Xander walked into the bar in DC, smiling at the bartender, who gave him a horrified look.  "Someone paid for me to meet her here," he said quietly, taking the beer.  He sipped it on the way back to the back room, finding her back there with someone.  He sat down across from her in the booth, taking a drink of his very good beer.  "You do realize how very *stupid* it was to have a hacker break the law for you?  Especially against hackers?  There's hackers all over the world who're now pissed at you," he said with a fond smile.  "Pity."  He took another drink, looking at the guy beside him.  "Agent Fornell.  Long time no see, love."  He blew a kiss then looked at her again, staring at her.  "I know what you are."


"Half succubus?  Yeah, I know," Xander said smugly.  Fornell coughed.  Xander concentrated and they both saw the flash around her as the necklace she wore broke.  He gave her a smug little look.  "Run to your masters, let them see how tainted you really are, *Director*."  He finished his beer then stood up to kiss her, making her whimper as her powers come out full force.  "A hunter is almost always ready for one of you.  Your kind are stress relief and then banished."  He grinned at Fornell again.  "Tim said hi."  He walked out, strolling really.  One woman gave him a long stare so he smirked at her, blowing a kiss.  She waved him over so he went to let her buy him a drink and talk to her.  He could pretend to be a rent boy for it a while.  It was a thrilling old game he had teased the demons with in the clubs.  The director stomped off.  "That poor woman.  She's delusional."  He looked at her again.  "Thinks that I'm a demon."

She blinked.  "Well, maybe in bed," she said smugly.

"You think I'm an incubus?" he teased back.

"We can see."

"We can, but I only play very cleanly, ma'am," he said gently.  "Very, very cleanly.  No dirtiness tonight."

She moaned.  "I can play by those rules.  You do...please your women?"

"Of course.  Every day."  He kissed the back of her hand, massaging the pressure point in it.  She moaned and shifted.  He gave her a smug look.  "I'm very good at it."

She whimpered and left with him, having him in the back of the limo on the way to her house.  Then she tied him down to the bed and rode him until she begged for mercy.  He magically untied the ropes and flipped her over, diving in to make her beg for real.  She was so pretty when she begged. By the time he was ready to come, she was limp, sated, and smiling.  He came and looked down at her.  "You're worth more than whatever you fee is, young man."

He smirked.  "Usually I'm fairly inexpensive.  I was using that to go annoy the redhead."  He blew a kiss when she gave him a horrified look.  She was the sort who'd pay for it but bar pickups and the average man was beneath her.  Pros gave her the dirty feeling she needed to feel like she was breaking some important rules and the rush it gave her was what got her off.  "She's been plaguing her people.  I'm one of the ones that got sent to...talk with her."

"You're an assassin?"

"No, I'm an annoyance.  I make some people so very annoyed that they go turn themselves in."  She swallowed, pulling him down to kiss him.  "Though I have had to hunt in the past."  She found the energy for another round and he still left with five grand and a bottle of wine.  He went back to the cheap motel, handing Sam the wine.  "Not my style."

"Did you rob a store?" Dean asked.  Xander just grinned.  "What did you do?"

"I went to make sure her heritage came out in front of others."  He blew a kiss.  "And got picked up in the bar.  She sent the wine."

Dean moaned.  "Was she good?"

"She was excellent.  For some reason she decided I was an assassin and it turned her on."  He shrugged, sitting down to take off his boots.  He looked at the gaping brothers and grinned.  "What?"

"Damn," Sam said, heading to find some glasses.  The wine looked good.

Dean made sure he was gone.  "Hustled?" he asked quietly.

"I didn't even suggest.  She still paid me."  He smirked.  "I can get a new pair of leather pants."

Dean moaned, shaking his head.  "Define good."

"Dean, her limo just dropped me off at the bar.  When did I leave and head to the bar?"

Dean looked at the clock.  "Five.  It's nearly eleven."  He laughed.  "So that good, huh?"  Xander smirked and nodded.  "Decent.  You get dinner."

"You didn't eat?"

"No.  You?"

Xander considered it.  "No.  I can't consider her nutritious."  Sam came in blushing at that statement.  "Did you eat?"

"Nope.  Tim's eating with Tony and Gibbs."

"Let me get change and we'll get wings or something," Xander said, going to do that at the nearest bar once he had his boots back on.  He strolled back with lipstick marks on his neck and a full bag of dinner.  He handed it to Dean.

Sam looked at his throat.  "Vamp?"

"Human vamp.   She thought I'd be tasty."  He grinned.  "Apparently she smarmed me with her scent when her little shield broke."  He sat down with his order of wings and flipped to the pay-per-view channel.  "Hmm.  Mud wrestling or porn, Dean?"

"We're all in the same room, Xander," Sam complained.

"Mud wrestling then," Dean decided, clicking on it.  Since Xander was being so generous at the moment.  Sam shook his head but Dean got his extra-large plate and Sam got his.  He leaned closer.  "How much?"  Xander let him count the remains.  He moaned.  "Rich?"

"Very.  The limo was very smooth."  He put it back into his pocket without Sam having noticed.  Sam could be a bit prudish now and then.  He dug in, eating his next wing.  Bikini mud wrestling was his sort of sport.  He and Dean ended up next to each other, watching the girls grope and slide in the slimy environment.  "I'm wondering if you could do that with slime," Xander said.

"Gross," Sam complained.

"Not regular slime, like Nickelodeon slime.   Maybe with some succubus blood mixed in but regular slime."

"I'd pay fifty bucks to see that," Dean agreed.  "Protoplasm wrestling?"

Sam looked at them.  "You two are so sick."  They just grinned back.  He groaned.  "I'm going to get Tim and I a room to ourselves.  Before you two turn my mind to mush."

"Awww, do you want me too, Sammy?" Xander teased.

Sam glared at him.  "Only he gets away with that, Xander."

"And Dawn," Dean reminded him.

"And her but she's a cute girl.  He's not."

Xander snickered.  "No but I'm much better than most girls according to the lady earlier."

Sam gave him a look.  "I'd still have to be on top and you'd hate that."  He left, going to get him and Tim a room.  Even if Tim would be staying on Tony's couch tonight.  Xander was in a strange, sick, and twisted mood.  He'd be picked on all night.

Dean looked at him.  "You sure you want Sammy?"

"Dawn said he was a lot more forceful than he seemed," he teased.

"Did you get drugged?"

"Not that I know of."  He grinned and nibbled on another fry.  "I'm trying to stay at the level of playful, Dean.  She kinda reminded me of Anya earlier.  Tied me down and climbed on top.  It was a good flashback."

Dean looked at him.  "I'd offer but you said you don't bottom."

Xander shrugged.  "It was a bit of panic on my road trip.  Never got there."  He ate another fry.  "I can introduce you to that waitress if you want."

"Nah.  Too much work tonight."  He got comfortable.  "So, did the succubus set you off?"

"Quite possibly.  Either that or I'm in a naughty mood."  He grinned at him.  "Either way I'm a happy Xander boy."

Dean patted him on the thigh.  "We like you happy, Xander."  Xander moved his wings and moved closer.  "I'd still be on top."

"We can keep it at rubbing.  That means no worries about being on top."  He stared at him.

"Fine."  Xander kissed him and it was good.  Very good.  "Are you sure you can't turn into an incubus?"

"Very."  He moved down to tease and play with him.  Dean was very agreeable to being blown and they could tease each other.  Dean tried to tickle him so they ended up rolling around together on the bed.  Finally Dean ended up on top, stroking down against Xander's cock.  He was panting and groaning, it felt so good, but he had to know that Xander wasn't going to get strange.  "No needing flowers, right?"

"Flowers suck," Xander promised with a grin.  He pulled him down to kiss him, letting them go back to rubbing against each other.  Dean moaned, panting harder.  Xander kept going until he was begging for it.  Then Xander let himself fully let go for a while.  It was nearly perfect between them.  Dean was needy and begging.  He was at the begging stage himself.  He gulped air and kissed him again.  "Finish it, Dean.  Please?"

Dean moaned and finished them both off with a few firm strokes.  He went limp, letting Xander hold him for now.  He didn't have to worry about breaking him or keeping him from breathing.  "If Anya taught you that, remind me to buy her grave flowers," he said quietly.

Xander laughed.  "The other strippers did, she refined it."  He stroked through his hair.  "That was good."

"It was," Dean agreed.  He looked up.  "You're better than a waitress any day."

"You too."  Dean laughed.  It'd be fine.  "We should clean up before the biological glue sets."  He got up with a groan, going to get a wash cloth.  He came back to clean them off then snuggled in again.  "This okay?"

"This is good, Xander.  I haven't complained about you snoring into my armpit or chest yet."  Xander nodded, relaxing against him, slowly falling asleep.  Dean grinned.  He'd have to date a nympho sometime if it gave you that sort of stamina.  He went back to the pay-per-view, finding it over.  He looked at Xander, turning it to lesbian porn.  He wouldn't mind and it was only three bucks if he did.  Xander woke up a while later to watch with him when he groaned, lending a helping bit of anatomy to help him sleep.


Sam unlocked the other room's door.  "Morning, sunshines," he called loudly.

Xander lifted his head.  "Was your hand good?" he asked, putting his head back down on Dean's stomach.  He looked at the bed, frowning.  "Weren't we on the other bed?"

"Wet spot," Dean mumbled.  He shifted onto his side.  Xander shrugged and curled up against his back.  "Thanks, wife."

"Welcome, bitch."

"Guys!" Sam called.  "This is your morning wake up!"

"Bite me," Xander called.

"We have to hit Connecticut in four days, guys."

"Two day trip," Dean complained.  "'Bout thirty hours."

Xander grunted and nodded.  "Or one on the train."

"Not leaving the car, Xander."

"Fine."  He blinked at the stunned looking Sam.  "Anything good in the news?"

"The President was caught groping the director of NCIS but he's denying it.  Even though it was caught on camera from the media room."  He turned on the tv, letting them see the fallout.  She was already resigning due to her bad form the night before for being supposedly too drunk.  She was going to confine herself somewhere due to her problems.

Xander smiled.  "I do good work, huh, girlfriend?"

Dean looked back at him.  "I'm still on top, Xander."

"You guys...." Sam asked, trailing off.

Dean shook his head.  "Not that.  He does have good hands though."  He watched the news feed.  "Good on us.  Hope Gibbs enjoys that too."  He closed his eyes.  "Give us another hour, Sammy.  Then we'll get up and shower like good boys."

"Fine."  He left the coffees before fleeing back to his own room.  He found Tim finally back.  "They're cuddled together comfortably.  They said to give them another hour."

"That's fine.  Gibbs already called and said he wants to spank whichever one of them it was."

"Xander.  Then he got picked up in the bar by some rich lady who paid him because she thought he was an assassin.  We had wings and mud wrestling last night."

Tim laughed.  "Sounds like it was nearly as good as my Pasta Florentine, garlic bread, and Tony's movie collection."  Sam nodded, smiling a bit.  Someone in the next room yelped.  "Which one was that?"

"Dean.  I think.  Sometimes those two are scarily like twins."  He sat down.  "Dean was joking about Xander being his wife."

Tim snickered.  "Probably not for real.  Xander said he doesn't bottom."

"I don't think it mattered last night."  They both looked at the shared wall when someone over there moaned, a deep, primal sound that made them both hard.  It grew, getting louder and more frequent, turning them both on as they listened to whoever's breath start to hitch during the moans.  Then they came with a groan and someone else chuckled evilly.  Sam shivered.  "Maybe we should do another exorcism on Xander."

"It'd be the third one this month," Tim pointed out quietly.  Someone yelped then whimpered loudly, then groaned and let go.  "No evil giggle this time."

"The evil chuckle was probably in his ear.  The first giggle had to be from Xander."

"You've probably heard Dean make those noises before."

"You have *no* idea," Sam said dryly, cracking his buddy up.  "We were teenagers sharing a motel room with Dad.  He used to walk off and leave us alone for hours on end on purpose.  When I complained about Dean he told me some day my dick would run my life too but we'd both learn control within a year.  Mine never ran me that way.  Maybe that's why I'm not so gun-ho as those two and Dad."

"You wanted a higher calling, Sam.  It wasn't your fault," Tim told him.  "Even though you knew it was important you knew it's not going to be your life.  You didn't have the same reason they did.  They remember the old days and you don't."

"I know."  He slumped when the groan came back.  "No way.  Unless Xander really did turn into an incubus."  He got up but Tim shook his head, pushing him back down.  "We still have to drive hard, Tim."

He grinned.  "If you can get Dean on a plane, we can ship the cars up with us.  Military transport."

"Oh, thank God."   He called the cellphone.  "We've got military transport to Connecticut.  Hurry up.  You're loud and embarrassing me."  He hung up.

"Go to hell, Sammy!" Dean yelled through the wall.  His voice got quiet but it was still apparently soothing because he did make that same 'coming' groan a few minutes later.  Ten minutes later he stomped over.  "What were you thinking?"

"It's been forty minutes and we've got to drive all day?" Sam suggested.  "You'd already had wake up sex?"

Dean growled.  "It wasn't like that!"

"Bull," Tim told him dryly.  "The noises were pretty clear and Xander's giggle made it even more clear."

Dean walked off shaking his head.  "Where are we meeting it?"

"Let me call to make sure," Tim offered, calling his former boss.  "Hey, boss.  Yeah, Sam said it was Xander.   Yup, let out her half-succubus heritage.  Can we get that ride?  No, Dean and Xander got a bit...celebratory last night.  Yeah, hangover.  Oh, you did hear about him being picked up.  Mud wrestling and wings after that with the wine, boss."  Sam pointed at the rest of the bottle, letting him sniff it and get a glass.  It was excellent wine.  "We can do that.  Thanks, boss."  He hung up.  "Five, Dean!  We leave at five-thirty!"

Xander stuck his head in the door after picking the lock.  "Sure, we can do that."  He grinned. "If you're that jealous, Sam, call Dawn."  He closed the door and went back to make sure they had packed everything.  The rest of the wings made a decent breakfast and it was good with them.  It was like one of the old days with Anya.  He had that comfortably tired glow.  He was happy.  He was content and sated.  It was a good day.  They headed out, Xander driving off to get soda, Dean and Sam to do some sightseeing with Tim.  Xander went to check with Meredith, who was crying.  "What?" he asked as he walked in.  She lunged over to hug him.  "What happened?" he asked, sitting down to cuddle her.

"Men are all asshats!" she sobbed.

"I know we are.  What did yours do?"

"He broke up with me because I wouldn't let him tie me down and have my ass!"

He stroked her on the back.  "You needed a better one anyway.  He was manipulative.  The next one will be better or you'll pull a Willow and find a girlfriend."  She gave him a  dirty look.  "You will.  I doubt you're going to give up dating, Meredith."

"No," she pouted, curling up against his chest again.  "Why are you in town?"

"Payback for a bitch taking our IDs out of the systems around the world.   I did not want to deal with the older watcher in Kansas or Homeland Security's people."

"Oh."  She looked at him.  "What was she?"


"Oh."  She nodded, teasing his stomach.  "Not all guys are like that?"

"No they're not and you're still too young for me.  I see you like a daughter, Meredith."


He looked down.  "Go find me some rosemary oil, oleander, and ginseng."  She went to do that while he got the candle and the mirror.  Something was seriously going on.  He found the spell on himself and had to cancel it, calling Dean.  "I'm very sorry if Willow's spell made you do things you weren't planning on doing last night with me.  Or this morning.  We'll beat her on our way back through Cleveland if you want."   He listened to him complain.  "Yup.  I'm with Meredith.  Already canceled it.  Sorry.  No, I don't regret it, but I wanted to let you know that's what caused it.  No, she made me a temporary incubus, Dean."  Meredith gasped then burst out giggling.  "You hush, girl."  He went back to listening to him, unraveling another spell that was starting.  "We have got to beat that witch.  She's trying again, Dean.  Yeah, that's why we didn't stop this morning."  He nodded.  "Not that I minded.  I'm in the same content and sated state that I was when I was dating my nympho."  He grinned a sappy grin.  "Thanks.  Sure."  He hung up and looked up then went to get some other supplies, sending the spell back at Willow.  Her girlfriend was not going to be amused but oh well!  Someone would yell.


Dean hung up.  "All those who're tired of Willow raise their hands," he said.  His went up.  The other two raised one.  "Motion carried.  Anyone got a preferred method?"

"Stakes are nice," Sam offered cautiously.  "Why?"

"Xander just called to apologize for last night and this morning if I didn't really want to do that with him because she had a spell on him to turn him into a temporary incubus.  So yes, stakes are very nice. Fire pretty, especially when they're roasting stakes."

"Steaks are nice but you can never get better than a good Rollo con Pollo with a good wine," a male voice said from behind Dean.

"Your stomach thinks higher than mine does," Dean joked back, turning to look at Tony.  "You heard?"

"Oh yeah.  By the way, Meredith called Gibbs to warn him."  He smirked.  "I'm fleeing the temper."

"Usually a good idea," McGee agreed.  "How's the director?"

"He's the temp director but they know they're not keeping him there.  He's retiring once someone's found."  Tony gave Dean a look.  "He did get *very* amused by his date last night as well."

"Yeah, me too.  It was a great dinner and mud wrestling afterward."

Tony laughed.  "I suggested the match to Gibbs and got my head smacked again."  He punched him on the arm.  "When are you guys going back to Cleveland?"

"Not for another few weeks," Sam said.  "We've got Connecticut, then Maine, then the short trip to visit someone in Canada for Xander, then down there."

"That'll give us time to correct her."  He grinned at Dean again.  "You might want to call Dawn.  For some reason she's been crying?"

"Not my fault," he muttered, texting her.  He got back a 'it's nothing'.  He called.  "Dawn?  Hi, Buffy.  Checking on Dawn.  Because we have another spell coming up and the last one warped on us in the middle of it.  We wanted her to go over it with Xander to make sure it'll be okay."  He listened to her complain that Dawn had duties.  "And saving the world isn't?  She was named in the prophecy, Buffy.  Get her on the phone or we're coming up there."  She hung up.  He called Xander.  "Dawn's in trouble."  He hung up when the phone went dead.   "He's not happy."

"I'm not happy.  Gibbs isn't happy.  It's a not-happy day.  Even though it probably started off good for some people."  Tony grinned again.  "It'll be fine."

Dawn appeared, hugging Sam.  "She wants to sacrifice me," she said quietly.

"Who?" Dean demanded.

"Willow.  She said there's too many powerful witches.  There should only be one.  That's why the Powers are killing Xander at the end of this."

"No we're not," Dean told her.  She looked over.  "C'mere."  She came over to hug him too, letting him give her some comfort.  "You're safe with us.  We'll figure it out."

"Gibbs said she can stay locally and we'll watch out for her," Tony promised.  "He tried to call her and couldn't get past the Willow wall."   They looked over as a well-known green cadillac pulled in and Xander got out, turning on the alarm before coming over.  "It's pretty safe here."

"Not with what's in my car."  He made Dawn look at him.  "We'll be doing something tonight while we're on pause."  She swallowed, shaking her head.  He nodded. "Yeah, we are.  I've had enough.  She tried to turn me into an incubus last night."

"She's going over again, Xander."

"Then let Tara come gather her if she wants her back," he said dryly.

"We were thinking roasting stakes were good," Dean said.

Xander smiled sweetly.  "Don't tempt me."  He looked at Dawn again.  "You're my sister.  I don't know why the Powers sent you to Buffy.  She's damn near useless and I told her that on the way over.  She was complaining you had gotten away."  He smirked.  "So I called one of the other Watchers in residence and had him pass on a message to Giles.  Then I asked Fred to go too."  She shuddered.  "Fred's still screaming.  I'm getting a live feed of it."  He smirked.  "Giles is still screaming and ranting, Dawnie.  You're mine now.  Got it?"  She nodded, hugging him instead.  "That's my little sister.  She touches you again and the Council can rebuild again."  Someone coughed so he looked over.  "Yes, Agent...."

"Perkins, sir.  Deputy Director Fornell sent me to find you?"


"Last night, sir.  He wanted to know what happened."

"I told him last night.  Oh, let him know there's a bit of trouble in Cleveland but we're fixing Willow.  Don't send the Homeland guys up for a while.  It's going to be messy but in- house."  He nodded at that.  "Then remind him what I called her last night at the table."  The agent nodded and walked off, calling to tell him that.  He stiffened halfway there. "We've got it."  He called someone.  "Faith, me.  Willow's gone rogue.  She's trying to sacrifice Dawn so there's no other powerful witches."  He nodded.  "No, she knows the prophecy says that they could take me out at the end.  Yeah, taking out anyone of her power level.  I don't care if you send her to see Tara in person, sweetie.  Hey, knock her out permanently.  Let her float around.  That'll work.  I'll manage it by four."  He hung up, looking at her.  "We've got to hit the specialists shops.  Come on."  He looked over at Sam.  "We'll be there in time.  Which air field?"

"Call me, Xander.  I'll make sure you get there," Tony promised.  He nodded at that.  He waited until those two were gone.  "He's going to do what?"

"Knock her into a magical coma or out of her body," Sam said quietly.  He looked at Dean.  "Less problems."

