him easily. "Why didn't you tell me that part?" she said, putting a hand on the trembling arm.

"What would have happened if I had?" he asked, walking up the stairs. He opened the door, smelling the air as he flipped on the lights. "He was honest. Big bed, clean, and not used recently." He dropped onto the king-sized mattress, wiggling his back on it. "Pretty good." He rolled his head to look at Oz as he walked in. "It's not what you think," he said.

"I don't think because I don't know more than they do really," he pointed out. He sat in the chair, after wiping at the seat to make sure it was clean. "Call Giles yet?" They both shook their head. "We should. He'll get worried if we don't." He waited while the present younger man turned to do so. "What?" he asked quietly.

"I don't want to talk about it." He scratched his shoulder in the same spot then got up, heading for the bathroom. "Later." He closed and locked the door.

Oz watched his girlfriend make the call, almost frowning at the message she was leaving. "Tell him the truth," he said. "We're in that sex pit off the highway." He looked over as Buffy walked in. "Left it alone?"

She shook her head. "Put up a sign." She dropped her bag, walking back downstairs. "Come down in a few hours," she called.

Oz looked at his girlfriend as she sat in his lap. "What happened?"

"Very bad stuff," she said, wrinkling her brow. "I can't tell, just a dark picture." She looked toward the bathroom. "You might want to stop him before he scrubs my skin off. My shoulder especially." She got up, stretching. "I'm gonna go help Buffy. I don't want her down there alone." She walked out, closing the door softly so he wouldn't disturb anyone.

Oz walked over to the bathroom door, knocking. He could hear the water running so walked in after breaking the incredibly weak lock. "Hey," he said, tapping the white shower curtain. "Want to talk?"

"No," came the sullen reply.

Oz sniffed then frowned. "Blood?" he muttered. He pulled back the curtain then pulled off his shirt to get in with him. "Hey," he said, pulling him close and taking the scrubbie pad from the delicate fingers. "You can't do that. She hates being hurt." He turned him around, looking into the pained eyes. "What?"

"I used to work out here," Xander said softly. "And something bad happened. I don't even remember what, just that this spot on my shoulder was involved." Oz nodded, pulling the unresisting body closer. "I don't like it here."

"Shh," the older man said. "We'll be okay and they can't hurt you." He hugged him then let go, stepping back. "Let's get that cleaned and bandaged, all right?" The redhead nodded, dripping now. "Okay, let's get out then." He pulled the curtain back, seeing another person in there. "What?" he snapped.

"Nothin', just wondering if you'd like some help with the lady," he said, smiling slightly. "I'm very good at it."

Xander shook her head. "No, thanks, we're filling in while Nick's on vacation." He was helped out, sat on the edge of the tub while Oz got the first aid kit out. He looked at the guy. "Henry, right?" The other man nodded, giving him a funny look. "Nick told us," he covered.

He nodded, smiling now. "Oh, okay. Well, if you need me I'm in room twelve now." He walked out, closing both doors behind him.

Oz knelt in front of the still shaking body. "Part of what you didn't want us to know?"

"Oh, yeah. I knew him when he was our age." He closed his eyes. "Do you really think they'd mind if I ran away screaming?"

"No, but Willow might." He put the bandage over the raw spot, patting it gently. "Okay, all patched up, go nap."

"No," Xander said, standing up to pace. "Na-uh. I'm not sleeping in here alone." Oz nodded, trying to stop him. "No, I can't do that. I just can't."

"Then you won't," he said simply. "I think we should work pair shifts anyway." He pulled him out into the other room, pushing him down on the bed. "I'll be in the chair," he said quietly, tucking him in. "Just try to rest." He walked back, watching as the heavy eyes fell closed, the worry from earlier draining from him. He looked at his watch at the first snore, wondering how long it would take.

Five minutes later, Xander was thrashing and trying to get away from the restraining hands of Buffy. Oz had called her up when it had gotten too bad, going down to sit with Willow. The blonde stroked through the soft red hair, murmuring quiet words of comfort to soothe her friend. He finally sat straight up, gasping so she hugged him, rubbing over his back.

"You're fine now," she whispered, pulling her closer. "I'm here and they can't get you."

He nodded, breathing hard but calming down. "Sorry," Xander managed to say. He buried his face in her neck, smelling the comforting scent. "I don't want to do this anymore." He looked at the door as he heard footsteps, holding his breath. When someone knocked he jumped. "I should go get it," he said.

