Xander looked at his bag, noticing how small it was.  He decided it was more than small enough to put into his bigger backpack and repacked it, sliding the half-full bag over his new leather coat.  He had splurged but he had decided he'd probably need it.  It was fall and it was pretty but they'd be on the interstate and it'd also be cold.  He walked out and ran into his boyfriend in the hallway, grinning at him.  "I'm ready."  He found his gloves and put them on.  Throttle gave him an amused look, then shook his head.  "It'll be colder riding on the interstate."

"Maybe.  Clothes?"  Xander turned to show off his backpack.  "Okay."  He put his things in there too then led Xander out to the garage area.  "Want to tell anyone 'bye' before we go?"

"Why?  They all know we're heading out.  Dawn got in her 'be careful' last night and Vinnie's still in bed.  Modo's already grunted at me this morning too," he said with a small smirk.  "You don't think that new menace will be showing up this weekend, do you?"

"Probably.  That seems to be the way it is.  They can handle it."  He got on and Xander got on behind him, warming his back nicely.  "You're sure you're ready?  No sudden trips to the bathroom or anything?"  Xander got off and went to do that, just in case, then came back with a sheepish grin.  "You sure?" he asked again.  Xander kissed him before climbing back on.  "Okay.  We're heading!" he yelled.

"Have fun!" Vinnie yelled back.  "Be bad!"

"Me?" Xander said with a wicked chuckle "Why would I be naughty?"

"Because you're good at it," Throttle offered, heading off into the early morning traffic.  They were heading out of town so missed most of the rush hour messes on their way to the interstate, and the interstate was peaceful.  He heard quiet music and smirked.  Xander had smuggled his discman into his helmet.  He reached back, turning up the music once he found the pocket it was tucked in.  Xander wiggled his helmet and plugged one earbud into his ear for him.  Then he got a kiss against the back of his neck, making him shiver. Tempting, but they had to travel most of the day to get there.


Charley looked up as Vinnie woke her up, giving him an odd look.  "What?"

"Xander and Throttle just left."

"Good for them.  Xander could use a few days off."  She sat up, stretching and yawning, but found herself being kissed again.  "Thanks.  What was that for?"

"I made breakfast."  She smiled at him and followed him down the stairs, finding someone turning off the oven.  "Thanks, Micah."

"He stared at you too long.  I saw Xander leave.  Is he calmer?"  She shook her head.  "Then I'll expect to not hear about any emergencies from Pennsylvania this weekend."  He tossed over a manilla envelope.  "For you guys.  Before you ask, yes, the new menace is in town.  We're not quite sure what it is so we'd like to borrow one of you today."  He got out of Vinnie's way as he dished stuff up, smirking at Charley.  "I don't think it'll be a full-out assault."

"I'd hope not," Vinnie said dryly.  "Throttle would be pissed if he missed another battle."

"He's missed one so far?" Charley asked.

"Back on Mars," he admitted with a smirk.  "He was kinda...busy with Carbine at the time."

"Good to know.  What are they?"

Micah waved at her.  "Eat.  We'll talk about it after you're done.  I don't want to ruin your breakfast."  He nodded next door and Vinnie nodded, so he left them alone.  He walked into the lair, checking out the weapons stash, then went to add to it.  They didn't need them anymore and Xander would take decent care of them.

"What are you doing?" Dawn asked.

"Adding weapons so we don't have to show up so often."

"Cool.  Xander gone?"  He nodded, handing her a few boxes.  "Gee, you mean we have to haul and tote too?"

"Yeah, but sometimes it comes with perks.  I actually got to have prisoners move the office the last time."  He carried in his bag, then went back for the remaining bag, popping the gun safe easily enough.  He'd have to talk to Xander about building one into the walls.  Something more secure.  He let Dawn hand him stuff.  "School?"

"An hour."

"Ah."  He looked at his watch.  "It is really early," he admitted.  He stuffed the locker full then got up, tossing the box and bag into the back of his jeep.  He followed her up into the lounge area. "Morning, all.  That menace is in town."

"Shoot, and Throttle missed another one," Modo joked.  His mother gave him a look and shook her head.

"Actually, I'd like to save Xander for the bigger threats.  That boy and destruction are too good of friends.  This one needs a more subtle touch."

"Subtle, Vinnie?" Dawn snorted.  "Speaking of which, where is motor mouth?"

"Serving Charley breakfast," Micah told her.  "He'll be over after she's done."  He heard a howl and shook his head.  "And after they're done I guess."  He sat down, taking a pastry to nibble on.  "Thank you, ma'am."

"You're welcome.  Do you have their new ID's?"

"I handed that package to Vinnie.  I figured he couldn't lose it."  He ate a bite, looking at Dawn.  "Dress down day?"  She nodded, beaming at him.  "No more skipping, Dawn. You don't learn when you skip."  She sighed and went to get redressed.  She came out in her uniform.  Micah snickered.  "You look cute in that."

"Gee, thanks," she said flatly.  "Just what I need, to look cute, like a stripper playing dress-up."  She grabbed another pastry and went to sit down on the couch to play with the cats.  "Andrew ever come back?"

"Not yet."

"He's lounging in the sun outside the garage," Micah told her.  "He's got that very smug 'cat' look on his face too."

"I guess he found a boy cat then," Dawn snorted.  Vinnie came strolling up.  "Morning, loud boy."

Vinnie smirked at her.  "It's not good if the whole neighborhood doesn't know."

"I'll keep that in mind for future encounters with boys."  She finished off her pastry and dusted her hands off. "So, what's the what this time?"  Micah looked at her.  "I'm not that young!"

"No, you're not.  If we have to, we'll put you on rear guard," he admitted.  "You're nearly trained enough to go into the field and watch."

"Go brush your teeth, child," Modo's momma ordered.  "Be true to your teeth or they'll be false to you."

"Fine," she agreed, getting up and going into the bathroom to do that.  She came out a minute later, finding Oz and Meg were there now, and so were Charley and her lap-sitter, Andrew.  "Get some, Andrew?" she joked.  He looked up from his bathing, giving her that same smug cat smirk.  Then he went back to cleaning.

"Have I mentioned these cats are very odd?" Micah asked.

"Once or twice," Meg said with a grin.  "What's up, Micah?  New bad guys?"

"I love new bad guys," Vinnie said excitedly.

"Yeah, well, these guys are four feet tall, they look like little gray Karbunkles, and they babble," Micah told him.

"Torians," Vinnie and Modo said in unison, then shuddered.

"Good, someone knows what they are.  What can they do?" Micah asked patiently.

"Mostly mental stuff," Modo admitted.  "They like to intimidate."

"So they're like the kids who were always bullied and they're pushing back?" Dawn asked.  Modo considered it then nodded.  "Then it's a good thing Xander's not here.  He sucks in people at an alarming rate at times."

"He's a medium?" Micah asked.  Dawn nodded.  "For real, like talking?"

"Like people slide into him like they're trying on shoes," she told him.  He shuddered.  "Yeah, that's how we feel too.  He has shields now.  He's had to build some over the years."

"Good.  Then I definitely am glad that they're gone this weekend.  Throttle can keep him out of trouble and safe."  He sipped the soda Momma had gotten him.  "How do we fight them?"

"I like to go around and smash their heads in," Vinnie told him.

"I like to toss them into a hole and cover it," Modo admitted.  "They're too much like kids for me to really hurt."

"What can they do to normal people?" Charley asked.  "You guys have some mental skills with the antenna."