"A lot less problems.  Tim, you got any dissent?"

"No," he said, shaking his head.  "I've went over the journals for the last few years with Dawn's help so I could get used to Xander.  She deserved it back when she tried to end the world."

Dean nodded, clapping his hands.  "Good.  Then let's see more pretty things."  They nodded, heading to do that, Tim riding with Tony.


Buffy was arguing with Willow when she suddenly collapsed.  "Damn it!  Giles!  She's down!"

He came rushing in to look her over.  She was fine medically, simply unconscious.  He lit up a spell to look her over for curses, frowning at what he saw.  He sighed, looking at her.  "Dawn got a bit upset about her plan to kill her, Buffy."  Buffy gaped.  "She went to Xander.  They've knocked her out so she can't kill either of them."

The phone rang and Buffy grabbed it.  "What did you think you were doing!"  She listened.  Then she slammed down the phone.  "Fred!"

"I'm not your personal slave," Fred said as she appeared.  She looked down at Willow.  "That's nicer than the Powers were going to do to her."  She looked at Buffy again.  "You'd think you'd want your sister to live, Buffy.  What's wrong with you?"  Giles gasped and moved to check her over.  "For those who wonder, Willow's fine.  She'll be Sleeping Beauty until someone wakes her up.  She's a ghost now."  She pointed.  "She's over there swearing."  Tara faded in; she could see it.  Then she saw her haul off and slap Willow like someone should've done years ago.  "Way to go, Tara!" she cheered.

Tara faded into view with a small smile.  "Willow's fine.  We're going to have a long discussion."  She looked at Buffy.  "Your mother is very upset if this isn't a spell."

"But Willow said it was dangerous, that's why the prophecy got pulled out, because there was too much power."

"No," Fred said, shaking her head.  "Not in the least.  It's one of those that's determined by star pattern and time.  It was going to happen.  They sped it up so it happened now since in ten years there's going to be a lot fewer slayers on active duty.  Right now you guys can handle the ripples the First Evil caused.  This is one of those."  Buffy gave her a pathetic look.  "That would've happened within a few years too, Buffy," she assured her.  "Willow sped it up.  Not your fault."  She smiled.  "Willow was right about one thing, her being so powerful pulled a lot of prophecies off the shelf to activate them.  If she hadn't tried to end the world, if she hadn't brought you back, Xander wouldn't be out on a quest with a magical sword with two hotty guys that both lust after his butt.  Dawn never would've been sent to you.  You were losing power before Glory.  The first slayer spell added back to it.  That was Willow.  Xander screws up all the prophecies she makes come into being but she did it.  Now, she's taking a long nap until she's better.  She'll automatically wake up if she's needed or if she learns what a stupid poop she is."  She looked at Giles.  "You too."  She looked at Buffy again.  "I will tell you that you've lost Dawn for good.  Xander said she's *his* little sister now.  You know what that means."

"They're going to do the incest thingy that Dean and Sam are?" Buffy asked.

Fred gave her a stunned look.  "Oh, God, Buffy, you just solved it."  She hugged her and disappeared.  She appeared only to Sam this time.  "Sammy?"  He gave her a dirty look.  "There's a cure for Xander dying.  Buffy gave me the hit I needed in the butt.  She was talking about you four being a quad.  I can't give you too many hints or they'll hear, but there's a book in Colorado...."  She faded out.  "Quads, Sam.  Quads.  Soul bondings can share."

Sam blinked, nodding.  "Okay," he called.   Dean and Tim both gave him an odd look.  "Fred.  I need to hit a research topic."  He looked up those keywords online, finding a very ancient prophecy.   It was odd but he had seen a part of it before.  Now though....  It might lead to something.


Xander pulled up to the gate Tony had told him to go to, pulling out his ID.  "DiNozzo and Gibbs sent us?"

"Yes, sir.  Do you have anything that would explode due to an atmosphere or pressure change?"  He had been warned to ask it this way instead of asking if he had anything dangerous because the guy would only give him a stupid look, like the other one had.

Xander considered it then nodded.  "Yes, two things, but I need them."

"Are they shielded?"

"Not really."  He got out and wiggled under the car, coming out with something in a small box.  "It's got a mercury switch."

"Is it going to explode?"  Xander nodded.  "Can you disarm it so it won't?"  Xander looked at it then nodded, disarming the switch so it couldn't go off.  He got into the trunk and held up the glass jars of nitroglycerine.  "Can those be packed differently?"

"They can explode due to pressure changes anyway," Dawn said. "Can you give this to Gibbs and make sure we get it back?"

"He said I could, ma'am.  Do you need the other thing?"

"Not for a few weeks," Xander said, handing it over with the small foam case of jars.  He checked to make sure the doorway was locked underneath then they headed up into the cargo plane, letting the handlers tie her down next to the Impala.  He waved at the gate guy, getting a nod back.  He walked them up to the front when one pointed.  "Howdy, neighbors."

Sam smiled.  "Fred said hi."

"Cool.  I'm sure she went to chew Buffy a new one again."  He sat down and showed Dawn how to buckle up.  The boys already were and so was Tim.  "Willow's in a full magic coma.  She's Sleeping Beauty.  She's out of her body and watching the others.  I left an out in case we needed her heft or something.  Or if she decides to go back to being good."

Dean nodded.  "I like that idea.  Still like stakes better but she'll learn."

Dawn smiled.  "I summoned Tara.  Her first act was to slap the shit out of her ex."

"Even better," Dean said happily.  "We saw you stop."

"Had to unload something with a mercury switch and the nitro.  Gibbs will make sure we get it back."

"What do you have in the car!" Dean demanded.

Xander grinned.  "The stuff we found in Sunnydale that I didn't put into hiding?"

"Uh-uh.  When we're in the air, we're going to go over your heap and see *everything*, Xander."

"But then I can't pull out weapons and see that look of glee you get when you see the new things."

Dean snickered.  "I'll still be happy to see them when they appear.  Most of your stuff is very sweet."  He gave his head a swat.  "Anything else I should know?"

"Nothing else happened.  What did Fred want, Sam?"

"To look up a book in Colorado."

Dawn frowned.  "There's a mystical library in Colorado?"

Xander frowned then nodded.  "Yeah, in Bixby.  There's a pretty powerful old witch there.  Named....  Um, I think Helm something or other.  Helmsley or something.  She's one of the oldest witches there are."  Dawn gave him an odd look.  "When I was in Sunnydale I sucked up Ethan and Dru.  She remembered her."

"Oh.  Cool I guess.  You're not talking to the stars, right?"

"No, nor do I have dolls," he said dryly, giving her a look.  "We'll figure out where you're staying for a few weeks until we're done by the time we're on our way back down."

"That's fine."  She snuggled into his side.  "Hey, Dean?"  He made an inquisitive noise, going back to sharpening his knife.  "Fred told Buffy that I was now Xander's little sister, that Buffy knew what that meant.  She said 'you mean they'll be doing the incest thingy that Sam and Dean are'."

Dean looked down at her.  "Cute.  Really."

"I was scrying.  Honestly."

Xander nodded, smirking at him.  "She did.  Then Fred....   She went off on having an idea."

"And came here to tell me to look up a book in Colorado," Sam agreed.  He looked at him.  That gave him an idea on what.  "She got recalled."

"We'll handle it," Xander promised.  "We have without her."

Dean nodded.  "We can do that."  Someone came on to close the cargo gate, sealing them in.  "All the cars fine?" he asked as the guy walked past him.

"Yes, sir, all secure."  He went up to fly the plane.

Xander looked over as they taxi'd down the runway, letting Dean grab his wrist.  "Breathe," he said quietly.  Dean nodded, keeping hold of his arm while he hummed Metallica.

"He did this last time too.  Then we nearly crashed."

"Then he's got a right to be nervous," Dawn told him, moving.  "Shift down seats, guys.  It'll be easier if he's surrounded."  Xander got them shifted down and she sat in Dean's former spot, letting him grip her wrist too.  "Here you are, Dean."  She stroked his arm.  "Concentrate.  You know there's no demons on this plane unless you count Tim and one of his online personalities."  Dean laughed at that.  They started the speeding up to taking off and Xander whispered in his ear until he relaxed enough to not be rigid.  Once they got in the air, Xander distracted him by taking him back to look at all the modifications to his car.  Dean was a car guy, it'd take his mind off things.  Dawn smiled at Sam.  "Don't worry about me cuddling at night.  Even if we're in a shared double room I'll be fine.  I've been camping before."

"That's fine," he agreed, taking Dean's knife to sharpen.  "What else happened?"  Tim handed him the headphones and microphone.  "Recorded?"  Tim shook his head.  She put on hers too.  "What happened with them?" he asked over it.

"The usual.  I was taking Xander's place as Giles assistant and senior researcher.  When I was scrying up there Giles checked Buffy for spells and found some."  She looked at the laptop he was looking at beside him.  She frowned.  "That wouldn't....  Oh, damn, I do know what she was talking about."  She took it to type into it and find another page.  Their satellite system had been cleared before the flight she hoped.  She handed it to him.  He looked at it then gave her a blinding smile and a nod.  "The mutation."

"Figure out why Xander's aim is off with his magic.  Last time nearly fried Dean."

"It's Xander and all magic goes screwy around him," she called.  "It's the hellmouth taint."

He grinned again.  "I'm going to like having you around more often, Dawn.  Just don't take food from Dean.  He'll spank."  She cackled and nodded.  "Good girl."

"Well, I try really hard," she said with a grin.

He laughed.  "You do more than try.  Did you hear our Dad decided to adopt Connor?"

"Hey, a little brother."

"Yeah, a really strong little brother," he agreed.  "One who loves PT and whatever Dad wants to teach him."

"He did kinda miss out on the dad stuff with Holden and Angel."


"The insane guy who hated Angel enough to make a demonic deal to get his son and then took him to a demon realm to raise.  He went from six months old to seventeen in a few days of earth time."

"Damn," Sam said.  She nodded.  "So he was raised there?"

"Yeah.  He has no clue about normal things.  Fred said he still doesn't understand a lot of normal things.  But hey, his mom was Darla and not Dru.  That's something at least."  Sam chuckled and nodded.  "Read up, make sure it's something we won't need stuff for."

He went back to reading.  The witch in Colorado had put a lot of her books online at a wiccan website.  This one was fairly obscure and in Latin.  Sam copied it and translated it in another window.  Thirty pages later he let her see it.  She beamed at him then shrugged.  "You sure?"

"I'm good with it.  It'd be one of my fondest dreams, Sam."

"We'll talk to Dean about it."


"No.  Not him."  She nodded, understanding why he wasn't going to tell Xander yet.  They looked at Tim.

"I'm not getting involved in that part.  That's a later part of the prophecy where I'm basically absent.  I'm good with what I've got to do."

Sam smiled.  "Thanks, Tim.  So, are you going to work with Giles when you get done?  Since that's where Tony and Gibbs are going?"

"Probably.  Gibbs said the girls desperately need some sense.  Tony said something about booty shorts and heels then groaned because he had given himself a headache."

"Some of the younger girls do sex bait by looking like a ho.  Buffy taught that class because she hunted in the clubs," she told him.

"I don't care.  It's not a good idea.  You don't have good backup."

"Still, it works surprisingly well.  Xander does it too to get succuba to hunt and play with."

"You should've heard them last night," Sam told her.  Tim blushed. "And this morning."

"That wasn't the spell.  Anya trained Xander very well.  Then she told the rest of us how good or bad it was.  After the first three or four bad rants of hers, he got a lot better and gave her a lot more of the orgasms she wanted.  She was kinda blunt."

"He called her a nympho," Tim said.

She giggled.  "Anya called it orgasms instead of sex and it was all day every day even in public.  She wasn't satisfied unless she was stuffed full of sperm."  Sam blushed and looked down, shaking his head.  "I mean, I'm pushy and demanding but she wanted at least six a night and then at least two more during the day.  At minimum.  Then she cheated and jumped Spike on top of it."

"I would've punted her off the fire escape," Sam told her.

"Ah, but if he had she would've gotten her powers back, even if it was her fault they broke up."  She held up a finger.  "Then she could get Xander."

"Damned if he does or if he doesn't," Tim said.  "Like the grove thing."

Sam looked at him and nodded.  "He's had that a few times," Dawn agreed.  She looked back through the doorway but couldn't see them.  She looked at Sam again.  "At least she didn't try to kill him.  That made her better than Faith, Ampata, the science sub who turned out to be a praying mantis woman, and Cordy in some ways.  Cordy tried to cut him down then they groped and snogged in closets.  Hers was emotional death.  Faith literally tried to kill him by choking him.  Anya only complained if he wasn't spending money on her or he was too tired to get sex.  Like that Thanksgiving with the native curses.  She didn't rant he could die, she ranted it meant she couldn't have sex."

"Dean's not shallow; he's going to be surprising Xander with depth."

"No, not even.  Xander's a lot deeper than most people see.  A lot of it's pain but he's a deep well.  He's been injured more than a few times helping around there, taking them for us.  He nearly went to hell when I was acting out and activated a demon summoning coin accidentally on purpose."  Sam gave her an arch look.  "I was fourteen!" she defended.  "My mother had just died, Buffy was wrapped up in herself.  I didn't have anyone.  So yeah, I activated the medallion so they'd pay attention to me.  The same reason I shoplifted."  She grimaced.  "After over a day of show tunes and dancing like it was a Broadway musical all over town we finally found the demon.  Xander took the blame for me and Buffy screaming at me.  But he did give me this look that said he knew it had been me.  We had a long talk about everything that night.  Then Anya decided to try to separate us so things got worse.  We eventually worked it out.  We're tighter than Buffy and I were anyway."

He smiled.  "Now you're family.  Watch out, Dean gets a bit overprotective."

"I can hear someone taking my name in vain," Dean said as he came back.  He was a bit rumpled but calmer looking.

"Dude, tell me you did not jump Xander in the cargo hold!" Sam complained.

"No!"  He sat down.  Xander had jumped him but he wasn't going to share that.  It had been part apology and part tension breaking.  "We were crawling around his car."

Sam shook his head.  He knew the lie when he saw it from his brother.  Xander came back but he was perfectly straightened out.  "Everything resealed?"

"I need to replace one of the locks.  It won't stay locked.  I had to empty that stuff into another compartment.  Fortunately it won't drag when I'm driving."  Dawn looked at him.  "What?"

She gave his arm a hug.  "I love you."

He grinned.  "Don't you dare summon Sweet again, Dawnie."

"I didn't!  Did you hear?"

"No, but you only hug me when you think about that."  He patted her on the head.  "No way was I going to let you be a queen of hell."

"The tiara would look better on him," Dean teased.  Xander pinched him.  "Hey!  No touching like that unless you mean it."

Xander looked at him.  "Don't make me pounce you."

Dean smirked.  "Do you think you have that sort of stamina?"

Dawn nodded.  "Anya was almost switched over to the succuba patrol because of her desires.  Yes, he can."  Dean cackled.  "Really.  I don't know how she lived through eight or nine orgasms a night since I sleep after the third one, but she did and wanted more."

Xander nodded.  "She did," he agreed happily at Dean's look.  "Why do you think I only need two hours of sleep a night?  She'd jump me at bedtime, I'd nap finally, do it again before work, go work construction, come back, eat, go slay, and then repeat it again."

"So, this morning wasn't that unusual?" Sam teased.

Xander shook his head.  "No.  Not really.  I've got mad skills in the bedroom.  I could teach incubi a lot."

"Buffy, Giles, and I all heard a succuba he was seeing beg for mercy a few nights in a row," Dawn told them.  Dean gave them a horrified look.  "That's when Willow turned him into a kitty the second time.  I spent weeks petting his orange and gray tabby body while they tried to banish her."

"It was the most sleep I've ever gotten," Xander agreed.

"What happens if the girl's on top?" Sam asked.

"They can do it all they want.  Eventually I'll turn them over and give them what I want after they've satisfied themselves."

"As Anya and the succubus called it 'that little tongue thing that wears me out'," Dawn finished dryly.   She looked at Xander.  "Do you do that to guys?"

"I don't suck that well.  I still have a gag reflex, Dawn.  How did you get past yours?"

"Practice.  That and Sam helped."

"Maybe he should jump Sam to see if he could help him too," Dean teased with a grin.

Xander looked at him.  "That might make him as strange as you're becoming.  Then he'd never get to go over normal guy things with Tim."  Tim cackled at that, shaking his head.  "Besides, I can make seers go insane when I'm sleeping with them.  I tried it with Cordy after she got her visions and she had one nearly as soon as I touched her.  I let her back off, she came back and had another one."  Sam snickered at that.

Dawn nodded.  "She did.  Angel called up complaining that Xander was the harbinger of work."

Dean hung his head, shaking it.  "We'll see what happens if you get to be on the bottom taking it, Xander."

Xander blew a kiss.  "Only if it's special, Dean."  Dean looked at him.  Xander stared back at him.  Dean nodded that was fine with him.  "Sorry."

"Not a problem.  I still get the tv cuddles, right?"

"Sure.  All you want."  He leered.  "You know, we won't have a motel near where we're going."

"Aw, damn.  Sleeping in the car," Dean sighed.  He hated sleeping in the car.

"I call the Caddy," Sam said.  "Tim and I take it and it's comfy, plush seats.  You two get the Impala.  Dawn can have Tim's car."

Dean nodded.  "That'll work for us.  Xander?"

"Sure.  You have bench seats too."

"Okay.  Showers?"

"Pond on the lands we're going to," Tim told him, pulling out the map he had printed up.  "This is the area of the coordinates.  I pulled it up off the NCIS server.  We'll land about sixty miles from it, just past dark.  We'll drive in and there's a park here or there's woods here," he said.  "If we use the park they'll want us in tents. I sent an email and they said no sleeping in the cars.  But we'd have showers for a mere fifteen dollars per car."

"Will the person who owns the woods mind?" Dawn asked.

He shook his head.  "No one's living there unless they're homeless.  It's listed as abandoned and condemned.  Which means we can park near the pond and camp there.  I talked to the cops up there, told them I was driving up to Maine and that was about where I'd have to stop for the day.  The officer who answered said there's no motels within three hours.  That one was questionable and had about seven murders in the last four years.  Serial killer, normal one.  I asked about camping areas.  He suggested the pond.  Said they don't check it because kids don't go there to make out.  It's haunted.  She doesn't like teenagers."

"Will she bother us?"  Dawn asked.

"Shouldn't.  The body's on the lands in a small cemetery if she does."

Dean nodded.  "That works for me.  Xander?"  He shrugged but nodded.  "Sammy?"

"That's fine," he agreed.  "We can swim and bathe in the pond.  Dawn can hike a bit away so we don't look."

She pinched him.  "Everyone but Tim has seen me naked, Sam.  I'm not that shy."  Tim blushed.  "Sorry.  You don't have to look."

"You've seen her naked?" Dean asked Xander.

"She had a huge fever and her sister was off on a patrol.  I had to get her into a shower."

"If she doesn't mind I don't."  He looked at her.  "That nasty female stuff?"

"Not an issue I'm really familiar with.  I only have one every four months, Dean.  Since no one's there to nag me to have one I can keep going with the patches to keep it gone."

"Good enough for me," Dean decided.  "You have some?"

"I stole half of Meredith's.  I've got enough for five more months."

"Okay," he agreed happily.  He rubbed his hands together.  "How long before we land?"

"Three hours," Tim said.

Dean grimaced.  "I should nap then."

Xander reached over to knock him out then looked at Dawn.  "You can ride with me or Tim, either one."  She nodded, snuggling against his side to fall asleep.  He grinned at Sam.  "Solitaire?"

"No, research."  He grinned.  "Later magical stuff."  He nodded, letting it go there, letting himself drift off as well.  Sam smiled.  The three of them did look cute curled together.  He grinned at Tim, who was asleep too.  It was good.  He finished his translation and made sure he had it saved multiple places, including sending it to some people he knew to save for him in case he lost a copy.  Then he shut down his computer and took his own nap.  He wouldn't put anything past the Powers right now.


Later that night, Xander looked out at the moon.  "It looks so innocent," he told himself.

Sam sat down next to him.  "It is.  It's not the moon's fault it's used to enforce things or create change."  He nudged him with his shoulder.  "You're not playing with Dean, right?"

"Nope.  We agreed on the plane we're keeping it as friends with bennies."  He looked at him.  "I'll only hurt him during sparring matches, Sam."

"Good."  He gave his head a nudge.  "We'll figure everything else out.  What about the spell?"

"I've got it.  I still don't know why my aim went wide."

"Not like you can practice it," Sam agreed.  "Sometimes it's a back of the mind thought."

"I was paying attention to how they were doing, the same as I was you."

"Then the swords probably drew it."

"That could be a benefit later on.  I could aim to hit the sword and let whoever was closest get it."

"It could, if it wouldn't fry the holder."

"Good point."  He leaned back on his forearms.  "Tim snoring?"

"Yeah, he's having an allergy attack.  Apparently the guy offloading the cars earlier had a cat."  He watched the pond, smiling at the sight of Dean and Dawn splashing each other.  "You should be out there.  After all, you like water."

"Dawn warned me not to."

"Ah."  He gave him a nudge.  "Go for it, Xander."  He looked at him.  "If it was just Dean, would you?"