Buffy pushed him back to the bed and walked over, looking out the little peephole. "Giles," she said, pulling it open. "What's up? Did you find it?"

"Possibly," he said, looking around the room in distaste. "Why did Oz pick here?"

"He knew the guy," Xander said then went into the bathroom to get sick.

The Watcher looked at his charge. "Want to enlighten me?" She shook her head. "Very well." He handed over the book. "It might work better if we knew what Willow was thinking but it has a small chance of working without it."

"So, we're back to the intent thingy?" She looked at the pages, flipping through it. "Is it marked?" He nodded. "Okay, I'll bring it down." Xander walked out, taking it from her hand. "Or not." She watched the body of her best friend disappear down the stairs. "So, want to come in and explain?"

He did, closing the door behind him. "I'm afraid this will be more complicated than we'd originally hoped. Her initial wish and the desire expressed in the spell that made it work will have to be fulfilled." He stopped at the blush. "You know why?" She nodded. "Hmm, willing to share it with me?" She squeaked as she swallowed her spit, shaking her head. "Ah, one of those reasons. Well, anyway, they have to fulfil it fully. In this case, you'd have to ask her what she was thinking unless Xander has control of more of her memories, which means that they'll be bound someway."

"Telepathic bond," Oz said, walking in. He sat on the edge of the bed. "Xander and I had one after that spell." Giles nodded, blushing slightly. "Yeah, mostly, and we do know what the circumstances are. We have to fulfil them?"

"It appears so. At least to have a better chance of success, yes." He rubbed his eye and looked around. "You had to pick this place?"

"Very safe and no one here asks questions." He shrugged. "Seemed ideal. All we have to do is take money and log in rooms." He looked at Buffy. "Anya?"

Giles cleared his throat. "That would be the other problem. I need to take Buffy with me as she's disappeared. She left the library last night and hasn't been heard from since."

"Napping?" Buffy asked hopefully. "I mean, if it's gotta be that specific then I'd guess she'd have to be here." She glanced at Oz. "Or not."


"It might work. If she wasn't that specific about the other who part."

"No," he said, shaking his head. "I'm not going to put either of them through that." He stood up. "We'll try to start this tonight, just as soon as you find her." He patted the older man's shoulder and walked back out.

Buffy looked at Giles. "What if I don't find her soon enough?"

"Then the bond will become like multiple personalities I fear. They'll carry enough of the other's personality back with them permanently, thereafter making their lives impossible to separate." He sighed, sitting down where Oz had been. "I do wish she hadn't done this but she was intent on meddling for some reason. That spell was meant to bond lovers, true love and all that, together stronger so that nothing could separate them." He looked up at his protegee. "By that book's estimate it may already be too late. They've slept together." She shook her head. "No?"

"Nope, together but not *together*." He nodded, smiling slightly. "Hey, Oz only had the one bed. He seemed to have things under control so I went home. He and Willow snuggled and Xander probably clung desperately to the edge of the bed. See, no togetherness there." She started to pace. "But if that's what she was thinking then they'll have to and it will be too late."

"Only if, as you said earlier, she was that specific. The desire may have been general enough that anyone could substitute themselves but with Willow, I would doubt that."

Buffy smiled at that. "Yeah, she's kinda a specific girl." She turned as the door was opened. "Good news, he found a counter."

"So what's the bad news," Willow/Xander said, coming in to sit in the chair. "Those faces mean that there is one."

"Depending on what you were thinking, yes, there may be. We need to know something, how specific were you?"

She blushed, an interesting trick in the body she was in. "Um, kinda?"

Buffy shook her head. "Did you say any names?" Willow wiggled her hand. "Which one?"

"I just wanted to do...that to someone else from this side."

Giles smacked himself on the forehead. "I'll leave this to you. I fear my temper if I stay." He frowned at her. "Don't be this rash or irrational again." He opened the door and walked out.

Buffy took his spot. "Okay, deal here. Did you mention Anya?" Willow shook her head. "Then who?" The blush started to come back. "Will?"

"I wasn't suggesting one. I was suggesting that I get to experience from this end, nothing else."

"And him?"

"I was gonna let him be with Oz but I think I screwed up that part, thinking about it much too late."

Buffy nodded. "Okay, so here's the bad part. If you sleep together, then you'll have like split personalities." She nodded. "Permanently. This was used to bond married guys to each other." Another blush. "Hey, you had to know, all right?" Willow nodded, the dark hair falling over her forehead. "Okay, so go talk to them and we'll see." She stood up, just as the door was broken open. "Uh-huh." She looked at her friend. "Where did the cops come in?"