"With normal people," Vinnie said, sounding hesitant.  "The last one they ran into they made them want to commit suicide, sweetheart.  They're not nice, they're actually very bad conquerors.  They wanted Mars but the Plutarkians made a deal with them."  He leaned on the table, shaking his head.  "The first thing we knew was that a lot of us suddenly came down with blinding headaches.  There were three of them standing on a hill overlooking a city, smirking at us as well fell down clutching our heads."  He shuddered again.  "Nasty little creatures."

"Stoker likes to knock their heads off.  One of them made him crash in front of his training class," Modo told them.

Charley looked at Dawn.  "Think you can take my bike to school?"

"Sure," she agreed happily.  She had been practicing on it.  "I'll be really careful and everything."  She grabbed her bag, putting it over her chest and one shoulder, then took her keys, going out to do the cool 'driving to school' thing.  She drove out of the garage, heading for the school.  She stopped by the guard a few minutes later.  "No one had time to bring me.  Where do I park?"

"In the back lot please, Miss Summers," he said with a smile, watching as she headed that way.  He made a note of the bike so they wouldn't ticket it.  She came back walking smartly, smiling at everyone.  "Have a nice day.  Stop in the office to get a parking permit today."

"Sure.  Thanks."  She walked into the school and paused.  It was way too quiet.  She looked around, feeling the magic starting.  It was good magic, she could tell that.  Then again, something was making her neck prickle.  She headed off at a run for where she could feel the magic coming from.  Someone was struggling.  It felt like there was pain mixed in.  She burst into the empty classroom, noticing what they were doing.  Standard shields by what was laid out.  "Here, suck at me," she said, dropping her bag and walking in.

"Who are you?" one of the girls panted.

"Dawn Summers.  Sister to Buffy Summers."

"You're related to a slayer?" one of the girls asked.

"Do we have time for this?"  She held out her hands and they let her into the circle to feed them energy.  The shields went up and she calmed herself, adding her own power to it.  She ground them and then looked at the other girls.  "Okay, why are we doing this today?"

"The alien menace that's making us all feel wrong," one of the girls said, staring at her in shock.  "You're good."

"I should be.  I've had practice."  She shrugged and grabbed her bag.  "I'm going to talk to the Headmistress and let her in on things.  If you need me again, yell."  She walked off, going to the office.

"Great, she knows about the alien menace," one of them said behind her.

"She lives with the other one.  Of course she does."

"She's doing more than that," she called back, walking into the office.  "Okay, we've shielded," she told the headmistress.  "Now what?"

"There's three of them near here," she said quietly.  "What do you know?"

"Not as much as I need to, but I know someone who does."  She smirked at her.  "Give me ten to call home."  She dialed the lair.  "Guys, is it normal for these things to come after a school like mine?"  She heard the yelling.  "No, we've got shields. I found a few witches here working on it and I added some strength and grounding.  Sure!" she agreed happily.  "Just bring me one."  She hung up and handed her bag over.  "I'm going scouting.  If my phone rings, ignore it."


She nodded. "Unfortunately mental ones that look like gray kids with big heads.  They're getting back at the bullies and like to drive to pain or suicide."  She walked out, heading out to the grounds.  She nodded at the guard.  "You've got intruders.  Know where?"  He shook his head. "Any areas you suddenly don't want to go near?"

"The greenhouse and the extra classrooms," he admitted, pointing that way.

"Thanks."  She snuck that way, heading through the nice foliage the school had planted.  She knew that this was the place where they educated demons and didn't mind it at all, but not even those kids deserved this. She heard a cry and looked in one classroom.  There was a girl clutching her head and the teacher staring at her.  Dawn tapped on the window and shook her head.  The teacher came over.  "There's something broadcasting," she said quietly.  "Anyone sensitive is in pain or suicidal."  The teacher closed the window and hurried the girl off.  Dawn turned and found one of them looking at her.  "Try me," she sneered.  It glared and she felt a tickle, then snorted and attacked it.  Nothing did that to her.

She got that one knocked out and used her head scarf to tie its hands, then moved on to get the other ones.  She heard a bike and smirked.  "Hey, calvary, sweet," she muttered, sneaking to where the others were.  She counted and then ducked back around the school, finding Vinnie arguing with the guard.  "This time they can come in.  They're here to handle the little gray guys out in the special classrooms.  Sixteen of them. I've knocked one out and gotten him tied up."  She looked at the guard.  "Fall back to the doorway.  If they get inside, it'll be a slaughter.  They will kill for fun, mostly by making us kill each other."  He hurried that way.  She blatantly stole a gun off Micah and cocked it.  "Shall we?"  She climbed onto the back of Vinnie's bike.  "Around the back, hot shot."  He nodded, heading that way.  A few more rushed out and she got them in non-lethal areas.  She wasn't ready to kill yet.  Vinnie wasn't so nice and he took down more of them.  The others rushed in to help, and this group was taken down.  Micah called people to come get them.  She looked at him.  "This isn't all of them.  I can feel more."

"They're downtown," he admitted.  "You still need to be in class."

"We're in lock down.  If we're holding class, I'll get the notes.  You need me this time."  She patted Vinnie on the back.  "We should go.  The longer they're there, the more they can entrench."

"I like how she thinks," Vinnie told Modo.

"Me too but she's still too young."

"Yeah, because I haven't been doing this for a few years with Xander," she said dryly.  "Hi, I get kidnaped and all that good stuff.  Let's not go there about my age."  She headed to the other bike, getting on and kicking it to life.  She tucked the gun into her waistband and headed off, going to help even if they didn't like it.

"She's worse than Charley is," Modo said in awe.

"We should follow," Micah agreed, shaking his head.  "Just what I need, another hothead."  He turned his jeep around and went after the girl, before he had to explain to her sister and Xander why she was seriously injured. By the time he found her, she and Lorne were taking on another couple.  They worked well together, even though he was complaining at her the whole time they fought.  He checked Max since she was unconscious, then got her into his jeep.  He decided to take on more of them coming out of the ship.  He heard more people coming and Vinnie was very distinctive as he howled and ran a few of them over.  "How many of them fit in there?" he asked when they kept coming.

"It's like that show, Dr. What," Modo called.

"Oh, great, infinite space," Micah said bitterly.  "Can it be blown up?"

"I don't know, let me try," a voice said from behind him.  He turned and found Meg with a grenade launcher on her shoulder and before he could even open his mouth to protest she had pulled the trigger and blown that thing up.  That's when he noticed she was wearing some of Xander's clothes.  "Meg, want a job?"

"I'm a programmer, not a hacker," she called back, hopping down to wade in.

Oz was following her, shaking his head.  "Have I told you that you being Xander is scary?" he called as he knocked another one out.  He ducked as Modo picked up one and spun it around, letting it fly off.

"No, but I'll keep that in mind," she said with a very good copy of Xander's meanest smirk.  "Shall we?"

"We should," Micah agreed, making a mental note to talk to the girl later.  "What else did you bring?"

"An assault rifle, but it's got the wooden bullets."

"That'll help," Dawn shouted.  "They're allergic to wood, I just staked one and it bubbled and pussed before exploding."

Meg broke out the assault rifle but Micah took it from her.  She was too nice to kill but he wasn't any more.   Pretty soon the rest of them were gone, only leaving a few who were injured.  He tossed it back to her.  "I could use a good programmer and I know you're a hacker, Meg.  It was clear who found the first stash of money and who broke into the tower to copy their system.  Want a job?  Thirty grand a year and the only dress code is being clothed if you're not in the office."