"If he had asked for some private time?  Yeah."

"Huh."  He grinned.  "Good."  He stood up and stripped off.  "Fortunately she didn't ask me so I can get her to help me gang up on Dean."  He waded down into the water and swam out to grab Dean by the ankle and pull him under, coming up laughing. Dawn laughed, splashing him for it.  "I get to get him, he's mine."  He looked around.  "I know you can swim...."  He shut his mouth when he felt the hand pulling him down.

Dean came up.  "Don't pick on your big brother.  I used to change you," he said when Sam came up spluttering.

She giggled.  "Did you have to watch the little Sam willy?"

"Yeah but I hoped he'd grow some.  Talk about tiny.  Even when he tried to pee on me he never made it."

"It's not now," Sam assured him.  Dean looked at Dawn.  "Don't even pull her into this."

"I'm not saying a word.  You each have your own style and way of doing things.  I'm not saying a word."  She swam off but Dean pounced her, dragging her under to tickle her until she could break for air and then pulled her down again.

"Don't make me do CPR; we might get two Keys," Xander called.  Dean burst out laughing, Dawn too.

"Get your tail out here, Xander."

"You said not to!"  He stripped and came down, then dove under the water, coming up behind Sam to dunk him again.  Then he dunked Dean.  He grinned.  "Siblings unite?"

"Deal," she agreed, shaking his hand.  Then they started the water war with the two brothers.  Dean got in a grope so she kneed him gently, the water easing the impact of her knee to his stomach.  Dean laughed and dunked her so Xander pushed Sam down after her, letting them swim off together.  They both came up a few feet away.  "Ha-ha!" she crowed.  "And Timmy fell asleep in his own car too!"  She stuck her tongue out.

"You leave biological stuff on my seats and that tongue is going to be licking it clean," Xander called without having to look.  He laughed at Dean's head shake.  "It appears they've got plans tonight."

"It does look that way.  No sperm in the water, Sammy.  We don't need to be coated too."

"Oh, shut up, Dean, and it's Sam!"

Dawn dunked him, grinning when he came up spluttering.  "I like Sammy.  Makes you seem cuter and less deadly.  Sam is for fighting and roughhousing and that stuff that makes you sweaty."

"You're a bit strange, Dawn."

"Well, yeah but I used to have a crush on Xander.  That and Sunnydale mean I've got to be."  She swam off, letting him chase her.  He caught her and ran a hand up her leg when she flipped over.  "Hi."

"Hi.  Shaved?" he asked when he reached high enough up her leg.

"Had to for a protection spell.  It called for it."  She shrugged. "I'll itch later."  He smiled, nodding.  "Fine."  She nodded at the cars.  "Want to play nearer to the bank?"

He looked over at where Dean and Xander were splashing each other.  "Let's hit the caddy."

She nodded, swimming off so he had to look at her butt.  He reached over to spank it on her, earning a look.  "Promises promises, Sammy."  He growled and she ran out of the water, heading for the car.  She'd dry on the way.

Dean shook his head, but he was grinning.  "She's so good at annoying him.  Nearly as good as me."

"I told the one lady that I wasn't an assassin, my business was annoyance."

Dean looked at him.  "I can see how that might be."  He pulled him closer, kissing him.  "We should see how much stamina you have."

"I wore you out last time," Xander said with a cheeky grin.

"You did," Dean agreed.  He kissed him again.  "I was drunk then and I'm not now."

"True, we're not."  He moved closer, grinning at him.  "Poor baby, are you tired?"

"Hell no."

"Then your car has seats that won't get ruined if we're wet, right?"  Dean laughed, swimming for the bank.  Xander followed, pulling Dean back into the water when he started to walk out, grinning at him.  "Last one there gets to be on the bottom."  He ran out of the water for the Impala.

"That's cheating," Dean called, chasing after him.  He pinned Xander against the car.  "I'm not letting you fuck me, Xander," he said in his ear.  "Not unless it's reciprocated."

"Oooh, big words," Xander teased.

Dean kicked his feet apart, shifting closer.  "What was that?"

"Big words?" Xander teased, grinning back at him.  "Are we doing this out here so they have to watch?"

Dean opened the back door.  "In."  Xander slid in and over to the far door.  Dean slid in and closed the door.  "It's been a while since I made out in here, but I think I remember how it goes."  He pulled him over to kiss him.  Xander moaned.  "Sore?"

"No.  Not yet."

Dean pulled back to look at him.  "We'll see when we get a good few weeks off somewhere with a shower."  He kissed him again.  Xander shifted into his lap, leaning down to kiss him better.  He pulled the hips closer, letting them start to rub each other.  Xander let out a soft moan at that.  "Gonna give up now?"

"I never surrender."  He started to lean down then moved.  "You get on top.  I want to nibble and it's too far down."

"No hickeys, Xander."

"Sure, I won't give you a hickey where your brother can see."  He grinned.  "Anywhere else is fair game?"

He considered it for a second then shrugged.  "I guess."  He climbed on top, still thrusting down.  Xander was nibbling his way down his chest while he held on.  "That mouth of yours should be listed in the books as a enemy to goodness," he moaned when it hit a nipple.  Xander chuckled against it, one hand stroking up Dean's back to pull him closer.  He groaned at the thrusting and rubbing going on.  The sucking was a benefit he was liking a lot too.  The hand on his back came down to pull his hips closer with a good shove to his butt, making him spread his knees a bit.  He shivered when Xander's finger scratched over his perineum while they were doing the other things.  It was an odd sensation but good.  Very good.  It was sending small shocks up his back, making him thrust harder.  "Xander."

Xander checked his clearance then shifted so he was on his back.  "There, better?"

"Much," he agreed, leaning down to kiss him again, giving himself free access to explore.  Xander was well muscled.  The fighting they'd been doing only improved that.  He tongued a few scars, earning a hiss of pleasure from one.  He moved over to tease him the same way.  Xander yelped when he bit, panting harder now.  "Good?"  He did it again and the yelp was quieter.  His head got held down so he let himself play for a few minutes before moving to the other side.  He shifted backward, looking at the hard cock. "I guess taller guys are longer."

Xander grinned.  "Use stretched it out.  Anya talked about applying weights."

Dean shook his head.  "No, that's freaky stuff, Xander."  He lapped the head and Xander tensed up with a hiss of pleasure, trying to grab his head.  He held down his wrists and went back to teasing him.  "I'm not going beyond teasing tonight."

"That's fine.  Just let me come soon."

"Sure.  When I get to it," he quipped, moving back up.  "You know, you don't do bad at sucking.  Not as bad as you think."  Xander flipped them over, making him wiggle back fully onto the seat.  "Easy."

"No I'm not.  Usually."  He went down to suck on him.  "All you had to do was ask."

Dean moaned, arching up into the warm heat.  "Do it in the morning when we wake up?" he asked.  He thumped his head on the seat.  "Please?"

"If there's time."

Dean grinned.  Yes!  Morning sex too!  Score!  "Paybacks?"

"You'd better get me off or I'm using mine to write claim markings on your chest," he teased, smirking up at him.

"Do that and I'm piercing you so you look like my wife to those in the freaky circles you used to run in."

"Most of them had a regular ring and I don't like rings.  I look stupid.  I cannot pull off the bling look."

"There's always nipple rings," Dean quipped.  Xander bit him on the thigh, making him hiss and grab his hair.  "No biting, Xander."

"Fine.  Take my fun."

"That fun, yes.  You might damage things.  Bite later, when we're on break."  Xander grinned so he pushed his head back down.  "Suck.  Please?"  Xander slurped him back down and it was nice again.  The finger was coming back to scratch in that same area, making him jerk and twist some.  It was damn good.  He felt it slide back further.  "I don't care if you do that," he admitted.  It went in search of his prostate, and it was excellent from then on.  He groaned, shifting his hips up to give him more room.  Xander followed, making him a happy boy.  He groaned as he came, going limp.  "Go ahead and shoot me."

Xander came up to kiss him.  "Naughty you."

"Get you back in the morning?" he offered with a grin.

"Nope."  He stroked himself.

"That I'm not too tired to do."  He stroked him, flipping them onto their side.  He was nearly hanging off the seat again but that was fine.  Xander was moaning into his mouth, arching into his hand.  It was definitely good for him.  Xander shot off and went limp, pulling him closer to kiss him and hold him.  "Cuddles are good when the seat's so small."

Xander smiled.  "I'm still not letting you pierce me."

"Think Sammy would?  I should put a GPS monitor or something on him."

"Ask Dawn to do it for you."

"Good point."  He grinned.  "Do you mind..."  Xander shook his head.  "Why didn't you hit on Sam?"

"He's straight."

"He's clueless.  He's never thought."  He kissed him again.  "Sleep so you can get me in the morning."

Xander laughed.  "Arrogant bastard."

"Love you too."


Sam pinned Dawn to the backseat, kissing her.  "Hi."

"Hi."  She played with his wet hair.  "You look good all messed up."  He smiled, leaning down to tease her.  She wasn't going to let him have all the fun, she was teasing and tickling his sides, groping him gently.  He pinned her down, going back to playing, at the first true tickle.  "Are we teaching me bondage?" she teased.

"No, that's Dean and Xander.  They've both admitted to it."  She shivered.  He smirked.  "I know, Dawn.  Who wouldn't want them."

"All of you, duffus."  She pushed him up then onto his back, getting on top so she could tease him.  "If I had to make a decision I'd be really miserable."  He hummed, letting her nip him hard.  "Too hard?" she teased.

"Yes.  Gentle."  She licked over it and moved further down, getting a very interested boy under her.  She could feel it against her thigh.  He stroked up her side, playing with a breast, making her hiss and moan, plus tighten her thighs around his hips.  He smiled, puling her up to kiss her and tease them more.  "The car's still too small to roll around with you."

She laughed.  "We make do with what we have, Sam."

"True."  He leaned down to play with her breasts, making her hiss and arch into his mouth.  "Sensitive?"

"Chilly."  He shifted closer, covering her better so he could keep her warm but he was having fun.  She made it fun for him.  She squealed so he grinned and added a groping hand lower down.  Her shaved mound was very nice.  He found a few stray hairs but that was fine with him.  He wasn't looking for perfection.  He even found the softer, small hairs around her inner lips intact.  He moved backward, letting her shift up so he could go down on her.  She was making such pretty noises.  All high pitched squeals and begging noises intertwined.  He finally got her to the point of begging and planted himself, thrusting gently.  "Hi."

She pulled him down to kiss him.  "Already said that."  She wrapped her free leg around his waist.  "More, Sam.  I'm not fragile."

"You are too."

"Not now I'm not."  She smiled.  "Please?"  He smiled and worked harder.  She was still happy with him.  "Let it go," she ordered, staring into his eyes.  "Just let me have it.  I can take it and I want it, Sam."  He groaned, shaking his head.  "Yes, I can."  She used her foot to push him closer, pulling him back down to kiss him.  "Let it go, Sammy.  You don't have to hold back.  I'll enjoy it."

"Dawn, I...."

"Sam, remember, I do hunt sometimes.  I know how it winds you up.  The tension afterward.  The need to rut sometimes.  If that's what you need, I'm there."  She smiled.  "Not that I don't want the gentle stuff."

He groaned, kissing her.  "Jess never would've understood."

"I'm not her, Sam.  I'm Dawn and I do understand.  I've seen it from both sides."  He nodded, letting all his control go.  It was a lot harder, a lot heavier, and she was making such pretty noises.  He paused, making her pant and claw up his back.  "Sam!"

"Shh.  Taking the chance to breathe, Dawn."  He kissed her again.  "You sure?"  She nodded.  "Absolutely certain?"  She wiggled off him and flipped over, spreading out under him.  He growled, taking her again, holding her down with his body's bigger mass.  It was good, so good, to let it go.  All the tension that had been going on around them for months.  She was squealing into the seat.  He pulled her head back.  "Let me hear it," he said in her ear.  She pulled his hand around to bite into while she screamed.  He smiled.  "Good girl."  He shifted his position and went back to it.  She was ready to come.  He used his other hand to slip under her, teasing her clit with hard strokes in time with his.  She came and he could feel it.  It drew his and he groaned, letting it go.   He went limp.  Dawn kissed the bite mark. "You okay?"

"Sam, I want more."

He laughed.  "You know I need some time, Dawn."  He flipped them onto their sides, his back against the back of the seat.  It gave his hands free reign.  One to tease her nipples.  One to tease her clit where he was still buried in her.  She was shaking, moaning, begging for more within seconds and all he had to do was twitch right *there* to make her scream again.  He did it again while she was still twitching in aftershocks, making her hiccup but keep going.  He tried to thrust but he was still soft.  She mewled so he slid out and used the hand on her breasts to tease her hole with his fingers while the other one stroked her clit.  It was good.  She was fully letting everything go.  She finally came and went limp, then sniffled.  "Shh.  I've got you."  He let her cry on him.  She needed it as much as he did.  She had a horrible week with Willow and Buffy.  He soothed her into napping and let her curl up on his chest.  It was comforting.  Very comforting.  He licked his fingers clean, smiling down at her hair.  He was nearly asleep when she woke up with a start.  "Nightmares?"

She nodded, sinking down again.  "They'll go away in a few days."

"Like visions?"

"No.  Not visions.  Mom's death," she mumbled.

He stroked her back.  "I was too young to remember it."

She looked at him.  "Can we trade places?"

He nodded.  "If I could I would have, Dawn."  She nodded, letting him stroke her cheek.  "Feel better?"

"I'm good."  She snuggled in again, smiling against his throat, he could feel it.  "Gee, Sam, are we happy?"

"Very," he teased.  She moved down to please him this time, making him groan and hold onto the seat for dear life.  "Oh, damn, I taught you too well," he moaned.  She laughed, getting down into it.  Sam came a few minutes later, going limp.  She climbed up to snuggle in again.  "Thank you."

"Payback for the extra I had earlier."

He grinned.  "You're a very special girl."

"I know."  He poked her on the side, turning it into a tickling, thrashing moment but it was fun.  Very fun.  He needed to laugh.  He finally pinned her, using her chest as his pillow.  "Comfy?" she teased, stroking over his hair.

"Very.  You're very soft."  He smiled as she let herself drift off, still petting him.  He let himself go too, it was nice.  Very nice.


Tim got up first the next morning, climbing out of the car to stretch and look around.  The caddy had steamed windows but it was quiet.  The Impala looked like it was going to flip over with the way it was rocking.  He shook his head.  He didn't want to know.  He grabbed things to take a bath in the pond, going down to it.  He had to look back at the groan of springs.  The caddy was moving slightly too.  With that heavy of a frame, it shouldn't move even if Sam had thighs of steel.  He turned back around, going back to his bath.  Dean and Xander got done first and came down to join him.  "No going back to sleep?" he teased.

"Nope, I'm super stamina man.  I'll nap later," Xander teased back.  He looked at his car.  "Do not make me replace the shocks, Sammy!"

Dean laughed.  "I doubt he could."

"You might want to check yours," Tim teased him.

Dean smirked.  "If it's good it's good, Tim. You should have some of that."

"I'll find someone nice after we're done."  He finished up his bath and let them have the pond to themselves.  Dawn and Sam got down, walking down to the water naked.  He didn't look and did blush but she patted him on the arm.

"Morning, campers," Sam said happily.

"She's better than caffeine?" Xander teased with a grin.

"Yes I am," Dawn said smugly.  "Was Dean?"

"Yup," Dean agreed happily.  He yawned.  "Where are we heading after this?"

"I vote next time we do this we get an RV," Dawn said, shivering.  "The water's freezing."  She slid in anyway, going to take a bath.

"If we get another prophecy like this one, we'll wave at whoever gets poked," Dean teased.  "That way I don't feel like a Partridge Family reject and have to tow my car."

"You'd look sucky in disco polyester," Xander promised, patting him on the arm.  "Though some RV's are very nice.  Real kitchens and everything.  Sucky gas mileage but real bathrooms, real showers and tubs, real bedrooms or we can do bunks like they do on tour busses.  Those are usually full sized beds two high."  He looked at him.  "With privacy curtains.  Plus a full kitchen and sitting area.  Nice, comfy seats for the driver and built in map machines?"

"Expensive," Dean said.  "Well out of our price range, Xander."

Xander grinned.  "I think I can talk Giles into it for emergency road trips."

Dawn looked back at him.  "He'd freak."

"Not necessarily."  He winked.  "No paying for motel rooms.  We can camp anywhere as long as we plug it in every few days or keep the generator filled with gas too."

"Some of those are as much as a million dollars, Xander," Sam told him.  "High hopes."

Xander smirked.  "I know someone who owes me *majorly*.  Like saved his ass from becoming a flaming ball of pitch saved.  Would bear me babies if I wasn't fixed saved."  Sam smirked at that.  "I think he could find us one and custom it."

"In LA?" Dean asked.

"No.  In Oxnard."  He smirked.  "The owner of one of the customizing companies out of LA visited the club.  He nearly got eaten.  They found out some...things about him that made the vamps and demons pant in eagerness.  I had to deal with helping him."

"Hmm.  He could probably write it off or give it to us cheap," Dean said.  "Even if we had to paint inside.  We'd still have to tow the Impala."

"Not for everything but for the long ass road trips that never seem to end," Dawn told him.  "You know, like this one. We could even hide the weapons inside."

Dean smiled.  "That might be nice."  Steady beds and meals?  He'd love that.  "Maybe the next one."

Sam looked at him.  "What happened to waving at them as they take off?"

"We will, then we'll head in the other direction on vacation," Dean told him dryly, giving him a nudge.  Tim slammed his car's door. "Air out ours please?" he called.  Tim opened doors to roll down windows for them.  "Thanks, Tim."  He finished up, heading back to get dressed.  He needed to make sure his seat wasn't too ruined.  Only a bit of sweat so it was good.  He wiped it down with his towel and it was perfect again.  Sam came back to grab clothes.  "Where from here?"


"Town's good.  Breakfast?"

"Even better," Xander agreed.  "I'm starved."

"Gee, I wonder why?" Tim said dryly, giving them a look.

Xander grinned.  "Because I'm still a growing boy."

"If you are you've got a freakish body, Xander," Sam told him.

Dawn looked at him.  "He used to be *worse*.  We couldn't take him to buffets."  The brothers laughed.  "Okay, Xander, I'm bumming clothes."

"Sure.  Need a belt?"

"Nope."  She went to find something to wear among his stuff, smiling at the long t-shirt and jeans.  They were snug on Xander, they were his clubbing pants. Which meant they were loose on her.  Good enough with her shoes from yesterday.  Xander grabbed his own clothes and put them on while she tried hard not to look.  Dean was doing the same thing.  "Are we coming back here tonight?"

"If possible," Dean agreed.  That got a nod and they headed off to town.  The townspeople weren't that friendly but Xander was soon charming the waitress with him about their 'roadtrip vacation with friends'.  It was a good excuse.  They were done and had paid, with cash even, when the police came in.  Dean kicked Tim under the table.  "Look, it's your people."

"It's not like we're a separate breed, Dean," he said patiently.  "We're just like you when we're born."

Dean looked at him.  "I know some people who'd disagree, including our dad."

"Probably," Sam agreed.  "Officer, morning."

"Morning."  He stopped to look at them.  "Why are you boys in town?"

Dawn coughed.  "And girl, please.  I hate being left out."

He looked at her.  "Girlfriend?"

"Sister," she said, pointing at Xander.

"Oh.  So why are you boys, and girl,  here?"

"Roadtrip for vacation," Xander said with a grin.  "Why?"

He leaned down.  "Because we checked the plates, boy."

Xander smirked and Tim pulled out his ID.  The officer groaned.  "We're on a road trip," Xander told him.

"There's none like you'd want up here."

Xander shrugged.  "There's contacts all over.  If you want to talk about it, we'd gladly go do that."

"Yeah, we should."  They left a nice tip, finished coffees, then headed off.  Xander closed his trunk on a guy's hand.  "I'm pretty sure we can do that."

"Not without a warrant you can't," Xander told him.  "Did you present me with one?"  The officer glared at him.

"That is the law," Dawn agreed.

"Oooh, college kids," one officer said.

"Agent," Tim said, waving his badge.  "Searching out people in a long chain of weapons dealers.  Xander has the credentials to get us introduced to the right people."

Xander grinned.  "Technically I'm a gear guy for an international group."

"Terrorists?" one sneered, moving closer.

"No, the Watcher's Council.  They're an international research and training organization.  It's my job to teach the kids self-defense and weapons work if necessary.  Like it was for me when I was in Africa for ten months."  They all glared at him.  He shrugged.  "I got sent to retrieve a few of our students.  My sister works with me as one of the research geeks.  Dean and Sam are helping us help Tim.  These other sorts pissed us off."

The cops stared at each other.  "I want a better explanation," one of the officer said.

"We're not here for you," Sam told him. "We're here to meet a contact out in Morgan's Field in about twenty-six hours."

Dawn checked her watch.  "Twenty-nine I thought."

"It's all GMT, Dawn," Sam told her.  "Your watch is slow too."

