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NC-17.  M/M, M/F.

Xander looked up at his doctor, watching him look in his ear.  They hadn't really raised much, but not for lack of trying.  They had figured out he was aging about a week and a half each time they had sex.  He wouldn't worry about it until he got to be forty in mouse years.  He had plenty of time until then.  "Any idea why I'm still off balance?"

"No, I can't tell," he admitted, sitting back down.  He looked in his eyes.  "Is one of those a contact?"  Xander nodded, reaching up to pop it out.  He stared at the pink eye.  "Is that normal?"

"Kinda," he admitted.  "It's not diseased."

"If you say so."  He picked up his light scope again, taking off the nozzle this time.  He shined it in the eye, earning a flinch.  "Hold still.  I know it's bright. Why is this such a problem, Mr. Harris?"

"My boyfriend's a biker."

"Oh. That's interesting."  He noticed the fur on the arm he accidentally touched and put down his scope.  "What is going on?"

"I don't know," he admitted.  "I woke up like this this weekend."  He pulled out his old license.  "That's how I looked before then.  Granted, the dizziness is a bit better since my eye's regrown and since I got a tail, but I'm still off balance."

The doctor handed back the license, looking at him.  "You're serious?"  Xander nodded.  "Have you sought professional help?"

"You are professional help.  Being slowly turned furry doesn't bother me.  My boyfriend's furry too."

"Oh," he said flatly.  "Well, I can't find any reason for you to be off balance.  Perhaps your...changing will take care of that too?" he asked, moving back.  "I can refer you for some tests if you want."

"No, I'll see someone who doesn't freak out," Xander assured him dryly.  "Maybe I should go."  The doctor nodded so he left, paying on the way out.  He popped back in the contact and headed for the worksite.  He walked in and found Micah at his desk.  "Damn, you get around more than I did in my clubbing days," he joked.

Micah looked up at him, then shook his head.  "Not even.  I don't have time for it."  He stood up, looking in Xander's eyes.  "It did grow back?"

"Yeah, but I'm still off balance."  He looked around.  "Merle?"

"That little kid took one look at me and ran off screaming for her daddy and mommy," he admitted.  "Apparently she thought I was Immigration."

"Only extraterrestrial immigration," Xander joked.  He leaned on the front of Merle's desk.  "So, why the visit?"

"I'm checking on you, kid.  This isn't good for you."

"I don't mind being furry."

"Yeah, but this changing has got to suck."  He moved closer, patting his furry arm. "Any change there?"

"Yeah, I've gotten a bit more furry.  We figured it out using developmental charts.  I'm aging about a week and a half each time we have mind blowing sex.  I'm not going to worry about it until I'm about forty as a mouse."

"Try to stop at twenty, that way you're nice and young for a long time.  Let's go."


"To see someone about your balance problems.  I want to know if this is because you're technically a baby mouse or not."  He drug Xander out to his car, handing over a piece of paper.  "Someone I know is selling their custom job."  Xander hugged him.  "Thanks, kid.  Buckle up.  I've already cleared it with Merle.  Oh, Giles is pissed that you're not using the money to train yourself to do other stuff."

"I like doing construction.  It makes me happy."

"I can agree with that.  Do what makes you happy.  It'll ease the ache of miserableness later in old age."  He started his car and pulled out, heading for a doctor he had hired.  "I'm hiring Meg and Oz to be the local contacts for you guys."

"Cool.  Oz could use the training and he's very calm in an emergency."

"I noticed that.  That and how well Meg does you when you're not around."

"I heard," he said proudly.  "Does this guy do aliens?"

"Yeah, he does," Micah admitted.  "Usually illegal ones, but that's okay."  He pulled into a warehouse about an hour later, getting out and nodding Xander to follow him.  Xander walked into the lab setup, looking confused.  "I know, it's a pain, but he's promised to behave," Micah said.  "In return for his life in prison instead of a horrible death."

"You know Karbunkle tortured the bros, right?" he asked blandly.

"Yeah, and it's not him."  He coughed and someone came out of the back, a large tan mouse. "He was banished for doing risky and iffy stuff too.  Enamel, this is Xander.  He's Throttle's.  This just started happening a few days ago."

"That's fine.  I got nothin' against his man.  Sit, Mr. Harris."  Xander sat and he looked him over.  "What happened?"

"Well, a little over a year ago I lost my eye.  Then last weekend we went out of town and I started to change.  I though the dizziness I was plagued with was from my eye, but I'm thinking I'm wrong since it's still going on.  We've figured out I'm about the same as a six month old mouse."

"I see."  He picked up something, tapping it against the boy's head, listening to the vibrations.  "Hmm.  Many skull fractures?"

"One good concussion but into many walls in my life."  He watched as the doctor moved around him.  "Should I take out my contact?"

"If you could.  Can you see out of that eye?"

"It's really blurry.  But it's not making me unhappy either."

"I understand."  He picked up something else, considering it, then looked at Micah.  "I don't know what's going on here."

"Put it down," Vinnie shouted as he walked in.  "If you're doing it this way, you're doing it for real.  No weapons.  Or else I get to play."  Enamel took a step back and he glared at him, then at Micah.  "You know he's a bad guy, right?"

"It's the best we could do," he admitted.  "It was this and life in prison or death."

"I'm not hurting him, Vinnie. I promise," Enamel said calmly.  "I was going to steal him, not hurt him."

"Yeah, because Throttle would love that!"  He walked over and tapped Xander gently on the face, waking him.  "Hi."  He looked so confused so Vinnie grinned.  "He's a bad guy.  He was trying to knock you out."  He looked at the doctor again.  "Do it the right way.  Or else.  His man's behind me somewhere."

"Sorry."  He picked up the tuning fork again and tapped it against the table, laying it against the boy's head, making him shriek and move away.  He looked into his eyes, then nodded.  "He'll need a brain scan.  It's changing too.  We've got bigger lobes."

"You do?"

"Most of us," Enamel admitted.  "Some of us have about the same as humans do."  He looked at the boy again.  "He'll be fine as he grows, but I'd expect some migraines soon and the balance to come and grow as his mouse side ages."  He heard a quiet cough and got away from him.  "I made a deal to save my life. I wasn't going to hurt him."

"Yay," Modo said as he joined Throttle.  "Stealing him would have brought retribution."

"Not to mention capping Micah.  He does stuff so we don't have to," Throttle noted coldly.  "And?"

"He'll be fine.  He's changing more fully into a mouse.  A bit more brain capacity.  The normal baby balance problems.  Like the one around you guys.  In a few weeks he should regain his balance.  Work on it with him then.  Vinnie's got good balance, do what they did."

"I took lessons in leaping dances," Vinnie said dryly.

"He could do those.  He's very strong.  The human he was must have been in excellent health."

"Will it stop or will he suddenly start getting older too?" Throttle asked.

"It'll take us years to make me get to the point of a twenty-year-old.  I'm not worried about that, Throttle," Xander said gently.  "I don't want to get you hurt because I'm off balance while we're riding."  He looked at the doctor.  "I used to have tubes in my ears from infections and fluid build up.  Will I need them again?"

"We don't get those sort of problems.  Fluid doesn't build up in our ears," Enamel said patiently.  "Whatever you do to work out, continue that.  Do things to increase your breath control, your flexibility, and your balance.  You'll need balance work most of all.  When you're ready, they can put you on a bike of your own.  I'd suggest waiting until he was approximately seven or eight," he told Throttle.  "Again, that's years in the future, no matter how he's aging."  He stepped closer to Micah again.  "He'll have a headache in a few days.  We all went through it.  It should come with a fever and a sensitivity to light.  If it doesn't then it's all right, but that's about when we have that lobe expansion."  Throttle nodded at that.  "Then his vision in that eye should clear up within a few more months of aging.  Don't wear that contact too often, Mr. Harris.  It could prevent the moisture and oxygen from getting to it."  Xander nodded.  "Also, expect to put away food. You're looking too tired and I'm assuming it's from all the muscles you've been putting on not being replaced by calories needed."  Throttle moaned, hitting himself on the head.  "Feed your boy and feed him often, Throttle.  Try for some balance, but don't get pushy.  He seems like the stubborn sort."  He glanced at Micah.  "I don't mind taking care of them if necessary."

"We do," Vinnie told him.

"Vinnie," Throttle soothed.  "He's the closest we'll get to a real doc and not a field medic."  Vinnie shuddered. "Yearly and serious injuries?"

"Fine, if I'm dying," Vinnie said bitterly, glaring at the doctor.  "Do not come near our family."

"I'd never dream of it," he promised, taking another step back.  "He'll need some vitamins, children's vitamins should be fine.  You might send a few cases home with that baby you're around too.  She looked really tired recently."

"She'd been played with until she needed a nap," Modo told him.  Enamel nodded, accepting that.

"Any other instructions?"

"He's incredibly receptive to learning at this moment.  If he wants to pick up a new skill, now's the time."  He bowed to them, then looked at Micah.  "Can I go back to my cell now?"

"Sure."  He nodded at someone in the shadows to grab him and walk him off.  "I had no idea he was that bad, just that he had been banished for doing ethically iffy things."

"Yeah, like brain transplants," Vinnie said dryly.  "Like genetic tampering."  He looked at Xander, then at Throttle, raising an eyebrow.  "You think?"

"I can't prove," he admitted.  "It sounds like something he would have done."  He considered it then nodded.  "Fine.  For emergencies and life threatening illnesses and he can teach Charley girl and Dawn how to do it instead."  Vinnie snorted but nodded his assent.  "Modo?"  He shrugged and nodded.  "Xander?"  Xander blinked up at him.  "You okay?"

"I feel funny."

"It's probably colic," Micah joked.  "He couldn't hurt him with that tuning fork, right?"  Throttle shook his head, coming over to look over Xander.  "Any pin pricks?"

"One small one," he said, looking at the hole.  He squeezed it and a fluid came out.  He grabbed some gauze to put it on, squeezing more out.


"Hush, he got you with something."  He got down to where it was blood and handed it to Micah.  "Here."

"Thanks."  He put it into a small baggie from his pocket.  "Take him home."

"I'm fine," Xander told him.  "Just hungry and tired."  He stood up.  "If I can eat, I'll be fine."

"Sure, Xander.  What did you want for lunch?" Throttle asked.  "Thanks, Micah."

"Not a problem.  I feel the same way about you guys," he assured him, smirking at Vinnie. "I was trying to help."

"I know, that's why you're not a greasy spot," he said with a mean grin.  "Remember that.  Xander's been adopted into my clan.  Everyone said so."  He walked off, going to follow the others to lunch.  He could eat.

Micah looked back at the doorway.  "He'd better be right or else Throttle will let Vinnie pound him into puppy food."  He walked back there.  "That thing on his neck, was that a drug?"

"No, he had a pimple from an ingrown hair.  He had a few of them.  They're normal.  We pop them just like you guys do."  The door slammed inward and he jumped up to defend himself, backing away from Throttle.  "I didn't do it to him!  I swear I didn't!  It seems like my work but it's not!"

"His tail's shedding."

Enamel paused his backing away.  "You don't deal with too many babies, do you?  You've got to lotion that spot, just like their butts when you change them. Babies peel.  The same as he might change color some too.   The same as I heard you did."  Throttle growled at that.  "Hey, that wasn't me either.  I did take care of Vinnie when he was younger, but I never saw you!"

Throttle grabbed him, pulling him closer.  "I want to know every little thing I can do to help him," he said in a menacing hiss. "I want to know it all and I want to know it now."  He gave him a shake.  "Or else your deal won't mean a thing, Enamel."