"No," Willow/Xander said for the third time. "We were only there to fill in for the guy while he was on vacation. Nothing else, no sinister ideal. No prostitution or pandering or whatever." She crossed her arms, giving the officer a dirty look. "And personally, I was sitting in a room talking to a friend. You don't have a clue."

Oz snorted as the officer pulled out his handcuffs. "Do it and I'll bite you," he warned. "I didn't offer, he did. That's called entrapment." He leaned back, crossing his ankles under the table. "Any other games you want to play?" His eyes burned with the anger he was feeling.

Buffy sighed, looking up as her mother walked in. "Mom, it isn't what they said. I didn't do anything. We were there to work for the guy while he was on vacation." She grunted as she was pushed back down. "Really." She looked at the officer. "I don't even like *sex*, why would I do that?"

Xander/Willow sighed as the officer came in with a file. "So, I guess you found it." She grinned at the female officer. "Not fun reading?" She smirked at the frown. "I knew. We were there to work on a personal problem and to help the guy out." He shrugged. "See, no crime."

She laid the folder out on the table. "Juvenile records of your best friend and you didn't do anything?"

"He ran away and got stuck there. He was retrieved and sent home." He shrugged. "He and I were working on a personal problem while they worked the counter, not soliciting or offering I might add. Matter of fact, none of us even knew about that service until someone walked into the bathroom while I was showering." She shifted, pulling on her shirt to settle it better. "Anything else false you want to push on us?"

"No, dear, we just wanted you to know that we're going to him next." She got up, walking out.

Xander used what little bit of the bond he had left to call Oz, who was in the room next door. //Bad stuff, Oz, my juvie record's gonna go hit Will. Have her act casual, I got stuck and was retrieved after running away.// He barely heard the affirmation but he felt the headache. He picked up the water, sipping it delicately, not wanting to start throwing up again. Who knew she reacted to stress like that.

Oz's eyes crossed and he blinked, hearing the message and passing it on in an instant. He rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Hmm, water please? You've given me a headache." He watched the officer walk out. //You ran away?//

//When I was twelve. Got lost, someone picked me up and brought me there so I could call home. Parents weren't there and Nick wouldn't let me go back to an empty house so he kept me for a few weeks. One night I got curious so he let me watch on the closed circuit monitors. Later, I snuck in and ... well, that's where the memory stops.// The younger man's shudder was sent along also. //Anything else she needs to know?//

//No, not really. I passed it on but she said she knew.//

//Told her right after, Oz, really didn't want to keep that secret.// The sharp pain from the use caught both of them by surprise. //Gotta go for a while.//

Oz closed his eyes, blocking out the light, until the nicer officer came back with a cup of water. "Thanks," he said, drinking it slowly.

Willow/Xander looked up as another officer, a female one, walked in. "What now?" she asked.

"We just found your juvie record." She slapped the folder down.

"Aren't those sealed," she asked, ducking her head the way he would have. She relaxed, leaning back. "Yeah, it was a bad time but I went back there with them to work through the trauma not to do a repeat performance."

The officer nodded. "So we keep hearing." She grimaced. "We really don't have anything to hold you on, any of you, but I am calling your parents."

"I'm over eighteen, you don't have that right." She stood up. "Anything else or can I go? We shouldn't be leaving that desk alone and I have some stuff I need to get."

"Ah, yes, those books," she said, smirking. "Never figured you to be one of those sort with your upbringing."

Willow sat back down. "Those are on loan to Willow so she can work on a paper. And you can't confiscate them because it's not a crime scene so I would appreciate them back before we leave. All of our stuff."

"Technically we can hold you for forty-eight hours."

"And I can sue you for breaking into sealed juvenile records and for extreme mental anguish for making me relive that night. Do you really want that in your permanent record?" He leaned closer. "How long do you think you'll last as a hero when you've been hassling teens for doing a part time job that had no illegal activity?"

"Gee, Harris, you've gotten smarter. Take a few lesson's from the redhead?"

"Yeah, both of them." He turned as the door opened. "Our things?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Everything except the one book. We'll bring it back out."

"If it's not in my hands before I leave, my first stop will be to a lawyer." He waited and the book appeared. "Thank you. Now, I'd like to gather my friends and go back to work." He grabbed his folder, handing it to the officer that had rescued him. "You let her into juvie records?" he asked as he passed. He knocked on Willow's door then on Buffy's and Oz's. They all left together, going out to the car of Buffy's mom, who was still most displeased at being called down there again.