"Oh."  She checked his then Xander's to set hers.  "That makes sense.  Must need a new battery."  She shrugged and put her hands back in her pockets.  "We won't need local backup."  She saw someone watching them and nodded at her, getting back a smug look.  She pulled out her necklace to play with it.  The other woman stomped over to swat her.  "Don't even start.  The Watchers sent us with Timmy.  We're going to Morgan's Field to handle a contact tomorrow."

The other woman stared at her.  "You're a Watcher?"

Xander glared at her, clearing his throat.  "So am I, lady."  She backed off at that.  "Yes, we had to reform after someone so kindly blew up the main building and pissed us off.  That's why those of us from Sunnydale had to step in to reform it.  It's why we're helping Tim with his problems and quest.  They pissed us off."

She backed up and nodded politely.  "I should've known."

"We both wear shields," Dawn said quietly.

"You know them, Helen?"

"Of their group.  Not them personally.  Of their town, which was full of evil."

Dawn snorted.  "I'm Buffy's little sister.  I think I knew that."  The woman crossed herself.  "Exactly."  She looked at the officers then at Xander.  Then back at them when he nodded.  "Technically I can do what she does.  That's why Xander helps guard me."

The officer looked at 'Helen', who nodded.  "She is, I can feel her."

"Sorry, I thought I had containment up."  She checked, then nodded.  "I do.  Must be one of the cars."

"I had ours cleaned," Xander said quietly.  "I cleaned the other two recently."

"Tim got hit in that freak storm since then," Sam reminded him.

"Oh, that reason."  He went to spell clean the car, strolling back once he was done.  The officers all backed off.  "Anything else?"

"That *contact*," one officer said.

"Tim has to see if it's able to be questioned.  If it's our sort of issue then we handle it."

Helen swallowed. "That book.  You're the ...."

"Three," Dean agreed, leaning against his trunk.  "Me, Xander, Tim.  Our research geeks are with us."

She swallowed.  "Where is the new Council?"

"Cleveland with the open one," Dawn said quietly.  "We mean no menace here.  We're not going to cause trouble."

Helen nodded, looking at them. "Leave them be as long as they leave immediately afterward."

"That's fair," Dean agreed.  "Xander?"

"I'm wondering why she's worried.  We only go after those who hurt others," Xander assured her.  She slumped.  "I don't care what you're doing, lady.  I haven't in recent memory.  You're not going to get our attention normally.  Unless something attacks us before then, we're more than happy to let it go."

She stiffened up, nodding.  "As long as you leave immediately afterward."

"If we can," Xander agreed.  "There's been a few injuries."

"Fine.  Where are you boys, and girl, staying?" the officer from inside asked.

"I called up and someone told me about a pond," Tim said.  He put his badge back.  "By the way, the plate thing was my director, who just retired in disgrace.  She didn't like this plan and tried to fire the whole agency over it."

"I heard you guys had a slut for a director."

"Succubus sort of slut," Xander said dryly, shrugging a bit when the witch gave him an odd look.  "She was."

She shuddered.  "No wonder."  She crossed herself and walked off.  "The field's out by that pond you all smell like."

"Can we get a better map than ours?" Sam asked.  The officer looked at the map he pulled out of the car, marking it for him.  "Thank you.  We hope it won't be a huge problem."

"See that it doesn't," that cop told him.

Xander coughed.  "He's not the problem here.  That comes in twenty-six hours."  He walked around to get in and drive.  Dawn climbed in with him.  Tim got his car.  Dean and Sam headed after them, stopping to get some supplies.  Then they settled in to make sure the swords were still sharp and ready for use in the morning.  Someone came stomping their way and Xander looked over.  He said something in a guttural language.  Dawn backed it up.  The creature ran.

"What they didn't want us to know?" Dean asked quietly.

"I have the feeling this is pack territory," Xander said, looking at him.  "Not that it's marked but the waitress was worried about outsiders as well.  A large pack could keep a town this size alive."

Dean nodded.  "Full moon's tomorrow night."

"Yup," Xander agreed.  "We'll deal with it, Dean."  He gave him a shoulder nudge, handing him the whetstone.  "After this is where?  It's starting to blur."

"Maine, Canada, Cleveland."

"Maine's a definite problem," Sam called over.  "It is marked on the site Dawn's looking on."

"I'm writing ahead," Dawn announced.  "They can't handle it without us."  She got back an answer telling her to stay away.  She sighed and called on Xander's cellphone.  "This is Dawn Summers, Watcher's Council.  I need to speak to the pack leader.  I don't care.  You guys have a major demon coming up and it's a prophecy situation that I'm supposed to help deal with."

Xander took the phone.  "Now," he ordered.  "I am a pack alpha of my own.  Right the hell now, beta."  The phone was turned over.  "Harris, Watcher's Council.  In two days you have a major raising demon in ...."

"Campersville," she told him.

"Campersville," Xander told him.  "We have a whole book of prophecy.  It's been right for the last year and a half," he said bluntly.  "Three chosen warriors....  Yeah, the grove in Texas was one of ours."  He grimaced.  "The demon ate the unicorn, we killed the demon.  It put them out of joint.  You guys have one coming up.  We need to come up to deal with it.  We're being nice enough to ask ahead of time.  We don't ask for any favors.  I don't care as long as there's not one going rogue who tries to kill us," he told him.  "My only concern is stopping this demon and then moving on.  I know that's the last night of the full moon.  We worked with a were as a comrade back in Sunnydale.  Oz."  He grinned.  "He's in Tibet.  Yeah, there.  Unless there's more than one?"  He grinned.  "All we knew was a temple."  He laughed.  "That's all we want.  No, no one locally is going to summon them.  Someone local might be changed and possessed then killed," he admitted.

"It says it's going to possess someone and then take their body once the spirit is killed.  If you can find it before then and contain it, we might be able to get it out of them.  I can't promise.  I won't promise," he said honestly.  "I don't know that it won't hurt them.  If I can do it without it, I will."  He nodded.  "Exactly.  It's a dangerous thing and it could go to another host.  That's what we need, yes.  There's five of us.  The three of us, our two research geeks, three cars."  He smiled. "That would work, yes.  Thank you.  Two days.  We're in Connecticut.  Yeah, that town," he said dryly.  "They tried that earlier.  They panicked.  I told them that, they still panicked.  I'm to the point where I don't care unless I see it attacking someone or they're attacking one of us.  I'm too damn tired to care. After you guys is a short stop in Canada then to Cleveland for a battle with the slayers at our backs, then onto LA again.  We just need beds, showers, and food.  Thank you.  That would be acceptable.  I look forward to meeting you.  I know you will.  If we had any idea this was pack lands, we would've introduced ourselves properly!" Xander yelled loudly.  "Sorry, someone listening.  We'll see you then.  I'm in a green caddy.  Dean and Sam are in a black Impala.  The other's a tan Toyota.  Thank you."  He hung up and put his phone up.  "We're good."

Someone came out of the woods, one of the officers.  "You worked with a werewolf?"

"Willow dated him," Dawn agreed.  "His two-year-old nephew bit him."  That got a small shudder.  "He's in Tibet as far as we know."

"Good."  He looked at Xander.  "You honestly don't care?"

"I could care less.  We've been on the road pretty much straight for the last year and a half, dude.  Unless they attack us or I see them physically attacking someone, I don't care.  If you guys had put out warning markers we would've come into town last night and found the leader and introduced ourselves."

"That's fine.  I told him that.  He's still paranoid."

"The Council got reformed after the First Evil had it blown up," she said quietly, looking at him.  "The Sunnydale crew had to take over and rebuild it.  There's less than twenty of the old ones around."

He nodded.  "That's fine.  We have a slayer here.  She's active?"

"During the First Slayer battle Rosenburg activated all the slayers to defeat it," Xander said honestly.  He stood up, putting his sword down.  "It was the only way to stop it.  The group's in Cleveland now.  We're heading that way but not for a few weeks.  After Camperville we're heading to Canada for a few days.  I'm supposed to meet with a shaman."

That got a nod.  "Okay.  Can you guys stay here?"

"We picked up dinner," Sam promised.  "We're good."

"Good.  What about the ghost?"

"We haven't been bothered yet," Dawn admitted.  "If we do, Dean and Sam are both experienced hunters and deal with a lot of them.  They can help her pass on."

He nodded.  "Thank you, boys."

"Not a problem," Dean said.  "Restless spirits cause problems."  He looked at him.  "We're not the enemy, Officer.  Like Xander said, we're tired."

"Xander?" he said, looking at him.  "Buffy's Xander?"  Xander nodded.  "You got sent to Africa?"

"To pick up a few of the girls," he admitted.  "Plus help a few of their villages with the civil wars going on.  Want Dawn to go talk to the girl?"

"If she wouldn't mind."

"I'll drive her," Sam promised.  "I'm the other research person.  I'll go unarmed."

"Thank you."  He handed over an address.  "You two can follow if you would."  They nodded, heading out to Xander's caddy since he tossed Sam the keys.  He grinned.  "Don't trust her?"

"I taught her to drive, Sam likes to drive.  He's got that 'guy' thing going on with her."

The cop laughed all the way back to his car.  He called in what was going on and let them follow him back to the house.  He walked up the front stairs smiling.  "Beth."  She came to the door, staring behind him.  "They're Watchers, who're over slayers."

Dawn smiled.  "I'm the little sister of one and on the research council."  She held out a hand.  "Dawn Summers."

"I've dreamed of a Buffy."

"My big sister, the brat."  The girl shook her hand.  "This is Sam Winchester.  He's my fellow book geek but he won't let me drive.  He's got a guy thing going."   Beth laughed.  "Let's go talk."  She nodded, letting them inside.  They sat down to talk about the training she'd been doing and what the group could give her, plus that she'd be allowed come back home or nearly home if the pack wouldn't let her back into the town.  She outlined all the training they were doing, including schoolwork, and who was there.  The girl's mother was sent home so Dawn told her as well, letting Sam help explain some things that they didn't know about.  At the end she called Giles to tell him she had found one with unusual circumstances, that she was in the middle of a pack town.  He agreed she could do a lot of the training locally and he could send up some information.  Plus that a girl was in Boston so she could train with her when she needed to.  They arranged it for her then went back to the pond to find Tim and Dean taking a nap while Xander read on his hood.  She curled up beside him, letting Sam take a nap.  He grinned and went back to reading.  It was a comfy family they had built.


John perked up when he heard the door shut a three and a half weeks later.  Connor was in the kitchen trying to glare the microwave into making him something edible this time.  Gunn was sleeping.  That meant it had to be his errant sons and their...friends.  He almost felt disappointed when it was Dawn. "Here to tell me they'll be late?"

"Dean's babying a ding he got in the highway from a kicked rock.  Sam's trying to convince Tim that Connor won't really eat him, and Xander's decided he needs a nap so he's asleep already."  She smiled when Connor came out of the kitchen with a pile of charcoal.  "Way too long, Connor.  You have a freakish microwave that only takes a quarter of the time."

"This was."

She sighed, walking him into the kitchen to cook.

John smiled, going out to say hi to his sons.  He looked at the ding.  "It gives it character."

"Not hardly, Dad," Dean complained.  "It's too small to do more than bang out."

"We can do that tomorrow, Dean," Sam reminded him.  He waved.  "Hi, Dad."


"Sam," he sighed, giving him a hug anyway.  "Dad, this is Tim.  I'm not sure if you got to meet him or not yet.  Tim, this is our father."  He looked at the cadillac then at his father.  "He's had a bad trip this leg.  Something that we think was bigfoot decided his car was a punching bag.  Even the autobody spells aren't working at the moment."

Dean straightened up.  "Fortunately we're here for six weeks for your series of running battles and invasions so I have time to teach Xander how to fix it himself instead of relying on someone else's magic."  He gave his father a brief hug.  "How's the city been?"

"Interesting.  I'm still trying to figure out what Lorne is.  Plus what half the other demons in the city are.  There's a lot that don't do more than grunt, point, and shed."

Dawn nodded as she joined them again.  "Basically."  She smirked.  "You know we *do* have a classification manual.  I have no idea why you guys don't have one.  I know Angel did."

"It got buried," Connor said.

"That's fine.  I can call and get you guys another one.  It'd even have Lorne in there."  She found her cellphone and dialed, hopping up onto the Impala's hood.  Dean glared at her. "Not like I'm scratching your paint, Dean.  Hi, Giles."  She smiled, putting him on speaker.  "We made it to LA even with the yeti or bigfoot or whatever that wanted to do the ogre mating thing with Xander's car."

"Is he all right?" the tiny, tinny voice said from the speaker.

"He's fine.  He's napping in his car. It was a long, awful trip from Cleveland for him.  Six different succuba tried to snatch him to keep him this time.  Plus one donut waitress."  Giles laughed.  "We're at Connor's and just found out they don't have a manual.  Can you send one?"

"I can do that," he agreed.  "Just classification or the whole set?"

"The whole set if you can, Mr. Giles," Connor said.  "Please."

"Of course, Connor.  How are things?"

"We're doing fine.  Even if Lorne does like teasing John we're doing fine."  Giles laughed again.  "She's right, Xander's car looks a lot less new."

"That's fine.  Will he need one of the spare ones out here?  I know at least one is customized like his is."

"No, we'll be here for six weeks.  More than enough time, even though we will have to find a spot to park it for a few weeks since Connor's got a warehouse and no rooms.  Anything I should pass on?"

"Well, there is a bit of a problem in St. Louis."

"Did her sister get out again?"

"No, she's not the problem.  We sent Mara after she delivered, I'm not sure if I told you that or not, but we sent her to back up Margaret.  The present problem out there is unfortunately her husband.  He had no trouble with her slaying duties before but in the last few months he's gotten a bit...unstable about it.  She called to ask Buffy to send Faith to beat him I'm afraid."

"Damn," Dawn said.  "Hold on, wasn't he a refugee from W&H, Giles?"

"I believe he was," he agreed.

"Do we think he's got something to do with the demon we've got that way in about six months?  Or possibly six days after we're done here.  The time code is screwy there."

"I don't want to assume.  I was hoping you would have enough time to come pick up some of your things since the boys hustled you out of Cleveland the last time you were here."

"That was a mutual decision, Giles.  I don't want to run into Buffy."

"I can understand that, Dawn, but you don't have hardly any clothes."

"Not totally true.  Xander took me shopping and insisted I keep to the slayer dress code."  Dean nodded at that.  "Helped by Dean, who's an awesome big brother.  I've never been nagged so much in my life.  Though, could you please send me some of my patches?  I'm about out."

"The doctor did say it was unhealthy for you to go totally without a cycle, Dawn," Giles chided.

"Giles, we haven't had time for me to set up a containment area for that.  We've barely had the energy to collapse in motel rooms most nights.  Hell, I haven't even gotten nookie recently.  So please send them for me?"

"I shall," he sighed.  "Plus a bag of practical clothes."

"I'll email you a list," she promised.  "Anything else you want to nag about?"  She smiled at Sam.  "If not, we've got to find a liveable two bedroom place for six weeks with a working, decent bathroom.  Oh, that's another thing.  Xander's corporate card *still* doesn't work and now mine doesn't either, Giles.  Got any ideas on that?"

He cleared his throat.  "The accountant is a pain in the arse, Dawn," he said bluntly.  "I'll lay down the law so Xander can get his car fixed by someone decent."

"Thanks, Giles.  Don't want to sell the excess heavy stuff, ya know?"  She gave the phone a look.  "Anything else?  If not, I've got to feed Connor since he was grunting at his pile of charcoal from the microwave and someone has to wake up Xander."

"Has he found anyone nicer than those who want to keep him?"

"Yeah," Dean assured him.  "He's good on that level, Giles.  She should go.  You're running up the phone bill."  Dawn blew kisses then hung up.  "He nags worse than you, Dad."

He gave him a look.  "I'm thankful we never gave you sisters, Dean."

Dawn stuck her tongue out.  "I'd do something that would disgust you but your sons would mind."  Sam grinned and kissed her anyway, letting her wrap herself around him.  "Mm.  That's a nice dinner."  She grinned.

"More things I don't understand," Connor muttered.  "Dawn, when is it done?"

"Dig a piece out with a fork and taste it.  If it's done you'll be able to eat it."  She kissed Sam gently again then smiled.  "Way to introduce the topic."

"Like I care."  He helped her off the hood so she wouldn't scratch the paint and make Dean spank her, again.  He walked her inside, past his staring father.

Dean grinned.  "Don't look at me.  Xander and I go for the same sort of stress relief, Dad."  He grinned brighter and tapped on Xander's window, getting a homicidal look.  "Couch inside.  A lot easier."  Xander grunted but got out and locked his car, heading inside.  Dean followed, giving him a nudge onto the soft surface.  Xander curled up with his head on Sam's thigh so he went to help Dawn.  She could barely cook.  He did better.  He searched the cabinets and found more to add to the food, digging in to finish it up.  Connor came back with a held out plate.  "Ten minutes, Connor."  He nodded, standing there with the held-out plate until Dawn put food on it.  Then he grinned and walked off eating real food.  "He's not hard to please."  He finished putting food on the table.  "Food!" he yelled.  Gunn came in and blinked at them.  "Yes, I cook.  Someone had to feed Sammy."

"Make me something," Sam called.  "I'm kind of trapped."

"Sure," Dawn agreed, making him a plate with hers, carrying it out with a fork.  Connor grunted at her.  "Go get more before Dean can claim the rest."  He went to do that, coming back to sit in his chair.  "How have things been otherwise, John?"

"Fine.  Is Sammy usually a pillow?"

"He makes a very good one," Dawn assured him, eating a bite, getting a nudge from Sam's foot.  She handed back his plate with a grin.  Xander's hand started to swat around until Sam handed him a bite of food.  He ate it and went back to snoring.  Dean came out to sit under Xander's feet, getting a happy purr of noise.  "Many bigger demons?"

"Mostly small, annoying ones," Gunn said.  "A few extra vampires."  He brought Connor some water and sat down beside him.  "What's up with Xander?  He's usually a ball of energy."

"We ran into a bigfoot who decided green caddies are lust objects so they must beat it until it wants to have sex with him."  Gunn moaned.  "It needs some *serious* bodywork, Gunn."

"I have a boy.  They mod'd it the first time."  He dug in.  "Thanks, guys.  Connor can't cook."

"I saw the pile of charcoal."  She ate a bite, looking at John since he was staring.  "Didn't I break you of that bad habit back in St. Louis?"

"I'm wondering what's been going on while you four have been traveling."

"We have Tim chaperone," she said smartly.  "Timmy!"  He came out of the bathroom.  "Sneaky bastard.  Food?"

"I drove through somewhere," he said, holding up the bag.  "I heard Connor was miserable in the kitchen."  He sat down beside Dean's feet.  "Hi, I'm Tim McGee.  They picked me up in DC."  He waved.

"Connor, Gunn, John," Gunn introduced.  "John's the boy's daddy."

"They're great guys.  Even Gibbs likes them."  He dug into his burger and fries.  Xander sniffed.  "Don't even think about it," he ordered.  Xander pouted but fell back asleep.  "I swear he and Dean have food sensing radar.  Their stomachs will wake them up if you bring food near them."

"I left him enough to have something," Dean promised.  "If he'd wake up."

"No, then something else will want to have me and keep me."  Xander squinted down at him.  "Besides, you made stuffy food."  He closed his eyes again, going back to sleep.  "Thanks, Sam," he mumbled before he started to snore.

"Not the first time," he said, patting him gently on the head.  "So, any idea where we should stay cheaply?" he asked Gunn.  "It's my week to be in charge of that since Dawn likes places that have pools."

"I like to swim.  Xander taught me."  Xander reached over to swat at her.  "Fine, I'll be more quiet."  She ate another bite.  "We don't care if we *have* to share a single room as long as there's at least two beds and a couch for Tim.  He gets embarrassed easily and Xander talks in his sleep recently.  Mostly about sex."

Dean nodded.  "It's been very enlightening."

"Tell me you two aren't dating on the road," John ordered.  They both shrugged. "Sam!"

"Dad, shut up," he said bluntly.  "It's not taking me away from the duties, it's giving me a reason to keep going on with the duties.  Since we're all tired, we needed it."  He looked at Dean, who shrugged at his silent question.  "Besides, Dean's got the same deal going."

"We've managed to not visit Vegas so far, many times," Dawn said sarcastically.  "I'm sure we can keep doing that.  Then again, both boys are fantastic in bed.  Sam broke me in and Dean showed me what being slammed against the wall was for when it's in fun and sex."  She ate another bite while Connor looked confusedly at her.  "It's for sex, Connor.  Instead of on the bed."

"Girls like that?  It'd get rougher," he said.

"Some girls do.  Some don't," she told him.

He beamed.  "The next one I'll see if she wants to."

"Don't ask, sweetie, just do it.  If she doesn't like it, she'll let you know," Dawn promised.  He nodded, digging in again.  "Tim, can I borrow your laptop?  I have to write Giles a list of what I want packed beyond my birth control patches."

"Sure.  It's in the car."  She went to get it, coming in dragging someone.  "Who're they?"

"Trying to break into Xander's car."  She shoved him down, pulling the gun on her back to point at him.  "I'm from Sunnydale, bitch.  I out bitch all the gang members in this city and I'll have fun doing it because that's how I was taught.  Now, speak your tiny dicked mind's last thoughts for touching my boy's car."