"Fine," he yelped, getting away.  He quickly wrote out the basics and handed them over.  "It's a lot like taking care of a human baby.  I'm supposing you don't have to diaper him but watch out for wetness.  Newly furred beings can get infections. He's also got ingrown hairs.  You need to help him groom himself better.  Especially his back.  The spots aren't normal for us but it could indicate a color change. I swear, I didn't have anything to do with this."

"What happens if he continues to age and gets past his actual one?"

Enamel shrugged.  "I don't know.  Can that happen?  Maybe.  Will it?  Only if you two keep going at it like mice in heat. If so, he'd probably age normally for a mouse.  If he grows our extra stomach gland, he'll probably change over fully.  You might be able to find a way to stop the rapid aging, but I'm not sure how."

"What caused it?" Micah asked.  "Since you swear you didn't."

He shrugged.  "I've never seen it in any of the girls I've taken to bed. I do know that our secretions can affect them slightly.  I had one I was out of hormonal synch with and she started to get headaches.  Are you making him suck you?"

"More like let," Throttle said smugly.  "He enjoys the hell outta it."

"Then I'd get him to give it up when he's aged to about his approximate age."

"That could take years," Micah said dryly.  "Any other questions?"

"Seven years before he can bike?"

"Hey, go for it more often, that won't be that long," Enamel offered, smirking a bit.  Throttle socked him, knocking him down.  "Sorry!"  He backed away from him again.  "The average age for one of us to climb onto a bike and be able to control it is seven.  Think about your first bike, how old were you?"


"Four?  Man, was your momma desperate for you to go out and play?"  Throttle kicked him this time, making him moan as something broke.  "I'm sorry.  Oh, Cheese, I'm sorry.  Whenever he's got balance, can do complicated tumbling or diving or leaping dances.  Then he's ready."

"Fine.  Thank you."  He tucked the paper into one of his pockets, nodding at Micah.  "We're going to lunch."

"Have fun and try diving.  Xander likes to swim."

"Decent."  He walked off, patting the paper to make sure it was still in his inner pocket.  He climbed onto his bike, looking at Vinnie.  "He was your baby doctor?"  Vinnie groaned and nodded.  "At least he probably had your picture on his wall as a cute kid."

"Half of Mars had my picture on their walls as a cute kid.  I was part of the cute kid calendar," he said smugly.

"Guys, no more bragging.  Feed me before I need to chew on Throttle some more."  Throttle gave him a look.  "I'm hungry.  Plus, Micah told me where to go for a car."

"Sure."  He kicked his bike to life and took off, taking him to his favorite Mexican place.  Since they could afford it and all.  Vinnie went past them, heading to steal Charley for lunch.  Throttle got them into a quiet booth, sitting next to his guy.  "How many times is that?  Seven years at a week and a half each time?"

Modo looked up, then at him.  "Maybe 242 times."

"That's more than we can have in a year," Xander said dryly, smirking at the waitress.  "Por favor, un coque, ningún hielo, y cuatro cervezas de la raíz? (please, one coke, no ice, and four root beers?)"

"Si.  Un momento."  She hurried off, bringing back their sodas and root beer. "Es usted listo ordenar? (Are you ready to order?)"

Xander opened his menu and pointed at something he *really wanted*.  "Numere cinco, ningunas cebollas o guacamole, y la cesta de virutas con esa inmersión de queso. Él tendrá número tres con todo y el otro tendrá número diez, fácil en las especias. Tenemos dos el venir y tendrán threes del número sin guacamole y con las cervezas de la raíz. (Number five, no onions or guacamole, and the basket of chips with that cheese dip.  He'll have number three with everything and the other one will have number ten, easy on the spices.  We have two more coming and they'll have number threes without guacamole and with root beers.)"

"Si.  Gracias."  She hurried off to put in their order, bringing back the chips and cheese dip.  She smiled and walked off.

"Cheese dip?" Throttle asked.

"I may be turning into a mouse but I like cheese.  He caught her eye.  "Salsa?" he asked. "I forgot they hate cheese."  She smiled and nodded, getting it for them the next time she walked past.  "More for me," Xander said happily, digging into the cheese dip.

Vinnie walked in with Charley, smirking at them.  "Hola, ya'all."

"Funny," Xander said dryly.  "I've got the cheese dip," he told Charley.  "I'll let you pour some out.  I got your the usual without guac."

"Thanks, Xander."

"Why cheese?  I hate cheese?" Vinnie complained.

Xander kicked him.  "Because I need calcium for strong bones and I can't drink that much milk.  We can't keep it in the house.  You eat it on pizza, you can eat it here.  Besides, this doesn't taste like any cheese you've ever eaten.  Try a bite."  He dipped in a chip but Vinnie gave him a heated look.  "Please, big brother?" he teased.

"Fine," he complained but he ate it.  "Not *too* bad but it's still cheese," he complained.

"You eat cheese on your food from here," Charley told him as she dipped out some of the dip for her own chips.  "Thank you, Xander."

"Welcome.  Maybe we should drop a whole bushel of habeneros on Plutark," he said dryly.
"Ooh, that's mean," Modo said with a smirk.  "A pepper bomb."

"Any of us left up there would die," Vinnie said.  "Unless they were pregnant."

"Nah, not even Switch could eat a habenero with me," Xander said fondly.  "They're what you make pepper spray out of."  The waitress came over with an envelope, whispering in his ear.  "Thank you," he said with a gentle smile.  She nodded and hurried off.  "I had forgotten my cards had pictures on them.  Micah fixed that."  He kicked at Modo's shin.  "You can eat a bite too.  It's good for you."

"Is this like the hot pepper candy?" he asked suspiciously.

"Vinnie didn't gulp everyone's soda."

"Point."  He dipped a chip into it, just the corner.  Then he nibbled it. "Not too bad."  Xander beamed at him.  "I'm still not eating it in mass quantities."

"Not an issue," he agreed happily.  He looked at Throttle, who had stolen one already and was eating it.  "Thanks."

"You're welcome."  He patted him on the back.  "Merle said you had the day off when I called him."

"He did?"

"Yup, he did."

"Huh. I thought I was going back to work this afternoon."  He shrugged. "I'll call after I'm finished.  I might need a nap."

"Maybe," Throttle agreed, watching as the boy inhaled the chips and dip.  "If you're not going back, we've got to do a bit of shopping for you."  Xander nodded, grinning at him.  "You'll need a special brush for when I'm too tired to climb in with you."  The approaching waitress blushed and put down their food, hurrying off. "Sorry, ma'am," he called after her.  She smiled but was still blushing.

"I think you embarrassed her."  Charley dug into her food, smiling at the usual plate of quesadillas and refried beans.  "Better than I was going to do."

"Micah told me where to look for a new car," Xander told her.  "So if I'm not going back to work, I'll be bringing you more work today."

"I'm booked today but I'll be unbusy this weekend if you can wait," Charley offered.

"That means I've got to get someone up really early because I've got to be at the site at seven."  He dug into his food, eating it all, and about half of Throttle's.  "Sorry, guess I am hungry."

"You need to replace all those calories you guys burn," Charley teased.  "Go ahead and get it.  If I have to, I'll tell you what to do while I'm working on another one."  He beamed and nodded, bouncing a bit.  "Order more, Xander.  The rest of us are still eating.

Xander waved at the waitress.  "Can I have some fried ice cream?"  She nodded, going to get it for him.  He beamed and handed over his new card.  "Take a thirty percent tip too, you're very nice."  She smiled and went to do that.  Having to run it twice, but brought the slip back to him.  He signed it and handed her back her copy with the pen and took his card to put away.  He dug back into his dessert, eating as quickly as he could.

"Slow down.  You won't starve," Throttle said quietly.  "There's sparks between the bowl and the spoon."

Xander sat up and took a long drink of his water. "Brain freeze," he moaned.  Throttle patted him on the back but he did slow down.  "So, are you going with me?"  Throttle nodded.  "Cool."  He grinned at Charley.  "I've got to call Merle to make sure I do have this afternoon off and why since I'm due to start the payroll stuff today."

"You're doubting me already?" Throttle asked tolerantly.

"No, I'm wondering if Micah pressured him into giving me the whole day off," he said dryly.  "All you'd have to do is tell Merle that you'd keep me calm for the day and make sure I didn't come in bouncing the next morning."

Throttle nodded. "Yeah, that's about what I told him."

Xander beamed and kissed him on the cheek.  "Thanks, babe."

"Welcome, Xan.  Finish your dessert."  Xander inhaled the rest of it then dug into the chips and dip again.   "I don't know how you can do that."

"I used to mix orange juice and milk when I was a kid," Xander said between bites. Charley smacked him on the hand, making him wince.  "Ow, meany!"

"Slow down, Xander.  You're not that frantic for food."

"Yes I am."

"Didn't you eat breakfast?"

"That was hours ago.  I was working hard until ten.  Then I went to not be believed by that first doctor and then Micah found another guy and Vinnie came in to threaten him.  But we found out some stuff."

"Yeah, we need to get him some baby lotion," Throttle agreed.  He handed over the list.  "That's what we're supposed to be doing."

She read it over and snickered, handing it back.  "I don't think that part of it can be found at a shop."

Throttle read down the list, then blushed and shook his head.

Xander kissed him and took it, then cackled. "Later, dear.  After I get my new car."  He gave him a kiss on the cheek then looked around before getting under the table and wiggling his way out.  "Bathroom.  Be right back."  He headed that way.

"Didn't he use to be...slower?" Modo asked dryly.

"Baby mice are that active," Vinnie told him.  "My cousins were little whirlwinds, even when I was nearly the same age."

"Mine too," Throttle admitted. He finished off his lunch, not realizing Xander wasn't there until he realized he had eaten it all and told an embarrassing Vinnie story.  He got up, heading into the bathroom.  "Xander?"

"Other things are changing," he said from inside the stall.  He walked out, glancing around, then unzipped his pants again.  "Look at that."

"It's a sheathe.  We have those," he admitted.  "Put it away, we can figure that out later."  He nodded, doing up his pants just in time.  One of the waiters came in and gave them an odd look. "We're roommates.  We're trying to figure out how to torture the white one."  He nodded and did his business, then washed his hands and left.

Xander washed his hands, looking in the mirror at his boyfriend as he peed.  "That's really normal?"

"Yeah, that's really normal."

"Do you guys do circumcisions and things?"


"I'll show you later," Xander sighed.  He dried his hands off, stealing a kiss.  "Yours isn't like that."

"Mine was trimmed due to a medical accident.  All I remember was a female cousin, two batteries, a bit of wire, and 'let's play doctor' right before she hit me."  Xander gave him a gentle squeeze around the arm.  "It wasn't too bad.  I woke up a few days later," he admitted, walking him out.  Xander suddenly unclung once they stepped through the door.  He'd have to ask him why later. They gathered the others and went out to their bikes, finding a parking ticket on Modo's.  "Needed the sun?" he teased Lil' Hoss.  She beeped and let out a snort, but Modo tucked it into his pocket and they got on to ride off.  "I'll see you guys later," Throttle called after them.  He took Xander to do some minor shopping, then to the place where that guy was selling his car.


Xander drove the sports car into the garage and stopped it.

"What is that?" Charley yelled from the kitchen, coming out.  She looked at the body.  "That's not right."

"No, the guy who built it got a Corvette body and raised it some because he didn't want it to sit four inches off the ground either.  Then he put in a heavier motor suitable for street racing.  He started it when he was twenty-one and his wife said either the car went or he did since he's now thirty and they've got two kids," he finished with a grin.  "Six grand.  All hand built."