She looked at Oz, who shrugged and walked off.  "If Oz says it's okay.  I don't graduate until December."

"That's fine.  We can move you over the holiday and he can start school out there.  We've got a few good hacker classes through Homeland security and the CIA."  He put an arm around her shoulders, walking her off to talk to her.  He needed another programmer who could handle stuff like this.  Besides, she impersonated Xander very well.  Well enough to make her quite valuable.

Dawn brushed the nastiness off her skirt.  "Eww."

"Yeah, they do that," Vinnie said with a smirk.  "I'd offer you a ride home but you're really disgusting."

"Gee, thanks," she said dryly.  She looked around, then at Lorne.  "So, how was your night?" she asked with a fond smirk.

"Better than tonight will be.  Go change.  Go back to classes."

"Fine.  Make me do the dull stuff."

"If you don't, I'm telling Xander you jumped in," Micah called.  "If you skip, I'm telling him and Buffy."  She grumbled but went back to get Charley's bike and take it home to change.  He looked at Lorne.  "You thought I was insane?"

"I know you're insane, Micah.  There's a difference."  He looked at Max.  "She's going to kick herself for missing this."

"Maybe, but I'm sure she'll be fine," Micah offered.  "Lorne, this is Meg.  She's basically doing the Pretender thing while she programs."

"I remember seeing her in the cavegirl outfit," he admitted, shaking her hand.  "Nice job being Xander, Meg."

"Thanks.  He wants me to come work for you guys."

"I'm not training you.  I've got enough with Dawn," he said dryly.  She giggled and hugged him.  "Thanks."  He patted her on the back, looking around.  "So, are we in clean up?" Micah nodded.  "Wonderful."  He got free and headed back to call in the others to clean up the bits and pieces.

Vinnie lifted up one of the lesser injured aliens, smirking at it.  He couldn't tell what sex they were and they were all annoying.  "Tell your people that this world is better protected than Mars ever was.  We *like* to destroy things.  We find it fun.  We're coming to your world next to start blowing things up."  He let him go and the creature vibrated, disappearing. "Hopefully they won't be coming back," he said, wiping off his hands.  "We done?"

"Yeah, you're done," Micah said, watching as the Martians turned and headed home, leaving him and Oz standing there.  "We've got Brax working for us, he's the one doing lessons," he offered.

"Cool, but Xander could use us."

"Yeah, well, I may be able to keep you two here.  It'd keep me from running this way so often. There's going to be a permanent person in Cleveland and LA too."

"Decent.  We'll talk about it."  He walked off, going to help his girlfriend out of Xander's clothes.  There was something disturbing about her being Xander.  He didn't really like her being Xander.  She was too scary and he couldn't stand scary women.  He caught her and walked her off, stripping Xander's shirts off her.  "Which one are we working on today?"

"I've got to try the caveman one again," she said with a grin.  "It's almost due at the publisher's."  She hugged him, accepting his shirt instead.  She bopped along with him, happy and pleased with herself.

Micah shook his head.  "At least it's in good hands," he muttered.

"You call those good hands?" Lorne asked blandly.

"Better than some.  With these new people, I can retire and leave ECHO to you and Max in a few years."  He strolled off to order the clean up crews.  A few peeled off to head back to the school.

"If it's going to be that way, then I definitely quit!" Lorne called after him.

"But we love you," Meg called back.  "How else would I come work for you guys?  You're fun, Lorne."

He shivered and walked off. He caught a cab and headed back to his house to hide. He wasn't coming out again.  He could be a recluse.  He could stand that. He didn't like people anymore anyway.  He paid the cab at the airport and got out to go home.  The ticket agent smiled at him as he pulled out his badge.  It was a fake but it was close enough for covert work and it got him less questions at times.  "One for DC. Preferably right now. I want to go home."

"Of course, sir," she agreed, giving him a sympathetic look.  "No bags?"  He groaned and shook his head.  "I'm sure you can have it shipped, sir."  She got him a seat by putting him in as standby.  "There you go, sir."  She handed him his ticket and took his weapon to check for him.


Dawn strolled back into the school, stopping to get her bag.  "Morning," she said casually, smirking at her headmistress.  "Third?"

"Fourth period just stared, Miss Summers.  Is it handled?"

"Yup, just like swiss cheese," she said happily, heading out to her language class of the day.  She slid into her seat, earning a funny look from the teacher.  "The headmistress needed to see me."

"That's fine, Miss Summers. Did you do your homework?"  She dug it out and handed it over. "Thank you, dear."  She went back to making notes on the board.

One of the girls from earlier leaned over.  "Meet us after school.  Physics classroom."  She sat up again once Dawn nodded.

Dawn wrote down the new notes.  She could get the others later.   Xander would get upset if she fell behind.


Xander looked at the small motel-like row of rooms, smiling at Throttle. "It's cute."

"It is," he agreed, walking him up to their room.  He stuck the key in the door and opened it, letting Xander in first.  He walked in and flipped on the lights, closing the door and paused to look at the leather thing hanging up beside the tv.  "What's that?"

"It's a sex sling," Xander said dryly.  "I'm thinking they expected us to have kinky sex."  He walked over to look at it.  "It's well built, one of the good ones."  He opened the drawers, smiling at the row of dildos in one.  "Here's a neat treat too.  Condoms too."

Throttle looked at the note with them.  Use it without a condom and you bought it.  Each fifty dollars.   He shivered and looked in the other drawers, finding just empty drawers.  He looked in the closet, shaking his head at the leather cords hanging here.  "I didn't realize it'd be like this."

"I'm guessing Tara didn't either," Xander said with a grin for him.  "Either that or the girl-lovin' rooms are a lot different."  He pulled Throttle closer, kissing him hotly.  "Missed this on the ride."

"Hmm," he moaned, leaning into the delicate touches to his chest.  "Not yet.  Unpack."  He pulled back, looking at him.  "How do we put up that thing?"

"Easy, you chain it up," Xander told him, attaching the bottom ring to the small hook in the ceiling.  "There, unobstructed view of the tv now."

"Not what I intended to view," Throttle told him.  He looked up at the leather thing, then at Xander.  "What are those for?"

"For keeping a lover immobilized at a higher level than most beds."  He pulled it back down and wiggled out of the backpack and jacket, tossing his gloves down too.  Then he positioned himself and hopped up in it.  "You can hitch your lover to them by tying their ankles here," he said, putting his in the right spots.  "Or you can move them this way," he said, moving so his thighs were outside the straps.  "You can tie the hands too.  Then you raise or lower them.  It allows for sex standing up or for no bending over.  He heard the quiet moan and looked at his lover. "I've seen them in use before."  He wiggled out and Throttle caught him as he jumped, tossing him onto the bed.  Xander beamed, then winced as the lamp next to the bed broke.  "Hell, I'll pay for that," he said dryly, wiggling out of his shirt.  It got tossed onto the wreckage of the lamp and he smirked, motioning Throttle closer. "Come here, little mousie."

"I'm still not little," he said, but he was grinning.

"I'm about to find that out, aren't I?" he teased.

"I never asked.  I go both ways.  You?" he asked as he stripped off his shirt.  It had been a cold ride so he had borrowed one.

"Not an issue with me either, but I get to bottom first."  Throttle smirked and nodded.  He undid his pants and Xander lunged up to help him, playing with his favorite new treat.  "Love how you taste.  Are you addictive?"