"Don't, please don't!" he begged, scooting backward, hands up.  "ATF, please!"

Dawn uncocked the gun.  "Then why are you trying to break into *our* cars?"

"The President...."

"Is a fucking moron.  And?  We're the ones who're doing the stupid shit that he doesn't want to admit exists.  I'm a Watcher."  He gave her a horrified look. "The owner of that car is our gear person and part-time trainer, plus a field Watcher."

"Oh, damn."

"Yeah, oh, damn," she agreed, putting her gun back.  "Anything else you want to confess to?"

"We need Harris to figure something out.  Someone sent us a weapon and we're not sure what it is.  Our people said something like that came up from the Council before and they said to ask him.  That he's the only weapons guy."  She pointed at Xander's sleeping form.  "Okay.  Can I get up?"

"For now," she agreed dryly, staring at him as he slowly got up.  "We'll be here for six weeks handling issues.  Plus getting his car fixed."

He nodded, swallowing.  "Okay.  We can handle that.  Tomorrow?"

"We're finding a decent enough place to stay."

"Um, I know one."  He took the paper John handed him and wrote it down.  "Here, go there.  Tell them we sent you.  You're witnesses."  She nodded.  "Can we see him tomorrow evening?"

"Sure.  He's got to unload his car so it can be fixed anyway."  He nodded.  "Go.  Shoo.  Don't touch our shit, especially not the Impala.  Dean's meaner than I am.  He'll bite you to death."  He nodded again and fled to report in.  She smiled.  "I feel better now."  She sat down, handing Sam the address.  "For you, all seeing one."

"Thanks, you lock picking thief," he teased back.

"If I was in practice I'd have that cute dress but Dean told me no."

"The store's detectives were following you around," Dean told her.  She pouted.  "You can buy another one or get one from home."  She nodded, going retrieve the laptop from where she had left it.  She came back in to type out that email.  Then she handed the laptop to Tim.  "So, bored without us?" he teased Gunn.

Gunn gave him a look.  "Now and then.  Not always. Those stupid demonic moles keep coming back.  Last time during a football game.  The fans nearly ripped down the stadium."

Dawn yanked the laptop back, getting into a site to find something.  She showed it to him.  "Use that next time."  He looked then grinned and nodded.  "Poisonous but oh well."  She handed it back to Tim.  "Sorry."

"Not an issue.  I'm only checking my email."  He went back to it and his burger.  Xander groaned and shifted.  Dean swatted a foot that was trying to move his plate.  He looked back, handing Dean his extra burger with a sigh.  Dean handed it over.  Xander curled around it, cuddling it like it was a teddy bear. "Knew I got an extra one for later for a reason."

"He's so cute," Dawn said, using her phone to take a picture.  Xander swatted at the flash but she dodged.  "It's fine, just me, Xander."

"Fucking hell, woman," he muttered.  "Pictures don't work on us."

She frowned.  "Tell me you didn't suck in Spike's ghost!" she demanded.  Connor choked and Gunn saved his plate from falling.

Sam and Dean both sighed, playing rock/paper/scissors for who got it this time.

"At least it's not Dru and Ethan again," Tim offered with a shiteating grin for Dawn.  "This would be the fourth time?"

"Yeah, fourth time since they found him in Sunnydale.  They're damn scary together," she told the local team.  "Especially since they both think Xander's all that and should be out peddling his ass for money.  Then again, so did Willow."  Dean swatted her. "Watch the hair, carboy!"

"Just for that, you get to do the exorcism this time," Dean told her.

"Fine," she muttered, taking the card to do that.  She did it quietly but the spirit did float out, giving her a pitiful look.  "Go haunt Buffy with Willow and Tara, Spike.  Don't take over Xander.  We need Xander."  His spirit smirked and went to do that.  "Cleveland," she called.  She turned back around, getting comfortable.  Xander was still hugging his burger.  She took another picture and he swatted at it again. "Suck it up."

"Not Dean," he muttered.

"No, I'm not Dean."  She shook her head, getting out of the way to sit next to Connor.  "I've finally inherited Buffy's insanity.  Though if Angel was half as good as the boys, I can see why she risked him losing his soul and kept stalking him to get his butt back."

"Eww.  I don't want to hear about him having sex with your sister."

"Neither did I but she called up drunk the other night to sob about missing him."

"Fortunately he passed on," Gunn told her.

"I know, that's why she was sobbing.  She couldn't stalk him around or make his soul leave again with sex."

"Your sister slept with his dad?" John asked.

"Angel was her first love and he ended up losing his soul for her birthday one year by slipping it to her the first time."  John shook his head quickly.  "He went bad for a while, she ended up sending him to hell, he came back and they went non-gropey for a while then he decided it was too hard not to do it again so he came to LA."  She looked at Gunn.  "Has anyone checked Sunnydale recently?"

"Someone did a few months back.  Still fairly quiet.  The two geeks did a math thing to figure out how long it'd take for all the radiation to go away.  We took them up there at night then let them watch as the sun came up and fried a vamp we had captured. We told them what happened, got Giles to tell him all the pertinent stuff he wanted to know, then six days later we find out it'll take two millennia for it to be totally down but the half-life is only eight hundred years."

"Coolness," she said, nodding.  "As long as it doesn't open again."

"We don't think it will.  With the way it's buried it's unlikely," Gunn told her.

She shook her head.  "Not really.  There's one in Canada that was starting to open and we had to close it.  That's why he got called to Canada to talk to that shaman."  Gunn moaned.  "Yeah.  So it's closed too.  We're all working on a spell to let us know when it starts to open again.  I don't have a clue."

"We'll figure it out," Sam reminded her.

"Why are you guys traveling together all the time?" Connor asked.  "Last time I knew, Dawn was blipping around the US from Cleveland."

"Willow decided she had to be the only powerful witch in the world.  That the Powers having it in for Xander meant that."  She looked at him.  "She had convinced Buffy they had to sacrifice me.  I had been trapped but Giles accidentally let me free so I hopped to them in DC and they protect me.  Willow's out of her body in a magical coma being Sleeping Beauty until she reforms or we need her."

"That sucks," Connor said.  Then he went to get more food since Xander wouldn't need it.

Dawn smiled at her boys.  "At least he's not having problems."

"No, not in the least," Dean agreed.  He stroked over Xander's foot.  "Want that burger?"  Xander growled.

Sam petted through his hair.  "You bite me again and I'm so going to tie you naked to the roof of the Impala and drive you to a known prostitution area, then dump you there."

"He might scratch it," Dean complained.  "He can bite you instead."  Sam hit him on the arm.  "What?"

Dawn gave him a look.  "That would be boyfriend abuse and Xander would end up in jail after he killed someone.  He's a bit possessive of what touches his ass in case you hadn't noticed.  Unless you want him to adopt another pack member?"

"No, I'm good with the ones we already have."

"Maybe it'd be a nice girl for Tim?" she teased.

"Abby said I'm getting a coming home party," Tim told her.  He grinned back.  "We used to date.  I'm sure I'll come out as tired as Sam does some mornings."  He handed over the address and picture.  "That's the place he suggested.  It doesn't look too bad."

Sam nodded. "Then let's hit there tonight.  We'll unload the cars so Gunn's friend can look Xander's over for damage, do a tune up on yours, and Dean can hammer out the small ding."

"Hate to eat and run but we'll drop the number and address by tomorrow," Dawn said, getting up to kiss and hug Connor and Gunn.  "Then we'll come hunt and hang with you guys."  They headed out, leaving Xander there.  "Guys, we're forgetting growling boy."

"Xander!  We're hitting the motel!" Dean called from outside.  "Let's go!  Now!"  Xander got up and wobbled out, sniffing the burger and nibbling it on the way to the Impala.  Sam got his keys from him and it was good for him.  He curled up there so he could nap in the car.  Dean grinned.  He was cute when he napped.  Like a little kid.  They got there and dug out the funds they had.  Dawn got into Xander's trunk, finding his money stash.  Tim whistled.  "He started out with it too," Dean told him.  "Okay, how much?" he asked when Sam came out.

"They have a small three bedroom.  Grand a month.  Six weeks was sixteen hundred including deposit."  They pooled it together, mostly out of Xander's stash, so he went to do that.  They closed up the cars and Tim went to get groceries.  By the time the office closed they were bored but they had to be careful who saw them carrying the weapons cases.   Fortunately they were on the back side, away from the street.  The spare room became Tim's and the weapon's.  Sam and Dawn got one.  Dean and Xander got the other one.  Dean got to crawl all over Xander's car to find all the hidden spots and empty them.  Dawn took the food to make dinner for them since they had only nibbled at Connor's place. Tim came in to rearrange the weapons so he had more room.  Dawn dusted.  Sam checked the bathroom, it worked.  They collapsed with food on the rented furniture.


Dean leaned on the walkway railing the next morning.  It was barely dawn.  He had real coffee and he was happy.  It was looking like a good day.  His father stomped up to him.  "Hey."

"Morning.  Have a good night?"

"Xander slept through it.  Sam and Dawn fought each other's nightmares.  Tim typed most of the night.  This new book is going to be kick ass."  He took a sip.  "Not bad overall."  He looked at him.  "Why?  Are you disappointed with me and Xander or those two?"

"I'd rather you weren't losing your focus."

"I'm not.  Remember, Xander and Dawn hunt with us, Dad.  I do nag her about the birth control stuff because we don't want baby Sammy's but other than that it's good so far."

"What about when he wants kids?"

"Willow took away his ability to produce sperm back in high school, Dad.  He hasn't shot any since his senior year."  John gaped.  He nodded.  "Xander's girlfriend, Anya, went to her about a better form of birth control.  He hasn't since the ladies decided to inflict it on him."  He took another drink, putting his cup down at his feet.  Then he grinned at him again.  "We'll both be uncles to Sam's kids.  She's normal enough for him but she knows and he can talk to her about what's bothering him."  That got a nod and his father leaned on the same railing.  "How's the little brother?"

"Do you mind if I help him?"

"Nah.  It's good for Connor.  He got the same sort of sucky deal Xander did from those Powers.  We'd all like to smack them around."  He frowned at the van pulling in beside Tim's car.  "He's not up yet," he called when he saw the agent from the floor last night.

"Can we get you to look at it too?"

"I can try," Dean promised.  "Any idea what it is?"

"Other than it's launchable and it's meant to be blessed or something?  No clue."  He carried the case up the stairs, leaving it inside when Dean opened the door.  He handed over a card.  "Within two days?"  Dean nodded.  "Can we ask about those swords you guys use?"

"The mystical ever-changing weapons of doom?" he asked dryly.  He pulled his out in gun form, letting him look at it, then he expanded it over the railing.

He took out a meter to run over it.  "It's not silver."

"No, it's not.  We're not sure what it is.  It's handy."  He shrank it and put it back.  "Anything else?"

"No.  Thank you, Mr. Winchester.  We hate going to the Council.  Even the new one."

"Giles is a book nerd," he said dryly.  "The same as Dawn is.  Ask the people who do the practical things if you want that sort of help."

"We asked Miss Summers first.  She sent three different agents and one from Homeland to the psych ward," he said dryly.

"Yeah, from what I remember at the wedding, that's a possibility," he agreed with a small smirk.  "Ask for Faith next time.  She's the other senior slayer and a street kid from up north."

"I know she's a former con."

"She staked someone during a fight," Dean said quietly.  "Then the bad guys convinced her to stay with him."

"She's been staying good," John assured him.  "She's working hard to stay good."

The agent nodded.  "I'll keep that in mind.  Can we come to him?"

"If we all survive this prophecy BS," Dean agreed.  "There's a chance he might not."

"Sure.  I get that.  Thanks, sir.  Two days."  He walked off, going back to the van and driving off again.

"That didn't surprise you about Buffy?  I've only heard stories."

Dean looked at him.  "During the lead-up to the wedding, Willow got pissed at Xander.  Threatened to turn him into a girl.  Buffy's argument was it was too late to find him a dress."  John shuddered.  "Buffy's died a few times and she's got the same sort of soul weariness that Xander has.  Half the time she went along with Willow so she didn't have to deal with things.  Xander was everyone's assistant.  The whole first night we got there he was doing Giles' paperwork that he didn't want to do.  It's a good thing he's not going back."

"Is he going to continue hunting?"  The boy could use a long vacation and a priest from what he had seen of him the few times they'd met.

"He said he'd fall back to spell and research work.  If Sam and Dawn can figure out how to make him survive."  He shifted his stance.  "Dad, the Powers want us to take him out at the end of this," he said quietly.  "They've used him a lot and made him do things I wouldn't do.  They sent him after one of the slayers he trained and helped heal after the hellmouth battle when she went rogue.  Made him take her out," he said, looking at him.  "They're the ones who had him sent to Africa to gather girls in the middle of a civil war.  I figured he was probably the only one who could've done that one.  The other one would've been kinder if it had been someone else."

"They didn't want to talk her down?"  Dean shook his head.  "Then this."

"Then this and he did the initial translation so he knew.  Has known.  I'm not going to.  I don't want to."

"Will he be dangerous?"

"No more so than Dawn is.  He's got good focus, just bad aim sometimes."  John gave him a look.  "Now and then his spells hit one of the swords instead of the demon itself.  Twice now out of six times.  He's a tactical thinker so it could be that he's watching us while he's casting, making sure we're all right.  We need him to do that."

"Will it hurt you?"

"If it hits us instead of the demon?  Yup.  It always channels into the swords though and I don't know why."  Xander came stumbling out, giving John a dirty look.  "Any idea why the swords are channeling your magic?"

"They didn't take part of me," he said grimly.  "If they had, I'd be part of the same being that crafted and protects the swords.  Since I'm not, it's drawing it.  The last time I felt it sucking in the spell.  I don't know why it would.  It could also be the protection blessing that Dawn put on it has changed it some."

Dean nodded.  "Could be.  I forgot about that."  He gave him a hug, getting a sniff and a smile into his neck.  "Morning."

"Daylight evil.  I hiss at daylight," he complained, hissing at it.  "Bed?"

"Later."  He gave him a swat.  "Go back to bed.  We've got two days to look at the stuff the ATF agent left."

Xander walked inside and opened the case, then snorted.  "It's the same thing we used on the demon right after we got the swords.  Blessed iron and thermite."  He wrote out the specs and taped it to the top.  Then he went to the bathroom and back to bed, collapsing on his stomach.  He was asleep within minutes.

Dean smiled.  "He's had someone do a few modifications now and then."

John smirked.  "He's an interesting boy, son."

"Yeah, he is.   He's also not pushy.  We agreed to keep it casual and we have."

"Good.  Then what?"

"We're hoping we can negate the last chore of the prophecy.  There's no reason to take him out."

"No, there's probably not.  The Powers sound like hardasses."

"Both of them said that they're playing a giant multi-level chess game, Dad," Sam said as he came out, closing the door.  "Xander's snoring louder than Tim and Dawn combined."

"That's fine.  He's sleeping.  He needs it."  He looked at him.  "Anything?"

"If I'm right, yes.  Dangerous."


Sam nodded.  "Yeah, but it'd stop him being such an open sewer for spirits too."

"He might like that."  He grinned.  "He hissed at the sunlight."

"As he does most mornings," Sam reminded him.  "Xander keeps vampires hours.  Morning is strange to him.  He hasn't reveled in the sunlight since he was doing construction in Sunnydale.  How are Gibbs and Tony doing in Cleveland, Dad?"

"I talked to Gibbs and Giles the other day about a prophecy out here, that turned out to be yours.  Gibbs smacked one of the girls into submission.   She was complaining."

"He did the same thing to McGee," Dean agreed.  "Tim does it to Dawn now and then when she gets a wild hair up her ass."

Sam laughed.  "Her?  Nah, not her, Dean," he said dryly.

"You've got a spitfire, son.  Your mom was a lot like her, only less mouthy."  John smirked.  "She'll make you happy?"

"I think so.  We're still keeping it casual, Dad."  He sipped his coffee. "Thanks, Dean."

"Welcome."  He looked out at the parking lot again.  An official looking SUV was pulling in.  "Any idea which branch, Dad?"

"FBI.  That's the egghead's brother.  He was gone when we were talking with him."  He waved and the guy stomped up there.  "Problems?"

"You took my brother into a threatening situation?"

"We protected both him and Larry.  They were perfectly safe but they had to understand the problem.  Did he say he was in danger?"

"He said you took him to Sunnydale after dark!"

Dean looked at him.  "We're hunters, Agent..."

"Epps.  I know he is.  I looked him up."  He looked at John again.  "Why did you need him?"

"Because the energy in Sunnydale is still radiating and drawing things to LA and the surrounding areas," Sam said.  "We needed to know when it'll end, how far it would spread before it receded, and if there was anything we could do to see if it was going to open again."  He took another drink.  "We have some coffee on if you want."

"You're not scared of me, are you?" he asked with a smug look.

"I've seen worse that was two foot tall and wanted to eat me from the inside out," Sam said honestly.  "You're a worried brother.  I'm used to those.  Mine nags."

"He was safe?" he asked John.

"As safe as we three could make it.  We also captured specimens to let them look it over. They watched the sun come up and flame the last vamp in the open then listened to the rest of the story before coming back to figuring things out.  When they went to set up stuff for  more readings we went with them then too."

"Did they figure out something to see if it's staying closed?" Sam asked.

"Not yet.  I did ask if they knew of something."

"What's the half-life?" Agent Epps asked.

"Eight hundred years.  A full removal in two thousand.  The furthest it'll go is San Diego in a few years.  Then it'll start to recede once it hits that small island with the seals down there.  It should only hit that far down for a few weeks he said."

"That's something at least.  How long before it leaves LA alone?"

"Ask him," John said.  "We didn't ask."

"Fine, I can do that.  Next time you check with me first.  There's a lot of agencies that would come beat the crap out of you if he's harmed."

Dean nodded inside.  "We just saw the ATF guys."

"Why?" he asked.

"They wanted Harris to look at something."

"Oh."  He let Sam show him.  He looked at the specs on top.  "Who modified that?"

"Someone did one for Xander once.  It was used almost two years ago now," Sam told him.

The agent groaned, picking it up to carry it off.  "I'll hand it back.  Thank you, Mr. Winchester.  Do not come to our attention while you're here."  The case went into the back of his SUV and he got in to drive off.  He called the office.  "I need to speak to Thomas.  I know it was him that dropped something off with Harris.  I have it and the specs," he told the agent answering.  "The office.  Because they asked my brother to figure something out," he said grimly.  "Harris is from Sunnydale."  He grimaced.  "I don't know.  I didn't look for any.  I'm sure he probably does.  Then again, the Watchers are bad about that.  Or sharing.  Thanks.  Meet you there."  He grumbled as he drove back to the parking garage.  The agent came down to meet him.  "That what you needed?"

He looked then nodded.  "Yeah, it is.  It's too shielded to x-ray and if we take it apart it could blow up.  We didn't want to risk it since someone knew.  Thanks."

"Welcome.  Was that a seizure?"

"No.  Someone died and it was on his workbench with the Council's address on top."  He gave him a look.  "Have you met Summers?"

"No. I don't want to either.  If I ever get transferred to Cleveland, I'd better be protecting a vampire little brother."  He slammed his SUV's door, heading for the elevator.  "Have you guys had to deal with Winchester and his sons?"

"Once.   Connor Angel excused his manners and snarling as him being possessed for a few minutes."  They shared a look.  "Vacation?"

"I'm liking Miami.  Charlie would like Miami.  Lots of pretty women there too.  Dad would have people his own age who were going toward second careers too."  They got onto the elevator and pushed the proper buttons.  "Or maybe New York."

"Don't, man.  I was there.  It's nearly as bad as LA is for strange stuff."

"Never mind.  At least we're not NCIS with their problems."

"Yeah, I heard Harris had something to do with that.  Talked with one of your guys, Fornell?"

Don looked at him over his sunglasses.  "Fornell eats people.  He talked to Harris?"  The other guy nodded.  "Must've been bad.  Maybe I'll make his week and send a memo saying he's out here."  He smirked.  It was good to make the higher ups swear now and then.  It kept him from taking over the office someday so he wouldn't be struck dead by the paperwork.  He got off on his floor to send that email memo.  He got one back commanding him to find out where else they were going to show up and to try to keep them out there for at least a month.  The VP and the imps were conspiring again.  "I don't want to know," he muttered.  He did print it out for them.  He'd drop it by later.  That way he could make someone else's day.


Xander sat down on the opposite end of the couch from Dean, then leaned over until his head was on his thigh.  "Why are we watching Cops?"

"To make sure they're not coming here.  Too many Feds in this city."

"They don't follow Feds and we're on the good side of the Feds at the moment."  Dean handed over the note that had been slipped under the door.   "Wonder if Giles knows he's possessed."  He put it down and got comfortable. "Thanks for letting me sleep it out of my system."

"You needed it.  Your focus was slipping and we all need to be in top shape, Xander."  He patted him on the head.  Xander looked up at him.  "What?" he teased.

"You're the one who told me I'm a puppy, not a kitty, no matter how often Willow changed me."