"I can see that.  You also ping and grind."

"I heard the ping."

"You grind and you need new brakes too," she said grimly, looking at the car.  She could foresee many hours working on that.  "How fast does it go?"

"Nearly two hundred out on that closed section of interstate.  We did about zero to ninety in under quarter of a minute."  She whimpered so he got out to hug her.  "I like it!  And I look dangerous!" he said happily, going to show Throttle and take him for a ride.

Charley popped the hood to look at the motor, whimpering when she saw it.  She hadn't seen anything this strong in years, not since she had temped in for a drag racer's mechanic for a day.  Then again, his had been a long time ago.  She had been dating him.  She shook her head, checking the normal things, like the oil.  That was good at least.  The last owner had loved it.  It had nearly as many coats of wax as Modo's bike.

Vinnie came in and wrapped her in his tail, looking in the motor. "What is that?"

"A stock car engine," she told him, putting down the hood.  She got free of his tail and went to start it, shuddering at the grinding noise.  She could pinpoint it, but the pinging would drive her nuts.  She could already tell that.  She shut it off and opened the hood again.  "Yeah, that's the grinding," she said, looking at the fan.  "The engine needs about another inch."

"Can we push it back?" Xander asked. "He said he tried to bend it every which way but it always hit something."

"Maybe.  How did he put in the firewall?"  She moved to the side to look at it, then nodded.  "I can but it's going to take me days, Xander.  I'll have to pull the engine to do that."

"Can't we replace the fan?" Throttle asked. "It'd be easier."

"He'll need the bigger fan to cool the engine," she told him, moving Vinnie so he could get a better look.  He gave it a comical look. "It's a stock car engine," she told him.

"I know, isn't it great!" Xander said happily. "It's a six speed too!"

"That's where the pinging is," Charley decided, looking at the gear box.  "Vinnie, go turn off the oven."  He nodded, going to do that.  She tapped on the gear box, hearing something rattle.  "Yeah, that's the pinging.  I'll also want to check your combustion chambers.  The cylinders aren't firing in the right order."  He just gave her this goofy grin.  "To fix this will cost about as much as the car."

"How much did you pay for it, Xan?" Throttle asked.

"Six grand."  He got out and looked at the engine.  "I need to learn this."

"I can teach you on this thing," she promised.  She saw his grin and shook her head.  "It's going to take weeks, Xander, and you shouldn't drive it until we fix the fan."

He looked at it.  "Can we replace the blades?"  She shook her head.  "Not at all?"

"They're welded in place."

"How much for a new fan?"

"That'll fit or that'll work?"  He gave her a look.  "Let me check. I have an old boyfriend who drag races.  Maybe his crew would know."  She went to find his number, making the call.  "Hey, Peter, long time no hear.  No, it's Charley Davidson.  No, actually, I just had someone bring in a car with an engine like yours, but he's got a fan issue, it's grinding inside the corvette body.  I was wondering who your supplier was."  She wrote down the names.  "Thanks, man.  Are you going around here soon?"  She smiled and wrote that down as well.  "Thanks.  Yeah, after the races.  Thanks for this."  She hung up and called them.

"Hi, this Is Charley Davidson at the Last Chance Garage in Chicago.  I need a fan for a stock car engine in a corvette's body.  No, a guy who souped it up at twenty-one.  Barely from what I can tell.  I've only temped a few times on a drag racer.  No, the new owner's willing to learn.  The former one's wife said he had to get rid of it or her."  The guy laughed.  "Basically, and now it's owned by a big kid.  No, the fan looks like it's been homemade and it's grinding. He's got a Mack truck fan in a corvette's body.  Sure.  I'd appreciate it.  Thanks."

She hung up and walked out.  "Xander, there's a guy who'll come in and look it over tomorrow since I'm not sure what size fan will fit.  He works with drag racers.  By the way, we're going next month when an old flame is riding."  She went in to check on the pizza, taking it out of the oven.  She turned the oven back on and slid in the other one she had ready.  She sliced that one.  "First servings," she called.  They rushed in to get some.  By the time they were ready for more, the second one would be done and she could put in the third so Xander could eat that by himself.

Everyone gave him amused looks when he finished the third one but shared his pepperoni with Vinnie and Throttle.  Then they went back to looking at Xander's new car.  At least until Throttle pulled Xander back to their room to teach him how to take care of his new fur.


Merle walked out when he heard the strong engine, watching as Xander got out of the corvette.  "What's under that thing and hasn't Charley gotten onto you yet about that ping?"

"She's fixing it with me this weekend.  As for under the hood?" he asked, waving him over.  He popped the hood and gave him a happy smirk.  "It was customed by a guy in college.  He had it for nine years.  Now it's my baby."  He saw a few trucks coming up the road.  "Can I park behind the trailer?"

"Sure, but the brick trucks go there.  Park beside the explosives shed.  I doubt you're throwing off sparks."  Xander beamed and shut the hood, going to park his new baby out of danger.  Merle walked back inside, shaking his head.  That boy was so bad sometimes.  "Xander, go check your crew in and then come do that paperwork Throttle said you'd do today."

"Sure, Merle."  He headed to do that, happily bouncing along.  He had remembered his discman today so it was all good to him.  He walked into the house.  "Hello, my busy little bees.  Who's missing?" he called.

"Fred and Thom," his female worker yelled.  "Are you sane?"  She came down the stairs and stopped, staring at him in awe.  "Xander?"  He turned off his discman.  "Why are you furry?"

"We're presently debating that, but I started out with chocolate colored fur," he said proudly.  "Now I'm a white mouse, just like my near-big brother Vinnie.  But I've got spots."  She let out a whimper.  "What?" he whined.  "Throttle and I went away for a weekend alone and this happened."

"Guys, Xander's done an image change," she called.  "Come see."  The rest of his crew came down and stared at him.

"Well, at least you're cute," one guy said finally, shrugging a bit.  "You're still the same goofy person you were so we're fine.  You are, right?"

"A bit more hyper," he admitted.  "Any of you guys got problems?"  One man raised his hands.  "You're not on my crew."

"No, I'm the inspector.  What are you?"

"Human.  I just ended up with fur this weekend."  He shrugged.  "We don't know why.  Maybe something ecological in Pennsylvania."  The guy let out two big blinks.  "Don't worry, I'm crew chief.  I don't do much of the work," he said patiently.

"That's fine then," he decided, handing over his report.  "You've got two problems."

Xander looked at the list, then at Brad.  "Having a problem with nails?"  He shook his head.  "If you didn't do them, go fix them, Brad.  I like you doing studs. You do them very well."  He grinned and went to do that.  Xander looked at the man again.  "Anything else going wrong, sir?"

"No, not really.  Your crew doesn't mind you being like this?"

"Not as far as I know.  Guys?"  They all shrugged and went back to work, but his female worker did stroke his arm and grinned at him before walking off.  "It's all new but we'll work it out," he promised.  "I've got a good and decent crew who liked me before I turned furry."  The inspector nodded, going back to the trailer to check with Merle, then check on those studs since he was still here.  That way he wouldn't have to come back so soon.   He signed off on those two studs, then handed over the completed inspection form before running off.

"Xander?" Merle called as he walked into the house.  "Are you okay?  Most people who get the funny looks are upset."

"Nah, I'm good.  I've seen others go through it," he admitted dryly.  "I'm furry but I'm not that different, just a bit more hyper."  He beamed at him. "Oh, I was told to warn you that I might experience some mild migraines soon but they'd quickly go away in a few weeks, and that my balance would slowly return."

"Good."  He clapped him on the back, then petted him.  "That's really soft."

"I'm basically going through what a baby mouse would," he said smugly.  "So my vision in that eye will clear up and my balance will return and I'll quit eating everything in sight soon, and I'll quit bouncing eventually."

"Why? Vinnie hasn't yet," Merle said dryly.  "The higher boss wanted to talk to you.  He didn't believe me when I told him you were furry."

Xander beamed. "Sure, I'll go pounce him later.  Will he be at the club?"  He nodded.  "Then I'll be there."  He went up the stairs to check on his crew, finding the problem.  "Hey, Merle," he said, carrying the drunken man down the stairs.  "I think you need to have one of your special talks with this one.  Have fun, man."

"How did you lift him?" he asked patiently.

Xander looked at his hands.  "I don't know."  He shrugged.  "Throttle can lift me so I'm guessing that's part of all this fur."  He went back up to help his crew.  He could do that paperwork later.

Merle shook his head, walking the drunk off to have a 'talk' with him in the trailer.


Xander purred up outside the club later that night.  His jet black car matched his jet black jeans and t-shirt, and leather jacket.  The guard at the door let out a whimper and Xander winked, turning on his security system, then handing him the keys.  "Don't take it too far, don't go too fast, and remember to turn back on the alarm.  And yes, I know about the ping and the grind, we're fixing them soon."  He headed inside, pausing at the bar long enough to get a bottle of beer and head out onto the floor.  Throttle hadn't wanted to come so he was alone here, but that was fine.  Everyone here knew him by scent if not by sight.  He found his boss dancing and winked at the girl, moving in on him.  She gave up, not able to compete with him.

Xander's boss, who was a vampire, stopped dancing to stare at him.  "Xander?"

He smirked and nodded.  "You're not dancing, you're making the crowd disorganized."

"That's their damn luck."  He drug him off, taking him to his special table.  No one touched his table.  He sat down across from the boy, eventually reaching over to touch his neck. "You're one of them now," he said flatly.  Xander nodded, sipping his beer.  "Should you be doing that?"

"I'm allowed to have one, boss.  Really."  He put it down and rested his arms on the table. "I scared the inspector today."

"You nearly scared me to life!" he said, still looking shocked.  Xander chuckled at that. "Does he like it?  I heard you're dating one of them."

"Yeah, Throttle likes my fur," he said with a grin.  "I'm slowly aging into a big mouse at the moment."  His beer was taken away and finished for him.  "I asked, Throttle said I could have one."

"Not if you're underaged in that form.  What are you doing? Slowly shifting?"  Xander nodded.  "Why?"

"We're not sure.  I started to change during our weekend away.  I originally had chocolate colored fur but all that fell out."  He grinned at the vampiress trying to curl up around his back.  "Princess, my man would be *real* upset with you.  Even if I might like to be claimed, he'd dust you."  She pouted but walked off.  "I want my wallet back too," he called.  It was tossed back.  "And the cards."  She walked them over, stopping to pick up something that had fallen out.  She stared his former license, then at him, shaking her head.  He nodded, taking it all back.  "Yeah, it's me.  My man likes me more this way."  She hurried off to tell the others.  He stuffed his wallet back into his back pocket, smirking at his boss. "It happens every now and then.  The same as someone trying to nibble on me does."

"They're obviously young," he said dryly.  "Do you still want to work days?"  Xander nodded. "You're sure?  Most of the strange creatures on the crew work nights.  I could use you on nights."

"Nah, because I've got Dawnie and it's not that noticeable yet. I'll be more furred in a few months.  I'll reconsider then."

"How is Dawn?  I saw her taking out some of that alien menace.  She looked very good."

"She did what?" he asked flatly.  He nodded.  "Oh, she's gonna get it when I get home," he complained. "I'm gonna kick her ass eight ways from Sunday."  His boss chuckled.  "So, I'm good with you?"

"You're fine with me, Xander.  Your work has been exemplary.  You've had valid excuses for your absences.  You didn't sue us when you fell down that fifty foot hole and we couldn't get you out.  I would have."

"I don't need the money."