"Not that I know of," he said, letting Xander do whatever he wanted.  He grabbed onto the sling for balance, Xander was already buried to the root on him.  It felt so good, he had to let it out.  His moan was loud to his ears, but it got him one from Xander, which made him shiver and grab the soft hair.  "Xander, I'm going to need that," he protested.  The boy pouted at him. "If you want me to ride you into breaking this bed I'll need that, babe.  You can have it later."  He kissed him and got him standing, undressing him.  He got the boy onto his back, leaning down to lick him.  He liked how the guy tasted.  It was like all that sugar he ate leaked into his sweat.  He heard his helmet's radio crackle to life and groaned.  "No."

"Tell them to go away.  I'm going to be right here," Xander promised, taking over the stroking duties.

Throttle put back on his helmet.  "It had better be a planetary emergency."  He listened to Stoker spluttering. "It's my weekend off, Stoker."

"How's the baby?"

"Xander!" he complained. Xander smirked at him.  "Fine.  Stoker, Xander wanted to make sure the baby was fine.  Is she?"  He got a small 'yes'.  "Good.  Anything else?"  He smirked. "I'm not in Chicago.  I'm in Pennsylvania.  Home in on Vinnie.  He's still there."  He hung up and put the helmet in the closet.  "Where was I?"

"About to go down on me?" Xander asked teasingly.

"That sounds good to me," he agreed, doing just that.  Xander tasted very good. It was odd that they didn't swell the same way but he could stand it.  Less chance of choking.  This wasn't his best skill.  He pulled off and found Xander grabbed onto the headboard.  "I can do more," he offered smugly.

"Throttle, if you don't start opening me, I'm going to do it myself," he complained.


"You didn't bring any lube?"  Xander searched both bedside tables, coming up with a small complimentary bottle.  "We can get more when we go out for dinner."  He handed it over.  "Please?  I'll climb on top if you don't.  You're going to make me crawl the walls and beg if you don't do it soon."

"I've got you," Throttle promised, laying him back down to work on opening him.  Nothing fancy this time, the boy was too desperate.  He got him opened enough, then slicked himself up and slid inside.  Xander shivered and came, but he was keening so Throttle kept pushing inside.  He finally buried himself all the way in and smiled down at Xander.  "How's that?"

"Damn, did you grow?" he panted.  He kicked him. "Move, please?" he wiggled.  "I want more!"

"I can see that," he said smugly.

Xander flipped him over with a growl, going after what he wanted.  Throttle could only hold on while he rode him, back arched, moans coming out on each downward stroke.   He shivered as he pulled himself up.  It was getting to be a struggle not to plant himself and not move.  He let out a whimper.

"Tired?" Throttle asked, moving Xander back onto his back to do some of the work for now.  Xander arched up to meet him, grinning as he pulled his head down.  "I've got you.  Just relax."

"Who can relax with a studly mouse in his bed and a *huge* cock inside him?" Xander teased.

"I'm not that big," he chided, but he was doing his best to ram Xander into a puddle of goo.  He could feel the boy's cock coming up and smirked at him.  "Nearly there?"

"I don't care!  Just move!" he ordered, kicking him with his feet. Throttle pulled out and flipped Xander over, shoving back into him.  Xander keened, grabbing onto the headboard so he couldn't be sent through it.  Throttle was really pounding him and he loved it.  "More!" he demanded. "Please, more!"

"Shh, I've got it," Throttle soothed, stroking his back while his hips did most of the work.  The boy was going to go insane if he didn't get to come soon.  Then again, an insane Xander might be fun.  Throttle wasn't near ready yet, not really.  He sped up, hearing the ominous creak starting.  He stood up, taking Xander with him as the bed collapsed.  "Wow."  Xander wiggled and he realized he was still planted in him.  He looked at the sling then put Xander into it.  This way he couldn't kick him like he was kickstarting him.  The swing was just the right height to suck on him again so that's what he started with.  Xander was panting and wiggling and Throttle didn't need that so he got the straps, tying his feet and hands to the straps.  Then he went back to sucking him.  Xander was trying to arch up but he wasn't having much luck in this position.  He looked at the straps when he'd had enough sucking, finding how they lowered.  He slowly lowered Xander to groin height, noticing the thing had more swing room now.  That could come hin handy.  He reinserted himself, nudging him.  Xander swung a bit then came back.

"Throttle, no teasing!" Xander demanded.

Throttle grabbed the swing, using it to get deeper into the bound body.  Xander let out a swear but there wasn't much he could do about it.  He was tied down and helpless.  Throttle was fully in charge.  It made him smirk and blow a kiss.  "I'm giving you the best I can. You'll get there but if you keep getting demanding, I might have to stop."

"I'll be good," he said instantly, wiggling a bit.  "Can I beg?  Please, start again?  I *need* you!"

"I can tell.  Your hole's winking at me."  Xander flexed it and Throttle teased it.  "I'm not near ready, Xander.  Calm down and I'll come back to it."

"No, don't leave me."

"I'm not.  I'm getting some stuff to give you a massage," he offered, going to get the oil he had seen in the bathroom.  He came back and found a limp Xander.  The oil warmed nicely in his hands, then he went to work stroking Xander's stomach and chest, making him moan in a different key.   It was a great sound so he continued, teasing him until the man was babbling nonsense sounds and syllables.  Then he slid back inside, making the boy howl.  Not like a howl Vinnie would let out but a true, predatory, lone wolf crying for company howl.  "I've got you," he soothed, stroking his stomach with his free hand.  Xander came down a bit so he continued, working him harder and harder until Xander came again, this time following him.  He leaned on the bound body, looking at him.  "You okay?"

"I'm gonna pass out now," Xander said in a slurred voice.  "Damn good.  Gods, man, damn good."

Throttle chuckled and unbound him, looking at the mess of the bed.  "You sure we want to admit to this?"

"In my backpack, in my wallet, is my card," Xander said, grinning at him.  "Go find us a bed.  I need a nap."

"I know you do."  He pulled on his pants and boots, heading out to apologize.  Not that he was sorry, but he needed to get them a real bed.  He gave the woman in the office a small, sheepish grin.  "I'm sorry."

"What broke?" she asked with a grin.  "Was it good?"  He blushed and nodded.  "Bed?"

"And a lamp, ma'am."

"We can get a new brace for the bed, son.  We've had a lot of them broken so we keep a few spares."  She patted him on the arm.  "You toss the old pieces outside the door.  Need help carrying the new one?"

"No, I can get it," he offered, taking the simple box with a platform made of plywood.  He carried it back, putting it against the wall while he picked out the old pieces and tossed them outside as ordered.

"Bed?" Xander asked quietly.

"Beds are nice," he agreed, grinning at him.  He moved the mattresses then put down the platform and put the mattress back on.  Then he flopped down.  "I'm too tired to lift you down."

"Sure."  Xander slowly moved, sliding out of the sling.  He closed the door, then flopped down beside him, nuzzling into his chest.  "If we nap, can we do it again later?"

"Yup, we will be," Throttle promised.  "We'll have Dawn make that muting spell permanent.  You're noisy."


"Not an issue," he admitted, stroking his back.  "I don't mind loud.  You make some incredible noises."  He yawned.  "You inspired me."  He closed his eyes.  "Rest, Xander.  We'll go out to dinner later."

"Mmm, dinner.  You make a good dinner."  He smacked his lips and let out a snore.

Throttle snickered, but curled around the boy.