"You flopped down like one too," he said.  He did pet him.  He knew Xander loved tactile contact.  It made him happy and kept him from getting too bouncy or odd.  Xander sighed in pleasure and relaxed.  He smirked down at him when he started to snore a few minutes later.  Dean went back to watching drunks get caught.  Xander flipped over to face his stomach, bunching up the leg of his jeans. "Hey," he complained. He shifted to smooth it out.  Xander shifted again and it drug them down.  "All you had to do was ask," he complained.  "Too bad you're asleep.  I could use a good blow."

Sam came out of the kitchen area, smirking at him.  "Want me to ask Dawn for you?"

"No thanks.  Figured you've got that pretty busy."

"She's chatting with the slayers in St. Louis on my laptop."  He came over to sit down under Xander's feet, getting a happy noise for it.  "Sleep, Xander."  Xander nuzzled the thigh under his cheek then put an arm up over them.  "So, how's it going with the casual thing?"

"We're doing okay.  Xander doesn't do clingy outside of sleep.  He doesn't want me to be mushy.  I don't want him to be mushy.  He did give me a new tape to celebrate our first year together doing this crap."  He looked at the screen. "Isn't that this place?"

Sam looked. "The one up the street, on the street side.  Besides, it's not live."  He sipped his cocoa, patting the socked feet in his lap.  "I've finished all the research."  Dean looked over.  Xander shifted to face his chest again and Dean only gave him a fond look.  "He's going to have you naked the next time he does that."

"Then maybe he'll suck in his sleep.  Unless you want to?"

"You should read the spell and stuff, Dean," Sam said.

"Why?  Will it make you do that for me?"

"It's a different theory on mediums than what I've seen before.  This one seems a lot more logical in his case.  It's also got something to help with the power bleed off afterward."  Dean nodded slowly.  He went to finish printing things out, bringing it back.  "Here."

Dean settled in to read it, only smacking Xander on the hand when it came up to play with his belly fur.  "I'm not that furry, Xander."  Xander pouted but moved closer, kissing the same fur.  He looked down.  "I should tape this."  He went back to reading the theory part.  Sam laid it out as theory, then the idea behind the rite, then the rite itself.  He looked over after the first section.  "Are we sure it'd work in his case?"

Sam shifted, then nodded.  "Yeah, I am.  It fits with him.  You've heard him talk about Jesse.  It's possible that he wasn't a medium until his death, and then Xander having to stake him opened him to it.  Even on the hellmouth he hadn't manifested during puberty, like most of them do.  The energy there would've made sure of it.  If his death left holes for the spirits to get into by ripping some of his soul out it makes a lot more sense."

"I guess that makes sense.  So they were meant to be like twins or something?"

"I think they were that close but the only one who would know is Willow."

"We can't do more than do a seance with her," he agreed.  He went back to what the rite was supposed to accomplish.  "This is complicated.  What about our hunting?"

"They'll still be in our lives, Dean.  Even if we both stay casual, I might end up settling down with her some year."

"You know this is her favorite wet dream?"

"I figure there's got to be something to it.  She's very smart and we like the same things."

"Do we?" Dean asked, giving him a look.  Sam shrugged.  "Are you putting in your vote for the 'we're doing it' club?"

"We were both raised to never trust someone outside the life and even then we're to be wary, Dean.  Who did he expect us to settle down with?  It's always been us, and only us, together.  We were raised away from making friends, forming attachments to outsiders, all that.  We call some of the other hunters friends and we'd die for them but none of them are people we'd do more than miss if they died.  Dad knew what love was or else he wouldn't have carried on this long."

"It's still incest."

"Yeah but think about it, Dean.  Could you *ever* truly settle down with anyone?"  He pointed at Xander.  "Who would do this for you.  It'd make him better and we'd never have to do it again.  We'd be like two very close families."

Dean went back to reading, thinking about what he had said.  Really their father had warned them from ever settling down with anyone.  He hadn't hinted that Sam and he should get together but it was a conclusion he could easily draw.  He could see that they were so messed up that only they could really, truly ever understand the other one.  They were as close as some twins and some of them did put someone between them now and then.  Hell, he had shared Dawn with his brother.  He hadn't even thought about that but even now Dawn would still get cuddly with him if Sam was having a bad day or suggested he could use a cuddle.  He frowned at a section of the rite.  "That would make us..."

"Receptacles.  He could bleed it through us.  It wouldn't hurt us and Dawn's already powerful.  She'd bleed it into the ground for him," he said quietly.  "We wouldn't be any different but it would let us do protection spells on each other that night."

Dean went back to reading.  "How certain is this?"

"There's been three other mediums of this type that've done the spell.  It's stopped them up nearly completely."

"So no more exorcisms."  Xander flipped back over and his jeans fully came off his hips.  "Xander, if you're going to do that, suck damn it."  Xander made mewling noises so Dean put his hand over his cock.  Xander squeezed then smiled and stroked.  "Thank you!"  Sam smirked at him.  "What?  It feels good.  Goes well with the trailer trash people on tv."  He handed it back.  "When?"

"The day after the last one?"

"Would that qualify for the chore?"

Sam smirked.  "We've already warped it, Dean."  Dean gave him a look.  "We have.  Repeatedly.  Or else you'd have done that sex magic thing last week.  It'll be fine.  It would also mean we'd get to keep him.  We could help them set up somewhere and then visit.  By then Tim will be on the way home."

"We can do that on our own?"

"Dawn can do the magic," he assured him.  "It's the idea Fred gave me."

"No side effects?"

"No.  Just the ones mentioned.  No mentions of him turning into Dru."  Dean considered it.  "Think about it?"

"I am.  Go jump her."  He grinned and went to do that.  He looked back at McGee's room but he was writing again.  He looked down at Xander, giving his hand a nudge.  Xander flipped back over, looking at him. "How long have you been awake?"

"You woke me up, you evil, mean, sex slave driver you."

Dean smirked.  "Since you offered and pulled my pants off me I thought I'd take advantage of it."

"I guess being a sex slave isn't so bad.  At least I'm not passed around."

"No, you're not."  He stroked over his hair.  "Xander, Sam may have found a spell to help you but it'd mean sleeping with him," he said quietly.

"Sam's straight."

"Maybe not fully," he admitted.  "Even if he said he was."  Xander slumped.  "We're looking it over.  It's for after the last battle."

"You'd have to share me?"

"We'd have to share you," he agreed.  "It would be like a virtual adoption into the Winchester family too.  We'd be like two very close families."

Xander blushed.  "I'm not against it but he turned me down."

"That's what I wanted to know."  He went back to stroking him.  "Since you're down there," he teased with a grin.

Xander let out a mock sigh but moved his head so he could play with him.  Dean would get him back later.


Gunn walked up to the apartment's door, tapping before walking in.  "Hey, guys, I need Xander.  My boy's here."  Xander waved him into the kitchen.  "Think you'd be willing to pay in specs or a few of the explosive things?  It's that or cash."

"What do they need weapons for?"

"Our arsenal."

Xander shrugged.  "What do you guys need?"

"We could use a few of the flame throwers or something like that.  Nothing too dangerous.  I know very well someone offered you a working proton pack a few years ago."

"I thought that was part of the BS you gave that cop!" Sam shouted.  He came out of the bedroom.  "You really got offered a proton pack?"

"The last of the trio of Sunnydale's geek society of evil overlords.  He was only going to charge me the cost of materials to make it for me."  Sam gave him a horrified look.  Gunn laughed.  He grinned. "I told him to ask Giles, that I wasn't sure we were going to need one, but I did let him geek out some of our other things.  He's the one who did the blessed thermite tipped crossbows and those things."  Sam walked off shaking his head, letting out a low moan.  Xander grinned at Gunn.  "He thought I was just fun-loving."

"We know you better than that, man.  Angel said you had a way of finding things."

"Yup, including a lot of stuff leftover in Sunnydale that we had to put in storage."  He dug out the keys, handing one over.  "That's to the storage place in Crescendo, by the mall."  Gunn beamed at him.  "All sorts of nastiness in there."

"Thanks, man.  We adore you.  Finish your eggs and let's go look at the car."  Xander finished making his egg sandwich, following him down to look at the car.  "What happened anyway?"

"There was an ogre or a bigfoot, something like that, that came out and decided to beat my car into being its girlfriend in the middle of a back road."  He ate a bite.  "Also, the upright blue door's compartment needs a new lock.  I haven't had the time or energy to fix it."  That got a nod from Gunn's boys.  "We found a lot of stuff in Sunnydale.  We can share."

They all smirked at him.  "We love you guys, Xander.  In a friendship way of course."

Xander smirked.  "I've got more than I can handle right now anyway, guys.  It'll be a while before I take applications for my next bitch."  He ate a bite while they laughed.  "Think we can fix her?  Even the bodywork spell and the spell to fix the engine aren't helping totally.  I limped into LA."

"It'll take a while," one of the boys said.

"We're here for six weeks," Xander said grimly.  "We've got a running set of battles."

That got a nod and they hooked the wrecker up to it, taking it off.  Xander waved at his car as it drove off.  "They'll treat her nicely," Gunn assured him.

"I know.  I'd wave off any of my toys going to surgery."  He looked at Gunn.  "We can head up there tomorrow if you want."

"You don't need to be more possessed, Xander."

Xander grinned.  "Who said I'm going to be?"

"We do."  He patted him on the arm.  "I should get back before Connor sets the house on fire.  Dawn was over teaching him to make pasta last night."  He headed for his truck, going back to the warehouse they were using.  He found an agent sitting there waiting on him.  He got out and walked over.  "Problems?"

"We raided that storehouse, sir.  Someone broke in and panicked that it was terrorists."

"I'll get other stuff from Xander then."

"Where does he get his stuff?"

"Out of his butt for all we know."  He strolled inside.  "Dawn, they said they raided that warehouse the guys set up?"

She smirked.  "Only a third of it.  I had the rest hidden.  We'll go so Xander doesn't have to suck in more things."  She kissed him on the cheek.  "It was kinda amusing seeing Ethan Rayne and Dru both in him at the same time.  They fought over what they wanted the poor guy to do.  Ethan wanted him to get into trouble, Dru wanted him to go sleep around.  Ethan was teaching him some of the finer points of magic and Dru was adding her own stamp to it."  Dean came in to look at her oddly.  She grinned.  "You didn't realize that's why they keep coming back?"

He groaned.  "No wonder his spells' aim is off."

She giggled.  "He said the swords are drawing it."

"I'm sure they are."  He walked off rubbing his head.  He had a headache.

Connor handed him the bottle of advil.  "I get that look from Dawn and Xander sometimes too," he offered gently.  "Sometimes they scare me."

Dean patted him on the arm.  "Sunnydale did it to them, Connor.  It'll be okay."  He nodded, getting back to what he had been doing, learning gun maintenance under Dean and John's watchful attention.

"Have you met any of his contacts?" John asked casually.

"One, a vamp named Phil that runs a hunting store in Iowa."

Connor smirked at him.  "Phil got dusted last year, Dean.  His sire sold off most of his stock to the others in the same business.  I know the guy Patrick locally.  He doesn't like us and he's really expensive.  Like Buffy and Cordelia clothes shopping expensive."

"I'm sure that's a bad amount," John said dryly.  "Any others?"

"We haven't had to, other than Paul's family," Dean said.  "I wonder if he knows Phil got dusted."

"Yes," Dawn called.  "They text messaged him.  I saw it."  She leaned in.  "He knows who took over most of his supplies.  It's a demon that wants Xander badly.  All he has to do is flash them and we might get a discount."  She beamed.  "Giles did suggest it and Xander gave him this look before walking off shaking his head.  That was before you guys got there for the wedding."  She went back to the kitchen.  She was making food ahead of time so no one there would starve.

"Think Sammy would mind if I took his girlfriend the next time I had to buy weapons to see if they'd give her Xander's discount too?" John asked his son.

Dean looked at him.  "Yes, he would.  Besides, they only give them to Xander, not to her.  We tried having her negotiate something.  Xander stomped over there and the price miraculously dropped for the rooms."  He shrugged.  "It's a Xander thing.  Like all his thrift store shirts that're kinda ugly.  Fortunately he ruins many of them so we make him buy regular, nice, plain t-shirts."

"Considering what I saw him in when he introduced me to Connor?  Probably a good idea.  Lorne doesn't wear clothes that loud.  How he manages to sneak up on things wearing them I'm not sure."

"Dean could always rip more things off him, that would let him make Xander shop more often," Connor offered.  Both Winchester men gave him odd looks.  "You don't rip the clothes off them?  One of the girls I play with does."

"There's an idea, son."

Dean snorted.  "He won't let me, Dad.  He bluntly told me no ripping."  He got back to work on the next gun.  "Don't forget to clean the sight too, Connor."  He did that and put that one back together.  "Good."   He looked over.  "We should go get into Xander's stash in Tim's room to clean them."

"Where is Tim?" Connor asked.

Dean shrugged.  "He said he was going to the library to email something to his editor over a different server since his didn't work."  He checked his watch.  "Xander's watching cartoons.  Let's hit our stash."  They nodded, heading out together.  Xander wouldn't mind them cleaning his guns for him.  He let Dean do it whenever he wanted to think.


Tim looked around the room he was tied in, frowning at his sword. "Why won't you come to me?" he muttered as he struggled with the ropes.  "Tony never has this much trouble getting free and Xander's flies over for him."  He concentrated, trying to call it to him.  Maybe he had a smidge of magic somewhere?  Apparently not because a few minutes later he was simply frustrated and had chaffed wrists and upper arms.  He took a calming breath for a minute then looked around.  "Okay, what would Gibbs be yelling at me?" he asked himself.  "My extra knife is somewhere I can't reach."  He tried but his wrists were tied away from his pockets.  "I swear I'm going to start putting one on my arm or something.  Not that it'd do me much good this time but maybe next time."  He struggled some more, opening one spot on his wrist.  "Well, lubricant to ease the way," he said grimly.  He was getting it free when he heard a door open.  "Oh, not again," he muttered.  The woman came down to taunt him and tease him.  "I don't like succubuses, you've got the wrong hunter for that, lady.  I'm not Xander."

She stopped taunting him with her striptease.  "You know Xander?"  He nodded.  "You know he is an enemy of us all now, since he forced one of us to do bad things?"

Tim snorted.  "She was evil anyway and trying to kill him and those of us on that prophecy hunt."  She snorted back, hands on her hips.  "She was.  She even had our driver's licenses taken out of the systems.  She fired people who told me what was going on.  She's scared that the demon in her heritage would make her more vulnerable to hunters and she pissed us all off.  Then again, you're not my type."

"I can change," she said, coming closer and changing down to a pale, goth looking girl with pigtails.

Tim snickered.  "Abby would get a kick out of this.  I'll have to tell her."  She glared at him.  "She never makes that face.  Now, let me go before I have to find a way to call Xander."  She walked over to dial the phone for him.  "Xander, a succubus has me tied to a chair.  How do I summon my sword?" he called.

He heard the tired sounding sigh.  "Tim, screw her and banish her, man.  It's what the rest of us do."

"I don't want this skanky ho.  There's no telling who she's done and what she has.  I'd sooner do you."

Xander snickered.  "Good to know.  Fine.  Where are you?"

"Umm...."   He looked at the demon.  "Go ahead and tell him."  She hung up instead with an evil, catty smirk.  "That's fine.  It's still not coming up for you, lady.  Even if you look like Aphrodite, it's not yours.  You don't do it for me."  She stomped off.  He went back to trying to get free or summoning his sword.

Dawn appeared, shaking her head and clicking her tongue.  "Poor baby."  She grabbed his sword, using it to cut his ropes.  "There you go, Tim.  Now go hunt like a big hunter."  She patted him on the cheek, going to tell Xander he was fine.  Then go back to making cookies.

Tim checked himself over, then headed up the stairs to deal with the succubus.  How dare she turn into Abby!  Abby would *never* allow that!  Even if she would giggle.  He was sure she'd have out her goth pom-poms somewhere if she knew about this.  And hey, not even Tony could top this story when he got home.  Six succuba later he changed his sword back to a pocket knife and walked out, leaving that mess there.  He wasn't going to burn the building.  No matter what Dean would want him to do.


Xander looked up as their last battle in LA was in the planning process.  He and John were having a serious fight about how to deal with the demon.  "We've done this a few times, John.  Really.  It works."

"It won't work this time.  The alley's too narrow, Xander.  The demon's larger than you think."

Dean came over to push them both out of the way and look.  "No, we need to lead it out of that area anyway."  He looked at Xander.  "He's right it's too narrow but you're right that we've got to surround it to take it down."  He looked at his father.  "We need to have it moved.  What's near there?"

"The small walking and toddler park," Gunn called.  "The city will be *pissed* if it's destroyed.  They just put it up.  It was a donation."

Xander looked back at him.  "What else is up that way?"

"If you can get it running the other way, the waterfront," John offered, looking at the map.  "That's three blocks though.  The park's two."

"Nothing more open closer?  Bigger street even?" Dean asked.  Connor and John both shook their heads.  "Anything blocking us running for the waterfront?"

"Walls," Gunn said, marking them on the map.  "Temporary walls of dumpsters."

"The demon could walk over them at his height," Xander said calmly.

"We can't," Dean reminded him.

"Yeah but he won't be focusing on his feet.  So why not have me on top of somewhere to distract the sucker and lead him off?  A building run?" he suggested, looking at his buddy.

Dean considered it.  "A few large gaps in there, Xander."

"I can be farther away," Xander pointed out.  "I can be next to the waterfront and have him come for me."  He grinned.  "It's not that hard.  He's not going to want to have his nose closed up or anything.  I can do fairly easy spells to do that."

Dean considered it, glancing at his father, who shrugged.  "You sure?"

"If not, I'll run back to wherever we're harassing him."  He looked over at Tim.  "Got any ideas?"

"Will the gooifying spell, as you and Dawn call it, work on this one?"  Everyone shook their heads.  "Anything like it in the books or on that spell website?"

"It's a water demon, it should head toward the water anyway," Sam said as he read up on it.  "It can use water to call its minions."

"Which would suck but the sewer's under that street too," Connor pointed out.

"The more pure the better."

"There's no such thing as pure water in LA unless it's in a bottle," Gunn told him.  "Even the ocean."

"Where's the nearest filtration plant then?" Xander asked.  Connor looked at the map then pointed.  "Seventeen blocks.  Okay, we should be prepared for him to go for it just in case.  As a backup plan."  That got a nod and John moved to take that route just in case.  Xander looked at Dean.  "What do you want us to do?  You're as experienced as I am and I'm stuck."

Dean leaned on the table, looking at the map.  "I don't mind your idea of taunting and making it come for us," he decided.  "I don't like the distance and I don't know how you'd deal with it."

Dawn came in with the laptop, putting it down.  "Instead of irritating it, attract it."  She stared at Xander.  "We can do that."

"You're staying out of the way," Xander reminded her.  John gave him a long look.  "Unfortunately she's too valuable to risk.  The same as we can't get Connor dead, we have to save both of them for the worse things.  Which is looking like our last fight."  He looked at her.  "If it comes down to it..."

"I'll knock your ass out and we'll do another exorcism," she said dryly.  "We still in the same place?"  He nodded.  "Good.  What about doing a filtration spell on the water?  It's not that hard.  It's nature magic, which is my area.  It'd make it want to come there, it's a closer piece of what it needs."

"It needs to eat before making minions," Tim reminded her.  "It can eat anything."

"It can pick up a few of the dumpsters in its way," Xander told him.  He looked at the map.  "We'll have to draw it off to the side.  It turns."

"If we go straight we...  No, that's not a good place," Dean agreed.  It was a fuel dump.  Big, huge explosion that would get them on the news.  Xander nodded.  "If we take him this way it's a shipping area."  He pointed.  "That means making him turn around and walk around a corner, then three blocks."

John looked then pointed at something.  "What's that?"

"Um...  That's a mall," Connor said.  They all groaned.  "The other direction is what?"

"Kiddie park," Xander said.  He looked at the map, pointing at something.  "What's this?"

"That is far enough away for him to pull a Godzilla," Tim complained.

"It's five blocks, Tim."   He looked at the natives.  "What's that way?"

"That's... mostly the hood," Gunn admitted.  "People who work at the docks and things."  He traced the spot.  "That's a lot of abandoned areas, no buildings but some wrecks."  He looked at him.  "Can't you blow it up?"

Xander considered it.  "The spell we need to destabilize it has to be put onto the swords," he said finally.  "Short of us launching one of them?"

"Can we change one into a launcher, put the spell on it and the rocket, then let the rocket do the dirty work for us?" Dean suggested.

Dawn shook her head.  "No.  Has to be on the sword by the prophecy."  She looked over at him.  "I wish, it'd be a lot easier."  She went back to the prophecy, seeing if it had a clue.  "You know what, after this, Dean's supposed to be taken by demons."  He snickered.  "I know, not the first time, studly, but still."  She looked at Connor.  "Any enclaves?"

Gunn and Connor both pointed at one of the blocks.

"I don't even go down there, it's too heavily infested," John admitted.  "I can't tell combatants from non."

Xander looked at it then at them.  "Think they'd help or hinder?"

"Depends on the resident," Gunn admitted.  "Some would cheer, some would help it. It'll eat demons, right?"