"What is with all this guys?" she asked.

Willow looked at Xander and shrugged. Buffy touched her arm and nodded and Oz nodded against Xander's shoulder. "I cast a spell that changed us around. I'm Willow and she's Xander."

Xander was looking over the books and found something most unpleasant. He opened the window to throw it out. "Nasty creatures the police grow." He handed off his book to check the other one.

"Oh, I have a thingy to sweep for those," Willow said. "It's in my desk."

"Which we don't have," Oz pointed out. "We can't go back to your house. If they called Buffy's mom, they probably called yours too." He sat up as they pulled in. "Yup, looks like they did."

Xander/Willow got out, walking up to her. "It's not what you think. We didn't do anything. All we do is take credit cards for rooms. He never even mentioned that part to us." Her mother nodded, very tight lipped. "Really. Would I do something like that?"

Her mother shook her head and sighed. "No, I know you wouldn't dear." She looked over his shoulder at Xander's body. "But some others might."

"Na-uh. He's working all that out, that's why he's here." He pulled her around, walking her into the office. "See, no schedules or little black books. All we do is take the cards for room info, which the law requires." Her mother nodded, looking over them. "See, no bad here, especially not us."

Her mother sighed and turned to face her daughter. "You are coming home."

"I promised. And Xander needs me," he said. He smiled as Oz walked in. "We work in pairs so we're safe." He took back the cards, putting them back into the box. "I'm not doing anything wrong just doing a little short part time job."

Oz shook his head. "The guy that runs this place is my band's drummer's cousin. The job was passed to us that way. None of us knew." He looked out the door at Buffy and her mother arguing. "She's right though, we did promise." He wrapped an arm around the body's waist. "I'll protect her and she's not in trouble here. No one expects her to do anything sexual."

Her mother stomped out, joining Buffy's mother at her car. They had a discussion, the younger woman taking the chance to disappear. Both women looked around but no one was visible. They shook their heads, getting into their respective cars and going away.

Xander jumped as the phone rang. "Hideaway," he answered. "Nick," he said. "Did you know that the police were just here?" He rested on the counter. "No, not as far as I know. All we do is take card info and use the credit card machine so we're not in trouble." He frowned but handed the phone to Oz as he was asked to.

Oz gave it a look of disgust. "I will not. They can earn their own keep for the next few days. They can hear quite well." He hung up. "I refuse to put us into that sort of danger." He looked at the younger man trapped in his girlfriend's body. "Juvie record?"

"The night I snuck away." He shrugged, hopping up to sit on the counter. "Twas a raid and I was caught. Nothing big, major, or criminal really, just the last time my curiosity came out." He looked over his shoulder. "Hmm, yours?"

Oz looked out then grabbed the phone, ducking into the back room so he could call and tell them to stay in there.

Xander/WIllow ducked down behind the counter, not coming up when someone walked in. He checked through the little crawl space's hidey-hole before coming back out, not seeing any legs, to look around. He swallowed hard at the person sitting on the desk. "Oh, no, not you now."

Spike nodded. "Very unusual place for you." He smiled, licking his lips. "Turning to my side?"

Xander flipped him off. "No. I'm not her." He looked up as Oz walked back in, followed by another vampire. "Hmm, think we should let on?"

"Not even," Oz said. He grabbed the one in front of him, tossing him over the counter. "Want to move?" he asked.

Xander hopped down, picking up the offending creature and staking it while it was knocked out. He looked up at Spike, using all his womanly charms to smile at him and not seem threatening. "Not her man, go away."

Spike looked confused then shrugged. "What does it really matter," he said. He grabbed him by the front of her sweater. "After all, she'll come for any of you."

Buffy walked down the back stairs, firing a badly aimed crossbow bolt. "Shoot, I missed," she said, snapping her fingers. "Best two out of three?" She smiled and the vampire growled. "Oh, sounds like someone's got an upset tummy," she said in baby talk. "Do you need some Alka Seltzer?" She smiled more sweetly. "I'm sure I have something around here to take care of bad tummies."

Oz shook his head, taking the crossbow from her. "That's cruel, even to him." He pointed it. "Out."

"Shoot," Buffy said. "No more play?" Xander/Willow walked over to hug her, shaking his head. "Oh, well. Still gotta go find Anya later, maybe I'll find some rewards then." She looked up at the person holding her. "She didn't come back today."

"I figured she'd be here if not there but I'm not concerned. She's a big girl and can take care of herself." He shrugged his shoulders. "Want help looking?"