"Point."  He nodded.  "Then we're fine.  Merle took your crew out for a beer earlier and called in the two sick ones.  They said it didn't matter to them so it doesn't to me either.  Did you ever find a car?"

"Just yesterday.  Charley's got to get some parts for it.  I've got a grinding fan and a ping.  It's outside if you wanted to see it."

"Maybe on the way out.  Are you staying tonight?"

"I was considering it but I thought I'd head to Fields.  It's got music that I like more."  He grinned.  "I promise, I won't drink."

"That's fine, Xander.  Be careful, there's some rougher players in town."

"Do they really want a piece of me?" he asked smugly.  "I'm stronger now."  He stood up and snapped his fingers, holding out a hand.  His wallet was put back into it and he could feel it was probably all there but he had to keep his badass reputation intact.  "If you took anything I'm going to stake everyone but my boss."  The picture that was missing was put back into his hand.  He glanced at it.  "Thanks, I didn't realize I still had that thing."  He tucked it back in behind everything, doing a quick count.  "My Mastercard?"  It was handed back and he shook his head.  "See you soon, boss."

"Have fun and be safe, Xander.  We enjoy the hell out of you."  He watched as the boy walked off, shivering and adjusting himself inside his pants. "He smells so much better," he complained to his childe, who thoughtfully got down on her knees to fix that for him.

Xander took his keys back, smiling at the guard.  "Did you take a spin?"

"Just around the block.  I envy you, man.  I really do."  He watched as the boy hopped in over the door and headed off.  He let out a little moan.  That was so good!


Throttle got up and found himself still alone.  He checked the clock; nearly one in the morning.  He listened but only Vinnie was up.  He climbed out of bed and put on his pants, boots, and vest, heading up to talk to him.  "Where did he go?"

"To talk to his boss, then the Fields most likely.  He likes it there.  He likes dance music more than heavy metal most of the time," he said with a small smirk at him.  "Need a map?"

"Not going out?"

"I'm waiting on Dawn."

"No, you can go get Dawn," he said dryly.  "Flame her tail if you have to.  It's a school night."  Vinnie smirked at him.  "You can show me this club on the way."  He woke his bike up and climbed on, following Vinnie out of the lair and out into the main part of the city.  Vinnie stopped and pointed and he could see the distinctive black car sitting down the way with a group of people admiring it.  He shook his head, heading down there, waving at Vinnie to have fun getting Dawn. He parked right beside the car, getting awed looks. "He's mine," he muttered, heading inside after paying the small cover.  The bouncer inside looked at him.  "My man's here.  He's the one with the car outside."

"He's gay?"

"He's bi, and he's mine, dude. Where is he?"  The bouncer smirked and pointed at the floor.  The dance floor was in a square depression so he could see his mate clearly.  Getting to him would be hard.  He was in the center and had girls and boys drooling over him. He could see the drool from there.  He walked down there, wiggling his way through the crowd.  One of the girls around his man looked at him and snorted, then moved closer to Xander.  She wasn't going to give way to him so he moved behind him, wrapping his tail around Xander and pulling him closer so he could dance against him.  The boy was good.  He was very good.  He was walking sex and putting out pheromones that were driving him and everyone around him insane.

Xander turned to dance with him, winking a bit as he moved even closer to grind against him.  Most of his groupies huffed off so he backed off some, giving him a sultry look.  "Hey, babe."

"It's one."


"Come home?"

"I wanted to party, Throttle.  Can't we party just a bit longer?"

Throttle looked at him.  Then he nodded.  "Only if we change locations.  This place is giving me a headache."

"Sure.  Wanna ride with me?"

"I rode."

"She can follow for once."

"We'll park later and I'll let you take me for a ride," he offered, smirking at him.  Xander wanted to show off his ride, he understood that.  He walked Xander out, taking him outside.  He saw the few people around his bike and whistled.  "Come on, let's go."  His bike rolled over, letting him climb on while Xander got into his car.  "Think you can keep up?"

"Unless that fan that needs fixed burns up, of course.  My ride can go faster," he said smugly.  The bike beeped.  "Sorry, dear, but when I've got her fixed she'll go about three hundred."  The bike was silent then beeped at him.  "Of course I'm still riding on you!  At least until your man there gets tired of me and makes me get my own."  He started his engine, backing out of the parking lot, leaving the panting people behind.  "Come on.  You're leading."

"I like leading," he reminded him, his eyes narrowing. "You're not getting you own."

"If you say so.  I don't mind riding behind you."  He winked and sped off. "Catch me!"

Throttle chuckled and took off after him.  That car was faster, but he had lived here longer.  He knew where Xander was heading and it was a club he'd enjoy but he wanted to go somewhere else tonight.  He pulled up alongside him and nodded, heading off in a new direction.  He heard the powerful engine turn and follow and led him on a shorter chase, this time to a club that was a decent mix of metal and some remixes.  He parked and the guys there stared at his bike in awe.  When Xander pulled up, a few of them drooled, then they saw Xander and most of them drooled over his man.  Xander did look hot in his all black and leather.  Very dangerous.  He walked him up to the doorway.

"You can come in but we'll need to pat you down for weapons, sir," he told Xander.

Xander took off his jacket and held out his arms.  "Go for it.  Rub all you want too."  The bouncer coughed but patted him down, then took his jacket.  The stake got tossed into a lock box and then the jacket was handed back.  "Thanks, man.  You do know I'm not the dangerous one of us two?" he asked with a grin.

"Yes, sir, but I know Throttle."

"I'm Xander."

The man chuckled. "I've heard him swearing about you in the past."

"After that first time," Throttle shared.  "Not any longer.  He's mine now."

"Good choice," the man said, looking Xander over.  "Very nice choice," he said happily.  "Have fun, boys."

Throttle moved out into the crowd, taking Xander with him.  "I think it's cute he thought you were more dangerous."

"I always give props to those who deserve it," he said smugly, starting to move.  "I like this song."

"I'll show you the CD it's on later," Throttle promised, moving against him. It was crowded tonight and the music was great.  He got lost in the music and the body in front of him, watching him turn him on, and most of those around them felt the same way.  He felt a tail come up to brush his antenna and ducked, making it miss, shaking his head.  Xander shook his head so he turned, finding Carbine there.  "Hey," he called, nodding at her.  He went back to dancing with Xander, who was being courted by two women.  He gave them a look and pulled Xander closer.

"Foursome?" one of them shouted.

"I don't share."

"Pity," the other called back, grabbing Carbine since she was closer.  Carbine went with it, even though she was a bit stiff.  At least until Xander whipped her with his tail, making her jump into one of them and the other taking her back to show her how to move between them.

Throttle shook his head.  "Naughty, Xander," he told him.  Xander smirked and moved closer since someone was trying to get into his jeans.  He wrapped his arms around Throttle's neck, one hand sneaking up to tease one of his antenna.  "Xander!"

"What?" he said with a smirk, going back to what he had been doing.  His tail came up to tease Throttle's antenna instead and he saw Throttle shiver.  "Just a taste."  He let him go and managed to get snagged by the guy behind him.  He gave him a come-hither smile and the man took the opportunity to move closer, trying to turn him on.  Xander was lost in the music and he knew exactly who Throttle was dancing with.  He had saved Carbine from her first lesbian adventure.  Eventually he was captured by a tail and pulled back to the duo, dancing with them both.  "Relax, Carbine," he called, moving just with her, his hands on her hips to help encourage her.  He nodded at Throttle, who got behind her.  She blushed but went with it as she relaxed.  The drink someone handed her didn't hurt either.  She finally got looser and started to move with the music, taking Throttle back.  He shrugged and wiggled his eyebrows before heading off to find a new partner.  Almost everyone was taken but a few people moved closer to him.  He felt a familiar tail and looked over at Vinnie, smirking at him.  He moved closer and his current partner danced off with Dawn.  "Bedtime," he called after her.

"Holiday!" she called back.  "No curfew, dad!"  She smirked and danced off with a guy.

Vinnie moved to dance with Xander, liking this looser, freer Xander.  Damn, he had moved too slow, but Throttle had one hot package on his hands.  Of course, if Throttle ever dumped him, Charley would have to agree to bring him into their bed.  She'd probably like that.  He moved closer since the crowd was shifting around them.  Xander gave him a grin and a look from under his lashes, making Vinnie moan and he felt himself start to react.  He tried to tramp it down but it wasn't working.  Xander was turning him on and from the moans around them he was doing it to them too.  It's a good thing Throttle knew Xander wouldn't stray and that Vinnie wouldn't poach. Otherwise they'd be in for a tail whipping like hadn't been seen since the last person had tried to take Carbine from him.

The music stopped and Vinnie's head popped up, noticing that everyone was staring at Throttle and the bigger guy trying to menace him.  He nudged Xander who walked over there and calmly knocked the guy's feet out from under him so he could look down at him.  "Why are you bothering my man?"

The man on the floor stared up at him.  "Who're you, freak?" he sneered, starting to get up.

Xander planted his foot in the middle of the guy's chest, staring down at him.  "I asked you a question.  Why are you bothering my man?"  The man sneered at him so he stood up on that foot, planting the other one on his stomach, then he jumped before the man could react, making him shriek and pop.  "I asked you a question.  I do expect an answer.  Courtesy is the rule of the road you know."  Then he smiled.  He pointed at Throttle.  "My man.  My bitch.  My other bitch," he said, pointing at Vinnie.  He glanced around.  "And my little sister's around here somewhere.  Were you disrespecting my family?"  The man groaned and shook his head.  "Are you sure?"  The man nodded so Xander got off his chest and hauled him up.  "Remember, if it's got a tail, it's mine," he purred in his face.  "Because I like them that way.  Studly, built, smart, strong, and tailed.  Pity about not having two of those qualities.  Now shoo."  The man ran out.  Xander glanced back at the DJ, who grinned and started off on 'Bad to the Bone'.  Xander reclaimed Vinnie and pulled them back to where Carbine and Throttle were.  Most of the crowd had moved on but a few were trying to audition apparently.  He smirked at them and they blatantly tried to steal Vinnie, so he let them.  For now.  He stole Carbine, making her dance with him.  She moaned and went with it, doing much better now.

"Bitch am I?" she teased.

"You wanted that one?"


"Then you can be my bitch tonight with Vinnie."

"They'd better not be," Throttle said as he stole Xander back with a smirk for her.  "Go find Dawn and dance with her."

"Fine."  She stole Vinnie instead and they got Dawn together. They made a cute trio.  Plus that girl could move so Carbine learned from her and Vinnie.  She felt someone stroke her tail and smirked at the man behind her, letting him move closer.  Dawn winked and danced with Vinnie instead, leaving her to dance with this human, who was very pretty and dangerous. The crowd eventually pushed them back against Throttle and Xander, who were apparently going to have sex on the floor from the way they were teasing each other.

Xander grinned at them.  "Hey, boss.  That's Carbine.  Dawn's the one dancing with Vinnie."

"Thanks, Xander.  Can I steal this one?"

"That's up to her."

"Can I steal you?" he called to Carbine, who shrugged and walked off with him.  He got her into the back hallway and pressed her against the wall, kissing her as hard as he could.  By the time she could moan, he had one hand down her pants, the other teasing a breast, and his pants in the unzipped and ready position.  He broke the kiss and turned her around, sliding into her wet body.  "Tell me no and I'll stop," he promised.

"Stop and I'll kill you," she threatened.  She noticed he was cold to the touch and something Xander had let slip came back.  "You're a vampire?"