"Yeah, it'll eat anything to gain power and grow bigger," Dawn said.  "This is where we need the proton pack, Xander."

He gave her a look.  "I didn't want to pay for it, Dawn, sorry for the lack of forethought.  If I had known we'd have this particular demon I'd have splurged with the Council's money and it'd still be in Cleveland."

She stuck her tongue out at him.  "Fine."

"If it's a water demon, why can't we do like people do to sardines and suck the water out?" Xander asked.

"It won't kill it?" Dean suggested calmly.

"Yeah but it sure as hell would slow it down."  He looked at him.  "Then we could kill it."

Dean nodded.  "How would you do that?"

"Rock salt rockets?" Sam offered, shrugging a bit.

Dawn shook her head.  "No.  Heat.  You can fast dry it with heat."  She looked at Xander.  "A flame spell against a water creature isn't going to work."

"It's a first step, Dawn!"

"It might slow it down," Dean said, thinking about it.  "Where do we have to hit it to kill it, guys?"

"Stomach," Sam and Dawn said together, then stuck their tongues out at each other.

"No pre-apocalypse sex in front of us, please," Connor said grimly.  "I can't participate and it's mean."  He looked at them.  "The stomach's going to be about building height."

"We need the spell on a sword," Xander said thoughtfully, looking at Tim then at Dean.  "But we'll need the other two either herding or getting the hands for the one doing the actual stabbing and killing."

Dean nodded.  "True," he agreed, considering that.  "We'll never get it from the ground."

"Building?" Xander suggested.  He pointed at one.  "That one's about what stomach height should be on it.  The flame spell would draw it to us.  It's got a few clearish streets below us."  They all looked then shrugged.  "That way we're actually at the right height without having to try to get it from a fire escape?"

"News crews?" Dawn asked.

"Have the city evacuate those blocks, say you're working on the gas lines or something," Connor said.  "We have a halfie in the mayor's office.  He said he wants warned.  We warned him this was coming up."  He leaned his elbows on the table to look at the map.  "This one is closer to where he'll come up, Xander."

"Fuel dump," Xander said, tapping it.  "Dangerous for normals too."

"Which would make a good flame off," Dean said, then shook his head.  "Too dangerous."  He studied the buildings.  "Most of them are too high.  We need twelve stories?"

"Elven to twelve stories, depending on how generous they were with ceilings," Xander corrected.  "I know the one Connor suggested is ten."  That got a nod.  "We'll go look and see if one speaks to us, guys."  They nodded, heading to the Impala.  John could work on the backup plan.  They decided on an abandoned building fairly quickly.  It was within a block of where the demon was being called across the realm boundary.  They could get up there without people seeing them.  The demon would be able to move some but not a lot.  It could be drawn to them.  Xander had Tim use a flare to mark the exact spot for the portal as they knew it.  Someone had been exact on the GPS coordinates for some reason.  Dean and Xander both nodded.  There was enough room to run from building to building for the last six.  They could get onto their chosen building if they had to start distracting closer to where it was coming up.

"Flame thrower?" Dean suggested.

Xander looked at him and nodded.  "Would work.  Then we move back here."  That got a nod and they went to take Tim back to the warehouse and make sure they'd have what they needed.


Xander looked over at Dean, because the flamethrowers weren't working.  They took it on with their swords, dropping the throwers' weight down.  Xander was mentally praying for help.  This one was a bit too big.  He got swatted into a maintenance shaft on the roof and groaned, getting up holding his side.  He cast the spell at Dean's sword, letting him have it while he ached.  Dean got knocked down.  Xander had to jump back in.  Tim was already down and groaning.  He cast the spell again, this time on his sword.  The demon tried to swat him.  Finally he'd had enough.  He started to cast something at the demon, something Ethan's spirit had shown him.  The demon screamed and howled, holding its head before it split.  Xander stabbed the demon while it shrieked, batting him back into the building.  He blacked out but the thing was shrinking and that meant dying.

"What the hell was that!" Dawn shouted from the alleyway.  Sam was going up to check on the guys while she cast the last spell to make sure the thing was going to die.  It certainly was.  Whatever Xander had cast was destroying its brain.  The demon finished melting and she stared at it, finding the gold coin.  She flipped it at John, who stuffed it into his t- shirt pocket.  Then she went up to check on the guys.  Tim was almost sitting up.  She helped him upright then onto his hands and knees to puke.  Xander was a lost cause for getting up.  Dean was groaning into Sam's stomach.  "What was that spell?" she demanded.  Dean glared at her.  "I know it wasn't you."

"Xander," he said weakly.  "How is he?"

"Knocked out," she admitted, going back to check him again.  He was fully out.  "He's at least got banged up ribs, guys.  He's got a good bruise there."  John came up to help get them down to his truck, letting Xander be spread out in the bed with the others gathered around him.  She got the flame throwers and made sure the other weapons had went with them.  She took the flamethrower to the puddle of goo, making it evaporate until it was a simple stain.  She got into the front of the truck once the last flamethrower was back being used as a pillow for Dean.  She looked at John.  "Three more trials."

"How bad?" he asked, starting the engine.

"Dean's going to be taken but released.  I don't know why that's listed as one.  Xander's going to be possessed again, then they'll have to fight him to get the demon out of him.  The coins have something to do with that.  Then the last battle is back in you guys' country, somewhere in the Midwest.  Dean said he knows where."

"Should you follow them?"

"No, the last two have to be just those three.  Sam and I are heading to the cabin in Iowa.  Xander will head there afterward according to the prophecy.  Tim'll head home.  Dean'll follow Xander. Then we've got that last chore."  She considered it, tapping her fingers on the dashboard.  "I'm going to have to teach Dean the banishing spirits spell."  He nodded at that.  "If I can't be there, and a simple exorcism often leaves Xander with trace of the spirits, we've got to basically summon them out then banish them."

"That's reasonable," John said calmly.  "Can you?"

"We did for the last three hours after they got him out of Sunnydale," she assured him.  "We can this time too."

"This time it's not a simple spirit, Dawn."

"I know that."  She looked at him then back at the guys in the back.  "Where's Sam?"  Sam's head lifted and he waved, then he went back to checking Xander's side.  "Okay.  We've got to figure out how best to banish the demon."  They got out and she went back to her research.  Connor had a touch-healer blessed by the Goddess who had agreed to come see the guys when they got back this time.  Plus she had spent the day before making healing potions to help her.  She knew someone was going to need them.


Dean came in giggling from his kidnaping.  "They were hunting demons."  He flopped down on the chair, looking at his brother.  "The kind that hunt rogue demons down for food and profit.  They wanted to talk to me mostly.  A few of the girls hit on me.  The kids asked *tons* of questions.  I almost got adopted by a demon dog."  Sam shook his head quickly.  "I know.  But hey, I talked it out of it.  And the kids from following us around."  He looked around.  "Xander already gone?"

"Late last night," he said, looking at him.  "We know where he's going."

"So we have to get back to Cleveland."  Sam nodded.  "Then what?"

"Then the final one in the center of the battle.  Tim's already headed out, I stayed to pick you up.  We put Xander's car and gear with Gunn for now."  Dean gave him an odd look.  "Remember, Dawn's staying.  If we need something she can bring it to us."  He stood up.  "Plus I used some of his supplies to up ours.  Let's head?"

"Sure, let's head."  They checked the apartment for last things, finding one of Tim's books.  Then they headed out together, Sam driving for now just in case.  Dean glared at him.  "What!"

"You came home giggling. You're obviously not able to drive."   He slid in.  "Get in before I change the radio station."  He sighed but slid into the car and they headed off too.  Sam had to stop to give back the keys, get their security deposit back, and then they hit the road.  It had been a nice layover.   Their father and Xander had actually gotten along for most of it.  They had actually gotten along for most of it with their father too.  It had been a nice change.  He hit the interstate and sped up, heading after Tim.  They knew why the demon in Xander was making a stand in Cleveland.  It wanted to destroy Buffy and the Council too.


Dean and Tim walked up to where Xander was hovering, for lack of a better word, about two feet off a floor.  "Hey, Xander?" Tim asked.  The demon turned to look at him.  "Don't hate us, all right?"

"Nah, he'll be happy once it's out of him," Dean assured him, moving to flank him while Sam came in to do the spell to banish the demon.  When Xander started to lift a hand he grabbed it and pulled it back down.  Tim did the same.   Xander cackled and stared at Sam, making him stutter.  "Don't let it get to you, Sammy," Dean called.

"Having a bit of trouble thinking," he admitted, rubbing his head.  Tim popped Xander on the head like Gibbs did to him, getting that same attention applied.  Sam went back to the exorcism, letting the guys keep his attention for now.  He swiped at his nose, seeing the blood coming out of it.  Dean popped Xander this time.  In the sore ribs, that got the demon's attention.  The demon attacked and Sam continued the banishing.  Tim was trying to get Dean away from Xander but it wasn't fully working.  The demon shrugged him off by throwing him halfway across the room.  Dean was still struggling with the demon.  "Dean, we need Xander able to fight next week," he reminded him when another hit went to the same bruised ribs.  He did the spell faster, it wasn't working.  He looked up then did it their way.  Still not working.

The demon knocked Dean out, laughing as he got up and walked over to him.  "What's wrong?  It not go as planned?"

Sam glared at him.  "No, not really.  Thanks for asking though."  He splashed holy water on him, wincing when nothing happened.  "You can take holy water?"

"I can take the taint that makes it holy," the demon said smugly, raising a hand.  "You should not try to thwart me, young boy.  You are not that strong."

"Oh, bet me."

"Sam!" Dean called, sliding over his sword.  Sam picked it up while Dean climbed to his feet and grabbed Xander's sword. They went after the demon, who had a shield of some sort that was preventing them from hurting him.  Tim got back to his feet, holding his head while he jumped back in too.  Xander was still defending fairly well but then Dean moved in closer, intentionally dropping his guard.  Xander gave him a clueless look the second before the gunshot ripped through his upper ankle.  The demon screamed in pain, there was no blood coming out, but the shield was down.  Tim and Sam both managed small, mostly harmless cuts, while Sam panted the exorcism chant again then the banishing spell when that didn't work.  A bit of smoke started to come from Xander's ears but not enough.  Dean took Sam's hand, joining in, holding Xander down on the floor so they could get all of it out.

"He's bleeding," Tim announced.  They did the spell again and again and again until Xander was finally clear and moaning at them for it.  Tim wrapped the injury, then sat down, looking at the brothers.  "That's too close, guys."

"Very," Dean agreed, looking at Xander.  Then at his brother.  "What about the other things?"

"The school wasn't burned.  The witches managed to protect it and deflect it onto a nearby empty building and a Gap store.  The minor earthquake was explained away."  Faith rushed in, Buffy right behind her.  "We got it out of him."

"Huh?" Faith demanded.

Dean smiled and waved. "One of our last ones.  Xander got possessed by the upper demon."

Tim cleared his throat.  "Guys, wasn't there something about the coins in the prophecy?"  They looked at Xander and Sam took off his necklace of the things, putting them onto him.  They heard the demon purr as he petted them.   Tim looked at the demon.  "If you go away and never come back to this plane, never help another demon coming to this plane, and leave no taint in that body we'll let you have those.  I'm sure you can use them to summon whatever the demon who used to own it was for your army.  As long as you never come back to this plane.  Some of those are very high demons."

The demon looked at him.  "Here is fun.  Plus food.  I don't want to leave all the toys."

"Yes, but here will get those taken away again," Dean told him.  He took the necklace.  "Those are the terms, demon.  You leave this plane, you never come back to this plane, you never help another demon coming to this plane, and you leave nothing of yourself in the boy."

"He's already got my knowledge."

"That's fine," Dean agreed.  "Knowledge is fine.  Taint isn't."  He stared at him.  "Are we agreed?"

"Well...."  He stroked them.  "Don't you have any more than this?  You should have more than this."

Dawn appeared with another string of them.  "Sorry, I've been keeping them."  She held them up.  "These?"

"Dawn, you shouldn't be here," Buffy told her.

"Shut up.  I'm part of this prophecy too, Buffy."  She moved closer.  "The deal as they said it.  And we do mean no helping the demons coming here.  Ever."

The demon pouted but counted the ones on that strand.  "You're short two."

Dean rolled his eyes.  "Greedy.  Sorry, one we didn't get the coin out of and the other one our father bent in the wash.  You can still have all these with that deal."

"Then I should get some lessening of the rules on my side."

Sam snickered.  "Not really.  You've got more than enough here to take over some other realm or plane.  You won't really need more and if you do, you can gather them from the ones you recruit."

"To get my princess will take seven more.  I have four."  He looked at Dean.  "Please?"

"Fine," he said, getting up and going to find some lower demons.  He came back a few hours later with a few more, holding them up.  "There's four there.  One had two."  The demon reached for them.  He let them run a hand over them but not take them.  "Are we agreed?"

He nodded.  "My princess will love me and take good care of me.  We'll conquer the demon planes together."  He shoved everyone off, standing up.  "I will not come back to this plane, I will not bother those on this plane, help other demons coming to this plane, and I will not leave bits and pieces of myself in the boy.  Though it is tempting with the way he is."  Dean growled.  The demon smirked.  "How cute."  Sam growled.  He snickered. "Both of you, really?"

Dawn pulled a blessed knife.  "Don't make me join in."

The demon laughed.  "What can you do?"

Dawn moved closer.  "What do you think happens when you get a strong witch and put her on the hellmouth?" she countered, staring at him.  She let her shields drop and the demon moaned.  "Now, get out of Xander and get gone.  I'm not forbidden from stepping in now."  He faded out of Xander and floated out his ears.  "That's an unusual exit."

"Not much up there," Buffy quipped.  Sam turned and punched her.  "Hey!"

"Xander's very intelligent," he growled, glaring at her.  "It may not be book smart but we survived by Dean and Xander's wits these last three years, Buffy."  He turned back around to look at the boy, who was wobbling and trying not to stand on his injured foot.  "Xander?"

The boy looked at him.  "Bloody hell no," he said in a dry, British voice.  "Did you have to shoot me?"

"Yes, we did, Ethan," Dawn said.  "Don't make us banish you again!  And take Dru with you!  Spike's floating around nagging Willow and them."  The other spirit floated off, going to find her Spike kitten.  She looked at Ethan.  "Out!  Now!" she growled.

"I think the demon was right, you are rather cute over him."

"Ethan, do not piss me off.  I will rip your soul to shreds," she vowed.  She got pouted at.  "Get out of Xander and stay out of Xander."

"I prepared the boy as my vessel."

"I don't care!" Dawn shouted.

"Dawn, calm down," Sam ordered, staying calm.  "We can pull him out of there."

Dean looked at him then shrugged and kissed Xander, making Ethan fly out.  "Sorry, had holy water on the way in, just in case."   He smacked Xander on the shoulder.

"Ow," he said weakly, rubbing it.  "I hate you."

"I know you do.  You yourself again?"  Xander nodded slowly.  "Realize where we are?"

"I got possessed again?"  They all smirked and nodded.  "Is it gone?"

"Yup, it took the coins and went to find its own dark princess since you weren't the ideal one," Dawn quipped.  Dean swatted her too.  "Hey!"

"Quit picking on Xander.  He's in a lot of pain.  Let's get you taken care of, Xander."  Xander nodded, letting Dean help him out to the Impala then to the ER to have the bullet wound taken care of.  Those you didn't do at home unless you didn't have a choice.

Dawn picked up Xander's sword.  Tim got his.  Sam got Dean's, then they headed back to their motel room.  They were not staying with the slayers.  Though Sam did help her sneak in and grab a few other things she'd need from the spell closet and her own clothes.  By the time they got back, Xander was crashed on a bed pinning Dean down while he watched tv.  "We good?"

"We're fine.  Buffy called, I told her you were off getting some supplies for the next fight."  He looked at her.  "Thanks."

"Welcome."  She kissed him on the forehead.  "He good?"

"Painkillers," he said with a small grin.   "Fortunately Tim's a good shot and didn't really hurt anything."

"Will he be healed by the next battle?" Sam asked.

"No but the next battle is all magic for him," Dean reminded him.  He shifted and Xander growled.  "I know.  Go back to sleep."  Xander made a huffing noise and shifted to pin him down better then drifted off again.  "He decided I'm not moving."

Sam grinned.  "Well, you are a good pillow."  Tim came out of the bathroom.  "Nice shot."

"Thanks."  He sat down on the couch.  "When do we leave for the next one?"

"Day," Dean said.  That got a nod.  Tim laid down.  Sam and Dawn crashed on the other bed.  Dawn would leave for the other areas tomorrow.  Sam would have to go with her since they were both forbidden to be at the last battle.  It didn't say why but they were.


Tim limped in from the front hallway, looking at the curious girls staring at him.  "Can I have Gibbs or Tony please?" he asked politely.  "If they yell, tell them it's Tim."  One of them went running.  He sat down with a wince and a hiss.

"Hey," Tony said as he jogged down the stairs.  "You done?"

"Last battle's done.  Dean and them have something left to do.  Don't grab!" he said when Tony reached for him.  "Or at least give me stuff before you do."

"Broken ribs?" he asked, looking sympathetic.  Tim looked at him and nodded.  "Come on, you can stay on our couch."  He helped him up.  "Someone get the nurse?"  He helped him up the stairs.  "You all right otherwise?"

"I quit bleeding again an hour ago," he offered cheerfully.  "I'm never doing this again.  If someone else gets called, I'll give advice and then I'm hiding.  The rest of them promised to go RV-ing for a while to hide.  I can go with them."  He was put down on a soft surface and winced, grabbing his chest when it moved.  He looked at Tony.  "You didn't want to get hurt, right?  That's why you sent me?"

Tony grinned.  "Yeah, that was it, Probie."  The nurse came rushing in with Giles behind her.  "Broken ribs, sitting funny, limping on his right leg, sore shoulders," he told her.  She nodded, moving him out of the way.  "Hey, boss, Probies back!" he shouted up the hallway.  "And injured!"  He came jogging in to see him.

"Not critical?"

"Broken ribs, can't sit.  Limping, sore shoulders."

"Not half bad for the coverage we had of the last fight."

Tim looked at him.  "It made the news?"

"The clean up effort did.  How big was that demon, McGee?"

"I don't know but it splooshed all over the field and then it turned into living slime that groped and tried to do mean things to you."  He was laid down, wincing all the way.  "Yes, Rupert, he survived.  He disappeared before the slime could grope him too."

Abby came running in.  "Tim!"  She started to pounce but Gibbs caught her.  "Hey!  He needs a hug."

"He's got broken ribs," Tony told her.

"I'll gently pounce."  She shoved the nurse and got a hug around his neck.  "You came back.  I'm so proud."

He grinned.  "Wait until I tell you about the succuba who decided trying to be you  was enough because they made pitiful yous."  She beamed at that.  He looked at the nurse.  "Can I sleep?"

"Sure,  you can rest all you want.  It's probably a good idea for the next few days actually."  He nodded and passed out.  She smiled.  "He learned that trick from Xander.  I've seen it repeatedly from him."  She looked up.  "Tony's right.  I need some tape for his ribs."  Gibbs went to get some and a few ace bandages.  She looked at Abby.  "Get him into a warm bath, dear.  Add just a touch of epsom salts but not too much."  She nodded, going to do that for him.  She and Tony got him undressed, letting her tape his upper ribs before putting him into the water.  Abby stopped the water before it got that high, earning a smile.  "Good girl."  She stepped back.  "All right, wrap the sore spots when he gets out.  For now, let him nap, people."  Abby sat beside the tub so she let Tony walk her out.  "He'll be fine," she told Giles.  "Absolutely fine.  Give him a few days."  She patted him on the cheek and walked off.  "Just because I had an emergency doesn't mean you ladies get out of your physicals," she called as she walked.  There was some groaning and the group that had them today headed for her lair.

Tony looked at Giles.  "I'm sure Xander's fine."

"The last chore of the prophecy may be to take him out," he said quietly.

"You said yourself that Xander messed up so many prophecies the Powers were mad at him.  He'll do it this time too.  I doubt those two boys could take him out.  I'm a good judge of character, Giles.  They weren't killers.  Even if Dean will do what has to be done to protect his little brother, that's not this situation."  He walked off.  He decided to make Abby a snack so she could force it on Tim.  He did look a bit under his usual weight.  Plus tired, very tired.


Xander appeared in the cabin in Iowa, looking around.  He looked up.  "I'm not dying here," he said calmly.  "I'll die back in Sunnydale, like I should have long ago.  Thanks anyway."  A flash of light behind him heralded Dawn, who knocked him out.  That was a source of betrayal he hadn't expected.  He came to on the bigger bed, tied down, with her painting on him with a brush.  "What are you doing?" he asked calmly.  "If you wanted to take the powers, just ask."

"I'm not killing you, dumbass, I'm saving you."  She looked at him. "Otherwise we'd be in Sunnydale."  She went back to what she was doing.  "Just relax.  I have a plan and it's as brilliant as most of yours.  Sam even helped me with it," she said when he gave her an odd look.

"We're doing what?" he asked.

"Shut up and relax is your only part," she told him, grinning a bit.  "We get to do all the hard work."  She went back to it.  "Tim said that the slime groped him and he didn't like anal sex."