Xander woke up and found himself being the pillow, smiling at the large head on his chest.  He stroked the forelock over Throttle's eyes, making him shift when Xander ran into his antenna.  He smiled and looked down, noticing he was starting to get hard.  He brushed the top of the right one with a gentle fingertip and the cock hardened a bit more.  "Wicked," he muttered, wiggling down a bit so he could play with them better.  He licked the top of one, earning a moan.  He hadn't expected this.  He went back to laving on them, making Throttle shiver and clutch at him.  "Tell me if it hurts."  He went back to licking around the base one of one, then up it to suck on the small knob on top.  Throttle's breath caught and he was moving against Xander's leg so he continued on, moving to the other one, his breath drying the first one while he worked. When that one was rigid he moved back to the first, teasingly running his tongue around the bottom ridge of the knob. He suddenly sucked it in, going down on the rigid red antenna.  Throttle let out a yelp and came, so Xander released it, grinning down at him.  "You taste good there too."

Throttle looked up at him, somewhere between awe and amusement.  "Most mice just stroke them."

"Where's the fun in that?"  Xander stole a kiss.  "So, what do you guys do with your tails?"

Throttle snickered.  "It's very versatile.  We can stroke, tease, and thrust with it."  He moved his tail to tease Xander's hole with it, earning a yelp.  He smirked at him.  "We can only tease ourselves for an inch or so.  It won't quite bend enough.  But I can definitely tease you with it.  Want more?"  He let his tail dip inside just a bit.  Xander clamped down on it.  "Hmm.  You're good."

"I try."  He stole a kiss, moving down to face him.  "Remember when you did the life review?"  Throttle nodded.  "I was in there when you and Carbine...."

"I figured as much."

"That's not normal, right?"

"Not in the least," he promised, stealing a kiss.  "You should have seen it when Vinnie and I were dating a *long* time ago."

"Can I?"

Throttle considered it.  Vinnie had been creative and if Xander wanted to know everything he could do to a Martian, Vinnie was a stunning example.  There was one instance that still made him hard at just the thought of the encounter.  "Sure."  He leaned forward and rested his antenna against Xander's head, waiting patiently while he lowered his shields.  He felt that same sucking feeling and let Xander take control this time, but focused on his memories.  He let that one drift to the surface, letting Xander live it from his point of view.  This time he could feel Xander in there with him.  He relived that wild week they had on leave from the resistance, and knew Xander was mentally making notes.  He finally let it fade and pulled back, watching as Xander pulled back behind his shields.  "That's the best."

"I could tell."  He reached up to gently stroke an antenna.  "I didn't hurt you earlier, right?"

"No, it's just that we're not that oral," he said with a grin.  "It was great."

"Cool."  He picked up the tail laying across his thigh, looking at it.  He gently stroked it, watching his lover's reaction.  It got a shiver.  He gave him a kiss and moved on, going back to it.  He worked it like he would his cock, making him roll onto his stomach so he could concentrate on just this organ.  He leaned down to nip the thicker part gently, and Throttle yelped, but let him lave the bite to soothe it.  "Tell me if I'm not doing it right."

"More, Xander.  Please more."

"Hmm, I wonder," he said, licking around the tip.  Throttle tensed so he only sucked on the tip, slowly working the first few inches into his mouth.  Throttle was humping the bed, so he let it uncoil in his mouth, letting it slip down like it was a really thin cock.  He sucked in more and pulled back, licking it all the way up.  He moved down to play with the base, teasing the thickest part.  He laid a little nip on it, scraping it gently with his top teeth.

"Shit!" Throttle yelped, jumping up.  He grabbed Xander and kissed him. "No more teasing," he panted.  He looked him over, noticing he was harder now.  "You are a bad tease, Xander. If you had a tail, I'd have it twisted up and pounding you while I stroked it within a heartbeat."

"Don't be shy, just shove it in. I can take it," he purred, stroking the back of Throttle's right ear.  "Please?  Teach me not to tease."

"Oh, I'm going to teach you not to tease," he vowed, slamming into the damp hole.  Xander moaned and arched up, so Throttle pulled him up into his lap, grinding up into him.  Xander was pushing down, trying to get more, and he was sucking on his shoulder.  He pulled Xander's hips closer, tipping him back, and the boy moaned, but continued to play with his neck.  "Xander!" he shouted when he got nipped there too.

"Yup, that's me."  He switched to play with his chin, nipping that too.  Throttle put him back on his back but kept his hips on his lap, digging into him.  Xander arched up and let out a loud moan.  Then a scream as he came.  Throttle smirked and let himself go.  Then he laid down on top of the boy, his tail swishing in the air.  That's what caught his attention.  He looked back, flicking his tail.  There was a second tail.  He got off Xander, standing up to look at him.  He tipped him off to the side, there was a tail.  "What the cheese?" he hissed.  "Xander?  Xander?  Wake up, Xander."  Xander moaned and sat up, rubbing his eyes.  "You can't do magic, right?"

Xander looked up and shook his head.  "No.  I haven't yet."  He noticed the tail and caught it, then moaned when it felt *really* good to him.  "What the hell?"

"That's what I was wondering," Throttle admitted.

Xander stood up, going over to the mirror to look at his backside.  Yup, a real tail was sticking out of the bottom of his spinal column.  He tensed his butt cheeks and it twitched.  He relaxed and it shifted, swishing around a bit.  "I thought it was moved by muscle control."

"Not always."  He came over, looking at the tail.  "How did that happen?" he asked, probing it gently.  "It's real.  It's natural, I can feel the bone shift."  He turned Xander around, then moved his hair slightly.  He found nubs on his scalp, but not real antennas.  He looked at Xander.  "Did you always have those?"

Xander reached up to touch them, then shook his head after wincing.  "No.  I've never had those before.  I'd have noticed and so would someone else when they stitched my head up."  He looked in the mirror, shaking his head.  "They look like really big zits."

"Babies are sometimes born like that," Throttle admitted, staring at him.  "If you grow fur, I'm putting in an emergency call to Micah."

Xander stood up, taking a few deep breaths.  "Did you make a wish?"  Throttle shook his head. "Not even mentally?"

"Not that I know of.  You?"  Xander shook his head.  "Then what's going on?"

"Usually this is how a wish demon operates.  You make a wish, it happens."  He put on his jeans and boots, heading out to the office.  He paused and backtracked, looking at the markings on the trees between the two.  Then he walked into the office, finding the woman in there with eyes-wide.  "I noticed the markings on the trees.  What is going on?  Am I changing permanently or fully?"

"I don't know," she admitted.  "I noticed that someone had done that a few years ago but no one else was ever affected."  She looked him over, noticing the tail.  "It's very cute."

"It may be, but I'm worried about repercussions.   Things like a normal job and things."  His tail waived. "What made the marks?"

"I don't know."

"That's fine.  Do you have a digital camera or a scanner?"  She nodded, finding the camera and handing it over.  "Thanks.  I need to call someone and figure this out."  He went to take pictures of the trees, then went back to the room, slamming the door.  "Take a picture of them.  I'm scanning them and sending them to Micah.  Maybe he'll have a clue."

"Sure."  He watched as Xander lowered his pants so he could take a picture of the tail, then parted the hair and took a picture of the baby antenna.  They were going to erupt soon.  He handed the camera back and watched as Xander walked out, heading back to the office.  "Are you okay with this?"

"I'm fine with this, I want to know if it's permanent or if I need to make the most of it for a day."  He walked into the office and the nice older lady led him back to the office, letting him plug in the camera, download the pictures into an email, and watched him send it off.  "I'm fine with this," he assured her, giving her a small smile.  "It's not your fault but I want answers."  He kissed her on the cheek.  "Sorry about the bed and the lamp."

"That's fine, dear.  Just take care of that thing.  It looks a bit chapped."