"Does that bother you?  I'm not hungry. Not that you're not pretty enough to keep forever, but I like you hot and bothered," he said in her ear, pushing in deeper.  She moaned and pushed back and it was on.  He was pressing her against the wall, rocking back and forth in her.  He could feel the suction and it was great!  He came with a moan into her shoulder, then turned her around and kissed her again.  "Let's go some more," he said with a dangerous grin.


"No, out there.  That's foreplay.  This is different.  This can be continued in a bed much easier."

"I don't usually go out with humans."

"Then what's to lose?"  He led her outside to his car, taking her to his place.  Her bike followed along so he didn't worry overly much about it.  One hand was teasing her while the other was on the steering wheel.  Fortunately he didn't live that far away and she was quickly carried up to bed and stripped for his pleasure.  He dove in, making her howl as he speared her again.  "How do you feel about anal sex?"

"Never been there," she panted, arching up against him.  He found the right spots and she quickly lost her mind to what he was doing.  Even when he worked himself into her back passage and popped that cherry, she was still lost to him.  He was sliding in and out of her like there was no tomorrow and she was loving it all!  She let it go and came, making him shiver and release a bit of fluid.  She went limp, pulling him down to kiss him.  "I haven't had that good in a while."

"Pity.  Maybe you should have stolen Xander."

She snorted. "That boy's going to kill someone some day."  She kissed him again.  "We should clean up."

"Why?  Are you tired, dear?  I assure you, once a vampire gets hard, we're hard for a very long time.  Especially when we ingest things like Viagra."  He cleaned himself off and popped back into her pussy, making her shake and shiver as he worked her body over.  This is what he had wanted tonight.  He heard his childe come in and shooed her off to her own room.

"Who's that?"

"My childe, Megan.  Would you like her to join us?"  She snorted and shook her head.  "Then she won't.  Unless you ask for her."  He nipped at her neck, not piercing the skin or anything, and continued to ride her into a dreamless sleep for both of them.


Throttle drug Xander out of the club and to their vehicles.  "Mine or yours?"

"Both and race you to the shady spots?" he teased, licking the curve of his chin.  "Then yours, definitely," he said in a moan.  He got free and dove into his car, turning off the security system before heading off.

Throttle moaned, grabbing his bike to chase him.  Xander was definitely being bent over his bike.  "You mind if I take him on you?" he asked her as he rode.  She beeped, sounding like a snicker. "Good, the tease deserves it."  He saw Vinnie go past with Dawn on the back of his bike, and smirked.  That girl was trouble but fun.  He'd have to get her tomorrow.  He sped up, popping a wheeley for a moment to catch up to his man.   He found Xander parked and spread out on the back of his car, naked but for his leather jacket.  He grabbed the tease with his tail, planting him on his bike, face down so the vibrations would tease him.

"I feel like I'm part of a threesome.  You mind, babe?"  The bike shook her front wheel and slowly moved into deeper shadows.

Throttle got his pants undone and slid himself out, looking at Xander's body.  "No lube."

"Bet me."

"Really?" he asked, checking him.  Xander moaned as the engine revved.  He slid in, making him shake and hump his crankcase.  "You're a tease."

"I knew I was going to deliver with you," he panted.  "Please, Throttle?"

"What were you doing with Carbine?"

"Making her less stiff.  She went home with my boss."  He pushed back, sitting on his mate's lap, grabbing his arms to hold onto as he rode him.  "Please," he begged, not getting enough.

Throttle laid him back down and went back to work on him.  Xander was moaning and sliding against the gas tank, getting it slick from the scent he was putting out.  "I should claim you formally, make you sorry you teased everyone in two clubs tonight, plus declared Vinnie and Carbine to be your bitches."  He slammed in harder, making Xander moan.  "I should punish you too, for teasing Vinnie so badly he had dirty thoughts about you."  He sped up again, going as hard and as fast as he could.  He revved the engines, adding the heavier vibration to the pounding he was doing.  Xander let go with a cry of pleasure.  Throttle continued to pound into him, making him plead and beg with everything in him. He finally let go and relaxed, leaning back but not withdrawing.  "Damn, Xander," he said in awe.  "I don't know how you do it."

"Neither do I, but I love it when you claim me."

"That's not claiming," Throttle said with a snort.  "If I was really claiming you, you'd be walking funny for a few weeks."

"Like at the inn?"

"Only harder and longer, and with a lot more of you bottoming," he shared.  He stroked down the sweaty back.  "I should claim you, but that would mean Vinnie would probably get to watch."  Xander let out a small whimper.  "My bros would have to approve of my choice.  I don't think you'd have a problem with Modo, but Vinnie might try to lay a claim to you too.  Then I'd have to whip his tail and take you in front of him."  Xander let out another moan, making him smirk.  So he was intrigued?  That was a good sign.  "You'd be so sore you'd only be able to sit on me because that's the shape of the indentation on your tail."  He gave the tail a hard stroke, watching as Xander started to hump his bike again. "You'd ride behind me all the time, except when I gave you permission to drive.  You'd be mine and mine alone, Xander.  No one would touch you."  Xander got off then laid down carefully on his back, legs around his thighs.  "Do you want that?  I'm not playing."

"I know you're not.  I thought I was already yours."  He swallowed, licking his lips. "If you want.  I'm not the pushy sort."

"I've noticed.  I've also noticed that you enjoy teasing me to all distraction at times too."  He leaned down to take a kiss.  "Do you want me to make you mine that way, Xander?" he asked.  Xander stared up at him.  "You can say no."

"I can say yes too, but I'm scared that you'll get bored."

"I'm not bored now.  Why would I get bored then?  Because you're slowly growing up to be a big mouse?  Not a chance," he said with a smirk.  "I may not have cared but I love the fact that I get to play tail games with you, once it quits shedding."  He wiped his hand off.  "We need better lotion."

"I put on the baby lotion."

"We'll figure it out later," he promised, leaning down to steal a kiss.  "Are you sure?"  Xander nodded so Throttle bit him on the throat.  "Then we should head home.  We'll need to be there."

"My car?"

"You can drive it tonight," he said smugly.  "As long as you leave off the clothes."

"What happens if the cops see?"

"Lie.  Tell them you were taken to a club and stripped naked.  That you couldn't get your clothes back."  He licked up the tender throat, nipping him again.  "If we want to get back anytime soon, I should probably let you go, huh?" he teased.

"Only for a few minutes."

"Fine, for a few minutes."  He let the boy go, watching as he padded back to his car. Then he heard the dreaded phrase.

"Hi, officer.  Nice night, huh?"

Throttle steered his bike out of the shadows.   "We were having a relationship talk," he said smugly.  The cop blanched and ran off.  Throttle realized he was still hanging out and tucked himself back in, barely zipping his pants.  He couldn't button them yet, he was still too swollen.  "Ten minutes, Xander."  He sped off, heading for home as fast as he could.

Xander calmed his shaking hands and started his car, backing out of the grass and back onto the parking lot, then heading for the road home.  Because it was a home and Throttle was going to make it more of a home.  They'd never break up if he let Throttle claim him.  He parked behind the lair and walked inside, leaving his clothes in the car.  He walked up the ramp, his jacket closed protectively around him.

"Where have you been?" Throttle asked.

Xander smirked and gave a one-sided shrug.  "The park?"  Vinnie stared at him, mouth open.  "He was there!  It's not like I'm going to fuck any other biker stud."

"I can make sure of that," Throttle agreed in a dark, sexy, threatening voice.  He pulled the boy closer, kissing him as hard as he could, robbing him of his breath.  "Modo, you don't want the tease, right?"

"No, bro, but I'll take care of him if you fall."  He looked at his mother.  "That okay with you, momma?"

"That'd be fine, Modo, honey."

"No way," Vinnie said, standing up with a smirk.  "If he falls, I'm gonna take the tease and bring him in with us.  Charley won't mind.  I've seen her panting after him."  He looked at Xander, then at Throttle.  "Speaking of, he was dancing with me most of the night, not you."  He moved closer, hearing the growl but he couldn't tell from which one.  "He obviously wanted the studlier biker."

"Really?  Then why was it me having sex with him in the park," Throttle taunted.  He ran a hand up under Xander's jacket, making him blush.  "Hmm?  Not man enough, Vinnie?"

"I'll whip your tail."

"You'll try," he snorted.

"Shit!" Dawn said, pouncing Vinnie.  "You can't have him.  I won't let you have him, I'm not going to let you three fall apart because you want the Xander too.  I'll have someone clone you one if I have to, or build you a Xander robot, but you can't have that one."  She stared into his eyes, seeing the grin.  Then she realized she was in a very skimpy nightgown, on a very big mouse, with an obviously hard dick pressing against her.  "Never mind," she said, getting up and scurrying off.

"You still wanna challenge me for him, bro?" Throttle asked, stroking Xander's cock now.  He was moaning and leaning against him and his bike.  "Or you gonna give in like the good little mouse you are?"

"I'll still whip your tail and steal him if you hurt him or if you fall," Vinnie said, staring him down.  "Understood?"

Xander reached over to kiss him.  "If he falls and I'm all alone, I'll let you protect me, Vinnie."  He nodded, letting it go at that.

Throttle spanked Xander then put him over his bike again, diving back into his body, making him shriek in pleasure.  It brought Stoker and Switch running.  "He's mine. You wanna challenge me for him?"

"I would but I'm already sore," Switch said tolerantly.  She watched as Throttle slammed the boy over and over until Xander couldn't take it any more and came.  Then Throttle drove them down the stairs to their bedroom, where he had Xander repeatedly until the boy passed out with a loud scream of Throttle's name.  Switch looked at her husband.  "I'd ask, but Rimfire might challenge you," she said dryly.

He spanked her then picked her up, taking her back to their room to prove he wasn't letting her go.


Throttle tossed Xander onto the bed and stripped himself.  "Out of the jacket, Xander. Now, or else it'll be ruined."  He waited until the boy had complied, then pounced him, diving into his mouth.  He secured the boy to the bed and straddled his waist, starting at the top and working his way down.  Those antennas weren't that large yet but they were still packed with nerve endings.  He felt Xander drop his shields and joined minds with him, letting him experience it from both sides as he pleasured his mate.  That way he also knew when he was getting too close to the edge and could pull back.  He used all of Xander's tricks on the antenna, having to hold him back from coming twice.  Then he moved down to play with his throat and neck, biting and sucking at the delicate skin.  Xander was arching up and taking quick pants through his nose, but it was good for him.

He moved down, torturing his chest with gentle licks, then sucking bites.  He couldn't hold him back again so he let him go, watching as he came against his hole.  Throttle smirked, moving further back, slicking them both up as his body ran through the trail of come.  He made it to the thighs and cock, teasing it only until Xander was as hard as he could be, then he abandoned it and moved to his tail once he had him flipped and resecured.  He ran his hand up it the wrong way, taking off all the loose skin, then got to work teasing and playing with it.  Sucking the end, stroking further down like it was the boy's cock.  Small bites in the middle, then sucking further down, all the way around the base.  He pushed on Xander's mind, keeping him form coming again, then moved back to look at him.

He moved the leg cuffs, letting him have one leg free before he slid home again, stroking the base of his tail like it was the cock rubbing the sheets.  The boy was moaning so he firmed his grasp on the tail, stroking harder and faster.  Xander came but he wasn't through with him yet.  He was barely starting.  He sped up, making Xander howl and thrash against the cuffs.  He released the other leg cuff with his tail, then used his tail to tease the boy's antennas, making him howl into his pillow.  He spanked him, and the boy pressed back into him.  "Tease!" he said, eyes narrowing.  "I know Vinnie came home hard."  He spanked him again.  "I should let Charley spank you too.  She's the one who'll be getting stuffed just like this soon."  He shoved in deeply, feeling him start to suck around him.  "None of that," he ordered, pulling out all the way to push back in.  Xander tensed up but he kept it up.  He turned his head.  "I wanna hear it, Xander.  Say it."