"No," Oz said. "Giles is sending out the spell stuff later." He looked at Buffy. "I think we'll need her. That sounds the original plan anyway." The blonde nodded, pulling her jacket on and zipping it up. "Be safe," he called after her.

"She will be," Xander said. "She always is and hasn't let us down yet." He leaned on the counter, tracing over the scratched lines with the pen.


Willow/Xander looked up as someone walked into the office and stopped.

"Giles told me where you were," Larry said, brushing some of his dark hair around. He handed over the package he carried. "He asked me to bring this out."

She nodded, looking over the brown paper. "It's not what you think," the seriously squeaky voice said. "We're just here to fill in. I mean here at the counter. We don't do any of that other stuff or...or even talk to them."

Larry grinned. "Hey, take it easy. I know you don't do this." He patted the counter. "You're still so far in a closet that not one of your friends even realize probably."

Oz cleared his throat as he walked in. "Not." He looked at the box then picked it up. "Let him do it until Buffy comes back. This should be the stuff we need to finish this."

The young man behind the counter unlocked it to let him back and brushed past him on the way out. He came back to hand over the pen then ran back out again.

Larry shook his head, watching the tight rear retreat. "At least you're freer now, Harris. Good luck with him though." He pulled out the day's cards, looking over them.

Willow walked into their room, looking around. "We have everything?"

Oz nodded, lighting the last candle around the woman on the floor. "We'll have to do the fulfillment tonight." He walked past her, not touching the hard body. "After this is over, we're going to have a *long* talk, Will."

Xander closed his eyes, concentrating on the task at hand. "Out."

"No," Oz said.

Willow nodded. "That'll be the easy part."

"I meant you, Will. You're upsetting me and I can't concentrate." He opened an eye to see his body walk out then looked at Oz. "Sorry, still upset."

"Not the only one," he said, sitting on the bed beside the still form. "Want me to go too?" A head shake. "Okay." He thought for a second. "Drugs so you don't have to know?"

"No, she'll have to live with it." The thin body shuddered. "Will be strange though."

Oz paused, then decided to lessen his tension. "Close your eyes and think of England?"

Xander giggled, then started to really laugh hard. "Oh, Oz, thanks. I needed that. Go get the stuff ready for this while I do this part, 'kay?"

The older man got up, checking the supplies they had on hand then headed into the bathroom, wanting to give the younger man some privacy. He heard the quiet chanting as he got into the shower, trying hard not to imagine what needed to be done.


Willow felt a pull so walked outside, looking up at their room. She tapped the recently returned Anya's shoulder and nodded so they headed up the stairs, ignoring the leaving people. She walked in first and gasped, her body telling her the sight she saw was good. She didn't feel the encouraging push or hear the pained groan from her boyfriend, she just stood there. The woman on the bed looked up at him, blinking, and his body took over.

By the time she got control back, her body was spread out below her, looking very fearful. "I don't know how to control it," she whispered. "I'm sorry in advance if something happens."

"It's all about self control," Oz said from the corner. He refused to leave, he had to be there for this, he owed it to Xander at least. "Just take a few deep breaths and relax. It happens on it's own."

Xander turned her head, looking at his best friend. "Are you sure?"

"Have to be here," he said softly, tucking his chin down on his chest. "Just don't hurt either of you."

The younger man nodded, pulling his head down for a kiss. "This is strange and we'll be talking later," he said. The dark haired boy nodded. "Okay, now gently. Our bodies aren't that used to this."

She ran her hands down her own body's contours, experiencing the truth of her beauty for the first time. She looked up and grinned. "I'm cute," she said, making her friend laugh.

"Yeah, Will, you're cute but let's get this over with, huh? I miss doing that part."

She leaned down to nip at his ear. "Want to try that lie again?" She licked over it, nibbling on the hole for her earrings. "I know everything that happened," she whispered.

"Leave it," he said. He rolled them over, unaccustomed to being so passive. He kissed his mouth deeply, finding out why she did this. He knew now why this had happened. "Huh," he said, pulling back. "Not horrible."

"No, you're not," Willow said. She stroked down the firm back, reaching down to play with the spots Oz always hit for her. "Want to just do this? I don't think I can take much more." They saw the mutual pain at the groan from the corner. "Do you know how?" He shook his head. "Hmm, me either." She rolled them back over, blocking out the sending in her mind; she didn't need to know what they talked about.