"Oh, I'm sure Throttle can help me lotion it down," he said with a grin, heading out to do that.  "Is it chapped?" he asked as he walked in.

"Possibly.  That's easy enough to cure.  I'm more worried about the headache when the antenna rupture."  He pulled him into his arms, kissing him.  "I wouldn't mind a few days or for good," he promised.

"That's good, but it might make Merle howl in laughter."

"Probably," he agreed.  "He thinks you'd make a good little brother to Vinnie too."  He stole another kiss.  "Though, I like your human features better."

"Maybe Momma made a wish?"

"Maybe," he admitted, considering it.  He grabbed his helmet, turning on his radio.  "Modo?  Stoker?  Anyone read me?"  He heard a very staticky response.  "Bros, we've got a problem.  Have Micah read his mail and call Xander ASAP."  He took it off and put it down carefully, looking at the boy.  "I don't see fur."

"Me either," he admitted, looking at his arms.  He shrugged and looked up at Throttle again.  "Teach me how to take care of these things?"

"Sure. We'll have to run out for some lotion and dinner."  He looked around.  "Where's your phone?" Xander groaned.  "You left it at home?"

"Yeah.  I didn't want to be bothered by an emergency," he said dryly.  The room phone rang and Xander dove for it.  "Hi?"  He grinned.  "Thanks, Lorne.  No, check Micah's email.  Why?"  He pulled up his tail to look at it.  "Because I suddenly have a Martian tail and antennas coming in.  No, I took pictures of the magic stuff on the trees here and of the tail.  It's real.  I know, it's weird, but it's not my fault this time.  No, my phone's at home."  He heard a yell in the background.  "Who was that?  Oh, them."  He snickered.  "Tell him to suck your dick and watch him have paroxysm fits."  He saw the amused look on his lover's face and blew a kiss.  "No, Throttle.  Yeah, that's why we're not home.  You might wanna do that, yeah," he said dryly.  "Well, for one thing, we need to know if I only have a little bit of time to play with my new tail and antennas or a lot of time to play with my new tail and antennas.  Yes, it does matter.  Because they're very sexual creations and I need to know if I have to make the most of it or if I can slow down and enjoy the hell out of it a bit at a time," he said dryly.

"Hi," he said at the other voice on the phone.  "Xander Harris. We're currently having a wish demon or similar occurrence here in Pennsylvania.   Put Lorne or Micah back on, you bloated excuse for a wannabe cop."  The man spluttered.  "Now, buttmuncher.  Yes, me.  Gee, I helped destroy Sunnydale and I do have Omega level clearance.  Check on it, please."  He smirked as Lorne took the phone back. "Can't you nerve pinch him or something?  Um, no, actually that was Willow.  But thanks anyway," he said smugly.  "Sure.  Here.  We may be out to dinner.  No, my phone's back in Chicago.  Well, I'd like to know what was going on before then.  Sure!  No, dinner. Lotion.  Lube.  Thanks!"  He hung up and looked at his boyfriend.  "Micah's on a plane at the moment.  Lorne's downloading his pictures and looking them over, running them through the database Willow made for them.  So we'll know soon, hopefully.  He said he'd try back later though."  He stood up and stretched.  "Dinner?"

"Sounds good," Throttle admitted.  "You're much calmer than I am if I suddenly woke up a human."

"Why?  I think you guys are pretty neat and at least I won't be cold this winter."  He stole a kiss before bending over to put on his shirt, tucking it in.  "Can we get dinner?"

"Sure," he agreed, walking him outside and to the bike.  The bike beeped frantically so he stroked it.  "We're okay.  I know he's got a tail now."  The bike rolled over and leaned against Xander, who stroked it.

"We're good, girl.  It's all right.  We were playing.  He wouldn't ever hurt me, even if I asked him to."  She straightened up and let them on, letting them take her down to the local restaurant for dinner.  They got it to go when they saw how crowded the place was, taking it back to their room to feed each other on the bed.


Micah landed and walked out of the airplane's gate, and his phone rang.  "Damn, someone's got bad timing," he complained, pulling it out to listen.  "What?"  He got out of the way.  "Why do I want to go to Pennsylvania?"  He listened to the report, and the other reason. "Just smack him around and lock him in a closet.  IAD and their covert counterparts in IFU are boring little creeps.  What?"  He smirked.  "Okay, run that by me again?"  He listened to the repeat of the problem.  "Send the pictures to my phone.  Did we find them in the database?"  He looked down as his phone beeped, flipping through the pictures.  Yup, Xander had a tail.  He shook his head.  "Whatever."  He hung up and went to get his jeep from the parking garage, heading back to the office.  He wasn't going to interrupt their weekend alone with more than a phone call.  But he did think to leave a message for Dawn at the garage.


Vinnie came out of the office waving the paper.  "We've got to talk, Dawn," he yelled.  She yelped and came down the stairs, rubbing her backside.  "Did you do magic?"

"Only the shields on the school.  Why?"  She took the message, looking it over, then burst out in giggles.  "Oh, damn."  She howled with laughter, heading to tell Charley and Modo's momma since they were in the kitchen together.  "Xander, tail," she gasped, handing it over.

Charley took the message, then chuckled, shaking her head.  "Well, they found a way to give Vinnie a little brother."

"Not funny, he'd still be a brunette mouse," Vinnie said from the doorway. "Don't we think this is serious?"

"No," Dawn admitted, smirking at him.  "Either someone said the magical words 'I wish' or there's a big, friendly demon somewhere around."  She patted herself down, then went to get her school bag, finding her phone.  She called the office.  "Hey, Lorne, it's me.  Do we know if it was a wish demon or not?"  She snickered.  "No, I can't imagine Xander panicking about this one. He likes these guys too much.  Besides, it'll mean bigger muscles. Sure.  Ummmm."  She looked around then headed next door.  "Let me raid the library.  Can you email them to me?  No, you send them as an attachment or else the computer eats the images.  Sure.  That's me."  She hung up and went into the library to pull down the texts she'd need.  And if not, she'd email two of the pictures to Giles, who would be more than happy to tell them why Xander was turning into a Martian.  She found Carbine in front of the computer.  "Gotta kick you off, babe.  There's some massive mojo around where Xander and Throttle are at the moment.  We're trying to see why."  Carbine gave her an odd look. "Xander's sprouting a tail."

Carbine got out of her way, looking at the pictures she downloaded.  "Those are Martian."

"Correction, those are Druid," Dawn said, saving two of them down and sending them to Giles.  That was one of his things.  She got back a message instantly yelling at her to know what she was playing with.  So she called.  "Hey, me.  Put on fussy guy.  Yes, now, Kalara."  The phone was handed over. "They were on trees were Xander was staying and he's got funny things happening to him.  Are they the reason he's about to turn furry?"  She listened to him rant, but picked out the important parts.  "Okay, permanent or temporary?  He wanted to know if he should buy a new brush."  She snickered, shaking her head.  "Any idea who?  That's fine."  She looked back at Carbine.  "Is there any theories regarding Druids in outer space?  Yes, I'm serious.  Because I saw a picture of some druid looking stuff in something that someone knew wasn't from here.  No, wrong chemical composition or something.  Minerals we don't have and the like. Yeah, some of that stuff.  No, but Xander has an interest in that stuff.  Sure!"  She nodded, taking down the names of the books.  "Can we mooch them?  Thanks, Giles.  Gotta run.  I'll come in for Thanksgiving."  She hung up and handed back the list.  "See if any of those are in our library.  The others are coming by Fed Ex tomorrow."  She typed what she had been told to Lorne, who responded with a very nice 'thank you, Dawn, and do your homework' message.