"Yours!" he called. "Yours, yours, yours!  Please!  Just a bit more!"

"Sure, when I want."  He stopped.  "Being mine means that I get to tease you back, Xander.  How do you like that?"  He started off on some very shallow thrusts, barely moving the length of his head.  "Do you like it when I tease you?"  Xander shook his head.  "Want more, don't you?"

"Please," he said hoarsely.  "I'll do anything.  You can make me blow you in the club next time.  I promise!"

Throttle shook his head.  "I don't like to show off what's mine.  That's a Vinnie statement.  I know you're related but I can't allow that thought to go on."  He slammed back in as deeply as he could, pushing Xander up onto his knees with his hips.  "You want me to claim you, don't you, Xander? You want me to claim you, to show everyone that you have an owner and that you're only teasing.  That way no one hits on you."  He pulled out and slammed in again.  "Well, you're about to get a claim of another sort.  Then we'll see about the other one.  Earring?"  The boy moaned.  "Nipple ring maybe?"  He reached under him to pinch him.  "Maybe a cock ring for when you go out?" he suggested, reaching down to stroke him with his other hand, his tail still stroking his antenna.  The triple stimulus was making the boy incoherent.  He wasn't even able to babble any more.  He could feel his mind getting ready to blow.

He leaned down to whisper in his ear.  "If you're mine, you're gonna be on the back of my bike.  Not Vinnie's.  Not Modo's.  Mine.   Your ass is mine and your tail is mine.  You'll be wearing my mark, wearing my clothes if I let you, and you'll be sitting on my lap for the next week.  When we go back out on Saturday, you'll be only dancing with me.  Even if Vinnie and Charley do come out," he assured him.  "If they want to steal you, Vinnie had better ask permission this time.  You're mine, Xander. Say it.  Yell it so everyone can hear it.  All the sluts all over the city who want a piece of you are out of luck."

"Yours!" he panted.  "THROTTLE!" he shouted, coming as hard as he ever had.  He felt something warm and slick tease his tail and he shouted again, emptying the last of his seed.

Throttle let himself come, going limp against his boy's back.  He undid the cuffs with one hand, then put it around Xander's waist, pulling him back against his body.  "Now you understand."  He kissed him on the shoulder, finding a bite he didn't realize he had put there.  "You're mine, Xander. All mine.  Always to be mine.  Vow it, babe, or else I'm going to have to start again and you'll never make it to work."

"Yours, all yours," Xander said hoarsely.  "No more teasing unless you want me to.  No more teasing Vinnie or Charley or anyone.  No more advertising what I've got in tight jeans unless you want me to dress that way."

"I like you in those skin tight pants," Throttle assured him.  "I like you just the way you are, babe, but you only get to tease me."

"I was teasing you."

"Yeah, and you still made me on jealous mouse because Vinnie was about to hump you bald."  He kissed him on the shoulder again.  "Wanna cuddle?"

"Sure."  He flipped over, snuggling in.  "You know I can still sit, right?" he asked with a grin into the furry chest.

"I can fix that," Throttle promised, pulling him up and kissing him.  He handed him the box of babywipes.  "Clean me up and suck me, Xander.  It'll be a good start."  Xander did as ordered, taking great pleasure in this order.  When Xander got to the stage of moaning over him and his taste, he used his tail to pull the boy up, planting him on his cock, then pulling his head down to suck and nibble on his antenna again.  Xander wiggled and writhed, riding him without him having to do very much.  Xander pulled his head back, throwing it in the other direction so he could moan and come again.  Throttle wrapped his tail around the tight balls, keeping them from ascending.  He wasn't doing it again, not until he was ready.  He pushed up and pulled Xander down.  "We need one of those swings."

"We can find one," he panted, riding for all he was worth.  He needed this!  He loved this!  He tried to come again but the tail holding his balls meant he couldn't.  He whimpered and Throttle put him back onto his hands and knees, taking him again, just as hard as before.  Damn, those were some strong thigh muscles.  He howled and grabbed the headboard, not caring when it broke in his hands.  He let that piece go and moved onto the next section, earning a chuckle.  Throttle turned him around, letting him hold the sturdier foot board.  He felt Throttle swell inside him but he wasn't ready yet.  He flicked his tail, whapping Throttle across the chest.  He got that played with too.  He screamed and came, painfully but he did come, going limp under his mate.  Throttle came and laid down on top of him, gently cradling him.  "More later," he mumbled.

"If you think you can handle it before work, I'll do it on the ride in," Throttle promised.  Xander moaned and nodded, flipping over to cuddle.  Throttle had to move his tail before it got yanked, but it was nicely entwined with Xander's.  "We need a blanket."

"Fuck blankets, you're warm and furry enough for me."  He wiggled until he was practically under Throttle's body, then fell asleep that way.

Throttle gave his boy an amused look, but settled in to use him as a pillow.  He wondered how Xander was going to retaliate on Saturday, or if the boy was going to tease Vinnie and Charley to get it again.

"Both probably," Xander mumbled.

Throttle realized he still had hold of his mind and let him go, watching as the shields came back up but not as strongly as before.  He kissed and nuzzled him, making Xander hum in pleasure between snores.  He stretched a bit, more tired than he had been in a while.  He couldn't do this nightly to his boy but he could definitely please him.
"Shh," Xander whispered.  He kissed him.  "Tomorrow.  I'll suck you off before we head out tomorrow."  He moaned a bit as he shifted, but settled in to sleep.

Throttle kept his thoughts quiet, gently shoving Xander out of his head.  There was time enough for that tomorrow.


Vinnie walked into Charley's room and started to strip off, diving into the bed with her, mouth already open and sucking her nipple before she could fully wake up.  "What're you doing?" she groaned, arching up into him.

"Throttle just claimed Xander," he moaned back.  He looked up at her.  "I promised we'd take him in if Throttle fell."

She stroked his cheek. "If you want.  I'm not going to be pushy."  He grinned and turned his head to suck on her fingers.  She arched up against other parts of his body, making him pay more attention to the main part.  "What else happened."

"He had him in front of us.  I challenged him so he had to," he moaned, kissing her.  "Dawn pounced me in this tiny nightie, then ran away afraid of me."  He smirked at her.  "She realized where she was and squealed like a kitten chasing the string."  She moaned and he leaned down to lick the other nipple a bit.  He loved her taste.  He moved down her stomach.  "He had him on his bike, made him come right there."  She moaned and arched up into his tongue when it found her sweetest spot.  "Then he took him downstairs and tied him down to have him again and again until he screamed."

"Damn," she said in awe, pulling him up to kiss him.  "Sounds like they had fun."

"Now I need it, sweetheart.  He teased me all night.  I *need* you," he moaned. "Please don't deny me?"

"I'm not."  She kissed him again and found herself in his lap, being plowed into like he was too desperate to calm down.  She wiggled away and kissed him, gently moving down his chest.  He needed to calm down or she couldn't work the next day.  He arched up when she licked across the head of his cock, sucking on just the tip.  She wasn't sure what she could and couldn't do with him so she left it there.  She looked up at him, smirking as she took another lick.

He dragged her up and put her back on her back, sliding back into her.  "I want to do this, not have you service me like some pro," he chided, grinning at her.  He kept it going, teasing her with his free hand, alternating which one he was leaning on so he could tease various spots.  He nipples, her arms, her throat, her heat, her clit, her mouth when she sucked on his fingers.  That broke him and he pulled her up, putting her onto her stomach, but with her hips on his lap.  He slid back into her, pounding his heart out.  She moaned and groaned and called and pleaded and he still kept going, until she finally came, which meant he could.  He released her, letting her go limp so he could lay beside her, stroking her back. "You okay?" he asked gently.

She turned her head to look at him, nodding.  "Better," she grunted, still panting hard.  She grinned at him.  "Sleep?"

"Sleep is good," he promised, going down to clean her up the old fashioned way.  She clutched the sheets, letting him do whatever he wanted.  She let out a shriek of pleasure then went limp.  He finished cleaning her up and moved up to hold her.  "Hmmm, one of my favorite treats," he whispered in her ear.  "You can reciprocate tomorrow if you want."  She limply patted him and he grinned, letting her stay there in his arms.


Xander walked into the trailer, barely, and sat down, wincing the whole way with a hiss as his butt hit the seat.  "Ow," he moaned.

"Fall off the bike?"

"No, teased at the club."  He gave his boss a look.  "I'm okay, but I'll remember this for the next time I don't want to sit."

Merle stared at him, then shook his head.  "You okay?" he asked, trying to hold in his smirk.

"Yeah, I made it," he said, smirking at him. "Barely, but I made it.  I got my morning infusion of boyfriend too on the way here.  Damn, my man is good," he said with a sappy grin, right before he passed out on his desk.

Merle leaned over but he couldn't see any blood so he assumed it was just exhaustion.  He called their boss, who was cooing at someone else and snorted.  "Hey, Boss, Xander just hobbled in here and winced as he sat down, then passed out.  Should I send him home?  No, he's crew's off for the day, too many have kids.  No, the payroll stuff still has to be finished.  Sure. I'll send it home with him. Thanks, boss.  Have fun with..."  He heard a familiar voice.  "With her.  Good choice, boss.  She's wonderful."  He hung up and called the garage.  "Hey, Vinnie, is Throttle back yet?  Tell him to come pick up Xander and his paperwork."  He looked at the man drooling on said paperwork.  "No, he's unconscious and drooling with a very happy smile.  Sure, let him drive his car over.  Thanks."  He hung up and got up to collect the payroll stuff before it was ruined.  He slid it into an envelope and walked out with it.  He found Brad and Janice, Xander's female worker.  "Xander's being sent home."

"Is he sick?" Brad asked.

Janice looked at Merle and smirked.  "Too much boyfriend?"

"He couldn't quite make it fully awake," he said delicately.  "He's sleeping on his desk."  He heard a grinding noise and winced.  "They can't drive stick."

"Bet me," Janice said dryly.  "I've seen the boy drive stick.  He did so very well on the way in.  I passed by him," she said smugly, going back to work.  "Come on, Brad.  Xander will be back tomorrow and he'll have the paycheck stuff done by then."

"I still have to put my social security number on my forms," he said.

"We'll do that after lunch, kid.  There's about twelve that need it and I can get it onto your payroll stuff when he brings it back."  Brad nodded, going back to work.  Merle looked over as Throttle came in, shaking his head.  "You couldn't wait until this weekend?"

"He was teasing two clubs!  No!"  He smirked back, accepting the envelope.  "My man?"

"Sleeping on his desk. By the way, you press the clutch, shift, then slowly release the clutch to make sure you don't stall and you don't grind down the gears."  Throttle nodded, going to pick up Xander, the payroll envelope tucked under his vest and inside his waistband.  He carried Xander out and to his car, settling him gently in and buckling him up.  He took good care of the boy, he wouldn't be too upset about losing Xander to Throttle.  They suited each other, especially now that Xander was furry. Throttle took off a lot more smoothly than he had parked, heading toward the park for some reason. "Maybe he had to pick up some soda," he said dryly.  "Otherwise that boy will never unstretch."  He went to check on the rest of the workers, smiling at the few watching him.  "He fell asleep on his desk."

"Wonderful.  Need a new interior crew chief?" one of them asked.