"It didn't grope me."

"It groped Sam and he didn't like it either."


"He's fine.  Driving.  Your car will be here from LA eventually."  She painted on another symbol.  It was going to take a good, long time to do this on him.  "Before you can ask, this is an ancient, totally ancient rite.  Like pre-Powers having their name ancient."


"No."  She got back to work.  "Very early human or half-demon written."  She dipped the brush and finished that symbol.

"Dean hinted there was one I'd have to sleep with Sammy for."

She giggled.  "More than that, Xander.  Now hush."  She got back to work on the next one, this one lower down on his stomach.  He groaned.  "I know, I don't care.  Firm up whatever tough-guy thing you do so you're only ticklish to the ones you adore, like me."  She finished that one and moved on.  "This is going to take hours.  Which will give the boys time to get here."

"We were over a day away," Xander reminded her.

"Yeah and you've been out now for nearly six hours, Xander.  I didn't want you to worry."  He gave her a look.  "I didn't."  She reached up to stroke over his forehead.  "You're my big brother and I love you.  That's why I'm doing this.  Okay?"  He nodded.  "Quit worrying and let me get on with this.  Or else I'll have two more impatient boys pacing around while I'm trying to draw."  She got back to her painting.   It was a lot of symbols.  "How did they do this on little kids when they adopted them?" she muttered.  "At least you're a big kid so we can do the full rite, make sure it works and you're safe."  She started on a new one, this time on his upper thigh.  That's when he realized he was fully naked.  He made a noise and she glared at him.  "Yes, you have to be naked for me to get all the painting done.  Quit.  Now."  He went limp and let her handle it.  She obviously knew what she was doing.  He might complain later when she had to paint one around his asshole or on his cock, but oh well.


Dean walked in after Sam.  "Hey."

"Took you an extra two hours?" she demanded.

"Had to stop to pick up some supplies," Sam said.

She looked at him then the box in Dean's hand.  "Not this time, sweetie."

"I know.  That's for later.  Patch is on, right?"

"My patch is on," she sighed, finishing up the last line on Xander's cock.  She beamed at him.  "You just barely made it.  Give it a few minutes to dry so it won't smudge."  She checked the earlier ones, painting over one that was flaking.  "There we go.  Let me check his back."  She flipped him onto his side, as much as the handcuffs allowed, and looked.  All fine.  She put him back onto his back and looked at the boys.  "Okay, we all know what we're doing, right?"

Dean nodded.  "Yup.  We're plugging some holes in him to stop up some of the runs he has."

Sam snickered.  "What a way with words you have," he teased.

"Shut up," he shot back, shaking his head.  "Aren't we?"  He looked at Xander.  "Is he drugged?"

"No, he's tired.  He's been complaining that he itched for the last half an hour."  She looked at them.  "Are we ready?"  They both nodded.  "Good."  She stripped out of the bathrobe she had been wearing for the last little while.  Sam smiled and kissed her. "Naughty you."

"How are we all doing him at once?" Dean asked.  "I didn't think about the logistics before but it'd be easier on a girl."  They both stared at him.  "Only one hole, guys."

"As long as Sam's connected to me or to him somehow we're good," she said, stroking up his chest.  "We have to be in contact, not inside or around him."  He nodded, taking off his jacket.  "Sam?"  He started to strip too.  She nudged Xander on the hip.  "Hey."

"Hey."  He looked at them then at her.  "Are we having a naked party?  You should have told me, I would've showered."

"Shut up," Dean told him, smirking a bit.  "You're fulfilling a fantasy of hers while we help you.  Got it?"  Xander nodded slowly.  "During it, the magic happens, we save your ass, we're all good."  He leaned down to kiss him.  "If you want to complain, do it now."


"Why complain?  I don't know but sometimes you're like that."  He grabbed some stuff out of the bag, tossing Sam a bottle.  "Got one for each of us."  He nodded, kissing the back of Dawn's neck.  "So, Xander, want me or Sammy this first time?"  Xander gave him a look, earning a smirk back.  "Part of it, Xander.  Take your pick."

He swallowed.  "You?"

"I can do that.  Didn't know if you wanted to go with how Dawn did it or not."  He got another kiss and moved to start preparing him.  He noticed the paint around the poor guy's asshole and looked at her.  "Have fun painting?"

She beamed.  "A lot."  She kissed him then Sam, then Xander.  "Quit worrying.  You know I'd never hurt you.  You know it'll work because I'm doing it.  Just remember it will work, we're doing this of our own free will, and you're very cute under all that paint."  He blushed a little bit.  She grinned and kissed Dean again.  "How do you want me?"

"Begging and pleading for mercy."  She laughed at that.  "Let me settle inside first.  Then you climb on top and if Sammy can, he'll have you.  If not we can do the blowing thing."

She nodded. "I've never done that but oh well.  Up the butt sex sounded fun in the books."  Dean gave her an odd look.  "It did."

"I'm sure it did."  He shook his head quickly.  "You need to read better books."

"So said the guy who got this month's playboy the hour it came out," she teased.

"This is probably the strangest family ever," Sam noted.  He gave Dawn a nudge.  "Tease him while I do this."  He opened his bottle too and got to work preparing her.  "Should we do each other too?"

"Maybe later," Dean told him.  "Not for this."  He finished up and groaned, sliding inside his buddy.  "Damn, should've worked more," he complained.  "Way tight."

"Then we know Angel didn't take advantage of him after Faith," Dawn quipped.  Her boys helped her to get on top of Xander, smiling as she sild down him, facing off to the side.  "Not a little boy by any means," she teased.  Sam shifted up behind her, bending her down slightly to get into her ass.  She shivered the whole slide in.  "Oooh, Sam."

"I bet you hear that often," Dean teased.

"Very," he agreed happily.   He thrust in once to make sure he was fully in.  "Okay, Dawn.  Go for it."  She shifted some, leaning over to brace herself on Dean's shoulder while she worked the spell, slowly and gently working herself on Xander's hard cock.  Xander was making begging noises but letting them do whatever.  Dean shifted, getting into it, letting her do the main line of the spell while he and Sam got the chorus with her.  Xander was mumbling so he nodded at Sam, who leaned down to kiss him and stop him.  Xander whimpered so Dean slammed in hard, making him make begging noises instead.  He felt the cutting part of the spell take hold, wincing as the small bit of his soul was removed for the graft into Xander's.  The other two looked pained as well so he knew it had taken.  Now they needed to make him come so it'd seal itself into his soul and energy.  He got back to work pleasing him, Dawn and Sam pleasing each other and Xander too.  Xander was back to making begging noises, which he liked.  A lot.

He shifted his angle, making Xander yelp.  She smiled but didn't quit chanting.  They were coming up to the healing portion of the spell, that would set the graft so it'd seal.  He found the same spot Xander teased on him and teased it with his first finger, getting a growl of noise.  Xander was pushing back and thrusting up now, he was getting into this.  Dawn was nearly done.  Dean slammed in harder and faster until Xander finally came and then he got to.  Dawn came with a helping finger from Sam, who came when he felt her body sucking at him.  They all groaned as the soft white light floated over Xander's body, healing and sealing the graft.  Ten percent of each of them was now in Xander's body, filling up the hole that had been ripped apart when Jesse had died.  Dean worked his way out slowly, coming up to kiss him.  "Xander?" Xander blinked at him.  "Hey, you in there?"

"Pretty lights."

"Very pretty lights," he agreed happily.

Dawn saw Xander starting to come free of his body and did something to seal  him into it, making him whimper and moan.  "Sorry, but tough."  She made two shallow cuts on his shoulders and packed the herbs she had standing by.  She hadn't been willing to bet the Powers weren't going to try something.  Pulling him out of his body seemed to be the most likely choice.  She sealed each of them with a bit of blood, making him groan.  "You stay in there."

Dean looked at her.  "He was going to slip away?"

"No they were trying to do to him what we did to Willow."

"Oh."  He nodded and left it there, getting a kiss from her.  "We good?"

"Depends."  She opened up a small box and the spirit floated out.  "Okay, can you get inside him, Spike?"

Spike looked then shrugged.  "Little opening, not much of one.  It'll heal I guess."  He looked at her.  "You knew Dru and Ethan were back, right?"

She groaned and Sam moved to do the exorcism chant.  Dean laughed.  "Well, it's not like we don't have it memorized by now."  She nodded at that.  He looked at the spirit.  "He better?"

"He should be."  He hauled Dru out, looking at her.  "Naughty you."

"But the dark kitten is so pure," she pouted.  "He should play with us.  That way we can get his fur all matted and messy.  The stars love him."

"They might but he's ours now," Dean told her.  "Shoo.  Go away."

She looked at him.  "You'll be mine someday too."

"Nope, not unless you kill us all together," Sam said, getting Ethan out of there.  The capturing box got used on him instead of the two former vampires.  "Go away, Spike.  I've got Dawn now to protect her."  He nodded, taking Dru back to Cleveland so they could taunt Willow and have spirit sex in front of her, which made her whimper and blush.

Dean looked down at Xander, who was yawning.  "You rest."  He nodded, trying to flip onto his side.  He couldn't due to the cuffs so he growled and the cuff's links expanded.  "Weren't we going to fix that?"

She nodded, cutting each of their wrists lightly then Xander's, binding them together so they could share in the power he had.  It flowed out of Xander, making him sigh and get off again.  Then she helped the two boys dump it into the ground.  "If we need to, we can draw on him later on."  She kissed each of them.  "We should rest.  He'll freak out later."

Sam smiled, leading her to the other, smaller, bed.  They could cuddle and snuggle and he'd make her squeal in pleasure.

Dean shook his head, laying down behind Xander to hold him.  "Why keep him in cuffs?"

"In case they try again or the hyena comes out," she said, smiling at him.  "It might come out and have to claim us as its pack as well.  If so, you first."  She beamed and Sam spanked her.  "Ow!"  She rubbed the opposite side.  "Meany."  He spanked that side too, shutting her up with a kiss.  "But a nice meany I guess."  He nodded, having her again.

Dean shook his head, cuddling his lover.  He guessed they'd be fine, eventually.


Xander woke up and sniffed, then turned carefully to look at Dean, who was still sleeping.  "I should repay that," he mumbled, kissing him.  Dean blinked at him and grinned. "I should flip you over and fuck you until you beg too."

"Hasn't happened often," he admitted. Xander growled and pounced, sliding Dean underneath him.  "Lube?" he asked.  He made a grab for the bottle, getting it on the second try.  He handed it back and Xander went down to play with his ass, making him tense up then hiss and wiggle and dance on the fingers inside him.  "Xander, that's mean."


"Dawn put them on you and I think they're magical."  He looked at one.  No lock that he could see.  "I think they are."

"Dawn, cuffs," Xander demanded.

"In a few," she said tiredly, waving a hand.  "Have fun.  Go like Conan in the movie when they gave him a woman."

Xander grimaced but shrugged it off.  He didn't need his hands this time.  Next time he'd have his hands and drive him insane.  He slid home, giving Dean the same sort of ride he had been given earlier.  Dean was groaning and moaning under him.  "If I had hands, I'd play with you," he offered in his ear.

Dean laughed.  "Next time we'll have hands to play with.  This time, finish claiming."  Xander growled as he sped up, giving him all that he could while chained up.  Dean swallowed his next laugh.  He had no idea how strong and heavy Xander really was.  The guy had been holding back on him before.  "Xander," he groaned.  Xander hit the sweet spot and he came, going limp under him.  Xander nibbled on his throat.  "I should be doing that to you," he teased lightly.  He got bitten for it.  He yelped and Sam came over to help him.  "He's fine."

"I'm sure he is."  He laid down beside Dean, stroking Xander's side.  "If you're going all 'claiming the pack' you have to do me too.  I might as well be here."

"Can't let me enjoy it for a few more seconds?" Dean asked.

"No."  He grinned.  "I shared."

"You do share way too much," Dean agreed.  Xander nibbled on his throat, getting a look back.  "Fine but Sammy's still my brother so my word above yours in his life."  Xander shrugged, letting Dean go.  Sam groaned when he saw Xander hadn't come yet.  So did Dean.  Sam went onto his back and let Dean help Xander prepare him.  "Gently, Xander," he said in his ear.  "He's new to this stuff.  He's only had nice girls before."  Xander kissed him, getting a smirk back.  "Do I taste good?"

"Yup."  He looked down at Sam, tipping his head to the side.  "If I'm yours, then you're mine, right?"

"All of ours," he agreed.  Xander pushed in and he hissed, grabbing Dean's arm and the bed with his other hand.  "Slower."  Xander finished his slide in and paused, for a few heartbeats then he pulled back out and did it again.  Sam whimpered.  "How do guys not do this all the time?"

"If you ruin him for girls, I'm going to bite you," Dawn called from her bed.  Dean gave her a look.  "I will!"  She came over to kiss Sam, making him get happier faster.  Xander slammed in once and he was done for.

"Ah, newbies," Dean teased.  Dawn gave him a dirty look. "He was."

"Mine didn't go that quickly."

"I heard, I was having dinner downstairs."  Both of them groaned.  Sam was let up and Dawn gave Xander a look before wiggling under and taking her turn.  Xander still hadn't come so Dean leaned down to bite him back, payback for the ones he had gotten earlier.  Xander groaned and Dawn got off with his help, so he took his turn again. "You're still my bitch, Xander."

"Females rule hyena packs," Dawn teased.  Sam pounced her to tickle.

Dean and Xander shared a look that said 'siblings, what are you going to do about them' then Xander slid back in, making Dean groan.  He was a bit sore.  "Slower?"  Xander smirked.  "Please?  I don't often ask.  You can pound me later."  Xander did go slower for him, making it better this time.  This time he even came and Dean got a limp Xander on his chest.  "Sure, I like that."  He stroked his back and hips. "Dawn, how is this stuff coming off?"

"Washcloth scrub."  She beamed.  "Or it'll fade in a few days."  She shrugged.  "Not like we're moving at the moment."

"No, not at the moment."  He went back to soothing Xander, letting him rest and heal.  It had been a big spell.  They all needed some healing time.  Especially Xander since he was now a lot less open to spirits coming and going, or leaving bits of themselves in there.  He leaned closer to his ear.  "If you turn into Dru, I'm going to be pissed and have to straighten you out," he said quietly, getting a laugh back.  "Dawn, cuffs?"

"Six more hours, Dean."  She drug Sam back to their bed for some fun, making his ass feel better after it's first use.  She was a nice girlfriend that way.


John answered the phone, putting it on speaker since Sam had shown him how to do that and he was cleaning his shotgun.  "What's up?" he asked.

"Hey, Dad.  We're done and we're good," Dean reported.  He hissed as he moved.


"Nah, sore from the celebration, Dad."

"Dean, I didn't want to know what you and Sam do with Dawn," he said grimly.


"You managed it?"

"Yeah, we managed it.  Sam's super brain and Dawn's super brain plus magic."  He was smiling.  "Dawn and Xander are outside playing in the snow that's just starting to fall today.  How's things in LA?"

"Decent enough.  Nothing too big recently.  Connor hasn't given himself food poisoning in a week.  Or any of us.  Nothing too burned to eat in the same amount of time."  Dean laughed.  "No serious injuries?"

"Oh, we had plenty but Sam can still stitch pretty neatly and Dawn got Xander's when she found him back here in Iowa."

"I thought you boys were in Kansas."

"We were.  Xander got pulled back to the cabin where we both woke up that first morning.  Then we defeated the evil Powers' plans and it's all good."  He laughed.  "Sam!"

"Hi, Dad!"

"Hi, son."  He smiled but shook his head and put the gun back together again.  "Now what?"

"Now?  Well, we still have our hunt.  Xander and Dawn are going to set up somewhere that's not Cleveland.  It took Gibbs, Tony, and Tim to replace him but it's going well so far out there.  Buffy's still being a bit cranky about losing Dawn but oh well.  She gained two dead vampires in exchange."  Sam laughed again.  "We finally captured Ethan's spirit and sent it back to Giles for him to play with.  Spike has Dru out there and he said he'd keep her from Xander.  Oh, he'll call when he's got a place for the weapons, Dad."

"That's fine."  He smiled at Connor when he walked in with a plate of food that wasn't burned from the microwave.  "I swear someone upped the power on our microwave."

"Fred," he said, nodding.  "She's a physics geek."  He sat down, looking at the phone.  "Hi."

"Hey, Connor," Dean said.  "We're good.  We won, we survived.  All of us."

"We knew Dawn had something up her sleeve.  The Powers should've made her of Xander instead of Buffy."

"She's his little sister now so it doesn't matter," Sam said.  "Anything good going on out there?"

"Not yet," Connor admitted.  "Probably not for a week."

"Need us?" Dean asked.

"No, son.  Though I am tracking down rumors of that one demon.  If it does show up here, I'll call."

"Thanks, Dad," Sam said.  "I'd better make sure Dawn doesn't get frostbite."  He left.

"They're cute together," Connor said.

"Yeah well, they're still staying casual about things.  Me and Xander too," Dean admitted.  He suddenly shrieked.  "Xander!"  He hung up and went to pounce him for shoving snow down his shirt.

John hung up and shook his head.  "They won't be bored for a very long time."

"No, probably not.  Is Xander going to keep hunting?"

"Retiring to spell work and research from what Dean said.  Her too."

"Dawn doesn't like to hunt.  It makes her nerves go funny, or whatever she said."  He dug in again.  "We need to get a new microwave.  I love Fred but I can't figure out how to cut the time down far enough.  Ever since she upped the power so we could fry that spirit in it it's been going wrong."

"We can do that," John agreed.  He finished wiping down the outside of his shotgun and stood up, taking Connor with him so he could introduce him to Sears, a proper man's store.  Gunn trailed behind them shaking his head.  "New microwave."

"Please," Gunn agreed.  "How much more food do we have from Dawn's worry cooking?"

"Enough for the rest of the month," Connor said happily.  He beamed.  "I want to learn to do that."

"We'll work on it, homeboy," Gunn promised, patting him on the back.  "I'm sure John can teach you that as well."

"Probably."  He got the boys into his truck.  "Oh, Xander said he'll call when he finds a spot for his weapons."

"Sure.  Of course, if he needed the funds, he could sell them to some hunters."

"True, that could help him with that plan," John said happily.  He texted that to Dean's phone and drove them off.  "Sears?"

"Good, manly place to get electronics," Gunn agreed dryly.  Connor beamed at that.  He loved being mentored by John.  He had decided John was better than sliced cheese, a saying he clearly got off Dawn or Xander, and better than food he could eat.  So it was good for him to do these things.


Xander looked at the ringing phone.  "Text message."  Dean reached over to answer it, giving it to him. He shrugged.  "Why?  I have the more impressive stuff in a warehouse in Cleveland."  He grinned and put his head back down.  Sam was napping against his back, worn out by Dawn.  Dean was offering himself up as a joint pillow and it was nice.  "Where am I going to move to?"

"Kansas is nice," Dean said casually.  "You could live near Missouri so we could visit both of you at once.  Or you three actually."  Xander grinned at that.  "We'll look in the paper and online, Xander.  That way we can make sure you're near a hunter."  He nodded, yawning.  "Rest.  We'll figure that out later."  Xander nodded.  "Can I be put into your circle of contacts?"

"Sure.  Quite a few are hunting demons though."

"As long as they're not hunting us."

"No, they trade jelly beans for some things."  Dean poked him so he looked up and grinned.  "They *really* like jelly beans.  They help in the recent conception problem."

"I saw a bunch of kids when they took me."

"I know.  I traded seventy pounds of jelly beans for one of the rockets recently.  Those were probably the first kids this generation."

Dean grinned because that was silly to think about.  Demons exchanging weapons for jelly beans.  Only Xander.  He looked over where their swords were. The sharp, pointy things of destiny had brought him some good at least.  Even if he was still sore and Xander was a hoover for attention and sex.  He couldn't figure out why Anya had wanted more sex.  He was sore!  He looked at Xander.  "Dawn, come make sure no one turned Xander into an incubus again?"

"Checked this morning, no one has," she called from the kitchen.  "This is the freaky Anya stamina and training.  We'll break him of it sometime, even if I do have to put back on the cuffs and keep him chained down for a few weeks."  She brought out sandwiches, handing Dean two and sitting by his feet to eat hers.  "Now what, big hunter man?"  She ate a bite.

"Now, we go back to our hunting after we're all healed up and you two are settled.  Dad said he had a line into the demon we're hunting.  We'll take up our slack again and it'll be good."  He ate some.  "Want woods or city?"

"City's nice but I'm not that picky.  As long as I can borrow the Caddy or something."

Dean smirked.  "It still has to come from LA."  His phone rang with a text again so he looked at it, snickering.  "Connor's asking permission to keep our dad for a bit longer."  He texted back a 'sure, just don't handcuff him, he'll pout' then hung up and finished his lunch.  "We'll look later."  She nodded, finishing hers so she could curl up against his stomach. "Tired of Sam already?" he teased.

"Sore.  Very sore.  Too much sex for anyone but Xander."

Dean laughed, giving her a one-armed hug.  "Yeah, me too."  They shared a grin and decided a nap was in order.  They'd have to get up and play again later.

The End.

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