Micah walked into his office, taking the paper that was held up by Lorne.  "Did she find it?"

"Yes, and she found a link between Druids and Martians."

"Doesn't really surprise me," he agreed drying, going up the stairs to look at the pictures himself.  He did giggle.  Xander with a tail was a cute thing.  Still, this didn't explain it well enough.  He called Xander.  "They're Druid markings, Dawn said something about them resembling some Martian stuff, and that it's possible.  She's working on the research right now.  So enjoy it for the weekend at least."  Xander let out a whoop and hung up, apparently pouncing Throttle again.  He leaned back, calling Dawn.  "Any ideas?"

"Modo's momma admitted that she *hoped* Xander and Throttle understood each other enough.  She didn't say the magical words from what she said, and she did it alone."

"Then what are the options?"

"The tree.  The cats.  Or Willow.   As far as we know, Anya only had one friend among the wish demons and she's dead.  I'm putting that into the 'probably not' category."

"Sure. You think he'll turn fully?"

"Maybe.  Not real sure," she admitted.  "Oh, Giles is sending us books that may explain why Carbine thought those marks were Martian."

"Fine.  I want a report.  A real report, like a research paper."  She moaned.  "Tough.  Think of it as training.   I want footnotes to sources and detailed implications of how and why if you can.  If not, I want best guess and to have it marked as best guess."

"Yes, Micah," she complained.  "I've got a physics test next week."

"And?  It could help.  Magic has to do with physics.  Have Carbine help since she recognized them."  He hung up and smirked at Lorne, who was standing at the top of the stairs.  "It's good for her."

"It is, and it keeps me or Max from having a headache.  Meg called.  She said she could do it but only if you let her stay in Chicago.  Her mother won't let her leave, she's guilt- tripping her."  Micah nodded at that.  "Since when has Xander Harris had Omega level clearance?"

"Since Willow Rosenburg hacked the Initiative and gave it to him.  He's got Omega Seven level if I remember right.  Just a step below mine."

"Then why don't you hire him?"

"Because the boy likes to destroy things," Micah said dryly.  "He'd make a great wild card field agent, but a lousy home base one.  Though he is always a protector.  So I'm considering him an outsourced agent.  Along with the Martians."

"Oh.  Sure," Lorne agreed, shaking his head.  "I miss being a spy."

"You know, we need to know what the other Plutarkians are doing.  You could go spy on them," Micah suggested with a smirk.

"Asshole," he muttered, walking off.  "I don't want to stink that much."

"Me either.  If you don't, run someone into the field and take care of them."

"Fine. Where?"

"New Orleans has one.  Detroit has one.  There's a few others too.  Find 'em and give me a list."


"At least I don't have a tail."

"Yet.  I'm sure I can find someone to make you a mouse."

"When you do, let me know.  I want to make a few wishes myself."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll know, Micah."  Lorne slammed a door after himself.


Throttle woke up to a tail slowly teasing his antennas, and tweaked it, earning a squeak. "Good control, Xander, but not yet."

"But you wouldn't let me play with them and you refused to untie me."  He gave him his most pitiful look. "Please?  So I can play?"

"I'll let you play later," Throttle promised, giving him a kiss.  He heard his helmet shriek at him and groaned. "Can't they leave me alone?"

"That's why I woke you," he said smugly.  "See what you get for leaving me tied up?"

"I'll let you play later," he promised, going to pick it up.  "What?"

"Did you know your radio was left on all night?  There was a lot of noise that was very...disturbing to Stoker," Modo said gently.  "He drank himself to sleep last night."

"Wonderful.  Do I care if he didn't like me having sex?"  Xander snickered and Throttle looked back at him, shrugging.  "He said Stoker heard and had to get drunk."

"It was in awe of my magnificent technique," Xander said dryly.

"Is he a white mouse, bro?" Modo teased.

"Not yet.  So far we've got baby antenna and a very strong tail."  He swatted the one around his and untangled them before he could moan over the link.  "Any ideas if it's permanent?"

"Not yet. They're debating the 'wish demon' versus 'magic' thing right now.  Carbine found evidence that Druids from here were doing the same stuff as some of our priests way back when."

He removed the tail trying to wiggle into his body, shooting Xander another look.  "Wonderful.  Let me know if there is.  Preferably on the way back."  He put down his helmet at the laughter, going to pounce the boy for teasing him.  "You're going to get it for that."

"Why? It feels really good," Xander teased, doing it again.  Throttle moaned and reciprocated, making Xander yip but relax and accept it.  "Oh, no wonder you guys have tails!" he moaned, getting into it.

"You're a kinky guy, Xander," Throttle said with a smirk.  "I think I enjoy that about you."

"You'd better.  I don't think I could play straight any more."  He stole a kiss.  "Do more!  I want to see if anything changes with this orgasm!"

Throttle snickered but followed orders.  It would be interesting to see. "Maybe you'll start to like hotdogs."

"Fat chance, baby.  I love you, but not enough to eat parts."  He stole another kiss and wiggled his hips, moving his tail deeper.  Throttle let out the howl this time, but let him go for it.  It was kinda fun.


Charley looked up when she heard Throttle's bike, smirking at him and his smirk.  "How was the weekend?"  She stared at the chocolate colored furry creature behind him.  It had human ears and a human face, but it was definitely all mouse besides that.  "Xander?" she asked in awe.  He nodded, giving her a one-armed hug. "How?"

"We don't know.  Each time he gets off he changes a bit more," Throttle said smugly. "Unfortunately we ran out of energy before he finished changing."  He winked and walked his boy off, taking him back to the house.

"He's not white, I'm shocked," Modo said, giving them both pats on the back.  "Have fun?"


"We broke three bed frames, and the box spring.  A lamp.  A leather swing, and went for a midnight run though the woods," Xander said fondly, grinning at him.  "How about you?"

Modo looked at Xander, shaking his head.  "More than I needed to know," he admitted, walking off.  "Merle wanted you to call, Xander.  They finally got the permits."

"Sure."  Xander headed for the phone, dialing his boss.  "Hey, Merle, is it going to affect my employment status since I've now got fur and a tail?"  Merle spluttered.  "What?  It wasn't my fault.  Not that I mind it," he said smugly.  "We're not sure yet.  No, no ears yet.  Everything but ears and my nose.  Sure!  No, I'm home now.  Let me know.  Laters."  He hung up and went to pounce the humming mouse he could hear.  He even stopped when he realized it was Carbine.  "Hey, we're back."

She stared at him, her book falling from her hands.  "What the cheese?" she said in awe.  She kicked Stoker awake, and he fell out of his chair when he saw Xander. "How?" she asked.

"That's what we'd like to know," Throttle called.  "Vinine's back, Xander."

Xander let out a wicked chuckle and went to pounce him, dragging him off his bike to grin down at him.  "Hi, bro."

"Shit!" he yelped, getting away.  "What happened to you?"

"Tail, antenna, sounding familiar?" Throttle asked dryly.  "He grew fur last night."

"Then take him back there so he can grow the rest!  He's funny looking!" Vinnie whined.

"Actually, it was an Anya-theory of change," Xander said smugly.  "Orgasms did it."  He stood up and turned around.  "See?"

"Bro, you gotta change him the rest of the way," Vinnie said.  "He's cute but he's got to have the ears."

"We're going to see if they grow tonight," he said smugly.