"Night shift does."  They all shuddered and got back to work.  "Xander doesn't do it often, he doesn't come in drunk, hung over, or stoned, and he keeps us running under budget.  I'll give him a day off without pay now and then."  They nodded, digging in.  If they got this part finished maybe they could take a longer break.  Xander's crew always seemed to have nice breaks even though they were always running early and under budget with one too few people on their crew.

"He must charm them," one of that group muttered.  The one next to him looked at him.  "Xander.  He must charm them somehow.  They take longer breaks, they come in before they're due, and they run under budget.  How else are they doing it missing a person from their crew?"

"He steps in and helps, plus his crew work their asses of for him. I think he's a hard guy to work under," the guy next to him said.  "He must be a slave driver.  Either that or he's giving them more *incentives* to work faster."

"You don't think Janice does stuff like that, do you?" another of their crew asked.  "I wouldn't mind a piece of that."

"I heard that and I rip off balls!" Janice called.  She leaned out a window opening.  "You want to know why we work so much better for Xander?  He works with us.  He digs in just the same as we do.  He does all that, keeps us laughing most of the time, keeps praise going when we've done good, rewards us with longer breaks when we're ahead of schedule so we don't have to wait too long on *your* crew of slackers, and he does it while being efficient, nice, sweet, and gentle with us.  You guys couldn't handle it on our crew," she said dryly.  "We work *all* day, unlike you three."  They frowned.  "Hey, I've already done two hours worth of work.  You three have taken six bathroom and drink breaks so far.  I've taken one, this one.  That should tell you why we're the better and faster crew."  She withdrew, going back to her portion of the day's tasks.

"I agree, boys, that's how he does it," Merle called.  "I wish I had another of him to motivate you guys.  You're already a week behind due to the rains.  I'd step it up, we're on a firm deadline this time."  They groaned but went back to work.  Merle went to make a note in Janice's file to look at her for a crew chief if a day opening came up.  She'd do good.


Throttle carried Xander inside, putting him onto the couch to grin at him.  He felt the envelope be taken, nodding at Dawn.  "Hey.  He fell asleep on the desk."

"I can see that.  He's still drooling."  She grinned at him.  "You're going to treat him right, right?  'Cause you know if you don't I'm gonna turn you into a baby human mouse."  She smiled sweetly at him.  "For starters.  Then I can run you through all sorts of experimental mazes for my future psych classes."  He shuddered.  "So treat him right or find out the true name of bitchdom."  She handed him the envelope.  "I'm going out for a ride if Charley will let me.  Need anything?"

"Something better for his tail."

"Sure, I can hit the Bath and Body Works place."  She shrugged and went out to check on Charley, who was drinking a soda while she was staring at a truck.  "You okay?"  She looked at her and nodded.  "You don't look too steady.  I can help if you want."

"No, I'm fine, Dawn, thank you anyway," she offered, handing over the keys.  Then she took them back and looked at the girl.  "Were you drinking last night?"

Dawn thought about lying but shrugged. "I had one rum and coke, light on the rum, at the first club.  That was long before Vinnie found me and drug me to where he, Carbine, and Throttle were playing at.  Then I only had sodas and I was very careful who bought them for me."  Charley stared her down.  "I know, I was a bad girl.  I shouldn't drink at my age. I'm only seventeen, I'm not old enough, and I get that, but I was having a crappy day and I wanted to relax.  That's why I went dancing.  The drink was unintentional.  I didn't realize what it was until after I had drank half of it and hit a patch of rum that didn't mix in very well.  The guy who bought it for me was snubbed and I was very careful not to get another one by accident.  Even when I was offered a screwdriver and two sex on the beaches."

"Whoa!  You're not old enough for that!" Vinnie protested.

"It's a drink.  Someone slipped me a single drink last night."

"I noticed, but it's a lot lighter than what some kids your age do.  Feel good?"

"It was light on the rum and I'm not hung over.  I just hate sunlight."  Vinnie put an arm around her shoulders and she looked up at him.  "I'm not the innocent a lot of people think.  I've had a few wild friends.  I've done things that no one knows about and decided it wasn't that thrilling so I moved on."

"Really?  Think you were that wild?" Charley asked.  She had been a teenager in the eighties, it was probably not as bad as Dawn thought.

"Let's see, I've done a few good joints, one dusted with angel dust, a few good nights of blotter acid, one of ecstasy, that same night someone slipped me some speed too, so it was really pretty by the time I came down the next morning.  Fortunately we were having a sleepover at a friend's house.  That's also the first place I got blitzed on vodka shooters and cranberry juice and my first and last lesbian encounters when we all did a daisy chain with the group.  Though I prefer whiskey now and then and the occasional rum or fruity mixed drink."  She looked up at Charley and smirked.  "Top that."

"Eeeeh," she admitted, shaking her head.  "I can't top that."

"And you don't do it anymore," Vinnie pressed.

"No, beyond the acid, it was pretty boring and the acid made me see dead vampires telling me how dumb I was, but to get it out then because I couldn't have another youth.  Spike was *incredibly* understanding."  She grinned at him. "I've also shoplifted to gain attention and went out hunting on my own until Xander found me.  Then he reamed me a new one and sat me down to talk to me and tell me how dumb I was and how he was going to make sure I made it to adulthood as long as I didn't tell my sister and I learned how to protect myself.  It's also been how long I've been on the monthly birth control shot, just in case."

"Fine, you win.  You're not doing it anymore.  You won't go drinking, get drunk, do stupid stuff while you're in our care, right?"

She snorted.  "What could I do?  Acid was nice and I missed Spike, but really, not my thing to do drugs.  Drinking's nice, until the next morning.  Then I feel like shit and I look worse.  I actually had a date cancel with me because I looked so bad, he thought I needed to recuperate first."

"Fine, you can take my bike for a ride.  Be careful, be safe, and I'm not mentioning this to Xander."

"He knew, Charley.  He knew each and every thing I've ever done.  Tara knew back in Sunnydale and Xander knew before.  He said he wanted to know so I could talk to him about what I got out of it and if I wanted to do it again.  He agreed, the chiding Spike was an odd acid moment."  She took the keys and grinned, grabbing the bike to head off.  "Laters!" she called with a wave.

"I was never that wild," Vinnie said, looking at her.  He stole a kiss.  "You?"

"Some minor drinking with some of dad's friends and their kids, a joint once," she admitted.  "Nothing like that."  She shook her head.  "At least Xander was a reasonable adult for her."

"Yeah, he probably kept her from doing many worse things."  He grinned at her.  "Throttle just carried him home.  He fell asleep on his desk at work."  He stole another kiss and went to sort parts for her, like she had asked earlier.

She smiled and got back to her engine, turning up the radio on the way past.  She guessed she could talk to Xander herself later.  He seemed the sort to give good advice if he got Dawn to leave it at experimenting and to give up the bad habits.


Charley smiled at Xander as they picked up lunch.  "Xander?"  He looked at her, grinning back.  "Can I ask you a huge favor?"  He nodded.  "I don't know more than the, er, usual to do with Vinnie.  The human stuff."

"Hmm."  He leaned over and showed her a few good scenes of him and Throttle.  She was blushing as he pulled back.  "That."  He grinned.  "I take it Dawn and you had a talk about her and the rum on her breath last night?"

"She said she only had one."

"She did, but we can smell better.  I'm sure Vinnie sniffed it too.  How graphic was she?"

"More than I needed to know.  How did she get into that much trouble?"

"Her sister's a prude who thinks she's an infant who can't make a proper decision.  She rebelled."  He leaned back, stretching out.  "Line's moved."  She pulled the car up to the order window.  "Anyway, she rebelled big time and I stepped in to take over her mother's spot.  Joyce would have just told her to stop it and listened, which I did, but I also shared some of my experiences.  So she'll never end up on a pole."

"Welcome to Wendy's.  May I take your order?" the sweet voice young girl said through the speaker.

"Yeah, we need ten number twos without onions, just two sodas though, super size the fries.  We need three number fours, six number sixes, and about twelve chicken sandwiches, no mayo, just lettuce, tomato, and packets of ranch dressing.  Oh, and a diet coke," he joked.

"How many sodas was that, sir?" the server asked.

"Um, make it about eight and make all but the diet coke root beer.  I've got a soda at home."

"Sure.  So some of the meals don't have sodas?"

"No, sweetie, some of them don't. I'm picking up for my crew."

"Oh, all right, sir.  Please read the screen is that correct?"

"The chicken sandwiches are no mayo, just lettuce, tomato, and add packets of ranch dressing."

"Oops, sorry."  She fixed that.  "Forty-three-twelve, please pull around to the first window."

Xander handed Charley a fifty with a grin.  "That way I'm not starved but I'll share my chicken sandwiches with you."

"Sure, Xander," she said tolerantly, heading to the first window.  The server took the bill, only giving Xander a glance before handing over the change.  They pulled up to the second window and got the little sign so they could park and have it brought to them.  They had expected that.


Throttle walked in and looked at Xander.  "You showed her?" he mouthed.  Xander winked and waved him closer, giving him kiss.  "Why?"

"She needed ideas for a job," he said with a wink, glancing over at where Vinnie was coming up the ramp.  "Big brother, you look stunned.  Did something explode downstairs?"

"No," he said, flopping down on his ususal chair.  "Charley just licked my antenna.  Cheese, I have a good woman!" he said with a goofy grin.  Xander beamed and went back to his book.  "What else did you teach her?"

"Showed, big brother, and don't worry about it.  It's all tested and proven fun."

"Uh-huh.  So should I expect whips, chains, or spankings?"

"If it turns you on, ask her," Xander quipped back.  He smirked at Throttle, then at Vinnie.  "If you want an idea, ask the overprotective one who ate my last chicken sandwich."

"You only got me three," he reminded him, giving him a kiss.  "Don't worry, he only gave her ideas."

"Hey, I'm thrilled!  I never even thought of that!"  He got up and headed to his stuff.  "We're going out for dinner.  Let me get cleaned up."  He headed into the bathroom humming to himself.

"Nice work," Throttle said, stealing another kiss.

"No more claiming in front of me," Momma ordered.  "Where's Vincent?  I heard him."

"He's taking Charley out to dinner, Momma.  I'll eat his share," Xander offered with a grin.

"Good, then come taste this.  I added the stuff marked pepper and it's not tasting right."

He walked in to taste her first attempt at chili, nodding that he liked it.  "It's a bit salty but otherwise okay."

"Xander, remember, some of us can't take hot peppers," Modo yelled.

"It's not that hot, Modo, come taste it yourself."  He shook his head. "Feed the boy one chocolate covered hot pepper and he's wary for life."

"My boy learned caution at my knee, Xander.  You'd do well not to tease him before Throttle has to spank you next time."  She tweaked his ear, making them twitch.  She smiled at him.  "Go get Switch and Stoker up.  They need to eat."  He nodded, heading to do that.  Modo stuck his head in so she spooned some out to let him taste.  "Too hot?"

"A bit salty but bread'll cut down on that," he said with a grin.  "Thanks, momma."

"You boys need to eat better," she reminded him.  "That stuff you live on isn't good for you."

"Xander still won't eat hotdogs."

"We'll see as he ages," she said wisely.  "You wouldn't until you were nearly eight."  She tweaked his ear, making him grin and walk off. She pulled the pot off the stove, bringing it to the table.  She found Switch there with Anya, waiting with her bowl ready.  "Give me a minute to get some bread, Switch."

"Sure, Momma."  She grinned at the baby, who beamed back. "We're gonna have chili, yes we are.  You're gonna have people food tonight."  Anya babbled and giggled at her.  "You're such a good girl," she cooed. Vinnie came out of the bathroom and she whistled at his dress shirt and pants.  "Nice going, Vinnie."