//Xan, just take control like always. Just make sure that you're ready first or it'll hurt,// Oz sent to him. //Please don't hurt her.//

//Won't,// he sent back, turning his head to look at the figure in the shadows. //But how do I know? I don't have a clue what I'm doing here.//

Oz snorted, then sighed, walking over. //I don't want to do this,// he sent. He saw the relief and pain in the expressive eyes he used to look at for hours. //Don't hate me?//

//Never hate you,// he sent, blushing as the older man got on the bed with them.

Oz leaned down to put his mouth next to Willow/Xander's ear. "Just do what I do and you'll be fine. I'm here." He took the offered hand, lying down next to the fragile body.

Willow blushed deeply. "I'm not sure I can do this with others watching." She turned her head, looking out the window.

"Have to, Will," Xander said, rubbing over a spot on his chest he knew well. "For us." He turned his head back, looking into his eyes. "You're doing okay."

She nodded, doing what she had to do, taking control of her own mouth while entering her body. They all groaned as she did it, each of them for the same reason. She started to move carefully, enjoying it a lot and learning even more. With each movement, she knew more and more of her body, seeing it from the outside and knowing what pleased her. She sped up slightly, feeling the pleasurable burn of the incoming orgasm, not wanting her body to be left high and dry. She flipped them over, rolling them away from Oz, to let him take control back, wanting and needing him to know too.

Xander rubbed that one good feeling spot against his body happily, holding his hands to steady himself. He yelled the closer he got, the pressure building up in his stomach, the small ache that was just starting. He looked down into his eyes, seeing the pleasure there, and came, screaming up the scale.

Oz caught him as he fell, holding the more fragile body close, rubbing over the tense back muscles. "You're okay," he said. He looked at Willow. "Not yet?" She blushed and shook her head. "You wanted to experience know both ways?" She nodded and he groaned. "Will, that's not something that you do unprepared."

"Just do it," Xander whispered, getting out of the strong arms to lay down not facing them. "Please."

He got up, grabbing what they would need and pulling her into the bathroom. He let the younger man's body climb into the shower before starting the water, letting it get warm while he prepared the other stuff. //You sure?//

//No but I'm more sure I don't want to stay in her body.//

Oz could feel the emotions coming through now, the heart deep pain that all this had caused the younger man. //I'm sorry, and so is she now. We didn't want to hurt you.//

//I'll be fine once I'm back in my body and gone for a few months. I promise to be me when I get back.//

Oz nodded, shaking the bottle. //I understand. Send me postcards, okay?//


He walked into the shower, pulling the male body out and showing him the bottle. "I have to do this. It's not going to feel the greatest. Don't tense up." He motioned at the towel on the floor. "Tummy."

She laid down, spreading her strong thighs. "I know," she said softly. She felt the nozzle go in, sighing at it. Soon she was up and getting rid of the uncomfortable water then he had her grab the shower curtain bar.

"We're not going to do this again," he said, stretching her gently. "Never. Not us and not him." She nodded, wincing as it pulled some. "Just relax."

"Can't not like this."

"We're only doing it this way." He turned her around, kissing the mouth he'd been thinking about lately. "Never again, promise me."

"Never again," she said. She relaxed into his arms, letting him go back to his preparation. She gasped as he spun her around, resting her against the wall, and bit her lip as he started to enter her. "I'm sorry," she said.

Oz rested against her back. "I know. Just relax and you can go back to your body eventually." He worked himself in another inch. "Relax, Willow, or it's gonna keep hurting."

She did, taking a deep breath, and pulling up all the memories he had of this act, using it to help the way along. She was panting by the time he was in her, the fantasies that came up being enough to help her along.

Oz closed his eyes. //I'm sorry,// he sent both of them before taking the first stroke and enjoying it. Just like he'd done the last time.


Oz woke up and immediately looked around. He saw the softly sleeping body beside him and sighed in relief. He tried to use the bond but the younger man must have gone too far already. //Be safe and come back, Xander,// he said over it, hoping it got to him. //We're both really sorry.//

Willow woke up and grinned, stretching. "It's good to be in my body again," she said. She looked around, biting her lip. "He's gone?"

"You expected him to stay?" Oz said, getting up and heading for the bathroom. He slammed the door, not caring who he woke up.

She curled up, thinking about what she had caused, all because of a stupid curiosity. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I shouldn't have."

Xander pushed back up his sunglasses as he left city limits. He sighed as he felt the tenuous touch of his and Oz's bond, hearing the quiet words. "I'll be home as soon as I'm straightened out," he told the passing sign. "This is still home to me." He sped up, getting onto the highway.