Charley came over and touched Xander's fur, then gave it a gentle yank.  "It's real."  She turned him around and yanked on his tail.  "So's that."  She looked into his eyes. "Your eyes are still human too."

"I noticed that," Throttle admitted.  "I also don't remember any mice quite his shade.  We normally don't get that dark.  Darker grays but not us browns."

"It's not fair that he's not white.  Everyone says he's like my little brother and my momma never fooled around."

"Now I want an aspirin," Stoker said from the doorway.  "You okay, mini-punk?"  Xander beamed and nodded.  "You know this means you'll have to ride a bike, right?"

"He still can't, Stoker.  His ears upset him.  He'll get a sports car and do the same dangerous stuff."  He heard another bike and looked at Charley.  "You let her take your bike?"

"She rode it Friday too, that's how she jumped into the fight with the Torians."

"Did we win?" Throttle asked Vinnie.

"Yeah, and Meg did a very good impersonation of Xander too," he said smugly.  He stroked his fur.  "Well conditioned.  As soft as a baby mouse."  He pulled his hand back, dropping the few hairs. "He's shedding."

"Then we should probably go enjoy the fur while it lasts," Throttle suggested.  "Wake us up for dinner."  He drug Xander off, going to tease him.  He didn't mind him hairless but fur was fun to mess up.  You could do all sorts of stuff with fur that you couldn't on skin, like make tracks.

"Hey, no fair brushing me the wrong way," Xander complained as he was drug off, swatting the tail drawing on his back. "Meany.  Just for that I won't brush you later."

"Boys!" Momma yelled.

"We're going somewhere we won't bother straight people," Xander called back.

Carbine moaned and went back to her research.  That was too odd for her.  All of this really was.  She paused at the pure, deep, visceral moan that one of them let out and shivered.  "I need a man," she muttered.

"That's it, I'm making that spell permanent," Dawn yelled as she walked in.

"Thank you!" Xander called back.   "We love you!"

Dawn stomped up the ramp.  "So, is he a mouse?"

"Nearly," Charley admitted. "No ears and a flat nose still."

"Hmm.  I wonder what we could do to help that," she muttered, heading into the library.  She grinned at Stoker.  "Would it be ethically wrong to finish his transformation?"

"Probably, since he can't bike."

"Some of us don't bike and some of us do ride on the back of other's," Carbine pointed out.  "Even though it is usually women.  Not that I think Xander is one."

"No, he goes both ways," Dawn assured her.  "Plus, you know, he and Anya used to have that bondage thing going at times too."

"Is that where those handcuffs came from?" Stoker asked.  Dawn nodded, smiling at him.  "Why did we inherit them?"

"Xander said it should go to a couple who loved each other just as much as he and Anya did and they should use them in love and happiness, like they did.  He said it's only proper."  She pulled down the book she thought she needed, sitting down to flip through it.  "Does your have the transformation spell, Carbine?  I can't find it in here."

A book was shoved down to her.  "Don't do it without both their permission," Carbine ordered.

"Of course not, Xander might get upset and pout," she said dryly.  "We really need to get his ears checked out.  That should be this week."  She made a note to ask him about that and then found the spell she wanted, writing it down.  She'd have to run it by the Tara cat.


Xander came out for dinner that night yawning.  "Morning," he said with a sappy grin for Vinnie since he was staring.

"You've got baby mouse fur," he said in awe.  "White fur."   It was barely there, but you could see the miniscule hairs on his bare arms and chest.  You could still see the pigment of the skin underneath it.

"With tan spots," he admitted, turning to show the few spots on his back.  "I've got another on my thigh too."

"Wow," he said in awe.  "When is your appointment?"

"Um, Thursday I think."  He shrugged. "I'll check tomorrow."  He walked into the lounge area, holding out his arms.  "Well?"

"You've got a baby mouse nose," Stoker said, staring at him.  "It's just barely raised."

"His ears aren't much higher either," Dawn noted.  "You look like an albino with a tail."

"Cool."  He sat down, smirking at Modo.  "Well?"

"At least you look like Vinnie.  Are you continuing to change?"

"For some reason I don't think so," Xander offered.  "It felt like something settled into me during our last time.  That's also when I shed all over the bed.  Throttle's putting the sheet outside at the moment."  He looked at the table.  "So I feel like I'm starting over."

"You may be," Dawn said patiently.  "Too bad I didn't have to do that transformation spell to make you go fully one way or the other."

"Yeah," Xander sighed, looking at her.  "No magic.  Not without permission and Tara watching over you."

"I was going to have her do that," she promised.  "I'm not Willow."

"True, which is why I'm only going to set that rule," he said, staring her down.

"Hold on," Dawn said, standing up and coming around, tipping his chin up so she could look into his eye.  "Xander, pop out your glass eye."

"Eww," Carbine said, getting up and walking away.  "Not at the table."

"Fine," Dawn agreed, leading him into the bathroom, where his eye wash and things were.  "Pop it out.  If I'm right, then you won't be needing it.  Maybe a contact, but not anything else."

He popped it out, looking in the mirror at the hole. "I don't see anything."

"I do.  It used to not have that lump in the back.  Throttle!"  He came jogging in.  "His eye's regenerating.  Go for it again, dude.  Please.  We all hated that he lost it."  She left them alone, closing the door.  "I think his eye's regenerating.  They're seeing if the power of Anya solution works."

"Huh?" Stoker asked.

"Anya used to be all for her orgasms," she said smugly.  "It was her favorite thing next to money.  She talked about sex *constantly* and jumped Xander a number of times in the storeroom at the old store."  Stoker let out a whimper.  "We're sure your daughter will be just as wild," she said smugly.  "We love you more than enough to give you the child version of her.  Find her a good man or woman, or men and women, quickly and she'll settle down when it's time."

"Men and women?" Vinnie taunted.  "Hyper was she?"

"Xander had to give her seven or eight some nights before she'd quit begging for more," Dawn assured him.  "Not all men have that sort of stamina."

"I'm impressed," Charley said dryly.  "I can't get past two."

"I can't get past two!" Vinnie said in awe.  "How?"

"Practice," Dawn said smugly, smirking at the couple.  "You'll slowly build up stamina."  She heard Xander yelp, then moan, then something crashing.  "If that was the sink, you're in trouble.  The other one isn't in yet."

"I'll fix it later," Xander called. He came out and sure enough, one eye was now pink.  "It worked."

"It did," Stoker said, looking him over.  "You'll want to go one way or the other."

"Yeah, I figured a brown contact would be best for when I went to work," Xander admitted sheepishly.  "I'll fix the sink later."  He sat down and winced, then shifted some.  "Ow."

Throttle came out, wiping his hands off on a hand towel.  "So, home depot tonight?"

"Yeah, we probably should," Xander agreed.  "Maybe I'll have Merle meet me there."  He shrugged, smirking at his lover.  "Anything else change?"

"Your features are a bit more mouse-like," he admitted, studying his nose.  "It's like you're slowly aging a few weeks at a time into a full-blown mouse."

"So if you two had nothing but sex for the next month, he'd be near his current age?" Vinnie asked.

"Possibly," Throttle admitted.

"It's only the mind-blowing sex that creates the changes.  We had that quickie earlier and it didn't prompt any," he reminded him.  Throttle blushed but nodded.

"Ooh, smutty stuff.  Details?" Dawn asked.

"Not at the table," Modo protested.  "I don't wanna know."

Xander grinned at Charley, then casually flicked her hair with his tail.  She swatted him, but she was shaking her head and smiling.  So he guessed it was all right again.

The End.

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