"You cleaned up, is it a wedding or a funeral?" Stoker joked.

"It's a date.  What you missed out with your girl," Vinnie taunted.  He headed for his bike, then considered it.  Xander tossed over his keys.  "You sure?"

"Yeah, we finally got the fan fixed so it's only got that ping to drive her nuts.  Remember, release the clutch gently like I showed you."  He turned the page on his book.  "And no sex in my seats without cleaning it up."

"Fine, Xander," he agreed happily enough, heading over to take his girl out to a nice dinner.

"Think he'll clean it up?" Switch asked once he was gone.

"If he doesn't, he's doing all the laundry, including all the nasty sheets we all have," Xander said dryly.  "He knows this because I suggested earlier that he could use my car and that was the threat if anything happened to said car."  He got up and came over to dish up his own food, glancing into the kitchen.  "What's wrong?"

"I'm looking at the bread. Shouldn't it be white?"

"Toss it out, Momma, that's mold," Modo called.  Someone tossed something out and came out with flour tortillas and crackers.  "Good choice," he praised.  He dished some out, handing the bowl to her, then moved on.

Switch tasted hers, then wrinkled her nose to head into the kitchen.  "What's wrong?" Momma called.

"It's missing something," she called back, then she made a happy noise and came out with a dried pepper, breaking off the stem to crumble it into her chili.  "Anyone want any?" she asked.  "There's a whole bag."

Stoker looked at her, then groaned and shook his head, taking the baby before she could get infected with a hot pepper.

"Get me a habenero," Xander told her.  "Fresh. I'll cut it up if you bring me a knife."

"What do those add?" Momma asked.  Switch stirred hers and offered her a taste.  She gulped her soda and her son's soda, and Stoker's soda since he was holding his out to her.  "What is that?"

"Hot peppers," Switch said happily.  "I like them and so does Xander."  Xander grinned and nodded.  She went to get him his asked for pepper and a knife, watching as he diced it up on a tortilla then put them all into his soup.  "That's so cool."

"It's easier when you don't have plates," he told her.  "Works just as good as crackers too."  He took a bite, then sipped his soda.  "Hot, but good."  He let her have a taste, then smacked her hand with the spoon.  "Make your own."  She went to get her own pepper, bringing it back to make it like he did.

"Are you all right, dear?" Momma asked.

Dawn came in.  "Cool, chili.  Are we making it Xander strength?"

"Peppers optional," Throttle told her.

"Oh, good."  She sat down to pour out some for herself, taking the crackers from Modo.  She slurped it greedily.  "I missed lunch."

"I'm eating hot peppers," Switch told her happily. "I missed them."

"Which means you're pregnant again," Stoker said dryly.  "Which means I'm going to get hell from your sister if she ever comes back.  Xander, Vinnie said she went home with your boss."

"He won't eat her," he said, blowing on his next bite before eating it.  "He's a good vampire.  Just lonely."  He scooped out another bite and blew on it before taking a bite.  "Eat, guys, don't make me eat it all."  They dug in.  Carbine came wobbling in later that night, flopping down at the table.  Xander pushed over his current bowl of chili.  "Here, Carbine.  You need food.  I was like that this morning."  She nodded, sitting up and taking a bite of his chili.  She moaned and ran for the kitchen sink to gulp straight out of the faucet.

"That was mean, Xander," Dawn chided, but she was giggling madly.  "That was so bad."

"I know, I'm a naughty Xander," he agreed, smirking at Throttle, who shook his head. "I'm not?"

"I'm under orders to make sure you can work tomorrow, Xander.  I'll show how naughty you are on Saturday."

"Yes, Throttle."  He took his chili back and dug back in.

"He's not a girl mouse, right?" Stoker asked Throttle, who shook his head quickly.  "You're sure?  They only seem to like hot peppers if they're pregnant."

"No, not a chance.  I'd have noticed," he said dryly.  "If he's pregnant then I'm going to yell at certain doctors."

"They have a doctor down here finally?" Switch asked.

"Yeah, Micah found Enamel down here," he said dryly, making Stoker shudder.  "He's the only one and he's agreed I'm going to kill him if he touches Xander.  He made a deal to spare his life."

"Wonderful," he said bitterly.  "How did Vinnie take that?"

"He found out first.  He was going to smash his head in but he was taking care of Xander's balance issues.  He said it'll be naturally cured."  He looked at the pot, noticing it was nearly empty.  "Carbine, would you like the last bowl?  It's not Xander strength.  No heat to it."

"Please."  She came out wiping her mouth.  "That was evil, Xander."

"I'm only naughty," he defended.  "Feel better?"

"I do actually," she admitted, sitting down to take the last of the chili.  "We don't have this on Mars."

"No, but we should.  It's very comforting and a little bit goes a long way," Switch told her.  "Some meat, some beans, some spices, and some water.  Then cook."

"You can do it over a fire too," Xander told her.  "I finally found that cookbook I wanted you to have.  It's down in my room on my dresser."

"Thank you, Xander.  The comfort food or the South Western stuff?"

"The South Western stuff, but if you take out the peppers it usually goes a long way.  A lot of that was influenced by Mexican food, which goes to feed a lot on very little."

"And makes us all open the windows," Stoker said dryly.

"Oz swears it was the Mexican food that made my SUV blow up," Xander said with a smirk for him.  "Speaking of, Throttle, were the aliens that came out of my engine the ones that Dawn went to help pound while we were gone?"

"Nope, not Torians," he admitted. "I don't know what they were." He looked at Stoker.  "Their ship was maybe a foot high, looked like a ball, kinda dull silver when it came out of his engine."

"I've never seen those," Stoker admitted.  "Round?"

"There's a picture of them at the UFO museum," Switch told him.  "It's right behind the President as he gave the keys to the city to a nasty, slime sucking Plutarkian."

"I've seen that picture. I thought it was a reflection."

"Weather balloon," Xander said, nodding.  "That's what we call them down here."

"Wonderful," Throttle agreed.  "That or swamp gas."  He grinned at Xander.  "You're opening the window tonight, you know that, right?"

"With as far up me as you go, you'll be feeling the burn later anyway," Xander mouthed back.  Then he finished off his bowl.

"If I do, you're gonna be nursing me back to health," Throttle taunted back.  "Without going out on Saturday."  He looked at Dawn, who was trying to sneak off. "So, how was the fighting?"

"I got really nasty from the puss or brains or whatever, came back to change, then went to class like nothing had happened.  I still got a B on that test too."  She headed back to the library to do her homework.

"I remember doing that," Xander sighed fondly.  "Makes me proud of our daughter, Throttle."

"She's my stepkid, I never changed diapers," he said blandly.  "Behave, Xander.  Remember, you have to work tomorrow."  He finished off his last piece of bread and stretched out, getting comfortable.  "Great job, Momma."

"Thank you, Throttle.  You know he's baiting you, right?"  He smirked and nodded.  "Are you going to let him?"

"Until I tell him he can't go find his favorite thing from our trip."

"It's in the trunk."

"You bought one of those without me?"

"Well, yeah, I didn't think I could drag you into a sex shop."  Carbine, Stoker, and Modo all choked. "Sorry.  Just one that sells toys and videos."

Switch grinned at him.  "Is that where you find all those neat restraints?"

He beamed and nodded.  "Yeah.  Wanna go?"

"No," Stoker said, putting his foot down.  "No more restraints.  We have more than enough.  There's nothing there that we can't do without."

"I just wanna look," she pouted.  "Please?  We can go with Throttle even so he doesn't have to spank Xander for buying more naughty stuff."

"No, we don't need more naughty stuff," Throttle agreed.  He looked at Xander, shaking his head. "No."

"Please?  I'll be good.  I promise I'll be good.  I won't rent any movies, I won't go into the arcade and get molested by some helpful guy, I won't pick up any toy that's bigger than you or that vibrates.  Please, Throttle?" he begged.  "You can go with us."

"If you're going, both spouses are going with you," Throttle assured him.

"I don't want your punk," Stoker assured him.

"Like I care," he snorted.  "Think about some guy escorting Switch into a shop like that without you being there."

Stoker growled. "He'd better not try anything."

"See?" Throttle said smugly.  "You don't need it, Xander."

"But, Throttle," he whined. "We can be good and get Vinnie and Charley bridal presents."

"I doubt she'll need 'em, mini-punk," Stoker said firmly.

Switch ran a hand up her man's thigh, making him twitch until she got to the spot she liked to tease, right on the inside of his thigh, just close enough for her knuckles to brush him. "Please, Stoker?" she asked, giving him the puppy eyes.  "I'll do a report for class."

"Why would your computer class want to know about human-style sex toys?"

"Because that area is branching out onto the internet," Xander said promptly.  "It's a few billion dollar business.  It brings in nearly as much money as Las Vegas does.  It's a great industry in some places.  Little or no overheard, very little cost, and you can make back your monthly fees with about three clients at those prices."  He grinned at Switch.  "If he won't take you, I'll take you online and show you some so you can do a report on that.  You can shop, watch movies, talk to live people and have them do stuff, just watch live people going at it, and all sorts of stuff."

"No, Xander," Stoker ordered.

"I agree, not unless I'm sitting there too," Throttle agreed sarcastically.

"If you want," he agreed happily.  "Oh, come on!  It'll be *fun*."

"No," the spouses said.   Switch and Xander pouted but it wasn't changing any minds.

"Fine," Switch said, pushing back her chair and taking Anya from her husband.  "Come on, Xander.  You can show me online and they can watch over our shoulders."  She led the way into the library, smirking at what Dawn was looking at.  "That seems pretty cool.  Is that part of the porn stuff Xander was talking about?"

"Sure is but it's humiliation and degradation stuff.  I hate jocks and this makes them sorry."

"Is this the sort you can tell them what to do?"

"No, this is a movie, sweetie, sit down.  I'll switch to more normal people porn."  She typed in another address, finding a better website for her.  Anya suddenly let out a squeal.  "Whoa, your namesake," she said in awe.  "Xander?  Did you know Anya submitted tapes to a kinky amateurs site?" she called.

"WHAT!" Throttle yelled, coming into the office.  "Cheese!  Xander!"

"I didn't know she did that!"  He looked at the counter.  "Hey, we're pretty heavily downloaded too."  He looked up.  "Good job, honey.  Next time, tell me."  He shook his head and sat down to look at the rest of the site, making Dawn move.  "Oh, hey, there's six or seven of us on here," he said, frowning as he clicked on each one.  "My birthday."  He clicked on another one.  "Her return to human day."  The next.  "Her birthday!" he said with a bright grin for Dawn.  "Look, she's wearing the nightie you stole for her."

Dawn looked, then nodded.  "Yeah, she is," she sighed, heading off shaking her head.  She couldn't watch porn with Xander around.  Especially not porn of him and her.

"Oh, hey, it's Buffy's birthday party and the back room," Xander called.

"I saw enough of that one when I interrupted it," Dawn called back, shuddering.  She really had seen more than she needed to.

"Ooh, look, Anya, your namesake was so *cute*," Switch cooed.

Everyone let out a groan at that but Xander, whose 'yup, she was' earned another one.  Then Throttle was pulling Xander off to make him sane again.

"It's malnutrition, feed him more, Throttle," Dawn yelled down the hallway.

"I've got what he needs to be sane," he promised, closing their door.  "Suck," he ordered, undoing his pants.

Xander happily got down to his favorite chocolate flavored treat.

The End.

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